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PORTFOLIO Siyu Zheng's Protfolio For the Application to M.Arch. Program, University of California, Berkeley






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Spatial Choreography Mediatheque Design

Architectural Graffiti Liberal Construction

Somehow, architecture alters the way we think about the world and the way we behave. ——Thom Mayne

The Movable Inclubators High-Rise Complex

Adapting from Communism to Individualism Urban Research

Slipping Space Transformation

Galaxy Church Parametric Design


patial Choreography

1.Mediatheque Design

Year 3 | Personal Work | 8 Weeks | 2016 Shanghai, China

Form Generation 1.Traditional Library Analysis

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The function distribution, complex links and the proportion of each function of traditional library doesn’t suit for Mediatheque and the site conditions.

2.Function Reorganization

Rearrange the function blocks after adjusting its proportion, the strip space conforms to the function of the new media library, and also provides the opportunity for people and the forest to interact.

3.Modulus Analysis

Take the minimum modulus according to the tree spacing. Divide different blocks according to functional requirements and site conditions and control the entire space by modularization.

4.Function Distribution

Adjust the homogeneous space and the organization relationship of the functional strip according to the site conditions and the relationship between function and site.

5.Circulation Analysis

Analyze and adjust the circulation of the entire space, and determine the entrances location and the way of traffic organization based on the site conditions.

6.Concession to Forest

Site Plan

Based on the consideration of protecting the original look, make a concessions as far as possible in the face of local tree, making the building itself more in line with the site characteristics. 01





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Section Diagram

Spatial Sequences Through the connection to each other of a number of spaces with different attributes, the spatial sequence of entire Mediatheque is rich and varied. Meanwhile, spatial attributes correspond with functional attributes which allows people to produce a wide variety of contacts with meta-sequoia forest through spatial changes, and from a functional perspective, the new media library can be used normally. 03


rchitectural Graffiti

2. Liberal Construction

Year 3 | Group Work | 8 Weeks | 2016 Siyu Zheng | Linlan Dai | Mingdi Zhou Shanghai, China

Rally for Graffiti No.3 Tunnel, which is full of students' liberal graffito, is in vogue in our campus. However, the university authorities demolished one-third of graffiti without any announcements and asked some professional artists to draw some thematic graffito about the 120 anniversary of our university before the celebration. To object to the unreasonable destruction, we drew a special graffiti. Our graffiti would be the manifesto of the true meaning of graffiti. Graffiti is a way for the students to show their thinkings and feelings, not to show the authorities' ideas.

Mechanism of Liberal Graffiti The destruction issue remind us of the meaning of the overlapping part of the graffito. Thus, we design a experiment to experience the process of graffiti. There are several rules we have to obey. 1.We three draw the graffiti in turns. 2.We do not know what the others have drawn and why. 3.We can change others’ drawings based on our understanding. 4.Keep Drawing! Never ends! Destruction of Graffiti

Graffiti Decomposition 04

Graffiti Translation Diagram

Rally for Architecture The destruction of the graffito in my campus reminds me of the destruction of the informal construction. It was a special living way based on the communist movement in 20th century. Instead of independent bathroom or kitchen, government provided public facilities. Time past by, people were not satisfied with the situation and started to build their own space for bathrooms or kitchens, occupying the public space. Chinese government is devoted to demolish all the informal constructions, just like the graffiti in my campus, which make the city ordered but lack of freedom at the same time. We hope to spark a revolution through our design.

Mechanism of Liberal Architecture Just like the graffito drawn by the students, the informal constructions built by the residents recorded the lives here. Compare to the graffiti in our campus, we found some similar characteristics. As the graffiti, each construction has its own individuality. It will develop continually and no one can predict the next appearance. These liberal architectures record the living traces honestly and historically, making the city dynamic, alive and real. Meanwhile the residents will feel satisfied. Design Strategy

Decomposition Diagram 05

Development Comics

1.The Initial State

The interior space was sparse. Residents began to use the framework to build their own space. 01

2.Space Extension

Interior space extended outwards. Multiple monomers used together, and developed the community public space.


3.The Mix of Space

Develop rich gray spaces. The private spaces and public spaces in the entire system are in a dynamic balance.

03 06


he Movable Incubators

3. High-Rise Complex

Year 4 | Group Work | 8 Weeks | 2016 Siyu Zheng | Zhipeng Liu Shanghai, China

Concept Development In the past, there were many substantial spaces along the Suzhou River coast, including factories, granaries, and warehouses, because of the convenient transportation. Most of the factories have been relocated nowadays, leaving useless large-span space and regrettable to demolish. So they were transformed into a creative industry base. However, due to the inconvenient transportation along the banks of the Suzhou River and the long way between each creative industry parks, these bases have not played their original role. Therefore, we hope to activate the creative industries along the entire Suzhou River by joining a new high-rise movable incubator system.

Lego Bricks Simulation Components






Site Plan & Research

L steel strip profiled steel sheet floor (plywood) conveyor belt steel beam floorboard 80mm concrete 20mm thermal insulation waterproof concrete beam dropped ceiling

Section 08

Concentration and Distribution Stimulate the creative industries along the Suzhou River through the concentration and distribution of movable incubators. The crane is used to assemble the container on the high-rise facade and the trucks are used for the container deployment along the Suzhou River. While focusing on high-rise facades, it will attract more tourists through agglomeration effects, reduce costs and promote the development of small-scale creative industries. Distribution along the Suzhou River can be regarded as the platform of the exhibition. It also plays the role of connecting several largescale creative parks to stimulate the vitality of the coast. The ever-changing container block in the three-dimensional space has brought new and endless vitality to the entire Suzhou River.

Operation Diagram

Incubator Zone Site Xinzha Rd. Commercial Area Urban Resource 09


dapting from Communism to Individualism

4. Urban Research

Year 4 | Group Work | 8 Weeks | 2016 Siyu Zheng | Mingdi Zhou | Lu li Shanghai, China

Background Worker’s villages are referred to those public dwellings for workers, especially for ones who work in state-owned enterprises, built by government in Chairman Mao’s era(from 1949 to 1978). There was no kitchen room and toilet in suit, and people shared public facilities as a community. Selected workers living in those villages were ones who worked in enterprises performed well politically and professionally. Thus, those people highly enjoyed homogeneity in occupation, age, income and political belief.


Conflict Diagram 10


lipping Space

5. Architecture Transformation

Year 4 | Personal Work | 4 Weeks | 2017 New York, USA

Reference & Observe

Reproduction & Experience

Drawing & Transform

Transformation & Express

Diagram & Collage

Garment and Space Clothing is not the outermost layer representing, magnifying, or hiding what is inside. On the contrary, it reconfigures everything. This transformative architecture of clothes begins with the fact that they actively reshape the body, inventing a silhouette and set of possible movements. Clothing is about a possible you. It is really the space between clothes that incubates the fantasies of becoming ourselves. In reverse, architecture is a form of clothing. We live in the space between the mobile fabrics on our bodies and the stationary fabrics on our buildings - suspended between layers of fabric rather than simply wearing them. 11


alaxy Church

6. Parametric Design

Year 3 | Group Work | 8 Weeks | 2015 Siyu Zheng | Linlan Dai | Xuanlin Chen | Jichen Wang Shanghai, China


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Siyu Zheng's portfolio for the application to UCB

Portfolio 2017  

Siyu Zheng's portfolio for the application to UCB