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2 November 2012 Year 23 Vol: 10

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“We have every right to bury him ...”

Wives fight over husband’s body By Elmon Tshikhudo The SABC 2 soapie Muvhango came to life at Tshitomboni outside Thohoyandou. At the centre of the tale is a man whose body has been lying in a mortuary for the past three weeks. His two former wives and his current wife, who was living with him at the time of his death, are in a tug-of-war over who is to bury him. Mr Phineas Mudzunga (53), who worked for the Limpopo Department of Roads and Transport, died three weeks ago and was supposed to have been buried a weekend after his death. At the time of his death, he was staying with Vho Makhadzi Vho Johanna Mpondi. After his death, Mpondi started with funeral arrangements, but the funeral was stopped a day before the ceremony by the two other wives, who claimed that they were entitled to bury him as his only lawful wives. An empty grave with a tombstone at a nearby gravesite is the only reminder of the funeral that was halted. Last Wednesday, the first two wives, who had vowed that Mpondi would not bury him, started with preparations to bury Mudzunga. A new grave was

dug as they said they could not use did the same, but family members told the one prepared by the new wife. The me that I had to see what to do to bury providing of food and other preparahim,” tions had reached the final stages when, late on Friday, Mpondi also sought the help of the courts to stop them from burying the man she loved. The matter was also referred to the local traditional leader, Chief Zwidofhelangani Mmbubana, who tried to solve the matter in an amicable way, but with no success. It is alleged that Mudzunga and Mpondi had been staying together as husband and wife for the past 16 years. “My husband fell sick a month-and-a-half ago and I thought he would pull through, but he passed away. Before he died we agreed that if he died first, I should be the one to bury him and if I were to die first, he promised to bury me,” Mpondi said. “I will stick to this promise and I am prepared to fight tooth and nail to have the right to fulfil his death wish. If needs be, I am prepared to go to the highest courts to bury him,” she added. She said when he fell ill, she notified his family, who told her to her face that they did not have anything to do with it. “Even when he died, I

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said Mpondi. She said she started with preparations for the funeral and everything went well until Friday, when they were served with papers stopping



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the funeral. - Continues on page 3

The grave that Vho Makhadzi Mpondi prepared to bury her husband is still open after she was stopped from burying him.

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The late Mr Phineas Mudzunga, who has been lying at the local mortuary for three weeks, while his wives fight over his body.

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2 2 November 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Another contender to the Vhavenda throne?

Mr John Sadiki, chairperson of the community policing forum, Const Arthur Marindi and a heartbroken Mrs Annah Mufamadi (back) photographed at the site of the stolen tombstone. By Kaizer Nengovhela

Prince Ludere’s tombstone stolen The community around Sinthumule and the family of the late Prince Ludere are still in shock after part of the tombstone on his grave in the Madombidzha graveyard was removed on Saturday. Visitors to the graveyard found on Sunday morning that part of the expensive tombstone had been stolen and two stones adjacent to Ludere’s grave had been vandalized. Mrs Annah Mufamadi, Ludere’s mother, was heartbroken when she saw the damage to her son’s grave. “We spent a lot of money to erect the tombstone, because we want

our beloved son to rest in peace. I want the police to bring the culprits to book, because many villagers use their last money to erect these tombstones,” said Mufamadi. She appeals to anyone who may have information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators to contact the police or the headman. Tshilwavhusiku police station commissioner Col Freddy Shirinda confirmed that they had opened a case of theft and said the investigation was continuing. He appealed to community members to come forward with informa-

tion that can lead to the arrest of the suspects. According to a statement by the police, thugs have lately been targeting the most expensive tombstones in the graveyard. The motive behind the damaging of the tombstones is still unknown to the police. The chairperson of the Tshilwavhusiku community policing forum, Mr John Sadiki, said that people who were doing “these barbaric deeds came from the community” and he appealed to villagers to report any crime or wrongdoing to the police.

The Vhavenda kingship, which the court ruling and says that, as the first successor to recently declared as belonging to the Mphephu the late King Dimbanyika, she is entitled to the Ramabulana house, hit another snag when throne. a family member indicated an intention to Reacting to the new development, Mr Jackoppose King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana’s son Mafunzwaini, special advisor to King Toni inauguration as king. Mphephu, said her claim was baseless. “Her Princess Masindi Clementine Mphephu Ra- father never ascended the Vhavenda throne. It mabulana has instructed her lawyers to file an seems she is not sure of what she is talking about. opposing motion with the intention to oppose the She must know that King Toni Mphephu was not inauguration of Toni Peter Ramabulana as the appointed by the Mphephu family, but by the new Venda King. broader Vhavenda family, comprised of many The 21-year-old IT student in Pretoria also in- senior traditional leaders,” said Mafunzwaini. tends to bring an application to review Pres Jacob He added that Clementine’s father had been Zuma’s decision to recognise Toni Ramabulana as chief of the Mphephu tribe and not king of the the Venda King in terms of the Traditional Leader- Vhavenda traditional community. “She has to ship and Governance Framework Act, as well as consult her family, who will tell her the truth. the General Notice that appeared in the Govern- We are saying no to her ambitions to be queen of ment Gazette, No 35705 of 21 September 2012. the Vhavenda; her claim is baseless and without In the papers filed, she says that “Prince Toni truth,” he added. Mphephu served as ndumi to the late King DimMafunzwaini said they were suspicious that banyika and was only appointed as regent as a certain elements within the Venda traditional temporary arrangement,” because she was still leaders were “hell- bent on dividing the Mphephu young. “I am the rightful heir to the Vhavenda family. They must just stop it before they are kingship. Toni was only acting as a regent and I caught with their pants down,” said Mafunzwaini. am going to fight tooth and nail to reclaim my position,” said Ramabulana. She said she was very confident that she would win the case. “Our family knows who the rightful heir is. I think the truth will soon prevail and I will take my rightful place. I am queen of the Vhavenda people. I am old enough to take my place now. Toni was just a temporary arrangement,” she said. In the papers, Ramabulana quotes the Shilubana /Nwamitwa Princess Clementine Ramabulana. By Silas Nduvheni

“Implement programmes for ex-offenders”

The Grade 12 pupils of Sinugani High, photographed at their matric farewell two weeks ago.

The commissioner of Correctional Services for Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West Region, Commissioner Alfred Tsetsane, has urged for a partnership between correctional officials and institutions for higher learning for the implementation of empowerment programmes and to develop alternative solutions for the rehabilitation of offenders. Tsetsane opened a regional consultative conference on the rehabilitation of offenders at the University of Venda on Monday. More than 300 delegates

from civil societies, community leaders and representatives from Univen and the Turfloop campus of the University of Limpopo attended the conference. Tsetsane said community organisations could present rehabilitation and spiritual-care programmes and offer training programmes to offenders. “One of the biggest problems facing an ex-offender is the stigma associated with having been an offender. The fact is that if they are not accepted back into society and provided with opportunities to

participate in the economy and community life, chances are good that they may revert back to crime,” added Tsetsane. He also told the gathering that every rehabilitated offender deserved a second chance. During the conference, presentations were also made on education, development studies, public health, and psychology. “We want input from academics and communities on how best we can change the lives of offenders for the better as soon as they are released from prison,” he added.


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The commissioner for Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West, Alfred Tsetsane, is greeted by former commissioner Chief Watson Tshivhase. The photo was taken during the consultative conference about the rehabilitation of offenders.


2 November 2012 3

Main story

Women fight over body of deceased graveyard where they were busy preparing a new grave, Mmbangiseni blamed the new wife for the death of his father. "If we had known earlier, we would have done something as a family to save his life, but now he is gone because of her," he said. He said he had hope that justice would prevail and they would have the chance to bury their father. "We have every right to bury him and no one will stop us from doing that. We are his children and we will not allow strangers to bury our father. What this woman is doing is an insult to our father. His soul will not rest in peace," he said. Mirror saw the new grave being prepared next to the one prepared by the new wife. Chief Mmbubana said he had called the two families together but nothing positive came out of the meeting. "I am very disap-

pointed that the issue went this far. They should have reasoned together and found an amicable solution that would be a better option for the two families and for the sake of the dead man, but they opted for the courts instead.” A resident in the village, who preferred anonymity, said she was shocked by the incident. "We always saw similar things in the soapies on TV and we never thought it could happen in real life. What is happening is disturbing, a shock and a disgrace. Just imagine people fighting about a dead person. Why don’t they just sit down, the three of them, and think of a better way to lay the husband to rest," she said. At the time of going to press, the dead man has not been buried and the two families were still waiting for the outcome of the court's deliberations.


(continues from p1) "I wanted to know who was behind the stoppage, only to be told that it was the former wives. This surprised me, as these people did not care for him. I stayed with this man for 16 years as husband and wife, and I am shocked to learn of people who want to bury him after so many years," she said. Mpondi said she had lost a great deal in preparing the grave, for which a gravestone was erected and food prepared for the mourners. She said even the colleagues of the deceased, who came all the way from as far as Tzaneen, where he once worked, left very disappointed after the funeral was stopped. The deceased’s second-born son, Mmbangiseni Mudzunga, is adamant they will finally have the chance to bury their late father. In an interview at the local


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Tshifhiwa Muntsu, photographed at LaNdou guest house, during the matric dance of Centauri Combined School last Friday.

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A new grave is being prepared by the children of the deceased. They, too, were stopped by the courts from burying their father.

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By Mashudu Netsianda

Alleged cigarette smuggler in custody A 43-year-old Malawian truck driver and a Beit Bridge resident were arrested for attempting to smuggle 262 boxes of cigarettes, to the value of R262 000, into South Africa through the Beit Bridge Border Post. The cigarettes were concealed under a batch of tea, which was coming from Blantyre in Malawi and destined for Johannesburg in Gauteng. Assistant police inspector Christopher Ngwenya

said the suspects, Frank Austin Chisamba, a Malawian truck driver, and Tinashe Muzondo (35) of Dulibadzimu in Beit Bridge, were arrested last Friday evening, following the interception of their truck at Beit Bridge Border Post. “As part of customs formalities, the suspects only declared the consignment of tea to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). However, our detectives at the border post had received

information about cigarettes. The vehicle was taken to the scanners, leading to the discovery of the hidden consignment." Ngwenya said the two men are currently in police custody as investigations continue. The latest arrests come barely a fortnight after ZIMRA officials at Beit Bridge Border Post also intercepted three haulage trucks loaded with consignments of stolen copper worth about R70 000, which were being smuggling into South Africa.

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4 2 November 2012 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Awards for local community builders A group of residents from the Sinthumule/Kutama area received awards for their efforts to develop the community on Saturday evening. The Mawestern Project Infinite awards ceremony was held at the Zamenkomste African Rebirth Church. The receivers of the awards were people who have excelled in different spheres of life. They include a former member of parliament, Ms Elder Lishivha. The recipients were awarded in the fields of politics, administration, traditional leadership, religion, media, music, sports, educa-

tion, business and community building. The chairperson of the project, Mr Michael Mutshinya, said his organisation was development orientated. “We feel we should do something to motivate the heroes and heroines of this country,” he added. He mentioned that they were touched when some countrymen and women “worked tirelessly in trying to improve the fortunes of our people”. He added that the main reason for rewarding community builders was to encourage them to keep on developing the country.

He told the guests that it was no use to honour people who had passed away. The former mayor of Greater Louis Trichardt TLC, Mr Norman Mabila, commended the recipients for achieving great things in life. “We are all destined for great things and we will never become great unless we help our community members to achieve their goals.” One of the recipients, Mr Madidimalo Kutama, who is a teacher by profession and a writer of radio dramas, said the youth had potential that should be unleashed.

Phionah Mulaudzi and Pfano Rabambi were Sidze Rambau and Mudanalo Mathada were a beautiful couple at the matric farewell of partners at Centauri Combined School´s matric Centauri Combined School held at LaNdou dance last Friday. guest house last Friday. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Rape-accused applies for DNA re-test

Recipients pose for a photo after the event.

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A 32-year-old local business wherein it is stated that a re-test On the night of 2 April 2011, a man, Helton Mabasa, appeared should be done. “I see that this is 20-year-old woman was on her in the Hlanganani Regional an issue of transparency (more) way home too, when Mabasa Court held in Waterval on two than anything else,” said Mr allegedly grabbed her and orcharges of rape last Wednesday Mthombeni. dered her to go with him into a (24 October). Mabasa stands accused of seemingly deserted house. He is Mabasa’s case was postponed raping a 13-year-old girl at knife- alleged to have raped her in one to 27 February 2013, after the point on 1 January 2010. The of the rooms. accused had alleged that there victim was on her way home. The accused is out on bail. might have been foul play when the DNA tests were handled some months ago. The accused, through his lawyer, applied for a re-test which would be handled by an accredited institution other than the South African Police Services’ forensic science laboratory in Pretoria. The defence lawyer stated that they believed that some people might have tampered with the first DNA samples extracted from the accused. He emphasised that the re-testing request had nothing to do with the complainants. He further said that the accused would supply samples voluntarily and pay for all the expenses for the re-testing. Magistrate NC Mobbed by the smartly dressed boys choir is teacher Joyce Mthombeni ruled in the Mukhuwana. The photo was taken during the Grade 12 farewell accused’s favour when function of Thohoyandou Technical High School, held at the school he issued a court order, last week.

Kenneth Mudau(SK) Samantha Hlayisi Oscar Mudau Nonhlanhla Hadebe Mukondeleli Muthambi Tshitetete Fhatuwani Rapson Rambuwani Kenneth Mudau(SK) Heavy-T Humbelani Netshandama Godfrey Mavhasa Justice Masekani Phaila Chauke

The top three Grade 12 pupils of Thohoyandou Technical High School received awards during a farewell function held at the school last week. They are Khuliso Nevhorwa (second from left),who received a gold medal and trophy, Wendy Munyai (centre), who received a trophy and silver medal, and Ronewa Singo, who went home with a trophy and bronze medal.They also received certificates for their efforts. Also in the photo are Deputy Principal Rendani Singo (left) and Principal Peter Thovhakale (right).


2 November 2012 5

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6 2 November 2012

Galen Gering, Arianne Zucker and Drake Hogestyn of the international soapie Days of our Lives visited the country during the past week. In our photo, they were photographed with Livhuwani Mukhesi of Tshavhalovhedzi and Mushoni Sinugo of Madombidzha tied the knot the cast from Isidingo at the SABC in Auckland Park on Monday. ©Chris Ricco/BackpagePix. during a traditional wedding at Madombidzha on Saturday.

Pastor Caroline Nukeri (left) of the Mashamba congregation of the Emmanuel Assemblies Church receives the key of a new vehicle. It was donated to her by members of the church on This youth cultural group entertained the guests during the farewell of Nwaxinyamani Sunday. In our photograph are Pastor Nukeri (left) and church member Livhuwani Mashamba. Presidential School´s three teachers last Thursday, 24 October.


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2 November 2012 7

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8 2 November 2012

Tshimbupfe Secondary held their matric dance at Bubha Game Lodge a fortnight ago. They seemed to enjoy swimming in the lodge´s expansive pools as some drizzle fell in the evening.


Vutoni Mabunda and Jabulani Ntemi were among Tshimbupfe Secondary School´s 2012 Tshimbupfe Secondary held their matric dance matrics who attended their matric farewell at a fortnight ago. In the photo are Joyce Mbedzi Bubha Game Lodge on 12 October. and Gudani Ramanyimi. Social Welfare

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“I could not only rely on the government’s disability grant, but I told myself that I wanted to be an ambassador for the disabled. I wanted to show everyone that even disabled people can make a positive economic contribution and make a change in the communities in which they live. “The government has given us enough opportunities to compete with every community member. The disabled must stop looking down upon themselves and wake up to build their future.” These were the memorable words of Avhahumi Masindi (43), a well-known activist for disabled people after she received a special award from Livhone FET College during the weekend. Cnr/o Burger & Rissik Street, The event was held at Louis Trichardt Ngulumbi village, near Sibasa. Tel: 015 516 0284/5/6 Masindi was honoured for being the champion of disabled people by displaying that it is possible to achieve success, despite being disabled. This is her tenth award so far. Despite growing up in a very poor family, Masindi persevered and went to school. Today, she is a respected emerging businesswoman in the Thulamela municipal area. She owns Mvudi Valley Trading, a company that specialises in supply and catering. She also holds a diploma in computer and call-centre studies. Her company employs nine people on a parttime basis. Instead of waiting to be allocated an RDP house by the government, Avhahumi worked hard and built herself an eight-roomed, fully furnished house at Sokotenda village, outside Sibasa. Despite all the odds, Avhahumi refused to be THE WAY TOYOTA relegated to the lowest class and stood up to

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prove her critics wrong. She started her primary education at Tshilidzini Special School in the early eighties and matriculated at Phaswana High School in 1993. She could not express her happiness when she received the prestigious award from the director and founder of Livhone FET College, Bishop Dr Mmbangiseni Ratshitanga. “I feel very humbled. Words alone cannot describe my happiness. I feel proud to know that there are people who are watching what I am doing for the community. Thanks a million times.” Avhahumi has a very special message to other disabled members of the community. “I have achieved more than people without any disabilities. This shows that disability can never be a stumbling block to success. It is all in the mind and the only important thing is to believe in yourself. I call upon other disabled people to learn from me and create a precious life for themselves.” Avhahumi’s mother, Ms Vele Masindi (70), was more than happy about her daughter’s award. “I’m very proud of her. She is my angel. I know that God brought her into this world for a reason. I love her so much.”

“The sky is the limit....” So says Avhahumi Masindi, after receiving her tenth award for being an undisputed ambassador for disabled people.


2 November 2012 9

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10 2 November 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Prestigious award for roads department Roads and Transport Limpopo, one of five departments that were placed under the curatorship of the national government earlier this year, scooped up a prestigious award in a national competition. The department introduced the automated number plate recognition system and won the award in the Best Innovative category in law enforcement. The department received the award during a ceremony recently held at Sun City. It was presented by the Road Traffic Management Corporation. All nine provinces and Metro Police Departments, such as Durban, Tshwane, Johannes-

burg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Cape Town, participated in the competition. Mr Joshua Kwapa, spokesperson of the department in Limpopo, said the award had boosted morale in the department. “We are highly motivated by the award and this will add more effort to ensure that our roads are safe and that all road users, motorists and pedestrians arrive alive all the time,” said Kwapa. Limpopo MEC for Roads and Transport Pitsi Moloto commended the good work done by traffic officers and their management for their dedication and tireless effort in ensuring that the roads in this province are safe.

“Traffic officers work under harsh and punishing conditions, but their dedication and selfless efforts continue to make us proud as a province. We encourage them to work even harder in ensuring safer roads in our country,” he said. He said the department would continue to seek innovative new measures to ensure that all road users were safe. “Our approach has always been that one death is one death too many on our roads. As a department, we will do everything in our power to ensure we have safe roads for all our people.” He added that his department had also won an award with their Moria Easter 2012 operational plans.

Several congregations of the Reformed Churches of South Africa held a joint sermon on Sunday in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), as part of the church’s reformation celebrations. Well-known Bible translator and emeritus professor Koos van Rooy held the sermon. In our photo are the ministers, elders and deacons of the different congregations. By Ndivhuwo Musetha

“Water problems will be history soon” The challenge of water shortages in Vhembe will be history soon as the Nandoni project is nearing completion. This was said by the executive mayor of Vhembe, Cllr Tshitereke Matibe, in response to a question during a recent visit to the area. Matibe, Mayor Grace Mahosi, the mayor of Thulamela, and other senior officials others visited Ha-Tshikonelo outside Thohoyandou as part of the mayor’s programme to interact with the community and to learn about their problems. During his meeting with the community in the tribal office, the community said that there was a serious need for water. Others raised their concerns about the lack of electricity, the bad access roads and long distances they had to walk to clinics and

schools. Matibe said it pained him to see that the community is in dire need of water, while the Nandoni dam was full. “We are trying our best to speed up the process, so that you can get water in your homestead as soon as possible,” he said. Meanwhile, contractors are providing boreholes as a temporary solution to the community, so that they can get water. On the issue of access roads and re-graveling, Matibe said it would be difficult to solve the problem entirely as there were only 11 tractors in Thulamela. These tractors must cater for 40 wards that have more than 400 villages. “However,” Matibe said, “we will try to get more tractors, even though it will take some time.” Chief Alfred Nngwedzeni Mphaphuli, who was hosting the delegation, said he was happy that the community had engaged with the two mayors about their needs. Mphaphuli also urged the community to be patient with their government. “As you have heard, our government is trying its best to deliver. Do not engage in protest marches as you have heard that your leaders are always ready to listen to you,” said Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe (left) and Chief Alfred Mphaphuli. Mphaphuli.

Traffic officers do routine checks on buses destined for work places to transport thousands of workers. By Zwikhodo Netshituni

Three in custody for possession of unlicensed pistol and ammunition The police in Musina arrested four suspects in connection with possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition last Friday. Two suspects, both aged 28, were arrested by the Beit Bridge Task Team of the SAPS, after the police had received information that the two men were walking around the township with a firearm. The men allegedly took members of the task team to the vicinity of the Spirulina company, where they dug out a 9mm pistol, a magazine and one round of ammunition.

According to the police information, the firearm allegedly belonged to the SAPS and was only stolen from a police officer some five months ago. In an unrelated incident, the police raided a 28-year-old suspect’s house and found a 9mm pistol stowed away inside a computer system at Campbell residential area. The man had since confessed that the firearm did not belong to him alone. He is alleged to have named someone who is already in custody for another crime, and the police are investigating the possibility

of linking the said man to this case as well. In another case, a 48-year-old man was arrested after the police had found him in possession of a licensed 9mm Nexico pistol, two police torches and a pair of police binoculars. The spokesperson for the Musina police, Lt Peter Mudau, confirmed all three cases and said that all suspects would appear in court soon. “We thank members of the community for assisting the police with information which led to the arrest of the suspects in these cases,” Mudau said.


2 November 2012 11

By Mashudu Netsianda

Eight years for torching neighbour’s home homestead where he set his neighbour’s bedroom ablaze. A 15-year-old boy was sleeping in the room. The court heard that the boy, who is a nephew of the complainant, managed to escape after he broke the wooden door of the burning hut with an axe. After managing to escape from the gutted hut, the boy managed to spot Gukuta, who was running away. It was further testified that the boy woke up his aunt, who was sleeping in her kitchen hut, who then reported the matter to the police and Gukuta was arrested.

Several community organisations in the Vhembe area attended a summit on how to run their organisations professionally at the Malamulele Boxing Gym last week. It was conducted by the Community Health Development Project, in conjunction with Agapé Chartered Accountants. The convener, Mr Simon Sithole, said the summit came about as a result of research that showed that most NPOs were not meeting their mandate, partly because of a lack of knowledge on how to run their affairs. In our photo are some of the representatives who attended the summit. Also in the photo are representatives of Agapé and the community health project.

By Isabel Venter


Chauke back in court again More charges have been brought against Brighton Chauke, who was one of the Soutpansberg’s most wanted criminals for almost a year. The 30-year-old Chauke appeared in the Louis Trichardt Regional Court on Monday. He was once again charged with, among others, violent armed robberies, after his daring escape from police custody in Musina in October 2010. At the time of his escape, Chauke was awaiting trial for a murder case in Musina, together with his brother, Shorty Chauke. Shorty (42) has since been sentenced to 45 years’ imprisonment on these armed robbery charges. After almost a year on the run, Chauke was rearrested on 7 August 2011 by members of the Waterval SAPS. Since his re-arrest, he has been positively connected to many other violent armed robberies, housebreak-

ings and attempted murders. During Monday’s appearance, Chauke appeared on the three charges that his brother had been convicted of. These charges relate to three robberies in April 2009 at three different businesses in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Of these, one was caught on security camera. In the meantime, an additional nine charges were also brought against Chauke. They include seven counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, one count of murder and one count of housebreaking with the intent to steal. He will face trial on these counts in the Thohoyandou High Court, together with his coaccused, Victor Ndlovu (40) and Douglas Ndou (28). On Monday, Chauke’s case was postponed until 4 and 5 February next year. He will remain in custody until then.





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A disabled gogo, Ms Florah Radzilani, who cannot walk, received a new wheelchair from Pastor Eddy Masakona of the Power Worship Centre in Folovhodwe (left) last Saturday. With them in the photo is Mr Ntshengedzeni Nemudzivhadi. Gogo Radzilani stays in Ha-Rabali Zone 3. Crime

Young woman allegedly raped The police at Tshilwavhusiku are investigating a case of rape after a 20-year-old woman was allegedly raped at Manavhela village in the Kutama area on 21 October. According to the police spokesperson, Const Munyadziwa Marindi, the victim was on her way to Zozo’s Tavern at around 01:00 when she met a man whom she knew very well. It

is alleged that he forced her to go with him. Marindi added that the woman was afraid and complied with his orders after he had threatened to shoot her dead. When they arrived at the suspect’s home and entered his bedroom, he allegedly raped her. “We hope to make an arrest soon,” said Marindi.


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suspended for five years, on condition of good behaviour. The court heard that on 11 September this year, Gukuta had had a misunderstanding with his neighbour, Ms Gladies Zambezi, whom he accused of slaughtering his pigs that had entered her garden. A heated argument between Gukuta and Zambezi ensued, during which the former threatened the latter with unspecified action. The court heard that at around 01:00 the following morning, Gukuta went to the neighbour’s


An enraged man from Manyepa village outside Beit Bridge, who recently went berserk and torched his neighbour’s house, following a misunderstanding over a missing pig which he suspected his neighbour had slaughtered, was sentenced to an effective eight years in jail. Silas Gukuta (26), of Manyepa village, was found guilty on an attempted murder charge and was convicted by local regional magistrate Mr Amos Mbobo on Friday. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail, of which two years were

12 2 November 2012



2 November 2012 13 By Mashudu Netsianda

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Three local stalwart teachers retire

New health and hygiene programme

It was an occasion of great joy and celebration when the Nwaxinyamani Presidential (Primary) School bade farewell to three of their long-serving teachers last Thursday. The event was held at the school’s grounds on a cloudy morning. The members who are leaving the teaching profession on retirement are the school’s principal, Mr Philip Mathye (62), Mrs Tinyiko Manganye (61) and Mr Jackson Chabalala (61). Mathye joined the teaching profession in 1969 as a private teacher at Nyeleti Junior Primary School. In 1979, he started teaching at

Beit Bridge Town Council has unrolled a massive community participatory health and hygiene education programme under its ongoing US$2,65 million World Bank-funded emergency water supply and sanitation project for the border town. Speaking during a stakeholders’ meeting last Friday, the council’s environmental health officer, Mr Pio Muchena, said the World Bank had set aside US$30 000 for the programme, which is mainly aimed at educating residents and travellers on health and hygiene issues affecting the border town. Muchena said the objective of programme was to avert another cholera outbreak. “We have launched a programme on participatory health and hygiene education, which is in line with the solid-wastemanagement component under the World Bankfunded water and sanitation project. “We realised that the community played a big role in matters of hygiene, hence we have decided to rope them in through educational programmes. We want residents to be involved in the monitoring and management of solid waste, hence we intend to conduct training programmes for the local community,” he said. The World Bank project, which was launched last March, is mainly aimed at rehabilitating the existing water and sewerage infrastructure in the border town. It is being funded by the World Bank through the government of Zimbabwe and the State and Peace Building Trust Fund. Muchena said they had so far selected 120 health and hygiene promoters who were expected to participate in a workshop on health and hygiene. The training programme will start on 8 November. “We will also distribute health material such as fliers and pamphlets around the town as well as the border post, targeting travellers,” he said. He added that the local authority had since put nine garbage collection centres at various strategic points to address the issue of solid-waste disposal. He expressed concern, however, over the vandalism of some of the garbage collection points and urged the local community to monitor and safeguard the facilities. Under the programme, each household will have a refuse collection bin.

Nwaxinyamani Presidential and became principal of the school in 1989. He retired on 30 June this year, after 36 years of service and leadership. Mrs Manganye started her teaching career on 1 January 1980 at Nkuzana Primary, and joined Nwaxinyamani in 1982, where she taught until 31 May 2012. In the years she had spent teaching at Nwaxinyamani, Manganye encouraged learners to participate in cultural activities, such as traditional dance, some of which she initiated, and trained the pupils herself. “Love one another in the schools in order to create a

good environment for learning and working,” Mrs Manganye advised the teachers, including those who came as guests from surrounding schools. Mr Chabalala’s career as a teacher had its roots at Nwaxinyamani Presidential, where he joined the school on 1 Junuary 1985. He took retirement on 31 December 2011, after at 26 years of service and loyalty to the Department of Education. “I call on all teachers at this school to teach the pupils how to read and write, so they can be independent in their ideas and thinking,” said Mr Chabalala. “Let God’s peace rule over you.” All three teachers were described as long-serving, dedicated and inspirational staff members who understood well that the practice of transfering knowledge to the pupils required more than academic qualifications. It was emphasised that teachers need to enjoy their work to the extent that they create a good relationship between themselves and their pupils. “We appreciate the work of our retiring three teachers,” acknowledged the new principal, Mrs Mavis Mishiyi. “They led us in humility and showed New principal for the Nwaxinyamani Presidential Mrs Mavis Mishiyi us that we can do more (left) hands a certificate of appreciation to the retiring principal, Mr if we dedicate ourPhilip Mathye. selves in what we do.”

The councillor for ward six, Mr Langton Ndou, expressed concern over the poor hygienic standards at Hlalani Kuhle suburb, where open defecation is rampant. He also called on residents to complement the council’s efforts in its ongoing hygiene and health programme to avoid the recurrence of cholera. The chairperson of the Beit Bridge Residents Association, Mr Lawrence Tshili, said residents were sitting on a health time bomb. He urged the local authority to address the issue of sewerage and water reticulation urgently . Hlalani Kuhle residents rely on bush toilets and public boreholes situated at various strategic points for water. “People staying in areas such as Hlalani Kuhle are at high risk of contracting cholera and other waterborne diseases. We therefore urge the council to give those areas first priority when it comes to servicing them under its sewerage and water reticulation programme,” he said. Stakeholders urged the local authority to consider constructing public toilets and communal septic tanks as well as drill more boreholes in areas without water and sewerage connections.

Mr Liston Murulana has recently been ap­ poin­ted the finance manager of the Musina Municipality.

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14 2 November 2012

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2 November 2012 15

By Mashudu Netsianda

“Revive development projects in region” Limpopo’s premier, Mr Cassel Mathale, has called on South Africa and Zimbabwe to play a leading role in the revival of development projects that were initiated under the TransLimpopo Spatial Development Initiative. Speaking during a meeting between South African and Zimbabwean officials in Gwanda, Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe last week, Mathale said there was a need for the two countries to resuscitate developmental projects that had been lagging behind. He said the development of such projects, spearheaded by the Matabeleland South Province and Limpopo Province, would see Zimbabwe and South Africa growing economically in a move expected ultimately to benefit the African continent as well. “We can grow our economies from provincial to national and national to regional (level) and by so doing, opening up trade

opportunities in the South African Community Development (SADC) region. I believe that if we can work together to implement the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two countries in 2002, we can do better than what we have done so far. We should forget about the borders and continue working together because we are one people,” said Mathale. In 2002, the provincial governors of Matabeleland South, North and the then mayor of Bulawayo signed an MoU with the premier of Limpopo Province to create an economic development corridor from Limpopo to Victoria Falls. After the signing of the MOU, the four principals formed the Joint Provincial Council (JPC) and the Joint Executive Council (JEC), which work hand in hand with various sub-committees from various sectors of the economy. A number of projects were identified under the initiative, which included the setting up of a one-stop border post at Beit Bridge as an anchor project that was to be solely developed and financed by the governments of the two countries. There are also sectorial projects, which are developed and financed by the business community from various sectors of the economy. The chairman of the Trans-Limpopo Spatial Development Premier Cassel Mathale.

Initiative, Mr Obert Sibanda, expressed concern over the lack of progress with the Trans-Limpopo Spatial Development Initiative. “One of the milestones we have achieved is the setting up of the geographical information system (GIS), which was done in both countries. On this side we are trying to come up with a map used for identifying where to find what and where,” he said. Sibanda, who is also the president of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, said that to consolidate relations between the countries, a delegation of people from Zimbabwe actively participated in some of South Africa’s national celebrations every year. He said although the initiative had faced several challenges in the past years, there was determination to see that it yielded positive results to benefit both Zimbabwe and South Africa. “We therefore call upon our principals to whip us because we believe this initiative is the only way that can benefit both provinces. We need to resuscitate the projects as a matter of urgency, so that we can open up markets for both sides as well,” said Sibanda. Some of the twinning arrangements have been successful, such as the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) and the Trade and Investment Limpopo (TIL). ZimTrade and TIL are still negotiating the signing of the MoU. Matabeleland South Provincial Governor Mrs Angeline Masuku commended Limpopo Province for its dedication towards ensuring the developmental projects were revived. She echoed the same sentiments for the need to breathe life into the projects under the initiative. “We appreciate your efforts in trying to make the MoU work, and if we continue working together, we will be able to improve our economies,” she said.

Suspended traffic boss of the Thulamela Municipality Thilivhali Mulaudzi. By Isabel Venter

Traffic boss in court The future of suspended Thulamela traffic boss Thilivhali Muluadzi is still in the balance. The 48-year-old Mulaudzi appeared in the Louis Trichardt Regional Court on Monday. He is charged with 1 640 charges of fraud and contravention of the National Traffic Act. The charges were brought against him after he allegedly issued fraudulent driver’s licences over a one-year period. The spokesperson for the Thulamela Municipality, Mr Moses Tshiila, confirmed Muluadzi’s suspension. He was unable to confirm whether Mulaudzi’s salary had been revoked with his suspension. On Monday, Mulaudzi’s case was postponed until January next year to await a decision from the National Prosecuting Authority’s director of public prosecutions (DPP) on whether to place the case for trial. Mulaudzi’s defence has also requested access to the contents of the docket to enable them to prepare their defence. In the meantime, Mulaudzi, who has been released on R20 000 bail, also asked the court to change his bail conditions, so that he no longer has to report to the Thohoyandou police station on a weekly basis. This is due to the fact, his lawyer told the court, that he regularly has to travel to Johannesburg for family and work responsibilities. The court granted his application and postponed his case until 14 January next year to await the outcome of the DPP’s decision.

A well-known Tshivenda music artist, Tshidino Ndou, says he feels honoured about the PhalaphalaFM Tshivenda Music Awards (Tshima) nomination. He is one of the six artists nominated in the Song of the Year category. He said he was confident that the most listeners would vote for his hit song. “I believe my song, Ni songo nyadza zwine vhanwe vha tenda khazwo, is going to win the award,” Tshidino said. To vote for Tshidino´s song, type “Song of the year E” and send the SMS to 33010. The SMS will cost R1,50. The prestigious ceremony will be staged at the Thohoyandou Town Hall, on Saturday, November 17.

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16 2 November 2012 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Social welfare

Community celebrates work of elders The Musina Municipality acknowledged the role and significance of elderly people and their good work during a colourful event that was held at Skoonplaas Stadium last week. Representing the council of the municipality, Cllr Seyaphi Shirilele said the municipality would like to express gratitude to the elders for all the hard work, dedication and commitment they showed in building the community. She said the elders, across all faiths and religions in society, constitute a battalion of the most stable, mature and wise people. She requested all the community members to take care of the elders. “The elders also constitute the most vulnerable members of our society. These are people who are susceptible to all kinds of abuse, neglect and danger. They are ever at risk of being attacked

and harmed. In most instances, this is done by people who are their closest relatives, friends and family. Lets us treat them well because they made us what we are today.” She also thanked them for playing a role in the acquisition of freedom in this country. “Because of what some of you have done as veterans of our struggle, we are now expanding the delivery of essential services such as quality water, reliable electricity, housing, social grants and pensions. It is important to restate that the quality of society we build will be measured, amongst others, by the way and manner in which it treats its elderly. In a developmental state such as South Africa, there will always be challenges posed to government at all levels to look after the interests of the elderly, the disabled, children and women.” Shirilele said it was also important to note that many

households were headed by pensioners and the elderly. “We also need to find creative ways that will enable senior citizens to remain economically active for longer periods and to continue contributing to society through their accumulated skills, experience and wisdom.” The chairperson of the Senior Citizens Forum in Vhembe, Mr Samuel Gomane Rambani, thanked the municipality for the provision of services to the elderly and for the commitment they showed in assisting the elderly. “Also, a special word of thanks to the many NGOs, civil society organisations and faithbased organisations that share a passion for the elderly and have become valued partners to the municipality on this front.” He thanked the government for making sure that the elderly are guaranteed good health and social benefits of a democratic country.

Three in custody for illegal cigarettes The dog unit team of the Makhado police ar- of illegal cigarettes last Friday (26 October). rested two suspects for being found in possession The suspects, aged 34 and 42, were driving along the N1 road when the police stopped the Isuzu bakkie, which had a load of 21 wooden doors. According to the spokesperson for the Makhado police, Capt Maano Sadiki, the police then realised that something was wrong with the arrangement of doors and opened one door to inspect. They then discovered 1 536 cartons of illegal cigarettes inserted inside the 21 doors. The street value of the confiscated cigarettes was estimated at R198 000. Sadiki added that the police also found at least R29 000 in cash in the suspects’ possession. “We suspect that the suspects had intended to use this huge amount of money to bribe the police, should they be stopped,” he said. In a separate incident, only a moment later, another suspect was arrested after being found in possession of illegal cigarettes. The cartons were found hidden in the rear seat of the Nissan Sentra The police from the Makhado station are (from sedan. All suspects in these two cases will appear in left to right) Const Sivhagi, Const Sadiki and court soon, said Sadiki. W/O Simata.

Cllr Seyaphi Shirilele of the Musina Municipality, photographed with the chairperson of the Senior Citizens Forum in Vhembe, Mr Samuel Gomane Rambani (left), and the chairperson of the Musina Senior Citizens Forum, Mr Jeremiah Negogogo, during the event to honour the elders at Musina. Cartons of cigarettes were found hidden inside the doors. By Mashudu Netsianda

Trucker arrested for smuggling copper

Cllr Seyaphi Shirilele (right) in a dancing mood with some of the senior citizens during the event.

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Police at Beit Bridge smashed another coppersmuggling syndicate when they arrested a 38-year-old Mozambican truck driver, recovering more than 60kg of copper worth R40 000, which was being smuggled into South Africa through Beit Bridge Border Post. The contraband was hidden inside two tyres disguised as spare wheels. The local police spokesperson, A/Insp Christopher Ngwenya, said the suspect, Bento Mujujua

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Muchanja, was arrested on Saturday, following the interception of his truck, a Gauteng-registered Volvo at Beit Bridge Border Post. “Our alert police detectives manning the border area spotted the truck on its arrival at Beit Bridge Border Post. They became suspicious and intercepted the truck before taking it to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) scanners, leading to the discovery of 63.4 kg of copper hidden in two tyres. Muchanja was subsequently arrested,” he said. On completing the customs formalities, the suspect had declared to ZIMRA that the truck was empty. Ngwenya said the suspect would appear in court soon. The latest arrest follow a similar case, in which ZIMRA officials at Beit Bridge Border Post recently intercepted three haulage trucks loaded with consignments of stolen copper, worth about R70 000. The contraband, some which was also hidden in tyres, was being smuggled into South Africa. The cables were stolen from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA). Smuggling cases have been increasing at Beit Bridge Border Post. Last week, a 43-year-old Malawian truck driver and a Beit Bridge clearing agent were arrested for teaming up before attempting to smuggle 262 boxes of cigarettes worth R26 200 into the country. The cigarettes were concealed under a consignment of tea, which was coming from Blantyre in Malawi and destined for Johannesburg. The Malawian trucker, Frank Austin Chisamba of Blantyre, has since been convicted and fined US$1 000 or two months in jail.


2 November 2012 17

Premiership Round-up

Dove Wome of Free State Stars and Enocent Mkhabela of Platinum Stars battle for possession of the ball in their match at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium on Saturday. Platinum Stars destroyed the Free State outfit 4-0. ©Chris Ricco/BackpagePix.

By Frank Mavhungu

Difficult match for Leopards Next Wednesday, November 7, will see Black Leopards host Platinum Stars in their Absa Premiership League match at the Peter Mokaba Stadium. Two former Leopards players, who are now playing for Stars, Edward Tshabalala and Robert Ngambi, will have a point to prove to their former employer. The spirit is high in the Stars camp after crushing Free State Stars 4-0 in their league match at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg last Saturday. Leopards, who played to a 2-2 draw with Moroka Swallows last Saturday, will be without their left back, Thulani Ntshingila. Ntshingila saw red in their Telkom KO match against Orlando Pirates at the same venue two weeks ago. The match will start at 19:30. In the other Absa Premiership League matches that will also be played on Wednesday, Maritzburg

United will host Bloemfontein Celtic at the Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg. United did the unexpected last Friday when they held Kaizer Chiefs to a 1-1 draw. Amazulu will host the University of Pretoria at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban. The Amatuks are one of the league title contenders, and Amazulu will be lucky if they manage to grab a point in the match. Free State Stars will entertain Ajax Cape Town at the Charles Mopedi Stadium in QwaQwa, while Mamelodi Sundowns will have a date with Orlando Pirates at the Loftus Stadium in Pretoria. Three matches will be played next Tuesday evening. Kaizer Chiefs will host Golden Arrows at the Peter Mokaba Stadium, Bidvest Wits will play against Moroka Swallows at the Bidvest Stadium, while Chippa United and Supersport United will meet at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town.

Thulani Ntshingila of Leopards will watch the game from the grand stand after seeing red in their match against Orlando Pirates.


Last opportunity to enter photos for calender Joseph Musonda of Golden Arrows attacks the ball and Petrus Ngebo of Chippa United looks on in their match at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban on Friday. Arrows won the match 2-0. © Sabelo Mngoma/BackpagePix. Left: Teko Modise of Mamelodi Sundowns shoots at goal as Toriq Losper of Ajax Cape Town slides to defend during the Absa Premiership game between Ajax Cape Town and Mamelodi Sundowns at the Cape Town Stadium on Saturday. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. ©Ryan Wilkisky/ BackpagePix. Charlotte Swart took this photo of a yawning lion in the Kruger National Park. Camera: Canon EOS 350D; F-stop: 6.3; Shutter speed: 1/250; ISO: 400; Focal length: 170-500mm.

Right: Joseph Muson da of Golden Arrows and Petrus Ngebo of Chippa United in action during the Absa Premiership 2012/13 match between Golden Arrows and league rookies Chippa Uni ted at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban on Friday. © Sabelo Mngoma/BackpagePix.

By Frank Mavhungu

©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix.

Dynamos and Milano share

Ndumiso Mabena of Orlando Pirates is challenged by Kulegani Madondo of Amazulu during their match at the Orlando Stadium on Saturday. The match ended in a goalless draw.

Dynamos started the new National between United FC and Santos. It was First Division season by sharing played at the Botshabelo Stadium. the glory with Milano United FC, Mpumalanga Black Aces beat Roses when they played to a 1-1 draw United 2-1 at the Puma Rugby Staat the Giyani Stadium on Sunday dium in Witbank. afternoon. Polokwane City had it tough when Although the visitors opened the they suffered a 1-3 defeat at the hands scoring in the 31st minute, Dynamos of Sivutsa Stars at the Kanyamazane did not panic. Stadium in Nelspruit. Blackburn They continued to play like a Rovers lost 0-1 to FC Cape Town at united team and the equaliser came the Philipi Stadium in Cape Town via Thomas Mabitsela on the stroke and Jomo Cosmos lost 0-1 to Vasco of full time. It was the first league da Gama at the Parow Park Stadium match for Dynamos’ head coach, Mr in Cape Town. The match between Joel Masutha, and his assistant, Mr Thanda Royal Zulu and Witbank Moses Muthelo, who was appointed Spurs ended in a 2-1 victory for last week. Thanda. FC AK and African Warriors scored one MURN COMMUNICATIONS goal apiece in their equally contested game at the Eldorado Park Stadium. The visitors from the Free State were the first to find the net in the 18th minute and FC Ri printha certificate zwa graduation zwa creche AK responded within zwinepe zwa u bvela henefho kha the space of two mingraduation na minyanya. utes. For quality work, call 082 957 8493 Another match which We come to you! ended in a 1-1 draw was

Due to its popularity, the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror extended the closing date for entries to their annual calendar photo competition until Friday, 9 November. Numerous entries have already been received, with a couple of really spectacular photos. It was surprising to see how much effort and to what lengths some photographers went to snap that perfect picture this year. This year’s prize money once again totals R6 000, with 12 winning pictures to be chosen for each of the year’s months. Winning entries will be published in an A2-format 2013 calendar, which will be used by the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror for marketing purposes. The calendars will also be sold to the public at a minimal fee. Only high-resolution photos of subjects unique to the Soutpansberg and surrounding areas will be considered for the competition. Wildlife photos are welcome, although the newspaper group would like to see more entries depicting the region’s cultural heritage, its people and landscape. The competition is limited to five entries per photographer, which should preferably be submitted in digital format. Cellphone or postcard-size photos will not be considered for the competition. All entries must clearly indicate who the photographer is, their contact details, where and when the photo was taken and what camera was used. Although technical aspects such as the quality and sharpness of the photo will be taken into account, the photo should, however, only make for a nice picture. Each of the 12 winning photographs will be bought from the photographer at a price of R500 per photo. Entries can be handed in at the office of the Zoutpansberger at 16B Joubert Street, Louis Trichardt or e-mailed to For more information, phone Andries van Zyl at Tel 015 516 4997 or 082 603 2419.



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18 2 November 2012 By Frank Mavhungu

By Frank Mavhungu

Basel and Rospa in thrilling 1-1 draw

1-4 Humiliation for Nobela All Stars

Unlike last season, where they Rikhotso respectively. cross from the right corner. started the season by losing That was the turning point The keeper of United, Mxolisi their first five matches, Rospa of the game as Basel became Ncube, fumbled with the ball United proved all the critics unstoppable soon afterwards. and Walter Ramulondi, who wrong by holding Basel FC to a They were rewarded with a goal was waiting next tot the goal 1-1 in their Promotional Second for their endless efforts. Velile line, gave the ball a final touch Division League match at the Mdaka delivered a brilliant great to bring the final score to 1-1. Malamulele Stadium on Saturday. As underdogs, Rospa United spent the first 20 minutes playing defensive football and relying mostly on the SOUTH AFRICAN CUSTODIAL MANAGEMENT (PTY) LTD counterattacks. After KUTAMA SINTHUMULE CORRECTIONAL CENTRE realising that there was SPARROW ROAD, LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 nothing to fear, United TEL: (015) 519 4500 FAX: (015) 519 4545 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA took the game to their opponents. Their capSouth African Custodial Management, (SACM), a private Maximum Security custodial facility, aims to promote tain, Eddy Mathonsi, Employment Equity when appointing a candidate with suitable skills and experience to the post of: led by example as he continued to distribute INTELLIGENCE MANAGER dangerous passes to the Remuneration package is negotiable. front runners. Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Facility (MAKHADO, Limpopo) The Basel killer Requirements: 5 to 10 years work experience in a correctional facility or similar environment is a prerequisite. Experience striker, Walter “West” in Intelligence or detection and a recognised post matric formal qualification will be an advantage. Ramulondi, could not Essential Criteria: • Proven experience in a security and/or intelligence role, including the analysis, design and evaluation live up to the fans’ exof general and correctional security and intelligence systems, processes and procedures • Highly developed report writing pectations as he was and interpersonal skills • Planning and monitoring skills • Experience in the management of staff involved in a broad range tightly marked. A of activities, including project teams. An exemplary discipline, attendance and employment record is a pre-requisite. heartbreaking scramble Duties: • Use computer technology to collect, record and store all necessary confidential and sensitive intelligence and just outside the penalty security information • Gather and present security information and reports to assist management to plan and manage risks box in the 29th minute proactively and timeously • Monitor all daily external and internal offender transfers and movement • Design and deliver staff training in routine security and emergency procedures • Maintain a record of all security incidents and investigations gave rise to the United to ensure that an optimal level of security is maintained • Compile reports of Investigations and Internal Enquiries for the goal. Hlamulo Simango company in compliance with contractual obligations. • Liaise with the Department of Correctional Services Controller on caught the Basel keep- Ndumeliso Mabulele of Rospa United controls the ball, and Llewellyn behalf of the Company. er, Aluwani Nemak- Makita of Basel is challenging him from behind. Written applications with a comprehensive curriculum vitae and contactable references should be forwarded to: havhani, napping. He The Human Resources Manager, SACM, Private Bag x2006, Louis Trichardt 0920 or email to recruitment@sacms. unleashed a volley from com. Closing date for applications is 16 November 2012. Short-listed candidates may be required to write a compethe edge of the box and tency test as part of the selection process. Nemakhavhani watched For enquiries please contact T. Makamane at 015 519 4500 helplessly as the ball hit “Applicants, who have not been contacted by 30 November 2012, must consider their applications as being unsucthe crossbar before landcessful”. ing inside the net. The referee, Mr Roy Mulaudzi, booked Sphamandla Busakwe of Basel and Ndumeliso Mabulele of United for exchanging swearing at 0 00 0 00000 0 0 5 2 0 1 1 1 R132 R 0 00 other three minutes R3 400 R2R 800 R112 0each R132 0 R105 00 before half time. th th on m on r m pe per Basel were the first to effect some changes to their starting line-up. They introduced Lebogang Sithole and Lucky 2007 Toyota Avanza 1.5SX 26 000km 2003 Toyota Corolla 180i GLE 48 979km 2006 Toyota Corolla 140i A/C 39 350km Mkhari for Kgwaben- Walter Ramulondi of Basel makes a sharp turn with the ball, while A/con, P/steering, E/windows C/Locking & Alarm, FL CD C/Locking & Alarm, FL CD twa Langa and Matimba Hlamulo Simango of Rospa is on his heels. 2007 Toyota Avanza 1.5SX 26 000km 2003 Toyota Corolla 180i GLE 48 979km 2006 Toyota Corolla 140i A/C 39 350km 2011E/windows Toyota Auris01.3X A/con, P/steering, C/Locking & Alarm, FL CD 2008 VW Polo 1.6 Comfortline C/Locking & Alarm, FL CD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 4 R7 NO DEPOSIT, 12% Rate, R8 R6 R159 000, 72 months, R119 000, 72 Months, NO DEPOSIT, 0 0 0 0 41 000km, Free service plan to 90 000km or 4 years 0 0 9 12% 54 000km R79 R8Rate, R64 000 While the other three Vhembe-District-based Safa Second Division teams managed to collect a point in their matches last weekend, the situation was totally different for Nobela All Stars. They could not absorb the pressure from Lephalale Young Killers, to whom they lost 1-4. The match was played at the

Mogol Stadium in Lephalale on Saturday. Nobela All Stars are still to deposit a league point into their league account after losing their first two league matches, but the defending league champions, Baroka FC, continued with their winning spree last weekend. They used their home-ground advantage fruitfully when they

beat Modimolle Aces 2-1 at the Ngoana Mahube Stadium in Sekhukhune. Baroka are leading the pack with nine points. The other results are: Magezi FC 4, Mighty FC 3; Phungo All Stars 1, Ray Pillars 1; Masesetlane All Stars 1, The Dolphins 1; Blue Rocks 3, Winners Park 3; Giyani Hotspurs 4, Baobab Zero Fake 1; Rospa United 1, Basel FC 1.


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2004 V/W Polo Classic 1.6 A/con, P/steering, E/windows

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717 Tel: 015 5340 40745 Faks:015 53

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717 Tel: 015 5340 40745 Faks:015 53

0823062798 Anton Hibbert 0823298559, Jaco Strydom 0836033315. Roets Jaco vd Merwe 0828511097, Lizette

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Tel: 015 534 0717 Fax: 015 534 0745 Terms and conditions apply.

Suitable service providers are invited to tender for Demarcation of Sites at Ha-Masia Tshikwarani Village. are requested to bid as per specification attached to the bid documents that will be obtainable on 6 November 2012 at the Procurement Office No. B043 upon payment of a non-refundable amount of R300,00. A compulsory briefing session will be held on Friday, 9 November 2012 at 09:00 at Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. Completed bid documents signed by a duly authorised person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Tender No. 45 of 2012: Demarcation of Sites at Ha-Masia Tshikwarani Village” must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance to the Civic Centre by not later than 12:00 on Friday, 23 November 2012 when all tenders received will be opened in public in the Executive Committee Chamber, First Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. Submitted tenders will be evaluated on 80/20 score points. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail, or not having the following documents attached for evaluation or not complying with the tender specifications, will not be evaluated and will be disqualified: • Original valid Tax Clearance Certificate • A certified copy of Company Registration Certificate • Certified copy/copies of company owner(s) ID Book(s). • Valid Registration with South Africa Council for Planners (SACPLAN) • BBBEE Certificate (only for preferential points) All technical enquiries can be directed to the Director Development Planning, Ms M D Sinthumule or Mr N G Thanyani at (015) 519 3000, while procurement enquiries should be directed to Mr N A Mathivha or Mr R.L Moswathupa at (015) 519 3044/3171.


Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 144/2012 File No: 8/3/2/1109



2 November 2012 19


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estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publication hereof. Estate No: 1829/2011, Masters Office: Thohoyandou, Surname: Valoyi, Christian Names: Mbhazima Thomas, Date of Birth: 1956-07-06, Identity No: 5607065371087, Last Address: Stand No: 116, Bungeni Village, Date of Death: 2011-0813. Married in community of property, Christian names and surname of surviving spouse: Mabasa Nkhensani Victoria, Date of Birth: 1959-07-29, Identity No: 5907290566083, M.G MABUNDA ATTORNEYS, 1st Floor 93 Old Municipal Building, Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, Tel: 015 516 6620, Fax: 015 516 6606

THULAMELA TOWN PLANNING SCHEME 2010 Notice is hereby given that I, Jacobus Richard Hammond the undersigned, intends to apply to Thulamela Municipality for consent to use Portion 7 of erf 97 Thohoyandou-BA and the existing or proposed buildings thereon for the following purposes: Bookmaker, Totalisator and Limited payout machines. In terms of the Thulamela Town Planning Scheme 2010 the above mentioned land is zoned Business 1. Plans and/or particulars relating to the application will be open for inspection during normal office hours at: 16 Klipkraal Avenue, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS and at the Town planning (SECTION 29) department Thulamela from 26/10/ 2012. The ap- In the estate of the late: plicant can be contacted for RADZILANI LITSHAenquiries on 0721933318. NANI JOSEPH, Identity Any person who desires to Number:5004275129085 lodge his/her objections/ ,who was married in terms comments against the ap- of in community of properplication must do so in ty to RADZILANI TSHIwriting to the Municipal LIDZI GRACE, Identity Manager Thulamela and number: 4603170122086, be submitted to the Town who died on the 9th OcPlanning department as tober 2012, Masters Ref: well as the applicant not 2348/2012. Creditors and later than 28 working days debtors are hereby called from 26/10/2012.Postal upon to submit their claims address of the applicant: and to pay their debts 16 Klipkraal avenue, Rooi- within 30 days from the date of this advertisement. huiskraal, Centurion. THULAMELA TOWN Dated at Mutale on this PLANNING SCHEME, the 26th day of October 2012. Nefale M.I. Attor2010 Vha khou divhadziwa uri neys, Office no: 01 & 02, nne, Jacobus Richard Nefale Complex, Mutale, Hammond,ndi kho ita Tshilamba, P.O. Box 35, khumbelo kha masipala Mutale, 0956, Cell No: wa thulamela ya u wana 078 742 8853/071 178 thendelo ya u shumisa 4624, Ref: NEF/EST/R01 tshipida tsha vhusumbe IN THE NORTH tsha tshitensi tsha nomboro GAUTENG HIGH ya 97 thohoyandou-ba na COURT: PRETOzwifhato zwine zwavha RIA (REPUBLIC OF hone na zwine zwa do SOUTH AFRICA) fhatiwa zwi tshi fhatelwa : Case No: 54565/2011 bookmaker, totalisator and In the matter between: limited payout machines Azwihangwisi Laurence (u itela u gembula).Uya Rambauli (Id Number: ngaha Thulamela town 7003056259085) Appliplanning scheme 2010, cant and Mutshinyani Ella mavu ayo o bulwaho afho Mulaudzi (Id Number: ntha a shumiselwan zwa 7504130793080) Responvhubindudzi vhutukdu. dent vhane vha takalela u vhala NOTICE OF SETnga ha khumbelo iyi na DOWN manwalo a yelanaho nayo, BE PLEASED TO TAKE vha nga a wana kha diresi NOTICE THAT the above i tevheaho:16 Klipkraal matter has been set down Avenue, Rooihuiskraal, for unopposed motion roll Centurion na Kha De- before the above Honourpartment ya planning, able Court on the 30th Thulamela Municipality, day of November 2012 , at U bva nga dzi 26/10/2012 10:00 or so soon thereafter line la vha duvha la u an- as the matter may be heard. dadziwa ha iyi khumbelo. Thus done and Dated Mu iti wa khumbelo iyo at Pretoria on this the vha nga mukwama kha 15th day of October 2012. nomboro i tevhelaho: 072 SIKHITHA DANIELS & 193 3318.Vhane vha vha ASSOCIATES, Attorneys na mbilaelo malugana na for the Applicant, C/O iyi khumbelo vha nwalele (SELOLO TLOU INCORminidzhere wa masipala PORATED), Suite 407, 4th wa thulamela kha depart- Floor Savelkouls Building, ment ya town planning na 256 Paul Kruger Street, kha muiti wa khumbelo Corner Paul Kruger & Preiyi hu saathu fhela madu- torius Streets, Pretoria, vha a fumbili malo (28) 0002, Tel: 012 804 2852, a mushumo ubva nga dzi Fax: 086 618 6514, REF: 26/10/2012. L.SIKHITHA/R0000405 Diresi Ya Muiti Wa Iyi Khumbelo: 16 Klipkraal NOTICE IN RESPECT Avenue, Rooihuiskraal, OF A LICENCE APPLICATION IN TERMS Centurion. OF THE PETROLEUM PRODUCT ACT 1977 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED This notice serves to inform parties that may be interestESTATE All persons having claims ed or affected that Thifheagainst the undermentioned limbilu Ednah Muti, here-

in after referred to as ‘the applicant’ has submitted an application for a SITE licence, application number F/2011/03/16/0002, Stand no 1560 , R524 Dumasi Village, Farm Mphaphuli 278 MT, Thohoyandou, the purpose of this application is for the applicant to be granted a licence to undertake petroleum retail activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum products at: Telephone: 015 287 4727 or Fax: 015 287 4729, Email: kgagodi. Any objections to the issuing of a licence in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objections must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, 101 Dorp Street, Polokwane, 0700. Postal Address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, Private Bag X9467, Polokwane, 0700

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• Should be able to cut and sew • Minimum 2 years experience • Salary negotiable (very attractive) SEND CV & AppLICATIONS TO: The Manager, P.O. Box 649, Thohoyandou, 0950 • Contact: 015 962 2388/9 CLOSINg DATE: 11 NOVEmBER 2012 INTERVIEW: 3 DECEmBER 2012


Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328

THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY HEAD OFFICE: THE ECONOMIC HUB OF VHEMBE REGION AN EQUAL EMPLOYER INVITE APPLICATIONS FROM SUITABLE CANDIDATES ON THE FOLLOWING VACANT POSITION. DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL MANAGER POSITION: MUNICIPAL MANAGER REMUNERATION: NEGOTIABLE EMPLOYMENT TERM: 5 YEARS FIXED TERM CONTRACT (AS PER THE AMENDED MUNICIPAL SYSTEMS ACT) REQUIREMENTS: • NQF level 6 or National Diploma in Public Management or Admin or Bachelor of Laws or certificate in Municipal Financial Management or equivalent qualifications. • A certificate programme in Municipal Development (CPMD) , Municipal Finance Management Programme (ELMDP). • Financial and supply chain management competencies, as prescribed in the regulations and described in these guidelines. • A minimum of 5 years experience at Senior Management level in Local Government environment. • Core managerial and occupational competencies, as described in the municipal performance regulations issued in terms of the Municipal Systems Act. • Proven ability to communicate and negotiate at all levels of government. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: As head of administration and Accounting officer, the Municipal Manager will be responsible for the following: • Developing and implementing the municipality’s performance management system. • Managing the Municipality and administration in accordance with the constitution of the Republic, Local Government, Municipal Finance management Act, Municipal system Act, and other relevant legislations applicable to the municipality. • Managing the provision of services to local communities in the affairs of the municipality. • Developing and maintaining systems to access community satisfaction with Municipal services. • Managing, appointing and maintaining staff discipline. • Ensuring effective and efficient utilization of the municipality’s resources. • Promoting sound labour relations and compliance by the municipality with applicable labour legislation. • Advising office-bearers with regard to the legal implications of the council decisions. • Managing communication between office bearers and employees of the municipality • Administer and oversee the implementation of municipal policies, by-laws and other relevant provincial and national legislations. • Ensuring sound management of all assets, income and expenditure of the municipality. • Discharging liabilities of the municipality in an efficient and effective manner. • Implementing the strategic goals for the Municipality through co-operative and innovative teamwork. • Oversee the management of all equipment and capital resources to ensure accountability by all departments. NB: Fraudulent qualifications or documents will immediately disqualify the candidate. Application letter and comprehensive CV with certified copies of certificates should be forwarded to: The Municipal Manager, Thulamela Municipality, P/Bag x 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950 or be submitted to office no.130 (B) during office hours. Enquiries should be directed to the Office of the Mayor. Tel no. 015 962 7694. For administrative enquiries contact : Senior Manager Corporate Services: Ngobeni T.C. at 015 962 7593. The closing date is 22 November 2012, should you not be contacted within 30 days after the closing date, accept that your application has been unsuccessful. NB: No faxed, e-mailed and late applications will be considered. MAYOR: MAHOSI N.G.

DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 15:00


20 2 November 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Mvelaphanda rewards stakeholders Mvelaphanda Development and Projects, based at Tshisahulu in Thulamela, which has been assisting disadvantaged youths from all over Limpopo by training them in self-sustaining skills for many years, celebrated 23 years of existence in style over the weekend. They held a mammoth ceremony, where more than 400 students received certificates for Some of the stakeholders who received awards for having contributed to the success of obtaining different skills after unMvelaphanda, seen with their prizes. During the ceremony, a local home-based care centre, dergoing periods of study at the Fhatalushaka, received more than 120 shirts. In the photo is the director of Mvelaphanda, Ms institution. After the ceremony, the director of the institution, Esther Mushaathama (left), with some of the stakeholders and other Mvelaphanda officials. Ms Esther Mushaathama, handed over awards and gifts to all stake-


Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328



REQUIREMENTS: • • • • • • • •

NQF level 7 or advanced Diploma/ Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent qualifications. A certificate in Municipal Finance Management Programme will be an added advantage. Minimum of Seven Years experience at Senior and middle management level of which at least 2 years must be at Senior Management level. Must be registered with the Engineering Council of South as Pr Eng, Pre Tech Eng or Pr Technical Eng in terms of the Engineering profession of SA Act, 46 of 2000. Financial and supply chain management competencies as perscribed in the regulations and described in these guidelines. Experience in improvement of public services and access to accelerated infrastructure development programmes. Valid drivers licence. Core managerial and occupational competencies as described in the municipal performance regulations issued in terms of the Municipal Systems Act.

COMPETENCIES: • • • • • • •

Excellent communication skills. Technical aptitude and businesses acumen. Project/programme management skills. Problem solving skills. Action driven and innovative. Exceptional strategic planning and organizational skills. Sound understanding of the legal and legislative framework in which local government operates.


Manage complex civil infrastructure project from conceptualization, design, contract management, quality assurance and compliance, and ensure their proper integration to the local municipality’s overall plan (IDP) Perform financial monitoring through commissioning, operations and maintenance to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the department within the budgetary constrains of the municipality. Manage the budget and assets assigned to the Department Provide professional advisory services to local municipality or project conceptualization, design project management and implementation. Manage and source all the department’s contracts and tenders according to the approval of SLAs, council requirements and procurement policy, ensuring adherence to the SLAs, terms of reference letter of appointment and contracted project time lines as per specification. Lead and direct staff in the department to ensure that they meet the objectives in line with the municipality’s requirements and resources.



REQUIREMENTS: • • • • • •

NQF level 7 or advanced Diploma / Degree in Town and Regional Planning / Development studies or equivalent qualifications. Minimum of 7 years experience at Senior and middle management level, of which at least 2 years must be at senior management level. Financial and supply chain management competencies, as prescribed in the regulations and described in these guidelines. Code 08 drivers licence. Core managerial and occupational competencies as described in the municipal performance regulations issued in terms of the Municipal Systems Act. Must be registered with the South African Council for Town planners.

COMPETENCIES: • • • • • • • • • •

Strategic leadership and management, co-ordination and project management skills project management and interpersonal skills, computer literacy, extensive knowledge of Municipal Town Planning, IDP, LED and Tourism. Ensure effective land use management at the customer care. Establish operational mechanisms on daily /weekly/ monthly basis. Oversee receipt, evaluation and report writing in connection with land use management / town planning applications. Manage the budget and assets assigned to the planning and development. Advise developers, consultant and the public on matters relating to and affecting development. Provide inputs to the drafting of policies related to development planning. Keep records of legislations and policies related to development planning. Identify and initiate land development opportunities and pursue necessary processes to ensure the fruition thereof. Ensure that all contravention complaints are dealt in accordance with relevant legislations and policies.


Develop co-ordinate and manage the operations of the planning and Development department, integrated Development Planning, Local Economic Development and Tourism sub-sections. Develop methodologies and approaches to guide specific urban design investigations and research processes. Manage developmental project management processes associated with scoping, resourcing, implementation, monitoring and communication. Manage the IDP implementation and review process, advise the Municipal Manager on planning and development matters. Prepare reports on the activities of the component, as and when required to do so.

NB: Fraudulent qualifications or documents will immediately disqualify the candidate. Application letter and comprehensive CV with certified copies of certificates should be forwarded to: The Municipal Manager, Thulamela Municipality, P/Bag x 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950 or be submitted to office no.130 (B) during office hours. For administrative enquiries contact: Senior Manager Corporate Services: Ngobeni T.C. at 015 962 7593. The closing date is 22 November 2012, should you not be contacted within 30 days after the closing date, accept that your application has been unsuccessful. NB: No faxed, e-mailed and late applications will be considered. MATHIVHA M.H. MUNICIPAL MANAGER

holders who have been friends of the institution and who helped in its development from the early years. Identified traditional leaders, leaders in the community and other individuals received gifts ranging from furniture to phones, cash and trips to Cape Town. The total value of the different gifts is estimated at more than R100 000. Self-made businesswoman Esther Mushaathama is not a novice to giving. She has donated hundreds of thousands of rands’ worth of furniture to different organisations, built houses for the

poor, donated school uniforms to needy pupils and also renovated dilapidated schools. In handing over the awards and the gifts, Mushaathama said she would not have gone so far if it were not for the support she was getting from different stakeholders and the community. “We have been of service to the community for more than 23 years and we felt that, as part of our celebrations, we should celebrate with those who had finished their studies here. We also thought of rewarding those who had contributed to our successes.”

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

TENDER NO. 42 OF 2012 DEMARCATION OF SITES AT TIYANI RIBUGWANA VILLAGE Suitable service providers are invited to tender for Demarcation of sites at Tiyani Ribugwana Village. Bidders are requested to bid as per specification attached to the bid documents that will be obtainable on 6 November 2012 at the Procurement Office No. B043 upon payment of a non-refundable amount of R300,00. A compulsory briefing session will be held on Friday, 9 November 2012 at 10:00 at Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. Completed bid documents signed by a duly authorised person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Tender No. 42 of 2012: For Demarcation of sites at Tiyani Ribugwana Village” must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance to the Civic Centre by not later than 12:00 on Friday, 23 November 2012 when all tenders received will be opened in public in the Executive Committee Chamber, First Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. Submitted tenders will be evaluated on 80/20 score points. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail, or not having the following documents attached for evaluation or not complying with the tender specifications, will not be evaluated and will be disqualified: • Original valid Tax Clearance Certificate • A certified copy of Company Registration Certificate • Certified copy/copies of company owner(s) ID Book(s). • Valid Registration with South Africa Council for Planners (SACPLAN) and have at least minimum of five (5) years experience • BBBEE Certificate (only for preferential points) All technical enquiries can be directed to the Director Development Planning, Ms M D Sinthumule or Mr N G Thanyani at (015) 519 3000, while procurement enquiries should be directed to Mr N A Mathivha or Mr R.L Moswathupa at (015) 519 3044/3171. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 141/2012 File No: 8/3/2/1106


MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

TENDER NO. 44 OF 2012 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT ON PORTION 1 OF THE FARM STYLDRIFT 46 LT FOR PURPOSE OF GRAVEYARD Suitable service providers are invited to tender for Environmental Impact Assessment on Portion 1 of the Farm Styldrift 46LT for purpose of Graveyard. Bidders are requested to bid as per specification attached to the bid documents that will be obtainable on 6 November 2012 at the Procurement Office No. B043 upon payment of a non-refundable amount of R300,00. A compulsory briefing session will be held on Friday, 9 November 2012 at 10:00 at the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. Completed bid documents signed by a duly authorised person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Tender No. 44 of 2012: Environmental Impact Assessment on Portion 1 of the Farm Styldrift 46LT for purpose of Graveyard” must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance to the Civic Centre by not later than 12:00 on Friday, 23 November 2012 when all tenders received will be opened in public in the Executive Committee Chamber, First Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. Submitted tenders will be evaluated on 90/10 score points. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail, or not having the following documents attached for evaluation or not complying with the tender specifications, will not be evaluated and will be disqualified: • Original valid Tax Clearance Certificate • A certified copy of Company Registration Certificate • Certified copy/copies of company owner(s) ID Book(s). • Relevant qualification on Environmental Management and at least five years experience on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) • BBBEE Certificate (only for preferential points) All technical enquiries can be directed to the Director Development Planning, Ms M D Sinthumule or Mr N G Thanyani at (015) 519 3000, while procurement enquiries should be directed to Mr N A Mathivha or Mr R.L Moswathupa at (015) 519 3044/3171. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 143/2012 File No: 8/3/2/1108



2 November 2012 21 Entertainment

Five nominations for famous gospel group

Ms Patricia Phaphathi (centre manager) shakes hands with the treasurer of the committee, Mr Ntshengedzeni Makharamedzha. Also with them in the photo are the chairperson of the committee, Mr Enoch Manenzhe, and the committee spokesperson, Mr Andy Munyai. By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Transformation committee assist centre The Standard Bank branch in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) donated food parcels, plates and a 50-litre urn to the value of R5 000 to the MashauBodwe drop-in centre (Light of Mercy Community Care). The donation is part of the transformation committee of the bank’s community enrichment programme and took place last Wednesday (24 October). The Light of Mercy Community Care started late in 2010 at Ha-Mashau-Bodwe. It receives a subsidy from government, mostly on a quarterly basis, which makes it difficult for the orphanage to operate efficiently.

What worsens the situation is that the centre doesn’t have proper infrastructure to accommodate children during severe weather situations and it doesn’t have a proper fence. Despite the difficulties, the centre manages to accommodate 133 orphans and vulnerable children between the ages of 5 and 21 years. They give them food on a daily basis, mostly bread, and also help them with their school work. The centre has 11 volunteers and three staff members. The centre manager, Ms Patricia Phaphathi, accepted the donation and said that they had been

in contact with many institutions and various banks to seek donations, but couldn’t get any. The spokesperson for the transformation committee, Andy Munyai, said they had been assisting orphanages for a while through their community-enrichment programme. “This is an initiative to help our customers who are in need,” he said. Local branches that fall under the Makhado branch are Musina, Dzanani (Nzhelele), Kutama-Sinthumule, and Elim. Any orphanage seeking help can call the spokesperson, Mr Andy Munyai, on 084 840 3136.

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

NOTICE OF COUNCIL MEETING: NOVEMBER 2012 KENNIS VAN RAADSVERGADERING: NOVEMBER 2012 NDIVHADZO YA MUTANGANO WA KHANSELE: LARA 2012 TSEBISO KA KOPANO YA KHANSELE: DIBATSELA 2012 XITIVISO XA NHLENGELETANO: HUKURI 2012 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 19 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 that the 65th ordinary Council meeting will be held as follows: TIME: 14:00 DATE: Thursday, 8 November 2012 VENUE: Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado All interested members of the public are invited to attend the meeting. Enquiries must be directed to T S Ndou or M D Munyai at (015) 519 3000. Kennis word hiermee ingevolge klousule 19 van die Plaaslike Regering: Wet op Munisipale Stelsels, Wet 32 van 2000 gegee dat die 65ste gewone Raadsvergadering soos volg gehou sal word: TYD: 14:00 DATUM: Donderdag , 8 November 2012 PLEK: Raadsaal, Grondvloer, Burgersentrum, Kroghstraat 83, Makhado Enige belangstellende lid van die publiek word genooi om die vergadering by te woon. Navrae kan gerig word aan T S Ndou of M D Munyai by (015) 519 3000. Ndivhadzo u ya nga tshitenwa tsha 19 tsha Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 ya 2000 uri mutangano zwawo wa vhu (65) wa khoro ya masipala u do fariwa nga ndila I tevhelaho: TSHIFHINGA: 14:00 DUVHA: Lavhuna, 8 Lara 2012 FHETHU: Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado Mirado ya lushaka vha re na dzangalelo vha rambiwa u dzhenela u yo Mutangano. Mbudziso dzothe dzi nga livhiswa kha T S Ndou kana M D Munyai kha (015) 519 3000. Tsebiso ye e mabapi le karolo ya 19 ya molao wa Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 ya 2000, gore kopano ya khansele ya bo 65 e tla swarwa ka tsela ye e latelago: NAKO: 14:00 TSATSIKGWEDI: Labone, 8 Dibatsela 2012 LEFELO: Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado Dipotsiso ka moka di ka lebiswa go T S Ndou or M D Munyai at (015) 519 3000. Mitivisiwa kuya hi Section 19 ya Mfumo wa Xikaya: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 ya 2000 leswaku nhlangano wa vu 65 wa ntolovelo wa khayisele ya Masipala wu tava hi ndlela leyi landzelaka: NKARHI: 14:00 SIKU: Ravumune, 8 Hukuri 2012 NDZHAWU: Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado Lava tsakelaka ku nghenela nhlangano lowo va amukeriwa. Switiviso swi nga kongomisiwa eka manana T S Ndou or M D Munyai at (015) 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado 1 & 2 November 2012 Notice No: 146 of 2012 File No: 4/2/2 MDM/lh/CouncilMeetingNotice_October2012


The year 2012 looks bright for local gospel super group Worship House. The group, which has become like a university of music by identifying talent in Limpopo and nurturing it, received a nomination for the MLFM Music Awards. As if that was not enough, they also received nomination in the Tshivenda Music Awards (TSHIMA) in the gospel category. Only last week, the group that was founded by the charismatic Bishop Dagada, received further recognition when they became the first group from Limpopo to receive five nominations in the 2012 SABC Crown Gospel Awards. The well-travelled group, which has performed around the country and even outside its borders, was nominated for the best worship album for their latest album, True Worship 2012, best traditional album, Egolgotha/Calvary, best praise album, Project 9 Live in Soweto, classic of all times, Old Time Gospel, and best gospel group. Lufuno Dagada, one of the founding members of the group, is now a solo artist and is making a name for himself. He also received a nomination for the best gospel DVD after being nominated in the Tshima Awards. In their fifth year of running, the finals of the awards will take place on 18 November at the Durban International Convention Centre. The competition received 412 entries this year. Bishop Isaac Dagada, the group’s founder, is bubbling with confidence. “This is Worship House’s season. We will not come back empty-

handed. At the least we are aiming for two awards. We are also inviting all other churches to come and join us in Durban; we still have seats waiting for them,” said an ecstatic Dagada. Those wishing to accompany the group to Durban can phone Vhahangwele at 076 170 3774.

Mr Itani Dzebu celebrated his 50th birthday with close family members and friends at Forever Tshipise Aventura, outside Musina, on Saturday. His wife, Anna, helps him to lift the special birthday cake during the celebration.

GENERAL NOTICE TRIBAL/COMMUNITY MEETING TO BE HELD DATE: 23 November 2012 TIME: 10H00 AM VENUE: Apostolic Faith Mission Church BACKGROUND: Masingita Group of Companies would like to invite the affected and interested parties to the meeting which will discuss the disposal of land within the Makhado Local Municipality of Vhembe District. • 119 Ha for business and housing development PURPOSE: To formulate a Tribal/Community decision in terms of the “Interim procedures governing land development decisions which require the consent of the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform as the nominal owner of the land” in terms of the Interim Protection of Informal Land Right Act, 31 of 1996, with particular reference to the above mentioned development. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: • Residents of Nkuzana and surrounding villages; Residents of the Nkuzana Tribal Authority; Members of Nkuzana Tribal Authority; Women’s Organisations; Civic Organisations; Community Based Organisations; Youth Organisations; Traditional Organisations; Development Forums; Trade Unions; Consumer Organisations; Social Welfare Organisations; Potential Beneficiaries of the Project. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact one of the following: • Mr Timothy Phiri of Masingita Group of Companies, Tel: (011) 646 0033 or 082 806 5887; • Mr Itani Nematandani of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Tel: (015) 297 3539 or 083 578 9065.

NOTICE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF MANAGEMENT BOARDS AT CHILD AND YOUTH CARE CENTERS. The Children Act No: 38 of 2005, Section 208, Subsection 1-6, made provisions for the establishment of the Management Boards. The department of Social Development calls for competent and interested individuals to apply for Management Boards at Child and Youth Care Centers indicated below: • Polokwane welfare Complex (Place of Safety & Children’s Home) • Thohoyandou children’s Home • Iris House (Mopani District) • Mtsetweni (Vhembe District) • Mavambe secure Care center • Tubatse Child and Youth Care Centre. Requirements: People who are interested must have the following: • Experience in working with children • Be older than 18 years • Be within the local municipality where the Child and Youth Care Center is located • The following categories of people are encouraged to apply, ordinary members of the community, health and social service professionals, and public servants. • Application should attach clearance certificate to the effect that his/her name does not appear in the part B of the National child Protection Register, or the Sex Offenders, issues by the Director-General, National department of Social Development and the Director General, Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. Duties: • To insure that the Children and the Youth Care Center are resourced, maintained and well managed in accordance to Children’s Act no 38/282005.• To receive written report from Management • To hold quarterly residents children in the operation of the center • Provide support and advice to the manager • Evaluate the performance of the manager • Review and approve the annual budget for the Children and Youth Care • Monitor, review and approve the business plan of the center • Ensure that the assets of the center are maintained and protected. Interested individuals should forward their applications to the Development, 18 College Street, Polokwane, 0700 Tel: (015) 293 6303 or (082 496 5494

Closing date is 30 November 2012

D.C at Tel: (015) 293 6331 and Teffo M.B at



22 2 November 2012





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By Kaizer Nengovhela

Young people receive info on drug abuse and HIV/Aids The Kutama Youth Organisation is do- high crime rate in our area, we felt it was gradually becoming a market for drugs. ing its utmost to inform young people very important to call the youths together, “Our young children have easy access in the area about the dangers of HIV/ so that we could share ideas on how we to drugs like dagga and alcohol and even Aids, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitu- can train them to become responsible more addictive substances. It is difficult to tion and crime. members of society,” he added. catch them in the act, but their behaviour Last Friday, the organisation invited W/O Risimati Nkanyane of the Tshil- reflects if they are under the influence. We the police and several other experts talk to wavhusiku SAPS Communication Ser- cannot just allow our country to be taken the youth during an event at Tshiungulela vices said that the children in the area were over by criminals,” he added. High School. All the speakers encouraged the youth to take education seriously and distance themselves from unbecoming behaviour like drug abuse and crime. The chairperson of the Kutama Youth Organisation and a final year student in social studies at Univen, Mr Walter Sirunwa, said that the organisation aimed at restoring the dignity and moral degeneration of the youth. “We teach the youths to believe in themselves and to prepare themselves for the future challenges in their lives. Ms Ester Makhado, Mr Walter Sirunwa, W/O Risimati Nkanyane, Mr Fhatuwani Kutama and Realising that there is a Ms Victoria Simba pose for a photo after the event.

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Mr Joe Hlongwane from Mbokota (right) is the winner of a Kenton Bar Fridge from Fruit and Veg City in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). The competition was run in cooperation with Amazing Juice. In the photo, Hlongwane receives his prize from the manager of Fruit & Veg City, Mr Tobie Kock.

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Invitation to Nominate Delegates for the Third National Consultative Conference The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission), is an independent constitutional body established to strengthen South Africa’s constitutional democracy through the promotion and protection of the rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities. In accordance with Section 26(2)(a) of the CRL Rights Commission Act, Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Community Councils and Organizations working towards promotion and protection of such Rights in all provinces are hereby invited to nominate one delegate who will represent them in the third National Consultative Conference. Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities should be aware that the conference space is limited and that only 350 - 400 delegates will be invited. Please note that the CRL Rights Commission will follow its internal criteria in making selection of delegates for the conference, as per mandate of the Commission.

Conference Theme: “Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights in South Africa: Twenty years into democracy”

Date: 14 - 17 February 2013 Venue: St Georges Hotel, R21 from O.R Tambo International Airport to Pretoria Names of your nominated delegate, including full details of the nominee, certified ID copy and profile of your organization, should reach the CRL Rights Commission not later than the 23rd of November 2012, and should be forwarded to: Ms Reitumetse Lemeke CRL Rights Commission Private Bag X90 000 Houghton 2041 Tel: (011) 537-7600/29/14/04/10 E-mail:


2 November 2012 23 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Ian Palmer appointed new coach of Black Leopards The former Orlando Pirates striker and Maritzburg United coach, Mr Ian Palmer, was appointed as the new coach of Black Leopards FC. It was announced by the team’s chairperson, Mr David Thidiela, during a media conference held at the Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel on Tuesday. Thidiela revealed that they had signed a one-year contract with the new coach. He stated that he was convinced that they had employed the right man for the job. Palmer’s appointment came into effect on Tuesday. Thidiela said that the former head coach of the team, Mr Sunday Chidzambwa, was appointed as the team technical director. Chidzambwa was banned for life by the Zimbabwean Football Association for being involved in a match-fixing scandal. Thidiela insisted Chidzambwa had not stepped down because of the corruption scandal. “We want to clear the air; we stand by our coach,” Thidiela said. “He will fulfil a technical role in the club.”

Chidzambwa was one of 15 coaches, they would work with the new coach to players, officials and journalists who were deliver good things to the team. He said to handed lifetime bans by the Zimbabwe the supporters of the team that they must Football Association earlier this month give their full support to the new coach. after investigations into matchfixing and corruption. Thidiela said they had not yet received confirmation that Chidzambwa had been found guilty for his alleged role in the scandal, though Fifa had confirmed that it was in the process of extending the ban globally. Speaking to Limpopo Mirror on Tuesday, Palmer said that he had been given a mandate to make sure the team ends up in the Top 8 bracket at the end of the soccer season. He revealed that he would continue to work with assistant coach Mr Abel Makhubele in the technical department, for the time being. The team’s top goal scorer, The new coach of Black Leopards, Mr Ian Rodney Ramagalela, said that Palmer.

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Allie Sefole of Louis Trichardt Primary School received the award for the best volleyball player during the school’s senior-phase prize-giving function on 23 October. He also holds the trophy on behalf of the team, who are the volleyball league champions of 2012.

Matari steers Western Stars to a 1-0 victory The former Black Leopards kingpin, Matari Netshidzivhe, scored a goal for his new team, Madombidzha Western Stars, when they beat Madombidzha Try Again 1-0 at Madombidzha

on Saturday. Try Again took the game to their opponents in the first 20 minutes. It was their speedy forward, Hebert Maumela, who let them down by shooting aimlessly at the goal fin-

ish. Stars rectified their mistakes soon afterwards. Their diminutive kingpin, Tshimanagdzo Masala, caused an upset after beating the offside trap and facing the stranded keeper, Khathutshelo Malima, only to lose possession at the goal finish. The referee flashed the first yellow card in the 30th minute. Daniel Mukosi obstructed Dakalo Ramuthivheli and the referee was lenient enough to let him go with yellow, as the nature of the offence carried the weight of a red card. The scoreboard was still blank when the teams adjourned for half time. Stars called on Lufuno Ndou and Oscar Ramantswana for Khuthadzo Nemafhohoni and Tshimangadzo Masala to make a difference. Their replacement changed the complexion of the match, as they pressurised their opponents. Stars’ only goal came in the 75th minute. Matari Netshidzivhe beat the keeper after dribbling past two defenders in a row. Try Again then tried everything within their reach in search of the equaliser, but it was not their day.

Sport League Logs - Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted Absa Premiership Team

Godfrey Dlamini holds one of his drawings that was exhibited at an art exhibition at Casa Caffé in Makhado (Louis Trichardt).

Matari Netshidzivhe of Stars (right) and Lufuno Ligavha attack the ball.

By Frank Mavhungu

Dynamos to face Da Gama After sharing the spoils with Milano United FC, following their 1-1 draw in their opening league match at the Giyani Stadium last Sunday, Dynamos will once again play in front of their home crowd tomorrow afternoon. They will meet Vasco da Gama. According to the coach of Dynamos, Mr Joel Masutha, they have assembled a youthful squad which has all the ingredients of a good team. He warned the Capetonians not to underestimate them, saying they would receive a huge shock if they did that. Dynamos have appointed the former Black Dynamos head coach, Leopards Mr Joel Masutha. midfielder,

Moses Muthelo, as assistant coach to Mr Joel Masutha, also a former Leopards player. The match is scheduled to start at 15:30. As part of their catch-up programme, Dynamos will play another league match next Wednesday, November 7. They will pay a visit to FC AK at the Eldorado Park Stadium in Johannesburg. Jomo Cosmos, who were relegated from the Absa Premiership Division last season, will travel all the way to Richards Bay in the Kwazulu Natal to lock horns with Thanda Royal Zulu at the Richards Bay Stadium. FC Cape Town and Polokwane City (formerly Bay United) will fight for league points at the NNK Rugby Stadium in Cape Town. The other fixtures are Sivutsa Stars vs Milano United, United FC vs African Warriors, Santos vs Blackburn Rovers, Mpumalanga Black Aces vs Witbank Spurs and FC AK vs Roses United.

Kaizer Chiefs University of Pretoria Orlando Pirates Moroka Swallows Platinum Stars Maritzburg Utd Bidvest Wits SuperSport United Bloem Celtic Free State Stars Black Leopards Golden Arrows Ajax Cape Town Mamelodi Sundowns Chippa United AmaZulu

Team Thanyai Thabelo Greenhouse Chikopza Tshiozwi Mara Station Skyvovo Maemu Emzin Crossroad Khokhonya Rendi Lacosta Sweetwaters Lasvegas

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

5 4 4 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 1 2 2 1 1 1

3 3 2 1 1 4 3 7 1 4 6 3 2 2 2 2

0 1 2 3 3 1 2 0 4 2 1 3 4 5 5 5

16 13 8 15 12 10 9 8 9 6 13 5 9 3 4 3

Sinthumule Kutama Elim Pool Association Played Won Draw Lost For 25 17 2 6 341 22 17 1 4 321 24 16 2 6 326 25 15 3 7 320 23 15 3 5 302 24 13 1 10 291 23 12 3 8 273 23 11 3 9 272 25 11 2 12 260 23 10 2 11 239 24 10 0 14 290 24 9 3 12 286 23 4 3 16 197 25 4 3 18 172 24 4 2 17 191

4 8 6 11 9 7 9 5 11 8 13 5 14 8 10 15

18 15 14 13 13 13 12 10 10 10 9 9 8 5 5 5

Against 245 205 232 261 253 267 265 236 271 273 271 311 290 317 322

Points 53 52 50 48 48 40 39 36 35 33 30 30 15 15 14

Vhembe Masters Soccer League Team

Muthumuni Simadi of Try Again (left) and Thabo Matuba wait for the ball.

Sendedza Masters Matidza Masters Songozwi Masters Blackleopards Masters Khakhu Masters Ngovhela Masters Ellis Masters Mandiwana Masters Mphaila Masters Mudimeli Masters Makungwi Masters

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

16 15 16 17 16 15 16 16 16 15 16

12 10 8 7 7 7 7 6 5 1 3

1 2 5 4 4 4 1 2 3 1 1

3 3 4 6 5 4 7 8 8 13 12

59 61 29 49 38 37 34 36 31 18 26

20 25 21 35 24 26 26 29 50 93 65

37 32 29 25 25 25 22 20 18 11 10


24 2 November 2012


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Leopards let Swallows off the hook Black Leopards came back from their away Absa Premiership League match against Moroka Swallows with a 2-2 draw. The match was played at the Dobsonville Stadium on Saturday evening. Complacency was the only reason why Lidoda Duvha allowed Swallows to snatch a late equaliser. The Birds’ front runner, Katlego Mashego, was a thorn in the flesh of the Leopards defenders. Mashego scored a brace in the game. In the sixth minute he made his presence felt. He accepted a pass from Lerato Chabangu and beat the Leopards’ Ugandan keeper, Posnet Omony, with a low shot. Mashego thought he had scored a brace in the 20th minute, but his strike was disallowed after Lerato Chabangu of Moroka Swallows (left) battles with Michael the assistant referee’s flag was already up for an offside. Ashraf Hendricks came close to scoring Nkambule of Black Leopards.©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix. Swallows’ second goal in the 34th minute, but he failed to direct his header from Chabangu’s corner kick. In one of Black Leopards’ rare first-half opportunities, Rodney Ramagalela worked his magic Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 before seeing his ground shot narrowly missing the target in the 39th minute. Gilbert Mapemba of 2011 Audi Q5 3.0TDi Quattro S-Tronic 20” Wheels Pano Roof R 489 995 Swallows was lucky to get away with yellow, fol2010 BMW 750i R/Camera S/Camera Navigation 23 000km R 849 995 lowing his two-footed tackle on Mahlatse Maake. 2009 BMW 335i DCT Convertible 99 000km Black R 449 995 2008 BMW 325i A/T S/R PDC 17” Wheels 53 000km Black R 229 995 The home side missed another obvious chance 2010 BMW 320i A/T Silver / Gold (2 to choose from) three minutes into the last half. Katlego Mashego R 239 995 Balance of 5 year / 120 000km Motor Plan set up a chance for Dikgang Mabalane, but his shot 2011 BMW X1 S/Drive 1.8i Auto M/Pack 47 000km Black Panoramic Roof was brilliantly saved by Posnet Omony. The forR 289 995 Balance of 5 year / 100 000km Motor Plan mer Kaizer Chiefs midfielder, Michael Nkambule, 2010 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6L A/C P/S 27 000km White 17” Mags R 114 995 helped the visitors draw level after being set up by 2008 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6LT 5DR A/C CD LTH Mags 69 000km Red R 109 995 Rodney Ramagalela. 2011 Chevrolet Spark 0.8L Silver/Blue From 26 000km (8 to choose from) R 69 995 Just two minutes later, Lidoda duvha were in the 2007 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 LTD 84 000km Black Stow&Go DVD R 189 995 lead, following Mongezi Bobe’s spectacular free 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Mags 90 000km White R 79 995 2009 Jeep Cherokee 3.7L Sport Auto 64 000km R 219 995 kick. Sensing danger, the Birds’ coach threw every2004 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD Limited A/T R 104 995 thing into the attack, introducing David Mathebula, 2009 Kia Sportage 2.0 A/C P/S CD Mags 61 000km R 179 995 Joseph Makhanya and Mpho Maleka. In the end, 2008 Kia Sportage 2.0 A/C P/S CD Mags 88 000km R 169 995 it paid off as Mashego grabbed his second goal a Michael Nkambule of Black Leopards (front) is challenged by Lerato 2011 Mazda 3 1.6 Dynamic Sport 5-Door 165 000km Metallic Blue R 189 995 minute before full time. Chabangu of Moroka Swallows. ©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix. 2010 Mercedes Benz E200 CGi A/T 39 000km Silver R 389 995 Balance of 6 year / 120 000km Service Plan 2007 Mercedes Benz E280 A/T S/R 144 000km Cubanite Silver R 199 995 2008 Mercedes Benz CLS350 A/T 60 000km Maroon S/R Nav PDC R 329 995 Balance of 120 000km Motor Plan 2009 Nissan Levina 1.6 Accentia + X-Gear A/C P/S 69 000km Gold R 109 995 2010 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia 5-Door (H35) White (2 to choose from) R 129 995 2010 Suzuki Alto 1.1 GLS A/C P/S 30 400km Metallic Blue R 89 995 2010 Toyota Auris X Sport 1.6 17 420km White R 189 995 2010 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Professional A/C P/S 41 000km Silver Blue - New Shape R 149 995 Balance 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan 2010 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Professional 36 000km White R 139 995 2009 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Professional A/C P/S Mags 79 000km White R 134 995 Balance 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan 2005 Toyota Corolla 160i GLE A/C P/S 97 000km Gold R 89 995 2003 Toyota Corolla 160i GLE A/T A/C 102 000km White R 79 995 2012 Toyota Etios 1.5Xi A/C P/S CD 2 000km Silver R 113 995 2012 Toyota Fortuner 2.5 D-4D 106KW 14 000km White R 299 995 Balance of 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan 2009 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D-4D A/C P/S 4X4 58 000km R 319 995 Balance of 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan 2011 Toyota Rav4 2.0GX A/T 36 000km White + Leather R 289 995 Balance of 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan 2011 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline 5-Door A/C CD 25 000km 63KW White R 124 995 2011 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 5-Door A/C CD 55KW 33 000km Silver R 119 995 2010 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 5-Door 38 000km White CD R 109 995 2010 VW Polo 1.4 Comfortline 5DR A/C P/S 17” Wheels 67 000km Silver R 149 995 LDV’S 2010 Ford Bantam 1.3i Silver 53 000km R 94 995 2012 Go Now 2.2 D/Cab Charcoal R 119 995 2012 Go Now 2.2 LWB Maroon R 99 995 2010 Isuzu KB240i LX D/Cab A/C P/S 54 000km Black R 189 995 2012 Nissan NP200 White DEL Kilos R 109 995 2010 Nissan NP200 1.6 S A/C P/S CD 102 000km Mags R 109 995 2007 Nissan 1400 5-Speed 43 000km R 59 995 2011 Toyota Hilux 3.0D D/Cab 4X2 Nav R/Bar 100km Silver R 299 995 2010 Toyota Hilux 2.7 VVTi D/Cab T/Bar R/Bar Tonneau Cover 80 000km White R 239 995 Balance of 5 year / 90 000km Warranty 2010 Toyota Hilux 2.0 VVTi A/C Canopy 52 000km R 159 995 2010 Toyota Hilux 2.0 VVTi Tralies 41 000km R/CD R 149 995 2010 Toyota Hilux 2.0 VVTi 53 000km CD R 149 995 2008 Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D SRX R/Body R 139 995 MOTORBIKE 2006 Kawasaki ER-6F 650cc 10 500km Black/Silver R 44 995

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