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Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP

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Campbell Cohen Law Firm



Franssen Advocaten






Laurent Law

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PNB Immigration Law Firm



Quan Law Group (QLG)

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Taylor Hampton

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Williams & Associates


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Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP 2 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 Phone: (646) 679-4980 Our NY immigration and business lawyers offer comprehensive immigration and business law coverage, including: •

Work visas

Permanent residence

agreements and employment and consultant agreements); financing services (such as early stage, convertible debt, private equity and venture capital financings); and business combinations (such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures).

Corporate compliance

Our diverse clientele includes:

• Citizenship

• Entrepreneurs

• Naturalization

Major corporations

Expatriation matters

Business and investor visas

Internationally acclaimed performance artists

Representation at U.S. embassies and consulates

Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP attorneys practice before the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and numerous federal and state courts around the nation. Our team of lawyers enhance and support our immigration practice in connection with business and investor visas (such as EB-5, E-2 and L-1 visas), showing extensive experience navigating the complex landscape where immigration and corporate regulations intersect. We offer a full range of business law coverage, including: startup services (such as operating agreements, shareholder

• Manufacturers • Retailers •

Pharmaceutical companies

Real estate developers

• Hoteliers • Restaurateurs •

Modeling agencies

Technology companies

Our NY immigration and business lawyers average 20 years of legal experience, and each is dedicated to providing every client with representation that is tailored to his or her particular needs. This tradition of excellence is rooted in the work of our founders,

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who pioneered the practice of immigration law and established BMK LLP as a leader in the field more than 80 years ago. Our team of experienced attorneys offer counsel in several languages, including English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuchow, Shanghainese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, and Greek. We will return all calls in a timely manner

Campbell Cohen Law Firm 1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 800 Montreal, QC, Canada, H3H 1E8 Phone: +1 (514) 937-9445 About Our Canadian Immigration Law Firm Campbell Cohen is a Canadian Immigration law firm that provides advice on matters pertaining to immigrating to Canada. Attorney David Cohen, of the Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm, has particular expertise in all areas related to Canadian immigration matters and provides representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking

to obtain a Canada visa and enter Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. Our law firm is focused on getting clients to Canada in the shortest possible time through a variety of avenues, including finding work in Canada. Canadian immigration law firm, Campbell Cohen, currently employs a staff of over 60 lawyers, paralegals and support staff, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring that you meet Canadian immigration requirements. is a website developed by Canadian immigration Attorney David Cohen and is recognized as a comprehensive electronic source of information on the Canadian immigration process. Moreover, the firm has grown to include the Campbell Cohen Canada Immigration Network, a network of industry leading Canadian immigration-related websites that have all been designed to connect potential immigrants to Canada.

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Franssen Advocaten Panamalaan 4-C (first floor) 1019 AZ Amsterdam T: +31 (0)20 66 319 66

Immigration Law We believe in the importance of a citizen’s right to proper legal representation against powerful government offices such as the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service), especially when fundamental human rights are in jeopardy, including the right to pursue family life and the right of a child to be cared for and raised by both parents. In some cases, restrictive immigration law (particularly in the area of family reunification) can conflict with treaties such as the European Convention on Human Rights (EVRM), the International Children’s Convention (IVRK) and European guidelines such as the family reunification directive (2003/86/EG).

At Franssen Advocaten, we are always up to date on the most recent developments and case law in these areas, and we are active members of specialty law associations including the Institute for Multicultural Affairs (WRV) and the Specialist Association for Migration Attorneys (SVMA). Franssen Advocaten is a law firm in Amsterdam specializing exclusively in the fields of immigration law and family law. We provide personalized assistance, keeping our client’s interests top priority in all legal proceedings. We are enthusiastic about our work and have the necessary expertise to best represent your interests. This includes discussing possible alternatives and in some cases,

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consultation with the other party in order to reach a satisfactory solution for our client. We offer legal representation and consultation on all immigration law matters, including residence permits, work visas, and the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty visa. We provide legal assistance when bringing a foreign partner or family members from abroad, and we can also help with international divorce, alimony and the settlement of shared property. We excel in international family law procedures such as international adoption, visitation rights, custody and paternity.

JANNA FACHIRIDOU LLC 7 Athinon Avenue, Tolmi Court Office 201,202 Paphos, 8035, Cyprus Phone: +357 26952368

Immigration Law Janna Fachiridou LLC has a wide experience with immigration law, we can offer you our services in regard to immigration law for EU citizens as well as nonEU citizens wishing to reside or obtain a property in Cyprus. We will provide you with a swift and reliable service and deal with all the procedures required. Among other services, we provide: •

Immigration permits: Temporary and Permanent Residence permits, Immigration permits Categories A to F, Regulation 6.2. permits.

• Working and residence permits either temporary or permanent. •

Cyprus citizenship

• Visas • Temporary Residence Permit The category is covered by the article 20 of the Law on Foreigners and Immigration no.105. Document, which provide temporary residence permit in “Visitor” status, also known as “pink slip” (from now on it contains biometric data), has been a hackneyed subject for Russianspeaking population of Cyprus for many years. On September 29th 2014 came into force the Paragraph 18ΦΖ(7) of the Law on Foreigners and

Immigration (Chapter 105) and the Paragraph 4 of the Law on Foreigners and Immigration (amended) (Chapter 2) from 2014 (N129(I)2014, E.E Par.I(I) Par. 4456) for category of non-EU citizens, whom arrive to Cyprus and wish to obtain Visitor status, that is temporary residence permit. In terms of above-mentioned amendments in the Law, application procedure for this status has been changed as well. Old application forms have been replaced with new ones named MVISP, which can be found online on . The next change occurred due to amendment in the Law is an obtainment of biometricdata on an applicant. Photo, signature and fingerprints of forefingers of both hands now collected in Immigration Office Department in every city. Notice that this biometric data collected from kids as well. Children from the age of 6 and above shall put their signature or write their full name, providing that they able to do it considering their age and abilities. In order to provide biometric data, applicant and his family members shall arrive to Immigration Office in person (or accompanied by the lawyer). Collected biometric fingerprint will not be used for any other purposes then issuance of temporary residence permit and will be deleted from records within 48 hours after issuance of this document. JANNA FACHIRIDOU LLC is a law office based in Paphos, established in 2010 by Janna Fachiridou, a graduate of Moscow

State Social University and a member of the Cyprus Bar association. JANNA FACHIRIDOU LLC provides a number of legal services, which include but are not limited to: 1. Property and Contract Law: all procedures relating to the acquisition, sale and preparation of necessary documents of land and property in Cyprus 2. Immigration Law (Temporary and Permanent Residence permits, Category F permits, Regulation 6.2. permits, Citizenship etc) 3. Corporate (Registration and Administration of a Company as well as other economic activities) 4. Succession Law (Preparation, execution and Administration of Wills) 5. Taxation and Financial Law 6. Litigation in Court (Family, Civil, Criminal, Labor etc) 7. Certification of documents, Power of Attorneys, Translations etc. 8. Legal consultation on all law subjects. Also members of our staff are fluent in Russian, English, Greek languages providing you the convenience of speaking about your problem in your native language.

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Laurent Law 408 Mount Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand Phone: +64 9 630 0411 Laurent Law are Auckland based lawyers/consultants, specialising in New Zealand immigration. With a proven track record since 1996, our lawyers and advisers have been helping people from all over the world with their New Zealand visas and permits, appeals and citizenship applications. Simon Laurent, who is the firm Principal, is the winner of the 2014 New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment Lawyer or Licensed Adviser award. Bill Milnes is a finalist in the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment Service Award category for 2014.

Here’s how we can help: •

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Residence

New Zealand Work Visa applications or advice

• New Zealand Business & Investment applications or advice •

New Zealand Partnership & Family visa applications or advice

• New Zealand Student and Visitor visa applications or advice

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• New Zealand immigration hard cases, problems or appeals • Solid legal advice to the industry on the latest New Zealand immigration policies We have added informative Guides to some sections to give more in-depth information about the options and the pitfalls in applying for a visa. Let us know how we can help you. Contact Laurent Law for expert legal assistance with New Zealand Immigration.

Milkyway 95 Granadilla street, Macgregor, 4109, Queensland, Australia Tel: +61402553010 Milkyway is a Immigration Law Firm based in Australia and Canada. Founded in 2009, Milkyway is widely considered one of the most respected immigration law firms in world. Milkyway is well poised to deliver authentic and quality immigration services. Milkyway is running on the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity and as a result of this we have excellent success rate. We are an Australian/ Canada based company, helping clients relocate to Australia/ Canada. Our consultants based in Brisbane are registered with MARA with license number 1798509. MilkyWay is dedicated to serve applicants interested in filing permanent resident visa

applications under Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Self-employed, Business, Investor, Family Class, Student and State Sponsorship categories. Immigrate to all popular immigration destinations, that includes Canada, Australia, USA, and New Zealand. We specialize in providing Permanent Resident Visa, Student Visa, Work Permit, Business/Investment immigration apart from other Immigration services to Canada and Australia. Our value based services have given us a Brand Image to be one of the most dependable Consultants to undertake Immigration Services. We provide Free IELTS Online Training and one to one coordinator / accounts manager for each client who sign up with us and we make sure that with professional system and corporate

culture we also provide personal touch which gives comfortable situation for every individual who dream to settle abroad. MilkyWay immigration has a team of expert ICCRC , MIA , MARA registered consultants who does Assessment of the profile thoroughly before accepting the PR process. The clients who qualify with our ASSESSMENT SYSTEM are only accepted for further documentation processing, application & filing services. MilkyWay Immigration is one of the Best Immigration Company With a strong processing research team ensures that cases are evaluated and processed as per the latest updated rules and regulations with our experience and strong & comprehensive case study database.

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PNB Immigration Law Firm Multindo Persada Building, 6th Floor, Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 26, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta, Indonesia. 12760 Tel: +62 21-22792254 PNB Immigration Law Firm’s experienced team of immigration lawyers is able to assist clients in a wide range of immigration issues, ranging from assistance in deportation cases to providing legal compliance advice to corporate clients. Our immigration lawyer services are divided into the following service areas: •

Legal Assistance;

• Litigation; •

Legal Advisory

Immigration Lawyer Service: Legal Assistance

Our law firm provides legal assistance services for any kind of immigration matter, including: Accompany clients to Indonesian authorities when clients are summoned to appear at immigration or the ministry of manpower for interrogation, to find out the person or company is violating any laws and regulations. Deportation means that the foreigner is being deported from the Indonesian territory. Deterrence means that the foreign will be refused to enter Indonesia for a limited or unlimited period of time. Accompany clients during audits from Immigration or the Ministry of Manpower. Immigration or the Ministry of Manpower can perform labor inspections to confirm if expatriates or the company hiring the expatriates

are not violating any laws or regulations. Our lawyers assist the clients in preparing all required documents and accompanying expatriates or local employees during interrogations by the immigration or manpower officials. Preparing legal documents, such as application letter for the removal of deterrence, revocation of a deportation decision or any other documents related immigration matters.

Immigration Lawyer Service: Litigation Our lawyers can assist clients in a multitude of litigation cases, such as assisting foreigners on whom Immigration has imposed deterrence in the revocation of such deterrence. When deterrence is imposed on a foreigner it means such individual may not enter the Indonesian territory anymore, until the deterrence on such person is removed. The period of deterrence is determined on case-by-case bases and may be extended by Immigration. Our lawyers can assist clients in removing such deterrence. This may initially be done by way of revocation request letter to the directorate general of Immigration. When unsuccessful, the case can be brought to the administrative court by our lawyers. Other cases where our firm can assist clients include deportation cases, imprisonment cases, and cases where the government imposed sanctions on companies.

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Immigration Lawyer Service: Legal Advisory PNB Immigration Law Firm provides a variety of legal immigration advisory services, including: legal due diligence: our lawyers scrutinize all immigration documents and licenses of a company to confirm the company is working in compliance with all relevant manpower and immigration legislation; legal opinions: our specialized team of immigration lawyers provides hands-on legal explanations and legal opinions for any kind of immigration queries. PNB Immigration Law Firm is the first law firm in immigration Indonesia fully focused on immigration. Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants are solely focused on Immigration. This focus enables us to provide first rate immigration services to our clients. And this strategy has showed off: currently we have the largest and most experienced immigration practice group in Indonesia, serving high stake multinational companies, including many Fortune500 companies.

Quan Law Group (QLG) 5444 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1750, Houston, Texas, 77056 Phone: (713) 625-9200 Quan Law Group (QLG) understands that each immigration case is different and each client’s situation and needs are different; thus, a personalized approach is the optimal strategy for the successful representation of our clients.

Personalized Attention Quan Law Group (QLG) understands that individuals matter. We know that each immigration case is different and each client’s situation and needs are different; thus, a personalized approach is the optimal strategy for the successful representation of our clients.

Professional Experience QLG has experienced and award-winning attorneys with vast knowledge in all areas of immigration law. All of QLG’s Founding Partners are Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our attorneys have received Top Lawyer, Super Lawyer and/or Rising Star designations for their excellence in immigration law, please refer to each attorney’s

biography for details. In addition, our attorneys serve on liaison committees that bring together immigration lawyers with officials working for various U.S. government agencies. Therefore, our attorneys are continually at the forefront of immigration developments and are poised to use this knowledge to benefit our clients.

Our Clients QLG’s clients include individuals, families, professionals, investors, as well as companies who employ foreign nationals from every continent. QLG assists U.S. Citizens and permanent residents with filing immigrant petitions for their family members. We also help immigrants navigate our complex immigration system to apply for various forms of benefits that they are eligible for. QLG’s corporate clients include domestic and foreign multi-national companies as well as small and mid-size enterprises interested in sponsoring foreign nationals for temporary work visas and permanent resident status. Our client companies do business in a wide variety of fields including: Oil & Gas, Engineering, Banking & Investment, Consulting, Computer

Technology & High Tech Industries, Healthcare, Education, Retail & Manufacturing, Hotels & Restaurants, and Professional Sports & Entertainment, among other fields. We also represent individual investors in obtaining temporary visas and permanent residence. Quan Law Group (QLG) represents people from around the world in selecting appropriate avenues for temporary and permanent immigration to the United States, U.S. citizenship, and defense in removal proceedings. We handle employment-based permanent and temporary visas, family-based immigration, defense in removal proceedings, naturalization and citizenship matters, and employer sanction cases. On a daily basis, we represent clients before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and the federal courts, as well as the U.S. Department of State (DOS) through its U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad.

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Loreta Pang Associate Solicitor Taylor Hampton Solicitors Tel: 0207 427 5970 218 Strand, London WC2R 1AT

Taylor Hampton – Immigration Practice Taylor Hampton’s immigration team consists of highly experienced legal advisers, who offer thorough and robust advice and thrive on the ability to get the desired results for clients. We provide assistance on all aspects of UK immigration law, offering practical and focused solutions for private individuals and, when required, attendance at appeals and court cases. Our multilingual lawyers have extensive experience in all commercial and private immigration matters, and provide our clients with the personal attention they require with experienced advice and effective guidance. Our immigration team has strong connections with a number of leading immigration barristers, including Queen’s Counsel. We have particular expertise in complex personal immigration matters for high net-worth individuals; in particular Tier 1 investors and Tier 1 entrepreneurs. Where possible, we try to offer a fixedprice fee structure that is cost-effective. Our experienced immigration team is able to provide advice on the following: • Tier 1 (Investor) • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) • Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) • Tier 2 Work Visa • Tier 4 Student Visa • 10 years Long Residency • 5 Years Permanent Residency Settlement • Spouse Visa • All type of Appeals • EEA Family Permit • Tier 2 & Tier 5 Sponsorship • Licence Application • Naturalisation • British Citizenship Law • Family Re-union • Civil Penalties

Taylor Hampton’s expert immigration lawyers are here to advise and help you with all your immigration needs. Whether you are a business wanting to bring your employees to the UK, a student seeking to study here, if you want to work in the UK or bring your family to join you, we can help. The UK has a complex immigration system and it is set to become even more complicated with stringent requirements being imposed on those wanting to immigrate here. It can be daunting to navigate it alone, so let our experienced team help you. We can advise on immigration issues, from which visa you require, through to leave to remain, permanent residence and full UK citizenship. It is important to note that the government is set to toughen up rules on immigration, so it’s vital to get advice before making your plans. We always strive to understand your needs and guide you through the bureaucracy of pursuing your application. Working together, we can make a success of your plans to live in the UK. Taylor Hampton Solicitors also processes Australian migration applications. We have a separate website dedicated to this: Our highly experienced consultants have been assisting many clients with various Australian applications including spouse migration, skilled migration, state sponsored, employer sponsored migration, parent, tourist and many other visa types for Australia. We offer a cost-effective and thorough end to end service for Australian migration. We also assist businesses in the UK in moving their employees to Australia to fulfil contracts or set up a separate company operation in Australia. If you are looking to migrate to the UK or Australia or know someone who

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needs a visa, please get in contact with us on +44 (0) 207 427 5290 or email us at

Practice Areas • Media: Defamation; Internet Law; Phone Hacking; Family Hacking; Intellectual Property; Privacy; Sports Law • Commercial Litigation: Litigation & the Chinese Community; Professional Negligence • Australian Visa Services • Family Law • Residential Landlord & Tenant • Art Law • UK Immigration

The Firm Taylor Hampton is a specialist litigation and immigration firm based in the heart of London, directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. We are a pioneering and ambitious firm with a single-minded approach: to help our clients succeed. We offer a complete range of litigation services to our clients, whether private or commercial. We have a particular expertise in media litigation (libel, privacy, confidentiality and phone hacking) and have won five awards in this sector in 2017. We are also experts in commercial litigation. The firm also has a specialist UK immigration service and has expertise in immigration to Australia. Our belief is that you cannot provide effective legal services without building strong relationships. From our experience, it is not just about knowing the business, but also about understanding the people behind the enterprise and the team that makes it successful. The firm is also highly active within the British Chinese community and works closely with Chinese abroad.

Williams & Associates 53th Street Marbella, World Trade Center, 7th Floor, Office 703-704, Panama City, Panama Telephone: (507) 397-1700

Immigration Law WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES has attorneys specialized in immigration law in order to represent our clients in the process of obtaining the residence and work permit under many immigrations categories that the Republic of Panama has to offer. Our attorneys always take into consideration the activities and time that the clients will spend in the Republic of Panama in order to guide them from the beginning to the end of any immigration process. Also, our attorneys offer legal assistance related to the process of obtaining the work permit before the Labor Ministry, as well as in the process of naturalization and obtaining the Panamanian citizenship.

WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES is a law firm that specializes in commercial, banking, corporate law, alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), regional stock market advisory, immigration, labor law and litigation. As a professional law firm, we assist clients entering the Panamanian market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategy and tax efficient structure. Joint ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Technology transfers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Information Technology, Capital Market Transactions, Project Finance, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Laws are some of our additional assets. In addition, the firm’s services also include advice on the U.S. – Panamanian and Latin American stock market in general. This is

accomplished through strategic partnerships with companies with well-known background and experience in this field. The establishment of subsidiary companies, liaisons, branch and project offices, including establishment of export-oriented units in the Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones as well as regulatory approvals from Government authorities, are also some of our regular business. Our commitment to our clientele is to provide them with a highly specialized legal service, of excellent quality, at a competitive rate, customized to the needs of our client and including a direct interaction with at least one of our partners according with the area at issue.

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