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June 2018

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“Beach House Reunion” by Mary Alice Monroe

OPA Race Recap See pg. 2 for details. ...and much more!

Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix

Raceday Results • May 20, 2018

June 2018



1st........... 29 Typhoon 2nd......... 77 Done Deal 1st........... S-1 Shadow Pirate

1st........... 518 RUSFTR 2nd......... 505 CISCO No Bullies 3rd.......... 512 Specialized Racing 4th.......... 507 Tunnelvision 5th.......... 515 Coastal Boat Sales




1st........... 199 Bounty Hunter 2nd......... 105 Lightning Jacks

1st........... 611 Smith Brothers / CRC 2nd......... 644 Knot Guilty 3rd.......... 691 Liquid Addiction 4th.......... 667 Hurricane Force


1st........... V1 Wazzup 2nd......... V6 Strictly Business


1st........... 705 NJI Motorsports 2nd......... 700 Dawson Custom Marine 3rd.......... 732 Woah Mama 4th.......... 727 Tomahawk 5th.......... 769 Maximum Marine/Vitale Motors 6th ......... 765 Goofin’ Around 7th.......... 755 Hangin N Bangin


1st........... 411 Perdition 2nd......... 487 Jersey Outlaw 3rd.......... 441 Saris Racing

A Raceday Recap by Steve De Jacimo

Motorsport fan or not, the rumble of an Extreme Class or Super CAT offshore powerboat is a one of kind sound and feel. It rattles your chest, shakes your heart around for a second or two as they fly by at 70+ MPH. As locals, we hear that rumble every now and then as the fly up and down our local rivers. The view and feel was much more intense at the shore Sunday May 20th, as they were out in the rougher surf on a (finally) beautiful afternoon in Point Pleasant Beach. The boats gave us all thrill as they made a hard left into a straight away heading South at a mere 60 yards from the sand. Yeah, that close. Super exciting. The first races kicked off with the 5, 6 and 7 classes, with stagger starts of all three classes of race boats. All racing boats are equipped with GPS units as part of their competition. Ultimately, their speed is calculated and must stay within their class specification or be disqualified. For example, Class 5 has a top speed of 75MPH. We are fortunate to have a racer’s point of view and article to provide you with an accurate chain of events that day courtesy of Johnny Saris of Saris Racing. Turn to page 22 to read Johnny’s recap.


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Shore Recipes My family and I love eggplant but the idea of spending hours dipping and flipping cutlets for eggplant parmesan deters me from making it very often. These eggplant balls have all the flavors of eggplant parm, are easily adapted to be gluten free if needed, and are made in a fraction of the time. I bake them in the oven which also eliminates some of the fat acquired in frying. Serve them with your favorite sauce , and fresh parmesan. Enjoy!


Eggplant Balls

Eggplant Balls- (makes about 24 balls- 8 generous servings) 3 small eggplant, about 1 ½ lbs, cubed 5 cloves garlic minced 2 tsp. dried basil ¼ tsp nutmeg Salt and pepper Olive oil 3 eggs ½ cup grated parmesan ¼ cup chopped parsley 1 cup seasoned bread crumbs (GF can be substituted) ½ cup ground walnuts or pine nuts


In a large skillet, heat on medium heat and coat pan with olive oil. Add half the eggplant, garlic, and spices. Cook about 5 minutes until soft, but not fully cooked. Remove eggplant from pan and place in a food processor and pulse to chop until a coarse texture. Repeat with remaining eggplant, garlic and spices. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Place processed eggplant in a large bowl and add remaining ingredients. Mix thoroughly, adding more breadcrumbs if needed. Scoop with ice cream scoop to form balls and bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 25 minutes. Top with sauce, parmesan and fresh basil before serving.

Located on the scenic Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach

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Hours Of Operation: Tues-Thursday 5pm-9pm Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm Sunday 5pm-9pm

w w w. s h i pw re c k p o i n t s t e a k h o u s e . co m

June 2018


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June 2018


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Delran, NJ (856) 461-2700 / Kent Island, MD (410) 604-4300 / Annapolis, MD (410) 867-9550 1U1MFBTBOU /+  %FMSBO /+  $MBSLT-BOEJOHDPN

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Spring Lake, NJ • 732.449.1800

The Power of Positive Thinking How To Change Your Vibration by Allison Feehan, N.D., D.Psc, CRMT

What does it even mean to change your vibration? Do you know of someone who attracts or dates the same type of man or woman again and again only for it to lead to an end? Changing our vibration, or the pattern of our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, is what creates our reality. Our inner world creates our outer world. Our mental frequencies carry out into the field of infinite possibilities. We create our external circumstances. We are responsible for our own decisions and actions. When we are responsible for changing our experiences, we change our vibration. First, change your perception. Speak kindly to yourself and others. Our vibration suffers when you gossip or speak poorly of others. Be kind and Use your words to uplift others. If you are having a hard time thinking of what you would say to someone else or yourself make a list. Write down at least 10 things that you are grateful for. A beautiful exercise that can-do wonders in changing your vibration as well as others. Abundance is a high vibration. Laughter is another exercise that change the vibration in a room as well as within yourself. If you are still having a hard time with changing your perception about yourself or others, try sending loving to 3 people that are bothering you. If you are bothering you then go over that list that you made of what you are grateful for and send that love to your heart chakra. This will surely change your vibration. Second, stimulate your mind, change your focus. Becoming conscious of your thought or mindful of your actions and words starts from within. Set an intention before you start your day that the day will be filled with positivity and abundance. It may be helpful to repeat positive affirmations throughout the day to change the way you think, act, or feel. Take the opportunity to change a situation when the opportunity arises. If a negative thought arises, honor it and then replace it with a positive one. Elevated emotions such as love, thankfulness, gratitude, etc. are all emotions that vibrate at a very high frequency. Thinking about these elevated emotions, starting to feel these elevated emotions can help to change the frequency of how you vibrate.

You are what you eat. Food vibrates at a level of frequency that is either positively impacting or negatively impacting to your body. An apple for example vibrates at 60 MHz while a slice of chocolate cake vibrates at just 3 MHz. Although the sugar from the cake will make you feel awake and in a high vibratory frequency the crash will ultimately bring the blues. Change your diet to a higher vibratory or frequency. Drink lots of water and exercise. Consumption of the correct amount of water each day should be half your body weight in ounces. Incorporate a workout or even stretching change raise your vibration.

Allison Feehan N.D., D.Psc, CRMT Owner of Integrative Healing and Wellness 732.202.6797 523 Main Avenue Bay Head, NJ

Lastly, change your environment. Do you have a soul tribe of great people that bring you happiness? Look to change where you are spending your free time or who you are spending it with. De-clutter your space or rearrange some furniture to change up the energy. Bring the outside inside by incorporating some fresh flowers to your space. Or simply go outside and walk, connecting to nature. However, you decide to raise your vibration or change your frequency it’s all about being mindful. How mindful you are with your perception, your body, your environment, and your focus is the key. The Law of Vibration is real. Incorporate the changes. Surround yourself with what you want in life, fill your mind with positivity and purpose, send love to all those around you, and live every day with good intentions. Many Blessings

Visualization or meditation can also change your thought process and how you vibrate. Just 2-10 minutes a day can be so pivotal in how your body responds to stressors and can help your overall health improve. You may find that after a daily practice of meditation that you are sitting in meditation much longer perhaps up to 20-30 minutes. Incorporate music into this meditation if you find it brings you further peace and calmness. You can journal your meditations or even read a high vibe book.

Tom Manni • Manasquan Beach Yoga at Sea Watch Beach Every M • W • F • Sat @ 7:30am - 8:30am • 908.410.9436 June 2018


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*All offers cannot be combined with any other promotions, banquets or holidays. Valid till 7/31/18. Based upon availability, excludes sales tax, beverages, and gratuities


June 2018



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enu ffalo) Beverages, d Beer, Mixed Bar M BQAdult or Bu B ( s Wing ticks Wine,ChSpirits, Goods icken lla SPackage ozzare rs M pe o Pop n e p a l ies Ja nch Fr e r F d Loade

TV’s, Pool table, Jukebox lads esar a S OPEN TO PUBLIC Ca en rella Chick d e l l i r Mozza G & e l ab Veget d e l l i r G

ch Menu by ChefGGeorge Kretzu rill

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June 2018

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The Book Report “Beach House Reunion” By Mary Alice Monroe A book review by Brian Favretto

Thankfully, it’s the time of year where we can begin to put together a summer reading list that will keep us in the summer mood beyond Labor Day. “Beach House Reunion” by Mary Alice Monroe can begin that list. I was impressed with Monroe’s previous offering, “Beach House for Rent”, which I reviewed last year. Now, Cara Rutledge, in the fifth novel of the the Beach House series, is preparing to call Primrose Cottage on the Isle of Palms, SC her home for good. Returning to Primrose at age 53, Cara hopes to begin a new chapter in her life. Her hope comes from not merely a change in scenery, but also from her newly adopted daughter, aptly named Hope! Cara has embraced the challenge of motherhood, and wants to raise her daughter surrounded by love and nature. She wants Hope to share her passion for the beach and the environment, but she quickly learns the difficulty of trying to build a fledgling career while caring for the needs of an infant child. Luckily, Cara’s niece Linnea would do just about anything to avoid her dysfunctional family for a few months. She has just graduated college and jumps at the opportunity to spend the summer at the beach tending to Hope, before she begins the search for a career of her own. As Cara and Linnea settle in on the Isle of Palms with Hope, we begin to see what each is trying to leave behind. For Cara, the tragic death of her husband Brett and the ensuing loneliness. For Linnea, an overbearing, alcoholic father and a series of meaningless relationships. They have turned to the beauty of the ocean in order to find lasting peace and tranquility in their lives. They spend the summer with the Turtle Team, finding and protecting Loggerhead sea turtle nests, and moving forward by forging new relationships. Cara comes to know David, who made a cameo appearance in “Beach House for Rent”, and learns what it’s like to be spoiled again. Linnea meets John, and learns how to surf, and more importantly, how to be loved.

Near the end of the summer, a major hurricane bears down on the Atlantic coast, and we see some of the desperation caused during these circumstances. Fortunately, Monroe shows that with love, we can withstand the storms of life, and that some of the most peaceful moments in our life can arise from the most terrifying. She shows us how leaving our comfort zone in order to follow a calling can create meaning in our lives. She demonstrates the importance of breaking the cycle of a violent relationship, and the new opportunities that can be created as a result. She paints a word picture of the green Atlantic Ocean, and how embracing it can connect us to something much bigger than ourselves. In “Beach House Reunion”, Mary Alice Monroe has created another loving and heartfelt story in the Beach House series. She shows the beauty and gift of the cycle of life through her characters and her passion for sea turtles. In this novel, you will learn the value of shutting off the electronics and appreciating the quality moments. You will learn more about sea turtles and our coastal wildlife. You will remember how lucky we are to be able to gaze at the Atlantic Ocean and let that gift of peace carry us throughout our day. You will even learn a new meaning to the phrases “hot chicks” and “cool dudes”, and you will be let in on a Rutledge family secret that I’m sure will play out in future works. Be sure to purchase your copy of “Beach House Reunion” when it goes on sale May 22. As an added bonus, Mary Alice Monroe will be speaking at the Brielle Public Library on June 1st. You can purchase tickets for that event at I was provided an advance complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. “Beach House Reunion”, Gallery Books, 2018

Remember “Patsy the Seagull”? Our local author Patricia Richel has done us the favor of writing another book in the series, this one titled: “Patsy the Seagull Visits Ellis Island”, available now on Wait until you see the artwork by Faith Turnbach and poetry by Grace Turnbach!

June 2018


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$1,019,999 — 412 Carter Ave., Point Pleasant Beach

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Call for more information... Imagine living in this dream home just 4 short blocks from the Beach. This custom shore colonial was built with detailed craftsmanship. This gracious home has great curb appeal as you walk up to the full 39’ front porch feeling the ocean breezes. Enter into the foyer w/neutral diagonal tile which leads to the gourmet eat-in kitchen with all custom cabinetry and a huge center island with gorgeous granite through-out — also a breakfast area with french doors leading out to a patio for entertaining. Hardwood floors grace the rest of the home from a formal living room with window seat & gas fireplace. Pocket doors lead into a formal dining room, plus a spacious family room. Upstairs the master suite has a fireplace & private balcony the entire length of the home, two walk-in closets & lavish bath...WOW!

Phyllis Ludovico Sales Associate

732.604.8704 cell • 732.295.1400 office

doTERRA Balance

When applied to the skin or diffused, doTERRA Balance can ease anxious feelings and create a soothing and calming environment—encouraging strong relaxation. The aroma of doTERRA Balance is sweet and woody and is the perfect fragrance for promoting feelings of balance and tranquility.

627 Arnold Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Are you interested in learning how to safely use essential oils to support your health? Contact me for a personalized overview of your wellness needs.

June 2018


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This Foundation was established to provide drug and behavioral health curriculum and education to local schools for the prevention of addiction. Nicholas was a graduate of Point Pleasant Borough High School who passed away in November 2016 from a heroin overdose. His family is hopeful that this foundation will help bring awareness of this epidemic in New Jersey, especially Ocean County. Donations to the Nicholas Hudanish Foundation can be mailed to: 703 Hommann Ave., Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Come Out and Show Your Support!

2nd Annual Rock for Awareness Festival September 29, 2018 • 12-6pm Community Park, Point Pleasant Boro


Free, Confidential Support and Assistance 24 Hours/Day 7 Days/Week

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Rover Rescue Spring is in the Air... is Your Pup Ready? by Lauren Kehoe

Spring is in the air! Beautiful weather, fresh flowers, and chirping birds are on the way. Sunny days offer plenty of opportunity to get outside with your dog. Springtime activities are a blast, but a few simple things to keep in the back of your mind can help keep your dog safe.

Lauren Kehoe is an avid animal lover and dog owner.

Change of seasons brings change in environment. As new plants and weeds sprout up in your yard, do a little research. Fresh grass and plants can be enticing to dogs, and certain plants are toxic. Double-checking your garden can prevent ingestion of dangerous plants. If warmer weather has gifted you unwanted critters or bugs, consider animal friendly repellants or traps over poisons that can be dangerous to pets. This also applies to household cleaners. There are more and more animal and environmentally friendly products for all spring-cleaning needs. If stronger products must be used, keep them in a safe area your pet cannot get to and be sure to keep them out of the area for a few hours after application. Another thing to keep an eye on is potential season allergies. Symptoms are often skin related, such as inflammation, itchiness, and hot spots. Be aware of extra chewing, licking, or scratching. A certain amount of this is normal, but excessiveness can indicate a larger problem. Regular bathing provides relief and washes away allergens from the skin. Frequent cleaning of your home provides a more comfortable, allergen free indoor environment. Dietary changes such as anti-inflammatory foods may help. Vets can provide information on beneficial supplements such as essential fatty acids. In more severe allergy cases, regular allergy shots are an option. Warmer weather also means more bugs. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are eager to find hosts. If you live in an area with lots of mosquitoes, year round heartworm medicine is a great idea. A monthly pill or chewable can save your dog from lengthy and painful treatment from the disease. Topical treatment, flea and tick collars, and special shampoo can protect your dog from fleas and ticks and potential diseases that accompany them. There are theories that ticks in a geographic area can build up immunities to consistent topical treatments. If one brand doesn’t work, there are a variety of options. There’s no need to worry or panic. Benefits of this time of year far outweigh potential hazards. Keep these things in mind; take action when necessary, and you are your pet are sure to have a safe, sunny spring. Happy playing!

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Fashion Frenzy Congratulations Graduates!

By Denise Brady Acanfora, Certified Personal Stylist and Owner, The Urban Exchange

How awesome! You graduated! Yay you! So much to look forward to. And gifts…there’s lots of gifts coming your way. People like to celebrate a graduate and bestow gifts upon them. But I am here to tell you that you already have all of the gifts that you will ever want or need. You were born with them. Every one of us has gifts and talents that allow us to shine and be the best version of ourselves. Your ‘job’ is to discover just what they are. I suspect that on some level you already know what they are. But right now you are focused on making a living and earning an income. You might feel pressured to justify your education by getting a ‘real job’. I would like to offer you another perspective. What the world really needs is for you to do what you love. The combination of providing value for others while doing what you love is a recipe for success. A quote that has meant so much to me – especially the older I get- is from Marianne Williamson. If you have never heard it before – it is my graduation gift to you. Write it down. Post it on your mirror. Put it on the visor of your car. Say it out loud every day!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

at a fraction of

Fabulous Fashion the Price!

So, think back. What did you love to do? Go do that! I loved to draw and color. I especially loved to draw clothes and patterns and designs. I remember my middle school teacher, Mrs. Orsini, saying that she wouldn’t be surprised if I grew up to do something in fashion since I was always coloring and sketching different outfit designs. I still color and have a stash of Sharpie markers at home, work and in my bag at all times. Recently, I was jealous when I saw a friend post a pic of her Fashion Plates from childhood. I didn’t save mine. But through the magic of eBay I got a vintage set of Fashion Plates in the mail the other day. I can’t wait to use them this weekend!

designer looks | handbags | shoes | jewelry

Without doubt, you will take many paths throughout your career. With luck, you will be led back to what you love. I worked in retail for 10 years after college. Then I took a job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manager (hated it!). Went to the French Culinary Institute and opened my own bakery (unbelievably hard work!). Got my real estate license (so very not for me!). And then I came back to retail as a consignment shop owner. It’s my gift. It’s where I shine. Now it’s your turn. Get ready to shine!

June 2018

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Parental Guidance Balancing Acts By Maureen Whelan

I’m in a reflective period of my life, as soon my oldest child will be leaving home for college. It feels like months ago I was meeting her at the bus stop and we were sitting down to do homework together. I remember never-ending days that I ached to rest my head on my pillow, and prayed for a solid night’s sleep. It makes me wonder.. How is it the days are long, but the years are so short? I’m a little worried, not so much about my daughter, but the world she will encounter on her own. She will be able to vote and serve jury duty, but I still pack her lunch each morning. She drives, holds a decent job, has leadership positions in her high school, but still needs reminders to put her dishes in the dishwasher. I used to be conflicted, believing that these couldn’t possibly co-exist in the same being. But as I evolve in my beliefs of what cultivates happiness and successful children, I believe that this is exactly what is needed. Maybe it’s not so much conflict, but balance in their lives. We tried to protect her and prepare her, toughen her up and smother her with love. I want her to have dreams and strive to reach them, while being grounded in her pursuit. I want to teach her all that I know, while still giving her opportunity to discover and learn on her own. We worked hard as parents, trying to raise our children to demonstrate respect of authority without being blindly led. But balance is only recognized, if one has experienced imbalance. It is during those times of struggle, indecision, and conflict, that our children develop strength, direction and resolve. My daughter jokes about being the parenting lab rat, and how we made all our mistakes with her. She’s partly correct, we were far from perfect parents, and according to our other kids, we still have some work to do. But I’m fine with showing them that learning is a lifelong process. I’ve written about “The Growth Mindset”, and I can assure you that accepting this is an incredibly liberating exercise. Rather than settling into a parenting routine and sticking to rules that dont always make sense, I ask myself why? With each child the age they obtained a cellphone was a little older, leaving my youngest is convinced she won’t get one until high school. She might be right. Why? Because we can’t predict the future of technology or its safety, we can only decide that it’s not the right decision, right now. Why did my oldest get a phone in middle school? At the time we believed it was the right decision. But we learned about some pitfalls and adjusted our timeline, and then adjusted it again, and now again. These adjustments have occurred in almost every aspect of parenting from household finances, schooling choices, nutrition, wellness, socializing, and sports. Why? Because the world we live in is ever changing and the pendulum only swings so far, before it reverses itself, in its attempt to gain balance.

Maureen Whelan is a pediatric Occupational Therapist and mother of 4.

After graduating from colIege, I wanted nothing more to roadtrip across the US, and I dreamed of visiting as many new places as I could. At the time, I was done with being a Jersey girl. My best friend and I became traveling therapists and began our adventures living in Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and California. We visited 23 states on our 2 and a half year coast to coast adventure. We climbed mountains, rode a 50 mile bike race in Mexico, watched the sunset over the Pacific, and danced in LA nightclubs. It was an amazing experience… but while I was living my dream, I was creating news ones, with more roots. Now it’s my daughter’s turn. I’m coming to terms with no longer asking why, but rather encouraging her to do this. The questions, and answers are hers to discover. My parenting pendulum is coming to a turn….

June 2018


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See why The White Sands is the right destination for you!

Our experienced staff will walk you through the building & grounds while helping you to visualize your event, and the aspects that are most important to you. We will conclude the tour with a pricing consultation. Our inclusive, premium packages make planning your budget easier, while our extensive gourmet menu and flexible event space offer a myriad options for personalizing your special day. One of New Jersey’s hidden treasures, Point Pleasant Beach is located along the Jersey Shore. Being in such an authentic part of New Jersey, we offer you more than just a venue for your wedding, but the complete serenity that you desire for your special night. Our lavish ballroom offers you the perfect setting for your special day. Still want more? We have just the place for you. The Seabase Lounge is located in the lobby of The White Sands and will be the perfect ending to your amazing day!

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Students of 08742 Point Boro High School Students Take Capitol Hill by Jacquelyn Goss

Students in Point Pleasant Borough High School teacher Nick Gattuso’s Advanced Software Engineering Topics class have been exposed to a number of incredible opportunities as a result of the innovative programming projects they develop in the class, especially those applications associated with Panther Assisted Learning Software, or PALS. The set of assistive learning applications, which have been in development over the last six years by Mr. Gattuso’s students, feature apps developed through a unique collaborative effort between students in the software engineering classes and special education students in the school’s Life Skills/Multiply Disabled class. The apps provide the special needs students with essential skills to foster their increased independence. An unexpected benefit of the apps’ development, however, is the opportunities they’ve created for recognition and acclaim for the developers.

On April 12, Theresa Cardone, Luke Boylan, Jaspreet Kaur and Adrian Wittmann reported to the Rayburn House Office Building where they demonstrated their winning app to their fellow App Challenge winners, representatives, teachers, parents and congressman as well as reps from various tech companies, including the co-founder or Amazon Web Services. In addition to general praise and positive feedback from the audience, Lunch Buddy also caught the attention of Congressional App Challenge Co-Chair Tim Ryan (D-OH), who featured the Boro students in a promotional video that he shared to his social media accounts. In talking about Lunch Buddy, Congressman Ryan said, “This app is super cool,” he said before turning it over to Team Leader Theresa Cardone for a brief description of the app.

Earlier this year, four of Mr. Gattuso’s students submitted a new app for consideration in the 2017 Congressional App Challenge for New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District. The app, Lunch Buddy, which was developed by students Theresa Cardone, Luke Boylan, Jaspreet Kaur and Adrian Wittmann, was designed to promote inclusion by assisting special needs students with finding classmates to sit with at lunchtime. With the press of a button, a special education student can send a message to one of the dozens of general education students that have signed up for the program, notifying the recipients that they need a buddy to sit with during that day’s lunch period.

“Lunch Buddy is for the special needs kids,” she said. “Sometimes they feel lonely during lunch and all they have to do is press a big red button and a text message will be sent to everyone who signs up. It’s to help break the barrier between special needs kids and other students because students need to realize they are no different than us and they’re really fun to hang out with. And it’s also to help with their social skills.” “So on the app, if they’re lonely they can hit the button and it will go out to their friends and their friends can then get in touch with them,” Congressman Ryan asked.

In December, Mr. Gattuso was notified that Lunch Buddy won First Place in the 2017 Congressional App Challenge for the 4th District of New Jersey, which is represented by Congressman Chris Smith. A couple months later, in February, Congressman Smith visited the class where the students demonstrated Lunch Buddy as well as more than 10 additional apps in development by Mr. Gattuso’s students and in the process created a lifelong fan and advocate in the congressman.

Jaspreet Kaur added future plans for Lunch Buddy that include adding a personal interest field to encourage students with similar interests to buddy up to facilitate conversation and promote lasting friendships built on common interests. “I love this,” Congressman Ryan said in the video. “Challenging these kids like we’re doing with this competition. They have huge hearts, they’re smart and this is the next generation. They’re going to build the new economy for us.”

The congressman said he was “blown away” and that he found all the apps demonstrated to be “most impressive.” He also expressed a desire to make sure everyone was aware of the amazing programming work taking place in Mr. Gattuso’s class, printing information about the winning app in his Congressional Newsletter and on his official Facebook page.

The students also exchanged business cards with a representative from Maryland who expressed interest in implementing Lunch Buddy in his home district. “It was an awesome experience,” said Theresa Cardone. “Before I knew I wanted to pursue a career in computer science but after seeing how far it can take you, I’m even more passionate. It took us to Washington DC, imagine how much further we can go.”

The four Lunch Buddy developers along with Mr. Gattuso had the opportunity last month to reunite with Congressman Smith on Capitol Hill where they were among the 200 2017 Congressional App Challenge winners from 39 states who participated in the 3rd Annual #HouseOfCode Demo Day.

June 2018

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Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix

A Racer’s Point of View

June 2018

by Johnny Saris

Rough water and unseasonable humidity greeted the 30-boat fleet in the first race of the Offshore Powerboat Association yesterday in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., The Atlantic Ocean dished up solid four- to six-foot seas that made for plenty of big-air and fan friendly action. Starting at noon, the first race of the day included Classes 5, 6 and 7. The Class 5 race was heated right from the beginning with RUFSTR, Cisco and Coastal Boat Sales going at it. RUFSTR edged out a lead over Cisco by the third lap and never looked back. Coastal Boat Sales made a move on Cisco and were charging hard trying to catch RUFSTR but ran out of race. Unfortunately, a GPS reading error disqualified Coastal Boat Sales, putting Cisco in second place. “It was a great way to return to racing” said RUFSTR driver EJ Salamone. “We took a year off and I really missed it.” The Class 6 race was also very tight from the green flag. Knot Guilty, with Rob and Ray Murk onboard. took immediate charge pulling out a lead over Smith Brothers and Liquid Addiction.


But slowly but surely, Smith Brothers started to gain ground on them, making their move with just a few laps to go. “The boat ran great,” said Rich Smith, throttleman of Smith Brothers Racing. “I knew it had it in it, I just wanted to choose the right moment to make a move. We ran pretty easy the first few laps getting our wits about us. All in all, it felt great.” Without question, Class 7 had the toughest time with the water conditions on course, but still delivered some seriously tight action. The seven-boat boat field put on an aerial show for the fans lining the beach and boardwalk. Out front was Maximum Marine with Anthony Perry and Tom Maddalena battling with 17-year-old Nick Imprescia in NJI Motorsports competing in his first professional. A trim ram failure took Maximum out of it and Imprescia never looked back. Whoa Momma!—with Joe and Ed Reily—took second place with Dawson Custom Marine hanging tough for third. The NJI Motorsports cockpit duo of Imprescia and Ian Morgan ran their 21 Superheat flawlessly. Look for big things to come from those guys in the future. Race No. 2 went off at 2pm and included SVL, Class 4, Class 3, Class 1 and Superstock fleets.

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That put this reporter in the throttleman bolster of the Saris Racing Engines boat, and RUFSTR’s E.J. Salamone on the wheel.

Nick Scafidi—with Tom Maddalena on the wheel—throttled his Superstock Shadow Pirate catamaran to an uncontested victory, putting on a great show for the fans. Ed “Smitty” Smith with his son, Nick “Boomer” Smith, driving took their Wazzup 38-foot Fountain to victory as well, besting Louis Gioncontieri and Johnny Stanch in Strictly Business.

“E.J. is Johnny’s best friend, and a heck of a good driver,” said Jason Saris. “I was excited to see how they would run together.”

“I’m proud of my boy” said Smith at the award ceremony “He wheeled the heck out of that Fountain today.” (Smith’s other son, Anthony, who usually throttles Wazzup, was in Coco Beach, Fla., running the AMH/Instigator Fountain with Aaron Hope in the SBI season-opener.) Bounty Hunter was victorious in Class 1 with Lightning Jacks in coming second. An unfortunate bottom issue took Lightning Jacks out of the competition with only a few laps left. The Super Vee Light class proved exciting as always with Typhoon jumping to an early lead and never looking back. Done Deal was in hot pursuit the whole race but couldn’t quite find the speed in the rough water.

With the two young guns running the boat and Verne French navigating, the Saris Racing Engines crew did its best to take down the veterans in Perdition. A really tight battle went on for four to five laps laps, Saris sustained propeller damage and had to call it a day. “I think they would have won regardless.” said Verne French. “Johnny had never throttled the boat in the ocean, and E.J. had never driven the boat in the ocean. They did a great job working together, but you need a lot of seat time to beat a team like Perdition.” Claiming second place in Class 4, Rob Lauer and Joey Meglino had a great run in the Cammo Ammo Scarab. Editor’s Note: A veteran offshore race, Johnny Saris covers the OPA circuit for and is a longtime contributor to the website.

Class 4 saw quite a bit of mixing and matching, with Brian Williamson of Team Perdition asked Jason Saris to throttle his boat for the day. “I’ve been making so many setup changes and I’ve had to use a few different drivers over the past two seasons,” said Williamson. “I really wanted to drive it to know what to expect from them. Jason is one of the few people I trust in that seat.”

June 2018


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• Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy • Speech Therapy • Behavioral Supports • Family Training • Parent Coaching • Life skills — prevocational • Life skills — leisure/ fitness

Maureen De Jacimo, OTR cell: 732-608-3199 •

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June 2018


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Healthy Morsels, II Sugar....the Hidden Truth by Lynn O’Hara

We all have heard lately that sugar is not good for us. Some may have even heard that sugar is addictive. Have you really believed any of what you’ve heard? Do you have any idea how much sugar you actually consume? It’s so easy to avoid really diving into the sugar controversy. The food industry would rather you not do that. They don’t want you to figure out just what all the sugar they pump into all sorts of foods is doing to you. The sugar industry has fought hard to keep you from seeing the amount of sugar that is added into foods and until now, it has worked. Check out a food label and you won’t be able to tell how much sugar is in that food naturally and how much has been added to the product. By the time 2020 rolls around they will have to tell you. Keep in mind that food labels went into effect in 1990 when the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act was passed. The sugar industry lobbied quite effectively for over 25 years to prevent you from seeing how much sugar they were adding to foods. Not only did the sugar industry work to hide how much sugar was in foods, back in the 70’s and before, when researchers were looking into the nutritional causes of heart disease, the sugar industry hired and paid off Harvard scientists to falsify data that found sugar intake was directly correlated with prevalence of heart disease. Remember the low fat, non-fat diet craze? Snackwell cookies? You can thank the sugar industry for that bogus information and resulting HUGE increase in use of sugar in food products and a very big jump in weight gain in our nation. I find that absolutely criminal. But enough about that. The good news is that the truth is coming to light!

Now, I’m not out to malign sugar entirely. Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC I like a good milkshake as much as the Licensed Psychotherapist next person. However, I do Registered Dietitian believe that your (732) 899-9312 intake of sugar should be your choice and not one that is foisted on you unknowingly. So here are some facts to help you decide if you want to work to decrease your sugar intake. First and foremost, sugar does hurt your heart! Despite what the sugar industry wants you to think, studies are proving that those with the highest sugar intake are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease. Sugar has also been linked to dementia. Keep an eye out for more research on this important discovery. Other research has shown a link between sugar and squamous cell carcinoma, which accounts for about a quarter of lung cancers. Something I found very interesting is that sugar intake, particularly high fructose corn sweetener, has been found to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It can cause a sugar belly (like a beer belly) and is one of the leading causes of liver transplants! There are plenty more reasons to decrease the amount of sugar you eat. The easiest way to do this is to decrease the amount of processed food you eat. According to a study in the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 74% of packaged foods contain sugar. Eat more whole foods and less processed foods and you’ll be able to at least recognize when you are getting added sugar because you’ll be the one adding it. The average American eats the equivalent of 13 five-pound bags of sugar per year! Make this year the one where you cut that number. Your health will thank you. Until next time, eat healthy, be happy.

(STUDENTS OF 08742, continued)

Similar sentiments were expressed by Jaspreet Kaur and Luke Boylan, both of whom cited the overall experience for making them more passionate about the Computer Science field while Adrian Wittman credited the trip with providing new ideas for future app designs. Though the #HouseOfCode demo took up the majority of the day on Thursday, the students’ Friday schedule was clear… that is until Congressman Smith invited them to visit his office in the Rayburn Building. The congressman didn’t let a busy day of legislative duties stand in the way of spending time with his favorite young programmers and Mr. Gattuso. “While in the House of Representatives, Congressman Smith was preparing for the coming week when he came up with the idea of giving a speech on the Capitol floor about some of the programming projects,” said Mr. Gattuso. “The speech will be broadcast on C-SPAN.” Besides the public promotion of Mr. Gattuso and his students, Congressman Smith is also working behind the scenes on behalf of the class by helping to establish relationships with tech companies that have set up shop in the former Bell Labs facility in Holmdel. The congressman has even drafted a letter to Ivanka Trump – a proponent of STEM education – inviting her to see the class in action!

June 2018

“He’s really making every effort to talk up the class behind the scenes,” Mr. Gattuso said. “We are so grateful for Congressman Smith’s support and encouragement.” That gratitude works both ways. Citing his work as chair for six distinct caucuses for children with disabilities as well as his wife’s background as a special education teacher, Congressman Smith has pledged his appreciation and admiration for the work Mr. Gattuso and his students are doing. “Mr. Gattuso provides his students with diverse opportunities to learn valuable programming and back end design skills while helping their fellow students and the community and simultaneously earning opportunities for recognition and acclaim,” said Superintendent of Schools Vincent S. Smith. “These opportunities have not only better prepared our students for the technological demands that await them at college and in careers and have provided them with increased opportunities to achieve success but also helped to make them more compassionate in their programming efforts. I’m looking forward to witnessing where this partnership between Congressman Smith and Mr. Gattuso and his students leads.”


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Back to Earth Herbal Iced Tea Refreshest by Natalie Berko

Energy Boosting Hibiscus Iced Tea

A great refreshing iced tea is a summer staple that everyone wants to have around the house. Whether you are entertaining or just want something great to sip on after a long day in the sun. This summer choose an iced tea that is not only refreshing, but nourishing as well. Most herbal teas offer some variety of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The best way to reap the health benefits of tea is to steep it yourself. Commercial options can still offer benefits, but when using fresh herbs you are getting more nutrients and other good benefits that herbs have to offer. You can find fresh herbs at a local farmers market, most food or health stores or opt to grow them yourself to ensure freshness! Herbal tea also known as “tisane” is made by steeping the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, stems and petals of a multitude of plants and flowers. Herbs come in hundreds of different varieties, some common and others that are more obscure depending on the area. The health benefits of each type of herbal tea vary depending on the composition, which may be a single ingredient or a combination of different herbs and flowers. Common health benefits include relaxing the body and mind, sleep aide, inflammation reduction, and boosting the immune system. Think about the herbs that will most benefit you and your health. For example people with anxiety may benefit from a blend of chamomile and lavender which have a relaxing and calming effect. There are a number of great herbal tea receipes that translate beautifully to iced tea. Remember that you can combine a number of herbs to get a great flavor, have fun with it and keep a journal of your favorites! Here a few of mine along with their benefits.

While Hibiscus on it’s own offers great health benefits such as acting as an anti-inflammatory and improving digestion adding some peppermint, orange peel, rosehips, and lemongrass intensify and add to those benefits!

Natalie Berko Certified Crystal Healer

- One teaspoon of peppermint - One teaspoon of orange peel - One teaspoon of rosehips - Two teaspoons of lemongrass - Two teaspoons of hibiscus - Two cups of water Steep all of the teas separately and then mix them together in a big pitcher. Add more water if necessary to reach two cups. If you want to sweeten it, I like to use an organic honey. This combination is great if you want to boost your energy or improve focus.

Relaxing Lavender Iced Tea Lavender is known for its calming properties and great for anxiety and stress. - Four tablespoons of lavender - One-fourth cup of honey - One-fourth cup of lemon juice If you can its best to get the lemon juice from fresh lemons to ensure you are getting the maximum nutrients from the tea. Steep the lavender for about 15 minutes to draw out the juices from the fresh lavender herbs. Add the fresh squeeze lemon, tea, and honey to a big pitcher top off with water to reach 2 cups, pour over ice and enjoy!

June 2018


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June 2018

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