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Samuel Carl Portfolio:


3202 Glendora Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45220 513-833-1878

Office of the Dean University of Cincinnati 09/2012 - 12/2012

Worked under the direct supervision of Anton Harfmann, Associate Dean of Architecture. Responsibilities included architectural research and parametric modelling using Revit as part of a presentaion at a Symposium, as well as designing a permanent installation for the school’s computer lab, which has since been constructed.

DAAP Woodshop University of CIncinnati 03/2012 - 06/2012

Worked full time for one quarter in the College Woodshop as a Co-op. Supervised students using the facilty, answered their questions and assisted them executing operations. Performed equipment maintenance, and completed projects to inprove the shop atmosphere and creatively solved problems. Performed first aid on a few occasions.

Education Secondary Education University of Cincinnati - School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning 09/2010 - 06/2014

The experiences have opened my eyes to percieve my surroundings in a critical, educated, yet fascinated way. The workload in this program is extremely intensive and requires a great amount of dedication and diligence.

High School Loveland High School 09/2006 - 06/2010

Graduated with an honors diploma and a 4.0 GPA after studying subjects (among others) such as Engineering Drawing, Art, Photography, German language, and Mandarin Chinese.

Arts & Music

Studied these disciplines for many years and am driven by my creativity in most of what I do. Enjoy working with my hands.


Built my own desktop computer and have experience using Adobe CS5, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Rhino, and SketchUp, and Java scripting, among others. When learning new software, I am able to take an intuitive approach in teaching it to myself. Works well collaboratively and enjoys sharing ideas with others for constructive criticism or compilation.


Communication & People Skills

Awards/Honors Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout rank 11/2009

Achieving something to which you have dedicated yourself for years is obviously very impactful. Earning Eagle Scout rank has taught me many invaluable lessons and skills, including leadership, teamwork, integrity, and personal management. As part of this experience, I have travelled to many places an contributed to my community. I built a wigwam using only hand-construction methods for a YMCA camp’s program useage

Activities & Affiliations Boy Scouts Of America Deerfield, OH Cincinnati SPCA Cincinnati, OH Lifespring Church of the Nazarene Milford, OH

Member of the BSA’s exclusive fraternal honors society, the Order of the Arrow. Regularly volunteer at the Colerain animal shelter by walking dogs and caring for animals, and photographing new animals so that they can be put up for adoption on Spent several years volunteering at events and playing in the worship band.


Jim Berns - supervisor at DAAP woodshop (work) 513-556-1207 (cell) 513-708-0815 (email) Anton Harfmann - Associate Dean of Architecture, College of DAAP (work) 513-305-0973 (email)


BSArch University of Cincinnati DAAP

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