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16 June 2017 Year 27 Vol: 40

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“Stop the dividing tribalism” - page 3

Local musicians to shine during Tshimas - page 9

Play-off match abandoned - page 20

Suspected ritual murder as

Mutilated body found

The body of Ms Mothivha Khobani (26) from Muledani is being carried away from the scene where it was found. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Above: Part of the blood that was found at the scene where the body was found.

Fear and shock have gripped the peaceful village of Maungani outside Thohoyandou. This follows the discovery of a mutilated body with body parts such as the face, eyes and the oesophagus missing. The deceased was on Tuesday identified as Ms Mothivha Khobani (26) from Muledani village. Her body was found on the road right inside

the village by a passerby in the early hours of Saturday. The person notified neighbours and within a short space of time, word had spread all over the village and surrounding areas. The body was partly dressed and seemed to have been killed somewhere else and dumped on the street next to the entrance of a yard. Close to her body was a pool of blood and little stones.

Residents who stay not far from the scene spoke in low tones and said they had heard a vehicle at around two in the morning, but had not suspected anything, thinking that they had been revellers from taverns. The latest killing adds to the ever-increasing number of people killed for ritual purposes in the province. Not long ago, the body of a man with some parts missing was found at a playground at Muledane. Recently, bodies that were found burnt at different areas in the Vhembe area were raising fears that body-parts merchants who were active around 2006 are once again on the loose. Despite the calls made by leaders, the scourge continues unabated. Questions are being raised as to who might be behind the scourge. Dr Alunamutwe Randitsheni, who has done research on ritual murders, said at the scene that it was saddening to find that, despite the campaigns conducted from time to time, the number of incidents increased. “We are doing what we can to make the community aware that body parts will in no way enhance power or bring wealth to anybody.” He added that only hard work would make people prosper. According to his research, he found out that traditional leaders, healers, politicians and business people are among those involved in these cruel killings in search of wealth and power. Thulamela Ward 22 councillor Thembani Tshitivha expressed shock about the incident. “We used to hear it from afar, not thinking that one day we will experience this first-hand. We are in shock and fear that women are targeted for abuse and killings. This should come to an end; enough is enough,” she said. - Continues on page 2

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2 16 JUNE 2017

Another ritual murder? From page 1 Meanwhile, a provincial tracking team led by the Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Detective Maj-Gen Bafana Linda, together with the Crime Intelligence Unit, launched a massive manhunt for the suspects in this incident. Limpopo police commissioner General Nneke has noted the incident with shock but called on residents to remain calm and allow the police to do their own work. Limpopo police spokesperson Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed the incident, saying the motive behind this incident was

suspected to be ritually related, but that the police were investigating. "We have not made any arrest and we are appealing to anyone who can assist in the identification of the deceased and who can assist with information about the suspects involved in this matter to come forward." He also appealed to families whose next of kin could be missing to contact the police. All information can be presented to Brig James Espach at 0825760743 or the nearest police station, or call the crime stop number 0860 010 111 or the crime line SMS 32211.




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MM and municipality part ways By Andries van Zyl Makhado municipal manager, Mr Sakkie Mutshinyali, has become the third consecutive municipal manager to part ways with the municipality under controversial circumstances. Similar to the way in which former municipal managers Ms Faith Muthambi and Mr Reuben Rambado’s employment ended at the Makhado Municipality, Mutshinyali was also charged with mismanagement and corruption and subsequently suspended, only for the municipality to later reach a settlement agreement with them. Regarding Mutshinyali, the term “suspended” is used loosely as the municipality objected to the use of the word. Initial information available to the Limpopo Mirror indicated that Mutshinyali was “suspended” during a closed Special Council meeting on 27 October last year. During this meeting, newly appointed mayor Cllr Shonisani Sinyosi tabled a report containing serious allegations of misconduct against Mutshinyali. Interestingly enough, the events leading up to Mutshinyali’s “suspension” bear a remarkable resemblance to the way in which Rambado was suspended in July His suspen15 JULY 2017 2004. sion also followed the tabling of a report by the Ad Hoc committee appointed by newly appointed mayor, Cllr Rhulani Nkuzana, as part of his 100 Days Plan to investigate allegations of nepotism and corruption. The Zoutpansberger reported on Mutshinyali’s “suspension” but soon afterwards the municipality objected to the use of the word “suspended” indicating that Mutshinyali was merely placed on special leave pending the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings against him. The municipality stated that Mutshinyali was given seven days’ notice of their intention to suspend him, during which time Mutshinyali should have given reason why they should not suspend

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him. The long and the short of the matter is that nothing happened and Mutshinyali’s “special leave” was merely extended indefinitely. This all changed on 31 May this year when Council, during a special meeting, resolved that the municipality part ways with Mutshinyali by means of a settlement agreement. This agreement was this week confirmed by municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi. “The acting municipal manager was authorised by Council to conclude a final deed of settlement subject to certain conditions,” said Bobodi. He, however, did not want to disclose the settlement amount, how it was calculated and what the terms of the settlement entailed, stating that it is confidential. The Limpopo Mirror, however, did a bit of digging and found that the settlement amount totals R1 389 571.20 (excluding VAT) calculated as, all excluding VAT, (a) leave days estimated at R189 475.68; (b) performance bonus estimated at R83 832.18; (c) six months’ salary estimated at R822 393.72; and (d) the remaining contract period of two months and three days estimated at R293 869.71 as of the day the resolution was taken. As for the terms, the resolution states that the disciplinary hearing

against the municipal manager must be discontinued with immediate effect and that both parties undertake not to institute civil litigation against each other on the matters that are subject to the disciplinary hearing. Again, the terms are very similar to the “severance package” Rambado was offered in October 2004. The municipality offered him R836 400 in terms of his employment contract as full and final settlement, in exchange for Rambado’s resignation. The municipality also offered to withdraw all charges against Rambado. In both Rambado and Muthambi’s cases, the controversial way in which they left the municipality did not at all seem to influence their political careers. Until recently, Muthambi was Minister of Communication until President Jacob Zuma appointed her as Minister of Public Service and Administration. Rambado was recently appointed as the new municipal manager of the Vhembe District Municipality. With regard to the current status quo, Bobodi indicated that Mutshinyali had already resigned effective 1 June this year. He stated that Mr Johannes Kanwendo will continue as acting municipal manager until a new municipal manager is appointed. “The post has already been advertised,” said Bobodi.

Mr Sakkie Mutshinyali

Stargazers to inspect gas planets Environment The Soutpansberg Astronomy Club in Louis Trichardt’s next stargazing evening will be held on Saturday, 17 June, from 19:00 onwards. Targets for the evening will

be the two giant gas planets Jupiter and Saturn, as well as various nebulae, clusters and stars in the constellations Crux, Centaurus, Carina and Vela. “We will also concentrate on some basic astrophotography (prime focus, piggyback,

tripod), so bring your DLSR, remote switch, and tripod if you have one,” invites the club’s Kos Coronaios. For more information, phone Kos at Tel 079 148 4934 or send him an email at


16 JUNE 2017 3

“Stop the tribalism madness” By Elmon Tshikhudo

one; there is no Venda, Tsonga or Pedi, but one nation. We are all Africans and we should work as one for development,” added Nkovani. He said he was very impressed by the efforts of Chief Livhuwani Matsila, who had gone all out to bring development in his area. “We have seen and learnt a lot and our meeting has been very fruitful and there is a project in the pipeline - details of which will be made known in due course.” The host, Chief Livhuwani Matsila, said they had a very fruitful session. “We have a lot in common with Penny Penny. He loves development, which we are doing here and we together realised that there could not be development when people are divided along tribal lines.” Matsila added that they were investigating opportunities to heal relations. “We will from time to time identify a traditional leader and we will visit and spend a day discussing issues of development and social cohesion. As part of our programme, we will host traditional dance competitions, hopefully in partnership in partnership with Munghana Lonene FM and Phalaphala FM,” he added.

The scourge of tribalism that is reportedly tearing communities apart, came under fire when well-known musician Eric Nkovani called it worse than the Ebola and Aids virus. During a courtesy visit to the Matsila Royal palace at Matsila at the weekend, the musician, better known as Penny Penny, said that he was saddened to see “the demon of tribalism raising its ugly head again.” Nkovani’s visit comes against the backdrop of polarised relations between communities of Vuwani and Malamulele, following the municipal demarcation issue in the area that has torn communities apart. “We are here to see for ourselves. We have heard of the good work Chief Matsila is doing for his community. We also know that he is leading a mixed community living in harmony and peace.” He said that members of the community were worried that there were people “who are dividing us like it happened in the apartheid era. This time around it is worse with the emergence of individuals who are pursuing their business and political ambitions, who are hell-bent on dividing people along tribal lines.” He further indicated that the people are being used “by the selfish individuals who have an interest in the political setting because of the new municipal boundaries. Our meeting was not in vain here. Talking serious business - musician Penny Penny (left) and his host, This is also a way Chief Livhuwani Matsila, at one of the projects at Matsila. to show that we are

Life sentence for rapist By Kaizer Nengovhela

case. People with knives and guns are dangerous to the public and could kill innocent people. Committing cases of this nature gives the court a clear indication that Mabaya is a criminal and dangerous to the society,” said prosecutor Makhera. When passing judgement, Magistrate Hanlie Kellerman said raping a woman was disgraceful and communities were sick and tired of women and child abuse, so they must be protected. The spokesperson for the police, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, praised the justice system, saying the sanctions would serve as a deterrent to criminals-to-be.

The Dzanani Regional Court sentenced a young man, Masala Mabaya (23), to life imprisonment on a charge of rape and 15 years for armed robbery a fortnight ago. Mabaya raped a 26-year-old woman on August 2015 at Thembaluvhilo. The court heard that, during the night of the incident, the accused went to the victim, who was also his neighbour. The victim was alone at home when Mabaya arrived. The court also heard that the accused pulled the victim to a nearby fowl shed, where he raped her repeatedly. He then ordered the victim not to tell the story to anybody, threatening to chop her head off, before letting her go later in the night. The accused raped the victim throughout the night. Despite the death threats, the victim decided to report the case to the police. The accused was arrested a few days after the incident. He appeared several times in the Dzanani Regional court. The case was also postponed several times in the regional court, before it was finalised last Thursday. Act 105 of 1997 considers robberies of this type as serious, said prosecutor Adv Mutsinda Rabelani Makhera. “Women must be free and the court should impose a heavy Masala Mabaya escorted from the court to a police van after he was sentenced to life imprisonment. sentence in the rape

17 JULY 2017

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4 16 JUNE 2017

Girl in court after death of granny school for no valid reason. The Limpopo police spokesperson, The police are investigating Brig Motlafela Mojapelo, said an incident where a 60-yearthat the incident happened at old granny of Tshivhungululu around 16:00 last Thursday was allegedly killed by her when the two were at home. 17-year-old granddaughter. Mojapelo further indicated According to the police, Ms that a fight ensued between Ntsieni Elgie Phalanndwa althe two, whereupon the granny legedly reprimanded her grand- allegedly tried to grab the girl, daughter when she found out trying to beat her. It is alleged that the girl was not attending that, at that stage, the girl Crime

kicked the grandmother in the stomach, causing severe stomach injuries. “An ambulance was called and the grandmother was taken to Donald Frazer Hospital, where she passed on later that same day.” Mojapelo said that the girl appeared in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on Monday and the case was postponed to yesterday (Thursday).

Gogo found dead at Tshiheni By Maanda Bele Residents of Tshiheni in the Siloam area still do not know what had caused the sudden death of a 62-year-old woman whose body was found in the street on Sunday. The body of Rosina Hangwani Mugwabane Nephiphidi from Tshiheni was found in the street with her face immersed in a small stream of water. She was last seen alive when walking home with a friend on Saturday (3rd), coming from a local shebeen that sells traditional beer. When family members and neighbours started searching for her the next day, the friend showed them where she had last seen her and the gogo's body was then spotted in the street. Vusani Ratshilumela, the grandson of the deceased, said that they were still battling to cope with the loss. He was also critical of the police’s conduct and said that they had arrived at the scene, but then nothing happened. “During the week, we were waiting for an update on the case, but they did not come,” he said. Gogo Rosina was laid to rest on Saturday 10 June in Tshihene cemetery. After the funeral ceremony, the community gathered at the royal house where they organised transport to Siloam police station. Upon their arrival at the police station, they marched peacefully to the gate, but were denied access. Only family representatives were allowed to go in and speak to the officer in charge of the case. The Siloam police confirmed that the case is being investigated. They are awaiting the results of the post-mortem to confirm the The late gogo Rosina Hangwani Mugwacause of death. This process could take up to bane Nephiphidi. three months.

More than 200 religious leaders recently convened at the Thulamela library to offer spiritual leadership and to pray for good governance in the municipality. The Thulamela pastor’s forum, which functions within the mayor’s office, meet once per quarter to discuss issues of common concern. According to Thulamela Mayor Avhashoni Tshifhango, the forum also helps pastors to identify and assist with challenges that communities are facing. In our photo, some of the pastors and councillors within the Thulamela Municipality join hands as a way of showing that they are working together.


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Library closed The Makhado Municipality warned residents this week that the Makhado Library will close temporarily as from Monday, 12 June, until Saturday, 22 July. “This is due to the rehabilitation of the roof that will be taking place. The library will open again for public usage on Monday, 24 July. We apologize for the inconveniences this might cause, but we are doing it for a noble cause,” said municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi.

Tshiheni residents patiently wait outside the closed gate of the Siloam police station to find out what is happening with the case.

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Centre renamed after MK soldier By Elmon Tshikhudo

was officially handed over to Thovhele Thivhulawi Makumbane and Maandangaupfana Community Association during the event. Speaking during the ceremony, Thovhele Makumbane said he was very happy that, apart from the fact that his community would benefit from the use of the facility, the name of Kone had been immortalized. “We are very excited that at long last some people thought of this fallen hero. Kone paid the ultimate price, because he had a vision that this country would one day be free. We are now enjoying the fruits of his selfless sacrifice.” Kone's sibling, Thabiso Chaka Ramela, thanked the sponsors for having thought of their brother. “We loved

our brother so much and when he was killed we couldn't give him the dignified funeral he deserved because of the restrictions imposed by the government of the day. His dignity is finally restored today, and we are very happy and grateful for what the community and especially the sponsors did for us” she said. Sponsor Vhonani Mufamadi said the centre would nurture the dreams of the youth in the village. “We still have plans for further development within this centre. Not long from now, we will be embarking on the next phase, to build a library that will nurture another of Mmbengeni's wishes - a culture of learning within the community,” he said.

The name of Mmbengeni Kone, a fallen MK combatant, who was killed by the erstwhile security police in the early eighties, was immortalised at the weekend by his community, Tshisahulu. This follows the renaming of a sport centre after him at the village. The Mmbengeni Kone Sports Complex, as it will henceforth be called, was launched during an event where a life- sized statue of him was also unveiled. A new unique artificial soccer pitch, which drains water that is processed into drinking-quality water, was also officially opened. The waste water from the process is reused for irrigation at the centre. The function, held at a community hall next to the complex, was attended by the Kone family, Thovhele Thivhulawi Makumbane, an activist himself, veterans of the struggle, among them Dr Tshenuwani Farisani, Rev Zwoitwaho Nevhutalu, and Mmbengeni's former commander, Mmbulaheni Malada, known as Dambuza. The complex, worth around R6 million so far, is an initiative of businessman Vhonani Mufamadi of the Muvoni Group of Companies, together with Sponsor Vhonani Mufamadi (front with Mr Kone, Mmbengeni's father, in wheelchair) with Dreamfields Projects the Kone family during the launch of the centre at Tshisahulu. Standing third from right is and Green Source. It Thovhele Makumbane.

16 JUNE 2017 5

Doris’ case postponed By Elmon Tshikhudo

ready to take the witness stand and besides, this matter has been dragging on for a long time now. I am disappointed at the postponement,” he said. Mugwena said despite the odds he was still kicking and living life to the fullest. “I am busy completing my LLB degree through Unisa and I am happy that our first-born daughter (with Doris) is also doing her LLB at Free State University,” said Mugwena.

Limpopo businessman Mr Goddard Mugwena said the continued postponement of the fraud case against his former wife, Doris Mthembi, former employee Nelly Lekgetho and his former wife’s boyfriend, Joe Ragwala, is negatively affecting his business. Mugwena spoke immediately after the case in the Sibasa Regional Court, where the accused stand charged with 170 counts of fraud, was postponed to 26, 27 and 28 June. The trial, which was set for three days, starting from Monday, had to be postponed as the prosecutor in the matter could not be in court because he was not well. Unlike in the previous appearances, the court was empty with only the court officials, the accused and the complainant. Businessman Goddard Mugwena leaves the Sibasa “I was Regional Court on Monday.

6 16 JUNE 2017


Braille printing machine for Rivoni By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Members of the school, photographed with the Braillo printing machine, to the value of nearly a half a million rands.

The Rivoni School for the Blind in Elim received a major boost regarding the educating and learning process when the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) donated a Braille printing machine for the school's use. The Braillo machine, which costs R462 000, was handed to the school during an event at Rivoni Society for the Blind on last Thursday. The CEO of TETA, Mrs Maphefo Anno-Frempong, said that giving back to the community was a calling for them. “We take it as a calling to provide services such as educational resources and opportunities for young children,” she said. She then gave an illustration on the importance of instilling a sense of hope in the people living with disabilities by using the story of Thomas Edison. “Edison was released from school with a written note after the school said that he couldn't be taught and should actually be

sent home,” she said. “The mother read the letter to herself and decided to teach her son at home instead of giving up. She believed that Edison was differently abled and not disabled.” Anno-Frempong added that TETA would make it their mandate to continue helping Rivoni School for the Blind to ensure that the pupils and educators were reaching educational goals with ease. Rivoni School for the Blind was added to the list of TETA-adopted schools and it is the only representative of schools with special needs. A capacity-building workshop for teachers formed part of the occasion to further advance TETA’s mandate of inform the teachers on transport-related careers and skills-development programmes. The deputy director for special programmes in the Limpopo premier's office, Mr Maluta Mulibana, said that the office was glad to notice that TETA believed in partnering with the government in ensuring quality education. “We still need more partnerships to augment what is available and eventually improve the quality of lives of persons with various disabilities,” Mulibana said. The Department of Education's provincial director on inclusive education, Mr Matsobane Mabote, lambasted people who have a tendency of associating special schools with inability. “That's a wrong, twisted mentality!” he said. “Every child in public school is entitled to quality education.” The school’s principal, Ms Constance Mabaso, thanked TETA and all other supporting stakeholders for lending a helping hand to the school.

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Two young women of Rivoni School for the Blind, Kamogelo Maubane and Lethabo Makgalane, entertained the guests with their beautiful voices during the ceremony.


16 JUNE 2017 7

8 16 JUNE 2017

“We must preserve our culture” Mbulaheni Ridovhona The Institute for Rural Development at the University of Venda and the Murongwe Enrichment Project jointly hosted the South African Heritage Ambassador, Ms Tando Songwe­vu, and nine students from Michigan State University at the Univen Sports Hall on Tuesday. It was part of the students’ research tour to gain knowledge of the Vhavenda and Vatsonga culture. The group also took part in a heritage symposium with the theme A peek at our rich Vatsonga

and Vhavenda heritage. Songwevu said that there was a need to keep on sharing ideas to develop best practises and techniques to preserve cultural heritage, cultural awareness and cultural understanding. “As the world develops and evolves, it is important that young scholars from Africa are aware of their African roots and issues around culture and spirituality. Let us feed the youth of today the knowledge we want them to take to the future. Let us bring back the black pride. Black people are the best assets in Africa.” Ms Hadiya Knight, a third-year BA

Music student at Michigan State University, said that she learnt a lot about clothing, culture and food. She also shared the stage with one of the local artists, Mrs Naledzani Netshirembe.” According to her, the foods are mouthwatering and the traditional costumes very different from her country. “I also enjoyed the natural landscape,” she added and said that she had bought a doll and some bracelets. One of the exhibitors, Ms Florence Muthige of Nyandano Co-operative, said that the event provided her with an opportunity to sell her products. “If I was at home, I was not going to get money. This event is a lifesaver,” she added. She sells products such as minwenda, gwana, musisi, Venda dolls, decoration balls and beadwork.

The mayor of the Makhado Municipality, Cllr Shonisani Sinyosi, handed over a new TLB to the municipality’s waste management unit last Thursday. The TLB will be used at the new landfill site.

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NEWS: Fhatuwani Innocent Lidzebe / Vhutshilo Merlin Tshiitamune / Masheogwane Ntshepe / Lindokuhle Shongwe / Maluleke Simon / Mathye Masingita


Ms Tando Songwevu delivers her speech during the event.

Malende dancers in action during the conference.


16 JUNE 2017 9

Phalaphala FM leads Vhembe in prayer against killings

Local musicians to shine during this year’s

Tshima Awards Tshivenda indigenous gospel artist or group of the year and the NYDA Local musicians stand to shine and sponsored Tshima young and limitless have the chance to showcase their artist of the year, focusing on artists artistry, following the launch of the younger than 21. fourth Tshivenda Music Awards Nethononda said only four catego(Tshima). ries would be determined by an SMS The event, held at the Khoroni Hovoting process, while the rest would tel in Thohoyandou, was attended by be adjudicated by an independent adofficials from Thulamela, Vhembe, the judication committee. “We have come Limpopo Arts and Culture MEC Onica to realize that the voting system is not Moloi, the national department of Arts always a true reflection of the artists’ and Culture representative, Thovhele abilities,” said Nethononda. Gole Mphaphuli, Chief Makwarela He added that the final list of nomMakhuvha and hundreds of local inees would be announced during a musicians. gala dinner on 29 July. After an absence of a year, the MEC Onica Moloi urged artists not awards have made a major comeback to use their music to entertain only, with improved prizes and increased but to tell the story and represent their categories. people. She urged them to sing in their According to the project director, mother tongue that is easy to relate Mr Augustine Nethononda, the event to the masses. She further called on will see nominees battling it out in local radio stations to play more local 14 categories, two more than the last content to promote the local artists. event. Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli urged The newly added categories are Best artists to produce good music and By Elmon Tshikhudo

standing second During the launch of the awards, awards, Mr Authe of er from left, is the vision hold Mphaphuli (third e Gol le vhe Tho a, ond gustine Nethon from left), Cllr rth from left), MEC Onica Moloi (fou h from left) (fift ela lam Thu of e Matodzi Netshifhefh nta represe tive Mr Peter and arts and culture national ns. icia Mbelengwa (sixth) and mus

By Elmon Tshikhudo

The mood at Phalaphala FM’s studios in Thohoyandou on Sunday was that of a church conference, with pastors from across the Vhembe district and hundreds of community members attending a prayer service. King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana and Thulamela Mayor Mushoni Tshifhango, who have been very vocal against the scourge of ritual killings and other social ills, attended. Among the pastors were veterans Dr Maswole Ragimana, Bishop Peter Rabali and Dr Alunamutwe Randitsheni. The prayer service, held in a big tent at the radio station, was the brainchild of Phalaphala FM, who partnered with local pastors. It was aimed at restoring peace in the district that is overwhelmed with killings, drug abuse, kidnappings and the abuse of women and children. Phalaphala FM programme’s manager, Ms Sharon Ravele, said that they could not keep quiet while so many wrongs and bad things were happening in the area. “This is indeed a great and special day for the station and its listeners, where we come together and pray for all the ills that are happening our area. We all know that prayer is a weapon that can fight all evil forces. It is an answer to all our challenges, it is our

Project director and founder of the awards Mr Augustine Nethononda. appealed to communities to support them by buying their music. “We are very disturbed by what is happening when we find the music of artists being sold on street pavements by pirates. This should stop and we are the ones who could stop this,” he added. He further made a call for artists to come together and compose songs against ritual murders and the abuse of women and children. Prizes for all categories have been increased to R30 000 for each category. The winner of the Tshivenda song of the year will receive a whopping R50 000, which could be topped by other incentives, depending on sponsorship opportunities. Entry forms and awards rules and regulations are available online and can be downloaded by visiting www. For further information, phone the Tshima office at 060 810 3845 or email

Seated and listening attentively during the launch are, from left to right, Cllr Rapson Rambuwani, sports and culture MEC Ms Onica Moloi, Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli, radio pesonality Thilivhali "Big T" Muavha and a representative of the national arts and culture department, Mr Peter Mbelengwa.


Collen Nxumalo.

Mash Sirila.

from India. His song No Love is available for download on iTunes, Google Play, DataFileHost and other online stores. The official music video, shot and directed by Kyle White TV, has been released and is available on YouTube. Mash is available on Facebook.

King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana addresses the service in Thohoyandou on Sunday.

Clergy who prayed during the prayer service.

Adelaide Selepe.

vocal skills and musical versatility. “The album stamps Mash Sarila, a young the intensity of my prosinger from Rotterdam duction skills, as it caters village, is currently doing for different sounds that a tri-city music and book accommodate everyone, tour in three of the USA’s irrespective of age, gender, entertainment cities. culture and religion,” he This is a cultural exsaid. change programme that he He said that from a is participating in with two young age he was aware authors from the VK1012 that his destiny was to Productions platform, make music. “This was Reagile Selepe and Collen confirmed when I didn’t Nxumalo, accompanied want to use my B Sc by their manager, Gontse degree to find work but Selepe. rather pursued music as a Mash is a talented Afcareer on a full-time basis.” ro-RnB and hip-hop singer It became apparent for and sings in both English him that his choice was and Xitsonga. “I want to be the best when artists such an African icon, using my as Zola 7 recruited him to mother tongue in my music, be an in-house producer. because I believe music is a He then later collaborated universal language,” he said. with international artists His latest offering, Gold such as Daniella Cassetti or Nothing, showcases his from Chile, and Joi Barua By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

shelter in times of need and it brings answers to all our challenges that we come across in life.” She added that the station also had the responsibility to educate and bring light to communities. “We cannot keep quiet when things are going wrong. We are here to pray for peace, for an end to ritual killings, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling that is tearing families apart and other societal ills.” She said that all must join hands and pray together that God intervene and the situation return to normal. Speaking during the prayer service, King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana said he was saddened by what was happening in his area. He had given an instruction to all Vho-Thovhele under him to make this an agenda point during their community meetings and urged all to join hands in identifying the market that is making the killings thrive. “There are people who know about who is involved in these crimes. We urge all to work together with the police in rooting out all involved in these crimes,” he said. Mphephu commended the station for having come up with the initiative. During the service, clergy from different churches were given slots for specific prayers. There was also a mass prayer that included masses of Phalaphala listeners.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; OFFICE: (015) 290 0000/1; FAX: (015) 290 0170 THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 16 JUNE 2017

Mobile clinics for villages their villages. “We will arrange for mobile clinics to reach the Residents of Matshavhawe people, so that they consult and Khunda received a ray with nurses,” she said. of hope after the MEC for She spoke at length about the Health and acting MEC for advantages of living a healthy Social Development, Dr Pho- lifestyle and urged residents phi Ramathuba, paid them a to get tested for HIV and TB. visit on Sunday. She said that it was always imThe two villages, which form portant for individuals to know part of the Makhado area, are their medical status. “People faced with many challenges, still don’t want to talk about which include lack of propHIV and Aids,” she said. er road, clinics, water and “They would rather talk sanitation, and schools. They about malaria and other diseasdon’t have medical facilities in es. You need to get tested, and their villages. Ramathuba said if you find that you are HIV that the department would now positive, then you start taking ensure that the residents got medication.” access to mobile clinics right in She stated that the department had what they called a “90% Programme”, where they aimed for a zero TB infection. “We say that of 90% of people living with HIV tested for HIV, 90% of them should receive ARVs,” she said. “People need to be advised and encouraged not to default on treatment. We need to talk more and more about HIV, Aids and TB, so that more and more people get more knowledge of these diseases.” Vhamusanda Vho-Khubana Muofhe said Dr Phophi Ramathuba that, even though the area was By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

still faced with a lot of service delivery challenges in terms of developing the place, he wanted to thank the department for having visited them. “The more the government visits us and sees our challenges, the more changes will be made in our villages,” he said. Meanwhile, the Department of Social Development handed food parcels to at least 37 indigent families. One of the recipients, Ms Jane Tshifularo, said that she appreciated the food. “Even though some of us get social grants, that money alone is not enough to meet all the needs in the home,” she said. When asked if she had any plan or idea as to when a clinic would be built for the residents, Ramathuba said that the department had no exact date. “We don’t just come down here and build a clinic because residents have got no clinic,” she said. “Building a clinic or health centre first amounts to a long process where we do a demographic analysis where we also consult with residents. While we are still busy planning on consultations, we will accelerate the use of regular mobile clinics.”

Vhamusanda Vho-Khubana Muofhe (second from left) believes that more services will be delivered to them.

Winter music concert at Emmanuel Culture The Emmanuel Church in Louis Trichardt will be hosting a special Winter Music Concert on Saturday, 1 July. “Come and join our children

and young people and listen to them performing classical and modern music on the violin and piano,” invites the church. The concert will be hosted in the church, situated at 3 Koraalboom Street and start at

14:30. An entry fee of R30 per person is payable. All children under the age of six will be able to enter for free. For more information Christiane van Heerden can be contacted at Tel 083 824 9359.

Authorised Financial Services Provider • Tel: 015 516 6895 • Fax: 015 516 1296 Visit us at 52 Burger Street, Louis Trichardt • E-mail: Murovhi Financial Services did it again when they won the Santam bronze award for the 2016 financial year. The awards for Limpopo-based Santam agents were handed over during a ceremony held in Polokwane. Murovhi Financial Services works with insurers and companies such as Mutual & Federal, Vum-Vum, Tracker SA, Unity Insurance, Auto & General, Clarendon Transport Underwriters, Netstar Tracking, Absa Insurance, New National Insurance and Regent Insurance. The company was started in 2006 and has already won several awards.

Pinky Masuvhelele (Client Service Consultant).

Head of Administration at Murovhi Financial Service Ms Nndanganeni Mukwevho said that they were all very proud of what had been achieved. “Our people must know that Mr Masala Murovhi (the person at the helm of the company) is a credible businessman who has the best interests of his people at heart,” she said. Mukwevho said that Murovhi was doing a good job that was worth emulating. “The job you are doing for the people cannot just go unnoticed. If there were more business people doing what you are doing for the community, this country would be a

The acting MEC for the Department of Social Development, Dr Phophi Ramathuba (second from left), handed food parcels to indigent residents.

Bronze Award for Masala Murovhi better place to live in,” she said. “If there is something that business people do not understand clearly, it is the importance of seeking advice from experienced people who are not going to give people raw deals. We still have a huge challenge to teach our people that they should invest wisely with people such as Murovhi, and we strongly condemn fly-by-night businesses who rob people of their hardearned cash,” she said. She encouraged Murovhi to work closely with many clients. Mukwevho said that the desire of Murovhi was to help people and develop them.

From left to right are Tshilidzi Muditambi, Nndanganeni Mukwevho, Pinky Masuvhelele, Rendani Mufamadi and Obvious Tharaga.

Obvious Tharaga (Client Service Consultant).

Rendani Mufamadi (Client Service Consultant).

Tshilidzi Muditambi (Client Service Consultant).

Nndanganeni Mukwevho (Administrator).


16 JUNE 2017 11


12 16 JUNE 2017

ConCourt reverses cost order against residents By Anton van Zyl The Constitutional Court softened the blow for three residents of Malamulele who complained about bad service rendered by the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM). The Limpopo High Court previously dismissed their application to force the municipality to fix a broken sewage pipe and also awarded a punitive cost order against them. The case stems from an incident that appeared to have happened in 2016. Three Malamulele residents, Sannie Tintswalo Maluleke, Sindile Chavane and Sarah Matodzi Maponyani, were apparently at their wits' end battling with a burst sewage pipeline in Section B, Malamulele.

RAF Outreach RAF RAFOutreach Outreach Members of the community of Gogobole, the traditional leader and Cllr Tshilidzi Maraga of Ward 22 joined a clean-up campaign in the village during the recent Environmental Day.

24 June 2017 24 June 2017 24 June 2017 Musina Community Hall Venue: Musina Community Hall Venue: Venue:

Musina Community Hall

Time : 08h00 - 16h00

Time : 08h00 - 16h00

Time : 08h00 - 16h00

Bring your ID or drivers licence to the event for information on your Come lodgetoathe newevent claim,for check your claim Bring your ID orclaim. drivers licence information status

on your claim. Come lodge a new claim, check your claim status Bring your ID or drivers licence to the event for information

on your claim. Comeby lodge a new claim, check your TAKE CHARGE claiming directly with us.claim status

TAKE CHARGE by claiming directly with us.

TAKE CHARGE@RAF_ by Sclaiming directly0860 with us. A Road Accident Fund 23 55 23 Road Accident Fund


Road Accident Fund


0860 23 55 23

0860 23 55 23

They complained to the Thulamela Municipality (TM) on at least two occasions, where they were told that a team would be dispatched to fix the problem. This did not happen and they were left to endure what the court stated as “the noxious, foul-smelling, health-threatening mess the sewage spillage inflicted on them.” With the assistance of an NGO, Limpopo Legal Solutions, the residents then turned to the courts, hoping to obtain an interdict to force the authorities to fix the pipeline. This did not end well for them, as the High Court judge in Thohoyandou had little empathy for their attempt to use litigation to try and sort out a problem that could have been sorted out via other forums. The first problem that the applicants experienced was that they had knocked on the wrong doors to address the matter. The municipality responsible for water and sewage services in the area is the VDM. Why the TM never referred them to Vhembe is not clear. The respondents in the case were the VDM, the TM and the Minister of Environmental Affairs. VDM opposed the application and said that they had only been made aware of the problem when court papers had been served on them. They argued that, had the applicants bothered to call them, the problem could have been attended to within 48 hours. They also said that the residents had had other remedies, such as reporting the matter to the ward councillor. Acting Judge Ms Antolize Lamminga dismissed the application and found that it was inappropriate for the applicants to rush to court without first notifying VDM of the problem. She then ordered each of the applicants to pay VDM’s cost, jointly and severally, on a punitive scale as between attorney and client. The applicants then took the matter to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt), both on the merits of the case and the cost award. The application was again opposed by VDM. The ConCourt handed down judgement on 18 May 2017. The eleven judges on the bench, in a unanimous decision, found that the High Court judge had been correct to dismiss the application. “Although the applicants made a brave face of seeking to challenge that order, they had no basis for doing so,” the ConCourt found. It was again emphasized that the government and citizens should engage, if at all possible, before litigating. The question of whether the punitive cost order was justified, took a lot more consideration. The ConCourt found that the High Court had not applied the Biowatch principle. This principle, established in 2009, states that when a private party seeking to enforce constitutional rights against the State loses the case, it should not be ordered to pay the State’s cost unless the litigation was vexatious or improper. The Biowatch principle is important because a cost order “may have a chilling effect on litigants who might wish to raise constitutional issues,” the ConCourt stated. They found that there was enough reason to believe that the action of the applicants was not frivolous, vexatious or improper. The ConCourt ruled that the cost order of the High Court be set aside and that no order be made as to who should pay the legal bills. As far as the cost of bringing the application to the Constitutional Court went, the judges ruled in favour of the applicants and awarded them costs. As far as the broken sewage pipe is concerned, it was not clear whether the problem was ever sorted out. In the application to the ConCourt, the Malamulele residents stated that the sewage was still spilling over, but the Court did not regard this as central to the issues at hand.

Farmer’s market

Residents are invited to stock up on fresh produce and home-made goodies during the next farmer’s market. The market will take place on 1 July from 10:00 until 14:00 at Zena’s Cantina at Kennington Lodge along the N1 south outside Louis Trichardt. Persons wishing to book a stall (free of charge) or who require more information can phone Zena on 073 429 7593.

Art, Culture, Literature, Entertainment news? Contact GIVEN 078 503 1804


16 JUNE 2017 13



Mr & Mrs Bergcare 2017

modelling competition for males & females from 10:00, 16 June 2017 - Lots of prizes! Ages: 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 and 16-19 years. Entry Fee: R30.00

Modelling Competition



Fun Rides & Lots

to eat!

Bergcare / Ridgew ay Carnival

Lots of fun for the kids!

Mer ry-go-round Bor ehol e

Innovation that excites 7






32 31 30



Car Ports


R282 900 22


Tuck Shop

16 17 18 19 20

(incl. VAT)


M e r ry -g o -r o u n d So cc er Field





Tea Garden





o tp

35 Sch ool Classes

o tp


















Tree Palm Palm

Art Room




(incl. VAT)


House - Private



d en





G ar







Cric ket Net ts

Compiled by Geoland Surveys Tel: 015 516 1313

Tenn is & Bask et Ba





Farm Yard Classes






Tree Tree Tree Tree








Ridgeway College

Nissan NP200

Commando Buildings



to R524 Levubu / Sibasa Road


25 Car Ports Toilets Male

27 33

R179 900




Nissan NP300 2.0 SC

Azalea Street

Ligh t

Volley Ball



Ligh t

Horses 21 Nissan NP300 2.5 DC




13 14

Volley Ball


Tennis & Netball


Trich ardt Exten sion 2 Louis FROM




Leeu Street


Ligh t

16 & 17 June 2017

THE COLOUR RUN - R30 ENTRY @16:00, 16 JUNE 2017


Compiled by Geoland Surveys Tel. 015 516 1313


Bridge Motors Ford BB Mount Fuji Nissan Exhibition space available Exhibition space available Werda Toyota Superb Plants Cotton Road Polokwane Tupperware

9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Fusion Real Estate Solutions Wilbers Designs & Artworks Trieks Bangkok Clothing Santi Art Pap & Vleis

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

(incl. VAT) Biltong 22. Perfect Water Recommended Retail Price Exhibition space available 23. Doughnuts R159 900 (Incl. VAT) space available Harcourts Hamburgers 24. Exhibition Kerrie & Rys Rate: 8.72% 25. Games Chips & Stokwors 26. Poppie Lief Deposit: 12.5% Cotton Candy Balloon: 35% 27. Raymond’s Glass Carnival TreatsInstallments: 28. 72 TNR Projects months Martin’s Funeral 29. Exhibition space available

30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Exhibition space available Exhibition space available Bergcare Charity Shop Exhibition space available Exhibition space available Exhibition space available Exhibition space available Exhibition space available

38. Exhibition space available 39. Exhibition space available 40. Exhibition space available

Terms and conditions apply. Offers only valid while dealer stock last. Please note pictures are for illustative purposes If off you would like book one of themodels available exhibitbespaces for the day, only but the model derivative and er are consistent. The to colour shown on advertised will not necessarily available as stock are limited. All rates and payments on off ers advertised are subject to customer credit approvalfiby please contact Francé Krügel at 076 305 5756 / Email: the bank and cannot be guaranteed to customers. All transaction fees excluded. Vehicle on the road costs excluded. Price subject to change without prior notice. E&OE.

Bridge Ford


Proudly part of the

Best Service. Best Deals.

015 516 0294

Werda Toyota


leaders in funeral industry


14 16 JUNE 2017

Kaizer United in semi’s By Kaizer Nengovhela

Thulamela mayor Cllr Avhashoni Tshifhango (left) shakes hands with Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda to mark the official opening of the Tshixwadza Sports Facility.

Sports facilities for Tshixwadza

Kaizer United qualified for the semifinals of the Masungulo Youth Month Soccer Challenge after beating Muwaweni Lucky Stars at Mashamba on Sunday. The two teams played to a 1-1 draw and United came out tops in the penalty shoot-out. The match was characterised by wasted chances on the part of the Stars’ strikers. Thabang Ramashia missed a shot from the edge of the box after a good pass from Cyril Nndwakhulu. Ramashia dribbled past several defenders, but hesitated too long to release and he was dispossessed. Although fans started to shout at the Stars technical staff to replace Ronald Rathabane, their pleas fell on deaf ears. The technical team, however, brought on Kingsley Masukuludza in the place of Cyril Nndwakhulu. Stars could have scored more than a dozen goals, had they managed to convert all their opportunities. They were, however, denied sure goals by United’s experienced goalkeeper, Mpho Muligwa. The half-time score was still nil-nil. United started the second half as if they were going to bury their opponents alive. Chester Murwanthi scored from a free kick after he had been Thabelo Netshiendeulu of United is in posbrought down. The equalizing goal came in the session of the ball, while Ronaldo Ratha90th minute through Ronaldo Rathabane. bane is running for cover.

He added that the development of the project was part of celebrating 20 years of democracy in The communities of Thulamela in Ward 1 the country and further urged the communities in the Mutale area were overjoyed when the to handle the facility with care. mayor of the Thulamela Municipality, Cllr “We are also excited that more than 20 unAvhashoni Tshifhango, officially opened the employed community members were employed more than R7 million Tshixwadza Sports during the construction of the facility and they Facility last Wednesday. are able to put food on the table,” he said. Tshifhango said the construction of facility The manager of sports and recreation at the was done by implementing one of the commumunicipality, Mr Ronald Makhadi, said that the nity-prioritized projects, based on the needs of new facility comprised tennis courts, volleyball the people. and netball courts, a soccer pitch and ablution facilities of high quality. Construction work started in May 2015 and was finally completed in February 2016. According to Makhadi, there were no basic proper sporting facilities in such areas and communities and especially young people used to suffer and they didn’t know where to go after school and during holidays. Thovhele RatshibvuBoys from 4 years old are welcome. mo II Rambuda, one of To date I have circumcised more than 1 000 boys with no history Fhumulani Tshivhula of United and Kingsley Ramashia attack the ball. the senior traditional of complications. leaders in the Vhembe Venues: Phiphidi Duthuni Corner House Clinic and Tshiombo region, expressed his Living Rock Church of Christ appreciation with the facilities and said that CALL ME NOW! 079 659 4128 BISHOP RATSHITANGA it would decrease high 082 688 0338 PASTOR MATHOHO the Sinthumule and Kutama areas,” he said. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho crime rate and that the Call now and book to avoid bush circumcision. “Some of the boys are with Gauteng-based soccer children now had place Let’s avoid complications and death by bringing your boy to Young boys and girls are allowed to dream, development academies, because they got help to play after school. trained personnel with sterility but just now and then they desperately hope from Mamu,” he explained. Mr Mamugudubi that such dreams will turn into reality. This is said that the organisation had noticed Ndivho’s the case with the 17-year-old Ndivho Tshitalent and that they were now searching for kota from the Sinthumule area. He wants to sponsors to help the young man. “Even though become a world-famous cyclist, but he lacks we know very little about cycling, we can tell that the equipment and opportunities to make this this young boy is an envy and wonder among his happen. peers here in the village,” Mamugudubi said. Ndivho, a Grade 10 pupil at Maneledzi Those interested in helping Ndivho can conSecondary School, has been riding bicycles for tact Mamugudubi on 082 536 6309. almost as long as he can remember. “I can ride a bike for long distances and I can also play with it in an amazing manner which leaves a lot of onlookers eating out of my hand,” he said. The mother of the young cyclist, Ms Cynthia Mulaudzi, confirmed this passion. “He would sit all day long staring at the television, watching cyclists racing. He pays close attention to his favourite sport,” she said. Ndivho turned to Mr Jafter Mamugudubi, general secretary of Mamu Community Development, for assistance. “I know Ndivho Tshikota (left) approached Mamu Community Development’s Mamu had helped general secretary, Mr Jafter Mamugudubi, for help. many young boys in By Silas Nduvheni

CIRCUMCISION MULA / U FUMBA 26/06/2017 - 11/07/2017

Cyclist needs help to realise dream



SB DEBT RELIEF Take Back your life

Your trusted Debt Review Councellor

Susan Bothma 082 823 1587

55 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps

015 516 3981

TO LET Netshisaulu Complex Tshilamba Next to town hall. Shop to let.

Contact: 082 851 1718

HOUSE TO RENT 3 Bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, lounge, 2 x garage, fully fenced. Contact: 082 555 0276 / 061 114 0678


SPEED BRAKE Where customers become friends We specialise in: • CV Joints • Wheel alignment • Exhausts • Engine overhaul • Gearbox overhaul • Diffs overhaul • General services • R.W.C. • Services on all cars • Suspension recon • General engineering • Wheel balancing • Skimming and bonding of brakes • Minor tow-ins • We now also have an in-house diagnostic specialist! • Newest diagnostic tool on the market • Lexus conversion specialist. New conversion as well as fault finding • Truck brakes scimming and lining. New drums available

SPECIALISTS - Engines - Gearboxes - Airflow meters - Harnases - Computers From A-Z guaranteed! Power cuts?! We have 24 hour electricity! Kontak Johan/JC/Tinus: 015 516 1248 / 6655

NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 Kindly be informed that the first and final liquidation and distribution account in respect of the late Thifhelumbelu Kenneth Mafadza (ID No: 6202045102080) who died on the 3 June 2015, Last address: Stand No. 441 Ngenani ya Themeli. Estate No.1308/2015. Master of Limpopo High Court Thohoyandou will be open for inspection for a period of 21 days from date of publication at the Master’s Offices. Should no objection be lodged with the master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payments in accordance with the said account. Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 06 June 2017 Adv Mphanama A.G Chambers Old Mutual Building, Office G102, Thohoyandou, 0950 Our ref: EST 39/20172


Number: 1102/2017 Identity Number: 6607310669086 Last Address: 331 NGWENANI HA THEMELI Date of Death:22/05/2017 All persons having claims against the above mentioned are called upon to lodge their claims with the undersigned within thirty (30) days as from date of this publication thereof hereof CHOENE & NGWAILA ATTORNEYS, OFFICE NO.G9, SABINA PLAZA ,OPPOSITE USAVE SHOPRITE. THOHOYANDOU, 0950


NOTICE OF ACCOUNT LYING FOR INSPECTION First and final Liquidation and distribution account in deceased estate lying for inspection in the estate of the late: NKWINIKA R. T. Estate number: 2217/2016, Identity number: 4810305470088, Last Address: Lombard Village, Malamulele. Date of death: 2016/06/03 Amended liquidation and distribution account in the above estate will be open for inspection for a period of 21 (twenty one) days at the offices of the master of the High court, Thohoyandou and the Magistrate’s office, Thohoyandou, after the date of publication. Any person interested in the estate may at any time before the expiry of the time period as stated herein, lodge any objections in duplicate with the reasons therefore to the account with the Master. DANIE VAN RYNEVELD ATTORNEYS, ATTORNEYS FOR EXECUTRIX, ROOM 201, 2ND FLOOR, OLD MUTUAL BUILDING, THOHOYANDOU, 0950, TEL: 015 962 0003, FAX: 015 962 0729, PO BOX 2697, THOHOYANDOU, 0950, REF: DVR/ YVR/N316

MALULEKE Z.D ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS SECTION 29 In the Estate of Late: NKHUMELENI ELIAS NEMATENDA, ID: 4802045627 085, date of birth: 4th OF February 1948. Who died on the 30th DAY OF MAY 2017, of Vhufuli in the Thohoyandou Magisterial district Estate ref no: 1138/2017. CREDITORS AND DEBTORS are hereby required to file their claims with and pay their debts to the undesigned within 30(Thirty) days as from date of publication hereof. Dated at Thohoyandou on this the 08th day of June 2017. Executor Attorneys, MALULEKE Z.D. ATTORNEYS, ERF 760 THOHOYANDOU P-EAST, MZD ROBOT MVUSULUDZO, MATHOMO STREET, HOUSE NO 5, TEL/FAX: 015 962 1110, PO BOX 1665, THOHOY-

ANDOU, 0950, EMAIL: zdmalulekeattorneys@, Ref: MZD/ EST/N005.

MUKUNDI CONSULTANT (PTY) LTD NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF MABAYA FILLING STATION AT MATANGARI VILLAGE WITHIN THULAMELA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY OF VHEMBE DISTRICT Notice is hereby given in terms of Regulation 41 (2)(c)(i) of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations of 2014 published in Government Notice No. R982 of 04 December 2014 published in terms of Chapter 6 of the National Environment Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) and the EIA Regulations of 2014 of the intent to carry out a Basic Assessment for the following proposed activity: PROJECT DESCRIPTION The proposed activity entails the establishment of a filling station with a capacity of 69 000 ℓ on farm Mphaphuli 278 MY at Matangari Village within Thulamela local Municipality. The associated infrastructure will entails of the following will the following: *1x23 000 for super petrol; 1x23 000 for unleaded petrol; *1x23 000 for Diesel; *Construction of a convenient shop; Construction of parking area. The development footprint of the proposed establishment of a filling station is 1 hectare. The development triggers activity 14 of GNR 983 of the EIA regulation of 2014. Listed in the EIA Regulations R. 983 of 2014 as:Activity No 10 “The development of facilities or infrastructure, for the storage or for the storage and handling, of a dangerous goods, where such storage occurs in containers with combined capacity of 30 cubic metres or more but not exceeding 80 cubic metres.” PROJECT LOCATION The proposed establishment of filling station will be undertaken at Matangari Village situated at farm Mphaphuli 278 MY, within Thulamela Local Municipality of Vhembe District. The Geographical Co-ordinates for the proposed site are: 30º 32’ 9.56” East and 23º 11’ 55.95’’ South. PROJECT APPLICANT Mabaya TT Filling Station P O Box 2704 THOHOYANDOU 0950 Contact person: Mr TT Mabaya Fax no: (086) 560 306 PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT

PRACTITIONER Mukundi Consultant (Pty) Ltd P O Box 3713 THOHOYANDOU 0950 Contact person: Masinge RA Registration Number :2016/182890/07 EMAIL: Cell : 073 704 6090 REGISTRATION OF INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES In order to register as an interested and affected party, raise queries, or submit your comments you may contact Mukundi Consultant (Pty) Ltd on the above contact details within 30 days of this site notice.


NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS In the estate of the late RAMUDZULI MANDAVHA EDWARD (Identity No. 4301145435085, who died on the 31st day of May 2017 and was married in community of property to RAMUDZULI CHINAKAU ANNA, last address: Stand No. 3362, Makwarela Location, Thohoyandou, Master’s reference number: 1150/2017. All Creditors and Debtors in the above mentioned estate are hereby called upon to lodge or submit their claims with and to pay their debts to the Executrix at the address furnished below within 30 days from the date of publication thereof. DATED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 5TH DAY OF JUNE 2017. Netsianda Incorporated Office No. 90 Limdev Building THOHOYANDOU Tel/Fax: 015 962 0016 Fax2email: 086 609 3482 Email: REF:EST/M/R.03 P O Box 394 TSHIFUDI 0979



Notice in respect of a licence application in terms of the Petroleum Products Act, 1977 (Act No 120 of 1977) This notice serves to inform parties that maybe interested or affected that LEKGOMELA DAVID KUTUMELA Hereinafter referred to as “the applicant” has submitted an application for a SITE licence, application number F/2017/04/06/0001. ERF 1808 CALVIN NGOBENI ROAD NAMAKGALE NAMAKGALE The purpose of the application is for the applicant to be granted a licence to undertake petroleum retail activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made available by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by: • Telephone: (015) 230 3600; or • E-mail: Gibson. Tshisikhawe@energy. Any objections to the issuing of a licence in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objections must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of petroleum products Department of Energy 18 A Landros Mare Street Postal address: The Controller of petroleum products Department of Energy Private Bag X9712 Polokwane 0700

Notice in respect of a licence application in terms of the Petroleum Products Act, 1977 (Act No 120 of 1977) This notice serves to inform parties that maybe interested or affected that FUELAND INVESTMENTS CC Hereinafter referred to as “the applicant” has submitted an application for a RETAIL licence, application number F/2017/04/06/0002. ERF 1808 CALVIN NGOBENI ROAD NAMAKGALE NAMAKGALE The purpose of the application is for the applicant to be granted a licence to undertake petroleum retail activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made available by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by: • Telephone: : (015) 230 3600; • E-mail: Gibson. Tshisikhawe@energy. Any objections to the issuing of a licence in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objections must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of petroleum products Department of Energy 18 A Landros Mare Street Postal address: The Controller of petroleum products Department of Energy Private Bag X9712 Polokwane 0700


16 JUNE 2017 15

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late, RAMALIBA TOVHOWANI BETTY, I.D no:2512220078085 of Vhufulwi village, Limpopo province who died on the 23/02/2016 and who was a widow at the time of her death. ESTATE NUMBER: 1057/2017. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publication. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 12TH DAY OF JUNE 2017. WISANI BALOYI INCORPORATED PO BOX 3305, LOUIS TRICHARDT 0920 REF: REDRESS / EST.22/2017.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late MASINDI NDITSHENI NELSON I.D no: 5707276045080 of Stand no: 61, Tshakhuma village, Limpopo province, who died on the 01/06/2017 and who was not married at the time of his death. Estate number: 1168/2017 Master’s office: Thohoyandou Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publication. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 12TH DAY OF JUNE 2017. WISANI BALOYI INC. BOX 3305 LOUIS TRICHARDT 0920 REF: REDRESS / EST.23/2017

Private Bag X9271 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo Province Cell: 073 335 9573

NOTICE ON THE ADOPTED 2017/18 IDP, AND BUDGET Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 16 (1) of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 and Section 21 and Section 25 (4) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003 that Lim 345 Municipality has approved its 2017/18 IDP and Budget in its Ordinary Council Sitting held on the 31st May 2017, ( Council Resolution No: CR 01/05/2017) Copies of the approved 2017/18 IDP and Budget are available at Lim 345 Municipal Office, ALL 22 TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY OFFICES, Saselamani Library, and the municipal website: www.lim345municipality. . A MUNICIPAL MANAGER T.C Ngobeni LIM 345 Local Municipality P.O.Box 9271 Malamulele 0982

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DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 • Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 15:00


16 16 JUNE 2017


Private Bag X9271 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo Province Cell: 073 335 9573

Lim 345 Local Municipality invites suitably qualified candidates to fill theses vacant positions with its establishment. DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF THE MAYOR Post: SECRETARY: MAYOR’S OFFICE (LINKED TO THE TERM OF COUNCIL) Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Mayor’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages _Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL MANAGER Post: SECRETARY: MUNICIPAL MANAGER’S OFFICE Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Municipal Manager’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages - Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies.

To advertise your Vacancy or Tender on this page, contact Pieter, George or Yolanda at tel: (015) 516 4996 or Fax: 015 516 2303 MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY MAKHADO ANNUAL SHOW 2017 APPLICATION FOR STALLS Makhado Local Municipality will host the Annual Show from the 27th to the 29th of July 2017 at Makhado Showgrounds. Interested local businesses and exhibitors who would like to exhibit or sell their products are invited to apply for stalls from the 1ST OF JULY 2017 TO THE 15TH OF JULY 2017. The requirements are as follows • Preference will be given to local exhibitors. • Food stalls applicants must have environmental health certificate. • All councillors and their immediate family members are exempted from applying for stalls. • Applicant must not be a municipal employee or his/her immediate family members. • Proof of payment of municipal account/proof of residence from Traditional authority not older that three months. • One stall per each applicant. • Company registration. • Proof of registration with South African Revenue Service (SARS). • Certified Identity Document of the exhibitor/business owner not older than three months. • No cancellation or refund after stall allocation has been confirmed. • First come first served principle will apply as stalls are limited. • Incomplete and unsigned application form will not be considered. • Application form with incorrect information will be disqualified.

DEPARTMENT: CORPORATE SERVICES Post: SECRETARY: CORPORATE SERVICES DEPARTMENT Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Senior Manager’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages - Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies.

Application forms must be collected and returned at Local Economic Development Office. (83 Krogh Street, Makhado Civic Centre) Development Planning Department. Enquiries should be directed to Mr Shirindza @ 083 948 1799 or Mr Netshivhuyu @ 072 718 3220. Note: All are informed that allocation of stalls will be guided by the number of stalls available. Tariffs for stalls will be available on collection of the application forms or can be viewed on the municipal website. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 15TH OF JULY 2017 AT 16H00.

DEPARTMENT: BUDGET AND TREASURY Post: SECRETARY: BUDGET AND TREASURY DEPARTMENT Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Senior Manager’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages - Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies.

Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 Notice No: 139 of 2017 File No: 8/3/2

MR. M.J KANWENDO ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920


DEPARTMENT: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING Post: SECRETARY: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Senior Manager’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages - Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies.

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of section 79(18) of the Local Government Ordinance, 1939 (Ordinance 17 of 1939) as amended read together with section 21(4) of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000) that the Makhado Local Municipality is of the intention to lease / dispose the under-listed properties:

DEPARTMENT: COMMUNITY SERVICES Post: SECRETARY: COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT Post level: 09 Salary scale: R 199 100.00 -R 236 486.16 per annum Qualification requirement: - Grade 12. - Secretarial Certificate or equivalent. - At least two years’ experience in office administration. Key Performance Areas: - Administer and monitor the Senior Manager’s diary - Administering of travel and subsistence arrangements, - Writing requisitions and filling of documents - Attend to correspondence, calls and telephonic enquiries and emails messages - Facilitate purchase of stationary - Type agendas, minutes, letters, memorandums and reports - Distribution of incoming and out-going files, - Receiving and sending of faxes - Making of copies.




Erf 1


Elti Villas

Erf 719



Erf 1182



Erf 1182



Erf 1272



Erf 1312/R



Erf 1754 to Erf 1766

Construction of cross over bridge Makhado-A Dzanani

Erf 1794


Tshikota Extension 1

Erf 4633


Louis Trichardt Extension 8

Erf 4978


Louis Trichardt Extension 8

Erf 4980


Louis Trichardt Extension 8

Farm Rietvly 276 LS

Airline route lease, aerodrome

Farm Rietvly 276 LS

Any person who wishes to object to the exercise is called to lodge his/her objection in writing to the Municipal Manager at Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 or fax to number 015 516 5084 to reach his office by no later than 5 July 2017.

LIM 345 Local Municipality has a firm commitment to the advancement of designated groups, including women and disable. Forward your application on the Council’s prescribed application form with a copy of CV and certified qualifications to The Municipal Manager, Private Bag 9271, MALAMULELE, 0982. Application Forms can be collected from DCO Offices, Malamulele. For more information, contact Richard Shilenge on 015 851 0110. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NO FAX AND EMAILED APPLICA TIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If no response is received from LIM 345 Local Municipality within 90 days after closing date, it must be regarded that your application has not been successful. NB: ALL SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES WILL GO THROUGH A SECURITY CLEARANCE.

Publication Date: 8 June 2017. Closing Date: 22 June 2017. MUNICIPAL MANAGER NGOBENI TC

Vacancies / Tenders

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Any person who cannot write may come to the Director Development Planning at office Number C001, first floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado during office hours from 7H00 to 13H00 and 14H00 to 16H00 on or before the 5 July 2017 where objections / comments or representations will be transcribed. All enquiries in this regard can be directed to The Director Development Planning Ms M D Sinthumule at 015 519 3295 or Mr E D Fungene at 015 519 3281. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 Notice No: 92/2017 File No: E4978, E4980, EE1, 7/4/1/3, TE719, TE1272, TE1794 E4633, 7/3/2/3/2, 7/4/1/4 & 7/3/2/9

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16 JUNE 2017 17

Mulima hammer Stars By Kaizer Nengovhela Mulima FC were too good for Mashamba Shining Stars and brutally hammered them 4-1 in the quarterfinals of the Masungulo Youth Challenge at Mashamba on Sunday. Stars were out of touch from the onset and Mulima opened their account in the ninth minute. Bornwise Malobo scored with a beautiful shot. Stars continued to make silly mistakes within their own half. That gave Mulima ample time to invade the territory of Stars. In the 24th minute, Thabelo Tshikweta was on target after receiving a neat pass from Awelani Ravuku. The Stars pulled one back in the 34th minute. Livhuwani Tsibi beat the Stars keeper, Dakalo Mulaudzi, with a ground cutter

after a scramble within the box. Tshifhiwa Siphugu caused a stir in the 39th minute. He received a good pass from Mashudu Muliwa and shot wide from close range. At that stage, Mulima’s keeper, Faith Ratombo, was already beaten. The referee flashed the only yellow card in the game three minutes into the second half. Laymond Muleya of Mulima was reprimanded for obstructing his opponent. Stars lost shape in the middle of the park and they were severely punished for that. In the 64th minute, Mulima scored their third goal. Bornwise Malobo was on target after receiving a neat pass from Takalani Mbekwa. Stars created numerous chances late in the game and managed to convert one, their fourth goal, via Madilonga Mukwevho.

Murangi Likhala of Phandulaluvalo controls the ball, while Ntsieni Nengovhela of Rockers is on his heels.

Rockers destroy Phandu

box. Phandulaluvalo replaced their keeper, Maanda Magaba, Rockers FC showed Phanduwith Mulanga Nemudzivhadi laluvalo no mercy by brutally after the second goal for Rockers. walloping them 4-0 in their Rockers scored two more goals MMK Administrators Soccer within a short space of time. League promotional play-off Ronald Kwinda scored with a match at the Makhuvha Stadibicycle kick in the 68th minute. um on Sunday. Rockers were awarded a penalty Phandulaluvalo were aggressive after Kudzingana was brought in the opening minutes of the down within the box. Tshifhiwa game, but their original stamina Ramaphosa made no mistake vanished as the game progressed. from the white spot. They missed two clear chances Rockers could have made it within the first 20 minutes of the 5-0 later in the game, but their game. Rastafarian midfielder, MukonThat was a wake-up call to the deleli Tshivhula, was unlucky. His defenders of Rockers. close-range volley went wide with Rockers took the lead in the the keeper already beaten. 34th minute. Unarine Kudzingana was on target, following a square pass from Murhangeri Khosa. Phandulaluvalo replaced Ampfarisaho Kutama with Takalani Makhuvha towards the end of the first half. The score was still 1-0 when the teams adjourned for the half time break. Rockers increased the margin six minutes into the last half. Kudzingana gave the ball a final touch, following a Mukondeleli Tshivhula of Rockers controls mix-up within the the ball. By Frank Mavhungu

Street, Louis Trichardt

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078 503 1804


George Janse van Rensburg Yolanda Cronjé Classified/Legal Notices:

Skhakha Makgopo of Mulima attacks with the ball, while Mashudu Muliwa attempts to intercept it.

Heavy fines for teams By Kaizer Nengovhela

the abandonment of the match against Wayeni Sea Robbers. The three match points were also awarded to Sea Robbers. Earlier this year, Berea FC were fined for fielding an improperly registered player in their match against Igwe FC. They appealed to Safa and they were found not guilty last Thursday and awarded three points, which gives them a chance to represent Stream H in the promotional playoffs.

082 419 2359 082 972 2060 (015) 516 4996/7

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The disciplinary committee Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA). Complaints must be directed of Safa Vhembe found Themto the ASA at Willowview, Burnside Island Office Park, 410 Jan Smuts baluvhilo Seven Stars guilty of Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg or PO Box 41555, Craighall, assaulting a referee and fined the 2024. Fax: (011) 781 1616 E-mail: team R5 000. © All rights of reproduction of all articles, advertisements and all other The meeting of the committee material published in this newspaper are hereby distinctly reserved took place in Thohoyandou a fortin compliance with Article 12(7) of the Copyright Act. Alle regte van night ago. reproduksie van alle berigte, foto’s, advertensies en alle ander mateIt was also decided that Stars riaal wat in hierdie koerant gepubliseer word, word hiermee uitdruklik voorbehou ingevolge die bepalings van Artikel 12(7) van die Wet op would forfeit the three league Outeursregte en wysigings daarvan. points to Shonisani FC. outnet Shayandima Disco Five were found guilty of fielding a player who was not properly registered. They were fined R4 Reg. No. CPA/04/0690/A 000 and three points were awarded to their P.O. Box 363, LEVUBU, 0929, RSA • Appelfontein 8(3) 35 LT, B1, Road D1806, LEVUBU, 0929, RSA opponents, TshivhadzContact Details: Tel: + 27 (0) 79 205 0377 • Fax: 086 562 9562 waulu Peace Makers. E-mail: • Website: Mahlari FC were fined R600 for causing INVITATION TO 2nd QUARTER 2017 RAVELE COMMUNAL PROPERTY ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEETING


News with an independent soul

Ravele Communal Property Association

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

FINAL 2017/18 - 2021/22 IDP AND BUDGET Makhado Local Municipality hereby gives notice in terms of Section 25 sub section (4) (a) of Municipal Systems Act, (Act 32 of 2000) and Section 22(a) of Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) that the Final 2017/18-2021/22 IDP and Budget had been adopted by Council on the 30th May 2017. Copies of the approved Final IDP and Budget are available for public inspection at the Municipal office (Civic Centre office, B041 Ground floor) or alternatively via the municipal website at All enquiries can be directed to the Municipal Manager and the Chief Financial Officer at telephone number 015 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 Notice No: 145/2017 File No: 16/8/1

Published by Zoutnet CC, trading as Limpopo Mirror of Shop no. 5 Madar Centre, next to the Post Office, Thohoyandou. Typographically prepared by the proprietors and printed by D Brits, 1 Jeppe

1. The matter above bears reference, 2. The Ravele Communal Property Association [the CPA], a land holding institution incepted in terms of Communal Properties Association Act, 1996’ extends an invitation to the Ravele CPA members to the 2nd Quarter 2017 General Meeting which is scheduled as follows: 2.1. Date: Sunday, 25 June 2017, 2.2. Venue: Mauluma-Musanda, 2.3. Time: 10h30 3. The purpose of the meeting is to present the status report for the CPA and its subsidiary entity, Mauluma Farming Enterprise 1938 (Pty) Ltd. 4. Your attendance shall be highly appreciated. Regards, Mr. T.B. Ravele: Secretariat and Administrator Cell: 072 423 4012 • Fax: 086 273 2645 • Email: or

Enquiries: MR. M.J KANWENDO ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Chairperson: N.N. Netshisahulu Cell: 083 695 6949 / 071 123 1826 Email: or

Secretary: N.P. Ravele Cell: 072 186 0073 Email: or

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18 16 JUNE 2017

Who will be the MMK champs? Wednesday evening to decide the case between Mpheni The team that will represent Home Defenders and Makovha the Safa Vhembe Regional All Stars. The deciding game Association in the provincial between Makovha All Stars and promotional play-offs will be Mpheni Home Defenders was known on Sunday. abandoned at the Makhuvha The teams that finished on Stadium on Sunday. Home Detop of their respective groups fenders were leading 6-0 at the during the regional play-offs, time of the abandonment. which were staged at the Rabali The runners-up from each and Makhuvha Stadiums over group will meet in the losers’ the past weekend, will meet in final at 13:00 to determine the final at the Thohoyandou the team that will finish in Stadium to determine the over- the third spot. These teams all champions. were also decided during the Mikhado FC finished on top disciplinary meeting, viz. Berea of Group A, while the league FC/Tshakhuma RO United and was still to confirm the Group Rockers FC/Mpheni Home B winner at the time of our Defenders. going to press. The league’s Apart from the fact that the disciplinary committee sat on overall champions will repreBy Frank Mavhungu

sent the region in the provincial play-offs, they will again take home R50 000, gold medals and a floating trophy. The runners-up will become R30 000 richer. The third-placed team will receive R25 000, while cash amounting R20 000 is awaiting the team that will finish in the fourth position. Teams that will finish in the fifth to the ninth position will each receive R12 000. Madridtas FC represented the Vhembe Regional Association in the provincial play-offs at the Turfloop Stadium last year. The entrance fee to the Thohoyandou Stadium on Sunday will be R10 per person.

Representatives from the different teams pose for a photograph after the toss.

“Not Bribery” games this weekend By Kaizer Nengovhela Eight teams will participate in the Not Bribery Soccer Tournament that will be played at the Maebane and Magau grounds today (Friday). Mr Desmond Mphaphuli, coordinator of the tournament, expressed his appreciation towards the sponsors. “Despite the difficult economic conditions, we still find companies that are prepared

to share their takings and support sport,” he added. The winner of the competition will receive R3 500 and a new soccer kit, while the runners-up will receive R2 500 and a soccer kit. The team that will finish in the third and fourth positions will go home with R 1500 each The teams ending in the next three positions will each receive R750 each. All participating teams will also

get a ball. The fixtures for the Magau grounds are Madombidzha Arsenal vs Ravele Highlanders (12:00), followed by Magua United and Madombidzha Celtic at 15:00. At Maebane, Maebane Young Eagles and Midoroni Real Hearts will start proceedings at 12:00, followed by Maebane Aces United vs Makhitha Iyarunga at 15:00. The final will be played at Maebane on Saturday.

Happy Boys to face Dimani Masters Boy Nemakonde Games The quarterfinal matches of the Boy Nemakonde Soccer Tournament will be played at the Makhuvha Stadium tomorrow (Saturday). This year’s tournament was officially launched during a ceremony at the Begwa Brickyard last month. The fixtures for the matches are: Madandila Happy Boys vs Dimani Young Masters, Buluni Happy Boys vs Munangwe United Brothers, Lukalo Hotspurs vs Mubvumoni XI Arrows and Tshaulu Hungry

Lions vs Mushiru Going Tigers. According to one of the organizers of the tournament, Mr Eric Murudi, this year’s champions will take home a cash prize of R10 000, soccer kit, gold medals, a floating trophy, 11 pairs of soccer boots and six soccer balls. The runners-up will receive R1 500, soccer kit and six soccer balls. The third-placed side will take home a cash prize of R1 500 and six soccer balls, while the team that will be booted out of the tournament in the semi-

final stage will receive six soccer balls. The remaining teams will each receive a consolation prize of two soccer balls. Individual awards will be presented to the best player in the tournament, the top goal scorer and the goalkeeper of the tournament. They will each receive a cash prize of R1 000. The semifinal and final matches will be staged at the Tshifudi Stadium. The semifinal matches will be played on Sunday, while the final is scheduled to be played next Saturday, June 24. Do you have news? Phone: 015 516 4996

We provide project management on national certificate in construction contracting NQF level 2, supervision of civil engineering construction processes labour construction NQF level 4 and management NQF level 5 (EPWP). Other courses that we offer: • Basic first aid phase 1 & 2 • Occupational health and safety (OHS) • Hospitality (Hotel and Catering) • Cleaning • Computer Literacy • Plumbing • Welding & Boilermaking

DJ Ramalepe, Ndakayanga Dagada and Nyeleti Khobane celebrate after their U/13 soccer team won Saturday's match against their rivals from Braambos Primary. Their match formed part of Ridgeway's winter sport tournament hosted at the school.

Ridgeway Independent School in Louis Trichardt hosted one of their first ever winter sport tournaments on Saturday. Invited schools that attended included Louis Trichardt Primary and Braambos Primary (AFB Makhado). Ridgeway's U/13-soccer team beat Braambos 7-1. Ndakayanga Dagada (left) and Nyeleti Khobane were two of the team's star players.

You are hereby invited to submit Supplier Application Documents for registration on the SAFCOL SOC Ltd database of service providers.



• Bricklaying and carpentry preparation for trade test REQUIREMENTS * Grade 9 with 4 years’ experience * Recognition of prior learning (RPL) * Apprenticeship We therefore invite contractors and individuals to register for this training course. For more information contact us at Louis Trichardt 015 516 5350 OR Mr Muladi at 082 341 0364, Nicolas 078 602 4081. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

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RFI NUMBER: 01/2017

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16 JUNE 2017 19

Black Leopards and Baroka in last play-off By Frank Mavhungu

Baroka’s striker, Ndivhuwo “Segere” Ravhuhali.

Black Leopards will host Baroka FC in their promotional play-off match at the Thohoyandou Stadium tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Leopards did not have enough time to prepare for the match as they flew back from Cape Town yesterday (Thursday) morning. They played against Stellenbosch FC at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town on Wednesday evening. The result of the match was not available at the time of our going to press. Apart from the fact that they had to beat Stellenbosch and Baroka to gain promotion to the elite league, Leopards need at least five goals in the two matches to move to the top of the minileague log. Baroka beat Leopards 2-1 in their first-round promotional play-off match at the Peter Mokaba Stadium last Wednesday. It was the first victory for Baroka against Lidoda Duvha. Leopards’ coach, Mr Jeff Losciuto, appealed to the supporters not to write the Thohoyandou side off, saying anything was still possible. He indicated that they were going to use Stellenbosch FC as their stepping stone, saying they would make sure they scored as many goals as possible against the Cape Town side to make their job easier against Baroka tomorrow. He reiterated the fact, however, that they were not going to underestimate Stellenbosch because the latter was already out of the promotion race. Leopards will pin their hopes on Mwape Musonda, Ivan Mahangwahaya and Mziwokuthula Zimu for goals, while their defenders, Jean Munganga, Marks Munyai and Lebohang Mabotja, will ensure that their danger area is always clean. On the other hand, Baroka’s strikers, Olaleng Shaku, Ndivhuwo Ravhuhali and Letladi Madubanya, are sharpened to kill.

Leopards’ sharpshooter, Mziwokuthula Zimu.


Leopards’ striker, Ivan Mahangwahaya.

MMK Administrators league results in a nutshell

Murendeni Mphaphuli of All Stars controls the ball after beating Cyril Mareda of Home Defenders.

Given Mabasa of Phandulaluvalo (left) hooks the ball, while Dakalo Nwanamidwa of Home Defenders takes a close look.

Makhuvha Stadium before losing By Frank Mavhungu 0-6 to Mpheni Home Defenders. Last weekend marked the startThey beat Rockers FC 1-0 and ing point for the MMK AdminisPhandulaluvalo FC 3-1 before suftrators Soccer League promotion- fering a 0-6 drubbing at the hands al play-offs. The champions from of Mpheni Home Defenders. the nine streams are divided into Phandulaluvalo FC were group two groups. B’s milk cow. They lost 1-2 to Tshakhuma RO United started Mpheni Home Defenders in their their play-off programme with a opening match. bang. They beat Mashamba Benfica They lost 1-3 to Makovha All 3-1 at the Rabali Stadium. Mikhado Stars on Saturday afternoon before FC, who finished on top of group B, suffering a humiliating 0-4 defeat beat Berea FC 2-1 in their opening at the hands of Rockers FC the match. following day. Rambuda Young Fighters refused Home Defenders lost 0-1 to to go back home without a victory. Rockers FC in their second game. They beat Tshakhuma RO United Mpheni Home Defenders finished 3-1 in their opening fixture. Berea on top of group B. They will meet FC rectified their mistakes and reg- the group A leaders in the final istered a 4-1 victory over Mashamba at the Thohoyandou Stadium on Benfica in their second fixture. Sunday. Rambuda Young Fighters could not absorb the pressure from Mikhado FC, who narrowly beat them 1-0 at the Rabali open grounds. Rambuda Young Fighters gave away more points the following day when they lost 1-4 to Berea FC at the Rabali Stadium. Mikhado FC met their match in Tshakhuma RO United in their opening match on Sunday morning. They drew 1-1. Mashamba Benfica registered their only victory when they beat Rambuda Young Fighters 3-1. Tshakhuma RO United shared the spoils with Berea FC with a 2-2 draw. Mikhado FC wrapped up their Sunday programme by beating Mashamba Benfica 2-0. Mikhado finished on top of group A with 10 points. Makovha All Stars won their first Mirror Mudzanani of Home Defenders contwo matches at the trols the ball.

Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted Makhado Workers Teams Team Played Won Draw Lost Makhado Spar F.C 12 8 1 2 Kutama-Sinthumule Corr 14 8 6 1 Makhado LTT Memorial FC 13 6 4 2 Makhado Correctional Cen 11 5 3 3 Makhado Municipality 14 4 3 6 Transnet 11 4 3 3 Shoprite & Checkers FC 10 3 1 6 Makhado SAPS FC 12 2 3 7 Mount Fuji F.C 8 1 3 7 Makhado SBV 4 0 1 2

For 34 44 44 28 17 22 29 22 16 2

Against Points 19 28 29 28 24 25 22 18 26 14 22 14 29 10 44 9 31 6 8 1

Vhembe Youth Churches Soccer League Team Played Won Draw Lost For Manini CWC XI F.C 14 11 1 2 37 Makwarela AFM F.C 13 10 1 2 31 Tshakhuma Spirit of God 12 8 1 3 30 Mutsindoni AFM F.C 13 6 2 5 26 Thohoyandou Baptist F.C 13 4 3 6 12 Tshakhuma Word of Faith 14 3 2 9 16 Tshakhuma Arise and Shin 13 2 3 8 16 Dididi Revival F.C 13 1 2 11 10

Against Points 16 34 9 31 14 26 17 20 14 15 35 11 33 9 37 5

Nzhelele Stream A Team Played Won Draw Lost Phadzima KSP Young Stars 15 8 5 2 Raliphaswa FC 11 7 0 4 Vuvha United FC 9 5 3 1 Matshavhawe United FC 9 5 2 2 Khunda United Brothers 11 5 2 4 Vuvha Kill Them All 11 5 2 4 Murunwa X1 Experience 9 4 4 1 Rabali Extremely Dangerou 9 4 3 2 Tshirenzhe Seven Leopard 11 4 2 5 Mauluma All Stars 10 3 3 4 Matshavhawe C T See 12 4 0 8 Maelula Ramblers FC 8 3 2 3 Mavhunga Thondoni FC 8 2 4 2 Fondwe Mighty Blues 5 2 1 2 Phadzima Shining Stars 7 2 1 4 Mauluma Light Commando 7 2 0 5 Mavhunga Home Sweepers 10 1 3 6 Tshituni Yellow Birds 9 2 0 7

For 37 19 11 16 16 20 19 18 17 15 17 13 15 7 10 8 9 8

Against Points 15 29 17 21 5 18 9 17 12 17 17 17 16 16 12 15 24 14 17 12 22 12 11 11 12 10 7 7 24 7 15 6 18 6 18 6

Nzhelele Stream B Team Played Won Draw Lost Sheshe Bush Bucks 16 12 4 0 Khakhu Real Vultures 15 10 4 1 Siloam XI Bullets 16 10 3 3 Tshiendeulu New Castle 15 7 7 1 Shanzha Continental S 15 7 4 4 Mundunungu Try Again 15 6 5 4 Tshithuthuni Remember 16 6 4 6 MTM United Brothers 15 5 5 5 Tshikombani Super Stars 14 5 5 4 Fundudzi United Brothers 13 5 4 4 Khakhu Young Chiefs 14 5 4 5 Mandala Young Vultures 14 4 6 4 Thononda All Stars 15 4 4 7 Khalavha Young Chiefs 17 3 6 8 Khalavha Napoli FC 15 2 4 9 S.J Masethoni Four Broth 15 1 5 9 Mphaila Young Tigers 17 1 5 11 T.T. Devoted Boys 15 0 6 `9

For 32 30 19 32 21 19 27 18 21 16 24 23 16 15 18 19 12 13

Against Points 8 36 7 34 12 33 13 28 18 25 18 23 21 22 18 20 23 20 16 19 25 19 15 18 27 16 22 15 26 10 40 8 39 8 28 6

Nzhelele Stream C Team Played Won Draw Lost Luvhalani Sunshine P 14 9 3 2 Tshikuwi Stone B 13 8 4 1 Mudimeli Bombers FC 12 8 2 2 Matsa All Stars 14 8 2 4 Matanda Juventus FC 13 7 4 2 Mamvuka Disco Five 14 7 3 4 Mudimeli Bomo U 14 5 7 2 Mabirimisa Powerline 11 5 3 3 Matsa Northern B 13 4 3 6 Kokwane Footprints 13 4 3 6 Paradise Maname U 14 4 2 8 Tshiswenda Juventus 14 4 1 9 Pfumembe FC 13 3 2 8 Ramalamula Mountain C 14 2 4 8 Paradise Monaco Ratas 14 0 4 10

For 32 21 29 28 18 23 13 16 9 9 22 17 24 12 6

Against Points 15 30 5 28 8 26 15 26 11 25 20 24 8 22 11 18 17 15 18 15 26 14 38 13 29 11 26 10 28 4

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


The league logs are also available online at


20 16 JUNE 2017

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Play-off game abandoned Makovha needed a draw in the match to finish on top of Stream B, thus securThe MMK Administrators Soccer ing a place in the final. League promotional play-off game beHome Defenders took the game to tween Makovha All Stars and Mpheni the Stars from the first whistle, giving Home Defenders, which was played the Stars’ defenders no time to breathe. at the Makhuvha Stadium on Sunday, It took Home Defenders only nine was not played to the finish. Home minutes to open their account. Hector Defenders were leading 6-0 when the Mulaudzi, who scored a hat trick in the situation turned ugly. game, was on target with a long-range By Frank Mavhungu

half volley. Home Defenders increased the lead in the 24th minute when Mulaudzi dribbled past two defenders and beat the lone keeper with a ground cutter. Home Defenders were leading 3-0 when the referee, Mr Eric Munyai, blew the half-time whistle. Their third goal was registered in Cyril Mareda’s name, four minutes before the teams

adjourned for the break. Things moved from bad to worse for All Stars in the last half. They conceded a fourth goal in the 57th minute. Mulaudzi completed his hat trick, following a square pass from Cyril Mareda. All Stars missed a fortune in the 64th minute. They were awarded a penalty after Thomas Chauke was brought down within the box. Tshifhiwa Mmbooi shot wide from the spot. Thabo Mathusa scored the Defenders’ last two goals. The last two goals for Defenders were an insult to the fans of Rockers FC. Rockers were leading

the stream with a goal difference of 3 goals and when Defenders scored their fourth goal, it was impossible for them to digest. They started throwing various objects, including empty beer bottles and stones, onto the pitch. They later invaded the pitch, prompting the match officials to call the game off. The teams that will meet in the losers’ final were also decided during the league’s disciplinary committee meeting on Wednesday evening, viz. Berea FC/Tshakhuma RO United and Rockers FC/ Mpheni Home Defenders.

MTG final at Makonde

and Ngovhela XI Experience was played on Wednesday afternoon Soccer lovers will stream to and the result of the game was the Makonde Home Defenders not available at the time of our grounds today (Friday) for the going to press. long-awaited final of the MTG The teams that lost in the semiand PIB KO Competition. final stage will meet in the losers’ Tshandama Try Together are final match to determine the team already sure of a place in the final, that will finish in the third posiwhere they will meet the winner tion. This year’s champions will of the match between Lukau Hot take home a cash prize of Aces and Ngovhela XI ExperiR20 000, a floating trophy, soccer ence. kit and gold medals. The runTshandama’s way to the final ners-up will receive a cash prize of went via Arsenal FC, who failed to R10 000, soccer kit and silver honour the match at the Makonde medals. Home Defenders’ grounds last The teams booted out in the Sunday. The match was declared quarterfinal stage of the compea walkover for Tshandama. The tition will each receive a consolamatch between Lukau Hot Aces tion prize of R2 000. By Frank Mavhungu

Murendeni Mphaphuli of All Stars (left) and Hector Mulaudzi of Home Defenders chase the ball.

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16 June 2017 Mirror  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.

16 June 2017 Mirror  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.