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Dealer Catalog 2011–12

We think with our feet – because we want to build the best boots on the planet.

index The Team Evolution Series Conceptboot C3 Spark Independent

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Inspiration Series Rough Diamond ID Fichtl

12–13 14–15 16–17

Sometimes you need to look at problems from a One Series 18–19 Del Mar 20–21 completely different perspective – for example, Felem 22–23 Velvet Lara 24–25 from your feet. At the end of the day, our feet Shuffle 26–27 know best how the perfect boot for the ultimate Classic Series 28–29 Vicious 30–31 snowboard experience should be made. Empire 32–33 Empire 34–35 That’s why this year we have again combined our ID 36–37 ID 38–39 experience as traditional shoemakers, our know- Stage 40–41 Alpha 42–43 ledge of orthopedic science, the high-tech innoClassic Series Lara 44–45 vation from our development laboratory and, last Empire Lara 46–47 ID Lara 48–49 but not least, the riding experience of the DEELUXE Stage Lara 50–51 Alpha Lara 52–53 Team to come another step closer to achieving Technology 54–55 our goal. Technical Features 56–57 Lacing Systems 58–59 For 2011 we come with new designs, improved Outsoles 60 Liners 61 fit, optimal comfort, innovative materials and Overview 62–63 uncompromising demand for quality down to the Softgoods/Accesories 64 smallest technical detail. We know: every foot is different, that’s why we develop boots that provide credits Luxe Sportartikel Handels GmbH individual support and performance on every foot Dee Ladestrasse 2, A-6330 Kufstein Editors: Harald Wagner, Matthieu Perez and in each riding style. Design: Yvonne Klötzer, Wagner (pleasantnet) We are certain that our new collection is going to Daniel Product Shots: Bernhard Müller (Fokus Design) persuade your feet too. Snow-proofed and filled Action-Shots: Jerome Tanon, Franz Ortlepp, Tempei, Rudi Wyhlidal, with passion – get ready for your ride! Joel Fraser Text: Johannes Bröckers/ Brian Muldown (pleasantnet) Print: Messedruck Leipzig GmbH


© 2010 Dee Luxe Sportartikel Handels GmbH The information contained in this catalog is subject to change without notice.


Evolution Series Sometimes you reach a goal that allows you to turn around and look back. This is exactly what we have reached with our Evolution Series. We have gone back to the roots of riding and good old traditional handiwork to develop a boot concept that sets the standard for the past and future of snowboarding. Made with high-quality materials, intelligent technology and pure authenticity.

* Limited Edition

How do you combine heel-stability with improved freedom of movement and optimal riding comfort? We found the answer to this question: the Conceptboot C3 with our DEELUXE-developed 3-zone construction. Through three separate lacing zones you can individually control your heel hold, fit and flex of the boot. For us, this is the future of the snowboard boot offering uncompromising and limitless riding. Ride into the frontier. Technical details can be found on page 54.




designed by Xavier de Le Rue




For more than 15 years DEELUXE boots have been instrumental in the development of snowboard culture. One of the best examples is the Independent. A boot for back country purists, old-school fans or anyone who feels the connection between our sport and alpine nature. Manufactured from the best leather and natural materials with a combination of classic lacing and the D-Tex Membrane. Feel it, touch it, ride it! * pre order only



Inspiration Series The team spirit is for us at DEELUXE the most important source for inspiration and new ideas. With that we don’t just mean the snowboard experience in the broadest sense, rather, the lifestyle that is mirrored in our boots from the construction to the visual designs. Born from team spirit, developed by distinctive personalities, built for individualists.

designed by TJ Schneider

* pre order only


designed by Marco Feichtner


When Marco switches on the turbo, there is nothing that holds back this aggressive backcountry freestyler. For almost a decade, he has belonged to the core of the DEELUXE family, and was one of the founding fathers of the ID development group. Not only as a part of the Pirate crew is Marco known for his incomparable riding style. His style is felt in the smallest details of the uncompromising ID Fichtl.

* pre order only

One Series How can you bring the freedom of movement and creativity of skateboarding to the snow? The answer to this question was of utmost concern for as long as DEELUXE has existed. With the One Series we have a persuasive solution that gets really close to that skate-sneaker-feeling. Characteristic for the construction of the One Series is the merging of the shell and liner – and the 1.5 cm shorter sole. The result is a snowboard boot in sneaker style – one with direct board contact, improved freedom of movement and super cool step-inand-out comfort. Easy going for easy riding.


Two for one. That is the short and simple way to describe the construction principle of our new high-end One Series boot. By this we mean the patent pending DEELUXE Double Tongue, which gives the Del Mar better performance through balancing hardness, precise fit and perfect comfort. Team-tested for maximum control and an exact board feeling. More information here: Page 54.

ADVANTAGES: There are three major advantages to this unique tongue-and-sock construction: 1. improved performance through tuning with the outer tongue 2. more comfort and better fit due to the inner tongue design 3. enables the contruction of the waterproof bootie The seamless construction encloses the foot significantly better, providing more comfort and improved fit in comparison to the normal One Series. In addition, the tongue-and-sock construction completely covers the outer tongue, allowing the outer tongue to reinforce the stiffness of the entire boot. That means that this contruction can reach the same performance level of a normal boot with liner.



Sleek and black, fresh style and inside warm and dry – thanks to the D-Tex Membrane and, like all our favorites in the One Series, supplied with the new DEELUXE Double-Tongue. Felem goes to the limit – in fun, performance and board-feeling.



Velvet Lara

uction, the hightreasure the innovative constr ers Oth nt. cou s ail det l ica hn of this – For some people, the tec a boot for women who want all d nte wa We ty. ali qu g sin mi pro ch. quality materials or the uncom h an indescribably feminine tou wit ss cla rt Spo ur. mo gla of combined with a touch




Shuffle is v ers boot and th atile, Shuffle is varia ble, Shuffle e ideal boo t for begin authentic r ners and th is the all-around-car iding for th efre ose em DEELUXE c ollection, w selves. In Shuffle, li who want to discove er k e e But don’t fo h in all the b rget: You c ave placed our comp o o ts fr o m the lete experie an check o ut, but nev nce and pa er leave. ssion.



Classic Series In the DEELUXE Classic Series we include all the boots in our Unisex line that we continually refine and are time-tested by our customers and team riders. With new cuts, fresh colors and innovative technical details like the Fast Lacing Device II (FLD), the DEELUXE Classic Series are the first selection for all those who want to care for their personal riding style this season.

* pre order only


Vicious was the worldwide first snowboard boot that was built with the waterproof and breathable Sympatex® Membrane. With our Section Control Lacing 2.0 and the new FLD we have developed the Vicious into a high-end boot which from design, to the intelligent configuration details, to the Conquest Sole – won’t leave any wish unfulfilled. A classic with a future. For ultimate performance and limitless fun.



* pre order only

The Empire sets no borders, instead it gives free-riders uncompromising new opportunities on every terrain. With the new D-Tex Membrane, Asym Flex and a new shell design, Empire offers a perfect balance of secure hold and maximum freedom of movement. On the road not taken, it is best to be prepared.

* pre order only

* pre order only

ID stands for identity, and in no other boot can you read the DEELUXE development history like you can in the ID. In 2006, we introduced the ID with the new and groundbreaking Section Control Lacing. This innovative lacing system allows you to adjust the laces in every zone of the boot independently – so that each foot and each rider can find their own tailored configuration. Now we have reworked the ID and prepared it for the future: with the new Pro Flex construction and a new heel harness for perfect heel-hold. With SCL and a new FLD for individual controllable stability. The new ID comes with innovative materials, a more stable, waterproof construction and the Conquest Sole with improved interface between the boot and bindings. Last, but not least, the ID is now available in three fresh colors as well as Marco Feichtner’s signature model, the ID Fichtl.


* pre order only


* pre order only


* pre order only

High performance, a perfect cost-benefit balance, and a puritan appearance in black or white make the Stage already a modern classic. And thanks to the solid DEELUXE construction, with possibly the best board-to-binding interface the Stage is guaranteed to be full of riding fun.

* pre order only


* pre order only


Whoever says that snowboard beginners or fair-weather riders have to give up comfort and optimal equipment doesn’t know the DEELUXE Alpha. The Alpha has everything that you need to discover a passion for snowboarding and offers the complete DEELUXE experience with an ideal balance of price and features.

** Japan only


** Japan only

Classic Series lara Women are different, especially when we are talking about their feet. That’s why for DEELUXE it is simply understood that we develop boots that are in every respect aligned to the special needs of women’s feet. This begins with the correct architecture of the boot – one, for example, that considers the anatomy of women’s calves and how to support and protect them in the boot. It continues to the ergonomic shell construction, the comfortable footbed, the warming and breathable membrane and the comfortable lacing system and on to the design on the surface. We didn’t want to simply convince our female team riders – we wanted to thrill them.

It’s no secret on the slopes that today’s women riders go their own way. For all the ladies who stand on their own two feet, the Empire Lara is the boot for all terrains. Not just good looking. Feel free to enjoy. * pre order only


We already described on page 36 the revolutionary chronicles of our ID model. And without a doubt we carried this over to the ID Lara. Only with the smallest of differences, it’s more ladylike, everything a bit more comfortable, elegant and smart. Just one favor we ask of you: don’t tell your boyfriends.

* pre order only


* pre order only


The no-nonsense, classical and yet indescribably feminine boot. This is the Stage Lara, the high-performance boot in a classic black, with the Conquest Sole – our best board-to-binding interface for maximum riding pleasure. It’s more than a feeling.

* pre order only


Alpha Lara is a high-level all-around boot for beginners or anyone else who wants to enjoy snowboarding with an agreeable balance of price and features. Trendy to classic in the color selection, elegant and comfortable in the fit with a simply SCL Single, for quick and easy handling. Best wishes on the slopes.

** Japan only

** Japan only


Technology In the beginning was our passion for snowboarding. And because we always wanted to step closer to achieving absolute perfection, we began to develop ideas that would enable us to build the best snowboarding boots. Since then, not much has changed. As a small, independent and specialized company we have not only a direct thread to our team riders, shops and customers which provides us the chance to react to trends and new styles quickly and directly. We are also still on our boards and simply get it: perfect fit, maximum performance, intelligent technology and quality down to the details to offer each riding style and every foot the best boot. Regardless if it’s Freeride, Freestyle or Urban Jibbing, DEELUXE is the high-end boot that doesn’t leave anything to chance. From the first concept through to the selection of materials and then on to the production phase we monitor our quality requirements and workmanship. When we say that we want to build the best boots on the planet, then it can be seen clearly in one thing: our passion and love for snowboarding.

Technical Features Shell Construction

Flex Construction

DUPONT® SURLYN HIGHBACK The Highback is responsible for the durability and stability of the boot. In combination with additional reinforcements you can control the stiffness of your boots.



For cross-country riders we have created the Asym Flex – a Freeride chassis for extreme ground. The large flex area inside the boot with a softer reinforcement provides maximum comfort. The smaller flex area together with its stiffer reinforcement on the outside of the boot offers complete support. The defined fold zone in the joint area prevents the boot from bulging and gives the perfect balance of strong heel hold and flex.

The TPS Shield is available as an accessory and strengthens the tongue of the boot, providing even more support and a stiffer flex.

HEELHARNESS Through the Heel Harness you can hold your heel better in the liner and shell. This gives you maximum hold and prevents your heel from slipping.

SYMPATEX® MEMBRANE Environmentally friendly and recyclable, the Sympatex Membrane guarantees waterproof and breathable comfort so that your feet stay warm and dry.

PRO FLEX This freestyle and performance-oriented construction is especially good for high-speed riding where the flex and hold equilibrium is needed. Defined flex zones in the joint prevent bulging and give maximum support for extreme rides.

D-TEX MEMBRANE The D-Tex Membrane made by DEELUXE ensures your feet stay warm and dry.

FAST LACING DEVICE The Fast Lacing Device is a DEELUXEdeveloped, patented closure that is the foundation of all our fast lacing systems.

WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION Thanks to the “sandwich construction” and precise stitching, water cannot penetrate and your boot stays dry.


FREE FLEX The Free Flex offers an overlapping seam between the forefoot and shaft at the heel of the shell. It prevents the boot from expanding outward, guaranteeing an optimal flex and provides a stiff and sportive balance in the chassis.

DOUBLE TONGUE In our patent pending DEELUXE Double Tongue, implemented in the One Series this season, we have separated the inner and outer tongues from one another. This allows you to be able to individually adjust the tightness and flexibility. For more comfort and optimal support.

V-CUFF Our V-Cuff collar design minimizes discomfort on the calf by progressively distributing pressure through its unique design.


With the redesign of our excellent FLD, we have improved the handling, reduced the size and significantly optimized the lock’s hold.

CUSTOM FLEX The C3 Flex construction is a jack-of-all-trades – giving more riding comfort and improved trick potential in every area. The boot construction is composed of three separate zones: the ankle zone provides for a more solid heel hold and stabilizes the ankle. It can be separately laced, just like the forefoot and shaft zones. Between the three zones is a dividing area that serves as a flex zone. The ankle lacing allows you to secure your foot in the boot, while through the forefoot and shaft zones you can easily adjust the fit, flex and comfort.

EASY FLEX The flex construction with the maximum comfort. The flex window prevents the buckling-in of the boot.


Lacing Systems C3 Lacing


One boot, three zones: the 3-part division of the boot specially engineered so that the Heel Zone, the Forefoot Zone and the Shaft Zone are isolated and can be separately laced. Zone 1 provides for the heel hold and stabilizes the ankle. When Zone 1 is laced, the boot is in principle “combat ready” and fully-functional. The separate lacing for the forefoot and shaft zones augment the comfort and allows the individual fine adjustment of the fit. Loose lacing in Zones 2a and 2b gives a softer flex, tighter lacing provides stiffer flex.

As pioneers in fast lacing technology, we have developed a new generation of our Section Control Lacing: SCL 2.0, in which we have combined simple handling with precise lacing. You close the boot simply by pulling on the grip, and with the help of the Boa System, you can precisely bring your heel into position.

THE HANDLING OF THE C3 LACING IS SIMPLE: To start, open the lid and pull on the outer, yellow lace. This is how the heel area is fixed. Now, close the tongue’s lid and lace the forefoot tight or loose. To open the boot slide both locks up and pull the tongue away from your shin.

BOA Boa is one the of the most simple and user-friendly lacing systems. After more than nine years cooperative development, DEELUXE and Boa are closely intertwined.

Slide the lid of the FLD up. With a clear “click” the system is opened and the lid will stay in the open position. Now pull the Boa wheel out, to release the heel lace. Another “click” confirms that the heel lace is free.

Open the Powerstrap, remove the grip from its holster and pull the tongue forward to loosen the laces in the lower part of the boot. Now you can open the liner wide to easily and comfortably step in to the boot.

Step in the boot and close the Now push on the Boa wheel to liner. Pull the grip outward, to prepare the heel lace. A “click” close the lock with a “click”. confirms that it is closed. Use the grip to adjust the lacing as tight or loose as you like. By turning the Boa wheel you can set the heel hold exactly like you want it.

To prevent cramping you should never lace your boots too tightly. By lightly sliding the FLD lock up, you can loosen the laces for adjusting. For the heel laces, pull the Boa wheel out to loosen the laces.

POWERSTRAP More lacing support can be helped with the Powerstrap, which can optimally bind around the calf.

Section Control Lacing

Section Control Lacing Single

GETTING IN AND OUT: The Section Control Lacing is the most convenient and precise lacing system around. With the help of both grips, you can lace the boot in three zones – forefoot, heel and calf. Even in bindings you can easily adjust the laces. The US Patented SCL is a true breakthrough in speed lacing.

A single grip and lace make the SCL Single even fast, more efficient and easier to handle. The design of the system allows a pull of the single handle to easily tighten your laces to your individual preference. The crossing of the laces in the instep area of the boot gives the SCL Single an optimal heel hold.



Slide the lids of the FLDs up. With a clear “click” the system is opened and the lids will stay in the open position.



Open the Powerstrap, remove the grips from their holsters and pull the tongue forward and up to open the boot. Now you can open the liner wide to easily and comfortably step in to the boot.

Step in the boot and close the liner. Pull both grips outward, to close the locks with a “click”.

Pull both grips up to lace the boots. Important: don’t lace your boots too tight, because this can lead to cramps while riding. By lightly sliding the FLD lock up, you can loosen the laces for adjusting.

Slide the lid of the FLD up. With a clear “click” the system is opened and the lid will stay in the open position.

Open the Powerstrap, remove Step in the boot and close the the grip from its holster and liner. Pull the grip outward, pull the tongue forward and up to close the lock with a “click”. to open the boot. Now you can open the liner wide to easily and comfortably step in to the boot.

Pull the grip up to lace the boots. Important: don’t lace your boots too tight, because this can lead to cramps while riding. By lightly sliding the FLD lock up, you can loosen the laces for adjusting.




With the DEELUXE Liners we have thought of everything that a liner could need. Cushy comfort and the right fit help your feet stay warm and your heel in place. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be thinking about your boots – instead you should be having fun. And that’s what the DEELUXE Liners are here for.

Thermo Flex This Liner is heat-formed to your foot. The liner is placed in a special oven and heated to 90-110°C. While cooling, the liner is fitted to your foot and will remain in this form. This is why we recommend to have your liners professionally fitted to guarantee the perfect fit.

Performance Flex This liner is conceived for optimal performance. It offers optimal support. The highback provides stability, special L-Pads draw your heel in and hold it in position. The DEELUXE EVA construction provides for minimal weight and the Fast-Lacing Device makes opening and closing a piece of cake.

Comfort Flex This liner offers optimal comfort and excellent hold: step in, feel at home and get riding.

SLIDE MECHANISM The Slide Mechanism is a closure that is used in our Thermo Flex liner. Important: when heating your liner in the oven, the Slide Mechanism should be removed so that nobody burns their fingers.

Vibram® Outsole

FAST LACING DEVICE The Fast-Lacing Device is a DEELUXE-engineered and patented lock that forms the foundation of all our fast-lacing systems. FLEXIBLE TOE CAP The soft toe cap provides for comfort and protection of your toes, for example, when landing tricks on the frontside edge.

Engraved shank for better grip on uneven ground

Rounded heel for natural touch-down

Toe-bumper for foot protection and grip Undercut heel for secure braking

CUSHION TONGUE The ergonomically formed absorption cushion in the upper area of the tongue provides for a progressive pressure distribution on the shin. This absorbs bumps and prevents pain while providing comfort and support. LINER HIGHBACK The Liner Highback is the equivalent to the shell highback for the liner. This specially designed reinforcement gives the liner more stability. SHELL FIXATION The velcro fastener between the liner and shell prevents sliding of the liner and an uncompromisingly stable heel hold. HEELHARNESS The Heel Harness functions with the same principle as an ankle brace. It binds the liner and provides stable hold while protecting the ankle. VELCRO FASTENER On the top end of the liner you will find an integrated fastener that connects the liner’s tongue to it’s shaft, preventing the tongue from slipping around your calf.

Conquest Outsole The Conquest Outsole is the interface for reverse camber boards! The entire sole is made from a special EVA mixture and provides for – like in skating or surfing – a direct board feeling. Simultaneously, the foot is optimally cushioned from heel to toe. Special inserts in the heel, toe and ball serve as grip zones. This provides hold on the snow during long marches to your favorite spot – or when you need to cross the slope. In short, the Conquest Sole provides the best performance without compromise.

Conweb Outsole The Conweb Outsole is made from multidimensional hexagonal tread. This provides optimal hold in very direction and guarantees an excellent feeling at the boot-board interface. The Conweb guarantees the perfect mixture of cushion, contact and control. The torsion control is achieved through an integrated nylon shank, which translates the force throughout the sole and stabilizes it. We use exclusively selected and perfectly balanced material mixtures to achieve the needed hold and excellent cushion.

Fishbone Outsole The Fishbone Outsole unites the look of a classic sneaker sole with the technical subtleties requested by our team riders: cushioned areas under the ball and heel, very good traction, low weight and an even better hold.

PEPPERMINT TREATMENT We treat our ThermoFlex Liners with peppermint extract, a natural antibacterial that helps reduce unpleasant odor. TRAVERSE TRACTION Grip zones on the side of the sole, these provide the perfect lateral hold when crossing slopes.


Increased surface area for durability at high-wear points

ANTI BRUISE CIRCLES Special shock absorption under the ball and heel which create a direct connection to the EVA midsole while giving optimal padding.

EVA CUSHION EVA is a special material that maintains its flexible properties at all temperatures – that’s why you still get optimal performance in extreme cold. For this reason EVA is our choice material for all our boots.

GEL CUSHION The progressive force- NYLON SHANK The Nylon Shank distribution properties of Gel Cushstabilisizes your feet and prevents ions protects against every impact – torsion between the heel and forefoot. enabling your uncompromising ride.


VICIOUS TF* black 571130-1000/9110

EMPIRE TF* black/red 571131-1000/3927 EMPIRE PF black/red 571132-1000/3927

EMPIRE TF* black 571135-1000/9110 EMPIRE PF black 571136-1000/9110


EMPIRE TF* brown 571133-1000/9220 EMPIRE PF brown 571134-1000/9220


CONCEPT BOOT C3 black/blue 571101-1000/9111

SPARK TF black/red 571102-1000/3927

INDEPENDENT TF* black 571103-1000/9110 INDEPENDENT PF black 571104-1000/9110

ID TF* black X 571137-1000/9968 ID PF black X 571138-1000/9968 ID CF black X 571139-1000/9968

ID TF* black/grey 571143-1000/3936 ID PF black/grey 571144-1000/3936 ID CF black/grey 571145-1000/3639

ID TF* black/purple 571140-1000/9091 ID PF black/purple 571141-1000/9091 ID CF black/purple 571142-1000/9091


ROUGH DIAMOND TF* black /pistachio 571112-1000/9966 ROUGH DIAMOND PF black /pistachio 571113-1000/9966

STAGE TF* white 571152-1000/9140 STAGE CF white 571153-1000/9140

ID FICHTL TF* black/blue/green 571110-1000/9965 ID FICHTL PF black/blue/green 571111-1000/9965

STAGE TF* black 571150-1000/9110 STAGE CF black 571151-1000/9110

ALPHA TF** grey/orange 571148-1000/9969 ALPHA grey/orange 571149-1000/9969


SHUFFLE ONE black/blue 571122-1000/9111

ALPHA TF** black/green 571146-1000/9126 ALPHA black/green 571147-1000/9126


DEL MAR white/green 571120-1000/9987

FELEM black 571121-1000/9110

SHUFFLE ONE white/purple 571123-1000/9998

SHUFFLE ONE black 571070-1000/9110

VELVET LARA black/lilac 571125-2000/9967

SHUFFLE ONE white 571071-1000/9140

EMPIRE LARA TF* black 571160-2000/9110 EMPIRE LARA PF black 571161-2000/9110

STAGE LARA TF* black/pistachio 571168-2000/9966 STAGE LARA black/pistachio 571169-2000/9966

ID LARA TF* white/plum 571162-2000/9964 ID LARA PF white/plum 571163-2000/9964 ID LARA CF white/plum 571164-2000/9964

ID LARA TF* black/pink 571165-2000/9963 ID LARA PF black/pink 571166-2000/9963 ID LARA CF black/pink 571167-2000/9963

ALPHA LARA TF** black/rainbow 571170-2000/9962 ALPHA LARA black/rainbow 571171-2000/9962

ALPHA LARA TF** black/plaid 571172-2000/2067 * pre order only

** Japan only




T-Shirt C3-JRBK misty grey S–XXL 591183-1000/9099




T-Shirt Rough Diamond black S–XXL 591182-1000/9110



S T-Shirt Logo black/red S–XXL 591180-1000/3927

T-Shirt Logo chocolate S–XXL 591180-1000/9361

T-Shirt C3-JRBK imperial blue S–XXL 591183-1000/1571

T-Shirt Logo Woman – wash/blue S–L 591181-2000/1570

T-Shirt Logo misty grey S–XXL 591180-1000/9099 T-Shirt Logo black/white S–XXL 591180-1000/9400

Power Belt SM–ML 53501-1000/9110

Toe Caps 54302-1000/9110

Fit Set 53415-1000/9110

Functional SB Socks S–XL 53667-1000/9147

SCL KIT black 56820-1000/9110 SCL KIT white 56820-1000/9140

Thermo Flex Liner 531102-1000/9400 Thermo Flex Lara Liner 531103-2000/9400

TPS - Shield S–L 56700-1000/9501

T-Shirt Logo Woman – white S–L 591181-2000/9140 T-Shirt Logo Woman – Ungu S–L 591181-2000/1572

Lace Trim/ Heel Harness S–L 53500-1000/9110

Back Pack 53640-1000/9173

Oven 220V 54635-1000/9110 Oven 110V 54636-1000/9110


T-Shirt Logo Woman – red S–L 591181-2000/9080


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----------------------------------------------------------------------BULGARIA Padarev Ltd. Ovcha Kupel 2, bl. 187 D, ap.114 BG-1618 Sofia ----------------------------------------------------------------------BYELORUSSIA Alpika Sport Pritytskogo St. 100-85 BY-220140 Minsk T +375 29 686 77 81 ----------------------------------------------------------------------CHINA Guangzhou Snow Dragon Trading Company No. 409, Jiangren Three Rd., Renhe Town Guangzhou, Guangdong, China T +020 86034948 F +020 86034720 ----------------------------------------------------------------------CZECH REPUBLIC Dee Luxe Sportartikelhandels GmbH Ladestrasse 2 A-6330 Kufstein T +43 5372 650 50 0 F +43 5372 650 50 257 ----------------------------------------------------------------------FRANCE Snowide SAS 692 Chemin de la Boisiere F-73420 Drumettaz Clarafond T +33 4795 40 424 F +33 47 95 400 99 ----------------------------------------------------------------------GERMANY Dee Luxe Sportartikelhandels GmbH Ladestrasse 2 A-6330 Kufstein T +43 5372 650 50 0 F +43 5372 650 50 257 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------NEW ZEALAND Rush Distribution PtY Ltd. P.O. Box 453 AUS-3122 Hawthorn, Victoria T +61 3 9429 6699 F +61 3 9429 4088 ----------------------------------------------------------------------NORTH AMERICA Sales Guys Inc. 24695 Arapahoe Rd, Oak Creek, 80467 Colorado, USA T +1 970 736 0238 ----------------------------------------------------------------------NORWAY Surfers Holding AS Dronning Maudsgate 1-3 N-0250 Oslo T +47 22837873 F +47 9337 4137 ---------------------------------------------------------------------POLAND Decade sp. Z.o.o Obodrzycka 61 PL-61-249 Poznan T +48 061 850 15 05 F +48 61 850 1504 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------RUSSIA Radical Distribution 24-YA Liniya V.O. 3/7 RU-199106 St. Petersburg T +7 812 329 5471


Dealer Catalog 2011–12 One Series 18–19 Del Mar 20–21 Felem 22–23 Velvet Lara 24–25 Shuffle 26–27 Technology 54–55 Technical Features 56–57 L...


Dealer Catalog 2011–12 One Series 18–19 Del Mar 20–21 Felem 22–23 Velvet Lara 24–25 Shuffle 26–27 Technology 54–55 Technical Features 56–57 L...