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ENTERTAINING ALFRESCO prime food finds and savory flavors



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summer 2011

6/15/11 12:17 AM

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Branch Emerald Earrings. 88.57ct cabochon cut emeralds with 4.45ct collection VS diamonds. Sugarloaf Emerald Ring. 17.65ct cabochon cut emerald with .93ct collection VS diamonds set in platinum. Š 2011 Lugano Diamonds


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5/19/11 1:22 PM

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3/8/11 3:23 PM

THE SPORTS CLUB/LA the finest sports and fitness complex in the world orange county

| 949.975.8400


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3/8/11 3:24 PM

    .

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 .  .  1

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Ready when you are.

Executive Charter | Aircraft Management | Sales & Acquisitions | 714.430.1406 |

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3/4/11 11:48 AM

Crystal Cove Promenade 8002 East Coast Highway | Newport Coast | CA 92657 Men’s 949.715.1600 | Women’s 949.715.1700 Alex & Malika ~ proprietors

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Passion for Fashion

Casual Wear Evening Furs Shoes Lingerie Accessories

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Publisher’s Note

Haute couture, emerging designers and summer







54 BaskStyle essentials

73 Men’s Piece of Bask (POB) A stylish gentleman’s seasonal guide to the good life

Bask Calendar Summer highlights: music, theater and art In the Glow Things that have us abuzz this season

36 BaskCulture

90 Bask@Home Abodes and architects, designers and décor making news on the homefront

128 B ask Beyond Places—near and far—that you want to visit now

Celebrating the art (and music) of fine living

40 Faces + Places


What’s fresh this summer, emerging food trends, and easy meals to go

People and events basking in the spotlight

50 BaskCause

138 Bask@Table

Giving back and paying it forward: A young girl’s inspiration

144 BaskMoment

A bit of beauty, a breath of fresh air


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More aluminum means less flab 15% less than conventional steel. Lighter means better acceleration, sharper handling, safer braking, and of course - better fuel mileage. 175 lbs. lighter than its predecessor, the new Audi A6 delivers more technology and amenities; that’s like leaving a passenger behind while still comfortably seating five.

Navigation destinations simplified: Audi MMI® Touch. Connect to your new Audi A6 through the natural feeling of your fingertip. To enter a destination address or dial a phone number simply draw on the MMI® Touch pad as if you were writing in the sand - Audi MMI® Touch inteprets your input. The new Audi A6: Your personality, understood.

Luxury has progressed.

The new Audi A6. Engineered with a lighter touch.

Audi Mission Viejo expertise made easy

(949) 218-5050 |

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6/18/11 1:41 PM

bask publisher’s note | by jolie adams

Summer in Southern California is a breathtaking redundancy of life in this part of the state. Between cool mornings under June’s marine layer and near perfect temperatures in August, summer is the time to head outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The season is intended to be all about fun, relaxation, and the wholesome pursuit of luxury. Regardless of whether you prefer your summer leisure time spent poolside, on or under the ocean, or enjoying any of California’s other captivating attractions, this issue is your guide to making the most of the season; from tips on the ideal BBQ, to beach style essentials, to outdoor decorating, it’s all here. This kind of weather begs for sweet sundresses and hot boardshorts, and we divulge the best places to buy and wear these summer staples. In this edition of bask, we’ve also profiled some of the most notable pursuits of extraordinary people both local and widespread. These featured professionals all have a hand in the aspects of California we love, from sumptuous and sophisticated hotels to world-class music. You’ll also find highlights from some of the hottest recent social gatherings as well as a forecast of the best upcoming events in the arts. We believe that summertime living should be a holistic experience, so we designed this installment of bask to encompass a range of experiences, including local culture, stunning travel destinations, and the kind of shopping and dining that can only be found in Southern California. The inaugural Summer issue of bask was just as enjoyable to develop as the season itself. With the pinnacle of our efforts coming in the form of a fashion shoot aboard a yacht in Newport Harbor, the product of the bask team’s efforts is a stunning showcase of the best of summer in Southern California. Once again, our goal is to provide engaging, timely, and entertaining coverage of all that ‘luxury in balance’ entails. The reception we continue to receive tells me we are on the right track in fulfilling our promise to you. Read up, soak it in, and bask in a bountiful summer!

Jolie Adams Publisher & Co-Founder


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6/14/11 10:28 AM

ma xma ra .c om

SOUTH COAST PLAZA 3333 Bristol Street 714 754 7900 SAN DIEGO Fashion Valley Mall 7007 Friars Road 619 574 0700

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5/12/11 9:28 PM

Luxury In B a l a n c e™ ™

Publisher and Co-Founder

Jolie Adams

Managing Editor

Amy Adams

Robert Pingatore Clayton Daniells Golie Alemi, Mark Ansara, Allison Briggs, Donna Hilbert, Tracy Kemble, Debbie Lavdas, Robert E. Palmer, Michelle Pulfrey, Heidi Ristau, Melinda Serra, Autumn Strier, Sarah Womack Virginia Fay

Editor at large Men’s Editor Contributing Writers

Editorial intern

Art Director Senior Designer Illustrator

Fashion Stylist Contributing Photographers Creative Collaborators

Associate Publisher

Jen Kuroki

Andrea Wallace Jody Asano Kirsten Prosser Cyrus Antia, Tony Florez, Tony Lattimore Austin Knight Johnson, Jonathan Mayer Nicholas Gannon

Senior Sales Director Regional Sales Manager Senior Account Managers Account Manager Publishing Intern

Linda McCall Shaena Stabler Tony Arcurio, Allison Hintz, John Stone, Steve Tolin Golie Alemi Brittany Martinez

IT Director Interactive Director Online Manager

Brandon Gilbert Derek May Jessica Page

Vice President, Distribution Vice President, Operations Operations Administrator

Wes Adams Joanne Watanabe Douglas Andrews


Paula Ansara-Wilhelm

™ ™

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The Fusion between 18K Red Gold, Diamonds, Rubber and Alligator.

Hublot TV on:

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bask contributors





6 8



contributors 1 Clayton Daniells – Son, brother, friend, entrepreneur, athlete, shopper…writer. Clayton brings a lifetime of passionate pursuits to POB, which is dedicated to the multiple interests of today’s favorite sons. 2 Melinda Serra – When she’s not busy being a wife and mother of two girls, this OC resident, New York native, is engaged with one of her other passions — designing. After specializing in this industry for nearly a decade, Melinda approaches design in a no-nonsense way, and exhibits an innate ability for making a house a home. 3 Debbie Lavdas – Debbie is a freelance writer based in Orange County. She writes for various local and national magazines, sites and blogs. Debbie was a TV reporter for many years, but ultimately chose less makeup and more stability. When not ‘zine writing, she scribes for a variety of SoCal brands. 4 Golie Alemi – The youngest voice on the bask editorial team, Golie brings to the magazine a strong writing background and a passion for uncovering beauty and fashion trends and discovering new travel destinations. In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga and designing jewelry.

5 Donna Hilbert – When Donna isn’t staring out the window waiting for the weather to change, she writes poetry and teaches private workshops from her home in Long Beach, California. Her new book of poetry, Traveler in Paradise: New and Selected Poems, is available from PEARL Editions. 6 Mark Ansara – Mark has been a financial services veteran for over 20 years. Drawing from his experiences as a floor trader on the Pacific Stock Exchange as well as his current responsibilities as a wealth manager and partner for regional investment manager Crowell Weedon & Co., Mark enjoys making sense of an increasingly complex financial world. 7 Tony Lattimore – A Chicago native who first fell in love with Southern California during a visit in high school, Tony relocated to Orange County after serving in Desert Storm. Recognized for his work as a fitness model in the popular P90X training videos, and lauded for his near-legendary networking, he brings his energetic personality and his love of photography to bask. 8 Allison Briggs – After beating breast cancer at the age of 26, Allison’s passion for healthy living was ignited. Realizing the power of mind, body, and soul balance, she followed her heart and obtained her master’s degree in Health Communication. She now dedicates her time to contributing research and writing to the emergent field of holistic health. bask writers also contribute to our online content


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6/14/11 2:39 PM

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5/25/11 4:05 PM

bask contributors








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contributors 9 Robert Palmer – A former professional touring musician and photographer, Robert is now a partner at a top-ranked international law firm. An avid fan of all things cultural and a veritable “man about town,” he not only writes on culture for bask, but also serves as a trustee and director for South Coast Repertory and the United Way, and writes theatre and music reviews for the Orange County Business Journal. 10 Kirsten Prosser – Raised in Denmark, Kirsten worked as a fashion designer in Spain for over seven years. Upon moving to Newport Beach, she became a leading runway specialist for Donna Karan New York. In early 2009, she realized one of her goals when she opened the onQueStyle boutique to remarket her clients’ high-end designer clothing. 11 Autumn Strier – No stranger to finding balance in her own busy life as a wife, mom and nonprofit executive, Autumn shares the ins and outs of the charity world, and how and why to become a part of it, as the philanthropy correspondent for bask. 12 Heidi Ristau – Heidi has come a long way from the eight-yearold serving her family hard tack and salt cod from The Little House on the Prairie Cookbook. Having traveled to more than 20 countries in the past several years, her culinary views have been shaped by everything from the food stalls in Singapore and spice markets of Morocco, to taco stands in Mexico and the finest restaurants in Paris.


13 Sarah Womack – Having experienced her fill of late nights at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sarah sought daylight hours in Southern California. Now she writes about the people and places that shape her sunny new locale during any time she pleases. 14 Cyrus Antia – As a product and architectural photographer, Cyrus is one of the best. Having shot everything from jewelry to exotic supercars to supper clubs, he brings an unusual ability to work with swaths of light and depths of shadow to increase drama, heighten expectations, and create mystery with his subjects. 15 Michelle Pulfrey – As the producer of Jillian Reynolds’ “Style File” segment on KTTV Fox News’ “Good Day LA,” Michelle delights in discovering new designers, spotlighting the hottest boutiques and covering the latest fashion collections and trends each season. 16 Robert Pingatore – Robert is a part-time horse wrangler, SCUBA diver, restaurant designer, and a full-time professional writer and man of the world. While he loves learning about new breakthroughs in science and technology, he still yearns for the days of teaching himself computer code on his Commodore 64. 17 Tracy Kemble – Life empowerment expert Dr. Tracy, a Newport Beach resident, has been helping people around the world find immediate and long-lasting joy for 15 years. Beyond her varied work with radio, TV, writing, and motivational speaking, she is also a former Mrs. Globe, a pageant she now runs to benefit the W.I.N. (Women In Need) foundation, a philanthropy she founded.

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6/14/11 2:39 PM

s u r f, s a n d a n d l u x u r y, w e l c o m e t o n e w p o r t b e a c h . e x p l o r e y o u r l u x u r y o p t i o n s t o d a y.




1000 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663 • 866.367.5241 *Driver mustmust be 21be years of age of and qualify purchase test driving Ferrari California and or Maserati GranTurismo. for details. Subject to availability. *Driver 21 years age andtoqualify tobefore purchase beforethetest driving a Ferrari Maserati. Call forCall details. Subject to availability.

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6/16/11 12:33 PM

bask calendar | by robert e. palmer

Summer Highlights... july



4 hall & oaTeS John Phillip Sousa they ain’t, but Hall & Oates is the top selling duo of all time. Their “rock and soul” style is featured at this year’s July 4th Fireworks Spectacular with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony and Fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl.


25 Maroon 5 + Train

Todd rundGren Closer to home is Todd Rundgren at The Coach House. Starting with his top-20 single “We Gotta Get You A Woman,” Rundgren has been a highly influential and innovative music artist.

Hey Soul Sisters, see two Grammy Award winning bands together in the rock/pop concert event of the summer with redhot Maroon 5 with newly reborn Train as a part of their 40 plus city tour, pulling in this summer at the Hollywood Bowl.


30 Sade + John leGend The smooth, sultry stylings of 50 million world-wide album selling Sade, featuring the band’s lead singer British Nigerian Sade Adu, with special guest John Legend, grace the Honda Center stage.



august july



Journey photo: Danny Clinch

STeely dan The Greek Theatre, possibly LA’s best outdoor concert venue, hosts Steely Dan featuring the music of Aja and their greatest hits on July 8th and fan votebased set list on July 9th.

Journey, formed in 1973 by former members of Santana, and big hair are back, albeit without Steve Perry, in the 70s and 80s rock trifecta of Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger at the Irvine Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

STeVe MarTin

photo: Sandee O

A beloved performer, Steve Martin brings his banjo and the Steep Canyon Rangers for a return to the Segerstrom Center for a not so “wild and crazy” evening of laughter and music.


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6/14/11 10:38 AM





The Getty now

! Laguna Art Museum

Les Miserables Through July 31 In a run almost long enough to reenact the French Revolution real-time, the stunning 25th anniversary production of Boublil & Schönberg’s legendary musical, Les Miserables, attacks the Ahmanson Theatre.


7 Pageant of the Masters An event that sells out each and every year is the Pageant of the Masters where art comes to life at the Irvine Bowl in Laguna Beach. This year’s production, Only Make Believe, leaves life behind to reveal the wonders of artistic imagination.


Through August 7 The architecturally stunning Getty Center offers up an elegant collection, Paris: Life & Luxury.

Through October 2 The Laguna Art Museum showcases the talents of Isamu Noguchi, the internationally celebrated Japanese-American artist and designer in its exhibition, Noguchi: California Legacy.



16 Cirque de Soleil Through December Seeking an event to turn on the lights for more than a few days at a year, the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood will adopt Cirque de Soleil’s newborn offering, Iris, as its own.

Art San Diego: Contemporary Fair Sixty-nine leading contemporary art galleries, solo exhibitors and collaborative exhibitions are on display at the marketplace for the world’s leading contemporary galleries at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel.

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6/14/11 10:38 AM

Live Beautifully

Costa Mesa, CA 949.642.2050

Come in today and meet one of our experienced interior designers or browse our designers’ profiles at

Laguna Beach, CA 949.494.6551 South Bay, CA 310.373.0442

since 1920

Interior Designer: Sam Joseph Photographer: Jeri Koegel

vonhemmert.indd 1

5/24/11 5:33 PM

in the glow | intro

in the glow

A highlight of budding eateries, emerging designers and captivating locales that have bask abuzz this season

finalv2_InTheGlowIntro.indd 2


6/17/11 11:53 AM

in the glow | shopping by golie alemi

Cedros Avenue Design District


A quick Amtrak ride along the coast will take you into the heart of Solana Beach, an unassuming yet completely gratifying shopping destination.

Solana Beach is a mere four square miles, so it may come as a surprise that this tiny San Diego beachside locale boasts an exclusive shopping catalog. The charming stretch of 21/2 blocks hosts 85 unique boutiques, and don’t expect to find anything here that you would spot at the typical shopping mall – this district lures top artisans, architects, decorators and antique collectors. For ideal shopping and browsing opportunities, head over to this coastline community during the regular special events. Gallery Nights are held on the third Thursday of each month, when the galleries remain open later (until 8:30pm), display new exhibits, play live music and host artist receptions. Additionally, you can enjoy the delightful farmer’s market every Sunday from 1pm-5pm.


final_Cedros0611.indd 1

6/13/11 10:48 PM

OC Commercial Real Estate’s Best Buys

23 Journey, Aliso Viejo

4101 Westerly, Newport Beach

955 Columbia Street, Brea

11,136 SF Prime Industrial/Flex Bldg $1,715,000 (Reduced for quick sale)

13,011 SF Office Building $2,849,000 (Low price per square foot)

44,000 SF Image Corporate HQ Pricing upon request

There’s never been a better time to purchase or lease commercial real estate - whether you are a business looking to realize the bottom-line benefits of office or industrial building ownership, an investor looking to build your portfolio, or a corporation looking to lock in a long-term lease at the current low rates. Today’s marketbottom pricing, historically low interest rates and widely available SBA financing ensure that you’ll achieve your real estate goals in both the near-term and the long run. Each week, the experts at full-service OC commercial real estate brokerage 360 Commercial Partners meet to identify the region’s best values, which then are featured in the 360 CRE Best Buys property showcase. Below are just a few of the current market’s best-value purchase and lease opportunities. Please contact us today and visit our website at for more information on these and other 360 CRE Best Buys properties. 949.296.3633

Untitled-1 1

5/12/11 9:19 PM

in the glow | shopping by golie alemi Treasure Hunt Step inside Leaping Lotus and you will immediately learn why it is the ultimate one stop shop. The space sprawls over 20,000 square feet and houses over 100 merchants under its roof. Shoppers take the active role of treasure hunters as they browse through the wide range of gift items including exotic imports, stationary, clothing, photography and more. A favorite of many interior designers is Solo. Relish in the high ceilings and open space of this restored warehouse as you peruse the different displays of home décor. Walk through the spacious 4,000 square feet showcasing upscale mid-century modern and vintage American furniture, and you are sure to find something you love.

Garden Fresh


Sophisticated Fare

Enjoy the leisurely walk along the shoplined streets that lead you to the south end of Cedros Avenue where you will find yourself at the weekly farmer’s market. The variety is vast, so bring your appetite for ethnic cuisine because you can lunch on anything from Greek to Hawaiian to French. Stroll through the open air corridor and pick through an assortment of organic produce like the adored California avocado or more unusual selections such as the Citron Buddha Hand Lemon. Enjoy sampling treats from all the stands and bring some home to snack on later. Pick up a few jars of Really Good Jam or marmalades, which come in many delicious flavors such as Blackberry Cabernet and Mum’s English Piccalilli. The sugar content is low and they are prepared with the freshest ingredients, so you won’t feel guilty when savoring the Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade with Scotch whisky on toast, or when using it

as a base sauce for chicken or fish dishes.

Has your walk through the farmer’s market exploring fresh local harvest left you feeling inspired? Be sure to walk over to Cedros Gardens to unearth your agriculturist within. If you can’t visit the farmer’s market on a regular basis, but crave produce that is fresh and

pesticide-free, then pick up organic herbs and fruit trees to plant in your own garden. Wander through this quaint nursery to find other plants, pottery or ornaments that are certain to add an element of enchantment to any garden. The gardens even offer classes for you to enhance your cultivating skills and ensure that you can maintain your fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. Or, you can schedule a consultation with the helpful folks at the gardens to complete your home landscape design.

Leaping Lotus


Farmer’s Market


If you’re looking for a leisurely brunch, try taking in the delightful ambiance and people watching on the patio at Zinc Café. The bill of fare features delectable vegetarian selections and the rotating menu will keep you coming back for more! Finish off your meal with a luscious latte and their homemade pecan with lemon glaze cookie.

Get Inspired

final_Cedros0611.indd 2

6/13/11 10:48 PM

Loans up to $10 million for investment real estate

One of the strongest commercial banks in Southern California

Never had a non-performing loan

No TARP or government aid

The 9th largest bank based in Orange County

Profitable: $2 million – 2010 net income

$320 million in assets

Direct access to decision makers

5-star Bauer rating

Ranked in the top 97% by Highline Financial

Where relationships matter





1400 Newport Center Drive, #150 Newport Beach, CA 90210

100 North Cresent Drive, #125 Beverly Hills, CA 90210




Regional Branch


Vice Chairman

californiarepublic.indd 1

5/24/11 4:13 PM


in the glow | restaurants by heidi ristau



tamarind of london


katsuya by starck

With gastropubs popping up all over Southern

Katsuya by Starck opens mid-June in

Tamarind of London opens its first U.S.

California, it’s no surprise to find San Diego’s

the old Hush space in Laguna Beach. Like the

and flagship restaurant in Newport Coast

own MIHO Gastrotruck, which uses fresh, local,

other locations in Brentwood, Hollywood, L.A.

this summer in the Crystal Cove Promenade.

and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create

Live and Glendale, the restaurant is designed

The acclaimed, Michelin-starred London

hand crafted street food that is affordable,

by Philippe Starck. The restaurant offers sushi

restaurant specializes in Indian favorites

convenient, and delicious. This is no ordinary

and robata dishes as well as new signature

as well as innovative and modern seasonal

food truck. Just look at their chalkboard menu:

items and a kid’s menu. Don’t miss the Sautéed

dishes in an upscale, casual atmosphere.

Local wild halibut ceviche tostada, mandarin

Shishito Peppers, Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna,

Tamarind’s menu includes small plates such

salad with local Satsuma mandarins, roasted

and the Seared Albacore With Garlic Soy

as Stuffed Grilled Potato Pancakes and Pan

beets, fennel, baby arugula, and horseradish

Lemon Butter and Truffles.

Seared Atlantic Scallops. They will also offer an assortment of kabobs, curries, interesting

tarragon vinaigrette, and a grass fed burger with all natural cheddar, grilled balsamic red onion, local butter leaf lettuce, hand-made

salads and daily lunch specials, such as the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Naan-Burger.

French dressing, and local brioche.


final2_Restaurants0611.indd 2

6/13/11 11:00 PM


To book your Napa Valley stay, please call 800 942 4220 or visit Discover the exclusive benefits of our one-of-a-kind private residences complete with signature Auberge amenities and services. Call 800 942 4220 or visit for more information. Auberge Resorts: Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley, California • Auberge Residences at Element 52, Telluride, Colorado • Encantado, Santa Fe, New Mexico Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico • The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina • Rancho Valencia, Rancho Santa Fe, California

10.45 in

calistoga_ranch.indd 1

6/2/11 10:55 AM

in the glow | restaurants by heidi ristau


hungry cat

papaya king

Searsucker is Top Chef’s Brian Malarkey’s

It’s amazing that the best seafood restaurants

NYC hot dog staple Papaya King opens

restaurant, located in the heart of the

are often many miles from the beach.

in Hollywood, on Wilcox just south of

Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. The ‘Sea’ in

Finally, Santa Monica gets its due with the

Hollywood Blvd. History was made almost

Searsucker pays homage to the menu’s love

opening of David Lentz’s Hungry Cat.

80 years ago when Papaya King created a

of the ocean and is divided into fun categories

Like its locations in Hollywood and Santa

tropical oasis in the middle of Manhattan with

like ‘Bites,’ ‘Smalls,’ ‘Greens,’ ‘Ocean,’ ‘Ranch’

Barbara, the restaurant focuses on high

its magical combination of tropical drinks

and ‘Farm.’ It includes everything from Lost

quality fish paired with fresh, locally sourced

and frankfurters. Celebrity chefs such as

Abbey Shortribs, Jalapeno-chorizo Corn Off

ingredients, often from nearby farmer’s

Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart rave

the Cob, Goat Cheese Dumplings and Ribeye

markets. The raw bar showcases Pacific and

about these hot dogs, and you will too. Try

Tomahawk with Cognac and Horseradish. Don’t

Atlantic oysters, Santa Barbara sea urchin,

the Polynesian Papaya with mango, coleslaw

miss the expertly prepared seafood specialties

raw and marinated fish dishes, crab and

and jalapenos.

like the local Baja Scallops served with figs and

lobster. The Hungry Cat bar specializes

Alaskan halibut with bacon corn broth.

in seasonal, market driven cocktails, craft

brews and an eclectic wine list.


final2_Restaurants0611.indd 3

6/13/11 11:01 PM

BEcauSE EvERY PRINcESS SHOuLD HavE HER OWN KINGDOM. The magic of childhood isn’t all imagination and make-believe. It’s also about creating a safe environment for dreams to unfold; instilling young minds with the idea that anything is possible; and showing them that there’s beauty everywhere they look. And what better place to bring these elements to life than at Covenant Hills, where 1,600 acres of pristine, protected ridgelines and natural beauty fill every horizon and unparalleled family-inspired living fills every custom home site. Get in touch today to explore this rare opportunity to create a wondrous kingdom for your family.

Custom Homesites from $500,000 to over $1 Million Homes from the low $2 Millions to high $3 Millions



Custom Sales Gallery | Open Thurs. to Sun. 10-5 pm 63 Bell Pasture, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

The above information is provided for general reference only and made without representation or warranty of the accuracy thereof including, without limitation, the accuracy of availability, pricing, square footage, lot size, views, facilities and same is submitted subject to errors, omissions. All information furnished regarding properties for sale was obtained from unaffiliated third parties and while deemed reliable, is not guaranteed. DMB Ladera, LLC reserves the right to change any designs, specifications, elevations, prices or other terms without prior notice or obligation. Warning: The California Department of Real Estate has not inspected, examined or qualified the above information and no Federal or State agency had judged the merits or value, of any of the properties referenced above. Nothing contained herein shall constitute an offer to sell or lease any homes or real estate. No offer for sale or lease may be made without the delivery of a Public Report. Void where prohibited by law.

covenanthills.indd 1


5/28/11 11:13 AM

bask culture | by debbie lavdas

He’s more blue jeans and t-shirt than maestro tux and tails. He’s got a rebel spirit that prompts him to fly planes, ride motorcycles, climb mountains, scuba dive, and even go to space one day. And he’s part pyrotechnic. Who is this multitalented daredevil? None other than Maxim Eshkenazy, the 35-year-old Assistant Conductor of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. Though he harbors deep connections to his native Bulgaria, his laidback charm and self-effacing sense of humor are undeniably winning. Maxim gave bask a window into his world and spoke spiritedly of his Tchaikovsky Spectacular Summer Festival show in September, an event including thundering cannons and the OCFD on standby. Right off the bat, I’m struck by Maxim’s Californication-star resemblance. “David Duchovny, you get that a lot?” I ask. “I do,” he answers instantly, as though he’s heard it a million times. “Bono, too,” he adds, “but I don’t really see that.” Appearances aside, we delve a little deeper into his unorthodox classical training. His interest in music started early, but the later experiences that led him to conducting are a little more unexpected. “My father started me as a musician, a violinist when I was five. At that time, Bulgaria was a Communist country, so two things very much on the radar of those countries: sports and art. Early on, I would conduct my brother and cousins with a pencil.” However, Maxim challenged this seemingly destined path. “My life was predetermined with my parents,” he explains. “There was this love/hate relationship I was experiencing with who I was. So I signed up to do a parachute jump with the Bulgarian army at 16, without my parents’ permission. I woke up early, and snuck out. At that time, it was definitely a way to be myself.” continued

Photos courtesy of Pacific Symphony


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6/15/11 4:28 PM

MULTI MEDIA ART & EVENT VENUE 891 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, CA 92651 949.376.1555 ext. 106 Visit for more information.

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6/3/11 4:12 PM

“Being in the air and making music is really very similar... It’s that incredible openness.” Maxim Eshkenazy frequently takes to the skies in this Cessna 172

The army didn’t stick, but the freeform love of flying did. Today, he holds licenses for flying airplanes and helicopters, as well as paragliding and hang gliding. “Being in the air and making music is really very similar,” he says. “It’s that incredible openness. You’re not constrained by concrete. You want to turn left, you turn left. You want to go fast, you go fast. With music, it’s the same. It’s almost [an] out of body experience.” The inspiration for these musical flights of fancy? “I’m a big Mahler fan. I love Symphony No. 1, No. 2, adore No. 4. And I’m discovering a huge love for a contemporary composer called Osvaldo Golijov, fantastic music. And, of course, I adore Beethoven—the music is so energetic and incredible to conduct. Also, I enjoy more obscure pieces of Leonard Bernstein, who was one of Carl St. Clair’s mentors,” he says. Speaking of St. Clair—the PSO Music Director for an unheard of 21 years—I ask point-blank: “Do you have your eye on that spot?” Laughing, but without missing a beat, he replies, “Uh, yes, I can’t wait to be Carl St. Clair. That’s a very direct and


beautiful question. Someday, yes. In the very distant future.” Currently, Maxim is also the Music Director of PSO Youth Orchestra, an especial passion of his given his love of children. (Another interesting character quirk, as Maxim’s single and doesn’t have kids, though he wants many.) “I always want the Youth Orchestra to be part of my life. It’s an enormous pleasure to work with a young soul,” he says. What else does the future hold for Maxim? On September 3rd, he will present his fireworks-focused PSO Summer Festival show, the Tchaikovsky Spectacular “1812 Overture,” at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. He says, “I love combining fireworks and orchestra. About 18 cannons are actually written in the score. So it’s not like you can shoot them anywhere you want. It’s very complicated, synchronized. They have to call the cannon shots two seconds ahead of time. It’s something I sweat overnight.” Maxim, fireworks, cannons and the orchestra. An unconventional but winning combination that, somehow, melds together perfectly.

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bask faces + places

bask magazine’s

spring bash

photographs by tony florez

left to right + top to bottoM: Carlos Cervantes, Kiersten Skov Guest, Kirsten Prosser Moti Ferder, Idit Ferder, Nick Gannon, Kurt Belcher Guest, Rob Glass, Shaena Stabler, Josef Wojtkow, Annette Richardson


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6/14/11 11:16 AM

left to right + top to bottoM: Allie Estes Roche, Lois Kinsey Kurt Belcher, Jon Mayer, Lucus Lujano Guests Lamborghini of Newport Beach Chef Casey Overton of Montage Laguna Beach

What better way to celebrate the release of our Spring issue, than with our premiere partners and local tastemakers in a Shady Canyon setting that resembles Tuscany in the spring? In lieu of the most gorgeous season in Southern California, we decided to host a gathering of more than 300 guests at one of Glass Constructions most exquisite French Provence estates located within the gates of Shady Canyon (which is listed with Jacqueline Thompson of Surterre Properties). Guests were greeted by a live model showcase of Lugano Diamond’s most stunning pieces, and it set the bar for what was to come. Inside the estate, invitees were enthralled with the culinary expertise of Chef Casey Overton of The Loft at Montage Laguna Beach where he prepared some of his personal spring favorites with ingredients grown from his own backyard.

On the other end of the kitchen, worldrenowned chef and artist Stephane Treand worked with chocolate and sugar to create two pieces of edible art that should be showcased in a gallery. As sunset dawned upon us, guests enjoyed cocktails provided by Ion Vodka and were engaged by Vintner Peter Bowers of DAOU Vineyards for an informal tasting of the brands most desirable vintages located in the estate’s outdoor loggia. As guests enjoyed the gorgeous estate you couldn’t help but be drawn to the energy around the men’s lounge. Our guests reveled in the showcase of timepieces provided by Swiss Watch Company while sipping on finally aged Glenfiddich and previewing a fleet of Lamborghinis—which we all wanted to be our ride home at the end of such a lovely evening.

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6/14/11 11:16 AM

bask faces + places

dream guild’s

spring fling luncheon photographs by Tony Florez

Eric Finley of Oscar de la Renta at South Coast Plaza graciously opened the doors to the exquisite boutique and hosted a “Spring Fling Luncheon” in honor of the Dream Guild’s ongoing effort to support the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. In addition to honorary chairs Heather Madden and Tracey McCarter, nearly 90 other philanthropists and supporters attended the glamorous luncheon. Guests enjoyed delicious fare while learning about Oscar de la Renta’s craftsmanship and decades of experience in the high fashion industry, which has earned Oscar the title of a true American couturier. Finley ended the proceedings by extending an ultra-exclusive opportunity for the ladies to obtain a custom-tailored evening gown, selecting all of the details of their couture Oscar evening wear. The Dream Guild has a history of putting on events that are both enjoyable and successful, as evidenced by the $100,000 they have raised this year alone, and this luncheon was no exception.

left to right + top to bottoM: Jennifer Berlinger, Courtney Black, Tony Berlinger Kathryn Glassmeyer Oscar de la Renta Model Ericka Zenz, Ann Winthrop, Maris Winthrop, Beth Bidna Pame Schmider, Bill Peters, Salwa Cohen, Jonathon Tudor


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6/14/11 11:16 AM

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6/3/11 4:22 PM

bask faces + places

masquerade gala CASA

left to right + top to bottoM: Dennis & Susan Leibel Susan Kang, Cyd Swerdlow, Lourdes Nark Ann & Gary Shelly Wendy & Larry Tenebaum Randy Hall, Rebecca Hall, Matt Todsen, Leisel Boulware, Rob Marcereau, Inga Sanders

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Orange County commemorated its 26th annual “Celebration of Children” event on May 14th at the elegant Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach with a masquerade themed gala. The 500 guests donned glamorous masks and were treated to an elegant three-course dinner, live auction and entertainment by country music artist Jimmy Wayne. The fundraising event drew in $800,000 to benefit CASA, a non-profit organization that trains community volunteers to serve as influential and caring mentors and advocates for the OC community’s most severely abused, abandoned and neglected children.


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6/14/11 11:16 AM

Expect the Unexpected The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel invites you to experience our re-imagined surfside retreat. Awaken your senses with our unique ocean-front setting and remarkable service heritage. The premiere destination for travelers, who desire a playful approach to true Southern California luxury. We’ve changed everything, but the view.




One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, California 92629





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5/27/11 8:57 AM

bask faces + places

left to right + top to bottoM: Party-goers Peter Fonda arriving at the premier Alex Beh, MacKenzie Phillips, Hal Oszan Amanda Salazar + Guest Sara Shahi + Guest GregSchwenk, Michael C. Hall, Todd Quartararo

newport beach film festival

spotlight premiere

The Newport Beach Film Festival kicked off its 12th season on April 28 before a packed house at the Edwards Big Newport Theater with the world premiere of East Fifth Bliss, followed by a VIP after party in the Bloomingdales courtyard at Fashion Island. The stylish fete featured culinary tastings from many of Orange County’s premier restaurants, a runway fashion show spotlighting the latest looks from several of Fashion Island’s top retailers, and a hosted bar provided by Absolut Vodka, Stella Artois, and Perrier. The 350 films from 40 countries represented at The Festival had something for everyone, including family, action sports, eco spotlight, art, architecture and design, collegiate showcase, shorts and documentaries. Each night after the spotlight premiere, movie-goers flocked to the various after parties. Newport Lexus, Sports Club LA-Orange County, Muldoon’s Irish Pub and Celtic Bar and Canaletto Ristorante Veneto celebrated the festival by hosting highly coveted parties highlighting top entertainment and cuisine. 46

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6/14/11 11:17 AM

E FFORTLESS E LEGANCE F OR Y OUR H OME 1733 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach

949.650.7979 @studiochameleon


studiochameleon.indd 1 Original Painting by Michelle Williams

5/24/11 9:47 PM

bask faces + places

unveiling party audi 7

photographs by Tony Florez

A select group of the area’s most passionate drivers and auto enthusiasts gathered at Seven-Degrees studio and art space in Laguna Beach on April 28, 2011 for an introduction to Audi’s newest model, the A7. Seven-Degrees provided the breathtaking space and the delicious food, and Audi provided the eye candy. The newest model in the Audi family, the A7 is muscular with clean lines and an assertive stance. From the response of those attending the A7’s coming-out party, it sounds as though Audi has fashioned a winner.

left to right + top to bottoM: Seven-Degrees Danilae Smith, Tiffany Evans, Isabel Do Delfina Muncy, Luke Muncy, Paige Hunzicker, Matthew Klein Guests, Chris Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peters, Scott Gunderson


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6/14/11 11:17 AM


Benefits Everyone Q

: What is an Energy Efficient building?

Environmentally sensitive buildings maximize natural daylight and cross ventilation; creating buildings that reduce heat gain and heat loss. It works with every architectural style; it’s a matter of utilizing the sun’s power. We plan for the future and incorporate technology that allows alternative solutions for electrical power. A well designed home uses far less electrical lighting during the day. It isn’t complicated; it’s a matter of utilizing the natural benefits of each site. These concepts PH: JEFF KROEZE are consistent with the teachings of Feng Shui the Asian teachings of creating a “balance” in life - of wind, water and chi; they fit in every living environment.


: What is really meant by Green Architecture? Green architecture has become a buzz

word causing all of us to ask this question. Gladly, this buzz on Green has heightened awareness; causing everyone to think twice before being wasteful and our environment is improving. Going Green architecturally involves a different thought process – it requires analyzing the qualities of building materials and systems that are friendly to the earth in all phases of their life cycle. We specify materials that respect the environment and embrace those that are healthy; sourcing as many local products as possible.

deal of research into the chemical components of building materials; sometimes we got it wrong. Today however, the EPA and a variety of other organizations require manufacturers to disclose what is in their product; making the selection of healthy materials easier. Our firm’s extensive history in this field has resulted in a breadth of experience and knowledge we incorporate into each home we design.


: Which alternative energy

systems do you believe make most sense for homeowners? For many decades alternate energy sources were enjoyed only by few. This changed drastically in the last decade and while there are terrific tax incentives driving this industry, some systems are not right for the condition. Solar panels for hot water or electrical generation require unobstructed sun and proper solar orientation. If your home is designed to properly capture the sun there are a variety of options to reduce your dependency on public utilities, reduce your carbon footprint and minimize the use of fossil fuel. Net metering is a reality – the utility company may pay you to generate energy.


BRION JEANNETTE ARCHITECTURE has been a leader in creating green buildings; buildings that are energy efficient and employ passive and active solar designs since the 1970s.

Brion Jeannette, Architect, (AIA, NCARB) was part of the original California State Energy Commission team in the ‘70’s creating California’s Title 24 energy codes; making California a trendsetter in the U.S. and his architectural focus a specialty ahead of its time. He has served as guest lecturer to colleges and universities for decades promoting practical methods to enhance our living environments through practical energy conscience design. Amy J. Creager, Architect, LEED AP (AIA) has devoted herself to learning all she can about sustainable materials that enhance the quality of life within our built environment. She is a LEED AP, actively involved in the Orange County chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and brings her special interest in natural materials to each of her projects. Helping clients achieve their green goals through remodeling is especially gratifying for her as it offers exciting challenges as well as numerous recycle/reuse possibilities. New Construction and Remodels Energy Efficient Design


: How do you know which materials are environmentally friendly and which are not?

Years ago this required a great

brionjeannette.indd 1 949.645.5854

6/9/11 11:46 AM

bask cause | by autumn strier

Little girl—

Big Heart With a heart as deep as the ocean she loves, young Maddie James inspires the creation of a non-profit organization to help benefit Orange County’s Ocean Institute


Summer is here, and for those of us lucky enough to live in Southern California, it tends to be our favorite time of year. Although we don’t experience the rough winters in the East, we still manage to complain when it is cold and rainy, and celebrate when we can once again slide into flip flops and head outside. Everything seems more beautiful here when the sun shines, from the wildflowers to the palm trees, and the light blue skies to the deep blue ocean. Summer lightens our days. And for one little girl who spent her life here in Southern California, it was the ocean filled with a Nemo-sized world underneath, that held her heart and fascinated her mind. Her name was Maddie James, and although she passed away in March, her story lives on and is woven into the fabric of the communities here. I am honored to share it with you now. Maddie was a tow-headed blonde with bright blue eyes, and she loved sea stars. She loved hermit crabs, sea anemones, and bright colored fish, and though she had a wonderful life on land, the world she loved the most was under the sea. Knowing this, her mom Kasja and dad Collie enrolled her in the Sea Squirts Summer Camp at the Ocean Institute in the summer of 2009. Located in Dana Point, it was not far from Maddie’s home in Capistrano Beach. She loved it there, and as a result of the institute’s educational programs, she learned about the creatures she adored, how to interact with them, and about the science of the ocean. continued


“There are no seven wonders of the world . In the eyes of a child, there are seven million.” – Walt Streightiff

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6/15/11 12:34 PM

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4/12/11 11:48:12 AM 6/8/11 1:05 PM

Seaside Learning Center at the Ocean Institute

Over time, she became friends with Dan Stetson, the Institute’s President and CEO, along with the teachers, staff and volunteers. As Dan remembers fondly, Maddie would save her name tags from each day at camp and often tell him that the institute was her favorite place in the whole world. Maddie continued to visit the institute after summer’s end, and the ocean remained her favorite topic to discuss with family members, teachers and friends. Maddie’s love of the ocean grew, and although her life was cut tragically short by an inoperable brain tumor that took her life on March 13th, 2011—only 52 days after she was diagnosed—her love for the Ocean Institute stayed strong even in her final days. On March 4th, barely ten days before she passed away, Dan arranged for the institute to bring the ocean to her by creating a touch pool, placing it on wheels, and bringing it to her bedside. She loved it, and while barely awake, she managed to extend her two little fingers—like she’d been taught at summer camp—to feel the creatures one last time, and call out each of their names. It was truly a special moment for everyone in the room. Before Dan left, Maddie extended both hands and handed him five $100 bills, a prize her family had won in the OC Register for “best Hawaii photo.” Maddie’s mom and dad said if they won, Maddie could give the money to the Ocean Institute to help with their big construction project, and tears streamed down their faces when Maddie gave those bills to Dan, telling him the money was to “build it.” Maddie was not given the length of life so many of us are blessed to have, but those who knew her say that if she were, it would have been dedicated to the ocean. Therefore, in her honor, and to create a


legacy for their daughter, Kasja and Collie have launched the Maddie James Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to benefit Maddie’s favorite place—the Ocean Institute. In a few very short months, the foundation has successfully raised over $300,000 toward their goal of $1 million, and has earmarked 100% of these funds to help “build it.” “It” is the Ocean Institute’s largest capital project, a $4 million Seaside Learning Center, designed to be an education center for children like Maddie who are fascinated by life under the sea. As a mom of three young children also entranced by the world under the waves, I love the Ocean Institute and its extraordinary programs that educate our youth on how to understand and respect the ocean. It is a wonderful place here in Southern California: locally based, but nationally renowned, operated well, and with a strong and viable mission. If you are looking for somewhere to bring your family this summer, or a place to donate funds that will be used to educate over 115,000 youth per year, it is a truly deserving organization. As Maddie learned during her short life, the Ocean Institute is a special place with a big heart. And you never know—it could someday become one of your favorite places in the whole world.

For more information on the Ocean Institute, or on the Maddie James Foundation to benefit the Seaside Learning Project, visit

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6/15/11 12:34 PM

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6/15/11 11:31 AM

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6/15/11 11:31 AM

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6/15/11 11:31 AM

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6/15/11 11:32 AM

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6/15/11 11:32 AM

bask style | neutrals by michelle pulfrey

neutral is the new hue



bask in the style trend for this season: a clean, effortless look with a simple and subtle palate. These dreamy summer dresses, eye-catching handbags, and stunning shoe collections are the pieces that your closets will covet.





1. Petal Polka Strapless Dress, $298. 2. Shelbys Summer Maxi Dress, $248. 3. Limited Edition Natural Cork Handbag $580. 4. Nude Leather Rosabel Bag, $1,750. 5. Nude Patent Leather Booties, $950. 6. Beaded Cuff Sandal, $125.


finalv2_Neutrals0611.indd 2

6/17/11 12:01 PM

Imagine an entire day devoted to your indulgence. We did. Slip away for a day designed to refresh and renew. Your Day of Indulgence includes: one 60-minute massage or facial, poolside lunch and a personalized fitness class for just $200*. You’ll also enjoy full access to all our Spa Montage facilities and our rooftop pool.

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Montage.indd 1

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5/12/11 9:24 PM

bask style | at the beach by michelle pulfrey

With these summer essentials, you’ll lack nothing for a

perfect day at the beach.

Keep your face in the shade with the trendy take on the Fedora from Gap.

Give your lips long lasting luminous color and shine with Smashbox lip gloss collections.

Lock in the moisture with La Mer’s Oceana Créme de la Mer (Limited Edition).

Cover up with Salt Optics, “Odette.”

Pull it all together with this stylish yet durable and spacious beach bag from Gap, and you’ll feel both glamorous and relaxed at any beach.

Keep your tresses tame and protected against humidity with Black 15in1 all purpose de-frizz, fly away taming spray.


Keep your face fresh with Amore Pacific Skin Energy Hydration Spray.

For those more delicate areas of the face, protect your eyes, lips and nose with La Prairie’s Ultra Protection Stick SPF 40.

finalv2_Beach0611.indd 2

6/15/11 12:06 AM


“I invite to you to come by OnQueStyle where you will find amazing treasures.”


on que style will pay cash or consign your new or gently used Balenciaga, Cartier, Chanel, Chloe, David Yurman, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex, Tiffany’s, Yves Saint Laurent, and other luxury designer handbags, shoes, apparel or jewelry!

LUXURY APPAREL 2900 East Coast Highway

onquestyle.indd 1


Corona del Mar, California


w w w.onquest

5/24/11 8:54 PM

bask style | shop by michelle pulfrey


For the Birds Clean for a cause each time you buy one of these black bird-shaped soaps. As you wash your hands, you will gradually unveil the clean, white ceramic bird inside, a symbol of recovery and restoration. The moisturizing combination of olive oil and aloe is lightly scented with cypress. Fifty percent of the proceeds go to environmental clean up and care for affected animals of the Gulf oil spill. $24.

Personalize Your OM From the same savvy spot, these custom, extra long, embroidered yoga mats come in 20 colors and 18 thread styles in five designs. This company was born from “a desire to give fitness, health oriented and memorable gifts,” says Owner Alison Korman. Starting at $35, any one of these unique mats is the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. They also make beautiful baby mats or pet mats.

Summer Scented Creative Director Traci Arntsen launched her new Maison Blanc Collection for Voluspa to bring a fresh update to the luxe sophistication of her iconic line. This perfect-for-summer scent is a blend of white freesia and California verbena with a hint of fresh air from the Pacific. The clean burning coconut wax blend takes a modern approach to home décor: the candles blend right in, but offer just a hint of decorative delight. Prices start at $10.

Fashion in Time Orange County’s own Oceanaut designed this beautiful timepiece, perfect for everyday use, with summer in mind. The lightweight white ceramic bracelet is complimented with rose gold plating and overlaid with sapphire crystal. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it’s also water resistant up to 50 meters. Oceanaut $750.00.

Aroma Addicts Jo Malone’s newest limited edition fragrance Sakura Cherry Blossom offers a unique interpretation of the Japanese blooming tree. The scent is layered with rose and mimosa, accented with the freshness of mandarin and bergamot. The result is a feminine, powdery and delicate aroma. Malone scents are designed to be layered – this one is lovely with French Lime Blossom. $105 for 100ml.


Customize your Casa These unique and chic placemats come in three styles and 10 stunning colors. The washable and durable design can be embroidered and personalized, but is equally gorgeous without embellishment. Although the designs are sophisticated, the casual feel of the material makes them equally suited for everyday use or entertaining. Perfect for outdoor dining. Prices start at $40.

final_Shop0611.indd 2

6/15/11 12:08 AM

Lois Kinsey Beauty.indd 1

3/3/11 5:49 PM

OPERATION BLACKBOOK Executive Protection company PPO #16365

We provide: Full Protective Details Security Escort and Drivers Aviation Services Executive Travel Support Security Vehicle Programs

as unique as our business name Sean Hunt

Roland Bell

714 580.9839

951 545.0214

Operation Blackbook is a protection detail that caters to your needs. All employees of Operation Blackbook are off duty police officers that have been trained in dignitary protection.

Operation Blackbook.indd 1

3/7/11 8:19 AM

pob | by clayton daniells

setting sail Beautiful, inviting, sexy, sensuous, peaceful, the ocean, the great wild wonder that one minute is gently cuddling the curves of our coastline and the next is calling seafarers to their maker. Because that wet blue postcard we drive by every day really is as mysterious and unforgettable as a lost love.

And while we may sometimes overlook her, we cannot forget the storied and never-to-be-forgotten men who battled her might and mythology: Jason and his Argonauts, Odysseus and his eponymous 40-year journey home, and even the Skipper and Gilligan. While just a 3-hour tour means surrendering our fate to her, we take to her nonetheless, our spinnakers filled with the magic and the conviction that nothing conjures the best in us like 40 feet of waterline, softly making waves.

final_MenIntro0611.indd 1


6/13/11 11:25 PM

pob | men@work by robert pingatore

Alan Fuerstman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Montage Hotels and Resorts, Alan Fuerstman took a few moments out of his crowded schedule to discuss with bask his vision of luxury, guest service, and the future of the Montage brand.

bask: Hospitality can be a challenging industry. How did you find yourself in this field? Alan Fuerstman: I was never planning a career in the hospitality industry. My senior year in high school I took a part-time job as a doorman at a Marriott hotel. I went off to college and every summer came back and worked as a bellman at the hotel. Upon graduation, I had the opportunity to open a resort as bell captain . . . I shortly realized that I had fallen in love with the complexity, excitement, and the kind of impact we, as service providers, could make in the hospitality environment. I have been involved in the industry ever since. b: How does the brand compare now to your original concept, almost ten years ago? AF: To explain where it stands now in relation to my initial concept, it is important to understand how I initially envisioned the brand. As I saw it at the time, there was room for a new ultra-luxury hotel company, largely because of the needs and wants of a newly emerging luxury lifestyle. We had an opportunity to create a concept centered on guest service and culinary experiences. I wanted the feeling of Montage to be a humble one, one without the sense of pretension that seemed to have seeped into the older style of lavish hospitality; this new luxury guest was seeking an experience that was more comfortable and more approachable. We would still be dedicated to the highest quality in everything we did - we would just do so in a more relationship-oriented way.


finalv2_MenatWork0611.indd 2

6/18/11 10:36 PM

b: How have you been able to maintain your standards within the Montage? AF: The short answer? A passionate focus on our vision as a company and a determination to never compromise the brand. The long answer is that we have had many opportunities to grow that weren’t in line with our original vision, whether they be new properties or the management of existing properties, and we chose to not go in that direction in order to maintain our brand integrity. For us, it’s about measured growth in order to remain true to our brand promise. b: How do you personally define “luxury?” AF: For me, there are tangible components to luxury, and there are intangible components. The things you touch and feel, and the quality of the craftsmanship are important parts of the tangible luxury experience. The other dimension, the intangible, is how you are made to feel. It’s a style of service, it is in the attention to detail, it’s a deliverable that is reflective of understanding of time, which is the most precious commodity to a busy luxury consumer. It is how you are made to feel while you are enjoying the elements of luxury around you.

“Montage” is an homage not only to Laguna Beach’s artistic history, but it is also a nod towards this aspect of luxury and art. It’s the visual arts, the musical arts, the culinary arts, and how they blend together that creates a super-luxury experience. b: How do you embrace luxury in your personal life? AF: I love to travel. Probably the most relaxing for me are beach destinations. Whether it’s here in Laguna Beach, or somewhere on the other side of the world, like Fiji. I find them

focused on things that are memorable and different and that I can integrate into what we do.” I had a great experience a few years ago in New York that illustrates my point. I had mentioned to the concierge that I was going to see the Jersey Boys. That night when I returned to my room from seeing the show, I found the Jersey Boys were playing on a CD in the room. And there was a note from the concierge that read, “I hope you enjoyed the show. Please enjoy the CD as an expression of appreciation for your visit with us.” I was quick to spread that story with my team and share just how memorable that experience was, and to use that as a tool to motivate our team in making sure we are doing those kinds of things for our guests when we see the opportunities to do so. And that is the kind of take-away I look for in other hotels. It’s a reminder that there are great hospitality examples all the time that we may emulate.

“I am most influenced by style of service. To me, it’s the comfortable elegance. I’m influenced by the arts; they are an important component to luxury.”

In the end, there are certainly the trappings of luxury, but there are other things that leave you with the impression that you have just enjoyed true luxury. For hospitality, that really focuses in on the quality of training for your employees in order to deliver. It means being able to read the needs and wants for each consumer individually. And it leaves you with a tremendous feeling of fulfillment when you’ve done it right. b: What influences your concept of luxury, particularly in your profession? AF: I am most influenced by style of service. To me, it’s the comfortable elegance. I’m influenced by the arts; they are an important component to luxury. In fact, the name

rejuvenating. I also love skiing, music, and staying active. Exploration and experiencing other cultures are passions of mine. I feel that there is so much to discover in the world. With so much to absorb and learn, I find combining passion for the [hospitality] work with this passion for discovery. . . well, they intertwine quite nicely. b: When you travel, do you find yourself critiquing other hotels and restaurants? AF: I’m often asked as the operator of a luxury hotel, if when I travel, I find myself a big critic of other hotels and restaurants. And the answer is, “No, I’m only looking for things that I can learn from and do better. I’m not concerned if things are not so good. I’m really

b: What would bask readers be surprised to learn about the visionary behind the Montage resort? AF: That I prefer In-N-Out Burger over caviar? (laughs)

b: Are there any particular design elements or secret personal touches to each Montage? AF: Physically, no. I feel the style of service is what most reflects on me and the company. The graciousness and the relationships we make with our guests are the signature details. Really, it’s not any particular design element, so much as it is a genuine human touch. b: Finally, what is in store for the future for you and the Montage? AF: We are in growth mode. A growing company is a healthy company. Because of the early success of Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, and Deer Valley, the opportunities are tremendous. We have quite a few projects we are considering: Mexico, Northern California wine country, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, maybe even as far as China. I can tell you that gateway cities are important to us. And I feel that we really are destined to be a global brand.

finalv2_MenatWork0611.indd 3


6/18/11 10:36 PM

pob | the right boardshorts by nick gannon


final_Swimwear0611.indd 2

6/13/11 11:27 PM

Which Boardshort is “You?” Any man dwelling in the California Riviera should have a killer pair of boardshorts in his summer wardrobe. Whether you’re surfing along the California coast, lounging poolside, or just enjoying the weekend with the family, the boardshort has become the archetypal casual summer wear for southern Californian men. The selections of boardshorts are endless and there is a brand and fit for everyone.

“The Quintessential”

“The Au Courant”

“The Classic”

Vilebrequin has long been the premium

Southern California native designer Brett Kroha

Tommy Bahama has been a staple for men’s

men’s swimwear for power players all over the

has just unveiled The Break’s collection of

swimwear for decades and still proves to be a

world. Founded in Saint-Tropez in 1971, the

Americana inspired boardshorts. With classic

true classic while always keeping up with the

fashionable swimwear powerhouse has been

colors and vintage, abstract prints, The Break

latest trends. Whether you’re cruising on your

setting the bar for years. Their Spring/Summer

reinterprets a nautical style of swimwear. As for

boat, fishing with your buddies, or BBQ’ing with

2011 Collection is inspired by the vibrant South

the fit, The Break keeps it clean, tailored, and

friends and family, the Hybrid of Paradise Swim

African landscapes and wildlife, which lends

shorter than your typical board short. As Kroha

Short is a perfect fit—fashionable for the streets

itself to beautiful patterns that will definitely

grew up on the beach himself, he implemented

and practical for the water. Paired with some

make you stand out from the rest. Starting at

some progressive changes such as a nylon

leather Rainbow sandals and a Bali High Tide


zipper fly rather than your standard Velcro

Tee, you’re ready for any beach side summer

(which ends up gnarly after a few washes) and

occasion. Starting at $92.

a zipper Velcro back pocket to keep your keys, ID, and credit cards safe while in the water. This is definitely an up and coming brand to keep on your radar. Starting at $86.

final_Swimwear0611.indd 3


6/13/11 11:27 PM

pob | bask tech by robert pingatore

STAY COOL IN THE SUMMER HEAT Summertime in Southern California is about the great outdoors, water sports, and the luxurious pursuit of both recreation and leisure. Here are six enhancements for your fun time in and around the water...


Finis XtreaMp3


Finis made waves with its SwiMP3.1G mp3 player designed for pool swimming and is now stoking the adrenaline level with the XtreaMp3 player. With surfers, kite boarders, ocean swimmers, and triathletes in mind, this mp3 player has a high impact case, neoprene arm strap that fits with a wetsuit’s snugness, and durability that provides high quality sound in depths up to 15’. The XtreaMp3 can hold up to 1GB of music (240 songs). Never before has wiping out sounded so good. $149.99 |

Swann Sports Cam What good is getting hyped up to shred while listening to your favorite music if you can’t record your epic performance for friends and family? Swann solves that dilemma with the SportsCam, a nifty color mini camera and DVR combo that is capable of 640 x 480 high res video or stills. Content is stored on a MicroSD card providing up to 16GB of memory, or five hours of video. With a shockproof case waterproof up to 65’ and an excellent array of mounting options, the SportsCam is the ideal chronicler of all your aqua-related achievements. $99 |


BaskTech.PRINT.indd 1

6/20/11 9:25 AM

3 4

Necky Kayak Vector 13 When it’s time to relax and recover, the Vector 13 kayak from Necky is the ideal touring toy. Vector 13 is designed with a unique and comfortable touring-style seat that is specifically engineered to reduce both the pressure on the sciatic nerve and the lower body fatigue often associated with long distance paddling. A 13foot sea kayak, the Vector 13 is intended to have the best attributes of a surf ski, as well as increased stability and maneuverability. Throw in adjustable foot pedals, a bow hatch, six-inch dry storage hatch, and a mesh storage pouch, and the Vector 13 is the perfect kayak for a day paddling the bays, surf-lines, and canals. Starting at $899 |

5 Geonav GIS 10 & GIS 12 For the serious boater in your life, the Geonav GIS systems are mandatory equipment. These multifunction displays (MFD) are some of the only in the marine navigation industry with the capability of accepting both Navionics and C-Map cartography, as most other MFD’s are only able to employ one of these technologies. And the cherry on top: by adding the GSM 2000 sonar module to either GIS system, side-imaging sonar becomes part of the display, something no other MFD in the world offers. For anyone who is passionate about boating, this new innovation is a must-have. Starting at $3,299 |


Grace Digital Audio: Eco Extreme Enter the Eco Extreme speaker case from Grace Digital Audio, ideal for when you are on the water and don’t want to sacrifice your music or ability to hear your surroundings. The design is waterproof, shockproof, and dirt resistant. Place a mobile phone or mp3 player into the case, insert the audio jack, snap the case closed, and you have a speaker that delivers dynamic sound while at the same time serving as a protective case for your personal electronics, driver’s license, credit cards, keys or cash. $49.99 |

Wet Circuits Power Strip The use of power strips around water, whether from poolside splashes or inclement weather, has traditionally been riddled with the danger of electrocution or fire hazards, thus rendering these conveniences unusable in such situations. The folks behind the Wet Circuits felt this situation redeemable, leading to their creation of the world’s first water-resistant power strip that is designed for consumer safety, energy efficiency, and utility. Combining all these features with a lifespan promising to be four times that of a traditional power strip, the Wet Circuits easily deserves its luxury price tag. $70 |

BaskTech.PRINT.indd 2


6/20/11 9:25 AM

pob | be the first by robert pingatore bask understands how important it is to be the first of your friends to know about a new brand, trend, or interest. In the new, ongoing feature, “Be the First. . .” we find the things that you and the other super-achievers in your life will find noteworthy, and we give you the edge by showcasing it first.

Cismontane Brewing When arriving at the front door of the taproom of Cismontane Brewing Company, the first time visitor will wonder if an appearance on a prank reality show is impending. The strip mall in which the brewery can be found is pedestrian in appearance, with all of the design pizzazz of an Eastern bloc government DMV. The paint is faded, the signs are low-rent, and the parking lot gives cause for concern for one’s vehicular suspension. Then, the door opens to reveal some of the best beer in Southern California and everything outside is forgotten.

growler, which at a gallon is ample supply for a week, and fill it with a preferred style for a trip home. From there, similar to the approach one would take with a fine wine, pair it with favorite foods. It is here, in combination with delicious fare, that these brews truly stand up and perform. Much as a magnificent Barolo can overwhelm without a significantly marbled steak to balance it, Cismontane’s flavors

Cismontane is a reference to Cismontane Southern California, the stretch of coastal California to the west of the transverse and peninsular mountain ranges, and it is an ideal name for this brewery, born on the bench of the eastern Orange County foothills. Co-founders Evan Weinberg and Ross Stewart pay homage to California in almost every beer’s name, from the wickedly smooth Coulter IPA, so named for the Coulter pines indigenous to the nearby mountains, to the coffee-and-brownsugar-brewed Black’s Dawn, which reminds Weinberg of a “morning surf session at Black’s Beach.” However, a great name is nothing without a great product, and the brews are where Weinberg and Stewart truly shine. The beer, most simply and directly put, is enormous. Each is an expression of its style to the largest and fullest degree imaginable. And it is not simply a sophomoric heavy-handedness in adding alcohol that makes these so big in the mouth. Instead, it is a conscientious balancing of flavor with the alcohol content. The hop selection, still an American cottage industry with roots in European traditions, is bold and brash without an attempt to be hoppy simply for hops’ sake. There is an almost sonorous sense to these beers, as though their depth cannot be plumbed within one tasting, or even two. The recommended path with any of these gratifyingly multi-layered brews is to pick up a


With the palate of a sommelier, Weinberg’s background in the wine industry is immediately evident as he describes the characteristics of his beer. His voice is informative and entertaining, educated without pretense, and obviously stocked with more passion for beer than many people have for most anything in life. While he is the chief brewer, he and Stewart work closely together in the recipes and design of their beers. Both co-founders will gladly walk guests into the brewing room, detail the brewing process, discuss hops and malts, and outline plans for each beer’s flavor profile. And the future plans for the brand are just as exciting as the upcoming beers. “Ultimately, our goal is to reach a point of selfsustainability for the brewery here, and to locate a place on the central coast to build a large brewery with an attached upscale restaurant,” explains Weinberg. “We think it would be cool to have a different signature chef for each season, where they would come in, design a menu to pair with our beers, and work with our permanent chef de cuisine.” The plan is a solid one, as many of the leading American microbreweries have similar restaurants, albeit without gourmet aspirations.

photos: Tony Lattimore

and intricacies can best be enjoyed with foods that amplify the experience, and that serve to moderate their somewhat high alcohol content. Again, the alcohol is not truly apparent in tasting the beers alone, as Weinberg and Stewart truly understand the proper method of weighing the scales of beer brewing so as to take into account both alcohol and flavor. In fact, during a visit, it is advisable to ask for a tour of the facility as it gives the visitor an inside understanding of the approach the partners take in their beer making.

In the meantime, Cismontane will continue to produce remarkable, worldclass brews and continue to look for chances to expand their Rancho Santa Margarita location. Weinberg states, “We really would like to expand into nearby spaces to increase our tasting and brewing capabilities. Especially as we seem to be doing okay in the growth department.” With a sly grin, he returns to his craft, preparing a black lager for release in a few days. Next time a round of golf in Coto or Dove is in the cards, make it a point to surprise your foursome with a visit to Cismontane. They’ll wonder how you found out about it first.

finalv2_BeTheFirst0611.indd 2

6/13/11 11:28 PM


The reasons to avoid Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons, fit classes or rentals, call Nancy Malleo at 949.342.6555 or go to

SUPFitness.indd 1

5/28/11 11:10 AM

pob | how to by robert pingatore

Choose, Cut, Light, and Smoke Cigars To the neophyte cigar smoker, cigars are more intimidating a subject than near any other pleasure. Terms like maduro, torpedo, Churchill, and Cuban provide scant description, and opportunities to learn seem rare. Unlike the wine industry, cigar smokers lack a signature film, smoking lounges are not often educational platforms the way wine bars are, and to a segment of the population, cigar smoking is seen as odious. The staff at bask are here to help and have assembled the following information to benefit everyone from the once-a-year smoker to the cigar-a-day aficionado with a humidor in every room.


Easily the most intricate element in the entire cigar experience is simply the selection process. In just colors alone, there are over 100 shades identified. For the purposes of sanity, the seven most popular shades are covered herein:

Double Claro

very light, almost green in color


tend to be beige or light tan

Colorado Claro medium brown


red-brown, or the color of riverbed clay

Colorado Maduro the color of milk chocolate, trend towards darker brown


the color of semisweet chocolate or even occasionally black


petroleum colored with an oily darkness that belies its sweetness



Opinions on cigar flavors are as varied as those on the subject of the national budget. One can learn about, experiment with, and debate over flavors without end, but some consensus does exist in terms of overall characteristics of the aforementioned color palette. Lighter colored cigars tend to be drier on the tongue, while the darker wrappers are often described as sweeter. Some terms aficionados use in describing cigars are: leathery, chewy, woody, coffee, peppery, sweet, green, creamy, fruity, and roasted. As with wine, the ability to describe a cigar is largely based on the sensitivity of the palate of the smoker and his or her ability to use a thesaurus.

While some may imagine that cutting a cigar is a fairly straightforward process, the intricacies are actually so varied that injuries have been known to occur in the process. There are three primary methods of cigar cutting – the Guillotine, or straight cut; the Punch cut, performed using a specially designed conical blade similar to a cookie cutter; and the V-cut, also known as a notch or wedge cut.

shape It is in shapes that cigars can be most confusing. With a near endless variety of shaping and specific names for particular measurements, cigars present a dizzying array of choices that can challenge even the most determined student. The five most popular shapes are outlined below. Regarding measurements, there are two key standards tracked: the length (in inches), and the diameter, or ring gauge (measured in 64ths of an inch).

While there is debate over the idea of a “proper” cut, the novice is well served to keep in mind that the larger the cut in the cap, the more smoke one can draw. Should an opportunity present itself when a cutter is not at hand, a punch cut can be made with a ball point pen, sharp scissors can make a guillotine cut, and a sharp knife and cutting board can make a V-cut. And if one were really in a pinch, biting the cap off a cigar with teeth is not unheard of, though we hardly recommended it (and certainly not with an expensive cigar).

lighting and smoking The best method for lighting a cigar is a butane lighter – as it is odorless, it will add no unwanted flavors to the cigar. Second to butane, wooden matches are a solid choice. Never use flavored candles or paper matches as the candle will impart its flavor to the cigar, altering the experience, and paper matches are treated and soaked with sulfur, a flavor distinctly unpleasant in anything nearing the mouth. To light it, hold the flame at the foot of the cigar and slowly roll the cigar, ensuring an even burn, all while slowly drawing gentle puffs. Allow the smoke to roll over the tongue and enjoy the palate of the smoke before exhaling through the mouth or nose (to better enhance the flavor of the smoke). Cigars can be an enjoyable and leisurely pastime. As with all tobacco products, there are health risks, so indulge in moderation. And whether on the high seas, in the home study, or on the golf course, remember to keep other people in mind. After all, part of luxury living is keeping the proper balance.


final_HowToCigars0611.indd 2

6/13/11 11:29 PM

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6/18/11 12:58 PM

pob | by clayton daniells

BBQ MVPs (Most Valuable Pointers) No Southern California summer is complete without plenty of grilled meals. Whether your taste runs to the fowl, the fishy or the four-footed, there are surefire ways to turn the everyday into the extraordinary. Rip and read these MVPs before your next grill session and taste the difference in summer’s favorite fare.

BFFG (Best Fish for Grilling) Not all sea creatures are great for grilling. As a general rule, fish should be turned only once on the grill, so it’s important to ensure a good initial sear before turning. Firmer flesh is best so pick one of these for the right combination of taste and texture:

Halibut, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Ono, Tuna, Salmon

KEEP IT CLEAN It shouldn’t surprise you that great taste in your grilling starts with keeping your rack well scrubbed.

MVT (Most Valuable Tool) A thin-bladed metal spatula is ideal for easy flipping, whether you’re grilling beef, chicken, or fish.

rub a dubdub Rubs are dry combinations of spices that help to bring out your entree’s natural flavor. While it’s easy to find a decent rub, creating your own can turn your good into great. Orange County’s very own David Wilhelm shares a beef rub recipe that will send your dinner into the stratosphere.

FLAVORFUL ADDITIONS BEYOND POTATO SALAD The grill is only the start of great BBQ. According to Wilhelm, the right side dish “adds tastes, texture and color.” While there are far more options for sides today than potato and macaroni salad, that doesn’t mean they have to be overly complex. You can make them beforehand, keep them warming in an oven, and present them to your guests, all in time to complement the main course.


Spice Rub for Grilled Meats recipe by david wilhelm Ingredients 3 tbsps smoked paprika 2 tbsps chipotle chile powder 2 tbsps brown sugar 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tbsp garlic salt 2 tsps ground cumin 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1-1/2 tsps kosher salt, or to taste Procedure Combine all ingredients in bowl or sealed shaker and blend until well mixed. Apply rub to both sides of meat and let it sit for 45 minutes prior to grilling. Recipe can be doubled. Tip This is a delicious rub for all meats both grilled and roasted but can burn easily if left on the grill too long on one side. I recommend not grilling the meats on maximum high heat. Better results and more flavor if done over medium high heat and the meat is turned several times instead of just once.

here’s the beef All cows, or for that matter all cuts of cows, are not created equal. By knowing which cuts are best when and where, you can guarantee that your grilling will be consistently great. If you have your choice among breeds of cow, look for Angus, Kobe, Chianina and Piedmontese, all of which are highly regarded for their quality cuts.

Rib (prime rib, rib-eye, Spencer)

The ribs are typically well marbled with fat, which makes the meat tender, juicy and full of flavor. Ribs taste best when they are cooked with a tangy rub or marinade. Prime rib and the rib-eye steak also come from this area. While prime rib is not typically used for BBQ, rib-eye cuts (with either the bone in or out) are a crowd favorite.

Short Loin (tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone, strip steak, filet mignon, top loin, NY strip, shell steak)

Loins are the most tender beef cuts. They are also the most costly. Cook them for a short time over high heat to sear the exterior and lock in the juices and flavor. Do not over cook. Nothing is worse than a leathery filet. Short loin is taken from the middle of the cow’s back. The short loin consists of two sections: the top loin and the tenderloin. The top loin portion of the short loin can be cut as a strip steak, New York strip or shell steak. The tenderloin is widely regarded as the best of all beef cuts. When portioned into individual steaks, it also can be served as filet mignon.

Sirloin (flap meat, top butt, center-cut roast)

Sirloin comes from the cow’s lower back, between the short loin and the round. Sirloin is not quite as tender as short loin, but it is more flavorful. At the grocery store you are likely to find sirloin tips and sirloin steaks, which may or may not come with the bone still in. You can also find prime hamburger meat made with a mixture of ground sirloin and ground chuck.

Round (top round, rump roast, London broil)

Round is a beef cut from the cow’s backside or rear. It is extremely lean, flavorful meat. Top round is the more tender part of the cut, and can be used to make London broil. It is typically marinated and grilled over medium heat.

finalv3_BBQ0611.indd 2

6/18/11 10:28 PM

Ion Vodka.indd 1

3/6/11 11:36 AM

pob | bask brief by debbie lavdas

Welcome to bask Brief, the word on the street about

bask brief

the latest happenings, accomplishments and current statuses of wellknown working professionals. bask Brief gives a global perspective that goes beyond our backyard and spotlights the new endeavors of a handful of movers and shakers who you may have wondered about. In this first bask Brief, we highlight Tyra Banks who is getting seriously schooled at an unexpected academy. You’ll learn about the new pursuits of the often-outrageous newsman Keith Olbermann, whose boss in now Al Gore. And finally, we turn our attention to Ben Affleck and his main role these days as a world philanthropist.

Getting Schooled

His Current Home

Good Will Ben

If you heard Tyra Banks was going to Harvard, would you buy it? Neither did we, but fact is stranger than fiction: she is. From walking the catwalk to walking the campus of Cambridge, this model turned mogul is enrolled in Harvard’s Owner/President Management Program—and she’s one of only 18 women among her 180 classmates.

What ever happened to news provocateur and Countdown king Keith Olbermann after his abrupt departure from MSNBC earlier this year? He’s going global with his newscast on Current TV with "news produced independently of corporate interference,” as Olbermann likes to say.

It seems Ben Affleck’s second act is actor turned activist – and maybe that’s not a bad thing considering Gigli and Jersey Girl. Affleck has made numerous trips to countries on the African continent to understand the causes and consequences of conflict there and has founded the Eastern Congo Initiative. He’s also joined forces with Cindy McCain (both of whom recently testified before the U.S. Congress) to urge the United States to appoint a special envoy for the Democratic Republic of Congo and to make sure that elections scheduled there in November are free and fair. And when he’s not off to Washington to stand up for Congo, he’s a philanthropist for Feeding America, which is committed to the 49 million Americans who struggle with hunger. Are Affleck’s good will ways part of a plan to win back Hollywood’s affection after falling out of favor due to his overblown personal life? That remains to be seen, but we hope he will stay true to his new passions if his career does rebound.

You’ve got to hand it to her for stepping out of the model prototype by actively working to grow her company to be the best. She could have just hired specialists, but she’s smart enough to know you can’t always bank on others. So Banks picked the number one business school in the world and will complete their three-part, nine-week program, which is spread out over three years. Forbes estimated Banks made $30 million in 2009, and once again she’s proven she’s not to be underestimated. Cambridge is a long way from South Central LA, where she was born. Out of high school, Banks chose the fashion runways of Paris instead of USC and UCLA, both of which she was accepted to. That gut instinct seemed to work well for her; chances are this will too.

As many know, the outspoken anchor of liberal causes and Fox news critic shocked the news world with his surprise announcement in January that he was broadcasting his last show of Countdown. He continued to surprise many by announcing his fast, further left turn to the Current network. Don’t worry if you’re not current on Current: you’re not alone. The network, which started in 2005, is still finding its way. It’s Al Gore’s baby, who runs the network along with Joel Hyatt, co-founder and Executive Vice-Chairman. Olbermann, now Chief News Officer of Current Media, is once again hosting his one-hour controversial commentary weeknights at 8 pm—the same timeslot as his MSNBC show and where Fox News' Bill O'Reilly pulls in over 3 million viewers a night. Current airs on cable and satellite in 75 million households worldwide, operating under the guiding philosophy to “shine a light where others won’t dare and to boldly explore, open minds and spark conversations.” So can Current compete? Will Olbermann’s oversized personality be the lucky breaking news for the underdog network? You might want to tune in to see.


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330 0 Jamb o r e e Road • w w w. f j m e r c e d e s . c o m ▼

FlectherJones.indd 1

7 1 8

9 4 9

3 0 0 0 5/24/11 9:36 PM

pob | bask brief by mark ansara

Japan’s Quake; An Economic Crisis While the immediate, tragic effects of the recent events in Japan are obvious, it is perhaps even more important to consider the less publicized issue of the impact the interconnectedness of our global financial system has on every resident of the planet. The humanitarian cost is palpable; it is obvious in every image out of the devastated regions of Japan. However, there is no doubt that, as they have throughout their history, the Japanese people will rebuild and in all likelihood be stronger than ever. Combining reverence and respect for those who perished, they will arise with the quiet confidence endemic to their culture. Therefore, though the social ramifications are apparent, the financial impact of the Japanese disaster is equally vital to consider as it will reverberate throughout the world economy.

“What happens in other countries matters to us like never before in history; ‘it’s a small world’ is no longer a social aphorism, but economic reality.” In the days immediately following the crisis, global economies braced for the worst. Worldwide, equity markets plunged between 5 - 20% as investors grappled with the economic implications of the devastation. Given the potential human toll, worries of a nuclear meltdown were of the most immediate concern. However, as disruptions related to the supply chain of many industries quickly became evident to business analysts, the world of finance began to grasp economic interdependence in a new way. Japan accounts for 9% of world GDP, and although early estimates called for a modest decline in its growth rate, a greater concern stemmed from the rolling blackouts caused by an estimated 20,000 MW of electrical


generating capacity taken offline. The worry was that, if the blackouts continued, they might reduce industrial capacity and therefore the production of parts and supplies critical to businesses around the world. Dale Ford, a senior vice president with leading electronics research firm IHS iSuppli, stated in March, “This is the biggest impact on the electronics supply chain in the history of the semiconductor industry.” iSuppli reported that the disaster in Japan put a pinch on nearly 25% of the worldwide production of silicon wafers used to make computer chips. In fact, the disaster could disrupt the worldwide availability of products such as the iPad 2, which has 5 components sourced from Japan. Concerns over Toyota’s popular Prius have also been raised given factory shutdowns across the region, although the company believes they will not have any serious disruptions. Perhaps not, but as supplies dwindled, dealer incentives rapidly disappeared as consumers’ fears caused a spike in demand. Other significantly impacted industries include global auto parts manufacturers, property and casualty insurance, airlines, and (let us not forget) nuclear energy. In a modern “for lack of a nail” story, GM was forced to shut a plant in Louisiana, and Peugeot-Citroen had to cut back production at most of its European plants. Global insurance companies like AIG and Swiss Re estimate their exposure in the billions. Delta Airlines, the largest US carrier to Japan, estimates its pullback on daily flights to Japan will cut $250-$400 million from 2011 earnings. Finally, a potentially massive shift in attitudes toward nuclear energy might change energy policies around the globe, which could ultimately translate into higher energy prices.

debt causes concerns throughout the rest of Europe over higher inflation due to artificially low interest rates. Regardless of the instigating factors, it is clear that issues which might once have seemed country-specific now have inescapable effects around the globe, and how the intertwined countries deal with those repercussions will impact us all. Although there are obvious reasons for apprehension over Japan’s crisis, a historical perspective is a reminder that very few natural disasters have a longstanding impact on a country’s GDP, much less global trade. In 1995, when Kobe, Japan was hit with a 6.8 magnitude quake in a much more important industrial region than those affected by the recent 9.0 shock, there was a similar stock market reaction, but the final impact on Japan’s GDP was minor. In the end, the vast majority of the time historical evidence suggests that following the very opposite of our knee-jerk instincts after a disaster is likely the smartest move. In this case, that may mean resisting the urge to immediately buy a Prius based on a fear of dwindling supplies, and instead choosing to ride it out and trust that Japan’s traditionally healthy economy will triumph again.

The elements of interlocking financial sectors that cross national borders are often difficult to fully recognize until catalyst-level events occur. For example, the methods the U.S. employs to deal with its recession can cause food riots in Africa, and an Irish default on its

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3/3/11 5:53 PM

bask@home | by melinda serra



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summer is the perfect opportunity to extend your personal style out into the open air photographs by Cyrus Antia Whether it’s a small vignette created for wine for two, or a place to entertain a dinner party of many, you can enliven your home with an outdoor living room that flows with the décor of your interior’s, creating a coveted extension of your home. Pay homage to the summer with a personal approach wherein people feel welcomed and naturally at ease. A warm and inviting way to punctuate your space with personality is to include a natural, sculptural planting on your table. An exquisite table setting that combines form and function creates an ambiance that’s distinctive yet unpretentious. This beautiful home located on Harbor Island has warmth and timeless appeal. Reflecting the owners’ tailored tastes, busy schedules, and philanthropic endeavors, their home is a retreat that effortlessly combines indoor and outdoor functions, creating a place of tranquility rich in ambiance and made to encourage interaction with family and friends. Molly Wood Garden Design has been creating outdoor spaces since 1995. Molly helped create this amazing tabletop by making this unique and inspiring centerpiece. The other succulents, outdoor pillows, whimsical float glass balls, concrete and iron end table, as well as the turquoise garden stool can be found at her showroom.

Bliss Home & Design In business since 1972, this company embellished this table with beautiful wood beaded placemats, ocean coral serving dishes, sea horse water glasses, and linen napkins. The Maya Boucle throw on the two-chair vignette is also from Bliss Home & Design.

Studio Chameleon offers an array of original art by local artists, unique décor, and distinctive furnishings. The Chilewich indoor/outdoor mat can be found at the studio in various sizes and colors.

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6/14/11 3:38 PM

bask@home | by sarah womack

rising above In the picturesque hills of Laguna Beach, Villa Diamante presides over nearly a halfacre of Italian-inspired grounds. A highlight of last year’s Laguna Beach Garden Club tour, the estate opens up again for bask readers. In the language of love, Villa Diamante is magnifico. It truly is magnificent, from the centuries-old clay tiles atop the villa’s roof down to the fragrant lavender garden at property’s edge. In dramatic fashion, the sloping grounds drop away from the three-story, 4,700-square-foot home. To take it all in, we stroll through the fern grotto, across the belvedere, around the 50’ lap pool and, finally, down to the immaculately raked sand path winding through lavender, mint, thyme and African basil. continued


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6/14/11 3:38 PM

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narroW cypress trees, plump eureKa lemons on Branches, stone WalKWays and nearly eVery shade of Green imaGinaBle dot the half-acre Grounds

looking up from here, we see the big picture. narrow cypress trees, plump eureka lemons on branches, stone walkways and nearly every shade of green imaginable dot the half-acre grounds. the double staircase leading up, up, up resembles two arms reaching out for a warm, welcoming embrace between the home and landscape. considering the perfectly complementary indoor and outdoor designs, so reminiscent of old world charm, it’s hard to believe that Villa diamante is in fact quite new. But it’s true: less than five years ago, before extensive terracing and planting tamed the steep slope of land, and before architect John o’neil re-constructed the home, the property was just a sleepy diamond on the bluff. as a coastal-gazing, hillside laguna Beach home, it had a lot going for it. But, the new owners wanted more. how much more? an additional 1,000 square feet, for starters, which opened up space for a master bath with his and hers wings and heated floors. out of five wood-burning fireplaces, two of them are outdoors. ocean-view patios, balconies and a loggia comprise nearly 900 square feet of the substantial living area. While plenty of relaxing moments transpire outdoors, the home is not lacking for reasons to stay in. the espresso maker and steam oven are favorites in the kitchen, neatly trimmed with carrera marble and zinc countertops. and the spacious steam room off the fitness center is perfect for soothing muscles tired from working in the garden. since the list of features goes on and on, we’ll finish by naming just a few: custom oak cabinetry, limestone window casings and exterior doors made of rich mahogany, along with countless other details, give this home a loveliness all its own.


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There’s a smart adventure right in your backyard.

patios –

dule your


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6/14/11 10:23 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

CUstoM EstatE shady

c a n y o n® -


an entertainer’s delight, this large scale custom estate has one of the most spectacular golf course views available in the exclusive, guard-gated community of shady Canyon®. Located throughout the three levels, you will find seven bedrooms and baths, two powder rooms, two bonus rooms, formal living and dining rooms. Price Upon Request w w w. 3 2 B o u l d e r v i e w. c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 1

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w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

santa BarBara


c a n y o n速 -


Located in the gated community of shady Canyon速, this santa barbara style custom estate is privately situated on a cul-de-sac lot of approximately 38,000 square feet with golf course and hillside views. Main floor master and secondary bedrooms. second level bedroom, office, poker and game/bonus room. oversized four-car garage. JUST SOLD www.24Boulderv

craiG Valli C 949.584.7111

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 2

chris Valli C 714.883.4397

6/9/11 5:38 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

MEsMEriZing shady

c a n y o n速 -


this spectacular custom estate boasts mesmerizing views from the moment you enter the front door. enjoy large-scale luxury living in approximately 14,000 square feet of inviting, soothing colors. Masterfully designed for comfortable living and entertaining. Large subterranean level with spectacular wine cellar, theater and huge garage. Price Upon Request w w w. 2 3 n e e d l e G r a s s . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 3

6/9/11 5:38 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

la BastidE shady

c a n y o n速 -


extraordinary French provencal custom estate situated on an over three-quarter acre lot with sunset and golf course views. Five bedroom suites, five baths, plus three half baths. Five-car garage, separate casita, pool, spa and gated driveway. exquisite re-creation of French country living in a world class, guard-gated golf community. Price Upon Request www.21Boulderv

craiG Valli C 949.584.7111

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chris Valli C 714.883.4397

6/9/11 5:39 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

turtle roCK hiGhlands IrVINe Price Upon Request Completely expanded and remodeled five bedroom, four bath home in the coveted community of turtle rock Highlands. French doors and custom touches throughout including windows, tiles, built-ins and woodwork. Convenient to top schools in the Irvine Unified school District and world-class shopping at Fashion Island. w w w. 9 B l u ff v i e w. c o m

Granville Newport beaCH Price Upon Request this charming residence is perched on the Ninth Fairway of the Newport beach Country Club in Granville, a guard-gated community within close proximity to Fashion Island, movie theaters, freeways and more. the home, which has undergone a comprehensive renovation, features a host of desirable amenities, including marble and hardwood floors, a chef’s kitchen and new carpets. with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it also boasts one of the most coveted floor plans Granville has to offer.

chris Valli C 714.883.4397

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 5

craiG Valli C 949.584.7111

6/9/11 5:39 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

iMPECCaBlE Pelican Point - neWPort coast

this front row, pelican point, european baroque-inspired masterpiece took three years to build. all of the details, from the Italian slab marble to the hand-painted, hand-crafted parisian-style fabrics and paintings, were created and imported by artisans throughout europe, enhancing the estate’s impeccable authenticity. Offered for $18,800,000

sPyro Kemble C 949.689.8377 w w w. s p y ro K e m b l e . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 6

6/9/11 5:40 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 7

6/9/11 5:40 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

EnChanting shady

c a n y o n速 -


a custom estate of this quality is rarely found in southern California. Crafted by master builder rob Glass using authentic French artifacts and artisan finishes, this enchanting shady Canyon速 home melds the timeless ambiance of provence with modern luxuries. Incomparable location with tremendous views of golf course, mountains and city lights. Price Upon Request w w w. 3 4 B l u e h e ro n . c o m

JacQueline thomPson C 949.326.3392 w w w. J a c q u e l i n e t h o m p s o n . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 8

6/9/11 5:40 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

shady Canyon® IrVINe Price Upon Request enjoy sweeping golf course and city lights views from this just completed custom estate. situated on an end of cul-de-sac street, the residence offers approximately 8,246 square feet of elegant interiors, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, custom theater, bar, lounge, connoisseur wine cellar and entertaining grounds with pool/spa. w w w. 2 5 C a c t u s . c o m

shady Canyon® IrVINe Offered for $4,795,000 resort-style shady Canyon® estate on expansive private lot awaits you. Influenced by santa barbara’s famed spanish estates, the home was designed by noted architect C.r. Carney and built by pinnacle builders. Large pool/spa and entertaining pool pavilion with fireplace, television, outdoor kitchen. www.59Boulderv

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 9

6/9/11 5:40 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Corona del Mar Offered for $5,750,000 enjoy Corona del Mar’s best views – ocean, harbor, Catalina Island, Channel, Jetty, wedge – from nearly every room of this fabulous spanishstyle residence on prestigious pacific Drive. Designed for chic seaside living, with four bedrooms, three-and-one-half baths, expansive view terraces for living and entertaining. .

Crystal Cove Newport Coast Offered for $4,695,000 panoramic ocean, coastline, Harbor views from private estate home in Crystal Cove. resort-inspired grounds include guest casita, pool/spa, pavilion. w w w. 3 6 a rc h i p e l a g o . c o m

JacQueline thomPson C 949.326.3392 w w w. J a c q u e l i n e t h o m p s o n . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 10

6/9/11 5:40 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

BalBoa Peninsula Point Newport beaCH Offered for $2,895,000 Upscale beach house style, one house off the sand on peninsula point. enjoy ocean views from second floor Great room and spacious patio. recently remodeled, amenities include gourmet kitchen and air-conditioning. turnkey ready with approximately 2,700 square feet featuring five bedrooms, four baths and a two-car garage.

Coto de CaZa Price Upon Request this nearly 53,000 square foot estate-sized lot in Coto De Caza’s coveted neighborhood combines Napa-inspired architecture and grounds with a premier corner lot and tremendous views of Coto Valley. extensively customized with luxe finishes, amenities including spectacular rear grounds with resort pool and lounge.

JacQueline thomPson C 949.326.3392 m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 11

6/9/11 5:41 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Crystal Cove Newport Coast Offered for $7,980,000 This stunning five bedroom coastal estate is situated on an extra wide lot and has exceptional, unobstructed ocean, coastline and Catalina Island views. Features include a main level master bedroom suite, a theater, fitness center, wine tasting room, wine cellar, casita, an office/den and a resort-style yard. www.23Moon

Crystal Cove - Newport Coast Offered for $3,990,000

Crystal Cove - Newport Coast Offered for $3,899,000

Great ocean, Catalina Island and sunset views can be enjoyed from this stunning home located on an expansive lot. w w

This fabulous, highly upgraded ocean view home is set in a tranquil location and offers a detached casita.

Jane Polley C 949.677.5263 w w w. J i m - J a n e . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 12

Jim Weisenbach C 949.422.8611 w w w. J i m - J a n e . c o m

6/9/11 5:41 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

British Colonial Peninsula Point - Newport Beach

This fabulous home will exceed your expectations with an expansive floor plan featuring five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, three fireplaces and a chef’s kitchen. An elevator services all three levels including the incredible rooftop deck that offers panoramic views of the Peninsula. Close to the harbor, private beach and world famous “Wedge”, this is the ideal location for entertaining and enjoying all the water sports and activities that Newport Harbor offers. Offered for $2,899,999

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 13

6/9/11 5:41 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Balboa Peninsula Newport beach Offered for $1,495,000 Enjoy the beach, the bay or relax on the patio of your decorator-perfect three bedroom, two bath beach house. Fully renovated with attention to detail, this spacious cottage is light, bright and features a great room floor plan.

West Newport Newport Beach Offered for $1,360,000 Remodeled duplex one street to the beach. Both units are three bedrooms, two baths. Kitchens have high-quality granite, stainless steel appliances and wood floors.

Cassie Hammond C 949.500.5569 w w w. iLo v e Ne w p o r t . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 14

Christopher Moreno C 949.280.6357 w w w. iL o v e N e w p o r t . c o m

6/9/11 5:41 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Nellie Gail Ranch Price Upon Request Crowning a pinnacle end of cul-de-sac lot in Nellie Gail Ranch, this exquisite estate spans approximately 2.2 acres.

Bear Brand Ranch Price Upon Request

Bear Brand Ranch Price Upon Request

Lauded for a Southern California locale within Bear Brand Ranch, this

Ultimate escape in Laguna Niguel’s guard-gated Bear Brand Ranch with ocean

Mediterranean custom estate extends old world style with modern amenities.

and hillside views, six bedrooms and six-and-two-half baths.

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 15

6/9/11 5:41 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

San Juan Capistrano Price Upon Request

Marbella Golf and Country Club Price Upon Request

Blending a French Country style with European tradition, this south county

Stunning custom home located in the prestigious 24-hour guard-gated

residence extends intimate living and entertaining.

community of Marbella Golf and Country Club in historic San Juan Capistrano.

Bear Brand Ranch Price Upon Request Three O’ Hill Ridge is a testament to early Pasadena-Spanish Mediterranean-style architecture and design. From the talents of architect Ed Lorbach, the estate offers solace and escape.

Jerry La Mott & Team T 949.472.9191 w w w. J e r r yL a M o t t . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 16

6/9/11 5:42 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

PeliCan heiGhts Newport Coast Offered for $4,295,000 Five bedrooms, five-and-one-half baths plus office in this approximately 4,800 square foot residence. wine cellar, outdoor fireplace and spa. Gorgeous views of the ocean and city lights from this approximately 10,000 square foot lot situated in a very private pelican Heights location.

neWPort Coast Offered for $2,650,000

neWPort Coast Offered for $4,495,000

three bedroom, three-and-one-half bath, approximately 3,640 square foot

spectacular 180-degree views define this gorgeous ocean Heights residence, which

tuscany style home showcasing panoramic views from a very large lot.

encompasses approximately 6,000 square feet, five bedrooms and private pool/spa.

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 17

6/9/11 5:42 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

sPecialiZinG in neWPort coast With oVer $400 million in closed sales For more details, visit

Corona del Mar - Sold - $6,500,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $4,545,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $4,200,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $4,000,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $4,100,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $3,800,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $2,775,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $2,350,000

neWPort Coast - Sold - $2,260,000

michael faWaZ C 949.922.7762 w w w. M i c h a e l f a w a z . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 18

6/9/11 5:43 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

ContEMPorarY l











simply stated, there are not enough superlatives to adequately describe this stunning contemporary residence with its panoramic ocean views. approximately 4,172 square feet of living space including four bedroom suites, a chef’s kitchen without peer, and spectacular outdoor spaces including an inviting pool and spa. two years new and perfect for the most discriminating buyer. Price Upon Request w w w. 3 9 7 We y m o u t h . c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 19

6/9/11 5:43 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

laGuna BeaCh Price Upon Request this newly built modern masterpiece was designed by Laguna beach legend Mark singer to take advantage of the endless ocean views. special features include four bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, indulgent master suite, infinity edge pool, and spa all set on a large flat site in an especially private setting.

laGuna BeaCh Price Upon Request

laGuna BeaCh Price Upon Request

Classic Cape Cod style and panoramic ocean views from this estate-sized

Done to absolute perfection, this spacious four bedroom, four-and-one-half bath

residence. w w w. 1 8 1 8 te m p l e h i l l s . c o m

residence in North Laguna is just a few blocks to the Village and Main beach.

franK hufnaGel C 949.444.8718

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 20

michael Gosselin t 949.464.3210

6/9/11 5:43 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Pelican Hill - Newport Coast Offered for $9,950,000 Gorgeous Pelican Crest estate with panoramic views of the canyon and Pacific Ocean exudes luxury throughout. This superbly crafted estate features a desirable floor plan, marble entry, lavish master retreat, game room bar, dedicated theater and a showcase subterranean garage. www.52

Pelican Hill Newport Coast Offered for $16,900,000 Beautiful front row tennis court estate. Stunning views of sunsets, Catalina Island, ocean, harbor and city lights. Complete with indoor pool, game room, gym with sauna, formal living room with bar, and office. w w w. 2 0S u n s e tH a r b o r. c o m

Rex McKown C 949.689.5018

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 21

Marcy Weinstein C 949.689.3550

6/9/11 5:44 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

MastErPiECE n e W P o r t

b e a c h

Designed by Chris Light, this approximately 8,500 square foot, Cape Cod inspired custom home offers the ultimate in casual California living, in addition to coastal views including Newport Harbor and Catalina Island. tastefully appointed residence with exquisite surfaces and detail including rich, dark hardwood flooring, Carrera marble countertops, unique architectural ceiling treatment in nearly every room, en suite baths, private pool, spa and a separate one bedroom casita. Conveniently located in the heart of Newport beach close to schools, shopping and all major freeways. Newly reduced price. Price Upon Request

Katie rollins C 949.293.0594

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 22

ricK lanGeVin C 949.933.2777 w w w. r i c k l a n g e v i n . c o m

6/9/11 5:44 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Beacon Bay Newport Beach Price Upon Request Spectacular bayfront residence on the beach. Completed in 2007, the home was designed by Brion Jeannette and built by Tony Valentine. Three bedrooms, three-and-one-half baths, and gym that can be converted to a fourth bedroom. Elevator, rooftop pool and spa, four-car garage. w w w.Tw e l v e B e a c o n B a y. c o m

Belcourt - Newport Beach Price Upon Request

Big Canyon - Newport Beach Price Upon Request

Substantial Price Reduction. Beautiful custom home on a quiet cul-de-sac

Beautiful four bedroom Versailles located on the golf course in Big Canyon.

in the heart of Belcourt. Six bedrooms, seven baths.

Karen Betson C 949.584.5929

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 23

6/9/11 5:44 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

CUSTOM ESTATE Nellie Gail - Laguna Hills

This custom Nellie Gail estate was completely stripped down to the studs, then rebuilt and expanded to capture beautiful views while sitting on almost 1.7 acres. Offering five bedrooms, six-and-one-half baths, a gourmet chef’s kitchen with Monogram refrigerator and Viking range, and a sparkling saltwater pool/spa. Price Upon Request

Terri Trinidad C 949.929.5865

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 24

6/9/11 5:45 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Laguna Beach Offered for $4,999,000 Offering privacy and exclusivity plus a coveted waterfront location in the heart of Laguna, this gorgeous Laguna Shoals condominium promises a one-of-a-kind living experience. And its availability marks an unprecedented opportunity — never before have any of these units been put on the market.

Laguna Beach Offered for $6,995,000 This immaculate oceanfront property in Laguna Village offers three bedrooms, three baths, separate guesthouse, central courtyard and private sand area. The estate’s soft-contemporary styling features the finest materials and craftsmanship, while a sunken living room bar provides views of crashing waves. w w w. 1 1 5 5 G a v i o t a . c o m

Marcus Skenderian C 949.295.5758 www.Welcome Home Laguna.c o m

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 25

6/9/11 5:45 PM

w w w w w w .. ss u u rr tt e e rr rr e e p p rr o o p p e e rr tt ii e e ss .. cc o o m m

Balboa Island N e wp o r t

B e a c h

Adorable Balboa Island “Yale� cottage located in the very desirable 100 block of Collins Avenue. This quintessential single-story island charmer has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, breakfast nook with gorgeous hand-crafted woodwork, vaulted ceilings with old world wooden beams, and cozy brick fireplace. Price Upon Request www.118Collins

Jennifer Thomas C 949.422.6407

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 26

Brian Thomas C 949.422.6409

6/9/11 5:45 PM

w w w w w w .. ss u u rr tt e e rr rr e e p p rr o o p p e e rr tt ii e e ss .. cc o o m m

Dover Shores Newport Beach Price Upon Request Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Prairie style house custom built in 1977 offers the ideal space for entertaining or casual living. Features high ceilings, separate master suite, formal living and dining rooms, family room with back bay view, and a spacious library overlooking an artistic private front courtyard. Call Esther

Irvine Terrace Corona Del Mar Price Upon Request Dramatic modern steals the show with a perfect blend of design and quality finishes. Three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a study. The masterful chef’s kitchen is central to the grand entertaining rooms, which open to the sparkling, saltwater pool. Call Jeannie

Esther Fine C 949.466.6483 www.E sther

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 27

Jeannie Morgan C 714.272.9442

6/9/11 5:45 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

RARE ELEgance N e wp o r t

B e a c h

Rare offering in the gated community of Belcourt affords elegant one-story living. Over 3,000 square feet of living space features three bedrooms, including a large master suite with fireplace, beautiful marble bath, large living and family rooms, library and formal dining room. Price Upon Request

Nancy Peterson C 949.874.1184

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 28

6/9/11 5:45 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

Newport Beach Offered for $5,995,000 Situated in the exclusive and picturesque beach community of Lido Isle, this sophisticated bayfront residence showcases a contemporary Pacific Rim style, while sweeping views of the bay create an ambiance of tranquility. The epitome of luxury, the home also features a 50-foot custom dock, which can accommodate a yacht of over 65 feet. No detail has been overlooked in the design and finish of this home. Call Amie www.517V

Laguna Beach Price Upon Request Luxe living at the Top of the World in Laguna, minutes from Alta Laguna Park. Mark Singer/Carlton Graham-designed gem features finest custom finishes, luxury amenities for chic living and entertaining in a serene setting. Three hotel-inspired bed/bath suites, professional chef-designed kitchen and media room. Call Heather

Amie Raiger C 949.375.4171

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 29

Heather Minchen C 949.230.6282

6/9/11 5:46 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

landmark estate c o r o n a

d e l

M a r

Offered for the first time, this landmark, waterfront estate in Corona del Mar enthralls with spectacular views from every room and numerous terraces - from the Main Channel to the Harbor, the Jetty, Catalina Island, and Palos Verdes. Exceptionally private with pool, dock for large yacht and other craft. Price Upon Request

Stephanie Lowe C 949.933.5863

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 30

Heather Kidder C 949.230.1193

6/9/11 5:46 PM

w w w . s u r t e r r e p r o p e r t i e s . c o m

insPiring r a n c h o

P a l o s

V e r d e s

Capturing the drama of living in the Los angeles hills with glass walled rooms projecting into space, at approximately 8,500 square feet this magnificent estate has rounded/angled rooms that embrace views of the Los angeles basin, Hollywood Hills and south bay. please join us at our open House events on July 10th, august 7th and september 11th from 1-5 p.m. Offered for $5,500,000

marK nix C 949.633.1166

bask_SP_Summer_single.indd 31

6/9/11 5:47 PM


“SHOW US YOUR ABS!” Train with Cora at Laguna Fitness and turn some heads while you transform your life. Don’t waste time with long lines and rude people at big gyms. Personal training with Cora at Laguna Fitness delivers the individual attention you need to achieve results you can see. So call today. No, call right now and get your sexy back. (949) 497-1936 |

Laguna Fitness.indd 1

5/19/11 10:39 PM

Mixing island adventure and tropical terrain gives new meaning to your summer escape


photo: Tom Ordway

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 1

6/15/11 12:01 PM

bask beyond | by robert e. palmer


the garden isle

the island. While only the fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kaua’i is the most tropical, exotic, and widely acknowledged as the greenest of all. From dense and lush mountains, to the stark and breathtaking cliffs of the Na Pali coast, to the 10-mile-long, 2-mile-wide, and 3,600 feet deep Waimea Canyon, the so-called “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” to the warm sands of Po’ipu Beach, Kaua’i offers something for everyone—especially for those seeking a host of unique outdoor activities. Exploration is available in every form: air, sea, and land, each offering its own unique perspective. In addition to being surrounded by the azure blue waters of the Pacific, Kaua’i is graced by seven rivers and the 5,148 feet Mount Wai’ale’ale, the wettest spot on earth.


island’s breathtaking scenery has been the backdrop for a host of movies, including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Six Days, Seven Nights, and most famously Jurassic Park. You may also recognize Wailua Falls at the end of Highway 583 from the opening sequence of Fantasy Island.

getting there Kaua’i can be reached from Southern California via direct flights or connecting flights through Honolulu on a number of major carriers via Lihue airport on the southeast side of the island. A rental car is almost mandatory, and most major rental companies are located at or near the airport. Taxis are also available to ferry you to dinner or other nearby events.

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 2


6/15/11 12:01 PM

bask beyond | kaua’i

Makai Golf Course, St. Regis Princeville Resort

Where to stay Two major luxury destinations await, each quite different. For those preferring the more traditional warm, sunny, and somewhat dry climate of many of the other islands, head to Po’ipu Beach and its legion of hotels, the best being the graceful Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa—a perfect destination for families or couples. Renovated in 2010, this Asian-inspired AAA Four Star resort offers 602 guestrooms, pools, lagoons, beaches, a host of dining options, an authentic luau, and the Condé Nast Traveler awardwinning 45,000 square foot Anara Spa, one of the best in the Hawaiian islands. For those seeking a more lush, tropical, and possibly wetter environment, head to the recently rebranded and extensively remodeled St. Regis Princeville Resort. Located at the tip of the 9,000-acre Princeville Resort on Kaua’i’s North Shore and opened in 2009, the hotel offers 252 rooms, breathtaking views, and fine dining, including the Kaua’i Grill by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The resort also features the head-to-toe pampering Halele’a Spa, workout facilities, horseback riding, a beautiful infinity pool overlooking Hanalei Bay, and some of the most scenic golf anywhere.


Poolside at St. Regis Princeville Resort

Dining After a day of extreme outdoor activities or simply lounging on the beach, it’s time for dinner and Kaua’i offers a host of tasteful, and tasty, options. In the Po’ipu area, some of the best options include The Beach House and its famous ocean views and creative menu featuring locally caught fish; Dondero’s Italian at the Grand Hyatt offers elegant dining both inside and out while the adjoining Tidepools offers a more casual but elegant seafood restaurant featuring grass-thatched dining areas floating above a beautiful koi pond, and Roy’s Po’ipu Bar & Grill, which opened in 1994, is one of the first outposts of famous chef Roy Yamaguchi and his trendsetting Euro-Asian Pacific rim cuisine. A few miles down the road in the Kukui’ula Village Mall center near Po’ipu is Merriman’s Fish House, the “home of Hawaiian regional cuisine,” a beautiful venue offering some of the finest “farm to table” food on the island and the new and trendy Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill. The mall also offers a number of more upscale stores. The St. Regis Princeville resort also offers a full range of dining options sitting under the so-called “Bali Hai” mountain peaks. Try the island for a change of pace from Maui, the Big Island, or Honolulu. You won’t be disappointed.

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 3

6/15/11 12:02 PM

photo: Steven Hodges

Outdoor shower at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

What to do • Kayaking – multiple companies offer tours of the Na Pali Coast and the Hanalei and Wailua rivers, often with snorkeling included. • Scuba diving – the island offers a host of dive sites with one and two tank diving options. Reefs off the North Shore offer a unique opportunity to dive in Hawaii’s famous, though slightly claustrophobic, lava tubes. Turtles, coral, and white tipped reef sharks abound. • Sailing and snorkeling – a number of companies offer multi-hour cruises along the Na Pali coast, with some offering scuba diving, snorkeling, sunset, and other specialty events. Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures and Blue Water Sailing are popular choices. Another option for exploring the coast is Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions, well known for its coastal and seasonal whale-watching tours. • Surfing and windsurfing – lessons and rentals are available at a number of locations, many around Po’ipu Beach. • Bicycles and ATVs – try the Waimea Canyon to Coast Downhill bike tour or an ATV ride for something wild on two or four wheels.

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 4

• Helicopter tours –a “must do” activity for Kaua’i as they are the only way to see large portions of the island and offer a bird’s eye view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Expect to pay $150-$250 per person depending on the type of tour; the adventure is worth every penny. Choices include basic copters, state-of-the-art helicopters with Sunshine Helicopters, luxurious jet copters such as the ECO-Star (offered by Blue Hawaii Helicopters), and the highly recommended four passenger Hughes 500s from Jack Harter Helicopters with no doors – a once in a life time experience. • Golf – like much of Hawaii, Kaua’i offers a number of breathtaking golf options. Among the top choices are the two Jack Nicklaus designed courses at the Kauai Lagoons Golf Club next to the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club, the Po’ipu Bay Resort Golf Course (for years the location of the PGA Grand Slam), and, the crown jewel of them all, the Princeville Resort courses, including the Makai Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., and the Prince Course, one of the most challenging courses in the world and the toughest on Kaua’i – expect a nearly five hour round.

• Fishing – the island offers not only toprate sport fishing, but also freshwater fishing in its bass and trout filled streams near Waimea Canyon. • Zip tours – if you have never attempted a zip line, Kaua’i is one of the best places to give it a try. Soaring high over land and through tree tops in various forest areas, you fly along in a harness hooked to a metal cable utilizing gravity to transport you from the take off to landing zone via a number of varying courses. With differing levels of intensity, this is fun for all, especially as a family outing. Try Just Live Zipline, located on a ranch on the southern part of the island, or Princeville Ranch Adventures up north. • Hiking and horseback riding – saddle up for a ride along the rim of Waimea Canyon or choose from a wide variety of some of the best hiking trails anywhere, including the famous North Shore Kalalau Trail – though not a trail for the fainthearted. “Spouting Horn,” the island’s “Old Faithful” waterspout that shoots up from an ancient lava tube just outside of Po’ipu, is also a top tourist site.


6/15/11 12:02 PM

Fresh Corporate and Social Events

Events and Modern Catering Eco-Friendly Catering and Beverage Service

A. Michael Wenholz, President by appointment only please 949 887 1544

Fresh Catering.indd 1

3/3/11 5:48 PM

bask beyond | by sarah womack

T he R itz Carlton photo: Ron Starr

Re-imagining the Ritz

One of Orange County’s premier resorts is back just in time for summer with a sunnier and livelier take on the classic luxury it’s known for...

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 5


6/15/11 12:02 PM

bask beyond | the ritz carlton With a lighter footprint and brighter style, a California gem is now more California than ever before. The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel has stood on the southern shores of Orange County for nearly 30 years, but never has it looked so at home in its sunny locale. The Ritz, it seems, has inhaled an invigorating breath of fresh, salty air. From top to bottom and end to end, the luxury resort has been re-imagined, to the grand tune of $60 million. At the heart of the remodel is, simply, a desire to connect to the coast, that magnificent attraction that just so happens to be right there. It’s easy to notice the resort’s newfound softness and updated palette, drawn from the sand and sea. Gone is much of the dark mahogany throughout the main level. Missing (but not missed) are the heavy shutters that did more to obstruct than showcase the views. The dramatic, architectural windows in the resort’s main dining space, Raya, now frame the even more dramatic vistas with the help of sheer sunshades. And, in place of a dark piano lounge, a chic wine room reveals notes of modern style.

Creating harmony with the coast naturally inspired the resort to rethink its own footprint. Make no mistake, the eco updates aren’t merely for show. To begin, the resort switched to 100% compostable water bottles made from plants. And, a year ago, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Ambassadors of the Environment learning center debuted with programs for kids, teens and adults. The remodel has been several years in the making, but well worth the wait. Though my husband and I are only settling in for a twonight stay (which is soon to be proven far too short), I plan to test as many of the new and improved features as possible to report back to bask readers. For everything the resort has gained, it hasn’t lost any of the impeccable service that distinguishes it as the Ritz-Carlton. Despite staying on the private Club level, voted the best Club experience at any Ritz-Carlton, we don’t linger long over the complimentary hors d’œuvres (hello, prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe) and cocktails.

photo: Mark Wieland

photo: Ron Starr

photo: Barbara Kraft


BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 6

6/15/11 12:02 PM

photo: Mark Wieland

Instead, we head down to 180blu, the new open-air lounge with, you guessed it, panoramic views. Pre-remodel the space was simply an empty terrace, great for taking in the coast. Now, it multitasks as180blu, offering both stunning sunset views and a comfortable place to lounge around fire-pits with live music, cocktails and sushi. Once the sun sinks out of sight, we slip inside and warm up fireside at Raya Bar. Formerly Restaurant 162, it is now a testament to celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval’s innovation of coastal cuisine with a pan-Latin twist. Sommelier Michael Villas pairs Mumm champagne with the first two of four courses from the night’s chef’s tasting menu. As Chef de Cuisine Greg Howe delights us with the main course of risotto con mariscos, wild Pacific petrale sole and 24 hour short ribs, Villas makes a return appearance, wine flight in hand. When we venture back to the Club lounge later in our stay, the fare of shrimp and pepperoni risotto does indeed live up to its delicious reputation. Venturing to Evo, the resort’s upscale wine tasting room, is similarly gratifying as we get chummy with Villas once again and indulge in a steady stream of champagne, wine, cheese, charcuterie and chocolate, shaping an unforgettable experience. In addition to delectable dining, the Ritz features a relaxing oasis of a pool area, as well as a state of the art spa. The appeal of outdoor yoga classes and a full fitness center is tempting,

photo: Barbara Kraft

though the breathtaking views from each are more than a little distracting. As I stroll through the spa, the sound of trickling water follows me into the treatment room, where Lead Therapist Donna Hess chooses a tensiontaming arnica oil, scented with lavender and basil. I savor every minute of an hour-long RitzCarlton Signature Massage, and the eucalyptus steam room offers a perfect haven for languid relaxation following any spa treatment.

“The appeal of outdoor yoga classes and a full fitness center is tempting, though the breathtaking views from each are more than a little distracting.”

Of course, if you want to take full advantage of the Ritz’s beach location, don’t hesitate to hop on the beach shuttle and let the resort’s Beach Butlers whisk you down to Salt Creek Beach in minutes. When we venture to the sand, they help us settle in with umbrella and chair service and leave us with a front-row view of the surfing action. For a closer look at some of the Ritz-Carlton’s eco-minded initiatives, stop by the Ambassadors of the Environment center. A guided tour of the resort’s organic gardens (free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers) gives me a peak at the herbs, fruits and vegetables bound for Raya. When our checkout time rolls around, it’s to the usual tune of, “Do we really have to go?” If you feel a similar reticence to leave after your inevitable stay at the newly revamped RitzCarlton, try asking for the resort’s signature waterfall scent in an air spritz or candle from the boutique to give your home the fresh and clean scent of the hotel’s lobby, a welcome keepsake from a trip that is sure to be full of fond memories.

photo: Ron Starr

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 7


6/15/11 12:02 PM

bask beyond | by robert pingatore

Sunset Cove Villas a Quick getaway Laguna Beach is the kind of destination we love. There are the art galleries, the great shopping spots, the delicious restaurants, and the beachfront beauty. The Sunset Cove Villas, mere blocks from Main Beach, are ideally situated to take full advantage of these benefits. With balconies on the water and access to the waves just footsteps away, the Villas are the kind of oceanside experience many associate with Southern California living, but few attain. With a recent opportunity to explore the Villas and their offerings, bask soaked up the chance to spend some time living the ultimate California dream. As visitors and residents alike will attest, parking in Laguna can tax even the most patient driver. The team behind the Villas foresaw that issue, and offer a private garage reserved specifically for guests there. As all guests are given their own garage remotes, they are invited to come and go as they wish, without concerning themselves over hours of operation for the parking structure. This is a brilliant touch, especially on busy traffic days and high tourist seasons, when finding an empty stall feels particularly hopeless. This seemingly small detail was an important overture, and a hint at the type of detail the Villas embraced throughout.

photo: Cyrus Antia


Upon entering and walking through the bungalow, the visitor finds such features as complimentary coffee and filters, along with a full-sized coffee maker, a restaurant guide with a brief description and the full menus of local dining establishments, separate satellite television receivers in each room, jet bath tubs, and universal remotes for the electronic entertainment. Additionally, Wi-Fi and dedicated data-communications lines can be found in each accommodation for the technophile traveler. What is more, the rooms themselves are comfortable and pleasant, and most visitors will find themselves feeling at home rather quickly. Some resorts take a few hours to become endearing to guests; the Sunset Cove Villas feel intimate right away.

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 8

6/15/11 12:02 PM

photo: Cyrus Antia

Each villa is lavish in its décor, with plush materials and comfortable furniture employed throughout. Billed as not only a vacation resort, but also as an extended stay location, the Villas are designed with the latter designation in mind. The kitchens are large, and although certainly attractive, are laid out with a chef’s needs and activity in mind. The concept of each villa is geared toward the ‘great room’ trend, where the kitchen, dining, and living rooms share space and are separated by the merest of divisions. Of the greatest import, these ‘great rooms’ have commanding views of the picturesque sunsets here as the golden disk drops beneath the onyx surface of the far horizon. Sunrises are serene, palliative affairs with the cool breezes of ocean mornings and the hushed crashing of incoming waves as the soundtrack. The Villas are separate from nearby buildings, and unless one has an upstairs neighbor whose morning routine consists of turning the impressive sound systems up and performing aerobics with combat boots or tap shoes on, the only sounds one hears are those of a beach waking up. Early morning joggers greet one another in their moments of quiet exertion and the distant calls of waterfront birds provide the strongest tones in a morning in the Sunset Cove Villas. With eight unique and distinct villas ranging from one-, two-, or threebedroom floor plans, the Sunset Cove Villas offer a fantastic local getaway for bask readers.

Seven-Degrees Catering Chef Robert Villanueva visited the Sunset Cove Villas during bask’s time there, and prepared a uniquely mouthwatering meal. With a list of ingredients he had acquired the day before, including unusual items such as kale and quinoa, the chef put together a stunning 4-course meal. The size and layout of the Sunset Cove kitchen was ideal for the chef, as both he and his sous chef prepared the meal entirely on premise. In short, it was delicious. The spread consisted of a mushroom quinoa side, sweet marinated shrimp, seared halibut, and butternut squash puree. His plan was perfect for the menu he created, and his execution was flawless. Whether treating that someone special to a wonderful dinner for two, or preparing a fully catered banquet, Seven-Degrees delivers.

BaskBeyond.PRINT.indd 9


6/15/11 12:02 PM

bask@table | by heidi ristau

fruits & vegetables

Along with the beautiful weather, summer brings an equally delightful assortment of gorgeous fruits & vegetables

stone fruits

The glory of summer: peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and cherries. They are known as stone fruits because they contain a single pit (or stone), instead of a core with multiple seeds like other fruits. A starring ingredient in many desserts, as soon as they are available, we are happily barraged with cobblers, crisps, pies, tarts, sorbets, and ice creams. Not only a major component in sweets, they are also wonderful in salsas and chutneys, and as savory additions to soups, salads, and main courses. The next time you are grilling, cut the fruit in half, toss lightly with some sugar, agave or maple syrup and cook until done (about 15 minutes). For a light meal, make a salad with the grilled fruit, arugula, chicken or pork tenderloin, goat cheese and your favorite vinaigrette. For dessert, spoon the grilled fruit over a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. The white peach crisp at Jar is the perfect summer dessert that contrasts warm, juicy peaches with a crisp, nutty topping.


There are few things more delicious than a summer tomato, warm from the sun, just picked off the vine, and sprinkled with sea salt. While technically a fruit, they are used as a vegetable for culinary purposes. Heirloom tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular, especially with home gardeners and organic farmers, because they produce especially unique and flavorful crops. To store your tomatoes, keep at room temperature for best taste and texture. The refrigerator will diminish flavor and make them mealy and mushy. Eat Chow serves a modern version of the Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes, burrata, and basil. It’s a great dish that highlights this summer’s fruit in all its simplicity.


summer squash

They differ from fall and winter squash in that they are selected to be harvested before the rinds harden and the fruit matures. Varieties include zucchini, patty pan, and crookneck. The squash grows very quickly on bush-type plants and should be picked when small and young for the most tenderness. Because the fruits are harvested when immature, they bruise and scratch easily, so handle with care and use immediately after picking. Although summer squash has both male and female flowers, only the female flowers produce fruits. Some gardeners also pick the blossoms before the fruits develop. They are a delicacy when dipped in a batter and fried or as a topping on pizza. If you haven’t been to Pizzeria Mozza, it’s time to change that and try their pizza with squash blossoms, tomato and burrata. Additionally, a salad of raw, shaved squash, parmesan, and mint tossed in lemon vinaigrette makes a great side for any summer meal.


The Aztecs and Mayans cultivated it in numerous varieties throughout central and southern Mexico and spread the crop through much of the Americas. It’s now the most widely grown crop in the Americas and a decidedly hot topic of conversation in all its uses; from corn syrup and ethanol fuel to livestock feed grain and commodity trading. But we’ll stick with the fresh stuff, preferably on the cob. Young corn is delicious raw, so try cutting the kernels from the cob and tossing in your favorite salad. Or grill it. To do this yourself, pull back the husks, leaving them intact, remove the silk, and then rewrap with the husks. Soak in water for 10 minutes and then grill for 15-20 minutes. Top with oregano butter, a sprinkle of cotija and a splash of lime. Or have someone grill it for you; it’s a staple at your local County Fair and can often be found at food trucks and farmer’s markets. And be sure not to miss green corn tamale season at El Cholo, where they were first introduced in 1923, and shortly thereafter became the signature dish.

Bask@Table.PRINT.indd 1

6/14/11 1:40 PM






Hot Food, C old B eer... Get in Here! Jimmy’s menu features unfussy, nostalgic, American comfort food

– – – – – – – – spicy Deviled eggs • chili cheese Fries • buttermilk onion rings 10 oz. proprietary grind burgers like our signature Jimmy & The cowboy carolina shellfish boil • buttermilk Fried chicken • braised short ribs

plus – signature cocktails, ice cold beers on tap & weekly Happy Hour specials

619. 226. 2103


. J - F a t . com

AmericA’s cup HArbor 4990 N. HArbor Drive, sAN Diego Next to Point Loma Sportfishing

Luxury In B a L a n c e™ ™

Bask... and you shall recieve! To learn more about our advertisers - go mobile. Watch video, get directions from your current location, visit social networks and more. It’s easy and free! If you haven’t already, visit your iPhone, DroiD or BlackBerry® app store and download the complimentary ScanLife App. Then, simply scan the bar codes used throughout this issue of Bask to experience exciting, interactive features.

139.indd 1

6/16/11 10:58 PM

bask@table | by heidi ristau

For a day at the beach or in the mountains, alfresco dinner with friends at home, tailgate parties, outdoor concerts, boating, or picnics, the following offer a selection of the best take-out food available.

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Market

There’s usually a line at the counter, but don’t let it deter you from ordering one of the best sandwiches anywhere: The Godmother. Genoa salami, mortadella coppacola, ham, prosciutto, and provolone are thinly layered in crusty Italian bread and then topped with “the works” (mayo, mustard, onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, Italian dressing and a mild or hot pepper salad). Additionally, the deli offers hot entrees such as lasagna, chicken or eggplant parmesan, and an assortment of cold salads including artichoke, antipasto and Caprese. The aisles of this small grocery store are filled with gourmet Italian imports including specialty cheeses, wines, olive oils, cookies and coffees to round out any picnic basket. BayCitiesItalianDeli.

Sol Cocina There’s nothing like a day on the water, especially while enjoying

seasonal Mexican food and delicious beverages. Tie your boat up to a slip right outside SOL and pick up a spectacular spread. Options include antojitos, ceviche, and tacos of grilled carne asada or fish, Kurobuta pork carnitas, or lemon-garlic chicken. All are served with freshly made tostadas, borracho black bean dip, chipotle tomatillo salsa, limes, chile de arbol, hot sauce, and salt. Wash it all down with a refreshing house margarita, ice-cold Mexican beer, or wine by the bottle.

Picnic basket from Sapphire Pantry


This family-owned, neighborhood bakery-café features freshbaked pastries, seasonal salads and sandwiches, fresh and frozen soups, and entrees to take home for lunch or dinner. The food is sourced from local farmers’ markets and is prepared from scratch daily. The deli case has an amazing selection of prepared salads such as roasted organic beets with clementines, avocado, goat cheese and toasted walnuts, roasted cauliflower with curry vinaigrette and cilantro and barley salad with cucumber, ricotta salata, scallions and mint. Pick up an elegant picnic basket for the Hollywood Bowl or customize your own for any special occasion.

Sapphire Pantry

Located adjacent to the restaurant, The Pantry tops the list of a gourmet fan’s favorite destination. The shelves are brimming with specialty ingredients such as Provencal violetgrape jelly, local honey, and homemade butterscotch sauce. The “Cave d’Affinage” (large humidor) is a cheese lover’s paradise and is filled with 100 varieties of goat, sheep, cow and water buffalo cheeses from around the world. The smoked, cured and marinated meats round out the charcuterie selection. Add a bottle of wine, and you have everything to build a fabulous picnic or luxurious meal at home.

Waters Fine Catering

Leave the work to Waters fine foods to go. This is a one-stop shop with everything from hors d’oeuvres and gourmet boxed lunches to special holiday meals and family dinners. The diverse menu includes house-made soups, artisan sandwiches, a variety of entrees, side dishes and indulgent desserts. The menu rotates seasonally but might include a vegetable napoleon on polenta, sesame crusted feta, picholine olive and mint brochette, handcrafted chicken verde enchiladas, and Vahlrona chocolate brownies.


Cupcakes from Sapphire Pantry — Valrhona Extra Noir Chocolate Ganache Filled with Valrhona White “Ivorie” Chocolate Mousse

Bask@Table.PRINT.indd 2

6/14/11 1:40 PM

Our clients Don’t Drink and Drive. I invite you to become one of them. - JOSEF WOJTKOW CEO

Drivers On An As-Need Basis Concerts • Sporting Events • Theater • Airport Service Dinner • Wine Tastings Galas • Private Parties • Lunch Golf Outings • Long Distance Trips Doctor Visits

What are the costs? Dinner and drinks $200 to $2,000

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Warmer weather always brings with it the promise of lighter foods and savory new flavors to counterbalance the heat, and new tastes are constantly emerging. Jamie Gwen, certified sommelier and author of four cookbooks, recently announced her top five flavor trends for summer. She explores these up and coming food trends and more in her two-hour live radio show, which airs on KFWB Talk 980 on Sunday mornings from 8 – 10 a.m.

French Macaroons— The NEW Cupcake!

While cupcakes are great for fall and winter as their hearty quality makes for a nice treat on cooler days, for summer, French-style macaroons are perfect. They are light and airy, made from almond flour or almond paste and come in a variety of flavors like passion fruit, chocolate, coffee, and orange. These are a great complement to a light summer meal, and taste fantastic when filled with buttercream or lemon curd.

Korean Influences— Creative Fusion Cuisine!

bask readers are already familiar with the fusion concept of blending cultures and ingredients from differing ethnic cuisines, but you can expect to see an increased merging of flavors and textures this summer with the rise of Korean fare in culinary prestige. From food trucks to backyard barbecues, Korean influences and spicy flavors will continue to make their way onto our menus.

Spanish Paprika (Pimenton)— The Spice Superstar

Italian Pinot Grigio— The “It” Wine for Summer

With its clean finish, crisp palate, and food-friendly flexibility, Italian Pinot Grigio significantly enhances the flavors of a wide variety of dishes, making it an ideal match to traditionally lighter summer cuisine and grilling, and especially of note for bask readers, it pairs exceptionally well with seafood. Better still, Pinot Grigio is still a fairly undiscovered varietal, and bottles are often modestly priced. With a range of options including Ecco Domani (around $11), DaVinci (about $12), and Maso Canali (around $19), readers can easily stock the sailboat, the poolside cooler, or the beach house for this season’s entertaining.


Every year, a new ‘Spice Superstar’ takes front stage in the culinary world, and 2011 continues to follow this trend. While in past years, chipotle and Sichuan peppercorns have risen in prominence, this year, it’s all about pimenton. There are three versions of pimenton, mild (Pimenton Dulce), moderate (Pimenton Agridulce), and spicy (Pimenton Picante). Whichever level you choose, this Spanish paprika will add zesty flavor to grilled meat and chicken.

Meatless Mondays— For the Global Good

Eating lighter, especially during the hot summer months, is a sure trend for 2011. In fact, the nonprofit “Meatless Mondays” initiative ( encourages U.S. consumers to cut their meat consumption by 15%. Look for light, lively salads and vegetarian dishes to make up the ideal warm-weather fare, which aligns perfectly with the Meatless Monday trend.

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my girl She wears her hair undone my summer girl goes from nightgown to bathing suit and back again cares nothing for exercise but swims miles across the bay for fun. Her days are long like the Russian novels she reads on the beach. She must be called indoors to eat. Everywhere she walks she leaves a trail of sand.


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