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Studio water/play/ground

Found objects in St Kilda

concept idea I chose to move on with the project with the found object. I went back to St Kilda again to explore more found objects. The most objects I found were very weird, and weird that’s what St Kilda is all about. I made a selection of all these photos and located them on a map. I connected all locations with each other. So I’m going to create a area with is coming from the lines from the connections of all the found objects. Objects witch don’t belong there and this is a thing witch is really important for the rest of my concept. I want to give people the experience of weird, the experience of the other way around, of things that won’t belong there, an experience you never experienced before. I want to swop the functions from land and water. Put the functions from water in land and the functions from land in the water, and by functions I mean skating walking playing and bathing.

locating found objects

connecting found objects


I made a sketch model to see how it maybe could work in terms of landscape. How the walking paths, view platforms and pools experiences can get their form.

walking paths

viuw platforms


Journeys water in land journey A journey from water in land. There is a path that goes around and through between the pools. The path created the pools. The pools are rising slowly out of the ground, so sometimes you have to pas a corner of a pool before you can see the other pool. So It’s a journey trough the pools.

vieuwplatforms journey It works the same with the view platforms and under the platforms are the dressing rooms/ shops and a bar located.

land in water journey A journey from land in water. The paths are also going over the sea and at a curtain moment the paths are going down into the see, with walls on booth sides. So if you walk down, at a curtain moment you are with your head at the same level as the sea level. So it’s journey with land through the sea.

Sketches in plan

Developing plan





view platforms


changing room



final plan

sections pool

boardwalk in sea

view platform

testing drawings

over view

over view



studio water/play/ground  

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