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Ing. Zuzana KonÄ?elovĂĄ A landscape architect with a penchant for every landscape and its history written in it, for countryside and intersecting edges between buildings and landscape, for the water cycle and the constant transformation that changes our environment, for the public spaces where we encounter remarkable interactions... zuzanakoncelova@gmail.com +48 575 072 941 +420 606 520 824

Zuzana Končelová Born 15.2.1993 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic 2004 – 2012 První české gymnázium v Karlových Varech - Grammar high school 2012 – 2016 finished bachelor studies of program Garden and Landscape architecture at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague - graduated with honors 2016 – 2019 finnished master studies of program Garden and Landscape architecture at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague - graduated with honors 2017 Studies at SLU university in Alnarp - Erasmus program: two courses - Digital Landscape Visualizations, People and Environment 2014 Metal sympozium in Selb - Germany - scuplture 2015 Covenant zahrady a parky s.r.o. - gardener - realizations of gardens 2017 Workshop of public space in Pilsen - Czech 2017 Nemec s.r.o. - implementation vertical gardens since 2018 collaboration with ateliers: KONTINUAL, ÚL, ATELIER VAVŘÍK 2019 – 2020 internship in architecture ATELIER STARZAK STREBICKI in Poznań Driving license A, B Light work skills in V-Ray, Gimp, Inkscape, Corel PROGRAM SKILLS:








University of Life Sciense in Prague

Collaboration with atelier Kontinual....

Collaboration with atelier Úl

Collaboration with atelier Vavřík

Internship in atelier Starzak Strebicki



Vizualizations, collages

Workshop,sympozium, workcamp

University of Life Science in Prague - Diploma thesis 2018-2019


In the master thesis, the selected area that was dealt with includes the village ‚Valeč‘ and the cadastral area called „Valeč v Čechách“, which is located on the eastern edge of the Karlovy Vary region below the Doupov Mountains. This area is part of the Landscape Heritage Zone, as a composed baroque landscape and the historical town itself. The result of the whole thesis is the assessment of the landscape and the urban area from various perspectives. Furthermore a proposal was created based on the processed analyzes, in various scales. This conceptual solution understands the territory as a whole in which the proposed interventions are a responsive and use an interconnected system of changes. The proposal mainly consists of better water management, restoration of landscape permeability and support of restoration of man-landscape relationship. Through adaptions in the country side, re-creation of landscape microstructure and the revitalization of public space in urban areas Valec is reconnected to its surrounding landscape. The proposal consists the design of changes in the landscape in a larger scale, as well as the intravilan - the solution of the village square in detail.

University of Life Science in Prague - atelier study 2018

PROPOSAL OF NEW PARK IN TURNOV “ABOVE THE GREEN PATH” supervisor: Ing. arch. Vratislav Danda

The aim of this school project was to design a park for the town of Turnov in connection with the planned construction of a new district and thus meet the needs of residents after recreation. The new park “Above the green path” is the link between the intensive city park and the extensive landscape park. It is not only for visitors and residents looking for passive or active recreation, but its personal character invites residents of the neighborhoods to strengthen neighborly relations and traditions and its playfulness welcomes all children. The park has an elongated shape from north to south and in the northern part of the extended area is the highest point. Throughout the space stretches the main road to which the individual elements of the park bind. The main elements of interest are the oversized wooden chair, bed and bell tower. The central center of the park is a hill with a bell tower in the middle of a landscape square of cherry and flowery meadows. These elements are then followed by, for example, a fireplace with a spiral seating. Interesting stops are also three game corners of beech, birch and oak grove, each with a different game program. “Echoes of mountains and crossroads of landscapes”

University of Life Science in Prague - atelier study 2018 - 2019


team for common part: Ing. Dorotea Cimburová, Ing. Tereza Koudelková, Ing. Lucie Jirátová The core of this school project was the complete design of the spedific part of land - around small village Únětice with rich history and genius loci. It consists the design of sustainable changes in the landscape in a larger scale in team, as well as the intravilan - the individual solution of the public space in village in detail. The task was to propose public space which has fitting greenery, propose sensitive changes with respect of unique features (old walls, church, baroque granary) and character of village, reducing the negative impact of busy road and create new recreation park for locals full of beautiful views for village or surroundings. The main idea of changes in landscape was to return there again little greenery, orchards and alleys in peacefully way and add there elements of recreation for locals.


b) c)

a) fixed benefits flowing from quality greenery - microclimate function, medical, aesthetic,... b) continuity with historical context, memory space, genius loci, enrichment of the granary and the church c) recreational function for residents of Únětice and visitors to the granary museum, educational functions for children

atelier Kontinual.... - study of family garden 2017 - 2018

PROPOSAL OF THE GARDEN NBY NEW FAMILY HOUSE IN HÝSKOV proposal of house Ing. arch. Pavel Palcát

collaboration on garden proposal with Ing. Lucie Medková, Ph.D.

The main theme of the garden is the horizontality of the lines that pass from the surrounding landscape (boundaries, paths with alleys, settlements and morphology of the original rural buildings) to the garden in the form of stone walls oriented along the horizon. Dry limestone walls divide the garden not only vertically (creating partial flat terraces and emphasizing the slope of the land), but also horizontally (spatially defining the garden “rooms”). The garden can be divided into eight parts or compositional units, which have their specific character and use and thus create outdoor “rooms”. The northern front garden is a “garden hall” communicating both with the public space of the street and with

its own private part of the garden and the house. West of the house is a garden composed primarily for views from the interior of the house, where it creates a “garden picture on the wall”. The house is physically connected to the garden by two residential terraces connected to the living space on the ground floor, which offers “distant views and flowers by the nose”. To the east they are connected by a kitchen garden with cultivated areas and technical background of the garden, southwest fruit garden and “hidden place”. In the eastern part of the garden there is a flat open grassy area of ​​a sports field with related children’s play elements partly hidden in the “children’s jungle”.

atelier ĂšL - public space study 2018


collaboration with Ing. arch. Lucie Pavlištíková, Ing arch. Kristian Holan

The study idea of semi-public area in Nymburk was based on two ways principles: spatial arrangement and program. 1. The terrain fault is the main fault divide the plots, which is supported by the orchard from the berry tree at its edge. Space up thereby dividing the garden and open space to any transformation during city events Nymburk. 2. The south wall offers great sunshine for flower beds not only for the inhabitants municipal house. 3. The background is directly at the facade of the house, where is the most shade and is close to the entrance and windows. We recommend that you keep all of this passable for the public at least in daytime hours. The reason is ours professional view the fact that Nymburk would hereby lost the opportunity to offer his a unique space for citizens, which is different in the center private.


b) c)

a) everyday functions and use of the courtyard by citizens of the main house b) reacreation for the visitors and citizens of the Nymburk, occasional events c) continuity with the historic character of the town core


10 m

atelier Vavřík - public space study 2019

PROPOSAL OF NATURAL ZONE AROUND WATER STREAM IN TMAŇ collaboration with Ing. arch. Eliška Stoulilová, Ing. arch. Tereza Šimečková

We complete the area around the Tmaň stream, which we return to nature, by a circular path consisting of wooden walkways and small stops. Stops can be in the form of bird and other animals or plants around the stream and pools, benches overlooking the surrounding countryside. The new greenery, which consist of strips of orchards, gardens and permanent grasslands cut at another time, are complemented by line greens and thus create a varied mosaic of native species, which is lacking in the surroundings of the village. To maintain water in the landscape, we suggest renaturation of the watercourse flowing from the pond. The opening of the riverbed and the creation of several pools that will be flowable through the ground water, and the addition of space by species-scattered greenery.

Furthermore, the entire space is complemented by several natural children’s play elements located throughout the area and workout elements that are suitable for seniors. Community gardens can be used, for example, by a school, a retirement home, and also by a group of active village people who do not have their own garden. Likewise, some orchards may be owned by municipalities or private individuals, or use the method of tree care fro example adoption of individual trees. The whole space is formed in close connection with natural processes and sensitivity to the surrounding landscape. The proposal addresses all generations of residents who will use the space and encourage them to meet and take care of it together.

atelier Starzak Strebicki - internship 2019 -2020

INTERNSHIP IN ATELIER STARZAK STREBICKI - vizualizations, collages, diagrams for competitions and projects - competition Heist-op-den-Berg in Belguim - 2nd place (photo) - main project in process - Sala Zielona

Sala Zielona - project of winter garden connected with kindergarden in Poznań, which will fulfiil the function of interiror public space for lot of acticities. The renovated Green Hall is to be an alternative space educational and fun among the greenery - especially in the autumn-winter period, when the air quality in Poznań does not allow for longer children being outside because of smog. Main the target group of the project are preschool and school children from nearby educational and upbringing institutions, their parents and guardians and staff of Kindergarten No. 112. In addition, the Hall can partially serve the residents of Dębiec.


VIZUALIZATIONS AND COLLAGES ...in different stages of learning...

pic. 1, 8-9

erasmus in Sweden - freedom to create

pic. 2-5

atelier Starzak Strebicki - requirements specified

pic. 6-7 -

atelier Vavřík - freedom to create









workcamps in BeÄ?ov Botanical garden 2017, 2018, 2019

EXTERNAL EXPERIENCES AND ACTIVITIES - workshop in Pilsner - intervention in one public space - workshops organizing by ÄŒZU - proposing public space in campus of the university, proposing greenery around National theatre in Prague - sympozium in Selb (Germany) - metal sculpture sympozium - workcamps - voluntary help in Botanical garden in BeÄ?ov nad Teplou - organizing, working in terrain, working on database - erasmus at SLU in Sweden

sympozium in Selb 2014

workshop in Pilsner 2017

Profile for zuzana koncelova

Landscape architect portfolio  

• Zuzana Končelová • Portfolio of the landscape architect • Czech Republic • 2020 •

Landscape architect portfolio  

• Zuzana Končelová • Portfolio of the landscape architect • Czech Republic • 2020 •


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