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Fu Qianhua


Educational Background 01/2018-12/2019

Bartlett School of Architecture , University College London


College of Architecture and Urban Planning , Shandong Jianzhu University

Work Experience 07/2011-08/2011

Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute

Urban Planner Assistant

07/2012-07/2015 07/2015-08/2016

Shanghai Rijing Project Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Urban Planner

Shanghai Rijing Project Architectural Design Co., Ltd Chief Designer

Honors 12/2009 11/2010 11/2011 12/2013 12/2015

Third-Class Scholarship of College Shandong Jianzhu University Outstanding Individual in Social Project Shandong Provincial Department of Culture Excellent Work Award National Steering Committee of Urban and Rural Planning Education in China Third Prise,Shanghai outstanding city planning design Shanghai Urban Planning Trade Association Third Prise,Shandong outstanding city planning design Shandong Provincial Department of Construction

Utilise Negative Space Inidividual Work Modern city is built on mobility. Since Chinese cities keep sprawling, the impact from existing transport infrastructure construction on urban space has been far beyond the commitment to carry the traffic flow. Viaducts not only occupy an increasing number of urban spaces, but also continuously create and influence urban environment. Urban Viaducts not only occupy an increasing number of urban spaces, but also continuously create and influence urban environment. This project provide an cretive way to re-use the negative space underneath urban viaducts effctively.

Urban Viaduct Space


With the development of the city and traffic, more and more viaducts were built to meet mass rapid transit. The presence of vast-scale viaducts break the continuous urban landscape.

Many experts have paid attention on th people in my city didn't fully aware the p

Initial Path


Negative Spaces

View limitation


Public Hygiene T-junction

Dark & Crime


Negative Space In art, is the space around and between the subject of an image. Negative space may be most evident when the space around a subject ,not the subject itself, forms an interesting or artistically relevant shape, and such space occasionally is used to artistic effect as the "real" subject of an image.

he negative space in city, however, passive influence it may cause.

Expert Opinion Urban Voids Urban void is an area wothout clear limits, currently unused, hardly recognizable in the collective perception of citizens, usually forming a rupture in urban tissue. It is also an available area, full of expectations, strong in urban memory, with original potential: the space of possibility, of future.

by Ignasi de Sola-Morales, Spanish architecture

Junk Space If space-junk is the human debris that litters the universe, junkspace is the residue mankind leaves on the planet. Junkspace is what remains after modernization has run its course or, more precisely, what coagulates while modernization is in progress, its fallout.

by Rem Koolhaas, Dutch architecture

Lost Space Five factors - the highway, the Modern Movement in architecture, urban renewal and zoning, competition for images on the part of private enterprise , and changing patterns of land use in the inner city - have, then, together create the dilemma of modern urban space.

by Trancik Roger, American landscape architect and urban designer

Possibilities There are many ways that we can use the negative spaces under the vaiaduct. For example, it can be a bus staion or pocket park in a traditional way. However, in this way, people only focus on the benefits it brings to the on-bridge people but ignore the influence it may cause to people under the bridge. I choose a radical but creative way to change negative space——build a "Trilink".


c Van


on Pu



g Lo

kin Par

iti raff



nc ntra

E tro e M

rk t Pa e k Poc

e Toil c i l b

tati S s u

rts Spo


ou ry H


p Tem


k Par


f Tra

en fic C

Third Floor

Viaduct Second Floor

First Floor

Thilink is not only a traffic facility which can diverge different traffic flows and provide a comfort and quiet environment for the public, but also a huge artist installation which can change people's conventionally cumbersome image of urban viaduct space. When the night coming, colorful light and neon lamp in the second floor of trilink start to shine , traffic stream moves on the first floor and walking people spent their peaceful and quiet time. In this project, the structure of architecture is twisted like a silk sarf, which symbolize the idea of flowing space. The irregular and innovative design of "Thilink" ultimately leads to more functional, beautiful and meaningful poetics. People may utilize the space in the way they like , such as having a walk with dog, playing skating board, installing a small art exhibition. The use of this public space has no limit and the only limit of it is people's imagination.

Enclosure Construction The Enclosure construction on the viaducts is to decrease the influence of noise on people around .

Fluorescent Tubes

A great number of white fluorescent tube designed to provide lighting for activiti night.

es are ies at

Walkable Tunnels The twisted tunnels decrease the space scale under viaducts and reflect the pathological city.

Wisdom Green Valley Inidividual Work Development of industrial civilization is in the difficult position because it destroys resources and ecological balance while a new civilization, ecological civilization, is gradually popular. It is ecological civilization, which is becoming more and more popular in current China. This project is a useful attempt in construction of ecological civilization.

Changzhou city

Regional Overview The ancient cultural city of Changzhou has a long history of more than 2500 years. It is also an emerging industrial city, which is modern and economically developed. The city covers an area of 4275 square kilometers, and has a population of 3.57 million. Over 70,000 industrial enterprises are located here, among which over 7,000 are foreign invested ones.



Project Background The promotion of development of green building fits the two national strategies, which are energy conservation and industrial deverlopment, meets the new requirements to accelerate the construction of ecological civiliztion. It have good internal and external policy environment and market infrastration of Changzhou city and urban and rurual construction mode transition.This place will become a new point of economic growth of Changzhou and Wujin and the booster of trans formation and upgrading.


The Green Building Cluster Demonstration Area which is the only one approved by The Ministry of Housing And Urban-Rural Department till now, is blooming up.



The infrastrcture of demonstration area according to the standard of "Qi Tong Yi ping", which means : Land: Acccording to the natural elevation level to construct. Road: Advanced road network , main roads have 6-8 lanes. Power Supply: One 220kV Power substation and two 110kV power substations have been built, otherwise, three 110kV power substations are being built. Water Supply: Yangte River Water Division Project with daily water supply capacity of up to 200,000 tons. Gas Supply: Natural gas pipeline and pump station to rivers. Pollution Discharge: 100,000-ton sewage treatment plant has been built. Communication:100,000 computerized telephones and internet broadband has been connected.


Ecotype Energy Solor Energy

35.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 15.00 10.00 5.00 0.00 Jan

Path of Sun

Hours of Daylight




Maximum temperature May



Averrage temperature Aug

Annual Average Temperature



Minimum temperature Nov


This area has a comfortable living environment, intensive commercial facilityies, a variety of food and beverage service, rich leisure acivities, first-class quality education and the quality of medical service, which is suitable for business and living.

Water Reclycle

Cloud Rain Infiltration Trench


Bioretention Swales

Water Supply


ďźˆshower\kitechen\ washing machine

Grey Water



Black Water


(Roof-surface Runoff)

Central Stormwater Sewer

Emergency Overflow

Cleaning Biotope

Cleansing Water Pond Circulation


Water Features


Infiltrate River Wetland

Water Features Circulation Irrigation

Recycled Wastewater Muicipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wind Accessibility By building models in computer, we can simulate the enveironment of this place. Wind direction, speed and frequency will influence the building design including bracing requirements, roof and wall cladding selection, weather tightness detailing, building entry locations, window size and placement and provision of shelter for outdoor spaces.

Wind Velocity Vector in Summer

Wind Velocity Vector in Winter

Wind Contours Map in Summer

Wind Contours Map in Summer

Green Building

Expert apartment is a huge complex builidng, where people may dwell, work and do sports in one building, which can improve the effeciency of energy use and bring this place more vitality.

The green building exhibition area locatied in the east part of the garden. The roof of building can collect water from outdoor and clean it by devices.

The roof of buiding is declined slope which facing to summer wind. This ecological strategy can reduce the temperature of indoor and the using of air-conditioner by providing people nature wind.

Wind Turbine

Landscape Topography

Buffalos Stranded

Drainage Pavement

Green Technologies Application The field of "green technology" encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products. The present expectation is that this field will bring innovation and changes in daily life of similar magnitude to the "information technology" explosion over the last two decades. In these early stages, it is impossible to predict what "green technology" may eventually encompass. There are 8 green technologies can be applied in this area, with low cost in money and high respond in future,

Vertical Plantation

Smart Facade

Rain Harvest

Green Travel








Ecological Technique To minimise the negative environment impact of buildings, a lot of ecological techniques were implied in this program. These techniques can be divided into five kinds. They are sustainable energy use, sustainable building meterials, waste management, building placement, sustainable building consulting. Considering the demonstration area's aim is to play an exemplary role in green building, all of these outsanding ecological techiniques are encouraged to be utilised in the site.

TOWN WITH HILLS AND RIVER Internationnal Bidding DATE : 2012.12 TEAM LEADER : Dr Huang Westriver Town is a rich and potential land, which located in Yunfu City, Guangdong Provice.The excellent view of mountain and river make the opportunity of making urban design for such a large scale of land very precious. With the purpose of building a brand new town without losing its culture root, Yunfu government launch a international bidding for concept design of this area, which attracted over 20 design institutes. My team joined in the competition and won the recognition award.

Shanshui City

The idea of Shanshui City derives from the chinese ancient landscape painting. Ancient chinese painters ingeniously made use of natural scenes of moutain and river. l integrated them with man-made scenes, such as temples and houses, which made broad garden scenes. The conceptual design for Westriver Town maintains and develops the philosophy of cooperation between humanity and nature, albeit in a modern setting. The carefully planned project seeks to restore harmony between humans and the environment by creating integrated, contemplative spaces that still meet the material needs of modern life.

见山 See the mountain

借景 Borrow the scenery

依山 Live beside the mountain

造景 Change the skyline

乐山 Expand the land Enjoy the mountain

化景 Combine nature and man-made scenenry

Westriver Town is located in the northern area of Yunfu city, where has an excellent view of high moutains and wide river. Because of fast urban expanding of China ,such a huge chunck of land with nature resouce become rare and valuable. This project pushes the boundary of the urbanization process in modern cosmopolitan life by creating a dialogue between artificial scenery and natural landscapes. By transforming features of Chinese classical landscape painting, such as lakes, springs, forests, creeks, valleys, and stones, into modern “city landscapes”, the urban space creates a balance between high urban density and natural landscape. The forms of the buildings echo what is found in natural landscapes, and re-introduces nature to the urban realm.

Site Analysis Process of Yunfu City Expanding

At the benning,the towns and citys emeged in the river valley and flat area where easy for construction and have sufficent water resouces for human acitivities .However , because of the rapid extension of railway in the 1990s , the development of northern part of Yunfu city has fallen behind the pace of other areas.





At the year of 2012, the government decided to build a new high-speed railway sation beside the West River and aimed to build it as an important node in the provincial railway network . This brought the Westriver Town a golden opportunity of urban development

Chinese Calligraphy In English, "Shan" means mountainrange ,"shui"means waterway,"Shanshui" neans landschape with hills and rivers.The English meaning of "mai" is vein. However, this character have two meaning in Chinese——moutain range and waterway. So, we use "mai"(vein) as basic theme of whole plan to describe the situation where human keep a hamony relationship with the nature.


Reqular script

Running script

Seal character

Ancient Town Layout

Architecture Metaphor Stone Sculpture


Vernacular Arichtecure

Morden Art Centre

High-speed Railway

This program is a brave practice of design philosophy “Shanshui City”, at the core of which is the idea that, architects should delineate a new ideal for the city of the future, to gradually construct an urban environment that embodies both the convenience of the modern city and the ancient Eastern affinity for the natural world. We extract several classic symboy of chinese culture, including bonsai, stone sclupture and vernaclar architecture.Af ter re-shape and re c o m ba n a t i o n , w e g e t s e v e r a l innotive image of future culture symbol. Inspired by this imagine, we design the modern art centre of Westriver Town as a mataphor of round and solid stone. The meaning of "Shanshui City" i s m o r e c o m p l i c a t e d a n d f a rresearching than the metaphor of a town with hills and rivers. The disign protect the root of anchient chinese culture and inject new soul of current life, bring human emotion to the fast expanding city and remind the inhabitants the beauty of nature.

CBD Circle of Influence Third Level Funtion:casue little overall effect Distance:above 1500m

Second Level

Function: Business、Resident Distance: 1000-1500m

First Level Function: Business office Distance: 500-1000m Highway Station


ta il D

es ig n

A re a

Art Center Stadium


Wisdom Vally



Mountain Analysis The shape of mountain range in Westriver Town has significant influence to the conceptual design of the area. There are three problems to solve before start construction. Firstly, the fragile ecological environment. The Huaxi Mount is located in this area which was the highest mountain in Yunfu City, and should be planed as a nature reserve area to protect its animals and plants. Secondly, the economic value. Yunfu is a city with a lot of moutains and hills which means it lack of enough flat plains for urban constuction. The cost of excavation hills may be high at the present. However, it may brought huge economic intrest and opportunity for further deverlopment. Thirdly, the struture of urban design. Moutain and river are the most impotant factors of nature strucuture. In this urban design, we have to rebuild the strucuture of this rural place in the premise of aesthetic. To solve these problems, we studied a lot of cases and made a series of strategies to keep the balance of nature and economy there.

Develope and form land

Make balance of excavation and fill in the lowest cost of money and reserve the best view of the hills.

Plan water system

Dig new cannel and bring the water of West River to the inland for daily using.


The plann of valley w

crese urban vitality

ning main stream located in the middle will become energetic open space.

Divide function areas

There are 9 various funtion areas divided. Each of them has a unique design theme.

The planning main stream will become the most important space of this area. It is the biggest branch of West River which was also the mother river of Yunfu City. Around the confluent area, there are several huge-scale and well-deigned public buildings, such as stadium and theatres. It is no doubt that, this place will become the culture and econimic centre of Westriver Town and bring energy and power to Yunfu City in the future.

Architecture Forms

Public Building Bussiness Education Entertainment

The public buildings are located beside West River and the mainstream. Besides the public buildings are blocks of business buildings. Others are rediential buildings combined with several education and entertainment buildings.

Axis and Landmark

A delux hotel situated in the west shore of main stream with a superexcellent sight of hills and rivers. Several high-rises and a public stadium sited in the east shore which become the landmark of whole area.

Path and Open Space

The road net was colsely connected with the open space, such as shores, parks and othe outdoor spaces. This strategy make people easy to get the access of nature.

Regulatory Detailed Plan of Juye County Shanghai outstanding city planning design Date: 2013.12 TeamLeader : Dr Huang Role : Chief Designer Haze episodes have occurred in China nearly every year. There are several resons to explain the terrible air, and the uncontrolled urbanism is one of them. How to avoid the situation before it happens? How to improve the curent situation before it losing control? In making regulatory plan for Juye City, which aim to be buit as a low-carbon ecological city, we make an innovative attempt in carbon balance to change the air polution from the very beginning.

Location Juye County, Heze City, Guangdong Province



Site Analysis This project located in the northern part of Juye County , with a stream running though this place. To the southwest of site , there is a chemical plant 4 kilometer away, which emits poisonous smoke and drains waste water. The factories in the industric district doesn't produce high-polluting products. But because of the prevailing southeasterly winds in summer, a seris of environmental pollution has been found in this area, especially haze.

Proposition Haze is traditionally an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky. The World Meteorological Organization manual of codes includes a classification of horizontal obscuration into categories of fog, ice fog, steam fog, mist, haze, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand and snow. Sources for haze particles include farming (ploughing in dry weather), traffic, industry, and wildfires. In this project , we studied thoughly the cause of haze and propose a serise of suggestions for preventing air pollution.

Technology Carbon Emission

Energy( coal, oil, natural gas ) Resudebrs breathing Soil respiration

Carbon Balance

Carbon Absorption

Woodland Arable land Garden Water Urban green space

From the view of carbon emmisions and absorbtion, this program based on the analysis of carbon budget. CO2 emissions come mainly from three types of carbon sources, including energy-related carbon source, human respiration carbon source and soil carbon source . We assumed that this area was a relatively independent ecosystem space ,which made the process of carbon balance calculation simple and clear .

Ecology Matrix

Functional Areas

Juye Reservior, located in the west of the site is the drinking water source of Juye City. Both Juye Reservior and Zhushui River ,surrounded with big chunk of green land beside the water are eclogical sensitive area.

The whole area is divided into five district and three communities. Each entertainment facilities, which can prov

parts: one conservation and one complex community has its own business center and vide 20,000-50,000 people living and working.

Landmark and Axis By analysis the shape of river, we choose three places as land marks. They are delux hotel and conference centre, culture centre and sports centre. Other buildings are put surround them in a patterned style.

Landmark Delux Hotel & Conference Centre

Linyin Temple & Spiritual Centre

Cultural & Sports Centre

Shopping Mall & Office Building

Delux Hotel the most significant landmark of this area

Office Building

Shopping Mall

Situated beside the beach which is convenient for inhabitants to shop

a complex of shops with interconnecting walkways.

Conference Centre Situated beside the delux hotel for relevent service

URBAN DESIGN To get the carbon balance of the whole area, we implied a series of measures in urban design. On one hand, the measure which reducing emmisions includes optimizing energy structure, using renewable resources and reducing the use of private verhicles emphatically from the carbon source. On the other hand ,the measure which increaing carbon absorption includes adjusting the structure of green plant and increasing urban vertical greening. And it explores the ecological control index content revision so as the applying of planning and mangement.

Membrane Structure

e Hospital people dwelling in the community can work to there in half an hour

in the south shore of the river, protect people from sunshine and rain

Residencial Area each community live 20,000-50,000 people

Fu Qianhua March (UCL) B.E (SDJZU) Mobile:+44 7597447297 Email:fuqianhua@gmail.com

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