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* By Ntsieni Tshisevhe

16 December 2011 • Year 6, Vol.19

The full line-up of this year’s event will include the following artists: Jesus Gonsev (Spain), Nick Holder (Canada), Mi Casa (SA), Deep Xpressions (BK & K-So) [SA], Meropa Soul (Polokwane), Dj Kilm (SA)Big Soul SA), Dr Gee (SA),Joni Dip (SA), Dj Q (SA), Ofi da Monk (SA). At the 13th ANNUAL GUMBA-FIRE 2011 expect the best of 3 international and 2 National Djs with a mix of the hottest live house music performances from some of SA’s hottest Groups.

Venue: Mutsiwiriri Cultural Centre (15 Kms outside Thohoyandou, at the corner of Punda Maria/R524 & Tshififi Road) Date: 24th of December 2011 * R100 pre-sales & before 18h00 on 24 December @ the gate * R150 (after 18h00 at the gate) * VIP - R250 For up to date info on the 13th ANNUAL GUMBA-FIRE please visit our facebook Group page on (GumbaFireSA) or follow us on Twitter at #GumbaFire2011.

16 December 2011


Makoya 99 we tell it like it is!

Ri vha vhudza zwo tou ralo! (Bangakupalula) POEM “This Poem was actually inspired by the number of unemployed people who have tertiary qualifications in South Africa but who are still unemployed. It is heartbreaking to spend years studying hoping that education will bring the best out of you only to realise that your effort has brought nothing but pain and troubles. South Africa as a whole is a country that considers theoretical education before skills development yet when you apply for a job they expect you to have experience. That’s why today we find a huge number of people who are qualified to do certain jobs but still sitting at home doing nothing. This leads them into doing other things that put the country in danger .e.g. alcohol abuse, crime, prostitution and etc. I personally think the government should intervene and give skills development programs the same attention as its giving theoretical education” - LIVHUWANI SIBASA

* Review by Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho

BOOK: DANCING IN THE RAIN BY MZI MAHOLA Mzi Mahola is an award-winning Makoya is giving away one copy of each author whose works have been collection to two lucky readers. If you translated into several European want to stand a chance to win either languages. His other collection of poems, When Rains Come, earned book, please SMS the answer and him the Oliver Schreiner Prize for your name to the following 2001. question to 34995. With regards to Dancing in the Rain, about seven percent of the material *Remember to begin your SMS was taken from his previous two with the codeword; Makoya. collections and embedded into the Sms’s cost R2 each. book. The poems are still powerful and vital on the page. In the poem Question: - Name any one of the A Lullaby for Rape Victims, the poet poems that can be found writes (in part): “We may not have been there/To soothe your sobs,/Still, in Robert Berold’s book, the flowers must bloom/To decorate All the Days. the land”. He implies that resilience (flowers) and hope carry one through difficult circumstances. The victim of BOOK: ALL THE DAYS rape must not stop socialising with any BY ROBERT BEROLD of the members of the society because one of them had raped her or him. In the In All The Days, the widely-anthologised and adverbs which might have clouded poet’s words, “the flowers must bloom”. Robert Berold’s poetry is largely in the work with unnecessary cluster. Mahola’s voice depicts our times in a prose form. One poem in particular, Our Joburg poetic fashion, but you get his subject The voice is nostalgic in some of the home, had me feel acute pain where the matter all the same. poems, such as Joburg Zoo. There are poet wishes to make friends with new In actuality, the poet dedicates his short and long poems, all of which allow neighbours as he might have enjoyed a time to writing poems which concern the for a familiar and relative flow. The book neighbourhood of good nature before. youth and their conduct in the free South is divided into three parts and you have But not in Joburg – here, people live Africa. Some poets could preach, but not got to take the first poem for a subtitle. within the Jericho walls. Mahola. He never tells anybody to stop In most poems, the poet tells the Another aspect to note about the book doing this or that. He only believes that, reader a story in a concise manner, be is the quality material. It is wrapped in a as is the case with poems in this book, it a love poem or elegy. Strong verbs jacket cover, all glossy and strong. the youth must lead a responsible life abound, and there are less adjectives All The Days won’t disappoint you.


TEARS OF MY BOOKS Tears of my books rain drop in dreams of my success, From a dark cloud of unemployment I float in the breath of ambition Waiting for education to give birth to a child of my success Alu Tshikororo has always been a caregiver, lending a helping hand has always been one the core ethos that this Sleepless nights from intelligent caring of selfless woman posses and lives by. Lifting up those who words, numbers and letters have been emotionally abused and experienced trauma has Sleepless nights feeding the mind with always been her passion. “The road to Restoration and Self Confidence may be elongated, emotionally draining and mental protein atrocious, but striving for inner peace should be achieved Till I develop an academic growth of whatever the consequences” says Alu. degrees and diplomas Alu has had several motivational counselling partnerships Now I’m sick with a jobless disease in the past with several institutions including Love Life There’s no cure from the chemist through youth support programmes which saw her conduct A pill to get a call after that interview motivational counselling via radio stations like Y-FM, Phalaphala Fm, Motsweding FM, Ligwalagwala Fm and Skills and experience of work chopped off Ikwekwezi. This was a successful project that gave birth to a my hands Making it hard for me to reach that seat in creative, sharp and inspiring woman. A woman of substance to be precise is what she been labeled for her role in an office reaching out to those who cannot otherwise get Psychological I wonder alone like a spirit that hasn’t assistance through counselling due to financial constraints. heard its voice calling Alu has proven beyond reasonable doubt that giving back to the community can be done through different channels and My achievements lying around like dry through her God given ability she has managed to bring inner flowers in the grave yards peace, closure to painful circumstances and the ability to This pain, slowly freezing my hopes and live life profusely to those who have been through traumatic dreams experiences. This is evident through the partnership that she Breathing hope has become difficult has taken up with one of the prominent Christian Motivational Every breath is a deep scar that bleeds from my soul Rejection pushes me to edges of misery Where the heart of evil thoughts lie Somehow I feel like escaping Needing that freedom of waking up with everything I ever wanted I have the knowledge, where will I take it? And where will it take me? I long to reach my destiny, the day of fireworks and in my destiny, Change will come to everybody I feel for. - By Livhuwani Sibasa

Speaker Mr Shumani Madala and together will be touring Limpopo’s Trans Letaba Reformed Churches and hosting Motivational Counselling, and Coaching. Several schools in Limpopo have also been identified for motivational sessions and this will take effect early next year. She has also confirmed her willingness to offer Counselling and Motivational talks to any school that may show interest. She effortlessly gives a word of encouragement and brings about sense of worthiness. Those who have had personal interactions with her bear testimony to her philanthropic character. Alu Tshikororo is a woman who comes from humble beginnings and enjoys writing poetry to unwind. For more information contact her Personal Assistant: Portia on 071 480 0029 or email her at Facebook: Motivational Speaker SA


The great response that the artist Blackjahman received from Makoya has prompted him to make a further 3 cd’s of his CD, Bush Train, available to our readers as give-aways. To stand a chance of winning one copy of this CD, please SMS YOUR NAME AND ANSWER to the question below to 34995. Remember to start your sms with the codeword Makoya. Sms’s cost R 2 each

Question: What is the name of the album that we are giving away? Sms charged R2/sms. Free sms’s do not apply. Errors billed. You may enter as many times as you wish. Entrant must have billpayer’s permission. Prizes not redeemable for cash. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. We may contact you with future offers via sms till you opt-out.

16 December 2011 * By Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho


Vhahangwele “Dj Mo” Radzuma Young Blood in the Radio Fraternity * In a few words, can you tell us who you are? I’m Vhahangwele Radzuma. But I’m well known as Dj Mo to Makhado fm listeners. I was born some sixteen years ago in Madombidzha, and I’ve got two younger siblings, a girl and a boy. * How and when did you find yourself landing a slot on Makhado fm? I confronted the station’s programme director, Mulalo Gededzha, with my idea for presenting the kiddies show and

it took about a month before I could finally see myself behind the studio mike. I started presenting on February 2011. * What do you like most about your job? The given opportunity to express my feelings and an opportunity to heal the next person through my words. * What is it that you would like to achieve by being on radio? I want to be an asset of the national media. * Who do you look up to for inspiration? Many individuals. In terms of what I am doing, PhalaPhala fm’s kiddies show presenter Jennifer Muthige sort of inspires me. When on air, she could be a kid as well, in order for the little ones to associate and identify with her. I also take much inspiration from my own mother for supporting me in what I’m doing with my life. * Are you at school and, if so, how do you view education? I’m in Grade 10. Education, if used wisely, brings about

good fruits in life. * What are your future ambitions? I wanna study towards a medical degree. I’m always driven by the need to help people. Money is something else. * What else can you tell us about yourself? I’m a serious-minded guy. For example, I’ve never been absent from work since February. For me, that in itself means something! * What is it that you hate most? Let’s try to have gender equality and social equality. We must also try to stop despising other people on the basis of their backgrounds. That’s all I can say for now.

Youth in Business - By Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho

Prince Munyai hails from Mpheni D2 in He views himself as one of the many the Elim area. He runs a small business young and gifted youth who know what in Louis Trichardt. His area of specialty it means to go out there and do good is videography. things to beautify their lives.

Small jobs marketplace SKILLS ON OFFER: 1. Helmah Manganyi Valdezia village I have grade12, computer grade B security ,homebased care, control room & cashier experience.079 860 5024 2. Shirley I live at Polokwane, I have grade 12 & security training, grade edc & sira. 071 247 040. 3. I am Munakisi Peter from Tshitereke. I have a grade 12 and a cashier certificate. I am deaf (sms) 082 769 3456 or 073 475 3628. 4. I am Ofhani Ramabulana frm Ha-ramukhuba. I hv grd 12 call centre cerft public relations diplma code-10 food & beverage certf. 084 325 7040. 5. Bongani Hlongwana, Ribungwani Village, I hv health & safety rep certificate. 074 427 012. 6. Eunice Mukwambani. Chavani. Grade12. 083 594 8004. 7. vicky mkhabele.chabani literacy.driver’s licence.083 594 8004. 8. Eunice Mukwambani. Chabani. Grade 12. 083 330 3156. 9. N.S Sambo frm Bungeni, I hv following certificates, computer, cleaning services, painting, brick laying, plastering & code 10 drivers lic with PrDP. 082 649 1487 10. Xiphemu @ Chavani hv matric,cert comp lit and cert in banking 072 130 4442. 11. I’m TSHIRUSHE IRENE from maungani.I have grade 12,Bcom degree in economics.076 087 0941. 12. .I am patience mashabela frm Malamulele,i hav grd12,HR Management N6,Call Centre Cert.Cel no 078 222 1863. 13. I’m Madavha Awelani 4rm Hamavhunda village .I hv grd 12, Computer Diploma, certificate for facilitation skills Entrepreneurial skills Life S. 071 635 1481. 14. Mulaudzi Eunice , 4rm Tshakhuma, I hv Grd 12 ,code 10 drivers licence elementary fire fighter certificate level 1 Cleaning certifcate.076 483 3780. 15. I’m Rendani Sinthumule from Shikundu,I hv grd 12,Marketing & Management cert,Adv Computer Diploma,Call Centre cert,Code 10 drivers lic.083 216 2294 16. ,I’m Cyril from Saselamani am experience in the following Skills,Admin,Call Centre,Customer Care & Data Capturing,Code 10 drivers lic.083 216 2294 17. Marifhi Lilian,4rom Thohoyandou,IT Essentials(A+),CCNA(N+).076 553 9393.

How does the small jobs marketplace work?

For only R2, simply sms the words MAKOYA JOBS, your name, where you live and what skill or need you have to 34995. One last point of note: this is not a vacancy page for established business. We will assist these businesses with a proper vacancy advert if you want, but this initiative is rather an attempt to help those who are unemployed, but who do still have skills of some sort or another that they can use.

* Why videography? The love if it, brother. I started by capturing pics for fellow pupils and members of the community at large only to get some money for tshikhafuthini (money for break food). After completing my matric, I found myself stranded and without funds to see me through varsity. No money, no job as well. So I raised money through taking photos. I bought a small video camera and started my things around the village. * Where or how did you gain all the professional knowledge you do have now? A fellow videographer, Calvin Ramarumo, taught me video editing craft and the rest I experimented with until I got more and more of the knowledge and experience. * Who inspired you to get into business in a full-time basis? When I started editing my own videos, other photographers came to me for assistance. Those were people from Musina, Sinthumule, Nzhelele and Mulima. So I opened up an office in Louis Trichardt after I’d realised that the place is sort of the central point for all to reach me. * Who is your target? That’s hard to say. I can’t simply name them all, but what I can say is that the scope of my clients is broad. We can do videos and photographing for wedding ceremonies, funeral services, school celebrations, video cover designing and many more ….


What have been the highlights of your business? I am able to maintain my life needs and those of my family. My wife and four children have never slept on an empty stomach. I bought a car that I use whenever I am doing work. I also use it for my private matters. * Do you have any source of spiritual sustenance? I worship at the Zion Christian Church. Ndi tshina ngosha (I am a member of the church’s male cultural singing group). * We believe there are challenges you meet in this industry. Can you tell us about them? Some people can arrange with you to come and do the shooting of their ceremony only to dismiss you at the last minute, claiming that a cousin of theirs says he would do it for free. It’s sad and painful because you’d already told other prospective clients that you couldn’t cover their ceremony or funeral on that particular day or week. Nevertheless, I like my job.

MAKOYA 4 * By Ntsieni Tshisevhe

Regalo -

16 December 2011

bringing the gift of music! With his robust music intellect and understanding, Regalo makes for a phenomenal breath of fresh air in the gospel music Industry. Real name Mpho Victor Gangashe was born 25 years ago in Makonde and grew up at Khubvi which is just approximately 20 km away from Thohoyandou in Limpopo province. The word Regalo, is an Italian word meaning “Gift” which is his stage name. He grew up in a family where everyone around him was saved. They all used to fellowship under one roof of Apostolic Unity Church under the leadership of Pastor OT Ramabulana. “I belong to Christ, the singing talent that I have today was revealed to me from a very tender age while still in Sunday school” he said. Upon realizing his musical talent he grew up bettering his voice on the church’s platform singing in the choir. A sports enthusiast, passionate about youth talent and career development, solid on his originality, Regalo thrives on being a pillar of empowerment and encouragement. “When I am in Johannesburg I belong to a church called House of Faith under the guidance of Pastor George Mosena, that is were I fellowship and give back to God through the gift he place in me” he said. A couple of years ago a close friend of his, Norman Nemathaga then introduced

him to one of the local Gospel Legends Hani Mutele where he joined Hani’s group then called G7 which he co –directed with Rofhiwa Manyaga. “I later joined a local group called Brothers In Love where I was a lead singer when they released their second album, I then left the group after I passed my matric to further my studies in Durban”, said Mpho. He has so far performed alongside many local groups and artists such as Takie & Rofhiwa, Lufuno Buda, Worship House, Lufuno Dagada, Hani Mutele, Maduvha Madima, Rejoice Mukumela, Saulo Nephawe and many others. Mpho says that it has always been in his heart to releasehis own project and let the whole world hear what God needs to say through him. “God has made it possible for me to release my own album. I have had so many confirmations from different man of God proclaiming that I will fulfill this ministry from way back until today. So many people have testified the works that God has done in their lives through my music”, he said. Over the years of ministering through gospel music Mpho has been ministering in different places such as church events, gospel concerts, weddings and various events. “I have got to realize the power of anointing that God has put in my voice and my singing, this heated my heart so much that it was not easy to resist and let the power of God move through me to his

people, hence I initiated this project” he said. His new album is a 14 tracked album in African traditional gospel songs dominating in 5 South African languages (venda, Zulu, English, Sotho and Tsonga). He has worked with Takie & rofhiwa on this album as coproducers, Thendo Ramulondi and KB in engineering. This Album has been named Testimony as most of the album content comprises of testifies and give praises to the Lord for the great things he has done, and he is doing in our lives. Mpho also composed some songs on the album and arranged traditional songs to give them a very new feel for the listeners. So if you are looking for something new, vibrant, inspiring and uplifting this festive season, this album is a MUST album for you to buy. It will be available at most music stores as from 10th of December 2011. Looking to the future for this talented artist he concludes by saying, “It has taken a long time for me to do this album, not because I couldn’t do it, but because it was not yet the right time for God. Then now he has made me do it now for the best of his reasons. So I believe that he has not brought me this far to leave me. He has greater plans for me. *Jeremiah 29:11*. So all I can say is that wherever he leads me I will follow. So you can imagine what can happen if God himself is leading the way, so watch the space

To stand a chance of winning 2 VIP TICKETS FOR GUMBA FIRE, please SMS YOUR NAME AND THE WORDS GUMBA FIRE to 34995. Remember to start your sms with the codeword Makoya. Sms’s cost R 2 each Sms charged R2/sms. Free sms’s do not apply. Errors billed. You may enter as many times as you wish. Entrant must have billpayer’s permission. Prizes not redeemable for cash. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. We may contact you with future offers via sms till you opt-out.

Jesus Gonsev * By Ntsieni Tshisevhe

will set the 13th annual Gumba Fire festival on fire!! * Will this be your first visit and tour in South Africa? Jesus Gonsev (JG): Yes this will be my first time in S.A and I m really happy that I will be playing in your beautiful country. I have been receiving many messages of support from South Africa and enquiries about a possible tour, and am ecstatic that it’s finally going to happen. I can’t wait for this visit. * What are your views on South African House music scene? JG: Your country has great artists and the sound from S.A is really good. I am a big fan of Julian Gomes, G Family, Antonio Lyons, Culoe De Song among others – I love the spiritual feeling in their tracks, which I can describe as very elegant, pure deep house. I have in my interactions also noticed a big love for house music in South African people and this is the most important. I wish the people in my home country, Spain, had the same passion and feeling. * What type of House music do you enjoy and play, and what should your fans expect from your set at the 13th Annual Gumba Fire on 24 December 2011? JG: HOUSE MUSIC bro!!! My sets are a mix of all types of house music – deep house, Soulful, deep tech, disco. My favourite tracks are by some of my best artists, e.g. Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Charles Webster, Glenn Underground, Henrik Schwarz,

Manoo, Ben, Watt, Jimpster, Nick Holder, Delano Smith, Newworldaquarium, Rocco, Alton Miller, MAW, Halo, Soundstream, Moodymann, Teo Parrish and many more. I Love playing timeless music and am not one to play socalled “fashion styles”. The most important thing for me, however, is that the people enjoy on the dance floor and that’s why I try to mix various styles in my sets. * Any special tracks or favourites at the moment? That’s a difficult one cause it’s an endless list, but some of them would be: • DJ STEAW-Urban Illusion * • JULIAN GOMES-Love Song 28 (FEAT. BOBBY)* • BEHLING & SIMPSON-Left Behind* • LOVE UNLIMITED VIBES -Track 2* • MOOMIN-The Story About You* • GERD-Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub mix) * • THEO PARRISH-Ugly Edits* • TRACEY THORN-Swimming (Charles Webster Remix)* • LEVON VINCENT-Impressions Of A Rainstorm* • THE TORTOISE-She Took The Tortoise Home* * That’s a mouthful indeed, looking forward to seeing you at the 13th Annual Gumba Fire on 24 December 2011. JG: Sure my bro

Compliments of Jesus Gonsev Label Manager Troubled Kids Records

Makoya 16 December 2011  

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