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poul kjĂŚrholm collection

Poul Kjærholm


National Art Museum of Tokyo, Japan | PK80 daybed

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

PK33 stool | PK22 lounge chair | PK61 coffee table

PK25 lounge chair

PK31 lounge chair, PK31/2 and PK31/3 sofa | PK33 stool | PK61 coffee table

PK22 lounge chair | PK61A coffee table

PK33 stool | PK31/2 sofa

| PK61 coffee table | PK20 lounge chair

PK24 lounge chair | PK9 chair

PK61A coffee table

PK8 chair | PK58 table

Poul KjĂŚrholm collage | PK9 chair

PK54 table | PK54 with PK54A table extension

KAISER idell | PK71 coffee tables

PK91 folding stool

Poul Kjærholm Collection