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Queens Ambulatory Care Center| Queens, New York The Queens Hospital Center is a 144,000 SF ambulatory care facility that consolidates Queen’s Hospital’s disparate outpatient programs into one location. It provides behavioral health, pediatrics, primary care, dialysis, dental, and eye care facilities as well as administrative, educational and training facilities for the entire hospital center. The new building is designed with pre-cast concrete and a glass curtain wall that complements the nearby inpatient building and connects via two glassenclosed bridges at the second floor level. An atrium and a public entry plaza at the eastern end welcomes visitors. The 300 feet long building is organized by glazed public corridors along the southern perimeter on each level. This circulation spine links all clinics to the staff and service elevator on the west and public elevator core to the east. Each clinic is organized into three zones; patient arrival, clinical encounter and staff work. Clearly delineated public and private zones help patients easily navigate the hospital.Natural light enters the facility via the south facing curtain wall and penetrates the interior spaces through celestory windows placed above viewing height. Modular partitions add flexibility as programs change in the future.

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CITY TECH ACADEMIC BUILDING| Brooklyn,NY The new building for City Tech; the technology college of the City University of New York, will answer the need for classrooms and high tech labs. Academic Classroom block hovers over a 1000 seat auditorium and below grade 1000 spectator gymnasium. The cantilever and juxtaposition of these two major building elements create a significant pedestrian experience at the corner lobby entrance, which is also the major vehicular approach to the Brooklyn Bridge. The lower levels of the building are designed with maximum transparency to activate the streetscape allowing the major classroom/lab block to float above. The curved auditorum roof becomes an interior wall in the lobby. With its carefully designed exterior envelope, building systems, landscaping and responsible strategies such as promoting bicycle use by providing storage rooms, the building targets to earn a LEED Silver Rating when it is completed.

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Mt.SINAI CENTER FOR ADVANCED MEDICINe|New York, ny This 160,000 sf $65 million project is an adaptive reuse and renovation of an existing parking garage and office space for clinical and research uses. It repurposes an existing Mt. Sinai parking garage for use for both the Medical Center and the School pf Medicine. A new center core divides the split floor levels into a western research half and a clinical eastern half. The removal of half level ramps results in the 6th floor entrance lobby atrium. This metal and glass feature animates the mid-block facade and provides a common interior focus for waiting areas on each floor.

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PECONIC BAY MEDICAL CENTER| Peconic, NY To accomodate the increasing healthcare needs of Riverhead and East End, Perkins Eastman added a 60,000 sf structure that contains a new emergency department, diagnostic services and operating rooms to Peconic Bay Medical Center. Central Suffolk Hospital opened its doors In 1951 and expanded and progressed throughout the next five decades. Now known as Peconic Bay Medical Center, the 214-bed facility includes a 60-bed Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and a certified home care agency. The medical center is a regional provider of orthopedics through the Hamptons Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Institute, and home to the Richard Rubenstein, MD Center for Bariatric Surgery. In addition to the new building, the expansion also icluded an Emergency Department addition to the existing building.

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WINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ENTRANCE RENOVATION| Mineola,NY Renovation of Winthrop University Hospital Entrance included a new entance vestibule and canopy, a screen above the firts floor roof to hide the roof top equipment, and landscaping. The renovations were the first step of modernization and expansion plans of Winthrop University Hospital, and the project was awarded by NY Brick Industry Association. Founded in 1896, Winthrop-University Hospital is a major regional healthcare resource with a deep commitment to medical education and research, offering a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services with 591 bed capacity. Winthrop offers an extensive range of services; an expanded Emergency Department, including a 9-bed Fast Track Unit, comprehensive 15-bed Chest Pain Rule-Out Unit, a separate 4,500 square foot 10-bed Pediatric Emergency Unit equipped with the latest technology, and an emergency diagnostic imaging center.

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REDEVELOPMENT OF DOWNTOWN NEWBURGH|Newburgh,NY The redevelopment of historic Newburgh in Hudson River Valaley consists of 132, ooo GSF, 132 unit residential, 20,000 GSF retail, 73,400 GSF parking, 25,600 GSF community center. The concept takes the vibrant mixed-use program and crafts it into an historically sensitive design that works to invigorate the community with recreation, housing, offices and retail opportunities, while also creating buildings that are contextual and responsive to the existing urban fabric.

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wanda college campus master plan| beijing, china The master plan for training facilities for Wanda, in a suburb of Beijing, follows a clear distribution of uses. The campus is developed around the concept of districts. Each district has specific use and helps maintain design continuity within each district by grouping buildings of similar scale together. Bordering the southern edge of the campus, is the administrative district. Directly north of that is the learning district. A green zone extends north of the learning district diviging the site into two. On the left is the health and wellness district (athletic, fitness and studen life uses) and to the right is the living district. Future development phases would follow this pattern of districts by extending the “learning” and “living” district to the east. Some of the other features of the masterplan are; • Pedestrian friendly links between buildings • Separation of the automobile from the pedestrian • Commitment to sustainable strategies.

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SPECIALIST HOSPITAL IN RAS AL KHAIMAH| UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The Ras-al Khaimah is conceived as a state fo the art, environmentally responsible, contemporary medical facility that reflects the unique healthcare requirements in the United Arab Emirates. Occupying the northeast corner of an undeveloped area of 1kmx 1km on Saadi road, the hospital is located just south of Ras Al Khaimah city. The exterior features a combination of stone, glass and metal, while the interior boasts a welcoming environment that is functional and efficient without comprimising aesthetics. The main entrance to the hospital, located on the south side of the ground level, is connected directly to other public spaces inlcuding the cafeteria. this public concourse seperates the administrative area located to the west, and the emergency and diagnostic departments located to the east. The operating rooms are located above the emergency department allowing for direct access.Levels 3-5 include inpatient units with a total of 168 beds. Circulation systems are arranged by functions and elevators are seperated into patients, staff, clean supply and waste to maintain sterile environment. The building is designed to maximize the interaction betwen indoor spaces and the outdoors, achieveing a fluid transition.

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CHOWGULE COLLEGE EXPANSION| Chowgule, INDIA This 540,000 sf expansion to the existing campus of Smt. Parvatibai Chogule Colege of arts and Science is designed to accomodate a new MBA program, as well as additional student housing. The expansion allows for the addition of 73,339 gsf of academic space and 342 beds or 71,805 gsf student residences, student dining, and a new 300 seat auditorium that can also be used as 3 separate classrooms. Buildings are arranged along a main exterior walkway along the circulation spine of the exsiting campus.The organization and siting of new facilities provide for connectivity to and from academic and residential blocks at the north of the campus. Due to high temperatures and climate conditions, the buildings include exterior covered areas that facilitate cross ventilation.

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IIT IINDORE CAMPUS MASTERPLAN| Indore, INDIA This new 500 acre campus for ITT Indore will offer a new live/learn academic experience for a self-contained community of students, staff and faculty. The proposed master plan illustrates the first three phases through 2025, and a long-term view, imagining the growth of the campus well into the following decades. The sustainable approach to site development is preserving as much of the dense forested area as possible at the center of the site. the academic building is also oriented to maximize day lighting and minimize glare.The preserved forest is left as the center and heart of the campus. The intent is to use the forest as a buffer zone between the academic zone and the town center. Walking through the forest allows for a respite and a transition between the formal interaction of the classroom buildings and the informal interactions of the recreation and residential areas of the site. The other sustainable approaches proposed are: Geo-thermal cooling Natural ventilation/wind harvesting/ wind tunnels Rainwater harvesting for irrigation and grey water systems Solar panels for hot water Recycling/mulching The master plan framework allows for easy academic and residential expansion in the coming decades. The radial design allows for horizontal growth in multiple directions, which can be determined as program needs dictate. The campus will be constructed in phases, and each phase will be designed and implemented so that the architecture reinforces the idea of a cohesive campus.

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ESENYURT SHOPPING VILLAGE| Istanbul, Turkey 32,000 sqm rentable area in 230,000 sqm shopping village site with recreational facilities and landscape features. Esenyurt is a fast developing neighborhood in Istanbul,with easy connection to city center and many residential projects being completed recently. This shopping village aims to create a neighborhood center for the area that will bring the community together as well shoppers from other parts of the city. The mix of shopping, entertainment, outdoor recreation and business training facilities for the community is designed to sustain a continuous traffic and vibrant athmosphere. Parking is provided underground and the structure is sunken in the landscape. The stores are organized along the walkway that loops around the pond in the middle.

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TAJ HOLIDAY VILLAS| Bodrum, Turkey Holiday resort consisting of 5 villas, 2 guesthouses,and recreational facilities with a total araea total of 8,000 sqm , over approximately 40,000 sqm site, in a bay in seaside town of Bodrum.The buildings are designed to take advantage of the sloping site and the views towards the water while maintaining a sensible approach towards the natural setting. Villas are situated along the narrow site in a procession,with the Manor Villa having the most prominent location, a beach club and restaurant lacated closest to the beach, reception and guest house by the entrance to the site in the middle, and a children’s recreation and sports area by the top of the hill.

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REPUBLIC OF TURKEY PRESIDENTIAL COMPLEX RENOVATION| Ankara, Turkey The renovation project for the entire Presidential Complex commissioned by the President of Turkish Republic had several phases of work for 17 buildings and landscaping and lighting of the 438,000 sqm site. Renovation of Presidential Office Building includes recladding of the facade, renovation of entrances,offices and redesigning the ceremony ground.

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INCEK LOFT RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX| Ankara, Turkey The project consists of 730 Residential units of variuous scale from 1+1 to 5+1 and duplex units, in 108,000 sqm site, with parking facilities underground. Total construction area is 262,000 sqm with 192,750 sqm total area of residences and 7,500 sqm of commercial space.The site being developed is in a new developing neighborhood just outside of city center, the buildings are situated to have views of the city and the lake nearby. An alternative mixed use scheme with some of the units as office spaces is also studied.

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KOZA RESIDENCES| Ankara, Turkey The residential complex consists of 3 blocks; one tower and two lower buildings on a steep and challenging site, connected to each other with landscape features. The total construction area for 3 blocks is 112,215 sm and the rentable area is 62,746 sm, with varying unit sizes from 1+1 to 4+1 and duplexes. Parking is provided on the underground levels. Middle block is dedicated to social areas and amenities.

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the teatree RESORT HOTEL AND RESIDENCES| Batumi, Georgia This competition entry provided design for resort hotel with casino, ballroom and spa facilities and a residential complex on a 21,744 sqm site in Batumi by the Black Sea coast with mountains in the background. The hotel complex has 250 units with views towards the sea or the mountain. The casino and spa facilities are located in the base and the roof of this base creates a deck for the hotel that step towards the waterfront. The massing is designed to take advantage of the views while minimizing the shadow over the open spaces and pool deck for the hotel. Circulation for the hotel, casino and residential complex are kept sereparate and seperate entrances are provided along the triangular site, including entrances for parking levels and service entrances.

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10 carlson court office space renovationS, new mezzanine and facade, interior alterations| etobicoke, ontario The project consists of conversion of 86,000 SF of previous fitness area into new office space with a new facade and roof; addition of 8,100 SF mezzanine and interior renovations for new lobby and fitness area. New space is designed as open office layout with the mezzanine floor overlooking the ground floor and skylights above the floor opening providing daylight to both floors. A new feature stair and new elevators connect the two floors.

office space renovationS, new mezzanine and facade

interior alterations

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LIEBHERR OFFICE ADDITIONS AND RENOVATIONS| BURLINGTON, ONTARIO 21,5000 Sf of office space addition to exisitng 45,200 sf office and industrial building.

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STANSWOOD MEWS RESIDENCE RENOVATION AND ADDITION| ISLE OF WHIGHT, ENGLAND The project provided interior renovations and an additional wing to the histroical building in a landmark preservation area that has served as horse stables during King Henry period. The new wing houses a familiy room with an open kitchen, new entrance and mudroom. While the glazed walls open to the front yard, the solid stone clad walls of the new wing face the driveway.

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