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7 September 2012

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AfriForum to serve court order to compel water delivery - page 3

Jaargang 28 Vol. 35

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For some of these children it’s their only weekly meal - page 17

Hospital lashes out against “prophet of doom” and contests validity of damning hospital board report

Lies, lies ... all lies! By Andries van Zyl

Lies, lies ... all lies! This is the crux of the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital’s response to the Zout­ pansberger’s front-page article regarding the seemingly deplorable state of affairs at the facility. Serious shortcomings regarding hygiene and safety at this state hospital were brought to the newspaper’s attention by means of a leaked hospital board report, following a visit to the hospital by several board members on 17 July. The hospital’s management, however, now seems to be in a state of denial, contesting the legality and even the actual existence of such a report. Under the heading “A fishing expedition gone wrong”, the hospital’s deputy manager for communications and liaison services, Mr Kutelani Sigidi, issued a statement. In it, he says that the hospital’s management “would like to put it on record that we remain unshaken and steadfast in our commitment to ensure that our clients continue to receive service of high quality notwithstanding the prophet of doom’s cheap peddling of mali-

cious, fabricated rumours. We therefore want to put it on record that the spooky copy of a report on the state of the hospital has not been submitted to the hospital management.” With regard to the above, the Zoutpansberger has it on good authority that such a report was indeed compiled, distributed to several board members, including the board’s chairman, Mr Percy Sinthumule, and even served before management during a board meeting on 23 August. The newspaper therefore finds it strange that, in its response, the hospital goes on to state that Mr Sinthumule is on record as having said: “The alleged report has never been commissioned by the hospital board [and] as such is deemed to be nonexistent. We are aware of our legal obligations and our responsibilities and as such we shall continue to discharge them even in the midst of faceless agent provocateurs. The hospital board would like to state categorically that it continues to give an unwavering support to the hospital management under the visionary stewardship of Mrs Raulinga Connie as the Chief Executive Officer.”

In his statement, Sigidi then gives an explanation of hospital boards’ legal obligations with regard to the National Health Act which, among others, states that it is important that hospital boards are largely advisory governance structures for hospitals and have a mandate to act honestly in the best interest of the public

“The alleged report has never been commissioned by the hospital board [and] as such is deemed to be non-existent”

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and the users. “Through its skills mix, the board will advise the management of the organisation on processes for enhancing the organisation’s reputation ...” the statement reads. Apparently assuming that the report was leaked to the newspaper by a fellow hospital board member, the hospital then

So byna agter tralies ...

Mnr. Leon Koen met sy paspoort wat hom amper in ‘n Zimbabwiese tronk laat beland het. Regs wys die vergroting hoe sy geboorteland aangedui is as Afganistan en nie Rhodesië nie. (Sien artikel op p.4)

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lashes out, stating that “... to therefore masquerade as a genuine hospital board member with a fictitious report is rather deplorable to say the least. A genuine hospital board therefore advises management accordingly, not through the abuses of access to the media.” (Contd on P2)

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2 7 September 2012 By Andries van Zyl

Hospital lashes out - contests existence of report

Several passengers were pinned on the back of this bakkie after it had allegedly ruptured a tyre and crashed into the back of a truck on the N1 south on Tuesday. By Isabel Venter

Six critical after N1 crash Six people were seriously injured early on Tuesday morning in an accident along the N1 south, just outside of Makhado (Louis Trichardt). All six, who were travelling in a bakkie, were on their way to town. They were about 10km from town when their bakkie crashed into the back of a truck. The driver of the truck, according to information available, told police that the driver of the bakkie lost control when one of the bakkie’s tyres ruptured and he could not regain control of the vehicle. Passengers who were seated on

the back of the bakkie, which had a canopy, suffered severe head injuries. Two more occupants of the bakkie (one of them presumably the driver) were also flung from the wreck. Rescue workers found them lying in the bushes next to the road. The driver of the truck and his passenger were not injured in the accident. The six critically injured bakkie passengers were rushed to the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital. At the time of going to press, they were still in a critical condition.

(Contd from P1) Although last week’s newspaper article highlighted numerous problems at the hospital regarding the findings of the “nonexistent” report, the hospital addresses very few of these issues in its response. “We are as the hospital expected to keep two pints of emergency blood and as thus there is nothing untoward in the spooky findings. The hospital has out-sourced laundry services for over five years to date and as such we have no challenge as it relates to cleaning of hospital linen,” the statement reads. With regard to apparent serious water shortages, or the complete lack of water at the hospital, the hospital responds by saying: “The hospital has seven tanks with the capacity to carry 65 000 litres of water beside the water it receives from the municipality. These water tanks are refilled timeously through our internal boreholes which are fully functional.” The hospital also lashes out against the newspaper’s reference to the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health’s findings, following a visit to the hospital in August last year. In last week’s article, it is stated that several of the committee’s findings were similar to the troubling findings highlighted in the hospital board’s “nonexistent” report. “Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital was built in 1942. It has 52 officially approved usable beds. It was originally built to service the then predominantly white town of Louis Trichardt. The visit by the National Standing Committee on Health noted and appreciated how the hospital is performing now that it has to service all the surrounding villages notwithstanding the infrastructural challenges given its history. The reference to the fabricated Standing Committee findings is as such regrettable,”

the statement reads. It goes on to state that the hospital went on to win the 2011 award for being the third cleanest public hospital in the Limpopo Province and “as such the reference to an unkempt and unhygienic state of hospital grounds is being economic with the truth,” the hospital states. Sadly (or conveniently?) the hospital makes no reference in their response to the confirmation supplied in the article by the provincial spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Services, Ms Sinenhlanhla Gumede, that the situation at the hospital, as indicated by the now contested hospital board report, is an honest and true reflection of the situation at the facility. Neither does the hospital make any reference to the department’s evaluation committee’s visit to the hospital in May and their recommendation that the hospital must compile and submit an improvement plan to the department by 31 August. Surely one can ask: Who is now being economical with the truth? Instead, the hospital statement goes on to say that: “The faceless messiah of the Louis Trichardt community, purporting to represent the hospital board has thus dismally failed to verify the actual state of affairs and in the process rubbished and discredit (sic) the hard work and commitment of men and women who are an integral part of the new cadre of a public service, striving to improve the health of our clients, and as such this has been a totally failed fishing expedition.” The statement concludes by saying: “The opinionated, rowdy, faceless peddler of lies aimed at misleading the community should then be exposed if responsible reporting is still the backbone of responsible journalism.” In accepting the challenge to expose the “opinionated, rowdy, faceless peddler of lies aimed at misleading the community”,

the Zoutpansberger submitted several follow-up questions regarding the “actual” situation at the hospital to Mr Sigidi. The newspaper asked the hospital, among other things, whether it denies receiving an inspection by hospital board members and whether it denies that a report was compiled after this visit. A copy of the Portfolio Committee on Health’s findings, as submitted in parliament in March this year, was also forwarded to Mr Sigidi. In this regard, he was asked to study the report and indicate whether the hospital still thinks the paper’s reference to its findings were “fabricated?” Other questions, among others, related to the actual water situation at the hospital, medicine shortages, the availability of cleaning materials and antiseptics and access control at the hospital. In the spirit of transparency, the hospital was also asked whether they would allow an unmonitored in loco visit by the press to verify the actual situation at the hospital. Sagidi’s response to this was: “You have in your article quoted extensively from the hospital board report and less on the visit by the portfolio committee and as such I will appreciate if you may also forward me a copy of the report in an effort to provide you with a detailed response. Until such copy is brought to our attention and its authenticity confirmed by all board members, in particular the chairperson and the secretary of the hospital board, its existence will remain suspect.” In response to this, the Zoutpansbeger informed Sigidi that it is obvious that he is reluctant to answer questions by asking for a copy of a report already in their possession. A response from him on the follow-up questions was requested. No reply was received.

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Fibre glass is no problem for team Although still a new business in Makhado (Louis Tri chardt), Fusion Composites boasts many years of experience in the fibre glass industry. Owned and managed by Henry van Rooyen and Freda James, Fusion Composites specialises in the repair of fishing boats. They are situated in Klein Street, next to Bridge Motors. In addition to repairing

boats, Fusion Composites offers a wide variety of services to fishermen. These include the service, repair and installation of boat engines, the building of canoes and the repair of fishing rods. They can also customize fishing rods to the client’s specifications. Only the highest quality of raw materials is used in the process. Fusion Composites can also issue competency and Built-In

Buoyancy certificates for boat owners. “We do all the waiting and queuing for the client,” says Freda. Since fibreglass is such a versatile medium, Fusion Composites can also repair items such as canopies, toilet seats and customised parts for collectable motor vehicles. For more information, contact Fusion Composites at Tel 015 516 6744, 072 899 5689 or 076 786 6766.

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7 September 2012 3

By Linda van der Westhuizen

Court order to compel service delivery A court order will be served on the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) to compel them to supply water, says AfriForum. At the time of going to press, chairman of AfriForum Louis Trichardt Mr Wally Schultz was on his way to Polokwane to meet the Pretoria legal team for the final signing off on the papers, so that the court order could be served this week. Schultz, together with Messrs Lampie Schoeman and Herman Smith, met with the AfriForum legal team last Wednesday. They spent about two hours with the attorneys, Mr Willie Spies, Mr Werner Human and Ms Marika van der Walt, a specialist in water law. “We presented them with ample information, affidavits and photographs of water and sewerage ‘hot spots’ in town and explained the history of our battle for service. We all went from there to

Marlize van Wyk (née Prinsloo), ‘n oudleerling van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt, het haar M.Phil-graad in persoonlike en professionele leierskap met lof vanaf die Universiteit van Johannesburg behaal. Haar tesis was getiteld “Women leaders, personal leadership and challenges”. Foto verskaf.

Advocate Jan Saunders, who established the way forward,” Schultz said. Although this first important legal step has been taken, it unfortunately does not mean that the town will have water immediately. “This is only the first step in a series of probably many steps to ensure a long-term solution for our water supply. After the interdict, we will not stop. We will force the municipality to be accountable for each individual task, such as the repairing of each pump, the building of the reservoir that’s not visibly progressing, or the telemetric water flow meter that is not operational. We will not let up until people have water,” Schultz said. He added that the AfriForum legal team had the willpower, the sense of urgency and the resources to push it through. Schultz said that the municipality would have to start taking responsibility and caring for their equipment. At the water crisis meeting of 18 July, Mr Radidzai Madimutsa, VDM’s acting general manager for technical services, blamed vandalism as the main cause for the current problems. “Madimutsa is correct: the pump stations are indeed vandalised and theft of cables and other equipment does occur … but what Mr Madimutsa does not tell us, is that he and his staff are directly responsible for allowing this. Not one pump station is under lock and key. Shockingly, some of these stations do not even have gates. It is an open invitation for vandals and thieves, and the municipality must shoulder 100% of the blame for this sloppy security management and the cost of constantly replacing cables, which they literally ‘allow to be stolen’,” Schultz said. Even more shocking is that the telemetric water flow meter that was installed some years ago at the cost of millions of rands is not working. “If the telemetric water flow pumps work properly, they will automatically direct water from where there is water to where there is none. This costly equipment had been installed and had never worked for one day, because no one knows how to operate it. It is not even locked,” Schultz said.



Above: AfriForum Louis Trichardt members met with AfriForum’s legal team on 29 August. The group is pictured outside the Pretoria High Court chambers. From left to right are Messrs Lampie Schoeman (AfriForum Louis Trichardt), Werner Human (attorney) and Herman Smith (AfriForum Louis Trichardt), Ms Marika van der Walt (water law expert), and Messrs Wally Schultz (AfriForum Louis Trichardt), and Tiaan Esterhuizen (AfriForum head office). Photo supplied. Right: Following AfriForum’s first legal step in a series of many to compel the municipality to supply water, individual tasks will be enforced, such as repairing each pump or the telemetric water flow meter, installed at a cost of millions of rands, that is not operational. Pictured at the telemetric water flow meter is the chairperson of the local AfriForum branch, Mr Wally Schultz.

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4 7 September 2012 Deur Andries van Zyl “Ek kan nie in hierdie gemors trap nie,” sê me. Dolly Labuschagné, nadat riool al drie weke lank by die mangat op haar parkeerarea uitstroom. Volgens die loodgieter is die probleem aan die munisipaliteit se kant.

Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

“Ek kan nie in hierdie gemors trap nie” Al hoe meer gevalle van rioolstortings kom in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) dorp voor. “Ek kan nie in hierdie gemors trap nie,” sê me. Dolly Labuschagné, nadat riool al drie weke lank by die mangat op haar parkeerarea uitstroom. Ander inwoners by die woonstelle in Andersonstraat 117, waar tannie Dolly woon, kry ook swaar. “Die reuk is so erg, ek moet in ‘n ander kamer gaan slaap, omdat ek nie my kamervenster kan oopmaak nie. My kamervenster is regoor die rioolstorting,” sê me. Renata Joubert. Die laaste drie woonstelle in die blok deel ‘n rioollyn naby aan die munisipale rioolpyp, wat by die agterste muur van die woonstelle loop. Die eienaar van die woonstelle het ‘n loodgieter ontbied, wat die versekering gegee het dat die fout aan die munisipaliteit se kant is en dat die riool van die munisipale lyn af terugstoot by

die betrokke mangat uit. “Die munisipaliteit het aan die begin van die drie weke uit gekom, maar hulle ‘rods’ net hier gelos. Die volgende week het hulle dit kom haal,” sê tannie Dolly. Nog ‘n inwoner, mnr. Hansie Uys, het hom ook verwonder aan die vreemde werkswyse. “Hulle kom in twee bakkies en bly bo op die bakkies sit, maar dit is nie ‘n oplossing nie,” sê oom Hansie. Intussen skakel van die inwoners en die eienaar die Makhado Munisipaliteit sonder ophou. “Hulle het my een slag geantwoord dat hulle sal kom wanneer hulle tyd het,” sê tannie Dolly. Die eienaar het uiteindelik op 3 September daarin ge slaag om sinvolle kontak met die munisipaliteit te bewerkstellig. “Ek is meegedeel dat die loodgieterspan in Tshikota besig is om ‘n nog groter gemors as hierdie reg te maak en dat hul enigste slootgrawer,

enigste span en enigste stel stawe daar betrokke is. Ek voel as daar ‘n krisis is, moet daar ‘n ander plan in plek wees, soos om ‘n slootgrawer te kan huur,” het die eienaar gesê. Daar is ook al deur inwoners genoem dat die munisipale prosedure om die water aan en af te skakel en vir lang tye af te los, veroorsaak dat die riool harde aanpaksels vorm, wat dan later die stelsel verstop sodra die water weer aangeskakel word. Navrae is aan die munisipaliteit gerig om onder andere vas te stel wat die munisipaliteit aan die rioolstortings gaan doen. Teen druktyd het hulle laat weet dat hulle nog nie terugvoer vanaf die tegniese dienste departement gekry het nie. In die verlede het die munisipaliteit verwys na die nuwe watersuiweringswerke wat in aanbou is. Die groot vraag is egter wat nou in die interim gedoen gaan word?

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Byna in tronk oor Taliban “verbintenis” Maak maar seker die nodige papierwerkies is reg voordat jy die landsgrense verlaat, want netnou sit jy met jou agterstewe agter tralies omdat mense dink jy is lid van die Taliban. Só waarsku mnr. Leon Koen van Makhado (Louis Trichardt), nadat ‘n fout op sy paspoort hom byna in ‘n Zimbabwiese tronk laat beland het. Koen, ‘n professionele jagter, het vanaf 10 tot 25 Augustus twee Amerikaanse jagters op ‘n Groot Vyf-jagtog in Zimbabwe vergesel. Kort voor sy vertrek is hy egter bewus gemaak van ‘n probleem met sy paspoort. Instede van die kode wat Rhodesië (nou Zimbabwe) as sy geboorteland aandui, het ‘n vingerfout by die Departement van Binnelandse Sake blykbaar veroorsaak dat sy kode verander het – na die kode vir Afganistan! “Ek het die fout in die vyf dae voor my vertrek probeer regmaak, maar hulle het vir my gesê dit sal ‘n minimum van 15 dae neem. Wat kon ek doen? Die jag was klaar gereël en betaal,” vertel Koen. Koen is toe met die foutiewe pas poort deur die grenspos by Beitbrug, waarna hy die Amerikaanse jaggeselskap by die Victoria Valle opgelaai het en deurgery het na hul konsessie jagkamp. “Alles het goed gegaan, maar vier dae in die jag in daag daar drie senior amptenare van die President se kantoor in Victoria Valle by die jagkamp op - en hierdie manne is nie sommer

gewone polisie nie ...” sê Koen. Die drie amptenare het Koen eenkant toe gevat en behoorlik onder “kruisverhoor” geneem oor sy paspoort. “Ek moes bewys dat ek regtig in Zimbabwe gebore is. Ek het vir hulle my geboortesertifikaat gewys, asook my Suid-Afrikaanse identiteitsdokument, wat wys dat ek in Zimbabwe gebore is,” sê Koen. Die drie wou egter nog meer bewyse gehad het en wou weet waarom Koen se paspoort dan wys hy is in Afganistan gebore? “Toe vra hulle my: ‘Have you got any relationship with the Taliban?’ Ek kon dit nie glo nie!” sê Koen. Die drie het vir Koen gesê dat hy in ernstige moeilikheid is en dat hulle sal moet besluit of hulle hom gaan toesluit of deporteer. In ‘n poging om die situasie te ontlont het Koen hulle selfs vir ete genooi, maar die driemanskap wou niks weet nie. Dit was toe dat Koen egter besef het waaroor dit nou eintlik gaan– omkoopgeld! Alhoewel die amptenare nooit reguit gesê het hulle soek geld nie, was die suggestie ooglopend. “Hulle het vir my gevra: ‘Have you decided how are we going to resolve the situation? If we detain you, it is going to take two to three weeks!’ Dit was toe dat ek ook heel diplomaties vra wat dit sal vat om die probleem op te los?” vertel Koen. Skaars was sy woorde koud of die vraag kom: “What can you offer?” “Ek het hulle eers U$200

aangebied, maar dit was te min. Hulle wou elkeen U$600 hê, maar ek kon dit nie bekostig nie. Ek het elkeen U$400 aangebied, wat vir hulle aanvaarbaar was,” sê Koen. Hy sê dit was duidelik dat die drie “ou hande” was as dit kom by omkopery. Voordat daar oor enige geld gepraat of betaal is, is hy geforseer om sy horlosie af te haal en sy selfoon voor hulle af te skakel, blykbaar net in geval hy die “transaksie” op rekord wou kry. “Hulle het selfs my hemp se knope deurgegaan om te kyk of daar nie ‘n kamera in versteek was nie,” sê Koen. Die ergste vir Koen was egter toe hy die U$1 200 (ongeveer R10 000) by een van sy Amerikaanse kliënte moes leen. Nadat hy die beamptes betaal het, wou hy tog ‘n waarborg hê dat iemand anders nie ook ‘n uur later gaan opdaag om te kollekteer nie? “Hulle het my verseker dat ek nie weer probleme sal hê nie, wat wel die geval was. Ek het die jag klaargemaak en teruggekeer Suid-Afrika toe,” sê Koen. Hy meen hy sal spoedig die probleem met sy paspoort regstel. Oor die betaling van omkoopgeld was Koen van mening dat dit altyd beter is om die morele hoë grond te hou, maar dan ten koste waarvan, in ‘n land wat bekend is vir omkopery en korrupsie? “Ek het nie kans gesien om drie weke in ‘n Zimbabwiese tronk te sit nie. Wie weet met watter siektes kom jy terug as jy daar uitkom? Wat sou jy gedoen het in só ‘n situasie?” het Koen gevra.

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Klouter Kabouter Kleuterskool in Levubu is baie trots op hulle splinternuwe logo, wat ontwerp is deur Madeleen van den Berg. Die helder kleure en vrolike kabouter is ‘n toonbeeld van die strewe van die skool om ´n voorloper te bly deur onafhanklik en volhoubaar ´n veilige omgewing te bied waar kinders uitnemende opvoeding en onderrig kan ontvang. Die skool het hul dank uitgespreek teenoor Madeleen, asook aan Greg Leach, wat die drukwerk geborg het. Foto verskaf.

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7 September 2012 5

By Andries van Zyl

Accidents escalate as cops’ vigour seem to fade It would seem that the Makhado Municipality’s recent efforts to restore residents’ faith in the town’s traffic officials are dying a slow death. In August, residents of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) welcomed the municipality’s efforts to ensure more visible traffic law enforcement. At that stage, municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi confirmed that the increased visibility of traffic officers in town formed part of an on-going drive to restore order. Judging by the number of vehicle accidents in town the past week, however, it is obvious that the municipality’s new vigour to restore order is not having the desired effect. Speeding and failing to stop at stop signs are still common offences. Once again the usual suspects top the list, and this is no reference to the drivers involved but rather to the now notorious Grobler and Songozwi Street and Munnik and Breda Street intersections. Accidents at these two intersections have become an almost weekly occurrence. A female driver sustained head and neck injuries at the Grobler/Songozwi Street intersection last Wednesday, after a collision with an oncoming vehicle. This follows just two weeks after a similar accident at

the exact same place. This intersection is renowned for motorists’ running red traffic lights and the question remains: Why does one rarely see any traffic policing there, despite the high number of accidents? The Munnik and Breda Street intersection also claimed another two victims early on Monday morning, when a light delivery vehicle and a sedan collided. This section of Munnik Street was resurfaced months ago, but there are still no road markings warning motorists of the twoway stop where it crosses Breda Street. This dangerous situation is made worse by the fact that the stop signs are so faded that they are barely visible to motorists. Following a near-fatal accident at the Munnik Street intersection in June, Bobodi was asked to explain why no road markings were visible at the intersection. His reply was that the contractors were still in the process of completing the project and asked residents to be patient. Ten weeks have gone by and still no road markings can be seen. “Somebody is going to get killed here and it is going to be the municipality’s fault!” was the response of an irate Mr Wally Shultz, local chairman of AfriForum, at the scene. He was so outraged by

the municipality’s lack of responsibility regarding motorists’ safety that he drove around until he found a temporary municipal four-way stop sign and placed it in the middle of the intersection. “I was threatened with arrest if I do this,” Shultz said. Civil lawsuits against the municipality are almost sure to follow the recent spate of accidents at the Munnik/Breda Street intersection. Two weeks ago, the Zoutpansberger reported on a case where a woman fell and broke her leg in a pothole in Cronjé Street. She sued the municipality, with the Pretoria High Court, through a settlement agreement, ordering the municipality to pay her R300 000 in damages, as well as legal costs, bringing the total close to R500 000. Bobodi was asked to explain who would pay for court cases like these, whether the municipality could afford it and whether or not the municipality had insurance against such claims? He responded last week by merely stating : “It is unfortunate that the incident happened … As a lawabiding institution, we obey and subscribe to the rule of law and we are going to effect the payment as ordered by the court. As a way forward, the municipality has developed a draft Street Management Policy which is just awaiting the adoption of the Council. The Makhado Municipality will use this policy to ensure efficient, cost-effective, and organized maintenance of municipality-owned streets throughout the community. This will ensure better safety for residents and a prolonged and improved life of Makhado Municipality streets and infrastructure. The municipality will use private contractors to provide the maintenance where necessary.” None The driver of this vehicle was lucky to escape death, after yet another accident at of the questions relating to where the the now notorious Munnik and Breda Street intersection on Monday morning. money would come from was answered.

A female driver sustained head and neck injuries at the now notorious Songozwi and Grobler Street intersection in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) during yet another collision there last Wednesday. Accidents at this intersection have become almost a weekly occurrence.

On 22 August, Dr Anneke Malan´s vehicle came to a halt on top of a fire hydrant on the corner of Munnik and Breda Street after a collision. The same afternoon there was another report of a similar accident on the same corner.

With no road markings and a barely visible stop sign (left), the intersection between Munnik and Breda Street has seen several near-fatal accidents the past couple of months. The temporary four-way stop sign in the middle of the intersection was put there by a fed-up community member. CEMENT

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Zone 17a


6 7 September 2012 Deur Isabel Venter

Suksesvolle vertoë laat vrae oor wettigheid van padtekens

Wat sê die wet? Wat sê Regulasie 287 van die Nasionale Pad­v er­k eerwet van 1996 (Wet 93 van 1996)? Onderhewig aan die bepalings van hierdie Deel, sal ‘n padteken of -sein: - vertoon word op ‘n openbare pad waar die betekenis van toepassing sal wees en sigbaar sal wees vir aankomende verkeer; - in so ‘n posisie geplaas word, op ‘n hoogte wat die meeste voordeel sal bied met betrekking tot die ontwerp, belyning en ander kenmerke van die betrokke openbare pad; en - wesenlik vertoon sal word in ooreenstemming met: (i) die Suider-Afrikaanse Ontwikkelingsgemeenskap se padverkeerstekenhandleiding Deel Een en Vier; (ii) die Suider-Afrikaanse Padverkeerstekenhandleiding Deel Twee en Drie. - ‘n Tydelike padteken mag slegs gebruik word vir ‘n tydelike toestand. Meegaande grafiek dui die hoogtes van ´n verkeersteken aan. Grafiek: SA Speedbumps.

Hoe wettig is van die verkeers- en padtekens in Makhado (Louis Trichardt)? Die Zoutpansberger het gaan ondersoek instel, nadat ‘n inwoner van die dorp suksesvol ‘n vertoë teen ‘n spoedkaartjie gerig het, omdat die padteken wat die spoed aandui te hoog aangebring was. Die inwoner, wat nie geïdentifiseer wil word nie, is deur verkeersbeamptes voorgekeer, nadat hy glo 75km per uur in ‘n 60km-sone gery het op die N1 net buite die dorp. Hy was bewus van die regulasies ten opsigte van verkeerstekens en het ná die tyd sy maatband uitgehaal en die verkeersteken, wat motoriste waarsku om spoed te verminder, se hoogte vanaf die grond gemeet. Dit was wel te hoog. Volgens die regulasies van die Padverkeerswet van 1996 (Wet 93 van 1996) moet dié betrokke padteken tussen 1.8 en 2 meter bo die grond geplant word. Die teken langs die N1 het, volgens die vertoë, 2.35m bo die grond gestaan. Nodeloos om te sê, die kaartjie is teruggetrek. Dit het die vraag laat ontstaan hoeveel van die dorp se padtekens (of gebrek daaraan) wettig is? Die Zoutpansberger het ‘n vinnige steekproef gedoen, veral wat stoptekens betref, gesien in die lig daarvan dat weinig mense in die dorp hulle daaraan steur. By sommige kruisings was die stoptekens almal op verskillende hoogtes. By ander kruisings is stoptekens reeds weke en selfs maande lank vermis, alhoewel waarskuwingslyne nog op die padoppervlakte geverf is. Dan was daar die stoptekens wat so hoog by kruisings geplant is dat bome dit versteek. Ander was weer so laag geplant dat dit ‘n gevaar vir voetgangers inhou. By talle kruisings was daar stoptekens, maar geen waarskuwingslyne op die padoppervlakte nie. So, aan watter regulasies moet sekere verkeers­ tekens voldoen? ‘n Internetstudie van die Padverkeerswet van 1996 (Wet 93 van 1996) was maar aan die skraps kant as dit kom by die regulasies. Plaaslike bronne was ook nie van veel hulp nie. Navraag by die munisipale verkeersafdeling het aan die lig gebring dat hulle nie eens in besit is van


‘n volledige kopie van die wet nie. Daar kon wel vasgestel word dat die Padverkeerswet uit vyf dele bestaan. Een deel bevat die wet en die res bestaan uit regulasies, wat onder andere verkeers- en padtekens reguleer. Die wet maak ook melding van ‘n verdere dokument, naamlik die Southern African Development Community Road Traffic Signs Manual (SADCRTSM), wat addisionele riglyne bevat. Die munisipaliteit het ook nie ‘n kopie van hierdie handleiding nie. Die kantoor van die plaaslike provinsiale verkeersafdeling was ook nie seker waar hulle kopie van die handleiding was nie. ‘n Privaatmaatskappy wat padtekens vervaardig en installeer, SA Speedbumps, kon bietjie meer duidelikheid gee. Die maatskappy se tegniese en logistieke be­ stuurder, mnr. Kendal Thompson, het verduidelik dat hulle maatskappy vanuit die Padverkeerswet, die SADCRTSM, die Suid-Afrikaanse Buro vir Standaarde (SABS) en verskeie Witskrifte van School News

Top awards for local college students Two learners from Ridgeway College in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) have received top awards from the University of Cambridge’s International Examinations board to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the June and November 2011 Cambridge examinations. Nabeelah Ghood was ranked first in South Africa for IGCSE accounting and Rabia Chhaya achieved third place in the country for the Best Across Three Cambridge International AS Levels. Their awards were handed to them during a function held at Ashton College in Johannesburg on 29 August. Rabia Chhaya adds this to her previous achievements at IGCSE level in 2010, where she was ranked first in the world for IGCSE physical science, second in the world and first in South Africa for IGCSE information and communications (IT) respectively and first in South Africa for IGCSE mathematics. The principal of Ridgeway College, Ms Leigh Bristow, said that the awards recognised the

talent, dedication and commitment of both learners and staff. Mark Barber, senior schools development manager, said: “It is extremely rewarding to congratulate Cambridge learners and teachers at Ridgeway College, who have worked so hard to achieve tremendous success in Cambridge IGCSE and AS Level examinations. The results are a reflection of the enormous talent in South Africa, not only amongst learners, but also within the teaching profession …” Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14- to

Architect Technologist

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16-year-olds, attracting almost 500 000 entries every year from 144 countries. Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications are taken by over 175 000 learners in more than 125 countries every year. They are typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years who need advanced study to prepare for higher education. Ridgeway College offers Cambridge programmes and qualifications, including Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge AS Level, which are valued by universities and employers around the world.

Rabia Chhaya. Photo sup­plied. Nabeelah Ghood. Photo sup­ plied.

Senta Wessels


die Departement van Vervoer hul eie handleiding saamgestel het. Hierdie dokument haal egter nie provinsiale wetgewing vir spesifieke munisipali­ teite aan nie en Thompson kon net ‘n algemene en nie-amptelike aanduiding gee van die hoogtes. “Die enigste tekens wat aan enige vaste reëls moet voldoen is dié by kruisings,” het Thompson gesê. Volgens hom moet ‘n teken by ‘n kruising, soos ‘n stopteken, tussen ‘n minimum en maksimum hoogte van 2,1 en 3 meter bo die grond geplant word. Die installeerder, sê Thompson, moet ook die toestand en omstandighede van die pad in ag neem. Dit sluit dinge in soos bome, ondergrondse pype en ‘n draai of hoogte in die pad. Wat die minimum hoogte betref, blyk dit dat heelwat van die dorp se stoptekens nie aan die regulasies voldoen nie. Die vraag kan gevra word: Is die kaartjie wettig wat jy by so ‘n teken kry as jy versuim om te stop en is dit die rede waarom die verkeersafdeling nie hulle tyd wil mors of mense wil beboet nie?

Cell: 079 522 0003 E-mail:

Townhouse Development, Housing up to 750m2, Offices, Small shops, Consulting rooms, Industrial buildigs up to 1000m2. Organic Buildings. Cutting edge technology & design

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20 Augustus - 14 September 2012

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Nutritional Information Ingredients: Protein 100 g/kg Gras, cotton oil cake, salt, sunflower oil Calcim 9 g/kg cake, chop, bran, luzern, cotton hulls, Magnesium 3 g/kg molasses and mineral pack. Feed intake: 1.3% of body weight Phosphorus 4.1 g/kg Also available at: Fat 50 g/kg Fibre 140 g/kg • Tel: 015 516 0133 • Fax: 015 516 2329 • 41 Kruger Street, Louis Trichardt

Suppliers of all refrigeration & airconditioning spares & equipment Aircons

Cold / Freezer Rooms

Du Toit Centre Rissik Street Louis Trichardt

Mortuary Rooms

Derik Prinsloo

Cold drink / Display Fridges

Cell: 083 452 1646 Tel: 015 516 6269 Fax: 015 516 6746


7 September 2012 7


8 7 September 2012 Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

Andersonstraat se padwerke verjaar!

´n Oryx-helikopter op pad om ´n Gecko-voertuig vir die troepe op die grond neer te sit, terwyl ´n Rooivalk, met sy 20mm-kanon, dekking verleen op die agtergrond. Die geleentheid was Lugmagbasis Makhado se vuurkragdemonstrasie by die Roodewal-bombaan verlede Woensdag. Onder: Een van die hoogtepunte van die demonstrasie was die Hercules C-160 wat oor die skare gevlieg het en fakkels afgevuur het.

Die padwerke in Andersonstraat het nou verjaar! “Ek kan presies onthou dat dit die laaste week in Augustus verlede jaar was dat daar aktief met die padwerke begin is,” sê mnr. Schalk Grobbelaar, een van die inwoners in dié kort stukkie van Andersonstraat tussen Stubbs- en Ruhstraat. Die amptelike begindatum van die projek was 25 Mei 2011 en die voltooidatum was 25 Januarie 2012, het die Makhado Munisipaliteit gesê. Grobbelaar het tong-in-diekies gesê dat daar eintlik ‘n koek met een kersie aan die Makhado Munisipaliteit oorhandig moet word om die padwerke se eerste verjaarsdag te vier. Al die bure moes saam worstel deur die lang, uitgerekte proses van die herhaalde omploeg van die teer, waarna die werk net weer vir lang tye heeltemal stilgestaan het. Die onbeskryflike stofwolke is ‘n goeie 10 maande verduur, tot ‘n paar dae voor die Kremetart fietswedren op 9 Junie, toe Stubbs-, Munnik- en Andersonstraat weens baie druk gou geteer is deur Polokwane Surfacing (Hillary). “Hulle het hierdie week die randstene in Andersonstraat begin messel met troffels. Ek weet, want hulle kom altyd water by my haal,” sê Grobbelaar. Weereens moet die hoë lading verkeer teen ‘n slakkepas en dikwels in ‘n enkelbaan beweeg as gevolg van die werk aan die pad. “Daar is ‘n hoogteverskil tussen die nuwe pad en ons erwe. Die

straat is 300mm hoër as wat dit voorheen was. Op die oomblik, as dit sou reën, sal die water reguit in ons erwe inhardloop, want daar is niks wat keer nie. Ons sal moet sien wat die eindresultaat van die pad oplewer,” sê Grobbelaar. “As alles goed gaan, kan die werk aan Anderson- en Munnikstraat binne vier weke klaar wees,” het die ingenieur, mnr. Pieter Meiring, van Dombo en Du Plessis Raadgewende Ingenieurs, op 23 Augustus gesê. Die oponthoud met die randstene is vererger deur kontantvloeiprobleme by die kontrakteur. “Nie al die randstene wat daar gelê is, is reg nie. Sommiges moet vervang word. Die opgedateerde fakture is reeds ingehandig en sodra die kontrakteur die geld in

sy rekening het, word die ander randstene afgelewer,” het Meiring gesê. Die kontrakteur van die projek is Fantique Trading. ‘n Voormalige terreiningenieur het gesê dat dit baie waarskynlik is dat die kontrakteur nie wins uit die projek gaan maak nie. So deur die loop van die jaar was daar soms kontantvloeiprobleme met die projek, soms het ‘n tekort aan bitumen die skuld gekry, soms was dit bloot swak interne bestuur en beplanning. Steeds bly dit moeilik om aan iemand te verduidelik hoe op aarde ‘n munisipaliteit en ‘n kontrakteur dit kan regkry om na 12 maande van padwerke op ‘n kort stukkie straat, nog steeds nie klaar te wees nie ...

Werkers messel die randstene in Andersonstraat, waar dié projek nou al verjaar het.


7 September 2012 9

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10 7 September 2012

G A D E OP BER 2012 M E T P E 11 S

0 0 : 3 1 t o t 0 0 : 08

STE R A A B S O K MY T E M N E E H WAAR ! 1 D A A R G jaar en vir e w ? u n G N ‘n I ir T v T I e BES kool to

ek my an is dit s D m e i! e a n a r l d o o ie k s d r e m o is: Na watt g a a r v Januarie 2013 is ie D ! u kind in r n e a e v k s te m s o r k e e e to ie d sluit wat die e b t o o baie van ons vir r g ‘n r a CVO Skool a ie w r d o m o o V k ? e g o n h ti e it it lf van alle fe e s kosbaarste bes u arom a is w w e n g e r e e v w m le o s K n . o laas d waarin ty ie d ir v die weegskaal p d ie b es in elke e d r w o o te t r tw o n a o h e ie b d oorweging k r te s Zoutpansberg u ie a b ‘n rywaar van v g r e e g b is s n s a n o tp n u a o v Z a, niemand J . e die CVO Skool s u el wat e e k d e s te r s e ik u r o g n n e la e e raad bied is die b d in k u voornemende g jo jy t ingeligte a n w e ie te s g a a d d n r u fo e d ie d seker dat jy s u d foute nie, maar k a a M . s m tot sy toeko a r d y ageer nie. b e r n a ê k s r l a o s o h jy p o n nie besluite maak e


7 September 2012 11

CVO SKOOL ZOUTPANSBERG Rondebosch Plot 75 - N1 Suid, Louis Trichardt Kontak die skoolhoof Boet Groenewald @ Sel: 076 401 2757 / 076 240 8333

Christelike Volkseie Opvoeding volgens geloofs- en kultuurgrondslag Gr. 1 - Gr. 12 Maks. 12 kinders per klas Individuele aandag en aangename leeromstandighede Toegewyde, gekwalifiseerde opvoeders met baie onderwyservaring

SPORT Tot op nasionale vlak: • Atletiek (verkry ABSA-punte) • Rugby & Krieket (AVS Bokkieweek) • Hokkie & Landloop • Netbal & Skaak

Matrieksertifikaat (Uitgereik deur Dept van Onderwys) UNIVERSITEITSTOELATING met wye vakkeuses Veldskool en Leierskampe

KULTUUR Landswye Kundswedstryde & Kultuurfeeste Redenenaars Bybelprojekte

KEUSEVAKKE VIR 2013 (Gr. 10): Verpligtend: Afrikaans, Engels, Bybel (tot Gr. 11), Christelike Lewensoriëntering, Wiskunde of Wiskundige Geletterdheid Keuse van 1 vak uit elke groep: Groep 1: Rekeningkunde & Gasvryheidstudies Groep 2: Lewenswetenskappe, Toerisme & RTT Groep 3: Fisiese Wetenskappe, Geografie & Besigheidstudies

TOELATINGSVEREISTES Lidmate van die 4 Susterskerke EN Christelike kerke wat nie probleem het met die Calvinisties Protestantseleerstelling nie Afrikaans as huistaal en onderrigtaal Die Waardestelsel van die BCVO onderskryf.



As jy ‘n hoërskool vir jou kind oorweeg, vra jouself die vol gende vrae: • Wat is die morele waardes van my gesin en word dit deu r hierdie skool gekoester en ondersteun? • Vorm Christelike opvoeding daagliks deel van my kin d se lewe by die skool (Bybel as vak) of is dit afgewater tot opening met gebed om ruimte toe te laat vir ander gelowe? • Dra die inhoud van leermateriaal my goedkeuring weg vanuit ‘n Christelike lewensbeskouiing? • Word ‘n volwaardige erkende matrieksertifikaat uitgere ik? • Sal my Gr. 12 kind universiteitstoelating kry by hierdie skool? CVO SKOOL ZOUTPANSBERG is die logiese keuse as jy ‘n besliste “ja” op elke vraag kon antwoord.


12 7 September 2012

KERKE/CHURCHES Dienstye kan verander, veral gedurende vakansies. Skakel kerke vir meer inligting. Service times may change, especially during holidays . Phone churches for more information.

• Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (LTT) Tshirululunistraat 28, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 516 2272 • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (Musina) Cass Straat 16, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 534 2126 • Agapé Gemeente (LTT) Munnikstraat 90, 1ste Sondag van die maand gesamentlike diens om 08:30, Afrikaans met peuter/kinderkerk om 08:30, English with toddler/children church at 10:30, 17:00 kom jeug bymekaar. Past. Sampie van Niekerk, Tel: 015 516 3725 / 082 926 9538 • AGS Charisma (LTT) Munnikstraat 70, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Anton van den Berg, Tel 015 516 0486 of 083 653 0790 • AGS El-Shaddai (Musina) Watsonlaan 17, Sondag 10:00 en 18:00, Past. Boetie Visser, Tel: 015 534 3361 / 084 456 6959 • AGS Charisma (Levubu) Sondag 09:00. Past Anton van den Berg (015 5160486) • All Nations for Jesus Christian Centre (LTT) 93 Burger Street (Maranatha Centre), Sunday 09:30 & Wednesday 18:00, Past Benjamin Sithole, Tel 083 532 9492/ 015 516 2275 • Anglican Church / St Marks (LTT) 128 Munnik Street, Sunday 10:30, Rev Robbie Novella, Tel: 015 516 5165 • Baptist Church (Musina) Corner of Whyte & Limpopo Street, Sunday 09:30, Rev Paul Richardson, Tel: 015 534 0479 or 082 446 1728 • Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk (LTT) Ruhstraat 25, Sondag 09:30 & 18:30 (Ds. Johan Marais), Tel: 015 516 2714. • Baird Ministries (LTT) Cnr of Rissik & Reitz Street. Fellowship on Sundays at 09:00 Bertus (founder) Tel 071 078 1631. • Catholic Church (Musina) National Road. Tel: 015 534 2085 • Catholic Church (LTT) Corner Burger & Jeppe Street, Mass times: 1st Sunday 10:00 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday 17:00, Father Frank Gallagher, Tel: 015 516 0566 / 082 664 1393 • Chapel of Grace Church Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 at Maurunwa/SIloam/Nzhelele Past Oke Tel 083 461 6455 or 072 976 3448. • Church of England / St Peters (LTT) 33 Breda Street, Sunday 09:00, Rev Emil Katz, Tel: 015 516 2164 / 083 284 7580 • Emmanuel Christelike Kerk (LTT) Koraalboomstraat 3, Sondag 09:00, Past. Andries van Heerden, Tel: 015 516 4282 / 083 357 1658 • Evangeliese Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) Songozwistraat (Voortrekkersaal), Sondagdiens 09:00, leraar ds. Abel Erasmus, Tel: 073 371 7566. • Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) H/v Anderson & Songozwistraat, Sondag 09:00 en 10:45. Ds. Hans Grobler. Tel. 015 516 4007 • Gereformeerde Kerk (Musina) Wilsonlaan 1, Sondag 09:30, Ds. Cornel Nagel, Tel: 015 534 2253 / 084 406 1723 • Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt H/v Stubbs & Forestry, Sondag 08:30, Ds. Phillip Horn, Tel: 015 516 0550 / 083 259 4061 • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Sondag 10:00, Ds. Ronel Eckard, Tel: 072 122 7956 • Hervormde Kerk (Musina) H/v Van Zyl & Celliersstraat, Sondag om 09:00, ds. Eddie Eckard, Tel: 015 534 2519 of 082 958 9095, Kerkkantoor 015 534 2756. • Lede in Christus Kerk (LTT) Joubertstraat 29, Sondag 10:00 & 18:00, Past. Fanie Redelinghuis, Tel: 015 516 0521 / 082 465 8774 • Levubu Christelike Gemeente (Hatfield) Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Craig Whitcomb, Tel 015 583 0134 of 084 400 8937 • Methodist Church (LTT) 79 Munnik Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel. 015 516 0446



Die Gister-se-Jeugklub vergader elke Dinsdag vanaf 09:00 tot 11:00 in die kerksaal van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk op die hoek van Stubbsstraat en Forestryweg in Makhado (Louis Trichardt. Alle senior burgers is welkom by die klubvergaderings waar die programme interessante sprekers, musiek, speletjies, geestelike boodskappe, uitstappies en kuier insluit. Vir meer inligting kan mnr.Willie Agenbacht by 083 453 6597 of Nick le Roux by 081 378 5739 geskakel word.

ZoutieWeather Louis Trichardt (Seven-day forecast)

Thursday, 6 September Perhabs a shower.

High: 18oC Low: 11oC Friday, 7 September Rain.

High: 15oC Low: 9oC Saturday, 8 September Rain.

High: 19oC Low: 9oC Sunday, 9 September Warmer.

High: 25oC Low: 11oC Monday, 10 September Sunny to partly cloudy.

• NG Kerk (LTT) Erasmusstraat 23, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, ds. Jan Pretorius en ds. Corné Randall, Tel: 015 516 3902 of 072 207 8350.

Tuesday, 11 September

• New Covenant Kerk/Church (LTT) 115 Krogh Street, Sondag 09:00 en 18:30, Louis Trichardt, André van Niekerk, Tel 015 516 5305 or 082 926 7313 • Ou Apostoliese Kerk van SA (LTT) Kroghstraat, Sondagdienste om 08:45 en 18:00, Priester Attie van Deventer, Tel. 079 516 7667 • Shammah Bedieninge/Ministries (LTT) Sondag hoofdiens & Kinderkerk 09:00, Jeugkerk en Huisselle 18:00, Donderdag: opleiding en geestelik toerusting, Past Strydom 082 785 0265, kerkkantoor 015 516 4018, Rissikstraat 50 • Sewendedag-adventiste (LTT) Groblerstraat, Saterdag 09:00 en 11:00, Roger de Troch, Tel 082 897 8374 • Sewendedag-adventiste (Musina) H/v Turner & Whytestraat, Saterdag 11:00, Marguerite Sindon & Marietjie Diener, Tel: 015 534 3240 / 082 358 2526 • Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (Buysdorp) Sondag 10:00 (erediens), Ds. H. J. Steyn (082 336 9751) • Volle Evangelie Kerk (LTT) H/v Rissik & Burgersraat, Sondae 09:00 & 17:00, Past. Philip de Jager, Tel: 015 516 0758 / 071 674 7205 • Volle Evangelie Kerk Ebenhaeser (Musina) H/v Turner & Watsonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Jimmy Venter, Tel: 082 920 4493 Indien kerke se besonderhede soos hierbo nie korrek is nie of verander het, skakel Andries by tel. 015 516 4997 of skryf aan Nuwe kerke welkom. If church details are incorrect or have changed, please phone Andries at 015 516 4997 or write to New churches welcome.

“We at the ministers forum thought it prudent to host a service dedicated to praying for rain. We are told in the Scriptures to ask for what we need. Here is an opportunity to ask for some very-much-needed rain. We continue to trust God that He will provide for our needs in all areas of our lives, be it in the community or in our private lives. Of course, the focus of the event will be on praying for rain,” said one of the organizers, Rev Robby Novella. For more information, contact Rev Novella on 015 516 5165 or Dr Philip Venter’s church office on 015 516 4366.



High: 28oC Low: 12oC

• NG Kerk (Musina) Ds. Henricostraat, Sondag 09:00, ds Anton Kemp, Tel: 015 534 0759, 082 779 2609 / 082 779 2324

Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151

Die NG Kerk Levubu hou eerskomende Saterdag, 8 September, weer lekker basaar op hul • MANNE VAN DIE WOORD kerkterrein. WEER BYEEN Die Manne van die Woord Soos gewoonlik is daar weer heelwat lekin Makhado is weer volstoom aan die gang en kernye op die spyskaart, insluitend ‘n groot kom elke Vrydag van 05:45 tot 06:45 by Ocean koektafel, pannekoek, stokworsies, spookasem, Basket in Songozwistraat byeen. aartappelkrulle, poeding, baie groente en vrugte, By hierdie interkerklike byeenkomste bemoe- asook pragtige plante – alles teen billike pryse. dig mans mekaar om die Here te dien. Die basaar begin om 08:30, met heelwat Alle mans is welkom. Vir meer inligting kan speletjies vir die jongspan. Vanaf 12:00 kan daar Tobias Fourie by 082 451 4249 geskakel word. aan heerlike potjiekos gesmul word, met ‘n opsie van afval, beesstert, hoender en wild met rys of koring, potbrood en nagereg – alles vir slegs R50 per persoon (R25 vir kinders onder ses jaar). Vir etekaartjies, skakel Elize Venter (079 8844 977) • PRAYER DAY FOR RAIN The of Lana Hoffman (083 545 9191). ministers forum of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) “Kom kuier saam in die teetuin en deel in will host a prayer day for rain on Friday, 7 SepLevubu se gasvryheid,” nooi die gemeente. As tember, at 17 :00 at the Dutch Reformed Church dit reën, waaroor almal verheug sal wees, verSoutpansberg. skuif verrigtinge na die gemeenskapsaal.

• NG Kerk (Levubu) Perseel 316, Sondag 08:30 en 10:15 (LTT - Rondebosch Lapa), Ds. Petrus Kriel Tel: 015 583 002 / 082 898 2081

• NG Kerk Soutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Andersonstraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. Phillip Venter. Tel: 015 516 4366


Plenty of sunshine.

High: 26 C Low: 12 C o


Wednesday, 12 September Mostly sunny.

High: 27oC Low: 11oC (Source:

WHAT’S HAPPENING? We need your club, school, church or non-profit organisation’s events for 2012. Please send the details to, fax it to (015) 516 2303 or phone 015 516 4996/7. These events will be published free of charge in the calendar. You can also submit and view these online at www.

• APK PRETDAG Die Afrikaanse Pro-

testantse Kerk in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) sal weer op Saterdag, 8 September, hul gewilde pretdag by die Albasinidam aanbied. Daar sal vanaf 08:30 heerlik saam gekuier word by die Hengelparadys van Joao en Anthéa Lombaard. Soos in die verlede sal daar vir motorfietsgeesdriftiges ‘n uithouwedren aangebied word. Deelnemers kan in twee klasse (twee-en vierwiel) inskryf en die wenners word bepaal deur hoeveel rondtes op die baan voltooi word. Inskrywing beloop R200 per persoon vir volwassenes en daar sal om 10:00 weggespring word. Hierdie jaar sal kinders ook kan deelneem. Hul inskrywingsgeld beloop R100 per kind en daar sal om 09:00 weggespring word in dié afdeling. Navrae oor die uithouwedren kan gerig word aan Peet 083 469 0138 of Dries by 082 898 8766. Vir die hongeriges en dorstiges sal daar meer as genoeg kosstalletjies soos braaivleis, stokworsies en jaffels wees. Daar sal ook verskeie speletjiestalletjies, ‘n glybaan en skyfskietkompetisie aangebied word. Toegang is gratis. Vir meer inligting kan ds. Gert Kruger by 082 770 6554 of Edward Prinsloo by 082 893 2493 geskakel word.

• PRAATJIE OOR ZIM-OUES SE LOT Pastoor Attie Botha van die Zim-

babwe Pensioners Support Fund (ZPSF) besoek op 9 September die Baptiste Kerk in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Inwoners is welkom om te kom luister na die behoeftes van bejaarde mense in dié buurland, asook die werk wat die ZPSF daar doen. Die kerk is geleë te Ruhstraat 25 en die aanbieding begin om 09:30.


depressie ondersteuningsgroep vergader weer op Maandag, 10 September in die kerksaal van die NG Kerk Soutpansberg. Die vergadering begin om 19:00 en alle de-

WAT GEBEUR? Ons benodig alle klubs, skole, kerke en niewinsgewende organisasies se opkomende gebeurtenisse vir 2012. Stuur besonderhede na, faks 015 516 2303 of skakel 015 516 4996/7. Die gebeurtenisse sal gratis in die kalender geplaas word. Besoek gerus ook ons webtuiste se kalender by


LOUIS TRICHARDT • SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Electricity/Elektrisiteit • Water • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Munisipaliteit/Municipality • Hospital (Government) • Hospital (Private) • SPB Dorpswag

- 10111/ 015 519 4300 / 083 206 5594 - 015 516 4378 / 015 516 2395 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 0551 / 015 516 0554 - 015 519 3000 - 015 516 0148 / 9 - 015 516 0720 / 015 516 6980 - 082 251 0827


• SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Hospital (Government) • Municipality • Electricity/Water


- 10111 / 015 534 7601 - 10177 / 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0446 / 7 - 015 534 6000 - 083 457 2183

• SAPS/SAPD - 10111/ 015 583 0121 • Municipal and other services (see Louis Trichardt)

pressielyers, familie en vriende van depressielyers en belangstellendes is welkom. Mnr. André Fourie van Edusentrum, ‘n Christelike berader, kom gesels onder andere oor die hantering van depressie. Fourie het heelwat te doen met mense wat neerslagtig en depressief is. Vir navrae, skakel Bennie Smith by 082 358 1738 of Violet Prins by 072 262 8646.


Zoutpansberg hou op 11 September vanaf 08:00 tot 12:00 ‘n opedag by die skool. Alle voornemende leerlinge vanaf Graad 1 tot 12 en hul ouers word uitgenooi om die skool te besoek. Vir navrae, skakel 076 401 2757.


of the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (SACCI) annual Business Women of the Year Award, the Soutpansberg Chamber of Commerce will be announcing the names of their five finalists during a formal Women in Business function at the Mountain View Hotel on 13 September. Greta Wiid (photo) will be the guest speaker during the award ceremony and tickets cost R150 per person. The price includes a three-course meal. Lots of prizes are also to be won by means of lucky draws, with prizes sponsored by Link Pharmacy (three R500 gift vouchers), Makhado Crossing, Estetiese Kliniek (Dr. Malan), Salon Lu-iz, Beauty Corner and Tip & Toes. For more information, phone Elsabé at Tel 082 308 0472. • STARGAZERS MEET The Soutpansberg Astronomy Club will have its next monthly meeting on Saturday, 15 September, from sunset onwards. (Contd on P13)

WEEKLY DAM LEVELS According to latest available WEEKLIKSE information from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as on Monday, 3 September. DAMVLAKKE Dams/damme:


Albasini Dam Ebenezer Dam Flag Boshielo Dam Glen Alpine Dam Luphephe Dam Middel Letaba Dam Nandoni Dam Nsami Dam Nwanedzi Dam Nzhelele Dam Tzaneen Dam Vondo Dam

34.9% 95.4% 79.7% 35.2% 41.2% 0.9% 88.6% 22.7% 50.3% 56.7% 77.8% 78.6%


35.8% 96.4% 81.6% 35.5% 43.3% 1.2% 89.6% 24.6% 51.7% 58% 79.5% 81.7%

* Latest stats unavailable by the time of going to press




Fri, Sat: 10:00, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15 Tue: 10:00, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15



˛ ◊…

Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 14:45, 17:15, 20:00, 22:15 Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 14:45, 17:15, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:45, 17:15, 20:00



˛ Ç ∞

Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Tue: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30



˛ Ç

Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:45, 22:15 Sun, Tue: 9:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:45




STEP UP 4: REVOLUTION 3D ˛ ◊ Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:15, 14:50, 17:10, 19:45, 22:15 Sun, Tue: 9:30, 12:15, 14:50, 17:10, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 14:50, 17:10, 19:45



¸ ˛ ◊

Fri-Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20



˛ ◊


˛ ◊

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Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:45, 20:00, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:45, 20:00

MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE’S Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:15, 17:45, 20:00 ˛ Ç ß BRAVE MOST WANTED ˛ ◊Ó


Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:00, 14:30, 17:30, 19:45, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:45, 12:00, 14:30, 17:30, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:30, 17:30, 19:45

Fri, Sat: 10:00, 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:30, 22:50 Sun, Tue: 10:00, 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:30



7 September 2012 13



Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151

the festival will take place on 28 and 29 September at the Cloud’s End Hotel outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt). “Enter your team for the tug-of-war and trivia quiz competition and stand the chance to win great prizes,” invite the organisers. The first prize of R7 000 for the overall winners is sponsored by P&L Hardware. Festival goers will also have the chance to • HERVORMERS TREE IN support local charity organisations such as GESPREK Alle lidmate van die HervorAgora (fishing tombola), Ladies Circle 4 (panmde Kerk in die Soutpansberg-omgewing word cakes and cakes), Rotary (boerewors), SPCA genooi om ‘n gespreksgeleentheid met verteen(book sales) and CANSA (hair spray). woordigers van die Kommissie van die Al“On Friday you can come and enjoy the cars, gemene Kerkvergadering en die Fakulteit Teolo- beer tent, arts and crafts stalls and potjiekos gie van die Universiteit van Pretoria by te woon. competition. Gates open at 08:00 on Saturday,” Dr Daan van Wyk junior, voorsitter van die say the organisers. kommissie, sal ‘n kort inleidende woord spreek, For more information or to book a stall, conwaarna lidmate ruim geleentheid sal kry om vrae tact Laura at 083 404 6751 or 015 516 1483. te stel en deel te neem aan ‘n oop gesprek oor • THANKS GIVING FÊTE The New aktuele gebeure in die Hervormde Kerk. Apostolic Church of Buysdorp and Louis TrichDie gesprek vind plaas by die Hervormde Kerk ardt will be holding their annual Thanks Giving in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) op die hoek van Krogh- en Stubbsstraat op Saterdag, 15 Septem- fête on 29 September at the tourism information centre in Makhado in conjunction with the Localber, vanaf 09:00 tot 13:00. Na afloop van die is-Lekker flea market. gesprek is daar ’n bring-en-braai. Pancakes, vetkoek, roti, boerewors rolls, Op Sondag, 16 September, om 08:30 vier second hand goods and clothing, cold drinks and die gemeente nagmaal. Die bediening by die much more will be on sale. nagmaal word beurtelings gehanteer deur die gemeentepredikant, ds. Phillip Horn, en prof. • MELODRAMA COMES TO Andries van Aarde, emeritus-professor van die ZOUTPANSUniversiteit van Pretoria. BERG Round Table Zout• SENDINGETE BY BAPTISTE pansberg 66, in Die Baptiste-gemeente in Makhado (Louis Trichconjunction with ardt) bied op 15 September ‘n sendingete aan. the Roadhogs Verskillende lande se geregte sal bedien word Motorcycle Club, en kaartjies kos R30 per persoon. Die ete vind invites one and all to their highly popular annual plaas by die kerk (Ruhstraat 25) vanaf 15:30. Vir meer inligting, skakel 083 287 8246 of 079 Melodrama comes to Soutpansberg on 28 and 29 September and 5 and 6 October. 516 8303. Each night, the performance will start at 19:00 for 19:30 at Louis Trichardt Primary’s school • CVO VIVO REÜNIE Die CVO hall. Skool Vivo hou op 21 September hul 15-jaar Tickets cost R120 per person and are available reünie. Almal wat op welke wyse ookal deur die from Rudi at Tel 082 776 8377 or Yolanda at jare betrokke was by die skool is welkom. 082 972 2060. All money raised will go towards Vir meer inligting en om te bevestig, skakel charity. A cash bar will be available every Christine Knox by 015 593 0740. evening. (Contd from P12) With no interference from the moon, it will be an ideal time to look at some of the deep-sky objects that can be seen. Club get-togethers are open to the public and everyone is welcome. Contact Kos Coronaios at elephantcastle@ for more information.


The programme for the Rotsfees at Grootklip on the weekend of 21 to 23 September has been announced. All are invited to come and camp for R50 per stand for the whole weekend, though stands should be booked in advance. On Friday at 18:30, Tjokker and Elmé will sing, with wellknown gospel singer Freda Francis starting at 19:00. On Saturday at 09:00, Joy van Eeden of Hope Ministries will minister and Betsie Joubert of Comfort Prophetic Ministries at 11:00. Esther Bester, the founder of Hope Ministries, will speak at 14:00 and Hilda Ndlovu of Moment of Truth Prophetic Ministries at 16:00. At 19:00, Sweet November, a Polokwane-based band, will be performing. On Sunday, at 09:00, it is the turn of Andrew Baird Bezuidenhout, Founder of Baird Ministries. Food and beverages will be on sale throughout and braai facilities are available. On Saturday, there will be children’s entertainment by Shammah Kingdom Kids and fleamarket stalls. Day visitors are very welcome, and for more information and bookings, Okkie can be contacted on 082 563 5937 or Andrew on 071 078 1631.


This year’s theme for International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is Under the Same Moon. Night after night, day after day, one thing remains the same - we all eat, sleep, work, play and live under the same moon. To celebrate InOMN, the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club will be at the Mall of the North (movie entrance) on Saturday, 22 September. Loads of hand-out material, posters etc. will be available, as well as views through the telescope at our closest star during the day and our closest neighbour in space, the moon, during the evening. For more information, contact Kos Coronaios on 079 148 4934 or at elephantcastle@

• KUIFKOPFEES AND CAR CARNIVAL JOIN FORCES The annual Kuifkopfees has now joined forces with the annual Car Carnival. Dubbed the “Brawn and Brains Festival”,



Pub & Grill Restaurant outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt) will be hosting a Belly Dancers Black Dress evening on 20 October from 18:00. The theme for the evening is What is the difference between belly dance and burlesque? For more information, phone Christine Cohen at Tel 072 372 2301. • PIK EN PROE-AAND Die Gereformeerde Kerk Louis Trichardt-gemeente bied op 26 Oktober weer hul gewilde “Pik en Proe” aand aan. Die ete sal deel vorm van die gemeenste se viering van hul 85ste bestaansjaar en begin om 18:00 in die Fransie Vermaaksaal op die kerkterrein. Tradisionele boeregeregte soos pap-en-kaiings, boerewors, paptert, bobotie, melktert, beskuit, koeksisters, biltong en droë wors is van die disse wat voorgesit sal word. Die ete kos R50 vir volwassenes en R20 vir laerskoolkinders.


CVO Skool Zoutpansberg nooi oud en jonk na hul operette, Eendag lank, lank gelede, op 26 en 27 Oktober vanjaar. Toegang vir die Donderdag se opvoering beloop R50 per volwassene en R30 vir laer- en voorskoolse leerlinge. Vrydag se toegang is R120 per persoon, wat ‘n ete insluit. Vir besprekings, skakel 076 401 2757. • BOERE-OPSKOP Die Generaal Piet Joubert Voortrekkerkommando in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) beplan ‘n lekker boeredans op 27 Oktober. Kaartjies kos R100 per paartjie en R30 vir laerskoolkinders en sluit ‘n heerlike bord boerekos is. Copy That sal die aand die vermaak verskaf. Vir meer inligting of kaartjies, skakel Riana Otto (084 400 9941), Rina Eybers (083 929 7730) of Marjorie Smit (082 836 9779).


wees as die kerk se eie stalletjies nie en geen vlooimark twakkies nie. Vir meer inligting, skakel voor of op 30 September vir ds. Philip Horn (084 209 5189), Babs de Beer (073 244 1658), Sonet Vermaak (073 795 2226) of Maryna Cordier (083 655 7729).


stiekklub tree op 7 en 8 September op as gasheer van die Limpopo Gimnastiek-kampioenskappe. Daar gaan ongeveer 300 gimnaste van regoor die provinsie deelneem. Lede van die gemeenskap is welkom om die plaaslike gimnaste te kom ondersteun. Vir meer besonderhede kan Elzabé Stewart by 082 566 3493, Giel Nel by 083 297 7272, Renette Nel by 015 516 3756 of Riekie Steyn by 082 484 1392 geskakel word.

• POLOCROSSE FUN TOURNAMENT The local polocrosse club, the

Limpopo Crusaders, will be hosting a fun tournament this Saturday, 8 September at the Northgate Lodge just outside of Makhado (Louis Trichardt). The theme will be The most fun you can have on a horse and all are welcome. For more information, phone Sandy James at Tel 084 506 3333.


Hokkie nooi alle belangstellendes na hul algemene jaarvergadering en bestuurverkiesing op Woensdag, 12 September. Die vergadering begin om 17:15 by Laerskool Levubu. Vir meer inligting, skakel Melanie Louw by tel. 083 651 7601.


• WEEKLY RUN/WALK The Sout• LAS VEGAS COMES TO pansberg Athletics Club invites everyone to their MIKE’S KITCHEN The weekly walk and run. The walk and run take

place every Tuesday from 17:15 at their club girls from Ladies Circle 4 in Makha- house, next to the municipal swimming pool in do (Louis Trichardt) Louis Trichardt. For more information, phone invite one and all to Mark at 083 774 2264. invites one and all to enjoy fun and fellowship put on their gaming at their annual Country Market, to be held on faces and try their Saturday, 6 October, from 10:00. hand at Black Jack There will be a tea garden and various stalls selling plants, cakes, boerewors rolls, pancakes, FIRE DANGER INDICATORS: or Roulette during second-hand books, gifts, ‘this and that’, as well their Las Vegas SAFE MODERATE DANGEROUS as an exciting African stall and much more. Comes to Mike’s EXTREMELY DANGEROUS VERY DANGEROUS “Come and enjoy a pleasant morning with us Kitchen evening on 3 November. at 79 Munnik Street,” invites the church. Held in conjunction with Khoroni Casino and FIRE DANGER INDEX FOR THIS WEEK: Hotel, the evening promises much excitement, • JEUGFEES SAAM MET ZOÈ with the hotel group bringing in their own tables Monday Jongmense van die dorp word genooi na die and professional dealers. All money raised durIuvenis Jeugfees op Vrydag en Saterdag, 12 en 03/09/2012 ing the event, held from 16:00 until midnight, 13 Oktober. will go towards local charity organisations. Tuesday Dié fees word gereël deur Shammah BedieMore information will be made available 04/09/2012 ninge en Zoè Akademie, in samewerking met jeugleiers van die dorp. Vrydag se program skop closer to the event. Wednesday • IETS VAN ALS BASAAR Die af met ‘n Youth Bash om 18:00 by Shammah 05/09/2012 Bedieninge in Rissikstraat 50. Om 19:00 vind ‘n Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt-gemeente hou danskompetisie daar plaas. weer op 3 en 4 November hul Iets van Als – Thursday Saterdag se verrigtinge is by Laerskool Louis Anderste Basaar. 06/09/2012 Trichardt se hoof sportveld. Die “iets van als” sê alles, met tradisionele Om 13:00 open die fees met ‘n optog van die basaarstalletjies soos biltong, vleis, groFriday motorfietsryers van die Bikers Kingdom. Om ente en vrugte, gebak, nagereg, pannekoek, 07/09/2012 14:00 begin kompetisies en ander pret aktiwitei- kerrie-en-rys, jaffels, stokworse, aartappels te. Stalletjies sal deurlopend besoek kan word. op ‘n stokkie, hamburgers en boereworsrolle, Saturday Om 15:30 vind ‘n voedselprojek op kompepap-en-kaiings, koeldrank, verversingstalletjie, 08/09/2012 tisiebasis, die Charity Food Project, plaas. Zoè Wit olifant, tweedehandse boeke, plante en Akademie se “band” se optrede volg om 16:30, kinderspeletjies wat bedryf sal word. Sunday waarna pret en kompetisies om 19 :00 hervat Die “andersheid” van die basaar hou in dat 09/09/2012 word. Vir meer inligting kan Catherina Strydom die gemeenskap genooi word om self ‘n stalby 072 510 3806 geskakel word. letjie, hetsy in kerk- of organisasie-verband, Monday teen R100 te bedryf en 10% van die winste aan • BEGIN NOU OEFEN Die dans10/09/2012 die kerk te skenk. Dit mag net nie dieselfde kompetisie op Vrydag, 12 Oktober, om 19:00 by Shammah Bedieninge in Rissikstraat 50 is oop vir alle belangstellendes van skoolgaande * Installeer ‘n gas stoof met sertifikaat vir ouderdom en ouer. versekerings doeleindes. Dit is belangrik om nou te begin oefen en in te * Gas installasies skryf voor 15 September. Die deelnemers gaan in Huishoudelik en industrieel. twee kategorieë beoordeel word, ‘n junior kategorie (vir skoolgaandes) en ‘n senior kategorie Vir die beste gas pryse en (vir volwassenes). Daar sal pryse toegeken word Moeg vir ‘n afl ewering kontak André by in die verskillende kategorieë. hoë krag7 Kort Straat of Tel: 015 516 1650 Vir meer inligting, skakel Catherina by 072 rekening 510 3806.

• METHODIST COUNTRY MARKET The Methodist Church Louis Trichardt



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Ugh! Ugh!

14 7 September 2012



7 September 2012 15

Deur Isabel Venter

Spesiale dag gee erkenning aan aasvoëls Die natuur se eie skoonmakers, wat dikwels nie te geliefd is nie, was die afgelope Saterdag die eregaste by die Blouberg Natuurreservaat. Aasvoëls, wat ‘n belangrike rol in die ekosisteem speel, het die afgelope naweek erkenning gekry vir hulle funksie, tydens ‘n feestelike viering van Inter-

nasionale Aasvoëldag by die reservaat. Dié dag is gereël in samewerking met die Vriende van Blouberg-groep en die Birdlife Soutpansberg Voëlkykersklub van Makhado (LTT). Die geleentheid was die eerste van sy soort, maar belowe om ‘n jaarlikse instelling te word. Verrigtinge is Saterdagoggend

afgeskop met ‘n praatjie oor aasvoëls, ‘n spesie wat se belangrikheid in die natuur dikwels onderskat word. Mnr. David Pretorius, ‘n nasionale voëlringer, het die praatjie aangebied. Hy is ook sedert 1996 betrokke by die Blouberg Natuurreservaat se Aasvoël-projek. Blouberg Natuurreservaat is tans aan die voorpunt van die bewaring van hierdie voëlsoort. Die reservaat het meer as 10 jaar gelede ‘n projek begin waarin plaaslike gemeenskappe betrek en vergoed word ten opsigte Hier en daar moes ´n helpende hand gegee word sodat die aasvoël-broeikolonie deur die teleskope van die bewaring van aasvoëls. gesien kon word .... dankie tog vir ´n ouboet. Die geleentheid was Internasionale Aasvoëldag by Aasvoëls, wat gesog is vir muti- die Blouberg Natuurreservaat, waar daar erkenning gegee is aan dié bedreigde voëlspesies. mengsels, word van die gemeenskap teruggekoop, gesond gemaak en weer in die natuur vrygelaat. Saterdag was darem nie net ‘n dag vir ernstige sake nie; daar is ook ander aktiwiteite soos graaf-“surfing” en ‘n skattejag aangebied. Besoekers is ook getrakteer op ‘n besoek aan die aasvoëlrestaurant, waar karkasse vir die aasvoëls uitgegooi word, op die reservaat. Pretorius self was ook Bekende televisiepersoonlikheid Johann Botha van M-Net se byderhand om vrae te antwoord Projek Aardwolf was ook Saterdag een van die besoekers by die oor die broeikolonie teen die Blouberg Natuurreservaat, waar Internasionale Aasvoëldag hange van Blouberg, wat deur teleskope gesien kon word. gevier is. Foto: Johan van Wyk, Blouberg Natuurreservaat. By Linda van der Westhuizen

Canadian vets enjoy African adventure and loading wild animals, including kudus. They Chandré Breytenbach is tydens die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Makhado (Louis trimmed sheep hooves and assisted with the castraTrichardt) se gewilde jaarlikse Inni-Bergfees tion of a horse in the 40-degree heat at Waterpoort, voorverlede naweek aangewys as Mej. and then tested bulls and tended to pregnant cows. Fotogenies in die juniorkategorie vir meisies “The girls are very keen and capable. I just put tussen 9 en 13 jaar. Foto verskaf. out my hand and all the necessary instruments and medicine are handed to me. How wonderful!” Klopper said. What could the Canadian technologists do with their broadened experience (10 days in 8 Zone Alarm system Nelspruit in Mpuma1 x 8 Zone keypad 4 x Pet Passives langa and 10 days in 2 x Door magnets only Limpopo)? “We could 1 x Transformer get involved in research 1 x Battery or we could come and 1 x Siren work here,” they said. 2 x Fixed Panic Button “This kind of work 2 x 2 Channel Remotes 1 x 2 Channel Receiver is wonderful, but the 1 x Transmitter (property of company) sun…” said Brittany. Free installation and 3 months There was, however, monitoring fee (R310 p.m.) one who considered coming to South Africa. We have relocated to “I would like to work Pictured in the front, from left to right, are Kaylie Penner, Dr Gerhard Kruger Street 113, Makhado here,” said Squarok. Klopper of Blouberg Animal Clinic and Brittany Whittemore. At the Contact Eunice at 083 399 0537 back are Rachel MacLeod, Danielle Belanger, Amy Demchuk, Sara or the office at 079 822 4900 Gouldson and Leah Squarok.



A local vet had many helping hands in the form of seven young Canadian vet nurses who enjoyed their first exposure to wildlife. Local veterinarian Dr Gerhard Klopper of Blouberg Animal Clinic in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) took the group with him for 10 days in order for them to gain experience in large-animal care and especially in working with wild animals. The young women, between the ages of 21 and 26 years, are from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, and they had graduated in May this year as animal health technologists from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. “In South Africa, they would call us vet nurses,” they explained. “In Canada at our animal clinics, we see mainly cats and dogs,” said Leah Squarok. Apart from Amy Demchuk, who works with horses, the others see only small animals at their clinics. They are Leah, Kaylie Penner, Brittany Whittemore, Rachel MacLeod and Danielle Belanger, with Sara Gouldson still looking for a job. “All our jobs gave us time off for the South African experience and will take us back,” said Kaylie. And what a busy time they had … On their first day, they tended to buffalo and sable antelope and moved nyalas. The next day they tested buffaloes for diseases, moved them and tended to a sable antelope in Musina. They then travelled to Thsipise, Pontdrift and Dendron, followed by catching

R3 300

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MAKHADO: 84 Krogh Street, Tel: (015) 516-4961, E-mail: MONTHS TO PAY

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Monthly instalments include: 14% VAT, finance charges and administration fees but exclude delivery charges. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Errors and omissions excluded. NCA compliant. Prices correct at the time of going to print. All credit purchases subject to credit approval and affordability assessment. Terms and conditions apply. NO DEALERS.


16 7 September 2012

Thanks to your contributions, Rotary Club had a very busy year



uring September last year, the Rotarians handed over school books to the value of R1.5 million to schools in the region. This was an initiative by Rotary to equip schools with the books they needed. Prior to the handing over of the books, the schools had the opportunity to travel to a Rotary facility in Johannesburg where they could select the books needed. Twenty-two of the 52 schools in the Nzhelele area were involved in the project.

everal schools in the Makhado (Louis Trichardt) area benefited from donations from the local Rotary Club. The donations were made with the financial assistance of the other international Rotary clubs. The photos show some of the boreholes that were sunk and equipped with the necessary pumps and tanks.


r Casper Venter (left) received a cheque from Louis Trichardt Rotary president Mr Louis Joubert (right), in aid of the Makhado Care Group. The Makhado Care group looks after cancer patients.


ome 80 children enjoyed a day of fun and laughter during Rotary Louis Trichardt’s annual Rotary Kids’ Christmas Day held at the Manavhela/ Ben Lavin Nature Reserve on 12 November last year.



everal wheelchairs were handed over to recipients during the past years. The wheelchair project forms part of a Rotary International project and is partly subsidized by the international arm of Rotary.


he Rotary Club of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) did their bit to help fight off the winter cold by donating 35 blankets to residents of Laat Lente and Herfsakker.

ood parcels were handed out to the teachers and children of the Takalani Community Crèche in Tshikota. The Takalani Crèche received the food parcels on 23 February. Other beneficiaries are the Buzzy Bee Crèche and Masedi Combined School, both in Tshikota, who also received food from the Rotary Club of Makhado (Louis Trichardt).


he annual lunch held for the residents of Laat Lente and Herfsakker was again a huge success.

The past year the local Rotary club managed to invest R378 000 in worthy projects in the local community


lankets were handed over to the Ramatsha Primary school for distribution among the children


A freezer was handed over to the management of the Makhado based CMR. The CMR provides assistance to needy families in the town.

It includes: Polio Plus R 7 R 45 Youth Activities Senior Citizens R 81 Rotary Foundation R 17 Community Projects R261

700 525 815 710 845

ROTARY CLUB LOUIS TRICHARDT BOARD: Louis Joubert (president), Godfrey Went, Leon Barnard, Leon Bezuidenhout, Ian Bannatyne, Brian du Plooy, Marius Gilfillan, Frank Terink.


otary Louis Trichardt and Rotary Anns, as well as other anonymous sponsors, donated 70 suitcases and stationery to needy children at Louis Trichardt Primary School.


7 September 2012 17

By Isabel Venter

For some it’s their only weekly meal For many, it is the first and only proper meal that they receive in a week. The beneficiaries of this meal, sponsored by Meals on Wheels in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), are all toddlers, some of them still in diapers. The funding for this project is scant and with the cruel economic situation that they have to cope with, Meals on Wheels’ manager, Ms Karien Honeycomb, finds herself relying on private donations more and more. But even these are scarce. Honeycomb explained that even though Meals on Wheels is a welfare service aimed at help-

ing the elderly, she decided to rather focus on schools, due to teetering food donations. During a visit to some of the 20 rural pre-primary schools that they visit weekly, the Zoutpansberger experienced the dire circumstances of these schools firsthand. On Thursday, 30 August, three schools, namely Makhita, Madaheni and Christ the King, in the Kutama area were visited. On a good day, each school accommodates between 30 and 50 children. These schools receive no government help or grants and were instituted to help mothers who have to travel far for

employment. Conditions at most schools are miserable at best. While some are operated from private homes, some only consist of one-roomed buildings. Toilet facilities at some of the schools fill one with horror. One school only had a hole in the ground for a toilet. Smiling children still come running, however, when the Meals on Wheels team pulls up at a school. Increased funding, in the form of mealie meal or vegetables, will enable the team to continue with their projects. For more information, Honey- One of the toddlers with the plate of mince and pasta that they received from the Meals on Wheels comb can be contacted at Tel 072 team in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). 177 3286.

Three homeless people from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) received much-needed help during a charity drive at the local Absa branch last week. The donation was made possible by the generosity of the bank’s employees, in partnership with Pep Stores and the Minister of Blankets, Mr Amie Chhaya. “We were so touched by the plight of these destitute people that we decided to do something to assist them,” said Happy Ralinala, Absa’s Northern Region Executive. Photographed during the hand over were in front, from left to right, Tongai Nyatni, Washington Msipa and Hon Madhange. At the back are Patricia Tshivhidzo, Grace Rashalaha (Pep Stores), Kenneth Manavhela, David Makananise, Louise Diener, Tshilidzi Mudau and Amie Chhaya.

These, believe it or not, are the toilet facilities at one of the pre-primary schools in the Kutama area. Boys and girls have to share this open toilet The Meals on Wheels team of Ms Karien because there is simply not enough money to Honeycomb busy handing out pasta and mince build a proper toilet. to needy schools in the Kutama area.


• 073 996 0764 • 082 564 9988

We have moved New Premises on the Vivo Road, ± 2km past Tshikota on the right. Approx. 6km from Werda Toyota.

* Protective Clothing * Auto electrical field services 24/7 * Batteries * Lubrication * Starters & altenators * Industrial & LP Gas Let asb daarop dat die ou LTT Protective Clothing tak nogsteeds oop is vir besigheid en dat hulle nou ‘n groter verskeidenheid produkte sal aanhou. TEL: 015 516 4737 / 2944 FAX: 015 516 4786 Werner: 071 471 5991 Ruchan: 082 806 7699


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verantwoordelikheid. Daar was ‘n wonderlike gees van samewerking tussen die jeugleiers. Ons kan amper sê dat die interkerklike jeugforum wat tevore bestaan het, weer opgestaan het met ‘n nuwe aanslag,” sê pastoor Francois Strydom van Shammah Bedieninge, waar die vergadering gehou is. Die jeugleiers se eerste projek is die Iuvenis Festival op 12 en 13 Oktober (sien kalenderblad). “Die jeug van die dorp het soveel potensiaal. Ons glo dat hierdie fees ‘n ‘katalisator gebeurtenis’ sal wees om eenheid tussen kerke en jeugleiers te bevorder en die jeug weer by hul kerke betrokke te kry,” sê die jeugleiers. Zoè Akademie is ook reeds genooi om by die fees betrokke te wees. Buiten die fees gaan Zoè Akademie ook op 13 Oktober ‘n slypskool saam met die jeugleiers hou oor die onderwerp “Hoe om die dorp se jeug te bereik.” Zoè Akademie is ‘n instansie wat jongmense oplei met die klem op individuele bedieningsontwikkeling. Vir verdere navrae kan die sameroeper, Catherina Strydom, by 072 510 3806 geskakel word.

LTT Abattoir

Die eenheid onder jeugleiers van die dorp is opnuut versterk. Hulle vat hande om die jeug te mobiliseer. “Die jong generasie vir hierdie nasie! Jy as jongmens kan ‘n impak maak, sodat die gemeenskap nooit weer dieselfde sal wees nie,” sê hulle. Op 28 Augustus het 10 pastore, dominees en jeugleiers byeengekom, met die jeug van die dorp as besprekingspunt. “Ons almal sien die jeug as ‘n gesamentlike

Hier is ons!

Dorp se jeugleiers gee mekaar die hand

Dieselfde kwaliteit diens, net ‘n groter verskeidenheid produkte!


Deur Linda van der Westhuizen



Op 28 Augustus het hierdie groep van tien pastore, dominees en jeugleiers byeengekom met die jeug van die dorp as besprekingspunt. Voor, van links na regs, is Jan Venter, Cyle-Jay Pulford, Catherina Strydom en Corné Randall. In die middel is Marcel van Niekerk, Anke Hermsen en Leonie Wood. Agter is Francois Strydom, Anton van den Berg en Rudolph Botha. Hulle sien die dorp se jeug as ‘n gesamentlike verantwoordelikheid.


Unika Straat



18 7 September 2012

The executive committee of the Makhado Concerned Group and some of their members met with a panel of the local AfriForum branch, forging an alliance in the battle for an uninterrupted water supply and other services. The meeting took place at the Makhado show hall on 29 August. By Linda van der Westhuizen

Group threatens to stop paying for water


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Aan smullekker eetgoed was daar geen tekort nie tydens die NG Kerk Soutpansberg se jaarlikse Lentefees in die park oorkant OK Grocer die afgelope naweek. Danksy sakpaspryse kon besoekers met vol mae huistoe gaan.


GRADE 7 - 12 / GRADE 7-12





Die NG Kerk Soutpansberg se jaarlikse Lentefees het vanjaar gespog met ´n nuutjie in die vorm van ´n jeugfees die aand om die dag se verrigtinge af te sluit.


Johanna Breytenbach (regs) was die gelukkige wenner van ´n kinderstootwaentjie wat by Nappy & Babby King in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) uitgeloot is. Haar prys is Vrydag, 31 Augustus, aan haar oorhandig deur die winkel se bestuurder, Vicky Wilders.

in the water supply results in poor meter readings. “There are even readings of air, as confirmed by the technical director. The municipality has no means of separating the reading of the air flow compared to the water. We should stop paying,” the executive committee (exco) of the concerned group said. The meeting with the mayor, Cllr David Mutavhatsindi, took place on 29 August. “The mayor mentioned the six new boreholes, but he had no information on the equipping of the boreholes or the connection to the mainline. We expected that he would call the technical director,” the chairperson of the MCG, Mr Lawrence Makatu, said after the meeting. That same evening, the group’s exco and some of their members met with a panel of the local AfriForum branch. “We are not going to be intimidated by politicians. It is our right to get services,” said exco member Mr John Madzhie at the meeting. He also referred to the electricity that is more expensive than in Thulamela and told the meeting that the mayor had promised that consumers would soon be able to buy pre-paid electricity from chain stores. The concerned group and the local AfriForum branch have forged an alliance in their battle to get the services that they pay for. “Our rights are being abused by those in power,” Mr Dave Patel of AfriForum said. Concerning the MCG’s view of non-payment until the water supply is continuous, Madzhie said that the mayor had told them to write a memorandum to Council in that regard. “The concerned group is mobilising residents to join in a march to hand over the memorandum,” said Makatu. The group told the mayor that they would go to court. They support AfriForum in their legal actions. “All parties agreed to meet again in two weeks’ time to organise the march to the municipality,” Makatu said.


“Our view is that we should stop paying until such time as we have an uninterrupted water supply. If the supply is not continuous, it is not fair for us to pay,” the Makhado Concerned Group (MCG) told the mayor of the Makhado Municipality. The group says that the frequent interruptions

Larissa Venter was een van die dorp se jongklomp wat genoeg moed bymekaar kon skraap om teen die bykans 13m hoë “abseiling” toring af te gaan tydens die NG Kerk Soutpansberg se Lentefees die afgelope naweek. Die toring het ook met ‘n “foefie slide” gespog, wat goed deur beide die jongklomp en ‘n paar van die ouer garde ondersteun is.








ONTVANGS- EN ADMINISTRATIEWE POS FAKS CV’S VOOR 14 SEPTEMBER 2012 NA 086 699 6243 OF PER E-POS NA Indien u niks hoor binne twee weke na sluitingsdatum, beskou u aansoek as onsuksesvol.


7 September 2012 19


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en Finale Likwidasie- en Distribusierekening in bogenoemde boedel ter insae sal lê by die Landdros Kantoor LOUIS TRICHARDT vir ‘n tydperk van 21 (EEN EN TWINTIG) dae bereken vanaf 7 SEPTEMBER 2012. GET: S Booyens BOOYENS DU PREEZ & BOSHOFF ING LANDDROSLAAN 28 B, POSBUS 1305, LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 TEL: 015 516 1404/5 FAKS: 015 516 1624 VERW: S BOOYENS/ HD/D309

ecutor concerned within 30 days from date of publication hereof. MRS. LOUISE DEKKER C/O KERN & DEKKER INC.105 KROGH STREET, P O BOX 25, LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920, REF:L DEKKER/ VS/A03989

In the estate late: MARI A RO S A L I A F E R REIRA, Date of Death: 13 August 2011, ID No: 2905130086083, From: LOUIS TRICHARDT, LIMPOPO, Masters Ref: 2628/2011. All persons having claims against the abovementioned Estate must lodge it with the ex-

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TE HUUR Een slaapkamer woonstel te huur. R2650 p.m. W & E uitgesluit. Skakel: 082 847 3447

LEGALS BOEDELKENNISGEWING In die Boedel van Wyle: Aletta De Lange, Datum van Afsterwe: 2 Januarie 2010, Identiteitsnommer: 4007180005085, van Plot 53 Southdown, Louis Trichardt, Distrik Soutpansberg, Boedel nommer: 1726/2010. Geliewe kennis te neem dat die Eerste

EXTENSION OFFICER/ AREA COORDINATOR Soutpansberg / Levubu The South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) requires the services of an energetic graduate to coordinate regional activities and provide technical advice to growers of Avocados, Litchis, Macadamias and Mangoes. The ideal incumbent should: • Have a BSc (Agric) in Horticulture, Agribusiness or a similar qualification. • Preferably have experience in Subtropical fruit and nut production. • Have good communication skills (verbal and written). • Be self-motivated and innovative. • Preferably be fluent in English and Afrikaans. The position offers a stimulating environment that provides broad exposure to several export industries, and competitive remuneration is offered. Interested? - email a brief CV (max 3 pages) to Gerhard Nortjé ( Closing date: 21 September 2012 Applicants that have not been contacted by 12 October 2012 should consider their applications unsuccessful. Subtrop manages the affairs of the SA Avocado, Litchi, Macadamia and Mango Growers’ Associations

* Geklassifiseerd en blok advertensies: Dinsdae 15:00 * Kleur advertensies: Maandae 16:00


20 7 September 2012

Local pastors attended the Shammah Church-Planting and Development Network on 25 August at Shammah Ministries. From left to rigth are Pastor Revis Mzimba, Mr Fielies Ferriera (Shammah Missions Head) and Pastors Lucky Ramakulukusha, Wilson Ramuhashi, Alfred Gogome, Thomas Nwayila, Robert Ramalisa, Tyson Ratshalingwa and Francois Strydom (Shammah Senior Pastor). Photo supplied. Verskeie kunstenaars het voorverlede naweek by die Inni-bergfees by die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Makhado (Louis Trichardt) opgetree. Hier is twee kunstenaars saam met van die organiseerders. Van links na regs is Karen Ferreira, voormalige Idols-finalis, William Blackrose, sanger, en Saterdag se seremoniemeester, me. Elize van den Heever (organiseerder) en me. Wynanda Pretorius wat instaan vir mnr. Raymond Pretorius (organiseerder).

Church News

Walls between pastors broken down “Walls need to be broken down in order to relate to each other,” said Pastor Thomas Nwayila at a church-planting and development fellowship at Shamma Ministries in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Shammah Ministries hosted the fellowship meeting on 25 August, with pastors from local congregations who form part of the Shammah Church-Planting

and Development Network. “The purpose of the network is to equip and to build capacity regarding skills and knowledge in order to enhance church growth at congregations with a lack of resources. Each pastor needs to create a legacy in his church and raise sons who will help with building the church,” said Shammah’s senior pastor, Pastor Francois Strydom, who discussed

the responsibility of becoming a mentor and apostle to others in the church. Since last year, when the network originated spontaneously, some of the churches have already experienced growth in membership and service attendance. “This fellowship is not for material benefit, but for brotherly fellowship-sharing experience,” Past Revis Mzimba said.

Hoërskool Eric Louw in Musina het op Vrydag, 31 Augustus, Lentedag op vrolike wyse gevier deur met gewone klere en interessante hoede by die skool op te daag. Foto verskaf.

Hierdie leerlinge van CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het die afgelope naweek aan die BCVO se landswye redenaarskompetisie in Pretoria deelgeneem. Voor is Jonel Wepener (Graad 3) wat derde eindig. Agter, van links na regs, is Leon du Plessis (Graad 8 Derde) en Melissa Stemmet ( Graad 9, eersteplek asook fasewenner vir Graad 7 tot 9). Foto verskaf.

Hierdie leerlinge van CVO Skool Zoutpans­ berg het tydens die BCVO se lands­wye kultuurfees in Pretoria die afgelope naweek uitstekend gevaar. Die negejarige Dihan Pretorius (links) en 13-jarige Chandré Breytenbach (regs) is albei as die onderskeie wenners in hulle ouderdomsgroep aangewys en het beide goue medaljes ontvang in die kategorie vir beeldende kuns. Foto verskaf.

Die kleuters van Touleiertjies Kleuterskool in Levubu het Maandag Lentedag by die skool gevier. Afgeneem is ‘n paar van die kleuters met blomme wat bekend is vir die aanbreek van die lente, pragtige clivias. Foto verskaf.

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

REGIONAL IDP CONSULTATIVE MEETINGS Notice is hereby given that the Makhado Local Municipality will be hosting a series of community engagement meetings scheduled to take place as follows: Region Vuwani Waterval Makhado Dzanani

Date 11 September 2012 12 September 2012 13 September 2012 14 September 2012

Time 10H00 10H00 10H00 10H00

Venue Vuwani Community Hall Njakanjaka Community Hall Makhado Showground Hall Ramavhoya Showground Hall

The purpose of the meetings will be to present the 2013/2014 IDP Review draft analysis. All Councillors, three members from each Ward Committee, Traditional Councils, organised businesses, mining sector, Parastatals, agricultural sector, tourism sector, Sanco, Community Development Officers, NGOs, Ratepayers’ Associations, Chairpersons’ Association, Chamber of Commerce and Provincial Sector Departments and representatives of any interested groups under the respective regions are invited to participate in the aforementioned meeting/s. All enquiries can be directed to the Director Development Planning or the IDP Manager at telephone number 015 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado 6/7 September 2012 Notice No: 132/2012 File No: 15/7/1


Die Generaal Piet Joubert Voortrekkers in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) het op 24 Augustus die Royal Macadamia neutfabriek besoek. Hulle het hul dank uitgespreek teenoor Marius Martin, wat vir hulle die neutfebriek gewys het, asook Rina Eybers, wat die dag moontlik gemaak het en ouers Petria Marais, Eugenie de Beer en Tina Fisser, wat saamgery het. Foto verskaf.

IT Technician Recruiting to a better future Recruiting Consultant Requirements:

* Diploma or relevant Degree. * Organizational and time management skills. * Experience in HR or Recruiting will be an advantage. Must be willing to learn. * Excellent administration skills and attention to detail. * Neat and sober habits and able to work under pressure. Tel: 015 516 5787 • Fax: 086 548 2261 E-mail: Unit 3, Light World Complex, President Str, LTT

Xpress Network Solutions is looking for an IT Technician: (to be based in Polokwane). Duties: Installation, Repair and Marketing of Wireless Internet Equipment Requirements: Computer literate, Bilingual, Matric, Drivers Licence and Wireless experience (Mikrotik). Competitive package that includes basic salary, vehicle and cellphone allowance and commission.

Fax CV to 086 639 8956 or e-mail to:


7 September 2012 21


Inni-Berg organiseerders verdien ‘n pluimpie vir hulle harde werk


raag wil ons die feeskomitee van die onlangse Inni-Bergfees gelukwens met ‘n uitstekende fees! Ons stal gereeld by feeste uit, maar hierdie was een van die bestes. Die uitstallers was van goeie gehalte en verskeidenheid en die kunstenaars en klank puik. Ek verstaan dat daar oop stalletjies was, maar daaroor het u nie beheer gehad nie, siende dat die Letter

uitstallers blykbaar klaar betaal het maar nie opgedaag het nie. U het goed gekommunikeer met ons as uitstallers en ons in ag geneem, selfs met die waterkar vir die stof. Spesiale dank aan Raymond en Miempie. Julle sien my vir seker weer in 2013.

Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 / Skryf aan ons te Posbus 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 of

BRIEWE / LETTERS Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 / Skryf aan ons te Posbus 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 of


Hulle het lentedag spesiaal gemaak


oe ek Saterdag, 1 September, nog luilekker in my bed lê en lees, was daar ‘n klop aan die deur. - Tevrede uitstaller Twee vriendelike mense het die allerfraaiste geskenkpakkie aan my oorhandig, met mooi wense van Realty 1. Die koekies was tuisgebak en die lekkers met blou lintjies versier – ‘n lentegedagte. sonal commitment was incredibly Daarna was dit ons kerk se Lentehelpful to the department and the fees – sommer vir baie ure. centre and it allowed the department Brief to reach the Mandela Day goal of 67-minute pledges. Your assistance meant so much to the department and the needy and Goedversorgde en opgeleide we hope for a future partnership for Jack Russel het verlede Donthe good of the province. - Ms N N Tsebe (acting Head of derdag haar opwagting by Du Toit’s Department) Engineering in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) gemaak.

Thanks for blankets and margarine


he provincial Department of Safety, Security and Liaison would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Amie Chhaya for his recent generous donation of blankets and boxes of margarine to help the children of Vuthlari Disability Centre at Roerfontein. Your generosity has made an immediate difference in the lives of members of the centre. Your perBrief


- Jackie van Nieuwenhuizen (Laat Lente en Herfsakker)

Jack Russel soek na sy geliefdes


Al hierdie skenkings word waardeer raag wil ons dankie sê aan Das, Paul, Lia en Johan, asook Lucas en Rina en die Lemmer-egpaar wat vir ons ‘n televisie en ‘n DVD geskenk het. Dankie ook aan Louw Venter wat vir ons groente geskenk het, Elsabe Faasen wat sorg dat ons ou mensies hulle medikasie kry, Onea Nagel en

Maandag toe ek die tafel vol perfekverpakte avokado’s – almal in vrugstesakkies en presies ewe veel in elke pakkie sien – het ek geweet Poog Henning het ons weer kom bederf. Jy bly maar ons lentevriend by uitnemendheid! Baie dankie aan almal.

al die mense wat vir ons iets skenk. Dit word opreg waardeer. Dankie ook aan die loodgieter wat gesorg het vir warm water vir party van ons mense wat nie warm water gehad het nie. - Inwoners van Laat Lente en Herfsakker

tot by die DBV al gaan aanklop het om uit te vind of iemand nie die woef vermis nie. Indien enige iemand weet aan wie die hond behoort of self die eienaar is, skakel Derick by 083 538 4993 Sedertdien versorg die eienaars of die werkswinkel by 015 516 die hond, ten spyte daarvan dat hulle 4418. Brief

Die nuwe bed doen my rug net goed


k het onlangs geval en my laerug king moontlik gemaak het, bedank seergemaak, en my ou bed het nie vir die nuwe bed. my seer rug goed gedoen nie. Graag wil ek vir Johan Smit van - Johnny Swart (Herfsakker) Unibeds, asook almal wat die sken-

So how do you explain that?

the group picture. “Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, ‘There’s Jennifer, she’s a lawyer,’ or ‘That’s Michael, He’s a doctor.” A small voice at the back of the room rang out, “And there’s the teacher, she’s dead.”

One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do Something new on the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly the menu? noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her Mother Superior called all the nuns brunette head. together and said. “I must tell you all She looked at her mother and inquisitively Some things are best something. We have a case of gonorrhoea asked, “Why are some of your hairs white, left unsaid in the convent.” Mum?” “Thank God,” said an elderly nun at the Her mother replied, “Well, every time that An elderly gentleman had serious hearing back. “I am getting so sick and tired of the you do something wrong and make me cry problems for a number of years. He went Chardonnay.” to the doctor and the doctor was able to or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.” The little girl thought about this revelation have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%. for a while and then said, “Mummy, how Of course I can read The elderly gentleman went back in a come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white?” month to the doctor and the doctor said, A Polish immigrant went to the local mu“Your hearing is perfect ... Your family must nicipality to apply for a driver’s licence and More food for thought be really pleased that you can hear again. of course had to have an eye test. The gentleman replied, “Oh, I haven’t The optician showed him a card with the A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulatold my family yet. I just sit around and letters CZWIXNOSTACZ. tion of the blood. Trying to make the matter listen to the conversations. I’ve changed “Can you read this?” the optician asked. clearer, she said, “Now, class, if I stood on “Read it?” the Polish guy replied. my head, the blood, as you know, would run my will three times!” “I know the guy”. into it, and I would turn red in the face.” and a few quotes ... “Yes,” the class said. “Then why is it that while I am standing Just keep on walking Money can’t buy you happiness .... But it upright in the ordinary position the blood ... does bring you a more pleasant form of doesn’t run into my feet?” misery. - Spike Milligan A little fellow shouted, A woman came home, screeching her car “Cause your feet ain’t empty.” into the driveway and ran into the house. I had a rose named after me and I was She slammed the door and shouted at very flattered. But I was not pleased to What will you be in the top of her lungs: “Honey, pack your read the description in the catalogue: twenty years? bags, I’ve won the lottery.” ‘No good in a bed, but The husband said: “I’m speechless! fine against a wall.’ What should I pack, beach stuff or moun- The children had all been photographed, - Eleanor Roosevelt and the teacher was tain stuff?” Do you have a good joke? E-mail it to “Doesn’t matter,” she said. “Just get out.” trying to persuade them Het jy ‘n goeie grappie? each to buy a copy of Stuur dit per e-pos na

Die Weg, die Waarheid en die Lewe


eb. 12:14 sê: “Beywer julle vir die vrede met alle mense asook vir ‘n heilige lewe waarsonder niemand die Here sal sien nie.” Vrede in ons verhouding met mense, en ‘n heilige lewe in ons gemeenskap met God. Wanneer ‘n heilige lewe genoem word, word bygevoeg: “Waarsonder niemand die Here sal sien nie.” Ons verhouding met ons medemens staan in die nouste verband met ons verhouding met God. In die bergrede verbind Jesus hulle met mekaar. Matt. 5:8-9 sê: “Geseënd is die wat rein van hart is, want hulle sal God sien. Geseënd is die vredemakers, want hulle sal kinders van God genoem word.” Dit is God se wil dat ons vrede soek en dit najaag. 1 Petrus 3:11 sê: “... soek vrede en jaag dit na.” Net so heiligmaking ook. Ons kan net in Christus Jesus heilig wees. Lees 1 Kor. 1:30. Hoe meer ons aan Christus gelykvormig word, hoe heiliger sal ons lewe. Jesus wil dit vir ons doen, ons heilig maak. Heb. 10:9 sê: “Kyk Ek kom ... om U wil te doen.” Heb 10:10 sê: “Deur hierdie wil is ons geheilig.” Heiligmaking is die ingaan en doen van God se wil. Heb. 12:10: “Hy tug ons sodat ons in Sy heiligheid mag deel.” God wil ons van ons eie wil losmaak en ons leer om ons oë op Jesus te hou soos Heb. 12:2 sê. Baie mense dink regverdigmaking is deur geloof en heiligmaking deur werke. Dit is nie so nie. Regverdigmaking en heiligmaking is albei deur geloof. - 079 5168303 Voorkeur word gegee aan kort briewe oor plaaslike aangeleenthede. Die redakteur behou die reg voor om briewe te verkort. / Preference is given to short, factual letter concerning local matters. The editor reserves the right to shorten letters.

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22 7 September 2012 Die wenners van die gelukkige trekkings was, van links na regs, Karabo Malesa, Ashley Akeroyd en Maanda Masibigiri. Foto verskaf.


Louwtjies wys “Survivor” wenners aan Hoërskool Eric Louw in Musina het op 31 Augustus die wenners in die onderskeie afdelings van hul jaarlikse “Survivor” geldinsamelingsprojek aangewys. Die klas wat die baan die vinnigste kon voltooi was Graad 11L, Graad 10L was tweede en Graad 8E derde. Vir hul moeite wen die Graad 11 L’s elkeen ‘n hamburger en melkskommel, geborg deur Buffalo Ridge Spur, terwyl die Graad 10 L’s elkeen ‘n geskenkpakkie van Messina Apteek huis toe neem en die Graad 8 E’s elkeen ‘n

sjokolade wen. Die klas wat die meeste geld ingesamel het was die Graad 9E’s, wat ‘n dag by Tshipise wen. Tweede was die Graad 10L’s, wat elkeen ‘n melkskommel by die Spur kan gaan drink, en derde was die Graad 8E’s, met elke leerling wat ‘n ysie en pakkie tjips wen. Die eersteprys in die gelukkige trekking word gewen deur Maanda Masibigiri (naweek by Tshipise), met Ashley Akeroyd tweede (naweek by Dongola Ranch) en Karabo Malesa derde (slagskaap geborg deur Dollie

Nel). Die onderwysers van die wenklasse is ook beloon, naamlik mev. Otto (Schooters Pizza en koeldrank), mev. Weideman en mej. Coetzee (R50 koopbewys van Bakgat Biltong) en mev. Fourie (skoonheidsprodukte van Eden Beauty Salon), asook skoolhoof mev. Mostert (koopbewys vir twee eksklusiewe tuinpotte, geborg deur Makrios) ter waardering vir al haar kosbare insette en motivering. Die skool het al hul borge bedank, asook die gemeenskap wat die projek ondersteun het.

Drie jukskeispelers van Laerskool Louis Trichardt was deel van ‘n gemengde O/13-span wat op 24 Augustus aan die Limpopo skole jukskeikompetisie in Polokwane deelgeneem het. Die span het vierde in die provinsie geëindig. Hulle het ook op 25 Augustus aan die keuring vir die Limpopospan deelgeneem. Van links na regs is Pieter Cronjé, Wian Weideman en Lara Venter. Lara is gekies vir die O/13A-jukskeispan wat op 13 Oktober aan die Bondedag in Pretoria sal deelneem.


Triegies se O/19-meisies wen oortuigend Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se O/19-meisies krieketspan behaal ‘n wegholoorwinning oor Hoërskool Merensky. Die twee spanne het op 1 September kragte gemeet op Merensky se velde met Triegies wat met nege paaltjies wen. Merensky wen die loot en besluit om eerste te kolf, maar behaal net 66 lopies voordat hulle in die 19de boulbeurt uitgeboul word. Triegies se beste bouler was Richelle Lambert wat vier paaltjies plattrek vir die verlies van agt lopies in


drie boulbeurte. Richelle word ook aangewys as speler van die wedstryd. Sy word goed ondersteun deur Amorien Venter en Talita Kloppers wat elk twee paaltjies neem. Triegies se krieketmeisies teken op hulle beurt die wenlopies in slegs nege nege boulbeurte aan vir die verlies van net een paaltjie. Die span se beste kolwers was Lindsay Viljoen (25) en Jessica McMurtrie (15). “Baie geluk Triegies met julle spangees, entoesiasme en skitterende veldwerk, al was dit ‘n baie warm dag. Dankie ook aan al ons ondersteuners,” sê afrigter Elsa Kriek



Eerstes wen Tommies met twee paaltjies Die eerste seuns krieketspan van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt wen hul wedstryd teen Tom Naudé met twee paaltjies. Tydens dié wedstryd op 25 Augustus op die Triegies se tuisveld, verloor hulle die loot en boul eerste. Tom Naudé teken 164 lopies in 42 boulbeurte aan vir

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24 Rissik Street Tel: (015) 516-5171


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Hierdie atlete van die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Makhado (Louis Trichardt) het tydens die streek se landloopbyeenkoms in Modimole twee weke gelede uitstekend gevaar. Voor is Anika Badenhorst (1ste, O/7). Agter, van links na regs, is Ruda Schoeman (2de, O/11), Leon du Plessis (2de, O/14) en Jani Badenhorst (1ste, O/10). Foto verskaf.

die verlies van 10 paaltjies. Die Triegie-boulers wat uitgeblink het, was Kofi Apea-Adu, wat vier paaltjies in 10 boulbeurte plattrek vir die verlies van 30 lopies en Rameez Jamadar, wat drie paaltjies in sewe beurte vir 36 lopies neem. Louis Trichardt teken daarna 166 lopies aan in 45 beurte vir die verlies van 8 paaltjies. Die

kolwers wat uitgeblink het, was Khuliso Mutshembele (36 n.u.n.), Kofi Apea-Adu met (28 n.u.n.) en Ndodzo Mawela (19). Die span en hulle kaptein, Barend Janse van Rensburg, asook hul afrigters, Theo Muller en Carel Minnie, bedank die ouers en gemeenskap vir hulle ondersteuning.

Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se Richelle Lambert word aangewys as Speler van die Wedstryd.

Tel: • 015 516 1207 • 079 206 7868 124 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt

Snappy Chef


SPAAR 50% OP ELEKTRISITEIT EN KOOK 64% VINNIGER Vir meer inligting oor al Snappy Chef se fantastiese produkte, skakel: 082 962 8006 / 015 516 1446

Ayerton du Rand (links) en Nick Grobler (regs) het voorverlede Saterdag tydens die jaarlikse Makoppa Tweekamp by Schoemansdal buite Makhado (Louis Trichardt) as algehele wenners van die spankompetisie in die 4km draf, 40km fietsry en weer 4km draf uit die stryd getree. Foto verskaf.

The Grade 4’s of Ridgeway Independent School outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt) celebrated the school’s cultural diversity on 28 August and dressed in their various cultural and religious costumes. Photo supplied.


7 September 2012 23

Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

Depressie is wel ‘n mediese probleem Depressie is ‘n nie ‘n toestand om oor skaam te voel nie. “Hoekom is mense met diabetes nie skaam daaroor nie? Depressie is ‘n mediese toestand waar daar ‘n gebrek aan oor­drag­ stowwe in die brein voorkom. Dit is nie aansittery nie, dit is ‘n werklike mediese probleem,” sê dr. Cathryn Maritz, ‘n psigiater en bekende van die omgewing. Maritz was een van die spre­ kers by die stigtingsvergadering van die depressie ondersteuningsgroep op 13 Augustus in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Sy het genoem dat depressie die nommer een oorsaak van ongeskiktheid vir werk is, terwyl dit voorheen aansteeklike siektes en motorongelukke was. Maritz het ‘n erge depressie beskryf as ‘n gemoedstoestand gekenmerk deur ‘n neerslagtige en/of ‘n geïrriteerde gemoed

wat minstens twee weke aanhou en nog ten minste vyf kenmerke insluit, waaronder lus-vir-niks (anhedonie), energieverlies, konsentrasieverlies, en verandering in eetlus en slaappatroon. “Enige chroniese mediese toestand kan tot depressie lei en dan is daar omgewingsfaktore, genetiese faktore en stressore , soos die verlies van ‘n lewensmaat of ‘n kind. Jy kan nie vir iemand sê ‘ruk jou reg’ nie. Neem dit ook baie ernstig op as ‘n depressielyer sê dat hy homself om die lewe gaan bring,” het Maritz gesê. Wat medikasie vir depressie betref, het dr. Maritz gesê dat wat vir een persoon goed is, nie noodwendig vir ‘n ander persoon goed werk nie. Dit neem sewe tot 14 dae voordat medikasie ‘n effek toon. “By chroniese depressie is

daar soms meer as een soort medikasie nodig. Jy moet vir ses maande nadat jy beter voel, nog steeds behandel word. Indien ‘n erge depressie met psigose en selfmoordneigings gepaard gaan, moet die persoon verkieslik lewenslank behandel word,” het Maritz gesê. Die groep van meer as 20 mense het vrae gevra en Maritz kon baie onsekerhede uit die weg ruim. Lede van die groep het ook baie bydraes gelewer. “Ken die siekte; kry soveel inligting as moontlik, want niemand gaan na ‘n oorlog toe sonder kennis van sy vyand nie,” het me. Suzette Reid gesê. Tydens die groepsessie het die behoefte vir ondersteuning van die familie en vriende van ‘n depressielyer sterk na vore gekom. Die volgende vergadering is op 10 September. Vir navrae, skakel 082 358 1738 of 072 262 8646.

Kleuters van die Aralita Versorgingsoord net buite Makhado (Louis Trichardt) het verlede Vrydag die koms van lente gevier deur ´n piekniek te hou. Daar is in styl afgesit bosveld toe, waar daar feesgevier is onder die doringbome.

Vir die jongklomp was daar heelwat “sports” tydens die NG Kerk Soutpansberg se jaarlikse Lentefees die afgelope naweek. Die verfbalbaan het veral baie aftrek geniet. Hier is die gemeente se ds. Rudolph Botha besig om vir die jongspan die reëls te verduidelik, voordat hulle op mekaar losgebrand het.

Die O/16-meisies krieketspan van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt is die wenners van die liga. Saam met die span verskyn hul afrigters, me. Cronnie Cronjé (links) en me. Jenny de Klerk. Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

Triegies bly onoorwonne in O/16-liga Die O/16-meisies krieketspan van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt is weer die wenners van die liga. Hierdie wisseltrofee behoort al amper aan die skool, aangesien hulle sedert die ontstaan van die liga in 2007 nog elke jaar die beker inpalm. Die finaal is op 1 September teen Hoërskool Merensky op Capricorn se velde in Polo­ kwane gespeel. Vroeër in die seisoen het die Triegies twee keer teen Meren-

sky te staan gekom, waarvan hulle een wedstryd met ses lopies verloor het en die tweede een met vyf paaltjies gewen het. In die finaal het die Triegies met ses paaltjies gewen. “Dit was ‘n 35-beurt wedstryd. Hulle het die loot gewen en ons ingestuur om veldwerk te doen. In die 12de beurt het ons hulle almal uitgehaal vir 39 lopies. Die kinders het so mooi geboul!” sê afrigter Cronnie Cronjé. Triegies het gaan kolf en in

Die afrigters en span bedank mnr. Naas Pohl vir sy hulp met die afrigting, asook vir al die ouers en ondersteuners.


Agt paaltjie-wen teen Tom Naudé Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se O/15 seuns­ krieketspan klop Tom Naudé oortuigend met agt paaltjies. Die O/15’s het op 25 Augustus op hul tuisveld teen Tom Naudé te staan gekom. Triegies wen die loot en stuur Tom Naude in om te kolf. Hulle haal die Tommies uit vir 83 lopies in 19 boulbeurte. Louis Trichardt se boulers wat goed gevaar het met die bal was Pieter Guillaume, met die uitstekende boulsyfer van drie paaltjies vir vier lopies, Philip Apea-Adu (twee paaltjies vir 19 lopies), AC Geldenhuys (twee vir 20) en MJ Botha (twee vir 22). Triegies teken 87 lopies aan in 10.2 boulbeurte vir die verlies van slegs twee paaltjies. Die beste kolwers van Triegies was Juan Phillips met 40 lo­pies (n. u. n.) en AC Geldenhuys met 29 lopies. Die span het groot waardering vir mnr. Gert van der Westhuizen van Madi Gra Water vir die koeldrank, water en ys wat hy geskenk het.

TJ van Eeden van die CVO Skool Zout­­­­pans­b erg is tydens die BCVO se streekskrieketbyeenkoms in Mokopane gekies as lid van die Limpopo streek se O/19-krieketspan wat die komende skoolvakansie aan die BCVO se landswye krieketbyeenkoms in Pretoria gaan deel­ neem. Wat sy prestasie so besonders maak, is dat hy nou eers O/14 is. Foto verskaf.

Soutpansberg Gholfklub


The 19th hole Fixtures/Bepalings Opkomende Kompetisie

Die Graad 4’s van Tshikondeni Laerskool het tegnologie take gemaak om vervoermiddels uit te beeld met behulp van plastiekbottels. Van links na regs is Sithari Murangi, Masikhwa Murangi, Charlene Köhne en (agter) Sebastian Boshoff. Foto verskaf.

die elfde beurt die wenlopies behaal met ses paaltjies staande. Die span bestaan uit jong spelers waarvan die meeste in Graad 8 is, met net vier Graad 10’s saam met hulle. Die beste bouler was Geraldine van der Berg (Graad 10) en die beste kolwer Jonandi Aucamp (Graad 9).

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24 7 September 2012

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Some of the Limpopo Crusaders Polocrosse Club’s players recently participated in the 2012 inter-provincial championships held at Bethal. Representing Mpumalanga were Anel Davel (U/16), Francois Koekemoer (U/14) and Bertus Koekemoer (vets). Barend Davel preferred orange and proudly represented the Free State in their men’s B team. Barend’s team won their division. At another tournament held the past weekend in Walkerville, Barend and Anel were thrilled to come up tops once more when Barend’s team won the B division and Anel’s team won the C division. From left to right are Anel and Barend. Photo supplied.

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Bo: ‘n Groot kontingent van 23 lede van die P&L Fietsryklub in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) het die afgelope naweek deelgeneem aan die jaarlikse Len te trap in Polokwane. Klublid CP van Wyk (regs) het hom weereens goed van sy taak gekwyt deur algeheel tweede te eindig in die 90km padfietswedren, terwyl spanmaat Christiaan Roos (links) die eersteplek inpalm in die 40km bergfietswedren. Nog ‘n spanmaat, Nic Grobler, wen op sy beurt die 20km bergfietswedren. Foto verskaf.


A future Protea? Ayerton du Randt, die nuutste lid van die P&L Fietsryklub in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), het die afgelope naweek die klub se naam hoog gehou deur algeheel derde te eindig in die 40km bergfietswedren van die jaarlikse Lentetrap in Polokwane. Foto verskaf.

Werda Toyota

Young Khaif Patel from Eltivillas Primary scored an impressive 105 not out in a cricket match against Louis Trichardt Primary on Tuesday. What makes this innings remarkable is the fact that young Khaif only recently turned nine and he was playing in a team consisting of older players, some of whom are 12 and 13 years old. To top off a fine afternoon, young Khaif also took six wickets when he was brought on to bowl.

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