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16 November 2012 Year 23 Vol: 12

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Buried at last Happy at last ... family members surround the grave of their beloved Phineas after the burial.

By Elmon Tshikhudo

For a whole month his body had been lying in a cold mor­ tuary fridge as his three wives fought over who was entitled to bury him. Finally, the courts decided in favour of the two former wives, whom he had left for a new one in the same village. Mr Phineas Mudzunga (53) of

Tshitomboni was scheduled to be buried early on Saturday. As fate would have it, on the morning he was to be buried, heavy rains fell with thunder and lightning, and the funeral was delayed. When the rain subsided, the funeral service went on but with the third wife, Vho Makhadzi Johanna Mpondi, not in attendance. Hundreds of community mem-

bers, friends and relatives, who had waited a month, paid their last respects to Mudzunga as his coffin came to its last resting place in the local cemetery. At the cemetery, the grave that had a big headstone and which had been dug under orders of the third wife had been flattened and a new one with a small headstone was to be at his final resting place. Speaking after the funeral,

Widows Elisa (left) and Mercy at the funeral of their husband.

Mr Mmbangiseni Mudzunga, one of the deceased’s sons, said the family was relieved that they had buried their beloved father at long last. “This has been one of the most painful moments the family had to go through. We never thought that our father’s funeral would have to be decided through the courts. As children, we never thought anybody would challenge us in burying our fa-

ther. We are just happy that it had come to pass and our father was buried with dignity,” he said. The local traditional leader, Chief Zwidofhelangani Mmbubana, said he was also happy that Mudzunga was finally buried. “This incident does not put us in a good light. Had the families agreed when we tried to solve this matter here, they would not have lost money. There are things that

could easily be solved locally, without involving the courts,” he added. He stated that the lesson from the incident was that “we should fix our things when we are still alive, in order not to leave problems when we are gone.” Efforts to get comment from the third wife drew a blank as her daughter indicated that she was not prepared to make any comment.

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2 16 November 2012 Letter

Tribute to a hero, John Maswanganyi

J Comment

“Do we need this struggle for kingship?” Some more responses were received following the article “Another contender to the Vha­ venda throne?

Traditional leadership was in the days of old the only governance system that existed. Right now we have a system that allows people to a government of their choice. Maybe someone omment: Some questions need to be asked: should tell me one good reason why I should 1. Why did she not raise this with the com- have a queen or king. – Tsanwi mission? 2. If her father was never King, on what omment: Tsanwi, traditional leadership is a grounds does she want to be Queen? very important pillar in our society ... even 3. There has never been a female chief in the the British have traditional leadership. You must Mphephu royal household and the next senior count yourself lucky as you have access to things son is always sought to take up the position of like information and internet connectivity and chief/regent. are thus able to access justice and other accomIt is an open secret that those who lost in the panying services. What about the rural and poor commission and the courts are trying their best majority of this country who struggle to get basic to destabilise the family ... too bad for them services? This is where traditional leadership because their plan will not succeed. plays an important role in social cohesion and Livhuwani ... you are employing a very justice, also the delivery of services to them. amateurish level of thinking ... the Kingship was It is also very important in terms of personal established under Toni Mphephu ... there has identity as Africans. You must know who you never been a King or Queen in Venda ... even his are and where you come from, and this is where father, Mr Ramaano Mphephu, was never King, traditional leadership also plays an important but paramount chief and life President of Venda. role. So, a short answer to your question, yes we If the Mphephu family want to make her chief, need to have traditional leaders in our communifine, but the King was put there by the local ties. As for their remuneration, well ... you can tribal authorities and not the Mphephu family ... go back in history since time immemorial. Kings therefore her claim for Kingship is flawed and and Queens have always lived at a certain level must fail! – The Empire of luxury, that’s just how it is and it does not look like it will change any time soon. This is why they omment: The sooner this kingship thing is are royalty and you and I are commoners. done away with, the better. Someone must – The Empire save us from this trash. We taxpayers are the ones that toil 24/7 while these guys live like fat omment: In fighting his juniors (Tshivhase, cats in mansions, whilst on the other hand our Mphaphuli, Tshidzuwelele) King Toni did mothers die in shacks, waiting for so-called well and he must be complemented for that. Had RDP houses. They are just fighting to ride on he not done that, he would have failed the the our backs. Traditional leadership has served its Mphephu family. It was to be expected from him purpose, and should be relegated to the museum as the standing in King and I am sure the family where it belongs. The young lady is not my queen supported him. I am certain he did not do that just as Toni was not my king. Look at another so- for his own pocket, but for the family and in line called King in Swaziland, living in palaces whilst with our history the Mphephu-Ramabulana famhis subjects live in abject poverty. ily has always ruled the Vhavenda nation as their king. I think the Mphe­phu Ramabulana family must sort out their house and tell us who We are an independent primary school is the rightful King/ situated at Makwarela Ext. 3 Queen. It is untrue to suggest that the (500 metres south of Thohoyandou Cemetery) Mphephu Ramabulana We accept learners from pre-school to grade 7. Kingship has never been presided over by We offer high quality education. a female person. Remember after * AppLiCATions for 2013 the death of Patrick ACCEpTEd unTiL 7 dECEMbEr 2012. Mphephu (1988) and We have a pilot, civil engineers, chartered accountants, before the installation of King Dimbanyika mechanical engineers etc, (1993) a woman was that received our solid primary education. installed as a regent CoME onE CoME ALL! king/queen and she performed all the You WiLL noT bE LosT, duties necessary for You WiLL bE AT THE rigHT pLACE. the King/queen of the The medium of instruction is English. Mphephu Ramabulana. We offer education from pre-school to grade 7. - Lufuno Ramabulana





Hilmary Learning Centre

ohn Tinyiko Maswanganyi was born into a family of seven at the Tshikota Township on the 11th of November 1970. John leaves behind his aged and hardworking mother, siblings, his eleven children and six grandchildren. I knew John as a young boy when karate was in fashion, when hard work and exercise were virtues. Bruce Lee was the in thing. A marquee tent set up by the then administration, known as the “Raad”, was our battlefield. This was when Tshikota was divided into Dutch, Tsamahatsi and Ma Deep Six. Like many others who could not afford new clothes, the Maswanganyis became customers to my late mother’s secondhand clothing business that helped us survive. When clean and ironed, who would be able to tell that it was previously enjoyed clothes? In this community that was established as reserved for labour, the majority of residents occupied houses on a rental basis, except for the privileged few who owned better houses. To be precise, six families owned better properties. Each of the inhabitants had to have a permit, otherwise they would be evicted. At that time, since his family was big, people took turns to sleep on the bed if they were lucky to have one. This reality gave ground to the awareness of what it meant to be on the other side of the buffer zone that separated the main town from the township. This ended with separate development and the introduction of the bantustans. The Maswanganyis, too, were forced to leave for Vleifontein, while others were forced to Indermark, Thohoyandou and Waterval. This was the age of forceful removals. While on the other side, the bantustans were taking hold with a few privileges dished out to those who embraced the system, John,as a young man in his teens, refused to embrace the system. At the time, John was a Std 5 pupil who not only distinguished himself as a good maths student, but also as an avid debater. That is where he became popular. His love for

detail and asking “why?” each He said, “If we do not work on time brought him closer to the cleaning the movement,” referactive political space. In time, ring to the ANC, “who will?” he was sucked in and moving Like all sharp minds around out was as difficult as it is to him, he struggled with the me. contradiction in post-indeAs part of underground poli- pendence. A chapter is still to tics, John can be accredited, be written by those that saw together with writer Abram the tail end of the wrath of Luruli, Fanyana Matodzi, oppression, the maladies and Zacharia and many others, to opportunities that come with have founded the Vhuilafuri independence. Christian Youth Organization John loved books. He distin(VHUYCO). The 1986 Vleguished himself as one of the fontein uprising and resistance best performers in English and to integration into the former maths. Unfortunately, because Republic of Venda honed his of a combination of factors, political skills and conscious- John could not get a bursary ness. This brought him to the to further his studies. He was scrutiny of the “system,” as we loved by some and hated by used to call it. others. His mother was harassed He has been a dear friend every day. In all this, he still that I could honestly discifound time to be like all other pline, though he was stubchildren; he played and loved born. With his passing on to soccer and got some time the next life, a chapter of our to love and flirt. John made history goes down with him. friends in the same way he His fa­mily has lost a son, his made enemies. children a father and, to the His baptism into the majority of us, we have lost Black Consciousness Movea friend. True to his fighting ment eventually resulted in spirit and with the help of his voluntarily joining the others, John got himself a job African National Congress as a traffic officer where he and the Communist Party, ultimately passed on. He will which became his home until be buried at the Vleifontein his death. His participation at cemetery, five days after his the Conference for a Demobirthday. John loved life but cratic Future saw him getting he loved his people more. He some training on how to use a knew that if we were to make gun, an AK-47, as an internal it, information, education and operative. He also met the good ideas would build our late Chris Hani on his visit to society. Vleifontein. May his soul rest in peace! Was he critical of what has - Sello Hector Madima. become of the new South (The writer is employed with Africa? He had started to ask the Department of Human Setquestions on the divisiveness tlement. He is a community acthat came with the ascension tivist and former correspondto power and office. He once ent of the Limpopo Mirror) asked, as it was tradition, are you not seeing scenes of the Animal Farm by George Orwell in what is happening around us? The body politic is not the same. He, however, refused not to participate, even in the difficult situation in which he The late John Tinyiko Maswanganyi. found himself.


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Well-known Limpopo businessman and contractor Mr Lufuno Madzebe and his wife, Mulalo, renewed their marital vows during an event in Thohoyandou. Madzebe of Makwarela surprised his wife during a party held in her honour on her birthday when he showered her with expensive gifts. The couple was blessed by Madzebe´s father, Pastor Samuel Madzebe of the Living Gospel World Mission Church in Dididi. The ceremony was held at the Graceland Hotel recently.


16 November 2012 3 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Cllr Mafemani Mahani, acting Vhembe executive mayor, and Cllr Ester Makhumisane visit the driver of the taxi, Mr Patrick Hlungwani, at the hospital. By Kaizer Nengovhela

8-Year-old pupil killed in accident A Grade 3 pupil at the Theo­ centric Christian College at Masia, Craig Baloyi (8) of Olif­ antshoek, died in an accident at the Njakanjaka-Marholeni Tjunction along the Giyani R578 road on Monday morning. It is alleged that Baloyi was one of 21 pupils who were passengers in the taxi on their way to school, when the taxi collided with a BMW. W/O Kedibone Mabatha of the Waterval SAPS explained to Limpopo Mirror what happened: “The taxi was coming from the direction of Marholeni and made a U-turn and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. Members of the traffic police and paramedics rushed to the scene and the injured were taken to the Elim Hospital for treatment. Four were later transferred to the Polokwane

Provincial Hospital.” Mabatha added that the police were investigating a case of reckless and negligent driving. “Further charges may be brought against the driver of the taxi, pending the outcome of the police investigations,” he said. Although she was visibly shocked, one of the scolars, Lettie Baloyi, told this newspaper that the accident happened so suddenly that no one even managed to scream. “We were very lucky to survive. I thank God that we survived the accident. We heard a big bang and then the taxi rolled several times. There was a huge cloud of dust and we could not see what was happening,” she added. She suffered minor injuries to her head and had fractured both

legs.“This is the most horrible experience of my life," she said. The spokesman for the Limpopo department of roads and transport, Mr Joshua Kgapa, said that they would investigate the cause of the accident and also make a follow-up on the allegations made by commuters. Mr Brown Kahira, principal of the Theocentric College, said that Craig was an intelligent pupil. “This is a huge shock and totally unexpected. We all mourn his death." Kahira added that the funeral would be held at Olifantshoek at 06:00 on Saturday morning. Makhado Mayor Cllr David Mutavhatsindi expressed his condolences to the affected families. He appealed to motorists to obey the traffic rules, especially during the festive season.

Three suspects, who had allegedly been ter­ rorising the Biaba community and surround­ ing area with housebreaking and theft, were arrested at Mutiti last Wednesday. The three, Masala Dube (30), Prince Thomu (30) and Phathutshedzo Motlapa (22), were arrested by the Mphephu police after a tip-off from community members at Mutiti village. W/O Lazurus Netshidzati, spokesperson for the Mphephu police, confirmed the incident, adding that the police had recovered groceries, cigarettes and airtime vouchers. The police have opened a case of housebreaking and theft. According to Netshidzati, both Thomu and Mothapa are from Mutiti village, while Dube is from Zimbambwe. Netshidzati praised members of the community for their continuous involvement in the fight against crime. "Together with mem- Suspect: Prince Tho­ bers of the community, mu. we are slowly winning the war against crime," said Muila. The three suspects briefly appeared in the Dzanani Magistrate's Court last Friday, and the case was postponed to26 November Suspect: Masala Du­ for further investigabe. tions. They remain in custody. The chairperson of the Nzhelele Civic Association, Mr Bonny Sinthumule, said that the community was happy and they praised the police work done to Suspect: Phathut­ arrest the suspects. shedzo Motla­pa.


Suspects arrested


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4 16 November 2012 By Kaizer Nengovhela

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Mayor donates computers to school The executive mayor of Vhembe, Cllr Tshitereke Matibe, has donated three computers, a photocopier and 30 pairs of shoes to the pupils of Ramana Primary School at Alicedale farm, outside Tshipise Aventura. He presented the donation to the principal, Mr Tshikonelo Nekhubvi, in the presence of the local traditional leader, Ntsieni Nemamilwe, and circuit manager Dr Ntavhanyeni Phaswana during a ceremony last Wednesday.

He said he decided to donate the goods to the school to make sure that "these learners also get access to computers like other kids who are in urban areas." He added that it was important for him to donate shoes to 36 of the 60 pupils at the school, so that they must not walk to school barefoot. He expressed the hope that the donations will help the pupils to concentrate on their education, "so that we can produce engineers and pilots from this school," said Matibe. The chairperson of the school

governing body, Ms Elisa Manenzhe, said some of the pupils walked for more than 30 kilometers to attend the school at Schuitdrift. Cllr Matibe also thanked two local farmers, Messrs Barend Vorster and Hendrich Wilkinson, who assist in transporting some of the pupils from their farms to Ramana. Dr Phaswana said the community should make sure that the computers and printer do not disappear from the school, like the computers that were stolen last February.

Well-known taxi boss assassinated A well-known taxi owner of Musina, Mr George Makwase­ la (34), was shot and killed at his home on Tuesday morning. His death is allegedly related to taxi violence. The spokesperson for the Musina Police, Lt Peter Mudau, told Limpopo Mirror that Makwasela was shot at around 07:00. “He was shot from close range and we found 16 cartridges next to his body”. Mr Richardt Makwasela, brother of the deceased, said they suspect that his brother was shot by somebody known to the family. “We are still shocked and terrified by this assassination. We used to regard him as our pillar. He was always available to solve our problems,” he added. He mentioned that it was difficult to understand why his brother was killed. “He was a visionary and By Elmon Tshikhudo

the strategic thinker of the family's transport business.” According to him he heard the shots, but thought they were firecrackers. "When I looked through the window, I saw two men running away. Two cars, one taxi and a van, were parked not far from the scene of the murder," he added. “We have received many messages of condolences locally and from abroad and it shows us that my uncle was a people’s person and accommodating to everyone, irrespective of colour, race and religion,” he said. The mayor of the Musina Municipality, Cllr Carol Phiri, extended her condolences to the bereaved family. She indicated that the municipality would sorely miss the good working relationship and support they received from the Makwasela family.

The chairperson of the Musina Taxi association, Mr Kaizer Phiri, said that he was still shocked that one of its members was shot dead. "The deceased's colleagues, who had been traumatised by the incident, were receiving counselling,” added Phiri. He expressed his condolences to the Makwasela family. “The role he played in fostering unity, discipline, hard work and dedication within the family and community shall always be cherished,” Phiri said. Mr Makwasela is survived by his wife and five children. According to his brother, funeral arrangements are at an advanced stage. Lt Mudau said the police were investigating the tragedy. No one has been arrested yet, and anyone with information is requested to contact the police.

Huge science boost for Dzindi schools ence schools in the Dzindi circuit in Vhembe last year. This year, he facilitated a two-day workshop for primary school teachers in the same circuit. The workshop focussed on Acids and Bases, a practical topic in natural science. "It has always been my wish to share the knowledge of science with my fellow South Africans. Through the assistance from SAASTA and my employer, the University of Limpopo, I am able to go around the country, assisting the young ones at schools. "The experiments we cover are very much relevant to the syllabi in Grades 4 to 7 and I must admit that most of us only came across such experiments at tertiary

level. These ones are lucky to get it early in their educational careers," said Netsianda. The schools also received educators’ guides, learners’ guides and periodic tables. The circuit manager at Dzindi, Ms Tinyiko Nkuzana, said it would be a shame if the kits were not utilized maximally. "We are very thankful for what Netsianda is doing in reviving the love of science in our learners at an early age. We will monitor that these kits are not just stored in cupboards, but made use of. Learners can only develop an interest in science, engineering and technology if they are exposed to experiments and encouraged to do projects," she said.

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Vhembe Executive Mayor Councilor Tshitereke Matibe (right) hands over a pair of shoes to school principal Tshikonelo Nekhubvi while Hendrich Wilkinson and Barend Vorster look on.

A lecturer at the University of Limpopo, Mr Makonde Netsianda, has embarked on a campaign of helping disad­ vantaged communities in the advancement of science, engi­ neering and technology. Netsianda, who studied under trying circumstances, has vowed to make his home area change for the better, unlike during his schooling days, when there were no laboratories and technology was non-existent. Netsianda, a physic lecturer, secured a donation in the form of electricity kits from the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) for all 25 primary sci-

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16 November 2012 5


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6 16 November 2012 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Struggle hero Tshifhiwa Muofhe honoured 31 years after his death in police cell In a poignant reminder of the injustices of apartheid, the pastor who was to offi­ ciate at the funeral of Tshifhiwa Muofhe wept when he prayed at the dead activ­ ist’s grave, 31 years after his death. “I am the one who officiated at Muofhe’s wedding, but when he died, the system that ruled our country refused me, an African, to pray at the grave of an African in Africa,” said Dr Elija Maswanganyi, the well-known Tzaneen cleric, as he wept. Later, at the Matatshe prison, Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela of the North Gauteng High Court talked of the conditions at Matatshe Prison when he and the late Muofhe were incarcerated by the former Venda police in 1981. Speaking during the unveiling of the plaque outside the cell in which Muofhe died at the hands of the police, Maumela said each of the detainees

was dumped in a small cell and one had to sleep and exercise there. “No Bible was allowed and no hymn books were allowed,” said Maumela during his first visit to the prison since then. He added that all the detainees hated the clicking sound of keys. “When you heard the clicking sounds, you knew that they were coming for one of you and the chances were that you might not come back,” said Maumela. The Deputy Minister for Correctional Services, Adv Ngoako Ramatlhodi, unveiled a plaque in honour of the late activist with these words: In honour of Tshifhiwa Muofhe who bravely fought and laid down his life in the struggle against oppression so that all South Africans may be free and be equal before the law. Ramatlhodi, pastors and members of the

Muofhe family laid a wreath in the Medium B centre single cell, number 2, where Muofhe died. In unveiling the plaque, Ramatlhodi said they were marking a site where one of their heroes died. Earlier on at Matatshe, Ramatlhodi had addressed offenders on how they can be reintegrated into society after spending a term in prison. He later on went to conduct the Tshifhiwa memorial lecture, in memory of the late leader, at Charis Church in Makwarela. He shared the stage with Muofhe’s long-time friend, Dr Tshenuwani Farisani of the Lutheran church. Muofhe was a lay preacher, an activist of note, who was killed shortly after MK bombed the Sibasa Police Station on October 31, 1981, leaving several policemen dead. One of the highlights was when more

Activist clergy who rubbed shoulders with Tshifhiwa Muofhe photographed at the public lecture.

than 20 motorbikes drove around Thohoyandou, retracing Tshifhiwa Muofhe’s steps. They went to his house, to the torture centre in Sibasa, to the then Sibasa Police Station, to Beuster Mission and the Matatshe Prison, to the cemetery where he

was buried. Prayers were said at each place which had touched his life. Many activists who were active in the 80s attended the event and the road show, which was hugely supported.

The Deputy Minister of Correctional Services, Adv Ngwako Ramathlodi and Thovhele Kennedy Tshivhase laying wreaths in the cell where Tshifhiwa Muofhe was killed.


16 November 2012 7


8 16 November 2012 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Main computer system stolen at school The Sukumani Kundani Sec­ ondary School at Gogobole was yet again dealt another blow when thieves broke into the staff office and sneaked away with the main computer system and other property last Thurs­ day evening (8 November). When the staff came to open the school on Friday morning, they discovered that the main door and security door to the staff offices had been damaged and forced open. A computer system and a printer, a cheque book and a box of calculators

were missing. “This is really a setback to the school’s progress and our pupils, who are currently writing their end-of-year exams,” said the principal of the school, Vho-Progress Kutama. “We use the computer for preparing most of our records and exam matter. Now we are left stranded without a computer.” According to Kutama, it is not the first time that the school has experienced a blow of this nature. In September 2010, thieves stole two computer systems, including printers. “I want to believe that

the thieves are somewhere among us. Nobody would come from far-away places to steal from us,” Kutama said. The spokesperson for the Tshilwavhusiku police, Const Munyadziwa Marindi, confirmed a case of housebreaking and theft. “We haven’t arrested any suspects so far,” Marindi said. The Sukumani Kundani Secondary School appeals to any Good Samaritans out there who might help with the donation of a computer system to phone VhoKutama at 083 308 2496.

Mr Mbhazima Chauke, inside the school´s office, where thugs stole some of the school’s property.


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Holding the cheque during the presentation are from left to right: Bankseta council member, Myan Subramoney, Bankseta CEO Max Makhubalo, Univen disabled unit head, Ms Tshifhiwa Mbuvha, Bankseta chairperson, Mr Martin Mahosi and Univen principal, Prof Peter Mbati. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Disabled students appreciate donation Disabled students of the Uni­ versity of Venda were over the moon when they received an amount of R400 000 as sponsorship from the Banking Sector and Training Author­ ity on Friday. The sponsorship will assist the university to buy multieducational tools for the unit of the disabled students. Senior Bank Seta officials, including its CEO, Mr Max Makhubalo, the chairperson, Mr Martin Mahosi, and council member Mr Myan Subramoney brought the donation on Friday, After the official handing over of the cheque, Makhubalo delivered a public lecture, discussing the role of the sector education and training authority (Seta) in transforming the banking and micro-finance sector and the economy. Representing the disabled students, Mr Ronald Ramonetha, a final year BA (Human Resources Management) student, said the new resources would boost their results at the

end of the year. “With the few resources available, it was very frustrating to learn under these conditions. We are very happy for the donation. Education will be much better when using the assistive devices,” said Ramonatha. While launching the programme, Makhubalo said the long-term programme was aimed at providing disabled students with the proper multiple educational tools to prepare them for the job market. He said they would be able to buy tools that would enable disabled students to access information in the library and through the Internet. Makhubalo said the banking sector was facing a challenge to meet the 4% target of employing disabled people as set out by the Financial Services Board. “By helping these students, we are making the pool of employable disabled people bigger,” said Makhubalo. He said the Bank Seta was also fulfilling its social responsibility role of helping to integrate disabled students into the main stream of the economy as well

as the social life. Univen principal Prof Peter Mbati said it was good news for the university, which is celebrating 30 years of its existence. “A few months ago, we received a substantial amount of money from Bank Seta and now we receive more from them again,” said Mbati. He said the money was a milestone and would go a long way in helping fulfil the university’s vision about improving the disability unit at the institution. “We will use the money properly and we will account for every cent,” Mbati assured the Bank Seta delegation. The launch follows the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the university and the Bank Seta. The disability unit at the University of Venda is believed to have the largest number of students in the country. It supports students with various disabilities, including visual, hearing, physical, speech impairments, chronic illnesses, psychological disabilities as well as temporary disabilities.


“We want change” - local ANC branches Following the story we ran last week about the Tshif­ hiwa Muofhe ANC branch, declaring its support for Pres Jacob Zuma to retain his posi­ tion during the forthcoming Mangaung conference, more ANC branches came out into the open and declared their support for Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe as their preferred candidate. Ms Fulufhelo Mutheiwana, chairperson of the Nandoni branch and councillor for Ward 19 of the Thulamela Municipal-

ity, said her branch supported Motlanthe because they want a change of leadership in Mangaung. “In any committee, if a person stays in a position of leadership for too long, he or she becomes big-headed and corrupt. We are positive that when we come back, the ANC and not an individual will be the winner,” said Mutheiwana. Lutanyani Denge of Lwandani branch said they took a decision to endorse Motlanthe at their meeting held on 27 October. He also said that they took the

decision to support Motlanthe, “because they see him as a person who can bring change to the country. The most important issue is economic freedom. The issue of distribution of wealth and resources is very important and we believe Mohlante will help on that one,” said Denge. Mr Maanda Tharaga, chairperson of the ANC Mutsindi branch, said they also took the decision to support Motlanthe “because they believe he can be a good leader for the country”.


16 November 2012 9

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10 16 November 2012

By Mashudu Netsianda

By Linda van der Westhuizen

Frustrations continue as Telkom struggles to fix hotel’s lines A hotel manager became desperate when four months passed and he still sat with a crow’s nest of cables and a faulty telephone line. The re­ sult was that clients could not use their credit cards because the card machines were not working. “The line would sometimes work and take a client’s credit card and then refuse to take any further cards. At other times, it would not take any card. Understandably, our clients became very upset,” said Mr Hennie Els, general manager of the Bergwater Hotel in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Things started going wrong when the hotel moved its reception area and telephone lines. Since then, they have been left with was a crow’s nest of cables. A month or two ago, Els managed to get the Telkom technician responsible for the crow’s nest to come out. “He

told me to get another technician. Eventually, I managed to get another one, but he just told me that he was not going to touch that mess because Telkom cables had not been used,” Els said. Els managed to get two reference numbers with regard to complaints lodged. “Our clients are frustrated. One longstanding client even said she would not be coming here anymore,” said Mr Lawrence Ratshilavhi, who works at reception. At one stage, the suspicion was that the card machines, from two commercial banks, might be the problem. “The banks tested their systems and maintained that the fault was not on their side,” Els said. Of late, Els’s cellular phone calls to Telkom are not being answered anymore, and neither have his messages been responded to. The Limpopo Mirror phoned Mr Albert Luvhengo of Telkom

from the hotel’s landline last Monday and he confirmed the two references, dated 9 October and 3 November. The system, however, showed that the line was cleared on the afternoon of Sunday, 4 November. Els and Ratshilavhi said that they were still experiencing problems with the card machines on Sunday evening. Luvhengo kindly agreed that he would come immediately with a technician, and they arrived at the hotel in less than 10 minutes. “They spent the whole day fixing the crow’s nest, putting in new boxes for an extension and really doing their utmost. It is, unfortunately, too early to say whether the card machines will work consistently,” Els said on Tuesday. Early Wednesday morning, the hotel reported that their card machines were functioning perfectly, indicat- Hotel manager Mr Hennie Els, looking at a ing that the problem had been a crow’s nest (insert) of cables that is probably Telkom fault. causing a faulty telephone line.


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Woman robbed of money and cellphone A 23-year-old Beit Bridge woman was severely assaulted with a log by two unknown suspects before they robbed her of R10 000 and a Nokia cellphone as she was relieving herself in a bushy area, police have said. Police spokesperson Sgt Loveness Mangena said the incident occurred last Friday at around 07:00 near Motor Zuma Mine outside Beit Bridge. “The victim, Ms Ulvis Gandijana, went to a nearby bush and while in the process of relieving herself, she was spotted by two unknown men, who confronted her,” she said. The two suspects demanded money from the woman, struck her with a log on the neck and she fell down. They took her wallet containing a Nokia cellphone and R10 000. Gandijana reported the matter to the police, who have since launched a manhunt for the two suspects. “We are appealing to members of the public to assist us with information that could possibly lead to the arrest of the suspects. We also urge people to desist from moving around while carrying large sums of money as they risk being robbed,” said Mangena. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Undertaker Sigidi to be buried The family of the late visionary funeral under­ taker, Dr Ramaano Bono Lizhakandila Sigidi, said he would be remembered for his love, care and generosity. Sigidi (63) died in the Pretoria Heart Hospital last Wednesday. The founder of the very successful Tshitshithe Funeral Undertakers has been described as a family man, whose love went beyond his family to the community. He will be remembered for his great involvement in assisting communities and families in need. He was the first undertaker to pledge his assistance to bus accident victims in Nzhelele, when many people were killed. He also assisted families of a train disaster at Muraleni. For many without shelter, he built houses and he helped many through their schooling. He will also be remembered for helping destitute families to bury their loved ones without charging them a cent. Reacting to the death of her father, Tshilidzi Sigidi, the second-born daughter of the deceased, said his death was a great loss to the family and the community at large. “He was a loving person, who did not only care for us, but whoever crossed paths with him. Some he did not even know. He gave us everything in life. He taught us all the ropes in business and also gave us the foundation to start our own businesses as his children.” She said they were grateful that, just before he died, he gave them his blessings and told them that he was satisfied that they would pick up the baton and continue where he left off. Sigidi will be buried on Sunday at the family gravesite behind his business, where all The late visionary bu­ his family members are si­nessman, Ramaa­no buried. Sigidi.

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16 November 2012 11

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Zimbabweans urged to go home to vote in referendum Zimbabwean nationals who are living outside the country are urged to go back home and exercise their right to vote during next year’s elections. This call was made during a meeting held at Musina Municipality’s boardroom in Nancefield last Sunday. The meeting was organised by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s regional office, based in Johannesburg. According to Mr Tafadzwa Maguchu, media and communication officer of the group, the meeting was meant to provide an analysis and update about the situation in Zimbabwe since the formation of a coalition government between ZanuPF, MDC and its faction, led by Arthur Mutambara. During the meeting, MDC member of parliament Dorcas Sibanda said she was urging all Zimbabweans to vote “Yes” in the referendum that is going to be conducted early next year on whether the draft constitution should be approved or not.

Sibanda said they were urging the Zimbabweans to vote “Yes” as they are happy about 75% of its contents, such as the 50/50 representation of men and women in parliament. According to this draft constitution, the president is only allowed to stand for two terms. “We also managed to push that civil servants, especially police and soldiers, must not campaign for elections,” said Sibanda. She added that there were still outstanding issues, such as freedom of the press. “The fact that Zanu-PF is unhappy with 266 points in the constitution confirms that we managed to push for a better constitution that will take the country back to normal,” said Sibanda. If the majority of Zimbabweans vote “Yes” during the referendum, elections will be held early next year. However, Mr Madock Chivasa, spokesperson for the National Constitutional Assembly in Zimbabwe, said that “the Zimbabweans should vote ‘No’ to

the constitution as it does not represent them.” Chirasa added said they did not want a better constitution “but a perfect one.” Meanwhile, Mr Sipho Theys, a South African from a lobby group called Action Support Centre (Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum), said Zimbabweans should go home and vote “Yes” during the referendum, so that they can also vote for change during elections. Theys said the formation of the coalition government had laid the foundation that had made it possible for political processes that enabled non-violent expression of political and social aspirations. “I have heard that the community is agreeing that the draft constitution is a step in the right direction, even though it has its weakness. This is a working document and it can be improved as times goes on. The document does not guarantee an automatic better life for all, but you have to fight for your space like us South Africans as we are still doing it today. Those who say is pointless to go home and vote are making a mistake as their decision of not voting will still work against them,” said Theys. Mr Jacob Matakanye from Musina Legal Advice Centre also urged Zimbabwean nationals to go and vote “Yes” during the referendum and elections. “If you want to see changes back home, make sure that you and your families, Mr Madock Chirasa makes his point while Ms Diana Zimbudzana of the Zimbabwe Exile together with friends, are Forum, Ms Dorcas Sibanda and Mr Jacob Matakanye look on. voting during elections.”

Norin Haque received the Dux award for the overall best performer during Eltivillas Primary School´s awards ceremony, held at the school last Friday. With her are Ms Matodzi (teacher, left) and Mrs M Dave (deputy principal).

The student leaders of Eltivillas Primary for the 2013 academic year are, from left to right, Khangwelo Mphephu (deputy head girl), Selete Mantsha (head girl), Tebogo Makumula (head boy) and Kgaukgelo Kgole (deputy head boy).


Cllr N.G. Mahosi Mayor Thulamela Municipality

You are kindly invited to attend the Mayoral Public Participation Programme (Imbizo) schedule as follows: Date : 23 November 2012 Venue : Mahagala Sports ground (Ha Lambani) Time : 10h00 For more information regarding transport contact your ward councillor.

12 16 November 2012



16 November 2012 13 By Frank Mavhungu

By Victor Hlungwane

“Keep your hands off our town” Members of the community of the Greater Giyani Mu­ nicipality staged a march from Giyani Stadium to the Mopani District Municipal­ ity’s offices last Thursday (8/11) and presented a memo­ randum of grievances to the district municipality. Among the grievances, residents claimed there was a “deliberately downgrading of Giyani by moving some offices from their area to Tzaneen.” Presenting a memorandum under the banner of the Greater Giyani People’s Voice, Mr Tsietsi Nkondo said they had watched with dismay when their

area was being treated unfairly. Complaints against the district as cited in the memorandum was that there were “actions from the district municipality that impacted on the self-worth, dignity, welfare and the economic growth of the Greater Giyani community.” They complained that there were attempts to shrink the Greater Giyani Municipality, following new demarcation proposals released on February 12 by the Municipal Demarcation Board, which transfers some villages from Greater Giyani to Greater Tzaneen. They also claimed that the

Mopani district was relocating some offices from Greater Giyani to Tzaneen in order to make sure that Giyani does not develop. Nkondo said there was a feeling in Giyani that appointments in the district were not transparent. “There is also unfairness and lack of transparency in the awarding of tenders, resulting in the majority of tenders excluding people from Giyani,” said Nkondo. He added that the naming and changing of names of structures and sites were done without consulting the community. The secretary of the committee, Mr Johannes Mabunda, said the people of Giyani, including traditional leaders, were supportive of the present government and its leadership. “We are dismayed by the attitude of some leaders in our district who undermine the people of Giyani and this is what made us decide to march,” said Mabunda. In the memorandum, they say the district must The district municipality’s mayor, Joshua Matlou, with the Giyani meet them within 14 People’s Voice leader Mr Johannes Mabunda, left, and Mr Tsetsi days to resolve the issue. Nkondo, right.

Horrific accident claims four City players After playing to a 1-1 draw with FC AK at the Oscar Mphetha Stadium in Turfloop on Sunday afternoon, the bus of Polokwane City Football Club was involved in a horrific ac­ cident at Nobody, just outside Polokwane. Four players, Koketso Takalo (20), Robert Mphuthi (21), Moeketsi Nthete (23) and Sylvester Mpaketsane (27), died at the scene. According to the chairman of the club, Mr Johnny

Mogalagathi, they will be buried at different places this weekend. In a message to the players’ families and friends, the president of Safa, Mr Kirsten Nematandani, said life was too precious to be lost “just like that” and that coming so soon after the passing away of Bafana Bafana assistant coach Thomas Madigage in another road accident, this incident was difficult to grasp. He added that the deah of the

four players was sad, painful and difficult for relatives, friends and the South African football fraternity. He wished the injured a speedy recovery. “To those who are battling injuries in hospital, our prayers go to them to get well soon,” he added. In a statement, the provincial executive council of the ANCYL in Limpopo also sent its condolences to the next-of-kin of the deceased soccer players.

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

“Accept and love the mental patients” The MEC for Health and Social Development in Limpopo, Dr Norman Mabasa, has urged the community to respect mental health patients and give them the necessary support. Speaking to the community during the Mphephu Mental Health Day celebrations held at Dzanani, a fortnight ago, Mabasa said the community should change their attitude towards mental health patients “because some of their bad actions were committed instinctively. We need to accept, support and love them,” said Mabasa. Mental health or illness are medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, and ability to relate to others,

resulting in diminished capac- patients. About 1 600 are from ity for coping with the ordinary the Mphephu area. Mabasa said demands of life. According to mental illness was treatable, but the World Health Organisation, early identification and treatmore than 121 million people ment was important. Mabasa across the globe are suffering emphasised the role of the family from depression, a mental health and communities in the recovery disorder. “As a result of depres- process. “It is important that they sion, 850 000 people die from de- should assist patients to take their pression-related illnesses around medication, to establish peer supthe globe every year. In South port groups, encouraging healthy Africa, 30,8% of the population living conditions and to give is suffering from a mental health the patients meaningful tasks to disorder,” he added. Mabasa perform,” said Mabasa. revealed that 54 Hlanganani Street Vhembe has Caltex Centre 7 000 people Louis Trichardt who are regis(T) 015 516 2044/5 tered with the (F) 015 516 2050 department as mental health E-mail:

Anhetico Properties Eiendomme


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Marchers demonstrate against the relocation of the municipal offices from Giyani to Tzaneen.

Dr Norman Mabasa.

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14 16 November 2012 A well-known businessman, Mr David Mabilu, has donated stationery to Tshifhatane Primary School. Mabilu, from Tshidimbini village, donated school files, chalk, ballpoint pens, pencils, dusters, printing paper and other necessary stationery to the school on Monday. The donation was made through the David Mabilu Foundation, coordinated by Paul Simba. Through his foundation, Mabilu of Vharanani Properties is also financing the studies of many children in the country. Twelve are at Tshidimbini Secondary, seven at Tshifhatani, three at Gumani Technikon, two at Tshivhase Secondary and Tshiavha Secondary and one each at Khakhu Secondary and Thengwe Secondary. In our photo are the staff members, pupils and members of the David Mabilu Foundation with the stationery.

By Mashudu Netsianda

5 Years in jail for Malawian car thief One of the nine Malawians who were recently arrested by the police at Beit Bridge for being involved in a well-orchestrated car-theft and smuggling syn­ dicate was jailed for five years last Friday. Eight others are expected to stand trial today (Friday). Seven top-of-the-range vehicles stolen from South Africa and later smuggled into Zimbabwe were recovered from the suspects, following their arrest in August. The vehicles were being smuggled from South Africa through an illegal crossing point along the Limpopo River. The seven were arrested in Beit Bridge town during a routine border operation along the Limpopo River.

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Juma Charles Moyo (26) was convicted on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before Regional Magistrate Joseph Maveza. The other suspects are Aboo Bennelo Jussabi (31), Lee Shas Ajiba (29), Joe Khalid Kazembe (34), Collins Musa (35), Jali Mwsifa (32), Mohammed Idrus Laudon (28), Juma Afiki (34) and Abdu Khasim. The suspects are all being charged with theft of a motor vehicle and also contravening a section of the Customs and Excise Act (smuggling). Police recovered one of the vehicles, following a shoot-out with the suspect near Bubi village along the Beit Bridge-Masvingo road. The smuggled vehicles included two Toyota Fortuners,

one Nissan Navara, two Toyota Raiders, a Toyota Hilux and a Toyota Corolla. The South African Police have confirmed that four vehicles were stolen from Durban, while a Fortuner was stolen in Limpopo Province. Zimbabwean police have also engaged Interpol to conduct investigations about the vehicle market in Malawi. It was testified that the cars would be driven across Zimbabwe, using fake registration books, vehicle identification documents, fake temporary import permits and ignition keys. It is understood that the suspects had been working in cahoots with employees of some vehicletracking companies in South Africa.


16 November 2012 15

By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Border jumpers raped and intimidated About three out of 10 Zimbabwean women are gang-raped when they try to cross the Limpopo River to South Africa. This was revealed by Prof Lesiba Matsaung of the United Reformed Church and founder of a boys’ and girls’ shelter in Nancefield, Musina. Matsaung said his girls’ shelter received between 20 and 30 females every week, while the boys’ shelter received between 30 and 50 men every week. “All of them jumped the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa illegally. Some of the females are as young as 13. When they arrive here, some tell us that they were gang-raped at the border. Some are also raped here in Musina by people who lure them to secluded areas after promising to help them with shelter, jobs and food,” said Matsaung. However, Matsaung said most of the people who reveal their ordeal are young women. Elderly women, especially married ones, do not want to disclose their ordeal because they are afraid that

their partners or husbands will dump them. “Young women are the ones who inform us about their ordeal. We then take them to Musina Hospital for treatment. We also have people who offer counselling to the rape victims,” he added. He emphasised that most of them do not want to open criminal cases “out of fear for victimisation from the perpetrator. ” He added that many women choose not to reveal their experience, as they are too traumatised and ashamed. Some just reveal it “so that they can get treatment,” said Matsaung. Matsaung, who described the rape incidents as horrible, said some of the people who came into the shelter were suffering from HIV/Aids. “Some of them come in a critical condition and they ended up dying.” Since the shelters started operating in 2008, most of the people come and stay for a while when they arrive before they leave for other places. Most of them have Gauteng as their destination. Many arrive at the centre on their own while others come with police, social workers and officers from Doctors without Border. Because of the high number of women who come into the shelter who are victims of rape, Matsaung said they have now opened a section which accommodates women who are rape victims, so that they can get special treatment and counselling to recover quickly.

A brand activations and entertainment company, the Zinto Activation Group (Zinto), recently donated 10 smartphones to the Limpopo Malaria Control Programme, in support of a research pilot project underway in Vhembe. Funded by the US National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences and implemented by the provincial health department, the programme intends to improve the monitoring of indoor residual spraying with insecticides. The smartphones will allow researchers to test a GPS-enabled cellphone method (CalFit) that monitors the indoor residual spraying and collects accurate data to determine chemical use. All data is stored on the Android application and can be transferred over the Internet to a secure server, where the data is analysed in real time. The GPS coordinates enable the mapping of the spray plans, while the time stamps help monitor the frequency of spraying in different households. According to Ms Michelle Combrinck, CEO and founder of Zinto, “the partnership is pivotal in the fight against malaria. Each year, more than 250 million cases of malaria are reported worldwide, killing between one and three million people, the majority of whom are young children. We got involved because no infant or person should become infected when there is a clear and available programme to prevent the spread of malaria.”

EASY APPLICATIONS & QUICK APPROVAL Prof Lesiba Matsaung of the United Reformed Church. Politics

Honour for leader The ANC branch of Tshimbupfe will honour its former leader, Thovhele Munyadziwa Net­ shimbupfe. According to the chairperson of the branch, Khamusi Mauba, Netshimbupfe is one of the most senior traditional leaders in Venda and will be honored during a function next Saturday (24 November) at Sigwavhulimu Primary School in Tshimbupfe village. Mauba said they were honoring Netshimbupfe for the role he played as one of the first ANC leaders in the area. He served in different capacities, including as branch chairperson. Netshimbupfe, who is a qualified magistrate, was also part of a team that took part in the Codesa negotiations. He was Member of Parliament from 1994 to 2004 and deputy chairperson of the traditional leaders in Limpopo from 2007 to August 2012. The event will start at 10:00.

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16 16 November 2012 Politics

“Youth League will defend its local leaders” The ANC Youth League has warned that anyone who tries to remove their leaders will face a serious challenge. These strong words came from Vhembe ANC Youth League regional chairperson Rolivhuwa Nelwamondo, in his address during the memorial lecture of former President Thabo Mbeki held at Muratho

Primary in Tshiulungoma village on Sunday. “Anyone who undermines the leadership of Cassel Mathale or Tshitereke Matibe and Tshifhiwa Dali will face a serious challenge from us, the Youth League.” He described the leaders as friends of the Youth League. “We put them there. No

one will remove them.” He added that everyone who wanted to remove them “will have to deal with us first.” Referring to the expelled former president of the youth league, Mr Julius Malema, Nelwamondo said many of the members of the youth league “are still pushing his ideology.” Nelwamondo, who described Mbeki as one of the best leaders produced by the ANC, accused Pres Jacob Zuma of limiting the ruling party to Kwazulu Natal. He said ANC members had a duty to reclaim the party “which is growing its membership because of IFP members.” Nelwamondo said branches must nominate Mr Kgalema Motlanthe to make sure that change was real. Nelwamondo added that the “land must come back to the majority of South Africans and mines must benefit the community, not individuals.” He also lashed out at councillors who forgot the people who voted them into office “and start driving flashy cars, while the community is suffering. If you are a leader and fail to help people, we Vhembe ANC Youth League regional chairperson Mr Rolivhuwa Nelwamondo will make sure that you also suffer with them,” he added. says the ANCYL will defend its local leaders.

Daniel Mukhoro and his mother, Ms Miriam Mukhoro. Letter

New house for mental patients The Mphephu Royal Council and Masana Private FET College celebrated Mental Health Day in style by donating a house to a patient. The royal family and college donated a fourroomed house to Mr

Daniel Mukhoro of Tshirolwe Extension 3 in Nzhelele, outside Makhado, during a ceremony a fortnight ago. The MEC for Health and Social Development, Dr Norman Mabasa, officially handed the house to Ms Mi­riam Mu­kho­ro, who ac­cepted the house on behalf of her son, Daniel (25). The house con­­sists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom. The handing-over ceremony was also attended by Mr David Mavhungu Mphephu (who represented King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana), Cllr Esther Makhumisane (who represented Vhembe Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe) and Makhado Mayor David Mutavhatsindi. Speaking on behalf of the family, Ms Miriam Mukhoro said she was thankful to God that she was no longer going to share a one-roomed shack with her family of three, two girls and a boy. She said they relied on Daniel’s social grant as no one in the family was employed. Mr Phineus Muladi, the owner of Masana, appealed to the family to look after the house. He also challenged Vhembe District Municipality to provide water to the family. MEC Mabasa applauded the royal family and Masana for their good gesture. He urged other businesspeople to help in their areas. Letter

40-year-old man in court for sexual assault of boy A 40-year-old resident from Dulibadzimu in Beit Bridge appeared in court last Friday for allegedly sodomising his neighbour’s threeyear-old boy. He was not asked to plead to an aggravated sexual assault charge when he appeared before Magistrage Gloria Takundwa. The State later preferred to proceed with the matter under the Mental Health Act and the case was postponed for further investigations. The prosecutor, Mr Tawonga Musina, told the court that on the day of the alleged incident, the boy’s mother went to the local bus terminus at around 15:00. She left the toddler playing with other children. The accused allegedly took advantage of the situation and took the boy to his house, where he molested him. The issue came to light when the boy’s mother returned and the boy told her what had happened. The matter was reported to the police, leading to the arrest of the accused. Letter

“Thanks for the food”


or us at Elim Hlanganani Society for the Care of the Aged, it was such a pleasure when our driver brought back two 80kg bags of mealie meal from Mr Amie Chhaya. Our orphans and vulnerable children are always hungry, but with the kind help of people like him, we are able to feed them daily. To Mr Chhaya, Makhado Municipality’s goodwill ambassador, we say: May the good Lord bless and keep you in order to continue doing the good job. Together, we can make the difference. - Florence Khosa


16 November 2012 17 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Tshiudzi wins media room for her school

A group of top achievers for all grades at Eltivillas Primary School. From left to right are Norin Haque (Grade 7), Tshegofatso Ngwato (Grade 4), Puseletso Selepe (Grade 1), Lavhelesani Tshivule (Grade 2), Zuleka Lakhana (Grade 2), Naweed Jolly (Grade 3), Rokunda Munzhedzi (Grade 5) and Afia Jolly (6).

Prison warders at Thohoyandou Medium B prison at Matatshe, who say they are die-hard readers of Limpopo Mirror, took advantage of the paper´s recent visit to the centre. They said they would be very happy if they could see themselves in their favourite paper. They say they never miss a copy of the newspaper. The picture was taken during a recent visit to the facility by the deputy minister of correctional services, Adv Ngwako Ramathlodi.

A star pupil from Mbilwi High had taken place, to the sports national competition aims to was the toast of her commu­ grounds. increase awareness about water nity on Friday, when a me­ She did this while reciting resource management and to dia classroom to the value of her praise poem about water stimulate the youth to educate R350 000 that she had won for conservation, clad in Tshivenda society about issues of water her former school was officially traditional regalia. through arts. opened. Mabudafhasi said although The first prize package inTshilidzi Phalanndwa, a Grade South Africa was one of the 30 cluded a media classroom with 11 pupil at Mbilwi, won her driest countries in the world, the 20 computers, a multifunctional former school, Makwarela Pri- future did not look that gloomy printer, an overhead projector, mary, the media room in 2010 because young people like Tshi- two data cards and modems plus when she was in Grade 7 at lidzi knew about water conserva- R1 000 monthly allowance for the school. She won the praise- tion measures. the running cost of e-mail and singing category of the Baswa Chief Ravhalitsheni Sumbana, the Internet for 24 months, and a le meetsi (Youth in Water) com- who represented traditional lead- cash prize of R6 000. petition, organised by the De- er Gole Mphaphuli, announced Prizes were awarded in five partment of Water Affairs and that the traditional leader had categories, namely drama, praise Environment and sponsored by donated 10 computers to signal singing, poetry, poster creating the MTN Foundation. his support for education. The and traditional music. At the handover ceremony at the school on Friday, Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs Rejoice Mabudafhasi sang the praises of the young girl and said it was encouraging to see young people making strides towards success. “We are proud of you, Tshilidzi. You have made your mark in the community and the country,” said Mabudafhasi. The young girl recited her praise poem, to the delight of members of the community, who ululated with glee. She led the Deputy Minister and her en- Showing the pupils how it is done, Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi tourage from the class- shows how the mouse of the computer is used. This was during the official room, where the briefing handing over of a media centre at Makwarela Primary School.



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18 16 November 2012 By Frank Mavhungu


Giyani Hotspurs were simply too hot for Rospa United FC

Zero Fake vs United

Giyani Hotspurs proved to be too hot for Rospa United, when they narrowly beat them 1-0 in a Safa Second Division match at the Giyani Stadium on Saturday. Rospa gave the home side no time to breathe as they approached the game aggressively with their playmaker, Marks Munyai, distributing defence-splitting passes from time to time. Realising that it would be dif-

Eight matches under the banner of the Safa Second Division League will be played throughout the province tomorrow after­ noon. It remains to be seen whether Rospa United will make Baobab Zero Fake pay for their defeat last weekend. United will host Zero Fake at the Malamulele Stadium. Rospa United were beaten 0-1 by Giyani Hotspurs at the Giyani Stadium last Saturday. The captain of United, Mashudu Mashapha, said they regarded the defeat as part of history. Zero Fake are the rookies in the Second Division League and they are still battling to find a winning combination. The other fixtures are: Basel FC vs Lephalale Young Killers; Nobela All Stars vs Ray Pillars; Baroka FC vs Giyani Hotspurs; Winners Park vs The Dolphins; Phungo All Stars vs Blue Rocks; Magezi FC vs Modimolle Aces, while Masesetjane All Stars will have a date with Mighty FC at the Mahwelereng Stadium.

ficult for them to cope with the tempo of the game, the coach of Hotspurs, Mr Dennis “Ghost” Madzimbane, instructed his players to cool the game down, while studying the opponents’ weak and strong points. The referee, Mr Jelly Chabane, reprimanded Ndumeliso Mabulele of United with a card for a repeated infringement on Lesley Malungani. Hotspurs gained momentum with time

and started to make some threatening moves from behind. Things turned against United towards the end of the first half. At that stage, Hotspurs were unstoppable and creating dangerous moves in the middle of the park. The keeper of United, Thembe Maweni, denied Hotspurs a goal in the 38th minute. He stretched to the limit to execute a brilliant save after Thabo Ngomane tried his luck from the 25-meter area. Sydney Maluleke of Hotspurs was

also booked for ignoring the referee’s whistle in the 58th minute. Maluleke kicked the ball away long after the referee had blown the whistle for an offside. Hotspurs took the lead when the keeper of United, Thembe Maweni, abandoned his position and advanced out of the penalty area. Nhlamulo Maluleke of Hotspurs caught him napping and scored with a volley. United lost hope after the Spurs’ goal.

Nedbank cup

Nine to compete Sparks are expected to fly when the nine teams currently in the top positions in the Safa Vhembe SAB streams will play their Nedbank cup matches at the Makwarela Stadium on Saturday and Sunday. The winner will represent the region in the provincial championships. According to the administrator of the league, Mr Mulalo Mafenya, the final of the competition in the Vhembe region will be played on the 27th of this month at the Tshifulanani Stadium. The teams which will represent their streams are: Khakhanwa United (A), Mukula Young Santos (B), Maranhe Hungry Lion (C), Tshakhuma RO (D), Benny's Care Academy (E), Mudziafera Blue Ngelekanyo Mudau of United (left) and Vincent Mavunda of Hotspurs Elias Hlabanelo of United (left) and Thabo Ngomane of Hotspurs chase Eagles (F), Rabali Pull Together (G), Lambvi (H) and Tshandama Try Together (I). have lost sight of the ball. the outgoing ball.

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NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE All persons having claims against the under mentioned estate must lodge it with the Executrix concerned within thirty (30) days (or as indicated) from date of publication hereof. Estate number: 2463/2012, Master’s Office: Thohoyandou, Surname: Marubini, First Names: Raphalalani Philemon, Date of Birth: 1940-10-26, Id number: 4010265245089, Last Address: Stand no: 54, Tshilungwi Village, District Thohoyandou, Date of Death: 201210-07. Christian Names and Surname of surviving spouse: Raphalalani Tshimakaho, Date of Birth: 1930-06-06, Identity number: 3006060453085. A.R. Madia Attorneys, Old mutual Building, OfficeNo: G21 & G23, Thohoyandou, Tel: 015 962 3001 LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNTS IN DECEASED ESTATE LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35(5) of Act No. 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that copies of the liquidation and distribution accounts (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estates specified below will be open for inspection for all persons interested therein for a period of 21 days from the date specified or from the date of publication hereof, whichever may be later, and at the offices of the Master and Magi­strate as stated. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the Masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the accounts. Registration number of estate: 1245/2011, Surname: MUDAU, Christian names: KHANGALE WANANI, Identity number: 4201145612081, Last address: Tshakhuma, Limpopo Province. Married in community of Property: Christian names and Sur-

name of Surviving daughter: MUDAU KWENA CHARLOTTE, Identity number: 4011020199082, Master ’s office: THOHOYANDOU, Magistrate office: THOHOYANDOU ADVOCATE M.J. MUSHASHA , Room No: G30, Old Mutual Building, Thohoyandou, Tel: 015 962 5852, Cell: 083 2908585 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS (SECTION 29) In the Estate of the Late: Mathoho Marubini Phineas, I.D. No: 6004125384087, who died on 28/07/2012. Masters reference number: 1709/2012. Creditors and debtors are hereby called upon to submit their claims and to pay their debts within 30 (thirty) days as from date on this advertisement. Executor, Anton Ramaano Attorneys, House no. 902, CNR University Road & Mphephu Drive, Oposite Khoroni Hotel / Venda Plaza, P.O. Box 2246, Thohoyandou, 0950, Tel: 015 962 2232/2236, Fax: 015 962 5009, E-mail address:, REF: AR/KM/ES.085 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 I, Chardy Ludere being the authorized agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that i have applied in terms of clause 22 of the Makhado Land use Scheme, 2009 and the Makhado Compaction Densification Policy for the written consent for the purpose erecting additional dwelling unit on Erf 430 Eltivillas, Extension 1 Township situated at Number 9 Bengal Street. The current zoning of the property is “ Residential 1” with Dwelling unit as a primary right and additional dwelling unit as Secondary right. Any person/representative having an objection must do so in writing to both the Municipal Manager to Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 28 days from the 26th October 2012. PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT, Name: Chardy Ludere, Address: Erf 822, Tshikota Township, Postal Address: P.O. Box 1709, Makhado, 0920, Tel: 015 516 3543 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 I, Chardy Ludere being the authorized agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that i have applied in terms of clause 22 of the Makhado Land use Scheme, 2009 and the Makhado Compaction Densification Policy for the written consent for the purpose erecting additional dwelling unit on Erf 409 Eltivillas, Extension 1 Township situated at Number 7 Bengal Street. The current zoning of the property is “ Residential 1” with Dwelling unit as

a primary right and additional dwelling unit as Secondary right. Any person/representative having an objection must do so in writing to both the Municipal Manager to Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 28 days from the 26th October 2012. PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT, Name: Chardy Ludere, Address: Erf 822, Tshikota Township, Postal Address: P.O. Box 1709, Makhado, 0920, Tel: 015 516 3543 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 I, Chardy Ludere being the authorized agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that i have applied in terms of clause 22 of the Makhado Land use Scheme, 2009 and the Makhado Compaction Densification Policy for the written consent for the purpose erecting additional dwelling unit on Portion 12 of Erf 4285 Makhado, Extension 4 Township situated at Second Street. The current zoning of the property is “ Residential 1” with Dwelling unit as a primary right and additional dwelling unit as Secondary right. Any person/representative having an objection must do so in writing to both the Municipal Manager to Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 28 days from the 26th October 2012. PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT, Name: Chardy Ludere, Address: Erf 822, Tshikota Township, Postal Address: P.O. Box 1709, Makhado, 0920, Tel: 015 516 3543 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 I, Chardy Ludere being the authorized agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that i have applied in terms of clause 22 of the Makhado Land use Scheme, 2009 and the Makhado Compaction Densification Policy for the written consent for the purpose erecting additional dwelling unit on Erf 74 Eltivillas Extension 1 Township situated at Number 115 Tweede Street. The current zoning of the property is “ Residential 1” with Dwelling unit as a primary right and additional dwelling unit as Secondary right. Any person/representative having an objection must do so in writing to both the Municipal Manager to Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 28 days from the 26th October 2012. PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT, Name: Chardy Ludere, Address: Erf 822, Tshikota Township, Postal Address: P.O. Box 1709, Makhado, 0920, Tel: 015 516 3543 IN THE MAGIS­ TRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF THOHOYANDOU HELD AT THOHOYANDOU

CASE NO: 458/2012 In the matter between: SPOEDWEL LANDBOU (PTY) LTD T/A SPOED­ WEL AGRI Execution Creditor and VERSK­ RAAL FRESH PRO­ DUCE CC (REG NO: 2006/008750/23) Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION KINDLY TAKE NOTICE THAT in terms of Judgment granted on 3 May 2012, in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court and a Warrant of Execution issued thereafter, a Sale in Execution of the undermentioned goods will be held on Friday at the SHERIFF’S OFFICE NO. 82, MUTALE ON 7 DECEMBER 2012 at 11:00 AM, to the highest bidder, without warranties or representations, consisting of: GOODS: 2 Disc Plough (Madzembe), 1 Tractor JC 80 Case Red,1 Trailer Red. DATED at Thohoyandou on 17 October 2012. Execution Creditor’s Attorneys, COX­ WELL, STEYN, VISE & NAUDE INC. Metropolitan Centre, Office no. 4 G-01, Thohoyandou, Tel No: 015 516 0116, Fax no. 015 516 4175, Email:, Docex 2, Louis Trichardt, REF: SPO6/5-L BOTHA IN THE MAGIS­ TRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MUTALE HELD AT MUTALE Case no: 100/2009 In the matter between: AM ALBERTS (PTY) LTD PROGRESS MILL­ ING EXECUTION CREDITOR and T R MULAUDZI t/a MUSWODI SUPER­ MARKET EXECUTION DEBTOR NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION AUC­ TION PERSUANT of a Judgment in the Magistrate Mutale given on the 03rd day of March 2010 the undermentioned goods will be sold by public auction on the 7th day of December 2012 at 11h00 by publc auction to be held at Mu­ tale by the Sheriff of the Magistrate’s Court of Mu­ tale to the highest bidder for cash, namely; General stock in trade of Muswodi supermarket 1 x Minus 40 Deep Freezer, 1 x Defy Stove, 1 x Cash Register, dated at Thohoyandou on this the 4th day of October 2012. DANIE VAN RYN­ EVELD ATTRNEYS, Attorney for Execution Creditor, 2nd Floor, Room No 201, Old Mutual Building, Thohoyandou, P.O. Box 2697, Thohoyandou, 0950, Tel: 015 962 0003, Fax: 015 962 0729, Ref: DVR/ct/T2046 NOTICE IN RESPECT OF A LICENCE APPLI­ CATION IN TERMS OF THE PETROLEUM PRODUCT ACT 1977 This notice serves to inform parties that may be interested or affected that Mavambe Servic­ ing Garage, hereinafter referred to as ‘the applicant’ has submitted an application for a SITE licence, application number

F/2012/03/26/0001, Stand no 01 Mavambe Village, Mavambe Main Road, Malamulele, the purpose of this application is for the applicant to be granted a licence to undertake petroleum retail activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum products at: Tel­ ephone: 015 287 4735 or Fax: 015 297 5045, Email: kgagodi.chuene@energy. Any objections to the issuing of a licence in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objections must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, 101 Dorp Street, Polokwane, 0700. Postal Address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, Private Bag X9467, Polokwane, 0700 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 I, Mphaphuli Takalani Annah being the occupant of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice that i have applied in terms of clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009 for the written consent of Erf 1657 situated at Number 23 Tshirululuni Street for the purpose of erecting an additional dwelling unit. The current zoning of the property is “Residential 1” with primary right of one dwelling unit and additional dwelling unit as Secondary right in terms of the above mentioned clause. Any person / representative having an objection must do so in writing to both the Municipal Manager to Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 and the undersigned within 28 days from the 16th November 2012. Particulars of Applicant, Mphaphuli Takalani Annah, 23 Tshirululuni Street, Makhado, 0920, Cell: 076 779 0856 Estate of the Late: Rosset Bezuidenhout, Identity Number: 4102125005082, Last Address: 3 Rooibos Crescent, Messina Ext4, 0900, Marital Status: Unmarried, Estate number: 1793/2011. The First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account and Redistribution Agreement in the above Estate will lie for inspectin at the office of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, and a duplicate thereof at the Offices of the Magistrate, Musina, for a period of 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of publication hereof. Deon Retief Attorneys, 10 Limpopo Avenue, P.O. Box 356, Musina, 0900, Tel: 015 534 0720, Fax: 015 534 2524

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20 16 November 2012 NOTICE OF APPLICATION IN TERMS OF PROCLAMATION R293 OF 1962 (THE REGULATION FOR THE ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL OF TOWNSHIP IN BLACK AREAS) Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern that in terms of Proclamation R293 of 1962, that we, Khosa Development Specialists on behalf of our client, intend to apply to the Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs for consent to establish a township consisting of 370 erven as referred to in the annexure hereto, on a portion of the farm Greater Giyani 891 LT, Limpopo Province.Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the Head of Department, Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs, 20 Rabe Street, Polokwane and/or office of Khosa Development Specialists Pty (Ltd), 1 Munnik Avenue, Ster Park, Polokwane for a period of 28 days from 09 November 2012.Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing and in duplicate to the Head of Department , at the above address or at Private Bag X9485, Polokwane, 0700, within a period of 28 days from 09 November 2012. ANNEXURE, Name of the township:GIYANI B EXTENSION 1, Number of erven and land use in the proposed township: - Residential 1: 360 - Residential 3: 1 - Business 1 : 1 - Crèche : 1 - Place of Worship : 1 - Clinic : 1 - Public Open Space : 4 - Cemetery : 1 The proposed township is approximately 34.00 ha. Description of the land on which the township is to be established: on a portion of the farm Greater Giyani 891 LT, Limpopo Province. Location of the proposed township: The subject area is approximately 200m west of the R81 Road, gravel road (D3634) to Siyandhani Village on a portion of the farm Greater Giyani 891-LT. Address of Agent: Khosa Development Specialists Pty Ltd, 01 Munnik Avenue, Ster Park, Polokwane, PO Box 727, Bendor Park, 0713. Tel: (015) 295 4171. Fax: 086 600 7119 email: Address of the Developer: MRT Empire CC, PO Box 2918, Thohoyandou, 0950. Tel: 015 962 5610. Fax: 015 962 5610. Email: XITIVISO XA XIKOMBELO HI KU LANDZA “PROCLAMATION” R293 YA LEMBE RA 1962 ( RHEGULEXINI YA MAFAMBISELO NA KU LAWULA SWIDOROBANI EKA TINDZHAWU TA VANTIMA) Xitiviso xi hundziseriwa eka vanhu/vaaka tiko lava swi nga ta va khumbhaka hi ku landza “Proclamation” R293 ya lembe ra 1962, leswaku hina va “Khosa Development Specialists” hi ku yimela muyimeriwa wa hina hi na makungu yo nghenisa xikombelo eka ndzhawulo ya Tiyindlo, na

Mfumo wa vurhangeri bya Ndzhavuko. Leswaku va hi pfumelela ku sungula/ tsema xiphemu xa purasi ra Greater Giyani 891-LT, leri kumekaka eka xifundzha xa Limpopo hi xikongomelo xo endla doroba leri nga tava na switandzi swa 370 leswi kombisiweke eka ngetelo laha hansi. Vuxoko-xoko bya xikombelo byi ta kumeka ku byi xopaxopa hi minkarhi ya ntirho eka masiku ya ntirho evhikini. Byona byi ta va etihofisini ta ndzhawulo leyi boxiweke laha ehenhla, kherefu i “20 Rabe Street”, Polokwane nale/ kumbe eka tihofisi ta Khosa Development Specialists Pty (Ltd) eka kherefu leyi, “1 Munnik Avenue”, Ster Park, Polokwane. Vuxokoxoko lebyi byi ta va kona ku ringana masiku ya Makume-Mambirhi na Ntlhanu na Manharhu (28) ku sukela hi ti 09 Hukuri 2012 eka phepha-hungu leri kumekaka kwala mugangeni (tikweni) ra hina ra Greater Giyani. Ku alana na xikombelo lexi kumbe ku nyika swibumabumelo mayelana na xikombelo lexi, swi fanele ku tisiwa hi ku tsala swi ri na mikandziyiso yimbirhi na swona swi fanele ku kongomisiwa eka Nhloko ya ndzhawulo leyi boxiweke laha henhla. Kherefu: “Private Bag X9485”, Polokwane, 0700 ku nga si hundza masiku lama boxiweke la henhla ku suka ti 09 Hukuri 2012. NGETELO, Vito ra doroba ri ta vitaniwa: GIYANI B EXTENSION 1. Nhlayo ya switandzi leswi mpimanyitiweke eka doroba na matirhisiwelo: - Switandzi swo tshama swa ntlawa wo sungula : 360 - Xitandzi xo tshama xa ntlawa wa vunharhu : 1 - Xitandzi xa ntlawa wo sungula xa swamabindzu: 1 - Xitandzi xa Khirexe : 1 - Xitandzi xa sawvukhongeri (Kereke) : 1 - Xitandzi xa swavutshunguri (Tliliniki) : 1 - Switandzi swa swa vuhungaselo : 4 - Xitandzi xa masirha : 1 Mpimo wa doroba wu kolomu ka tihekitara ta Makume Nharhu Mune (34) Laha doroba ri nga ta endliwa kona.:Doroba leri ri ta endliwa kolomu ka timitara ta Madzana Mambirhi (200) loko u ka u famba hi patu ra D3634 rakuya ka Siyandhani u suka epatwini ra R81 eka xiphemu xa purasi ra Greater Giyani 891 LT Kherefu ya muyimeri: Khosa Development Specialists (Pty) Ltd, 01 Munnik Avenue, Ster Park, Polokwane, PO Box 727, Bendor Park, 0713. Foni ya ofisi: (015) 295 4171. Fekisi: 086 600 7119 Email: khosajd@khosads. Kherefu ya Muhluvukisi: MRT Empire CC, PO Box 2918, Thohoyandou, 0950. Foni: 015 962 5610. Fekisi: 015 962 5610. Email: NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS (SECTION 29) In the estate of the late: Rambau Luvhengo Joseph, Identity Number: 3806025109080,who died on the 10th of Oc­ tober 2010, Masters Ref: 2339/2010. Creditors and debtors are hereby called upon to submit their claims and to pay their debts within 30 days from the date of this advertisement. Dated at Thohoyandou on this

the 31st day of October 2012. Mvundlela & As­ sociates Attorneys, Execu­ tric Attorneys, Office no: 85,87 & 93, Block C, P.O. Box 3560, Thohoyandou, Tel/Fax: 015 962 2953, REF: Mvu/Est/Nelufule/ R14 NOTICE OF ACCOUNT LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35(5) of Act No. 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that copies of the Liquidation and Distribution account (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estate specified below will be open for inspection for all persons interested therein for a period of 21 days from the specified or from the date of publication hereof, whichever may be later, and at the office of the Master and Magistrate as stated. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the Master concerned during the specified period, the executor will proceed to may payments in accordance with the account. Registration no: 103/2012, Surname: Goza, Christian Names: Thikholwi Reinhard, Identity No: 620325 5934 089, Last Address: Mandiwana Village, Nzhelele Limpopo Province, Christian Name and Surname of surviving spouse: Mushoni Jeaner Mulcela, Identity No: 650509 0882 087, Master’s Office: Thohoyandou, Hogh Court Building Thohoyandou, Nkhume Makhavhu AttorneysOffice no 45, 1st Floor, Block D, NPDC Building, Thohoyandou, P O Box 1015, Nzhelele, 0993 Tel No: 015 962 4848 NOTICE OF RESTORATION OF COMPANY / CLOSE CORPORATION Please take note that Owen Nemugumoni intends making application to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission for the restoration of Phame Security Services, Registration Number: 2001/071152/23, previously deregistered. Any objection to the application must be lodged with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission within 21 days from date of this advertisement. Nemugumoni Livhuwani, 0827449218 THULAMELA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY NOTICE FOR REZONING / CHANGE OF LAND USE It is hereby notified that application has been made by ALFRED MUVHULAWA MUNYAI on behalf of the registered owners for the amendment of the Zoning and use of land on Erf 64 Maniini Block M from “Residential 1” to “Resedential 2” for Townhouse. The application and the relevant documents are open for inspection at the office for the senior Manager: Planning and development, Thulamela Local Municipality; First Floor Thohoyandou, for 28 days from 16 November 2012.Objection to the application must be lodged with or made in writing to Municipal Manager, Thulamela Municipality, Private Bag X5066, Thohoyandou, 0950, for a period of 28 days from 14 December 2012. Address of Authorized Agent: P O Box 310, Shyandima, 0945 (071 449 3156) Fax no: 086 608 1018, email

address: alfredmunyai@ NOTICE TO INSPECT ACCOUNT LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35(5) of act 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that the copies of the liquidation and distribution account (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estate specified below will be open for inspection for all persons interested therein for a period of 21 days from the date of publication hereof at the offices of the master and the magistrate stated. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the account. Registration number of estate: 2474/2011 Surname: Muofhe Christian names:Tshisikhawe Lucas, Identity number: 6503285142086,Last address: House no 2951 Shayandima Zone 10, Thohoyandou.Christian names and surname of surviving spouse: Muofhe Fhatuwani Rosinah,Identity number: 6707300503087,Masters Office:Thohoyandou, High Court Building Thohoyandou.Nkhume Makhavhu Attorneys, Office no 45, 1st floor, block D, NPDC Building, Thohoyandou, PO Box 1015, Nzhelele 0993 Tel/ fax 015 962 48 48

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Delta Blue Plant Hire requires the services of a Grader Operator and Drivers with Code 14 drivers licence and valid PDP, with relevant tipper truck experience.

Vacancies & Tenders Recruiting to a better future Technical Assistant

* Knowledge/experience in aircon & electrical installation.

Registered Nurse

* Min 5 years practical experience.

Driver * Code 10 + PDP.

VACANCY An Independent Primary School based in Thohoyandou, welcomes applications for the following positions to be filled in 2013: * Assistant Care Giver / Helper for a Creche * Cleaner * Grade R Educator Only suitably qualified applicants will be considered. Forward applications to: The Administrator P.O.Box 1507 Thohoyandou, 0950

Tel: 015 516 5787 Fax: 086 548 2261 E-mail: Unit 3, Light World Complex, President Str, LTT


Description of Services

Construction of new market 06/2012 place with ablution and relevant amenities in Madimbo Construction of new 09/2012 Thusong Centre and office facilities in Nancefield Ext. 8

CIDB Grading

Compulsory briefing session

Closing Date


19/11/2012 11h00

03/12/2011 11h00


19/11/2012 13h00

03/12/2011 11h00

Enquiries (office hours) JAP du Toit 083 6301100 015 5346190 JAP du Toit 083 6301100 015 5346190

Musina Local Municipality shall adjudicate tenders in accordance with the Supply Chain Management Policy and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act5/2000. Compulsory briefing session will be held at the Municipal offices, Civic Centre, Irwin Street. Tender documents containing the Conditions of Tender will be available from the Cashier, Musina Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street, after payment of R250.00 has been made at the cashier. The Council also reserves the right to negotiate further conditions and requirements with the successful Tenderer. The Musina Local Municipality is not compelled to accept the lowest or any bid. No late, faxed or telephonic bids will be accepted. Tenders will remain valid for 90 (ninety) days. The completed Tender documents, fully priced and signed must be sealed in an envelope marked with the” Tender number and name” and must be deposited in the Tender box at the reception office (Room 53) of the Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street, not later than the closing date and time. Civic Centre Irwin Street SS RAZWIEDANI Musina 0900 Acting Municipal Manager

Contact Steven: 073 996 0764 Recruiting to a better future We specialize in the following: • Employment Contracts • Disciplinary Codes & Procedures • Disciplinary Hearings • Labour Disputes Tel: 015 516 5787 • Fax: 086 548 2261 E-mail: Unit 3, Light World Complex, President Str, LTT


S.A Clothing Store and Priya Cash & Carry We are looking for the following personal for our store: 1 x sales manager 3 x sales personal Please note: Only people with relevant qualifications and more than 1 year experience need apply.

Please contact: 071 966 4427 Application closing 20 November 2012


CIDB Grade 2CE PE or Higher

Description of Service Construction of a New Park in Nancefield

Closing date 3rd December 2012 @ 12H00

Enquiries Morula Consulting Engineers Tel: 015 296 4461

Musina Local Municipality shall adjudicate tenders in accordance with the Supply Chain Management Policy Framework Act 5/2000. Tender documents containing conditions of tender will be available from 19th November 2012 at Musina Municipality Office at Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street. A non-refundable deposit of R250, 00 will be charged for each set of documents issued. All payments and deposits must be made in the currency of Republic of South Africa. Cash or Bank Guaranteed Cheques issued to Musina Municipality will be accepted. A compulsory site visit and clarification meeting will be held on 23rd November 2012 at 10H00. Prospective tenderers will meet the Engineer and the Representative of the Employer at the Musina Municipality Offices at Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street. The closing time for receipt of tender is on 3rd December 2012 at 12H00. No tender by facsimile, electronic means, telephonic or received late will be accepted. Tenders, completed as prescribed, shall be sealed in an envelope marked ‘Tender No. 2/2012, Construction of a New Park in Nancefield’ and deposited in the tender box located in the Musina Municipality Offices in Musina. NOTE: The Municipality reserves the right not to accept the lowest Tender. The Tender validity shall be 90 (Ninety) days from the date of closure. SS Razwiedani Acting Municipal Manager


16 November 2012 21

By Silas Nduvheni

“Work hard and take education seriously” Pupils from Mbaleni Prima­ ry School near Makwarela were urged to work hard and take education seriously as a weapon to defeat poverty and unemployment. The call was made by the principal, Ms Helen Masotsha, during the school’s Grade 4 farewell and awarding ceremony for the best teachers and pupils on Friday.

Mbaleni Primary School has 585 pupils from Grade R to Grade 4 and they hold an annual motivation function for pupils who will be attending other schools next year. “At the beginning of every year, our teachers set up some goals that we need to achieve during the academic year. We encourage each other to do our

best to create an atmosphere conducive to learning in our school,” said Masotsha. According to her, quality teaching could attract many parents to send their children to the school. “We want to nurture our young pupils to take education seriously, so that they can better their future,” she added. The “graduates” of the Jungle Club Preschool in Elim on the stage at the school’s year-end concert on 9 November. They are ready for school next year! With them is their teacher, Ms Claudette Gradwell.

Mbaleni Primary School Principal Ms Helen Masotsha (left), helped by one of the teachers, Ms Constance Sikhivhilu (right), hands over a certificate to one of the pupils during the event. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Good old days revived during celebration Senior citizens who attended the recent local Thulamela Sen­ ior Citizens celebrations said the event had changed their lives and they felt like useful people again. The celebrations, which were a build-up to the district event, were held last Wednesday. Hundreds of elderly people from all over the municipality filled the local Thohoyandou Town Hall, where they enjoyed the meals and having fun to-

gether. The organiser of the event, Ms Shibombi Mkhari, said the day was a special one on the calendar of the municipality and was celebrated on an annual basis when old people were brought together. “During this day, the elderly are able to interact with each other. They can meet long-lost friends and have a chance to revive those good old memories. We are giving hope to the elderly, so that they should not feel neglected.

By Elmon Tshikhudo

We want them to know that we care for them and that we treasure their contributions as they are the ones who made us what we are today,” she said. Ms Nyamukamadi Mudau (68) of Tshakhuma said the day was worth it. “We are always confined to our own homes and feel neglected when we are on our own. Now that we spent the whole day interacting with each other, we feel rejuvenated,” she said.

The four-year-olds dressed in bright yellow performed Shosoloza at the annual concert of Jungle Club Preschool in Elim on 9 November and received lots of applause. Crime

Man allegedly hacks sister-in-law to death

A 23-year-old resident from reminding him that they were who had rushed to the scene took Nyazwidzi village outside Beit related through her marriage to her to a local hospital where her Bridge allegedly hacked his his elder brother. According to condition was deemed critical. elder brother’s wife to death the police, this infuriated the She died the following day. The for spurning his amorous ad­ man, who then allegedly grabbed man later handed himself to the vances. an axe and charged Sherekete police in Gutu. The suspect is said to have ac- while scolding her for spurning Local police spokesperson costed his sister-in-law, asking his advances. Insp Peter Zhanero confirmed her to be intimate with him, since He allegedly struck his sister- the incident. her husband had been away in in-law five times on the head with “The suspect is in custody and South Africa for a lengthy period. the axe, until she collapsed in a is assisting us with investigaThe woman, who was at home pool of blood. tions. He will appear in court with her eight-year-old son, He then locked himself in a soon, facing murder charges,” said it was a crime-prevention spurned his advances, apparently kitchen hut, while neighbours Zhanero said. campaign after reports of crime in the village were made. “We do not only assist ex-offenders, but we have a duty as community members to help fight crime. “If we can root out crime, there will be no more offenders. We are fighting for a crime-free society, where everybody will live in harmony and peace. We know the police alone will not succeed in this endeavour. As an organisation, we shall stand together with our police and communities in the fight against the scourge of Vacancy: ACCOUNTANT crime in our area. Together we will make this area an uncomfort- MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: able zone for thugs,” he said. 1. Assume responsibility for the whole spectrum of Finance Management, which includes but is not limited to

Community Forum is making a difference The Life After Prison Com­ munity Forum, a non-profit organisation that assists pris­ oners and ex-prisoners and prepares them for life outside prison, continues to make a dif­ ference in the community. The organisation, founded by, among others, Pastor Ndikandafhi Makhuvha, made its presence felt when they joined hands with communities in community initiatives. They have assisted in painting walls at Bosasa in Malamulele and have also given many former prisoners the tools with which to start their lives all over again upon their release. Many of those they have assisted with reintegration into the

community are now making a meaningful contribution to their communities and the country as a whole. The organization, which was recently started in Vhembe, has made its presence felt all over the country. Not long ago, they handed over working tools to recently released prisoners in Pretoria. Only a week ago, they initiated a campaign to clean up the bushes in the Matangari-Dube area. The area has been plagued by thugs who were terrorising the community, and more than 14 residents have been robbed or raped in the area. The campaign started with a prayer for God to end acts of crime in the area. Makhuvha

Participants sharing ideas on how they can beat crime.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

budgeting, forecasting, year-end preparation, income statement preparation and review, balance sheet accounts, journals and internal control in the Casino, Hotel departments and Sundry departments. Manage the allocated departments and develop policies and procedures to improve the basic control environment. Manage various disciplines in the Finance Department, including fixed assets, creditors and cashbook. Maintain / Improve budgeted cost percentages and budgeted operating expenses. Attend executive Financial & Operation reviews. Identify and co-ordinate staff training needs.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. BCom Degree / similar qualification with Accounting as a major. 2. Experience in the Casino or Hospitality Industry vital. 3. Experience on Management level in a similar capacity. 4. Exceptional interpersonal skills. 5. Excellent planning and organisational skills. 6. Experience in Accpac, Opera and Micros will be an added advantage. The appointment is conditional on being granted a certificate of approval by the Limpopo Gambling Board APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday, 16 November 2012 You must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply.

Your application, together with your CV should be forwarded or E-Faxed to: 015 962 4545 Applicants who are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date should accept that their applications were unsuccessful. Khoroni Hotel Casino Convention Resort is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


22 16 November 2012


By Silas Nduvheni

Nemudzivhadi to lead the DA




00:00 – 03:00


Mon -Tue: Rofhiwa Nethengwe Wed – Fri: Pfarelo Maduguma

03:00 – 06:00

Mulakhulu u a Fhinduwa

Thiko Liphadzi

06:00 - 09:00


Mpho Nefale & Jones Netshipise

09:00 - 12:00

Nne Na Vhone

Lutendo Tshisikule

12:00 - 14:30 14:30 – 15:00

Tshiko Commerce & Finance (Wed) Denzhe

Rotenda Mangoma Mulalo Ramarumo Jennifer Muthige

15:00 -18h00

Dziaorowa/ Afternoon Drive

Jimmy Da’ Scratcher

18:00 -19:00 19:00- 20:00 20:00-21:00

Current Affairs Mitambo/ Sports Hour Death Notices & Drama

Current Affairs Team Big T Mon: Shandu Tue: Given Wed – Fri: Jennifer

21:00 – 22:00

22:00 - 24:00

Education: Mon: Educator Development Dial A Lawyer Tue: Leaner Support Health & Environment. Tshitangu Thur: Leaner Support. Science & Technology. Fri.: Civic Education Riadzedza




00:00 – 03:00


Pfarelo Maduguma

03:00 – 06:00

Mulakhulu u a Fhinduwa

Thiko Liphadzi

06:00 - 09:00


Mpho Nefale & Jones Netshipise

09:00 - 12:00

Nne Na Vhone

Lutendo Tshisikule

12:00 - 14:30 14:30 – 15:00

Tshiko Commerce & Finance Denzhe

Rotenda Mangoma Mulalo Ramarumo Jennifer Muthige

15:00 -18h00

Dziaorowa/ Afternoon Drive

Jimmy Da’ Scratcher

18:00 -19:00 19:00- 20:00 20:05-20:20 20:30-21:00

Current Affairs Mitambo/ Sports Hour Drama Education: Civic Education

Current Affairs Team Big T Jennifer Muthige Wonder Juniper


Dikita I

Shandukani Lukhwareni

22:05 – 22:30

Donald Khanari Pat Nephawe Donald Khanari Wonder Juniper Pat Nephawe Donald Khanari Mulalo Ramarumo Wonder Juniper Hulisani Phosiwa





00:00-03:00 03:00-06:00

Dikita II Matambandou

Given Mulaudzi Rofhiwa Nethengwe

06:00-10:00 06:00-07:00

Current Affairs

07:00-09:00 09:00-10:00

National Top 20 Nambi Ya Dzi Nambi

Terry Mudau/ Current Affairs Team Terry Mudau Albert Mathivha

11h00-14h00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00

Nambi Ya Dzi Nambi Teen Zone & Youth Ke Yona


Hip Hop & Reggae

Albert Mathivha Mulalo Ramarumo/ Ndivhuwo Lalamani Shandukani Lukhwareni



Lucky Tshilimandila


Devhula Ha Vhembe

Mpho Nefale


Dikita I/Party Time

Terry Mudau




00:00 – 03:00

Dikita I

Shandu Lukhwareni

03:00 – 06:00


Rofhiwa Nethengwe

06:00 - 10:00

Gondo Vhugala

Given Mulaudzi

10:00 - 11:45

Hu Bvuma Yone hits

Hulisani Phosiwa

11:45 - 13:00 13:00 – 14:30

Soapie Omnibus Jazz Show

Hulisani Phosiwa

14:30 - 18:00

Sports/ Hu Duba Buse

Lucky Tshilimandila

18:00 -21:00

Kharikonane/ Lutendo

Pfarelo Maduguma

21:00 - 24:00


Terry Mudau

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; OFFICE: (015) 290 0000/1; FAX: (015) 290 0170 THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 FAX: (015) 962 2998

Khodani Tshivhandekano of Eltivillas Primary School received a trophy and certificate for participating in national schools athletics. She received the awards during an event at the school last Friday.

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A 27-year-old Beit Bridge resident, who was recently arrested during a routine border operation target­ ing mainly smugglers and border jumpers, was fined R20 000 or 10 months in jail on Monday for illegal possession of 107 boxes of Remington Gold cigarettes, worth more than R240 000. It is suspected that he intended to smuggle the cigarettes into South Africa through undesignated entry points along the Limpopo River. Langton Ribombo of Dulibadzimu township in the border town was convicted on his own plea of guilty on a charge of illegal possession of goods liable to excise duty payment as defined in section 184 (1) of the Customs and Excise Act by a local magistrate, Ms Gloria Takundwa. His co-accused, Mellessina Nguluvhe (50), a local businesswoman, had her charges withdrawn after the State failed to prove its case against

her. Nguluvhe, in whose homestead the cigarettes were found hidden, had pleaded not guilty to the same charge. The cigarettes were forfeited to the State as part of the sentence. The prosecutor, Miss Memory Mandityira, said that, on 1 November, the police received a tip-off that there were boxes of cigarettes hidden at a homestead in Lutumba village. They then teamed up with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) officials and raided the homestead, during which they found 107 boxes of cigarettes, branded Remington Gold, hidden in one of the huts. Investigations led to the arrest of Ribombo and Nguluvhe. The two were asked by ZIMRA officials to produce documents to prove that they had paid excise duty in line with the customs procedures and they failed to do so, leading to their arrest.

NFD Results


George Janse van Rensburg Yolanda Kock Pieter Jooste Classified/Legal Notices:

By Mashudu Netsianda

Big fine for cigarette smuggler

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The newly elected chairperson ployee of the University of Venda, the of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mutale sub-region has more than 700 Mutale sub-region’s municipal con­ members and he hopes the number stituent committee, Mr Avhatakali will increase by the end of the year. Nemudzivhadi, promised to work DA Member of the Limpopo Legishard and to help in delivering bet­ lature Ms Mercy Kennedy warmly ter services to the communities. welcomed Nemudzivhadi and said “I want our poor communities to she was happy that the election of get better services such as water, a person of Nemudzivhadi’s calibre electricity and RDP houses as matter would help to increase the number of of urgency. I am happy to find that people joining the party. some members of communities are A DA councillor in Mutale Mutrusting that my abilities as their rep- nicipality, Mr Mashudu Mariba, said resentative will change their life for Nemudzivhadi’s good leadership the better,” said Nemudzivhadi. skills would help to encourage more He was speaking on Saturday, members to join the party. shortly after he was elected chairperson of the DA Mutale Subregion in a function held in the Living Gospel World Mission Church in Mulodi village near Mutale. He said as a representative of the opposing party in Mutale Municipality, he would point out the wrongdoings for the sake of better services delivery. “I am worried that in my village of Mulodi and surroundings, some RDP house beneficiaries are people who do not need it, while the needy are left out.” According to Nemudzivhadi, an emMr Avhatakali Nemudzivhadi.

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Black Aces still on top of log Several National First Division matches took place over the week­ end. Witbank Spurs came back from a 1-2 half-time deficit to beat FC Cape Town 3-2 at the Puma Rugby Stadium in Witbank. The match between Jomo Cosmos and Sivutsa Stars, which was supposed to have been played at the Kanyamazane Stadium in Nelspruit, did not take place. Heavy showers started pouring in the area about three hours before the kick-off time and the pitch was waterlogged. Dynamos continued to donate points to their opponents. They lost 01 to United FC at the Giyani Stadium on Sunday. It was a second consecutive home defeat for Dynamos. Christopher Makhoba and Sifiso Hlanthi scored the two goals when Thanda Royal Zulu beat Vasco

da Gama 2-0 at the Richards Bay Stadium, but Roses United failed to impress their home crowd. They lost 0-1 to Santos at the Botshabelo Stadium . Mpumalanga Black Aces are still leading the pack after beating Milano United FC 3-2 at the Grassy Park Stadium. Blackburn Rovers and African Warriors shared the glory when they played to a 1-1 draw at the Buffalo City Stadium. After playing to a 1-1 draw with FC AK at the Oscar Mphetha Stadium in Turfloop on Sunday afternoon, the bus in which the players of Polokwane City was driving back to their club house in Polokwane, was involved in a horrific accident. Four local players were killed in the accident. (See a report elsewhere in the paper).


16 November 2012 23 By Kaizer Nengovhela

By Frank Mavhungu

Struggling Dynamos donate more points Msesenya Stars hold Phungo to a draw Dynamos gave away more league points, when they lost 0-1 to United FC in their Na­ tional First Division League match at the Giyani Stadium on Sunday afternoon. As if they were going to bury their opponents alive, Dynamos approached the game like a house on fire. The visitors from the Free State spent the first 20 minutes of the game running for cover. Although Dynamos

were playing beautiful football in the first half, their captain, Tsepo Mabitsela, was out of touch. The team’s technical staff committed a blunder by taking too long to replace him. The home side effected the first change to their starting lineup by introducing Skumbuzo Mdletshe for Meshack Mthimunye in the 34th minute. Xolani Zuma of United was reprimanded with a card, following

a late tackle on Abraham Nkadimeng four minutes towards half time. Unlike the first half, where they were dictating terms in all departments, the second half saw Dynamos playing defensive football. At that stage, United were firing on all cylinders, giving the defence of Dynamos no time to breathe. Pressure continued to mount on the defence of Dynamos and their keeper, Edward Lesu, was consequently forced to advance out of his penalty box, from where he handled the ball. He was lucky to escape with yellow. The goal which separated the boys from the men came in the 67th minute. Siyabulela Shai beat the offside trap and showed the keeper the wrong way. Dynamos lost hope when they were reduced to 10 men. Their midfielder, Edwin Xaba, was given his marching orders, following a second infringement in the 70th minute. Siyabulela Shai of United came close to scoring again four minutes before the final whistle. He shot wide from close Shadrack Moloto of Dynamos (right) Alfred Lekata of United wrestle range with the keeper to win the ball. already beaten.

Msesenya All Stars held Phungo All Stars to 1-all draw in their Safa second-division match at the Eltivillas grounds on Saturday. Phungo was the superior side from the onset as far as possession of the ball was concerned. This resulted in their putting more pressure on the defence of Stars for the better part of the match. Thulani Xaba of Phungo scored after he received a beautiful pass from Dion Phiri. Realising that their midfield was weary, the technical department of Stars introduced Madimetja Lesu for Phumudzo Ramagoma. The half-time score was 1-0 in favour of the home team. The second half was characterised by dangerous play from the home team’ s players. In an attempt to calm the situation, the referee flashed some yellow cards in quick succession. Todani Nkhumeleni and Thulani Xaba of the home team were booked for the

application of dirty tricks and dangerous play. The keeper of the home team, Reason Mbedzi, was red-carded for a second bookable offence. If a soccer match could be won through the number of scoring chances a team creates, Phungo would have won the match convincingly. Their strikers wasted many opportunities. The referee surprised everyone when he added 20 minutes after normal time. Stevens Goovadia equalised through a penalty late in the match, and shortly before the final whistle, Justice Rasebotsa of Stars was given his marching orders for rough play.

Sport League Logs - Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted Absa Premiership Team

Kaizer Chiefs Orlando Pirates Platinum Stars Maritzburg Utd University of Pretoria Bidvest Wits Moroka Swallows Bloem Celtic Free State Stars Black Leopards SuperSport United Golden Arrows Ajax Cape Town AmaZulu Chippa United Mamelodi Sundowns

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

7 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 2 2 2 1 1

3 2 1 4 4 3 2 1 4 6 8 3 2 2 4 3

0 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 3 2 1 5 6 6 5 6

21 12 15 13 14 12 16 11 8 14 11 5 10 4 7 5

5 7 10 8 10 11 14 13 10 14 9 9 17 16 13 12

National First Division Team

Phungo’s keeper, Reason Mbedzi, leaves the pitch after he was red-carded.

Black Aces African Warriors Thanda Royal Zulu FC Sivutsa Stars Milano United AFC F.C A.K Vasco Da Gama Santos Jomo Cosmos United FC Witbank Spurs FC Cape Town Polokwane City Roses United Blackburn Rovers Dynamos

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

7 7 6 6 7 6 6 7 6 7 5 6 4 6 6 4

5 4 4 3 2 2 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 0 0

2 3 1 1 3 3 0 3 2 4 2 2 1 0 3 2

0 0 1 2 2 1 3 2 2 2 2 3 2 5 3 2

11 12 11 11 10 7 8 8 10 8 6 4 4 8 7 3

5 7 7 9 9 6 8 8 7 10 8 8 5 12 12 7

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Tsepo Mabitsela of Dynamos (left) and Walter Maponyane of United fight to win the ball. Preview

Black Leopards to face Orlando Pirates Black Leopards are preparing themselves for a tricky hurdle. They will lock horns with Orlando Pirates in their Absa Premiership League match at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane next Wednesday evening. The two sides are still celebrating their victories of last weekend. Leopards rose to the occasion and beat Ajax Cape Town 1-0 at the Cape Town Stadium, while The Buccaneers came back with a 1-0 win over Free State Stars. Pirates must win the match in

order to remain a contender for the league championship. They are currently in the second spot, four points behind Kaizer Chiefs. On the other hand, Leopards need the points badly, in order to jump from the 10th to the fifth spot on the log. In the other PSL matches that will also be played next Wednesday, Lamontville Golden Arrows will play against Bloemfontein Celtics at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban. The University of Pretoria will pay a visit to Free State Stars at the Charles Mopedi Stadium and

Mamelodi Sundowns will host Amazulu at the Loftus Stadium in Pretoria. Four matches will be played tomorrow evening. Kaizer Chiefs will rub shoulders with Moroka Swallows at Soccer City, and Bidvest Wits and Ajax Cape Town will meet at the Bidvest Stadium in Johannesburg. Maritzburg City and Supersport United will meet at the Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg, while Chippa United will play against Platinum Stars at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town.

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24 16 November 2012


Hi Hi--

• TYRES • WHEELS • BRAKES COUNTRYWIDE • SHOCK ABSORBERS IT’S ALL ABOUT WHEELS • EXHAUSTS Industrial Road Louis Trichardt 015 516 1679 By Frank Mavhungu

Welcome victory for Black Leopards Khama Billiat of Ajax Cape Town (left) takes on Thulani Ntshingila of Black Leopards. ©Ryan Wilkisky/BackpagePix.

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Black Leopards came back from their match of points. They beat the “Urban Warriors” 1­0 against Ajax Cape Town with a full compliment in their Absa Premiership League match at the Cape Town Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The home side enjoyed more ball possession for the better part of the first half. Despite some attractive football, the Capetonians were unable to turn their superiority into goals and, as a result, the Leopards keeper, Azwinndini Maphaha, was never overly stretched during that half. The only time when Maphaha’s presence was felt in the first half was when he advanced out of the penalty box and blocked Khama Billiant’s way before he could unleash. Billiant, the Zimbabwean international, was Ajax’s biggest threat. He came close to scoring again in the 24th minute, but his shot from 25 yards did not have enough power to beat the slender keeper. Lidoda Duvha took control of the game towards the end of the first half. They created a number of clear scoring chances, but Lady Luck was not on their side. The home side were gifted with a chance to take the lead in the 58th minute. A defender of Leopards, Siphamandla Sithole, impeded Khama Billinat within the box. The referee awarded a penalty to the hosts, but Lebohang Manyama’s attempt was weak and Leopards’ keeper was able to make a comfortable save. The Limpopo side scored the much-awaited goal 10 minutes before full time. They scored against the run of play, when the Ajax defender, Thulani Hlatshwayo of Ajax Cape Town beats Khethowakhe Masuku Aiden Jenniker’s, back header was intercepted by of Black Leopards to the ball. ©Ryan Wilkisky/BackpagePix. Joshua Obaje, who easily beat the keeper with a loose ball.

Limpopo Mirror 16 November 2012  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.

Limpopo Mirror 16 November 2012  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.