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Sport 2020 Sport at Rangi Ruru is as much about participation and fun as it is about competition, challenge and success at the top level. If there is one word that encapsulates sport here, it would be “opportunity”. The essence of sport in our school is found in the opportunities which are provided for your daughter to find her sporting north – the activity or sport which inspires her – and for her to be the very best she can be. We have a very proud tradition of sporting excellence with our teams consistently performing highly on the local and national stage, and numerous girls representing Canterbury or New Zealand. Aside from these individual and team successes, we consistently achieve participation rates that sit above 85%, indicating a tradition of not just achievement, but also involvement at all levels. Our focus is on offering opportunities that support our girls to flourish as athletes but equally, if not more importantly, as people. Our extensive network of coaches, managers and convenors, are committed and passionate about supporting all our girls in their sporting journey – whatever they might be, and wherever they might go. Whether sport is about fellowship, excellence, enjoyment or passion, sport at Rangi is about sport for life.

Mandy Anderson Director of Sport 3

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Strength and Conditioning

Our coaches continue to be the foundation of the quality sporting programme that we offer. This is true across our Year 7-13 programme, with experienced coaches appointed to teams at all year levels. We believe investing in our coaches allows our students to be exposed to invaluable experience which assists them with the skills, mentoring and development that they need to achieve their sporting aspirations. Our coaches include a mix of current and former New Zealand representatives, with 18 of our coaches being either current or previous Regional, National or International representatives.

Our programme caters for over 100 students on a weekly basis, assisting them to be stronger and fitter to take on the demands of their sport. However, while girls might view their S&C sessions to be about being fitter, the true value of strength & conditioning is reflected in the reduced injury rate, particularly significant knee injuries.

Resources Mental Performance coaching has established itself as a key component of the sports programme, with students able to have one-on-one or team sessions focused on improving their performance by learning to control their minds efficiently and consistently. Excellent on-campus facilities including the water-based hockey turf, hard courts, heated pool and gymnasium complete the resources on offer at Rangi Ruru, providing opportunities for teams and individuals to train individually or together at school

Wellness Monitoring is a recent addition to our sports programme. Utilising KOMODO sporting technology has helped our coaching staff and management to monitor how our sportswomen are doing, providing opportunities for our sports staff to initiate conversations with students who are negotiating the study/school/sport/life balance on a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence.

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Kristy Havill Rangi Old Girl Tell us about your sporting journey in your time at Rangi Ruru - where you have come from to where you are now; what was your pathway in sport during your time at Rangi? Coming from the West Coast, where not too many sports were offered to kids to play back in my day, it was quite a shock to come to Rangi Ruru and be faced with so many choices on what sports I could sign up for to play! Volleyball and Netball were a constant for me right through my 5 years. Year 12 was the first time that I played cricket properly, after numerous backyard sessions growing up, and that really kickstarted my Cricket career which has led to me playing for Canterbury U21’s and the Canterbury Magicians. Rangi was also where my Clay-Target shooting journey really took off, representing the school for three years at competitions around the country and then going on to represent New Zealand several times within a few years from 2015 onwards.


What do you think has been a key factor in the development and experience you have had in sport at Rangi Ruru? The emphasis that they place on finding coaches who are a suitable fit for the team that they are coaching, as opposed to hiring the first person that applies for the job. The quality of coach being the most important thing, would in turn help our development, but more importantly it was about whether the coach would gel with the girls and create an inclusive and fun environment. It meant that training was always a highlight in the week as opposed to a chore!

Georgia Sheat Head of Sport 2020 Tell us about your sporting journey in your time at Rangi Ruru - where you have come from to where you are now; what has your pathway in sport been during your time at Rangi? When I arrived at Rangi Ruru in Year 9 I was a keen Touch player who lacked confidence on the field but had a small idea about playing structure and competitive Touch from an U13 Canterbury rep team I had played in. Fast forward 4 years down the track, I was named female MVP of the New Zealand U18 Mixed team. During my first term at Rangi, I was whisked into the Supertouch team and was warmly welcomed by the senior girls who would very quickly become my teammates and older sisters for years to come. After some rapid skill development and technical understanding over just one year here, I was selected into the Touch NZ U16 Talent ID Academy. Since then, I have played for the Canterbury U16 Girls, U18 girls and Open Mixed teams.

What or who have been significant in helping you in your sporting journey at Rangi? I think that in the last year Ms Rule, (mental performance skills) has made a significant difference in my sporting journey, as she has encouraged me to understand that “better people, make better athletes”. Though physical training is vital, it’s about exercising those interpersonal skills and building relationship with the teammates and coaches around you. Because when push comes to shove, the athletes and teams who come out on top of being under pressure, are those who have built and cemented trust in their processes and within each other.

What do you think is special about sport at Rangi? I think the most special part about sport at Rangi is the sports staff and coaches who go out of their way to care about your personal sports journey and wellbeing. It always feels as though there is someone to go the extra mile to help you reach your potential. There is always someone there for you.


S.O.A.R S.O.A.R (Supporting Outstanding Athletes at Rangi Ruru) is a unique sports programme which provides support and guidance for student athletes who demonstrate talent, potential and determination. Students will be eligible to apply for selection in the S.O.A.R programme if they meet one of the following criteria: competing at a minimum at a regional level within a sport(s), a member of a school Senior A team , a NZ representative. At the heart of S.O.A.R is the philosophy that better people make better athletes. The focus is on empowering and challenging student athletes to become the most outstanding version of themselves in their journey through sport and, ultimately, life. 8

Throughout the year student athletes involved in the programme will have SEVEN official touch points which will provide an opportunity for S.O.A.R athletes to grow as people and athletes. These generic sessions will often involve guest speakers who will share their journey to date. In addition to these generic sessions, it is our intention that individualised content will be organised around the needs of each athlete. This will include but is not limited to: • Mental Performance • Nutrition

Throughout the year, each student athlete will also have three “one on one” meetings with the Director of Sport. These sessions will act as a check in to see how the year is progressing, how the programme is supporting students and where the focus is for the coming term for each student.

Ko te pae tawhiti whaia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tina Seek out distant horizons and cherish those you attain.

• Targeted strength and conditioning, and body balance assessment • Performance analysis – utilising HUDL and expert coaches 9

Sports On Offer Each year up to 25 different sporting options are on offer to Rangi students. In all options, girls can participate either on a social or a highly competitive level.

The current offerings include: • Athletics

• Football

• Snow Sports

• Badminton

• Futsal

• Surfing

• Basketball

• Hockey

• Swimming

• Cricket

• Indoor sports

• Tennis

• Cross Country

• Lifesaving

• Touch

• Cycling

• Multisport (Duathlon & Triathlon)

• Trampolining

• Equestrian (Polo, Show Jumping, Mounted Games, Dressage) • Fencing

• Netball

• Volleyball • Waterpolo

• Rowing • Rugby

Additionally, girls can represent the school at Canterbury and New Zealand Secondary School events in sports which are not directly offered and will also have access to resources such as Mental Performance and Strength and Conditioning to support their sporting aspirations. Year 7 and 8 students have the ability to take part in many of the above weekly sport opportunities alongside girls in Years 9-13. As members of the CAIMS network (Canterbury Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools), Year 7 and 8 students also have the opportunity to compete against other larger Intermediate schools on a weekly basis throughout Terms 2-4.


Key Contacts Mandy Anderson Sports Staff Director of Sport m.anderson@rangiruru.school.nz Melissa Brooks Assistant Director of Sport m.brooks@rangiruru.school.nz Anna Waghorn Sports Coordinator & Head of Yr 7&8 Sport a.waghorn@rangiruru.school.nz Olivia Ling Rowing Manager o.ling@rangiruru.school.nz Pippa Young Director of Equestrian p.young@rangiruru.school.nz Paula Rule Mental Performance Coach p.rule@rangiruru.school.nz Ross Kennedy Strength & Conditioning Coach r.kennedy@rangiruru.school.nz Nicole Sinclair Netball Development Manager n.sinclair@rangiruru.school.nz