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17 August 2012 Year 22 Vol: 49

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Good start for Leopards - page 24

By Silas Nduvheni

Who will rule the Vhavenda? Thovhele Toni Mphephu Ramabulana.

Thovhele Gole Musiiwa Mphaphuli.

The struggle for the kingship (Khosikhulu) position of the Vhavenda nation could soon be resolved as the hearing on the challenges filed by three senior traditional leaders resumed on Monday in the Limpopo High Court in Thohoyandou. Three senior traditional leaders, Thovhele Tshidziwelele Nephawe of the Vhangona, Thovhele Kennedy Midiyavhathu Tshivhase and Thovhele Gole Musiiwa Mphaphuli are challenging the findings of the Nhlapo Commission on Traditional Leadership Claims,

which was released by Pres Jacob Zuma on 29 July 2010. The commission recommended that the kingship of the Vhavenda nation be restored under the lineage of Mphephu Ramabulana. Thovhele Toni Mphephu Ramabulana was identified as the rightful heir to the throne of the Vhavenda nation, but before he could be crowned, the said three traditional leaders legally challenged the findings in court. They proposed that the matter should be reviewed again. With the start of the hearing, the

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Thovhele Tshidziwele Nephawe of the Vhangona Royal House.

Limpopo High Court in Thohoyandou was filled to capacity by traditional leaders and communities supporting their claims, with some people having to follow the proceedings from outside the court. “People who could not be accommodated inside the court should not feel they are being excluded from hearing the submissions but should understand that the space is too small to accommodate them all. It is my wish to speed up the hearing of each claimant, so that, at the end of this week, we may

Thovhele Kennedy Midiyavhathu Tshivhase.

finish,” said Judge Francis Lekgodi, who presides. According to some of the findings of the Nhlapo Commission, sufficient grounds exist for the restoration of the kingship of the Vhavenda, in line with customary law and customs, but it can only be done under one king. The commission also found that, in the history of the Vhavenda, a kingship was created by Dimbanyika around 1600. The kingship was later destroyed during the reign of Mphephu Ramabulana, forefather of Thovhele Toni Mphephu Ramabulana,

in 1898. Senior Advocate Dumisane Ntsebenza, representing the Vhangona, was the first to address the court and he questioned why the restoration of the kingship of Vhavenda was only limited to the Mphephu Ramabulana clan. He mentioned that the Vhangona had testified and elaborated during the hearing of the Nhlapo Commission that the Vhangona’s kingship was clearly highlighted in Mapungubwe. At the time of our going to press, the arguments were still continuing.

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2 17 August 2012 Poliitical opnion

“What lies ahead on the road to Mangaung?”


he ANC conference in Mangaung will be a power test between Jacob Zuma and Kgalema Motlanthe. Hence, Jacob Zuma showed his interest to be re-elected, so those rallying behind Kgalema are sceptical if he will stand Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 or against Zuma. The fact that Kgalema surprised Thabo Letter Mbeki when he joined Zuma’s camp at the last minute at the Polokwane conference would convince his loyalties that he am gatvol with the service I am ish life cycle. We are aroused our communities on numerous may contest (the leadership). getting from the municipality politically only when there are occasions on this particular Kgalema is a man of princias a resident of Eltivillas. elections. issue and others, and we are ples, who is a favourite of the Herewith are photographs Members of the community, definitely not excited about the ANCYL. However, the youth taken in Eltivillas during this apparently fairly educated, current status of affairs. That is league alone cannot make month (August). can see that what is going on why our honourable mayor, Cllr him leader of the ANC. Youth “How do we tell when a is deplorable, but choose to FD Mutavhatsindi, took it him league members need to lobby society is dying? A society dies remain politically dormant or upon himself to convene meetmuch from all ANC branch when people lose a collecare demonstrating gratitude by ings with the affected members levels for possible delegates; tive sense of purpose. It dies pledging uncritical loyalty and of the communities, including when the individual ceases to support to the “hero” individu- the Vhembe District Municipal- however, their influence is not believe that they have the power als or “service provider”, thus ity, in order to update residents enough. Kgalema, who is getting vigto shape the environment in preventing us from objectively on the challenges that we are orous support from Limpopo, which they live. A society dies assessing the real conditions encountering and the efforts the Eastern Cape and maybe when individual aspirations of life. that we make on a daily basis Gauteng, has to be sure that he are no longer connected to We are living in a society in trying to solve the challenge has garnered sufficient support. the progress of the rest of the where the success of individuof water. Gauteng, with its trend of votsociety. A society dies when als is tied to the degree of their Together with VDM, we are ing for the winning team, may individual greed takes the submissiveness and depends doing everything in the book not be guaranteed as Motlanthe place of social conscience, it on how loudly they scream in to see to it that every resident backers. dies when morality is replaced praise of the “service provider.” of Makhado Municipality gets Zuma is one of those leaders by crude pursuit of individual The day Eltivillas residents clean water and that the chalwhom you can’t take for grantsuccess” - Prince Mashele, The become mentally liberated and lenges of water and sewerage ed, due to the tactics that work death of our society. begin to appreciate that there is leaks are minimised. And maybe for him. The division within Look at the photographs tak- no special person somewhere, not sufficient enough in terms of en in Eltivillas (Makhado Ward anointed by God, or some “sufficiency” we will improve Letter 20) and one sees that they give supernatural power to run their on the turnaround time of the impression that the commu- lives, will be the last day of the informing the people about the nity has accepted that leaking “service provider.” projected cut-off and shortages sewage, unscheduled water cuts - TP Sinthumule of water, but currently we are he Congress of the People and uncollected rubbish all over doing our best as we even flight (Cope) in Vhembe wishes the area are normal. The spokesperson of the Ma- adverts in the media in order to all the women in Vhembe and For how long are we going khado Municipality, Mr Louis alert our consumers to save in around the entire South Africa a to tolerate these things? Where Bobodi, reacted as follows to emergency cases. happy Women’s Day. are the people when all this the letter of Mr Sinthumule: Our doors are ever open for As we celebrate and observe service delivery rot decomposes It is a known fact that our anyone to contact municipal this women’s month, we have further? Indeed, the residents municipality is facing a serious officials if there is any service- to take stock and look at the wallow in ignorance and we are challenge in the provision of delivery-related issue. places and the roles that our engaged in our daily struggles water. We have acknowledged Let’s engage each other for women are taking care of in our to survive. this time and again. We are the betterment of our municisociety. As Cope, we celebrate We are aware that the service not defensive in the approach pality. Keep on making noble the appointment of women to provider does nothing for us. of responding to our residents’ inputs as they will enable us to influential position and we subUnfortunately, the majority of concerns and the possible solu- get there. Together we can make scribe to gender equality. the community members are tions thereof. Makhado a habitable area for Gone are those days where trapped in this kind of hellWe have been engaging with us all. the woman’s place was only in the kitchen. Cope calls upon all women to take their rightful positions in society and to capacitate themselves. The government has a serious role

“Who cares about the situation in Eltivillas?”


Cosatu president Dlamini and secretary Vavi are the indications that he is working quietly on the ground. The division in Gauteng and squabbles in North West PEC show that the factionalism is gathering momentum. The division among youth league members, particularly Mabe and Mduduzi Manana, who seems loyal to Zuma, is another mark that factionalism characterises the ANC. If the youth league is not speaking with one voice, it tells a lot that Motlanthe needs to make sure that he can challenge Zuma before he pronounces his stand. The good relationship between Zuma and the alliance partners indicates clearly that Zuma has political backing. Though the alliance partners do not vote, their influence on their members who are ANC members boosts the president’s stand. Those who swell the double ranks are likely to vote in favour of Zuma, due to the mandate they get outside the meetings of ANC. People must not forget how the SACP and COSATU influenced the environment in 2007 towards the Polokwane conference.

The expulsion of Julius Malema from the ANCYL also boosts Zuma’s chance of re-election; hence, Malema, who was a central player in the Motlanthe faction, is forbidden to participate in ANC gatherings. The expulsion of Malema neutralised the move to oust President Jacob Zuma in Mangaung. Zuma’s backing from Kwazulu Natal, the largest province in membership, informs the pattern of how ANC members are likely to vote. The reinstatement of David Mabuza as Provincial Chair in Mpumalanga and Ace Magashule in the Free State is a boost for Zuma. The divided Limpopo, after Cassel Mathale’s reinstatement as Provincial Chair, as well as the friction in North West, creates doubt if Kgalema could make it in Mangaung. Let’s wait and see when the succession debate is formally opened in October and see where the wind will be blowing. October will be a month of dirty tricks and hooks and indicate who is going to lead the ANC after the conference in Mangaung - Phaswana Rofhiwa (Mabizana), a political analyst.

“The most powerful gift to life is a woman”


to play and our State needs to work towards an intensified process of empowering disadvantaged women. The government institutions must acknowledge the cream of all the knowledgeable, skilled and competent women as opposed to the deployment of only the so-called unskilled women friends. A woman is a person of dignity and high status, and their dignity must not be reduced to acts of just giving them positions by virtue of just being women without looking at their skills and competence. Any woman who is appointed to any high office without the necessary skills and expertise is a victim, because she will be

abused while she is in a position of power. She will become a very big bridge of corruption. Our women are the most precious gift of life, and they must be treated with respect, be loved and be protected. We must not forget that we are all born out of a woman. Women, you are the mothers of the nation and therefore you should not allow anybody to use you to destroy the very same nation that you have given birth to. Take the most dignified role and protect what is yours. The nations are your children. - Geoffrey Tshibvumo, Cope Vhembe regional chairperson

A leaking sewage dam in Eltivillas.

Uncollected rubbish, lining the streets of Eltivillas.

“Road accidents have robbed many people of their parents, friends and children. Let’s unite and ask for the Lord’s protection and wisdom on our roads,” said Pastor George Ramatshimbila, the chairperson of the Sinthumule/Kutama Pastors’ Forum. The pastors’ forum, in collaboration with the Tshilwavhusiku SAPS and the community of Sinthumule/ Kutama, held a healing and cleansing ceremony in July, next to the spot where many accidents happened at Tshiozwi. Photographed during the event are, from left to right, pastor George Ramatshimbilani, Gilbert Muofhe, Khosi Vho-Rudzani Sinthumule and Lieutenant Colonel Freddy Shirinda.


17 August 2012 3

Vhamusanda Ramabulana Vhamusanda Vho-Mavhungu Ramabulana (51) of Madabani village passed away at his home last Thursday, after a short illness. He was the chairperson of the Sinthumule Territorial Council. Khosi Vho-Rudzani Sinthumule of the Sinthumule area says Ramabulana was a man of vision. “We will always remember him for his hard work, commitment and dedication,” he said.”Most of the development that occurred during the time of the Sinthumule era was his ideas. We have lost a charismatic, disciplined and

Vhamusanda Kutama

enthusiastic leader,” he said. Thovhele Vho-Toni Mphephu Ramabulana expressed his condolences to the Ramabulana family. Mphephu said Vhamusanda Ramabulana had served the area with diligence. “He will be remembered for his hard work,” said Mphephu. He added that the late Vhamusanda had contributed a great deal to the shaping of the local Sinthumule territorial council. “He was a selfless visionary and dedicated leader of people. The spokesperson for the family, Vho- Makhado Sinthumule, said the family was saddened by the chief’s death. Vhamusanda Ramabulana worked at the former Jan Smuts Airport before his installation as chief in 1987. The funeral ceremony will begin at 06:00 at the chief‘s house at Madabani tomorrow. He will be buried in the Ravele royal graveyard. Chief Ramabulana is survived by five wives and 15 children.

Vhamusanda-Vho-Fhatuwani Mashudu Kutama (47) of Midoroni village in Kutama passed away in the provincial hospital in Polokwane last Wednesday, a day before Chief Ramabulana of the neighbouring village of Madabani. The chairperson of the Kutama Territorial Council and spokesperson of the family, Vhamusanda-Vho-Ntanganedzeni Kutama, who had worked very closely with the chief, said it was a huge shock for them to lose such a hard worker. His death came at a time when he still had a huge

By Elmon Tshikhudo

R20 000 bail for Thulamela traffic boss The long walk to freedom for Thulamela traffic boss Thilivhali Mulaudzi finally came to an end when he was released on bail. He spent almost two weeks in the cells. Mulaudzi (48), of Shayandima, was released on R20 000 in the Magistrate’s Court in Thohoyandou last Wednesday. He stands accused of having committed 1,640 criminal acts - 820 of fraud and a further 820 charges involving contraventions of the National Road Traffic Act.

He is said to have authored his own misfortune when he wanted to be admitted as an advocate and was told that he could not as he had pending cases against him. After enquiring about these cases from the police, they subsequently arrested him. He was held in the cells since his arrest on 30 July. He launched a bail application the following day, but his application was characterised by postponements, until he was granted bail on Wednesday. The court was filled to capacity, with fellow church members, family and friends who came to offer support. Earlier on during the application, the attorney for the defence, Adv Tumi Mokoena, had asked the court to grant the accused bail, saying the charges he was facing were not clear and they were only known to the State. The latter called in two witnesses, who Thulamela traffic boss, Mr Thilivhali Mulaudzi gave testimony

to the effect that the accused should not be granted bail. In a verdict that took almost an hour to deliver, Magistrate Sam Phakula said he had taken into account the personal circumstances of Mulaudzi. Phakula granted him the R20 000 bail, but with added conditions that he should attend the court at all times until the matter was finalised. He was also ordered not to interfere with any witnesses. He was also required to surrender his passport to the investigating officer. He is not allowed to leave the Vhembe district without the knowledge of the investigating officer and he was ordered to report to the Thohoyandou police station on Fridays. He should also not commit another offence while out on bail. After the judgement, wellwishers were seen hugging and embracing each other outside the court. Mulaudzi will appear in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court again on 22 August. Thulamela Municipal Manager Mr Makonde Mathivha said Mulaudzi had not been suspended. “You will recall that, as government, we do not just fire or suspend people. Certain procedures have to be followed, such as disciplinary hearings,” said Mathivha.

By Andries van Zyl

Renewed vigour in traffic law enforcement Makhado (Louis Trichardt) residents have welcomed the Makhado Municipality’s renewed vigour in enforcing traffic laws. Over the past couple of months, traffic lawlessness in town has spiralled out of control. It has become common practice for motorists not to obey stop signs, to such an extent that motorists are more likely to cause accidents when they actually stop at a stop sign. Speeding is also a common phenomenon, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol. This lawlessness and the mu-

nicipality’s apparently lack of law enforcement sparked severe criticism from the public and it is against this background that most motorists and residents were delighted to see an increase in traffic law enforcement in town the past weeks. Municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi confirmed last week that the increased visibility of traffic officers in town forms part of an on-going effort to restore order. He said that they were focussing on general law enforcement, looking at offences such

as drunken driving and illegal U-turns. Readers might remember recent news reports about the challenges facing the Musina Municipality with regard to traffic law enforcement. Traffic officers there were reduced to foot patrols, due to a serious lack of vehicles. This is not the case in Makhado. Bobodi said that they experienced no such problems and that they recently appointed a further eight traffic officials, bringing the total number of municipal traffic officials to 25.


Sinthumule and Kutama in mourning after Chiefs pass away role to play in the development of the area. “He was such an experienced traditional leader and we expected him to assist in training the new chiefs,” he added. “Mashudu was one of our chiefs who understood the way in which traditional leaders functioned. He had vast experience and people learned a lot from him. His death is a loss to both the family and the Kutama community.” Thovhele Vho-Toni Mphephu Ramabulana said Kutama’s death came as a huge shock to him. “He still had a lot to do, both for the community and royal family,” he said, adding that it would be very difficult to replace him. The late Chief Kutama worked at PG Glass before he started his own company, 777 Glass Company. He is survived by his mother, wife and children. His funeral service will take place this afternoon at 16:00 at his house. He will be buried at Tshiendeulu Tshavhakololo.

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4 17 August 2012 By Victor Hlungwani

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Villager killed in alleged love triangle A Madombidzha resident was killed in an alFrans Mudimeli (40) was allegedly hit on the leged love triangle in the Tshikhwani section head by a fellow villager, Mashudu Khashane of Madombidzha village on Sunday evening (36). They were apparently fighting over a (12 August). woman, known as Joyce. According to the police, the facts surrounding the incident are still extremely sketchy. It is alleged that the deceased and his supposed spouse (Joyce) were drinking together in one of the local taverns. It is said that the woman then left the deceased and went to the Khashane home, situated only a short distance away from the tavern. According to the deceased’s family, Mudimeli had gone out to fetch the keys to his home, which he shared with his mother, Vho-Masindi Munzhedzi (73), and Joyce. As to how it came about that the deceased and Khashane eventually fought in the latter’s yard, is unknown at this stage. The police were alerted after Mudimeli had passed away and they found the deceased covered in a blanket, with visible injuries to his head. He was allegedly hit to death with a stick. “Joyce and my son had been together for some years and she will always live in my house as an in-law,” sobbed the elderly Vho-Masindi when Limpopo Mirror visited the family this week. Alleged killer: Mashudu Khashane. She maintained that her son only went to the accused’s house to collect the keys to the house, since Joyce had walked away with them to the other man. Meanwhile, community members who witnessed the killing and spoke only on condition of anonymity, said that Khashane and the deceased’s fight started as a result of paternity issues. The woman is allegedly pregnant. The spokesperson for the Tshilwavhusiku police, Const Musiwalo Mahuwa, said that Mr Mashudu Khashane had appeared in the magistrate’s court on Wednesday and had The deceased, Mr Frans Mudimeli (left), is photographed here with his been charged with mother, Vho-Masindi Munzhedzi. murder. By Silas Nduvheni

Dzulani wins National Science Olympiad Limpopo’s top maths and science school, Mbiwi Secondary, is over the moon as one its learners recently won the National Science Olympiad. As part of his prize, Dzulani Thanyani (17) jetted off to London on Wednesday to attend the International Youth Science Forum, which will finish on 31 August. The National Science Olympiad is organised by the

South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA). “In June I was announced as a winner in the category for best learner from a previously disadvantaged background, during an awards ceremony at Midrand. We also visited various engineering companies, laboratories and research centres during the event,” said Dzulani. He also re-

ceived a laptop computer and the two-week-long trip to London, for the 48th Science Olympiad. He said that he is planning to study actuarial science at the University of Cape Town (UCT) next year. Mbilwi’s principal, Mr Nnyambeni Lidzhade, said his school “is always a winner and Dzulani’s trip will motivate the other learners”.

Dzulani Thanyani of Mbilwi Secondary is attending the National Youth Science Festival in London.

Pupil with brain tumour asks for help A Limpopo pupil was dealt a heavy blow, when scans revealed that he has a brain tumour and that a large amount of money is needed to pay for the delicate operation. Vutomi Honours Chauke (22), a Grade 12 pupil at Shirilele High at Mavambe in Malamulele, was taken to Polokwane MediClinic by concerned teachers after one of his eyes started protruding and he complained of pains in the forehead. A representative of the school, Mr Sathiel Madingane, said teachers at the school collected R1 600 after observing the pupil’s deteriorating condition. “We went to a specialist in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), who referred us to Polokwane MediClinic. We went there for a scan, and it revealed that he had brain tumour. The estimated cost for the operation is about R100 000,” said Madingane. Madingane added that no funds were available to assist the young man and he appealed to members of the community to assist him. “He is about to his write trial

examinations and he is in pain. he said. His condition is a concern to the People interested in helping entire staff,” said Madingane. him can phone the school’s Vutomi’s mother is a pension- principal, Mr SP Baloyi, on 078 er, and his father died in 1993. He 630 0028. said his problem started last May, when his face started itching. “When I scratched it, my eye protruded,” he said. He then experienced excruciating pain in the face “as if I had been smashed by a hammer.” Vutomi aspires to be a lawyer and he is worried that his hopes may be dashed if he does not get assistance. Before the teachers had sent him for a scan, Vutomi went to Malamulele Hospital, where they merely looked at him and refered him to Mankweng Hospital. “At Mankweng, they took blood samples and said they saw nothing. They later said I should go for an x-ray, but I Vutomi Honours Chauke. went for a scan instead,”

By Mashudu Netsianda

21 Years in jail for two rhino poachers A South African resident, who teamed up with a Four rhino horns, knives and a loaded rifle with 12 Zimbabwean, has been sentenced to an effective rounds of ammunition were also recovered from 21 years in jail for killing two black rhinos and where they were hidden underground. dehorning them. The court heard that the two men intended to They shot the two rhinos in a wildlife con- smuggle the horns into South Africa. servancy outside Beit Bridge. The value of the two animals was estimated at about R2.4 million. Mateu Mahlangu (23) of Johannesburg and Dovhani Sibanda (32) of Driehoek village outside Beit Bridge pleaded not guilty to charges of killing an endangered species and possession of rhino horns and an unlicensed firearm but were convicted Magistrate Auxilia Chiumburu. It was testified that on 8 April this year, the two men unlawfully acquired a Sako .308 rifle without a firearm Well-known Venda reggae artists Tshidino Ndou of Vhadino licence. Entertainment and Khakhathi Tshisikule of Khakhathi & Friends have They then fitted it teamed up with the aim of “taking music to the people”. They recently with a silencing device visited Pretoria and Alexandra on a promotional tour and will be before proceeding to Bu- performing at Ha-Mavhele in Pretoria tomorrow (18 August). - Photo bye Valley Conservancy supplied. outside Beit Bridge. On arrival, the court heard, the two men tracked down two rhinos. They shot and killed the two animals and removed the horns. They took the horns to Sibanda’s homestead, where they further removed a transmitter from one of the horns and burnt it. The device is used in tracking and monitoring the movement of the rhinos within the sanctuary. The offence was discovered by the game rangers of the wildlife conservancy and they reported the matter to The mayor of the Makhado Municipality, Cllr David Mutavhatsindi the local police. Investi- (left), and businessman Mr Khathu Radali assist Jacqueline Seminya gations were conducted of Masedi Combined School in Tshikota to put on a pair of new shoes. resulting, in the arrest of Radali recently donated 35 pairs of shoes to orphans and vulnerable Mahlangu and Sibanda. children of the school.


17 August 2012 5

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6 17 August 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Municipal status for Malamulele?

Mining companies continue onslaught on coal fields of starting the project”. “Along with allowing for the testing and commissioning of the plant, these exercises are aimed at recovering an initial quantity of rough diamonds suitable for preliminary sorting by Diamcor and its strategic alliance partner Tiffany & Co, to assist the company to establish a new and current average dollar-per-carat estimate for the project’s rough diamonds,” Diamcor CEO Dean Taylor said in a statement. Tiffany & Co is a famous American company that manufatures expensive jewellery with which Diamcor already has a long-term alliance. To enable Diamcor to construct their process plant, they had to, among other things, clear about two hectares for construction and the areas for the fresh water, waste and settling dams. They also drilled 558 targets holes, covering an area of approximately 400 hectares, for the completion of the recommended infill and extended drilling. Diamcor expects production levels of between 120 00 and 240 000 carats per year. With all this mining planned for the Soutpansberg and its unique Bushveld landscapes and tranquillity, it is no wonder conservationists are up in arms. Numerous organisations have joined the fight to try and stop or reduce the impact of mining in the area. Their fight is far from over, however, as Government continues to approve mining rights. Growth and profit are peas in a pod.. But it all starts with n ue advertising... ve th

omers t

S al e s




mainly stretched over three coal seams. If Universal is granted mining right licences, they have proposed open-cast mining to extract the coal. At about the same time that Universal Coal made their announcement, Coal of India Limited (CIL) also announced their intention to acquire mines in the Limpopo Valley by forming a subsidiary company in South Africa. Business LIVE reported last week that CIL announced in a bid document that they were busy signing an agreement with the Limpopo Province to “identify and develop coal mines.” CIL, which is state-owned, is one of the world’s largest coal miners. According to Business LIVE, the government of Limpopo approached CIL to set up a joint venture. For this venture, CIL has earmarked 60 billion rupees (U$1.1 billion). Where this proposed mine would be situated, could not be determined by the time of going to press. However, India is suffering from massive power outages, with some of its electricity plants that are idle as a result of fuel shortages. Then there is the junior Canadian mining company, Diamcor Mining Incorporated, who said last Wednesday that it had started commissioning a processing plant at its Krone-Endora project, directly next to De Beers’ Venetia Mine. They announced their intention to mine diamonds here at the beginning of the year. The purpose of this 200-tonneper-hour modular processing plant, according to Diamcor, is to enable the company to move to trial mining. This will eventually lead to a production rate “of 10 000 carats within a year


The Soutpansberg-region’s future looks black - coal black, that is, as mining companies continue their onslaught on the area’s rich coal fields. In August of last year, it became known that yet another coal mining company, other than Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL), is showing interest in the Limpopo Valley’s coal fields. Universal Coal, an emerging thermal coal-production and -development company, earmarked thousands of hectares for exploration drilling. Universal has two projects, namely Berenice and Somerville. The Berenice coking coal project is situated 90km southwest of Musina, close to CoAL’s Vele mine and Mapungubwe World Heritage Site. Somerville, on the other hand, is located near the northern border of Botswana, stretching over six farms. Some of these farms are situated in the Vhembe Game Reserve. On 10 August, Universal announced in their Cash Flow Report that an environmental risk assessment, geotechnical study and geohydrological survey have been commissioned. According to this report, drilling as part of a pre-feasibility study is currently underway. The report further indicates that the Berenice project has 1.3 billion tonnes in coal-deposit resources. Universal said that their concept study had confirmed that the project “can support a 10 million tonne per annum open-cut operation in excess of 25 years.” Somerville’s first exploration drilling is expected to start towards the last quarter of this year. According to Universal, they are looking at an excess of 1 billion tonnes of coking coal resource that is

A dv e

The writing is on the wall ... people are saying it loudly and clearly that they want their own municipality.

By Isabel Venter

C u st

Min Baloyi addresses residents during the meeting. With him in the photo are the mayor of Thulamela, Cllr Grace Mahosi (left), and the deputy chairperson of the House of Traditional Leaders in Vhembe, Hosi Eric Mudavula.

A snapshot of what will be left of the Soutpansberg with regard to present and planned mining operations. No wonder conservationists are up in arms. Numerous organisations have joined the fight to try and stop or reduce the impact of mining in the area. Their fight is far from over, however, as government continues to approve mining rights.


address, Baloyi covered issues like the provision of water and poor road infrastructure. A community leader, Dr Wisani Nkuna, said the minister’s speech had covered everything they were concerned about and that they should wait for the minister to come back as he had promised to investigate their concerns and to come back before the end of September. In an interview, Nkuna said the residents had done some research, which revealed that Malamulele qualified to be a municipality on its own. He said they had engaged in discussions with the demarcation board about the issue on several occasions, but nothing had come of it. “We are happy that the Minister touched on issues that are pertinent to our hearts. Our demand is based on facts. Malamulele has enough wards, with a population of well over 500 000. It has a solid economic base, with many business avenues that could be explored, and it can stand on its own,” he said.

Su c c

Residents of Malamulele and surrounding villages sighed with relief after being told that their problems will receive urgent attention. This was after they had spoken in one voice that they wanted nothing less than municipal status, accusing the local Thulamela Municipality of neglecting them in terms of service delivery. This transpired during a meeting at the Malamulele Stadium on Monday afternoon, where they were addressed by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Richard Baloyi. Baloyi said he had visited several villages falling under traditional leaders and he was shown projects like water purification schemes. He also had the chance to see for himself the state of the roads in some of the villages. He added that he had had time to talk to some officials, who promised that some of the projects would be finished soon, while some were still facing challenges. In his

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17 August 2012 7


8 17 August 2012 By Isabel Venter

Promises remain as empty as Tshikota’s water taps Promises made to residents of Tshikota outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt) remain as empty as their dry taps. During a mayoral meeting with residents in July to address the issue of the town’s chronic water shortages, the Makhado Municipality promised residents that their water supply would be restored after Tshikota residents threatened to revert to mass action, should this not happen immediately.

from the fire hydrant or to buy it from one of the local schools, which has a borehole. The going rate for water at the school is R1 per litre, meaning that flushing a toilet once will cost one R20. The taps of residents who are fortunate enough to have a water connection to their houses also run dry regularly. One woman showed the newspaper a copy of her municipal account - she only used three units of water for the month but still had to pay all the basic charges. The Vhembe District Municipality was contacted and specific questions were put to the spokesperson, Mr Ralushai Matodzi, about water delivery in Tshikota. He was also made aware of the fact that the questions were meant to determine what progress had been made since the mayoral meeting on 18 July. During this meeting, a board of technical directors blamed old infrastructure, a lack of funding, staff shortages and vandalism for the interruptions in water delivery, not only in Tshikota, but also in the rest of town. This time around, Matodzi blamed the current drought for the interruption in the water supply to town. “The district is facing a dry spell with low level dams and dry boreholes (sic),” reads an SMS that Matodzi sent in response to the newspaper’s questions. “We are using tankPhundulo Muhanelwa plays near some buckets, while his family is doing the ers as a short-term intervention…” he said. Ms Ester Lekgwatha, in front of her RDP house in the Tshikota Township. washing. Tshikota residents have struggled for months on end with no or little During our visit, however, these tankers She has been without electricty for the past five years. water. were nowhere to be seen in Tshikota. Questions regarding By Mashudu Netsianda how safe the water in the fire hydrant is to drink, were ignored. The civil rights asThree Zimbabwean soldiers and a Siboza village outside Beit Bridge. sociation AfriForum’s policeman were arrested for alleg- They recovered seven donkeys, local chairperson, Mr edly fatally assaulting a suspected suspected to have been stolen from Wally Schultz, was stock thief in Shanyaugwe village South Africa. The four men then shocked at the district outside Beit Bridge. arrested Moyo and ordered him municipality’s latest Josphat Handirisi (30), a local to harness the animals to his cart excuse that the current policeman, Richard Muneri (29), before proceeding to their base at drought is the reason Judge Jarachara (24) and Norbert Rustlers Gorge. for the water shortages. Prince Ndlovu (19), all employed The court heard that along the Last Monday, the Alby the Zimbabwe National Army, way, the cart developed a mechanibasini Dam was still were not asked to plead to a murder cal fault. Muneri, Jarachara and just over 36% full. “It charge when they appeared before Ndlovu abandoned the cart and is disgusting, to say Magistrate Auxilia Chiumburu. left Handirisi to guard Moyo while the least,” remarked The case was postponed to 23 they went to seek assistance at a Schultz. According to August and the four accused remain local village. Schultz, AfriForum was in custody. They were, however, It was testified that Moyo then able to determine via an advised to apply to the High Court took advantage of the other acindependent contractor for bail. cused’s absence and tried to escape. that several of the boreThe prosecutor, Mr Reason Mu- Handirisi managed to catch up with Some of the ladies photographed near a fire hydrant that was broken open by desperate residents from hole pumps situated in timba, said that in July, the four him and the two allegedly started the Tshikota Township. Each and every hollow container that could carry water was filled up. the Makhado area were accused were deployed to Rustlers wrestling. It was stated that Moyo in fact burnt out. This, Gorge along the Zimbabwe-South managed to overpower Handirisi. he says, takes several Africa border, to conduct routine Muneri, Jarachara and Ndlovu redays, if not weeks, to border patrols. The court heard that turned, however, and they joined repair. on 30 July, they received a report in the fight. The court heard that In the meantime, from their South African counter- the four accused kicked Moyo many residents are left parts, informing them of a missing and hit him with their fists and he baffled by water leaks herd of donkeys allegedly stolen and sustained a fractured backbone that are left unrepaired. smuggled into Zimbabwe. and bled profusely. He died on his “If it is so dry and the The accused then made a follow- way to his home, due to the injuries area is drought stricken, up and they followed the spoor, sustained. A report was made to why are we wasting valwhich led them to the homestead the police, leading to the arrest of uable water?” remarked of the victim, Mpokiseng Moyo, at the four men. one resident. During a visit to Tshikota a fortnight ago, this paper found a group of residents so desperate for water that they broke open a municipal fire hydrant. “We are suffering! We don’t know what else to do,” said residents, crowding around the fire hydrant. This was on Friday, 3 August, almost two weeks after the mayoral meeting. According to Tshikota residents, the only place to get water is either

Officials arrested for murder


aymond’s s s a l G


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17 August 2012 9


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By Andries van Zyl

Thousands of pupils benefit from Science Week National Science Week, with a few extra days added on by the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club (SAC), has come to an end. This initiative by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) was a countrywide celebration of science, involving businesses, universities, science centres, schools and astronomy clubs, as well as other stakeholders. The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) was assigned to coordinate this effort to promote public awareness of science, engineering and technology (SET), as well as stimulating and increasing the interest of SET among learners, educators and the general public at various venues in all nine the provinces. Over a 12-day period, the SAC visited various schools and public areas in the region. Some of these were Ridgeway College, Lemana High School, Makhado Comprehensive,

Kutuma High School, Vivo CVO, Dendron Primary, Louis Trichardt Primary and Mitchell House. Public astronomy venues included OK Grocer, Makhado Crossing, Letaba Expo, Savannah Mall, Sterkloop and Mall of the North. Outreach activities included astronomy presentations on the square kilometre array (SKA) radio telescope, the landing of Curiosity on Mars, building of southern-star wheels, solar and night-sky viewing, and many others. Handout material, courtesy of SAASTA, the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) and the SAC, consisted of astronomy-related posters and information. Science teachers at the various schools were presented with Galileoscopes for use by budding scientists in their classes.

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my son, James Coronaios, for assisting during all the events,” said organiser Mr Kos Coronaios. SAC alone reached a few thousand people (the majority of whom are school learners) and this was mirrored across all nine provinces of South Africa. Early reports show that tens of thousands of people who had never had the opportunity to be exposed to astronomy and the wonders of the universe had their interest piqued by this huge outreach event. For any astronomy-related activities and outreaches, phone Kos at 079 148 4934.

Teachers and pupils from Makhado Comprehensive School proudly display the handouts they received as part of National Science Week. Pictured with them is young James Coronaios (front left) who assisted the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club during its outreach programme. Photo supplied.

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Kutama High School was one of several schools visited by the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club as part of National Science Week. Photo supplied. NEWS:

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The SAC thanked all those who assisted with sponsorships, as well as promoting National Science Week, including Leach Printers, Pick ‘n Pay (Makhado Crossing), René van der Merwe (Mall of the North), Annabel Roberts (Mitchell House), Andries Van Zyl (Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror and associated newspapers), Fanie Pretorius (Makhado Crossing), Melissa Strydom (Letaba Expo), Savannah Mall, as well as all the enthusiastic educators, learners and members of the general public. “A special thank you to

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By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Girl missing after argument The Mphephu police are asking door open, I realised it was her, and members of the public to help them by the time I went to check, she was find the 17-year-old Dowelani San- no longer there,” she said dani from Ha-Mutiti. Anyone with information or who Dowelani was last seen on 23 July knows where the girl is, can call the this year. From what could be estab- station at 015 970 3000. lished, Dowelani left her home after her mother, Mrs Tshinakaho Sandani, had rebuked her for regularly coming home late. The mother told the police that she used to come back home late, sometimes even after 03:00. Every time when she and the girl’s father talked to the girl about her conduct, she would quarrel with them. According to the mother, her daughter was spending most of her time at the taverns. The mother told the police that her stubborn daughter woke up early in the morning, just before 02:00, and left through the garage The 17-year-old Dowelani Sandani went missing door. “When I heard the on 23 July.


17 August 2012 11

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Traditional medicines won’t cure HIV The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), traditional health practitioners, delegates from the Department of Health and community members of Homu discussed the issue of people not adhering to their antiretroviral treatment but switching to traditional medicine, during an event that was held at the Homu Traditional Authority’s hall last Thursday (9 August). According to TAC’s advocacy and communication co-ordinator, Mr Amukelani Maluleke, investigations on their part established that many patients in the villages stopped taking their antiretroviral medicine in the hope that traditional medicine might cure HIV. A traditional healer, Mr Mackson Milambo said, however, that nobody has a cure for HIV at

this stage. “As traditional healers, we’re unable to cure HIV,” he added. “All we can do is to treat HIVrelated ailments. It’s all very simple: If I am sick and I seriously need help, I still go to a pastor or clinic. Likewise, pastors and nurses consult with me for help when they are sick. We work together. ” He indicated that the problem for traditional health practitioners was that when HIV-positive clients visited them, they usually did not disclose their status, for fear of being stigmatised. Milambo explained that it would be difficult to help a patient complaining of a headache while the patient knew that the actual problem was stomach cancer. “We need you to be open about your HIV status,” he added.

“Only fools laugh at those who are HIV positive.” Pastor Makasela Mapengo advised ARV users to adhere to medication without interruption. “I can’t advise an asthma patient to throw away an asthma pump that is a lifesaving option.” All present stakeholders agreed that ARV users must stop using ARV treatment and traditional medication at the same time as this could cause conflicting reactions. “Never overdose or minimise the prescribed medical dosage of your treatment, because you want to get better quickly,” said Sister Esther Nkuna. “You’ll only kill yourself quickly by doing that. You can’t use two prescriptions from two different health practitioners for one problem and expect to get positive results,” she added.

Rev Samuel Muofhe of the Christian Convenant Church at Khalavha hosted hundreds of disabled and elderly people from all over Vhembe a fortnight ago. Speakers encouraged them to have faith in themselves and not to regard themselves as outcasts and unwanted people in the community. In our photo, church leaders, led by Muofhe, assist the disabled to the dining hall after the event.

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

In the photo are (from left to right) Mr Daniel Mathebula (TAC), Mr Mackson Milambo (traditional health practitioner), Chief Wilson Chabalala, Ms Sophy Mathevula (TAC), Mr Rexson Mathevula (Homu Traditional Authority) and Mr Amukelani Maluleke (TAC). PUBLIC NOTIFICATION FOR PROSPECTING RIGHT: herewith notification that Wananchi Power Corporation (PTY) LTD, has applied for a prospecting right in terms of section 16(4)(b) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act,2002 (Act 28 of 2002(MRPDA), Department of Mineral Resources in Limpopo, on the Farm Wilhelm 801 MS in the District of Musina REF:LP30/5/1/1/2/10851PR. The prospecting right application has been accepted by the department of Minerals Resources in Limpopo at no 101 Dorp street, Private Bag x9467, Polokwane, 0699. We are compiling the Environment Management Plan (EMP) for the proposed Prospecting right for coal on the above mentioned farm. In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party (IPA) or if you require further information on the application. Please submit your name, contact, information, interest and or relevant issues on the matter writing to Molefe Masokoe on 011 214 0300/ 0835374263 or Fax 086 554 6473 or Email: All the objections should be forwarded to the Department of Mineral Resources (Limpopo) at the address as mentioned above. NOTICE FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) PROCESS FOR THE PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS ERVEN ON APPROXIMATELY 34 HA ON PART OF THE FARM GREATER GIYANI 891 LT AT SIYANDANE VILLAGE WITHIN GREATER GIYANI LOCAL MUNICIPALITY, MOPANI DISTRICT MUNICIPA­ LITY, LIMPOPO PROVINCE. Notice is hereby given in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, published in Government Notice No. R543 of 18 June 2010 of activities identified in terms of Sections 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act of 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), as amended, that MRT IMPIRE CC. intends to carry out the following activities: DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT Proposed development of residential and business erven on approximately 34 ha on part of the farm Greater Giyani 891 LT at Siyandane village within Greater Giyani Local Municipality, Mopani District Municipality, Limpopo Province. Khosa Development Specialists is conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment process for above referenced proposed development. The proposed development activity fall within the categories of government notice R. 544 activity 13 and R. 545 activity 15, and therefore requires Scoping & EIA Process. Reference No: 12/1/9/2­M19 NEAS No: LIM/EIA/0000483/2012 PARTICULARS OF PROJECT APPLICANT PARTICULARS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT MRT IMPIRE CC Khosa Development Specialists (Pty) Ltd Contact: Mr Matidza Rendani Contact(s): Ms. Nemuramba L / Ms Matumba Ndifelani Postal Address: P.O. Box 2918 01 Munnik Avenue Thohoyandou Ster Park 0950 0699 Physical Address: 114 Thohoyandou BA Cell: 073 785 3739 Cell: 076 775 6686 Tel: 015 295 4171 Fax: 015 962 5610 Fax: 086 659 7218 E-mail: Email: / Website: In order to participate in the process, or to provide comments and or to register as an Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) pertaining to the above-proposed development, you are invited to contact Khosa Development Specialists (Pty) Ltd, Ms. Nemuramba Luambo at 073 785 3739/ Ms Matumba Ndifelani at 0762824110, Tel: 015 295 4171, Fax: 086 600 7119. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION MEETING: Date: 31 August 2012 Venue: Oasis Lodge Time: 11H00

MAKHADO MUNISIPALITEIT ONDERBREKING VAN ELEKTRISITEITSTOEVOER Kennis geskied hiermee dat ‘n alghele onderbreking van die elektrisiteitstoevoer sal voorkom op die onderstaande datum en tyd na verbruikers van MAKHADO MUNISIPALITEIT ELEKTRIESE DISTRIBUSIE NETWERK wat vanaf die Makahado Hoof Substasie gevoer word, ten einde werknemers van ESKOM in staat te stel om dringende noodsaklike herstelwerk te onderneem aan die hoof toevoergeleistamme in hulle (Eskom) substasie. DATUM TyD SONDAG: 19/08/2012 07:00-17:00 Geen waarborg kan gegee word dat die elektrisiteitstoevoer gedurende die hele vermelde tydperk onderbreek sal wees nie. Die elektrisiteitstoevoer na sekere dele van die netwerk mag dalk vroeër of later as die vermelde tyd weer herstel word. Alle verbruikers word derhalwe gewaarsku dat die Raad se elektrisiteitsleidings gedurende die hele tydperk as stroomdraend beskou moet word. Die onderbreking sal egter onderhewig wees aan die mooiweers toestande. NB: Die Makhado Dorp se water toevoer sisteem sal ook vir die volgende week beinvloed word deur hierdie prosedure. Die volgende nedersettings sal geaffekteer word: Matshavhawe en Kunda, Maname, Valdezia, Mashau Thondoni, Sinthumule – Kutama nedersettings. MAKHADO MUNICIPALITy INTERRUPTION OF ELECTRICITy SUPPLy Notice is given hereby that an entire interruption of the electricity supply to consumers of the MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK which is fed from Makhado Sub Station, will take place on the undermentioned date and time in order to enable employees of ESKOM to perform urgent repair work on the main incomer bus-bars in their (ESKOM) substation. NB: TheWater supply system for Makhado Town will also be affected for the next weekdue to these arrangements on that day. The following Villages will also be affected: Matshavhawe and Khunda, Maname, Valdezia, Mashau Thondoni, Sinthumule – Kutama settlements. DATE TIME SUNDAy 19/08/2012 07:00-17:00 No guarantee can be given that the electricity supply will be interrupted during the entire specified time. The electricity supply to certain parts of the electricity network may be restored earlier or later than the specified time. All consumers are therefore warned that the Council’s electrical lines must be considered live during the entire period. The interruption will however be subject to fair weather conditions. MASIPALA WA MAKHADO NDIVHADZO yA U KHAUWA HA MUDAGASI Vha shumisi vha mudagasi wa Masipala wa Makhado vha netshedzwaho mudagasi u tshi bva tshitishini tshihulwane tsha mudagasi wa Masipala, vha divhadzwa ukhauwa ha mudagasi hune ha do bvelela nga duvha na tshifhinga tsho bulwaho afho fhasi. U khauwa oho ha mudagasi ho dzudzanya nga vha ESKOM uri vha kone u lugisa lwa shishi, ho tshinyalaho kha tshititshi tshavho tshi nekedzaho mudagasi Masipala wa Makhado. N.B. Ndisedzo ya madi kha vhupo ha dorobo ya Makhado I do khakhisea lwa vhege I tevhelaho ndzudzanyo idzo. Mivhundu I tevhelano I do kwamea: Matshavhawe na Khunda, Maname, Valdezia, Mashau Thondoni na mivhundu ya Sinthumule – Kutama. DUVHA: TSHIFHINGA: SWODAHA yA LA 19/08/2012 07:00 – 17:00 Vha shumisi vha mudagasi vha tsivhudzwa uri mudagasi u nga di tavhanya ka wa lenga u fungiwa kha vhunwe vhupo ha ndisedzo. Zworalo-ha, kha vha zwi dzhie uri thambo dza mudagasi dzi na mulilo lwa tshifhinga tshote tsho bulwaho afho ntha. MASIPALA WA MAKHADO NKAVANyETO WA MPHAKELO WA GEZI Kutivisiwa lava kumaka mphakelo wa gezi ku suka eka xitichi nkulu xale dorobeni ra MAKHADO leswaku ku ta va ni nkavanyeto wa mphakelo wa gezi. Ku timiwa ka gezi I xikombelo xa xihata lexi humaka eka ESKOM leswaku vat a lungisa titsimbi leti hlakaleke.Tinsimbi leti hlakaleke hi leti rhwalaka gezi ku suka eka xitichi- nkulu xa ESKOM ku yisa eka xitichi – nkulu xa masipala wa Makhado. SIKU NKARI SONTO 19/08/2012 07:00 – 17:00 A kuna xitshembiso leswaku kavenyeteka ka mphekelo wa gezi ku ta va hi nkarhi lowo vuriweke. Mphakelo wa gezi eka tinwana tindzhawuwu nga ha thlerisewa hi kari lowu nga tsariwa wu nga si fika kumbe wu hundzile. Tilayeni hinkwato ta mphakelo wa gezi ta ka masipala ti fanele ku va ti tekiwa tiri ni gezi hinkarhi hi nlwako I ku nga si fika I kumbe endzhaku ka nkarhi lowu tsariweke. N.B. Ku kavanyeteka ka mphakelo wa gezi swi ta kavanyeto na mphakelo wa mati hi siku leri hi mhaka ya leswi michini ya mphakelo wa mati yi tirhisaka gezi. Ku kavanyeteka ka mphakelo wa mati swi nga heta vhiki leswaku xi yimo xi vuyela eka ntolovelo. Switandzi leswi landzelaka swi ta khumbheka: Matshavhawe na Khunda, Maname, Valdezia, Mashau Thondoni na Sinthumule – Kutama. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 119/2012


12 17 August 2012 By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

No clean water for Tshakuma residents Villagers in Mulengapfuma, Muovhoya, Tshiswiswini, Lukau and Rembuluwani in the Tshakhuma area have been complaining that using water from the nearby streams was affecting them severely. After enduring more than three months without clean water at their homes, residents have started using water from nearby streams on a daily basis. According to residents, the problem started earlier this year. When they reported the matter to their village’s headman, the response was always the same, namely that the problem would be fixed in no time. Some of the residents travel more than three kilometres on a daily basis to get water from the stream. Gladys Nethavhakone is a 48-year-old woman. Some of the residents from Lukau village in Tshakhuma, washing clothes at the stream. She travels almost four kilometres every day to get water. To her it doesn’t matter whether the water is clean or not. Her solution is to boil the water before using it. She collects water each morning and afternoon. Residents complain that if the stream should happen to run dry because of the drought, they do not know how they will survive. “If you want to wash your clothes, you have to go to the stream here at the hill. While you are washing your clothes, some people are getting water for use at home,” said Nethavhakone. In Mulengapfuma village, there is no stream nearby. Residents have to wait for a municipal water truck before they get water. According to Madzivhandila Mboneni of the Tshatsimba Civic in Mulengapfuma village, when they reported the problem to the municipality, they were only told that the water purification system was in the process of being fixed. “It has been three months since we reported the case. We are only told that they are working on it and it will be fixed,” he said. Madzivhandila said the process of delivering water to their village’s tanks was taking too long and it was frustrating most residents. He said the Danview water purification plant had not been working since April and they were not getA young boy, Rotondwa Maphari(14), collects water from the stream while other villagers are ting clean water. “We are tired of drinking water washing their clothes. Rotondwa said getting water from the stream had been his daily job since alongside animals,” he said. Tshiswiswini resident Violet Mahori said getting clean water in their area the end of April.


was considered a privilege. “Water is a necessity, but to us it’s a privilege. We wash our clothes here and also drink water from the same stream,” said Violet while washing her clothes in the stream. Mmbangiseni Maraga, secretary of the ward committee (Ward 29) of Tshakhuma, said the technicians were working on it and the problem would be solved soon. “We can’t really predict when, but in a short time the process will be done and they will have water in their taps,” he said. The spokesperson for the Vhembe District Municipality, Matodzi Ralushai, said the rivers in the district no longer flowed like before. The municipality has initiated several projects according to a master plan and water projects remain a priority. “Residents should accept that they need to share the little the municipality is offering,” he said. He stressed that there were not enough reservoirs in the area. “The municipal trucks deliver water every day to the entire district, hence there is a delay to some areas,” he said. Ralushai said that the problem was even bigger in towns like Thohoyandou. “There are times, mostly during the afternoon, when there is no water and the municipality is working on the problem,” he said. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Suicide at Makushu The Mphephu police have opened an inquest docket after a 68-year-old woman was found hanging from the rafters of her home in HaMakushu village a fortnight ago (4 August). According to the spokesperson for the Mphephu police, W/O Lazarus Netshidzati, the police arrived at the woman’s home and found her daughter, who informed them that Vho-Anna Maswatse had hanged herself with a rope. The deceased didn’t leave behind any written note to explain the motive for the suicide either. “I can confirm that we’ve opened an inquest docket, following the death of the woman,” said W/O Netshidzati.

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17 August 2012 13 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Pat Mates player laid to rest

Maanda Phathela, Grade 9-learner of Louis Trichardt High School, was selected as the best speaker of the day at the Polokwane Debating Society debate against Motse Maria on 2 August in the Polokwane Town Library. The motion of the Louis Trichardt debating team was “The myth of Nelson Mandela is doing more harm than good” and they won convincingly. The final round will be on 15 August.

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Mourners from over the province paid their last respects to the former Pat Mates FC player, Muhangwi “Gregor” Tharaga (39), on Saturday. He passed away last Tuesday after a short illness and was buried at the at Tshiozwi graveyard. Most of the mourners stated that his death was a great loss to soccer lovers and the community. They described Muhangwi as a brave former player, who had dedicated his time to assisting young players. Mr Shumani Magodi of Game Makhado, where Muhangwi worked, said it would be difficult for the company to replace a man like Muhangwi as he

was extremely dedicated to his job. At the time of his death, he was the development officer for Mabalaleng FC and Game Makhado. “He was a responsible man, who was concerned about his work,” said Magodi. He appealed to the family members and relatives to support each other. Mr George Musekwa, a member of Makhado LFA referees committee and a former team mate, said the football family had lost one of its pillars. “The whole area was shocked when we heard of his untimely death. We have been with him for many years.” He is survived by his widow and five children.

Family members console the widow, Ms Murabi Mofokeng.

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14 17 August 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo Pastor Nkhangweleni Nemukula and his wife, Lufuno Nemukula, photographed with nine of the 45 children who were given the school uniforms by the church.

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Government pledges house at funeral The mood was sombre and emotions ran high on Tuesday, during the funeral service of a five-year-old boy in Vuwani. Despite the funeral being held midweek as per the wish of the deceased’s family, residents of Ha-Mutheiwana village came in their numbers to pay their last respects to the boy. Hlayisani Ngobeni died from cancer, which had disfigured his jaw. The boy’s condition had been so severe that he could not eat for a long time. Although Hlayisani was taken to different hospitals in the province, his problem was not solved and he died on 1 August. After his death, his impover-

ished family struggled to bury him, until the Makhado Municipality came to their rescue. A Good Samaritan, Mr Aaron Sigid of Emmanuel Funeral Undertakers, donated a coffin and a tombstone. The Makhado Municipality also assisted with food for the funeral, tents and chairs. Makhado Mayor Cllr David Mutavhatsindi said as a municipality they were mandated to bring service to the community and could not turn a blind eye when people were swimming in a pool of poverty. “We assessed the family’s situation and found it wanting. It needs our intervention and we, together with the MEC for Sports, Arts and Culture, are

going to see to it that the family receive a better house,” said Mutavhatsindi. In her words of condolences, MEC Dipuo Letsatsi Duba said that, after learning of the child’s plight, she despatched a team to go and assess the boy’s condition. “We had already decided that we would take care of the child, so that he would get the best medical attention. We are greatly saddened by the turn of events,’’ she added. She said she was also saddened by the appalling condition in which the whole family found itself and said she would build a decent house for the family, in conjunction with the Makhado Municipality.

School uniforms for needy children The Redeeming Showers of Grace Church in Tshitereke has donated school uniforms to 45 pupils from nine different schools in the area. Pastor Nkhangweleni Nemukula and his wife, Lufuno, handed the uniforms to the needy pupils from Tshitereke, Ha-Makhuvha and Vhufulwi during the church service on Sunday. According to Nemukula, the donation was a contribution from him and two

church members. “If we have the right vision, needy children will not suffer in this country. We can’t afford to eat and throw away food, while some children are going to bed with empty stomachs,” said Nemukula. He is also the circuit manager for the Mudaswali and Sambandou circuit. On behalf of the pupils, Precious Awelani from Tshivhase Secondary School said she was without words about the dona-

tion, as her unemployed parents could not buy her a uniform. The traditional leader, Khosi Vho- Nduvheni Tsatsawane of Tshitereke, praised God for the gesture shown by Nemukula and his congregants. “This is good leadership. Thanks for showing love to the people,” he said. The church has been donating food parcels to the needy, cleaning homes of the aged and washing their clothes for years.

By Silas Nduvheni

Prisoner on parole commits suicide Residents of Tshandama-Maladani near Lukau in Mutale received a shock last Wednesday when the body of a recently paroled prisoner was found hanging from a tree. Isaac Mashudu Nemukula (29) of Tshandama- Maladani was released on parole after serving almost five years in Leeukop Prison near Pretoria

and came back to his home village of Tshandama-Maladani last month. His distressed mother, Ms Gladys Nemukula, said she was saddened by the death of her child. “He was not sick and he just came out from prison in July. I was hoping he had been rehabilitated to bring a new life for us, and now I am mourning

his death,” she said. Mutale SAPS spokesperson W/O Tshilidzi Nnyambeni said the police in Mutale were informed of an alleged suicide after Nemukula’s body was found hanging from a tree by pupils who were passing. Nnyambeni said they were investigating the matter and an inquest docket had been opened.

Makhado Mayor Cllr David Mutavhatsindi (right) and Mr Aaron Sigidi of Emmanuel Funeral Undertakers were two of the pallbearers during the funeral. Competition winners

Time to shine for small businesses Small business dreams came true in a big way for both Sipho Zulu in Mpumalanga and Abdul Kalam Azad from Limpopo, when they were declared the winners of R100,000 each in Kiwi’s Anything Is Possible When You Shine competition. Zulu will be using the money to set up a Community Phone Shop, so his community can have access to public phone services - something he has been thinking about doing for a long time. “You can have the passion to start a business, but if you don’t have the resources and finance, it is very difficult. Kiwi has given me this opportunity and my dream has come true,” he said. Azad, winner of the Grand Prize trader draw, has a small grocery store in Giyani, which

he started in February. He doesn’t have his own transport to bring in supplies. “I will use half the money to build up my business and the other half of it to buy a vehicle,” he said. The Kiwi competition, which kicked off in January this year, aimed to reward people for working hard and pursuing their dreams. “The grand prize winners were lucky in the draw, but it is clear they had big aspirations for themselves and their communities,“ said Malusi Mngxathi, Kiwi’s brand manager. The competition gave consumers and traders the chance to enter a draw via the promotional Kiwi Shoe polish packs found in-store, with over R1 million in prizes, including six monthly cash prizes of R50 000 and the two grand prizes of R100 000 for one consumer and one trader. The competition reached a record number of 62 722 entries for the last month (June). The final monthly winner of R50,000 was James Magidi from Thohoyandou. Magidi, who works for a civil and mechanical engineering company, plans to use the cash to help fund his children’s education, especially when his current three-month employment contract comes to an end.

SANA A M Project management, quality conformance, time management in construction is one of the pre-requisite of tendering and tender awarding. Masana is SAQA compliance and CETA accreditation clause 13 of regulation 112 of 8 of 1998. We provide project management on national certificate in construction contracting NQF level 2, supervision of civil engineering construction processes labour construction NQF level 4 and management NQF level 5 (EPWP). Other courses that we offer: • Basic first aid phase 1 & 2 • Basic Fire Fighting • Occupational health and safety (OHS) • Computer Literacy • Machine Driver e.g. TLB, Grader, etc We therefore invite contractors and individuals to register for this training course. For more information contact us at Louis Trichardt 015 516 5350 OR Mr Muladi at 082 341 0364, Mashudu 076 227 0878.


17 August 2012 15

By Isabel Venter

IDIP still waiting for report on Mulaudzi’s death The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IDIP) is still no closer to an answer regarding their investigations into a fatal shooting incident in which a man was killed. The IDIP is investigating the death of the 33-year-old Mr Justice Mulaudzi, who was shot after an altercation with

two constables from the Makhado Police station. Mulaudzi, who went by five different aliases and had had numerous run-ins with the law, was shot on Wednesday, 25 July, after he had allegedly resisted arrest. At the time of his death, he was standing trial on yet another housebreak-

ing charge. Spokesperson for the IDIP Mr Moses Dlamini said that they were still waiting for the pathologist’s report on Mulaudzi’s post mortem. Only after the report has been scrutinized by the IDIP will an official decision be made whether or not to prosecute the two constables who were involved.

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16 17 August 2012


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17 August 2012 17 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

By Elmon Tshikhudo

“Rally around the mourning families”

Electricity bill rescue for community crèche

Thulamela Mayor Cllr Grace Mahosi has urged communities, pastors and structures around Shikundu village to rally around the families who had lost loved ones during a freak accident. Mahosi was addressing mourners during an emotional mass funeral of three young men at the Saselamani Stadium on Saturday. The three were buried with the assistance of the Thulamela Municipality. Jacky Sithole (25), Gerxon Mthombeni (17), a pupil of Jim Chavani Secondary School, and Given Maluleke (28) were killed last Monday while digging for building sand on the banks of the now dry Shingwedzi River. The sand collapsed on them, killing them instantly. Two of their friends, Kenneth Maluleke and Nhlamulo Maluleke, both pupils of Matimba High School at Nkavele, managed to escape and alerted

For the last four years, the Vleifontein Community Crèche has been without electricity, but their luck may turn soon. A local councillor agreed to assist the crèche and help them pay the R13 000 they owe Eskom in outstanding bills. The crèche and parents of the children who attend the crèche recently managed to raise some money, and when they realised that they couldn’t reach the required amount, they approached Cllr Mahladisa for help. All they needed to add to what they already had in their possession

the community. Mahosi said she was saddened and shocked by the incident, which also touched the whole country. “We are here as government to lend you a shoulder to lean on in these difficult times. We do not only come to you when there is something good, but as government we will always be with you, in happiness and times of grief,” said Mahosi. She urged the families to have faith in God and to know that He will not forsake them. The friends were assisting Given, whose wife was expecting a baby. It was said that he wanted to make sure that when the child came from hospital, a house would be ready for the child and his mother. Representing the Mthombeni family, who lost their son Gerxon, Mr Vicky Mthombeni said there were many unexplainable deaths in the community. If it were in the olden days, they would have collected money and sought the services of an inyanga to determine who was behind the bad spell in the community, he added. He appealed to local community structures to support pastors to pray and exorcise bad spirits haunting the community. “My family also had its fair share of ill luck and we need your prayers to cope with all that,” said Mthombeni, referring to incidents which befell the larger Mthombeni family before Gerxon’s untimely death. In February this year, his younger brother Elias lost his wife when a hut fell on her while she was demolishing it to prepare for a family gathering. Mr Jackson Martin Mr Given Maluleke, One of the victims of the Jub Jub drag racing Sithole, who was who died while en­ incident, Andile Mthombeni, is a member of the buried at the week­ suring a better life for family. The three were later buried at different end. his family. graveyards in the village.

was R5 000. Cllr Vincent Mahladisa (Ward 20) listened to their plight and decided to donate at least R6 000 to assist the crèche. “I was not aware of the difficulties which the community crèche was facing,” Cllr Mahladisa told the parents and caretakers at the crèche last Friday (3 August) when he handed over the cash. “We would have helped you long ago.” Mahladisa further urged the crèche’s management to always approach him when they need assistance.

The crèche was using gas for cooking, boiling water and all related operations ever since the electricity was cut off in 2007. On cloudy days it was dark inside the hall, classrooms and all offices, which made it hard for caretakers and teachers to facilitate the programme. “We are more than happy for what Mr Mahladisa has done for us,” the crèche’s principal, Ms Friedah Mahada, said. “Look at our children. They are all happy as you can see. We’re now going to have the lights switched on.”

In the photo are (from left to right) Cllr Vincent Mahladisa, Ms Friedah Mahada and Ndivhuwo Tshivhase (social worker). By Kaizer Nengovhela

Life is harsh for family of seven orphans

Mayor Grace Mahosi (left) watches as pallbearers carry the coffin of one of the victims to a hearse. Home Affairs

Young woman struggles to get an own ID A resident of Shirley village outside Elim says she has lost all confidence in the Department of Home Affairs. This comes after Teshley Ngobeni (23) has been struggling to get an identity document (ID) for five consecutive years. Ngobeni’s problems started years ago when her birth certificate erroneously indicated that she was a man. She first applied for her ID in 2007. The ID came back with the same mistake. Ngobeni, who has a twin brother, said that she applied for an ID

again in 2008 and the mistake was not rectified. “I was told to re-apply again in 2010, but the ID came back with the same mistake,” she said. Ngobeni added that every time she applied for an ID, she was told that she already had one. “Now, in 2012, the Home Affairs Department still claims that I have an ID, which is not true,” she said. The problem contributed to Ngobeni’s dropping out of school in Grade 11. “I was forced to drop out of school because I knew that,

in Grade 12, I would be required to have an ID,” she said. The problem is now affecting the whole family. Ngobeni’s four-year-old daughter, Navela, is supposed to start Grade-R next year, but she did not receive a birth certificate because the mother did not have an ID. Ngobeni now believes that the family has been cursed. Her mother, Ester Mokwena, is also experiencing problems with her ID. She was born in 1963, but her ID indicates that she was born in 1976. Mokwena had also been taken from pillar to post by the Home Affairs Department. When contacted for comment, the provincial spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs, Mr Sam Moremi, said the affected parties should contact the district manager at their local offices. “There is no mistake that we cannot rectify. I believe that the affected family members will be Ester Mokwena, her granddaughter, Navela, and daughter, Teshley. assisted,” he said.

Life is harsh for a destitute family of seven or- weather without proper shelter. They are surviving phans of Mahangwahaya at Ravele village. with a child-support grant. The young children stay in a two-roomed house Mr Moses Mamphaga, chairperson of the and are experiencing intense, dehumanising pov- Ravelele Civic Association, says he is aware of erty. Since the death of their mother in 2009, life the hardships of the family and his organisation has become a long struggle for them. Going to has been working tirelessly to fight poverty in bed with empty stomachs is a regular thing for the the village. “We are in the process of identifying young family. all villagers who have the same problems as the According to members of the community, the Mahangwahaya children.” young children are so poor that they often go for Community members who want to assist the days without anything to eat. The children have no Mahangwahaya family can visit them at Ravele or proper school uniforms, shoes, blankets or cloth- alternatively call 072 335 8828 or 072 7594 551. ing. The eldest, Noniya Mahangwahaya (20), is in Grade 11 at Swobani High and the youngest, Noniya (8), is in Grade 4. “All of us are forced to sleep on the floor in one room. It will be wonderful if somebody can assist in raising us. We want to be educated, but we cannot even do our homework because we cannot even afford to pay for electricity,” she added. According to Noniya, they experienced extreme hardships and suffering during the rainy season and had to survive the bitterly cold Orphan Noniya Mahangwahaya (right), with her two younger sisters. Louis Trichardt High School performed exceptionally well in the Road Safety Debate held on 11 August in Thohoyandou. Fifty participants competed to be included in the five-member Vhembe team and Triegie debaters were ranked as the first four. In front is Mashudu Demana (fourth position). In the middle, from left to right, are Surprise Manyayi (first position) and Candy Musekene (third position). At the back is Richmond Mpephu (second position). The fifth member of the regional team is from Mbilwi Secondary School. The team will participate in the provincial round on 25 August in Polokwane.


18 17 August 2012 By Frank Mavhungu

More PSL points for Black Leopards? After collecting three vital points in their opening Absa Premiership League match against Bloemfontein Celtic at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane last Saturday, Black Leopards believe that they will come back home with a convincing victory from their away league fixture against Bidvest Wits. Lidoda Duvha will meet Wits at the Bidvest Stadium in Johannesburg next Wednesday evening. It will not be easy for the Limpopo side, as Wits will be fighting it like a wounded tiger, after losing their first league match 0-2 against Free State Stars. Although they will be minus their DRC international, Jean Munganga, Leopards will be welcom-

Leopards´ general manager, Mr Sam Khaphathe.

ing back two of their key players, Humphrey Khoza and the team’s captain, Mongezi Bobe. Bobe and Khoza watched Saturday’s match against Celtic from the grandstand, as they were still serving their suspension. According to Leopards’ general manager, Mr Sam Khaphathe, their aim is to win their first three matches in order to make things easier for them to complete their league programme within the top eight teams.

Lidoda Duvha´s captain, Mongezi Bobe.


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Caster Semenya of Limpopo, photographed shortly after she had received the silver medal in the 800 metres in the Olympic Games on Saturday evening. After the race, the acting premier, Mr David Masondo, sent her a special congratulatory note on behalf of all the residents of Limpopo. Masondo said “We are proud of Caster; she is a star. She teaches us to hold on to our dreams with tenacity and to pursue them at our own pace”. Semenya completed her race in 1:57:3, her best time this season. Mariya Savinova of the Russian Federation won the gold medal in 1:56:19. © Barry Aldworth/BackpagePix By Kaizer Nengovhela

Matloga is the secret behind success “We have a winning formula, and the secret is that since the team was formed, we have had only one coach, Justice Matloga,” said the managing director of Benny's Soccer Academy, Mr David Mufamadi. The academy is based in the rural village of Tshiozwi in the Sinthumule area. Mufamadi said that since the team’s formation in 2004, they had been very successful. “Matloga recruited many good youngsters and we have won many trophies,” said Mufamadi. The list of successes includes winning the 2010 and 2011 Metropolitan U/16 competition in Limpopo. They also won the Limpopo Shootout competition in May this year. A couple of weeks ago, the team’s coach was named Limpopo’s South African School Sports Association’s Coach of the Year and Mufamadi was honoured as Manager of the Year. Mufamadi said his team had produced many notable youngsters who were promising to make inroads into the senior arena. “We have produced good players such as Wiseman Maluleke, who plays for Witbank Spur, and Thabelo Mulaudzi, who is now with the Tottenham Hotspurs-SuperSport United Academy,” said Mufamadi. He said he decided to start an academy after his son was overlooked at a selection tournament for a well-known team. “After he was overlooked, he lost interest in soccer, but he is now an IT engineer,” he said. Because of the success of the team, Mufamadi resigned his job as manager of a company two years ago to focus on running the academy full time.

Mufamadi said the team ended third in a national competition this year. They came back with bronze medals after competing in the Coca Cola Copa Stars, Metropolitan Shoot-out competition. After being crowned as the provincial champions of the Sasfa Kay Motsepe Cup last month, he promised that his boys would win the national championship and the R1million prize money in September in Gauteng.

Managing Director Mr David Mufamadi of Benny´s Sport Academy. Mr Mathakha Madzivhandila (right) recently bought the franchise of Tshakhuma KK United, who are participating in Stream D of the Safa Vhembe league. His new team, Tshakhuma Takers FC, will play their home matches at the Tshakhuma Mulangaphuma grounds. The manager of the team is the former South Africa U/20 and Black Leopards player Lucky "Mchicha" Nelukau (left).


17 August 2012 19

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neys for Executor, Shop no:2 Metropolitan Centre, Next to Metropolitan , P.O. Box 3550, Thohoyandou, 0950, Tel: 015 962 6206, Fax: 015 962 6383, Ref: Muthivhithivhi M.C NOTICE OF LAND DEVELOPMENT AREA APPLICATION. [REGULATION 21(10) OF THE DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION REGULATIONS IN TERMS OF THE DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION ACT, 1995] Nhlatse Planning Consultants of 25 B Excelsior Street, Polokwane has lodged an application for a land development area in terms of the Development Facilitation Act 1995. The application is for the development of the following land:A Portion 15(A Portion of Portion 4)and the Remainder of Portion 4 of the farm Erasmus 529 MS Limpopo and will consist of a type of development with the following erven:990 Residential,1 business,2 Municipal,1 Clinic,1 Crèche, 1 Primary School,1 Community Centre and 3 Public Open Space(1000 in total) Mapane Township.The relevant plans, documents and information are available for inspection at the Designated Officer at 20 Rabe Street,Polokwane and the Land Development Applicant and/or municipal offices for a period of 21 days.The application will be considered at a Tribunal hearing to be held at Musina Satellite Offices on 18 October 2012 at 10:00 am and the pre-hearing conference will be held at Musina Satellite Offices 20 September2012 at 10:00 am.Any person having an interest in the application should please note:1.You may within a period of 21(twenty one) days from the date of the first publication of this notice, provide the land development applicant with your written representation in support of the application or any other written representation not amounting to an objection,in which case you are not required to attend the tribunal hearing or 2.If your comments constitute an objection to any aspect of the land development application, you must appear in person or through a duly authorised representative before the Tribunal at the pre-hearing conference.Any written objection or representation must state the name and address of the person or body making the objection or representation,the interest that such person or body has in the matter,and the reasons for the objection or representation,and must be delivered to the Land Development Applicant at his or her address set out below within the said period of 21 days,and you may contact the designated officer if you have any queries on tel.015 284 5287, Fax 015 293 1520, EMAIL NetshitomboniHT@ LAND DEVELOPMENT APPLICANT: Nhlatse

Planning Consultants,25 B Excelsior Street,Polokwane,0699,P. O. Box 4865,Polokwane, 0700.Tel.(015) 297 8673, Fax(015)2978673,E - mail/ and NDIVHADZO YA KHUMBELO YA MVELEDZISO YA MABU (REGULATION 21 (10) OF THE DEVELOPMENTY FACILITATION REGULATIONS IN TERMS OF THE DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION ACT, 1995) Nhlatse Planning Consultants vha wanalaho 25B Excelsior Street vho rumela khumbelo(apulikhesheni) ya u bveledzisa mavu nga mulayo u vhidzwaho Development Facilitation Act 1995(Act No. 67 of 1995). Khumbelo iyi ndi ya u bveledzisa(mavu)bulasi dzi/a tevhelalo:Portion 15(A Portion of Portion 4) na Remainder of Portion 4 Erasmus 529 MS Limpopo. Mveledziso heyi I do vha i na zwi tevhelaho:zwitentsi zwa 990 zwa u dzula, tshitentsi tshithihi(01)tsha vhubindudzi,zwitentsi zwivhili(02)zwa masipala, tshitentsi tshihi(01) tsha kiliniki,tshitentsi tshithihi(01)tsha khireshe,tshitentsi tshithihi(01)tsha tshikolo tsa phuraimari,tshitentsi tshithili(01)tsha holo ya tshitshavha,na zwitentsi zwiraru(03)zwi sina tshithu zwa vhathu vhothe.Dzi pulane na manwalwa othe malugana na mveledziso heyi a zwiwanala kana u tolwa ha Muofisiri o Khethwaho ngei 20 Rabe Street, Polokwane.Pulane na manwalwa haya a dovha hafhu a wanala kana u tolwa ha masipala na kha Nhlatse Planning Consultants.Khumbelo heyi ya mveledziso I do dzulelwa hka dzulo la Khoro ya Mveledzisonline la do vha hone Ofisini dza sathelaithi dza Masipala wa Musina nga dzi 18 Khubvumedzi 2012 nga 10h00 ya matsheloni.Dzulo li vanhgelahaho Khoro(dzulo-thangeli)li do vha hone kana u farwa nga dzi 20 Tshimedzi 2012 nga 10h00 ya matsheloniMuthu munwe na munwe ane a vha na dzangalelo nga heyi khumbelo ya mveledziso kha thogomele hezwi:1. Musi ha sa athu fhela maduvha a mahumi mavhili na duvha lithihi(21)u bva kha duvha la nyandadzo ya u thoma,a nga rumela Nhlatse Planning Consultants nga u tou nwala,u sumbedza thikhedzo ya heyi khumbelo ya mveledziso,kana zwinwe hu si u hanedzana na heyi khumbelo,hu sina mbofho ya u da kha Dzulo-thangeli.2.Arali marumelwa a vho a a u hanedzana na khumbelo ya mveledziso heyi kana tshinwe tshipida tshayo,vha nga da nga ya nga tsha nama kana vha rumela muimeleli o teaho,kha Dzulothangeli.Manwala othe a u hanedzana na khumbelo ya mveledziso heyi a tea u sumbedza madzina na diresi ya muthu kana tshiiimiswa a/tshi no khou hanedzana na heyi khumbelo, dzangalelo line muthu hoyo kana tshiimiswa hetsho tshavha na

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Tender No. 11/2012

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Closing Date Enquiries (office hours) 23 August 2012 - 11:00 Mr B Muluvhu (Acting CFO) 015 534 6187 083 291 0946 23 August 2012 - 11:00 Mr B Muluvhu (Acting CFO) 015 534 6187 083 291 0946 23 August 2012 - 11:00 Mrs D Tshikota 015 534 6134 083 463 9442 24 August 2012 - 11:00 G Mbulaheni 079 491 0228 24 August 2012 - 11:00 JAP du Toit 015 534 6190 or P Nndwa 015 534 6151

Musina Local Municipality shall adjudicate Tenders in accordance with the Supply Chain Management Policy and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework, Act 5/2000. Tender documents containing the Conditions of Tender will be available from the Cashier, Musina Civic Centre, Irwin Street, upon payment of R250,00. The Council also reserves the right to negotiate further conditions and requirements with the successful Tenderer. The Musina Local Municipality is not compelled to accept the lowest or any quotation. No late, faxed or telephonic bids will be accepted. Tenders will remain valid for 90 (ninety) days. The completed Tender documents, fully priced and signed must be sealed in an envelope marked with the “Tender number and name” and must be deposited in the Tender box at the reception of the Civic Centre, Irwin Street, not later than the closing date and time. Civic Centre Irwin Street SS RAZWIEDANI Musina 0900 Acting Municipal Manager Notice No: 23/2012

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS EXPERIENCE TOTAL POSTS REQUIRED National Diploma / Degree in None 1 Public Administration National Diploma / Degree in HR National Diploma / Degree in None 1 Information Technology




MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS EXPERIENCE TOTAL POSTS REQUIRED Civil Engineer- Diploma / Degree in Civil None 1 ing (Road & Engineering Storm Water) Mechanic N2 / Phase 3 Certificate in None 1 Motor / diesel Mechanic

All applications must be on the Council prescribed employment application form, accompanied by a CV and certified copies of qualifications and Identity document. Employment Applications can be collected at Makhado Civic Centre (Regisrty) or download on our municipal website: Forward your applications to the Acting Municipal Manager, Private Bag x 2596, MAKHADO, 0920 OR hand delivered your applications at 83 Krogh Street, Civic Centre. For enquiries contact MM Makhado@ 015 5193225 or Mphaphuli T.K.@ 0155193223 NO FAX OR E-MAIL APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED. If you have not been contacted by Makhado Municipality within 60 days of the closing dates of advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. PUBLICATION DATE: 17 AUGUST 2012 CLOSING DATE: 31 AUGUST 2012 NOTICE NO.: 118/2012 FILE NO.: 5/3/B E.L. MUGARI: ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER

THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY MALAMULELE PROJECTS PHASE ONE BID NO: 406/2012 CONSTRUCTION, DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND TESTING AND COMMISSIONING OF MINI SUBSTATIONS AND STREETLIGHTS COMPLETE WITH LUMINAIRE CARRIAGE AND ACCESSORIES CLOSING DATE: 18 September 2012 CLOSING TIME: 11h00 Tenders are hereby invited from experienced and capable Tenderers with a CIDB rating of min. 5 EB-PE/ 5EP-PE, for the supply of all labour, materials and equipment for phase one of the CONSTRUCTION, DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND TESTING AND COMMISSIONING OF MINI SUBSTATIONS AND STREETLIGHTS COMPLETE WITH LUMINAIRE CARRIAGE AND ACCESSORIES Tender documents will be available from 10h00 on the 20th of August 2012 at the Thulamela Municipality Procurement Office Thohoyandou. A compulsory site inspection will be held at Thulamela Municipality 11:30 on 23rd August 2012. Service providers will be expected to submit the tender documents with the following compulsory requirements: • Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate Issued by SARS • Company Registration Documents • CIDB rating certificate • Three Phase wireman’s license with ORHVS and full accreditation as per Eskom’s requirements pertaining to MV/LV work. • Proof of updated payments of all the services in the municipality in which the business is registered or where the owner of business resides not older than 3 months and not in arrears for more than 90 days Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE Verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation act (CCA) in order to claim preference points. Tender deposit is R454.00 and will be non-refundable. Only bank guaranteed cheques or cash will be accepted. Cheques are to be made payable to THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY. Please take note that the fully completed and extended Bills of Quantities must be submitted with the tender documents on the closing date at the address as stipulated on the tender form. All tenders and supportive documents must be sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Bid No: 406/2012 for the” and must be placed in the municipality tender box no later than 11h00 on Tuesday the 18th of September 2012 when tenders will be opened in public. Bids will be assessed under the provisions of the following Acts and its Regulations: Municipal Finance Management Act, (Act 56 of 2003); Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 (Act 5 of 2000) Supply Chain Management Policy of the municipality in accordance with the specifications and in terms of 90:10 preferential points system. Please note that no tender received in electronic format (fax, e-mail, disc or otherwise) will be accepted. All enquiries can be addressed to: Mr Paul Perold of THANGANYO (015) 516 5155 Mr Papu Lukhanyiso of Sazi Consulting Engineers: 073 576 8519 Mr AC Mphagi of Thulamela Municipality (015) 962 7500 MUNICIPAL MANAGER Mr H Mathivha


17 August 2012 21 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Dynamos are the Trybedna champions Tshiozwi Dynamos were crowned as the new champions of the Trybedna tournament, after they walloped Benny’s Care Academy 3-0 in the final, at the Tshiozwi grounds on Sunday. The defeat of the youthful Benny’s was a fair result, when one takes into account the fact that they spent the whole match running for cover. The absence of Rendani Galed-

zane, Lloyd Davhana and Phophi Phophi in the Benny’s team was felt from the onset. Rendani Mudau and Ronewa Baloyi, who manned Galedzane and Davhana’s positions, could not make the grade as the opponents used them as their freeway. The demon striker of Dynamos, Mashudu Nengovhela, beat the opponent’s keeper, Hlaulani Nghunyula, with a close ground cutter in the 27th minute, making

the half-time score 1-0 in favour of Dynamos. In the second half, the home team replaced Langanani Ramambila and Gulwa Siebe with George Phungo and Zane Mulaudzi respectively. Dynamos put matters beyond doubt when their striker, Zane Mulaudzi, forced his way through the defence and unleashed from close range. The last goal of the local lads scored by Matodzi Maruli.

Thulamela municipaliTy CLOSING DATE & TIME: TUESDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2012 AT 11:00

Matodzi Maruli of Tshiozwi Dynamos (right) Gulwa Siebe (Tshiozwi Dynamos) beats Sadam and Rendani Mukomafhedzo attack the ball. Matodzi.

Tender noTice and inviTaTion To Tender THULaMeLa MUniciPaLiTY MaLaMULeLe eXT e WaTer and SeWeraGe (Bid no. 405/2012) Tenders are hereby invited from experienced and capable Tenderers with a minimum expected CIDB rating of 6 CE, for the supply of all labour, materials and equipment for the water and sewerage infrastructure required for Malamulele Extension E. The works comprise of 300mm and smaller diameter bulk outfall gravity pipelines 2.9km’s long; a 200mm diameter pumping sewer pipeline of 1.1km long, a sewage pumping station (concrete structures), sewerage reticulation of approximately 7km’s, bulk water pipe 35mm diameter approximately 0.7km and water reticulation with uPVC pipes approximately 6km’s. Tender documents will be available from 10:00 on 21 August 2012 at the Thulamela Municipality Procurement Office in Thohoyandou. A compulsory site inspection will be held at Malamulele at 10:00 on Thursday 23 August 2012. Meet at the Excel filling station at the main intersection access to Malamulele. Tenderers will be expected to submit their tender documents with the following compulsory requirements: • Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate Issued by SARS • Company Registration Documents • CIDB rating certificate • Proof of updated payments of all the services in the municipality in which the business is registered or where the owner of the business resides not older than 3 months and not in arrears for more than 90 days. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE Verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation act (CCA) in order to claim preference points. Tenders can be obtained upon receipt of a non-refundable cash or bank guaranteed cheque payment of R454.00. Only bank guaranteed cheques or cash will be accepted. Cheques are to be made payable to THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY. Please take note that the fully completed and extended Bills of Quantities must be submitted with the tender documents on the closing date at the address as stipulated on the tender form. All tenders and supportive documents must be sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Bid No: 405/2012 for Malamulele Ext E Water and Sewerage” and must be placed in the municipality’s tender box no later than 11:00 on Tuesday 18 September 2012 when tenders will be opened in public. Bids will be assessed under the provisions of the following Acts and its Regulations: Municipal Finance Management Act, (Act 56 of 2003); Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 (Act 5 of 2000) Supply Chain Management Policy of the municipality in accordance with the specifications and in terms of 90:10 preferential points system. Please note that no tender received in electronic format (fax, e-mail, disc or otherwise) will be accepted.

A newly formed soccer team, Muila Shooting Stars, need assistance to compete during the coming season in the form of a sponsorship for transport fees and a soccer kit. Those who want to assist can contact Phineus Muila at 073 048 2266.

Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 INVITATION TO BID Fax: (015) 962 4020 BID NO 04/2012/2013 LEASE Of LAPTOPS AND (015) 962 5328 ALL-IN-ONE DESkTOPS (3 yEARS CONTRACT)


Thulamela Municipality hereby invites experienced service providers for the lease of laptops and all-in-one desktops for a period of 3 years. Bid documents will be available as from 20 August 2012 between 08h00 and 15h30 upon non-refundable cash payment of R324.00 per document at Procurement office No.02 Thulamela Municipality, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou, 0950. Interested service providers will be expected to submit the prices with the following compulsory requirements: • Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate Issued by SARS • Company Registration Documents • Proof of updated payments of all the services in the municipality in which the business is registered or the owner of business resides not older than 3 months. Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE Verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation act (CCA) in order to claim preference points. Bids will be assessed under the provisions of the following Acts and its Regulations: Municipal Finance Management Act, (Act 56 of 2003); Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 (Act 5 of 2000) Supply Chain Management Policy of the municipality in accordance with the specifications and in terms of 90:10 preferential points system. Sealed bids must be submitted in envelopes clearly, fully prices in envelopes clearly indicating “Bid NO.04/2012/2013 LEASE OF LAPTOPS AND ALL-IN-ONE DESKTOPS” on the outside and must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the official Bid Box at the front of the main entrance to the Civic Centre, by no later than 11h00 on the 6 September 2012. All Bids received will be opened in public in the Municipality’s Board Room, Civic Centre, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a Bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of the submission thereof. Administrative bid enquiries can be made with Ms Mudau P, Mr Chauke H.D. and Ms Shandukani V at 015 962 7525/7622 and technical enquiries can be directed to Sithole T.D. at 015 962 7678. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned, completed by pencil, sent by telegraph, facsimile, electronically (Fax), or E- mail and without the compulsory requirements will be disqualified. MR MATHIVHA M.H. MUNICIPAL MANAGER

All enquiries can be addressed to: Messrs Daniel Hovy or Azwindini Mushiana of Murango Consulting Engineers (015) 296 4438 Mr AC Mphagi of Thulamela Municipality (015) 962 7500 MUNICIPAL MANAGER Mr H Mathiva



Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328

Thulamela Municipality hereby invites experienced service providers for supply and delivery of diaries and calenders. Bid documents will be available as from 20 August 2012 between 08h00 and 15h30 upon non-refundable cash payment of R195.00 per document at Procurement office No.02 Thulamela Municipality, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou, 0950. A compulsory briefing session will be held once on the 20th of August 2012 at 11HOO at the Municipality’s boardroom. Interested service providers will be expected to submit the prices with the following compulsory requirements: • Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate Issued by SARS • Company Registration Documents • Proof of updated payments of all the services in the municipality in which the business is registered or the owner of business resides not older than 3 months. Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE Verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation act (CCA) in order to claim preference points. Bids will be assessed under the provisions of the following Acts and its Regulations: Municipal Finance Management Act, (Act 56 of 2003); Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 (Act 5 of 2000) Supply Chain Management Policy of the municipality in accordance with the specifications and in terms of 80:20 preferential points system. Sealed bids must be submitted in envelopes clearly indicating “Bid NO.B01/2012/2013 SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF DIARIES AND CALENDERS” on the outside and must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the official Bid Box at the front of the main entrance to the Civic Centre, by no later than 11h00 on the 6 September 2012. All Bids received will be opened in public in the Municipality’s Board Room, Civic Centre, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a Bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of the submission thereof. Administrative bid enquiries can be made with Ms Mudau P at 015 962 7796/7543 and technical enquiries can be made with Mr Malala NK 015 962 7526 Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned, completed by pencil, sent by telegraph, facsimile, electronically (Fax), or E- mail and without the compulsory requirements will be disqualified. MR MATHIVHA M.H. MUNICIPAL MANAGER


22 17 August 2012 By Frank Mavhungu

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Vhembe ready to reclaim top spot Vhembe District Municipality has vowed to reclaim the top position during the provincial indigenous games to be played in Phalaborwa end of this month. According to the Vhembe District sports officer, Ms Avhatakali Themeli, Vhembe will reclaim the position from the Mopani District Municipality, who won the games last year. The four local municipalities within Vhembe held their indigenous games at Tshikombani village last weekend. Players from Makhado, Musina, Mutale and Thulamela competed in

different games like duvheke, dristokies, ndode and others. During the games, three friends, Lutendo Mmbengeni, Thivhadini Mudau and Mmboneni Netshandama, all from Tshiombo village, performed outstandingly and earned themselves an opportunity to represent Vhembe during the provincial games. Mmbengeni and Netshandama won gold medals in duvheke and dristokies, while Mudau won a bronze medal in dristokies. Netshandama, who has been winning gold medals since she started with the games in

2009, said: "I am proud of my performance. I would like to represent my country at international level," she said. Mudau said she was happy to get the opportunity to represent her municipality at provincial level. “I believe I will perform better than what I have done up to now." Meanwhile, Mmbengeni said the games helped to keep her busy and focused. "I urge other youths to be involved in these games as they are part of our heritage. These games can help one to secure a good future and make a living," said Mmbengeni.

Dynamos FC retain their NFD status After months of speculation and uncertainty, Dynamos FC are now sure of retaining their National First Division (NFD) status. This came after the disciplinary committee of the Premier Soccer League pronounced the sanction in the case between Dynamos and Carara Kicks last Friday. Dynamos sent a complaint to the league three days after the last league matches of the previous season. The complaint came after the league officially announced that Dynamos and Atlie FC had been relegated to the Vodacom Promotional League. In their complaint, Dynamos alleged that Carara Kicks and Bay United had fielded improperly registered players in some

of their league fixtures. It took the disciplinary committee three months to conclude the case, before announcing both the verdict and the sanction last Friday. Carara Kicks were found guilty of fielding an improperly player. Carara Kicks were fined an amount of R200 000, half of which was conditionally suspended for 12 months. The remaining R100 000 is payable within 30 days. Apart from the monetary sanction imposed on Carara Kicks, the committee also ordered that the points gained in the matches in which the player in question was fielded, should be expunged. That is a blessing in disguisefor Dynamos. Carara Kicks will now face relegation, following the

expunction of points and thereby allowing Dynamos to retain their franchise. The club’s chairman, Mr Pat Malabela, welcomed the sanction. At the time of going to press, Dynamos were still waiting for the outcome of the appeal in their case against Bay United. The league’s disciplinary committee found Bay United guilty of fielding an improperly registered player two weeks ago. Dynamos filed an appeal after realising that the committee had not ordered the expunction of the points for the matches in which the player was fielded. Malabela indicated that they had already started preparing for the new season. The affiliates for the NFD will start their matches in five weeks' time.

By Frank Mavhungu

RO United win Tshakhuma Winter Games Tshakhuma RO United are the champions of the Tshakhuma Winter Soccer Tournament. They beat Gwamasenga United Brothers 3-2 in the final. The tournament was staged at the Tshakhuma Malaria grounds on Saturday. Tshakhuma RO United were presented with R1 600 during a ceremony that was held at the grounds shortly after the final game. As it was a winner-takes-

all tournament, the runners-up, Gwamasenga United Brothers, went home with empty hands. Four teams, Tshakhuma RO United, Gwamasenga United Brothers, Makhakha Takers FC and Tshakhuma Peace Lovers, took part in the one-day tournament. Lufuno “CJ” Mugodi scored a brace, while Lavhelesani Mukomafhedzi scored the third. Tshakhuma RO United’s way

to the final went via Tshakhuma Peace Lovers, whom they narrowly beat 1-0 in the semifinal earlier that day. Their goal was scored by Asivhanzhi Muthubi. According to the head coach of RO United, Mr Mashudu “Coolio” Ndou, their reason for staging a tournament was to gauge the strength of their team, saying they did not want to leave any stone unturned in their preparations for the new season.

By Ndivhuwo Musetha Lutendo Mmbengeni, Thivhadini Mudau and Mmboneni Mudau will represent Vhembe during the indigenous games in Phalaborwa.

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Tshiombo derby ends in goalless draw The derby match between scored four goals, but it was not performance of the players. "It Tshiombo XI Securitas and his day. The second half was is difficult to come home with a Tshiombo Try Again at the 50/50, as Try also had several op- point, especially in a derby. The Securitas grounds on Sunday portunities," said Makwarela. players showed good sportsmanended in a goalless draw. Awelani Ratshivhadelo of Try ship, and there was no sign of any The match provided lots of said he was also happy with the dirty play," he said. entertainment as the players of the two teams were familiar with the strong points of their opposition. Chiefs’ defender, Mulomowandau Mathoho, is a product of Securitas. The two teams became automatic rivals when Try Again was registered in the league two seasons ago. Besides being the newcomers, Try Again managed to hold Securitas to three draws and one win, with one loss, in their engagements in league matches so far. According to Securitas player-coach Shumani Makwarela, a draw is a true reflection of the game. "We played well in the first half, with two attempts hitting the crossbar. Nkhumbuleni "Supula" Sandani of Tshiombo Try Again moves away Our player, Rumanne with the ball from Tshiombo XI Securitus players Pfariso Muthala (left) Mukwevho, could have and Vusani Ramashia.


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Castle Premiership Roundup

Masonwabe Bovu of Chippa United battles with Punch Masenamela of Mamelodi Sundowns in their match at the Lucas Moripe Stadium on Saturday. Sundowns beat the Premiership rookies 1-0. ©Pic Sydney Mahlangu/BackpagePix.

Jimmy Jambo of Kaizer Chiefs and Goodman Dlamini of AmaZulu wrestle for the ball in their match at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday. Chiefs walloped AmaZulu 6-0. © Sabelo Mngoma/ BackpagePix.

17 August 2012 23 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Rebellions win Amawestern Muraleni Young Rebellions won the Amawestern tournament, when they beat the dangerous Western Stars 1-0 in the final of the competition. The game took place at the Madombidzha grounds on Saturday. Rebellions deserved the victory as they were dictating terms in all departments. The players who continuously gave the Stars' defence a tough time were Kikie Kobuoane and Balo Mathavha. Stars' right back, Oscar Ramantswana, was booked for an illegal tackle on Musiwa Mutandari. Rebellions' keeper, Tshifularo Makongoza denied Stars several sure goals through his acrobatic goalkeeping. He stretched to the limit to fist Maanda Magoro's volley out of play for a corner kick. At that stage, the

game was 26 minutes old. Rebellions were the first to effect a change to their original squad. They introduced Hulisana Ramango for Tsetse Mamosebo early in the second half. Stars responded by replacing Mutshidzi Nemaxwi with Alugumi Mamugudubi. The goal that made the Muraleni lads the champions came in the 57th minute. Balo Mathavha tried his luck from the 35m area. The Stars keeper, Tshimangadzo Masala, misjudged the flight of the ball and the ball hit the back of the net. Stars threatened to retaliate after bringing their top striker, Lufuno Ndou, back to the middle of the park. Ndou distributed dangerous passes to his frontrunners, who shot astray on numerous occasions.

Fhulufhelo Rambau (Stars) heads the ball, while Musiwa Mutandari is ready to attack.

Rofhiwa Ganyane of United Brothers kicks the ball, while Mpho Nevombe of Palace runs behind him. By Frank Mavhungu

Palace in a draw In their rehearsal match that was played at the Gwamasenga grounds on Sunday, Tshifulanani Crystal Palace rose to the occasion and held Gwamasenga United Brothers to a 1-1 draw. As though there was something at stake, the teams displayed entertaining football from the onset. United Brothers could have scored at least three goals in the first half, but their strikers showed no appetite for goals as they approached the opponents’ danger area. Their allrounder, Rofhiwa Matshinyatsimbi, let the fans down when he shot wide from close range in the eighth minute. As if that was not enough to irritate the team’s enthusiastic fans, Matimba Vukeya committed a similar blunder four minutes later. Brothers were the first to find the net. Khathutshelo Nemusumani received a neat pass from Rudzani Mugudamani and ran straight to the keeper, with the defenders accompanying him as if he were their teammate. Nemusumani unleashed a ground cutter to beat the Palace keeper, Mulalo Nevombe. Brothers nearly increased the margin 10 minutes before the break. Matimba Vukeya scored with a half-volley, but the goal was disallowed because Vukeya had obstructed the keeper on his way to score. Both sides effected some changes to their starting lineups in the second half. United Brothers’ centre forward, Khathutshelo Nemusumani, miskicked the ball inside the box and he was replaced with Tshilidzi Ramatsitsi for that. Crystal Palace found the equaliser via Fhatuwani Mukwevho late in the game. He finished off a rebound. Letter

“Thank you Mirror” Mthokozisi Yende of Maritzburg United battles with Mpho Matsi of University of Pretoria during their match at the Absa Tuks Stadium on Sunday. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. ©Pic Sydney Mahlangu/ BackpagePix.


would like to thank all the Limpopo Mirror and Zoutpanspberger newspaper staff for the good work they are doing. I am deployed in the DRC for the Peace Support Mission. I really enjoy reading Mirror every Fhatuwani Maselese (Muraleni Young Rebellions) dribbles past Rudzani Friday on the Internet. I am now aware of most Matumba. of the events in my area, expecially the Thohoyandou area where I stay, and also elsewhere in By Frank Mavhungu Limpopo. Keep it up, guys! - NT Tshipuke, Kinshasa (DRC).

Tshifulanani in SAB league

Taongo Dondo of Free State Stars is fouled by Tinashe Nengomasha of Bidvest Wits during their match at the Goble Park Stadium on Saturday. The Free Staters beat Wits 2-0. ©Muzi Ntombela/ BackpagePix.

Tshifulanani Crystal Palace will be campaigning in the Vhembe SAB Regional League when the activities for the new season kick off in three weeks' time. According to the chairman of the club, Mr Steven Mudau, they had recently bought the SAB League status from Miluwani Happy Boys FC. He revealed that the deal to move the team from Miluwani to Tshifulanani was signed and sealed last week. Mudau said that the two parties had agreed not to divulge anything relating to the price paid for the franchise. Tshifulanani Crystal Palace were affiliated to the Thulamela LFA last season.

They missed promotion to the SA League by a whisker last season as they completed their league programme in the second position. When asked whether they would be able to absorb the SAB League heat with their current squad, Mudau said that they had nothing to fear. He revealed that some of the players on whom they pinned their hopes included Mulalo Thiba, Fhatuwani Mukwevho, Mulalo Mathivha and Lindelani Netshifhefhe. Efforts made by Limpopo Mirror to get confirmation from the side of Miluwani Happy Boys bore no fruit. The administrative officer of the league, Mr Mulalo Mafenya, confirmed the transaction.


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24 17 August 2012


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Good start for Leopards Black Leopards started the new season on a high note when they beat Bloemfontein Celtic 3-2 in their opening Absa Premiership League match at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Saturday. Leopards did not wait for Celtic to come to them; instead, they took the game to the Free State side from the first whistle. Although it soon became pretty clear that it was not Rodney Ramagalela’s day, the Leopards’ technical staff did not replace their killer-striker. Ramagalela caused an upset when he fumbled at the goal finish after receiving a neat pass from Jean Munganga. Lidoda Duvha scored their opening goal in the 19th minute. Their Zimbabwean international, Amidu Mahlatse Maake of Black Leopards evades a challenge from Lyle Lakay Abbas, unleashed a volley from outside the box. The Celtic keeper, Patrick Tingyemb, stretched to the limit of Bloemfontein Celtic. ©Chris Ricco/BackpagePix but failed to clear the ball. It hit the crossbar and landed across the goal line. In the beginning of the second half, Ramagalela missed a fortune again, when he shot straight to the after beating the offside trap.Leopards continued Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 keeper to dominate proceedings and their left flank, Thomas Madimba, was on target, following a brilliant pass from Tiyani Mabunda. 2010 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 2010 Suzuki Alto 1.0 GLS Leopards’ new signee, Jean Munganga, was given 38 944km his marching orders, following a late tackle on Lenox Bacela in the 67th minute. That was the turning point of the game. The visitors capitalised and scored two goals in quick succession. Lerato Manzini and Ruzaigh Gamidien scored in the 75th and 77th minute respectively. That did not stop Leopards from playing as a united team. They were awarded a penalty after Thomas Balance of 3 year / 100 000km warranty Madimba was brought down within the box. Rodney Ramagalela scored from the white spot. Celtic were also reduced to 10 men when John Arwuah was shown red for tackling Raymond Monama John Arwuah of Bloemfontein Celtic (right) battles for the ball with 2010 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia Plus 2010 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia Sedan the rough way. That gave Leopards a chance to maintain Thomas Madimba of Leopards. Leopards beat Celtic 3-2 in their first 45 359km 6 165km the lead to the bitter end. league match of the season. ©Chris Ricco/BackpagePix.

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Limpopo Mirror 17 August 2012  
Limpopo Mirror 17 August 2012  

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