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Wealth & Family Advisers of the Year Banking & Insurance Barrister of the Year - UK IP Firm of the Year - Slovenia Commercial Law Firm of the Year - Slovenia Enterprise Consultant of the Year Law Firm of the Year - Italy Family Law Firm of the Year - France IP Law Firm of the Year - Taiwan International Energy & Natural Resource Adviser of the Year IP Advisers of the Year - Germany Financial Advisers of the Year - Channel Islands Tax Adviser of the Year - Switzerland Accountants of the Year - Maldives Commercial Law Firm of the Year - South East Asia Litigation Adviser of the Year - India Law Firm of the Year - Myanmar Business Law Firm of the Year - Belgium IP Law Firm of the Year - New Zealand Marine Surveyors of the Year Trusts & Estates Lawyer of the Year - USA Mining & Energy Sector Law Firm of the Year - France Trade & Customs Law Adviser of the Year - Germany International Business Lawyer of the Year Employment Law Firm of the Year - USA IP Lawyer of the Year – New York Business Lawyer of the Year Hotel of the Year – Ethiopia Hotel of the Year – New York Exclusive Resort of the Year - Greece Hotel Brand of the Year - Thailand Exclusive Resort of the Year - Maldives Luxury Escape of the Year - Greece Hotel of the Year - Portugal Luxury Hotel of the Year - Shanghai, China Luxury Hotel of the Year – South Africa

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Deutsche Bank DB Climate Change Advisors

We all have an investment in fighting climate change. As one of the world’s foremost climate change investors, Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management division is a leader in ideas, research and investment strategies that enable our clients to identify and channel capital towards companies that will help the world to mitigate and adapt to the shifting climate. The financial potential is significant — the environmental rewards incalculable.

DB Climate Change Advisors is the brand name for the institutional climate change investment division of Deutsche Asset Management, the asset management arm of Deutsche Bank AG. I018636 (08/10). The services described in this advertisement are provided by Deutsche Bank AG or by its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with appropriate local legislation and regulation. © 2010 Deutsche Bank AG.

Dr. Kurt Moosmann Chairman/CEO Moosmann Advisors AG +41 44 252 1921 Dufourstrasse 90, 8008 Zurich

The Firm MOOSMANN ADVISORS (MA) is specialized in serving first generation entrepreneurs to multi-generational business owning families and family offices. The fully independent and multidisciplinary advisory capabilities are aimed at delivering tailored solutions to a specific need or, more comprehensively, to provide sustainable strategies for families concerned with their long term wealth preservation.

Finding the Balance in Family and Business Going into business with family is not always as easy as you wish; often business ventures fixate on the potential possibility of heated family arguments and ignore focusing on how future generations will continue to revenue capital for the years to come. We speak with Dr Kurt Moosmann on the key features when dealing with family owned business enterprises and the importance of human capital. This insightful interview reveals the best way to maintain inter-generational wealth.

What is an «Homme d’Affaires» and what services do you offer? As James E. Hughes Jr. once correctly stated, a Hommes d’Affaires serves families as a benchmark for the applied level of sophistication in relation to their governance structures and development plans1. In other words, the Homme d’Affaires aims to create a bespoke decision making process which shall be governed by the core values of the individual family, and that is guided by the long-term objective of multi-generational stewardship. The true essence, in my opinion, lies in the profound sense for trust, responsibility and scrutiny that guides such trusted adviser in safeguarding the family’s current private and business interests, whilst building

bridges for the future generations to adopt existing governance systems, yet leaving enough flexibility for them to adjust the structures to the ever-changing needs and external factors. At Moosmann Advisors (MA) we typically cater to business owning families, family offices and entrepreneurs with multijurisdictional backgrounds. We are foremost passionate about preserving and growing a family’s human, social and financial capital. By applying the profound experience gained from many years of dealing with complex family situations, we team-up with our clients to develop their appropriate family governance framework, that addresses the family’s vision and their corresponding values; this is followed by the creation of tailored plans that address the concurrence of various interest levels, e.g. family, ownership and business. The plans are embedded in a set of rules, structures and processes which shall enable sound decision making and support the framework of the corporate governance. We firmly believe that a sound family governance must be aligned with mostly pre-existing corporate governance frameworks. Only by blending the two governance systems the stakeholders will be able to enhance their long-term economic value. Complementary to both systems, it’s often forgotten, that in order to establish a sound family governance structure, one has to understand the persons’ financial demands on the respective business profits. Understanding the individuals’ fears, wishes and responsibilities is paramount for building a solid foundation which can stand the test of time.

What are the key features in dealing with family owned business enterprises? Why is the Human Capital component so important? Business owning families are often

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overwhelmed with the complexities associated with growing their businesses in a sustainable manner. These complexities tend to become even more challenging when several generations and/or multiple jurisdictions are involved. Irrespective of their genuine understanding for the business, they are often inexperienced in defining, structuring and implementing the proper processes needed to grow or transfer the family’s business to the next generation. There are inherent conflicts between the various interests of a family and the tasks of the related business which need to be addressed. Moreover, principals often underestimate the disruption that a generational transition brings along. The associated risks can easily lead to value erosion or even business failure. Often these business risks are adversely affected by the lack of the principal’s willingness to deal with a timely transition of business to the next generation or to competent non-family members. Hence, the interdependencies between the three features: family, ownership and business, are crucial and stand at the forefront of all discussions. Finding the right balance among the different, likely contradicting needs and thereafter, creating the right systems for the family, the owners and the business respectively, will enable the constitution of various implementation plans that ultimately culminate in a lifecycle plan. To make it even more challenging, such a transformation process is often coupled with the need for capital, and thus we facilitate patient capital from other family owning businesses or family offices to provide for long-term secured funding. This is one of the prevailing reasons why only 3% of all business owning families have been able to make it to the 4th generation and beyond. With regard to human capital it is interesting that to most people wealth is often associated with the amount of assets they own. As Gary S. Becker once


nicely alluded to: “such tangible forms of capital are not the only type of capital (…) economists regard expenditures on education, training, medical care, and so on as investments in human capital. They are called human capital because people cannot be separated from their knowledge, skills, health, or values in the way they can be separated from their financial and physical assets.”2 When dealing with business owning families, the human capital includes the proprietary knowledge the family has gained over the years and possibly generations which have defined and made their business enterprise successful. In this context, the capital is closely connected to the “ins and outs” of doing business, the specific expertise and technical know-how, the important network of relationships with customers, creditors and regulators, etc. Enabling the next generation to become more sensitive towards these kinds of aspects at an early stage, will enhance his or her understanding of the business and the responsibilities associated with ownership, and fundamentally improve the chances for a sustainable transition of business interests to the future generation.

In dealing with families predominantly from North America, Asia and Europe - What complications do you experience in family businesses operating internationally? Irrespective of whether I work with families in Europe or elsewhere, fundamentally it is and will always remain a people’s business. Hence the needs and wishes are often similar, but when it comes to execution and implementation, structures and strategies differ. This is largely driven by the different cultures and legal frameworks the clients are subjected to. For example, depending on whether the family is resident in a common-law country or bound to the laws and regulations of a civil-law country, the estate planning

tools or testamentary dispositions may vary. Corporate structures, financing schemes and ownership structures need to be chosen prudently, and anticipated tax consequences need to be well thought through. Especially when dealing with foreign asset holding structures or evaluating foreign investment opportunities, clients tend to continue operating under the same mind-set, thus often paying too little attention to regional conditions; but the proverb “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” strongly prevails. Thus, seeking advice and possibly partnering with local families and family businesses in foreign places in which you want to do business, is in my opinion, an absolute prerequisite. At MA, we collaborate with seasoned professionals and other family enterprises on various continents to provide locally adjusted corporate development and generational transition solutions.

burdensome, rather than a blessing. Young family members who are sought for future management functions within the family enterprise must be accompanied and well-trained before taking on leadership roles. In many cases undergoing an apprenticeship in a foreign company, prior of entering the family business, will help sharpen the level of sensitivity and enhance the understanding for general business processes. There are a number of well-recognised next-generation seminars and conferences where younger family members gradually acquaint themselves with the key value drivers of businesses at large. But irrespective of how early young family members become aware of their future role within the respective family business enterprise, engaging them at an early stage is never wrong, and will allow the principal to evaluate the learning aptitude and individual skills well in advance of any factual transition.

What issues arise and do you often deal with, in relation to inter-generational wealth transition?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems arises from the mere fact that generational transitions are rarely well-planned in advance. Often CEOs or Chairmen of family owned businesses start thinking about succession strategies or possible successors when they will no longer be in the position to fully execute on the transition. Multi-generational stewardship entails the definition that you ought to plan the transition early enough, so that the company is handed over in a better shape than it was handed to you by your predecessors. This bares the responsibility to transfer the human capital - proprietary to any one business - at a stage where the future successors can still process the information with the assistance of the current leadership. In my opinion, accomplishing a sound transition constitutes the ultimate test for any one entrepreneur who wants to be remembered for having dealt with all stages of true entrepreneurship.

In theory, the long-term preservation of family wealth is a question of human behaviour. Setting the right framework, or governance, will therefore successfully re-energise each new incoming family member and thus mitigate the threat of entropy. But to successfully preserve its wealth, a family must form a social compact among its members reflecting its shared values, and each successive generation must reaffirm and readopt that social compact. A family must also agree on creating a transparent system of representative governance through which it actively practices its values and each successive generation must, once again, reaffirm its participation in that system of governance. Understanding that inheriting wealth and responsibility is often considered

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BANKING & INSURANCE BARRISTER OF THE YEAR - UK Edite Ligere 1 Crown Office Row 020 7797 7500 1 Crown Office Row, Temple, London, EC4Y 7HH

Biography Edite Ligere’s practice focuses on the regulation of artificial intelligence, global financial regulation, banking, insurance, human rights, consumer protection, charity law, data protection, machine learning and cyber security.

The Firm 1 Crown Office Row, the Chambers of Richard Booth QC, is recognised as one of the leading sets in the UK, particularly in the fields of civil and public law. Our commitment to excellence has led to an equally dedicated and diverse client base, which includes entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, NGOs and local and central Government. 1 Crown Office Row has a stellar reputation for advocacy, courtcraft, and specialist advisory work. Our barristers are known both for their forensic expertise and the versatility of their talent, which underpins all of their work. Matthew Phipps, our Senior Clerk, leads a dedicated team of Clerks who provide a top-drawer client service. Legal 500 describe the clerking team as ‘definitely the benchmark for other sets’.

Members practise in a broad range of Civil Law specialisms including Health Law, Public Law, Professional Discipline, Professional Negligence, Inquests, Public Inquiries, Human Rights, Environmental Law, Immigration, Tax and Multinational Torts. Our Brighton annex offers extensive experience in Civil, Criminal and Family law. 1COR has a pre-eminent reputation in Health Law, including its Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury practice, and Regulatory work for leading Medical organisations and individuals. Members regularly appear in many of the most significant and high profile Inquests and Inquiries, both public and private. Recently, this has included the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, Paterson Inquiry and Hillsborough Inquests. Tax, Costs, Immigration and En vironmental Law are specialist practice areas for a large number of 1COR members, who have been involved in many of the leading cases in these areas in the European Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: The set has a long tradition of active in the legal and wider community. Robert Seabrook QC and former Members (Guy Mansfield QC and Sir Robert Owen) have all been Chairmen of the Bar. Members regularly provide their time on pro bono cases and write and lecture extensively on their areas of expertise in the UK and Overseas. Former members have continued this tradition of service while holding some of the highest judicial positions in the country. We run the widely acclaimed UK Human Rights Blog and Law Pod UK, a legal podcast with a growing audience. The blog and podcast provide case analysis, interviews and the latest legal news by members of 1COR and external speakers free of charge and advertisement. Our drive to ensure that our chambers is socially responsible is based on four core principles; Community, Equality & Diversity, Sustainability and We llbeing.

IP FIRM OF THE YEAR - SLOVENIA KETNER, pravno svetovanje, zastopstvo in zaščita, d.o.o. KETNER, Legal Consultancy, Representation and Protection, Ltd. Tržaška cesta 134, SI-1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA Meti Ketner, CEO, Director, Expert for Patents, European Trade Mark and design Attorney +386 (0)51 344 655;;

Main Practice Areas Intellectual Property, Patents, Nationalization and Validation of European Patents, Supplementary Protection Certificates, Trademarks, Sound Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and Related Rights, Geographical Indications, Intellectual Property Evaluations, Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

Regions Europe, European Union, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia WIPO 122 member countries under Madrid System, WIPO 153 PCT Сontracting States

Firm KETNER Ltd., Slovene law Firm based in Ljubljana, Patent Attorney and Trademark, and Design Attorney has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2008 with a special focus on the protection of industrial property. Some of the experts have been active in intellectual property protection for more than 20 years. Always with clients’ businesses in mind company KETNER Ltd. helps its clients recognize and effectively protect their intellectual property, namely inventions, innovations and know-how, trademarks, sound trademarks, and other distinguishing signs, trade dresses, industrial designs, copyrightable works, and other works.

KETNER Ltd. helps its clients secure future development and growth based on strategic protection of their creative and unique products and services. KETNER Ltd. follows the moto and trademark of it’s Director Meti Ketner »ONE VISION ONE MISSION Together The Best!«. For this reason, KETNER Ltd. established its new branch ZEBRA® recently to better serve products and services sectors by providing them with tailormade advice for their particular needs in building their unique branding, market position, and user experiences. Enriched with knowledge and experiences in intellectual property field KETNER Ltd. consults its clients on how to build, develop and protect their unique and memorable user experiences by the help of strong trademarks, sound trademarks, trade dresses and designs of their products,

services, and companies, which can be of particular use to many in the hotel industry and hospitality industry, in services sectors and sectors of fast-moving consumer goods.

Correct and accurate translations of patent technical documentation and other documentation in the intellectual property procedures are crucial. In TEMPELJ® department the KETNER Ltd. offers also translation services of texts relating to patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other texts related to intellectual property rights. KETNER Ltd. with a wide range of highly-qualified experts through the network of its intellectual property experts, patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers worldwide offer registration and maintenance of validity of intellectual property rights and its enforcement in case of infringement, including advice on opposition and invalidation either on national, European or Worldwide level. Professional support and advice are given to the clients also on violations of trademark rights in connection with domain names and in registration and representation in the proceedings of alternative domain name dispute resolution at ARNES. KETNER Ltd. strives for the optimal protection of the intellectual property of its clients in order to create and increase the value of clients’ intellectual property and businesses and follow its vision to build a strong, secure and reliable future.

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COMMERCIAL LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - SLOVENIA Jure Lukancic Founding partner Law firm Lukancic +386 41 558 177 Nazorjeva 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Law firm Lukancic is located in Ljubljana and provides professional legal assistance and representation in a variety of practice areas including: - corporate and commercial law and litigation, due diligence; - enforcement and debt collection; - contract law; - civil law – personal injury, insurance claims, divorce;

- inheritance law and estate procedures; - real estate – contracts, proceedings and disputes; - labor law – employment contracts, discipline procedures and termination of employment, employer regulations, and labor disputes; - administrative law – construction, environment, public procurement and transport.

12 | Global Awards 2020 |

Attorney Jure Lukancic conducts a realistic assessment of each case, including its cost-benefit aspect and delivers a true presentation of the findings to the client. He adopted an individual approach and using his in-depth knowledge of the practice areas he strives to offer professional, effective advice and representation.

ENTERPRISE CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR Adrian Ashton Independent Consultant and Adviser Adrian Ashton (+44) 07786 492313 6 White Hart Fold, Todmorden OL14 7BD Now in his 16th year of acting as a freelance/independent enterprise adviser (despite never having aspirations to create his own consultancy previously), Adrian continues to hold enviable reputations with sector bodies, academic institutions, and others, for the quality of his insight and support to a wide range of enterprises of all types. Although he ‘bucks conventional wisdom’ by not having a specific niche or specialism, he nonetheless remains in demand to support the delivery of national pilot schemes with government departments, regional growth programmes, and sector-specific specialist bodies (the latter of whom often commission him to undertake research to inform policy and influence investment product reviews). His initial background prior to launching his own practice, which includes developing loan funds, corporate PR, and franchise management, means that he draws on a wide range of disciplines and experiences to supplement ongoing research he undertakes to ensure that his positions and advice remain led and informed by evidence and first-hand experience.

As such, he has been commissioned by organisations within a range of sectors to support a number of themes, a sample of which includes: -

Developing and delivering an in-prison programme for offenders to help them launch their own enterprises on release as a route to employment


Supporting the creation of new university degree enterprise modules

- Managing mergers between charities, as well as succession processes for their senior management and Boards of Trustees -

Working with the Department of Justice to create new social enterprise consortia and models that would enable the state to be able to commission more rehabilitation services from this sector, in line with national policy


Undertaking evaluations of multi-year programmes on behalf of the Departmentof Health,

14 | Global Awards 2020 |

grant making bodies to the charity sector, and similar


Developing new training courses and programmes (both vocational and accredited) around a range of themes


Creating new models of workspace and incubation for enterprises around themes of rural, homelessness, multiple deprivation, and such like (some of which have since been realised)

He has also initiated actions where he feels they are needed – this has included brokering new grant support and creation of peer networks for micro businesses affected by flooding; and successfully lobbying for changes in legislation where laws do not reflect the values of the enterprises they were introduced to support. A keen proponent of values in business, he is also the only freelance consultant to openly publish annual impact reports on himself each year – these have not only garnered critical acclaim globally, but are now also aligned to the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Sophie Alcorn Founding Attorney Alcorn Immigration Law 855-546-0015 883 N. Shoreline Blvd. Suite D100, Mountain View, CA 94043 Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law, the fastest-growing immigration law firm in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services.” Alcorn Immigration Law has been maintaining a consistently high rate of success for the tech companies it represents—even

during the current administration. Sophie is a Certified Specialist Attorney in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. She is recognized by TechCrunch as a Verified Expert Lawyer and is a TechCrunch contributor. She can frequently be found speaking in her informative and engaging style to groups of all kinds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - ITALY Mr Luca Daffra Senior Partner Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati +39 Via L. Mascheroni 31 – 20145 Milano - Italy

Education and Biography

Other Practice Areas

Senior Partner at Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati, which he joined in 2006. Admitted to the bar in Milan, Luca has acquired a strong expertise in employment law and labour law, social security issues and privacy-related matters through several and significant professional experiences in leading Law firms, domestic and international.

- - - -

Luca provides both judicial and non-judicial assistance to clients. As legal adviser, he has taken part in extraordinary corporate transactions, focusing on Labour Law issues related to mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganisations, and redun­dancies and downsizing. A number of companies have been recently assisted by him with the implementation of the necessary measures to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Luca’s legal education includes J.D. awarded with First Class Honours in 2001 by Università degli Studi dell’Insubria. He is member of Italian Labour Lawyer Association (AGI) and of International Bar As­sociation (IBA).

Data Protection Social Security Law Anti-corruption law through whistleblowing Technology law

The Firm Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati is widely recognised as a leading specialist employment law practice. It traces its history back to the second half of the 19th century, and its lawyers still benefit of its heritage, having gained deep experience in high-stake litigation and complex transactions. Its “one-firm” culture—seamless and integrated across all practices —ensures that clients receive the best of knowledge and experience, and that their needs be even anticipated. Clients, both domestic and international, range from large corporations and PLCs to entrepreneurs, in many sectors including automotive, media and entertainment, retail, hospitality & leisure, Information & technology, professional services, financial services, and banks. Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati’s lawyers have practiced litigation broadly for many years, throughout the Italian territory

and before the National Highest Courts and the European Court of Justice. They provide sound practical and legal advice on a full spectrum of issues, bargaining practices, unions and social security matters, as well as legal services for all employmentrelated disputes. Client representations include cases and actions, both at Court and through ADR, regarding either individual or collective contract termination, wrongful termination, claims for higher positions, claims for damages for harassment, demotion, or unsuitable work, non-compete covenants, and social security issues. Out-of-court representation and assistance to clients operating in all main industries are also provided, including labour due diligences in case of acquisition or business transfer, drafting and checking documents and acts regarding labour relations, contract administration, grievance settlements, workers’ compensation claims, and staff management; interpretation of law regulations and contract clauses; providing strategic consultation in the face of workplace changes, office moving, suitable work offers/claims, promotions, bonuses, and benefits.

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Charlotte Butruille-Cardew Partner CBBC 21 boulevard Saint Germain – 75005 Paris – France

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew Charlotte Butruille-Cardew is a founder and partner of the law firm, CBBC.


Charlotte has specialized for the last twenty years in complex high-net-worth cases, with an international element and involving trust/ foundation issues and substantial business assets. She has also developed an expertise in international agreements (prenuptial, postnuptial, civil partnership). In addition, she regularly advises on patrimonial and assets structuring. She is a skilled negotiator in difficult international cases. She enjoys working in a group and listens carefully to her clients to ensure she fully comprehends the specific needs and priorities of each case. She is regarded as a client focused, strategic and experienced international family lawyer. She works daily in French and English. She is a member of numerous international organizations and works in close contact with universities.


Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques. Accredited specialist of Family Law with the Paris Bar.


Charlotte Butruille-Cardew is a French Avocat and a Registered European Lawyer with England and Wales. She is also a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyer and a Governor of the organization. She organizes bi-annual conferences at King’s College University London on the Franco British perspectives on Family

Law. She is regularly consulted by the European commission and the English and New Zealand Law Societies on various reforms. She is also the International Family Law Journal French correspondent.

Educational Work

Former lecturer in Family law at the University of Paris XII (1998-2000) She has also set up programs with the University of Assas (Paris II) and Nanterre (Paris X) and IFOMENE. She was the Head of Alternative Dispute Resolutions department with the Paris Bar school (2014-2015). She co-presides a Commission of the Paris Bar on Alternative Dispute Resolution in International Family Matters (2014-2016). She is Collaborative trainer. She is a member of the scientific comity of the EIMA (International Paris Bar School on Alternative Dispute Resolution) and the French Annual Conference on Family Law. She is also a teacher at the Paris Bar school on negotiation and collaborative law. She heads the Paris bar commission on alternative dispute resolutions in national and international family law. She lectures regularly in France and abroad on family law, international family law and dispute resolution.

Educational Background Publications

Doctor at law - PhD – on French and English divorce laws – University of Paris XII in collaboration with the London School of Economics, London -2001. CAPA - 2001 LLM King’s College (UK) - 1995

18 | Global Awards 2020 |

London Master of Law Paris II Assas 1994 Program of Negotiation (Harvard Law School). Trained as a collaborative lawyer (England and Canada) and a collaborative instructor (Belgium). Author of Family Law a global Guide, Thomson Reuters 2015-2017 Author of Can we go or must we stay? The International Child Relocation Rankings’ Thomson Reuters 2017 Author of Le Guide des modes Amiables de résolution des différends Dalloz 2015-2019 Editor and Author of International prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, Jordan limited 2011 Author of The law of divorce: global perspectives- Icfai University Press 2007 She is also the authors of numerous articles published in France and England. She appears regularly in the media.


Founding member and President of AFPDC (2009 – President, 2012 - 2018). Founding Member and former Secretary of the French Family Law Institute (2008). Fellow of the IAFL (2007) • Member of Amicus Curiae Committee and Mediation committee and LGBT committee • 2011 Observer IAML Executive Committee • 2014 – today Governor

Bedore CBBC

Before founding CBBC in 2009, Charlotte Butruille-Cardew practiced corporate law in large London and Paris law firms. She also worked for French Supreme Court lawyers, before specializing in international family law and developing experience in other French law firms.

FAMILY LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - FRANCE Ina Bremer-Proust Partner CBBC 21 boulevard Saint Germain – 75005 Paris – France

Ina Bremer-Proust


Ina is a French Avocat and a partner with the law firm CBBC.

Being a German citizen, Ina was born in Germany. She studied in Cologne and at the Sorbonne in the course of the double maîtrise en droits français et allemand program from 1998 to 2000. Ina also studied in London within the LL.M. at King’s College (international private law, comparative law, and European Union law). She is registered with the German Embassy in Paris.

Expertise Ina has focused her expertise on international divorce and parental authority matters, especially those between France and Germany. She developed her competencies in matters of French-German law compared. As she has acquired a good understanding of commercial and corporate matters, she often deals with complex assets restructuring. More generally, she provides advice with respect to litigious strategy in matters involving several jurisdictions as well as she is used to lead simultaneous negotiations. She also has a great experience in the drafting of international pre- or postnuptial agreements, and international civil partnership agreements. Ina participates to lectures in London on international family law and teaches at the Paris Bar School. Ina is a trained collaborative lawyer. Ina works in French, German (mother tongue) and English.


Ina is a member of the Association of German Lawyers in France (Deutscher Anwalt Verein) She regularly participates to the young lawyers’ annual meeting of the International Academy of family lawyers.

Formations – Publications

DESS Droit du commerce international (Paris X) Maîtrise en droits français et allemand (Paris I) LL.M. Cologne/Paris I

Prior to CBBC

Before joining CBBC, Ina Bremer-Proust worked as an associate during seven years with business law firms and among those, five years at the Paris office of Clifford Chance Europe LLP, mergers & acquisitions department. She advised French and international clients, industrials as well as investment funds, for their M&A projects, restructuring, joint-ventures and LBO, targeting public listed companies or private companies, involved in all types of activities. Ina was also seconded during 6 months to the legal affairs department of Airbus Group, capital markets, shareholders litigation, stock exchange and company law division.

Ina teaches collaborative law within the program of alternative dispute resolution at the EFB. Paris Bar School (CAPA - 2005) LL.M. King’s College de Londres (Université de Londres)

Global Awards 2020 | | 19

IP LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - TAIWAN Yu-Li Tsai, Lu-Fa Tsai Partners Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law +886-2-25856688 #8139; +886-2-25856688 #8187; 13 Fl., 27 Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan, ROC

Patent Enforcement

start after the plaintiff submits a complaint to

trademark infringement case if the trademark

the court. When the defendant receives the

owner (as plaintiff) and the alleged infringer

Disputes or contentions of infringement on

complaint, he or she can submit counter briefs

(as defendant) designate a common court as

patent rights can be brought to the district

to the court. The court generally will assign

exercising jurisdiction, by a written agreement

court located in the district where the

one judge (or a commissioned judge in the

(see Article 24, Code of Civil Procedure).

defendant resides, where the infringing acts

second instance) to conduct the preparatory

Courts having jurisdiction to hear trademark

occurred. Or they can be directly brought

proceedings for clarifying the implications

infringement matters are specifically as

to the IP Court, which was established to

involved in the action or in some specific


specialise in resolving IP-related disputes.

circumstances, and conduct early evidence


first instance: the IP Court (see

The invalidation proceedings should first be

collection and investigation. After these

Article 3(1), Intellectual Property

brought to the TIPO, which is the exclusive

procedures, the evidence investigation and

Court Organization Act) or a

administrative authority before a case

oral argument proceedings start when the

mutually agreed district court (see

enters into the judicial remedy system. If a

evidence may be obtained from examination

of witnesses, expert testimony, documentary


Article 24, Code of Civil Procedure);

defendant in a civil proceeding for patent infringement would not like to initiate the

evidence, document inspection, interrogation

Article 3(1), Intellectual Property

lengthy invalidation proceedings through the

of interested parties, etc. Finally, at the

Court Organization Act), no matter

TIPO, he or she may just raise the issue of the

appropriate decision-making time, the court

whether the court of first instance is

invalidity as a defence in the civil proceedings.

will render the judgment.

Where it is likely that evidence may be


the IP Court or a district court; and

The judges’ decision on the issue of the invalidity, however, will not have res judicata;

destroyed or its deposition in court may be

(see Article 20, Intellectual Property

that is, the patent is still valid even though

difficult, or where consent has been received

Case Adjudication Act).

the judges hold the patent at issue invalid in

from the opposing party, a party may move

the civil proceedings. However, the judged

the court for preservation of such evidence.

Pre-action conduct

invalidity issue may still have an effect of

Where no action has been initiated, a motion

There are no special pretrial formalities with

issue preclusion for other cases involving the

for preservation of evidence shall be made to

respect to civil proceedings on trademark

same parties.

the court where the action is to be brought.

matters. If, however, the price or value of

Although any party can institute the invalidity

When the action has been initiated, such

the subject matter is less than NT$500,000

claim before TIPO, only the patentee or the

motion shall be made to the court where the

(e.g., the claimed damages are less than

exclusive licensee has a standing to bring

action is pending. The court may inspect,

NT$500,000), the court will institute a

an infringement claim to prevent or exclude

examine or preserve documentary evidence

mediation proceeding before commencing

others from exploiting the invention, utility

when preservation of evidence is ordered.

litigation (see Article 403(1)(xi), Code of Civil

model or design patent.

The level of proof is preponderance of

Procedure). Formal demand letters or warning

As to limitation periods, the right to claim

evidence standard. There is no strict discovery

letters are popular although not required.

patent infringement becomes extinguished

proceedings here, as in the applicable US laws.

if not exercised within two years after the

Neither is there similar saisiecontrefaçonunder

Causes of action

patentee has become aware of the damage

the French laws here, as the criminal

Causes of action regarding trademarks,

and the person liable for damages. The rights

provisions were abolished in 2003.

company names, trade or business names,

to claim also become extinguished if they are not exercised within 10 years after the time of

Trademark Enforcement

second instance: the IP Court (see

third instance: Supreme Court

domain names and other trade dresses include primarily the following categories:


violations of the Trademark Act (e.g.,

infringement of registered


trademarks – see Article 69);

over the IP Court are competent and

owner of rights to apply for the patent, an

knowledgeable in the area of IP. Accordingly,

invalidity claim can only be filed by the

a trademark owner normally institutes


Articles 10, 18, 19); violations of the Business

interested party. In addition, there is no

infringement proceedings before the IP Court

Registration Act (e.g., Articles 28, 29);

specific limitation period for bringing an

(see Article 3(1), Intellectual Property Court


invalidity claim.

Organization Act). Nevertheless, a common


violations of the Fair Trade Act (e.g.,

The proceedings of the patent infringement

court (i.e., a district court) may also try a

Articles 22, 29).

infringement. While anyone may bring an invalidity


claim before the TIPO, if the ground of the

It can be assumed that the judges presiding

invalidation is that the patentee is not the

20 | Global Awards 2020 |

violations of the Company Act (e.g.,

Since 1992 ……



§ Quality | Reliable | Invaluable § IP Right Prosecution & Litigation Corporate Legal & Consulting IP Value-Added Services Focus: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition Licensing, Counseling, Litigation, Transaction Territories: Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau Fields: Mechanics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Electronics, Optics, Telecommunications, and Computer Sciences  Address: 13th Floor, 27, Sec. 3, Chung San N. Road, Taipei, Taiwan  Telephone: 886-2-25856688  Fax: 886-2-25989900/25978989  E-mail:  Web site:

INTERNATIONAL ENERGY & NATURAL RESOURCE ADVISER OF THE YEAR Nicole Iseppi Senior Executive Adviser & Associate Director – Strategy & Market Development, Global Generation ENGIE

It is not often the international energy and natural resource industry come across a professional who in their career to date has had such a depth of unique, high calibre and leading international experience as Nicole and she says she “still has a lot more she would like to be part of, contribute too and achieve within the sector.” Nicole Iseppi has been with ENGIE since the beginning of 2010 and is in the function of a Senior Executive Adviser and also Associate Director of Strategy & Economic Development for Global Centralised Generation. Nicole is the only professional in the international energy infrastructure industry to date, who has worked directly in-house as a senior executive adviser to and also senior strategic and legal adviser in both (i) the world’s largest IPP global energy company - ENGIE and (ii) one of the world’s largest project finance lenders - Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). She assists and advises such leading international companies in the successful delivery of their respective infrastructure and asset related interests, strategies and investments. Prior to joining ENGIE, Nicole was also mandated to act as the adviser for establishing and implementing, on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Finance and JBIC - Japan Carbon Finance, Ltd (a new financial institution created to support low Co2 infrastructure projects). Nicole has had the privilege and rare opportunity to have advised, negotiated and managed during her career to date, the successful execution and delivery of many energy and financing global ‘Deals of the Year’. Her experience, knowledge and lessons learnt, are highly respected and recognised in the industry by both her professional peers and clients. Having had substantial experience in the strategic formulation, business development, financing and operational phases of energy infrastructure projects,

in particular within Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and European regions for the past 19+ years, Nicole was appointed at the beginning of 2016 to the management committee and as the Project & Legal Director of Terrawatt Initiative (TWI). TWI is a global independent non-profit foundation created out of COP21 Paris Agreement, which promotes increased deployment of global renewables and the tools needed to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. TWI aims to animate a high-level dialogue between public and private sector stakeholders in an open, innovative and collaborative environment. Nicole was also appointed by the industry to act as the Co-Leader for the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) and TWI ‘Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative’, which promotes for the firsttime standardising contracts and core risk profiles, to streamline and accelerate global solar development. She is invited as a regular speaker at various global energy and sustainable finance conferences, including was asked to deliver the keynote address at the “Global Solar Leaders’ Summit” (2017) and spoke as an industry expert at the “G20 - Global Infrastructure Meeting” (2018). Nicole has also been appointed by her industry peers to various other industry advisory committees, including as a committee member of the International Bar Association’s (IBA) (i) Global Power Law Committee and (ii) Strategy Management Committee for Global Energy, Environment, Natural Resources & Infrastructure Law reforms; was made a Fellow Member of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE); appointed to the Global Leaders’ Network Advisory Committee for Monash University and is a member of the Industry Advisory Council Board of Monash Energy Materials and Systems

22 | Global Awards 2020 |

Institute (MEMSI). Nicole has had the honor of also being awarded, various global and regional awards by her energy and finance industry peers, including most recently – Most Influential Energy Sector Strategic Adviser 2019; Senior Executive Adviser of the Year 2019; Global Energy & Natural Resource Adviser of the Year 2019 & 2018; Named in Global Game Changers Index 2018; Named in CEO & Executive Europe Index Awards 2019 & 2018; was named as a finalist for the “Rising Star – Global Energy Award” by S&P Platts Global Awards 2018 and Global Energy Adviser of the Year 2018 & 2017 by Global 100 Index List. Nicole is a passionate problem solver and a strong supporter and advocate of promoting innovation and industry collaboration, as we globally transition to a robust low carbon economy.

Information about the Company ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert operator in the business of electricity, natural gas and energy services. It develops its businesses (power, natural gas, energy services) around a model based on responsible growth to take on the major challenges of energy’s transition to a low-carbon economy: access to sustainable energy, climate-change mitigation & adaptation and the rational use of resources. The Group provides individuals, cities and businesses with highly efficient and innovative solutions largely based on its expertise in four key sectors: renewable energy, energy efficiency, liquefied natural gas and digital technology. ENGIE employs 154,950 people worldwide, with operations in 70 countries around the globe.

IP ADVISERS OF THE YEAR - GERMANY Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne CEO InTraCoM GmbH +49 711 797328 0 Lengsdofer Hauptstr. 73, 53127 Bonn / Germany Since founding in 2000, InTraCoM Group is the most powerful partner for companies, when it comes to the valuation of intellectual property rights (patents, utility models). As an experienced and worldwide leading service provider, it evaluates patents / utility models, patent families or even entire company portfolios qualitatively and monetarily, i.e. including the monetary valuation. It’s customers benefit from the professional, unbeatably fast and high quality delivery of results at reasonable prices. A value forecast can be achieved here using various valuation methods, either to meet certain norms or standards, or to achieve a specific valuation objective (e.g. fundraising) or to have the option of comparing a particular valuation.

InTraCoM GmbH is the only provider worldwide that can also draw conclusions about a company’s sustainability activities on the basis of its patent portfolio. For example, it can produce an ESG (Focussing on E out of Environments Social and Governance) score for every company that applies for a patent and can even create a detailed SDG profile (based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals). Here it offers services and expertise e.g. for ESG/ Sustainability Rating Agencies, banks and companies. In this way, it supports companies in the preparation of their sustainability reports or even creates their own, individual sustainability certificates, e.g. by comparing sustainability activities with the industry average or by showing sustainability trends of a company.

The high quality is achieved by using own software solutions in the area of patent research, analysis and evaluation, which are shaped by experienced patent engineers and hundreds of customer projects. InTraCoMs and its affiliates software landscape includes complex big data analysis instruments, learning and KI algorithms, software platforms for the evaluation of individual patents as well as patent portfolios. In addition to pure patent data and patent metadata, information sources from business information systems are also used. The customers of InTraCoM GmbH are large blue-chip companies, small and mediumsized enterprises, individual inventors, M & A agencies, banks, authorities, research institutions and technology transfer offices. Its market is global.

Global Awards 2020 | | 23

Cyril Swale Director Grant Thornton Limited +44 (0)1481 753416 PO Box 13, Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF

Biography Cyril leads the Guernsey office responsible for 60 people in the day to day running of the business. Prior to this he was Head of Audit for the Channel Islands and has been a Director at Grant Thornton since 2007. His client portfolio consists regulated financial services entities (funds, insurance, fiduciary), real estate and trading businesses, operating in various sectors. He is experienced auditing group structures that cross international

boundaries and has a number of clients listed on the LSE, AIM and TISE. Cyril was instrumental in developing asset management client base, focusing on alternative asset class investment funds and fund managers. Cyril also has experience auditing non-financial services clients in the exploration and mining, real estate, recycling and consumer product sectors. As well as specializing in financial service audit, asset management, insurance, fiduciary, IFRS, UK GAAP, advisory.

24 | Global Awards 2020 |

As part of his role he sits on the management team, responsible for strategy and leads initiatives to grow the firm’s advisory services in the areas of cyber security, transactional advisory and corporate finance. In addition to his leadership roles he is also the audit engagement leader (ResponsibleIndividual) on a large number of financial service clients predominately in the asset management, insurance and fiduciary sectors.

FINANCIAL ADVISERS OF THE YEAR - CHANNEL ISLANDS Ben Rhodes Director Grant Thornton Limited +44 (0)1481 753431 PO Box 13, Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF

Education Ben is a Chartered Accountant, UK qualified and licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Certified Fraud Examiner and qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. In 2018, Ben successfully completed the INSOL International Global Insolvency Practice Course on cross-border insolvency, becoming a Fellow of INSOL International, and the only practitioner in the Channel Islands to be both a Fellow of INSOL International and a UK Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

Biography Ben is a Director in Grant Thornton Channel Islands’ Recovery & Reorganisation and Forensic Investigation Services departments Ben has worked in the areas of insolvency, restructuring and forensic investigations since 2003, beginning his career in London before moving to the Channel Islands. In that time, Ben has helped countless directors, creditors and other stakeholders, in insolvency and restructuring related matters. Ben regularly takes contentious and noncontentious appointments as

Liquidator or Administrator, in Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney; plus other offshore jurisdictions in conjunction with Grant Thornton International. Ben also leads the Grant Thornton Channel Islands Forensic Investigation Services department and conducts forensic investigations both locally and internationally. Ben’s career highlights include a 12 month secondment to the London head office of a UK clearing bank, working within their restructuring department; and a secondment to the States of Guernsey where he advised on the proposed reform of Guernsey’s insolvency law. He continues to advise the States on this area.

The Firm Grant Thornton Limited is a leading Channel Island practice with offices in Guernsey and Jersey with combined staffing strength of approximately 100 people. We are the Channel Island member of Grant Thornton International, one of the world’s leading international organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms. Grant Thornton International is not a worldwide partnership. Services are

delivered independently by the member firms and as a member firm within Grant Thornton International we have access to member and correspondent firms in over 130 countries, offering client’s specialist local knowledge supported by international expertise and methodologies. We have been offering practical and strategic advice to all the key sectors in the Channel Islands for many years, and work closely with our clients to understand the specific issues that they face, as is evident in the many long standing client relationships that we have developed. Our range of services in the Channel Islands include: • Accounting • Recovery and Reorganisation •

Outsourced Accounting and Payroll

Private Client

• Tax •

Audit and Assurance

Global Awards 2020 | | 25

TAX ADVISER OF THE YEAR - SWITZERLAND Jean-Blaise Eckert Partner Lenz & Staehelin +41 58 450 70 00 Rte de Chêne 30, Case postale 6165, 1211 Genève 6

Biography Jean-Blaise Eckert is considered as a leading lawyer in tax and private client matters in Switzerland. He is the co-head of the tax group of Lenz & Staehelin. He advises a number of multinational groups of companies as well as HNWIs. Jean-Blaise Eckert is a frequent speaker at professional conferences on tax matters. He is Secretary General of the International Fiscal Association (IFA). «The «exceptionally knowledgeable» Jean-Blaise Eckert represents multinational clients in cross-border tax litigation and advises private companies on country-by-country reporting

legislation. He also assists with import tax issues. An interviewee describes him as «a very structured guy who is easy to deal with.»» (Chambers and Partners, Global edition 2019).

Other Practice Areas • Tax • Private Clients • Commercial and Contracts • Investigations

The Firm Lenz & Staehelin is the largest law firm in Switzerland, with more than 200 lawyers forming its legal staff. Internationally oriented, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services and handles

26 | Global Awards 2020 |

all aspects of international and Swiss law. Languages spoken include English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Lenz & Staehelin’s tax team is one of the largest among Swiss law firms, with more than 25 tax attorneys offering a full range of tax advice in its three offices in Geneva, Zürich and Lausanne. Tax practice areas include M&A; restructurings and buyouts; financing; financial products and derivatives; estate and tax planning for executives, including employee share and stock option plans; investment funds; private equity funds; property (acquisition and development); value added tax; internal investigations; and tax litigation.

ACCOUNTANTS OF THE YEAR - MALDIVES Rifaath Jaleel Partner M.H.P.A L.L.P +960 7782416 Ma. Rangiri, 1st Floor, Rahdhebai Magu, Male’, 20159, Maldives


The Firm

Mr. Jaleel is the Managing Partner of the firm. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree with a minor in Business Management from Charles Sturt University, NSW Australia. Mr. Jaleel is a qualified full member of CPA Australia (Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia) with approximately 20 years of experience in the public and private sector. He was the first Maldivian to be issued an audit license by the Auditor General’s Office of the Maldives. He is a Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) approved Auditor as well, and currently a Director of the Capital Markets Development Authority and sits on the Faculty Advisory Committee of the Maldives National University’s Business School.

MHPA, a Limited Liability Partnership registered in the Republic of Maldives and the first 100% Maldivian owned ‘A’ category MIRA registered professional audit firm with qualified professionals to offer specialized professional assurance and advisory services such as Audits, External Audits, Valuation Services, Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Services to the micro, small, medium and large sized business enterprises in the country.

Mr. Jaleel has been the Chairman of the Maldives Finance Leasing Company (MFLC) for several years and he also acts in an advisory capacity to several stateowned enterprises and not less than 150 private sector businesses. Mr. Jaleel brings to this practice a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been in private practice for several years extending his consulting services to the government and the private sector in numerous projects. Mr. Rifaath Jaleel is also a past President of the Certified Practicing Accountants of Maldives (CPA Maldives).

Prior to February 2013, we had been operating as a private limited Company under the name Moloque and Horsburgh Public Accountants Pvt Ltd since 2006. We are a firm with a DIFFERENCE. We pride ourselves in knowing exactly what micro; small and medium sized businesses want and need for successful growth by providing tailored solutions, personal and comprehensive packages to suit. It’s the small things that make the difference like being available to our clients out of hours, on site or if needed negotiating on your behalf with financial institutions.

We believe that the key to providing the best services is to understand our client needs and respond to the specific need. Therefore, MHPA takes the time to learn our clients’ operations and objectives, as well as apply our specialized industry knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients’ think of us not just as auditors or accountants, but as trusted business advisors. That’s because we provide professional advice, helping to balance technical issues with practical, enabling your business to keep up with the constant changes to compliance requirements. We keep to our core values, the never-changing definition of which we are and what we stand for; and our core competencies - the ever-evolving definition of our capabilities: at the heart of everything we do. MHPA’s good name and reputation rest on how well our service and solutions work for you, your customers and your stakeholders. We are committed to delivering unmatched client service for the investment you make.

Our trained professional staffs keep up to date with the latest information in legislation, business management practices and technology so your business can be kept fully informed. A one-stop solution for all your financial requirements, MHPA is an extension of your business and that’s what makes the difference.

Global Awards 2020 | | 27

Daniel Radic Partner KPMG Croatia +385 91 4666 461

The Firm KPMG Croatia is a member firm of KPMG International, providing full scope advisory and audit services to local and international clients. We strongly believe that our M&A practice is a top M&A practice in the country, with an 8 people team consisting of experienced professionals who have been with the firm for over 15 years on average.


I have been advising my clients on M&A transactions, equity and debt raising and

financial restructuring for over two decades now in industries ranging from tourism and real estate to banking and insurance, for clients ranging from Institutional investors to Private Equity houses to private investors. We believe that our strength lies in our multi-disciplinary, multi-industry, multiservice approach, whereby our deep knowledge of the banking, Private Equity and various industries helps us structure and raise financing and close deals. On M&A sell side, last year I run and successfully closed deals with equity values in excess of EUR 350 million. Also notable are transactions involving rescheduling and/or refinancing companies via both debt

28 | Global Awards 2020 |

and equity funds raised both locally and internationally.

The Future

Given the low-interest rate and abundant capital environment, my focus is now, in addition to sell side M&A, on assisting my clients with raising funds, both debt and equity, to facilitate their expansion. Being part of an international network provides a major advantage both in terms of finding investors and winning work.


Datuk Seri S. Krishna Kumar, J.P MANAGING PARTNER KRISH MANIAM & Co. COMMERCIAL LAW FIRM Advocates & Solicitors THE YEAR - SOUTH EAST ASIA +603 2095 5551 Fax: +603OF 2095 2951 Datuk Seri S.14, Krishna Kumar,Setia J.P 2, Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan MANAGING PARTNERHeights, 50490, Kuala Lumpur Damansara KRISH MANIAM & Co. Advocates & Solicitors Malaysia. +603 2095 5551 Fax: +603 2095 2951; 14, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights, 50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bio The firm of Messrs Krish Maniam

& Co. was established on The firm of Messrs Maniam 05.02.1996 under Krish the stewardship &of Datuk Co. Seri was S. Krishna established onJ.P Kumar, 05.02.1996 under the stewardship after his stint with Messrs Sri Ram of Datuk Seri S. Krishna Kumar, J.P & Co. The firm originally started as after his stint with Messrs Sri Ram a commercial litigation firm but & Co. The firm originally started as since then has grown into a broad a commercial litigation firm but based commercial firm with wide since then has grown into a broad and varied expertise in the based commercial firm with wide commercial segment. and varied expertise in the commercial segment. The firm is well known in the region it has donein many The firm as is well known the corporate exercises and many various region as it has done types of exercises contentious work in the corporate and various region. Cross border work types of contentious work in isthenot something to this not region. Crossnew border work something new to this firm.

The strength of the firm is founded Our application is known as upon the leadership of its partners The strength of the firm is founded OurMyPocketLawyer. application is known as who strive to meet the quality and upon the leadership of its partners MyPocketLawyer. time requirements their clients. Specialization: who strive to meet theofquality and time requirements of their clients. Specialization: The firm continues to grow in this • Commercial Litigation & niche The firmsegment continuesbytocreating grow in various this • Commercial ContractsLitigation & service components niche segment by creatingwithin various the Contracts commercial segment to the serve service components within • Litigation Funding for prospective clients more efficiently. commercial segment to serve • Litigation Funding for Clients and and Private prospective clients more efficiently. Clients Private We are one of the few firms Commercial Commercial Funding Funding globally to have our own Corporate Deals We are one of the few firms for forCorporate Deals / / application serve our Transactions. globally to tohave ourclients ownand Transactions. the public at large. application to serve our clients and the public at large. • • Corporate CorporateAdvisory Advisory And And Re-engineering Services Re-engineering Services • • Arbitration AndAnd Arbitration International Disputes International Disputes

MyPocketLawyer "Have a legal advisor with you all the time"

Global Awards 2020 | | 29

LITIGATION ADVISER OF THE YEAR - INDIA Ramni Taneja Advocate and Notary Law Office of Ramni Taneja +91 11 41552051 A 34 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024, India

Biography Ramni Taneja was enrolled as an Advocate on the Roll of the Bar Council of Maharashtra, India, on 17th October 1980, which was subsequently transferred to the Bar Council of Delhi, India on 20th October 1997. She is also admitted on 3rd March 1997 as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales [now known as the Senior Courts of England and Wales]. She is also a Notary, Government of India, and was appointed on 19th July 1999. Her principal areas of legal practice covering litigation and transactional legal work are: all areas of civil law, commercial law, corporate law, constitutional law and criminal law.

Education University of London, General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels, between 1972-1974, through Grey Coat Hospital, Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom, a) B.A. (Honours) Degree, in English Literature (Major) and French Literature (Subsidiary), from Elphinstone College, University of Bombay, India, with First Class Honours, 1977. b) LL.B (General) Degree, Government Law College, University of Bombay, India, First Class in 1979; ranked second in the University. c) LL.B Degree, from Government Law College, University of Bombay, India, First Class in 1980; ranked third in the University.

d) Diplome Superieur d’Etudes Francaises Modernes, L’Alliance Francaise de Paris, in 1975; ranked first in the examination

Other Practice Areas Acquisitions, arbitration [international and domestic], air law, banking law, broadcasting laws, contract law, corporate law, company law, consumer protection law, due diligence, direct and indirect taxation and international taxation, extradition law, family law, foreign direct investment, foreign collaborations, foreign exchange law, energy and electricity laws, excise and customs laws, international joint ventures, insurance law, initial public offerings [IPOs], intellectual property law, infrastructure law, labour and employment law, media and entertainment law, mergers and acquisitions, migration and nationality law, maritime law, oil and natural gas law, private equities, securities law, succession law, private international law, public international law, property law.

Professional Experience Ramni Taneja’s professional experience began in 1980 when she practiced as an Advocate Assistant between 1980 to 1982, with Little & Co, Advocates, Solicitors & Notaries, Mumbai, India. Subsequently, between 1983 to 1989, she practised in Dubai as a legal consultant with A R Hilal & Associates, Advocates & Legal Consultants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Between 1989 to 1990, she practised independently as an

30 | Global Awards 2020 |

advocate in New Delhi, India. Again from 1990 to 1996, she practised with A R Hilal & Associates, Advocates & Legal Consultants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a Legal Consultant. From 1997 to August 2002, Ramni Taneja practiced as a sole practitioner in New Delhi. From September 2002 till April 30, 2006, she was in charge of and headed the branch office of the Mumbai law firm, Little & Co., in New Delhi, India. The law firm, Law Office of Ramni Taneja began as of 8th August 2006 in New Delhi, India. Ramni Taneja has written for many legal journals, both in India and overseas. She is the author of a book entitled: Foreign Direct Investment and Globalisation, published in 2014 by Eastern Book Company. She has participated in legal conferences in India and overseas as a speaker and has presented papers in these conferences. Ramni Taneja does litigation and argues cases as Counsel in all the courts including the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi, the Company Law Board, the National Company Law Tribunal, the Debts Recovery Tribunal, the Competition Commission, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, the Appellate Tribunal for Foreign Exchange, the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, the District Courts of Delhi and also courts and tribunals in other parts of India, whenever this is required by clients. She has also handled international and domestic arbitrations.

LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - MYANMAR Min Min Ayer Naing Partner SCM LEGAL +95 9254 379 711 Myanmar, Yangon: #16-05 Sule Square 221 Sule Pagoda,Road Yangon


handles all areas of Myanmar commercial law.


Min Min joined SCM Legal as a Partner in

Having supported the Government of Myanmar

•Supporting telecommunications infrastructure

August 2018 following extensive experience at

with the drafting and implementation of the

providers on tower portfolio acquisitions,

international law firms, Baker & McKenzie and

new Companies Law and Investment Law

disposals and financings and broadband

Kelvin Chia in Yangon. She brings over 20 years

frameworks, the team is able to structure and

infrastructure disposals and regulatory matters

of legal experience acting on local Myanmar

execute projects and transactions with an inside

matters and international transactions. Min Min’s

knowledge few can match.

Corporate Services and Compliance

qualifications include a Masters in Business Law

SCM’s Partners have completed transactions

•SCM offers an efficient corporate services

from Yangon University.

in almost all sectors, with particular depth in

and compliance solution, including fixed fee

Min Min has special expertise in foreign

the telecommunications, financial services,

annual corporate secretarial, resident director

investment in Myanmar including a deep

infrastructure, real estate, consumer goods and

and registered office services, employment and

understanding of the role of regulators and

manufacturing sectors.

payroll services, tax compliance and corporate

permitting and approval requirements. In

Key clients include ADB, Anthem Asia, Carlsberg,

services and translations

addition to foreign investment, Min Min

Citymart, IFC, ILO, Irrawaddy Green Towers,

regularly advises on a wide variety of corporate,

Grab, the Myanmar Government, Myanmar

Responsible Business and Capacity Building

banking, compliance, regulatory and employment

Metals, Proximity Finance, Unilever, Wave

•SCM supports Myanmar’s development and

matters for Myanmar and international clients.

Money and Yoma Strategic. Examples of the

transition. The firm routinely helps business

Her day to day work includes advising foreign

firm’s recent work include:

associations, social-businesses, INGO’s, NGOs

and Myanmar clients on employment regulation


and contracts, the establishment of representative

•Completing agribusiness transactions for DFI

capacity building, advocacy, operational and

offices and company incorporations, joint venture

backed Anthem Asia and Infra Capital Myanmar

impact programs. Chris Hughes also serves as

set-ups, Myanmar Investment Commission

•Advising development agency GIZ and the

Chairman of AustCham Myanmar

Permit and Endorsement applications, drafting,

Government of Myanmar on agriculture sector

negotiation and reviewing of a broad range

development strategies

and Myanmar Government agencies on their


of contracts including JV and shareholder


agreements, profit and production sharing

•Advising multinational consumer goods

agreements, residential and office leases and legal

manufacturing companies on the development,

due diligence.

regulation and financing of their Myanmar joint

Min Min also has recent corporate experience

venture investments

through a 12 month secondment to Unilever

•Helping Myanmar’s leading retail and

where she worked on the integration of a large

distribution group implement its new corporate


local company they had acquired into their


Agribusiness Capital Markets Competition & Consumer Corporate / M&A / JVs Employment Energy Finance & Fintech Government Transactions & Reforms Infrastructure / PPP Insolvency & Restructuring ITT Manufacturing Mining Private Equity Real Estate Tax Translations

Myanmar business, among other things.

Firm Overview:

Energy / Mining / Infrastructure •Advising the Myanmar Government on the renegotiation of concession arrangements for nine

SCM legal is an independent firm in Myanmar

special economic zone projects

led by the team who prepared Myanmar’s new

•Assisting with the proposed acquisition of

Companies Law and Investment Rules. The firm

power generation and distribution projects and

provides practical, correct and creative advice to

the development of solar and wind projects

help clients succeed in a challenging market.

•Advising on the first mining projects to be

Main Areas of Practice:

licensed under the new Mining Rules Financial Services

SCM has been at the forefront of Myanmar’s

•Assisting with the licencing, compliance and

legal and economic transition, advising on

growth of mobile financial services businesses

investments, projects and the reform process

•Implementing new financing, governance and

itself. They practice Myanmar, English and

growth initiatives for banks and micro finance

Australian laws and the diverse Partner team


has global law firm backgrounds and over 30

•Advising international banks and insurance

years of combined experience in Myanmar. SCM

companies on joint ventures with local entities

On cross-border transactions SCM happily works as local Myanmar counsel alongside international firms. The firm has recently worked with A&O, Baker McKenzie, BCLP, Freshfields, HSF and regional firms.

Global Awards 2020 | | 31

BUSINESS LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - BELGIUM Emmanuel Ruchat Partner Lexial +32 2 880 79 52 Chaussée de Louvain 467, 1030 Brussels

Biography He started his career with a top-tier law firm, practising life insurance law, especially group insurance which then led him to develop a legal approach to human resources and employment law. Since then, he has developed a particular expertise in Belgian and French immigration, criminal, business, political and labour law. He specializes in the international and European application of these fields. Emmanuel has authored a number of articles about these topics. In 2005 and 2007 he published a book on professional immigration, Les cadres étrangers [Foreign Executives] (Kluwer). In 2003 he founded Lexial Val d’Europe, a not-for-profit group that examines

issues related to international mobility. He taught international human resources law at the Institut d’administration des entreprises (IAE) in Lille. He is a member of the Swiss Business Council for Belgium and Luxemburg.

The Firm Lexial was created in a spirit of innovation and with the desire to implement a distinctly modern approach to the practice of law. Lexial’s innovative geographical footprint allows the firm to serve clients from offices in Brussels, Paris and Geneva dealing with European and international legal issues. The firm focuses on specific areas of law. In addition to a selection of

32 | Global Awards 2020 |

traditional legal services offered in criminal, political, business and employment law, the firm has developed a specialised practice in international and European business immigration law. The firm possesses proven expertise in the area of international mobility, expatriate issues and professional immigration, and can advise clients on specific matters including work permits, professional cards, citizenship and residence permits in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Within this framework, we have developed strong relationships with Middle Eastern countries, in particular Gulf States (UAE, Kuwait and Qatar), Russia as well as most countries in Asia, South America and North America.

IP LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR – NEW ZEALAND Christopher Young Partner MinterEllisonRuddWatts +64 9 353 9910 Lumley Centre 88 Shortland Street Auckland 1010

Biography Chris heads the intellectual property team in New Zealand and has a widely recognised IP practice internationally. He gives practical advice on all aspects of IP through its life cycle including development, protection, transfer, enforcement and commercialisation. He is repeatedly recommended as a leading lawyer in leading legal directories including Chambers, Asia Pacific Legal 500, Managing IP and WIPR for a strategic and commercial approach to IP over a wide range of areas. Chris advises clients from a broad range of industries including FMCG, fashion/apparel, publishing, food and beverage, liquor, advertising and marketing, retail, TMT, aviation, automotive, banking and financial services, entertainment, agriculture/ horticulture, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, building, forestry, education, health and ageing, transportation and energy. With more than 20 years’ experience in licensing and commercialisation, franchising, commercial arrangements and the IP aspects of transactions, including business acquisitions and mergers, and financing, commercial IP is a key area of Chris’ practice. Chris brings his extensive commercial IP expertise to advise and develop strategy for a wide range of corporate

transactions including joint ventures, licensing and other collaborations, as well as the impact on taking security over IP. Chris also has significant expertise in brand strategy and managing trade mark portfolios both nationally and internationally including managing risks, launching new brands locally and internationally and developing strategies to commercialise, protect and enforce brands, and handling counterfeits. He has extensive experience in commercial law, franchising, sponsorship, marketing, advertising, consumer protection franchising, sponsorship and other regulatory areas. Chris also has significant experience in IP disputes, coordinates litigation strategy and provides both strategic and technical advice to clients. Chris advises on film, digital and television production. He has acted for many years for a range of major US studios operating in New Zealand in relation to some of the leading productions filmed or produced in New Zealand. He advises on regulatory work including in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Chris has extensive international networks including through the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the International Bar Association

(IBA). He has been actively involved with INTA for many years and has served on a range of INTA’s committees, including chairing INTA’s East Asia Pacific Famous Marks subcommittee and sevrinbg for number of years on INTA’s Asia Pacific Global Advisory Council. He currently sits on INTA’s Bulletin Committee.

The Firm Named New Zealand Law Firm of the Year by Chambers and Partners in 2017 and 2020, we are a leading full service law firm with the expertise to help your team achieve your business objectives. Our teams collaborate to bring our best to benefit our clients across key industry sectors including Energy and Resources, Infrastructure, Government, Health, Banking and Financial Services, Managed Funds, Technology and TMT. We provide a seamless approach for clients in the Asia-Pacific region and more globally. As a member of the MinterEllison Legal Group, you have access to one of the largest full-service legal groups in the Asia-Pacific regionand can hand-pick a team of legal experts to fit your business. Delivering value by listening to our clients, caring about their business and delivering technically excellent solutions and innovative advice is at the heart of what we do.

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TRUSTS & ESTATES LAWYER OF THE YEAR - USA Jennifer Jordan McCall Partner Pillsbury 650.233.4020 ; 2550 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1115 USA 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036-4039 USA Regarded as “spectacular” and “incredibly focused on service,” Pillsbury’s Estates, Trusts & Tax Planning practice is ranked nationally by Chambers USA, The Legal 500 and U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers, which recognized our firm as Trusts & Estates “Law Firm of the Year.” Pillsbury’s Estates, Trusts & Tax Planning (ETTP) team advises individuals, families, familyowned businesses and charitable foundations in the planning and administration of complex trusts and estates, and in U.S. and international estate, trust and tax planning. Our ETTP lawyers develop cutting-edge, customized transfer tax and estate plans, utilizing trusts, wills, various entity structures, such as partnerships and LLCs, and domestic and cross-border plans, to preserve and enhance our clients’ wealth for current and future generations. Serving clients globally, we maintain a strong bicoastal presence in the U.S., particularly in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC and Palm Beach, Fla.

Highly regarded for a deep sense of caring, attention to detail, extensive experience and knowledge of estate, trust and tax laws, Pillsbury’s ETTP lawyers listen closely to clients to understand their needs and provide sophisticated advice and well-crafted estate and trust plans to accomplish their goals. We prepare plans designed to minimize transfer and income taxes, take advantage of planning opportunities occasioned by tax law changes and withstand thirdparty attacks. We have achieved massive transfer and income tax savings, enabling the efficient transfer of extremely valuable and appreciating assets for the benefit of younger generations. •

Estate and trust planning and administration

Wills and probate

Lifetime wealth preservation and planning

• Business succession planning • Multi-generational family issues

36 | Global Awards 2020 |

Corporate fiduciaries, fiduciary duties and administration issues

• U.S. and international tax planning • Trusts & trust administration •

Dispute resolution

Team lawyers received Chambers USA, Wealth Management— National (2006 – 2016) and Chambers’ inaugural international High Net Worth Guide, National and Private Wealth—Northern California & Western Region USA (2016-2017) recognition. Pillsbury’s ETTP practice was ranked Tier 1 by U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers in 2015 and our ETTP lawyers have ranked annually since 2006. Team members are recognized by The Legal 500 U.S. and most of our ETTP partners are peer-selected members of the prestigious American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).

MINING & ENERGY SECTOR LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - FRANCE Christopher Dempsey Sole Partner Dempsey Law Firm – Independent Practitioner + 33 675912999 1, rue Eugène Manuel, 75016 PARIS, France

Education Charterhouse School (Godalming, Surrey) ; LLB in English and French law (King’s College, University of London) + Masters (Maîtrise) in French & English law (Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne – University of Paris).

Biography Over 25 years of experience in the energy and natural resources sectors in France and, predominantly, in Francophone and Anglophone countries of Africa - accompanying international clients (mining companies, project sponsors, banks + funds) in their projects in Africa (notably in the mining, solar and wind sectors), with the support (where necessary) of a network of local contacts and legal counsels.

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Dr. Toshiyasu Ishioka Japanese Patent Attorney, Partner Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law +81-3-5339-1093 Shinjuku Mitsui Building suite 3401, 2-1-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-0434, Japan


our foreign clients face when prosecuting

Material physics

and enforcing intellectual property rights in

Semiconductor technology

PhD, Medical Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical

Japan. In order to help our clients overcome

Aeronautical and automotive

Science, The University of Tokyo

these barriers, we believe that, in addition to


MS, Medicinal Chemistry, The University of

a thorough knowledge of international patent


law and technology, an open-minded, non-


BS, Pharmaceutical Science, The University

culturally or linguistically biased approach is


of Tokyo

required. Therefore at Sonoda & Kobayashi,


we have a unique combination of professional



expertise and cosmopolitan awareness, which allows us to provide each and every one

Dr. Ishioka received his PhD from the

of our global clients with the appropriate

University of Tokyo for his study of apoptosis-

customised IP strategies that they require, and

associated proteins and completed his

to continue our commitment towards offering

postdoctoral research at the Cell Growth and

the highest quality IP services available.

Regulation Laboratory Institute of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience at the University of Tokyo. Dr. Ishioka’s broad knowledge of

Other Practice Areas

Electrical and electronic

Patent Term Adjustment (“Extension of Patent Term as Compensation for the Curtailment of the Term») in Japan January 17, 2020 Author: Dr. Toshiyasu Ishioka

1. Background

understanding of pharmaceuticals and

Our legal services cover the full range of IP matters:

organic chemistry, molecular biology, cell

• Patent

Partnership (TPP11), a patent term extension

biology, and biochemistry, has proven a great

Utility model

system to compensate for patent term

asset in many situations, including patent


curtailment was introduced in Japan (Japanese

prosecution, adversarial proceedings such as


Patent Law Articles 67 (2) and (3)).

nullity actions or infringement lawsuits, and


licensing negotiations.

Patent & Trademark prosecution

of patent term extension will be referred to as

pharmaceutical sciences, based on a deep

Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific

For convenience, this particular type

Unfair competition laws

“patent term adjustment (PTA)” in this article,

in 2006, Dr. Ishioka has acquired immense

Litigation, oppositions and nullity

after the style of the similar patent term

experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology,


extension system at the USPTO.

and chemistry for leading global companies.

License negotiations, expert

He became partner in 2015 and is also an

opinions, FTO searches and

(internationally) filed on or after March 10, 2020.

expert in patent term extension, double

opinions, prior art searches

2. Procedures and System

patenting, and due diligence.

Commercial and strategic analysis

To request PTA, patentee(s) need to calculate the

of intellectual property portfolios

term to be extended and file a PTA application

Local IP department support

at the JPO within three months from the patent

Since joining Sonoda & Kobayashi

In accordance with the Comprehensive and

The Firm

services Sonoda & Kobayashi IP Law is a Japanese

This system will apply to applications

registration date. This is different from the PTA system at the USPTO, in which the term is

firm which provides a full range of

Our technological fields:

Intellectual Property Services. The firm

Organic chemistry

was established in 1998 and since then, we


under this system are those registered after

have been representing a growing number


the “reference date”, i.e., either the date five

of global companies with their IP needs, as


years after filing or the date three years after

well as Japanese domestic companies. Our


request for examination, whichever is later

high grant rate for patents and our winning


(Japanese Patent Law Article 67 (2)).

record in litigation have provided us with an

Mechanical and structural

international reputation as one of the most


basis of the reference date² and the patent

reliable intellectual property law firms in Asia.

Polymer chemistry

registration date, i.e., the period therebetween,

Inorganic chemistry and

from which several periods defined by the

At Sonoda & Kobayashi, we

understand the legal and linguistic barriers


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calculated and extended automatically. Patents eligible for term extension

The extension is calculated on the

patent law are deducted (Japanese Patent Law


Article 67 (3)). In particular, the following

• In the case of allowance during non-appeal

actions were issued three times, during the

deductible periods are of practical importance:

regular examination, after the reference date2:

non-appeal examination stage (which are very

From the issuance date of an

Extension = (period from the reference date


Amendment Order or an order

to the patent registration date) – [(period

to correct a defect to the date of filing

to respond to an Amendment Order) and

the necessary precautions so as not to delay

of a response thereto. (Art. 67 (3) i)

(extended period to respond to an office

examination to allow patent term extension

The extended period to file a


under this PTA system in the future.

response to an office action. (Art. 67

• In the case of allowance during preliminary

Examiners may issue fewer office actions. In

(3) ii)

examination prior to appeal or during appeal,

reality, if the JPO accelerates the examination

From the issuance date of a Decision

after the reference date2:

of delayed cases by only about one month (the

of Rejection to the issuance date

Extension =

allowable extension in three of the four cases

of a Decision to Grant, in the case

(period from the reference date2 to the

above is about one month at most), almost no

of allowance during appeal

issuance date of the Decision to Grant, given

cases will be eligible for this system.

examination or during preliminary

that the Decision of Rejection was issued

4. Conclusion

examination prior to regular appeal

after the reference date2) + (period from the

A new patent term adjustment system was

examination. (Art. 67 (3) vii)

issuance date of a Decision to Grant to the

recently introduced in Japan, however, the

Once a PTA application is filed, the JPO will,

patent registration date) – [(period to respond

system will likely be of no practical use. The

upon examination, issue an office action or

to an Amendment Order) and (extended

proportion of cases which can be extended


period to respond to an office action)]

is expected to be less than 0.1%, from test

calculations based on cases we handled.

In response to the office action,

In the case of (A), a first office action

Finally, the JPO will likely take

the PTA applicant can file Remarks and/or

is issued about ten months on average from

Moreover, the JPO can easily (and will

Amendments of the PTA application (e.g.

request for examination, according to the JPO

probably) accelerate examination (for delayed

changing the requested term to be extended).

statistics. The statutory response period for

cases, in particular) to avoid this system

If the examiner thinks the rejection remains

an office action is three months (for overseas


applicable, the examiner will issue a Decision

applicants). The remaining 23 months are

of Rejection, against which an appeal can be

sufficient for the JPO to issue a second or even

overly concerned about PTA in Japan.

filed. This examination process is completely

a third office action. That is, situation (A)

the same as that for a regular patent

would be very improbable.

date of the parent application will be used as


the filing date of the divisional application.

Reasons for rejecting PTA applications are as follows:

cases we handled in which a request for

Either the date five years after filing or the

examination was filed after 2013, only three

date three years after request for examination,

(1) The registration date is before the reference

cases would fall under (A), the extensions

whichever is later. In most cases, the reference


being 26 days, 1 month 10 days, and 4 months

date will be the date three years after request

(2) The requested term is longer than the

1 day.

for examination.

legally allowed term.

(3) The applicant(s) of the PTA application are

Among the 4,360 patented cases above, only

date, the date three years after request for

not completely identical to the patentee(s).

one case would fall under (B), the extension

examination) minus ten and three months.

being 20 days.


In summary, out of the 4,360

1. For divisional applications, the fling date of

How frequently (and of what duration) can

patented cases in which a request for

the parent application will be used as the fling

extensions be obtained under this PTA system?

examination was filed after 2013, only four

date of the divisional application.

cases could be extended, by 20 days, 26

2. Either the date five years after fling or the

never in view of the current statistics which

days, 1 month 10 days, or 4 months 1 day.

date three years after request for examination,

will be explained below:

The frequency is 0.09%, and the average and

whichever is later. In most cases, the reference

the mean extension is 52 days and 33 days,

date will be the date three years after request

periods (i) to (iii) explained in Section 2,


for examination.

allowable extensions can be expressed roughly

3. Three years (using, as the reference date, the

with the following equations:

were issued four times (three non-final and

date three years after request for examination)

one final), and in the other two cases, office

minus ten and three months.

3. Expected frequency and length of extensions

Unfortunately, the answer is almost

Taking into account the deductible

In fact, among the 4,360 patented

Next, case (B) is also very rare.

In two of the four cases, office actions

Thus, for now, we see no need to be For divisional applications, the filing

Three years (using, as the reference

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TRADE & CUSTOMS LAW ADVISER OF THE YEAR - GERMANY Dr. Thomas M. Nitsche NORLAW Dr. Nitsche Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH + 49 40 300 66 88 – 0 Bleichenbrücke 9, 20354 Hamburg

Biography Dr. Thomas M. Nitsche, born 6. August 1970 studied law with focus on international business transactions (Prof. Dr. Oscar Hartwieg) at the Universities of Göttingen and Hannover, Germany and Cambridge, UK (Trinity College). He was a research assistant for foreign and international law at the MaxPlanck Institute in Hamburg. During that time and later at the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he wrote his dissertation with the topic: “Konzernfolgeverantwortung nach lex fori concursus”. The thesis deals with international corporate and insolvency law, especially EU/Germany/ Argentina. The main focus is the legal risk assessment for the capital transfer and the processing of credit-finances commercial transactions. He completed his legal clerkship at the Higher Reginal Court of Hamburg. He gained practical experience in the

German embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1999 as well as with the law firm Pritchard Englefield, London, Curschmann (Taylor Wessing), Hamburg and with Arthur Andersen, AndersenLegal in Hamburg. Dr. Thomas Nitsche works in international and national corporate and insolvency law as well as in trade law. Beside the recapitalisation of companies (corporate finance), he consults in risk assessment for project financing and international commercial transactions in the side of investors, banks and initiators.

The Firm The corporate law firm NORLAW is an internationally active law firm based in Hamburg, Germany. Highest quality standards, loyalty, discretion are the standard for legal advice and tax consulting services at NOR. We see ourselves as a partner for the client and create value for the client through efficiency and transparency.

40 | Global Awards 2020 |

The focus of our advice is on insolvency law, commercial and corporate law and tax law.

Other Practice Areas •

Insolvency Law

Corporate Law

• Trade Law, UN Sales Law (CISG) •

Litigation und Arbitration

Criminal Business Law

Civil law disputes

Commercial law

Tax law

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAWYER OF THE YEAR Ludovic Timbal Duclaux de Martin Founder - Avocat à la Cour Ludovic Timbal Duclaux de Martin Avocat à la Cour - Barreau de Paris +33(0)6 72 10 29 75 22 avenue de l’Observatoire, 75014 Paris Me Ludovic Timbal Duclaux de Martin spent more than 10 years in magic circle law firms. He was seconded to London in 2006 (07 months). Ludovic is seen as having an undeniable technical expertise. He graduated from the Paris bar (2000 class), Nanterre (Paris X),

Paris Saclay (Paris XI), University of London and holds a certificate in private law and contract enforcement in the United States of America and in France from Yale University & Panthéon – Assas (Paris II), (being top of his class for the paper research/thesis) (2015).

In 2015, he created his own law firm and won between 2018 and 2020 numerous awards. He was awarded the international law and business lawyer of the year 2019 award by the The professional Sector Network & The Global Business Magazine.

EMPLOYMENT LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR - USA Capasso LawGroup 001 (617) 973-5013 100 Cambridge Street, Floor 14, Boston, MA 02114

The Firm Capasso LawGroup provides seasoned legal practitioners and consultants that have many years of government and private practice experience, including prior experience with global and international law firms, the United States Department of Justice, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the American Federation of Government Employees, and, the United States Postal Service. Capasso LawGroup is an Immigration member of The Lawyer Network (www. as well as Global Law Experts

( and Legals finest (www.legalsfinest. com), and has been named the following: •

Immigration law experts, Global Law Experts

• Who’s Who Advisers, CorporateINTL •

Immigration Law Firm of the Year (MA) (2014, Corporate INTL Global; 2014-15, M&A Global)

Legal’s Finest recommended firm, US Immigration

Capasso LawGroup has core practice areas in all facets of immigration and employment law. Our many years of experience working for and with government agencies provides us with the knowledge necessary to represent employers as well as individuals in immigration and employment matters. Please note that Capasso LawGroup also works with numerous consultants in various areas, including immigration and mobility, employment, labor, real estate, personal injury, and construction.

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IP LAWYER OF THE YEAR – NEW YORK Robert B.G. Horowitz, Esq. Partner BakerHostetler 212 589-4240 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 14th Floor, New York, New York 10111, USA

Biography Robert (“Red”) Horowitz, a Chambers-rated lawyer, concentrates his practice on intellectual property law with a focus on trademark counseling, prosecution and litigation, copyright issues, trade secrets and counseling about patent infringement matters for hedge funds. With more than four decades of experience, Red fully understands his clients’ needs and concerns and delivers quick service to resolve problems and enable clients to quickly make well-informed decisions. Since 2002, Red has been listed in the Legal Media Group’s Guide to the World’s Leading Trade Mark Law Practitioners and is named in the 2012 through 2019 editions of World Trademark Review’s WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals. He also was listed in Best of the Best USA, 2015 through 2019 editions. Red’s proficiency in the area of trademark law has given him the opportunity to lecture at bar associations and foreign intellectual property law associations, as well as present an online CLE course in trademark

law. He also has written and lectured about the Defend Trade Secrets Act, which became law in May 2016.

The Firm BakerHostetler, one of the nation’s largest law firms, represents clients around the globe. With offices coast to coast, its nearly 1,000 attorneys litigate cases and resolve disputes that potentially threaten clients’ competitiveness, navigate the laws and regulations that shape the global economy, and help clients develop and close deals that fuel their strategic growth. BakerHostetler has six core practice groups: Business, Digital Assets and Data Management, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, Litigation, and Tax. Within these groups are several large specialty practices, including antitrust, bankruptcy, healthcare, energy, middle market mergers and acquisitions, complex commercial litigation, data privacy and security, patent prosecution and international tax. BakerHostetler’s attorneys have broad knowledge and experience

42 | Global Awards 2020 |

in many industries, including energy, media, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and insurance, consumer products, and hospitality. The firm distinguishes itself through its commitment to the highest standard of client care. By emphasizing an approach to service delivery as exacting as our legal work, it is determined to surpass our clients’ expectations. BakerHostetler was founded on three core principles: to develop and sustain mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with each of its clients; to provide timely, responsive, and highquality legal services; and to be generous with both time and money to the communities where it works. It has consistently nurtured a collegial approach among its lawyers, assuring effective teamwork in handling client work, while maintaining a culture of providing exceptional legal counsel with a clear focus on value. BakerHostetler is committed to the continuous development of its people and of the resources essential to delivering effective and distinctive legal services worldwide.

BUSINESS LAWYER OF THE YEAR Sari Ann Strasburg Founding Member and Owner, Attorney, CPA Strasburg Law P.L.L.C. 1.603.471.0474 P.O. Box 10576, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110 USA Sari Ann Strasburg describes herself as a business lawyer, a “businessperson who happens to be a lawyer and a CPA.” Her financial, legal, and management experience is extensive, current, and active. To understand the inner workings of a business, she will walk a production floor, handle product, and look for client and competitive product in a variety of markets. With her technology clients, she will meet with software engineers, listening for what works and what does not. With her business and legal acumen, she will add value to a Board of Directors. Ms. Strasburg’s legal experience and public accounting achievements are an invaluable combination. She established Strasburg Law P.L.L.C. in 2003 and delivers legal advice with a business-driven operations perspective. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and started her career in Tax. She understands that focusing on US and international operations necessarily includes legal and tax considerations, and to be successful, legal and tax planning must include the objectives of the business. With over 35 years of experience, Sari has extensive professional success with US and international manufacturing, technology, distribution, and service companies. She focuses on the US and international objectives of a business and its operations, contracts, tax planning, and intellectual property protection including trademarks, joint ventures, and licensing. She provides General Counsel advice and support for companies that do not have in-house counsel. Sari has successfully served as an officer, Director, manager, and General Counsel of a publicly traded international corporation, as an advisor to various private companies, as a partner is a regional law firm, and as a tax manager in a Big Four independent accounting firm. She has also served on Boards of diverse non-profit companies

STRASBURG LAW P.L.L.C. On letterhead in Bold in Times New Roman, the


with a range of income and endowment. 100 Attorneys for Lifetime Achievement. She has been a leader, financial analyst, the Corporate Vision size 16, In the2016, she is received size 20, is size 16, then [s strategic planner, personnel advisor, fund Women in Law Award for Female Lawyer raiser, and advocate for business owners. of the Year in New Hampshire. She has also demonstrated leadership in her volunteer service and her commitment Ms. Strasburg has lectured for professional to the advancement of women. and website educationalinformation organizations onfor legal, Here is the the same: tax and ethics issues. These organizations Sari has a proven record of offering include the New Hampshire Bar <font style="font-size: 48px; font-weight: bold; fa options and identifying opportunities Association, the New Hampshire Society serif;">S</font><font style="font-size: 36px; fon with a natural give-and-take. She clearly of Certified Public Accountants, National Times, serif;">TRASBURG</font> identifies the essential goal to be achieved, Association of Tax Professionals, and <font style=" New Roman, Times, and then plots the most efficient and National Businessserif;"> L</font><fon Institute. practical solution to the problem at hand. face: Times New Roman, Times, serif;">AW</fo Her proposed strategy always takes intobold; face: Ms. Times StrasburgNew received her Bachelor of Roman, Times, serif;">&n consideration the client’s resources, not Science degree from the Wharton School, only time and money, but also the practical University of Pennsylvania (1980) and her impact on the organization. What may Juris Doctor degree from Boston University on paper be the “best” solution from a School of Law (1983). Sari is licensed to strictly legal perspective is not always practice law in Massachusetts and New workable on the shop floor or in the Board Hampshire, and she is a Certified Public room. Ms. Strasburg has the experience Accountant in New Hampshire and Illinois. and business sense to understand this, and the leadership qualities to see strategies Attorney Strasburg is a business advisor implemented. with practical hands-on experience, knowledge of how a business runs, Attorney Strasburg has received numerous and a passion for finding solutions to professional distinctions and awards for business challenges. She makes significant her work as a business lawyer. She has contributions to clients and to Boards earned the Martindale-Hubbell® AV of Directors in operations management, Preeminent Rating, its highest professional global sourcing and international business, distinction. The Professional Sector strategic planning, sales and marketing, Network and Global Business Magazine and of course, legal and financial matters. awarded her firm the 2019 Business Law Firm of the Year – USA. She also received Sari practices what she preaches—that no the 2019 Global Business Lawyer of the woman should shy away from owning Year – USA and the 2018 Excellence in her own business, working in senior Business Law from Corporate LiveWire. management positions, or serving on the Sari is the Winner of two awards given by Board of a company. Many assumed the US Business News: the 2018 Legal Elite glass ceiling would be smashed by the Year Award for Best Solo Business Law Firm 2020. Sari continues to do it. in New Hampshire and the 2018 Legal Elite Award for Excellence in Corporate Attorney Sari Ann Strasburg brings a Law. Other awards include the 2018 practical business perspective to complex Global Excellence Award by Acquisition legal issues. International and their 2017 and 2016 Global Legal Award for Best Complex Business Lawyer in New Hampshire. In 2017, she was named one of America’s Top



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International Hotel Network Our hotel section ,The International Hotel Network (IHN), ensures that corporate needs outside of the working environment are also met. We proďŹ le only the ďŹ nest hospitality establishments from around the world, and allow our users to easily book their stay using our site. Our aim is to provide the global business community with access to hotels that meet their requirements be it for leisure, business or a special occasion.

Global Awards 2020 | | 45

Country: Ethiopia | Location (City): Addis Ababa | Hotel Name: Hilton Addis Ababa Welcome to Hilton Addis AbabaYour urban Oasis where business meets pleasure. Hilton Addis Ababa is a preferred venue for a wide choice of larger and smaller meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Specialized over many years on all kinds of outside catering. Great place to relax from the urban noises of the big city, private parking with huge leisure facilities. Increasingly popular amongst the young, trendy and the famous. Discover for yourself the origins of so much history and culture, still vibrantly alive in a landscape of dramatic beauty.

Hilton Addis Ababa, a classic hotel set on 15 acres of lush foliage is located in a hub of international diplomacy, just 15 minutes from Bole International Airport. The hotel is also close to UN Economic Commission for Africa, the African Union and many other popular attractions. It is ideal for long term apartment rentals with various facilities including ample parking space. Enjoy the geo-thermal outdoor swimming pool, squash court and an 18-hole minigolf course. This makes Hilton Addis Ababa, the perfect choice for business and leisure travellers. This landmark hotel offers spacious guest rooms, fine dining and our warm, professional service to ensure a memorable stay.

46 | Global Awards 2020 |

Hotel Dining Hilton Addis Ababa has three dining restaurants and two bars, serving traditional local cuisine and international fare. Choose from varieties of dishes showcasing diverse styles and tastes from around the World. Kaffa House: - Local specialties for all day meals. Open from 6:00 - 23:00 Lobby Bar: - snacks and cocktails open from 10:00 until midnight. Gazebo- Restaurant on the Park- open from 10:00 until 23:00 IL forno Restaurant: - Italian cuisine Open from 18:00.


Hotel Leisure Personalized fitness center for a balanced lifestyle, featuring cardio and strength training equipment. Naturally heated geothermal out-door swimming pool, four professional 4 floodlit tennis courts and scenic outdoor grounds, squash court, playground, volleyball and basketball grounds, spa, beauty salon and barber shop, Supermarket and Souvenir Shop, travel agency, car hire and exchange bureau. Hotel Business Services Business centre Designed for productivity and

comfort, our advanced business centre offers: • Wireless internet • Wired and wireless private work station • Colour copying up to A3 • Scanning • Faxing • PDF printing from flash disk • Binding • Laminating

all suites featured a separate living room and two bathrooms. 286 Hilton guest room with view 33 Executive Rooms 22 suits 31 Apartments

Hotel Rooms All 372 guest rooms, suites and apartments offer majestic view of mountains, gardens and the city. Guest room amenities include balcony, work desk, HD TV and coffee maker, while

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Country: United States of America | Location (City): New York| Hotel Name: Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park Get the most out of your next New York City vacation or business trip. When it comes to hotels in Brooklyn, ours offers premium value for your money.

The Hotel Our eco-friendly Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park hotel offers you innumerable opportunities to explore greater New York City’s many offerings with contemporary architecture, friendly associates, and delightful affordability. We offer convenience to mass transit, with the N, R, and D NYC subway lines nearby, putting you within reach of must-see New York destinations. Our services

and location in the heart of New York’s bustling Brooklyn borough allow you to easily navigate around our iconic city, with onsite parking and local and airport transportation available upon request for a nominal fee.

The Restaurant Open daily for light meals, snacks, coffee and cocktails, our on-site Constantine Restaurant & Bar is convenient and classy. Whether you plan to sip a glass of wine with colleagues and friends, or find some quiet time to catch up on e-mail over a mug of herbal tea, you can do it in style at our Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park hotel.

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The Area There are so many things to see and do just steps from our door. Take in a show, cheer on your favorite sports team, or go on a shopping spree. If you prefer to venture out into Manhattan, the hotel is only two stops from Downtown Manhattan on any of the nearby express subway lines. There are also several local businesses in the area, making our hotel the perfect place to work and play.

Hotel Business Services Our 70 well-appointed guest rooms feature a host of convenient amenities for the modern business traveller,


including work desk, ergonomic chair and free Wi-Fi. Stop by the Business Center for your complimentary printing needs.

accommodations, you are in store for top quality service and worldclass amenities – the best available in Brooklyn.

Hotel Rooms

Telephone: 718-972-0900

At the end of a day touring Brooklyn, retreat to our guest rooms and enjoy upscale amenities that include plush bedding, bathrobe, and mini-refrigerator, as well as a coffee/tea maker, and ergonomic work station for those late night work sessions. Whether you select one of our Executive rooms with Manhattan views, including peeks at the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building, or our standard upscale

Email: Website:

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Country: Greece | Location (City): Elounda Lassithi Crete Elounda is a destination that continues to be the secret holiday hideout of the most elite members of the international jet set since the 1970’s. It is surrounded by mountains in a secluded bay of crystal waters on the island of Crete and was originally chosen by Greek Hoteliers as the most blessed spot in Greece. Elounda has the most stunning views and desirable climate in the country with 7 months a year of perfect temperatures, summer breezes and sunshine… guaranteed! Part of the Elounda myth, is the Venetian Castle on the Island of Spinalonga, the setting for Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel “The Island”. Domes of Elounda is set on the most privileged hill, isolated from

the other resorts and with the closest breathtaking views of the Venetian castle and the sea.

an abundance of living space, privacy and extraordinary service.

Elounda Reinvented

Domes of Elounda all Suites and Villas Spa Resort offers guests the true Mediterranean experience, connecting luxury to natural environment and local culture. This is a new alternative luxury one isn’t afraid to touch, one you can live in, and one with extraordinary character that allows you to remain in sync with the landscape of Greece while enjoying world class accommodation. Our staff is always there when your client needs them and is dedicated to uphold our motto: “There’s nothing we can’t do for our guests”.

Domes of Elounda is the realized dream of Ledra Hotels, an organization that operates several hotels in the area. This is the newest luxury resort in the region and by introducing the ultraluxe facilities reinvented Elounda’s lost principal of exclusivity. The food, the culture, the architecture is all brought to life in the form of a luxury resort that consists only of suites and villas. The essence of the concept is to provide a small number of exclusive guests with all the amenities of a resort while offering

50 | Global Awards 2020 |

A Human Approach To Luxury


Hotel Name: Domes of Elounda all Suites and Villas Boutique Beach Resort

Truly Authentic Architecture And Design

Minimally interfering with the natural habitat and harmonically blended with their surroundings, the domed structures emerge from the ground, respecting its natural contours and creating a Mediterranean settlement on a hillside of flower gardens, stone pathways, and olive groves. Each suite and villa finds its roots in architecture from Greece, Carpath and Syria, borrowing features such as domed and pyramidal ceilings that cool rooms capturing sea breezes, and create organically shaped living spaces at a human scale. Mild earth tones are found throughout, embellished

with works of art from internationally recognized art houses as well as one of a kind pieces from local artists.


75km from Heraklion airport (largest airport in Crete) 1.5km from the village of Plaka and 2.5kms from attractions in the village of Elounda 12km from Agios Nikolaos and 45km from nearest golf course 80km from Archaeological site of Knossos Telephone: Head offices & Reservations: (+30) 2310 810 624 Email: Website:

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Country: Thailand | Location (City): Chiang Mai Golden Triangle (Chiang Rai) Koh Samui (Suratthani) Two sophisticated resorts – one nestled in a lush valley, the other secluded on an island shore – and an incomparable tented camp. Sample each individually, or combine two or three unique views of Thailand into a once-in-a-lifetime journey. As different as they are, our three Thai properties welcome you with the same Four Seasons spirit, highlighting thoughtful service and exceptional quality.

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is an away-from-it-all hillside resort set

amid the stunningly beautiful Gulf of Siam. Spacious Pool villas nestle tropical gardens, conserved coconut groves, and the glorious amphitheatre of sky, sea and exotic island. Explore the forest spa. Dine delectably at hillcrest or beachside. Glide through the 50-metre Infinity Swimming Pool. Sit back and relax at CoCoRum bar, boasting authentic and extensive collection of rums in Thailand. Sip something special as you survey the exotic ambiance and savour the exquisite cuisine and music of Latin America. Splash in the private bay. Encounter a pristine world of white sand beaches, vibrant reefs, rainforest and sunshine.

52 | Global Awards 2020 |

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Nestling the majestic Mae Rim Valley, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai features refined local Lanna Kingdom culture and contemporary designerenriched Pavilions with stunning views of terraced rice fields and misty mountains beyond. Minutes from the historic city of Chiang Mai, the resort is a perfect springboard for discovering the Northern region’s most glittering heritage sites and colourful contemporary life. Explore the resort’s lush tropical grounds to discover intriguing insights into the exotic local flora and fauna. Tick off atmospheric ancestral shrines, rice


Hotel Name: Four Seasons Resorts Thailand fields and beloved water buffaloes. Discover local flavours and original cocktails, especially those created by world-renown mixologist Javier de la Muelas. Add another talent to your repertoire at the resort’s acclaimed Thai cooking school and feel the world from different perspectives at The Spa.

active adults cover every detail, from elephant mahout training to riverside drinks in the stilt-top bar.



Enjoy an escape shared by a select few within just 15 luxurious tented accommodations. Amid Thailand’s exotic bamboo jungles, and reachable only by river boat, these all-inclusive two- or three-night adventures for

Telephone: 66 53 298 181 (Chiang Mai) 66 53 910 200 (Golden Triangle) 66 77 243 000 (Koh Samui)

Website: goldentriangle/

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Country: The Maldives | Location (City): Rangali Island | Hotel Name: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Barefoot luxury meets unpretentious style here. Home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles and an extensive coral reef, it was recently voted the “Best Luxury Resort in the Maldives”. Reached by a 30-minute seaplane flight, this spectacular resort offers three resort experiences on two islands and is home to 11 restaurants and bars including: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, 101 of the world’s best cheeses, the underground Wine Cellar and 20,000 bottles of fine wines. For relaxation, there are two spas, an extensive range of excursions, diving and watersports– including a submarine – a vibrant coral reef and the world’s most perfect beaches

Barefoot luxury meets unpretentious style at the spectacular Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles and an extensive coral reef, it’s been awarded “The Best Water Villas in the World”, “The Best Suites in the World” and “Best Spa Resort in the Maldives” among other accolades. Reached by a 30-minute seaplane flight, this luxury resort offers three different resort experiences on two islands: guests can enjoy the typical get-away-from-it-all Maldivian hideaway on tiny Rangali Island while also having access to the facilities of the larger and livelier main island which is linked to it by a 500m bridge.

54 | Global Awards 2020 |

The third resort experience is at the Spa Retreat, an over-water destination spa that operates as a resort-within-aresort set 100m off the tip of the main island. Accommodation varies from 50 romantic water villas on Rangali Island and 79 contemporary beach villas tucked away amongst tropical greenery on the main island to 21 stunning over-water villas at the Spa Retrea. No matter where they stay, guests can enjoy all the resort’s facilities in full, which includes 11 restaurants and bars, two spas, two pools and unique experiences such as manta watching


at night, turtle conservation, dolphinspotting excursions and snorkeling with whale sharks. A gastronomist’s dream, the resort is the home to world-class dining such as Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, the only all-glass undersea restaurant in the world, Japanese-inspired dishes under the stars at Koko Grill, 101 of the world’s best cheeses in the Cheese Bar or visit The Wine Cellar for degustation wine dinners hosted by our chef and sommelier. Over 20,000 bottles of fine wines, from rare vintages to new discoveries, ensure that every meal becomes a feast for the senses.

For relaxation, guests can find bliss in the resort’s two spas, enjoy an extensive range of excursions, diving and watersports options – including a submarine – snorkel the resort’s vibrant coral reef which is just steps from the beach or simply celebrate the art of doing nothing in a million different ways on the world’s most perfect beaches. Telephone: +960 6680629 Email: Website:

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Country: Greece | Location (City): Oia, Santorini | Hotel Name: The Katikies Hotel Inspiring deep emotions of enchantment and fascination, the Katikies Hotel in Oia Santorini is renowned for its leading luxury, unparallel services, warm atmosphere and sense of romance uniquely combined in an exceptional setting and natural environment in Oia Santorini, inviting its guests to experience moments of pure luxury. A Santorini legend and leading hotel in Greece, the Katikies Hotel is synonymous with many unrivalled characteristics. Awe inspiring Caldera views, sublime Santorini sunsets and perfectly manicured pink bougainvilleas provide the magnificent backdrop for this perennially gleaming, glistening white

Santorini luxury hotel that spills down the cliffs of the magical Caldera. With a history as spectacular as its free form fantasy architectural formation of stairs, bridges, cubist cottages, infinity pools and Caldera views, the Katikies Hotel in Oia Santorini has garnered the reputation of the Grande dame of Caldera luxury hotels. Gorgeous luxury rooms in this Caldera hotel are both pristine and welcoming where magical private terraces hover over the most unforgettable of views. Perched on the Caldera cliffs, 300 feet above the azure waters of the Aegean, Katikies The Hotel in Oia Santorini provides an experience of unparalleled romance and prestigious luxury.

56 | Global Awards 2020 |

Hotel Dining The Katikies Hotel has come to be known as the luxurious jewel of Santorini hotels, boasting some of the most elegant dining in Greece. The Kirini pool restaurant and celebrated pool bar reflect all that is art and magic in the remarkable avant garde Santorini restaurant culinary scene that wholly characterizes the Katikies Hotel. In addition, The Katikies Dinner Restaurant, with its four tables suspended on a secret rooftop veranda on the volcano rim, offers one of the most sumptuous and romantic dining experiences in the world.


Hotel Leisure The K – CLUB, the hotel’s concierge service, instils a sense of comfort, creates enriching experiences and offers exclusive access. Whether it is art or culture, food or drink, a spa treatment, exploring the island on a «caique» or a night out, the K-Club brings you nothing but the best. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is there to help with all of our guests needs, no matter how extraordinary or demanding they may be.

Hotel Rooms

Luxurious romantic and mysterious grandeur describe each of the 27 rooms and suites that artfully combine

the classical with the contemporary. Well proportioned characteristics imbued by romantic Santorini white - washed walls, touching powder blue textiles and lovingly handpicked Greek antiques, match the traditionally beamed ceilings. Each one of the suites combines gentle references to the past with today’s cosseting technology. Elegant symmetry, simplicity and harmonious refreshed palettes adorn throughout this luxury accommodation where bold white bathrooms have been interpreted using the finest natural materials, striking marble that reflects both cleanliness and purity in spaces dedicated to sleep and contemplation.

Telephone: 0030 22860 72380 Email: Website:

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Country: Portugal | Location (City): Lisbon | Hotel Name: Palacio Belmonte At the Belmonte there is no crowd, no noise, no chocolate on the pillow, no television, just fresh air, space, light, your own laughter and music. For an experience beyond compare, far back to our roots, to our childhood, to fantasy, let Palácio Belmonte be your house while discovering the wonderland of Portugal. Palacio Belmonte offers 10 suites, all different, all unique, some with terraces, winter garden or built in a roman tower with 360º view or in a Muslim one on top of a 40 meters high rock , all equipped with fully modern bathrooms, natural ventilation, a Mediterranean garden and black marble swimming pool to relax, read or dream. House of the Earl of Belmonte, Cabral and the Marquis of Atalaia for the past 500 years, the Belmonte is a stunning sculpture, a 2197 years synthesis of

Portuguese history. It became a few years ago the House of a Landscape Collector. He then decided to open his House to a very few for whom, luxury is synonymous of encountering one’s emotions. Palácio Belmonte prides itself on delivering memorable unique customized experiences for those who choose to stay with us. For this reason Palácio Belmonte suggest experiences that can be personalized for you, either it be a fabulous sunset in a yacht on the Tejo River, a private tour to unique architectural features of old Lisbon, your own private Fado singer, a special day out with wine, olive oil tastings and Lusitano horses in the Alentejo or maybe a dinner at the unique local “Tascas” in which you will experience the real authentic Portuguese hospitality. The Belmonte is the most veiled secret in Lisbon… and definitely a place to experience! History, Architecture,

58 | Global Awards 2020 |

Culture, Sustainable Development… here you will not find a standard accommodation but a single life option! While receiving the highest level of service, you will be merged by this deep philosophy of wellbeing, exclusivity, simplicity, natural comfort, intimacy and introspection. Palácio Belmonte is a real alternative way of life… come join us!

A resume of The Belmonte: The Belmonte is about light, privacy, beautiful landscapes. An attitude and a lifestyle. A house for whom, luxury is synonymous of encountering one’s emotions. Ten suites, on 3700 sqm, 7 terraces, books, art, chimneys, piano, infinity pool. A very discreet, attentive and imaginative team to show you the best.


Fact Sheet



Each of the 10 exquisite suites is an original masterpiece with individual character, blending historic architectural features with the utmost comfort in contemporary design. Visitors are immersed in culture – within the suites, guests discover the remnants of Roman and Moorish towers, and distinctive, blue and white XVIII century’s portuguese tiles (azulejos) that recall stories of adventure and romance. Each suite is named for a Portuguese writer, artist, philosopher, adventurer, inventor or ecologist. Many have beautiful terraces or verandas overlooking the River Tagus, the inviting city of old Lisbon below or the palace’s striking swimming pool. Suites range in size from 29 sq meters to more than 162 sq meters

Palacio Belmonte, the most acclaimed and historic “hotel” in old Lisbon, seats majestically atop one of the city’s renowned seven hills, adjacent to the picturesque Castelo de São Jorge. Surrounded by winding, cobblestone streets, Palacio Belmonte overlooks the Alfama district’s medieval churches and the Tagus River, affording breathtaking views of the redroofed valley and lush gardens below. Here, history and modern luxury blend seamlessly to create an aura of peace and exclusivity, where thoughtful service assures a gracious experience, reminiscent of Portugal’s storied past.

Address: Pateo Dom Fradique 14 1100-624 Lisbon, Portugal Telephone: + 351 21 881 66 00 Fax: +351 21 881 66 09 Email: Website:

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Country: China | Location (City): Shanghai | Hotel Name: The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong Immerse yourself in the energy of the city’s financial and commercial epicenter when you stay at The RitzCarlton Shanghai, Pudong. Ideally located on Century Avenue, in the heart of the Lujiazui finance and trade zone, our hotel is just moments from popular Shanghai destinations, such as The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar, and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Hotel Information The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong is Shanghai’s ultimate destination for uncompromising style and luxury.

Positioned in Pudong’s social and commercial hub at the top of Shanghai ifc with views over the Bund, the hotel is designed by world famous Richard Farnell and is situated on the top 18 floors of the ultra-modern, 58-story Tower 1 of Shanghai ifc in the heart of the city’s Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, offering luxury commercial, residential and retail space.

Hotel Dining Three-meal Italian restaurant Scena with interactive open kitchen. Chinese restaurant Jin Xuan featuring 8 private dining rooms for special occasions. Rooftop Restaurant & Bar Flair serving stylish Asian dishes and overlooking

60 | Global Awards 2020 |

The Bund. Aura Lounge and Jazz Bar offering tea, light meals, signature Afternoon Teas and varieties of wines. Aroma is the ideal meeting point for gourmet coffee, refreshing beverages and light fare.

Hotel Leisure 24-hour Fitness Studio, pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna on the 53rd floor, featuring uninterrupted views of the Bund. The Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA, offering a variety of beauty treatments and rejuvenating therapies in 10 treatment rooms. The exquisite collection of treatments represents complete care, personalization and the ultimate in luxury.


Hotel Business Services More than 2,600 sq m/ 27,300 sq ft of meeting and conference space. 1.135 sq m/ 12.200 sq ft Grand Ballroom divisible into three salons. Four multipurpose function rooms and two boardrooms.

Hotel Rooms 285 guest rooms including 52 suites. There are 53 Ritz-Carlton Club rooms and The Ritz-Carlton Club Level features a separate Club lounge which offers five complimentary food and beverage presentations throughout the day and evening, and a dedicated concierge staff. An array of luxurious

amenities including twice-daily housekeeping attention with evening turndown service and 24-hour inroom dining. Telephone: 86 21 20201888 Email: Website: Properties/ShanghaiPudong/Default. htm

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Country: South Africa | Location (City): Cape Town| Hotel Name: Taj Cape Town Taj Cape Town welcomes guests to the vibrant heart of one of the world’s most scenic and desirable cities, Cape Town. Taj Cape Town is a combination of rich history and elegant contemporary architecture. Originally home to the South African Reserve Bank and Temple Chambers, later the Board of Executors (BOE), it successfully combines the heritage of the old with the luxury of the new. This five-star hotel is ideally located in the centre of historic Cape Town at the entrance to the famous pedestrian precinct, St George’s Mall. Its prime location ensures that Taj Cape Town

is perfectly situated for those looking to discover authentic Cape Town; and its blend of fascinating history, exotic culture, soulful art, lively entertainment and delectable cuisine. A proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World Taj Cape Town is a luxury hotel set in the vibrant heart of Cape Town. Occupying two historic buildings, it retains the architecture and many meticulously restored interior features of the original South African Reserve Bank and the old BoE building – formerly the Temple Chambers, built in 1890. Seventeen new storeys house

62 | Global Awards 2020 |

suites, guestrooms and residences with magnificent views of the Mother City and the iconic Table Mountain. Taj’s doors open to a precinct that includes the national and provincial parliaments, Government Avenue leading through the 350-year-old Company Gardens from St George’s Cathedral, the cosmopolitan crafts of St George’s Mall and Greenmarket Square and a diversity of culture, art, entertainment and cuisine. Taj Cape Town’s 176 exceptional rooms and suites offer an oasis-like retreat from the lively bustle of the city centre. The historic structure of Taj Cape Town is home to the exquisite


Heritage Rooms and Suites, Tower Rooms and Suites, The Presidential Suite and the Taj Club. The rooms combine old-world quality and modern amenities. As well as the gamut of facilities that guests would expect in a luxury hotel room such as a mini-bar, safe, voicemail and international plug sockets, standard features include high-speed wireless internet, an iPod docking station and charger, an internet-enabled television and a work station with a multi-media hub so laptops can be interfaced with the television.

out on St George’s Cathedral, the Company Gardens and the Provincial Legislature, houses the banqueting and meeting rooms. Telephone: +27 21 819 2000 Email: Website:

The first floor of the BoE building, with its large sash windows looking

Global Awards 2020 | | 63

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