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" ' _ r.• [Dl/oIII'"ISUCZMH~._~,n~"UU\MUIIoUI.m.._"_ITKIIIfOI.OOIU;("UUIIIH>lo\lI.m..,_r""D.(~ _ _ OO"'_I~1OOI.OG1UIONUHl!.OlAlUU ANDAIIIU$fOWllllPt:!U"dIION • ..u.JlJOKnMHII'I'lD.Gl"' .... OTtlIOT'lOGO'"UlllU.Ol ...... IlSOf'OTIHTlEItACTIVlIOfTW.RICOIIP.· • .... Il ........ VIT.TIQN"ARfTIIVoOEMAIIKtIOI'OFSOtIYCOMPUltJI (NT'I!lITolIN..!tlllTlHC:l;fGANlOSfQ.As.o.TU"N"Rf.TAAOI!_KSOfSfGA£llTf.R~ISf. ... ~ro. ~mAHDDlSTIIIIIUTlD.'OTIHTDIACT1VI!SOI'TWAllfCOllP.

So you've gone and bought the Non,CD edition of the mag and you don't have a CD at all. By now, having heard about ~U the ace stuff those other readers ale enjoying at this moment. you'll be feeling prettyslclt.. Fe<:! up. Depressed Downright goddam suicidal Well fret not, our kid, because there's DEMO DISKS FOR ALL (nearly)1 That's right. we have a STRICTLV LIMITED NUMBER of spare demo disks. So If you don't got a demo, all you have to do Is get youIselfa cheque or postal order for FOUR POUNDS (made payable to EMAP Images llmll ed) and post It off to our disk-hoarding friends with the coupon provided We'll make sure you get the demo of your dreams within minutes. Pleilse aUow 28 days for delivery Send )'Our chequesfpostill orders (ilnd coupons) to SEGA SATURN MAG DEMO OISI( OFfER, TOWER PUBliSHING, TOWER HOUSE , LATltKlll STREET, SOVEREIGN PARK , MARKET HARBOROUGH , LEICS. lE16 9EF, Do NOT under iny CIrcumstances send your money and stuff to our Editorial offices, because Wf!can't helpyou All the disks are With TOWER PUBUSHING Not us.

Yesll'd love the


Ma, demo disk thM I've mlswd out onl Pluse send it to-M

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... COVERSTORV . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ... COIN ·OPERATED 12 DAYTONA USA 86 DIE HARD SSM takes a look at the latest ST'V COin-op to (CHAMPIONSHIP CIRCUIT EDITION )

(d~", tiduo.N~

.t.r'!lditor _a.1N.lI

Oo-puty IdiUII aN.npe

Anticipation over the latest Daytona game has been steadily rewlng up, and 10 sallsfy al you adrenalinejunloes we've iOt a Six page feature on this ChampionShIp Circutt Edition, let· ting you know just why it's set to steal the victory cham· pagne from Sega Rally.

fut ..rH!,M"' ......._ t k

(ontnbutot> . . t..aJ,GuyK ...... Ja~_u.,_ w_~

emanaten-omthestudos of AMI · the~

~StreetsofRager,DieHard. PS:It's

coming to Satl.m soon and it's arcade perfect!

90 VIRTUA FIGHTER 3 Oh my galYd fathers! Not another stinkin' eXClu· sive! It's a M·on VlI"tua Fighter 3 frenzy as we


1wIYtf1 l$ ln M ..... t ' u...KawIlooo DepYlyAd MlInl,t ' CJu1. h ••••

take the wraps off this AWESOME COin-op! P'O<!IKI M.n • • fr Vlcldl ...... P ' _IO<'.I",. t t . I.I _~

. . . SHOWCASES ............ 36 FIGHTING VIPERS

Promot"""MlInl,H ...... 1MH Ma.h 1InI MJNI"' . u . . _

This month sees a sprawling eight page feature on the beat 'em up of the moment, with plenty of info on the characters, the moves and just why it Should be on yoor wiSh Msl.

l\ob!iohe< ...., ... Vlttl.e [xHutMe PubllshlnIOoffftOf Glu..hJIoot:

Sr>t..... MJ ... p" .......-1.....


¥ t ,.",. a. produ(tlor'l~"' So.mIt._

44 TOMB RAIDER Mer our showcase in ISsue lO, Tomb Raider is back, tN$ timewithmore

Editon.aCon \Kt .....,~. ,..p,~


Kd.~ .


' ... 1" 7<1",,"'"

go exploring along its maze·likecorridors.

o..\.IIMIotI ...:_.u... I'rinllna ~·a.u ..·I~



Sq. s.t UIn Ma. nlne Is an otncJ..lllcen«'. ~, \ ~¥~t><~.sedln l hh"'· I ..!M

They're cute, they're cuddly and they're Quin· tessentiallyJapanese. Bubble Babble Pack includes both Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, and we get CQsy with both .

.tenot _,.. .. fll)'t""'*af t ~pubH"~I"I'" af ~B'

.... lhoulh _ t.~t l ' nl t."'lnt"'u'ln. 1 1>t a«ufKyaf IMlnf"''''."''''conl .I~ln thlo

mIS, · IM,lkepubllsheI'$Unnotbehelcl ru ponllblefot oml.. lo.... "" ....... that



Abitofa nn-~ tris one,~ you abit

more ofa tantaiqlook at the COflv'erSionofid sortware's serrmI Doom.



... itte.l_nlf'-'lhepu~",h . lrlttl)r ,...,..llIIItd

56 BLAM ! MACHINEHEAD Core DeSign score sometting of a dual

Sq:. Wt"r ... ~. c;._GeI'. MJote< System)llC _


Showcase doubIe-whammy with ttis particular issue of SSM, as we delve deeper inlO the

Mq'<O . tetf_nv,baf


pseuclo-sequel toBattleCorps · BIam! MactW1eHead.


(MoU'IrTujft ..... Sqlot. f'I.ndtMllb""'.. (tipKl.IIy_·.I_jIf'Ohlt>ltt<lfromO'fltenn•

I..,. Sq.

~ .. ,n


maca"M (om~ltlon. The no_ ...."""·


Mer out Sega Ages showcase last month, we take a closer look at perhaps the best of the retro bunch. SWitch the stereo on and belt up for OutRun.

<krw;ew~lbeC"l eredl "to.







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B:~~a:~t~nm~:i~:~:~:r:~~'~y~~:~~~r ~::~::t( ;:~~O;~:::t {includingilwee kendortwo). Things ha vC'cerh inlymovedona bit f.omth e last edition. Th is issu e sees a com plcte redesign for the Com ing Soon sect ion, whe re we scoop everyone wit h dehiled futu .es on the new Oayton a and Street FightC'r Alph a 2

Showcases too have bee n overhauled, with a far morC' dyn a miC feelto them - fo. examp lt, w ilhour F1shling Vipers coveragf',


we're atte mpting to turn our features into points of refere nc e once you 've i1ctually bought the game. Cilp plng off the new Seg" Saturn Mag;ui ne we have an absolutt:'ly incrf'dible demo d isc (on select ed issues). Veah , we might not get as

milny COs as the offici.. 1 PlaySta t ion mag, but wh e n they do come along you get the best gam es .a ndmor e oflhem. Plus it·s afullquidcheape r. hCII,io.1 .'ch ..d LlldblHI., Idlto ••

Hexen Prepares For Saturn Onslaught! ot a month , Ince SECiA SATU RN MACiAZINE reyealed the very firsl shots of Doom on Ihe Saturn a nd we're already rtYeali ng its pseudo·sequel. Hexe n takes the Doom engine and warps it back to mediaeval IlmH, with Ihe player Int enl on doing battle with a demonk sorceror and his depraved hordes. He~en was released last year on PC to rapturous reviews in the press Although b~sed on the Doom engine. it took the genre to new heig hts wit h ~me stunning game design coupled with the appropriate blood and guts re leva ntto ~ game associaled with id software The scope of the title is far more Involved tha n Doom. For sta rters. rather than rely on a simple linear path through Ihe game (e~it a level never to return), He~en empl~ what has come 10 be known as a "hub" system. levels have more than one ultand it'spossibletoreturntoconqueredarea s-Infactyou have to. For e~ample, a k~ or artifact on a later level might open up a new area on a 'completed" stage taking you to a different area completel)'. Alt hough il has Doom-style carnage. He~en is more of an adventure and right ly so.


WHO.. WHO A11IP When you begrn your ques t you'regiven a choice of three differ_ ent characters todo battle with. For Ihose interested inta l; ing theIr carnage up dose and personal. Ihe Warrior is a good choke. At leasl to besrn wilh he relies on damaging dose-quarters weaponry. A heitY)'·hitter, ~'s a bit of a duffer when it comes to magic AI the opposite end of the sca le. Ihere'sthe Sorceror. As you might imagine. when It comes to magic he's the best of the best. but unfort un at elyhls skill WIth the more conventional form of hand- Io-hand weapon ry is poor. Somewhere in between, you'll find Ihe Clerk. Fairl)' adept wit h both weaponryand magic,he'sjust the gu)' for the player who hkes 10 hedge his bets.

Blood. Gib. Deal., lIIrte".... I.'..,. flJlfIt

tJrnru&II t .. air.

Nu .. h . II,lt AIIIIIIGn. Ply,!

tt'. 'IIUtli-playIt" PlllltOll,lh.k. tDt".ytJtkl.t SaIYMlII~.-!

,I/l;1;. SEGA S ..o.ruf<N

Doom is renowned for its enormous wea pons. but obviously shotguns and BFGs have no place in a hIstorical wodd like He~en·s. Thai doesn't mean t hat the action is an)' less intense though. A range ofwands. a~es. swords and other wea pons means that the fighting is just as cool. In fact. it's possible to power-up your tools, raisi ngthe bIood'n' guts level still furtherl Another interestrng weapons· related feature in He~en is the fact that In order to gel your devastatrngl)' powerlul BFG style wea pon you need to run about collecting all of the bits for it before assembling it and kiding ~me medIaeval posteriori

Check "I IbM


of t~1 Sllun

Hne.! AI IQ OM wftG hu MU Iq Pt: 'fIf4 . . .III ...,tIMI .... pIIlcalrl.lg/l41MIdtnI1 4 cat WkIIt10ll tu't Milt ~OW ..."'~ It It. W~llltaot 4lUII.I.AJII. Trllo&JtllTftorJ, th


YES IT IS MUlJl.!'UYER We all wa nt link·upgames rightl We're all a bit disappointed thillhard Iyany salurndevelopers(including!iega)a,edolngilnythlngforthelink,upcable,aren't we/lnfilct.aren'twejusta bit perturbed that Sega haven'teven released the cable over here yet? Thankfully, GT and id software have insisted that both Doom and Hexen for the Sillurn MUST have link·up capilbilitiesl We'lI have more details soon But sUfely now there iSiln excuse to releilSf!lhelhingand get 'IOmemor esoftwilfe in developme nt for it/

HOW'S IT SILIPING upp He~enmuslhavebeenaverydifficultgamefOfdeveloperSPfobes.oftwarelocon'

II('rl onlo Salurn. Unlike Probe's other eye~II,on,a,unlcycle game. Alien Trilogy. the scenery doesnl dlsappeilr into darkness two feet away from you. In filct . Hexen has some huge ledured ilreas and that means sllloooowwwdown on the super-consoles. Despite this. Hexen manages exlremely well and despite the fact that the game is miles more complicilted visually than Doom. it ilctuillly hils iI smoothef frilme rale Ihiln Doom (at least in this stilge of development, apparently Doom is "yery early"). It's still jerkier than hhumed. but in terms of gameplay Hexen is the better game. And that"s really where it counts. More ned month.




WILLlAMS ENTER UFO TERRITORY After buying up the rights to the Atarl cataloiul!, Wllllams are relnslns their first Ali1flgame for the Saturn. However, whilst PlayStatlon owners are getting the prom!'lng Robotron-X. Sillu.n owners have to make do with iI conversion of 51 • the little-


known gun game from thean:ildes.

Admittedly, the Bilme Is nigh·cn ilrcilde perfect, but rathe. thn rely on polygonlsed wonders like VirtuilCopilndlhforthcomingsequel,ltusHfull. motion video, with O\Ie.tilld sprItes. kind of like

VIRTUAL ON BLASTS ONTO SATURN At the fecent Tokyo Game Show, Sega

un~il~ ill

whole hO'it of eX(lting new produce induding Daytona

Championship Circuit Edition, a completed Fightin8 Vipers and


work-in-progre5S rendition of Virtual On.

This Seg" AM3 coln-op has had something of a limited release in the UK (currently there's a tWin sit-down machine ~t the Troc~dero ~nd we d~resay it'll turn up ~t 5egaWorld), but ifs currently the most anticipated game in lapan (ahead of Fighting Vipers), Virtual On Is a one-on-one robot battler With a range of different robot each with various speed levels and weaponry. The action takes place in huge}O arenas With plenty of buildings and what-have-you to use as caver. It's really quite clever, but what elsew ouldyou e)(pect from AM3? The conversion is basicallyA(E. There's a slighl loss in detail and thefr~me rate's down 10 30 frames a se<:ond, but other than th~t it's nigh-on arc~de perfect. Two-player options lake the form of Net!ink (using the new modem) and split-screen. We'll have more next month, where we'll be showing you more of this 40" complete version.Stlll,enough t~I~.Onwiththesc.eenshots

Just as 5ega of Japan announce the e)(istence of Virtual On, they also reveal a con-

tr~~:r ;i~i~~:;~ec:o~~:: ::a~;h~~:'~ Dui


trivance bears an uncanny resemblance to the control deck of the original coin-op. Thelwo sticks allow for unprecedented control of your robot (push forward on one and back on the othe. fora super-quick right turn, for example) and brings the afCadeexperlencetoSaturnevenmo.e effectively. NO word yet on a European release


Corpse Klllen on tht MtBiI-CO. But hopefully bette •.


yw ir~

1~'OvfLY IN." /JLIl~/(!'IEAPf, ANP

'HU4~ o/lf" Nf/'ll




Y'I/ P /(A1HEfl- N4r



$fWltL ~""/« 'fAI'P

6lJ't-KrlfA/)J? o't.Y"J1i 'el'f'

SONIC XTREME CANI~ED..I"Ir~~;r.rrr:srn

SCAVENGER SIGNED! Remember Amo~ and Scorcherl You know, those ace-looking games we first r~aled

about ten years agol Well. the good news is that both games are finilUy

finished and should be out before November.

Scorcher, from the makers of Megadrive Sub-Terranl .. and


Zon!!' is iI smart-

looking futuristk racing game with super-smooth update and some stunning lex

ture·maps. Amok on the other hand employs some stunning fractal·based graphics foritsexcellentlandscapesilndismoreofamisslon·basedblaslalhon. Both games would appear to push the envelope in terms of graphical excel· lenceonSegaSaturn,buttheques· , 4 ~( ~ • { 4 lion is, how do they measure up ilS

.:.,::---- . . 1Jfi -






.. !

~nswersshotJldbeforthcomlnglnthe ne~t edition of SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE. Also of note is the strong rumou,

that~ga'sScavengerdealincludesthe ' 9 j9 99




gameplayf'xperiencesl HopeftJlly. the



rights to publish the SattJrn translation of the very hot·lool:lng Into The Shadows· one of the most g,~phic~lIy stunningPCg~meseverseen



;...., ./



- -.. I


\ ...

AIIHIIIII Iplit- Kl'llnlwo-pIQer...

~~,~;~ . ._ .J~: -kD~h.r



:" ;;

I'ImalBI' trut VlphlcallJ. ..


.. • .lncIlllIIotIld ... "I"'1IOO11_1

rtvelllltlons- paced Daytona style feature . By the way, rumours are emanating from Japan of a hidden tl1lck along the lines of Lakeslde in Sega Rally. In fact, wouldn't it be brilliant if any of the Rally tra.cks made a 8"e st appea l1lnce in the n ew Daytona. (that's our idea by the way, don't think that we're hinting that they're actually doing It, but the mountllin cou ne would be ama zing).




After the European release of Daytona. USA, Sega UK recei'nd many letters from purdtasers of the game who were mystified by the inclusion of what seemed to be somewhat - inappropriate - music. Obviously, the ka l1loke-styIe music wasn 't to eve ryone's liking (even though _' ~ grown quite fond of these BUniv origlna!s) so Sega Europe's In-house musidan, Rldtard Jacques was assigned the task of re mbdng the classic tunes. NObody is Ukely to be upset with what Mr Jacques has accomplished. "Everyone of th e mllin tunes has benefited from a dancey remix, capturing the melodies of the old tunes but getting rid of the singing (for the most part) and introducing some excellent house-style drum loops and even a bit of drum and bns. The addition of two extl1l courses has given Rldtard the opportunity to source his own music and rather lovely it is too. The woddwide organisation that is Sega obviously agrees. Although they have their own mlUldarui producing their own music for this important release, a t least three of RJchud 's songs u e definitely going to make It Into the final game. European gamers get to appreciate all seven of Richard 's works in the final release and having had a bit of a sneak preview at Sega HQ. we don't think anybody Is going to complllin about his work. And H as planned, the original tunes make It to the final

.;;;; SEG.~ s.路~.:n...!I~N

version, a"ade purists should be sorted out as well In fact, there ue plans for you to be able to dtoose whidt mU$ic should go with which COUlSe. Now that would be excdlent.



The biggest question mark hanging over the game concerns the new cars. Just like the 32X Virtua Radng (alia coded by the CS Team non-so-coinddentally), this game features several new types of car In addition to the extra tra.cks. Four different types are CUfTenUy scheduled, although only one has been programmed In. The orlgina.1. Gallop car is scheduled to reappear In addition to the Hornet pictured here. Two other classes of automobile ue also going to appear. What they are and what they do remains a closely 8"arded CS Team secret. other things to look forward to Includes juft about everything that made Sega Ra.lly a s great as it was. The biggest news Is obv:i ously the ' pUt -lCle-en lwo-player mode, although the Inclusion ofa ghost mode is also a great Idea. At the moment Daytona CCE', option sae-en bears an uncanny resemblance to Rally's, $0 you should ha~ a pretty good idea of what e lse to expect on that part1cuiar.





SSM What is the mah!. differen« between OaytolUo USA and Oaytona Champlon.hip CbOOt IdJUon(OCa)? C$ nAM We redesigned all the courses wilh new modeUlng and lmproved texture mapping. We've tried to make DCC!: much doser to the original arcade version. SSM Which model you 10Lnl to Lndud.1n occn Will any from Rally be Included? CS TlAM At the moment there is definitely going to be both a two-player mode and a ghost mode. Other modes are possible but we haven 't decided on them yet

DCCE a re the upgraded graphics, the various new mode1 and the enhanced realism of the ear handling. SSM It the two·pl.yer mod. split·te,,,n, link·up, orbothl CS TIAM The two-player mode will be split sc r« n not via a link·up cable. You can also play with another pe rson by using X-Band however this will still be two-player only, it won't allow .. four-player mode. SSM Wh.t b the 'o118"t difflcu.lty with tha twopl.yermod..l CS TJIAM The main problem Is the numbe r of polygoru. Even though each scr«n area Is half the $ize the two-player mode still USI!'$ a lot more polygon$. SSM Did you hav. to d,,11" any new f •• turHl CS TIAM No, all the grap hiCS are based on Sega


SSM Ar. there .lem.nt.l.ndllde.d in D.ytolUo that hav. com. from the forthcomlnl D.ytolUo I for th....c.del CS TIAM At the moment we ean't comment on that.


SSM What your plam: con«ming the number of cO\ll"lHl Ar. you JIII1: conce.ntJatingonHtte.rln,the.thrH origlnah or ue. YOII ad-din, an,. CJ<tnl CS nAM Ye1 we ue. We're going to add two new courses to the original thr« cou~s that were in Oaytona USA. So there'll be a total of five COUfSU available. chanled.l CS TIAM We're stili considering whether or not to change the music. [Sinu the/nttrvinv, this hosbtenronfirmtd - seethemoin ttlCt - SSM]

"IIII..___~'" SSMHowman,.can: .... th.relAr.

SSM How do in DCC! com....a to O.ytOIUo USA and what your bligHt cl1fflcu.l ty with the new p.phln e.npe? CS TI.AM We·ve rewritten most of the graphics to Improve the visual appearance of OCCE. Balance Is the most important part of redesigning the graphics as we still need to maintain speed and gameplay.


SSM How has chan,ed in DCCI? CS nAM The gameplay has n't changed at all It's still the same as Oaytona USA. The main featu res of


CS TIAM Oe1:aib about the ears in OCC!: have ~ to be fixed so we can't comment on t his at the moment. SSM Will there be. conmudor model CS TIAM No, there won't but you'U be able to a.!te r the ear mechanics by changing whHls and sus pen·

SSM b It compatible. with the new arW.OJIle controller? CS TIAM Yes. It Is. SSM Why did YOII chOOH to mak •• n.w rele... of Dayton.' CS TIAM We thought the game had unused potentia.! so Wt w.nted to add new rour~, and various modes and rtlea~ an lm proved version.



SSM Wh, was the cledJ;lon m.acJ.e to make chain inl nonnal hit. hanler in Alpha I than in Alphal CAPCOM It wasn't our intention for people to have this Impr~slon. The reason may be beca~ the damage levels for Alpha and Alpha 2 are different. When we we re trying to get the balance of Alpha 2 right we only concen· trated on Alpha 2. That's the one that's Important. We don't really have to get the actual same damage as Alpha. In Alpha 2 some new characte rs were introduced.. so In order to maintain the game balance we had to increase the damage for the normal hits. In addition. this time for Alpha 2 we wanted to focus on the Importance of the normal hits and not Just the specials. SSM Wh, was the random d\&nder Hied box femowecJ.l Was it unpopulul CAPCOM No. It was because It wasn't necessary to use It. SSM Th. MCl"etJ; for the hidd.n d\&nden and to on in Alpha:l HemecJ. to ha". been releuecJ. a lot later than with Alpha. Was this . cOlUCiout ded.ion on JOw pun CAPCOM Yes. we did tMs on purpose. It's a s[mple story: When we first released Alpha on the for the coln·up all ou r secret codes and waden weredls.covered by the players very easily and what happened was that It was all put on the Internet, and so the next day everybody about It. Of course. once the shops find out they all display the moves so It dldn't lalr.ea lot of time to spread to the general public. M a result of this we decided this time to make [t more difficult. SSM Doft the I!rilRJU MCl"et d\&nder han. proper nam., and what 11 th. dory HhincJ. him1 CAPCOM I'm sorry I don't much about this character so I can't tell you about him. There are 3 h[dden characters fo r the fortlgn versions. However.thest are only for the foreign versions. not the Japanese version. They were chosen by Capcom USA. The evU Ryu character appeared In a comic published by Shlnseisha. but I don't the story. SSM To whom clo the two 'eclet bad:l"owuu (A\Utn..lJ.a and. belonl' CAPCOM Thest don't belong to ilny st<:fe1 characte"_ Australia appears when the player is Sagat and the final CPU boss Is Ryu. Venezuela ap pears when the player Is Nash and the final CPU boss Is Vega. SSM 11 th.r. a cJ.r.....tlcbaHle optiort . bn.tlazto Alpha, artcl alainttwt\ol CAPCOM No. there isn·t.

SSM Do JOu ha ... an, lrlncl of apeda.l battle option Uuteaclofthis1 CAPCOM No we don·t. SSM AI. 1011. upectinJ to do as an aeauat•• con.... nion of Alpha J. to the PlayStaticn ancl Saturn a. Alpha wasl

game wLII be able to zoom into and out of the screen. Ifs going to be damatically differentfromthepresentSFstries. SSM you·... alr.acl, lot. n.w M..."e1 Sup.r Huoe. _d Vamplr. Hunter III cI.... lopment. Wh .. doe. SPI corn. ill Jour production Ich.clul.} CAPCOM We'lI probably release It within this year.


SSM What pe1'ltUltal. u it complet.' CAPCOM Prnentty less than 50". SSM Does this you'le not planninl to make • JD Street .'lhI.... at the mom.nU CAPCOM We are actually consideringitprnently.

SSM Will th.,. be a 101. of animatlOII as with X-M .. n and Vamplr. Hw:r.t1'r1 CAPCOM Yes, we will have to cut the paHern of the cha racte rs. I can't

SSM Ale 10u wa1tint: fOlthe

~~:s;::.c:uctc~~:~~'; ;;::~~::::~~e ~1Ii_"_~1I" =::~u:~=:::::' ones With a lot of patterns lIlr.e Zangie! there will need to be cuts. Other than that it Will be an almost perfect convenlon.


S$M H _ _ n can _I'xpect to_the COIlftI-

.. nhancecJ. JD pphiCl.,.t.. m for SPIl CAPCOM We haven't decided anything yet s.o w e can't comment on specific details. SSM Will th. Street Pipter:l HriH be COlltinUed. ewtll StrNt PiIM.r I U f.l.. uecJ.l CAPCOM for a short period they can co ntin ue together as stparate ga mes but. tventually Street Fighter 2 will be dropped,



CAPCOM They were about 70-80" complete at the Tolr.yo Toy Show 50 they should be completely finIshed by the time of the TOlr.yo Game Show.

SSM Can JOU improwe on th.lollllo.dinl tim.. 011 th.PlaJStatlon .... nlonofAlpha,olult1UlaWolclabt.} CAPCOM We' re doing our best to overcome this particular problem but. It's dependent on the hardware and software libraries so there's not much we can do about It. SSM AI. there plans to 1.le"", another Alpha I""'. befor. SJ'31 CAPCOM No. we won't be releasing another Alpha game before we releast SF3SSM Will Street .ilMer I be a 2D or JD fiptinllam.' CAPCOM It'll be ~O.

SSM U StrNt "IM.., 3 U MllJUpef can it be connrtecJ. onto an, of th ..'llt home consolH1 CAPCOM Impossible. It would Just be too difficult. It would need additional hardware and great care, This the major difficulty. There a re other proble m s but. other than this they a re a ll minor problems. SSM H_ mum ha". you I.ano..d from con..ert. inl StrHt "Ihter Alpha. Vamplre Hunter ancl X_M•• 1In what"JI will this he.lp Manr.1 SUpel Helon a better conw.nionl CAPCOM It's related to the memory Issue you mentioned earlie r. We've learned how to cut the characte rs' animation patterns a lot better. And also stleamlined the conve rsion p rocess, a n d shortened the development time. From a technical viewpoint these a le the two main a reu SSM U anlmatlOIl 11 mU.inl. will JOu co_icier. tul1 animation dleat wh"n both pla""n d I _ the """'. dluaet.r, as in Vamplr. Hunt ..rl CAPCOM Yes, we will Unless both characters are the same there Isn't any othe r way to get full ani· mation.

SSM Can 'OU t.n ut what hudwu.

~._ _ _~II". :::c~;:~ :"'s::::~~ut we'll be

~ u·;~;;,;;;;;;;;~~I;i·~


Improved graphics as well as more animation patterns. Because we are using a new board It has become possible to use more colours and the

SSM Th .. r. U cJ.eal of cJ.1ff.r.nce: between th .. laadinl tim.H of the PlaySt.tioll ancl Sahlrn Capcom Uu... 'or .nmpl", Alpha'llo.dinl tIm •• on the Saturn u. a lot quJd:er. Why b


CAPCOM The PlayStatlon and Saturn have a problem with the Size of thei r memory. In o rder t o save m e mory we compress all the graphlC1 to fit In. and so it a fa[r whLle to decompress the graphiC1 data. As the PlayStation hilslest memory than t he Saturn we have to dt«lmpr~s more and so It takes longer.




ralnvehlde became <I bit of .. hshlon durlnstheE lshtIH. Justwh)'tnrtly rem;lIIns abltof,myJtery. Afte,all, thesevthiclH, lIkeOlnyothefuor

spent the majorlt)' of the Ume slttlns

In traffic jams or cfulslns down a very flat motorway.

I never UlW any drlwn l uddenty vef off the hard

shoulde.toanaultthe(ountrysldeln se;arehofa short cut, or bulkyuors tu.lngthrough suburban 8,·dens,hedgts,shedsandsmallchlldrencfushed ~nuththl!l,mI8htywheels .

Gremlin's main concern is to ensure that the vehicles han· die perfectly... the graphics and ani· " mations are already looking

very impressive.


O_ltltbvloullltllllllalllmprew"par1ofHanlcore 4l4!lt lIut I, t~11 I.ny ,.I'IIOR) I1 t~1 way tbt 1111 fO.I"- wlllll drtn "~Iclll I"lIIel ta till.",,.. 1......1• • bll') . o"..UI of.JOlll" 11'IIC~"lIItlll ... tlc.IlYClIc.I.IICI.utrdlllltlre.I~ ..

_ 2_0



qUlckdeclslons,1boutge,1rSllndallth,11 sluff Th,1t's not to say that Holrdcore4X4 IS Iolck,ng Inthfllls The game stIli r~~s olround rolclng agaInst f.veother competitors. barging eolch other out of the w1lY In the pursUIt of VIctOry Toaccentuatethereahsm,Gremhnholvemcludedalloflhetradilionollhilla,dsinYOlvedmlhlsklnd of motoring You could bc stuck In the mud wIth your whttls spinning furiously to no avaIl. or trolvelllng perilously along the ridge ofa chff,or maybc trying 10 stop skidding out ofconlrol In the snow The knack comes in finding your way out of such tJaps,1S speedl. lyasposslble.Forthemoree~peflenceddflverthere

are opportunilieson each of the tracks to take short cuts, prOVided you can handle the rougher IInd riskIer terrain you'll bc travelhng OYer Hardcore 4X4 is stIli qUlle eolrly In development at the moment, the programmerS working on the Saturn and PlayStallOn verSIOns Slmuluneously GremlIn's mol,n concern IS 10 ensure the vehIcles hllndleperfectly thegrapOlcsandllnlmlltlonarealrndy looking very ImpressIve Naturally, we-II keep you informed of developments In future Issues


SpurninglhisconsefV.;ItlYtilttltudetomotOfing. Gremlin's HardeDlt 4X4 SttS the player cllmbmg inside an iJlI-teniJlnvehkle toUke on. well. illI Itr· falns as it happens That means snowy mount.un


aroundolvolcanlC rockfolce. oomplete WIth flowmg moltenlolvol AS,1 resulttheemph,1SIS IS not so much

11:11 jl IfAIlf.'A I::






... ,~· i

.:" ..






stns,.._Idu."lIowtKracewl. P"'OIJ'tN ud ..., MZ"'''''.~ flct.

KEEP ON TRUCKfNG H;lr(kore 4X4 fC'iltures .. toul of shl different .J1I·terraln vehicles, fOxh of which

hOls iI 'home' course where it's best suited and at an advilnt.Jge t:1Vef the other filcers. At the moment there are fivoe off·road motors to choose from and the " ..mes they're ur'lder might welt be changed (becausc some of them sound a bit naff to be hon6t) but here they are·



~. •

~ Stomper.l~ _

,..,........ ... "r r:



.. ....,.,;


. ".. ~. .~, . . :».:. . ....

onshlp. The rKM .. re split Into

As ,.. MI&Irl haqhN, till trIoct ..Itct ICAN




. ~~

~11 v. ....--

. pIetlIoni.rI•.n.NtrtllJ' ....... l'IIclq KtIMMlT'lHdsUllltlJltlol ....u.T\IIIs . , ..... ttIM • .., _ _ _ .

H.J,dCOte4X4feiltllrestheusu .. ' rangtoofr.tcingOpltansfromprK-






threeclilsseswhkhilrelhlsedon engmC' size. TM' lilfgC'r the engine the more ,mpresslve the C.Jr, but

that alsomuns they are tougher to hoindle, Just hketherul thing. thew off-road vehicles aren" lnde· stflJct,bleme<lnlngeYef)'Cr.IIshwiII tilke its toll on the Cilrs perfOl'-



game. Inbd. 5igmund Freud would probably hillve had to set up h is

These torturous layouts are populated with numerous mechanical enemies, from gunpost things to low·flying helicopter " things, via various ground· hugging tank things. Tunnel 81 follows in the new





SiIIlurn and monllor In the lollet to ~ill n illlysl!" it property, iIInd halll! (omeout with a shaky leg. Thai ', beCiluse, ;u the title suggests, this lame Is all ilbout tunnels, ont of SillY's prrouupttaUVI! (on· uph. Sad ly, his metaphor,c theory of tunnels (or drumt", abou t them, anyway) Is too shockl"1 to be det ailed In a family m illgn ine, but nrl!dlessto siII)' he 'dbe sug8e stlngthewhol eofN eon buy a one-way lickel to the funniest fa rm th ey could find . Anyway, luckily for OUt German prog,ammer frlendsmoslofoldSlg'swonde.fullde.uhavl! si nce been discredited bycltve.people, so Wt c;an preview thel,.,1me without lII!course to their In ne. fru str.. Uons.



Ihancomputeroppo· nentsWe'renotentire·

tysurewhalthereilson for Ihls IS, but you Ciln bet that ilS usuill those wllyproduccrswlllhilYe iI dang good explan .. · tionfo, it The idu is

thalyou',etrapped lna varietyofdlmly· litsub·

te"ilneansewerage·typecaverns These tortulou5 Iily<luts are populated wIth numerous mechanical

enemIes, from gunpost things to low-flying heh. copIer Ihtn8S, ViOl v;IfIOusB,ound·hu&8'"S lank thonss Perhilps not surp,ls,"s'y theydon'\ wint to be your fmonds So much so thit th~'~ ilso f'rect f'd hugf' rOidblocks of b.urlf'rs ind f'xploding 011 tinkS. indth~·vf'Sf'ilf'doffilll)'Qurf'SCilPfOroutf'S Thf'onlywilytog~tpilstyournf'w-foundf'nf'mlf'S

is to blilstyour wily put fortunillf'IYiltimannf'rof hf'avy-duty wuponry IS up for grabs If you ta~f' thf' limf' 10 look i1round You kict off Ihf' gamf' wIth justthf'mf'aslyrf'gulatlon machinf' guns. as usual How comf' no-onf' In thf'Sf' gamf'S eve. thinks 10 f'qulpyour~hicleproperlyIThf'rf'youillf'.slttlng

Inahlgh-teehflOiltlngi!tilckeilrwlthaltthese empty weipons mountIng ill! over thl!' shop. and



WIpEout and Cybe. Speedw",y have a!,nd), hOld

launchf'r on you, nosel Oc:r th~ hf'et ilS, No. you'~ got toforagl!' th,ough ilbilndoned enemysupplres hopIng th~'~ got something 10 fit Wf'II, nice

theu c'ilck at the Salurn and both of them dehv-

_ _2_2

that'salllean say Anyway, this isn't theonlyilreawhele Tunnel 81 depilrts f,om theuSUil l SUPfOrfasthov· ere.,fil, e, YourgOill milybetoruchtheexlt of the level, but this isn'tneeessillilythe f'ndEilchstagl!'isa milze of pipes sprawling in each direction, and t hl!' ~ x it could b~ ilny· wh~r~ luckily thl!' onf' t hing you do hav~ o f any use in YOUI car is a compll!'tf' map of ev~ry I~vel. Simply pressing iI button pulls upthe wirtfrilme blue· prints, allOWIng you to wort out where to go nf'xt It Isn't ilS SImple ilS poInting your front end at t he wily out and hittIng the ilcceleriltor.though,asvariOus doors need unlockll'lg, command centres wilnt destrOying and so forth We hilve to silY that Neon have obviously b«n hard it wor k gl!'ttlng Tunnf'1 to look as good possibleThegrilphicsarealrudyilmazlng,andthere's stili tidying up to be done on the Irght lng and explosions From w hal we've seen it looks Jus t il S good as the PlayStatlon version 8u l we all know that In the end it illt comes down tothe playilbllrty, i1nd on thilt score we have t o remilin on the fence Ther~ ar~ Sllll stacks of bugs If'ft In Tunn~1 ilnd Ihf' controlsilleilliulentheilwkwil,dslde So you'll Just hil~ to Willt until nexl month when we gl~ thegilmeou,fullundivldedrtvlewingiuention




Ish are nothlns but trouble. Ifyou 'fe


the Queen mum. AIi those little

bones, y'sn . For the ftst of though , our plsclne pa ls are nolhlng to bt frlghtened of. Unleu),ou'reoneof thosemaddlvendown lnabathy'

sphere amonBs! all the sury·lookln. weird deep sea fish In the pitch blICkneu. I'd be cack lna my pants.llt

that little prospect. Anyway, the point Is that fish hilve done little to terrorise mankind slnct we (,..wl~ from their domain. In bet, other thiln O(ca-

sionallyluvlnSI'tyblts lntheirfingefs, fishh;Jve ~n remubbly good to us. A lot bntef than, lily, uocodilH. Or spldefJ. I hatespldef5.

The sca/y hordes are back for another pop at the Earth tr0phy. Obviously thei' my fish memories

can'trecaltheygotblown~ " lasttime.




'. - / "l( ,: " I

I I,'


1lIi11 . .....

ca lled in


from anot her planet. Of


familiar with this scenilrlo. ilS it's illr~ildy hap~ned onc~inth~lilstDilrlustillefortheSaturn_8utyou

can't keep a good fish down. ilnd it would ap~ilr thilt th~ ~aly hordes are bilck for ilnoth~r pop at th~ Eilrth trophy Obviously their tiny fish m~morles can't r~all they got blown up Iilst tim~ And so it Is that you. th~ lastlineofhrthhngdrlenceagainstth~thingsthat

swim(intheairj.arechargedWllhmilnkind·sfuture Again You know. ft"d be nice to see a slightly different plot 10 this ah~n milss destruction some1ime Ci ...... n




. ~. . . '



-.... .::


TIII'.'p aJloWI",to ""bP,

~. ::



cIIooII",r l'Olt.tllrolp IM ..... LIkIOwth ••


on hrth, wouldn't it be bene' to ha ...... a game where survIVing members of an anack fOfce sent to blow up an extrateffestrial racel You could have war iltrOClty bonus levels and everything So. flghtthere's Ihese big robot fish coking down on yo' ass - again - ilnd you' ...... got to fly through num~rous sldeways.~romng shoot,nglevels todef~al th~m. So what ~Ise is newl W~II. tilklng its cue from the many clever polygon games on the milr· ket ilt the moment. Darius 2 illlows th~ player to change the vitw. Not by alterin g th~ cameril ilngle iIS such,but by zooming Into ilnd out of the ac1 lon. Want

you'r~ th~ only

toplayaon~-inch tallshoot'emupwilhsi)(inc h bor­

Well all this Is about tocha"gt. and we don't mean tha t spiders will suddenly become nice and buy us presents. It means t he fish ilfe MAD,ilnd they'ye


d~rsatthetopand bonom a nd tlnys prltesyoucan

(UOV() T11I I'lllIInryclou-Ip'tIIW,Mmryllll.. 1ookI llud ilia. IIELOWj En ryl.l.. 11 dud bl& IMIl flf lQY.

hardly seel No probl~m. How about a mode so clos~­ up you can barely see anythin g else on screen a pa rt from your ship/ Pie<e of cake. How about a ca r~fully graded selection of vi~ws inbetween fOf proper ga m~­ plilyrEL.~II.wililandseeMaybe.

Darius has been programmed by Taito. the ~m~ tykes rrsponSlbIe for the Ofiginill Silturn Dilflus. so whilt

they don't know ilbout robotic fish warfare aln't worth kl'lOYllngwhllst asold-f;lShionedasWerthefsOrlginals rthilstobe~tdthiltthelilstinstil lmentWilsprettyjolly,

so ilS'St reaSOrlableth,ngsareo:pected of thiS update. As we're iI/ways bound to say ~ thiS pomt In iI PreYIeW.we'll kcepyou posted in a future issue.

Th~ Sat urn Is famed for its sprite hilnd li ng ca pilbi lit ies. We ll. perha ps not eXilctly filmed, but c~rtil ln ly mildly well known_Darius 2 il ims 10 make the most of the awesome 20 ilb lht ies of the king of a ll hom~ consoles- so it's being re leased for the PlilyStillion. NO, notreillly, thilt's j ustour l inl~Joke. Pleil$e don't writ~ In ~bout it . LDok. whill ~'re on about is Oarius ' eKClusi ...... ~a llng abl llt l~s. Pressi ng ~ither of the top two bunons zooms the screen towafds or away from the player. allowing you 10 get close- up for more iI(CUrilte s hOOl l ngOffurlh~rawily lf t hefe'sloadsofstuffflyl ngaroundyou want to avoid. HiI ...... a gander ilt Ihe ~reenshols 10 see what wt: m~an. The furthest left shot shows the far away vitw. and the furthest right th~ clos~st poss ibl~ view.

~ SEG ..o. SATU[,:(N




nyone who got our fint demo din




g;amewilsiverytlick,hlghlyaddlctlw affair-It h,ld iI limited reluJe

oiler here, but It Wili huge In the States ilnd deservedly so. In fact, it w;u so su((enful that Seg.. of America Imml!'dlately commissioned a

."- " I



!jef '

--'~ -

",,'" p r



Thethingwl lh Baseball is,ofcoUfSt,thatJusl about every console reproduction of It Is nigh-on iden

tlCal loall of the others. You get the same 3D viewpoinh. the same control method. All that seems to

' 8Pal~"o

rh.ll.. ",ltc~ .. lo


part oft'"


A,arI.ty ofdill'.,lnl Itldil. 11'1 IVlllabl1 10 CIloGM froltl.

distinguish it is t he different options_This new version

follows the same formula, but the opt ions are



mingsa remostimpressllft'

This new version follows the same formula, but the options are superb and the trimmings " most are impressive.


You get a nice choice of sladia to run about on. you get somee~cel l ent 3Dte~tured visuals. You evengetsomee~cellentchangesofweathe r to

savour, along with night and day play Marvellous stuff. In addition, Ihesound Is superb too. The inevitable commentary males its presence felt only this time you get an announcer to (who frequently interruplsthe commenlary·two people speaking at once is a firsl for IheSaturnj The game is nigh·oncomplete and could even be in t he shops by the lime you read this. We'll have a fullrevlewlnthene~tfineedil i onofSegaSaturn

Maga zine If you dose ell before Ihe review, we'll saylhat il is quite possibly Ihe best baseball simu· latloneve'made·infact,it sonlylimitationsliein the sport itself and how it can be lepresented on console

OftCI t~rl' ·OUI'· ~a" bHR called, till play. II'IIWI.P rrom battlnl tG pllc~I"'11III vlea· "r'II.l,thl plclul'llbonllOrtllflltowl.


F.omlhe ve rydawnoftime, videogame.e presen tatio ns ofbaseball have see med e)Cjremely simila r Indeed, The same viewpoints, the same conuol method, th e same everyth ing, So in what way is th is offe ring new? Well , the lD·ness of it all is most impre ss ive, as is the pla~r animations, Also, the control method is significantly more advanced and e asie r 10 get the hangof, You also benefit from some "freak" occurre ru:es such as the bal! striking th e battc r on the he ad . knock ing him unconscious l


••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• £T8C

Alien TrllOIlY •••••••••.••••••••••••••.•••••.••••••••••••.••••••••••• £39.99 Athl.t. Klnll' ..................................................... £32 .99 Baku. Baku, Anlmol ....•.....•.....••......•.... £26.99 80HI. ~nG Toshlnden .......... £33.49

.IQck" ,.......... ............................... Slam I Machine H ead

••.... £35.99 •••••••••• £36 .99

Bubble Bobble PGck:2 .......•.....•.....•......•......•..... £34.99 BUI' a Move:2 ......•.....•.....•.....••.....••..... £25.99 Cloc.kworil. Kn lght:2 ....•......•...... £31 .99 Crvloder No Remorse ..••.....•••..... £3S.99 Down Of Do .... "." ....•......•...... £33.99 D•• tru(1I0n DeriJy ........ .. .• £32:.99 DI. Hord Trilogy ................................................ £35.99 DI_orld ........................................................... £32:.99 Doom .................................................................... £TBA Euro 96 .............................................................. £42:.99 bhum. d ....... . £33.99 FIFA Socc.r 96 .................................................... £2:4.99 Gh.n War ............................................................. £TBC Gold.n Axe Th. Du. 1 .£33.49 Guord lo n H• ..-. ............................................... £33.49 Gun GrlHln ........................................................ £32:.99 Heart Of Darkn........... .. ..... £TBC H. . .n ................... £TBA In Th. Hunl .......................................................... £TBC



Modd.n NFL ' 97 ....... £35.99 Magic CClrpet...... .. ..... £34.49 Mortol Kombot 3 ............................................... £32.99 NBA Action ......................................................... £33.99 Need For Spe. d .... • .... £34.99

NFL Quart. rbock Club 97 ........... £TBC NH L 97 Ic. Hock • ., ............................................ £35.99

~::~:: :::~03u~ iodp;;d


...................................::: ~;:: :: ::::::g~:::

............................ Olympic Gom............. . ......................... £34.99 Olymp ic Socc.r .................................................. £ 34.99 Ponzer Drogoon 2: ............................................ £36.99

:~':';lln~Yt·ih;··W;·bb::: .............................. ::::::£3~~:~ Roymon ............................ .. ........................ £35.99 RIM 2 Th. R•• urredlon ... .. ....... £35.99 Rood Ro.h .......................................................... £34.99 Seo BO" f l.h ing ................................................... £TBA

~f.::nRgOUli;·;i;;;;, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~;~:::

Shod<wov. ~.o ult ..... £35.99 Spoce Hulk ......................................................... £34.99 ~:d~,Oa::.~~~.~:: .............................................. :: ~~~ : :: The Legend of Thor ........................................... £32.99 Theme Pork ........ .. ................................. £35.99 Thund. rt.owk 2 .. ..£36.99 True Plnboll ....................................................... £34.99 Tunnel Bl ............................................................ £34.99 Voloro Valle., GoK ... ........ £36.99 Vldo.., Boxing .............. £34.99 Vi per ............................. .............. £34.99 Vlrtuo Cop (Gom. Only) ........... £36.99 Vlrtuol GoK ........................................................... £TBC Wing Ann. .. ........................................ £36.99 Wrestle manlo ..................................................... £35.50



tends to revolve a,ound ilbloke sportingapOlirofwhlteglovl's,wilvlnghis

hands ilbout like so me kind of cheesy ilcld rilveusua lty. But there's far more to it Ihan thilt, as Chue H.Q. a nd il's illustrious seq uel S.c.1. (Special Criminal Invl'sligation) will testify. Much of the time, the upsbndingfolksinthispublkse rvicehilYethe rl'sponsibility of chasing down the dirtycrims wilh Ihehelpofsomeveryfaslilndsu路yc 'lrs. Bolh (ha$1' HQ and S.CI.


induded in this

bumper double pack,jommgthe likes ofSega Ages and Irem Arcade ClassIcs as a CD With more than one gameoni! TheSherlockHolmesoontingentcan

probably realise why as well


yep. what we're looking

at l1ereis another retrostyle assault on the Saturn, thlstimefromlalto

Both Chase H.Q. and S.CJ. 81'8 included in this bumper double pack,joining the likes of 50ga Ages and "

Oflgmally, both these games were popular at thearcade,Cfeatmgabitofacultfollowingmlhelf time, ~nd both of them sh~re ch~r~cteflstics With Sega's much adored Outrun. The difference is of coufsethat rather than ,aclng fo, the hell of 11. the,e's a suspect whose tall you're on. Once you ca\ch up With them, bargmg trucks ~nd cars out of the w~y ~s you go, It'S the Simple task oframmins thelf perpe路 tratlng ~ss off the road ~nd throwmg the cuffs on Inthesequel,SCI.,thmgsgetabltmoreel~bo颅 f~le

with more enemies and the chance 10 make use


Essentially though, both titles follow the same idea, With lots of wmdy courses Ihrough the City and Ihe country,andplentyofothe.carstononchalantly barge off the road At the moment. Chase H.Q. is only available on Import,andsubsequentlyprettye~penslveHowever,

the chances are It'sgomglogetan offiCial release Butwhalever happenS,we'lI be reviewmg It next month

:. .



Ij .~

_ >- ~ ,




~; -


G '




~ SEG.~ SATUf.(N

~~oJ~ U'= ~~1~~ ~~ 5T- :1:

. Ves, wt' know what you're thinking -thlsloohllkeafilrcryfroma)2 bit game, which In terms of the Saturn means It hastogounder the offlcial title of'retro', But reho fromwhereexilctly1 If you' re a long time ilrcilde fan you could ilnswer this one becilUse both Chase H.Q, and Its sequel. S.C.I. appeilredon coin-op. Those of you who at one timelnyourunfortuniltellves owned a Milster System could also point out that SCt turned up here ilswt'II. You'Uillsobefilmlharwlth









:.--._. "

~.-T:;" __ ;z--,?"







" "

\ :~

"". ~ .~ -.,-~!.:..;;~~

I -,







:W;·i·:·· ..~~~

.______- " " .~



Coming as iI bumper double pack w,th both tucked onto its shiny disc surface. you probably be wanting to know what's d,fferent abo ut each game The sequel's main Improvement Is that now you go bombing about the strms with a buddy who pops up from your top-down convertible (eIther that or he ruptures h,s skull geUlng through the roof) to shoot ilt the escaping cr,ms. This Involves a crOSS·halr which flashes red when you're on target . The sequel also has more In the way of action. w,th henchmen on motorbikes doingthelrdamndesttoobstructyourpUfSult


H nM!;


M'~o>c ~



nu~ Fn~ T nUOID

TO eelNrio /





hen m30nfi,st OlScendtdIntolhehuv-


~ ~T












.. ______

Ing like R rpents through the nervous system, milky

Th~playerstartsoffbyfacinga reallyeasyoppo, nentlike Krosh,a slow and cumbersome andro,d. Sut Essentially, Grid Runnerisa mixture of tag and run outs,prOVingthatalientypestheun,verseoverspent th eir format,veyears in the playground. Players run around th e grids lookmgfor flags, The first player to any flag changes it to their colour and is In control,

ways weilYing through e~f)' stra nd of DNA? Would


he be g.eeted byilltien life1


Asit turned out it was none of these. but that shouldn't stop us from letting our imagin ations roam excitedly into space. Virgin's Grid l1unner sees it like


enS,u,fted In the he ,olc shape ofVuri Gagarin, he had little Ide;lofwhatlo uped . Would he see God sbring bilckbtiohlnd 01 blanket ofit,lrs1 Might

the uniwrse dissolve, the planets coil·

thiS: when Eilrthlings have reached the state ofdevel-

As they move victoriously on to further games their opponents get faster and more cunning, as do the gric!s on which the bat· " takes place. Ue


opment where going into space is tike a trip to the local newsagents. they pass the time with fellow sp'lCttravellers playing a dangl!rousgame involving grids, guns, a rang~ of pow~r,ups and some childhood noo;talgia,

flags passes on to the other player and their opponent now has to try and tag after them. It might sound complicatedbutit'squitelrterallychild'splay-wfthguns and magic of course, Thevictorofa match is the player whocollectstherequirednumberofflags Agame like this can go on for hours if you've got two well matched competitOfs, entailing some feally

(A1Jooi.)ThIs.IIot"tak.~fl'OfIItlle"I'J.llborlt.lIIIIplfClIe­ dtllcl.t"'HlI~··c.·OIllI'propIIlIlIIl .....plt...

TllEGRI) A game wouldn't be called Grid Runnef unless it had a few grids in It now would It, These grids hav-e some pfetty strange el~m~nh to th~m mind, To begin with there are arrows which, when a grid runnermovesoverthem,sendthems~ingin thedirect;onth~afepolntlng,(ompetftorscan

iillso use thei r miilgic tocreiilte block bridgeswhkh giv-ethemaccesstomoreflags,


istics of each gfid, You'll also need a pfettygood sense ofdlrectiontofem~mberwhefeparticularflagsare

and Iheeasiest routes to them , Gfld l1unnef is shaping up into a pfetty fast and eKCltm g game. Obviously w~ haven't given it th~ full Saturn Mag work out yet which involves lotsofstren· UOUShoufsstafingbeadyeyedatthescfeen,butby n~xt month w~'1I have this one tucked away in our review bag

...... lIber •• rttlwl.. ll't.utllqactUk. tn.,. W)'Oll ll't.ttlfllPUIII to 10 1I tilt opjICI-



"."'f("D"': ~ p,nM"





• ,., -

T .. , .... 'O .. "MO

:;::~~::o,o'" "1

'k; ~




TIE . . . . . You'll notice on the SCIftfl shots tQt t~ oIte red. gteen .. nd bfue sphetes dDt· ted iJbo1.It the pixe. You'll w.nt to PICk up is ~ny oftheWas poss4Me. beQuIe

they ImpJO\o1!)'OUr molglc. speed and Tht~ .lIfe ..15o hour

..gUity ~pect~1y


with five seconds of 01 bonUJ round where more mil8!C. speed and as111ty power'ups arc on offet MalnUiin'ng 01 dec;enl bund,," of theW pick-ups is ~sential to m~ch the opponents you'll fKt on the lOiter N~



- ------.

-J "




=-- ,

- -.:.----\ \

I -- ~D\ '-


l · !~" '···



. .

H"<;« ~



"" ...


.' •




. .


_IPIJIIIOU.att4!VNI'1I •••.,wllo'OIIIlult 1a11l'1rR1'I. 10.11 rvulMhSh'lJOlltllldaac.. btllldlp)'OIIrponr- IPI.


., you can InIJ a new SHlS tic fall..., than £:as _'U pan yoIU ad41", Qn tQ MJ Jadtson, ancl he'll.:ome over ancl buy you one. the way, if you're UybI, to M.,. mone" clQn't bUJ JOW" lam" off that clocI" bloke in the pub. He', no roocl..

HHLO SSM, Congrab on a top ma8 and all th~t. A f~ tips for us Brits who own the best con§ote on the market. To get a sll8htty faster 8ame ofVF2 first ptaya 8ame on stow mode then switch b~ck. not a gre~t difference I know, but it's there. Nelct instead of complainin8 about PAL TV borders do somethin8 about It. This 15 easily done.




bo~rd separ~te


from the main workin8S (usually





screen-alternatively 8et a blokein. ttt~kes~bouttwo thatsegashouldadvertiseVFlonthetelly,alongslde ThIS IS P~Qler Dr~goon i.el SOnleone musl ha.e men mlnules and shouldn'tcosl more than a flver bul I'm Rally, P~nzer Zwel ~nd other top notch S~turn 8ames. I honed ,I In 1helr leller lor 1110 b~ here bul I m nol ,ure have two mates who are contemplating buying a not sure ~§ I did it myself. Do not ~ttempt thi§ if you .ho Well done ~n,.", .honer ,ou ue v~lueyour life. electricity hurts children's fln8efs and superconsole~ndthey keepmentioningthebloomin' m~kes your willy shrink. TVs h~ve capidtors in them PlayStation. Thethin8 is Sony's ads have brainwashed people, even though I know and Sega know what ace Satu rn 8ames are out on to store power so are elct.emely dan8erous even when unplu88ed). Saturn,andthebestlsyettocomellcan'tunderst~ndwhySegahaven'tdone Phew, after that disclaimer I'm off. Please feel free to amend this lette. as I'm ins~neanddon'tw~ntanytrouble more telly ads. Surely for a sm~1I investment (for Sega anyw~y) they know they LordLiQmDQ/y,CfOJJhillJ, Vorb. could reallylurn thin8s around. Imagine a really top notch telly ad sh owinglhe Saturn's power and quality of sega-only games. And of cou rse mentioning S~turn will get mo§1 of the PS gam6 also, it would really blow peoples' minds. Come on .I'.::;. Why w..t. YOW" monlty on .IHpill, pm. whltn Uam hltrlt ha. '¥1 found a nu-fin way of Irllllng yO\U1lltlf for nowt? Be wuned, OIU Sega-8oforitflIICanyouatSSMinfluencethemllt'§uthou8h frail chWM - the h\Utlan bocIy is famo", for iu lad< of r"utantlt to UK gamers aren't as Important ~s, s~y, Japanese where S~turn many for.:" of naturlt. ElKtrldty u onlt of thltllt. Get a bloklt ill to Istopd08,butwe are. We love our machines and want It to fiddle with)'OIU KrItWS if you mlUt, but rltmem~r you'llIDllt about succeedl Come on Sega, turn us on, ~nd a f~ other 10" of yoUI' normal TV picture to fill YOIU s.tum Kreen. bli8hterswith£lootoblowl Cheers. Rob Woodhousr, Be/per, aerbYJhlre

THIY'Ll TAXI YOU 'OR BVlRY PINNY HELlOSSM, Prices! .... Everybody keeps moaning ~bout prices. Ultra 64 g"m6 from £60. Saturn and PlaySbtlon gam6 from £50, even Toy Slory on the SNES coslsa fortune,yesl NO, if you have money to burn buying from high street retailers then more fool you, the Ob<ons and Boutiques of this wo.ld will bkeyou for every pen ny you have "nd you deserve it. Surely my town Is not the only one with a market ~nd stor6 that seU se<ond·h~nd ~nd new titles at 8reatly reduced prices. I recently bou8ht P~nzer

~;~!:'r: ~~ !~t~e~:~e":~:~~:~krU~f:~ :~:~:~~~h::eO~~:~:~~~~d with them, or know of anyone who has. Also, if you get fed up with It,fo'" couple of quid you can swap it for another one ~t the same price. that's ~ b~'gain in my book The message is simple, if you don't like what they charge then don 'tshop there. If enou8h people give these shops the cold shoulder maybe they will even drop their prices. Cheers. v Jocho", Bircotr J, Doncoster. PS Round our end you t~n pick up ~ SNES with Mario K~rt ~nd two p~ds for £25, I reckon th~t's Ihe che~pest Inlhe country. Prove me wrong ~nd I'll buy you a pint.




• a I:Dmpany ha. to ~ .lUe thlt campatp will at lltut make thltm their mone, bad<, It'. a profit-type , '.H. Mind ,ou, that', wh, Atad never advertised, and look ~ what happenltd to thltm. Hurry, SIt,a' HWTJI




TO ALL THE lOVELY PEOPLE OF SSM, Oil listen to me, 'cause I h~ve Just come up with 3nothe. exclusive ide"followingtheConsoleB~beoftheYearcompetitlon(whlchyou

rudely titled ~ I Have Never Seen a Girl~ in issue 10) . Dur~lisnotjustthereforthes~keofbein8In ag"me. She be In ~ "Dress Up Dur~l ~ competition. Personally, I think she would suit a S<ottish kitt and a blue T-shirt with a picture of Winnie the Pooh. But you could get the whole of Brit~ln (Irel~nd as well) to dr~w and send in "My Kind of Clothes I Think Dur~1 Would Fit ". Whatdoyouthinkl Ithink it'S the SecDnd best idea in t he world. followin8 the Babe of the Ye~r competition. See you old chumsofSSM


ECPe"9 uin,Nlrr/Qnd.

~ ~=~~~~:~:::n~.: !~:·~oc;,n;,~

on SSM to whoever come. up with the best idea for dre..inl Dlual We want picture., mindour im.gination. aren't wh.t they uled to be u..nb to all thil pla:r1ng of gamH. By the w.y Ee, you might be interested in the next wtfortun.te miuive ...

I TOO HAVE NBYER SIIN A GIRl. DEARSSM, t must agree with EC Penlluin from N Ireland In issue 10. lagreewithhisgreatideaofhavlngaConsoleBabe of Ihe Yea •. The only thing I don't all.eewith is Sarah of Virtu a Fighter. I know she Is nice but not as nice as Chun-Li of Street Fighte.Alpha. Thlnkofherasthe mega babe of th e gilme 10 be. Consider the gauntlet to be thrown down.Whoeve. chal· lengesChun-Licomefo.ward. Mega Chun·L/ Fan, No QddreJf,

., :~~:;:~~~-:!~=~::~:~;:I:t

from out of Tomb Raider, She 'I lovely,

WI DID THIS THUI TIMJIS IN ONI WlIK OEARSSM, I havt!' thought lonll and hard about this, and havt!' comt!' totht!' conclus ion to drop you a lint!' or two. Firstly, I too have had st!'vcral differt!'nt computt!'r gamt!'s machint!'sand alsobt!'Iit!'Vt!' in moving with tht!' times I had tht!' SNES and 30 games - quitt!' a numbt!'rl At least I think so. And I decided to upgradt!' to tht!' nt!'d computt!'r I liked. Evt!'rybody was saying "PlaySta tion " but I decidt!'d to go my own way and get the Saturn, with no rt!'g.t!'tS,t!'xct!'ptIhaditforunderawcekwht!'nltdt!'cldedtobuggt!'fup.OrSolht!'shopwht!'rt!'1 boullht it and two other stores thought tht!' same. Tht!' answt!'r was "Wc will t!' ~change tht!' Saturn no p.ob.". Wt!' did this thrt!'t!' tlmt!'s In ont!' wt!'t!'k (a lot of muckIng about). Finally t took the Saturn gamt!' wh ich plOlyed up into tht!' shop wht!'rt!' I got tht!' Saturn. No p.oblt!'m with Iht!' game, was the ~nswer. Until ..... e rt!'alised that my Saturn is PALandtheonein tht!'shop is imported,with an in-built co nvcrtor. Tht!' game had a faull in itand noshopht!'rt!'knt!'wabout Itt!'xct!'pt St!'ga Sa turn In Brisbant!'. A lot ofur'lr'lt!'ct!'ssary runn ing <lround I t!'nded up ringinll Sega in Sydnt!'y and sortt!'d itoutwitha nlct!' lady n amt!'d Mlcht!'lIeBt!'11. Dt!'Spitt!' all of this stuffing around I am slill a proud own t!'rof aScga Saturn. Thankyoufo.takingtht!'timetorud my letter, and maybe you could prin tit asathankyoutoSegOlinSydnt!'y.EspeclallyabigthankyouloMlch<!lI<!Bt!'lIwho took the timt!' and effort to settlt!' this untortunatt!' h~sslt!'.1 also hope th~t Myst will have tht!' fault fi~ed and rudy to st!'1I a copy which works Al. Thanklngyoukindly, Martn;o LimbQch, Sf/Jblme, Quecm/Qnd, AUJtrQ/io. PS Is tht!'rt!' any way that wc can haVl!' this IIrt!'a! mag in tht!' umt!' month It

arcade ~nd spending ~ week's pocket money in less than ~n hour. B~ck in the mid·80s computers (compared to tod~y's machines) were pretty b~sic . I owned a C64 and conversions of th ese arcade classics weren't very good. This is where the Saluffl comes in. Thism~chinehasfarmorecapabilitiesandconverslonsontOlhe Satuffl arc mindblowinllln comparison. Jusl look at VF2 and Sella Rally. You at SSM are our mouthpiece and we need you to pressuriseSega Int0 getting these lIames released. I understand OuUun and Afterbuffler arc being released in Japan, so why arc wc being left outl People who don't remember these lIames probably th ink who cares if we have these games or 1'101, bUI without Ihe likes of OutRun wc wouldn't have Sega Rally, lalsothlnklhatOuUun is probably the only game thal canser iouslychilllenge the likesofSegaRillly,OaytonaandWipeoutl Mink AndrewJ, stoufbfldge, W M ldJ,

==:~:::~~:~:er ~:c~~!l;:':;!,::'::~d

.. Piu. Hem Ht on upd.tin,lo.dl of their f.vourlte old lamcl. I'd love to lee new vcnionl of duff like ESWAT and Alien Syndrome and all the othulamH I uled to like b a ck when ate.del were hiVH of ,lue·. nifHnl my mum would never let me 10 in.


WILl. LOOK WHO'S BACK DEAR SEC;A MAC;, Well look who's back. Mel For the first time In years I'll get right 10 the point. Many years ago, when lIames were basicillly linear leftto-.ight pliltformers,l wilndered in to Oixons to sce why iI crowd had gathered around the scret!'ns. What I saw was the most amazing game I'd t!'vcr scen up till tht!'n. Tht!' speed was unbelicvilble, the graphics too good to believelhe musicwils unique and creilted some of the best atmosphere ever, yet to be cqualled in myoplni on. Yes, it was Sonic. And when I plilyt!'d it, I WilS complt!'tcly unprepilred for such fret!'dom of movcmentilnd feeling of involvement . Basicillly, it was tOlally origi nillandtht!' st!'quels didn't t!'Vt!'n milnilge to rt!'crt!'att!' he iltmosphere that theorig InillSonic gave_ Now, in '96,lt st!'t!'med ~sthough such a huge It!'ap forward In originality and shcer innovative thlnkinll would ncver happen allain, as t!'veryalley had be enthoroughlyuplort!'d. Well trust tht!'Sonic Team to blow away the!'s againllt looh like we're in for somt!'thing that is as filr advanced ovt!'. cu nt!'nt gamt!'s ilS tht!' first Sonic gamt!' was OVt!'r th<! eSWATs and Attt!'red Bt!'asts of yt!'stt!'ryear. I'm talking about NiGHTS, and I'm looking forw~rd to tht!' biggest stt!'p forward Ihat wt!"vt!' st!'t!'n in years. Totalfrceclom of flight over the entire lIamel tt'ssomt!'thi ngl've wondered about for years, welt bt!'fore tht!' Megadrive was cvt!'n thought 0f,and something that has neVt!'rbeen ust!'d to full t!'ffect bt!'fort!'.. For most peoplt!',n 0 gamt!' has dt!'livert!'d as much impact as tnt!' first timt!' tht!'y playt!'d Sonic. Thost!' who remember burning Ihrough tht!'lr first loop at full speed will know what I mt!'an. I think NiGHTS m~y actua lly bring back that unlqut!' atmosphere, and if It d~s then no-onc will bt!' able to compart!'. It's tht!' stuff dreams art!' m~de of! Sayonafil,Kodomo! Paul JohnJon, My p,t!'J/dt!'ntlal Palace, SIit!'gneJJ.

~ :::~:;~;~:~::;c~:: ~:~:~:~~;~ ~~i~~ :o~~! ':;\0 have. dream, eh?


~ So, you bou,ht an import ' .... e and it dJd· ~ n'l wozk on youz offidal.ynem, 11 that what you'rl! ..yinll And you took your s.turn five tim.. kc:..... of thatl And. the MOl" .dually went alonl with that? BUrney, whal . . ., • . 11', almost like on. of thon lO.p operu youz culture 11 10 expert.t producing. Still, beinllOft.heuted (and he.ded) we're printinl youz letter 10 you can cut it Ollt and Hnd It to Micbelle Bell with _love poem. If ' he', that Nee I think you Mould many hltr,

I WAHT PIUICT OLD GAMlS DEAR SSM , Aftt!'r reading last month's arcadewir'lr'lerS pagt!'sit took me back to my youth sprinting down to Iht!' local


~ )

This page IDoks all'new and spanky. And the content has actually changed just a tad this month as well. Normally Sega's very own Mark Maslowicz does the question answering around here, but as of this month our new editDr Rich adds his own words of wisdom on questions that particularly apply to him. So what does that mean? Better, more authDratitive answers, that's what. Now be off with you and get reading. Send all queries tD GOD·lIKE GENIUS O-A, Sega Saturn Magazine, PriDry CDurt, 30·31 Farringdon Lane, LondDn ECIR 3AU. I'll lIEN PUZZLED FDR SDME TIME Du.SSM, P l e ~ ~ do you. best to


my questions, as




1.A,eTumSt reetsofRageworkfngonaSa t urnp'DJec\ il t t he moment/ 2.lsYuzo~hjfobecominginlo'Olvedw l thSaturndevel

opmenl as the Salurn'sYamana sound chip is sob"lliant, imagi ne wh at amazlIlg sounds he could producel

3. Do you have any idu what Trusure are workong on next f Of t he Satum/ 4,AreCilpc:omgoingtouseaROM·Cart(asSNKd,dfor KOF 9S) to assist Ihe Sa t urn for Marvel Super HerDeS Of is

S CVG seem pretty scept ICal about the Saturn's abiiotyto cope w, t hthe complex polygonst.uctures in Quake Whatdoyouredonl

4 Since ....... ryon"iscomplilrning aOOu t thespl lt·S(reen mode on Rally, why not have a link·upmodel S Will Alpln" Racer com" out forth"Saturnl 6. If NiGHTS iSlhe Gameoflhe YU' why dId Sega Rally and VF2 get highe ' ratingsl 7 How do you work oul Ih" scores In OUI Now) for example,JohnnyBalOoka tonesotSl" andloutofsin Oul Now, bul SF The Movi" gOI 49" and Ihr.... sta's 8Whyhasyourl"U"rSpilge t u,nedredl 9 Does NiGHTS compare 10 Mario 641 You sisler mag CVG doesn't thInk so. Does VFl compare to Te kk"n 21 Your olhe' slsl e' mag MaxImum doesn't think so, Ple .. se be honest and would you IhrnkIh"sam"if perfect trans· lallons of Tekk"n 2 .m d Maflo 64 appe ar"d on Satuml 10.00 you Ihink Ihe Saturn WIll SUrvIve Nint"ndo 64 Has thePlayStatlono,Sillurno,Nintend064soldth"mostl Oanl"ll.Jrnd".,Som"wh",,,.vll1e.

6,Fin ally, w hat frilmerateisVirtuaCop2currenllyrun·

nln g atonSaturnl Sle~nB.;ulet,Plymo ... th,O~on



the music. J. All they wtllsay Is thallt Is an action game. 4. Cap<:om haW! .ald Ihat such a system Is in the works, but won't name a title. S. You would need clevu programm~n to do 11, but Exhumed ,ho_It ,.nbe done. 8ythe way, the polygon rtructurn In Quaite are veryllmple. It's all the Ughting that sio_ everything down, 6. It's 10 frames •• econd, bul far mOre deta.iled than Cop •.




l'vehildilcoupleoflhrngspfl"' t"dinyourmag.Please

MOll LlNI·UPSTUFF Oea,SSM, Plu sep,lnl mylette'3S I haW' wnll"n Ihousands of 1,,1· 1"~ a ndnonehaW'be,,nprlnled

'. In your Arcade Winn"rs seclion you mIssed out Jurassic Par k.Virt ua Figh t"rl,Alpine Rac"r,AlpineSurf"r,Baku Ba ku Anim al, Virtua Fight"r Kids, X-Men, Virtua Sln ke" Bomberm an World, Gunb lade, 11:360, Sega Sports Fishing. SU r Wa ls a nd Wing Wal. 00 I get a pnz,,1 2. 00 you (not yu Suzuki) reckon Ihal Ihe Salurn could ha ndleVFl'[sg.aphicsnu ' lyasweliaslhearcade/ ],Whydoyou have rate alt Bulifroggames al 90"1


~:g ~:I::sh::::;! ::;'I:'~~';~=e:e

Ilow and letterboxed, th"y look oul th" ,oolesl chutt Capcom RSlO say II was a ml. take that Juggemaut (no Magneto) appeared in the Japanese vefllon .nd pretumably they rect1fled that ~ mistalr:e~. 8001 J. HOpefully before Chrlstmas. 4< Hopefully. s,Octobe, time IUId by all .ccounts It DOES !lnlr.·up OuthMatth .ctlonl 6, The venlon of the game th.t US Gold sent u' to review w u actually the Saturn version. It was. faull ofthe programmen. Just don't .Ik.boul jD Lemming ....

~ ~o:e::'~:~:~n~Ut~::~~~;I:;;:i~=::: Namco and Capcom tit let in you. lilt. 2. Obviously It won't be ar,ade pufed,bul 11 will be much closer th.l.nmostpeoplebellevepossible. ).8ec.uuthey are good., although I wouldn't gM! Hi·Octane 90" ho" is closer). 4< Indeed, why noli A new W!nlon of Rally will soon be rt:ius!!din Japan th.1 allows fo r modem pl.y, 5, No. 6. Why Indeed? All ofthem shouldh.vegot91".7. We 'llsorlth.loul shorlly.8. We ran out ofwhlte pape r, but we've found some more now so It'. whlte .g&in. ,. It·s all down to sub· Jective opinion, but fo r the record, CVG', opinion Is divided on Mario VI NIGHTS as was Maxlmum'l opinion on VJ2 venuS Tekken. Please read those magalinet mo.e carefully In future, I was the !!dltor of MaxImum and peflonally I think th.t VJ2 is far, far IUperlO., Who Invented the)O fighting .nyway eM 10. Salurn will do far mOre thlUl JUSI survive .soursoftwarellne·upforthlsChrlstmasshould prove. N64 will haW!. tough time in Ewope, but most industry anal,.ts expcd N64 to harm Sony more th.n Seg • . Curr"ntly Saturn and PlaySlation ar"about even on.worldwidebasls.

It would , e"m thal the lust fur Ooom-slyl e games like

hhumed .md. er. [lnum is ins;aliable with ylhl lot

only print Saturn shots in your mag, so how come (HOR· ROR of HORRORS) on pag" 83 of issue 10 in you, Olympic Socce' 'eview t here is cl"arly a Pl ayStation pad in on" of Iheshots) AJWebber,heter.

printth"answe~ tolh"foIlOWlngqu"stionsnot

because 1 Ir ke se"ing my nam" inthe mag but becaus" I, Ir ketho uSandsofotherSat u<ncwne,s, need to know. ,. When WIll we s"e th" fi rst pies of Oayton a ~eml~1 2. r""heard that you Ca n only aCC"SS Juggernaul a nd Magneto in the Japanese version of X-Men and notlh" UK ""rsionl How do you sel th" chea t 10 work on t h" UK "",.ionl 3·Whcnislhelrnk-upcilblecomingou!1 4 Will Manx TI Supe, bi ke support t hecilblel S When IS Doom coming out? And will it support th" link·upcablcl 6 And finally. I rcad In one of your back issues that you

II'MlFIAIO!) After readrngon" issue ofCVG Igol""l"fwoffied Ind"ed. Th" ,,, was all t h"usua l revi"ws/p 'evi"ws about t h" Salurnbulal l lhelelte rs,edllofialandstuffwasaboul th"NU64· If",,1 that w"have already lost t he console wa. here due 10 lack of ad"" rtisemcn ts. Whe n th e Nintendo 64 appea~ t h" word Sat urn WIll m"an not hin g but t h" plan"t from Ihe sun Tru",topqualily gilmes such as VF3 and Vi rt uil Cop 2 wi tl be released. buI theywontbeapprecia tedbeca useeveryoncw'lIbchyp· IngMs PacMiln 64 or T"kken III You,ssinc",,,ly(l'maf'aid} ~tEngllnd.

PS Wh"n is Doom comIng oull


.. app"arlt will haW! many problems in Ewope for numerous .e&Sonl (whlch I won'l getinlo here), Seg. wilIbe.dW!rtillngheavi1yintheiastquarlel ofthls year when .. are.t their best u is ow software. Saturn will get the bHt l oflwue _ both arcRde .... d original UUe., It'l the opposlUonthat arebeglnnlng 10 worry, nol u sl PS: There's mO re Doom Ihls month.


~;.~ ' ~ ;;r .....



s · -



.. __



VirluaCgp2. lt's blggdye.c ellent and sb.uld b•• perfect conn rsion


.. '

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wt ....




Kh"eolOllsb h"". ,,11 the fun. They definltel)' come top of the IIIIt fOf ,1"mo...rl5ed profeulons. for,et the supposedly "dlon'p"cked wortci,ofthe pollce, doc· ton, fire fi,nters, pilots "nd spies. "n)'kld with h"If"n Im".ln"Uon ,"nb to lrow up to be "n "Kh"eoloa:l,t. It's " kn_n bd - "nd It must be true beause I've seen It on the tell)' _ th"t pe0ple who dll up old thin" set themsetves Into no end of Knpes. Look at ",.:II"n" Jones. Once he's finl, 1ted pond nl ilbout iIt collele 1edurlnl studenh ...·d bot off to the Middle East for" qukk filht with some N"lis before romplnl home with one or more lelendary Blblluol "rtlhlds swlnllnlllke com from his hat. s""m Nell (not. strktlyspeaklnl."n "rchaeologl,tl ,otto run " round on an Is\"ndpursued by I I"nt re,,1 dlnouurs. Even those weird blokes In thilt stnnle "eduUltional dnma" Hrles _ had to ,"tch "I Khool found themselves at the heart of" myste ry "ftCf uncoverlnllOmI! slnn,. dnlOfl st"luette thlnlln Wiltsh ire. The Publklty ao"rd of An:haeoloJisb Anon)'molHl should be con,ntul"ted on a job _11 done.



school, Silfe in the knowledge thilt my future WilS milpped out as iI series of curses, brilwls and cursed brawls in ancienl temples. I could berk h beyond imilginlng,illthough I would of course donilte all my findings to the British Museum fr~ of charge because I'd be so herok. tt was wit h this in mind that Ivisit· edthe schoolcareersofficer, onlytobeinformedthatilsan archaeologist I would spend most of my day crilwling about On my knees digging holes in wet fields wilh a soft brush. I wouldn'tl!V'l!n be il bte to heft a spade in case Idam· aged some important "artifact",such as an old Coke bottle or some sec:retly buried nude ar waste. The dos· est I would ever get to adventu<e would be avoiding kneeling In dog crap whilst On my latest doomed bid to uncOYer iI Viking village In the Dales. So hooray for Tomb Rilider. Whilst its gloriou s de pictionofilr(ha~logistsasallgung.hoilndse,,>,

ilnd ildventurous stabs at my heilrt as it resuscitates my thwarted childhood ambitions, it d~ ill least allow me to play out my youthful fantasies. Without ilnyonegl!ttinghurt.


IT'S GOT JUMPING IN IT! As anyone who watched the gymnastics wh.lle the Olympics were on would no doubt have noticed., some people art quite good at Jumping. Games characters are often highly athletic In this area, and Tomb blder p rovidH

the player with ample opportunity to leap about like TImmy Mallet In the Temple of Doom. Lar .. (the Tomb Raider one, not the crlckeling one) Is abl!!' to spri n g all over the shop. The old forwards -and-upwards classic Is the most often used, but there are also baclrJIIJH and sid~ay$ al r-roll-e5qut:' things on offer. These last two are most useful in combat situations to C'SCllpe

the gaping ja~ of your animal antagonists.



·tfCt J

ac..ttclblooood! (2IlanaJ.. lterpn IIttUlICtl"tylltlttclolest. (3)lc!t.hrn"blanlttlll 01141 c..I~.I~ ,llw. (4) Tb, lutwolraUlcu!











Just about all of's shooters come In pain. Now In most games this sort of dtvlce is merely to mOilke your chancter look hard. but In Tomb Raider It serves a real purpose. As you mOily hOilve noticed, many humans have two arm, which move independently of one another. Special Joints (known as "should ers") allow them to swivel In various directions, and even CfOSS over one Oilnother.l.a.ra·s Oilrms do Just thls, meaning she can aim at two ~""! targets at once. Draw the guns in the pres.ence of an enemy Oilnd t l.a.n automatlcaUy tmns them on he r foe. If there's more than a

Walking. We all do It. Apart from little babies, And other people who can't. So, walking - some of us do It occasionally when we ean be bothe red to get up from in front of the TV. You know, lt's that thing with the tegs.lf you're nol sure what we mean, Tomb Raider 15 an exceUent place to educate your, self. Pressing the Joypad causes Lara to run in the direction held. A quick press backwards rHul1S In a skip back - useful when you're surprised by a roving beOilU, PrH.lng the L button slows Lara's usual rapid pOilce to a slower gait for more careful po5itioning on platforms. The X and Z buttons are use-d to shuffle our treasure,huntlng pal one pOilce left or right.

;g ;~~g:~::::~~: !~e.;:e:~~~~t:~:~ ~~::~ ~~II Both

are fired with the same button press. Tha.t's the


IN YOUR HEAD THEY ARE FIGHTING Tomb Raidu u thriving with wild aniln...'" O\lt to eat you, 50 you'll nftd to defend yow.tlf. Hen', a nutdown of the penonal ddenee appliancn thl! game offen you.


III r'lll lift IN'JOII'U..t 1IItIIlyul,!llly.

.,. tUlilllkll.olUII.,..ta UIIM. 'I tIMPIM. 1101 lift.

~ SEG.!\ S.4TURN

It1:III'iIlU1* ~1 Camera angles and all· new ViewpolnlJ ate pretty much a constant In 3D gamH nowadays. Instead of going for the normal external nmen. points, however. Tomb Raider limit. the avaUable ansle. to those on offer to the genulne human head. Pressing Y allows the player to look around the room. moving around the area with the Joypad. with the restrictions of una's neck taken Into conside ration. This comes In very handy for checking out how far a drop you're facing or where you're going to Jump to next.

(UOVE) AIIothu hl&ll-I'II'

1IHIt .. lOI.dl...lf....


"...• ..,...b4tw. ..... ..I " " " I. It .......

{_IGHT) A.hlc.-1JpI6eftIOIHMat"'ullntlol. .lrtIIt. drawthmthlll&t, howftu

"plctul'tlft, wIIlchlhlnlll !ypn 1111.0 bII_u.lM. ullIII " COIIIjI4Ittrl ft,

his futll rt concentDtes milinly on the Rainbow Islands pilrt of the double pl<k. Whyl BHIUH It hilppenl to be one of the bflt glmes tV'tr. th.I', why (Bubble Bobble I, oby but It 11 ,howln. Itl I,,). Describlnl JUlt how IC.


Ril lnbow Illandl 11 could tilke up quite a lot of ' pilce (hence the review Ilter on In the mlluin,) . Just ta h our word for It, theSflphla might not be upto much,blltthe plily.blllty I, IID _ _ftflOmt . as _ ,hillllft In thlllonlyfutuf'. But 10


BVBBU AND 801nl. WHO WIlIU TlJltN'D INTO ~. D _ _ _ ' " IY A W/ZA'D,



",UP•• Dau..:",


TH' '!'








So • . nlll' KI'IIW THAT SOOl'lllf OJ! LAT" THll' HAD TO 11I'1D HIM. MAI'IY YEAlfS HAVI PASUD. Bu•• l' AI'ID So •• y GlflfW UP TO 81

M! IlrildllllllP I cllll. fll~1'It raI.oow.Illc:I"IU· capability " llId. a ....·, Iclult,apowar-lptoalttJOlfOU RI'II.· IIowa 10 01"1 • "'I It'I"" MCl"llllIdltd. II JOIr ",IMlCI'"


0' ......Jt h r . - I n" GIVII'I 81' MOM


'Olf TllfASUlfi"S. TH.Y /lECAM. INVOLV.D IN A M1'S"T'lf1'. TH , y W.NT TO LOOK TOITHIlf'ALIN.MY, ..,..... PJU.u0'

0.. .......... HI



Bouy's WAY. TH! 11NAL DAY TO TACl TH, PIt/I'ICl 0' DA'KI'I'S$ CA M ' . WHY DOI'I'T YOU PLAY TH' GAM I TO I1ND 01.11'1 rH.

1"lII.lllr'm' ClUMI I00III1 pr9bi11ll1IrfOMhanSlboul.



So whal d~ this ill boil down 10 then ehl Bulcally this muns that you have 10 scale th e vert ically sCfolllng plillform envi· rons, using your ra inbows 10 ~iII munies, bridge plalforms ilnd collectilems. Ifs Ihal simple re;illy. But utterly brlllllnl 10 boot. The gime would be worth il with I!a inbow Isllnd s alone, but with Bubble Bobble included in the packilge loo, It's brlilillil/iilllont.



Stact IP IIIoM ralabon aM

Laler Irftb Ill... Iw pial·


r_,lo IM.

trUIIillC tSon.

THE NEW-LOOK RAINBOW ISLANOS Anyone who has playe:l binbow' IsWlds bdore rmght ~ noticed that thefe ilfC two very different IooIdng verslol15 of the game on these pages. To satisfy the &rade purists, Acda1m bve commissioned GrUKiold to include. peIfed ftncUUon of the original coin-op (which they conwrt@dtogreat tfftd on the old 8 and 16-bit machlnn). ThIs has very simplistic graphia and doesn't really do the Saturn's capabilities Justice. hence the lnduslon of an all-new "temlxtd" edition that Includes some lovely panlln: scrolling plus completely redrawn sprites and backgrounds which use moreofthe Saturn's coIoun.

Coatf"ICtlun.IIII r1l l bow dill. lIMI collljlSf It 10 to!IectaJltlltOijec:tllltnet.



4_9_ _


When you destroy meanies by using Sprit. ~...u.Mb"' ''' twoouteve ry

thm! meanies change into gems (the third meanle becomes a power-up)_ You can get plenty of awesome power-ups by finding the secret rooms and the gems are the key to successfully achieving this. Howl Well, collecting the jewels in order from left to right Is how you do IL which Is a lot more difficult than It sounds. All is revealed in a futwe tips section.

Rainbow Islands (in its two different Inc:amations) ls worth the price of admission alone, but this particular p;idage Indudes a conversion of the game that started otfthe entire "Bubble- phenomenum - Bubble Bobble. Compared to Rainbow Islands, it is a little unsophlstkated. with very, very simple graphics (and no remlxed version) and single-SClftn platform action. Still, with its simple yet addictive gameplay and simultaneous two-pla~ mode (something that Rainbow !acbl, It', an excellent addition and makes the pack even more valuable.


'-'- -

DOOM / ULTIMATE DOOM Doom was the game that started. it ill- a well d estgned 3D fighti ng game second to none (at t he time). Ultimate Doom is bnlcally Doom with

more levels. These took the fo rm of a forth set of levels whlc.h were designed to test the skllls of Doom maste rs to their limits. A selection of levels






adl Inthe '19501 It Will a plec:e of uke to come up with l.oocI Klence flctlon pm. All you had to 60 wu a mad KMntllt with a ..eret formula ilnd ,..,.,_.. iltWaJ. FiI him up .I,.lnl!. duhl"1 dlmwft Mro with. cle." Jaw and iI be.utfful Kl'tilml"lfemal. [p~",bIJ hl,_" aullt;lnt)an.d an the HMntl.1 elemenU of the ~Ie _ rein plx.. You knew where you _re bull then_ Espe<bolly 1f)'<XI a dded. p;lranold antl_mu nlltltoryllne. These days though, th ings have moved on. Trilditlon has given way to cliche.

ilnd todilY', p;lISslve consumers demand eve. mort' complex plots 10 lUS1011" their Interest. As Blaml M ilchlnehud aptly demonstrat es, tht'se dlYS you ha ve to havc

tohave lwom.dsc;entlsts. Sheesh. Slamll. w hat our mOVie_maker ch ums (if w e had ;lny) w ou ld (;I ll

~hI8h -con ­

etp!". What's happened, right. Is that scientists h,lYe invented nanote<hnology. which Is,like, ' .OIl1y sma ll machines and that . These machines are grown In lan ks (brcausel hry'resortaforganlcandself-repU(at lng, rlghtj and ma ke 0 ur lives bet ler. Lord knows why. I mean. how are you su pposed 10 fit a wnole load of dothl ng Into a wnhlng muhlnr smaller than the head of a pin, eh? Anyway, t here's this blokeulledCaUamVoo!drrer(it'sthefuture,bytheway,aslfthatcybrr-name won't hil~ t ipped you off) who programs the Instruct ions fof t he tiny milch lnes, whkh Is appitrently a ~ry menial and cnp sdentlst's job. Although It sounds pretty compUuted to me. Anyway. he trlft to ImprOYr his life by implanting Ioitds of mkroscopk mKhinr things Into his body to make himself superhumiln. but his plan bukfirrs.. The little robot creat ures repllme his DNA and then run around the world spreadingand sprudingandutl ngrvrrythlngthat Isn't him until they'~ practlully destroyed sodrty within 48 hou rs. l uckityfor the S(lrntlsts of the Earth, they're holr-dupin a bun ker under the ground S<lfe from this biomr-chanoldplague. Two of them, Or Kimberley St ride and her nsistant O,."ille,havestoppedcelebrat lng t helrsu,."ival and laid off t he NASA·subsld ised champers for long enough to come up wi th a plan for retaliation. They've built a big moving cruise missile with a nuclur warhead, and they'¥(' pi n pointed Ca lla m (now know n as the Ma(hlnehead for obvious reasonsj. AII Ihey need now Is a h uma n bra in to gu ide th e thi ng 10 Its obJectlvet he Mac hlnehud hud. Next t hi ng you know O,."ille has de< ked Klmmy, dressed her up In some pervy gur for no apparent ruson and st rapped her 10 the missile. Guess w hich of these t hree characters the luc ky playe r is saddled with controlling. Well. here's a ci ue-It's not eit her of l he mad S(ientists.

FLY! FLY YOU FOOLS! Yow float ing bomb carrier doesn't move like a normal car. or even 'plane. As a resuh the controls are a bit on the complex side at fint. The O-p ad rotates your craft anti- and clockwise a nd , to a certa ln extent. up and down. This makes It easier to aim all over the shop wtthout flying around and performi ng complex turns. The A and X buttons accelenlt e forwards a nd b atkwards, so you can manoeuvre around the twtt ty level layouts wtthout falling Into chasms the whole time. And, as If this wasn't enough, B a nd C slide you hom side to side, to st.nlfe your opponents wtthout being an easy target for the ir m1ssUes. 1t tU" $erne getting into, but once you have got the hang of things, Slam! m ovn most Instinctfvrty.

brrit-aahllltltntlll dn t! A bin rIM" bIC MMs!

ThMbqlllllcopttrsare ~

r..,. litt u....



THAT STRIDE'S GOT NO BLOKES ON! Piloting a cruise missile to destroy a God-like machine dictator unwittingly responsible for the almost total annihilation of mankind Isn't as easy as it sounds, you know. rhcre', more to It than Just steering the ti p at the mechanical bloke and !mltlng him. See, Callam knows you're coming. and he's set up a whole range of fiendish df'viccs to stop you. Roads h ave ~n destroyed, routes sabotased.. and reality dnstlcally altered just to stop you (more on this later). Worst of all though Is his army of grotesque bia mechanlcal drolds. These have laken on the g rott:'$que forms writhing In his subconscious (it says here), so the threats range from shambling zombies to giant robat spiders. Franldythey' re iIl1very scary.

The main aim of MadUnehead Is to kill things. Do n't feel bad about Itthey're all mutated madUnes anyway $0 th~ don't teally COWlt. Plu.s, they've eaten all yow friend. , 110 they deserve It. Anyway, It'd be a shame to waste all the neat weapons Bla nd offen the player. The basic annament Is fOw dlain guns, which are fine for . miling the weaker enemies. The blue r and more powerful ones m ay require one of fOw special weapons, Ii. ted below.

n..uo TIDOWDI Long range but not too powerfuJ jet of flame. L MlSIlU Sh aight-forward high explosive device. The most co m 路 monly found 5e1:ondary weapon and very useful J. HOMDIG MlSlIUI Not many of these around (and you can only carry 20 at a time), but they're ace. They lock onto an opponent, beep. fire, chase them and blow them up. .. PJtOTOIf CAIIJIOIf Like an energy-firing chain gun. Highly powerful and well worth searching out. :&.

MINE CARTOGRAPH SECTION! I know about three people who have a strange o~e"lon with maps. They collect them. and put them up on walls and things. And the credits to Ea$tEnde~ show an aerial map of London. This leads me to believe that maps are an Important cultural phenomenon, $0 I applaud Blaml Machlnehead for its Inclusion of a map. But this Is not an ordinary map. Along with the usual displays of where things are you'll find with maps, this electronic map updates itself to show whe re your mission objectives are. It even flashes the nelct hot spot to head for. And, just to be clever, It also shows enemy bullets. This last function is very usefuL as play doesn't halt when you call up the map scree n, $0 you're vulnerable to attack whilst your vision Is obscured by cartography.





J. A proton g re na de by any other name, th is is a one-shot device which ca n cause lots of damage over a fai rlyelctensive


, . DlsaUPYOa Like the Lob. but even mo re powerful. I like this


f. IO路 SYO ..... A whacking great smart bomb of an electrical storm. This one looks brilliant, but It's easy to waste when t he re aren't ma ny enemies around


As you mlght expect horn a large bomb, the nuclear missUe upon which you're pe:rch~ " highly explosive. It's also primed to blow on impact, so you Cln Imagine how fragile It, little nose I., Thus if. wbe to avoid getting shot at. Physical damage weakens the ,uing of your device. Should you I Ultlln mOtt than

81-5" exterior damage the atomic clock which regulates detonation Is triggered. The countdown lasts thirty seconds, and if you don't find any utr. ene rgy in that time limit It', boom-Ume. Piu. the re'. Itlll the danger of being shot to bits before you get the chance

to explode with dignity. Should you chance upon a life-up Icon in you r f renzied travell,

however. the clock Is paused - although the timer hn't reset totally until the

next level.


This Machinehead Core bloke is quite powerfuJ. SO powerful that, despite being a dunde rhead, he can mould reality to his will. The very earth of Earth obeys hi, commands, keeping items essential to your sucent out of your reach. Luclrlly there are numerous Unreality Stations around the level Fill one of these with the requisite Unreality Key and you'U alter unreality to reality (or something). Anyway. you'U be able to complete the next mbslon obJect~, by lowering the land and stuff. There ue also Re&llty Keys. But they're like normal keys. They just open doo~.


111_.,...,....., till I'M dI1'& u4 .... (lll"lRlH11l 1IuI! 11, dIM AI t. tlM ul_1I life. IIlars. fudutll&. V...

,"-, ..





1 ,-

We do like our retro games here at's the spirit of the age you know, the zeitgeist -looking forwards by looking back. Or something like that. We might just be old codgers. I remember when games were rationed, you know. nee upon I time tht,e were no.uch thins'


polnon,. Well there were, but they were confined t o the maths classroom and keptwell . Mlyftomthe cortUptins influtiMe of VIHo Iilmes. Te<hnolol}' didn 't really haye the power to hames.)D u lculatlon, I t I speed that would .11ow you to fill a bd-m_inl <IS

Ilmt Kfftnwith themOlndkftpeverythlnlOlnlmated.Sobukthen ' moothJDeffectlwert all hOlndledb)'sprlte sullnl, theproc:H sof shrlnklng WiptOlt! Tow rtd Tntaroua and enlil'1inlSl'3ph ks to mike the m look u If COIMlII C...".,lltWt lcw. theywere,KedlnlOtilppto;llchlnl. IJ utl.1Il The king daddy chip ~ct of the scaling seerN! WilS known ilS Super Sciller, ilnd it WilS developed and used solely by Model 3 now, Super Se"ler WilS responsible for iI whole wave of awesome coin-opswhich stunned players ilCrosS t he globe. Except in Latvia. Appilrentlythey couldn'l hilvegiven tWQ figs about it th!'r!', wh!'r!' it was known as Szipir Sulung.Anyway, Latvia aSid!',!'Yeryon!'!'ls!' flipp!'d, imd w ith good rU50n. Nothing lik!' this had ~n s!'!'nbefor!'. Of cours!'th!'S!' days it's all bet-n s!'!'n a thousand tim!'s brior!'. Mod!' 7 on Ih!' Supt'r NES broughl rampantscalinglnlolh!'hom!'andpoiygonshave tall!'n th!' crown for Imp r!'ssivosity. How!'Ye', th!'.!' still hasn't be!'n a hom!' machin!' POW!'rfut !'nough to handl!' a perfw conv!'rsion of th!' Super Seal!'r gam!'S, until now. If you thought th!' 8-b.t Mast!'r Syst!'m port-over of OutRun was Im pr!'sslve (which it wasn't), cop a load of th!'S!' AI!CADE PERFECT Saturn shots.


1\at'l ...1 ruIIJ I... . 1,)' tcI 1, ...1. cntOllI," ,,"," of I £1OG ,ODOhrnrl is lt ellP

SEG ..o.. SATU~N

THE CABINET MINISTER ... ALL OF IT The one element of t h e Outl1:un ~experlen«~ you won't get at h ome b the thrill of the old cabinet. There w ere two styles. The one everyo n e llb·d was the sit-in plastic Femui cabinet which moved uound. following the on-screen vehicle. The second was iI stand -up thing with iI steering wh eel instead of a joystick. It \VU nigh-on impossible to play, h owever, because the accelera· tor peda1 WllS mount ~ on iI w !'ird slopIng floor boud. So unless you were very good. at ba1ancing on on e foot on iI steep gradient whilst exercls1ng perfw contzol of the other ankle you were definitely onlo a loser.


Tlkl.. llIe far Itn MIlt. JOIllI1.o llnert tern.I,. TIll.,. h rod M.


o.t,..,WU_ t"lIenntcokl-O\ISloflltlrttramctllat 1IIGn4 I I dirferut spttds. nit liWs It tu cUI.....

I, I_is IUM, lilt playtr h. opted for tile tluIIc tu)' rtpl-..n-rtpt l'1li1. ~rovgII.

I H pi"JOIlptt ..,..d l' ,..rrinol.SIIOIIdJOlI'IO'ftrtU••

11,"-, lilll.•• o.t for !IiI "Tak•• _i k., 1II11-tllllt.

NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK One of the rea sons I seem to remember me and my friends playing OutRun when it came out was because your pretend driver had a pretend chick In the car with him. This was the ultimate game accessory as far as we were concerned, and not until the new (and tragic) Highway 2000 has this been replicated. Of course, as is the norm with this kind of vague cheesecake, she didn't realty do much. Except have a fit al you if you crashed the car. Women, eh? Anyway, at least I! isn't as sad as some of the letters we've been having recently about non-existent lasses from games. Some of you lot aretwisled,you know.

wat U lli::l

.I,..., ~ ~;





quite as catc.hy as the other two hits.Theyshou!dre!easeSp!ash Wave as a single. Christmas numberone, J"m te!ling you.

OutRun may seem like an ancient relic born a bygone era, but there's a number of gameplay innovations that the big games of today wou1d do well to copy. Probably OutRun's greatest longevity asset Is the ability to choose your route to the end. At the en d of each stage the road forks into two dizections, each leading to a completely dlHerent tack and background. Some are easier than otheJl, 1-0 it's worth experimenting with different paths. There llIe fiFTEEN different stagu in all (although you only need to beat five to win the game), and these end up at one of five different endings, depending on where you en d up on the map. Some ale funny, some take the mick. Collect the Jet1

Th "nlOII of Ollt.......·" playtd I. It. lIp11a "nrat pll)'abI.~ It... ofllmloptllllt, IMII l lrudy It'. rirtuaJly arude ptrfut wit. III


... or

"<.11 =<,

,• ,• ,• ,• ,• ... SEGA SATURN

6_'_ _







r:P"'L""' Ay"S':::A T""'r='O ""N -"




nf'l~9Ei1nf'lEilvl- ~~~\~:;

16 BIT

~;';."!.',;;~;!l.;'.J;z'~~~~~~~OPS~.~~:~.!:'~ USftI..-met ..llhlntM5II_pri«blnd.

With the football season kicking in, and a whole new host of international stars in the Premier league, it's time to introduce another footy sim to the fold. This time it's Sega Worldwide Soccer with the boots on, and by the look of things, it could have a bit of Shearer's magic.



English footban, you'U be abteto w atchtt",lI,lnlnternatlonollsplilydub

footb .. llthissnson,ltmll,ktthe growing reputation of the Premier Lugue as the plOlu' to be If)'ou want toplaytopsoccu.Somethlngworthcelebrilling Indeed,andonewaytodoltlsplaySegaWorldwide Socter '97. the latest footbaU slm to stake a claim on theSilturn··sawor.

thy ..ccompanimentlothe.ulthingaswell,proving itselfperhapsthebestsO(cersim~t-_nsurpau·

ingEuro'g6. The irony ofSWS'9ts 5U{CtSS is that inbasl'd on Victory Goal, albeit very loosely. Victory Goal ilS you"I! probably well aware was a pretty awful soccer sim, something that was due in no small part to the faultsinthegilmeplay.WlthSWS·97it·sf'~actlythf'

opposi t f',thf' gamf'play tlf'ingjust about thf'tlf'st 1'V1! seen in a football sim, Thf' rf'asons for this lif' inthf' rf'ahstic gamf' logic and thf' sJ)f'f'd ofthf' action. for f'xamplf',somf'times when thf' ball is lofted intothf' J)f'nalty arf'a a sWf'f'J)f'r might boot it clf'ar. and othf'r t,mes the kef'J)f'r might attf'mpt tocomf' off his linf'

tf'rparts, footballf'rs in SWS '97 can makf' mistakf's, mf'aningyou might facf' a goal-mouth scramblf' or a sI.Iddf'nbrf'ak,allofwhichgOf'stOf'nhanCf'thf'ff'f'I· ingofspontanf'ityandf'xcitemf'nt.ThiSCOl.lplf'dw,th thf' widf' ransf' of mOV1!S pla)'f'rscan pI.I1I off-shimmys,backheels,onf'-twos f'tCf'tf'ra-mf'ans that thf're's a grf'at amOl.lnt ofscoJ)f' in SWS '97 for somf'd''If'rse action Although SWS '97 dOf'sn'\uSf"f'alplaye.s {which you can actually putinyourSf'lfusmg thf'tf'amf'd,tmodf'j,it dOf'snevf'rthf'lf'ss indl.ldethf'fl.lllrosterof internationaltf'amS,f'ach of which plays incoffespondenCf'tothf'talentsofthf' senl.linesidf',ltalyforexample arf'excellf'ntpassf'rsoftheball,thf' 6ralilianshaV1!somf'grf'atind'vidualsk'lI and the Germans maintain thf"r tlad,tion of ruthlf'ss


,t's the way the players adapt lothf' situations that makes SWS '97 so impressive. Likf'thf',r rf'al-hff'COl.ln

- ... -






. ~






is amazing, With ~ry trap, flick and shot looking inCff'diblyrf'fined and belif'vablf',Obviouslythis makf's playins the same all thf' mo.f' plf'asu.ablf', es~iallywhenYOI.Ist'inglogethf'rsomenf'atpass-

ingormanase a searing volley, AS is traditional in sports sims, SWS '97featuresalloftherelevantJ)f'ripheralsintf'rmsofstatsandcustomislns options.There'sthechancf'to t inkelwithYOl.lrfOlmat,on,SOltOl.l t sl.lbstitutf'sand~nemploy t hf'

'coaching'optlon, What this means is that wheneveryol.l prf'SS a cf'rtain buttonthf' playelswill a set playintoeffe<:t likf' a fast break or the offside tlap Onf'ofthf' problf'ms w,th soccersims Is that you'll go and onf' only to find a betteronf' releasf'd a month late., somethlns likely to leaV1! yoU a bit jaded about t he whole bl.lsiness. 6ut worry not becausf' if you do choose to chance SWS '97 it will keepyol.l mo re than satisfied for at least as Ions as the football Sf'ason itself.

_0' - ·

-- .- -


,. ,


-I •

...::. -:"-




~"7~" _-~ ' I·

Y ,

!~. .- .

.. ,- -'--



Yet another brilliant AM2 coin-op arrives on Saturn -direct from the labs of the world's greatest coders! In terms of fighting games, it's up there with the best, being amore arcadey fighting feast than the awesome Virtua • Fighter 2. For the full monty, read

.0_ , ' ,



~~: ~~t::~s=~~~:::~:I~~ :~;Sfy-

ing as punching someone's Dce in, is therel The problem is, ofcouf'St, that It's quite I1Itjal ilndyou Ciln get bingtd up for it. And put injail btfofe that I'3thtr unfortunilte consequence. So thilt's the btaulyof t host 30 flghtlng gilrnes, They look lncrtdibly reilllsti< i nd you can realisejustabout il llofyour sadistic fanusies, plus no-one gets hurt (btc:ause it 's not and It's all good clein fun. Hoorah, For the averagt'Joe (or Joe-ess) on the street, AM2'S newie goes one better over Virtua Fighter, It's a lot Dster, a lot more brutal and rathel than just knock people out of the ring in qu,te a nancy fashion, yoo can now smad their facts into the walls. Or through them,ifthafswhattakesyourfancy_ That's probably the first thing you notice about Fighting Vipers, The backdlops are a lot better than in Vf2, with walls surroundmg the ling (portrayed m blli· illiant 30). The far buildings arest,lI 2D,but here it just doesn·t seem to matter because for the most part the wall obscure them. What's more, they don't just look


pretty thesesufroundsserveapuf pose Rebound your foe on the wall to ,nit late some awesome oombos 01 break them down With a brilliant finish mgmove Fighting Vipers Is far more of a gratlfymg e_perj ·

ence to the aver(lge g(lmer than VF Of its ~uel. The game runs at a faster lick of speed and realism has been thrown to the wind in a TeHen styIee. making thos.e outrageous fl'IO'o'eS even mole pleasing. There is nothing 10 beilt the feding of countering an opponent's!l1OYe wrth a po'o'IIef techniqlleand watching them flyoutof thermg,thewallsliterallye_pIodingasyouropponenfs hapless bodysmashesthroogh, lt'san untouchable experience. Vipers also improve-s upon VF2 to introducing armour to each player, AIe you just going to bludgeon your foe into submission or are you going to strategially take out their armour and inflict more damage with less move-sl The choice is yours Technically speaking, fighllng Vipers is untouch able.ltfeaturesallthelight·sourcingandstuffthat PlayStation owners have bttn enjoying on sclectt,tles and destroys the Toshindens, Namco fighting titles

and what have you thatPlilyStattonown ers have to made do




With But what SIffipClf

tanllsthatflghtmg Vipers is so very dose to the (oin-op origlnilL Be¥ in

mind that the Model2B board powering Vipers handies many more polygons than Virtua Fighter 2 and

you (iln just about appreciate what AMl h(lve .Jchieved in pulling off a conversion as close as this. Yes. there are some small graphical compromises, but just like VF2,on<:eyou've bought this, you need never go near the coin-op agam In fact. it could be argued that the Saturn version of this mcred,blegame actually betters thecoin--op. The presentationa1 skills that AM2 are famous for stnkesbackwithhod-Ioadsofbrilliantoptionsand modes. including the ability to save off your best replays onto the Saturn's memory. AM2 area ciassact and are undoubtedly second to none when it comes to arcade games. And the Saturn conversions Ihereof,it would seem.


The big question mew Saturn owners should be asking themselves is, what to buy-Vlrtua FighterlorFightingVipersl ObYiouslythebestadvicewecangiveistoplaybothgamesfor yourselwos and decide, but for diehard fighting game fans BOTH titles should end up in your collection. VF2 has the edge with itshi路resvisuals. but Vipers' charac路 ters look more three dimensional thanks to some great light sourcing trickery. The update of both games Is super-smooth (identical tothe coin路ops) and the sound's awesome too The real difference lies In the gameplay. VF2 is a game of technical martial arts skills and requires a far deeper knowledge of the controls. Vipers is more of an accessible. speedier game and the Induslon of the fence allows different combination methods than VF2. Buy both games, but if you're limited by bud路 get to just the one, the r aworagegamerwill ," probably get more out Vipers whilst thecombat game fanatics should probably go for :-- ",,-=;.-- - - VF, :~ .....~-.::

____. 1' ...............



...-.; -



After the amazing success of Actua Soccer (converted to Euro '96 for the Saturn), Gremlin are riding a bit of a high with their sports sims. The arrival of Actua Golf heralds their bid to do with golf what they did with football. By the look of things they've succeeded. here's alwOIYS two things to remem ber


boefore buying yourself a golfsim; flntlythat once you stillrt playing you might boe lost to theCH.rtslde world for weeks, OIndSKondlythityoucan look

forw,l rd to a deepenins 'eliltionshlp with your dad who'll insist on playing itJust OIS much u you . Once you iccept these twi n realities all you've got to worry about is which golf sim to buy. Until now, thi s has been .. bit of 11 ton up between Virtual Golf Of V.. lo .... Valley Golf, both dec:entenoughbut lacklngtherefl nement of 01 truly clissi(golfgilme. With

the ilrrival of Actua Colf,Saturn ownen have thi! cholnce to umple life at an excluslV1l! tofk-onty golf club,

bec:ausethegamelsju!itilboutfilultless. What makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition isthe attention to detail and Iheoverallpolishof the game. In most respccts it follows Ihe traditionalformula, using the da5sic control method involving power and timing, and incorporaling all of the familiar details likejudglng trajectory to cater for the wind,seleding which dubs to take on your sojourn, and perfedlng skills like backsp;n, You won't find anygroundbleaking new Ideas here-after all, Ihe golf genre has a tIled and tested formula-but the depth of the gameplay is enough to keep you playing day in day out. The game's e:w.:cellent handicap system means that if you want to compete against Ih e best of the computer opponents (and play on

thl...yl.wtarlnla"IGe.~il.ChH_.llar IDCOIIII plilne"thl. 8OIfiRIIiovt.Alldajlrlllptr l llatlMlonas IDMoII Edlllolllll.




more courses) you must first achieveahandicapof'o'. Vou'lI only get this ifyou've beenasuc路 cess in the amateur competition In this fashion you find yourself makingju5t enough progress to keep you competitive as you slowly move up the ranks Where Actua Golf really goes to town is in its choice of viewing angles. Vou can analyse your shot from just about anywhere. meaning you get to pin-point exactly where you want the ball to end up likewise with the replays. there ale about fifteen odd ways to see how you played a shot, if you're really that keen to e:w.:ploit the option. It"S not surprising Gremlin were so keen to give you plenty of opportunities to peruse the course because all of the holes are beautl fully rendered with lots of lovely trees, lakes and pas路 toralskies.Theplayelsareallsuperblyanimaledas well , Obviouslythere's not a great deal you can do

with a golfer, but the programmers have managed to addsomenicetoucheslikea player urging the ball on tothe hole when they're putting, or holding their head in despair after an embarrassingly bad shot. The level of re at ism is heightened further with what has to bejust about the most impressivecommentary I"ve ever heard on a sports sim. The well known voice of Peter Alliss offers classy comments on shots and keeps you Informed on t he state of play. But more than this, there are another two commentators you can choose from oryou can even ml:w.: the commentary so you have two of them working up a rap路 port together while you playyour heart out Obviously there arethosewho've be waiting on U's celebrated PGA Tour Golf and this might make you a bit cautious about committingyourselfasyet. Personally. with a golf game as good as Actua Golf ava ilable, I'd say the wait is over.

I'll TAKE 'EM Such isthe ranse and detail of the options in ActUiI Golf that you actually Bet to choose what you'd like your golfer to wear. Now at last. you too

can select the dassic sports c.nual wear that comes in the shape of Argyle sweaters.tilsteless lemon sladsilnd much rnore besides. The.!' iI.e four different wardrobes to choose from in all , and each of them Is a testament tothe odd phe·

nomenilofgolfersfashion-o.breakdilncec.Jsu· als if you can remember back that far.

-;,-~~-.~ 'Ht A C 1UA C UP

Handicap 22Play •• & QnYfll'-U"I

p,,, ,.


' l ! uun



t.,od.· ... o ... .,

~ ~!1r~~:~~UEi -_:1~ ~

: a~,;Rt:~.:?~~

OVPtSUIG • ~O~IGHT f flS ~';'(R__


! :

i 4


I -:4 •

broil DIIt wtthoftlofJllur lronl.TlIlundwedgelluftrbut It 11WIIIIIRllbll thlbIIIWiHl'llnWIIjll.rllcullrl,fll.



There were those among us who thought it was never going to make it, that like the cars themselves, Destruction Derby would end up on the scrap heap. But here it is, the second of the big Psygnosis racing games to make the much hyped defection from the PlayStation to the Saturn.



the gupsofdisbellefilt Its ilrrlvill were qukklyfollowed byil lot of beildy eyed sc rulinyto lHJusthowiK(Ufiltethe conYef$lonwouldbe,Asexpecte-d,the critkisms focused ilfOund the gfilphks, with complalntscentrins on theSilturn's Inilbllitytodo tfilnspilrenclflilsconYinclnglYilsthePlilyStiltlon_ A/though such complillnts were for the most Pilrt Justifled , theyfillledto recogniw thilt the ~uon the SlIturn WipEout lilCke-dthe P1i1yStiltlon's rt'finementwilsthilllt hildbell!nilstfillghtconYe"lon. This muntthilt the code lil llore-d for the P1i1yStiltlon had bell!n used,riltherthandevelbotllerbu'Yd,,'I"OIIH ~Ic.dll" CiI'Cd, opinl one from scfiltch thilt utilised the be$tof the SlIturn_ Unfortuniltely.the SJlme kind of Cfltklsms CilnbeleYelledagilmst DestructlOODerbyThe first thing ilnyone whose seen the PlilySliltlOfl Yersionw,lIcommenlonafe theinfeflorglilphksAs With WipEOUt, DestructlOfl Derby looks duller,lilCklng the sheen ilnd glossmess of ItS PlilyStalion counterpart. Th.s is most painfully notICeable In the smoke whICh 8~)'OU the Impressoon thefe's someone m)'OUf Cilr boot pilSilnl on Slgnills, such IS tllelf COI1llCpuffiness So Of1(e agam there'lI beil 'Ciln the Satum do transpafenclesr oulcry. This IS iICIuilllyil bit besides Ihe point the problem bemg Ihal Destruction Derby ports OIler the PlilySUtlOfl code, restflCllng Ihe ambitionoflhegraphics In the Same Thelr\Jlh Isthallhere's many a Salu," gamewllh


much better smoke tffKtS InoJn DestructIOn Derby, the m,sdcmc.loour ')mountlng to illad of (are In the con· verslOfl The gener .. 1mech"mcs of the game are idt'ntiGII tothefllayStatiooverslonwlthilrangeof different kinds of g.lme to plily, The

Wredin' and Stock Car racing both

,nvo/Yegomgilfoundthefivemcurts,the d,fferencebemgthatlnStcdCarr<lCing youa1soearnpomtsfor'rubb,ng'orbilrgmgop~ts

BesIdes IKmgoJ,oundcr,-

cuJts.there·sthenoIOl1Ol.lseYe~·for· thfom~S(en.llnOlntheDestfuctoon

Derby Itself You can ploJy th,s one of two

ways. e,ther evel)'OOe gotS out Ihere try· mgtos<orCilS many po,nts as poss,ble by causing other drJVe's tosp'n through go', 180', 360' etc. Or, fort~wlth a morc milsochistic frame of mind you can plilyoJlI'ilgamst-you,where thca,mis Simply to SUrvive;lS long as posSible ThiS optIOn's good for workmg up)'OUr dodging skills to compl"'I'lenl)'OUr moredestruclr.oetillenls.'ThcreilrefivedMslOI1storilce in.p!il)'efS stilrtlng In the Iowesl of them ilnd WOfklng the.r V4'J up through the leilgues depending on how ImpresSivethe,r pomt score IS ilt the end ofa 5C"ilSOfI All of the competltlC)n elements in DestructlOO Defbywork well, milnilglng to prolong)'OUr mterest by (omblnm8 Ihe most illluflng cfilsh·bilng quahties w,lh ilgenumeneedforsk,lIi1nd,ilSlsoftenthecol5C",iI healthy dose of luck Ithou8hlitcouldhilYedonewlth runnmg iI bll filsler, ilnd thefe were a few oc(~sions when the control method prOV'ed iI bit ~wkw~rd AboI.Itilyeilr ilgo I would haYegoven DeslructlOfl Derby iI bit of iI r~ wrote up. ThiS Ind(r.;try bemg the I!'>'ef'morph,ng ilnd fickle one It IS though, even fans of the PlaySUtlOl1 verslOfI would now h~ to ildmlt Ihill thegilmeliICkslongevotylfnoth,ngel5C" The\.ilmeobvi· ouslyilpphes tothe Satu," YefSoon,ilnd With IISVilllOUS delays in illfMng,mferlOf 8raphlCs.ilnd sllghtlyslowt-r gilmeplily, I Cilnl help feehng that this IS one Iltlethafs ilcrushingilnti·chmilx



....... . .". . . ~


.; '\.r~·.~"·





-. . " ~

(AIIon) Jhil I1 tlM IR-ur 'I11W. 11 lI.ot.dwINdyou clloolt this ,It_If you b •• I hllto'fer - 11_111 ..... lou ~ .....

GOOD AFTER ADRINK, BETTER THAN A SHRINK! Perhilps the best fun you'll have with Destruction [)t:orbylstheclasslCall·ilgainst·alleventlnthe Bowl. This Is perfm for a spot of post·pub multi· player mayhem, the bleary-eyed finding them·

selves probably as adept as the reroundingly'salrogoodforventlngabitoffrustration you can't drive aurin the first place, or if your


p,uents have grounded you, or your little brother's acting up, or your girlfriend or boyfriend Is hilving

mu!tiple affairs behind your back. Maybe they shouldthin~aboutpunjn8acopyofthegameln

psychiatrist's offices.




- - ""-

,. -~:-::::=:-~

~P layor " ' :


1* I:J:lIJI:I'.'11 There's a cybernetic biomechanical disease out to get us - and it's all the fault of some embittered failure. Anyway, that's enough about Oave's day, let's review Core's Blam! Machinehead... ;~:~~:~;::~t~~:t:dn;:;I~.:ers.


Coming straight outta Derby four yean ago with the dilsslc Thund trhawk on Mega-CD, the pnvlouslyhilrdly-hurd·ofhoustwttesud-

denlyblgnews.Sincethenthey'vemoyedfrom dtength to strength to (onsolidate iI position as one of the more feYefedt ums inthe UK. Their sudden ilnd hudy rise to filme reminds me of Jlm Catre)'·,. In 'olct,WI! could even (ompare Shellshoc:k to the Cilble Guy-a surprise dip In thefor1unes ofil previously unilssailable star. Where this iln<llogyends Is thilt I thlnkJlm Curey Iscrap,;lInd I quite like (Otl! SlImes. And the Cilble Guy probilblydld bildly M<ilUse It'$ useless, wherus Shellshock was illright. And Jlm Cilrrey Iooksllkeour~itorOI(kyl.udbette'. whe,

Shellshoc:kwasilshlnydlK. Anyway, the point is t hat Core have a bit of ground to make up at the moment Saturn Thunderhawk was pretty good but not massively dlfferent in design terms from theground·b,eaking Mega·CDorigmal.shellshockdidn·tsellpartlcularly well. There's no sign of Skeleton Krewor BC Racers. Alt hough maybe that last one is a good thing However, this month Core have secured two Showcases in this mag. and we're not in the habit of handing them outwilly·mlly. Thus it is safe to assume that the plucky Derbine,sa,edoingwmethmg fight Blaml won't hold many surprises for anyone a lreadyfamlhar with the seemingly patented Co,efor' mula.The levels are open plan. but you needtocom· plete sevt'ral speClfk objectives to finish the stage. usually one after the ot her in a strict order. There are loads of enemies to shoot. most of whom patrol their httle corner of t he game until you chance across them Weapons are in plentiful supply and varied in their

effects and effectiveness. However. the Implementation of the game mechaniCS are what makes it good Certainlybetterthanshe llshock.ControlhngthemISsilecarthingtakestimetolearn, butonceyou'vemasteredthebasicsanddockedthefirstmupleofstages Blamlshowsltselftobeadecenttltle The mission obJectives range from the standard collect-and-destroystufftocomplex train escort duties (includingsteeringthetack) tocuttingoffsupplyhnes. Jt's thisvaflety which prevents Machinehead from get tmgsameyand-resultantly-bormg Qfcourse. there are mticisms itchmgtobe levelled at Machlnehead. like Alien Trilogy. this is one of those games which is great fun in hmited doses Takingonmorethanaboutthree levelsatatimeleads toabadcaseofover-exposureandlheneedto immedlately SWitch 10 a new game. And. if you've already bought and clocked Thunderhawk and Shellshock,you might not beqllite ready for another dose at all However. atthe end of the day Blaml is an e njoyable game The plot carries things along flicely, addiflg tothealmospherewhKhneedn'thaveexlstedatall Instead this title has character and wafltiflgto kflOW how it all turns out adds to the lastmg appeal The graphKs are atwpretty smart. The scrolhng'S pleasant with httle ifltrllslveclipping, afld some of Ihe enemies are terrifying (like those ickysplders). The aflimation deserves a mefltlon.asthought has obviousiy gOfle into how each and every biomonste r moves AS first·person shoot 'em lipS go, Blaml is a way more accomphshed product Ihan Core's previous {and good) outings. How it would Sit next to them in a col. lectlonl'm not sure. but ifYOll'reyettosamplethe delights ofseek·afld·dest'oygamlflgyou should check thlsollt






Q ~-o ..:... ' fll"'lwltbloUrlWftlltlntml..!


. .... .. _..... '" ..." .... ~



Cj _' 4 ~




Ytll Tblt',IU lIkl th. U Go 01, kill! [J.on't worrylboult"'moraJlty!OIIII"11Y!


....... . ..... ,


,. ,


o -.:.·~






':"-~?) ".:-- -

- '

_. -"..

.) -



'!!f I


, - ' • <j.

. -•



' _

~i\ : ·


Sltoot tIM rteI cnll. fill' IIIUJ aoodltt. llMy'MI """,llal,


,_, _

I. ':II'AII'".I


Retro packs are all the rage and Acclaim have unleashed what must surely be the greatest to date - an awesome double pack featuring Bubble Bobble along with one of the most stunning platformers ever -Rainbow Islands. It's briiiiiilliant!

. .,.,.

,,0, T,"ow",o"o'<h, ~~::II~~:S~S~!;r;:~::ndl~ ~:::S.

HQ, 5el - you name It.



(ompOlll'ly were best remembered for

some of their urtlet plilltform ,ames. And It 'l with this I" mind that Acctalm haY!! relused the 8ubble80bbledouble p,ck.

For)'OUr money you get totally ilIfcad, perfect translilltiOns of two of the world's finest plilltforfl'leu Bubble Bobble and the vastly f,lndcllilltec! iilnd O'II'efIookedlbonbowlslands. The former title IS kncx:kongon iI b,t. but Ifs st,1I bloody OlIce. The gilme caosts one or two plilyers ilS Bub and Bob, two bubble-blowing dinOSilurs. Ifs their job

tonegotlatethes;nglescreenplatformenvilons, blowing bubbles and Imprisoning the enemy sprotes in them Jump Into them ilgilin to blllst the bubble and destroy the enemy. It's as simple ilS that Onlyil Isn't. benuse the game design is so cI_r thatth~ gam~ off~rs

far more depth than)'OU ever dreaml!d of ThI! myllad power·ups,erll!my intelligence and cun, nlng ieve'1 design all add up to what 15 undlsputl!dly one of the platform grealSoftheelghtles And finally, anarcade,pt!rfm rendlloon hasappt!ared for thl! S:.lIturn. Maybe- thl! apparent Simplicity of thl! game would put wm~ ~pll! off and on it's own, Bubble Bobble wouldn't really bt worth the price. How_r,

you also get two versions of Rainbow Islands into the bargain as well TtIlS coln-op is quite simply one of the greatest hitHJf Vldeogamlng - and a game that all self-respectIng games players must play This time Bub has rTlOfphed b<lck into hiS humandungareed pt!rsonaand Is armed With the power of the lalnbow The rainbows ale the key 10 this game's genius You can climb them to leach platforms 01 you can us~ Ihem as proJedlles to kill meanies. Also, you can collapse rainbows by lumping on them, sending multicolour doom down on any enemy splltes btlow (or Imml!diatelyabove) Onceagaln,lt'saslmple,buthlghlyOflginalconcept There's never been a gam~ like Rainbow Islands before and _n now It'S a highly f,esh and impressive platfOlmgamlngexpt!rlenceYeah,lt'saretropackso


Rainbow Islands Is in a class of its own. The myriad secr~troomsandhiddentechniquesputthislnthl!

same leagVl! as the early Mallo games, where gameplay and r~play value wele considered mor~ Importantthanvisualsalone I guess a lot of people aren't gOing to get the message about these games - a lot of people ale probably only reading this bl!<ause they can't reconcll~ th~ high mark in the COln~r of the pag~ With the quality of the graphiCS presented on these pages However, if thai's the case, you really are missing the point. Ican honestly uy that there is nothing quite like this release available elsewhere In the Saturn library of games To all gamesplayers whoappl~cjatequahtydesignandplayability,go

buy these games.



(although thl! remlXl!d velSIOn does look a lot bttter),

.. "....


~ --


lIt __ . . .pIe ...., .. IIbIeIofllHIIu.~lc.ItM&'"J


.,,...,...."'. ~tIliIWilIIl'_IIIMrN),


.. ,"'"



~ 11





·1· 7.... 4.

TIMI.. UI"IJ ...... ~...,..

TMit......,.,. . .


1. ~, IIIItt.I"'''""


........... Inlnri.

tlMl centnIM,




........ 1.btClllpIttMhI






,• F


• ·~ -r-I-f _ --:

ALSO FROM TAITO Thisdoublepilcklilr~lsbe<omln8i1

bitofa hahit for Taito. Whilst Acdalmhavehandledtneconvel -


hard at work bonglng iJnother



. ~:.;""' ~ _



, - -- -- - -



ofcelebratedcoin-opsontolheSega m;Khi~路 Chase HQ and SO Whilst these giunes h;wen't stood the tIme In quite the same vay as tl'le Bubble Bobble titles. it stili has some nostOll路

.., 8icvalue. IfAcclillm (who hilllC the


extlusivl:' European rights to Talto produce) decide to bring this to the UI(, we'II!C"t)QU know







50_ the Satum's got Daytona USA and Sega Rally - two of the best racing games ever and both of them on the Sega machine only. The question has to be, how can third parties possibly compete? We", how about tarting up an average racing sim with, we", some tarts?


npitt the l'Iill'M, Hjl"~)' 1000 i'n't HiII'ry SKombe:'s \lOUt ctlebf3tlon of thenutmfllenlum. lnstud,ltbadrl. vln88i11me. AndlmostunlnsplrlnBone ilt th at. Whillt's more JVC obviously fnlisedlt,hencethelnduslonof

numerous ~bull:om be:autlti~. brought in to add ill bit more , er, glilmou. to the proc:eedinp. ln ~ull fkt, lhey're supposed to be navisaton (alonstht linM of the IrrbtJng guy who keeps thunderins w,lIrnln8s like MEasy .Ight m3)'be'M in Sqa hlty) who illd your quest nasty corners come up (like the mOlp's IKIt good en<xlgh) . Inthe "Scenilflo Mode" of the Bilme, you ilctuilllynetodtodrive Im!,<"slYely In or~' to prOYe your manhood to your c~n lowly and

tempttilemlntoyoururi Vaguely~muSlng

quuksasidl',Hlghway 2000 is <I supe.·dull drl·

"'1(1'" ----I

Ma d \(-\(111" 'V i Pe r


IIr GUS " H .jId~P ____

'" :

~ 4"" ~ ~ --

~-- . -


.. , ..


aroum! a dcca~ old that got by wi t hout the benefIt of 30 g ra phlcsldocsabctterjobofSlmulatmgsupc rspccddrMngAlso.thecamcradocsn'tstrckbehlrldyou areyouturn,maklrlglt cxtremclydlfflcult to Judge when you should be ~rarghtenlng up (bill hcy, yougeta OIce vtCW of the sIde of theca' Justwhen)'Oudon't n~it)

li ke the ,est of the game, the




ture-milppcdpolygoosisprcttygood am! the updateofthegamc is prob.J, bly on a polr wrth Scs~ l1:ally However, pili the two up agillnst one another ilm! rt's cleilr that the Scga AM3 game IS just In another league altogether HIghway 2000 has mOre courses th an Rally,bu t anyexCltementabout t hlsdlscOYCf)lls


H'ghWily2ooo'sb,urre handhnglshketakongil tlmewarpbacktothe Stone Age of racing games. Although there Is some attempt at power drif't,it'sabso!utelynothIng like t he real thing , ;n net, Outrun (a (OIn-op


IS virtua lly rdentrul to the ncxt Although a fcwncwob,ccts mlghtaP9Car as t racksidcOctal1(Ifyou',elucky),thccwcfilllImpresslOflIS

ofaV'Cf)lsamcygameMuchthesamegocsfor t he cholceofvchJClcsilt yourdlsposallike l!ally, t hcreisa totalofthr~dlfferent(arsinyourgafage.butapart

from onc berng red. they just look too similar Of cOUr~,thcrearedlstlnctlOflsinhandling.

g"p, <KCCicratron, topspccd and thcll ke, bu t surelyNCcouldhavcdoncabl'tter job in d ifferent iat ing them. It would also havehelpcdl ft hecarsactuallylook~

like modern day mean machInes. rather than the RoYCr Filstlhlcks theywould ~mtorcsemblc

()vcr.;III, Hlghwil)' lOOO Isn't a total nuclear dlsastel of a vtdeogame It-s more of iI eXCursron to Dullwille which just Isn't reallyV'Cry impressrvclntheshghtcst .tfyou'rebegrnnrng tog row weaf)l ofSega ~ally, I'd vcf)l much recommend wait rng for the ncw Oaytona rat her than squandeflngYOUI 1C;j(hesoothlspolrtJCularcxampleofthegeOle

HJpWlJ2000trlu"",unilndet4tolMr RIdJtRac.rr.,t""t~I'II,,".dOWlltotM

Clrslnnl.,lIItotlllclI', U.fortYllat.Iy,lIIolloftlllucJt.II.lIIoftlll . . . . tIt .. IMN 'I'O$I.

,';"::~ 0", of till

Ill." critlcl_


y" CI.ItvtI.t Hlpway toOO I. ... "",II.II.,II6tM"DtttM_

I 29 1.

:: . ~:





,=; ..

JnI. . . . jntabMt •• tlt.. M_.IIkl~

re Rent any 'atest re'ease from just

£3.49 for tllree evenings

Ablt~of •• urfluK... t~I,("'Iow)."'t IUlllookJRI"ryNIII,ylnd,llI.

1601~ ?





When plOil)'lng, press Su rt 10 ~ l.I se the g~me, ~nd hlghl!ght the 'BGM VOll.l me' option Now press and holdlhelbl.ltlon, Z, B,X,C,'lnd R billI on. Now Jl.Ist press the L bl.ltlon on Ihe pal.lsl!d menl.l screen to br;ng I.Ip th e cheat menl.l screen. From here)'Ol.I can skip levels, give )'Ol.IrselfextrahllH.refiltyourammQ. and boost)'Ol.Ilpo'Ner

For I.Inllmited ammunition, go to the title screen wi th t he "Press Starl" messaae and press B,8, B, C. St ~rtlt"s t hatslmple

Tom~keitsothat youdon't nttd to

lel )'Our Jump power rl!Ch~rge, go 10 I he 路Press Surt" mesYge ag~rn ~nd press Up, R;ght. Down, Left. Z. St~rt

ATHLETE KINGS On Ihe evt"ntswlth the bhmpvlslble in I hesky, pless Ihe 11: bl.l tlon on I he second conlrolter 10 ch ~ngethe wayl t"smOYln g

WhendOlngtheshotput.lel)'Ourplayer"s power bar reach t he far left, don路! press th e act;on button. Ins t e~d. roll the 0Pad around (asthough)'Ou'redoing lhediscus) andYOI.I路lIsplnaroundbefore l eteaslng theshot put AI the starl of the 100 metres race, as the announce r"s voice u ys th e course numbers. pres s Up. left. Down. Right. then holdXYou rc har acterwlHnowdoahopsco tch all the way down the trad instead of ru nning I To rolt the 100 metres, wait until the ~nnounceris s~ying the course number s Ihen press Left. Right, and hold X. Now )'Our character wilt roll the racel To get the hidden cha racter (right). play In Arcade Mode and get a score of oyer Booo. Thengo to themain menu an d hold the X button while choosing your game mode, and youc~n select the new athlete

'7 il


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Thoughthegamc'sbeen outforqulleawhile,thischeathasnl yet ~n p!'intedaflywhereChoosetowatchareplayofarace,an dat the stilrt press B. V, 8. Now you'll be able to mOW' the u me ra view .. roundbypresslng ~rlousdlrectlonsontheD·~

hidden fIght in GUOiIrdian Heroes, plily toSt age

n-Clockwork Stralegy-andfight t hroughtothe3 rd groupofenem,es Now~eeprunnin8totherI8hl,leilY­ Ingiltlustoneenemy Oilhvctostopthelevelendlng KeepgOlng,ightandyoy'Ucome;K/ossPSilverilM twoofthe V!II;lIge Godsl

SLAM 'N JAM As you are starting a game, get to the lnd Scouting l1.epo rt S(r~ ar'ld highlight 'Continue'. Now press C',ther Start orC. As the sc reen fades out, press and holdL t08etaS'-ot ~rcenta8elndlcatoron-s.c:feen. ortapxrepeatedlyto 8et818

Heads mode

ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3 Wt'/w: ;llreOildy gr.oen you hundreds of kombat

Kod~s for this game ~ck In Iss ue 8, but w~'ve now got a few mor~ Saturn.only Kodes. Enter them on the ~ttle screen befor~ a two.player fight

390-000 000-)90 390' )90 040-404 7H-7H )21 -789



£3.49 for three evenings

Player 1 does half damage Playe r 2 does ha lf dama ge 80th players do half da mage Real Komba t Combo system d isa bled Supern.m jumps Regenerate power bars Sp«ialmovrsdlsabled Super ~ndurance mode



TIE . . . .IBITSp


I ...... flUId quote for,.. ""'" from Sonk Tom, t he O'IMors of NIGHTS, NI p:lY

......... It(MGHTS) wtenll houfs toflnl'h, _ _ _ _ t _ ry-

_to _tbeencl. Afterth.t, you can still enjoy playl ns forho\.ln by the 't(Orll! Ittac:t路 fvnctlor!.~

. . . . . . iiE.:::.;.

ThR's rItht folks, IYIenl!/y





Just a quick USI of stuff you sho uld know. I,ByholdlngdownT,'R',ndVbut路 tonsdurlngplayyouunaccenpart of the sound system. J,lfyourunoutoftlmeandtufn back Into ont oftht kids It doesn't ne<cesurlly mean an F IIradt. Collect 99 balls and you will gtt iI Cl ).PreuX,YandZduringJreplayto

7.Completethe game with all A gr,des and you will get a new end-

ing,futuringnewstillshotsdurlnB thtcred itsand a new version of the Drums, Drums song (sung by adults!) . 8. tfyoutoUl;h dash a Nigh tmarlan and they rebound Into a Plan, the Pi,n will l.. y'lIn tgg. Open the egg to

rtyula new spe<les: a hybrid of the Nlghtmilrlan ilnd Piilnt Frukl 9. It Is ponible to skip the end

sequenct without loosln8:fOYr Kore for the level by prening A,B,C and

START at ilny time. 10. Changes to a INeI', A-Ute (eBlls hat(hed,freaksm~de,et()willnotbt

uved to memory unless you flnlsh the entire level (Indudlng the boss).


OU know what my f,vou.lte bit of Die H'rd l~l lt 's the sttne where Br1.lceWllUs, besleBed byarmou.edcybernetkcombatninJas, picks

up a handy anU.hnk missile laundlt ... nd blows them 01111 ilway,

whilst saying ~VlppH"l sayona.a. dudes!~. O. maybe It'slhe bit where he', 'lalkln8 aeron iI narrow brldgl! between two 'k)'Scrapen when he', suddenly ana lied by 'plder-like I.ut. robots whom he proceeds to but up with his ba,,! hands, ripping their metal legs off andbutIng their little computer bn,ln, senseless with tht soBIY end. No, no, haoS on-It must be the bit where he .t!$(Uts tht President's dill,lshter from iI cupboil.d d"wer before the dlmutk rooftop sword duel with the ancient Samur.lli gOing lord. What do you meiln)'Ol.l don't remember any of those b,tsl the hell version of Die Hafd have you been watching? Th~ pr~-wat~rsh~ ITV cut? N~xt you'll ~ saying you've never Sffn the ~PIIogU~ In which 8ruc~ and his ~-hotpant~ assistant du~1 With mach~t~s for Ih~ final honour of th~ lescU~. Oh d~ar Actually,lefs cl~ar th~ ground befor~ pitching th~ t~nt of thIS Showca~ Th~l~ ar~ many hardcof~ fans of th~ Die Hard movieS. som~ of whom may be ruding this maguln~ Some of whom, to be ho~t. ar~ prodUCing thiS magallfle 8cfor~ they all slart whlnglng and s~ndlng us moany I~tt~rs saying 路OOh, wh~r~'s 8ruc~ Willis? How com~ non~ of th~ charact~rs ar~ bald?", I~t us explain that DI~ Hard Arcad~ is r~lated to th~ mOV1~ IN CONCEPT ONLY. And even th~n, only the filst film is used u sourc~ mat~rlal Th~ r~asons for Ihls al~ manifold For start~rs, lic~nsing th~ Ijk~n~ss of 8ruc~ Wilhs would cost lots of money ~cond.stlCklngslrictlyloth~plotof Ih~

tuck would limlllh~ action. Third, Is Just a httl~ baldy slap-h~ad, chic S~8a ,haract~rs who his plac~ Fo"rthly, can't think of anything Fifthly. ~rm. th~r~'sonly on~ 8ruc~ Wilhs and you can have two play~rs on th~ coin-op look - it's sega's Ilc~ns~andlhey,andowhat they want With it Don't give us a hard tlm~ aOO"t It 8ruc~

unhk~ th~


.[JJJj )m;dt[:J . ---

, ',I H .r4io ' ,'-;

;..,r::1JJiL:,l~l.J~ --- ---

_ _8_6





:I:1l"''';';:4 ~~'.! ~ I r-..,...4..I!' .



WHERE'SYER TOOL? Di e H,lrd 15 t ssentl,lUy;a bu t 'em I,Ip, but like Sttttls ofll:age It's sluff-

cr .. mmed with wtapons for your bruise, to pick up and use. Most of the usual sUlpects a.ethue-knivl!s, b.oken bottlu, b.ooms, chal.s et (,a long wlthashedloOldofwelrdl!,)ce.est.ictlonspfeventus tellinlYou a bout all of them (the.e .l re loadsJ, but he.e ', ,l.un down of the most Inte.estlngwnpons...

CS GAS: Arm yourself li~t a true controversial bobby with this spray of ctlO~in8 8i15. It doesn't do

gunisthe long wait


a lotofd.lm .. ge. but It does stun opponenhlongenough 10 Infllctaql,llckcom~tteonlhem


If ,""'" '"' • Zippo handy (honest) you can con-

vert any harmless OiIerosol "m into a dudlyflameth.ower. This is in factthc only part ofOic Hard Arcadcdlrcctlynic~cdfromoncof

thcmovics{cr,you'rcthinkingof Livc and Lct Dic . ~kh). And Is NOT tobctrlcdat homc.


A dm" bludgconingwcaponthat comcs In many shapes and sizcs. Thc bcst Is dcfinit cly thc last boss·s golf clubs. which you can twirl around and slap him about with

PISTOL: Thcrc arc loads of (18IlYE) TlIltblllhllljlft thl bottolll-Iln corntrlhal look,llkI. Itluc:opt Is In fa.c I.null-

tank ,un. Abit uc...I.. fotlbaal '1111 up perlllpt,butUI fu ••

thcsc lying around. most charac· tcrsdrop t hcmwhcnthcygct dcckcd{lnclud· ingyoursclf). Whllstthc

ROCKET LAUNCHER: ,,,i"", psychotlcswillbcplcascdtoscc this giant shouldcr·mountcd firc· sticl: comc int o play. It fircs smokcycxplodingmissilcswhlch blow uptargcts and causc much pain.Wsabltofacantankcrous wcapon and fircs slowly. but it·s wcllworthpic~ingup

Avoid anyonc who's using onc of thcsc

if,; SEGA SATUr'<N

The gilme ends with you hilnging ilround on the loofofthe building you fig ht YOUI way through. Obviously it's all well and good having completed the game, but whallf you're In two路 playermodeandyou'vestillgotaedits ieftl Is your moneywasledl Why no. forSega havethoughl of everything. The two players ale left alone on the roof with a couple of weapons. wheretheycanduelfortheultimille glory of bemg besl at Die Hard until all the money is gone. Hoorayl


FISTSOFFUN A fighting game marches on its fists, as the uylng goes. ilnd Die Hard provides players with C'notJgh com~t moves to satisfy ~n the uddest of chop-socky junklf'S. EOIICh ch;lrOocter Is equipped with numerous combos ilnd spe<:ials. like

Orilgon Punches and somerS<lutt kicks In addition tne.e .. re m.lny milny throws, like the 'ilirplolne spin' which knoc;b down anyone hit by Ii'll!' floiiling limbs of the Spln~, and anyone In their flight p.ilth once launched. Running tOWilrds an f'nemy olt high speed andhlUlng punch hilsyour chalilcterd,ve into the" rival and knock

them to the floor. whereupon you're


to punch Of headbutt them as they're

pinned on the ground And)'Qu should sec the wily the ~i1d~f5 react when you kick them In the b<llIs.

TUt'.,.. tlllt h. ktcltll ..Umlpppl

TUt"1 lllaaIC d..... It'. trMl


YOU'RE GOING DOWN Die Hard Arcade. like the movies upon whl,h it's ba5e(l, Is more of a ~rles of ace set-pi«es than a flowing story Costumes change Inexplicably betw~n levels, locationchangesmakenosenseandtheplotlsverydaftlnd~d One of the better \tunt$inthegame,omesaftertheplayelsaleknockedfromalooftop.Afteladramatic dropping ex»ellence they must flght spidery 10bots on a narrowfireesc apetype ledge leading to anothel section of the bUilding, aftelwhkh it's a desperate race up twlO eleYiltollalls, wllh)'Ou responsible for SWiftly mOVlOg your plucky plod out of the paths of oncoming lifts It's a veritable feast of rail-surfing malarkey ahoy,andnomistake



~~ -.; ;-.~~

1-'l.., 7 £

Die Hard Arcade IS definitely gOlOg 10 be converted for Ih~ Saturn for Start~IS, it's an STN till~, which m~ans th~ conv~rSlon job should be a pl«e of ,a~~ and With luck th~r~'1I be no disc~rnibl~ dlffer~nc~s twixt alcad~ and hom~ versions, How~ver, our only c,ltlcism of DI~ Hard has 10 be that ifs illittl~ on Ih~ short side Hopefully S~ga will add some extra Saturn-only f~atur~s to Improve its longevity, such as Tim~ Attac~ mod~s or se<r~t levels. J.1~st assur~d \Yf"lIgive th~ final copy a proper revi_ing befor~ w~ allowyou to buy it



irtu.. Fighter J will haw made Itl UK debut by the time you read thl$, OInd SEC" SATURN MAGAZINE'. c~~8e tontlnuts ln fu!loOn detail. This month, 11 promised, we hive a small Vu SUlukllnter.

vl_.lonswith moredetllllon uch of the shlBfl In VlrtUI Flshter). Next month, the pll,ytestlnl will hayt (ome Into tffKt.


and we' ll have iI brilliant pictorial future with some ilmuln, pk· tun~sl ln the meOlntlme, let's Ilucll l"to the Model) ..ctiGn eM We h.Ye an eye witness report by our bpoln Editor, Warren Harrod, who wu Invited to the launch ofth l,wonderlamel

AOI STAGE: Snowing Waterfall

r;;;;==~-- :- f



Another txcellentlycfafted stagt, this time set In iI small rock gully.1t the base of

two small waterfalls. It's snowing ilnd therc's .. sm,,1I !;lyer of snow on the floor ,Jnd Ihc gully willis ilre frozen with bits of Ice and sroow clinging to the Cfil8 s. The play· ing area Is a little un~n with .. n Irregularly sha~ floor ciused by the weather-

Ing of the mount .. ln stream and a slightly sunk pool and a few streams of water flowing between the rocks. On<:e .. gain the rock floor is smoothed off and dips Into the water WIth iI curved if("S opposed to a sharp drop. Wiltch ()!,It for the 30 snowflakes. The snow in the distan<:e Is smaller thin the snow In front of the soeen and as the umeril ilngle swings so does all thf:o SflOW. In iddrtionwhen thf:o umera pans ()!,It away from the characters there's a slight misting efffft (to slmulite a lot of snow falling which would naturally obscure one's vision) which changes In intensity (strong-weak) depending on the disUnce. The waterfalls have a greatdownw.. rd flowing effect and at the bottom of the waterhll where it hits the water there's a re .. lIstlcsplash/foam effect. The ripp leson surface of the water for the pool and streams flows WIth the current away from the waterf.. 11. Similar to other stages If the gully wall gets In the way the computer fades it out and then removes it Immediately.

AIIRA STAGE: Japanese Fortress Th ls lookshkeoneofoldfortressesthatu~tobealloverJapan

IntheShogunate(ra. The fighting area Is set inside the fortress close to one of the main outer ~lIs and the maIn fortIfied entrance, This area h .. s a number of graded areas wrth the height changIng depending where you are. There are a number of large steps towards the entrance, a long 1n<:11n.ed area (but not steep) and a long drop to one side where the floor drops to a lower fortress level The stone walls floor slabs all have a weathered appearance with moss growing on the wall and weeds growing between the slabs. There's no Wind but these le .. ves iI easily disturbed . Merely walking on them uuses them to shift posrtion a httle Once again the attention to detail Is amal Ing with the leaves quickly rising off the ground bUI slowly floating down with a little lig-lag I'T\CIYement , And iflhere's another strong or ~st character I'T\CIYement before they land they carry off again from where they are so. two conlinoously fasl moving characters are always sUlfounded In moving leaves.

LION STAGE: The Playground

'"" .... _


I..w., . . .. ,*J..I"""'.

~_ \'IriItIIII

1Itn,. _ PI! ,11., 11Ie ..... kit.. ~

II ..,...-..M u _ _ I.,..., InlCk.


Somelhlngof .. sense of deJa vu with this uncompleted stage. It looked so similar to Shun"s Chinatown Stage that for a longtime I thought they were the same stage. Seton a con· crete yard with a metal fence around the out side this Is the closest you 'll get to fighting Vipers inVF3 Although there are some buildings around the outside of the fight ing area In the dist .. nceyou Cin stIli see some scenery Inthe far background Slmllartotheotherlevels,ontothe sides there Is a sharp drop and that meansll:lngOut. The surrounding fence fades away when It obscures thefight - .. notherexampleofModel }'S maslel)'. The fighting area looked flat which Is why I'm sure it un't be the other roof·top suge.

~ < ~~ ~~. -

Set up high on the cliff-side at the top of a mountain WIth a steep drop to one side Is .. traditional Japanese shrine w ith the typical red wooden enttan<:e arch so typical of Japan A long narrow 51epped path cut into thf:o rock leads down from thf:o Shrine underne .. th thearch .. rld upto the flghting are .., a hugecircur .. r rock Sumo ring. In the distan<:e, on one Vde, one un see a cliff side path bending it's way around the mountillnside and going over a small red bridge th .. t str.Jddlesa tlnywaterfa!t. Although the fightIng are .. level Is baslcalIyflat the circular Sumo ring gives an unusual visual effect and there's a sharp but not too far drop to .. lower ledge on the side iW"y from the Shrine. One h.. s 10 be ureful of positioning when fighting on this I~I beciluse the tIghtness of the Sumo ring Is hidden by the deceptive wide open scenery

SHUN STAGE: Chinatown Th is is the stage they're using for alt the official screen pictures. Apparently the fighting .. rea is on top of a sl .. nted wooden board roof of a shop. There .. re .. 1ot of Ch ln.ese signs around so It could bea shopping are ... Thecutved roof gives I great feeling ofdepth .. nd .. s the c.. mer.... ngle swings you c.. n see .. 1I the other s hops .. nd houses and the streets below In thedlst .. nce are only more houses so you real· Iy get the Impression that you're right Inthecentreofa built-upt own area. There's alronb .. rfencetoonesidepreventlngyoufromfallingoffthere .. ndtheslope of roof becomes steeper on one side maklOgit look like you couldn't get up It if you tried, however, it Is possible to fall of other side.

JEFFRY STAGE: Caribbean Island Th IS hOlS to be the best slilgeofilU There ilre so milny things movIng .. roundyou it MI5 like the whole stage is alive. In general you're on .. tiny sand bir Just.a few meters Of so away from a small Island Of pen insular. There are a few clouds In the sky but the sun Is shining brightly and It's light spar~les on the sea sea suriKe with gen· tly uf'ldulating waves. B«au5e the'ld bar Is NOT f1al but curved In an egg ·like hemlspheric .. 1curve s the sea's current washes up/down .. g.Jlnst the tiny sand bar the se .. level rises/lowersand the playing area slowly gets smallerllarge rwiththe current. But it's not just a pretty picture, your characters un Interitcl with scenery. As youw.. lka littlebitofsancl IS kicked upand filllingon the floor send sand scattering as welL Also your flghtlng are .. is not hmlted to the dry sal'ld ilreilYOU can go splashIng lntothewater .. od If you .. re knocked CHer)'OU send water flying. If you stand on the edge not moving the se" comes In around your ket with a little ripple effect

PAl STAGE: Chinese Wall

LAU STAGE: The Library

This stage has the most impressive scenery of all t~ stages. The magnifICent Yiew of

The best part to t his stage is at the beginning ofa newroundwhenthec amer~ zooms acrou t he great hall. It sta rts high up near the ceiling and then swoops down low before then filting on the cha racters. Huge pillars a nd marble arches hold up wal kways around the side of walls. Detailed patterns are found bot hinthe wall design a nd stone flooring. The side wa lls have giant windows running for most of their length and t here's a huge glass domed ceiling. The ma in arena isa raiseddlasln thecen t reofthelibraIY. However, you can come of here an dfight around the Immediatea rea also.Thestepsarealushvelvet and all the rai lings area glittering gold colour. Ho~r, the size of the libraIY Is wh at rea lly catches your attention. While Ihe other levels. li ke the mountain and beach area s,are visually bigger in a ppeara nce, t he fact is tha t the baekgroundsarejust pictures drawn to give t he impression ofdistanee.

the Chinese wall strekhing into Ihe distance with mountains in t he bGIckground and the sharp drop of the hillside nmnlng alongside the wall gives a great impression of

grandeur. Every guard post fortifICat ion on the wall has a giant banner fluttering in the wind. The m~mf'nt is unbelieY3blyaccurat e with the ripple effK1: changing slightty with thestrengthofwindoccasionally. Th!! wall goes up .md down following the curve of

the hills. You can go up ilnd down the steps on t~ wall using them for tactical advantage. You can also use the small walls at either side of top to trap your opponent.8ecausetheflghtingaruisiongilndnarrow,occaslonallythecamerilanglewillputthewallinthewayso

yousocan'tseeyourchafacter,HOWeoJef,thegamerealis es this and fades the wall to an opaque see-through wall if the viewing distance is far but as the came.a ~getscloserandthewallbegin$ lofillthe

screen it fades away leaving a clear screen. Wowl

SARAH STAGE: Subway Station 5e1 in a n a ppa renttydisused underground subwaystalion (theexils all have metal grills bloc king t hem ) t he two ma in features of note are the pa ssing of a subway Iraln and the steps leading to an eltit. The subway train is veIY bst and smooth and appears behind the moving ch a racters with no problems whatso· ever. No speed loss or poo. polygon ctipping. There are about 4Of 5 steps availa ble (the rest are blocked bya metal grill) on one side of the station for t he ch aracterlo use for strategic affect. The extra height an be used to jump OYer your opponent o. allow for ea Sier head blows with a kick attack. Although t he station looks a little pl ain at t he moment t here are some superbly drawn billboa rd signs around to brighten the slage up. lookout for the ca r commercial In pa r· tlcular. Whether or not you can fall off the platform edge and be hit by a subway train isn't known yet but it's eer· Al.u _ . lll CHff'lllllt\Dlr \11 $arU'. tainly possible. Wh~t a way to gol .. bqJ tUat.

-.-.--- = -..- --..

WOLF STAGE: Underground Cavern St age AI first thi$ stage looks a little simplistic and a bit of a let down afte. $ome of the other stages but in reality this stage has some of the best effects of all. Set insideeithe.thebaekofagiantcaveorindeepunderground cavern the only light comes from a large log fire in the dista nce. As th eflames twis t and dance the light on the walls flickers also. Sometimes bright. sometimes dim the shadows fade or darken accordingly. The brightness is good enough to pick up the detail of the rock strata and one can see some mould growing and the occasional mark where water has run down t'le wall side. Nothing is flat. The walls curve and bend around likea real cavern, there are stalactites and stalactites in the distance and the floor is uneven, lising and falling in places All in all, despitethelackofimmedla telyobvlousglaphicaltricksithasadisturbingclaus· trophobic feel to it which needs to be seen to be believed.

'::, GiI'~ ". ~ ~

I&L _·



KAGE STAGE: The Desert


ThiS is another stage that looks deceptively simple but contains absolu telystunningvisual effects. The entJre stage is set in a v.ut desert which slretches a sfaras the eye can see. The modelling of the air dynamics as the s.lnd bitlows ~nd dlsslpates Into the air IS beyond behef.And it's not just In the background either; occasionally the sand is blown across the characters'flghting ~rea and straight towards the camera. Wowl Anothe, great effect ison the surfaeeof t he sand. Just hke the sand·bar in Jeffry"sstagesand Is kicked up and sent scattering when the players land on the sand or tIYto kiclL However, because the sand is slightly dar ker here you can seeallthemarksinthesand.Fore~am­

1H pIQ.... I d..,t to '" lit... (t1lP) 1l1li '" brilllaRt Carlbbwl tUat (.,.10.),

pie, walking leaves fool steps, dragging your feet leaves a hneand falling over leaves an appropriatetysized mark in the sand. No ring out device could be discerned at this stage in development. However, they have to put some kind of ring·out in don't they or else you could goon fighlingfor miles in the desert with out food and water and die of dehydration or e~haustion.


QUJmON tUl u . bit _bout tha Iatett ctew.lOpl:llub: for VPJ.


YU StnUKl Ye s, quite a few and it's $Iillincreulng. Pnsentiy, we'remaln · Iycrea.tlngtechniques wlthflexibllity $0 that varlow stills can be derlved from them. Tuning this kind oftedt· nlque 15 very difficult. If 1\"5 too pow· edul the t ~hnlque Will have a disturbing manne r and It'll destroy the gaInf! balance.

VU SUZUXl AI the moment W e' l l': fine-tuning the balance of all the new

fighting technique s. For 9anlple, adjusting the precise timing of the techniques and sensitMty of the command button's reaction time, I have the feeling that we' re entering Ih e final stages. This uea of fine-tun · ing Is going well and the current ve r· slon feels il lot better.

Q 11: it n u l _ a cliffkult becallM of thenllWchuactenraJUt

thab-lleWm_l YU s unna At the moment we've

Q spedflcally, what IdluI of HIlU.tfD. la iU

YU SU%UKl The feeling ofdlred control over t h e character as you manipulate the s\lck. Playing with It feels really great.

obtaineda$et l~I.It's

not that there are any es~clallywea k c:harac:­

ters or strong charaeters, all the characters have the nuance of feeling as Ifthey"re strong

Q You'". ad.dN. fair aumber of tech·



STOP PRESS! STREET FIGHTER VERSUS X-MEN! we went to pren, Capoom released firm detail, on what is potentially the ir most explosive fighting lame to date. Entitled Street Fighter Versus X-Men, the game Is", follow-up both to Alpha 1 and Marvel Super Heroes and it looks like belnB one of the company's grutest games to datel Sowh~t's the deal with this new fighting game eh? Why should Capcom


bother when Marvel Super Heroes and Alpha l aft so cool/ The answer is obvious

-those games although similar in conceptaretotallydlfferentine what would happen if you merged the two/Yau'd bettef ilnother different styleef

game,that'swhat. The scenario behind the game hasn't bun revealed byCapcom yet. but the

game Is already very different in that you select TWO characters al the beginning of the game. The idea is to introduce the concept of team work (someth ing ql.llte big in the X-Men comks) by allowing you to switch bctwcen the two fight· ers during the game. Capcom have placed no limitations on this function either, so if you fancy taking an X-Man and a Street Fighter into battle as a team, that's fine by them . Heck,you can even fly in the face of convention by getting blood enemies hke 8ison and Chun-ti or Wolverine and Chrll. ,ala 011 ' " Illperll••UIy ,",rful Sabretooth to team upl Rope "".111. IMllrulllt tIct Iluck. The actual fighting action remainssu~rb. There'Simixtureof

martial arts action, special moves and Su~r Combos - just like Marvel Su~r


HerOl!s,infact.TheSu~rslookevcn mores~ctacularthancverbcfore-

1010gue's power-sapping kiSS on the lips looks brilliant. look out for more dctails in forthcoming Saturn Magilines. Here's hoping it makes it to the Saturn




The characters chosen byCapcom sp;in the entire history of the series, from the original SF through


Su~rSF2toAlph a ITheenti recastis:

CItIIf.U: Burningwrth vengeance agaInst M

RYU: The mighties t world warrior returns. Like all

8ison {stlll),wllI she team up wIth the X-Men to defeat hernemcsis/lt's up to you ...

of the SF characters, he's been given some awesome X-attacks to use as SuperCombosl


KEN: Where would a Street Fighter game be without both Io!yuand Ken In the picture eh/

capcom have amassed the greatest mutant fighters from X-Men and Marvel Super Heroes and added the three most popular characters prcvlousIyabsent.

CYClOPS: The leader of the X-Men returns in this new game. HIS capabilities (Io!yu-style martial arts with ildded optk power) seem very Similar to XMen:COTA

MBISON: Once again. the master of Psycho Power arises from the depths of shadowloo to do battle. WiU his unearthly powers match uptolhe might of Marvel's fincsH

~: Withhisstretchyllmbsandbilarre yogk capabilities, Dhalsim himself wouldn't seem out of place Ina Marvelcomkl

ZANGIEF: After a brilliant renaissance in Alpha l. Capcom have kepI the old lo1ussian bcar fighter in the picture. ~: TheSuperSheetfightergamesilferep-


Gamlllt.Ht Ill. MUUIl of .utlll kl~.tlc 10 lIrfIict I d....1l111i1l& 16 llit co ..billltJlHI011


master of magnetism I A terrifying force for cvil


The unstoppable twisted halfbrother ofCharlcs xavier has the distinction of bcing in the X-team, evcn though he isn't a mutant. having gained his powers from a mystical ruby.

SABR£TOOTH: AN AU_NEW CHARACTERI Wolverine's nemesis-he's bigger, nastier and even more psychotic than Wolvieevcr was

STORM: Mistress of the elements, Storm was

CHARUE: sSM staff are a bit unhappy that Guile has left out in favour of Char lie. but at least someone from Al pha is represented In the new game


i'oo.-_ _' _

SWIft In the air and possessed of some fierce weather-based attacks in X-Men: COTA. Expect more of the same here.


WOlVERIE: Perhaps the cheesiest character eve. to appear in a Capcom fighting game returns.SOevcnlo1ad will now stand a chance

MAGNETO: Not the all· new mind-wi~d good guy Maggy in the comksnow, but the full-onbe-helmeted

""'= -,...._ ."..-".....--...,""'...

a superb athlete. but is most noted for charging up playing Cil rds with mutant en.ergy and chuckrngthemabout.

ROGUE:: YET ANOTHER NEW CHARACTER/It's about tlmethat the fiying,~u~rhumanly strong,po~r-5apping Southern~lIemade anap~arance

1"1'1&Ni''''t:.:lim&mlm\I ~ 1

Win a year's supply ofSEOA games withSSMand r~J~ · The Challenge


NiGHTS is probably the most ngedy-awaited ~turn game sofa., as well as one ofth!' most Ilfllliant. Ukl' a TWIX· bar, it takes a bit of chewing before you finish it. Unlike a TWIX· oor though NiGHTS Isn't full of biscuit and caramel. but tough Un~ The more links you score. the better NiGHTS player you are. we reckon. So we want to

SH who Ul n KOre!he most Unks on the first day oft~ contest the eight players with the SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE has tumed up with the con fectionery mnst '(K of TWIX· t o bring you a gl mes cha llenge like you will just lIot believe. In flct, we here 1 tSSM are haYi ng some difficulty belleYlng lt ourse lves. Anywly, th e polllt Is we're looking for THE MOST GlfTEO GAMING GOO IN GREAT BRITAIN a nd NOII.THUN IRELAND.

W••.W... What?!? Yes, that's right, we want to know who's the top Saturn pla~r in the country. and we don't care how many of you haye to suffer In the process. In return. we're offerIng untold riches 1nd wealth beyond imagining to the lucky winner... well. £1000 of games. anyway. You'lI be dragged kicking 1nd screaming down to London where you'll be strongarmed into competing In a gladiatori<ll·style games battl I' against pla~rs from across the country, Or maybe Just from your street. Depends how good your mat es a re. really.

sta~ ~t

ofth" frozen

~lI leftl .


'>Cores will be brought down to

London for the plil)'Off. Fill in your score on the form below (or a photocopyJ,and get a parent or guardian to sign it so we know you're not fibbing. Remember t o enclose

two TWIX· wr.lppers With your entry. You can enter more than once, but we want empty TWIX· wrappers ~ry t lme. Send your completed entry to: TWIX. JUNIOR. GAMESP1.AYU Of THE YEAR., SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE, PR.IOII.Y (OUIIT, )0-)1 FARIINGDON LANE , LONDON Ee ll 3AU. The competition is open ontyto g<lmers <lged unde. 18. Entrants aged under 16 must be accomp,mied to the final byana dult.SOrry to <Ill you old folk who c<ln't enter, but them's the bre<lks. And speaking of breaks, why not settle down with <I nice TWIX· and read the rest of the m1gl

B...B..•But how?!? Easy peasy nobby cheesy. All you have todo Is prove your worth at the a instant classic that is NiGHTS. If you're one of our eight top scorers we - that's SSM and our new·found bosom buddies at TWIX· - will whisk you down to the Vlrglll Megasto.e Oxfo.d St.eet' for the TWIX· Junior Gamespla~r of the Year Challenge.

What about the loot? Along With the est eem of playing In the TWIX· Junior Gamespla~r of the Year finals.we ·.e also somefantastk prizes for 1111 the competito rs on the big day.

~ TheOyerlIlWlnnerofthe TWIX. JUnIOrGamesplayeroftheYUr gets eyery Segl Europe:Satutn ga me .elused oyerthe next 11 mOllths, w orth over 1.1 000 1 Plus t here's a ye ar's supply of TWI X· bars to go w it h lit

4;!IIi!,lj ;§ililQ;! fJ f l Th e seve n unlu cky also· ril ns lleedn 't feel too despond ent l bout not clai m ing the big t itle. Each runne r-up recelYes a n excl usive medal t o show t hey took pa rt In h is prestigious eve nt , along w ith a boil of TWIX· bilrs a nd a Iol d of oth e, good ies. It's a lot bfltertha n a poke In the e)'e w it h a sha rp st ick .

7i!:iIi2 I



Myh'ghestnumberofconsecutiveUnks on the first Frozen Be ll stage of NIGHTS Is


My name Is

Please get one of you . pa .ents/g uard lil ns t o si gn the foUow ing ... . ... . . ..... ...... . . ............ ... My ilge Is. ...

I yerify that the above detail s lre correct, and hereby give my permission for the above nlmed person to take pilrt In challenge, should they be selected.

th~ TWIX·

Junior Glmespll},@roftheYea r

Myaddr~ssls . .





My home t ele phone number Is


You must enclose two TWIX. w,opperJ with toeh tntry fo,m. No purchase n!,(~JJory. AI/ entry/o,ms MUST,eoch us by ,8th October 1996 You must be under,8 toente,. Ifyou ore under ,6 on odultMUSTbeoble to


l_~~~' :~ _~~~~_:~~~_~~_~~~~~~ ~~~§§~~~~'=~::::~~~~~.~=~~~~________ 4i' SEG .~ SATURN

;1 ;.

1.i i


w~~i,';t~h~~:~;: ::~~!jl~h::;:.n!~:~~:1

hne to put up with those horrendous (oke,ds,ny more. Nor do we h,ve to bur witnen to the British Ineptltude,t,1I m,nner of sportlnB events. Wh,t we do h,Ye's lOmethlnB of I IeB'C)" is US Gold's Olympic G,mes license, whlchjust like the rulthlnBcould h,vebeenmuchbetter. There's nothing really bad about this particular g'meslt'sJustth't l njustabout~rydepartment, ~rythlng could have been much Improved The graphics ~re very poor indeed judged by tod~y's standards and whilst the gameplay Is very similar to what has been achi~d With Athlete Kings, Olympic Games lacks the presentation and appeal Where the game does store Is In the has five more than Athlete Kings and Isn't limited to Decathlon events (as the AM] title is) and Includes stuff like swimming, shooting and alchery_ But In the flnill analYSIs, illthough a fairly decent title, it lacks th ee)(Citement and technlul e)(cellence of Athlete Kings. Our advlcel If you're reall y keen on this style of gilme. we flrmly recommend the AM} title


w:~: ~ I;~e: ;~ ;~td';:I~;~;:7J:~: : ~:~: ;'~;P;b~t~b~;:~ I i~':~F~;~;~:'~~c:::~:I&i:::~.ii_'

•. This Is the fourth VF s,me to IIrlCe Slturn s(feeM,andtol!1 Intents Ind purposesKldslsVlrtulFlllhterlRemlll" , onlythls tlme,thue'sllotmore Included not just new bncy vlsulls, Althoullh you lIet thlt too, AM2 have taken one of the most complex, deep and involving fighting games ever and made it a tad more accessible by cutefying the chaf~cters ~nd includingnumerousextr~sdesignedtomadethegameeasiertogetIntO,The

result could have been a horrendous mlsh·mash, but th~nkfully AM2 have crafted a quality product. By choosing between the NORMAL and KIDS modes, you essentially get two different control methods: one that helps you oul plus the VF2 default . Thethingis,evenifyoutrytopl~ythegamejustlikeVF2youcan'thelp but~d~pt yourtactics. The game Isa 101 faster than the standa rd version and the top·heavy nature of the fighters plays havoc wilh those combosyou'lIt s pent years mastering. In a fundamental way, VF Kids is very, very different to Virtua Fighter 2. Of course, the best thing about Virtua Fighter Kids is the price. Here at SSM we do have doubts that the game is aclually better than the version ofVF2 already out. However,wilha price tag twenty quid lighter than its cousin, tha t could well sway your deCision In favour of Kids. Inshort,anotherAM2trlumph,but unless you're seriously addicted to VF, you'd be hard pushed to justify buying this if you already own Virtua Fighter 2


1i44 99

t's been ... lonll time (omlnll, but Alien Trilogy Is fln ... lly on the streets, luckily for Acd ... lm. it's been worth us sittlns around twlddllnll our thumbs for sill months topl ... y It. Just ... bout. There's no doubt th ... t h... d Alien Trllosy bel!n one of the first walltofs ... mesfortheS ... turn(pr... ctlc ... lly ... slntended)ltwouldhlVebel!ntot... ny J... w-dropplnll. The 3D environments Ire sorseous, enhlnced by the nlry IIIIht1nll which Is responsible for most of the s ... me's Itmosphere. The rest of the Involvlnll feel of AI Trll comes from the unobtrusive music. Beyond thlt It's In ,11'II,ts-blnInssorefest. popplnIlClp$ ... t ... nyllenomorph whobncles Its chances. Co mparisons to Doom (or In the Saturn's present sltu ... tlon, Exhumed) afe Inevitable, and Ilthoullh a coolllame, Alien Trlloll1 does lICk a certain something. Perhaps It's down to the flet that Aliens only ... ttack ... t close ranSe, making them quite easy to pl(k off (the humans with lIunsoffer far more reslshnce). The lackof a two·playeroption lets it down a bit. but for an absorbing and downright eerie shootinge5Capade AIII!fl Trilogy is your man. How~r. for the plnnacleofthesenre Exhumed should be at the top of your list


0 84 111 11



1~ U1I •• mMI

hISis~ttl,leilr("deqll"lfty8 .. me.Whl(hlsn·tsllrprISln8Slnceltbegan

T life as one of those ST-Vcoln-op titles. Thethlnglsthough,Athlete KlnBs'grilphksaresoeX(ellentyou"d8hte~nbetievethatlt'srun.

nlngonaModelzboardIForyourmoney)'ou8etuttrilhl- resgrilphlcs (deartlilnd more distinct than anything seen on Nintendo 64 or PI"yStiltlon) iJnd super-smooth 60 frames per second action. Athlete Klngsrealiylsilvisuidfust. Cunningly timed to coincide (well,in Japan at lea$t) with theo Olympics, this Il'n-e~nt com~tltive sports title is well worth looking aot,Just like Track and Field and its Ilk,Athlete Kings Isn'tgoin gtowin any awards fOf the depth of game play. It's a real button smasher in the tradltlonofthoseoldmulti-~nt,oin-ops,illthoughmu(htimeois sPf'ntPf'r~ctingyourjoypad·deostroyingte<hniqu6.

Although quileolimileod in its singleo·player form. Athleoteo Kings really comes into its own asa multi·player eMperieonce where the rivalry between players adds immensely to the enJoyment on offer, After the STN charms of Baku Baku Animal, VF Kids and the forthcoming Die Hard, can the AM departments do no. wrong? , . , From the quality of Athlete Kmgs, It WQuld appear not




Is truly 100cklng, it hOls to be theo first per· son perspective blnting g .. me .. 101 Doom, This 1s .. 1I set to chOlnge over the nen few months with the release of games such n Doom Itself, pseudo-sequel Hexen and Duke Nukem 10. However, beating them 0111 to the punch Is BMC;'s bhumed, which Is so good,SegOl bought It up to release for themselves. Imagine Doom, but with an Egyptian sort of theme to it and you have Exhumed, The most impressive aspect of the game isundoubtedlythegraphics engine. It uses the same "Build" Ie<hnology as the PC's impresm>e Duke Nukem 3D and boasts a super·fast frame rate (far hIgher than Doom on i>layStatlon) and all manner of impressive visl.lal effects. foremost amongst them the brilliant lighting on some of the stages.


Although clearly inspired by Doom. Exhumed al'>O featl.lres some brilliant Pl.lz, zhng more in the style of Hexen, Objects and knowledge collected in later levels can be used in earlier ones, making for a fOlr less linear experience than Doom. One aspect In which It isn"! quite as 800d as id's game Is the violence. Although the weapons are impreossive. there's a severe lack of gore and t he meanies you come up agaInst jl.lst don"! really have the impact of Doom's However. the fact is, you've really got nothing 10 moan about with Exhl.lmed. Olllstrippin8 Doom in terms of concept and technolol!Y. this game finally gives the Satl.lrn a decent 3D first person blaster. So finally. 110botica can beconsum edtothe compost heap on which it deserves to fester· Exhl.lmed is bloody great and should be purchased NOW.

~ . #; .'

'; "~.,~~t ~ :"'... . ....





i ,




~\ - ~ I . ... - ~__ -'-


Rent any latest release from just



ÂŁ3.49 for three evenings


Introducin ... I you might .lr~ady know by now, AM,', let. l.lY' M!luluchl hu let up hi. own AM dlvhion at Segl of 'apan', ,mule rnen! headquarters. The dellgnlng maeitro behind l uch hit . . . Man. TT Super lIik e a nd Sell Rllly Champlonlhlp hu formed hit own M AM Annu Ma nd hi. almo.t finished his fint title, the Sell Toullnl Car Champions hip. Touring Car racing is a IOlllcal successor 10 RaUy. and pushes the gra phical capabilities of the Model ~B arcade graphics board 10 its limit. The game has four different real·llfe cars to co ntrol: An Alfa Romeo lSS V6TI, AMG Mercedes C·Class, Opel Callbra v6 and finally the renowned Toyota Supra. The same type of beat·the- dock arcade action las In Sega Rally) forms the basis of the game, although provision has been Included for some brilliant simultaneous eight·player action. Just like Rally and Manx TT, Mr Mlzuguchl's primary aim has been to recreate the speed and thrills of the sport in the game. If you·ve ever seen Touring Car racing, you'll know that the drive n in the sport take produc· tion cars to the limits of their performance on racing tracks. The atmos· phere is Incredible and actually participating must be something else . As Is the tradition, Sega have pulled out the stops In preparing the cabinet . )D sound s peakers are Installed on either side of the player's head and a powerful sub·woofer is located under the seat, perfectly recreating the throbbing engine noises. A flicker ind icator tells you when you should change gear and se rvo steering has been incorporated for quick and accu· rate reaction. Could Touring Car Championship pick up wh ere Rally left offl More details In a forthcoming SS M...


~- -:- ~ .:;;--• 4&1


_ ..

" ,,~ -

TH nnt hltl oIlh AM Aa_loot MOat tul1lHtteI. TH Stp TOIIriII, Car ClllIIIp'-~lp " • ,1",.1.1I0Il rJI tilt or till! IIOItllcltln,ncl.. tDUl'1IllIIIftl'"'OIIad. Ifpl"ftllllolelrll..-alKtltUMlIpOrt(u

..WrIM! ,""Id), .. !"KOM"," ,.rdla"lI tN 1i95 TOIIrllI Car Rmtw 1'IcIIo, "mild bytlteIlIMltabltIllIllTQWalbl', wIMI_. tlflHtltea,ortaJ..t ...III.lIJIrJoQbtIbh· THI .... cu &et •• 16n ofjnt .... MtU Uae I I'M~-farilf: ut ClI ....,.. .t tile M.nllu~pI'ItwIMaI.,....,.




I....... tit '*CiC with U. Sabrft Mapzine PCIIII DIll montHy ..... IfJl.catdI_rnunrc~TrwIIIQd

JntoEnellft,tm......,.m.b,..~ . . .




trS.pT",rI.,CarCNnlplowUJptu ....,., tMuclt....toltlMapGttwtt.tlMlMdI•• • IalfS.pR.n" .. lIaft.w1......


G~ oM



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:2ackWOODS IffmOt]qH a WaLL (ONLN= IN rouR WfLOOST J>RBaHIS.)


_01 s.g.

Em--.UG. NlGHTSCs.g. Ent--. Ud. 1 *

-- T • • M


"'_r.• [Dl/oIII'"ISUCZMH~._~,n~"UU\MUIIoUI.m.._"_ITKIIIfOI.OOIU;("UUIIIH&gt;lo\lI.m..,_r""D.(~ __ OO"'_I~1OOI.OG1UIONUHl!.OlAlUU / I / ANDAI...