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Maldives Marine Expo wraps up a successful fourth edition

Maldives marine expo was conducted under the theme Mapping a Sustainable Future

Maldives Marine Expo, the official exhibition of Liveaboard Association of Maldives concluded a successful fourth edition last September. The three day event which took place from September 9th – 11th at Dharubaaruge under the theme “Mapping a Sustainable Future”, addressed the environmental issues threatening the marine industry. The organizer of the event BLAK Pvt. Ltd hailed the show as a

success. “We’re very happy with the support and feedback,” Ali Jinah Mohamed, Assistant Marketing Manager at Blak said. Twenty four exhibitors showcased their products at the expo having a break to meet with a wide range of potential customers. This year’s event showcased a unique setting of a virtual reality zone and a marine themed fashion show.. These events encourage Maldives with promising future.




The new hike to real estate industry via Sri Lanka The upcoming years promises to hold exciting future for real estate investment. With more and more developments popping up in the world’s key emerging markets, the eyes are onto countries such as Mexico, Philippines and Sri Lanka. These countries not only offer a more appealing climate zone but also the potential of better returns for real estate investors and plot prices are generally lower, as well as material and labour costs. Investing in real estate carries with it a certain amount of risk but has the potential to be very rewarding if investments are chosen wisely. Since the end of the civil war the country’s economy has been blooming. The development of tourism industry has created new demand for hotels and apartments with substantial investment in transport links. Following this increase in demand to buy, build and rent, the country is attracting the attention of many foreign real estate investors, who see the potential for a lucrative investment. Hence, Sri Lanka being a neighbouring country to Maldives, Maldives could benefit from Sri Lanka’s development and real estate opportunities. A key starting point is to identify the aim of your investment. Are you looking for something that will provide short-term returns or are you in it for the long haul? Are you looking to buy to live, to re-sell quickly, to re-sell in the future or to rent out immediately? Identifying the desired purpose of your investment, will be a key ingredient for success in staying on top of the latest developments and trends within the real estate market. The opportunities from Sri Lanka has been increasing in the real estate industry where Maldivian companies have a window of opportunity to look ahead on. The developments and opportunities will undoubtedly benefit both the countries. "This reflects a healthy outlook for the construction and the real estate sectors. Going forward, the businesses will open up vibrant opportunities with promising returns".


Dhiraagu kicks off "Youth Fest" at Vilimale' The event concluded with fond colours of enjoyment with water sports activities. The Youth Fest event commenced at the Vilimale’ water sports area on 7 Oct 2017. Dhiraagu hosted Youth Fest with the aim of providing its participants and visitors to experience a range of water sports activities for free on that particular day. The festival included barbecue and grill with beach sports and fun activities. Further, the event had live stage performances from various artists.

During the event, Dhiraagu has appointed Maldivian no. 1 fly boarder Ibrahim Hussein commonly known as Ibbadey as their brand ambassador. Dhiraagu empowers youth to do more and act as model to inspire everyone around them. This isn’t the first time Dhiraagu has selected Brand Ambassadors to represent the newly rebranded brand. The one day event wrapped up with a huge round of appreciation and enjoyment.


How to master your dress code while travelling Travelling is not only fun but it also creates unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Though travelling is an exhilarating experience, it tags along a luggage of worries which, if not handled carefully, could ruin your perfect trip. Especially if you are travelling to a new and unfamiliar place, food, clothing and environment can create issues that you are not prepared for while planning the trip. Here we are going to highlight how you can master your dress code while travelling. Staying safe in an unfamiliar place should be the ultimate objective no matter where you travel to. Taking this into consideration you must be careful to dress in such a way so that you can easily blend in at your new destination. While choosing your attire, always keep in mind local customs, attitudes and religious beliefs so that you don’t stand out. This will help you to avoid inadvertently offending the locals or becoming a target to be be misled. When you pack your bag for the upcoming trip, be careful to fill it with clothing which will help you easily fit in any community. Always dress modestly, respecting religious views and cultures across the globe. Secondly, don’t make yourself conspicuous by wearing sparkling and expensive jewellery. Believe it, that unwanted attention in an unfamiliar place is not a good combination.


How to under-dress for your next party Wondering how to work that casusal party look with a touch of elegance? Here are few looks you can try on for your next party, saving yourself the embarrassment of being over-dressed. Given the number of variables (what time of year is it? who are your hosts? is it a special occasion?), there’s no one right answer, which can make things a bit tricky. First and foremost, you should feel like you. "Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself". Working on having a casual outfit is a trend that has been followed then and now. Well, to have the perfect look you must be prepared in an elegant wear to impress the audience.

Find out three ways which could help you dress for your next party... - Wear a long-sleeved blouse with a skinny bottom and complete it with a sexy pair of strappy sandals. Mess your hair a bit to add some volume and apply bold-colored lipstick to complete the look now you are ready to go. - Try a white tank top paired with light blue jeans and eyecatching sneakers. Put your hair up in a bun and add a necklace. Denim and white

makes a perfect combination. You could either add pointy heels and a sleek ponytail to your look. - Try your floral maxi skirt with a white or black top and compliment the look wearing wedges or flat sandals.


PSM launches Maldivian Idol Season 3 Maldivian Idol - the country's first ever franchise reality show is organised by PSM, with the technical assistance of FremantleMedia. The last two seasons successfully accomplished by encouraging and founding a platform where allowing the chance to many Maldivians to have their voices heard by many. The chairman of PSM, Ibrahim Umar Manik launched the third season of the show. Although, the judging panel had 3 judges in the first two seasons, this season's judges panel consists of four experienced musicians. The judges of this seasons are, Ibrahim Ahmed, Mariyam Unoosha, Ismail Affan and Zara Mujthaba. The project head of Maldivian Idol, Deputy Managing Director of PSM, Aminath Shaayan Shahid assured that the Maldivian Idol team will work on making season 3 a success with new talents.


HOW TO LOOK YOUNGER THAN YOUR AGE? Do this regularly and you will always look younger than your age No one wants to get old, but even more of us don’t want to look old. In this article, Take a look at how you can always stay looking younger than you are. Ah, youth. If only we could hold onto it forever! It’s a fascinating paradox that, when we’re in our teens

1. Exfoliate daily 2. Apply a good moisturiser 3. Apply sunscreen 4. Take a break 5. Cut out sugar 6. Drink plenty of water 7. Don't shampoo everyday 8. Wear less makeup 9. Exercise 10. Focus on a healthy diet

we spend all our time trying to make ourselves look older than we really are. And as we get older, we desperately try to make ourselves look younger. Far too many of us feel to appreciate the awesomeness of our youth until it’s too late. Then, as we enter the twilight of our youth, we work hard to cling onto it for as long as possible. It’s worse for some people, of course. While some of us are blessed with seemingly eternally young looks and still get asked for our ID. Others have been mistaken for being older than their age. It’s a horrible feeling, and we just want to strangle the man who thought we were older!

“The key to looking younger is doing the right things – and doing them consistently. It’s not enough that you do the things mentioned here and then; wait for results. you need to put your mind and body in to it too”



Maldives exhibits exquisiteness at the WTM London Maldives participated at the World Travel Market held in London from 6th - 8th November with a contingent of 196 delegates comprised of seventy companies from the tourism industry. A number of Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses, Travel Agencies, Associations and Airline Operators represented Maldives at the fair. According to a statement released by MMPRC, the main activity at the fair was a press conference highlighting on the topic of economic transformations by the government of Maldives and its impact on tourism. Maldives was represented at a 276 Sqm double storey booth designed in a contemporary style showing images of the beauty of the country.

“This year’s stand was enhanced to accommodate the increasing number of industry partners participating at the fair” said MMPRC. WTM is a global platform which brings together different destinations to network with professionals, key industry buyers and journalists.



THE NEED FOR PROTEINS Why is protein so important for our body and why do we need protein in our diet? The simplest answer to these questions is that every function of your cells, organs and whole body is controlled by proteins. Protein repairs cells in your body and makes new ones, plus protein is vital for growth and development in children, teens and pregnant women. Proteins are made within body from smaller molecules which come from certain foods. It is essential to eat food rich in proteins. To avoid protein deficiency, it is vital that you consume foods high in protein every day. Eating a protein rich diet will help you maintain and lose weight. It also works to stabilize blood sugar levels, boost your energy level, support your muscles and bones, protect heart health and promote healthy brain function. On a high-protein diet, you will feel satisfied after eating without having to deal with more cravings. Fish, beef, chicken, lentils, black beans, eggs, yogurt and almonds are some high protein foods that you must include in your diet every day. Experts recommend that we make about .

30 percent of our plate a high source of protein at every meal to ensure that we eat enough to meet our daily protein needs. This will also prevent us from over eating carbs and junk foods throughout the day. Since the protein consumed in food is used by every part of our body to develop, grow and function properly, we must not neglect the importance of proteins in our diet.

Protein is used by your body to produce, maintain and repair its cells. Protein is constructed from long chains of amino acids.


Traditional and Modern Food: Mixing up effects Authenticity of traditional food has been affected by many factors.

Authentic traditional Maldivian cuisine is less common now but on special occasions like Eid, traditional feasts are still featured in every corner of the country. Each island has its own way of preparing traditional food and offers various dishes that are rich in local flavors. Though a traditional meal such as Garudhiya with rice and fish is still the most favorite dish among many Maldivians, many households now incorporate modern food such as bread, butter, jam, pasta and noodles in their daily meals. The mixing up of these traditional and modern food has affected in deteriorating the country's culture. Modern dishes like Spaghetti, Noodles and Fried Rice are now being prepared infused local staples like Rihaakuru and Valho Mas. Hence, due to these the authenticity of the country's rich tradition is altered and modified. It is needed to sustain these traditions to pass on to our future.

Why do Western and Asian foods taste different?

It doesn't take a food expert to say that Western and

wonders of food chemistry

rule - and Western and Asian foods 'pair' flavours in

Asian foods taste different. 'Flavour pairing' has led to some of the most exciting cooking of the past few years. But it seems that 'pairing' foods isn't a hard and fast completely different ways. The foods prepared by each country has been blend with it's traditional and modern trends that's changed by people's liking.Â


According to researches, 'Western cuisines tend to use 'pairs' that share many flavours'. 'But East Asian cuisines tend to avoid ingredients that share them. This investigation opens new avenues towards understanding culinary practices.' There are flavours that 'define' a cuisine. It also turns the whole idea of 'food pairing' cuisine on its head. If East Asian food tastes good by avoiding food pairs then perhaps this paves the way for new avenues of experimental cooking.Â

Wish to lose weight and look slim? Thinking of ways to slack off that extra fat hanging stubbornly? And if you are in the dilemma of deciding whether you should exercise more or diet vigorously to loosen that extra kilos, worry not, just believe in yourself and put your trust in both exercise and diet. Because to stay slim it’s not a question of exercise versus diet, as experts say both are equally vital. Nutrition experts say that a combination of diet and exercise is best at any stage of weight loss. Look at it this way; we lose weight when we eat less calories than we disburse and we gain weight when we eat more calories than we disburse. In order to lose one pound of fat, we must deficit 3500 calories, this can be achieved either through exercise or diet.

Yes, it would be easier to create a calorie deficit through diet alone, but if you combine that needed sweat sash and a healthy diet, you will get to enjoy the process of losing weight without having to make dramatic changes. For example, instead of reducing 500 calories by vigorously eliminating all diary from your diet, you could burn 250 calories at the gym and then reduce another 250 calories just by skipping a bowl of your favorite ice cream. Research shows that to lose weight via exercise you don’t have to run marathons, all you need to do is to build up five to seven workouts a week, go for a walk or enjoy a Zumba class.

As the saying goes, “what you eat matters more than how you work it off” but it’s always wise to set your mind on a combination of both diet and exercise to achieve long term healthy goals. A healthy diet is always unbeatable and when it is combined with a much needed work-out, you will accomplish what you need without going through a harsh diet plan. Lastly keep in mind that staying physically fit is linked to all kinds of other health benefits such as a healthy heart to better mental health and an improved immune system.

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