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1340 ART MAGAZINE 2018//Q3

Bo Mi Jo

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Issue #9 Q3 2018

Cover Ar t by Bo Mi Jo Mimosa Saturday Pg. 9

1340 Mission Statement: Since its founding, 1340 Magazine has been a platform for artists you’ve heard of and artists you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences, and processes.

Beekstraat 54 – Room 215 6001 GJ Weert The Netherlands info@1340art.com 1340art.com Editor in Chief Roy Owh Contributors Q3 Steve Rendall - Writer Elene Slozko - Writer Chris Vermont - Writer Keri James - Editor Advertising Enquiries: Iwan Steward advertisement@1340art.com Design and Art Direction: Ally Frame allyframe.com

Published by 1340 Media (Part of Thedge BV) All rights reserved 1340 Media, the artists, the writers and photographers.

EDITOR’S NOTE Every issue of the magazine comes together in its own way, some more intentional and thematic than others. Each one starts off as an amalgam of candidates and possibilities, taking shape as an ever-shifting shortlist of intriguing artists, images, photographs and ideas, and gradually merges into its own intuitive aesthetic and visual dialogue. This edition, we proudly feature MADaboutART, a non-profit organization in South Africa, selected by 1340Foundation for this quarter. MADaboutART was founded in 2001 to fight HIV using art and education. Its award-winning curriculum for children and youth uses art as the platform to ignite imagination, have fun and achieve social change. We are therefore extremely proud to be featuring this inspiring organization for this quarter. Proceeds from our Q3 1340Art Magazine competition are being donated toward this incredible cause. The artists featured in this issue are diverse, yet all of them somehow seem to deal in discovering new meanings and experiences. In this edition, we have featured more photography than usual. These photographers have emerged through the act of representing the overlooked visual flotsam of the ordinary, turning it into something exceptionally noteworthy.

artists and the artworks they create. Once again in this edition I have had the privilege of discovering a plethora of talent and learn more about some of our amazing featured artists, who they are, where they come from, what they’re passionate about. At 1340Art Magazine, we get to delve into each particular piece of art or photograph, considering the subject matter as well as the overall message, meaning, or mood. We can, when looking closely, even examine some of the materials and techniques used to help create the work that first caught our eye. All of these elements add to our appreciation of art, whether it’s hanging on the wall of a museum, a gallery, or our living room. But in this edition, I have paid particular attention to the details and stories behind every piece, hoping for these to be felt through each flip of the page, lifted off the paper and transformed into the kind of emotion that inspires all of us, whether art experts or enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy discovering all sorts of captivating details within a beautiful and meaningful package of ideas, words and images that we have prepared for our readers in this edition.

As the editor in chief I have the opportunity to learn so many fascinating things about

Roy Owh, Editor in Chief

DIRECTORY Who’s who, and where to find them.

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Tony Rubino rubinocreative.com

Raman Aso ramanaso.com

David Seewald @david_minimalistphoto

David Fallu yxystudio.com

Guadalupe Urrutia guadalupeurrutia.blogspot.mx

JoAnn Goodman


Liza Renee Verboon lizarenee.nl

Nan Brall nlbny@aol.com

Bo Mi Jo epochgallery.com

Sanna Brantestad


Nathalie Vin nathalievin.com

Rober t Asay asayartwork.com

Vlad Zuy instagram.com/gboxmedia/

Helena Kauppila helenakauppila.com

Vareilles Marie-Laure artphotomailo.com

Brittany Kur tinecz brittanykurtinecz.com

Ying Yang instagram.com/amyyeungy

Kristen (Chiggy) Johnson chiggy.com.au

18 19 19 19 20 21 23 24 25 25 26 28 29 30 32 33 34

Griffin Allman instagram.com/griffwallman

Sophie Angelica


Don Van Amerongen dvadesign.com

José Ramón Egío Sánchez


Jennifer De Angelo Baxter deangelobaxterart.com

William Grob instagram.com/williamgrob

Ricardo Kim


Yugesh Mandvikar


Tiago Ribeiro

instagram.com/ Ttiagoribeiro

Juliet Fajardo instagram.com/jujubebe17

Maria Theresia mariadischereit.tumblr.com

Sonod James society6.com/sonodjam

Moholinushk moholinushk.com

Mark Lester


David Berg


Her vé Perdriel herveperdriel.com

Sofia Sguerri


35 36 37 38 39 40 40 43 44 45 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

Anna Macdonald annafacdonald.com

Katharina Landsmann


Julius Edrien G. Santos jegssantos.com

Rebecca Akporiaye


Adriรกn Padilla Gay adripaga.wordpress.com

Emir Ramovic emirramovic.com

Estefania Stoupa


Durik - Claudio Del Pup durik.es

Sandra Mannila sandramannila.com

Michael Nashef nashefdesigns.com

Marc Laurenson stoakdcayman.com

Karen Harkema


Simone Schaustz www.simone-art.com

Nikos Kr yonidis kryonidis.wordpress.com

Audrey Kenison


Joachim Zimmermann instagram.com/ j_o_a___o_f_f_i_c_i_a_l

Shue Shi instagram.com/shue_shi

54 55 56 57 58 59 61 61 62 62 65 66 67 69 70 71 72

Rob Forlani instagram.com/robforlani_art

Nevena Markovic behance.net/nevenamarkovic

Morgan Tedd morganteddart.co.uk

Denis Di Luca dilucaceramics.com

Brooke Mcallister brookaphotographic.com

David L Walters instagram.com/davidlwalters

Anatoliy Menkiv facebook.com/menkivArt

Alejandra Sotelo Campos instagram.com/alesotelo.art

Lucas Edensor


Nelly Dimitranova instagram.com/caplinartuk

Ana Gemazashvili


Anastasia Kruseva instagram.com/anastasia_kruseva

Iluรก Hauck da Silva iluahauckdasilva.com

Mihail Tomescu mihailtomescu.com

Estelle Berengier


Jan Carl Bar tels www.jancarlbartels.de

Cur tis Anthony Bozif curtisanthonybozif.com

TONY RUBINO Heavily influenced by the streets on New

York City, Rubino’s work as an artist seeks to comment on pop culture, celebrity, nostalgia and the current melees’ of information received through technology. He uses textures, images, and elements directly from the streets of Manhattan fused and juxtaposed to create the highest quality drivel. Together (Top) Mixed, Acrylic, & Metallic - 45.7 x 60.96 x 5 cm

Piano Piano (Bottom) Mixed, Acrylic, & Metallic - 61 x 61 x 5 cm

01 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Oil & Acrylic - 65 x 90 cm

Raman Aso - The Subjection of Vulnerability

1 3 4 0 A R T | 02

03 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

David Seewald - Homage to Picasso Blue Periode (Left) Photography

David Fallu - Frost (Top Right) Photography - 40.64 x 60.96 cm

David Fallu - Vulnerable (Bottom Right) Photography - 60.96 x 91.44 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 04

Guadalupe Urrutia - Way Out Ceramic - 50 x 100 x 100 cm

JoAnn Goodman - Avail (Left) Paper Collage & Acrylic - 60.96 x 60.96 cm

Liza Renee Verboon - Histor y Man (Middle) Collage - 26 x 24 cm

Nan Brall - Standing Firm (Right) Collage/Cut Paper - 40.64 x 50.8 cm

07 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

“Like paper’s transformation from plants and trees to the lightest malleable medium, collage allows me to express paper’s wonderful ability to effortlessly represent differing weights and dimensions. The creative process of collage, with its initial deconstruction and then refiguring, is an ongoing experiment into new portals of meaning, reflecting the extraordinary continuity of paper’s own life cycle.”

1 3 4 0 A R T | 08


ART IS A PLACID LAKE IN THE BUSY CITY LIFE. Bo Mi Jo - Mimosa Saturday Acrylic on Canvas - 91.4 x 152.4 x 3.8 cm

”Sometimes it’s like a game I play; to tell stories without saying a word. The narrative is always the starting point, the process and result in all my work. To fit pieces, to cut and glue, to break and mend a story together, something new is to be told. I can think that I choose to tell a story but in the end it is always the story that tells me it’s own tale. That is what it’s all about for me. “ Sanna Brantestad - Lost in the Shop - An Adventure at the Grocer y Store (Left) Polyurethane Foam, Recycled Plastic, & Brass - 6 x 6 x 7 cm

Sanna Brantestad - Lost in the Shop - An Adventure at the Grocer y Store (Right) Polyurethane Foam, Recylced Plastic, & Brass - 10 x 5 x 5 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 10

Nathalie Vin - Multiverse (Top Left) Mixed Media - 116 x 90 x 3.5 cm

Nathalie Vin - Wonder Where We Land (Bottom Left) Mixed Media - 97 x 97x 4.5 cm

Rober t Asay - Cosmik Jukebox (Right) Digital Painting

11 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

1 3 4 0 A R T | 12

Vlad Zuy - Smth Else Digital - 21 x 21 cm

Oil on Linen - 130 x 130 cm

Helena Kauppila - Dawn in the Park


Vareilles Marie-Laure - Colorer Le Monde

1 3 4 0 A R T | 14


Let’s Brainwash (Left) Parasite (Right) Digital

15 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


contemporary self is in a constant flux between virtual and reality. The twenty-first century is consumed with the white noise of social media and the Internet. Kurtinecz uses the figure as a vessel into the psychological state; the impact of unfiltered information onto the mind and it’s relation to the observer. They are a hybrid of flesh and distorted digital code. Kurtinecz views them as slowly dissolving into a digital persona.


Sense III (Left) Sense IV (Right) Computer Illustration & Pencil Sketch - 21 x 29.7 cm each

1 3 4 0 A R T | 16

17 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Kristen (Chiggy) Johnson - Brave (Left) Acrylic - 61 x 61 cm

Griffin Allman - I’m Still Here, Still Waiting (Middle) Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas - 35.6 x 50.8 cm

Griffin Allman - Untitled (Right) Acrylic & Enamel on Board - 33 x 40.6 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 18

19 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Don Van Amerongen - Spray The Wall Photography - 45.5 x 35.5 cm

José Ramón Egío Sánchez - Las Hienas

Oil - 81 x 130.5 cm


Steel, Copper, & Pendant light - 90 x 80 x 70 cm

Sophie Angelica - Trascendence

Chalk Pastel - 60.96 x 76.2 cm

Jennifer De Angelo Baxter - Soul Migration

1 3 4 0 A R T | 20

WILLIAM grob Matriarchy TBA (Right) Photography & Acrylic -110 x 75 cm

A Peaceful Moment in a Hectic World (Below) Photography & Acrylic -190 x 110 cm

William comments on social issues and ultimately honesty with imagery. Honesty has changed; in the era of film we believed photography but since the ability to digitally edit and manipulate, what is to believe anymore? So what we perceive is not what we necessarily see when we live in a world which holds no truths and no answers, only beliefs. Photography holds as many lies as truths so by synthesizing painting with his photographs William projects a visualisation that captures both the instant, and the immortal. The real and the surreal. William’s current project is about a male perspective trying to empathize with something he could never know. The opposite sex.

21 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


1 3 4 0 A R T | 22

23 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Ricardo Kim - Abarcar con los Brazos (Left) Digital Illustration - 80 x 80 cm

Yugesh Mandvikar - Eternal (Top Right) Acrylic, Ink, Enamel, & Spray Paint on Canvas - 71.1 x 71.1 cm

Yugesh Mandvikar - Wishes Come True (Bottom Right) Acrylic, Ink, Enamel, & Spray Paint on Canvas - 86.4 x 86.4 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 24

Tiago Ribeiro - Clouds

25 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Black & White Photography - 30.5 x 30.5 cm


Maria Theresia Dischereit - Untitled Typography Experiment - 14.8 x 21 cm

Juliet Fajardo - Dust to Dust Digital Rendering on Metal - 25.4 x 25.4 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 26

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Bristol Cut Outs

Sonod James - When Mountains Move A

Bristol Cut Outs

Sonod James - When Mountains Move B

1 3 4 0 A R T | 28

Colored Pencil on Paper - 30 x 30 cm

Moholinushk - Matcha_02

Colored Pencil on Paper - 30 x 30 cm

Moholinushk - Givre_02

29 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Mark Lester - Satellite 1101

Cast Iron, Steel Rod, Pine, Plaster, & Acrylic Paint - 40.6 x 20.3 cm


Art Santa Fe

Seattle Art Fair

Code Art Fair

Sydney Contemporary

Unseen Amsterdam

Vienna Contemporary

12-15 July 2018 www.artsantafe.com Art Santa Fe, a gathering of exceptional artists and galleries from around the world. It provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors and attendees alike to honor the region’s deeply rooted cultural traditions while launching into the future with cutting-edge artwork and inspiring events.

13-16 September 2018 www.sydneycontemporary.com.au Staged at Carriageworks, Sydney’s striking multi-disciplinary arts precinct, the Fair welcomes over 90 galleries from around the Pacific Rim. Sydney Contemporary has established itself as a must-attend art event and the perfect place to discover and collect modern and contemporary art.

31 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

2-5 August 2018 www.seattleartfair.com Based in Seattle, a city as renowned for its natural beauty as its cultural landscape, the fair brings together the region’s strong collector base; local, national, and international galleries; area museums and institutions; and an array of innovative public programming.

21-23 September 2018 www.unseenamsterdam.com Unseen is the leading platform for contemporary photography. Exclusively focusing on what’s new in the photography world, Unseen provides a channel for up-and-coming talent to showcase their work. Unseen brings together the international photography community to discuss and debate the directions in whcih the photographic medium is evolving.

30 August - 2 September 2018 www.codeartfair.dk Code Art Fair is an ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen, Denmark – one of the world’s most vibrant and forwardlooking capitals. As the only international art fair in Scandinavia, our mission is to discover and showcase some of the best contemporary art.

27-30 September 2018 www.viennacontemporary.at/en Viennacontemporary will once again gather more than 100 galleries and institutions from 23 countries under the roof of iconic Marx Halle. The only art fair to unite the East and the West in carefully curated exhibitions, viennacontemporary stands out in the crowded art calendar as a place for exciting discoveries.

David Berg - Blue


Acrylic & Oil - 150 x 110 cm


1 3 4 0 A R T | 32

Her vĂŠ Perdriel - Music (Left) Digital Collage Printed on Aluminium - 100 x 100 cm

Sofia Sguerri - Back (Right) Paper, Transfer, Graphite, & Ecoline - 30 x 40 cm

33 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

1 3 4 0 A R T | 34

Mixed Media on Paper - 40 x 51 cm

Anna Macdonald - Untitled

Mixed Media on Paper - 21 x 30 cm


35 | 1 3 4 0 A R T



Julius Edrien G. Santos - Accessorio1 (Left) Photography - 17.8 x 22 cm

Julius Edrien G. Santos - Accessorio 2 (Right) Photography - 17.8 x 22 cm

37 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Rebecca Akporiaye - Black Makes Me Disappear Photogravure - 14 x 19.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 38

39 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

“Last night, I could not sleep because of my overthinking. I felt like a nocturnal city sky. I am shining, but city lights are brighter than me. I know I am difficult to understand, but I am going to scream until somebody hears me because I am still having things to say, and I can not take that beauty to the grave with me.” -Adrián Padilla Gay Adrián Padilla Gay - The Middle Point Between An Indescriptaible Order and the Confusion (Left) Stylist - 28.7 x 36 cm

Emir Ramovic - Introspection (Top Right) Oil Pastels on Paper - 50 x 70 cm

Estefania Stoupa - Circulo (Bottom Right) Acrylic - 150 x 150 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 40

40 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

discover Discover and buy affordable fine art from the comfort of your home. 1340Gallery is a premier online gallery where you will discover an exclusive selection of carefully curated art by top upcoming talent from all over the globe. Works can be bought directly from the website and delivered anywhere in the world.

www.1340gal l er y.com

DURIK - CLAUDIO DEL PUP Revisiting the Classics - La Venus del Espejo - Velรกzquez Digital Art

43 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


Red Falling Mountain (Left) Acrylic on Canvas - 61 x 61 cm

Sappho Lounging on Rocks Contemplating Violet Haired Dawn (Right) Acrylic on Canvas - 106.7 x 106.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 44


I L I S E R Throughout

Michael Nashef - Too High for Me (Left)

Concrete, Glass, & Aluminium - 55.9 x 17.8 x 15.2 cm

Concrete, Glass, & Brass - 33 x 17.8 x 17.8 cm

45 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

his work is created. The simplicity of the forms and lines allow the shot/damaged parts on the vessels to be highlighted and accentuated. By bridging the aesthetics and the materials within his work, Nashef asks the viewer to form a connection to their surroundings, realizing that there is no perfection, only an adaptation to our current status and situation.

Michael Nashef - Step Away From the Window (Right)

history, peace has been a scarce commodity in any human civilization, and war seems to be a dominant theme. Destruction is one of the prevailing outcomes of these wars. Having lived in wartorn Lebanon for half of his life, Nashef has seen a lot of destruction and damage that has been imposed on beautiful architecture. It takes months, even years, to design, build and finish a building, yet it takes less than a second to bring it crumbling down with a powerful bomb. Nevertheless, with all the damage the Lebanese architecture sustained, these buildings still function as vessels for human life. The buildings kept them safe, sheltered them, housed them, and shielded them. Seeing the decimation of these structure has caused Nashef to crave perfection, and he grew attracted to the clean lines and curves of modern architecture, which he now pursues in his work. Influenced by the vernacular of architecture and building materials, Nashef has constructed structures which double as vessels. These vessels are distilled representations of war-torn buildings, whose functional resilience come from the stable and strong material used, cement. This truth, coupled with his inquisitive nature, has brought Michael to create innovative processes and methods in which


1 3 4 0 A R T | 46

Marc Laurenson - Go Green, Irresistible Recycled Mixed Media, Heineken Trash - 182.88 x 121.92 cm

47 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Karen Harkema - Chorus of Children (Left) Oil on Board, Boxed - 33 x 60 cm

Karen Harkema - Wrapped in Glor y (Right) Oil on Board - 45 x 61 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 48

Simone Schaustz - No Title 2015 Acrylic on Canvas - 120 x 120 cm

49 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


IN THE EMPTY AREA OF THE SQUARE I AM CONTAINED AND PULL OFF STUNTS ON AND OFF THE VOID. Nikos Kr yonidis - Untitled (Top) Nikos Kr yonidis - Untitled (Bottom) Acrylic on Canvas - 140 x 140 cm each

1 3 4 0 A R T | 50


Crust Bucket in Pink (Left) Metaphor in Green (Right) Digital Photography - 30 x 30 cm each

51 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


Cactus (Left) River (Right) Polaroid SX-70 - 10.8 x 8.8 cm each

1 3 4 0 A R T | 52

53 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Shue Shi - No Title 2 (Left) Chinese Ink - 200.7 x 231.1 cm

Rob Forlani - Buzzfeed (Top Right) Mixed Media on Canvas - 90 x 120 cm

Rob Forlani Sparkle in the Rain (Bottom Right) Mixed Media on Canvas - 100 x 180 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 54

Nevena Markovic - Unmarried Widow

Acrylic, Watercolor, & Ink - 21 x 30 cm

55 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

“I always thought i was a practical person, someone who created with their hands, i was a musician for years, touring months out of the year making music, but the instrument was making the sound for me, i couldn’t reach out and touch it, i needed something more tangible. I moved to photography, to create something i could see, hoping to be able to fill the void, but still felt short changed, as the camera was the instrument, making the image for me. This frustration, and search for tangibility with what i create, led me to start printing and ripping up my photos, painting over them, drawing on them, change them to what i truly saw inside my own head. With my art, i have reached the end of my 15 year search for tangible creativity, and have began a new journey, in to the world of art.”

Crawling Back to God (Left) Photography, Acrylic, & Collage - 21 x 29.7 cm

Evil (Right) Photography & Collage - 21 x 29.7

MORGAN TEDD 1 3 4 0 A R T | 56

Denis Di Luca - Splash Ceramics (Raku Technique) - 40 x 30 cm diameter

57 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Brooke McAllister - Evolving Faith Photography - 25.4 x 25.4 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 58


P O WERFU L David L Walters - Yellow Iris (Left) Scan - 21.5 x 27.7 cm

Angel in a Vase (Right) Photograph - 11.43 x 8.63 cm

59 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

David L Walters - Floral Collage # 1 Scan - 11.3 x 14.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 60

61 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Anatoliy Menkiv - Exit (Top Left) Oil on Canvas - 180 x 130 cm

Alejandra Sotelo Campos - Windsail (Bottom Left) Acrylic & Mixed Media on Wood - 100 x 110 cm

Lucas Edensor - Study in Chaos (Top Right) Acrylic - 20 x 20 cm

Nelly Dimitranova - Reading to my Sister (Bottom Right) Oil on Canvas - 50.8 x 40.6 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 62


MADaboutART was founded in 2001 to

fight HIV using art and education. Pioneered in South Africa, its award-winning curriculum for children and youth uses art as the platform to ignite imagination, have fun and achieve social change. Many young people living in poverty around the world experience anger and low self-esteem; becoming trapped in a spiral of vulnerability that destroys hope. The burden of HIV potentiates emotional trauma and isolation. MADaboutART’s programme combines validated narrative therapy and psycho-social techniques to change lives by inspiring positive life choices and celebrating diversity. Independent evaluation showed a significant positive impact on well-being.

63 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

1 3 4 0 A R T | 64

65 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Ana Gemazashvili - Tsinandaly Museum (Left) Oil on Canvas - 50 x 40 cm

Anastasia Kruseva - Dandy in Bo Kaap (Right) Oil - 80 x 65 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 66

67 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


by a strong sense of the relationship between decadence and beauty, Iluá Hauck da Silva’s practise explores different conundrums of the human condition. Hauck da Silva combines a wealth of materials and techniques to form a complex and meticulous visual vocabulary, as well as an intrinsic visual dialogue between matter and meaning. Her work is charged with subversive and transgressive connotations: as multiple layers of meaning unfold; beauty, pain, poetry, irony, and a visceral simplicity crystallise. ‘Palpitations’ is a series of meticulously made glass hearts, which were exclusively commissioned by the Kabinett Gallery in Boston for their inaugural exhibition, ‘Killers and Thrillers’. The hearts are beautifully nested in carefully chosen vintage saucers combining two of Ilua’s greatest passions: art making and collecting antiques. ‘Palpitations’ resonates with the uplifting and endearing aspects of love, as the display of hearts in fine antique saucers creates a precious and heart warming visual effect.

love is the ultimate

K ILLER& THR ILLER Iluá Hauck da Silva - Red Palpitation Glass heart & 1900s ‘Batwing’ Porcelain Side Plate 15.7 x 15.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 68

Mihail Tomescu - Midnight Special Oil on Canvas - 114.3 x 132 cm

69 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Estelle Berengier -A Nos Fantomes (Compagnie les Menteuses) Photography

1 3 4 0 A R T | 70

Jan Carl Bar tels - Untitled

Photomontage - 50 x 70 cm

71 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


I TRY AND BORROW FROM THE POETRY OF THE FORCES AT WORK IN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Cur tis Anthony Bozif - Moraine (Top) Oil, Enamel, Paint Stick, Acrylic, Charcoal, & Graphite on Canvas - 182.8 x 152.4 cm

Cur tis Anthony Bozif - Cairns (Bottom) Acrylic & Graphite on Canvas - 106.7 x 106.7 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 72

1 3 4 0 A RT M A G A Z I N E 2018 // Q3

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1340 ART Magazine Q3 // 2018  

1340 ART Magazine Q3 // 2018

1340 ART Magazine Q3 // 2018  

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