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Denmark Kids Friendly Tour

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CONTACT Address Dyrehavevej 62 2930 Klampenborg Web E-mail Phone +45 3963 3544

Right north of Copenhagen you will find Dyrehavsbakken (or in short Bakken). This is the world’s oldest amusement park and Denmark’s funniest. With 34 roller coasters, ferris wheels, drop towers, and many more exciting and extreme adventures Bakken offers more rides than any other amusement park in Scandinavia. Try for instance the Tornado, the new roller coaster at Bakken.



CONTACT Address Nordmarksvej 9 7190 Billund Web E-mail Phone +45 7533 1333 Fax +45 7535 3179

Brand new LEGO® Chima™ attraction in Miniland. It’s brimming with wonderful landscapes, epic battle scenes, fantastic LEGO figures and interactive features. Don’t miss the new, hair-raising LEGO® Legends of Chima™ 4D film



CONTACT Address Vesterbrogade 3 1630 København V Web E-mail Phone +45 3315 1001

Tivoli is a must for all children and those who like to play. Tivoli is located just a few minutes walk from City Hall, and with the Copenhagen Central Station as its nearest neighbour it is very easy to get to. Tivoli is the world’s second oldest amusement park and is one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions. Tivoli is filled with wild rides, green oases, gourmet food, and rock concerts - and much more.



CONTACT Address Tørvebryggen 11 8900 Randers C Web E-mail

Randers Rain Forest is located in the centre of Randers, between Randers City and the river Gudenåen. One of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions, featuring three different rain forest continents under separate domes; South America, Asia and Africa.



CONTACT Address Løveparkvej 3 7323 Give Web E-mail Phone +45 75730222

Enjoy a day in the animal kingdom – GIVSKUD ZOO is only a 25-minute drive from Billund. Take the family on safari in your own car or on the GIVSKUD ZOO Safari Bus. Get closer to the animals! You drive across the African savannah, where zebra and giraffes have right of way. Continue into the Lions’ Den. This is dangerous territory! Feel the thrill as the big cats lumber past your car. Do you dare? The pride of lions in GIVSKUD ZOO is Denmark’s biggest, so you are always sure to see lots of the big cats.



CONTACT Address Kongevejen 100 2800 Kgs.Lyngby Web Phone +45 3347 3481

Approximately 100 original farm houses and buildings from all over the country were re-errected with their gardens and surrounding landscape to give visitors an impression of the history and environments of the country life of yore. The Open Air Museum north of Copenhagen is one of the largest and oldest in the world.



CONTACT Adresse Viborgvej 2 8000 Aarhus C Web Phone +45 86123188

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days. The Old Town Museum is a unique museum, welcoming more than 3 million visitors over the course of the last 10 years. Here you can meet the people and characters of the past, experience life as it was in their livingrooms and kitchens; and smell the flowers right in their own gardens.


CHILDREN’S WINGS CONTACT Address Gammel Strandvej 13 3050 Humlebæk Web E-mail Phone +45 4919 0719

At Lousiana, the huge three-storey Children’s Wing gives your children an opportunity to work with their best resources. The Children’s Wing features a computer room, a story-telling room, and several active workshops for kids and their parents.


CHRISTIANIA CYCLES CONTACT Adress Refshalevej 2, 1432 København K, E-mail: Phone 32 95 45 20

A highly professional, enthusiastic shop within the famous Christiania commune, yet attracting customers from all over Copenhagen and most of Denmark. Specialisms: Pedersen bicycles and Carrierbikes to transport children.

Taste Restaurant Ice Cream Shop


BIO MIO Bio Mio is located in the new hot spot The Meatpacking District, in Vesterbro. The eatery is 100% organic and named CLIMATE+ restaurant and green café.

Address Halmtorvet 19, 1700 København V Web E-mail Phone +45 3331 2000


SPORVEJEN The burger restaurant ‘Sporvejen’ is located on Gråbrødre Square in Copenhagen and it is the place to have a fun experience with your family.

Address Gråbrødretorv 17, 1154 København K Web E-mail Phone +45 33133101


SAKS CORNER Cosy, child friendly cafe with a simple menu and decorated with furniture from a carpenter in Cape Town.

Address Sjællandsgade 7, 2200 København N E-mail Phone +45 3219 2246


ICE QUEEN When you are in the mood for a cold refreshment, go to Ice Queen. The ice cream shop is located in Frederiksberg, and they make their own ice cream. The ice cream is made with organic milk and cream. And they even offer ice cream made with soy milk.

Address Smallegade 26 B 2000 Frederiksberg Web Phone +45 3888 2100


ISMAGERIET Organic ice cream, they make ice cream based on organic milk. The ice cream shop is located in an old building from 1936 and the interior is keept in an old fashioned style as well. Here you can get ice cream, sorbet, dairy products, coffee and lemonade. You can enjoy the products right outside the shop at the terrace.

Address Kongelundsvej 116 2300 København S Web Phone +45 6060 1040


SVANEKE Svaneke Is is known to produce natural ice of high quality. The ice is made without artificial additives, and produced by cream from Bornholm Jersey cows and Nordic berries and fruits.

Address Vesterbrogade 3 1630 København V Web Phone +45 5649 3740


VAFFELBAGERIET The home-made ice creams of Vaffelbageriet (The Waffle Bakery) in Tivoli Gardens have thrilled the authors of National Geographics’ Food Journeys of a Lifetime so much, that the family-run business landed on a Top 10 of places in the entire world to eat ice cream in 2011.

Address Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3 1630 København V Web Phone +45 3313 2419


PARADIS IS Guaranteed fresh ice cream at Paradis Is The first Paradis Is shop opened in 2000 in Århus. Not least Copenhagen where you will find 11 shops around the city. The brand’s success is in part due to the fact that the ice cream is always freshly made. At several stores they produce the ice cream right there in the store.

Address Købmagergade 58 1150 København K E-mail Phone +45 3535 7984


ISVAERKET Isværket on Nørrebro is an organic ice cream shop. The ice cream is 100 percent organic and produced with pure ingredients. The Boisen-ice cream is award winning. And at the shop in Nørrebro you can taste flavors such as strawberry, blueberries and elder flower.

Address Stefansgade 15 2200 København N E-mail Phone +45 2736 4989

Shop Kids Clothing


MILIBE Milibe is a small nostalgic and charming store in the area of Frederiksberg, which primarily sells quality children’s shoes in sizes from 18 to 39 (European sizes). Main brand is Danish label Angulus. However the shop also sells its own line of body stockings and blouses.

Address Gammel Kongevej 92 2000 Frederiksberg Web Phone +45 3325 1144


CREME DE LA CREME A LA EDGAR There is one children’s clothing shop in Copenhagen, which one should not miss. It is a shop you will want to return to time after time.

Address Møntergade 10 1116 København K E-mail Phone +45 3336 1818


DISNEY STORE Scandinavia’s only Disney Store you will find in Copenhagen. Every day, the Disney Store will open with a special ceremony where one lucky girl or boy is allowed to turn the big key in the huge lock, which shields the entrance to the store.

Address Amagertorv 8 1160 København K Web

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