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Jon Parlangeli

Issue #7 Q1 2018

Cover Art by Jon Parlangeli Geisha Kyoto More on pg. 49

1340 Mission Statement Since its founding, 1340 Magazine has been a platform for artists you’ve heard of and artists you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences, and processes.

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EDITOR’S NOTE Welcome to the Q1 Edition of the 1340Art Magazine. We kick 2018 off with a bang through a rethinking and redesign of 1340Art. Not only does this edition display an even greater variety of artwork, but as a part of our global art movement, we have recently launched 1340Gallery – our premiere online gallery! With thousands of noteworthy pieces of art exhibited online, from paintings and photography, to sculptures and drawings, we are brimming with excitement for this latest feature. By adding this to our already significant range of art platforms, we have substantially increased and diversified our avenues used to promote emerging artists from around the globe, as well as their remarkable artwork.

For the Q1 1340Art Magazine, we have hand-picked a collection of intriguing pieces to present, and we discover the allure of the unique gallery space that is The Crypt Gallery in London. Once again, our readers can expect a dynamic showcase of distinguished art by wonderfully talented artists, all beautifully presented in a cutting-edge, international, fine art magazine. We’re certain art enthusiasts and professionals alike will find something to appreciate amongst the visual bounty that fill these pages. Thank you to the artists who participated, as well as those of you reading this edition, for joining us in our passion for great art!

Roy Owh, Editor in Chief

DIRECTORY Wh o’ s w h o, an d w h e r e t o fin d t h e m . Andrea Pozza photopozza.com Pg 1

Oli Epp oliepp.com Pg 20

Sonny O’Brien sonnyobrien.com Pg 42

George Bokhua bokhuageorge@gmail.com Pg 59

Jessica Sallay-Carrington jessicascreatures.com/ Pg 2

Eliana Carvidón Cortazzo

Felix Dörflinger ignorosophists.com Pg 43

Turkan Yildiz tur kan@telus.net Pg 59

Katherine Heald mybeautifular twor ks.com.au Pg 3

Adrian Renner Pg 23

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Dr. James Gardiner fahnjim@gmail.com Pg 7

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Susan Lerner mixdmediamashup.com Pg 61

Marta De La Parra Prieto Pg 8

Roberto Ulhoa r.ulhoa@gmail.com Pg 29

Jon Parlangeli www.jonpar langeli.com Pg 49

Torben Hansen torben.hansen@gmx.de Pg 62

Abigail Berger aberger@stundent.nocca.com Pg 9

Ioanna Tsogka ioannatsogka.tumblr.com Pg 31

Joris Graaf www.jorisgraaf.nl Pg 50

Wendy Muir wendymuir visualar t.com Pg 62

David Chevtaikin davidchevtaikin.com Pg 10

Kazuya Ozawa american927@gmail.com Pg 32

Maxime Bally maximebally.com/en/ Pg 51

Aune Ainson www.auneainson.com Pg 63

Shua’a Ali Al Muftah shuaa.almuftah@gmail.com Pg 11

Dutch Polaroidgirl www.dutchpolaroidgir l.nl Pg 32

Sharon Rusch Shaver sharonr uschshaver.com/ Pg 51

Chiho Nishizono andism.main.jp/ Pg 63

Legrand Wolf legrandwolf.com Pg 12

Lucy Turner lucyturner13@hotmail.com Pg 33

Johnston Burkhardt johnstonbur khardt.com Pg 51

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Mikhail Biryukov Pg 14

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Jason Wynn jasonwynn.net Pg 57

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Michael Drumond Pg 17

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Jennifer Niswonger jenniferniswonger.com Pg 18

June Ann D’Angelo www.geminijunemoon.com Pg 39

Tiziano Autera tizianoautera.com Pg 58

Bruce Black br uceblackar t.com Pg 71

cargocollective.com/Mar tadelaParra


contact@michaeldr umondar t.com

Sandra Paris https://san-tooshygalerie.jimdo.com/

Pg 19

elianacar vidon.wixsite.com/elianacar vidon

Pg 22


Andrea Pozza - Solitude (Above) Lost Soul (Below) Photography - 40 x 60 cm each

1340ART | 1

QUESTIONING GENDER Jessica Sallay-Carrington is a Montreal based sculptural ceramic artist. Her work focuses on the representation of femininity and the role of gender and sexuality in modern western society. Through ceramic sculptures she questions gender expectation and stereotype and how they influence personal identities. The animalistic qualities of the figures speak for the subconscious parts of human action, blurring the line between human and animal. With her sculptures Jessica fights for gender equality and aims to develop a revaluation of what defines ‘feminine’ in contemporary society. Jessica Sallay-Carrington Stroke My Hairy Legs (Top) Preening (Bottom) Ceramic - 38 x 22.8 x 22.8 cm, 11.4 x 22.8 x 33 cm

2 | 1340ART

big blue portrait

Katherine Heald - A Flower Bouquet Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper - 21 x 29.7 cm

1340ART | 3

Michael Ornauer - Look What The Dog Dragged In Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Spray Paint, & Enamel on Canvas - 130 x 100 cm

1340ART | 4

Liz Thoresen - Staying the Course Acrylic - 61 x 51 cm

1340ART | 5

Steffany Brady - Deep Beta (Above) Our First Dance (Below) Various - 58 x 91 cm, 76 x 41 cm

6 | 1340ART

“The Scape series is on broad influences such as natural eroded and stratified rock formations, science fiction and my interest in cities and the way they form or agglomerate over time.� Dr. James Gardiner - Scape 5-17 Grey Soap Stone Finished with Bees wax - 12 x 8 x 9 cm


1340ART | 7

M A R TA D E L A PA R R A P R I E T O Marta de la Parra Prieto is a Madrid born and raised visual artist, aesthete, and designer. Art has been her life long passion, and it led her to study drawing in Florence, design in Milan and Madrid, and filmmaking in New York, among other courses, workshops, and specialized literature. “My work revolves around aesthetic. Beauty is not a shallow and banal matter. Beauty and aesthetic constructions are intrinsic to what defines us as human beings.�

8 | 1340ART

Abigial Berger - Water Becomes Calm and Clear Only When Left Alone Photography - 30.5 x 20 cm

1340ART | 9

David Chevtaikin - War Paint Acrylic & Spray Painted Photography - 76 x 102 cm

10 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Shua’a Ali Al Muftah - Untitled 1 (Left) Serene (Right) Acrylic - 46 x 38 cm, 60 x 90 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 11

Legrand Wolf - Rise Photography - 61 x 91.4 cm

12 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

BROCK Q. PIPER Echoes and Bones (Left) The Patience of Tearing Yourself Apart (Right) Mixed Media on Canvas - 140 x 140 cm each

Growing up in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales (AUS), Brock has always been fascinated by birds in flight. The way they fold themselves, twist and contort their colourful bodies to float effortlessly through the trees. A blur in time, caught in another realm, between the past and the present. Memories are similarly experienced. Fragments that come and go from our present, appearing, then lost again. They seem to twist and change and reform in our minds, barely tangible, constantly evolving with the addition of time and experience. “I am looking to create a visual poem through my work. Attempting to will the birds out of mid air, to grapple with them mid-flight.�

1 3 4 0 A R T | 13

Mikhail Biryukov - No Title Oil on Canvas - 80 x 40 cm

Jingyue Tao - Little People Oil - 81 x 101 cm

14 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Eva Cocco - N.004 (Ecstasy, Rapture) Porcelain & Gas Kiln Fire- 48 x 30 cm

“ Through my pieces, I talk about meandering cities and tortuous architectures, about heritage and ancestral stories, entropy and chaos, life and death in this and other planets.�

1 3 4 0 A R T | 15

La Foi - Samadhi Oil, Digital Manipulation, & Printing on Canvas - 100 x 100 cm

16 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Michael draws inspiration from his own psychological states of mind and life experiences. For years, his living space would gradually turn into a chaotic mess consisting of mainly clothes, bags and home items. Later realizing that his behavior towards his home was directly related to how he felt on the inside, he documented it. Through the usage of black and white abstract photography Michael looks for pockets of space, textures, contrasts and compositions that interested him. Then he adds black digital painting to the images in order to further entice a sense of space into the images. After having stored these images for two years, leaving them untouched, Michael decided to print them into sheets of aluminum and paint with enamel paint on top. At this point, already being in a completely different state of mind, he brought lively color into the series. The color structures represent a more current state of mind and self. These pieces are a part of the “Surround� series. Michael Drumond - Floating Up, Blue (Top) Three Doors, Pick One (Bottom) Digital Photography, Digital Painting, Enamel Paint on Aluminum 124 x 124 cm each

MICHAEL DRUMOND 1 3 4 0 A R T | 17

Jennifer Niswonger - Maternal Instinct (Left) The Trophy (Right) Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 152 x 129.5 cm, 168 x 127 cm

18 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Sandra Paris - Robe Rouge Sur Fond Rose (Left) Le Pull Ocre (Right) Acrylic & Collage - 29.7 x 42 cm each

1 3 4 0 A R T | 19

Oli Epp

the everyday and the ordinary 20 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


pp’s paintings are informed by his everyday experiences and observations. They are autobiographical; sometimes confessional, sometimes irreverent and frequently handled with a humorous sense of pathos. He focuses on situations that either involve himself or others that he has witnessed, in public and private moments that pass by as unremarkable, at a glance. Documenting these unreported tragedies in paint is an act of discovery for Epp. “I want my imagery to feel familiar to as many people as possible; to draw out the ridiculous comedy of certain shared rituals and behaviours.”

He begins by recording things he sees (or recalls) in simple line drawing to economise on the essence of the situation. He has created simplified humanoid characters, which lend a sort of parody of the real world in the way that cartoons do. These avatars have oversized heads and are hermetically sealed by an absence of facial features, which is an exaggerated reflection on human interaction in the post digital age – these figures appear idiotically isolated, but adorned with earpieces, branded items of clothing and objects that are important to consumption and communication. Epp uses the visual language of branding and interplay between graphic and painterly surfaces to create optical confusion, echoing the way that our real and digital lives are merged. Oli Epp - Trump Eating a Cheesestring (Top Left) Biggest Stick (Bottom Left) The Exchange (Middle) A Desperate State of Affairs Installation (Right)

1 3 4 0 A R T | 21

Eliana Carvidón Cortazzo - Creature 1 Acrylic Paint on Wood Fiber - 70 x 50 cm Eliana Carvidón Cortazzo - Structuring & Resistance Acrylic Paint & Collage on Wood Fiber - 60 x 40 cm

“The human being, his inside creatures and the external circumstances: fears, challenges, joys, daily battles represented in an abstract but also expressionist way. Exorcise the creatures before they devour us.”

22 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Adrian Renner - Autumn Mood No 1 (Top Left) Autumn Mood No 2 (Top Right) Imagination No 1 (Bottom Left) Imagination No 2 (Bottom Right) Collage - 42 x 59.4 cm each

1 3 4 0 A R T | 23

Jason Trotter - Blue Disjointed Triptych Jet0467 (Top) White on Point Triptych Jet0463 (Bottom) Acrylic - 140 x 94 x 5 cm, 185 x 124 x 5 cm

24 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Claudia Limacher - Atlantis Acrylic, Oil, Pigments, & Spray Paint - 70 x 100 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 25

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Tyler Morris - Kiss Oil - 76 x 102 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 27

Sapir Gal - Self Portrait with Sugar Powder Oil on Canvas - 110 x 145 cm

28 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Roberto Ulhoa - Felipe Mendes Oil on Canvas - 120 x 100 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 29


Este Arte

LA Art Show

London Art Fair

http://estearte.com/en/ The fair’s unique format; the excellent exhibitors program; the outstanding agenda of public debates, artist talks, live performances and guided tours; are what makes Punta del este, Punta del Este.

http://www.laartshow.com/ The LA Art Show is distinguished as the region’s foremost celebration of the visual arts offering collectors, galleries and the community the opportunity to view, exhibit and purchase art from around the globe.

https://www.londonartfair.co.uk/ Over the last thirty years, London Art Fair has given access to exceptional modern and contemporary art, as well as expert insight into the changing market. 20th Century to today.

First Art Fair

Art Capital

The Affordable Art Fair NYC

7–9 January 2018

17−21 January 2018 http://www.firstartfair.nl/en/ The FIrst Art Fair is a sparkling New Year’s Fair for contemporary art, with a broad spectrum of high-level art. At the fair you will find painting and sculpture, glass, photography and jewelry from hundreds of renowned and young artists.

30 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

10–14 January 2018

15-19 February 2018 https://en.parisinfo. com/paris-showexhibition/136049/artcapital For 5 days, you can discover the work of 2,000 artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, engravers and so on…) at this great art fair. Open to the general public since 2006, the fair brings together artists from all different backgrounds.

17-21 January 2018

21-25 March 2018 https://affordableartfair. com/fairs/new-york Affordable Art Fair NYC showcasea original contemporary work from over 400 contemporary artists. Visitors can browse the diverse and carefully curated selection of artworks and discover the artworks that make them Art Happy!

Ioanna Tsogka - Untitled, 2017 Pen on Paper - 50 x 70 cm

Kazuya Ozawa - Joyness (Left) Dynasty of Fall (Right) Collage - 48 x 33 cm, 44.5 x 29 cm

Dutch Polaroidgirl - Breakfast (Left) (Noting is Too Heavy for Those with) Wings (Right) Collage - 22 x 31 cm, 23 x 31 cm

32 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Lucy Turner - Flowerbomb Screen Print on Linen - 80 x 80 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 33

LIFE GOES ON WITHIN YOU AND WITHOUT YOU Drawing on the Buddhist concept of impermanence, this fifth collection of portraits by Sri Lankan born Hong Kong artist Kos Cos, explores the contradiction between individuality and mortality created by the passage of time. The traditional view of the relationship between portraiture and time, is that portraits endure while their subjects grow older and ultimately die. The distinction of ‘Life Goes On Within You And Without You’ is that the artist has introduced an element of time into the portraits themselves. The flow of thick vivid paint that runs through each portrait is a metaphor for time. It’s a technique that takes several weeks to complete. Vibrant colours are poured onto the canvas and left until a dry outer layer form, onto which an entire portrait is painted. When the crust is broken, the dynamic inner layers of still liquified paint are released to make their own irreversible impression in a deliberate act reminiscent of the destruction of sand mandalas by Tibetan monks.

Kos Cos - In a Dark Place (Left) How Does It Feel to be Blind in Your Mind (Right) Oil on Canvas - 90 x 90 cm each

34| 1 3 4 0 A R T

Denise Emmen - Let Go! Acrylic on Wood - 61 x 85 cm

ClĂŠment Pico - Abstract 057 Digital Art - 50 x 70 cm

Cameron Pickering - Unknown Mixed Media - 183 x 122 cm

36 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Jette Reinert - Playing the Chairgame Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Linen - 150 x 120 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 37

So Jung Sharon Park - Morphing Illusion Oil on Canvas - 89 x 73.6 cm,

Morphing Illusion Oil Paint on canvas 35” x 29”

38 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

JUNE ANN D’ANGELO Photography from the BAMBOO WASTELAND project was created by geminijunemoon, a collaborative production house of freelance artists and visionaries. They aim to create body-positive and sex-positive erotica from concept to post. BAMBOO WASTELAND is a postapocalyptic moon running rampant with endangered pandi in search of radical self-acceptance. photography/art direction by Steve Yancey art direction by June Ann D’Angelo production by geminijunemoon pandi are anonymous Panda #1 (Top) Panda #6 (Bottom) Photography - 5.3 MB, 3.5 MB

1 3 4 0 A R T | 39

40 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

r e v o c s i d Discover and buy affordable fine art from the comfort of your home. 1340Gallery is a premier online gallery where you will discover an exclusive selection of carefully curated art by top upcoming talent from all over the globe. Works can be bought directly from the website and delivered anywhere in the world.

www.1340gal l ery.com

1 3 4 0 A R T | 41

Sonny O’Brien - Niobe Collage - 21 x 29.7 cm

42 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Felix Dรถrflinger - Scream Like a Butterfly Acrylic & Ink on Canvas - 60 x 80 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 43


Elsewhere A (Left) Elsewhere B (Right) Photography Polaroid - 10.7 x 8.8 cm each

We photograph, we take pictures, we shoot each other. Then there are figures and faces and eyes that flow away, that disappear through time. Hence, we call them ghosts, spirits, shadows, nightmares. We continue to capture them, the others, using photographs, using tools, but the matter remains their appearances. They aren’t ours, they are completely unconnected and indefinitely imprisoned through our vision, through a particular view. We put them away, we collect them in albums, we pin them onto sheets, we share them and we lose them in the fog. They were beings, but now begins the time. And the time is forgiveness and oblivion, it flows and everything sinks in its trail. The beings disappear. People that once were but that aren’t anymore remain. Anyway. Someday we yet again look at them. We rediscover them in a yard sale, in grandma’s trunk, and they never had colours in their time, they’re

44 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

always bluish and blurred. The beings are now gone, and some faces solely remain. The story they lived is not ours to tell. They are now shadows. A proper way to talk of and with them is to take their ghostly remains and to put them into a new light. The fact is, ghosts do exist. We see them every time we look at a picture. We talk about them, but they remain anonymous. What if we take a picture of their traces, the very traces they imprinted once in time? It’s not a photograph of a photograph, it’s not a shade, even less a foggy impression. It’s a question. The query of our passage through the centuries. Photographing a photograph is not a simple way to ask, it’s a necessary abyss setting of the footprints we will leave behind. A Polaroid photograph of a photograph is the intimate condition of the passage of time. Using such a way, we let the ghosts be what they want to be, shout what they dare, cry what they may.

Laurent Van Hoornick - Amsterdam Red Light District Polystyrene, Acrylic Paint, Styrene, Balsa, & Paper - 27 x 21 x 8.5 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 45

46 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Angela Marie Leck - A Portrait of the Onion Watercolour - 52 x 32 cm

Francesca Busca - Beehivis Plastic, Metal, & Mother-of-Pearl on Wooden Board - 36 x 45 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 47


Big Leaf and a Small Dog...Sounds Like a Beginning of a Good Story (Left) Yellow Armchair and a Plant (Right) Acrylic on Canvas - 100 x 80 cm, 120 x 80 cm

48 | 1 3 4 0 A R T


Geisha Kyoto (Left) Happy Meal (Right) Acrylic on Canvas - 91.4 x 91.4 cm, 122 x 122 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 49

Joris Graaf - Zwarte Viering Photography

Maxime Bally - Brighton Pier Acrylic & Ink on Canvas - 31.5 x 58 cm

Sharon Rusch Shaver Cinque Terre Boats Oil on Linen - 101.6 x 61 cm

Johnston Burkhardt - The Deep Mixed Media - 122 x 152 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 51

Luke Desmone the misunderstood and fantastic

52 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Considering emotions, Desmone uses

his sense of memory and feelings to communicate his fascination with the misunderstood and fantastic, addressing humanness. Examining the roles our societal structures impose on us, and the effect our surroundings contribute to our perception and our individual persona, he explores relationships in the world, within ourselves and one another, and the world that exists beyond our immediate perceptions and understanding of ourselves as individuals. Desmone projects ideas of imaginary realms, rooted in our worldly constraints, that are meant to be abstracted, but in their vagueness have them relate to very real feelings and experiences. Using honest and direct communication through ceramics,

Desmone tries to recreate the humor and pathos that closely relate to his experiences and general confusion about life and its unknowns. The honest forms he seeks often are hidden through decorative qualities of glaze, much like we as people hide behind our personas, carefully calculating how we present ourselves to one another. The objects encompass the idea that they are relics of feeling and memory, a general expression of something indicative of the human conscious. They are relics or artifacts of our present envisioned through Desmone’s particular persona. Luke Desmone - Habitual Repitition (Top Left) Just Here, Homage to the Haniwa, Philosopher (Bottom Left) In The Boat (Right) Ceramic - 45.7 cm, 61 cm, 50.8 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 53

Malachite (Top Left) Raging Blue (Bottom Left) Vortex (Right) Acrylic - 100 x 60 cm, 150 x 60 cm, 100 x 60 cm

L A R I S A A N T S E E VA Since childhood, Larisa has been fascinated by color; the combinations, the way they mix, and their complexities. Larisa believes that color is the most powerful form of transmission of her feelings and state of mind. “My art is my emotions, my mood, and my life. My works reflect the essence of nature.They are alive, their lines and spots are expressive. I want to look at them and watch this story.�

54 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Thomas Scerri - Ego Sheet Metal - 20 cm diameter

Thomas Scerri - Shadow Steel & Perspex - 40 x 40 x 40 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 55

56 | 1 3 4 0 A R T Vanessa Rusci - A Fuoco Solo Il Cuore Social Photography - 28 x 34 cm

Jason Wynn - City Charcoal & Graphite - 48 x 63.5 cm

Lorenzo Sampaolesi - MAJA Photography

1 3 4 0 A R T | 57

Tiziano Autera - Figure It Out Acrylic on Canvas - 60 x 80 cm

George Bokhua - Three Face Acrylic on Canvas - 200 x 200 cm

Brett Fitzgerald - Untitled 2012 Pen, Paint Marker, & Ink - 35.5 x 56 cm

Turkan Yildiz - Inception Oil - 101.6 x 76 x 3.8 cm

Koenraad Seghers - UFO Sighting Acrylic - 122 x 91 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 59

Coralina Picos - Noyade Acrylic & Collage Papers - 40 x 60 cm

60 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Remi Kertzinger -Dark Bonaparte Virtual - 1536 x 1232

Susan Lerner - School Photos Hand Cut Vintage Imagery Collage with Personal Photographs - 1.4 mb

Torben Hansen - Frau und Wasser Oil on Canvas - 40 x 30 cm

Wendy Muir - Privation Unique State Laser Print on 300gsm on Printers Antique Gold 256gsm Paper 13 cm x 13 cm on 21 cm x 30 cm Paper Stock

62 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

1 3 4 0 A R T | 63

Chiho Nishizono - Alexander Digital Art, Acrylic, String Gel Medium, Black Gesso, & Photography - 254 x 254 cm

Aune Ainson - Pimp & Geisha Oil on Canvas - 70 x 50 cm




64 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

The Crypt Gallery is a

unique space- completely untouched and retaining many of its original features, as well as remaining the home of over 560 bodies buried in its tombs. With its chambers and interlinking corridors, stepping into the gallery is like stepping into an underground world.

With vaulted ceilings and a labyrinth of passageways, the Crypt Gallery provides an intensely atmospheric backdrop to promote the work of a wide variety of artists, all kept under the watchful eye of its statue caryatids. The gallery’s remit is very inclusive, with no set house style - showing everything from degree shows to professional artists. The space is available to hire and they retain its affordability to maintain the gallery’s accessibility. This makes for a wide range of art work and a very interesting program of shows and events with everything from installation and fine art to performance and launches.

GOYA A DRAWING THEATRE EPIC January 27, 2018 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Join London Drawing for an unforgettable afternoon of drawing romanticism, darkness and fantastical creatures as we enter a world conjured by a master on the edge of two worlds- the magnificent Goya. Be inspired by dramatic set ups on Goya’s epic Black Paintings and etchings in one of the most atmospheric spaces in London. Prepare to leave your average life drawing class at the door…


1 3 4 0 A R T | 65

Fleury Jean Pierre - Transcendance Photography on alu Dibond - 40 x 40 cm

“The distortion offers an endless world of discovery rather than a static, basic vision of a given moment in time. Deconstructed or reconstructed, the image beckons us into a new dimension. It is a sublime gift of the mind as opposed to matter, it is also a disruption towards an illogical environment where we discover to what extent reality moves aside, without any resistance, when confronted by the power of abstraction.�

66 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Johann Walter Bantz - Bred Storming Photography - 4240 x 2832

Michael Miller - Abstractions #11 Photography - 96 x 66 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 67

Jin Sein - Little Prince and Rose (Left) Star Collector (Right Illustrator - 42 x 42 cm each

Sein is working on a project to reconstitute the ending of fairy tales. ‘Little Prince’ is the first work of this project, based on the original book. These works mainly deal with the story of the little prince and the rose. “In the original, the prince and the rose do not meet again after fighting, but in my story, I worked with the desire to be a happy ending.”

68 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Chihiro Streetcat - Love Me Love Me Not Digital Illustration - 59.4 x 84 cm

Daniel Unger - Do It Yourself Digital Illustration - 1783 x 1756px

1 3 4 0 A R T | 69

Toribio Palacios Jr - Paperclips #1 Acrylic & Screenprinting - 48 x 63.5 cm

70 | 1 3 4 0 A R T

Bruce Black - The Carpenter Watercolor on Paper - 35.5 x 24 cm

1 3 4 0 A R T | 71

1 3 4 0 A RT M A G A Z I N E 2018 // Q1

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