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Emily Williams Wheeler


Issue #5 Q3 2017

Cover Art by Emily Williams Wheeler More on pg. 10

1340 Mission Statement Since 2002, 1340 Magazine has been a platform for artists you’ve heard of, and artists you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes.

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EDITOR’S NOTE When we made the decision to take 1340 quarterly, rather than monthly, we did it with the quality of the magazine and the art it contains in mind. Taking more time to assemble the magazine and to engage with our community on social media has meant that this issue has taken shape around the art, rather than print deadlines or availability. Our goal from now on is to use the magazine as a platform for artists you’ve heard of, and artists we think you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes. You can use our new directory to get in touch with the artists that inspire you in this issue, and check out our agenda (Page 27) for the events we’re most looking forward to in the coming months.

This issue showcases the work of 70 artists, from 16 different countries and the number of submissions we received has been overwhelming (in the best way possible.) I want to personally thank each and every contributor for letting us showcase their work. Until next time,

Roy Owh, Editor in Chief

DIRECTORY W H O ’ S W H O, A ND W H ERE TO F IND THEM. Marina Borodulya borodulyarina@gmail.com Pg 1

Pierce Puckette ppuckette@gmail.com Pg 11

Natalie Corman corman.ch Pg 21

Lena Macka lenamacka.com Pg 33

Joel Woodard joelwoodardar t.com Pg 2

Layne Chun @laynechunar t Pg 11

Miriam Carmack miriamcarmack.com Pg 21

Joelle Cabanne joellecabanne.com Pg 34

Jasmin Langsch jasminlangsch.com Pg 2

Sandra Veillette ardnas.veille@hotmail.com Pg 12

Myriam Guenaizia mguenaizia.com Pg 22

Nick Flook @flooko Pg 35

Moritz Jaeger mojaeger.com Pg 2, 16

Sonya Bogda sonyabogda.tumblr.com Pg 12

Jen Berg @jbergpaints Pg 24

Anja Hrbatschek anjahrbatschek.com Pg 36

Daria Zazeda dzoils.net Pg 3

Ronny Pena r.pena93@yahoo.com Pg 12

Christian Gawlik cgawlik@gmx.de Pg 24

Michael Em karinmail.em@gmail.com Pg 36

Aleksandra Slabova @slabova_galler y Pg 4

Bernadette Cortejos sunny.cor tejos@gmail.com Pg 12

Clara Dragonfly claradragonfly.com Pg 25

Patricia Slosiar patka.slosiar@me.com Pg 37

Per Bentley @perbentley Pg 5

Aeior1 findbeaconbot@gmail.com Pg 13

Melissa Schappell melissaschappell.com Pg 25

Patricia van de Camp patriciavandecamp.nl Pg 38

Harli Tree @har litree Pg 5

Severine Tressol severine.tressol@outlook. com Pg 14

Jeremy Brightbill jeremybrightbill.squarespace.com Pg 26

Sher Mavro society6.com/shermavroar t Pg 39

Claudia Limacher claudialimacher.com Pg 5

Michele Molinari michelemolinari.info Pg 15

Francesca Lioce francescalioce1@gmail.com Pg 28

Juri Style @juri.style Pg 39

Faye Grosvenor grosvenordesign @ hotmail.co.uk Pg 5

Lola Empire @lolaempire Pg 16

Sophie Holman flourishillustrations.com.au Pg 28

Renee M Pedersen mat_alva@hotmail.com Pg 39

Tony French @tonydfrench Pg 6

Ruchi Bajaj @color s_of_success Pg 17

Jae-Eun Pilsbury jaeeunpilsbur y.com Pg 28

Ekaterina Marmy kunstmarmy.com Pg 40

Lisa Rissmiller lisarissmiller.com Pg 7

Karl X Hauser kar lxhauser.com Pg 17

Kirsten Rockwood Hirt kir sten10.kr@gmail.com Pg 28

Diane Roe dianeroe.net Pg 40

Stefano Dania stefanodania.com Pg 28

Lea Baeksteiner leabaecksteiner.com Pg 41

Miye Cho saatchiar t.com/miye Pg 8

Brandon Crone croneillustrations@gmail.com Pg 18

Luchia Pike luchiapike@gmail.com Pg 8

Michelle Blix blix.michelle@gmail.com Pg 18

Shelby Cassady s7cassady@gmail.com Pg 28

Adrian Ramos adrianramos.com.mx Pg 41

Maria Marcos mariamarcosar t@gmail.com Pg 9

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner maramagyarosilaytner.com Pg 19

L’Atelier d’Esther atelier.nsb@gmail.com Pg 28

Mauro Iozzi mauroiozzii@me.com Pg 41

Madeleine Lamont madeleinelamont.com Pg 9

Michael Jicha micjic@aol.com Pg 19

Bambina Jacinto bambinawor ks@gmail.com Pg 28

Shahin Massoudi cargocollective.comshmassoudi Pg 42

Emily Williams-Wheeler emilywilliamswheeler.com Pg 10

Vanessa Webb vanessawebbar t.com Pg 19

Šmergelis laimonas smergelis.lt Pg 29

Mickael Doucet contactmickaeldoucet@gmail.com Pg 11

Dom Czepiga dink-ar t.com Pg 20

Roman Agapov @roman_agapov Pg 32

Marina Borodulya - A face without a face 2 Acr ylic on Paper - 40 x 50 cm

1340ART | 1


Blue, as an adjective, has two meanings: “melancholy, sad, depressed,” or, alternatively, “of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.” Found in small supply and sought after voraciously, blue pigments carry a rich history of invention, trade, and artistic workarounds. From the first synthetic pigments created in Ancient Egypt to new hues discovered in the past decade, blue has a prominent place in the history and future of art. Here, the viewer is free to choose whether to infer melancholy, or the resolute happiness of a blue sky on a summer’s day. Perhaps it is most logical to read both. After all, how reliable is it that a blue sky won’t cloud over and turn the sea a forbidding, steely grey? J o e l Wo o d a r d - U n t i t l e d 3 Oil paintstick and spraypaint on watercolor paper -45.5 x 61 cm

Jasmin Langsch - Scattered Life Mixed Media on Canvas - 36 x 36 cm

2 | 1340ART

Mo Jaeger - Marrakech Theatre Oil on Canvas - 100 x 100 cm

Daria Zaseda - The Goddess of Life and Loneliness Oil on Canvas - 100 x 120 cm

1340ART | 3

Aleksandra Slabova - Steaks Oil on Canvas - 70 x 90 cm

Per Bentley - Summer Flowers Oil - 80 x 80 cm

Faye Grosvenor - Windermear Acrylic - 81 x 63.5 cm

H a r l i Tr e e - W a l k i n g i n t o t h e F i r e Acrylic on Canvas Board - 29 x 42 cm

Claudia Limacher - Little do we Know Mixed media: Pigments, Oil, Acrylics - 120 x 140 cm

1340ART | 5

To n y F r e n c h -

6 | 1340ART

Jellyfish Part 2 Digital - 25.5 x 20 cm

L i s a R i s s m i l l e r - Tr a n c e ‘ n ’ D a n c e Acrylic - 25 x 60 cm

1340ART | 7

Miye Cho - Fade Away Acrylic on Silk Gauze - 53 x 45.5cm

8 | 1340ART

Luchia Pike - Rorshchach Biolog y Watercolour, Pencil, Fineliner - 30 x 42cm

Maria Marcos - Blue Heart Acrylic , resin, gold leaf - 40 x 60 cm

Madeleine Lamont - Red and Blush Oil on Mylar - 60 x 90 cm

1340ART | 9

W HY DID SHE DO T HA T ? The paintings of Emily Williams-Wheeler are, in her own words, “expressive, with powerful colors, mood, motion, intricacies, and mysteries.” Her work gives off an air of mystery, teasing the imagination of the viewer. The textures are attention grabbing and deliberately beg the question “Why did she do that?” Her encaustic and acrylic works are exciting and undeniably alive, sometimes even writhing with implied organic movement. Williams-Wheeler uses colour in a way that makes her work immediately appealing to the untrained eye, whilst also prompting the viewer to probe deeper into the complexity and technique in her pieces. The combination of ancient techniques and modern sensibilities creates irresistable colour palletes and conveys a sense of quiet confidence in the bombastic shapes and shapes that make the viewer think. In a very real sense, there is little passivity in her pieces, as their emotional, bright complexity asks us to experience them, rather than just taking a look.

10 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Mickaël Doucet - Au fermer des fleurs du soir Oil on Canvas - 180 x 180 cm

Layne Chun - Face 1 Acrylic - 46 x 61 cm

P i e r c e P u c k e t t e - Te m p l e o f T i m e Coloured Pencil - 35.5 x 50 cm

S o n y a B o g d a - F i g h t Wo r k Acrylic and gouache on Arches - 23 x 30 cm

S a n d r a Ve i l l e t t e - F l a m e Mixed Media - 8 x 17 cm

R o n n y P e n a - S t a y Wo k e Acrylic - 45 x 30 cm B e r n a d e t t e C o r t e j o s - B e Yo u r s e l f Acrylic on Canvas - 60 x 75 cm

12 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


Aeior1 - Supply Line Aerosol Paint on Canvas - 60 x 90 cm

One of an upcoming series of paintings called “The Red Planet Series,” revolving around a human-robot hybrid named “Beacon” and his journey to re-cultivate the planet Mars. The series is scheduled for completion by September 2017.

1 3 4 0 A R T | 13

S e v e r i n e Tr e s s o l - O r a n g e B o a t Oil, Acrylic - 37 x 48 cm

14 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

M i c h e l e M o l i n a r i - Wa r o f C e l l s # 0 5 Acrylic on Canvas - 100 x 100 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 15

Lola Empire - The Dark Matter Digital Art/Photography - 30 x 25 cm

M o J a e g e r - Wo r l d v i e w 2 . 0 Oil on Canvas - 100 x 80 cm

16 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Ruchi Bajaj - Viennese Couple Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 80 x 100 cm

Karl x Hauser -

Biting the Hand That Feeds Graphite - 21 x 29.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 17

Brandon Crone - Renata (Detail) Charcoal - 46 x 61 cm

18 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

M i c h e l l e B l i x - F e a r a n d L o a t h i n g i n L a s Ve g a s , O s t r i c h D e p p 0.1mm fineliner on sketch paper - 21 x 29.7 cm

Hyperstimulation 04 Photography- 10 x 15 cm Mara Mag yarosi-Laytner -

Michael Jicha - Guardian Angels Photography - 20 x 24 cm

V a n e s s a We b b - L i e t o m e Collage - 20 x 25 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 19

D o m C z e p i g a - To x i c V a n i t y Mixed Media - 40 x 50 cm


Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Dom Czepiga spent his adolescence in Anderson, South Carolina before relocating to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, which he has called home for the past twenty years. Fascinated with art from a very early age, some of his greatest influences have been Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Dr. Seuss. As a self-taught artist he has worked with various mediums, including photography, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, ink, mixed media, digital and vector. His works are contemporary, bold, colorful pieces with an ‘in your face’ attitude. They range from thought provoking statement pieces to homages of artistic legends to abstract female models. The intention is for the observer to see something in his work that sparks conversation, or simply to admire the beauty of a piece that they would be proud to showcase in their home. Czepiga aims to take his art full time, and emulate one of his great heroes, Dr. Seuss, who, coincidentally was also born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

20 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


N a t a l i e C o r m a n - Vo y a g e Acrylic and Caulking on Canvas - 110 x 120 cm

Miriam Carmack -Lost Boy Clay - 68 x 46 x 33 cm

Born in 1963, in Belgium, Natalie Corman grew up in Canada. She cites her parents and grandparents, all successful painters, as her greatest inspiration, and reveals that it was her mother who encouraged her to experiment with different materials and media.

Carmack’s interest lies in the human mind, human emotions, and, above all, the human experience. An aspiring art therapist, she is currently traveling the world creating art which focuses on perceptions: perceptions of others, and perceptions of self.

1 3 4 0 A R T | 21

A PLACE OF BEAUTY Myriam Guenaizia creates poetry through colour, crafting emotional, dynamic interpretations of the world around her.

C l o c k w i s e f r o m L e f t : V a l d e o r r a s ( D e t a i l ) - Oil on Canvas - 80 x 80cm / Vo i l e s I n s e n s e e s - Oil on Canvas - 90 x 90cm / S u r L ’ i l e S o l e i l - Oil on Canvas - 50 x 50cm / P a r f u m d u M o n d e Oil on Canvas - 150 x 100cm

Myriam GuenaĂŻzia can be counted amongst those artists who take great liberties with color. At a very early age she reports developing a visual appreciation of art that was put into practice through an apprenticeship in plastic art as well as in Art History courses. The fruit of this being her first exhibit under the Spanish sun. These first works of art were the corner stone of her future artistic maturity. Her style is unique and immediately identifiable; firm, structured, established and tonic. It is the intelligent balance of the geometric rigor inspired by Viera da Silva, with a juxtaposition of poetic grace. From each one of her paintings emanates a joyful and overflowing dynamism that is contagious. All subjects inspire this energy and are tangible proofs that everything can serve as inspiration. Myriam reveals to the beholder of her works the invisible and the noble. More than ever today, her painting is the indispensable means for expressing her unique interpretation of the world around her. By holding on to her liberty and autonomy, she has preserved her talent and her uniqueness. She resembles no other. Within the cocoon of her workshop, fulfillment is at the tip of her paintbrush. She hints at a subject, exasperates it with color, giving free rein to her imagination. But above all, and though she has established her place as an artist in her own right, what remains closest still to her heart is that through her eyes the world becomes a place of beauty.

1 3 4 0 A R T | 23

Jen Berg - Storm Acrylic - 45 x 60 cm

Christian Gawlik - #17 Acryl on Canvas - 100 x 80 cm

24 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Clara Dragonfly - Dance Oil on Canvas - 61 x 91 cm

Melissa Schappell - Write it Down Mixed Media and Collage - 45 x 60 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 25

J e r e m y B r i g h t b i l l - T h e r e ’s o n l y s o m u c h l e t t i n g g o y o u c a n a s k s o m e o n e t o d o Mixed media on panel - 33 x 53 cm

F r a n c e s c a L i o c e - Ve r d é b i l e Acrylic - 50 x 70 cm Kirsten Rockwood Hirt - Cool Giraffe Acrylic on Canvas - 61 x 91 cm

Sophie Holman - Princess Dramatic Acrylic - 122 x 122 cm

Jae-Eun Pilsbur y - Perser verence Oils on Wood Panel - 40 x 45 cm

Shelby Cassady - I am a woman Oil - 26 x 19 cm

Stefano Dania - Self Portrait Oil on Paper - 24 x 32 cm

L’ A t e l i e r D ’ E s t h e r - P o r t r a i t o f K M Oil - 46 x 61 cm

Bambina Jacinto - Manang “Elderly Lady” Acrylic on Canvas - 22.9 x 30.5 cm

Ĺ mergelis Laimonas - Care Oil on Canvas - 100 x 70 cm

GIAF 2017

Viva Arte Viva

Art Osaka 2017




The 40th Galway International Arts Festival takes place from 17-30 July 2017. Highlights include four newly commissioned art works by John Gerrard and a powerful solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Ana Maria Pacheco. giaf.ie

The 57th International Art Exhibition, curated by Christine Macel, is organized by La Biennale di Venezia and chaired by Paolo Baratta. The Exhibition, featuring 120 invited artists, is open to the public from May 13th to November 26th 2017. labiennale.org

Using hotel rooms as venues, artworks are presented with a feeling of home. Visitors have the chance to purchase them on the spot. More than 150 artworks on show ranging from affordable pieces to masterpieces. 8-9 July 2017. artosaka.jp


Momentum 9

Berlin Art Week

SWAB Barcelona



Barcelona In 2017, Swab Barcelona cel-

The ninth edition of the Momentum Biennial takes the notion of alienation as its starting point. In the term alienation the curators refer to a contemporary world where alien processes and entities are becoming an integrated part of our lives. June 17 - Oct 11 2017. momentum9.no

30 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

The 2017 edition of BAW takes place from 13-17 September 2017. Visitors can expect large-scale exhibitions on established artists such as Monica Bonvicini, Danny Lyon, Willem de Rooij, a retrospective on Harun Farocki, and countless artists from various genres. berlinartweek.de

ebrates its 10th anniversary edition, from Sep 28th - Oct 1st 2017 welcoming around 80 galleries from 5 continents, close to 20,000 visitors, and a large number of curated programs, prizes, and activities that venture beyond fair walls to bring art to the Barcelona locals. swab.es

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32 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Roman Agapov - In Hand Oil, Acrylic ,Potal on Canvas - 50 x 70 cm

Lena Macka - The Dark Side I Marker - 36 x 49 cm

Joelle Cabanne - Paysages recomposĂŠs mixed media (collage, dĂŠcoupage, photography) - 32.5 x 24 cm

34| 1 3 4 0 A R T

Nick Flook -

Blue Bath and Beyond Acrylic - 20 x 24 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 35

Anja Hrbatschek - Golden Eye Acrylic on Canvas - 60 x 80 cm

M i c h a e l E m - Wa t e r D r a g o n Acrylic on Canvas - 86 x 58 cm

36 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

P a t r i c i a S l o s i a r - T h e W i l d Wo r l d Acrylic on Canvas - 80 x 120 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 37


Patricia van de Camp - (e)motion 1,2,3&4 Photography - 60 x 60 cm

38 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Sher Mavro - The Tiffany Blues Acrylic - 100 x 100 cm

Juri Style - Heartgirl Pen- 192 x 130 cm

Renee M Pedersen - My Happy Place Acrylic - 60 x 73 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 39

EKATERINA MARMY Paper Artist from St. Gallen, Switzerland, Ekaterina Marmy creates filigree artworks “painted” with paper stripes instead of a brush. From distance, the artworks blur the lines between brush strokes and 3 dimensional shapes. and create a three-dimensional effect. The colours, from discreet to bright play with contrast and ensures the harmony of her compositions. To create this particular work took her approximately 15-20 hours. Her artworks feature exotic notes inspired by Asia and a touch of romance. Inspired by nature, this skilled paperwork is challenging and complex, whilst at the same time maintaining a sense of joy and fun.

Diane Roe -


Ekaterina Marmy - Birds’ House Paper Art 3D - 34 x 27 cm

40 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Off the Canvas Japanese Garden Paper Art 3D - 34 x 27 cm

Diane Roe is a Montreal based artist who has been experimenting with various methods and techniques to create paintings not constrained by the 90 Degree angles of a canvas. Inspired by the colours of popular computer art and video games of the early 90s, the artist’s goal is to recreate the calculated yet kitsch essence of that technology with the archaic artistic methods of paint. Through this she creates an object of art, rather than ‘just’ a painting.

Lea Baecksteiner - Current Mood #1 Oil on Cardboard - 68.5 x 58.5 cm

Adrian Ramos - My Girl Under The Sea Mauro Iozzi - Box of personal desires Oil Canvas & Texture - 100 x 110 cm Digital on Canvas - 90 x 120 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 41

42 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Shahin Massoudi - I Am, I Am the Light Clay - 48 x 28 x 30 cm

1 3 4 0 A RT M A G A Z I N E 2017 // Q3


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