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[Architecture Portfolio & Selected Works]

Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, 2014 University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning 2624 Clifton Ave Cincinnati, OH Tel +1 (513) 556 4933

Contact: Tel +1 (513) 833 1878

CONTENTS [Mount Adams Gastronomic Institute]

[Grailville Artists’s Retreat]

[Synaptics: New York High Line]

[Kroger Lifestyle Center]

[GWWO Architects, Inc.]

[University of Cincinnati]

[Selected Works]


The historic neighborhood of Mount Adams is directly adjacent to and perched above Cincinnati’s central business district. The program calls for a School for Culinary Arts with a Dinner Theater on site that will host guest performances and give the students of the institute experience catering and serving large events. Boasting one of the best views of the the city from the east, this site offers much to work with, and these forces are the basis of the building’s arrangement.

Floor 1

Floor 2








C View looking west


Function and support spaces for both the school and the theater are laid out in an eschalon formation to maximize views of the vista from all portions.

West Elevation

These zones are then divided into specific spaces, and as a result begin to interact and overlap physically as well as programatically.

Spaces and zones are further organized after considering circulation inside and around the building.

East Elevation

Arcs and lines drawn from existing site conditions such as the hillside slope, existing streets, and the arrangement of the city, array the building and exaggerate the vista westward.

A. Transverse section through classrooms and kitchens on the upper level, and faculty offices on the lower level.


B. Transverse section through the stage of the dinner theater, showing truck unloading and rear circulation.

C. Developed longitudinal section showing the Culinary School on the north side, divided by a circulation core, and the Dinner Theater on the south side, with entrance gallery, storage, and dressing rooms behind the stage.


GRAILVILLE ARTIST’S RETREAT The Grail is a community of people who celebrate equality, support the arts, and stand as an example of ecological sustainability. The site of this project rests in a meadow of a nature preserve owned by this organization. As a nurturing and peaceful envronment for artists, the siting of the complex requires designing a self-sufficient community. Natural sources of water, power, and lighting are utilized to their maximum potential. Residences, studios, and community spaces are as simplistic as acceptable comforts will allow. and designed to be constructed without extensive use of large equipment.

Residential Complex

Studio Complex

Site Map

Detail of built-up green roof

Perspective section of a residentail unit


Biofiltration is used to purify grey water.

Longitudinal section of Residences

Diagrammatic section of residential unit

Residences are positioned to provide optimal natural light in the morning and evening, while studios are lit during the daytime.

Section of studio unit

Transverse section of Residences

Each unit houses a cistern for rainwater storage. This water is heated using solar energy and natural convection

SYNAPTICS: NEW YORK HIGH LINE City streets are zones for living, working, and leisure by means of exhibition, and are the only parts of the urban environment that truly convey the relationships and mechanics of a proper city. Architecture acts merely as infill to this system, Stolidly standing by while circuits buzz and flash outside. By engaging synapse of place and transmission of program, this construct creates the same mechanics on a human scale as a city street circuit or the human brain. Through aggregation of a spectrum of program, it hopes to alleviate the mind from the bewildering nature of urban life.






420’ from ground

276’ from ground

36’ from ground

KROGER LIFESTYLE CENTER [The Future of Digital Grocery] The Kroger Company sponsored a studio focusing on future scenarios in which developments in digital technology change the fundamentals of what a grocery store is. Potential futures were extrapolated from research and contemporary case studies. This led to designing systems and stores that respond to the grocery store’s evolving position and responsibilities within communities.

C. Sales Floor


[Digital Health & Predictive Suggestion] A new industry, wellness forecasting, has evolved from today’s fitness tracking technology. In 2011 Americans owned 16.2 million wearable digital fitness devices. A Consumer Electronics Association study in that year predicted that by 2017 the number of devices would exceed 93 million. Wellness forecasting technology accurately predicts the health impacts of individuals’ choices by collecting comprehensive data about starting health, genetics, and lifestyle. Users can access potential impacts, including general health, weight change, energy levels, and lifespan through the Kroger Wholeself system. Grocery customers still value the social aspects of consuming food together, but now do so empowered with data that allows them to chose the products and lifestyle that will let them live their lives as healthfully as possible.


[Response to Scenario]

WHOLESELF SYSTEM Cloud Based Lifestyle Management System Considers Genome, Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Environment, Calendar, History, Personalized Preferences Predicts Health Outcomes and Recommends Actions

MOBILE DEVICE Enter Preferences View Data from Wholeself Engage in Predictions with WholeSelf

WHOLESELF RING Proprietary fitness monitoring device Monitors Nutrient Levels, Alertness, Environment, Activity, and Body Systems on a Micro Level.


Americans without healthcare or doctors

Map showing inactivity levels by region

Darker blue represents a less active population; white represents more activity. The Midwest and South Central United States, which constitute a large portion of Kroger’s customers, are the least active regions in the country.




Average healthcare expentidures per person in 2010


B. Cafe Area

SHOP Nourish. Take suggestions and special offers based on your personal profile.

DINE Replenish. Grab a quick snack or sit down to a meal. Learn about healthy choices and cooking practices

MEND Maintain. Doctors e m p o w e r e d by individual comprehensive health insight. Get advice from an expert, or treatment for an ailment.

MOVE Go. Fly free, and forget about counting. The Wholeself System will automatically track pace, distance, and time.

EXERT Empower. Increase intensity levels while tracking your progress digitally.

In an age of hightened personal physical awareness, consumers will look to the source of their diet to provide them direction in their pirsuit of wellness. As one of the nation’s largest grocery companies, Kroger is poised to become this guide. The Lifestyle Center acts as a physical embodiment and integrated hub of every part of the Wholeself system. Customers use their devices to track activity levels, diet, and general health, then have the option to make decisions based on this data.

Running Track

Fitness Floor A Lockers

Cafe & Seating


FLOOR 2 Sales Floor Pharmacy/ Clinic

Fitness Studios Market Area

Checkout FLOOR 1 Produce and Organics



A. Fitness Floor



As an intern at GWWO, I was involved in several projects. Most notable of which were a new Welcome Center for the Port Canaveral Port Authority, and a rennovation for Lansdowne High School. I spent my time working on digital models, creating visualizations for project proposals, and drafting construction documents.

< Detail Sheets

A sample of some of the drafting work for a school renovation.

Recladding Proposal

Rendering of aluminum cladding and green wall installation



During my time at DAAP, I was employed by the school under the Dean of Architecture, and in the college wood shop. I have done design and construction work for the school, including a renovation of the Computer Graphics Center (CGC), documentation of, and research for a renovation of the building cladding. Much of the research I conducted was also used for a scholarly essay on parametric design which I co-authored with the Dean of Architecture, and was presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers Structures Congress in May 2013. I have also completed some furniture building works, such as building tables for a local tavern per their commission.

< Recladding and Parametric Analysis of the Aronoff Center Far left: Solid Model Geometry, Structural Model, Wireframe Model Far page, top: Exposed building layers during recladding Far page, bottom: An example of some of the complex geometric parameters that drive the form of a model of the Aronoff Center

CGC Renovation

Top left & middle: Completed, installed partition Top right: A sample of early iterations of a partition wall Bottom: View of installed partition and new laptop bar, with monitors also installed

Wooden tables made entirely of repurposed lumber, with welded steel frames. In total, four tables this size were made, along with 3 bar-length tables that measure 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 3â&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Interior of Maribelleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tavern with tables and bars situated

Promenade. Ink & charcoal



< Entry Detail. Graphite on bristol

Exploded Cordless Drill. Pen and solvent marker

Harrison Branch Library Elevations. Graphite on vellum

Psuedo-Vertical Copy/Paste Permutation No. 3. Vector Graphics.

Samuel Carl Architecture Portfolio 2014  
Samuel Carl Architecture Portfolio 2014  

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio. University of Cincinnati