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26 Augustus 2011

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Van der Merwe vra, maar hof se antwoord is nee - bladsy 2




Joubertstraat 16B Louis Trichardt TEL: 516 4996/7/8

Proposed new EcoIndustrial Park sparks concern - page 3

Jaargang 27 Vol. 33





MEC stresses the role of responsible development - page 4

As SAMWU strike moves into its second week, police finally starts arresting rowdy members breaking law

Strike turns ugly

Police arrest 20 By Frans van der Merwe Twenty people were arrested on charges of public violence this week Tuesday at the munici­ pal workshop in Louis Trichardt, in the latest development around SAMWU’s strike action. A Makhado municipal spokesperson indicated that internal disciplinary action will follow.

This rubbish still burning, after SAMWU’s march through town on Monday.

The arrests follow a scuffle which broke out between demonstrators and the police, after stones were thrown at the police who were on standby. The 20 were all released on R300 bail each and were due to appear in court at the time of going to press on Wednesday. The scuffle on Tuesday afternoon at the municipal workshop at the junction of Burger and Vorster Street followed an earlier unauthorized protest march on Monday through the centre of the town, under police escort. During Monday’s lunchtime demonstration, pedestrians in Louis Trichardt’s Songozwi Street expressed disbelief as SAMWU members once again overturned rubbish bins, but this time setting them alight. There was no effort on the part of the police to restrain or to arrest the culprits. Bystanders wanted to know whether it was a lawful demonstration and if so, how the responsible authorities could allow a repeat performance of the unlawful conduct of strikers during last week’s march? Local police spokesperson Capt Maano Sadike said upon enquiry : ”The police are instructed that any crime committed should immediately be acted on. This is currently the subject of further investigation, why an arrest was not made [on Monday].” Sadike said that before any protest march, all the stakeholders (police, union leaders and municipal council) met to set out the relevant rules and preconditions for the public protest action. A standard part of these rules is that no littering, no damage to SAMWU workers after they where brought under control at the municipal workshop. In the property and no fires are permitted. (Contd on P2) foreground are some of the rocks they used to attack the police.

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2 August 26, 2011 Deur Isabel Venter

Van der Merwe vra, maar hof sê nee

A large number of policemen were visible in front of the municipal workshop terrain in Vorster Street in Louis Trichardt where they managed to bring the rowdy group of SAMWU members under control on Tuesday. By Frans van der Merwe

SAMWU strike turns ugly - 20 arrested (Contd from P1) The SAMWU protesters repeatedly transgressed all of these preconditions. Makhado municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi was requested to comment on the SAMWU strikers’ latest unlawful behaviour. He was asked whether official permission had been obtained from Council for the lunch-hour protest march in Songozwi Street on Monday, and if so, what precautions the council had taken to safeguard the basic rights of the rest of the taxpaying public of Louis Trichardt? He was also asked, given the well-documented lack of control during SAMWU strikes, why

Council had failed to forestall the latest trashing exercise and what steps Council had taken to identify perpetrators? Bobodi replied by saying: “We do not know of any lunchhour protest. What we know is that there is a nationwide strike and we are monitoring the situation. The no-work-no-pay policy will apply to those who are not reporting for duty,” he said. Bobodi said the municipality had taken precautions to ensure that the premises were free from intimidation and were accessible to members of the community for essential services. Security guards provided by the municipality and members of the SAPS are present during

and after working hours. He said prompt action would be taken against culprits involved in any violations of the public regulations or by-laws. “Already some charges have been reported and laid at the police station against protestors who violated the conditions. Currently we are working very closely with the police to identify delinquent protestors and some charges are being instituted at the local SAPS. Internal disciplinary action will also be instituted as soon as the necessary evidence is collected. As the municipality, we have undertaken to see to it that everything is running normally to ensure that essential services are available,” he said.

Die oud-onderwyser van Musina wat verlede jaar skuldig bevind is op ‘n klag van onsede­ like aanranding van ‘n kind, sukkel glo om werk te kry. Sebastiaan van der Merwe (48), wat tans uit is op parool hangende die uitslag van sy appèlsaak, het Maandag ‘n aansoek in die Streekhof in Louis Trichardt gebring om sy borgvoorwaardes te verslap en ‘n gedeelte van sy borggeld terug te kry. Streekshofaanklaer Hilke Janse van Rensburg het hom, wat betref sy borggeld, egter meegedeel dat die hof nie ‘n bank is nie, waarna die hof sy aansoek afgekeur het. Van der Merwe, beter bekend as Basie, het op 6 Julie verlede jaar begin om sy ses-jaar-lange gevangenisstraf uit te dien, nadat hy skuldig bevind is op die klag van onsedelike aanranding. Die aanranding het plaasgevind terwyl hy ‘n onderwyser by Hoërskool Eric Louw op Musina was. Ná net vyf maande agter tralies is hy op R15 000 borg vrygelaat, nadat sy aansoek om verlof tot appèl in die Noord-Gauteng Hooggeregshof in Pretoria in Desember toegestaan is. As deel van sy borgvoorwaardes moes hy twee keer ‘n week by die polisiestasie in Honeydew aanmeld. Na sy vrylating het Van der Merwe by sy broer, Janus, in Honeydew gaan woon. Tydens Maandag se verskyning het Basie ‘n aansoek by die hof ingedien waarin hy R5 000 van sy borggeld terug gevra het. Sy regsverteenwoordiger, me. Katie Jordaan, het aangevoer dat hy tans werkloos is en sukkel om werk te kry. Van der Merwe het ook gevra dat sy borgvoorwaardes verminder word, sodat hy net een keer ‘n week by die polisiestasie hoef aan te meld. Hierteen het die Staat kapsie aangeteken en aangevoer dat Van der Merwe ‘n vlugrisiko is en dat die borggeld die enigste houvas is wat die hof op hom het. Van der Merwe se familie, het die Staat verder gesê, kom gereeld in Zimbabwe en hy kan maklik sy hofverskynings ontduik. Van der Merwe se regsverteenwoordiger het aangevoer dat hy te siek is om te reis en steeds by Honeydew sal aanmeld. Hy het glo tans nie enige

planne om terug te keer na Musina toe nie en het daarom sy aansoek vir sy paspoort teruggetrek. In sy beslissing het die Hof die Staat gelyk gegee dat Van der Merwe ‘n vlugrisiko bly en dat sy aansoek verdag voorkom, nadat die aansoek vir sy paspoort in camera teruggetrek is. Landdros Pat Cloete het gesê dit wil voorkom dat die enigste rede vir die aansoek was om ‘n deel van die borggeld terug te kry. Van der Merwe se borgvoorwaardes is verlig, maar die aansoek vir sy borggeld is afgekeur. Hy mag steeds nie kontak maak met die seun of enige ander getuies in die saak nie. Intussen is daar nog steeds geen datum vasgestel vir Van der Merwe se appèlsaak nie. Sy regspan, Jordaan en advokaat Graham Kerr-Phillips, het verlede jaar gesê dat die Hooggeregshof die appèlaansoek volledig toegestaan het. Hulle het aangedui dat hulle die seun se getuienis en die landdros se uitspraak en vonnis sal betwis deur nuwe getuienis te bring. Volgens hulle het die landdros in die saak gefouteer deur slegs uitspraak te lewer op grond van die seun se getuienis.

Van der Merwe, afgeneem tydens sy vrylating op parool in Desember 2010.

BUSINESS talk New service or business in town? BUSINESS talk is a column focus­sing on new developments in the local business arena. To enable us to keep the column running on a weekly basis, readers and businesses are invited to contact the newspaper and let us

know of new developments regarding new businesses or services less than a year old. Any new development will be highlighted through a once-off short write-up in the column free of charge. For more information, phone Andries at Tel 015 516 4996/7.


Act to help curb nuisance marketing

ER24 emergency medical services are now also available in Louis Trichardt. Their services are provided by Nadia Botha (left) and Takalani Munyai, both qualified paramedics. Their aim is to provide Louis Trichardt and its surrounding areas with efficient and effective emergency response. Not only do they respond to emergencies such as motor vehicle accidents, they also do house calls and patient transport. For all emergencies or more information, Nadia can be contacted at 083 395 6944 or Takalani at 072 371 9978. Na 10 jaar lê Elizma Pöhl (links) van Woelwaters Kleu­ terskool op Louis Trichardt die tuig neer. Annette Setecki (regs) sal die leisels by haar oorvat van­af Januarie volgende jaar, waarna die skool voldag bedryf sal word. Annette is reeds betrokke by die skool en kan gekontak word by 079 037 3550. Ouers kan nou al hulle kleuters se plekkie bespreek vir volgende jaar.

Tired of getting cellphone SMSes with a message offering lower insurance premiums or having your dinner inter­ rupted by someone trying to sell you something? The new Consumer Protection Act (CPA) now offers the public a way to deal with this nuisance calls and messages. “Under the CPA, you will be able to opt out of receiving direct marketing. Companies that disregard your wish for privacy could be in for steep penalties if you report them to the National Consumer Commissioner,” explained Yusuf Boda of Legal & Tax Services. Under the CPA, the National Consumer Commission will be creating a database of consumers who do not want to receive junk email, spam or marketing SMS messages. “You’ll be able to sign up for

it once it’s live. You should be free of nuisance marketers for good, if and when this database becomes a reality... If you don’t want to do a blanket opt-out for all direct marketing, you can simply instruct companies you don’t want to hear from to stop contacting you,” said Boda in a media statement. Tired of having flyers and brochures jamming up your post box? The CPA also allows the public to place a ‘no junk mail’ on their post box and no direct marketing materials may then be placed in or near your premises. “The CPA also outlaws some other dodgy direct marketing practices. Negative option marketing is forbidden. This is when a company deems you to have entered into an agreement

because you didn’t return goods sent to you that you never asked for in the first place,” sais Boda. Under the CPA, companies are also not allowed to bait the public to visit their stores by promising amazing specials that don’t really exist. This, for example, means no more promises of a product way below its usual cost when there actually isn’t stock in store. “You can also hopefully say goodbye to those timeshare scams that offer you wonderful prizes when you actually have not entered or won a competition,” said Boda. The CPA contains many provisions that strengthen your rights as a consumer. “It is worth becoming familiar with this Act, which is written in plain English, so that you become familiar with its clauses,” Boda said.


26 Augustus 2011 3

By Andries van Zyl

Proposed industrial park sparks concern The Soutpansberg has been earmarked for yet another major development, this time in the form of an eco-industrial park. During a meeting on August 4 with a few landowners, plans were tabled for what is to be known as the Limpopo EcoIndustrial Park (LEIP), to be situated almost right next to Air Force Base Makhado outside Louis Trichardt. The Zoutpansberger was able to obtain a copy of the presentation made during the meeting, bearing the Limpopo provincial government's logo. According to the presentation, ARUP was appointed by EcoIndustrial Solution (Pty) Ltd to develop a master plan for LEIP. Eco-Industrial Solution is a planning and engineering consulting group that specialises in green industrial development, with its head office in Vancouver, Canada. On the other hand, ARUP is a multi-disciplinary engineering and project management firm which has been operating in South Africa since 1964. Their work, among others, includes the independent certification of the Gautrain, project management of the Mauritius Commercial Bank and the central terminal building for the Oliver Thambo International Airport. The park will consist of a coke plant and steam-powergeneration facilities, a GTL plant (diesel, naphtha and LPG), a plasma waste gasification plant, a

brick-making factory and watertreatment facilities. The presentation states that the proposed development will be the world’s first zero-waste ecoindustrial park, which will also recycle and re-use the Makhado Municipality’s waste water. The park will further minimise the negative impacts of industrial systems on surrounding systems and is to be integrated with the local landscape, while preserving sensitive land areas. It will make use of Clean Technology, while also acting as a training facility. At face value, the proposed development sounds wonderful. The only problem is that it seems as if nobody knows about the development or is reluctant to talk about it. On the presentation, two names appear but without any contact details. The names are those of Dr Pieter du Toit, CEO of Eco-Industrial Solution and ARUP director, and Ms Deshika Kathawaroo, LEIP project development director. Over the past two weeks, the Zoutpansberger has also tried in vain to get any response from the provincial government with regard to the LEIP, while being referred from one department to the next. Coal of Africa’s (CoAL) name also appears in the presentation. Upon the newspaper's media enquiry, they responded by saying that they were aware of the proposed development. “Coal of Africa contributed seed funding to initiate the project, motivated by the fact that

beneficiation of mineral products is a key element of the provincial government economic agenda. Further involvement would be dictated by potential upstream supply of coking and/or thermal coal,” was the reply received from CoAL’s investor relations manager, Sakhile Ndlovu. CoAL’s response confirmed that plans are definitely on the table for the development of the industrial park, albeit that the process is not very transparent at this stage. No wonder that the chairman of the Soutpansberg District Agricultural Union (SDAU), Mr Stephen Hoffman, has expressed his concern about the process followed so far. In a press release, Hoffman expresses the union's unhappiness with the “unprofessional presentation” made during the meeting. “As no contact details were provided, it is impossible to express an opinion on the meeting or to object ... How is it possible that this huge development can start with total disregard of the rule of law?” Hoffman says. As for CoAL’s involvement, Hoffman says this is a huge concern for them. “... it means that Coal of Africa will continue with the Makhado and Vele mines, regardless of any legal process. Public participation in those mines will then be of no consequence and a waste of time and money for interested and affected parties,” Hoffman says.

A deliberate act of sabotage to the Makhado Municipality’s electrical infrastructure left the whole of the Levubu area without electricity last Thursday. Three double-pole structures on the 66kv transmission line towards Levubu over a distance of 400m were burnt down by setting fire to tyres at the base of the poles. On Monday, municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi said they had reported the matter to the police. It is unknown whether this act of sabotage is linked to the current strike action by SAMWU. Photo’s supplied.

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4 August 26, 2011

UNESCO´s certificate of recognition for the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve was officially handed over during the biosphere launch last Thursday in Louis Trichardt. From the left are Ms. Maylene Broderick, head of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Mr Pitsi Moloto, MEC for the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Cllr Caroline Mahasela, Speaker of the Vhembe District Municipality, and Cllr M S Sinyosi, acting mayor of Makhado Local Municipality. By Frans van der Merwe

MEC stresses responsible development Hierdie verkeerslig op die hoek van Songozwi- en Munnikstraat in Louis Trihcardt het in die slag gebly in ‘n botsing vroeg verlede Sondagoggend, waarin twee mense beseer is. Die twee voertuie het, volgens ´n polisiewoordvoerder, uit teenoorgestelde rigtings teen mekaar vasgery. Die ongeluk het omstreeks 02:45 Sondagoggend plaasgevind. Die bestuurder van die een voertuig en een passasier is vir ligte beserings in die hospitaal behandel en ontslaan.

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Louis Trichardt 0920

NOTICE OF REGIONAL IDP CONSULTATIVE MEETINGS Notice is hereby given that the IDP Regional stakeholder’s consultative meetings are scheduled to take place at the various Makhado municipality regions in order to make inputs for the 2012/132016/17 IDP draft analysis. The following table indicates the meetings details. REGIONS












The importance of striking a balance between development and conservation was stressed by the MEC of the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, Mr Pitsi Moloto, in Louis Trichardt last Thursday. Delivering the keynote address at the launch of the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, Moloto said preserving a balance between development and the environment should also take culture and tradition into account, without which there could not be a healthy community. He said all stakeholders (in development and in conservation) were important and should continue to talk to each other. “Honest communication is essential to develop a clear action plan,” he said. He also stressed the importance of education, which, he said, was a precondition for all development. The launch, which was staged at the Ferdie Beyers Hall in Louis Trichardt, was attended by a large audience, which, together with government officials, included high-profile guests from both the business and environmental conservation fraternities.

All ward Councillors, three members from each Ward Committee, Traditional Councils, organized businesses, mining sector, parastatals, agricultural sector, tourism sector, Sanco, Community Development Officers, NGOs, Ratepayers Association, Chairpersons Association and Provincial Sector Department’s representatives and interested groups are invited to participate in this IDP Regional consultative meetings. All enquiries can be directed to the Director Development and Planning or IDP manager at telephone number 015 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Louis Trichardt Notice No: 119/2011 File No: 15/7/1


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Moloto reminded all stakeholders that the present generation has earth and all its resources in trust for coming generations. “We need to develop the economy. At the same time, we should look after the environment. We should live today in such a way that future generations will have clean water and clean air. In this, all stakeholders are important. In working together, we can also do more to develop in a responsible way,” he said. He thanked learners from Titirheleni Primary School, who staged a lively presentation of affordable ways to utilize solar energy and “paper bricks.” “We all should be such active citizens,” he said. A senior official from the Department of Environmental Affairs in Pretoria, Mr Kalie Naudé, presented the MEC with a framed certificate of acknowledgement from UNESCO, confering the international biosphere reserve status on Vhembe. The chairperson of the Vhembe Biosphere, Mr John Rosmarin, explained the biosphere concept and its dynamics which have exciting advantages for surrounding communities. He paid tribute to a number of individuals whose altruistic efforts had made the biosphere recognition possible. He paid special tribute to the late chief Phumulani Kutama for his positive approach to the biosphere concept. Dr Antoaneta Letsoalo, in charge of research and planning in the department, is scheduled to speak on climate change and arrangements for the 17th international Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP 17), to be hosted from November 28 to December 09 this year in Durban. This presents an opportunity for the Limpopo Province to display its strategy to mitigate the threats of climate change and facilitate the creation of “green jobs” through the development of a Green Economy Plan. This strategy will be unveiled during the Limpopo Climate Change Summit, which is envisaged to take place from October 13-14. The overall objective of the summit is to raise awareness on climate change effects among the public. Other role players on the programme were Ms. Maylene Broderick, HOD of the department (LEDET), Chief S E Chauke, chairperson of the Vhembe House of Traditional Leaders, and Cllr Maria Tamaga, Speaker of the Blouberg Local Municipality. The Speaker of the Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Caroline Mahasela, was the programme director. Makhado Municipality’s acting mayor, Cllr M S Sinyosi, extended a welcome to all the guests.

LOUIS TRICHARDT BEGRAFNISDIENSTE • Krugerstraat 67A • 071 535 9706 • 082 954 3869

Jan Brink

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26 Augustus 2011 5


Man wat wegjaag loop bloutjie met polisie ‘n Inwoner van Louis Trich­ ardt het vandeesweek ‘n blout­ jie geloop met die Makhado SAPD, nadat hy Maandag in hegtenis geneem is op ‘n klag van dronkbestuur. Die 48-jarige Floyd Johannes Slabbert is Maandag ná ‘n wilde jaagtog deur die dorp vasgetrek. Volgens inligting het Slabbert glo in sy silwer Kia Picanto op die hoek van Krogh- en Songozwistraat verby ‘n patrolievoer­ tuig van die polisie geskiet. Die

polisieoffisier in die voertuig het hom toe glo probeer aftrek, maar hy het weggejaag in Munnikstraat se rigting. Polisie-ondersteuning is ontbied en Slabbert is deur drie polisievoertuie op die hoek van Erasmus- en Andersonstraat ingehok. Die sleutels van sy voertuig is dadelik uitgehaal en hy is beveel om uit te klim. Dit is met die uitklimslag dat hy glo rondgeslinger het en in die middel van die pad in ‘n beswyming inmekaar gesak het.

Slabbert is later geboei en in ‘n vangwa na die Louis Trichardt Gedenkhospitaal geneem, waar ‘n bloedmonster geneem is. Hierna is hy by die polisiestasie aangehou, waar hy later op R500 borg vrygelaat is en gewaarsku is om Dinsdag in die plaaslike Distrikshof te verskyn. Tydens sy verskyning Dinsdag is Slabbert aangekla van die bestuur van ‘n voertuig onder die invloed van drank of dwelms. Sy saak is uitgestel tot 9 September.

Agricultural news

“Hopefully now something will be done” Mr. Stephen Hoffman, chair­ person of the Soutpansberg District Agricultural Union (SDAU), expressed the hope that something will finally be done with regard to copper cable theft in South Africa, seen in the light of the recent copper cable thefts which left the Gautrain stranded. SDAU economic representative Mr ZC Pretorius added to this by stating that these thefts must be regarded as economic sabotage. “The same as sabotage against

the Gautrain, sabotage against food security is a direct threat against all economic activity,” Pretorius said. Pretorius’s remark follows the statement by the Minister of Energy, Dipuo Peters, last week when she said “It is sabotage, socio-economic, political sabotage. A person who steals cables is a murderer, a thief … a saboteur.” Pretorius said farmers had been complaining about copper cable theft for years now, but that little had been done. “The question is whether there is really any politi-

cal will to solve the problem? If there is political will, then the government is unable to combat this type of crime,” Pretorius said. According to Pretorius, the question is still who benefits from cable theft? “The problem will remain until such time as this question is answered. The fact that government is unable to control scrap metal shops and the export of copper is a clear indication that South Africans must start looking at a new government model,” Pretorius said.

By Mashudu Netsianda

Man fined for trying to smuggle croc skin A 45-year-old South African farmer was fined US$ 300 or three months in jail after he was found in possession of crocodile skin worth US$ 500, which he intended to smuggle into South Africa. Gottlieb Rudolph Oosthuizen of Polokwane was convicted on his own plea of guilty to contravening a section of the

Parks and Wildlife Act by a local magistrate, Mr Carrington Karidzagundi. The court heard that between 9 and 14 August, Oosthuizen was hired by some locals at Manyuchi Dam outside Beit Bridge to hunt and kill a troublesome crocodile. Soon after killing the reptile, he took its skin and loaded it into his Toyota Hilux

bakkie, which was towing a boat, and proceeded to Beit Bridge Border Post. Upon arrival at the border post, he was searched by detectives from the Border Control Unit, leading to the discovery of the crocodile skin, which had been concealed under a tent in the boat. The crocodile skin was forfeited to the state.

Our Home Old Age Home in Louis Trichardt received a welcome donation of five walkers from the local Rotary Club last week. Pictured here with representatives of the old age home is Rotary President Mr Godfrey Went (left). Next to him is the manager of the old age home, Ms Kittie de Bruin. Photo supplied. Deur Andries van Zyl

Beloning uitbetaal ná Chauke-arrestasie Die Soutpansberg Distriklandbou-unie het die afgelope week hul woord gestand gedoen deur die R15 000 beloning wat hulle uitgeloof het vir inligting wat kan lei tot die arrestasie van die berugte Brighton Chauke, uit te betaal. Die 30-jarige Chauke is op 7 Augustus deur die Waterval polisie vasgetrek, danksy ‘n wenk van ‘n lid van die publiek. In hierdie stadium word hy verbind met 43 ernstige geweldmisdade in die Soutpansberg-streek. Die beloning is Dinsdag aan die lid van die publiek, wat verkies om anoniem te bly, uitbetaal. “Ons glo dat die beloning beslis bygedra het tot die suksesvolle arrestasie van Chauke,” het mnr. Fritz Ahrens, voorsitter van die Louis Trichardt Boerevereniging, gesê. Hy het sy dank uitgespreek teenoor al die boere en instansies wat tot die beloning bygedra het. “Hiermee word ook bewys dat die boere van Soutpansberg hulle beloftes gestand doen ... Ons spreek die hoop uit dat alle ondersoeke behoorlik gedoen is en dat voldoende bewyse by die hof ingedien word om Chauke behoorlik te vonnis,” het Ahrens gesê.

Ahrens het ook die hoop uitgespreek dat Chauke vir altyd uit die samelewing verwyder sal word soos skriftelik deur hulle aan die staatsaanklaer versoek is. “Ons versoek ook die hof om die mense wie se regte deur Chauke geskend is bo die van sy eie te stel … Ons vra ook dat die politici en leiers van hierdie land wie se uitsprake en liedere bygedra het tot hierdie terreurveldtog, hulle sal weerhou van sulke optrede en uitsprake,” het Ahrens gesê.

Lost 18/8/2011

Reward - R2000

Lost in the area of 80 Munnik Street

Did someone offer you a free female cat from 18/8/2011. She could be mine, please return her. * Grey in colour * Green eyes * Female * Medium build

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6 August 26, 2011 Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

Ouers wil ander met selfde hartseer help

26 August to 4 September 2011


“Nou kan ons openlik praat oor die dood van ons baba,” sê ‘n paartjie wie se dogtertjie ‘n halfuur lank geleef het. Hulle voel gereed om ander in die­ selfde bootjie by te staan. Christo en Elmarie Coetzee van Louis Trichardt het ‘n lang pad geloop met die rouproses na die dood van hul dogtertjie, Chrismarie. Hulle kon eers later vasstel dat sy te veel vog op die longe, hart en brein gehad het. Sussie Christel (4) het die hartseer pad saam met hulle geloop. Elmarie skryf in Septem“Nou kan ons openlik praat oor die dood van ons baba,” sê Christo en Elmarie Coetzee van Louis ber verlede jaar in ‘n brief aan Trichardt, wie se dogtertjie ‘n halfuur lank geleef het. Op Ma se skoot slaap sussie Christel (4). haar oorlede dogtertjie, wat toe sewe maande tevore gesterf het: “Chrismarie, poplap, Mamma mis jou. Die lewe het vir Mamma baie swaar geraak, omdat jy nie R1399 hier by ons kan wees nie. Dit 1kg maak so seer om jou so te mis. En Chicken Liver om nie te verstaan nie … Party dae doen Mamma maar sommer net alles wat ek doen, net omdat ek moet. Gaan werk, omdat ek R1299 moet. Werk in die huis, omdat ek moet. Studeer, omdat ek moet. 1kg Turkey Liver Maar dis omdat ek eintlik by jou wil wees…” 99 R16 each Elmarie het ook haar geloof1kg Chicken or skrisis en emosionele pyn in die Beef Burgers brief verwoord. “Chrismarie, Mamma verwyt die Here baie vir wat Hy aan ons as gesin gedoen het. Mense sê ek moenie so voel nie, want dis nie God wat dit gedoen het nie… Mamma weet nie of jy dalk R7999

meer antwoorde as Mamma het daar waar jy op Jesus se skoot sit nie. Dalk verstaan jy reeds meer daarvan as Mamma ...” Die brief lees verder: “Maar Mamma wil jou vanaand belowe dat Mamma sal aanhou om te probeer verstaan ... Vra asseblief vir Jesus om maar geduldig te wees met Mamma, want Mamma bly so kwaad dat ek dit nie eers regkry om met Hom te gesels nie ...” Elmarie het hierdie week vertel hoe sy uiteindelik in ‘n selgroepbyeenkoms op die punt kon kom om al die seer en emosies by Jesus te kon neersit en watter herstel daarmee gepaardgegaan het. Op haar pad was daar ook beraders, dokters, kursusse en ‘n kliniese sielkundige wat haar gehelp het. “Vir my het die grootste seer gekom omdat ek nooit my kind kon sien of vashou nie,” sê Elmarie. Christo, aan die ander kant, kon haar handjie ‘n rukkie vashou, terwyl sy in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Polokwane was. “Daar het die spesialiste vir my gesê hulle kan niks meer vir haar doen nie en ek moes die nuus aan Elmarie gaan oordra. Ek wou die enigste twee foto’s van ons dogtertjie waar sy lewe van die kamera afvee om Elmarie dit te spaar, maar sy het gevra dat ek dit nie moet doen nie. Sy het weer aan die foto’s vasgeklou

en oor en oor daarna gekyk,” sê Christo en verduidelik hoe elkeen kans gegun moet word om op sy of haar eie manier te rou en dat die ouers mekaar ook tegemoet moet kom. Hierdie jaar het die Coetzeegesin nog ‘n trauma beleef, met ‘n miskraam in Junie, die dag voor Elmarie se finale eksamen. Dit is ook die enigste vak wat Elmarie nou nog kort om finansiële rekenmeester te wees. “Ek het nie my gevoelens genoeg gewys nie en dit het Elmarie laat voel dat ek nie omgee nie. Ek het dus meer met haar begin praat oor hoe ek voel. Ons huwelik het sterker anderkant uitgekom,” sê Christo. Die Coetzees wil nou graag emosionele ondersteuning verleen aan ouers wat deur die trauma van die dood van ‘n baba of kleuter gegaan het of ‘n miskraam beleef het. Hulle het die Vision of Hope bediening gestig onder die beskerming van Shammah Bedieninge. “Ons wil gratis hulp en leiding verleen met betrekking tot die rouproses en vriendskap aanbied vir diegene in daardie situasies. Dieperliggende probleme sal ons verwys na kundiges. Ons besef uit eie ondervinding dat dit wat ‘n mens aan die begin die nodigste het, is net ‘n oor wat kan luister” sê die Coetzees. Christo se nommer is 084 227 2919 en Elmarie s’n 084 257 4096

4kg Wings

R6999 4kg Thighs

R4499 1kg Boerewors with 1kg Shaya Maize Meal FREE

every With ewors oer g 1kg B d, get 1k ase al purch Maize Me a y Sha



4kg Soup Cuts

R2199 2l Cooking Oil

R11899 12 x 400g Lucky Star Pilchards in Chilli/Tomato Sauce

Hard worked paid off for park rangers of the Mapungubwe National Park when they arrested a gang of five Zimbabweans suspected of stealing the military border fence along the Limpopo River last weekend. One vehicle and trailor, a cellphone, a bolt cutter, pliers and 51 rolls of mesh military fence were confiscated by the rangers. The five suspects were arrested and handed over to the Zimbabwe Beit Bridge Police station, where a case had been opened. Photo supplied.

R999 400g Lucky Star Pilchards in Chilli/ Tomato Sauce

R499 R599 each

1l Assorted Fusion Dairy Blend


500g Rosa Margarine


125g Assorted jiggies Chips

R4699 each

R2699 Introduction of

5kg OBC Long Grain Rice

6 x 1l Bonnita/ Everfresh Long Life Milk

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Trading hours vary from store to store. Please phone your closest branch to confirm, especially for weekend trading hours. While stocks last. OBC Chicken reserves the right to limit quantities per customer. E&EO. Products may vary from images shown.

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26 Augustus 2011 7


8 August 26, 2011

KERKE/CHURCHES Dienstye kan verander, veral gedurende vakansies. Skakel kerke vir meer inligting. Service times may change, especially during holidays . Phone churches for more information.

• Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (LTT) Tshirululunistraat 28, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 516 2272 • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (Musina) Cass Straat 16, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 534 2126 • Agapé Gemeente (LTT) Munnikstraat 90, Sondag 09:00, 17:00 kom jeug bymekaar. Past. Sampie van Niekerk, Tel: 015 516 3725 / 082 926 9538 • AGS Charisma (LTT) Munnikstraat 70, Sondag 10:00 & 18:00, Past. Anton van den Berg, Tel 015 516 0486 of 083 653 0790 • AGS El-Shaddai (Musina) Watsonlaan 17, Sondag 10:00 en 18:00, Past. Boetie Visser, Tel: 015 534 3361 / 084 456 6959 • AGS Charisma (Levubu) Sondag 09:00. Past Anton van den Berg (015 5160486) • All Nations for Jesus Christian Centre (LTT) 93 Burger Street (Maranatha Centre), Sunday 09:30 & Wednesday 18:00, Past Benjamin Sithole, Tel 083 532 9492/ 015 516 2275 • Anglican Church / St Marks (LTT) 128 Munnik Street, Sunday 10:30, Rev Gail Blunden, Tel: 015 516 5165 • Baptist Church (Musina) Corner of Whyte & Limpopo Street, Sunday 09:30, Rev Paul Richardson, Tel: 015 534 0479 or 082 446 1728 • Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk (LTT) Ruhstraat 25, Sondag 09:30 & 18:30 (Ds. Johan Marais), Tel: 015 516 2714. • Baird Ministries (LTT) Cnr of Rissik & Reitz Street. Fellowship on Sundays at 09:00 and 18:00. Bertus (founder) Tel 071 078 1631 or Melodey Tel 076 099 8430 • Catholic Church (Musina) National Road. Tel: 015 534 2085 • Catholic Church (LTT) Corner Burger & Jeppe Street, Mass times: 1st Sunday 10:00 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday 17:00, Father Frank Gallagher, Tel: 015 516 0566 / 082 664 1393 • Chapel of Grace Church Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 at Maurunwa/SIloam/Nzhelele Past Oke Tel 083 461 6455 or 072 976 3448. • Church of England / St Peters (LTT) 33 Breda Street, Sunday 09:00, Rev Emil Katz, Tel: 015 516 2164 / 083 284 7580 • Emmanuel Christelike Kerk (LTT) Koraalboomstraat 3, Sondag 09:00, Past. Andries van Heerden, Tel: 015 516 4282 / 083 357 1658 • Evangeliese Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) Songozwistraat (Voortrekkersaal), Sondagdiens 10:00, leraar ds. Abel Erasmus, Tel: 073 371 7566. • Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) H/v Anderson & Songozwistraat, Sondag 09:00 en 10:45. Ds. Hans Grobler. Tel. 015 516 4007 • Gereformeerde Kerk (Musina) Wilsonlaan 1, Sondag 09:30, Ds. Cornel Nagel, Tel: 015 534 2253 / 084 406 1723 • Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt H/v Stubbs & Forestry, Sondag 08:30, Ds. Phillip Horn, Tel: 015 516 0550 / 083 259 4061 • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Forestry, Sondag 10:00, Ds. PJ van der Merwe, Tel: 015 516 1220 / 082 678 3537 • Hervormde Kerk (Musina) H/v Van Zyl & Celliersstraat, 1ste, 3de en 5de Sondag om 09:00 en 2de en 4de Sondag om 18:30, ds. Barrie Oberholzer, Tel: 015 534 0610 / 082 211 7926 • Lede in Christus Kerk (LTT) Joubertstraat 29, Sondag 10:00 & 18:00, Past. Fanie Redelinghuis, Tel: 015 516 0521 / 082 465 8774 • Levubu Christelike Gemeente (Hatfield) Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Craig Whitcomb, Tel 015 583 0134 of 084 400 8937 • Methodist Church (LTT) 79 Munnik Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel. 015 516 0446 • NG Kerk (Levubu) Perseel 316, Sondag 08:30 en 10:15 (LTT - Rondebosch Lapa), Ds. Petrus Kriel Tel: 015 583 002 / 082 898 2081 • NG Kerk (LTT) Erasmusstraat 23, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, ds. Jan Pretorius en ds. Corné Randall, Tel: 015 516 3902 of 072 207 8350. • NG Kerk Soutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Andersonstraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. Phillip Venter. Tel: 015 516 4366 • NG Kerk (Musina) Ds. Henricostraat, Sondag 09:00, ds Anton Kemp, Tel: 015 534 0759, 082 779 2609 / 082 779 2324 • New Covenant Kerk/Church (LTT) 115 Krogh Street, Sondag 09:00 en 18:30, Louis Trichardt, André van Niekerk, Tel 015 516 5305 or 082 926 7313 • Ou Apostoliese Kerk van SA (LTT) Kroghstraat, Sondagdienste om 08:45 en 18:00, Priester Attie van Deventer, Tel. 079 516 7667 • Shammah Bedieninge/Ministries (LTT) Sondag hoofdiens & Kingdomkidz Kinderkerk 10:00, Jeugkerk en Huisselle 18:00, Donderdag: opleiding en geestelik toerusting, Past Strydom 082 785 0265, kerkkantoor 015 516 4018. • Sewendedag-adventiste (LTT) Groblerstraat, Saterdag 09:00 en 11:00, Roger de Troch, Tel 082 897 8374 • Sewendedag-adventiste (Musina) H/v Turner & Whytestraat, Saterdag 11:00, Marguerite Sindon & Marietjie Diener, Tel: 015 534 3240 / 082 358 2526 • Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (Buysdorp) Sondag 10:00 (erediens), Ds. H. J. Steyn (082 336 9751) • Volle Evangelie Kerk (LTT) H/v Rissik & Burgersraat, Sondae 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Stefan Pieterse, Tel: 015 516 0758 / 082 462 6755 • Volle Evangelie Kerk Ebenhaeser (Musina) H/v Turner & Watsonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Jimmy Venter, Tel: 082 920 4493

Indien kerke se besonderhede soos hierbo nie korrek is nie of verander het, skakel Andries by tel. 015 516 4997 of skryf aan Nuwe kerke welkom. If church details are incorrect or have changed, please phone Andries at 015 516 4997 or write to news@ New churches welcome.

WHAT’S ON? WAT GEBEUR? ZoutieWeather Louis Trichardt (Seven-day forecast)

Thursday, August 25 Clouds to start, then sunshine returns.

High: 23oC Low: 9oC Friday, August 26 Sunshine against a deep blue sky.

High: 28oC Low: 11oC Saturday, August 27 Brilliant sunshine.

High: 27oC Low: 9oC Sunday, August 28 Partly sunny and not as warm but pleasant. o o

High: 22 C Low: 9 C Monday, August 29 Pleasant with partial sunshine.

High: 22oC Low: 8oC Tuesday, August 30 Plenty of sunshine.

High: 25oC Low: 9oC Wednesday, August 31 Bright sunshine.

High: 27oC Low: 10oC (Source:


We need your club, school, church or nonprofit organisation’s events for 2011. Please send the details to, fax it to (015) 516 2303 or phone 015 516 4996/7. These events will be published free of charge in the calendar. You can also submit and view these online at


Ons benodig alle klubs, skole, kerke en niewinsgewende organisasies se opkomende gebeurtenisse vir 2011. Stuur besonderhede na, faks 015 516 2303 of skakel 015 516 4996/7. Die gebeurtenisse sal gratis in die kalender geplaas word. Besoek gerus ook ons webtuiste se kalender by


Gister-se-Jeugklub vergader elke Dinsdag vanaf 09:00 tot 11:00 in die kerksaal van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk op die hoek van Stubbs­ straat en Forestryweg op Louis Trichardt. Alle senior burgers is welkom by die klubvergaderings waar die programme interessante sprekers, musiek, speletjies, geestelike boodskappe, uitstappies en kuier insluit. Vir meer inligting kan mnr.Willie Agenbacht by 083 453 6597 geskakel word.

• MANNE VAN DIE WOORD Die Manne van die Woord op Louis Trichardt nooi alle Christen-mans na hul weeklikse bymekaarkoms. Daar word elke Vrydagoggend om 06:00 by Ocean Basket in Songozwistraat vergader.

• BABAHUIS HET HULP NODIG Die Shilioh Babahuis op Louis Trichardt


Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151 vra dat die gemeenskap betrokke raak met skenkings in die vorm van poeiermelk vir babas, weggooidoeke, babaklere ensovoorts. Finansiële bydraes is ook welkom. Vir meer inligting, skakel Annetjie Blom by tel. 015 516 6582.


vroueselgroep van Baird Ministries koördineer ‘n maandelikse Woensdagoggend-uitstappie na die Wimpy by Makhado Crossing, waar ’n gratis muffin en tee of koffie geniet word. Dié uitstappie is gemik op bejaardes en alleenmense en begin om 10:00. Die Wimpy kan sowat 30 persone per keer akkommodeer. Die datums vir die res van die jaar is 14 September, 12 Oktober, 9 November en 14 Desember. Belangstellendes kan vir Marietjie skakel by 078 480 8783.

• MAJESTY JEUGBEDIENING IN GELD Majesty Jeugbediening van die

Lede in Christus-gemeente op Louis Trichardt het verskeie kompetisies ter fondsinsameling geloods. In die eerste kompetisie moet inwoners die gewig van ‘n afgeslagte rooibokram reg raai om ‘n kans te staan om die bok te wen. Kaartjies hiervoor kos R10. Andersins kan inwoners skat hoeveel Astro’s, Tumbles of Whispers in die glasbottel is by Acutts Eiendomme. Die wat dit reg raai, kan die bottel lekkergoed wen. As al drie bottels reggeraai word, kan al drie gewen word. Die totale pryswaarde is R1 500 en kaartjies kos R50. Die gemeente bied vanaf 2 tot 4 September ook ‘n interkerklike jeugkonfe­ rensie by Lofdal (Tzaneen) aan. Die jeug wat die meeste vriende saambring kamp verniet en wen ‘n rooibok ter waarde van R1 400. Die kamp is vir jeug tussen 13 en 24 jaar. Vir meer inligting, skakel Franswa (jeugleier) by 079 226 0938.

• SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Electricity/Elektrisiteit • Water • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Munisipaliteit/Municipality • Hospital (Government) • Hospital (Private) • SPB Dorpswag

- 10111/ 015 519 4300 / 083 206 5594 - 015 516 4378 / 015 516 2395 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 0551 / 015 516 0554 - 015 519 3000 - 015 516 0148 / 9 - 015 516 0720 / 015 516 6980 - 082 251 0827


College invites members of the public to their production of Night Shriek. The plot centres around Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” but the story is set in Africa. A special show for students will be held on September 1 with tickets costing R20 and the show starting at 18:30. On September 2, all are welcome. The show, in Barnyard style theatre, will also start at 18:30 with tickets costing R50 per person or R320 for a table of eight. The venue is the Gereformeerde church hall. Tickets are on sale at the college at Tel. 015 516 3908.


Die Hervormde Kerk Musina-gemeente hou op 2 en 3 September weer basaar op hul kerkterrein. Op 2 September begin die basaar, met die tema Limpopofees, om 14:00 en op 3 September om 07:00. Vleis, vars vrugte en groente en tuisgebak sal te koop aangebied word, met speletjies vir die kleinspan, ‘n teetuin, waterkaskenades vir die jeug, ‘n Mnr. en Mej. Limpopofees, en vele • HEART BEAT-JEUGAAND “The meer. Heart Beat” is ‘n interkerklike jeugaand wat op WEEKLY DAM LEVELS Donderdagaand, 25 Augustus, by die skoolsaal According to latest available van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt aangebied word. WEEKLIKSE information from the Department Die Emmanuel Youth Band sal optree en daar of Water Affairs and Forestry as DAMVLAKKE on Monday, August 22. sal ook ‘n dansopvoering deur Dancers in Christ wees. Marcel van Niekerk sal die Woord bedien. Dams/damme: 22/08/2011 15/08/2011 Die jeugaand begin om 18:00 vir 18:30. Vir Albasini Dam 48.6% 48.6% meer inligting, skakel Jan by 073 017 9349.


Ebenezer Dam Flag Boshielo Dam oms toespreek op Donderdag, 25 Augustus. Die Glen Alpine Dam tema is “Die karakter van ‘n Gods vrou”. Die tyd Luphephe Dam van die byeenkoms is 18:30 vir 19:00 en die verMiddel Letaba Dam gaderplek is die skoolsaal van Laerskool Louis Nandoni Dam Trichardt. Daar is geen kostes aan verbonde nie en alle dames is baie welkom. Nsami Dam Vir meer besonderhede kan Stanley Thompson geskakel word by 082 493 3897 of sales@thomp- Nwanedzi Dam Nzhelele Dam Tzaneen Dam • MANNEKAMP Die Manne van die Woord van Louis Trichardt hou ‘n mannekamp Vondo Dam • JOHNNY LOUW PRAAT MET VROUE Johnny Louw kom ‘n vrouebyeenk-

vanaf 26 tot 28 Augustus op Waterpoort by die plaas Friendschapsdal, sowat 100km vanaf Louis Trichardt. Die aanbieders is Dawie Spies en Johnny Louw. Die kostes is R100 per persoon. Vir meer inligting, skakel Stanley Thompson by 082 493 3897. Vir kampbesprekings, skakel Piet du Toit by 083 770 6656.


Anyone interested in astronomy and astrophotography is invited to join the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club for an evening of stargazing on Saturday, August 27 from sunset onwards. For more information and directions to Saturday evening’s stargazing, phone Kos Coronaios on 079 148 4934.

• CHARITY DAY JOL Die Roadhogs Motorfietsklub op Louis Trichardt se jaarlikse



Charity Day Jol vind plaas op 27 Augustus vanaf 08:00 by die inligtingsentrum op Louis Trichardt. Geld wat tydens die byeenkoms ingesamel word sal vanjaar gaan aan die DBV op Louis Trichardt. Blikkieskos sal ook bymekaar gemaak word in ‘n Tin forTin-Run vir die SAVF op die dorp. Soos gewoonlik sal daar ‘n massarit deur die dorp wees met lekker kos, musiek, speletjies, ‘n kontantkroeg en ander stalletjies. Vir meer inligting, skakel Johan (084 557 0149) of Yolanda (082 972 2060). • BJV WILDSETE Die Bosveld Jagtersen Wildbewaringsvereniging hou weer op 27 Augustus hul gewilde jaarlikse wildsete. Vir meer inligting en besprekings, skakel Lerina by tel. 084 209 3123.


• SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Hospital (Government) • Municipality • Electricity/Water


- 10111 / 015 534 7601 - 10177 / 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0446 / 7 - 015 534 6000 - 083 457 2183

• SAPS/SAPD - 10111/ 015 583 0121 • Municipal and other services (see Louis Trichardt)

100.2% 100% 101.1% 100% 96.9% 98.1% 92.3% 93.1% 11.8% 12% 100.9% 100% 52% 52.6% 90.8% 91.8% 96.9% 97.5% 100.6% 100% 95% 95.4%

* Latest stats unavailable by the time of going to press





SAMMY’S ADVENTURE 3D CAPTAIN AMERICA: ¸ ˛ ◊ ß THE FIRST AVENGER 3D Fri-Sun, Tue: 10:00, 15:20, 19:30

˛ ◊

Mon, Wed, Thu: 15:20, 19:30


JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD - 3D ˛ ◊ ß Fri, Sat: 12:15, 17:30, 21:45 Sun-Thu: 12:15, 17:30


COWBOYS AND ALIENS ¸ ˛ ◊ Ω Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:40, 14:20, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:40, 14:20, 17:00, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:40, 14:20, 17:00, 19:45


RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES ˛ Ç œ Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:30, 15:10, 17:50, 20:20, 22:50 Sun, Tue: 9:45, 12:30, 15:10, 17:50, 20:20 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:30, 15:10, 17:50, 20:20

Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 ——————————————————————————————————


˛ ◊ ß

Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:10, 19:40, 22:05 Sun, Tue: 9:45, 12:15, 14:45, 17:10, 19:40 Mon: 17:10, 19:40 Wed, Thu: 12:15, 14:45, 17:10, 19:40 ——————————————————————————————————

JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD ˛ ◊ ß Fri, Sat: 10:15, 12:15, 15:15, 17:30, 19:30, 21:30 Sun, Tue: 10:15, 12:15, 15:15, 17:30, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 15:15, 17:30, 19:30


BOSSES ˛ ◊ ≥ ˛ Ç ˚ HORRIBLE Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 20:15, 22:35



Fri, Sat: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00 ——————————————————————————————————

SOMETHING BORROWED ˛ Ç Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 20:00, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 20:00

Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 20:15


TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON ˛ ◊ Fri-Sun, Tue: 10:00, 14:00, 17:15, 20:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 14:00, 17:15, 20:30




Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 15:00, 17:40, 20:10, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 15:00, 17:40, 20:10 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 15:00, 17:40, 20:10

Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:00, 15:00, 17:25, 19:50, 22:15 Sun, Tue: 9:30, 12:00, 15:00, 17:25, 19:50 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 15:00, 17:25, 19:50




26 Augustus 2011 9


Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151

• GROEP WIL HARTSEER VER- • SUPERCOOL VIR JESUS Nedi­ LIG Die amptelike bekendstelling van Vision ne Blom, wie se eerste kinderalbum, Supercool,


kos R250 per aand per span of R1 000 vir die Zoutpansberg bied op Saterdag, hele toernooi. Spanne sal bestaan uit ses spelers of Hope vind plaas op 3 September om 18:00 by ‘n SAMA-toekenning ontvang het, is terug met 24 September, vanaf 08:30 tot wat 10 minute aan elke kant sal speel. Spanne ‘n splinternuwe CD en DVD, genaamd SuperShammah Bedieninge, te Rissikstraat 50. laat die Inni-berg-fees op hulle mag reserwes saambring. Ten minste agt spanne moet inskryf om die liga ‘n sukses te maak en Tydens die geleentheid sal ‘n kliniese sielkun- cool vir Jesus. skoolterrein aan. veral besighede word genooi om ‘n spanne in te dige van Polokwane, Zelda Buitendag, as spreker Blom tree op 10 September op Louis Tri­ Dit vind plaas in die vorm skryf. optree. Vision of Hope Bediening wil emosiochardt op en haar optrede behels ‘n karaokevan ‘n familiefees met stalWedstryde begin om 18:00 en is baie sosiaal. nele ondersteuning verleen aan ouers wat deur vertoning waartydens sy interaktief met oud en letjies en hope vermaak vir die Die afsluitingsdatum vir inskrywings is 8 Sepdie trauma van die dood van ‘n baba of kleuter jonk omgaan. Kaartjies vir die geleentheid kos kinders, wat insluit Daisy en gegaan het, asook mense wat deur hierdie omR50 per persoon. Haar optrede vind plaas vanaf Doempels die narre. Die groot tember. Vir meer inligting, skakel Leon by 082 711 3844 of Sean by 083 556 3502. standighede geraak word. Dit staan onder leiding 18:00 tot 20:30 in Laerskool Louis Trichardt aantrekkingskrag beloof die van Christo en Elmarie Coetzee, wat uit eie se skoolsaal. Vir meer inligting, skakel Gert “National 105kg Strongman Championship” te • ZERO-TO-HERO The P&L Hardware ondervinding leiding wil gee. (084 564 5013). Kaartjies is beskikbaar by Casa wees. Potjiekosgeesdriftiges kan inskryf vir ‘n Cycling Club and Body Fit in Louis Trichardt Vir meer inligting, skakel Christo by 084 227 Caffé, Eerste Nasionale Bank (Retha Nelson 082 potjiekoskompetisie, met groot pryse wat gewen will again present their Zero-to-Hero training 2919 of Elmarie by 084 257 4096. Hulle na-ure 044 6713) en die AGS se kerkkantoor (015 516 kan word. Daar is ook ‘n Mej. Innibergfees (9-13 program for all novice cyclists from 12 Sep­ nommer is 015 516 4263. 0486). jaar en 14-17 jaar) en Mej. Fotogenies-kompetember this year. Over a period of ten weeks, tisie, met inskrywingsvorms wat beskikbaar is • ONDERSTEUN TOMBOLA In- • DISKONTO BOEKE BY TRIcyclists will be trained various skills to complete by Du Toit’s Apteek of skakel vir Zoalize van woners word gevra om die CMR se tombolatafel EGIES Diskonto Boeke sal op 12 en 13 a race at the end of the program. For assessments te ondersteun tydens die NG Kerk Soutpansberg September ‘n boekuitstalling in Laerskool Louis Zyl (082 902 5654). Plaaslike kunstenaars gaan to be able to enter for the program, please contact deurlopend optree, en die dag word afgesluit met Sean at 0833774670 or Antjie at 0835631010 to se Lentefees op 3 September. Trichardt se skoolsaal hou. ‘n vertoning deur Zak van Niekerk (foto) vanaf Buiten die ondersteun van die tafel, benodig make an appointment until September 9. 19:00. Kaartjies vir dié optrede is by Weldon’s • GERRIE PRETORIUS SING hulle ook items vir die tafel soos speelgoed, • PTA GOLF DAY The Parent Teachers BY APK Op 16 September sal die gewilde Apteek te koop teen R60 per persoon. Die toeornamente of enige bruikbare produkte. Association of Messina Primary School is hostgangsfooie na die fees is R30 vir volwassenes, Gerrie Pretorius by die Persone wat kan help of navrae het, kan die ing a golf day fund raiser on September 24. R15 vir skoolkinders en gratis vir voorskoolse Afrikaanse Protestanse kantoor skakel by tel. 015 516 5115 of bring die Registration will take place from 06:00 and the kinders. Vir meer inligting, skakel Miempie (084 Kerk optree. items na hul kantoor te Munnikstraat 70. entry fee is R150 per player (includes an evening 606 0165) of Amanda (082 301 8448). Die vertoning sal om braai pack). The format is a 4-ball alliance. The • SPB-GEMEENTE LENTEFEES 18:30 vir 19:00 begin. prize giving, braai and dance will take from Die NG Kerk Soutpansberg-gemeente op Louis Kaartjies beloop 19:00. For more information, phone Marlene at Trichardt hou weer op 3 September hul LenteR120 vir volwassenes 082 317 5777. fees vanaf 08:00 tot 16:00 in die park oorkant en R60 vir kinders • VIS-EN-VLEESFEES Hoërskool OK Grocer (ou Ricky’s). onder die ouderdom Louis Trichardt bied op 14 en 15 Oktober ‘n van 12 en ‘n heerlike Vis-en-Vleesfees aan. • APK-PRETDAG BY ALBASINI ete is ingesluit. Voor­skoolse kinders sal gratis Daar gaan Idols wees, asook tweekamp, armDie Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk op Louis kan ingaan. Vir meer inligting of bespreking, Trichardt hou op 3 September weer hul gewilde kan Eulien du Plessis geskakel word by 083 232 druk, sterkmankompetisie en ‘n snoekbraai. Vir meer inligting, skakel Ilze (084 616 5641), pretdag by die Albasinidam. 9647, of Babs by 082 960 1525 of Heila by 082 Hennie (082 292 8154) of die skool (015 516 Vanaf 08:30 sal daar saamgekuier word by 679 4630. Kaartjies sal ook beskikbaar wees by 4965). Joao en Anthéa Lombaard se uitspanplek. Du Toit’s Apteek. Vir die avontuurlustiges sal daar uithouwed­ • SKERMUTSELINGSTOER Die renne wees vir twee- en vierwielmotorfietse. • VLU-TAK VIER 50 JAAR Die volgende Soutpansberg Skermutselingstoer vind Inskrywing kos R200 per persoon vir die uithou- Vroue Landbou-unie se Hangliptak op Louis op Saterdag, 15 Oktober, plaas. rit en R100 per persoon vir die kinderwedren. Trichardt vier vanjaar hulle vyftigste bestaans­ Tydens die toer, onder leiding van plaaslike Navrae kan gerig word aan Dries (082 898 8766) jaar. Ter viering hiervan bied die VLU op 16 historikus Charles Leach, sal daar weer gekyk of Peet (083 469 0128). September om 19:00 ‘n ete aan met Mari word na die 100 jaar geskiedenis van die BushVanaf 17:30 sal ‘n lentedans aangebied word. Weber as gaskunstenaar. Die ete vind plaas in veldt Carbineers, met besoeke aan onder meer Kaartjies kos R30 en sluit ‘n lekker bord kos in. die Fransie Vermaaksaal van die Gereformeerde Lovedale Parks en die Sweet Waters Hotel. Toegang vir die dag is gratis. Vir meer inligting, Kerk. Kaartjies, wat R80 per persoon kos en ‘n Vir besprekings kan Inga Gilfillan geskakel skakel ds. Gert Kruger (082 770 6554) of Basie ete insluit, is beskikbaar by Driekie’s Crafts word by 072 590 3939 of 015 5165455. Potgieter (083 511 6123). and Gifts in Kroghstraat. Driekie Vorster kan geskakel word by 083 274 3233. Meer inligting • ALBERT DE WET OP LEVUkan bekom word deur Maritha Vreugdenburg te BU Suid-Afrikaanse sanger Albert de Wet vorm skakel by 015 516 3111. deel van die vermaak tydens Laerskool Levubu se “Fear Factor” boeresportdag op 3 September. • COME AND HAVE A BRAAI Residents are Verrigtinge begin om 12:00, met De Wet wat invited to come and • LAERSKOOL LEVUBU later die middag sal optree. Kaartjies hiervoor GHOLFDAG Laerskool Levubu hou op 27 enjoy a braai durkos R60. As ‘n ete by geniet wil word (self braai Augustus weer hul jaarlikse gholf- en boerebeing the Kuifkopfees en bykosse) en daar ook deelgeneem wil word markingsdag by die Soutpansberg Gholfklub on Braai Day on aan die boeresportdag, is die koste R100 per September 23 and op Louis Trichardt. Vir meer inligting, skakel persoon. Michelle by 082 921 8954 of stuur ’n e-pos na 24 at the Clouds Spanne moet bestaan uit twee mans en twee vroue. Eie eetgerei moet saamgebring word, en End Hotel. ‘n kontantkroeg sal beskikbaar wees. Friday night • SKIETOEFENING Die Soutpansberg Vir meer inligting, skakel Petro by 079 528 there will be a spit Skietklub hou op Saterdag, 27 Augustus ‘n 6782 of die skoolkantoor by 015 583 0224. braai and potjiekos, followed by braaivleis and skietoefening vanaf 10:00. boerekos on Saturday. “Kom stel jou geweer in of kyk of jou geweer • GIOVANNONI PRAAT BY EM- Live entertainment will be provided by Dusty nog ingestel is, beproef ander ladings, kom MANUEL Anita Giovannoni sal op Sondag, Dixon. Ther will also be mampoer tasting, while ruil herlaai-inligting uit of kom oefen vir die 4 September om 09:00 by die Emmanuel visitors will have the opportunity to support 303-kompetisie op 24 September, nooi die klub. Christelike Kerk op Louis Trichardt bedien. their local charities such as CANSA (hairspray), Vir meer inligting, skakel Leon Bezuidenhout Almal is welkom om die diens by te woon. Agora (tombola), SPCA (book sale) and Rotary (083 773 9599), Ronnie Levine (072 560 8731) Vir enige navrae kan die kerkkantoor geskakel Anns (pancakes). For more information regardof Hennie Bezuidenhout (071 873 0505). word by (015) 516-4282. ing the Rotary Ann’s local craft and produce • OPEDAG BY LOUWTJIES Alle market, phone Marie at 082 854 2459). For the more advetorous, the P&L Cycling voornemende Louwtjies word uitgenooi na HoërClub will present a mountain bike race and for skool Eric Louw se opedag op 9 September. the kids - waterballs - a first for Louis Trichardt. • ZUMBA FOR CHARITY Ladies Die tyd vir leerders is 09:00 tot 13:00 en vanaf Circle 4 and Body Fit in Louis For more information, phone Laura at 083 404 18:00 vir ouers in die skoolsaal. Leerders moet Trichardt will be 6751 or Barbra at 015 517 7021. hul swemklere saambring. hosting a Zumba for • HENNIE BEDIEN MET • BROOD- EN BILTONGAAND Charity at Yonder WOORD EN LIED Die AGS Charisma op Louis Trichardt bied op 9 (Dienssentrum) on Hennie Smit, een van SuidSeptember weer hul gewilde brood- en biltong­ September 1. Afrika se mees bekende aand aan. The event will run from vermaaklikheidskunsteDie brood- en biltongaand is al ‘n instel­ling 18:00 until 19:30 and will be judged on a “last naars, bekend vir onder in die dorp en die gemeenskap word hartlik man standing” basis. andere sy rol as “Bertie” in uitge­nooi na ‘n geselligheid waar elkeen soveel Entry cost R10 per person and all proceeds die bekende televisiereeks biltong en brood kan eet as wat hy of sy wil. will go towards charity. Egoli gaan tydens die CVO Daar is verskillende soorte biltong en brode en “Bring your friends, children and enemies for Skool Zoutpansberg se die tafels word gereeld volgemaak. Dit is dus a fun evening,” invites the organisers. noodsaaklik om so gou moontlik kaartjies te ver- Inni-Berg-Fees op Sater­dag, 24 September optree as seremoniemeester en beoordelaar van die • RAAK-RUGBY LIGA Die Louis kry om teleurstelling te voorkom. Kaartjies kos R80 vir volwassenes en R50 vir laerskoolkinders. Potjiekoskompetisie. Op Sondag, 25 September Trichardt Krieketklub beplan vanaf 9 September tot 7 Oktober ‘n raak-rugby liga. sal Hennie saam met Francois Coetzee die proVerrigtinge begin om 18:00 en kaartjies is Wedstryde sal elke Vrydagaand by die Louis gram “Woord en Lied”, ‘n Christelike uurlange beskikbaar by die kerkkantoor (015 516 0486), Trichardt Rugbyklub gespeel word en elke span program. Toegang is gratis. Vir navrae, skakel Florette (015 577 1653) en Magriet (015 516 sal twee wedstryde per aand speel. Deelname Deseré by 083 308 7079. 2397).




10 August 26, 2011



Laerskool Louis Trichardt se Wiskundeslimkop, John Kuhne (Graad 7), verwerf ‘n goue medalje by die finale rondte van die AMESA Wiskunde Olimpiade, wat op 5 Augustus by die Universiteit van Limpopo naby Polokwane geskryf is.

26 Augustus 2011 11

Die Graad 8-toneelaand by Hoërskool Louis Trichardt met die tema Menseregte Skending het interessante toneelstukke opgelewer. Hier is die Graad 8(2)-groep op 10 Augustus met die toneeltjie Veilige werk en goeie betaling, geskryf deur Graad 8 leerder Marietjie Leonard. Foto verskaf.

Die prefekte van Laerskool Louis Trichardt het tweedehandse klere en skoene vir hul kwartaallikse welwillendheidsprojek ingesamel, wat na welsynsorganisasies in die omgewing versprei sal word. Elke prefek het ‘n klas gekry om te motiveer. By die groot hoop klerasie verskyn die drie prefekte wie se klasse die meeste ingesamel het. Van links is Bianca Spies (algehele wenner), Pieter Maré en Jenika Pohl.


Date: 27 August 2011 Time: 08:00 - 17:00 Place: Louis Trichardt Info Centre

R50.00 - entrance fee, incl. cloth badge

1 Tin of food - for needy families (SAVF) Tin 4 Tin Run in conjunction with

Funds will be donated to the SPCA. We also have a second charity for this day, the SAVF (Suid-Afrikaanse Vroue Federasie). All the tins of food collected as entrance fee will be donated to them to help needy families.

Foo stal d ls


Mass ride

For more info contact Johan at 084 557 0149

Coca-Cola Fortune op Louis Trichardt het teruggeploeg in die gemeenskap deur middel van ´n skenking aan die Shilioh Bababuis. Huismoeder Annetjie Blom het voorverlede Vrydag die skenking in ontvangs geneem, wat onder andere bababenodigdhede, speelgoed en ´n watertenk ingesluit het. Veral die speelgoed, wat dadelik oopgemaak is, het vir heelwat glimlaggies gesorg. In die foto is Coca-Cola Fortune verteenwoordigers saam met Annetjie. Van links is Lizaan van der Merwe, Annatjie, Alicia Bezuidenhout en Mirinda Marcos.

Ladies Circle 4 op Louis Trichardt het tydens Vrouedag op 9 Augustus hulde gebring aan die streek se vroue met ‘n lekker saamkuier by Casa Caffé. Tydens die geleentheid het dié diensorganisasie ook ‘n Vrou van die Jaar op grond van nominasie aangewys. Dié eer het Michelle van der Merwe (regs) van C Jay’s te beurt geval. Saam met haar staan Hettie Botha, voorsitter van Ladies Circle 4.

Die Generaal Piet Joubert Voortrek­k er­ kommando op Louis Trichardt het vanaf 19 tot 21 Augustus die voorreg gehad om die Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria te besoek. Dit was tydens ‘n kamp wat die Wapadrandkommando gereël het. Tydens die kamp is daar onder andere taalkunde en geskiedenis kursusse aangebied vir die verskillende grade. Voor, van links, is JeanMarie Otto en Jareth Otto. Agter is Shaud de Beer, Rina Eybers (offisier) en Phillip Eybers. Rina en Mariaan van der Merwe is hartlik bedank vir die naweek wat hulle opgeoffer het om saam met die kinders te gaan. Foto verskaf.


(Gestig 1968)

LIKWIDASIE VEILING VAN INDUSTRIëLE EIENDOM Behoorlik daartoe gelas deur die likwidateurs D & T Trust in die saak: SOUTPANSBERG PETROLEUM (EDMS) BPK (IN LIKWIDASIE) MEESTERSVERWYSING NR T2338/07 Sal ons per openbare veiling verkoop op


DIE EIENDOM: Erf 2576, Louis Trichardt Uitbreiding 5, Registrasie Afdeling LS, Limpopo Groot - 2500m2. VERBETERINGS: Hoofgebou bestaande uit ‘n staal struktuur gebou van steen en sink met sement vloer en kantore (ongeveer 75m2) - groot in totaal ongeveer 450m2. Staalstruktuur wat met sink toegemaak is - groot ongeveer 100m2. Afdak vir voertuie - groot ongeveer 100m2. Afdak vir voertuie - groot ongeveer 60m2. Aangrensend aan hoofgebou toegeboude area met sink en staal (geen planne bestaan hiervoor nie) - groot ongeveer 250m2. ROETE: Rigtingaanwysers sal aangebring word. AFSLAERSNOTA: Hierdie is ‘n baie waardevolle eiendom en voornemende kopers moet dit nie mis nie. VOORWAARDES VAN VERKOOP: 10% Deposito op die dag van die veiling en balans waarborge binne 45 dae na datum van veiling. Bekragtiging binne 14 dae na datum van veiling.


12 August 26, 2011

Melodrama 2011


Hosted by Round Table Zoutpansberg 66, Ladies Circle 4 and Agora Louis Trichardt.

Put your hands in the air and give me all your money … and Ma Baker, as performed by Agora’s Pam McCabe, did exactly that. If you were close enough to the stage during Round Table Zoutpansberg 66, Ladies Circle 4 and Agora’s melodrama the past two weeks, you had to pay up.

Do Re Me het nog nooit dít beteken nie! Maar lag was die hoofdoel van Tafelronde Zoutpansberg 66, Ladies Circle 4 en Agora se melodrama, wat oor vier dae aangebied is. Wie sê mens het hande nodig om klavier te speel? … Tafelronde Zoutpansberg 66 se André Muller en Jan du Plessis het gewys wat kan ‘n man doen.

Take that, Back Street Boys! The Agora Ladies impressed with several well-executed performances during the melodrama.

Frans Vermaak, alias Snotkop, het ook tydens die melodrama ‘n draai op die verhoog gemaak.

Like a Virgin, made famous by Madonna, was performed by Pam McCabe as part of the Legends skit during Round Table Zoutpansberg 66, Ladies Circle 4 and Agora’s melodrama over the past two weeks.

“Hallo julle …” So het Nataniël, oftewel Rudi Meissenheimer van Tafelronde 66, die braaireëls verduidelik tydens die afgelope twee weke se melodrama op Louis Trichardt. Meeste mans (en vroue) verstaan hopelik nou hoe werk dit.

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Lady Gaga, alias Ladies Circle 4 se Ria van Zyl, in aksie tydens die melodrama. Kyk net die pikante vleisrok …

WHO TAKES CARE OF YOU? I [Jesus] am the Good Shepherd. [Caretaker] The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. But he who is a hireling and not the shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and runs away. And the wolf cathes them and scatters the sheep. The hireling flees, because he is a hireling and does not care for the sheep. I [Jesus] am the Good Shepherd, and I know those that are Mine, and I am known by those who are Mine. John 10:11-14 Are you depressed or hopeless ? Contact us now for free counseling. -OR -Send your prayer OF YOU LET JESUS TAKE CARE request to us, and we will pray that Jesus works a miracle in YOURguaranteed LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME your life. - Confidentiality -


Want to know more about the Christian faith? Do you have any questions un-answered?

YOURunto PRAYER REQUEST Jesus SEND said….”Come me, all ye that labour TO and E-MAIL are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Mat 11:28) W Do you believe these words?


ALL RACES AND CULTURES WELCOME Tel: 015 516 5305 - 082 926 7313 E-mail: P.O.Box 1179, Louis Trichardt, 0920 115 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt

082 926 7313 (Andre) -Email: Box / Bus 1179, Louis Trichardt, 0920 - Andre


26 Augustus 2011 13


Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 / Skryf aan ons te Posbus 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 of news@


Goeie gees verseker die sukses


a afloop van die CVO Levubu se musiekpret-aand op 6 Augustus wil ons graag almal wat die aand daar was, bedank vir hulle ondersteuning en goeie gees. Die span wat as algehele wenners uit die stryd getree het tydens die CVO Julle het grotendeels bygedra tot Levubu se musiekpret-aand op 6 Augustus. Foto verskaf. die sukses van die aand. Ons glo dat ons volgende jaar ieder-en-elk van julle weer sal sien. Graag wil ons ook ons anonieme borg bedank vir die groot bydrae. Ons het groot waardering daarvoor. Ons bedank ook graag die volgende mense en instansies wat hul weg oop gesien het om ons te ondersteun, hetsy in die vorm van pryse of kontant. Die aand sou nie moontlik gewees het sonder borge nie. Dankie Dries en Annatjie Pretorius, André en Ralda van Met soveel entoesiasme wat hulle uitstraal kon dit seker nie anders dat Wyk, Bargain Centre, Con en hierdie groep aangewys is as die span met die beste gees tydens die CVO Levubu se musiekpret-aand op 6 Augustus nie. Foto verskaf. Brief Brief

Skenkings het CMR in staat gestel om winter draaglik te maak vir baie


ie CMR-kantoor wil hul dank speelgoed en vele ander produkte uitspreek teen almal wat hulle ontvang, wat ons in staat stel om tydens die wintermaande ondersteun ander mense te help. het. Ons het kos, klere, komberse, - CMR (Louis Trichardt)

Belinda Janse van Rensburg, Du Toit’s Bande (Levubu), Fish Eagle Caravan & Camping, Fruit & Veg (LTT), Green Row Landscaping, Herman en Dinky Bekker, Johan en Trudie Furstenburg, Khoroni Hotel, Kingfisher Lodge, Levubu Droë Vrugte, Levubu Slaghuis, Levubu Verkoeling, LTT Bolt & Nut, Maclands Estate, Madikor (Piet en San le Roux), Maestro, Marius en Sonja Schutte, oom Piet en tannie Monica van Wyk, Oppidam Lakeside Lodge, Pieter en Elsabé Coetzee, Phillip Ludick, Salon Luiz, Sandberg Vervoer, The Oil Shoppe, Tinus en Anesta Schutte, Tri-Quip (Toit en Elmarie Wentzel), Vhavenda Bricks, Witte en Ronèl Beetge en Weldon’s Apteek. - CVO Levubu

Senior gholfspelers bedank borge


ie senior gholfspelers van die Soutpansberg Gholfklub bedank graag die volgende borge vir hulle onderskeie bydraes wat gehelp het om die onlangse Senior Gholftoernooi ‘n sukses te maaka. Dank gaan aan André Bothma, Brink Schelsinger, Eden Oil,

EasyBuild, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Van Heerden & Rudolph Prokureurs, Werda Motors, PJ Stipec, Arie Steyn, Floors van Wyk, Braam Dekker, Coca-Cola Fortune, Makhado Beer Distributors, en Gert van der Westhuizen (Madi Gra Water).

There’s can only be one Bakkie ... * Bakkies Botha bit the Apple logo. * Bakkies Botha has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life. * Bakkies Botha doesn’t flush the toilet, he scares the sh*t out of it * Bakkies Botha can strangle you with a cordless phone. * Death once had a near-Bakkies Botha experience * Bakkies Botha can slam a revolving door. * Bakkies Botha doesn’t need a GPS. Bakkies Botha decides where he is. * Bakkies Botha was in all 6 Star Wars movies ... As The Force. * The sheep on Bakkies Botha’ farm are the ones that give us steel wool. * Bakkies Botha can light a fire by rub­ bing two ice-cubes together. * Bakkies Botha will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him. * Bakkies Botha can speak Braille. * When Bakkies Botha throws a boo­ merang it doesn’t dare come back * Bakkies Botha does not fart, nothing escapes Bakkies Botha * Some kids pee their name in snow. Bakkies Botha pees his name in concrete. * Bakkies Botha can leave a message before the beep. * Bakkies Botha can use Mxit on a pay phone. * Bakkies Botha can divide by zero. Do you have a good joke? E-mail it to Het jy ‘n goeie grappie? Stuur dit per e-pos na

Voorkeur word gegee aan kort briewe oor plaaslike aange­leent­­ hede. Die redakteur behou die reg voor om briewe te verkort. / Preference is given to short, factual letter concerning local matters. The editor reserves the right to shorten letters.

The Way, the Truth and the Life “He makes me lie down in green pastures” - Psalm 23:2a


he next thought is the locality where He makes us lie down. Jesus picks out the place where we are to lie down. The sheep do not pick it out. There are certain places where God picks out for us; there are certain junctures, certain times in our life where God can make you lie down, when He could not in certain other places, because the circumstances were not conductive to it. In green pastures we must let God choose for us. This is the very essence of consecration. Let God choose our field of labour, our place in the kingdom, in the church. The margin says: “where the grass is tender.” Sheep always go where the grass is fresh and shortest. He knows best the feed we need. We want things tall and big, great circumstances and great big words. That is what we would choose. God picks out little things, simple things, sweet and juicy things, a little prayer meeting, a little friendship, a little touch of blessing. And so God puts the little, short, tender grass beneath us that is full of nourishment. So the Lord chooses for us. Many times we have picked out the place to get blessed, and failed. - 079 5168303

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14 August 26, 2011



Laerskole hokkie begin op hoë noot


Tel: 015 516 3160

SKULD BUILT CHARM The better of 2 views, sundown with the Polokwane flats at your feet or the majestic mountains shading your porch! This house has got it all! 4 Bed; 3 Bathrooms; all the extras with parking space for a fleet. R 1,900,000.00 Call Hennie to View 082 926 9921 FLAT OR HOUSE? IN CBD. No Joking this is the size of a house in security complex! 4 Large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, modern kitchen with easy cleaning tiles throughout! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. R 1,040,000.00 Call Beulah to view 084 563 5937


van den


eiendomme • properties

Kruger Street 113 • LTT • 0920 Tel: 015 516 0364 Cell: 083 306 0458 Fax: 015 516 5780 E-mail:

TE HUUR Ruim 3 slaapkamer huis, 2 badkamers, groot leefarea met binne braai, kaggel, kroeg, ideaal vir onthaal, goed toegeruste kombuis en spens, aparte opwas en waska­mer, dubbel motorhuis, dubbel afdak, tuin word onderhou, splashpool, huurder mag diere aanhou, groot erf goed omhein met mure. Alle vertrekke met lugversorging. Lang termyn kontrak, okkupasiedatum kan ooreengekom word. ..............................................................R5 500 p.m. Eenmans woonstel, badkamer, kombuis en afdak, geen diere. Betaal eie krag. Beskikbaar 1 Oktober...R1 600 p.m. 2 Slaapkamer tuinhuis teen die dorp, baie mooi omgewing, badkamer, leefarea met oopplan kombuis, afdak en waskamer, eie braaiplek, tuin word in stand gehou, betaal eie krag, geen diere, Beskikbaar op 1 September 2011.......... R2 200 p.m.

For Sale Kontak: 082 419 2359

Te Huur

5 Slaapkamer huis Kontak: 082 465 2523

Anhetico Properties Eiendomme

54 Hlanganani Street Caltex Centre Louis Trichardt (T) 015 516 2044/5 (F) 015 516 2050

Die laerskole hokkieliga het se tweedes 3-1 te klop. Later in met vier wedstryde. Hulle verop 13 Augustus afgeskop by die dag buig hulle die knie voor loor 1-2 teen Ivypark, 0-5 teen Laerskool Louis Trichardt se twee eerstespanne, dié van Heu- Pietersburg-Oos, 0-4 teen HeuBergvlietpark en het opwin­ welkruin en Ivypark, met ‘n tell- welkruin en 0-6 teen Pietersburg dende hokkie opgelewer. ing van 0-7 in beide wedstryde. Laerskool. Die eerste seunshokkiespan Die eerste meisieshokkiespan Laerskool Louis Trichardt se het Pietersburg Laerskool (Suid- klop Musina 3-0 en PCS 1-0, volgende ligawedstryde vind op skool) kafgedraf met 9 doele maar verloor 0-5 teen Pieters- 27 Augustus op die velde van teenoor 0. burg-Oos. Die tweede meisiespan Pietersburg Hoërskool plaas. Sewe besoekende skole het word in die diepkant ingegooi deelgeneem, nl. Laerskool Ivypark, Musina, Pietersburg-Oos, Pie­ tersburg Laerskool, Heuwelkruin, PCS (Pietersburg Comprehensive School) en PEMPS (Pietersburg English Medium Primary School). Buiten hul oorwinning oor Suidskool, was die eerste seunsspan se eerste kragmeting van die dag teen PEMPS en Triegies seëvier 2-0. Die tweede seunshokkiespan het ‘n interessante verhaal. Twaalf van die 17 Laerskool Louis Trichardt se tweede seunshokkiespan juig nadat hulle spelers het vir die eerste PCS se tweedes 3-1 klop in die eerste hokkieligawedstryde wat tuis maal in hul lewe op gespeel is . Twaalf van die 17 spelers het vir die eerste maal in hul lewe ‘n hokkieveld gedraf. op ‘n hokkieveld gedraf! By hulle is hul afrigter, me. Christa König. Hulle verras deur PCS Foto verskaf.


New Town - Sole Mandate

Dining / Lounge, 3 Beds, 2 Baths, Kitchen, Garage, 3 Carports, SQ, Very neat! R850 000

Golden Opportunity - In Town

Ideal for office space - Well located! Family room, 3 Beds, Bathroom, Kitchen, Big laundry, Borehole, 1 Bedroom flat, SQ, Stand - 1427m2, R700 000 - First come - First serve! OLD TOWN - VACANT STANDS! STREET FRONT & PANHANDLE FROM ONLY R200 000!

Speler van die Wedstryd, Jessica McMurtrie. Kriekiet

Meisies skitter


Kontak Petro:

083 306 0458 / 084 616 0364

Andèl Hettie 083 442 0435 082 893 8382

Cornette 074 464 1392

Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se O/19-meisies­ krieketspan sit hul segetog voort en skitter in die 20/20-formaat. Op 20 Augustus meet Triegies kragte teen Merensky op die opponente se velde. Merensky kolf eerste en teken 112 lopies vir die verlies van 3 paaltjies in hul 20 beurte aan. Triegies se beste bouler was Talita Kloppers wat twee paaltjies neem vir die verlies van 14 lopies in vier beurte. Triegies teken daarna die wenlopies in slegs 13 beurte aan, sonder verlies. Jessica McMurtrie teken 58 lopies (nie uit nie) aan. Sy word ook aangewys as speler van die wedstryd. Richelle Lambert het 28 lopies (nie uit nie) aangeteken.

102 President Street, Louis Trichardt 0920

Tel: (015) 516 1427 Fax: (015) 516 1160


50ha. 2 x WOONHUISE lapa/braai, chalet, vleiskamer, 3x store, werkers­ huise, skaap en varkhokke. Bespoeiingslande, plantasie, 3x damme met standhoudende water en veel meer. Om gesamentlik met aangrensende 91ha met 50ha bloekom plantasie verkoop te word. Prys onderskeidelik R2.8 & R2.5 Miljoen

Subrina Schlesinger van Laerskool Louis Trichardt verwerf vier diplomas na haar optredes by die Nasionale Eisteddfod op 11 Augustus. Haar diplomas is vir Afrikaanse en Engelse Redenaars: oorredingstoespraak, vir Afrikaanse voorbereide lees en Afrikaanse liriese poësie.

Gouws Auctioneers 16 President Street, Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 0147 • Johnny: 072 576 1577

AUCTION: Saturday 3 September 2011 10:00am Auction with no reserved prices! Fridges, Chest freezers, Bedroom suites, Stoves, TV’s, Surround sound systems, Kitchen units, Cupboards, Mattress and base sets and Many more!


CAREL HAMMANN 082 923 1620


I ST .














You cannot afford to miss this auction!














New entries welcome!


26 Augustus 2011 15

ZOUT CLASSIFIEDS Herstelwerk van alle huishoudelike toerusting. TEL: 516-0171 Kroghstraat 97

Elect 2 Plumb For any professional plumbing services.

Contact: 015 517 7295 083 452 1646

“Perms”, “Hi-lights”, Sny, Tinte, Droogblaas, Foelies en Oliebehandelings

Kwaliteit bekostigbaar Krediet- en debietkaarte welkom


• All appliances Tumbledriers, washing machines, stoves, microwaves,fridges, freezers & ice machines • Refrigeration installation & repairs. Airconditioning installation, sales & repairs

LTT Radio & Electrical Centre Tel: 015 516 0751 Munnikstr. 90, LTT

55 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 0611/3981

Bond Paper A4

white 80gsm Rotatrim

• R178.60 p/box • R35.80 p/ream

Rubber Stamps now available! Same-day service. Stamps made in one hour.

Surat Computers 53 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 3936 Telefax: 015 516 6033

POS Solutions

Photocopier & Cash Register Repairs & Servicing CCTV Equipment

Banners, Vinyls / Stickers, Printed in Store

CVO Skool Zoutpansberg Uitmuntende Onderwys Gr. 1 - 12. Gr 10 - 12: Keuse vakke vir 2012 - Rekeningkunde, RTT, Besigheidstudie, Toerisme, Gasvryheidstudie Verpligte vakke: Gr.10 - 12 Wiskunde of Wiskundige geletterheid Gr.10 Vanaf 2012: Kan Fisiese Wetenskap en Lewenswetenskap ook geneem word. Kontak Mnr. Groenewald: 015 469 3214 (skool) 079 033 4235 (sel)


We buy used vehicles for cash! Contact: 015 516 5071/2/3

Elect 2 Temp VIR: Koelkamers, Vrieskamers, Lug­reëlings & “COC”-Sertifikate 015 517 7295

Furniture Removals All over South Africa. Best prices - excellent service. All loads, big or small! All hours: 079 495 4400 Tel: 0861 354 832 Fax: 0866 593 891 Elite Furniture Removals

INTERNATIONAAL GEAKKREDITEERDE HIPNOTERAPEUT NOU IN LTT • Hou op rook • • Gewigsverlies • • Kompulsiewe gedrag • • Depressie, Stres • • Vorige Lewenservaring •

Kontak 076 060 1308 Langs die Zoutpansberg Privaat Hospitaal, Cillierstraat 76

24 uur per dag! 7 dae ‘n week!

Neem asb kennis: Ons telefoon­ nommer het verander! Gebruik asb van nou af ons nuwe nommer Cois Pretorius 082 498 1484 078 286 9285

ois CElektries 24 uur per dag! 7 dae ‘n week!

• Foutsporing en herstel • Instandhouding • Konstruksie • Sertifikaat van nakoming Cois Pretorius 082 498 1484 078 286 9285 DEBT AID - FMS Debt Counsellors / Skuldberader Reg no: NCRDC 992 We will: * Secure your assets * Stop creditors from taking judgement * Make new payment arrangements * Give peace of mind Contact Nadia Nel: 073 311 3076

Grooming Parlour We collect & deliver Walk-ins welcome, please be sure to book!


083 301 8130

Invitations & more

Robot Elektries

Bredastr. 26 Tel: 015 516 4003 / 072 377 2844 / 072 373 8718

ois CElektries

Handmade wedding / Event Stationery • invitations • thank you cards • table seatings • favor boxes • menu’s • confetti cones • guest books • unity candles etc.

Contact Deseré: 083 504 0582

For reliable service & maintenance. Geysers, Valves, Burst pipes, Blocked Drains, Water Tank and pressure pump system installations, Etc. Water Tank: 2500 Litre - R1420 5000 Litre - R2560 10 000 Litre - R6686

KAREL ERASMUS KWIKOT Cell: 079 897 1642 E-mail: plumbing_


1979 Willis Jeep CJ6. Oorspronklike Chrystler motor & ratkas. Goeie toestand

Kontak: 082 495 4116 Die Wawiel 2nd Hand Furniture Shop


LOTS of new Goodies

Tip & Toes

Permanent make up Eyebrow, Eyeliner Calbrook Gel, Dip on Gel, X-treme Acrylic Nails, Acrylic Nails Contact:015 516 3264

The Zebra Backpackers Inn

Gemeubileerde kamers beskikbaar. Vanaf R1500 p.m. Oornag-akkommodasie R150 p.p. DSTV, jacuzzi ook beskikb. Kontak: 084 941 3888

* Natural Lipo * Body contouring * CM loss Call our office for a great special Sureslim Wellness Clinic 015 516 1284 Fuji Heights

Attention Parents! Tuitions for your kids from grade 1 to grade 7. All subjects including preperations for tests and exams.

* Once a week - R60 * Twice a week - R110 * Thrice a week - R150

Contact now: 072 647 8650

10 September 2011 Don’t mis out on GREAT specials! Credit Cards Welcome!

Cell: 079 911 2096 Tel: 015 516 7558 71 Krogh St. Louis Trichardt

TO LET TRAILER RENT • Trailer with double wheels and rails. Ideal for furniture removal. R300 per day. • 6 Foot Venter Trailer with closed top and nose cone. R200 per day. Contact: 015 516 4003 072 373 8718 Nico 082 319 7105 Chris 26 Breda street

TLB for hire

Contact Marie: 082 822 3447


Multi FOR SALE TE HUUR Agencies 2 Slaapkamer André: 083 226 7347 / Nico: 083 979 4550 E-mail: Fax: 086 520 0779 * Cleaning Materials * Furniture removals / transport * Auctioneering * Buy & sell new / secondhand goods

Light airy home in Security Complex close to shopping centre. Conveniently located. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 carports, open plan kitchen.

R900 000

Contact : 072 374 0815

woonstel. R2500 p.m. + 50% deposito. W & E ingesluit Kontak: 076 487 1101

TE HUUR 2 Slaapkamer woonstel, 1 badkamer, toesluit motorhuis. R2700 p.m. Beskikbaar 1 September 2011. Kontak Annatjie: 015 516 0136

TE HUUR Woonstel Kierieklapper. 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers. Beskikbaar 1/09/2011. Huur - R4500 p.m. Water ingesluit

Kontak: 083 307 9538


New Town Double storey house, 3 bed, remote control gate. R6500 p.m.

Contact Dan: 082 684 6784

Die Wawiel


Plumbing Solutions

TE HUUR Ruim 2 slaapkamer huis op wildsplaas, 6.7km op Elim / Giyani pad. R3200 p.m. W & E ingesluit. Beskikbaar 1 September 2011

015 516 1229 082 226 9602 081 383 0295

NEWS? Phone us at: 516 4996/7

TE HUUR Splinternuut! 2 Slaapkamer, 1 badkamer woonstel. ± 20km buite dorp. R3200 p.m. Kontak: 082 465 2523 071 719 4989


Kantore. 3 x stoorkamer. Verskillende grotes.

Kontak Dawn: 083 745 2979


* 2 x Double axle trailers * 1 x Single axle trailer

Contact: 078 794 5075

Elmari: 082 773 2998 / 082 523 1206 or Tel: 015 516 3964 129 Krogh Street, LTT

HOUSES: Big 5 bedr, 3 bathr, outside of town. R6600p.m. 3 bedr, 1 bathr, big yard. R4500 p.m. 5 bedr, 4 bathr, swimmingpool, 10km out of town R7000p.m. 3 bedr, 2 bathr, security complex. R6600 p.m. Exclusive 5 bedr, 4 bathr with swimminpool, 2km out of town. R13 200 p.m. OFFICE SPACES: Two office spaces. R1320 p.m. One office space. R2200 p.m.

LEGALS NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS (BASIC ASSESSMENT) In terms of Regulation 543 of the regulations published in Government Notice No. 33306 of 2010 under Section 54 read with section 44 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), notice is hereby given that Vodacom is of intention to carry out the following activity: Project Name: Vodacom Base station – La Reve Project Description: Vodacom intends to construct a 25m windmill structure with antennae mounted onto the mast, and container housing associated equipment. Location: The site is located on Portion 3 of the Farm La Reve 39 MS in the Musina Local Municipality area. The proposed site is located next to Road R572. The project has been registered with the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism under ref. no: 12/1/9/3 – V3. In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party, please submit, in writing, your name, contact information and interest in the matter, within 30 days of publication of this advertisement, to the address hereunder.

TEKPLAN ENVIRONMENTAL, P.O. Box 55714, POLOKWANE, 0700 Tel: (015) 291 4176/7 Fax: (015) 291 4961

IN THE NORTH WEST HIGH COURT, MAFIKENG (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Case Number: 1500/2010 In the matter between: ROBCHARL CONSTRUCTION CC Execution Creditor and G E RT J O H A N N E S ROBBERTZE 1 st Execution debtor, GERT JOHANNES ROBBERTZE N.O. 2nd Execution debtor, JOHAN PETRUS WILKEN 3rd Execution debtor, JOHAN PETRUS WILKEN N.O. 4th Execution debtor, D C ROSSOUW 5 th Execution debtor, NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION PURSUANT to a judgment by the Registar of the High Court, Mafikeng against the 1st and 2nd Execution Debtor given on the 9th of December 2010, the under mentioned goods will be sold on 8 September 2011 at 11h00 at the farm Kaffersnek 465 by public Auction by the Sheriff for the High Court, Soutpansberg, to the highest bidder for cash, namely: 62 Cattle Signed at RUSTENBURG on the 4th day of AUGUST 2011 (SGD) F C H PRETORIUS Attorneys for Execution Creditor VAN VELDEN - DUFFY @office, Noordblok U4 Brinkstraat 67, rustenburg Tel: 014 592 1135 Docex: 1, Rustenburg Ref: F Pretorius File No: PR0375


Bel ons by 015 516 4996 NOTICE OF CREDITORS In deceased estate of the late Theodorus Cornelius Ferreira, Identity number: 130718 5008 08 1, Date of death: 12 April 2011, Estate number: 1100/2011. All Creditors having claims against the estate specified above, are called upon to lodge their claims with the Executor concerned at the address below, within a period of 30 (Thirty) days from date of publication hereof. Venter Viljoen & Malan 98 Munnik Street, P.O. Box 301 Louis Trichardt 0920.

(Vervolg op p16)


PFB-Agent 516 5024

* Geklassifiseerd en blok advertensies: Dinsdae 16:00 * Kleur advertensies: Maandae 16:00

16 August 26, 2011 (Vervolg vanaf p15)

LEGALS MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY DEPARTMENT CORPORATE SERVICES LOUIS TRICHARDT TOWN PLANNING SCHEME, 2000 Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 16 of the above mentioned Scheme, that I SUZAN MUKWEVHO, the undersigned, intend applying to the MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY for its special consent to use erf no. 838/1, LOUIS TRICHARDT, and the proposed buildings thereon for the following purpose: 2 DWELLING UNITS . The present zoning of the land in terms of the abovementioned Town Planning Scheme, is Residential 1. Any person having any objection to the granting of this application or wishes to make any representation in connection therewith, must lodge such objection or representation in writing with both the Municipal Manager, Private Bag X 2596, Makhado, 0920 and the Undersigned not later than 2011-08-31 APPLICANT: SUZAN MUKWEVHO Munnik Street No 39 Makhado 0920 AANSOEK OM ONDERVERDELING & HERSONERING Ek, Theo Kotze, synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van ondergemelde eiendom, gee hiermee kennis dat ek, in terme van die relevante afdelings van die Wet op die Toebou en Adverteer langs Paaie (Wet 21 van 1940), aansoek gedoen het vir toestemming vanaf die Beherende Gesag, sodat Gedeelte 10 van die plaas Vondeling 285-LS in 5 gedeeltes onderverdeel kan word. Vorrmelde eiendom is ongeveer 5km suid-oos vanaf Makhado dorp gelee, in Limpopo provinsie. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die applikant (sien adresbesonderhede hieronder), sowel as by die kantoor van die Direkteur-Generaal, Limpopo Provinsie: Departement Plaaslike Regering en Behuising, 3de vloer, Hensa Gebou, Hoek van Rabe & Schoemanstrate, Polokwane, vir 'n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011. Enige besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoeke moet binne 'n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011 skriftelik by die applikant asook by die Direkteur-Generaal, Limpopo Provinsie: Plaaslike Regering en Behuising by bovermelde adres of Privaatsak X9485, Polokwane, 0700, gerig word. Gelyktydig daarmee saam word ook aansoek gedoen in terme van die Ordonnansie op die Onderverdeling van Grond (Ordonnansie 20 van 1986) vir voormelde onderverdeling. MAKHADO WYSIGINGSKEMA 21: Ek gee ook ingevolge Artikel 56(1) (b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986), kennis dat ek aansoek gedoen het by die Makhado munisipaliteit vir die wysiging van die

dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Makhado Grondgebruikskema, 2009, deur die hersonering van Erwe 51 & 52 Louis Trichardt (geleë te 137 & 139 Krugerstraat) vanaf “Residensieel 1” na “Residensieel 3”. Die doel met die aansoek is om die persele te benut vir wooneenhede. Aansoek word ook gedoen in terme van Artikel 92(1)(b) van Ordonnansie 15 van 1986 vir konsolidasie van voormelde erwe. Besonderhede van voormelde aansoeke (naamlik vir voormelde hersoneringsaansoek en aansoek in terme van Ordonnansie 20 van 1986), lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Direkteur, Munisipale sekretariaat, 1 ste vloer, Burgersentrum, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), (128 Kroghstraat), vir 'n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne 'n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011 skriftelik by of tot die Direkteur, Munisipale sekretariaat, by bovermelde adres of by Privaatsak x2596, Louis Trichardt, 0920 ingedien of gerig word. MESSINA WYSIGINGSKEMA 191: Ek gee ook kennis kennis dat ek aansoek gedoen het by die Musina munisipaliteit (ingevolge Artikel 56(1)(b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986) vir die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as die Messina Dorpsbeplanningskema, 1983, deur die hersonering van Erf 596 Messina Uitbreiding 1 (geleë te Turnerlaan 17, Messina) vanaf “Residensieel 1” na “Inrigting”. Die doel met die aansoek is om die perseel vir besigheidsdoeleindes van ‘n kerk te benut. Besonderhede van voormelde aansoeke lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, Burgersentrum, Murphystraat, Musina, vir 'n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoeke moet binne 'n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 26 Augustus 2011 skriftelik by of tot die Munisipale Bestuurder by bovermelde adres of by Privaatsak x611, Musina, 0090, ingedien of gerig word. Adres van agent: Developlan, Posbus 1883, Polokwane, 0700, Faks: 086 218 3267. Fisiese adres: Marshallstraat 115, Polokwane. Datum van eerste publikasie: 26 Augustus 2011. APPLICATION FOR SUBDIVISION & REZONING I, Theo Kotze, being the authorized agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that I have applied in terms of the relevant sections of the Act on Advertising on Roads and Ribbon Development (Act 21 of 1940) for the subdivision of Portion 10 of the farm Vondeling 285-LS, into 5 portions (located 5km south-east of Makhado, Limpopo). Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the applicant (see physical address below), as well as at the offices of the Director General, Limpopo Province: Department of Local Government and Housing, 3 rd floor, Hensa Building,

Corner Rabe & Schoeman streets, Polokwane, for a period of 30 days from 26 August 2011. Any objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged in writing simultaneously with the applicant and with the Director-General, Limpopo Province: Department Local Government and Housing, at the above address or at Private Bag X9485, Polokwane, 0700, within a period of 30 days from 26 August 2011. MAKHADO AMENDMENT SCHEME 21: I, also give notice that I have applied to Makhado local municipality (in terms of section 56(1) (b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance 1986), for the amendment of the Makhado Land use scheme 2009 by the rezoning of Erven 51 & 52 Louis Trichardt (137 & 139 Kruger street), from “Residential 1” to “Residential 3”. Residential units will be built on these erven. Application is also made in terms of section 92(1) (b) of Ordinance 15 of 1986 for the consolidation of the mentioned erven. Particulars of the rezoning application and the fore mentioned application in terms of Ordinance 20 of 1986, will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Director, Municipal Secretariat, 1st floor, Civic centre, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), (128 Krogh street), for a period of 28 days from 26 August 2011. Objections to or representations in respect of the applications must be lodged with or made in writing to the Director, Municipal secretariat at the above address or at Private bag x2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 28 days from 26 August 2011. MESSINA AMENDMENT SCHEME 191: I, also give notice that I have applied to Musina Municipality (in terms of section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance 1986), for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Messina Town Planning Scheme, 1983, by the rezoning of Erf 596 Messina Extension 1 (situated at 17 Turner Avenue) from “Residential 1" to “Institutional”. The purpose with the application is to use the property for the purposes of a church. Particulars of the above application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Civic Centre, Murphy street, for a period of 28 days from 26 August 2011. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address or at Private Bag x611, Musina, 0090 within a period of 28 days from 26 August 2011 . Address of agent: Developlan, P.O. Box 1883, Polokwane, 0700, Fax: 086 218 3267. Physical addres: 15 Marshall street, Polokwane. Date of first publication: 26 August 2011.

Scheme, that I THE UMPHA MAKHUMISANI TRUST, the undersigned, intend applying to the MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY for its special consent to use erf no. 789 KLEYNHANS STREET, LOUIS TRICHARDT, and the proposed buildings thereon for the following purpose: 3 ADDITIONAL DWELLING UNITS . The present zoning of the land in terms of the abovementioned Town Planning Scheme, is Residential 1. Any person having any objection to the granting of this application or wishes to make any representation in connection therewith, must lodge such objection or representation in writing with both the Municipal Manager, Private Bag X 2596, Makhado, 0920 and the Undersigned not later than 2011-08-31 APPLICANT: THE UMPHA MAKHUMISANE TRUST Kleynhans Street No 46 Makhado 0920 IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF SOUTPANSBERG HELD AT LOUIS TRICHARDT CASE NO: 414/10 In the matter between: OCEAN AGRICULTURE (PTY) LTD Execution Creditor and JOHNSON FREDERICK Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN COMPLIANCE with the Judgement of the Magistrate’s Court of Soutpansberg granted on 28th day of MAY 2010 and the warrant of execution served on the 6 th day of MAY 2011 the under mentioned goods will be sold in execution on the 7 th day of September 2011 at 14H00 at the SHERIFF’S PREMISSES, 111 KRUGER STREET, LOUIS TRICHARDT to the highest bidder without warranties or representations: The execution debtors right totle and interest in the following goods: 1 x 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.4 Sedan, 1 x 2003 Ford Ranger 2.5 Diesel LAW Terms of Sale: Strictly cash. Should vat be payable in respect of the sale, it shall be payable by the purchaser S I G N E D AT L O U I S TRICHARDT ON THIS THE 2 ND DAY OF AUGUST 2011 VENTER ATTORNEYS Unit 1, 36 Songozwi Street, Louis TrichardtTel: 015 516 7771 REF: JJ VENTER/mm/ OA0007

Notice is hereby given in terms of section, 16(4) (b) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resource development Act, (Act 28 2002). XYLO TRADING 256 CC has applied for the prospecting rights for the following Commodities: Coal, Copper Ore, Diamonds and Rare Earths in the Limpopo Province. Farm Glasgow 750 MS, reference, MAKHADO MUNICI- LP30/5/1/1/2/10399PR, PALITY Magisterial district SoutDEPARTMENT COR- pansberg/Alldays. PORATE SERVICES Farm Mansfield LOUIS TRICHARDT 356 MS, reference, TOWN PLANNING LP30/5/1/1/2/10398PR, SCHEME, 2000 Magisterial district SoutNotice is hereby given pansberg/Alldays. in terms of Clause 16 Renfrey of the above mentioned F a r m 620 MS, reference,

LP30/5/1/1/2/10397PR, Magisterial district Soutpansberg/Alldays. ALL INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES ARE THEREBY REQUESTED TO SUBMIT THEIR COMMENTS TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: managerraselabe@, sotcommodities@gmail. com Mr. Maduna – General Manager , Tel: 017 612 6302, Cell: 0722013632


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Contact Pieter, George, or Yolanda at 015 516 4996 to book your place.


VAKATURE Messina Toyota benodig die dienste van ‘n


VOERTUIG VERKOPE Min.Vereistes: * Moet gr.12 Geslaag het. * Moet kode : 8 lisensie hê. * Vorige ervaaring sal voordeel wees. Faks aansoeke na (015) 5340745 of e-mail na: Goeie markverwante salaris met byvoordele. Sluitingsdatum: 10 September 2011

Vacancies To advertise here, contact Pieter, George or Yolanda at Tel: (015) 516 4996 or Fax: 516 2303

REAL RECRUITING Do you need staff? We can be an integral part of your staff employment! Many candidates available: • Bookkeeping • Admin • Cashiers • Domestic Workers • Welders • Heavy Duty drivers • Plumbers • Mechanic • Lots of young job seekers available

Do you need a job? We have the following vacancies: • Looking for young men • Receptionist • Bookkeeping with Pastel • Mechanic • Boilermaker • Floor manager • Technician • Auto Electrician and many more.

• Tel: 015 516 2745 • 084 882 2744 Anderson Street 87, Louis Trichardt

SUPA QUICK LOUIS TRICHARDT Du Toit’s Bande benodig ‘n

VERKOOPSMAN • Moet in besit wees van ‘n geldige bestuurders­lisensie en ID Dokument • Vorige ondervinding in die bandebedryf sal voorkeur geniet maar is nie noodwendig ‘n vereiste nie. • Salaris onderhandelbaar.

Faks U CV na 015 516 1440 Indien u aansoek suksesvol is, sal ons u kontak vir ‘n onderhoud


MAHKADO & surrounding area Nashua Mobile Limpopo has vacancies for Dynamic Sales Executive Requirements: Must have had at least 4 Years Sales experience with a proven track record of which proof is to be supplied with CV. Must have a valid drivers license and their own vehicle. Proof of drivers license and details of vehicle to be supplied with CV. Experience and knowledge of the Cellular and Mobile Data industry would be a huge advantage. Please Note: Please do not respond to this position if you do not fully comply with all the above job requirements. CV’s that do not comply to the above shall be ignored. Please send CV’s with above information to: For Attention: The Manager Nashua Mobile Limpopo Makhado branch



Recruiting to a better future Production Assistant - Female

* Experience in canvas & textile industry to your advantage * Training will be provided if required.

Creditors & Stock Controller - Female

* Extensive experience in credit control and substantial account volume * Attention to detail and analysing skills * Must be willing to travel daily 22km radius.

Assistant Branch Manager

* People skills * Client service * Stock control * Handle high work volume and pressure on daily basis.

Need your CV typed on a professional level? Visit our offices (No administration fee applicable) Tel: 015 516 5787 Fax: 086 548 2261 E-mail: Unit 3, Light World Complex, President Str, LTT P.O. Box 4288 Louis Trichardt , 0920 SOUTH AFRICA email: Roodewal Road, Louis Trichardt South Africa Tel: 015 516 3867

SENIOR PHASE EDUCATOR Ridgeway Independent School is an independent, co-educational, English medium, junior school with classes from Grade R to Grade 7. Situated at the foothills of the Soutpansberg Mountains, in Louis Trichardt, Ridgeway is a school with a very unique ethos. Applicants are invited to apply for an • English 1st Language Teaching position, teaching Grade 4 to 7 classes, effective January 2012. • Senior Phase Learnership teacher, also effective January 2012. The successful applicant will be required to teach English in the Senior Phase and take an active role in the extra-curricular activities of the school. Minimum Requirements Applicants must: • Have an appropriate degree or diploma with the relevant teaching experience. • Be registered with the SACE. Interested applicants should submit a detailed CV, with certified copies of their qualifications, a copy of their SACE certificate and the names and contacts of at least two referees. Please email to: by 28 October 2011. Only applicants who meet the above requirements will be considered. The school reserves the right not to make an appointment. Submission of an application does not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview.


Kofi Apea-Adu (16) of Louis Trichardt High School has been selected for the semifinal round of a talent camp as part of the 20 best U/17 South African cricket players. The camp will be hosted during the September/October holidays, after which a team of 13 players will be selected.

26 Augustus 2011 17

Tydens ‘n gimnastiek uitnodigingskompetisie in Centurion op 19 Augustus het vier meisiesgimnaste van die Louis Trichardt Gimnastiekklub goed presteer. Marianca Mattheus (voor) het drie goue, een silwer en een brons medalje vir vlak 5, 18 jaar en jonger, verwerf. Agter, van links, is Elouise Spies, met drie silwer en een brons (vlak 6, 18 jaar en jonger) en Yani Steyn met drie silwer medaljes (vlak 5, 12 jaar en jonger). Afwesig: Leandra Bester (een goue medalje vir vlak 6, 18 jaar en jonger).

Hierdie kinders van die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het op 12 en 13 Augustus aan hul provinsiale skaak- en landloopproewe op Thabazimbi deelgeneem. Voor, van links, is Gray Badenhorst (skaak 2de, landloop 1ste), Jani Badenhorst (skaak en landloop 1ste), Franciska Ahrens (landloop 2de), Rynard Pretorius (skaak 1ste) en Dihan Pretorius (skaak 3de). Agter is Janco Marais (skaak 7de, landloop 1ste), Hennie Badenhorst (skaak 3de, landloop 2de), Hendrik Badenhorst (skaak 7de, landloop 3de) en Hans-Peter Die Hangklip Posduif Klub se drie wedvlugte 2de en Royal hokke 3de. Die wenspoed was vir die naweek het plaasgevind vanaf Kuruman 1093.67 meter per minuut. In die C wedvlug is Ahrens (skaak 7de). - Saterdag die 20ste Augustus. dit Royal Hokke in die 1ste en 2de plek en Hippo Foto verskaf. Mimosa Hokke wen die 1ste wedvlug met’n Lofts 3de.

Hangklip Posduifklub-nuus. Week 12


Johan wen bootreis in geskiedkundige wedvlug Johan Dreyer van Louis Trichardt is die geluk­ kige wenner van die Soutpansberg Posduifklub se Wen-‘n-Bootreis kompetisie. Hy was die wenner na afloop van die klub se Boot-wedvlug die afgelope naweek vanaf Ventersburg. Die kompetisie het behels dat lede van die publiek kaartjies kon koop by klublede, waarna die klublid dié spesifieke kaartjies kon koppel aan ‘n uitgesoekte wedvlugduif. Johan het twee kaartjies teen R500 elk by Tiny de Klerk gekoop. Sy prys sluit in ‘n drie-dag-lange bootreis op die Sinfonia vanaf Durban. Dit sluit sy retoer vliegtuigkaartjie in vanaf Johannesburg na Durban, asook R1 000 se sakgeld. Dit is die eerste keer dat ‘n posduifklub so ‘n kompetisie en wedvlug op nasionale vlak aanbied, en volgens die klub beplan hulle iets groters vir volgende jaar. Wat betref die wedvlug self, was Tiny se duif eerste tuis met ‘n wenspoed van 1260.02 meter per minuut. Hy was ook 5de en 7de. Erna de Klerk was 2de, 3de, 8ste en 10de, Danie Lourens 4de en 9de, Elize & Tim 11de, 12de, 13de en 20ste, Marx Hokke 14de, 16de en 17de, T&H Meyer 15de en 19de en Isaac Naudé 18de. Die klub het ook hul wedvlugte vir twee-jaaroue mannetjie- en wyfieduiwe vanaf Winburg die afgelope naweek beslis. Die wedvlug is oop vir alle ouderdom duiwe, alhoewel sleg duiwe jonger as twee jaar pryse wen. Die wedvlug vir mannetjies word gewen deur Elize & Tim, met hul duif se wenspoed van 1167.24 meter per minuut. Alhoewel

T&H Meyer die wyfiewedvlug wen inpalm met hul 2010 duif. (wenspoed 1168.01 meter per minEerskomende naweek beslis die uut), was dit weereens Eilze & Tim klub hul bontduif- en dameswedvlug wat met hul tweedeplek die trofee vanaf Bloemfontein.


20 Aug

20 Aug

20 Aug









Wedvlug No.




Afstand in km




Duiwe Deelgeneem







Wenspoed-Meter p/minuut Abrie Swannepoel-jnr







Bernard Volschenk-jnr




Dercksen & Seun




Dreyer Hokke













Amstel Hokke

Eric Nel Hippo Hokke Mimosa Hokke Nick Enslin




Royal Hokke




Tahiti Hokke





Pos Punte

and needs a self-motivated

Arty Sales Person to start immediately Requirements: • Pastel Literate • Age: 25 - 50 years • Fulltime position including Saturdays • Loyal and trustworthy

Fax CV’s to 086 270 8725 or email: thehouseofinteriors@



Dercksen & Seun





Dreyer Hokke



Mimosa Hokke



Nick Enslin



Tahiti Hokke



Abrie Swannepoel-jnr



Hippo Hokke



Bernard Volschenk-jnr



Amstel Hokke



Junior Klubkampioen

Pos Punte

The 19th hole Fixtures/Bepalings



Bernard Volschenk-jnr



Saterdagspel (Eie reëlings) Datum




SPB Gholfklub






A Bothma


R Milton



S Collet

uittel 37


A Bezuidenhout

uittel 37


J Otto

uittel 36


Z Nortjé

uittel 36


Woensdagspel (Eie reëlings)

Opkomende Kompetisie Kompetisie

Abrie Swannepoel-jnr


Soutpansberg Gholfklub


Eric Nel

Royal Hokke

Enige persoon wat belangstel om betrokke te raak by ons klub, kan ons voorsiter Nico Bezuidenhout kontak by 082 762 4152.

Guns & Roses

Die wenspoed was 1123.92 meter per minuut. Ons volgende wedvlug vind plaas Saterdag 27 Augustus 2011 vanaf Delareyville oor ‘n afstand van 600km. Die Jaaroud kampioenskappe en ons laaste Veiling kompitiesie vind ook plaas. Baie geluk aan al die lede vir hulle prestasies behaal.


Johan Dreyer (links), wenner van die bootreis, saam met Tiny de Klerk en dié se duif wat aan hom die prys besorg het.


Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se bergfietsspan het op 20 Augustus aan hul tweede ligawedren deelgeneem. Dit het plaasgevind by Fonteinedal in Pretoria. Daar het 19 ryers van die skool deelgeneem. Ayerton du Rand het 20ste geëindig en CP van Wyk (voor in die foto) 23ste. Hulle het albei in die O/16 ouderdomsgroep meegeding. Net 143 fietsryers in hierdie ouderdomsgroep het die baan voltooi. Foto verskaf.

wenspoed van 1076.53 meter per minuut met Tahiti Hokke in die 2de en Amstel Hokke in die 3de plek. Mimosa Hokke van Nico Bezuidenhout wen dan ook die Jaarlikse Enige Ouderdom Keur kompetisie. Met die B wedvlug is dit Hippo Lofts van Johan Venter wat die eerste plek inpalm, Amstel Hokke






SPB Gholfklub



Laerskool Levubu Dag



Maandelikse Houespel


Plek P Senekal




Lente Ope




Lente Ope



M du Plessis

uittel 37


H Jacobs

uittel 37

Weeklikse Byeenkomste





BS - Beterbal Stableford, IS - Ind Stableford, BBB - B/bal Bonus Bogey, HS - Houespel, GS - Gekombineerde Stable­ford, 4BA/S - 4Bal Alliansie Stableford, 2B/AS - 2Bal American Scramble, BBM - Beterbal Multiplier





58 VAAL STREET, LOUIS TRICHARDT - TEL (015) 516 2470 BURGER STREET - TEL (015) 516 2245 TRADING HOURS: Mon - Thurs: 8am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm / Fri: 8am - 12:30pm & 2pm - 5pm / Sat: 8am - 2pm


18 August 26, 2011

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Kennington Lodge * Weddings * Conferences * Matric Farewells * Special Occasions

Venue and catering for

* Office - 015 516 1130 * Hester - 082 376 2014 * Eric - 076 467 9095

Dié groepie karatekas van die Braambos Karateklub op LMB Makhado het op 13 Augustus deelgeneem aan die Carpe Diem Limpopo Kampioenskap in Polokwane. Voor, van links, is LJ Strydom (goud kumité), Wihan Joubert (silwer kumité), Danielle Dreyer, Tenicke Wepener (brons kata, goud kumité), Larochel Wepener (goud kumité) en Celeste Dreyer (silwer kumité). Agter is Curtley Denkewitz (silwer kumité), sensei Andrea Pretorius (goud kata en kumité), Mari-Lette du Plessis (goud kata en kumité) en Yvonne Denkewitz (goud kata en kumité). Afwesig: Madelein Venter (silwer kumité) en André Pretorius (spanbestuurder). Foto verskaf.

Levubu Hokkie het tydens hul jaarlikse prysuitdeling die afgelope naweek erkenning gegee aan hul beste vrouespelers. Van links staan Pieter Jooste (afrigter), Elize Pretorius (Speler van die Jaar), Marli Beetge (beste voorspeler), Deona Grobler (beste agterspeler en Hokkie Bokkie 2011), Marietjie Wilken (beste vordering), Elmarie Fogwell (meeste doele) en Elanie Havenga (voorsitter). Foto verskaf. Gimnastiek

Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012

2009 Mercedes Benz C220 CDi Avantguarde, 55 000km

2011 Mercedes Benz C200 Avantguarde, AS NEW

R319 995 R429 995

2009 Mercedes Benz C200 A/T 2008 Mercedes Benz R500 A/T Elegance, 43 000km 7 Seater, 75 000km

R289 995 R489 995 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK55 A/T AMG, 36 000km

2005 Mercedes Benz C180 Elegance Sport, 85 000km

R439 995 R144 995

Gimnaste presteer Gimnaste van die die Louis Trichardt Gim­ na­stiekklub bring altesaam 26 medaljes huis toe na deelname aan die Gymagic uitno­ digingskompetisie in Kemptonpark op 20 Augustus. Simeon Strydom (links agter) verwerf vyf goue medaljes, een silwer en een brons vir Tyro 3,18 jaar en jonger. Tyro 3 is die ou vlak 6 en is ‘n nuwe benaming wat by seunsgimnaste gebruik word. Voor, van links, is Innes Steyn (een silwer, een brons vir Tyro1 of vlak 4, 10 en jonger), Robyn Whitcomb (silwer vir vlak 4, 12 en jonger) en Renier Scheepers met drie goud en twee silwer vir Tyro 1, 14 en jonger). Agter, langs Simeon, is Gideon Scheepers (vyf silwer vir Tyro 3, 18 en jonger), Elouise Spies (een goud en twee silwer vir vlak 6, 18 en jonger) en Marianca Mattheus (twee goud en een silwer vir vlak 5, 18 en jonger).


Date: 27 August 2011 Time: 08:00 - 17:00 Place: Louis Trichardt Info Centre R50.00 - entrance fee, incl. cloth badge

1 Tin of food - for needy families (SAVF) Tin 4 Tin Run in conjunction with

2010 Mercedes Benz E250 CDi 2008 Mercedes Benz C200 A/T A/T Avantguarde, 13 000km Avantguarde, 50 000km


AFTER HOURS: • Hussain 083 378 6000 • Willie 082 953 3642 • Ishmael 076 772 0200 • Charles 076 820 8256 • Johan 072 959 5642 TRADING HOURS: 08h00 - 13h00; 13h00 - 17h00 E. & O.E.

Funds will be donated to the SPCA. We also have a second charity for this day, the SAVF (Suid-Afrikaanse Vroue Federasie). All the tins of food collected as entrance fee will be donated to them to help needy families.

COME JOIN THE FUN - SEE YOU THERE! D Mass s Food LIVE BANDM YNO cash FUN & mECHANICAL RMD ACHIN Z T I ride talls L E bar GAMES bULL B Sound For more info contact Johan at 084 557 0149

Zoutpansberger 26 Augustus 2011