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International President

Welcome to this edition of The Archon! It is an honor to greet you as the International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated! In the last two years, we have taken Zeta to extraordinary heights! We have signed a historic agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; chartered our FIRST international Amicae auxiliary; released the 14th Edition of the National Handbook; tackled the negative images of women in the media; and, began renovations on our beloved house. In addition, we’ve honored Founder and President Emeritus Arizona Clever Stemons in phenomenal ways, and will honor the remaining Pearls over the next two years as we countdown to Centennial. We have continued using various forms of technology to ensure the Sisterhood is informed. We will continue to use them and other methods of communication to promote our programs and initiatives, share updates, and highlight Sorors who are impacting their communities. This publication is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Sorors, Amicae and Youth! Congratulations to Soror Josette Rice and The Archon team for an outstanding publication. Thank you for continuing to be service-oriented and keeping Zeta at the forefront, making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in our communities and around the world. Let’s continue working together and Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths! Serving for the Love of Zeta,

Mary Breaux Wright International President Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 3


Chair of the National Executive Board Greetings Sorors! It has been a very busy two years in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated! Chapters and Auxiliaries across the United States and abroad have been “blazing new paths” as is exemplified in this edition of The Archon. The members of the National Executive Board congratulate all chapters and commend you for fulfilling the dreams I am sure our Five Pearls had for this organization. They are smiling from heaven today. We know that our Sorors and auxiliary members have so many obligations (family, church, work, school, etc.) but you have given of your time and resources to move this Sorority forward. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a great impact in the communities in which you live. As we move forward towards Centennial, the Board encourages you to remain engaged; to get excited about being in Washington, DC in 2020; to continue implementing innovative programs; and to bring other Zetas home. Thanks to our dynamic International President, Mary Breaux Wright, we are on the “Wright” path and we are making a difference! With Sisterly Love,

Dr. Nell Williams Ingram Chairman, National Executive Board 4 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Archon THE


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CELEBRATING OUR UNDERGRADUATES Honoring the Lifeline and Future of the Sorority GETTING ENGAGED Zeta Takes on the Negative Images of Women in the Media


SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY, SERVICE TO OUR Sorority Celebrating National Military Appreciation Week


THE CENTENNIAL JOURNEY Trace Zeta’s Journey to 2020, including the historic $250,000 donation to the Smithsonian


THE NATIONAL HANDBOOK Leading the 21st Century Zeta




THE PROBLEM OF PREMATURITY It is Prevalent and It is Personal


GO4LIFE Zeta Celebrates at Adopted Adult Day Care Facilities


THE HOUSE ZETA DESERVES Meet the National Design Team


ALL ABOARD THE ZOL TRAIN Leadership Training Goes To Another Level


COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS President Wright Ends Term as Chair of COP




ZETAS STAY INFORMED Using Technology to Inform and Educate










Atlantic Region Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Regional Director


Eastern Region T. Diane Surgeon, Esq., Regional Director


Great Lakes Region Michelle Porter Norman, Regional Director


Midwestern Region Samantha Hughes, Regional Director


Pacific Region Natalie Brannon, Regional Director


South Central Region Ernestine Wilson, Regional Director


Southeastern Region Yvonne Jefferson Barnes, Ph.D. Regional Director


Southern Region Kay S. Rosebure, Regional Director


IN THE SPIRIT OF SISTERHOOD A Zeta Sweater Makes Its Way Home




Archon THE

Publisher Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

FOUNDERS Arizona Cleaver Stemons l Pearl Anna Neal l Myrtle Tyler Faithful l Viola Tyler Goings l Fannie Pettie Watts INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Mary Breaux Wright ARCHON EDITOR IN CHIEF Josette M. Rice









ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nicole D. Price Graphic design Support Shaneesa N. Ashford



NATIONAL PARLIAMENTARIAN Brunhilda C. Williams-Curington

OFFICE MANAGER Rebecca Jackson





Archon THE



The Archon magazine is the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. First published in 1929, The Archon is one of the oldest, continuously published African-American magazines still in circulation today. The Archon is published periodically and communicates to its readers the programmatic thrust of the Sorority, articulates partnerships, outlines Zeta’s position on public policies and social issues, features individual members and publishes stories of interest to women. The Archon is a long-standing source of pride for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and its members. It is preserved in libraries and archives around the world as a historical record of occurrences in the African Diaspora. PUBLISHER Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated International Headquarters 1734 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20009 Phone: 202.387.3103 WEBSITE Submissions Members, chapters, states, regions and auxiliaries of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated may submit articles for consideration for inclusion in The Archon to The Archon staff at Political and campaign ads or articles are not accepted for publication. EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER The Archon reserves the right to edit submitted articles or ads to ensure they adhere to the publication’s design, editorial standards and requirements of the publication. Articles submitted for inclusion may appear in any issue of The Archon as deemed appropriate by the Editor in Chief. Every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the submitted content. Inaccuracies or corrections should be submitted in writing. ABOUT ZETA PHI BETA Sorority, INCORPORATED Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is an international women’s organization that has established itself as the foremost network of socially and politically conscious activists working to empower disenfranchised communities. Founded on January 16, 1920, Zeta has been and continues to be the “Sorority of Firsts,” creating best-inclass educational programming models like Stork’s Nest and Z-HOPE and a family of youth and adult auxiliary groups to advance our local communities. With more than 120,000 members inducted, Zeta has become one of the world’s foremost movements for social justice and civic change. Members of Zeta are called to a higher purpose of Finer Womanhood. Zeta women are achievers and leaders in every field in more than 800 communities across the United States, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Archon and to greet you on behalf of the editorial staff. I want to thank our International President, Mary Breaux Wright, for the opportunity to work with a variety of Sorors in compiling this comprehensive edition of The Archon. This has been a labor of love and an experience I will truly cherish. Thank you for sending in your wonderful anecdotes and articles for consideration for publication in The Archon. Once again, we received an unprecedented number of responses to the call for articles for the magazine. This edition would not have been a success without you. Your willingness to work with my team and me as we gathered your information and got it ready for publication is duly noted. This edition displays what each region is doing in their areas to “Get Engaged” and make a difference in their community. It is easy to see that Zeta is a community-conscious, action-oriented organization. You are on the move and in many cases thinking out of the box in your endeavors to be a strong presence in your communities. It has been so humbling to see all that you are doing and to be a part of putting together an instrument that showcases your accomplishments. Please enjoy this edition of The Archon and know that it has ultimately been our pleasure to serve you. Sisterly,

Josette M. Rice Josette M. Rice Editor in Chief


Celebrating Our



OUR Lifeline - OUR Future - And More! By Dr. Denisha L. Hendricks National Director of Undergraduate Advisors


ur undergraduate members are important! We as graduate members constantly say that our undergraduate Sorors are:

Our Lifeline Our Future Reminders of our Founders (Our Founders were Undergraduates) Are these statements true? What do they really mean? Why are our undergraduates important? We are a multi-generational organization and that is a great strength. From the Greatest Generation to the Baby Boomers to Generation X to Generation Y (millenials), we are all in this together. The issue with our undergraduate members is that they are always changing. Each generation is a little bit different; they value experiences differently. Without the internal generational diversity, it is very difficult to recruit and retain a diverse membership. “Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now” is a new book by Sarah Sladek, founder of XYZ University, a future-focused management consulting company that specializes in helping organizations engage Generations X, Y and Z” (also author of “The End of Membership as We Know It”). Generation Y has a different set of needs, interests, and values as author Sarah Sladek conveys with convincing statistics, examples, and case studies. These needs and interests have implications for every functional area of associations from advocacy to technology to websites. Sladek notes: “You can choose to dwell on the challenges that lie ahead or you can dwell on the opportunities. But one thing is certain – whatever choice you make from here on out, it will begin and end with Y.” It is important that we grow our leaders, starting with our undergraduate Sorors. We must provide them with the following:

• • • •

Challenging work A variety of work An environment that fosters a spirit of creativity and innovation Recognition and reward for high performance

In essence, we must empower our new leaders. Many of our undergraduate Sorors already have leadership experience. On their college campuses or in their personal lives, they have led membership organizations of dozens (maybe even hundreds) of people. Many of our undergraduate Sorors have gotten a taste of leadership and they like it (and many are very good at it, too). Their hunger to lead and make their mark is a great engagement opportunity for our organization. Let’s identify leaders among our undergraduate Sorors and empower them with some level of responsibility. This empowerment shows them a path toward further participation, gives them visibility into the organization, and provides recognition by veteran members. It also positions them as a model for other members and potential members to get involved. Sorors, let’s not forget that Generation Z is right behind our Undergraduates in our Archonette, Amicette, and Pearlette youth groups. If we are going to survive, continue to strive, recruit and retain members, it is vital that we continue to invest in Our Lifeline, Our Future, Reminders of our Founders ... OUR UNDERGRADUATES!

SPOTLIGHT: Gamma Nu, Austin Peay State University Gamma Nu Chapter received a $7,895 grant from Austin Peay State University in Tennessee for their program called Sister2Sister, a campus-wide program for underrepresented minority college women in their first year at the university.


Undergraduates SHINE By Sadé Adams National Undergraduate Member-at-Large Leigh-Ann Williams National Undergraduate Member to the Executive Committee


t the 2014 Grand Boulé, International President Mary Breaux Wright declared Sorority year 20152016 as the Year of the Undergraduate. It has been an opportunity for the Sorority to bring to the forefront the great work undergraduates are doing all around the nation, Sorority, on campuses, and in local communities. In remembrance of our Founders who founded our illustrious Sorority as undergraduates at Howard University, Undergraduates excitedly joined the initiative. This was an opportunity for us to become bolder in our efforts, challenge our strength, and grow our love for service.


Symona Gregory, National Undergraduate Representative to the National Nominating Committee, left, Leigh-Ann Williams, National Undergraduate Representative to the National Executive Committee, and Sade’ Adams, National Undergraduate Member at Large, answer the call to lead undergraduate initiatives.

2015 NATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE RETREAT In July 2015, the second National Undergraduate Retreat convened in Washington D.C. The retreat was facilitated by Leigh-Ann Williams, National Undergraduate Member to the National Executive Committee and Anjylla Foster, immediate past National Third Vice President. The two-day retreat featured a variety of workshops and leadership-building activities.

“Blazing the Path to 2020,” and “Risk Management.” Attendees had the opportunity to complete a case study and present their ideas to judges President Wright and Past President Tearte.

Events included panel-style forums, interactive discussions, Centennial updates from the Centennial Chair, Past International President Jylla Moore Tearte, and a Phireside chat with President Wright. Some of the topics included “Leading Your Legacy,”

The retreat was highlighted by a bus trip to the Sorority’s birthplace on the campus of Howard University, the Whitelaw Hotel, and Zeta’s national headquarters, narrated by President Wright.

Soror Nsombi Roberts

Soror mercedes jones

Soror Nsombi Roberts of Southern University has made military history as the first African-American woman from the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) to be selected to serve aboard U.S. Navy submarines.

Soror Mercedes Jones of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, was instrumental in starting a campus food pantry on the IU campus. Jones is working to have the pantry recognized as an official student organization.


Leading the 21st Century Zeta

THE 14TH EDITION OF THE NATIONAL HANDBOOK BY Scarlet H. Black National Handbook Chair


n keeping with the national goalsof International President, Mary Breaux Wright to update the national program manuals and handbooks of the Sorority, the 14th Edition National Handbook Committee was appointed in late October 2014. The Committee formally began its work on November 4, 2014. For nearly a year, the committee worked diligently to ensure that the 14th Edition of the National Handbook met the following goals:

In addition to the new cover design, other new features include:

“To provide a guide, information, illustrations, examples, and a handy reference as it relates to the internal functions of the Sorority. The National Handbook of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated further serves to provide a framework and expectations for its members, chapters, states, and regions in implementing the policies and procedures of the Sorority. It is a guide that will set the tone for a positive relationship; provide information important to the Sorority members, and information on policies, benefits, and leadership development. It will ensure uniformity and consistency from one administration to another. Information in the National Handbook should answer the who, what, why, how, and when questions that members and chapters may have about Sorority operations.” - Introduction: 14th Edition of the National Handbook, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

A larger notebook that is 8 ½ x 11 in size and aligns with other manuals and documents of the Sorority

Pages in black print with touches of royal blue in a larger and easier to read format

Tables of contents and divider pages

Directional tabs and directional markers at the bottom of each page

Please note that the Sorority’s National Constitution and Bylaws are the prevailing governing rules of the Sorority.

The National Handbook also contains the new Undergraduate GPA Requirement Policy and the Complaint and Discipline Policy adopted by the 2014-2015 National Executive Board. As a guide and reference, there is abundant information about Zeta Phi Beta inside the new the National Handbook.

The new edition of the National Handbook is a white leather, three-ringed notebook, with an embossed shield on the cover.

THE 14TH EDITION HANDBOOK COMMITTEE The committee reflected members of varying years of service within the Sorority, age levels, offices held (elected and/or appointed), professional experiences, members of HBCUs and non-HBCUs, the eight regions, legal representation, etc.

Each of the 21 sections has its own table of contents and numbering system that allows for additions without having to reprint the entire handbook. Sections 17 to 21 have been provided for members to add the National Constitution and Bylaws, and Regional and State Bylaws to the National Handbook to keep all of these documents in one place.

Scarlet H. Black, Chair Marilyn A. Brooks Brenda Butler Ka’Rissa Coach Angela Dawson-Milton Amber Finlay Lynette Harper Ava Jackson, Esq. Dr. E. Fran Johnson

Jocelyn Jones Erma Killings Tracey Lafayette Jana Myles Doris M. Stokes Krishna A. Walker, Esq. Brandi Wells Cheryl Williams




eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service signed a historic memorandum of understanding in Washington, D.C., to work cooperatively to engage urban youth in outdoor recreation, biological sciences and healthful activity in nature. The five-year agreement was signed at the 2015 Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference. Steve Guertin, deputy director of the Service, and International President Mary Breaux Wright, attended the signing ceremony.

which aligns with the “Zetas Have Heart” health initiative. The partnership also aims to boost opportunities for young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, and give Zetas a greater voice on conservation issues. In addition, the pact is meant to encourage African American students and professionals to consider Service careers. Since the partnership began, chapters and auxiliaries have become “Pearls in the Wild,” visiting wildlife refuges across the country.

“Our country’s future depends on the knowledge and well-being of youth in our nation’s cities,” Guertin said. “We are thrilled to join with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to boost opportunities for young people to explore the natural world, learn about science and science careers, and reap the benefits of outdoor recreation. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, with its long commitment to health and community well-being, is a wonderful partner, and we look forward to forging many new connections.” Wright shared Guertin’s enthusiasm. “Since our inception in 1920, Zeta has maintained a rich legacy of bettering the lives of women, children and the communities in which we live,” she said. “Partnering with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helps Zeta expose our youth to more possibilities for leading healthful lives and promising futures.” The partnership unites Zeta members and the Service in engaging youth in recreation on national wildlife refuges and helping them understand how such activity promotes healthful living, 12 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Youth of Lambda Zeta Chapter learn about snakes at the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Center in Angleton, Texas.




By Krysta Jones Program Manager


he images in the media have an impact on how we see ourselves. Zeta Phi Beta has a history of civic engagement, from challenging police brutality to promoting healthy living. With the launch of “Get Engaged,” Zeta has addressed the issue of more balanced media images as a way to improve our communities. On September 16, 2015, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated hosted “Balancing Our Media Images, Saving Our Communities” during the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Panelists included Dr. Syleecia Thompson, President of DYG Management Group, LLC and Professor, Berkeley College, NYC; Shari Nycole Welton, Producer, TV One “News One Now;” Connie Frazier, Chief Operating Officer, American Advertising Federation; and Clare Bresnahan, Program Director, She Should Run. International President Mary Breaux Wright moderated the panel discussion. Key highlights of the discussion included the sexual exploitation of enslaved black women has led to the creation of jezebel, mammie, aggressive, welfare images we see in mainstream media. There’s a large group of consumers who desire positive imagery on the big and small screens. The faith-based film “War Room” was number #1 at the box office for two straight weeks! A niche has been created and the same can happen for content showcasing more positive imagery as it relates to women. Women represent only 25 percent of producers, 17 percent of editors, and 23 percent of production designers. The most dismal numbers are those who play a huge part in the storytelling: only 6 percent of directors in the film industry are women and only 3 percent are cinematographers. The advertising industry has made strides by encouraging a diverse workforce in advertising, recognizing a diversity of talent,

reevaluating messages that portray facets of multicultural life, working with entertainment and law enforcement to dispel stereotypes, exploring the depiction of people of color in reality TV and awarding networks that portray diverse characters.

GET ENGAGED AND TAKE ACTION! How can you Get Engaged and combat the negative images? Women need to take ownership of their opportunities to create content. There’s a high rate of avenues to create content and distribute it. (e.g.: social media, and even cell phones) Support women who are working toward illustrating positive images of women and challenging those who aren’t. Who are

the producers of your favorite TV shows? Who produces content you do not like? Maintain a strong social media presence advocating for balance. Consider running for office! By running you can influence policy, change the debate, and be a positive influence for other women. Visit for more information.


The Problem of Prematurity

It Is Prevalent and It Is Personal By Latasha Wilson Lane National March of Dimes Co-Representative


or more than 40 years, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority has partnered with the March of Dimes to tackle the number one killer of babies – premature birth. While great strides in research, family support, funding and awareness programming have increased, pre-term birth remains a significant concern.

Prematurity is Prevalent. Today, one in 10 U.S. babies is born pre-term. Regarded as a major health-care crisis, prematurity distresses individuals, families, businesses and communities. When factoring race, disparities in premature birth are more pervasive. Research shows that babies born to black women in the US are more than 1½ times as likely to be born too early. Recognizing this, Sorors, Amicae and Youth, through Zeta’s international efforts and annual campaigns have answered the call. As one of the top national service partners for the March of Dimes, Sorors, Amicae and Youth raised more than $415,000 for March for Babies in 2014 and more than $436,000 in 2015. Additionally, 2015 marked the 12th consecutive year of the Zeta Prematurity Awareness Program (ZPAP), where thousands of parishioners in houses of Worship across the country heard the Prematurity Campaign message.

Prematurity is Personal. In its second year, the Zeta Ambassador Baby Program has introduced the Sisterhood to Sorors who have been directly affected by premature birth. These poignant stories illustrate the

stages of pregnancy – often roller-coastering between feelings of euphoria, distress and relief. Soror Samantha Montgomery of Xi Zeta Chapter, St. Louis, MO, who gave birth to Peighton Michele Montgomery on July 8, 2014, weighing only 3.6 pounds, shared these words, “I had never been more in love and more relieved that she was healthy. She did not need any oxygen; just a feeding tube to help with her weight. After almost a month in the NICU, we were able to bring our sweet girl home.” Soror Erika Brown of Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter in Saginaw, Michigan, gave birth to fraternal twins, Kendall and Kamiron, at 29 weeks - 11 weeks premature - weighing 2 lbs. 11 oz. and 2 lbs. 7 oz., respectively. They have had various health issues and have undergone a series of medical procedures. Soror Brown recalls, “With the overwhelming love and support of friends, family, health professionals and the March of Dimes, both Kendall and Kamiron are now happy and healthy.” With an original due date of March 5, 2010, little Maya – who represents the South Central Region, was born December 11, 2009, weighing 2 lbs .5 oz. Soror Letiticia Jackson, recalling her experience, said, “I could praise March of Dimes forever for their successful research and their never ending desire for healthier babies, but right now, I just want to thank them for the individual love and care they showed toward me and Maya.”

To connect with Zeta’s year-round March of Dimes efforts and share your activities and stories, visit Zeta’s March of Dimes Facebook page or email 16 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016




eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, through its ZetaCARES™ National Elder Care Initiative, conducted special Go4Life® “Physical Movement Matters Workshops” at the Sorority’s adopted Adult Day Care Centers across the country in collaboration with the White House Conference on Aging. These special training events highlighted the very important partnerships and collaborations between the Sorority, adopted Adult Day Care Centers, and the various local chapters. Go4Life® is the national exercise and physical activity campaign for people 50+ from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) at the National Institute of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The campaign was designed to empower older adults to become more physically active. The overarching goal of Go4Life® is to entice, encourage, and enable older adults to incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives according to NIA Director Dr. Richard J. Hodes. Sorority-adopted Adult Day Care Centers offered participants a variety of physical activity programs including daily range of motion exercises, chair aerobics, dancing and walking; among other physical movement activities and programs. It is never too late for exercise to have a positive effect on the health of older people. A recent NIA-funded study of sedentary people in their 70s and 80s showed that a regular program of 18 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

structured exercise improved their mobility and reduced their risk of disability. Research also indicated that regular physical activity reduced the risk of heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Go4Life® is based on studies showing that older adults can exercise safely and should exercise regularly to help prevent many of the chronic conditions and disability associated with aging. Despite the growing list of benefits of exercise for people of all ages, U.S. adults tend to become less active as they age. International President Mary Breaux Wright proclaimed the National Elder Care Initiative as her administration’s Signature Program. Chapters, states and regions sponsor legal and financial workshops to teach and inform the public on various caregiving issues and proper preparation for aging. T. Diane Surgeon, Esq., Elder Law Attorney and National Director of Elder Care, presented a free workshop on “Planning for Care – Mind, Body and Bank” for chapters, states and regions across the country during which she stressed the importance of continuous physical activity for both the care recipient and the caregiver.

Go4Life® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For more information on the program, visit




Zeta’s National Headquarters is undergoing a historic transformation for our highly anticipated Centennial Anniversary. The organization has chosen four talented, experienced and capable Sorors to execute the task of renovating and improving the house. The design team will endeavor to restore the house to reflect timeless elegance, retain the historical and classic silhouettes while simultaneously creating a new, sustainable design that is welcoming yet functional, practical but opulent ... a house truly worthy of our Founders and their legacy of Finer Womanhood.

TANISHA JOHNSON, DESIGN CHAIR Tanisha Johnson has been a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority for 21 years. Joining the Sorority by way of Omega Kappa Chapter, California State University, Northridge, she is the President of the Omicron Rho Zeta Chapter of Inglewood, California (Pacific Region). Johnson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from American Intercontinental University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge. She specializes in designing custom interiors for residential properties. She is also a stager for real estate properties. Johnson owns her own interior design company: 3 Designing Divas. It is her belief that design can enrich your life and your soul. Her design philosophy comes from a quote by Xorin Balbes, “The goal of design should be to assist the people who live within to create the kind of space where they can flourish instead of just exist.”

JESSICA BANTOM Jessica Bantom has been a member of Zeta for 18 years. She is a member of the Nu Xi Zeta Chapter in Virginia (Eastern Region). She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA); and her Masters of Arts in Interior Design from Marymount University (Arlington, VA). Bantom’s design expertise includes being the president of her own design company, Bantom Color Design. While completing her Master’s in interior design, she concentrated on developing her knowledge of color through the International Association of Color Consultants North America (IACCNA) course of study. A color consultant since 2006, she also has over 15 years of experience as an IT and management consultant.

ANDRELL HALL Andrell Hall became a member through Psi Epsilon Chapter, Bowling Green, Ohio (Great Lakes Region). Soror Hall’s personal design specialty consists of commercial and residential design with an emphasis in design management and sustainable design with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) exposure. Her expertise includes creative design development, technical rendering skills with Revit, Photoshop and AutoCad, as well as training in European design and architecture while studying overseas.

NIKKI KLUGH Nikki Klugh is a member of Mu Sigma Zeta Chapter, San Diego, California (Pacific Region). Her passion for Interior Design extends far beyond making spaces beautiful, comfortable or even simply functional. She firmly believes in the abilities of spaces to change lives. She has over 14 years of interior design experience and couples that with a passion for creating spaces that support and improve one’s overall wellbeing. An award winning interior designer and owner of Nikki Klugh Design Group, Klugh intends to work with the team to create an atmosphere within our house that encompasses the spirit of her signature philosophy: Everyday Luxurious Living™.



uly 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Program, making it Zeta’s longest national leadership training. ZOL was conceived in 2003 by Past International President, Barbara C. Moore, as a leadership certification program for Sorors interested in becoming nationally elected and/or appointed officers. The first official leadership certification program was conducted with 300 attendees in July 2005 for two and one-half on-site training days. This year the ZOL train made stops at the following depots: ZOL Certification, the Undergraduate Retreat, the Amicae Leadership and Empowerment Retreat, the Basilei (Presidents) Institute Training, and the State Directors Retreat. The ZOL journey helps to define the leader within each of us and provides a platform to gain new and/or improved leadership skills. The ZOL curriculum is designed for participants to acquire and refine new skills and strategic opportunities for ongoing improvement of leadership skills.


All Aboard the



On-site and post-conference training includes, but is not limited to the Sorority. Trainings consisted of elaboration on aspects of the Soror’s leadership assessment; legal matters and governance policies; strategic planning; becoming a well-balanced leader; tips for becoming a National Officer (e.g., International President, Regional Director or State Director); maintaining and starting a non-profit; using technology as a leader; and what every leader needs to know about sponsoring an undergraduate chapter and auxiliaries.

UNDERGRADUATE RETREAT ZOL CERTIFICATION The overarching goal of the ZOL program is to provide Zetas with the essential knowledge and skills to be exceptional leaders within and outside of Zeta. Under the administration of International President Mary Breaux Wright, the 2013 and 2015 ZOL certification programs were expanded. Currently, the program is now conducted through four phases over a nine-month period: •

Phase One: Advanced Study Guide, Book Review, Leadership Assessment

Phase Two: Two and one-half days of on-site training

Phase Three: Monthly webinars (August–January), Leadership Portfolio

Phase Four: Notification of certification

During the week of ZOL, 48 undergraduates spent a day and a half networking, sharing ideas, becoming more knowledgeable about the sisterhood, having dialogue with the International President and other national officers, and learning more about leadership in Zeta. One of the highlights for undergraduates was a trip to Howard University, the Whitelaw Hotel, and national headquarters. Leading the undergraduates for this retreat were Sorors Leigh Ann Williams, National Undergraduate to the Executive Committee and Anjylla Foster, ZOL Steering Committee Team and Immediate Past National Third Vice President.

Reflections from the

Undergraduate Retreat “Attending the Undergraduate Retreat at the ZOL conference this past July was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. It was nice to connect with other undergraduates from HBCUs and PWIs and brainstorm effective programming as well as share our knowledge about how to keep our chapters alive at our colleges and universities. After attending the ZOL conference I believe that my future plans in Zeta are to be more innovative and to change things in the Sorority on small levels that make us more efficient.” - Kya Simmons

“I attended the 2015 National Undergraduate Retreat after my first year in the Sorority, which was also a very trying year as chapter president, and an unsuccessful campaign for office at my regional level. My fire for Zeta had been dimmed by a year of incomparable stress and disappointment. Words cannot explain how refreshing it was to be in the presence of passionate and inspirational leaders and historians of Zeta. I left D.C. with a restored passion for my Sorority and the strength I needed to finish the work I had begun in my local chapter and NPHC. My hope is to be able to serve my Sorority in any way that my Sorors see fit“ - Denisha Thomas

“The 2015 ZOL Undergraduate Retreat was amazing! The facilitators and presenters provided us with information undergraduates need to continue leading their chapters on campus, as well as information that will help us take on higher leadership roles in Zeta. The most rewarding thing was the opportunity to meet Zetas from different regions and learning the different views (we) have within Zeta. Many of us encounter the same challenges and learning how we approach them differently was very beneficial. After going through ZOL Training and the Undergraduate Retreat, I plan to focus on how I can continue to make an impact within Zeta, as well as my surrounding community.” - Kei’Shawn Tention


The Amicae Leadership and Empowerment Retreat included specialized training and the Zeta Amicae Centennial Launch party.

ZOL Committee Members are joined by Congresswoman and Zeta member Donna Edwards, one of the ZOL keynote speakers.


their skills, and to equip and empower officers with the tools of the trade to assist them as the Sorority transitions into 2020. Training consists of three delivery methods: face-to-face training (Seminar I) at ZOL; and online training and face-to-face training (Seminar II) at Boulé 2016.

A total of 72 Amicae and Sponsors registered for Zeta Amicae Leadership and Empowerment Retreat. Amicae and Amicae Sponsors spent two days, led by National Amicae Affairs Director Donnie Hull and Regional Amicae Coordinators, focusing on enhancing communications, networking, strategizing on tips to complete community service programs, and exploring the basic foundation for operating and managing a successful auxiliary. Leadership Training sessions included Bridging the Communication Gap; Strategic Planning, where the attendees created vision boards; and Membership Recruitment with Marketing. The Amicae had a chat with President Wright, where only they were allowed to attend. Other activities included a Legacy Induction, the Milestones Award, the Friend Lullelia Walker Harrison Service Award (for auxiliaries with 50 and 25 years of service) and the Friend Mary Breaux Wright Friendship Award (for individual members with 50 and 25 years of service). A special feature was the Zeta Amicae Centennial Launch Party, Mardi Gras Style, in shades of Blue with centennial masks, umbrellas, beads and centennial shirts.

BASILEI (PRESIDENTS) INSTITUTE ZOL 2015 expanded to include a Basilei (Presidents) Institute, which focused on specific training opportunities for Chapter Basilei, and the First through Third Vice President. The Basilei Institute was designed to assist chapter presidents in sharpening

More than 170 chapter officers attended the two-day training which included Effective Communication; Auxiliary Management; How to Conduct an Effective Meeting; Basics of Parliamentary Procedures; Zeta Rituals; Legal Matters for Chapter Officers; Protocol; Building Community Partners; and how to Retain, Reclaim and Recruit members. The first online training, Officer Transition, was conducted by Board Chair Dr. Nell Ingram. Participants who successfully completed the Basilei Institute will be recognized at Boulé 2016.

STATE DIRECTORS’ RETREAT The ZOL train added a special stop for State Directors. On Friday, State Directors attended sessions with the ZOL participants but on Saturday, a stop was made just for them. Richard Jungman of Holmes Murphy Firm spent invaluable time covering aspects of the Sorority’s insurance policy; Krishna Walker, Esq. and Adwoa Seymour, Esq. of Bryan Cave, our national counsel, reviewed internal policies and procedures; Mercedes Alexander, National Meeting Planner, shared tips for negotiating contracts; and Rebecca Jackson, National Headquarters Office Manager, shared tips for working effectively with Headquarters.

ZOL Renewal Pilot Program The ZOL Renewal Pilot Program was designed for up to 50 Sorors who completed certification during ZOL 2005 and 2007. The program is a reaffirmation of commitment to leadership development through experiences designed to build upon, recharge, and expand existing knowledge; replenish knowledge base to include current policies, practices, and procedures; and enhance leadership knowledge, skills and performance.

Zeta members from Auburn, Alabama participate in the Basilei Institute at ZOL 2015. 22 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

There were 46 Sorors participating in this eight-month pilot program. This renewal pilot cohort process was completely virtual, with required monthly webinars and team conference calls. Sorors successfully completing the program will be recognized during the 2016 Boulé.

PRESIDENT WRIGHT CONCLUDES TERM AS CHAIR OF NPHC COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS It had been more than 20 years since Zeta has served in a leadership capacity within the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s Council of Presidents (COP). That changed when International President Mary Breaux Wright was sworn in as Vice Chair in 2012. In 2013, she became the Chair of the COP.

Known as the Divine Nine, the NPHC was formed on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC. Zeta Phi Beta was one of five founding member organizations, in addition to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc..

During President Wright’s term as Chair, the COP tackled issues such as the shooting death of Michael Brown and the negative images of women in the media. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated continues to be an instrumental member of the Divine Nine and remains committed to its core values and mission. Established in 1930 and headquartered in Decatur, GA, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC) is composed of nine historically Black fraternity and sorority Greek-Lettered Organizations.

At top: The NPHC Council of Presidents held a panel discussion during the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, DC. At left, President Wright was the guest speaker at an awards dinner that was attended by her fellow NPHC presidents, including Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Robert Clark of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.; Mark Tillman of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. and Dr. Paulette Walker of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Above, Bonita Herring, president of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and Paulette Walker are sworn in as Chair and Vice Chair of the COP, respectively. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 23


Bond O

ur Founders envisioned a bond between Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta, and they would be indeed proud of their legacy. From the undergraduate level to the pinnacle of leadership in both organizations, the bond has been lasting and unbreakable. Other organizations choose to claim a brother or sister, but for the Blue and White family, it’s constitutional - we’ve got papers on each other.



Source: Finer Women Don’t Haze Video

BY Scarlet H. Black National Director of Anti-Hazing Finer Women Don’t Haze Initiative

of hazing, here is what we know:

The 2015 Finer Women Don’t Haze (FWDH) Initiative kicked-off September 21-25, 2015, during the National Hazing Prevention Week. During the national “kick-off” week, FWDH conducted a national survey within Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated to gauge the members’ attitudes and beliefs about hazing. More than 600 written responses submitted are being reviewed and placed into categories. The preliminary survey and written comments were shared with Sorors in a national webinar entitled the “911 On Hazing.” In addition, the Sorority’s Legal Counsel, Krishna A. Walker, Esq., joined the national webinar to discuss the Sorority’s newly adopted Undergraduate GPA Requirement Policy and the Complaint and Discipline Policy. These new policies are summarized on the Finer Women Don’t Haze website and can be downloaded. In addition to the Legal Counsel’s participation in the national webinar, International President Mary Breaux Wright gave an overview of the Sorority’s views on hazing and the concerns hazing presents. The final results of the survey and the written comments will be presented in another national webinar scheduled through the ZOL team. In the continuing work to call attention to hazing and the efforts to change the culture 26 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

1.5 million high-school students are hazed each year

92% will not report being hazed

10% of college students will admit to being hazed

36% of college students will not report hazing

46% of college students are aware of hazing but will remain silent

It is clear that by the time a boy or girl leaves high school, an encounter with bullying and/or hazing has already taken place either as the initiator or the recipient. With the high incidents

of non-reporting of a bullying and/or hazing situation, how can the culture of hazing in our society be slowed, curtailed, and eradicated? There are no illusions or myths that any program, such as “Finer Women Don’t Haze” Campaign, strategy, slogan, current laws, or jargon is going to dramatically or significantly change the culture of hazing overnight or instantly. However, the members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated must offer their voices in this discourse by: •

Recognizing that hazing is real and co-exists with our policies and procedures against hazing

Bringing awareness and attention to an issue that is kept underground, in secret, hidden, and unspoken

Promoting open dialogue and discussion in the Greek-lettered community, campuses, local schools, churches, communitywide organizations, etc. on the issue of hazing

Networking with other Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities, as well as national, state, and local community organizations, to provide programs in elementary, middle, and high schools that address hazing

Contacting lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels to strengthen current laws and push for federal legislation


IT’S MORE THAN YOU THINK! Currently, there is not a legal definition of hazing, as hazing laws vary from state to state. However, some of the nationally recognized types of hazing are as follows:

Subtle Hazing This type of hazing is often thought of as harmless or insignificant. The behavior usually involves activities or attitudes that cross the line of mutual respect, appropriate standards, and places the individual on the receiving end of ridicule and/or humiliation practices. This type of hazing will be endured or tolerated because the individual feels it is part of becoming a member of the group or team. Mental Hazing This type of hazing is psychologically abusive and can leave longlasting emotional scars. It can include yelling, demeaning name calling, profane remarks, drills, line-ups, threats, silence, isolation, being singled out for demeaning duties not assigned to others, running errands, or carrying out other types of servitude. Physical or Violent Hazing This type of hazing behavior is extremely dangerous and can cause serious physical/psychological harm and in some cases death. This type of hazing can trigger a predisposed medical or psychological condition. Since the 1800s, 163 deaths have been attributed to this form of hazing. The behaviors include branding, paddling, punching, placed in dangerous situations. Cyber-bullying This is a relative new form of hazing that exposes an individual to communications made through emails, cell phones, unauthorized

posted pictures on websites and/or other social media, internet chat rooms, other telecommunications by seeking to intimidate, control, manipulate, stalk, torment, harass, ridicule, put down, falsely discredit, and/or humiliate the recipient of cyber-bullying. This type of hazing behavior is deliberate, repeated, and hostile. Cyber-bullying can also result in psychological/emotional scars that are long-lasting. Please check your state for the laws concerning Cyber-bullying. In some states, it is a Class 1 or Class 2 misdemeanor depending on the age of the individual being cyber-bullied. Generational Hazing This type of hazing is passed down through stories about how it was during “their day” and how it made the individual a “real” member of the group or team. Generational hazing consistently talks about being made “the right way.” Often graduates or old members of a group or organization will come back to relive how it was during “their day” and distort this type of behavior as fun and harmless. It is not! This type of hazing was often underground, hidden, harmful and kept silent at the time. Alcohol, Drugs, and Hazing Alcohol and drugs affect all of the types of hazing discussed here and often contributes to physical and psychological/emotional harm. Alcohol and drugs can intensify an already troubling situation. Alcohol and drug usage is also denounced in many college/universities Code of Conduct, as well as applicable law enforcement statutes.

For more information and useful resources/case studies, please visit www.zphib1920. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 27

Zetas Stay



Adobe® Connect™ was utilized this last year to allow Sorors and Amicae to stay informed by participating in webinars. Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device. Webinars have been offered to provide instruction and make available toolkits/handouts for various national programs. Leadership training was provided via webinars for the National Executive Board, state directors, national program directors, regional vendor coordinators, for ZOL Certification participants, Basilei Institute participants, and ZOL Renewals participants. Subject-matter experts delivered the instruction. Special targeted webinars were held for the Zeta Professional Mentorship Program; MIP for the European chapters; undergraduates; youth advisors (Bahamas and Hawaii); Christmas International (designed for international chapters); MIP for Asian chapters; vendor requirements for vendors, regional director and state director training; Boulé 2016 Planning Committee Meetings; Interviews for the National Executive Director; and the chartering of the first international Amicae Auxiliary. The Zeta Organizational Leadership Program extensively uses Adobe Connect to supplement its summer training. ZOL participants had two to three session choices per month (September – January).

WEBINAR TOPICS Webinars hosted in 2014-2015 included, but were not limited to: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Social Action Zeta Day on the Hill Stork’s Nest Affordable Health Care Get Engaged (3) Zetas Have Heart St. Jude Kickoff Z-HOPE Fighting Cancer with the American Cancer Society Pearls in the Wild Adopt-a-School Elder Care Prematurity Awareness Kickoff Finer Women Don’t Haze Kickoff Review of the Newly Revised Handbook Centennial Updates Complaint and Discipline Policy MIP and You Constitution and Bylaws: Update on Newly Adopted Amendments

The Atlantic Region, Southeastern Region, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Wisconsin and West Texas have taken advantage of this platform within this last year. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania blazed new paths by hosting its Executive Board meeting via webinar and the West Texas State Director hosted a first for our platform: a virtual two-day retreat for chapter presidents. The Trustee Board used the platform to interview candidates for the Interior Decorator positions, which was an excellent venue to review the portfolio work of the candidates as well as the use of the webcam feature. In June 2015, National First Vice President Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker hosted a series of membership clinics that focused on History of the 3Rs; Recruiting Strategies for National Membership Month; Retention = Relationship; and Dynamics of Reclamation. Regional Directors utilized this platform to enhance their August 2015 training, which allowed the team to expand presenter participation. More than 175 sessions have been hosted since fall 2014, with well over 10,000 participants. Congratulations to President Wright for her vision and support of professional development for the sisterhood, and thanks to the ZOL committee for hosting these sessions.

A good Zeta is a well-informed Zeta! - International President Mary Breaux Wright


Z-NEF Launches THE Blue Hat Society The 71st Eastern Regional Conference was the backdrop for The Blue Hat Society, a new fundraising initiative, launched by Z-NEF on March 4, 2016. The Blue Hat Society is the brainchild of Dr. Alice Garrett, Z-NEF Chair and Eastern Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. with the goal of raising scholarship funds for deserving students throughout the United States. Basilei from chapters in the Eastern Region adorned blue hats and paraded one by one to the front of the ballroom filling a beautiful blue hat held by Dr. Garrett with checks and cash. Undergraduate chapters contributed $25 to $50, while graduate chapters contributed $100 or more. International President Mary Breaux Wright donated $10,00 in honor of her mother, Mrs. Margaret Breaux. In the end, Sorors of the Eastern Region had far exceeded their goal; The Blue Hat Society had collected $12,000!

Z-NEF Announces New Scholarship At its annual meeting July 8-9, 2015 in Washington, DC, the Z-NEF Board of Managers announced a new scholarship, the Mildred S. West Scholarship. Soror West, an energetic and amiable educator, was the mother of the 21st International President Barbara West Carpenter. For more information on the scholarship, visit the Z-NEF website at

Making a Difference in our Communities Congratulations are in order to our National Second Vice President Bibliana L. Bovery. On November 14, 2015, she was awarded the Community Service Award at the 2nd Annual Scholarship Brunch hosted by the Black Alumni Association of her alma mater, California State University, Northridge. She was recognized for her commitment to serving the community, as

an elected National Officer of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, school psychologist with Los Angeles Unified School District and representative of the CSUN spirit. Her message of “Scholarship First!” and her personal and educational experience was well received. Soror Bovery was highlighted in the newly revised inaugural issue of the Alumni magazine, January 2016.

Issie Jenkins Honored by President Obama Dr. Garrett presented Board member Emeritae, Issie Jenkins, Esq. with a framed birthday greeting from President Barack Obama at the Annual Board Meeting in Washington, DC. The presentation was a surprise for Jenkins who is a founding member of the Zeta National Educational Board of Managers. Garrett stated, “Soror Jenkins is a vital part of Z-NEF history and we wanted to give Jenkins, on behalf of the Board of Managers, this piece of history, a signed birthday greeting from our first African American president.”

Z-NEF Partners with Zeta Phi Beta National Educational Foundation (Z-NEF) has partnered with to raise scholarship funds for deserving students. This is the same Amazon you know with the same products and you can support this fundraising effort by shopping on Each time you shop, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchase to Z-NEF. The link for the Z-NEF account is:




BY MAJOR Natasha Sunday Clarke National Military AttachĂŠ


reedom is not free and there is something larger than our individual accomplishments. Why do we serve? Some say service is a calling, others say service is a responsibility, while some feel service is an obligation. All are correct and all were on display during our 3rd Annual National Military Appreciation Week, November 7-14, 2015. The members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority celebrated veterans and their daily sacrifices through events, worship services and labors of love. Throughout this week Sorors, Amicae and our youth observed the occasion by donating shoes, coats, toiletry and food items to numerous Military facilities around the country and the world. We also observed the Military Appreciation Week by marching in parades and speaking at local veteran events. Moreover, we have all recognized the need to do more in regards to service to our community. Zeta answered that challenge in a


number of ways during this week. One of which is through her generosity. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, donated $23,000 to one of our partner organizations, Women Veterans ROCK. This is proof that all things are possible through hard work, a giving heart and Gods will. The generous donations came from Sorors and our Amicae and Youth auxiliaries. Also in the spirit of Service and Sisterhood, members of Zeta Phi Beta fellowshipped with one of the oldest African-American churches in the United States. The Alfred Street Baptist Church, which observed 212 years of spiritual support to the Northern Virginia community, graciously allowed members of the Sorority the opportunity to observe Veterans Day and worship in their 7 a.m. Sunday morning service. More than 50 members of Zeta attended as our International President Mary Breaux Wright expressed gratitude and brought greetings to Rev. Howard JohnWesley and his congregation. Finally, members of the Sorority (those who serve our Armed


TO OUR Sorority Zeta’s 2015 National Military Appreciation Week proved to be historic: The Sorority shattered its original $5,000 goal and donated $23,000 to Women Veterans ROCK. Later, President Wright placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia. Sorors also visited Alfred Street Baptist Church, one of the oldest African American churches in the United States. Rev. Dr. HowardJohn Wesley is the pastor.

Forces and those who support), along with President Wright, National First Vice President Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, National Military Attaché Major Natasha Sunday Clarke and members of the Military Advisory Board traveled to Arlington National Cemetery to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. This is a time-honored tradition reserved for Heads-of-State and dignitaries which honor our comradesin-arms that have fallen in the defense of our nation and have not returned from their mission. Our leadership was honored to walk with the men of the Honor Guard during this ceremonial period. The video of this remarkable event went viral with over 123,000 views. “Service to our Country, Service to our Sorority” sums up what the sisters and friends of Zeta Phi Beta have accomplished this past year. Military Appreciation Week has become one of Zeta’s signature events, where all chapters and auxiliaries plan and execute events that keep us grounded.


Reginald Knox


Zeta Phi Beta highlighted the principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood “The Zeta Way” during the 2016 Grand Boulé in Orlando, Florida!

The Grand Boulé is always a time for taking care of business, recognition of accomplishments and sisterly bonding. But this year, the Sorority highlighted its “community-conscious, action-oriented” motto. In addition to featuring the accomplishments of the members, chapters and community partners, the Sorority conducted a Z-HOPE blood drive for the Orlando community in the wake of recent violence in the city. “We would be remiss if we did not make it a priority to support the Orlando community during this time of healing,” said International President Mary Breaux Wright. The Sorority also held a private circle of prayer and remembrance service for the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, two African-American men killed by police, and five police officers who were killed in Dallas, TX. Other events for Boulé attendees include the chartering of the Myrtle and Viola Tyler Legacy Club; the Inaugural 2016 Blue and White International Golf Tournament; the Zeta and Sigma Enchantment Ball; an Inspirational Breakfast with CeCe Winans; and Zeta Day at Disney.

At top: Zeta Phi Beta held a private circle of prayer and remembrance service for the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, two African-American men killed by police, and five police officers who were killed in Dallas, TX. Chairs represented the victims. Above: Cornell Williams Brooks, president of the NAACP, accepts the Get Engaged Award. Zeta Phi Beta partnered with the NAACP on the Sorority’s Get EngagedTM initiative.

Honorees of the week included Sorors Mercedes Jones, Nsombi Roberts and Sacred B. Huff, who received the Gladys Warrington Award for Inspirational Undergraduate Service, in honor of the Year of the Undergraduate. Also honored were Cornell Williams Brooks, President of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Connie Cannon Frazier, Chief Operating Officer of the American Advertising Federation (AAF); and Karen Arrington, empowerment coach and founder of the Miss Black USA pageant; and Kendra Hatcher King, National Director of Get EngagedTM, recipient of the Stay Connected Award.

In celebration of the Year of the Undergraduate, Zeta Phi Beta honored Sacred B. Huff (above), Mercedes Jones (at right), and Nsombi Roberts. The awards were presented by Dr. Elmira Mangum, the 11th President of Florida A&M University, and President Wright. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 33

Above, banners depicting pictures and the favorite sayings of the Five Founders greeted attendees.

Above, representatives of organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council stand with President Wright. At right, Rev. Jonathan A. Mason, Sr., International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, gives the message at the Inspirational Breakfast.

Musical entertainment for the 2016 Grand BoulĂŠ included R&B artist Tank (above) and gospel artist CeCe Winans (at right). 34 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

2016 Grand Boulé Color Guard

2016 Grand Boulé Awards Banquet National Elder Care Awards

National March of Dimes Awards

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

President Wright and State Directors

Old & New School Stroll Off

Exhibit Hall Grand Opening


International President Wright inducts Francis Faithftul, daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful and niece of Founder Viola Tyler Goings, into the National Legacy Club.


A Precious

On Thursday, July 6, 2016, the charter members of the Myrtle and Viola Tyler National Legacy Club were inducted. A vision of International President Mary Breaux Wright, the Legacy Club was dedicated to the memory of Myrtle Tyler Faithful and Viola Tyler Goings, biological sisters who were two of the five cofounders of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. The inaugural members of the Club were inducted in a ceremony during which President Wright provided the charge. Other key roles were played by Frances Faithful, daughter of Founder Faithful and niece of Founder Goings; and Dr. Nell Ingram, Chair of the National Executive Board. They were joined by Regional Directors and Legacy Coordinators or representatives from each region. The National Director of Legacies, Dr. Lavern Holyfield, presided over the ceremony. More than 600 members marched into the room and were regaled with the national legacy song, poem, prayer and pledge debuted during the ceremony. The melody and lyrics of the legacy song, “The Path of the Dove,” were written and 36 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

performed via recording by Renee M. Hendon of Lambda Zeta Chapter, winner of the Legacy Song Competition. The poem, “A Zeta Legacy,” was penned by National Poet Laureate Emeritus, Dr. Nancy Shepherd. Dr. Holyfield penned both the prayer and the pledge. Special recognition was given to eleven families for their legacies comprising eight or more family members. The largest lineage was the Hazel Furrow Wilson family, with a total of 18. Of the nearly one thousand legacy club members, the Southern Region yielded the largest number of members among the region. The Southeastern Region boasted the largest number in attendance. As a result of the overwhelming response, President Wright has approved an induction in 2018. - Dr. Lavern Holyfield, National Director of Legacies

Adrienne Goldsboro Adrienne Hill Alexis Greaves Anastasia Austin Andrea Braxton Andrea Wright Andrita Brown Angela Young Annette Draper-Moore Antionette Walker Antoinette Riley Ashley Greene Ashley Spence Audrey Goldsboro Avonda Greene-Ransome Barbara Blackwell Barbara Cousar Bernetta Niecie Draper Bethany Perry Billie Bailey Bridget Lewis-Burgess Carol Santos Carol Kelly Carolyn Johnson Carolyn Sampson Carrie Knotts-Jackson Catherine Council Chandel Marion-Brown Chantelle Walker Charlese Hawkins Charlotte Mauldin Weston Charyn Scrivens Cherie Foster Cheryl Jones Cheryl Pemberton-Graves Cleo Spratley Crystal Wright-Johnson Danielle Epps Dara Tippitt Debora Pollock Deborah Busch-Wright Deidre West Demetrica Todd-Ruiz Donna Anderson

Atlantic Region Inductees Dr. Laurice Morton Linda Lawrence Elita Emerson-McClain Loraine A. Tate Elizabeth McCoy Lorene Robinson Erica Gardner Lumaria Blakeney Ericka Tate-Souvenir Lytanda Suzette Zellner Erika Lively Malica Fleming Ahmad Erin Cribbs Mallory Gatison Estella Dennis Margaret Ginn Eunice Samuels Lewis Martha Sims-Wilson Evette Ginn Maxine Bryant Farrah McIntosh Meagan Jones Faryal Clouden Meshael Jones Gayle Moffett-Lyke Michele Greene Gertie Tippitt Michelle Baynes Gina Merritt-Epps Mona Cooper Gionne Jones Monica Younger Gwen Towns Monifa Tippitt-Wilhite Gwendolyn Busch-Williams Monique Wakefield Gwendolyn Hayes Nadia Wright Ivory Marrero Nana Anane Ivy Green-Blue Naomi Lockett Jacqueline Lemon-Denton Nicole Roberts Jacqueline Lewis Nicole Thompson Williams Jalene Chase-Sands Norma Wright Jamilah Younger Oredola Edwards Janet Bivins Pamela A. Curry Janice M.T. Johnson Patricia Twitty Jazmyn Pulley Pauline Gibson Jazmyn N. Curry Ramona Jones Jennifer Delatour Rayana Martin Jorelle Green Kaitlin West Kalimah White Karen Arrington Karen Gatison Karen Boykin Towns Kathy Ball Kecia Taylor Keisha Lemon Kierra Mitchell Kristen Moore Lakeisha Barton Lauwana Martin Source: Jore lle Green Lillian Pyatt-Castro

Renee Delatour Rio Dennis Rita Alleyne Robyn Lockett Rosemary Bittings Rosia Nesbitt Salaine Atkins-Little Sarah Bivins Shanell Robinson ShaRee Ginn- Pulley Sharon Suber Sharonda Frink-Vincent Sharron Boddy Sherry Fulmore Sierra Hill-Akers Takashi Crum Tamra Jackson Tanya Culver Teraleen Campbell Terri Robertson Tina Brannon Ty-Hesha Scott-Jones Valentina Hyman Vanetta Turner Vesta Godwin Clark Wanda Cromartie-Jones Willa Watson WyKeima Walker


Addie Jabbar Adrienne Gardner Amelia Osborne Amelia Peebles Williams Angela Childs-Kindred Arayna Spratley Aytoiya Thompson Barbara Moore Bertha Michelle Lucas-Patrick Bethesda Kearney Beverly Greene Blanche Morton Briana Davis Bridget McRae-Butler Carla R. Jackson Carlitta Moore Carolyn Corbin Carolyn Morgan Catherine Smith Charlene Gore Charlisa Y Davis Charlotte Dr. Williams Cheniqua Lassiter Cherie Speller Chertaevia Clark Cicely Alston Crystal Daniels Davis Cynthia Lewis Cynthia Redfearn D’nae Wetstone Dalene Johnson-Lowery Darlene Shelton Darlene Slade Dawn Young-Johns Demeetria Smith Dina Sneed-Martin Donisha Robinson Donna Woodhouse Jordan Dora Clemons Dorian Newberg Dororthy Childs Dr. Laurice Morton Dr. Shirley Smith Dr. Vera Palmer

Eastern Region Inductees Elizabeth Reeves Emma Newberg Eunice Jones-Obeng Felicia Davis First Name Last Name Glenda Baul Glenda Cousar Grace Flanagan Greta Williams Inez Clark-Bowles Ingrid Armstrong-Doweary Jacqueline Braxton Jamye Bridges Janelle Simmons Janie Rouse Jasmine Towns Jennifer Hayward Joan Bridges Jonia Holley Joyce Huff KaLee Harris Karen Gipson Katherine Felton Kathleen Thomas Katie Harris Katina Lee Katrina Pillow Kendra Glover Kimberly Lyons Kimberly Pope L. Veronica Nelson LaKeishia Holley Laporsha Dortch LaToya Rogers LaVerne Blue Leticia Nicholson Lisa Dupree Lorna Watkins Lorraine Tolson-Tatum Lynette Smith Marcia Exum Marian V. Barnwell Marijia Bailey Marilyn Brooks


Marjay D. Anderson Mary Carmichael Maude Williams Mazie Lewis Mel Causey Nancy Flanagan Naomi Bazemore Natasha Ellis Natasha Sunday Clarke Neller Johnson Nichole Obey-Williams Nicolette Johnson Olaiya Kelly Patricia Blue Patricia Thomas Regina Foster Sandra C. Ingram-Johnson Sanita Gamble Shameka Moss Shari Rankin Sharon Scott Shawna Gary Sheila Williams Sheila Jones Williams Sherry Haith-Clanton

Source: Donna Jordan

Sheryl Morton Shirley Jones-Hall Stephanie Gamble Suzette N. Tate-Creedmore Sylvia Hicks Sylvia Holley T. Diane Surgeon TaMirra Nelson Tammy Goodson Tanyon Martin Taunysha Bailey Theodora Holmes Theresea Hargraves Thomasina Barnes Thurraya Kent Tiffany Coleman Tiffany Paul Tilola Robinson Tonya Freeman ToWanda Samuel Valerie Sinclair Whitney Hubbard Whitney Rouse Yasmin Morton Yvette Kinchelow-Smith

Great Lakes Region Inductees

Andrea Buckley Andrea Hubbard Andrea Jackson Angela Christie Angela Philmore Anita Harrell Anjylla Foster April Clincy Arlene Taylor Ashley Hurley Asia Payne Barbara Tolbert Belinda Harden-Johnson Benita Hines Beverly Pillow Bobbie Qualls Brenda Reed Candace Winter Carisa Hurley Carla A Robinson Carvetta Joy Cassandra Fellows Cassondra Whitlow Chaisty Peace Chandra Allgood-Foster Charlotte Patterson Cheryl Christie Claudette Kennedy Courtney Goss Cylestine Smith Dannica Buttrom Dawn Shelton-Williams Dawn Young-Jones Delma Hunter Denise Manning DeQuanda Carson Detra Kelly-Newton Dione Branch Doris Stokes Dr. Bernadette Harrell Dr. Carolyn Wadlington Dr. Denisha Hendricks Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte

Dr. Shirley Stansberry Ebony Robinson Elizabeth Stevenson Ernestine Baker-Hall Eva Board Evangeline Johnson Fannie Harrell Frances Faithful Gaylen Rivers Georgette Weatherspoon Geraldine G. Peeples Gina Jackson Glenita Renea Rubin-Shelton Glynis Rivers Gwendolyn Clark Gwendolyn Williams Hadiyah Massey Ira Ebbs Jacqueline Whitted Jones Jacquelyn Toles-Remmer Jacquis Coleman Janet Gardner Janet K. Bell Janette Payne Jasmine Branch Julie Harden Sumpter Karen Franklin Katrina Cole Keisha Smith Kerry King Keyona Samuels Kierra Muhammad Kimberly Glover Kimberly Higgins Kimberly King Kimberly Snell Kimberley Titsworth Laretha Tolbert LaShanda Coleman LaToya Sanders Leah Bailey-Langston Leshia Williams Leslie Wilson-Smith

Letha Clark Lisa Timberlake Loretha Robertson Magolin Franklin Margo Watson Marietta Bailey Martha Crumbie Mary Parnell Melody Byrd Michele Posey-Johnson Michele Whitted Michelle Porter Norman Nicole Pennington Nicole Taylor Pamela Mittison Pariss Knight Patricia Crawford Patricia E. Jones Phyllis Gibson Regina Baker Renee Byrd Rhonda Calloway Robbie Jewell Rosanna Nelson

Saundra King Shandra Summerville Sharon Swiercz Sharon Walker Shavon Pritchett Shervonne Bufford Shyvon Lacy So Juan Crenshaw Stacey Foster Sylvia Lacy Tamara Manning-Gordon Theresa Thompson Tia Coles Tionna Harris Tonia Lewis-Rogers Tonya Banks Tonya Muhammad Tosha Bunch Traci Guinn Buckley Trudy Hale Trycennia Dean-Motley Victoria L Shadie Yvonne Franklin


Midwestern Region Inductees

Andrea Montgomery Anitra Matthews Antoinette Gordon Carmen Hopkins Crystal Sutton-Johnson Danyale Williams Domonique Anderson Evette Valentine

Anita Cal Bibliana L. Aldridge Bovery Brenda Palmer Carolyn Daniels Cassandra Washington Clarissa Agard Cornelia Glass-Harvey Daria Cal Delisa Foster Diana Dockery Diane Fisher Donnell Chestnut Dorcas Scott Dorette McCollumn

Felicia Gipson Felicia Moore Helen Townsend-Beteet Jamie Sinnah-Yovonie Jessica Wilkins Letitia Hopkins Margaret Neal Marian Martin

Martha Tomlin-McCrary Mary Tillman Maya Brown Melissa I. Walton-Jones Patricia Tripp Ramona Collins Samantha Hughes Scarlett Habersham

Pacific Region Inductees Frances Cal Gayle Moffett-Lyke Irenica Parson Jeanie Ford Nelson Jessica Bursey Jessica Crenshaw-Leonard Jessica Headen Kiera Teague Kimberly Thomas Laronda Echols LaSonya Davenport Lia Andrews Marilyn Lovelace-Grant Marjorie Bryant


Marshawna Anderson Mary Blackburn Michelle Montgomery Morine Hill Nakeyva Oliver Nettie Oliver Norma Smith Nui Brown Pamela Sutton Paula Conner-Tyler Raychelle Addo Rosalind Newell Shamone Allen-Stephenson Sharron Marshall

Sharon Pullen Sheryl McCallum Stacy Brown Tara Stansberry Tianna Pullen Tracy Abbott Wanda Foster

Shelonda Finch, PhD Sheryl Underwood Siniva Walker Sophia Owen-Allen Stephanie Crump-Faber Temisha Brame Carter Tonya Davenport Trudy D. Aldridge Valarie Anderson Vanessa Hernandez Vanessa James Vanessa Sanders Yvette McCollumn

Evelyn Spraggins Felicia Brookins Genea Flowers Gwendolyn Bryant Hattie Barnes Inger Frye Jacqueline Mills Jacquelyn Allen-Lopez Jacquelyn Patterson Jacquelynn Barrett Jamila Scott Jasmin Moore Jeanie Rucker Jerri Govan-Brengettcy Jocelyn P. Jones Joyce Broughton Joyce Cole Joycelyn D. Woods Juanita Wilchie Julpenia Hill Kami Winfrey Kathy Collins Kathy McDougal Kem Steward Kenya Washington Keraneisha Green Kimberley Wright Knikira Marvray Kqura Bowden LaCrystal Godwin LaShunda Trammell-Stephens LaTasha Paige LaTosha Simmons Lisa Jones Lisa Jones-Johnson Machelle Walton Marian Shayla Evans-Lee Mary Foster Mary Liddell Mary E. Blackmon Mary Jo Square Mattye Williams Mavis Hill Melanie Jackson

Source: Ernestin

Aisha Holloway Alexis Smith Andrea Green Ann Jones Pierre Audrey Johnson Awayne Williams Barbara Brown Barbara Sidney Beatrice Smith Bernice Wilson Bobbie White Brenda Scott Brenda Washinsgton Briana Williams Bridgett Ransom Brittany Course Calandra Jones-Howard Cardeana Burton Carmen Brown Christine Carter Christine Littleton Cora Edwards Crystal Gooden Cynthia Gonzales Cynthia Sessoms Dannitria Williams Deborah A. Anderson Deidre Foster Demetria Peoples Desiree Smith Donna McDougal Donna R. Williams Doris Smith Dr. Constance Hendricks Dr. Kendra Woods Eboni Crayton Eleanor Randolph Elois Nicholson Erica Edwards Erica Lewis Ernestine Wilson Ethel Moore Evalyn Young Evelyn Crayton

e Wilson

South Central Region Inductees

Mercedes Alexander Myrtis Harris Paris Chisholm Patricia Blake Patricia Woods Phyllis Galloway Ramona Greer Regina Allen Rev. Dr. Pamela Bethea Rosalyn Becton Pope Sabrina Thomas Sharon Campbell Sherley Fields Shirley Littleton Stacey Smith

Starlia Walker-Miller Stephanie Cox Sylvia Lewis Tangie Dotson Tiffany Reed Tiffany Wilfork Toccara Coleman Velma Foster Vera Washington Vera B. Washington Vicki Hammock Vivian Marvray Wanda Moore Yvonne Rich


Southeastern Region Inductees

Aisha Merritt-Swope Aleda McNeill Alisa Buggs Punter Alma Cooper Alma Cooper Amber Martin Amber Williamson Andrea Jenkins Anitra Mims Annie B. Wilson Barbara Stockner Bernice M. Wright Brandi K. Blackmon Brenda Mount Brenda Rittman Carol Alderman Carolyn Hill Carrie Herring Cerena Todman-Perez Cezanne Pope Chantel Bowie Charlyn Jones Cheryl Berry Cheryl Williams - Mack Christina Buggs Clarice Weddle Contessa Paige Dana Wilkerson Lynch Dannette Stevenson Dawn Mathis Deborah Evans Delores Giles Demishia Wright Derieth Sutton Dominique Lynch Doris Marshall Dorothy Paige Dorothye Reed Dr. Harriet Roland Dr. Terri Bell Dr. Tiawana Mayo Dr. Tiffini Ferdinand Dr. Ukamaka Dike Dr. Yannique Thomas Dr. Yvonne Jefferson-Barnes

Dr.Shirrie Miller Elise Mason Elzena Virginia Johnson Erica Wiggins Ernestine Martin Evelyn Gibson Frances Caldwell Francine Williams Gabrielle Brewster Geneva Bernoudy Gloria Bailey Hattie Steward Helena Brown Iana Daniels Indigo Ferdinand Jacquelyn Brunson-Bobb Jarrell Mack Litman Jasmine Hill Jayna Truitt Jemore’ Barnes McDowell Jenelsia Lovejoy-Belt Joanne Botsoe Joyce Davidson Julia Jones Julia Burnes Kareana Medouze Kareen Coleman Karen Blount Karla Glover Kathryn Davis Williams Kay Long Kimberly Morris Kristina Keys Lakia Hunter LaNise Thrasher LaShaunda Latham LaShondral Bowers Latia Thomas Latonia Evans Latorsha Murray Latrice Love Laurie Williams LaWanda Harper Lea Timothee Lee Vonnie Harris


Leslie Hodges-Jackson Mae Taylor Malinda Jackson James Maresa McNeill Marguerite Wilder Marion Gary Marissa Harvey Marlene York-Monroe Mary Jones Mary E. Blackmon Melanie Johnson Melvena Wilson Mia Saunders Mildred Hollins Mildred McCoy Monica Benton Monika Blount Monique Purifoy-Rojas Morgan Blount Myeesha Harris Nicole Deas Olivia Franklin Pamela Evans Patricia Armbrister-Hill Patricia Henderson Peggy Harris Rebecca Johnson Reva Hutto Rosemarie Merritt Farngalo Rosemary McGee Sarah White-Woodard

Sarah White Scarlet Black Sekemia Caldwell-Johnson Shalay Johnson Shaniqua L. Caldwell Sharese Bostic Sharon Angel Shelby J. Jones Sherry Bess Sherry Pope Sonya Levy Stephanie Dukes Tecia McKay Thelma Lester Tiffany Wright Tina Johnson Tinisha Thomas Toni Knight Tonia Johnson-Alston Tonya Moton Tynisha Burnett Valencia Johnson-Flegler Veronica Williams Victoria Belin Vikki Mitchell Vivian Morris Vonselle Thomas Wanda Gibson Wealtie Taylor Wilhelmina Thrasher Willette Hollinger

A. Faye Walker Dixon A’londa L. Traylor Alene Baker Alexa Martin Alicia Gray Alma Brown Andrea Charlton Angela Holland Angela Thompson Annie Flemon Arionna Taylor Arthur Dinwiddie Asia C. Smith Adrienne White-Woodard Barbara Hardy Belinda Rodgers Bettye Fisher Billie Alford-Robertson Bobbie Foster Brandi Brown Brittany Guidry Brittany Hardy Carolyn Brown-Simpson Carolyn Calvin Carolyn Jackson Caron Bailey Cassandra Bell Cassandra Black Cerena Todman-Perez Ceskina Sewell Charlene Richardson Charlynn Banks Chelisa Lacy Cheryl Harris Cheryl Williams Chrischeryl McDaniel Christine Stringer Collette Griffin Connie Paige Cornelia Hicks Crystian Flowers Cynthia Sampey Dalisia McGee Danielle Cooper Delicia Broussard Delecia Smith Vanzant Delois Flemon

Southern Region Inductees Delores Tennison Demetra Moten Dena Downey-Garrett Denean Smith Desiree Alexander Dianna Zachary Donnie Faye Hull Donzella McCall Dr. Barbara West Carpenter Dr. Cinnamon Sheffield Dr. Kimberly D. Brackett Dr. Lavern Holyfield Dr. Mary Breaux Wright Dr. Nell Ingram Dr. Rosalind Pijeaux Hale Dr. Sharon Johnson Dr. Verdell Marsh Dyan Owens Elaine Davis Eleanor Holmes Elmira Williams Ernestine Johnson Ernestine Valaree Esther Bailey-Young Ethel Moore Eugenia Rodgers Euphemia Smith Fannye Garner Federica Williams Gaynell Brown Georgia Robinson Thomas Geraldine Simms Gloria Slaughter Gloria Turner Boston Gussie Siglar Gwendolyn Oquendo Halfreda Anderson-Nelson Hazel Forrow Wilson Ida Thomas James Indriya Delgadillo Jackie Williams Jacqueline Thomas Jacqueline Wilson-Woods Janet Edwards Artis Janice Dupuy Janice M.T. Brown Jasmine Smith

Jaynene K Smith JeNeika Boone Jennifer Robinson Jo Ann Rice Jocellia Bryant Josette Rice Julia Carnes Kamesha Ross Kay Rosebure Kenya Ayers Kimberly Heflin Kimberly Manning Kimberly Preston Kimest Sanders Landria Davis LaShara Webster LaTanya Tatum Logan Latasha Taylor Lauren Brown LaVita Gill Leigh-Ann Williams Lillie Seals-Ford Lillie Mae Rankins Linda Jackson Linda Johnson Linda York Lula Williams Lunita Martin Marcia Williams Margaret Gardner Margaret Walker Marge Sims Marguerite Sapp Marilyn Hardy Marilyn Houston Taylor Marion Taylor Mary Burton Mary Carter Mary Washington Maxine Moore-Allen Melanie Thibodeaux Melba Wilson Melissa Guidry Monica Henry N’daria James Nadia D. Bibbs Nandeaner McDowell

Nicole Beaty Nicole Chevalier Olivia Franklin Pamela Youngblood Rachel Else Rachel Thomas Racquel Douglas Raisha Cobb Regina Holmes Renee’ Lynette Bourgeois Rhetta Washington McCoy Rita Thomas Robbye Williams Rosalind East-Cambeilh Rosemary St. Cyr Smith Sally Wickers Seletar Gosa Shanna Washington Sharolet Edwards Clayton Shirley Chevalier Sojourner McLemore Sonya Johnson Tameka Tennison Tanya Henderson Terrie Stephens Theresa Holmes-Trent Tiffany Franklin Tiffany Wilson Toi Thurman Tracy DeBose Tracy Thurmond Trenita Douglas Tunesia Benard Valerie Henderson Valerie Elizabeth Bourgeois Vernita Young Veronica Boulden Verta Johnson Vertie Young Virgie Hunter Vondel Smith-Sloan Whitney Powell Yalaunda Toliver-Taylor Yolanda Cox Yolanda Smith-Evans Yvette Green Yvonne Anthony Harrell



and the 2016 Boulé

The Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Steering Committee was delighted to be a part of the 2016 Grand Boulé! Members of the ZOL Steering Committee worked with the International President, the Boulé Workshop Committee, the National Meeting Planner, and the National Program Manager to help facilitate the offering of over 50 workshops. Although all evaluation data has not been aggregated, some of the reviews have contained such comments as “Awesome,” “Just what I needed,” “I wish more of my chapter members could have heard this.” “May I share this with my chapter members?” “Will this workshop be repeated?” and “We need more.” The last depot stop on the 2015 ZOL Train occurred during the Boulé at a Special Pinning/Awards Recognition Program prior to the Awards Banquet. It was time to recognize more than 500 sorors for their hard work. Over 350 sorors completed ZOL Training, over 100 sorors completed the Basilei Institute, and over 45 sorors completed the ZOL Renewal Pilot Program. Past International President Dr. Barbara West Carpenter, Executive Board Chair Dr. Nell Williams Ingram, ZOL Chair Dr. Rosie L.T. Pridgen, and ZOL Consultant Dr. Elizabeth Fran Johnson provided congratulatory remarks to the recipients. The ZOL Program is a future-focused, nationally structured, intense leadership training/certification program. It is the sorority’s blue print for leadership development and


enhancement. The overarching goal of the ZOL Program is to provide members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and affiliates with essential knowledge and skills to become exceptional, effective leaders. ZOL 2017 will take place in Washington, DC on July 6-9, 2017. Sorors who are interested in receiving additional information regarding ZOL may contact Hope to see you on the 2017 ZOL Train! - Cheryl Brown, 2017 ZOL Chair

2015 ZOL Completers A. Faye Walker-Dixon Abeni Hill A’Dia Gaskins Adriana Green Alexis Maisonet Alexis Smith Alice Garrett Alicia Dickson Alkiesha Collins Amber Jones Amystique Harris Church Andrea Buckley Anita Saunders Anita Taylor Anita Wilson Annetta Trice Arayna Spratley Arshena Overton Ashely Kemp Ashley Barnes Awayne Williams Ayanna Castro Ayris Granby Berrnestine Williams Bianca Thongchua Brandi Owens Brenda Palmer Bria Staten-Favors Bridgette Larkin-Perkins Bridgette Spencer Brittany Harris Brittany Johnson Brittany Walker Brittany Washington Brooke Burks Candice Harrell Candice Northern Candyce Holland Carol Grant CaShonda Henderson Champelli Wells Chandraia Whitted Charlene Richardson Charlotte Ghoston Charlotte Williams

Chelsea Roden Cherie Foster Cherie Speller Cherline Pierre Cherryl Gwinn Chrischeryl McDaniel Christelle Dorcil Christie Cargill Christina Jacobs Christine Burnett Christine Stringer Christine Williams Christmas Hutchinson Cinnamon Sheffield Clementine Cone Cleo Spratley Collin Parker Lashley Colleen Clark Connie Irvin Connie Page Contessa Paige Cynthia Anderson Cynthia Gonzales Cynthia Lilly Dana Farrakhan Dannitria Williams Debra Grant Deidre Foster Demeatrice Gibbons Demishia Wright Denise Davis-Smith Devonna Hobson Dezzarayi Powell Diana Hilaire Dionne Frost Djenaba Jones Donte Thomas Doris Smith Dorothy Jones Dorothy Moore Eboni Winford Elaine Davis Eleanor Randolph Elizabeth Marlin Ellen Peterson

Erica Wiggins Erin Tolbert Erlinda Colon Ernestine Bethea Eryka Wallace Esther S. A. Bailey-Young Euphemia Smith Faith Watson Faryal Clouden Felecia McClain-Sturdivant Francine Bamberg G. Joanne Yarde Georgette Albury Gesica Jarrett Ginger Beverly Gionne Jones Gloria Bailey Goetti Francois Gwendolyn Hogans Harriett Littlepage Hattie Barnes Heather Brown Helaire Hamilton Mitchell Helen Williams Hillary Williams Ida Crawford Inez Clark-Bowles Inger Frye Ingrid Armstrong-Doweary Ireisha Vaughn Irene Richardson Jacqueline Coley Janetta Roberts-Owens Janice Maxwell Jasmine Branch Jasmine James Jasmine Smith Jasmine Young Jaszmiauna Nesmith Jeanie Nelson Jennifer Delatour Jennifer M. Jones Jerri Govan-Brengettcy Jessica Allen Jessica Duncan

Jessica Jones Jhone Egerton Joan White Victoria Joanne Botsoe Jocelyn Jones Johnesha Person Josalyn Bryant Joyce Murphy Juanita Wilchie Kalilah Catlett Kamisha Busby Kareesa Keys Karen King Kate Ofikuru Kathleen Caldwell Katy Kolasinski Kay Idlette Kayla Smith Kei’Shawn Tention Kelley Baker Kenya Washington Khadija Laing Kiedi Smith Kim Mayfield Kimberly Elliott Kimberly Harris Kimberly Lyons Kimberly Pope Kimberly Preston Kimberly Wright Kittilea Jackson Knikira Marvray Kourtney Igbo Kristeena Wright Krystle Melvin Kya Simmons LaCrystal Godwin LaCrystal Huskey Lametric Bishop LaNise Thrasher Lashelle Scott La’Shelle Tatum LaTasha Johnson Latessa Bayonne LaTonya Ward


2015 ZOL Completers Latrecia Stubbs Latrice Love-Cooper Lauren Tamara Wilson Lavonia Page Leah Selvy Lenae McKinnon Leshaia Davis-Johnson Leslie Hodges-Jackson Letitia Cherry Ligeia Watson Linda Robinson Lindsey Parker Lisa Lee Lois Lee Lucille Green Lydia Richardson Mae Taylor Margaret Johnson- Rolle Mariah Johnson Marissa Harvey Marlo Gantt Marquetta Broome Burks Marsha Brookins Mary Harris Mary Lawrence Mary J. Square Maudilynn Fontenette Maxine Davis Meilana Charles Melisa Bush Mendy Mack Mercidee Curry Meshael Jones Michele Posey-Johnson Michelle Busby Minnie Thomas Miranda Griffin Monica Dunn Monica Jones Monica McEaddy Monigo Saygbay-Hallie Nadia Eaddy Nakki Collins Nancy Flanagan Nandi Alexander

Natalie Brannon Natasha Ellis Natasha Green-Reynolds Natasha Jones Niambi Cook Nicole Butler-Talley Nicole Hart Nicole Roberts Nicolette Johnson Nieja Robinson Nikki Eubanks Olayinka Majekodunmi Pamela Evans Pamela Lyons Pamela Wells-Johnson Patrice Harvey Patricia Belton-Bates Patricia M. Twitty Patricia Williams Prudence Henderson Quajalyn Amos Quiana Martin Racquel Douglas Ramona Greer Ramona Jones Rayonee Grant Reathea Nesbitt Regina Allen Regina Booker Regina Caldwell Rena Butler Renee Rodgers Reva Hutto Rhonda Calloway Robbin Cooper Robin Adams-Massenburg Rokichia Haywood Ronique Tinker Rosalind Hale Roslyn Hannibal-Booker Ruth L.Bowen S. Renee Phillips Sabrina Simon-Chambliss Sade Adams Sanaria Okongor


Sandra Belcher Sandra Pitts Sarah Johnson Selina Boone Serelda Herbin Shamekia Vickers Shanethea Calaway Shante C. Dash Shantia Jones Shanton Simpson Shari Rankin Sharon Scott Sharri Mapp Shavonne Perry Sheila Caudle Sheila Davis Shelia Traylor Sheray Morrison Sherda Pierre Sheria Mitchell Sherley Fields Sheronika Denson Sherrelle Diggs Sherry Johnson Hicks Shirley Bryant Shringalah Webb Simone Heyward Siobhan Goree Sonia Smith Stacy Harris-Avilla Stacy Humes Sukeena Stephens Susieann Beavers-Harris Sylmoneyvesta Hall Takisha Black Tamara Gardner Tamara Johnson Tameika Ramseur Tanesha Boulder Tanisha Coppage Tanya Williams Taquanta Feely Taryn Davila-Webster Tatyana Davis Teresa Broady

Tiara Swain Tiffani Thomas Tiffany Clemmons Tiffany Coleman Tiffany Scott Tiffany Wright Tina Johnson Tira Mays Tomasina Cook Toni Washington-Knight Tonia Johnson- Alston Tonia Miller Tonya Banks Tonya Freeman Tonya McKenzie ToWanda Samuel Tracy DeBose Tracy Ann Heard Tracy Holmes Treva Ross-Sanders Ukamaka Dike Ulysses Williams Unika Felton-Mack Ursula Y. Williams Valarie Anderson Valarie Satterwhite Valerie L. Acham Valerie Morgan Vanessa Cole Vanessa Hamilton Veronica Taylor Veronica White Veronique ZimmermanBrown Violet Furdge Violet Mensah Wa’Kisha Carter Wanda Moore Willette Hollinger Wyann Jackson Zakkiyyah Nazeeh

2015 ZOL basilei Institute Alexis Smith

Denise McKinney

La’Shelle Tatum

Rosella Houston

Amystique Harris Church

Diana Hilaire

LaTonya Ward

Roslyn Hannibal-Booker

Anita Wilson

Dionne Frost

Lavonia Page

Sabrina Simon-Chambliss

Arshena Overton

Djenaba Jones

Lois Lee

Serelda Herbin

Avis Bolling

Donte Thomas

Lydia Richardson

Shanena Davenport

Awayne Williams

Esther S. A. Bailey-Young

Margo Watson

Shanton Simpson

Ayris Granby

Euphemia Smith

Marie Cornwall

Sharri Mapp

Beverly Jolly

Faith V. Watson

Marquetta Broone Burks

Sherelle Diggs

Brenda McKinley

Felicia Bohanon

Maudilynn Fontenette

Sheria Mitchell

Candice Harrell

Felicia McClain-Sturdivant

Meiliana Charles

Siobhan Goree

Carolyn Wadlington

Gina Jackson

Melisa Bush

Stacey Forte Dupre

Chandra Owens

Greta Williams

Melissa Riley

Sukeena Stephens

Chevonne Sharpe

Gwendolyn Hogans

Mendy Mack

Tamara D. Harris

Chrischeryl McDaniel

Harriett S. Littlepage

Meshael Jones

Takisha Black

Christelle Dorcil

Jacqueline Stewart

Michele Posey-Johnson

Theresa Lewis

Christine Burnett

Janielle Gooden

Michelle Busby

Tiffany Wright

Christine Williams

Jasmine Smith

Monica McEaddy

Tina Johnson

Cinnamon Sheffield

Jennifer Delatour

Natasha Jones

Tomasina Cook

Clementine Cone

Joanne Botsoe

Neva Brown

Tonya Banks

Connie Page

Juanita Wilchie

Niambi Cook

Tracy Heard

Collin Parker Lashley

Keisha Beasley

Nicole Hart

Unika Felton-Mack

Cynthia Gonzales

Kenya Washington

Nieja Robinson

Valarie Anderson

Cynthia Lilly

Kimberly Lyons

Nikki Eubanks

Vallie M. Holloway

Danielle Green

Kimberly Whitaker

Ramona Jones

Veronica White

Darlene Sparks

Kourtney Igbo

Reathea Nesbitt

Violet Mensah

Deborah Woodly

LaNise Thrasher

Rebecca Heath-Brown

Wanda Moore

Debra L.J. Grant

LaRita Dalton

Regina Caldwell

2015 ZOL Renewal Participants Alberta Scott

Dr. Constance S. Hendricks

Katherine E. Pereras

Shaneesa N. Ashford

Andrea A. Breazeale

Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland

Keisha M. Beasley

Shatara L. Grimsley

Angelica R. Russell

Dr. Gwendolyn S. Miller

LaKeshia M. Holley

Shonte N. Fuller

Aretha M. Scott

Dr. Melvena N. Wilson

Margo Watson

Stephanie L. Dukes

Arlinda Clark

Dr. Rachel Thomas

Mary A. Strozier-Weaver

Tamara D. Harris

Candyce Coates

Dyan S. Owens

Maryam J. Lynch-Tate

Thometta Y. Cozart

Charbet M. Duckett

Ernestine Wilson

Patricia E. Jones

Tunesia R. Benard

Charlotte F. Miller

Felicia R. Bohanon

Qzonna L. Hamilton

Vernita R. Young

D’ana A. Downing

Gianna S. Gardner

Raisha Stevens

Dawn J. Kemp

Karen Blount

Rhetta Washington-McCoy

Deirdra Johnson

Karen Franklin

Rosalind Walker-Lewis THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 47

Above, Zeta Amicae in attendance pose with Donnie Faye Hull, National Director of Amicae Affairs. At left, the Amicae attend one of the sessions prepared especially for them.

At right, the Amicae participate in the Old & New School Stroll Off. Below, the Amicae fellowship at their luncheon.



The Zeta Amicae, one of Zeta Phi Beta’s auxiliaries, also had an opportunity to enjoy the 2016 Grand Boulé “The Zeta Way.” Special events were planned for attendees, including workshops and a lunchoen. 48 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Source: Danielle R. Green

ZETASSlay The Grand Boulé is the time for Sorors and Amicae (and our Sigma Brothers) to pull out their finest fashions. From the hats to the gowns to the bling, the 2016 Boulé did not disappoint - everyone was Blue Carpet ready!


Miles of


At the 2016 Grand BoulĂŠ, there were plenty of hugs and smiles to go around.

Sisterly (and Brotherly) love was definitely on display the entire week!


I hope each of you who attended Boulé 2016 had a memorable experience and took plenty of pictures for your Zeta scrapbooks! Kudos to our Grand Basileus for orchestrating a wonderful Boulé! Congratulations to the newly elected officers who started working immediately to ensure that Zeta moves forward in a positive and efficient way. Something new this year: Called board meetings will be open to the sisterhood (with the exception of executive sessions). The first meeting was held on September 8. Sorors will have the availability to ask questions related to agenda items. This is a FIRST in Zeta history. This year the board will focus on completing our house renovations, continue board training to increase and/or enhance leadership skill sets of our board members, continue supporting the initiatives of the Grand Basileus, supporting the efforts of the Centennial Commission by “leading by example,” and supporting ZOL 2017. This year, I challenge chapters to (1) increase your membership, both reclaimed and new members — bring our sorors home; (2) “get engaged” in the programs of Zeta and complete those programs with zeal and professionalism — make Zeta proud; (3) encourage sorors to begin saving for Boulé 2018, Boulé 2020 and Centennial — get excited; and (4) work with our undergraduates — serve as role models and teach them the Zeta way. Please save the date for the National Executive Board Meeting, January 6-7, 2017, in Dallas, Texas! Have a great year! Sisterly, Dr. Nell Williams Ingram Chairman, National Executive Board

2016-2018 National Executive Board Mary Breaux Wright, International President Valerie M. C. Hollingsworth, National First Vice President Bibliana L. Bovery, National Second Vice President Leigh-Ann Williams, National Third Vice President Jamye Bridges, National Secretary Diane Fisher, National Treasurer La’Ketha Prioleau, National Parliamentarian Dr. Nell Williams Ingram, Chairman, National Executive Board Antoinette Gordon, National Chairman of Trustees Keisha Driskell, National Trustee Vanessa Elkins-Rogers, National Trustee Jacqueline Lemon-Denton, National Trustee Brenda R. Reed, National Trustee Karen Gipson, National Graduate Member-at-Large Andrea Buckley, National Undergraduate Member-at-Large Tamara Manning Gordon, National Graduate Member to the Executive Committee Sylmoneyvesta Hall, National Undergraduate Member to the Executive Committee Ireisha Vaughn, Undergraduate Representative to the National Nominating Committee Dr. Barbara West Carpenter, 21st International President Barbara C. Moore, 22nd International President Sheryl P. Underwood, 23rd International President Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Atlantic Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq., Eastern Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman, Great Lakes Regional Director/Chair of Regional Directors Samantha Hughes, Midwestern Regional Director Natalie Brannon, Pacific Regional Director Ernestine Wilson, South Central Regional Director Dr. Yvonne Jefferson-Barnes, Southeastern Regional Director THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 51

In Memory of

Our Triumphant Sorors

Atlantic Region DELAWARE Epsilon Rho Zeta Shirley Mae Dillard Theta Zeta Zeta Carrye M. Sims Josie Charlton Renee Wright ef MARYLAND Alpha Zeta Beatrice Pitts Payne Jennifer Bennett Lillian Jones Cuffle Merlene E. Adair Ruth Hall Smith Sallye Carter Eta Pi Zeta Dr. Marjorie A. Costa Lambda Gamma Zeta Hilda Spencer

Nu Xi Zeta Delores Bruton Gray Omicron Chi Zeta Millicent Wing Biggs Phi Alpha Zeta Lena Tolliver Pi Omicron Zeta June Turner Sigma Psi Zeta Latanya Winston Monica Dozier Harris Sharon Thomas Tau Eta Zeta Ruthann Mohammed ef NEW JERSEY Chi Rho Zeta Diane Marie Zeigler

Eastern Region DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Beta Zeta Carole James Faustina Dorothea Brown Frances Jones Geneva O.H. Holley Goldie Baldwin LaRue Clay Hill Lillie Williams Vernel James Omicron Phi Zeta Clementine F. Brown Dorothy R. Norris Emma Johnson Janice Elliot Banks Norma J. D. Oliver

Verniece Howard Yolanda Williams ef NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Alpha Zeta Avis Fair Monroe Carrie Boler Wilma Allene Poe Beta Lambda Zeta Annie Fowler Johnnie M. Walker LaGreta Keaton Beta Nu Zeta Mary B. Sadler Foust


Gamma Omicron Zeta Yvonne Eastwick Sealy

Epsilon Enid E. Wiltshire

Epilson Xi Zeta Constance Berry White LaGretta Kennedy Bjon

Gamma Xi Zeta Lottie Hastings Sallie Purnell

Zeta Delta Zeta Ethel B. Jones Natalie A. Goode Viola L. Jones

Kappa Upsilon Connie Bowman

ef NEW YORK Delta Alpha Zeta Emma Victoria Turner Ramona C. Thompson Crosby Delta Beta Zeta Yvonne Blackwell Delta Mu Zeta Barbara Hazelwood Celina Simmons-Shannon Gloria Ortiz Gwendolyn Davis

Virginia Little Virginia Williams Chi Gamma Clibette Williams Delta Zeta Joyce Ann Ballard Kwinia Davis Eure Delta Pi Zeta Mildred Lassiter Eta Beta Zeta Barbara Ann Lewis Brooks Clara Burnette Dark Gladys Knox Lizzie Edwards Crews Gamma Upsilon Zeta Annie Louise Cogdell

Theta Alpha Zeta Alice Evans Margarette Douyon PENNSYLVANIA Beta Delta Zeta Bette Kathryn Few Dr. Anna Young Henrietta Thomas Loretta Long Michele Williams Peggy Gilmore ef Tri State Delta Omicron Zeta Sara Osgood Leila Jackson

Arnetha Robinson Edythe George Irene Carraway Marcia Morgan Hobgood Mildred S. Boone Thelma Kinney Iota Nu Zeta Beverly Ferebee Leola Morgan Iota Sigma Zeta Doris Harris Harris Hazel Bryant Neal Lambda Eta Zeta Kimberly J. Jones Lallian S. Thompson Mildred Johnson

Lambda Mu Zeta Lillian Harrison

Rho Zeta Zeta Demetriss “Dee Dee” Barrett

Nu Tau Zeta Dimple Warren Juanita Penn

Tau Epsilon Zeta Marsha Mcleod

Omicron Zeta Daisy J. Williams Eredena Young Jane Anderson Janice Demory Smith Katie Sullivan Poole Mae Reynolds Delaney

Zeta Chi Zeta Shirley Sims Virginia Hooks ef VIRGINIA Alpha Beta Zeta Barbara Gunter-Lewis Bertharine Francis

Great Lakes Region ILLINOIS Alpha Alpha Cynthia Parker-Porter

Iota Zeta Karen Pirtle

Kappa Sigma Zeta Kathy Day

Mu Tau Zeta Amber R. Pratcher E. Jean Woodard

Lambda Epsilon Celeste Caldwell

Upsilon Omicron Zeta Josie Williams Buchanon

Phi Delta Margie White Cubie

Zeta Theta Zeta Carrie Campbell Rutland Margaret Anderson Read

Psi Psi Zeta Barbara Ann Banks-Hayes Judge Willie M. Whiting Laura Hester Banks Sylvia B Patterson Xi Mu Zeta M. Ann Sampson Zeta Tau Zeta Elayne Wheeler Isabel C. Taylor Josie Nyrienda-DeCosta Maurie S. Harris Victoria A. Rooks

Delores Marshall Marion Vassar, Ed.D Marlene Miles Martha Cherry Martha E. Dawson, Ed.D. Thelma Eason Alpha Phi Zeta Althea Chambliss Aurelia Braxton Ware Carolyn Croxton Dorothy Edwards Dr. Sadie Turner Wells Mary Tucker Myrtle Battle

Susie Atkinson Viola Arnold Kappa Rho Zeta Bertha Smith Johnetta Morrow Mozella Sims-Eiland Sharon Ingram Lambda Rho Zeta Myra McCathern Willie M. Redmond Theta Rho Zeta Marsha L. Smalls

KENTUCKY Eta Zeta Avil Janell Howard Harris Jeanine “Niki” Ross Mary E. Yates Tracey Wheeler Wilma Bernice Liggett Orr

Zeta Beta Zeta Catherine Veal-Campbell Celestine Bronson Lelia Caldwell Odessa Jackson Risa Drew Curtis Sybil Harris Veal Beasley Velma Roberts

Iota Mu Trinia Jones Clemons

Zeta Nu Zeta Earlena Garrett Vaughn

Kappa Lambda Zeta Betty Simpson

Zeta Omega Zeta Bobby Ann Robinson Gloria Johnson Loubertha Little Minnie Longuemire Pecolia Mustapha


Zeta Zeta Sandra K. Adams

Zeta Alpha Zeta Jannace Fantroy



INDIANA Eta Upsilon Zeta Ruth Good Wilma Hooks

MICHIGAN Marie Newman Clifton Beta Omicron Zeta Celeste McDaniel

ef MINNESOTA Iota Zeta Zeta Effie McKersen

Ruby Clayton Walker Theresita Braxton Epsilon Theta Zeta Berma White DeShonna Anderson Johnson Epsilon Kappa Zeta Josephine Reynolds Omicron Theta Zeta Mary Moore Dill Phi Upsilon Zeta Thalia Griffin Mercer

Sigma Beta Zeta Lou Wiley Willa Mae Garrnet ef OHIO Delta Phi Zeta Emily Brown Gladys Moses Maudella Parham Theolanda Harewood Gamma Delta Zeta Christabel Bradford Gamma Epsilon Amber Murphy Gamma Zeta Zeta Marie Newman Clifton Gamma Delta Zeta Helen Jefferson Mu Rho Zeta Ruth M. Anderson Travis Nu Theta Zeta Gladys Sherrell Upsilon Epsilon Shatia McPherson Zeta Xi Zeta Blondell Dixon Mamie Graham ef WISCONSIN Kappa Beta Zeta Bobbie J. Smith


In Memory of

Our Triumphant Sorors

Midwestern Region

OKLAHOMA Dedra Norwood Artie Napier Margie Lee Allen-Bonner Mary Lois Burris Green Helen Bolton Clara Vick Beta Phi Zeta Clara Vick Helen Bolton Chi Zeta Bernice Cooksey M. Lillian Marigny Phi Beta Zeta Lola Parker Dean ef

COLORADO Zeta Zeta Zeta Jeanette G. McCrary-Goens Willie Helen McCallum

ARIZONA Omicron Zeta Zeta Helen Mims


ASIAN-PACIFIC Phi Eta Zeta Hiltrude “Maggie” Hamilton

MISSOURI Xi Zeta Betty Howard Edwin Lindsey Gladys Hubbard Holmes Inez J. Giles Janet M. Love ef NEBRASKA Beta Psi Zeta Marie Dorsey Patricia Whitfield Velma Crumbley

South Central Region ALABAMA Annie D. Whitlow Stanford Cassandra Faye Dorsey Gussie Lee Dowdell Alpha Rho Zeta Arcadia Tate Coatest Carter Dorothy Peterson Ester Duncan Henrietta Thomas Lottie McDowell Alpha Sigma Zeta Dorothy McAlpine Emma Grant Lottie Palmer Alpha Xi Zeta Annie Boswell Grace Fields-Harris

Pacific Region

Jessie Crawford Zandra Butler Beta Eta Zeta Hattie Colvin Hattie M. Colbin Lois Louise Colston Smith Pinkye Ruth Wade Beta Upsilon Zeta Anne D. Hayden Frances Wheeler Francis Victoria Green Wheeler Sabre Teague Delta Omega Zeta Ann Phillips Willis Delores Hamilton Doris Outlaw Eartis Branch Erma Conley



ef CALIFORNIA Alpha Psi Zeta Nokeleta Cardiche Iota Delta Zeta Claudia Lillian Marie Swarn Helen Pollard Lambda Pi Zeta Gloria Turner

Mamie Ward Martha Mullins Delta Theta Zeta Doris Ridgeway Epsilon Beta Dr. LaShun Bland Lambda Zeta Zeta Myra Davis

Kappa Psi Zeta Patricia Rainey Scott Phi Mu Zeta Yvonne Howard

Omicron Rho Zeta Regina Trammel Byley Rho Beta Zeta Doris Higgins Xi Zeta Zeta Stella Irene Bronson ef WASHINGTON Eta Mu Zeta Allie Canada Annie Bruce

Epsilon Zeta Zeta Anneshia Hildreth Smith Estella Clark Maeola Tyler Nona Bryant Statoria Goldman Eta Sigma Zeta Francical Jackson Pi Chi Zeta Tammal Russ

Nu Zeta Zeta Barbara Stewart LaVerne R. Simon Mary F. Woodson

Xi Sigma Zeta Kimberly McKissick

Psi Gamma Zeta Amy Harris Core

Xi Zeta Inez Giles



ARKANSAS Alpha Mu Zeta Inez Jackson Ruth Douglas

MISSISSIPPI Alpha Alpha Zeta Zeta Letita Fields

Alpha Delta Zeta Betty Bridges Ella Taylor Kathryn Thames Shirley Thompson Delta Chi Zeta Annie P. Taylor Emma Brandon Gamma Beta Zeta Leatrice Buie Gamma Gamma Zeta Esther Harrison Lurene Traynham

Christine Roberts Brown Melba Houze Lambda Xi Zeta Aurabella Caggins Dr. Helen Sellers-Hampton Helen Reasor Mu Chi Zeta Lillie Faye Adams Valerie Polk Starts Nu Pi Zeta Bertha Smith Stowers

Kappa Tau Zeta Willie Powell

Pi Iota Zeta Archeen Rush Larry Jenell Roberts Mary O’neal Ervin

Lambda Kappa Zeta Antoinette Stewart

Theta Phi Zeta Minola Fields

Southeastern Region

BAHAMAS Theta Epsilon Zeta Andrea Sands ef

FLORIDA Alpha Upsilon Zeta Christine Rhodes Knowles Gussie Long Bruce Lucille B. Charlton Beta Alpha Zeta Aria Rogers Peterson Bessie J. Canty Ida Shellman Harris Beta Tau Zeta Aggie Reed Annie B. Baker Beatrice Boston Dorothy P. Lee Edith Williams Washington Eugenia B. Thomas Gladys Hadley Crawford Juliann Johnson Verneka Darnes Veronica B. Timpson Delta Epsilon Zeta Eulabe S. Cook Susan S. Gipson Susan Smith

Delta Eta Zeta Carol Ann Smith Ethyl Mizell Pappy Lee Dollar Pearl Canady Suzye Johnson Eta Alpha Zeta Martha T. Williams Gamma Rho Zeta Mary Strong Versia Pollard Iota Alpha Zeta Eliza Mcghee

Mu Gamma Zeta Chandler Scurry Childs Deloris Lowe Nu Upsilon Zeta Fannie Mae Thomas Patricia Spencer Tau Zeta Cecelia Martinez Marian Flowers Roberta Stevens Upsilon Alpha Zeta Theresa Louise Finkles

Theta Pi Zeta Bobbie Wicks Henri Etta Lowe Maxine Stewart Melba Copeland Rev. Patricia Parker Tonya Moore-Wallace

Ethel Isabel Lynn C. Jackson Gamma Iota Zeta Brecia Maston Grace Simmons Izetta Thurmond Marie Boddy Pauline Spence Miller Willie K. McField Zepheree Taylor

Zeta Upsilon Zeta Catherine Davis Masheetta Lindsey-Hill Sharon Delaney

Lambda Delta Kimberly Riddle

ef TENNESSEE Kimberly Riddle Malissa Johnson

Pi Zeta Hazel Ballard Malissa Johnson

Alpha Eta Zeta Bernice Randolph Doris Hall

Tau Gamma Vitina Ligon

Zeta Gamma Zeta Cora Royal Sueise O. H. Edwards

Delta Beta Katrina Wells Delta Lambda Zeta Bernice McKinnon Jacquelyn P. Smith

Zeta Eta Zeta Mary Lee ef

Epsilon Eta Zeta Dr. Eunice S. Thomas Ruth Barnett

GEORGIA Bernita Cardwell Christa Stephens Ernestine Johnson Kansadie Weems Patricia Cobb

Epsilon Tau Zeta Clara B. Hollins Delores Brooks

Alpha Theta Vera Angel Lee Alpha Theta Zeta Dorothy Pelote Elease Hooks-Freeman Lottie Wilson-Tolbert Mary Mitchell Beta Omega Zeta Calandra Jefferson Catherine Lawrence Ellen Parker Julia Dukes Driskell Levander Pickney Leveston Beta Rho Zeta Elizabeth Sneed Rachel Rumph

Epsilon Zeta Doris Spalding Earlie Allen Smith Emogene DeRamus Smith Ernestine Johnson Frankie Harp Helen Kilpatrick Threatt Rosebud Brown Wanda Harmon Eta Gamma Zeta Alice Collins Eta Theta Zeta Blanche Whigham Laverne Holmes Kappa Iota Zeta Cora Simon


In Memory of

Our Triumphant Sorors

Omega Epsilon Zeta Angela Garrett

Oryntha Murray Zeda Lawyer

Omicron Alpha Zeta Morris Hawkins Osceola Green

Theta Sigma Zeta Charlie Will Thornton

Omicron Kappa Zeta Bettye Shelling Phi Omicron Zeta Yolanda Denise Johnson Psi Carmel Green White Theta Chi Zeta Joreatha Malone

Theta Xi Zeta Kathryn Perkins

Beta Beta Zeta Gloria Rosalee Odom Kathleen Vertelle Young

Xi Omega Zeta Gladys Turner

Epsilon Iota Zeta Leola Neely

ef SOUTH CAROLINA Alpha Omicron Zeta Francena N. Dickson Williams James Renee Curry Juanita Ruth Toomer Ford

Southern Region

LOUISIANA Alpha Gamma Zeta Betty Ann J. Francis Betty T. Jackson Claudette M. Williams Geraldine W. Washington Hilda D. Sills Lavenia Chopin Lucille M. Hunter Myrtle Johnson Shirley G. Brown Wanda Gasper Beta Epsilon Zeta Lillie B. Jones Small Beta Kappa Zeta Betty Easton Jean Dixon Easton Mabel Robertson Pinella Sias Spain Sharon Washington

Martha Lawton Mary E. Jefferson Patricia Ann Rose Rivannah Jones

Epsilon Delta Zeta Jeanette Stewart

Gamma Kappa Zeta Edna Shepherd Mu Zeta Augustine C. Warner Doris Carter Gloria Murray Handy Helen Walker Poydras Josephine Huff Mabel Coleman Emery Mary Pania Oubre Mildred Harris-Mayfield Ruth Hill Theta Theta Zeta Bernice Warren Zeta Iota Zeta Dorothy Moore

Epsilon Psi Zeta Clara Estella Wideman Mozelle Pope McGee

Gamma Zeta Alma Wigfall Eltrude Jones-Wright

Kappa Alpha Zeta Ruth Kennedy Jenkins Mu Pi Zeta Alvena Dilbert Meye Nu Delta Zeta Josaphine Kerns Upsilon Rho Zeta Nadine Tyler

Gamma Mu Zeta Frances Stricklen Thompson

Zeta Phi Zeta Janet Thompson ef TEXAS Alpha Chi Zeta Cora Bunckley Falonia McDonald Alpha Kappa Zeta Beulah Cooper Celia Pearson Martha McHenry Alpha Tau Zeta Billye Joyce B. Brazille Sandra Cooper Muse Eta Iota Zeta Johnnie Carter Gamma Kappa Zeta Lena Lane

Gamma Omega Zeta Arthur Ray Willis Freddie Hinton Kappa Zeta Daisy Davis Evelyn Sheffield Gwen Clark Hattie Jackson Loreta Phillips Rachel Wells Lambda Zeta Beulah Levier Odom Carolyn Williams Jordan Mu Delta Zeta Gloria Murray Handy Helen Walker Poydras Mabel Coleman Emery Mildred Harris Mayfield Ruth J. Hill Peters Omicron Beta Zeta Denise Meadors Nash

Life is but a stopping place, A pause in what’s to be A resting place along the road to Sweet Eternity. 56 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016




The National Executive Board voted to establish the Centennial Commission on January 9, 2015. Members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated from across the country gathered in Houston, Texas for the Inaugural Launch Party event. The Journey to Centennial was then celebrated in each Region led by Regional Directors and their Centennial team. The 2020 Visionary Campaign was introduced to the sisterhood after a very extensive development effort of both an online system and categories for giving that ranged from $250 to $10,000. The campaign generated more than a half-million dollars in the first eight month. This allowed the Commission to establish the infrastructure necessary to establish a strong foundation for the journey to 2020. Sorors have embraced initiatives such as the Passports and Stamps to track the journey. They have established creative Sisterhood Circles while supporting the “Buy Blue� partners; The reFINERy App that collects helpful information regarding health and wellness; finance; fitness and food; and other categories of information; and various publications such as the Finer Womanhood Anthology, Faith of our Founders Devotional, the 2015 Year In Review, and Passports. These publications help to fund the Centennial. Award Concepts and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. have become Centennial sponsors as an early expression of support. They have committed to participate with Zeta on the Journey to Centennial. Numerous Sorors and Amicae have been involved with the first year of the Journey. Key 2015 contributors included Soror Sheila Bowers, Centennial Project Director; Soror Arlene Taylor, Centennial Finance Director; Soror Cutia Blunt, 2020 Visionary System; and the teams responsible for Communications inclusive of Social Media, the reFINERy, the Launch Events, the publication teams, Sisterhood Circles, and Chapter, State and Regional Representatives. The Centennial Commission will continue to be expanded as additional projects and initiatives are introduced.


The strategic plan for the Centennial has been established. The Vision, The Mission, Guiding Principles and a set of Goals guide the execution and programming for Centennial Commission. The Commission invites Sorors and members of the Blue Family to join The Journey to Centennial!


Objectives, the and White


20th Past International Grand Baseileus

Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte

2020 Centennial Commission Chair


Soror Corisa C. Myers

Centennial Commission Archon Contributor THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 57


Honoring our

Centennial Prayer


Triumphant Founder Arizona Cleaver Stemons

Triumphant Founder Pearl Anna Neal

Triumphant Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful

Triumphant Founder Viola Tyler Goings

Triumphant Founder Fannie Pettie Watts

Centennial Pledge

SOROR TERALEEN CAMPBELL Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. – Philippians 4:8 “God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, thou who has brought us thus far on our way. We thank thee dear heavenly Father for the five wonderful women who founded this great organization known as Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. We take this opportunity to bless the memories of Founders Arizona Cleaver Stemons, Pearl Anna Neal, Myrtle Tyler Faithful, Viola Tyler Goings and Fannie Pettie Watts. We thank you that we are blessed to follow in the footsteps of women of great character and women who dared to step outside the norm of the day in order to make a difference. We honor them for the legacy that each established, both individually and collectively. As those who are now torchbearers of this great legacy, we reaffirm our commitment to that which is good and noble. We vow to continue to uphold the ideals of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood; as we realize that doing so is also pleasing in your sight. We seek to be beacons of light in our communities and throughout this world. Born during the Harlem Renaissance yet coming through Jim Crow, we have indeed come over the way that with tears have been watered. Through the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, through Wars, through recessions, through riots, through unjust verdicts, through the election of the first African American President – we have come! And we thank you Lord for allowing us to be Overcomers! We cover in prayer every member of this great organization. We thank you for the sacrifices they make to ensure that Zeta would be the preeminent service organization that it is today. We thank you for blessing us to be a blessing to others. We ask that no member of Zeta go lacking as we serve those within our communities. We pray that we not be weary as we do well because we know that in due season we shall reap a harvest of blessings as long as we do not faint. Your Word instructs us in Philippians 4:8 to think on things that are lovely, honest, pure and of a good report. So as we embark upon the journey towards our Centennial, we chose to reflect upon the lives that you have enabled us to touch through our scholarships, youth and Amicae auxiliaries, elder care, our Stork’s Nests and other efforts to serve others within our communities. We thank you for the bond which we have been blessed to share with our Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Our prayer on this day is that your hand continually be upon us. We ask you to continue to give us strength and wisdom as we endeavor to do your will. Finally, we pray kind Father that the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts are acceptable in your sight for you dear Lord are our strength and our redeemer and we depend on you to lead and guide us as we march onward to one hundred years. We ask should there be anything that we have failed to ask for, but you in your infinite wisdom know we stand in need of, please grant it and supply every need. All these blessings we ask in your name. Amen!”





knowledge, unlocking Zeta’s door. I Am A

to the pledge of Zeta’s call, Answering one and

conscious, action oriented, principle driven and

Woman! I Am a Scholar! Z-PHI-B Be Finer!

answering all. I Am A Woman! I Am A Soror!

destinybound, To uphold and live the dream our


Z-PHI-B Be Finer!

Five Pearls found. I Am A Woman! I Am a Zeta!


Z-PHI-B Be Finer!

am a Woman of Z-PHI-B that holds the ideal of Scholarship so dear to me. Education,

ability, intelligence and more, A woman of

am a Woman of Z-PHI-B that holds the ideal of Service so dear to me. To support,

assist, care and provide. A woman of substance with resources and more yet a helping hand

am a Woman of Z-PHI-B that holds the ideal of Sisterhood so dear to me. Friendship,

unity, faithfulness and love. A woman bound

am a Woman of Z-PHI-B that holds the ideal of Finer Womanhood so dear to me. Elegant

and gracious, with class and style. A Woman of

and friend to the core. I Am A Woman! I Am A

excellence is what I seek, Proverbs 31 fulfilled,

Servant! Z-PHI-B Be Finer!

wholesome and complete. I Am A Woman! I Am Fabulous! Z-PHI-B Be Finer!


am a Woman of Z-PHI-B that holds Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer

Womanhood, so dear to me. Community-


Foundations of our



WOMEN Centennial Song

SOROR JANAY ADGARS & SOROR MELISSA WALTON-JONES Verse I Our Pearls and two Sigma brothers had a vision 1920’s when it all began Now we share the name Phi Beta and we’re walking hand and hand Verse II We’re sisters and brothers of the dove Representing blue and white We stand for the right, rather than for the might

For our people, never giving up the fight Chorus I am, a Finer Woman, Finer Woman, Finer Woman We are, Finer Women, Finer Women, Finer Women I am, a Finer Woman, Finer Woman, Finer Woman We are, Finer Women, Finer Women, Finer Women Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh…Oh Oh Oh Oh Finer Woman, Finer Woman

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh…Oh Oh Oh Oh Finer Women Verse III World class service is what we do Giving the best that we can Zetas Helping Other People Excel All across the land Verse IV Striving for excellence in education

Striving as our founders did for perfection Holding our ideals close by As we lean in to fly high Cause we’ve got our eyes on the Pearls (Chorus) Bridge Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, Finer Womanhood Pearlettes, Amicettes, and Archonettes, doing what they should

Zeta Amicae, our Finer friends, who lend a helping hand We cannot forget those Sigma men, Blue and White to the end We’re Blazing Paths, We’re Blazing Paths (Repeat x 6) (Ad Lib) Chorus

Soror Frances Faithful on the Journey

Daughter of Triumphant Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful Niece of Triumphant Founder Viola Tyler Goings


on A MISSION To exhibit that Zeta is the preeminent community-conscious, action-oriented organization that delivers world class service to help other people excel by blazing new paths.



Everything we do will be “Finer, Professional and with Class” We will commemorate historical and memorable “Moments that Matter” We will keep our eyes and our actions focused on our ideals We will raise significant funds to self support the Centennial Celebration We will leave a lasting, positive impression with impact for: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Howard University Global Communities of Service Partners and Sponsors Greekdom 60 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Honor our Triumphant Founders Strengthen our Ideals of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood Celebrate the Power of our Legacy Engage all Members of the Blue and White Family Exhibit Professional and Personal Growth Build Valued Partnerships Extend Global Reach of Community Service Conduct an Annual Countdown during Founders’ Day Weekend Produce Publications and Projects that Last for Generations


2020 Visionaries is the official and primary fundraising campaign for the Centennial. With these funds, we will be able to deliver first class Centennial events. Sorors, Chapters, States, and Regions are invited and encouraged to participate.

Legend Donor

The Circle of Pearls


Charter Donor


Founders’ Society


Lead Donor



Heritage Donor


Estate Donor



DONOR RECOGNITION As of September, 2016

Individual $10,000 Founders’ Society

Individual $5000 Circle of Pearls

Euphemia Renee’ Smith

Dr. Patricia A. Thomas

Donna E Anderson

Lisa Cecelia Anderson

loria Taylor-Bouknight

Brenda S. Williams

Royce Taylor Adams

Dr. Rosalind Pijeaux Hale

Kathleen Turner Thomas

Reba Freeman

Lynette R. F. Smith

Dr. Susan D. Johnson

Tina LaShawn Johnson

Charbet Duckett

Gwendolyn B Hogans

Shirley Fitzgerald Corry

IrisEllena Calder

Dr. Mary Anne Tillman

Natasha S Sunday Clarke

Alice L Richardson

Dr. Siniva Tulua Walker

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas Reeves

Darlene T Sparks

Jamie E Butler

Kathryn D. Williams

Dr. Kimberlynn M Heller

Dorothy Franks King Dr. Marjay D. Anderson Gina M. Merritt-Epps, Esq. Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte Mary Breaux Wright

Frances E. Faithful

Chapter/State/Regional Diamond ($10,000)

Platinum ($7500)

Silver ($5,000)

Eta Chi Zeta Chapter, Joliet, Illinois

Atlantic Region

State of Florida

Tau Psi Zeta Chapter, Alsip, Illinois

State of Georgia

State of Illinois

Omicron Phi Zeta Chapter, DC

State of Mississippi Eastern Region Great Lakes Region Southern Region Southeastern Region South Central Region


Special recognition was extended during Boule 2016 to Sorors who were early supporters of the 2020 Visionary Campaign at the $10,000 Founders’ Society Level and the $5000 Circle of Pearls Level.





Regional Launch Parties






Sorority Girl Graphics Sisterhood Circle T-Shirt

Cerese D Jewelry - Zeta Jewelry Numbered Limited Edition

Cerese D Jewelry Zeta Jewelry 64 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

True Blu Designs, LLC Centennial Tumbler

Award Concepts 2016 Centennial Charm Scholarship

Award Concepts 2016 Centennial Charm Finer Womanhood

Accents by Allen Official Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Centennial Seal Journey Bag

Hamilton Creative Designs Centennial Quilt



Keeping it Finer: What It Means to Be a Finer Woman in the 21st Century The Keeping It Finer Anthology is dedicated to our Triumphant Founders and has more than 300 pages of articles, poems, stories, and photos with an emphasis on Finer Womanhood. Included are various perspectives of what it means to be a FIner Woman from our International President Mary Breaux Wright , all of our living Past International Presidents, Doves, Sorors, Amicae, and Youth Auxiliaries; previously published articles on Finer Womanhood from the 1936 Blue Book and prior Archons; and a dedication to Triumphant Soror Amber Pratcher who compiled a pictorial journey of Finer Womanhood. Faith of Our Founders: 100 Daily Devotionals to Inspire, Encourage, and Propel the Finer Woman The purpose of Faith of Our Founders is to speak to the soul of women, women who juggle family, career educational pursuits and community service. We often speak of care of our minds and bodies and too often our spirit goes lacking in being refreshed and renewed. The emphasis of this work is to address the spiritual side of our lives and how the guiding principles of Zeta’s Founders of scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood can inspire all to lead FINER lives. To encourage, restore and renew the reader.

2015 Year in Review This 2015 Year in Review publication reflects the stewardship of the Centennial Commission while capturing some of the highlights of the Journey to Centennial. From financial reporting and systems to tracking donations of members and organizations, these efforts have exemplified teamwork at its finest. The numerous Centennial teams are acknowledged at the conclusion of the report, as they have made a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to deliver the best of their talents and skills. Wisdom and Intellect for the 21st Century The Scholarship Anthology, Wisdom and Intellect for the 21st Century, reflects on Scholarship, one of the Founding Principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. In this anthology, the second in a series published for the Sorority’s Centennial, there are innumerable facets of education explored in this 400+ page publication.

Journey to Centennial PASSPORT With the Centennial PASSPORT you can capture this once-in-a-lifetime journey with the convenience of a passport that will be “stamped” at each major mile-marker of our Centennial experience, reflect on the words of our Founders and other Zeta leaders, and record your experiences from events. It helps to stay focused by periodically thinking about the progress on your Journey to Centennial. Example approved stamps include:


IATIVESINITIATIVES Our Triumphant Founders were five AMAZING women who worked together to dream, imagine and support each other in the establishment and development of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. In the spirit of strength through numbers, we are asking Sorors to form...

5 Sorors together on their Journey to Centennial.

Smithsonian Museum for African American History and Culture


eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated has joined a distinguished list of donors that have stepped forward to ensure that this historic once-in-a-lifetime endeavor takes its rightful place among the world’s greatest educational and cultural resources. Our tradition of excellence, exhibited by both our organization and prominent members, will soon be featured within the walls of the first and only national museum devoted exclusively to African American history and culture. Sorors Zora Neale Hurston, Esther Rolle, and Dionne Warwick will be represented in the different exhibits throughout the museum.

The reFINERy is an app to: R ecall dreams E ngage with common goals and interests F ocus on priorities I nitiate growth N etwork to connect E xecute your plan R espond with action Y ou are an investment



at Boulé – Two


in one!

The Centennial revelry continued at the 2016 Boulé with the Centennial Hospitality Room. Throughout the week of our Boulé festivities, the Centennial Special Events Committee planned wonderful programs and events to keep the anticipation of Centennial at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. To kick off the exciting week, a Historical Perspective Slideshow was unveiled. The slideshow profiled the history of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority from the 1920s to current day. One of the most talked about events started on the first day as well, the Zeta/Amicae Jeopardy. This activity allowed the contestants to test their knowledge of historical facts and information. From Tuesday through Friday, the Blue and White family could sign-up to become a Visionary donor or find membership in a Sisterhood Circle. We could also partake in the Blue and White Connection Photography Selfie Station. The Selfie Station served as a fun way to document individual’s journeys. The Centennial Exchange was open and ready. The exchange gave attendees the opportunity to purchase a variety of Buy Blue items. All who came into the room received the opportunity to obtain the various new passport stamps and join a Scavenger Hunt, which got attendees traveling around the hotel and its environs to find clues for a special prize. We could also participate in a Project reFINERy activity. During each activity, the reFINERy team gave pointers on how to be Finer in Fashion, Finer in Dining Etiquette, and Finer in Social Media. Various participants received a coupon for entry in daily drawings of Buy Blue items. There was an undergraduate component in the room for the week as many attended the UG Meet and Greet. We did not forget about the Doves as the Zeta Doves took us on a journey covering various time periods in Zeta history. As a special treat for our family that could not make it to Boulé, many of the aforementioned events were streamed live. The room was also set-up for workshop presentations. Attendees were educated on how to document their Journey to Centennial, having and growing successful Sisterhood Circles, celebrating our Legacies and Preserving the History of Zeta Phi Beta. Wednesday Night was special as the Scholarship Anthology was revealed in a spectacular fashion during the opening program. After the program, Zetas rushed to the Scholarship Anthology/passport stamping extravaganza. The extra special event of the week was the Inaugural Blue and White International Golf Tournament. This event was produced by the Centennial Commission along with sponsorship by the motion picture, “From the Rough” Executive Producer, Mike Critelli in support of our Journey to 2020 and awareness for our Zetas Have Heart health initiative. The celebrity guest was Dr. Catana Starks, a living American Icon who was the inspiration behind the film, “From the Rough”. Dr. Starks has distinguished herself in the field of American sports as the first African American female head coach of an NCAA Division I men’s golf team. The room was always busy and full of laughter and activity as the 2016 Boulé was a well-attended conference. Who is excited for the 2018 edition?

by Chauntine J. Dorame


TrailblazerAward Centennial Journey


The Centennial Journey Trailblazer Award is only presented at the national level to members who have achieved significant accomplishments that exhibit Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood, the principles of the Sorority.

Soror Lilliam Lincoln Lambert received the first Centennial Journey Trailblazer Award from Mary Breaux Wright, International Grand Basileus, at Boule 2014.

Soror Cristine Cox (pictured above with Mary Breaux Wright, International Grand Basileus) accepts the second Centennial Journey Trailblazer Award on behalf of award recipient Soror Karen Arrington (pictured to the left), at Boule 2016.


Centennial Commission and Boule 2 Centennial Commission and Boulé 2016

Connecting and Engaging

Members of the Sisterhood voted to establish the Centennial Commission at Boule 20




Connecting and Engaging

oule 2016 Centennial Commission and Boulé 2016

Connecting and Engaging

mission at Boule 2016 upon recommendation of the National Executive Board.



CENTENNIAL WORKSHOPS The Boule 2016 theme was “The Zeta Way - Be Inspired. Get Engaged. Stay Connected”. Sorors attended informative workshops during Boule 2016 to include: Documenting Your Journey to Centennial Using Best Practices, Preserving the History of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Sisterhood Circles, Pearls in the Wild, Be Finer, Legal Education, and Legacies – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.


SCHOLARSHIP ANTHOLOGY REVEAL The anthology, Wisdom and Intellect for the 21st Century reflects on Scholarship, one of the Founding Principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. In this anthology, the second in a series published for the Sorority’s Centennial, there are innumerable facets of education explored in this 400+ page publication. The following can be found in the Scholarship Anthology: • Profiles from Life Members, Graduate and over 170 Undergraduate Soror profiles plus Stories of Amicae Scholars who have become Zetas. • An Archonette shares her journey and how Scholarship grooms our youth • More than 25 Doves answer the question: Why is scholarship important as a principle of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated? • Jonathan Mason, National President of Phi Beta Sigma, Incorporated, discusses his perspective of scholarship as a shared principle. • Read Academic Credentials submitted by Sorors and Scholarships offered by Chapters • Learn some special quotations, old sayings and Zingers or just read about a story that will inspire you to continue or complete your scholarship journey. • Read stories about our Historical Legacies: • Soror Lincoln Lambert – First black woman to earn a Harvard MBA, in addition to a Motivational speaker, author and coach. • Soror Karen Arrington – the founder of The Miss Black USA Pageant and an award-winning women’s empowerment expert and global philanthropist. • Dr. N. Joyce Payne, a Soror who founded the nationally recognized Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) exclusively designed for exceptional students attending (HBCUs) historically black college or universities.

20th Past International Grand Basileus and 2020 Centennial Commission Chair, Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte, pictured with Sorors of Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta Chapter in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Mary Breaux Wright, International Grand Basileus, receives an Honorary Doctorate from Wilberforce University


Pictured (l-r) Soror Kalilah Catlett, Soror Leslie Perkins, and Soror Marsha Brookins of Tau Delta Zeta Chapter in Laurel, MD - Scholarship Anthology Contributing Authors

Dr. Nancy Bullock Woolridge McGhee 13th Past International Grand Basileus

Soror Elizabeth Duncan Koontz First African American President of the National Education Association




Thank you Sponsors of the Inaugural Blue and White International Golf Tournament From the Rough Productions (Mike Critelli) Smithfield Foods, Incorporated. (Mark Garrett) African American Golf Digest (Debert Cook) Marriott Golf / Grand Vista Golf Club (Christopher Jones) Next Level Meeting Planners (Soror Karen Arrington and Soror Leona Willis) Z-Bluetique (Soror Tamara Manning and Soror Oredola Edwards) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Omega Iota Zeta Chapter (Soror Keandra Johnson) Mock Business Services Group - Soror Cathy Mock eLeMent, LLC (Lester and Soror Melissa Jones) US Fish & Wildlife Service

Boule and Centennial Photo Credits Lisa Turner Felicia Bohanon Krissie Harris Daria Weddington Janina Wiggins




By Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Personnel Committee Chairperson

National Headquarters Staff

Ranging from employment with the sorority from 33 years to eight months, our headquarters staff knows and sees a different side of our Sisterhood that we as members do not experience. Here’s just a glimpse of their perspective.

Darlene Myers Membership Services Specialist Q: You are the voice that everyone recognizes when they call headquarters. How long have you worked with Zeta? A: I began in 1983. First, I was Membership Coordinator, then Supply Clerk, then Data Entry Clerk and now I am Membership Services Specialist. Q: You’ve seen a lot over the past three decades. What is the biggest change you have noticed? A: Zeta has really grown, and the technology in the office is so much more advanced now. We are more structured. Q: Do you have a favorite Grand? A: Yes, I have two. (laughter) Q: Well, I will leave that alone. And I’m your favorite, Personnel Chair, right? A: (Laughter) Of course. Q: What is your favorite part of your job? A: I enjoy interacting with the membership; attending Boulé and ZOL—being able to place a face with the name. I really like that.

Carolyn McCorkle

Johnetta Diggs

Q: When did you begin working with Zeta? A: I’ve been here since December 1990.

Q: Ms. Diggs, you wear many hats as far as job responsibilities? A: When I started in January of 2013, I worked with reception, membership and accounting. Now I am accounting and the financial aspects of membership.

Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Q: What positions have you held? A: I have held a few positions beginning with Data Entry Clerk. Now my position is Auxiliary Services Coordinator. Q: What is your favorite part of the job? A: I enjoy the travel. That’s when I get to meet the members— old and new—and the vendors. Q: Anything that you would like to do differently? A: I’d love to meet the Amicae on occasion. Q: I think we can make that happen this upcoming Boulé. What changes have you noticed during your 26 years with us? A: Mainly our growth in membership. That has really increased.


Internal Membership Services Specialist

Q: What is your job title? A: Internal Membership Service Specialist. Q: Its only been three years but have you noticed any changes in the sorority operations since you started with us? A: We are moving in the right direction as far as processes. We still have work to be done but we are definitely headed there. Q: What do you enjoy most about the job? A: The ability to assist the members and that every day is a learning experience.

Rebecca Jackson


Q: When did you start with us? A: September 2014, as the Membership Services Manager Q: When did you become the Office Manager? A: In April of 2015. At that time, I took on many new responsibilities — some permanent and some temporary. Q: You’ve been a member of Zeta Phi Beta for many years. What have you learned about us since you started working at headquarters? A: We do a lot of great work. You only see it from your own perspective as a chapter member, in a particular state or in a particular region — working in the trenches. But when you work here you see the entire spectrum and the impact of the work that we do as a whole. It’s really quite phenomenal to see the work we do across the nationally and internationally. Q: So what do you enjoy most about your position? A: Helping to enhance the image of Zeta and to broaden the awareness of Zeta; building a rapport with our vendors and suppliers; and talking to those who may not be aware of Zeta such as universities and parents.

Alex Ramirez


Q: Mr. Ramirez, you’ve been working with Zeta for quite a while. When did you start with us? A: I began working with the sorority as a contractor in 2006, doing cleaning and light maintenance. I didn’t become an employee until last July (2015) as the Property Manager. Q: Have you noticed any changes within Zeta over the last 10 years? A: I think there’s a new emphasis on traditions of the organization. Its allowing younger members to understand the foundation. Q: What do most enjoy about your job? A: Doing something different every day I get up. Also, meeting the members and putting a face to the name. It’s very nice to meet them because most are very appreciative for the work I do. I really look forward to opening the newly renovated house — their house. It’s a beautiful building. It was built in the 1900’s for Theodore Roosevelt’s niece and when we purchased it, it was also used as a dormitory. It has such a rich history. That house is special. Members should come and enjoy. I look forward to that.

Krysta Jones


Q: You’re the newest employee of the sorority. When did you start? A: I began in October of 2015 as the Program Manager/Database Specialist. Q: With whom do you mainly work? A: Mainly I work with the Grand and the National Program Director, Rauchelle Jones. I also get the opportunity to work with our partners such as US Fish and Wildlife, St. Jude, March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. I look forward to continuing that work in addition to the programming associated with our other partners. Q: You’ve been a Zeta for a while and even held the position as National Director of Social Action. What have you learned since working at headquarters? A: We are doing so much more than I knew, even in my role as the Social Action Director for the sorority. I look forward to doing my part to assist in communicating the work we do. Q: Is the position what you expected when you were hired? A: Yes ... and so much more! We’re doing so much with our partners. I’m honored to be part of the team. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 79




ver the last year, the “Awesome” Atlantic Region has continued to lead the sisterhood in promoting the ideals of Service, Scholarship, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood under the leadership of Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Atlantic Regional Director. The motto “Leadership Lives Here” speaks to the caliber of women who founded our great sisterhood and who lead our various initiatives while residing in our Region. We are the home of National First Vice President Valerie HollingsworthBaker and three nationally elected members of the National Educational Foundation Board of Managers: Roslyn HannibalBooker, Vice Chairperson; Dawn Kemp, Financial Secretary; and Sieta Achampong, Treasurer. Leadership continues with our growth in outreach. Since our last writing in early 2014, the Atlantic Region increased its membership to 2,349 active Sorors while expanding Zeta’s footprint in the region by chartering 12 chapters and auxiliaries. Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta in London, England and Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Chapter in Belgium were chartered on March 12, 2014 thus multiplying our outreach in Europe. Additionally, the following were chartered: Amicae Auxiliary of Middle/Southern Middlesex County, NJ; Omicron Upsilon Chapter at University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth; Alpha Alpha Omicron Zeta Chapter in Northeast Philadelphia, PA; Alpha Alpha Rho Zeta Chapter in Norwalk, CT; Alpha Alpha Upsilon Zeta Chapter in Lower Manhattan, NY; Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter in Monmouth County, NJ; Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta Chapter in West Bronx/South Westchester, NY; Beta Alpha Beta Zeta Chapter in St. Mary’s County, MD; Beta Alpha Zeta Zeta Chapter in Springfield, MA; Psi Upsilon Chapter at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA; and Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Buffalo, NY. Further, there were 10 Reactivations during this same time period: one in NY; one in Maryland and eight in Pennsylvania including the return of Psi Xi Chapter of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania after a 25-year absence. On May 22, 2016, the first International Amicae Auxiliary was chartered in Brussels, Belgium! On that date, Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Chapter embarked on a friendship journey like no other when Jessica Clark, Andrea Gables, Olga Hadada, Charlene 80 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Hampton and Sheri Walsh were first inducted and then became history making Charter Members. By Adobe Connect, President Wright administered the chartering joined by Regional Director Bivins; Dr. Nell Ingram – Chairman of the National Executive Board; National Director of Amicae Affairs – Donnie Faye Hull; Atlantic Region Amicae Affairs Coordinator – Wanda Cromartie-Jones; and Atlantic Region Amicae President Wanda G. Bryant-Ison, presiding. With our new Amicae in Brussels was President Rhonda Lawson and the members of Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Chapter.



The region welcomed 380 Sorors home to Zeta in 2015. Under the leadership of Atlantic Region Amicae President Wanda G. Bryant-Ison, our Amicae membership grew as well to 34 auxiliaries and 189 members. Our Youth Affiliates are 632-members strong with our largest contingent in the Empire State of NY boasting 206 Archonettes, Amicettes and Pearlettes. The Atlantic Region consistently has high registration at our national conventions, and Boulé 2014 was no different. The region had the most Life Members, most delegates, and the most nonvoting Sorors registered at Boulé 2014 in Washington, D.C. The joint Zeta and Sigma TriState Undergraduate Retreat, held in April 2015 and hosted by Nu Theta Chapter at University of Connecticut, was a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond between our undergraduate Sorors and collegiate Brothers. The day emphasized team building and unity and was attended by President Wright, Tri-State Director Annette Draper-Moore and Phi Beta Sigma Eastern Regional Director Leonard O. Lockhart. During the unrest in Baltimore after the murder of Freddie Gray by police, State Director Danielle Green and the Maryland Sorors were seen around the world on CNN leading the front lines of social justice, calming our youth, ensuring the elderly received groceries and medicine — taking care of their community. Atlantic Region members also represented in large numbers at the 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. at our Get Engaged Forum on September 16, 2015. Last year, Sorors of the Atlantic Region demonstrated what being called to a higher purpose of service looks like as Sorors poured their heart into serving others through our national Z-HOPE initiatives. Chapters and states donated $186,774; 39,793 items were given to charitable organizations and causes while impacting 134, 078 people. The 56th Atlantic Regional Conference was held in the City of Brotherly Love as members painted Philadelphia blue and white from October 8 – 11, 2015. Under the leadership of Regional Conference Marshal Valerie G. C. Villines; Co-Marshal Kelley Mauldin; and with support from the host chapter, Beta Delta Zeta, the conference was sold out with 653 registrants — surpassing the record set at the previous 2013 conference. Sorors and Amicae were greeted with a Girls Night In featuring massages, nail salon treatments and hair care workshops.

Commencing with the Public Opening Program, Zetas and Amicae were welcomed to Philadelphia by the regional directors of the Divine Nine; state and city government officials and our Zeta leadership—culminating with the exciting closing by President Wright. Attendees experienced workshops designed to empower Sorors and Amicae to lead their chapters and auxiliaries, and provide important details for keeping Zeta’s national initiatives on the cutting edge of service in local communities. Conference registrants enjoyed a special Amicae Luncheon where past Amica presidents were honored for their service. In keeping with President Wright’s mantra of the “Year of the Undergraduate”, the Undergraduate Luncheon paid homage to the next generation of Zeta leaders. The Atlantic Region conducted two Z-HOPE service opportunities for Zetas and Amicae through raising money for our Friends to the Elderly Senior Program, and collecting cell phones and accessories for victims of domestic violence through the HopeLine® from Verizon project. Without question, the unveiling of Arizona Cleaver Stemons monument at Eden Cemetery on Friday, October 9, 2015 was the historic highlight of the Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference. Measuring 50 inches wide, 78 inches tall and 12 inches deep, the blue pearl granite grave marker was unveiled in the presence of our President Wright, Soror Francis Faithful, daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful and niece of Founder Viola Tyler Goings, International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Jonathan S. Mason, Sr., national officers, Regional and State Directors, hundreds of Sorors and Amicae witnessed the momentous unveiling of the new headstone for Founder Stemons. Through the tireless work of Pennsylvania State Director Barbara THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 81


A. Cousar, Project Manager Nicole Rouse; the planning team and the generosity of Sorors, chapters, Regions and Brothers and Amicae, the Atlantic Region was able to raise more than $48,000 to restore the headstone befitting the legacy of our organizing Founder Stemons. All general donors received the keepsake Zeta or Amica gloves and lapel pin. The higher donors: Individuals at $125; Chapters at $250; States at $500 and Regions at $1000 comprised the 196 listings on the Plaque of Gratitude unveiled at the reception after the graveside ceremony. The Plaque will hang in the newly renovated National Headquarters as a reminder of the generosity of those who gave in honor of Founder Stemons. Words defy the feeling on the hallowed ground of Founder Stemons final resting place that day. The unveiling was one of those moments that you simply had to be there to witness! The Centennial Launch Party was a lively affair, where the official stamps for our Regional Director and past Atlantic Regional Directors were unveiled. Sorors packed the room to collect official passport stamps from current and past Regional Directors, National Officers, State Directors, Soror Faithful, President Wright, and other national and regional officers. The conference featured a downloadable app where conference registrants could download all materials, schedules and presenters, upload pictures, and interact with one another throughout the

conference experience. The Atlantic Region conference bag set the sisterhood ablaze with its elegance and sophistication. A video posted by our Atlantic Region Photographer Lisa Turner of Sorors chanting “The Beat of My Heart” after the Stroll Competition received more than 53,600 views on social media! The chant truly united ALL Sorors together in harmony and sisterly love at the close of the event. The Inspirational Breakfast on the Spirit of Philadelphia closed out the conference in finer fashion with a powerful word from Atlantic Region Chaplain, Rev. Lynette P. McMillian as she ignited us to “S.O.S: Shine On Sorors!” The Atlantic Region Choir and ministers throughout the region were program participants in this emotional, uplifting, culminating event. Sorors and Amicae left the conference renewed and empowered to complete the great work we were called to do as a “Sorority of Firsts”.

State Awards: the 56th Atlantic Regional Biennial Conference held in October 2015 (Based on statistics October 2013 – June 2015)

Most Life Members: New York

Highest Capital Campaign Support Pennsylvania

Most Diamond Members: New York

Highest March for Babies Support Maryland

Most Campaign/Program Support FWDH New York

Most Stork’s Nests Maryland – 6

Highest NEF Support Maryland

Most New Members Maryland and New Jersey (99)


Most Reclaimed First Place: Maryland - 69 Second Place: New York - 46 Third Place: New Jersey - 34 Most Amicae Members New Jersey Most Amicae Auxiliaries New Jersey



Martha Sims-Wilson, State Director The members of Zeta Phi Beta continue to shine brightly in the Finer First State. There have been some exciting and wonderful celebrations and events throughout Delaware in the last two years. The state of Delaware held its first state-wide retreat on August 15, 2015, which featured a workshop on “The Six Secrets to Celebrate Sisterhood,” led by Dr. Doris Griffin and painting with a twist with artist Dr. Eboni Bell (I Dream in Color). During the month of September we celebrated the anniversary of the oldest chapter in the state of Delaware, Epsilon Rho Zeta. On September 12, 2015, the chapter hosted an exquisite Black and White Gala to mark the historic milestone of 60 years of service. On September 18, 2015, Delaware State Director Martha SimsWilson joined members of Theta Zeta Zeta Chapter for the unveiling of Delaware’s Bombay Hook Quarter from the new America the Beautiful Quarter Series. Present for the event were such distinguished guests as Delaware’s senior Senator Tom Carper, Senator Chris Coons, former Delaware Governor and U.S. Representative Mike Castle, Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Jim Kurth and Marc Landry, Plant Manager of the U.S. Mint of Philadelphia.

On January 17, 2016, in observance of Founders’ Day, Sorors across the state worshipped together at Trinity AME Church in Middletown, Delaware. On April 2, 2016, Theta Zeta Zeta Chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary with an outstanding Prayer Breakfast. The featured speaker for the event was none other than our own International President Mary Breaux Wright, who brought the house down with her inspirational message. Also, the new members of Upsilon Chapter at Delaware State University had the amazing experience of having President Wright preside during their ceremony. It was an honor and a privilege to host our International President for her first visit to the First State.


Danielle R. Green, State Director The State of Maryland participated in its first pen pal meet up day on April 18, 2015. The pen pal program was designed to communicate with 11 young girls of Chop Tank Elementary School - Maryland’s adopted school - to encourage, form a bond, and to empower these young ladies, which also builds on the principles of Zeta which are Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood. One to two Sorors from each chapter in Maryland committed to communicating with a young lady through writing, with the end result being a meet up day where Sorors and their pen pal could come face to face and have a day of fun activities together. The meet up day took place at the Hyatt Regency in Chesapeake, Md. Upon arrival, the young ladies and Sorors were given a continental breakfast followed by an ice breaker, which consisted of the young ladies having a colorful, plastic egg with a math problem in it. If the young lady was able to solve the problem, it would lead them to their pen pal by asking around to see who had the sum for which they were looking. Once Sorors and pen pals were matched up, they were split into groups and participated in a nature walk, arts and crafts, fingernail painting, and lunch. There was also plenty of time for selfies/usies, and group pictures.

The program was a huge success and the State of Maryland, in conjunction with Chop Tank Elementary School are eager to do it again this year with more girls who are interested in participating. Sorors who participated last year and who would like to continue are able to follow their pen pal to the next grade, even if their pen pal is going to middle school, so that they can continue to keep that relationship. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 83



Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq., State Director It is with great pleasure that the State of New Jersey highlights the 2014–2016 Zeta Years! While the Zetas from the Garden State realize our work is continuous, we strive to make an impact on the daily lives of people within those communities we serve. We not only make a difference on a local level, we push to make a difference on a global level by exceeding expectations. New Jersey is forging forward and making history by chartering chapters where there is a need for Zeta, increasing our youth and Amicae numbers, reclaiming inactive Sorors and refocusing our efforts to support the growth of undergraduate chapters. In 2014 – 2015 and 2015 – 2016, we: • Raised $19,923.04 in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walks • Raised over $26,000 for March for Babies • Donated $1,500 to St. Jude • Implemented two successful Elder Care Initiatives, donating 992 pair of socks and 57 lap blankets to Volunteers of America and 3,530 “Say Cheese” items to a Senior Center in south Jersey • Acknowledged the Founding of Zeta by donating over $2,900 to a church scholarship in 2015 and $2,515 in 2016 (exceeding our $1,920 goal for each event) • Reactivated Theta Omicron Chapter, Rutgers Camden and Phi Mu Chapter, Stockton University • Chartered Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter (28th NJ Chapter; 13th Graduate Chapter) • Trained Sorors in Conflict Resolution, Protocol and the Burial Ritual • Chartered the Zeta Amicae of Middle/Southern Middlesex County • Implemented “Teach A Girl to Lead”, partnering with the Center for American Women and Politics to award $1,000 to a NJ Archonette • Donated $500 toward the Arizona Cleaver Stemons headstone project • Awarded Deborah P. Wolfe Life Members Scholarships to NJ Sorors seeking graduate degrees • Awarded over $8,500 in State Scholarships to NJ Sorors • Awarded $1,200 to Youth Auxiliary Members • Won the $1,000 Talk, Text, Action Idea Social Action contest (First Place Winner) • Sponsored two undergraduate Sorors for ZOL – 2015 • Implemented a State Winter Z-HOPE Initiative, donating 117 scarves, 263 hats and 270 pair of gloves • Established the $19.20 initiative to ensure a donation of $15,000 for Centennial The themes for the last two Sorority years were “Operating in Zeta Excellence” and “Creating Leaders.” As during the first four years, we issued “Z-Lessons,” our monthly embellishment newsletter designed for use by chapter and auxiliary leaders to ensure that all members are trained on Zeta operations. In addition 84 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

to “Parliamentary Corner,” every issue featured a topic key to a chapter’s success, including the roles and responsibilities of Undergraduate Advisors and Amicae Sponsors, Vendor Guidelines, Zeta Faux Pas, and the Reclamation Process. Many thanks for Soror Kiana Lawhorn, newsletter editor, for ensuring that every issue was promptly and beautifully produced. We also thank Soror Titessa Smith, State Parliamentarian, for “Parliamentary Corner,” and all of the State Officers that submitted articles designed to educate the sisterhood regarding Youth processes and our National Initiatives. These officers include Initiative Coordinators Kristal Miller and Sarecia Johnson, Youth Coordinator Zoey Ashley, Z-HOPE Coordinators Kimberly Tetterton and Damali Stansbury, Elder Care Coordinator Nicole Boston, and Social Action Coordinator Denalerie Johnson-Faniel. For 2015–2016, we enhanced our training by implementing State Webinars designed to address circumstances specific to NJ chapters. Thanks to Sorors Jorelle Green, State Projects Coordinator and Chasity McDonald, State Assistant Secretary, three webinars were held: • • •

Stay in Your Lane: Officer Roles and Responsibilities Smart Growth: Growing Zeta While Protecting Your Chapter Where is that in Writing: A Review of Zeta’s Governing Documents

Hundreds of Sorors logged on for an hour of learning and fun. At the request of my Sister State Directors, the last two webinars were opened to other states in the Atlantic Region. To make the presentations interactive, there were pop quizzes with Sorors winning gift cards of at least $25 for answering the questions correctly. Most importantly, the slides were distributed so that the learning could continue at the chapter level. We look forward to another year of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood!



Shanell Robinson, State Director On Thursday, May 5, 2016, NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County joined forces with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the March of Dimes to launch the Stork’s Nest program in Brooklyn, the only one of its kind in the borough. Speakers included: Sheldon McLeod, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County; The Honorable Mathieu Eugene, NYC Council; Wendy C. Wilcox, MD, MPH, Chair, OB/GYN, NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County; Shanell Robinson, New York State Director, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; and Dionne A. Durant, LMSW, Director, Maternal Child Health, March of Dimes. The Stork’s Nest provides educational workshops and incentives to help pregnant women make and keep their prenatal care appointments. The goal is to reduce infant mortality and morbidity, while improving the mother’s health and her ability to raise healthy children. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the March of Dimes have partnered since 1971 to sponsor the Stork’s Nest program throughout New York City and the United States. This event launched a partnership of NYC Health + Hospitals,

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the March of Dimes. A wide range of health care providers, community-based organizations, community leaders and hospital clinicians attended the Stork’s Nest launch. The partners will help refer prenatal moms to the program when it begins in the fall 2016. – NYC Health + Hospitals Employee Update, May 2016


On December 19, 2015, new members from undergraduate chapters Pi Tau, Theta Lambda, Lambda Sigma and Xi Delta paid honor and respect to beloved Founder Arizona Cleaver Stemons by laying a Christmas blanket at her memorial monument, which was unveiled on October 9, 2015 at the 56th Atlantic Region Leadership Conference, under the leadership of Atlantic Regional Director, Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. The laying of the Christmas blanket began with the Sorority hymn, prayer, the occasion, recitation of the “House by the Side of the Road”, laying of the blanket, and the hymn. The day ended by Sorors fellowshipping at a local restaurant. The purpose of this initiative was to first, pay respect and homage to a great woman who was a trail blazer and second, to provide perpetual care services to Founder Stemons new memorial monument at Eden Cemetery in Collingdale, PA. Under the directive of the Pennsylvania State Director, Barbara Cousar, Pennsylvania Project Coordinator, Soror Olivia Miller, researched perpetual care companies; however, the companies did not provide the type of services needed to ensure that the memorial monument would be properly maintained. Therefore, Soror Olivia Miller recommended the undergraduates to provide the perpetual care services.

Moving forward, every month (except for July – the State Project Coordinators will provide the perpetual care services), the undergraduates will pay homage to our lead Founder by providing perpetual care services to her memorial monument. The perpetual care services will include: cleaning, and placing flowers in the patriot vase. For holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.), special floral arrangements will be placed at the site. The ACS Perpetual Care THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 85


Project will be overseen by Soror Barbara A. Henderson (Past PA State Director), who will work closely with the undergraduates. Over the course of seven months, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reactivated six of the seven undergraduates that were inactive due to being dormant and or on cease and desists. Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 Sorority year, the State was focused on ensuring that the Year of the Undergraduate was at the center and through this initiative, 57 new undergraduates came into the Sorority, bringing the total up from 32 at the end of May to 89. The next phase is sustainability as well as continuing to


(Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) Annette Draper-Moore, State Director From 2014 through 2016, the Tri-State has had many successes and things to celebrate. Let’s start with our very first Tri-State Day at the Connecticut State Capitol in November of 2014. Several Sorors met at the State Capitol Building, had a tour of the historic building, learned of the many things unique to the history of Connecticut and also about the legislators themselves. We had an overview of how some of the legislators are working for the rights of elders and against elder abuse and the things that negatively impact our seniors. Next, was our Tri-State Leadership Conference in March 2015 in Middletown, CT. After a productive conference we joined together to do community service at Ädelbrook Behavioral and Developmental Services, in Cromwell, CT, working with autistic children from young to teenage. We worked with the children to make vision boards, and had a lot of fun, including the staff. During a discussion at the 2015 Tri-State Leadership Conference, led by Regional Director Bivins, State Director Moore and Phi Beta Sigma Great Lakes Regional Director Lockhart, it was determined that we would have a joint Zeta/Sigma Undergraduate Retreat. The idea behind the retreat was to foster and build a strong bond between our Undergraduates. We started with a few icebreakers and discussed some of the difficulties they face. We defined what the bond is and explained what it is not. Our time together was enhanced with the presence of Brother Leonard O. 86 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

grow the numbers of undergraduates within the State. The undergraduates enhanced the 2016 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Leadership Conference by organizing and planning the Centennial Launch Party, where the theme was Back to the Future. The undergraduates (72 undergraduates were in attendance at the 2016 State Leadership Conference) were charged with interviewing the panelist for the Centennial Launch Party and during the interviewing process, they were responsible for learning more about their journey to Zeta.

Lockhart, Eastern Regional Director of Phi Beta Sigma, and it so happened that President Wright was in town attending an event hosted by Nu Theta Chapter of UConn. President Wright stopped by and shared some words of wisdom and history. Both President Wright and Eastern Regional Director Lockhart charged the Undergrads to continue to have open and honest discussion and to continue to strengthen our bond. The Undergraduates were so pumped that they decided they want to make this an annual event. After discussion we collectively decided to make this an event that is for Undergrads, by Undergrads. Throughout, the Tri-State has continued to grow: Omicron Upsilon Chapter, University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA was chartered on October 31, 2014 at the Atlantic Region Executive Board Meeting in King of Prussia, PA. Alpha Alpha Rho Zeta Chapter, Norwalk, CT was chartered on March 14, 2015 at the Tri-State Leadership Conference in Middletown, CT. Our newest chapter, Beta Alpha Zeta Zeta Chapter, was chartered on March 11, 2016 at the Tri-State Leadership Conference in Dedham, MA. The Sorors of the Tri-State continue to do great things! We are truly Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths!



Nu Theta (UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT) On April 11, 2015, the Nu Theta Chapter hosted “A Celebration of Finer Womanhood” at the University of Connecticut bringing together students, alumni, faculty, staff and Sorors from across the Tri-State to celebrate women who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Awards were presented to women that exemplified each of our four principles: scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood. Nu Theta had the honor and pleasure of having our International President Mary Breaux Wright as the evening’s special guest. Madame Tri-State Director, Soror Annette Draper-Moore, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, Eastern Regional Director, Brother Leonard O. Lockhart, were also present and shared remarks throughout the evening.

refers to as the Sisterhood of Cultural Center Directors and truly exemplify sisterhood through their care for each other and the efforts they make to create safe spaces for students of all identities. Dr. Daugherty was awarded the Finer Womanhood award for the active role she has played since coming to the university and her commitment to helping others. President Wright took the stage after the presentation to give her final remarks. She commented on the nature of finer womanhood noting that the award recipients all belong to the same club, the “MIHY club” or the May I help You Club, calling it the “finest club in the world since it means the most to all of us.” She encouraged the audience to help others for “It has been said that if you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” President Wright eloquently closed by thanking the audience for all that they do, “I would like to let you all know one way or another you have made an impact in someone’s community. Be leaders, try as hard as you can.” The Celebration of Finer Womanhood is an event that will be remembered in the hearts of the attendees for years to come.


Dr. Eleanor Daugherty, affectionately referred to by Nu Theta as Elly, is the Associate Vice-President and Dean of Students at the University of Connecticut and delivered the keynote address. During her address she discussed the contributions of women leaders and the importance of encouraging and fostering leadership skills in young women. She charged the audience to go out and change the world, one small action at a time. Following the keynote address, the chapter honored eight women. Maria A. Sedotti, Director of Orientation Services, received the Scholarship Award for her dedication to helping incoming students transition into the University. The Service award was presented to Katherine Chmieleski, an undergraduate student, who has demonstrated tireless efforts in improving the community through countless Community Outreach positions. Five women, Dr. Willena Kimpson Price of the African American Cultural Center, Angela Rola of the Asian American Cultural Center, Soror Fleurette King of the Rainbow Center, Fany D. Hannon of the Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center and Kathleen Holgerson of the Women’s Center, were presented with the Sisterhood Award. These women make up what UConn

Delta Beta Zeta (LONG ISLAND, NY) The members of the Delta Beta Zeta Chapter (Long Island, New York) have put words into action and have blazed new paths of service in the Southeast Queens community. The year began with the expansion of Stork’s Nest. Under the leadership of Stork’s Nest chairperson, Soror Andrea Scott, the chapter opened its second nest in Far Rockaway. Over thirty expectant mothers as well as the city councilman attended the community baby shower. The entire event was taped by the local cable news station and reported on by the Far Rockaway newspaper. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 87


April for DBZ is Violette Anderson Month. Soror Donna Anderson, Esq. coordinated a legal workshop at the Emblem Health Center in Cambria Heights. The workshop covered topics such as legal advice for seniors, information for those seeking assistance in immigration matters, and how to handle confrontations with law enforcement personnel. This is an annual event sponsored by the chapter to keep the legacy of Past National President Violette Anderson, Esq. alive. Also during the month of April, several of the chapter members provided a workshop on several social service issues at a shelter for homeless persons. Soror Sophia K-Franklin, New York State Z-HOPE Coordinator and Soror Wilhelmine Herard-James, Z-HOPE Coordinator for the chapter coordinated this activity. May began with the Adopt-A-School Committee hosting a Teacher Appreciation Day breakfast at the Law Enforcement and Public Safety High School. The chapter established a library for the students in the special education program at the school named in honor of one of our Archonettes, Lena Franklin. Also in May, the chapter held its annual Zora Neal Hurston Tea. Honorees were Soror Andrea Scott, chairperson of the chapter’s Stork’s Nest, Zeta of the Year. The Elder Care Services Center at Long Island Jewish Hospital was recognized as the Community Organization of the Year. The tea has become one of Delta Beta Zeta’s Signature events. This event was coordinated by Soror Vanessa Dumont-Cole. We ended the month of May by hosting a spectacular spa day event for the ladies who reside at a local shelter. Ladies were treated to facials, makeovers, manicures, and massages. The joy that was on the faces of the participants was indescribable. Soror Cheryl Johnson coordinated this event, which will be an annual event. In August the members of the Delta Beta Zeta Chapter participated in a retreat organized by the newly elected President, Soror Diana L. Hilaire. The retreat provided Sorors with an opportunity to evaluate chapter programs, see their role in the chapter’s progress and, most importantly, to bond as sisters. This, too, will become an annual activity. The chapter ended the summer by participating in Macy’s Shop For A Cause. This event allowed representatives from the chapter to share information regarding the chapter’s activities while selling discount coupons for Macy’s. All proceeds from this event were given to the chapter’s Stork’s Nest.


Epsilon Xi Zeta (TRENTON, NJ) On Thursday, September 16, Joyce Kilmer Middle School of Trenton, NJ, held its back to school night. Epsilon Xi Zeta Chapter hosted this event by giving away four book bags, passing out Emergency 88 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Preparedness Information to the parents, and providing refreshments and decorations. The school year started off with the teachers and principal receiving survival kits, which was put into their mailboxes on the first day of school. School supplies from the teachers supply list was also given to the school. On Saturday, September 26th, Zeta Amicae of Princeton-Trenton held a bowling event for Amicae Awareness. The sponsoring graduate chapter supported the event. The event was held to introduce the Amicae to the community and to collect tissues and hand sanitizer for Epsilon Xi Zeta Chapter’s adopted school, Joyce Kilmer Middle School in Trenton, NJ.


Epsilon Rho Zeta (Wilmington, DE) Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter has taken action and are proud to announce our collaboration and partnership with NOBLE (DE Chapter) and NAACP (DE Chapter), two front-line groups of advocates committed to help raise awareness on critical issues plaguing our community. We are building on the principles of Zeta’s National Program, “Get Engaged,” a Z-HOPE initiative. As leaders in the community, we accepted our charge. On our journey for justice we have equipped members of the community with education and resources through interactive discussion groups to help bridge the gap, and strengthen relationships to enhance better communications between youth, the black community and law enforcement. Zeta, NOBLE and NAACP, serving as catalysts in the community have taken a united stance to raise consciousness in communities through open forums, to promote dialogue on social, political, economic, and civic issues. Our goal is to change the community’s perception from a feeling of helpless, hopeless, and powerless to a feeling of empowerment by being helpful, hopeful and powerful.



The moderators of these interactive discussion groups were Constable William Chapman, Wilmington University Public Safety, Delaware State Police (Ret.), NOBLE member; and Scott Saunders, First Vice-President of MOT NAACP Middletown, DE Chapter. Discussion groups took place Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at Delaware State University, Dover DE; Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at Rosehill, Community Center, New Castle DE; Thursday, May 28, 2015 at Wilmington University, New Castle DE; and Saturday, August 15, 2015, at Simpson United Methodist Church, Wilmington DE, Community Day celebration. “Get Engaged” has also been requested to be presented at University of Delaware. (Date to be determined). Zeta Phi Beta, NOBLE and NAACP have partnered to serve our community and help keep people safe, informed, engaged and taught how to act when confronted by law enforcement personnel.


meeting between law enforcement, elected officials, and the community. The police chief, the mayor, a retired African American Sergeant, and a chapter Soror who is the wife of a police officer, accepted the invite without hesitation to sit on the panel and have open, honest, solution-focused dialogue around personal experiences, accountability, and how to prevent yet another family from experiencing heartbreak. The program was well received and covered by the local cable station.

Never tiring in our efforts, the chapter kicked off the new Sorority year with service! We completed Adopt- A- Road obligations with zeal, and partnered with the Peekskill chapter of the NAACP for the “Keeping it 1000” campaign and provided voter registrationPhase I of a threefold objective which included a candidates forum and provide transportation to the polls on Election Day. Chapter President Nicole Robertson Scruggs stated, “We want the city of Peekskill to always remember that Zeta Phi Beta, Nu Psi Zeta Chapter is here to serve and uplift the community”. By setting standards to never expect or accept anything less than our principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood, we continue to hold the true essence of what our five illustrious founders envisioned. Nu Psi Zeta serves and acts on our duty to perform sororal obligations in the name of Zeta, while ensuring we address society’s ills, and work towards seeking the solution of issues that plague our communities.


Nu Psi Zeta (Hudson valley, NY) Though Peekskill is nestled away in the Hudson Valley, NY, the community has never been too far removed to acknowledge that societal ills such as poverty, racism, and voter restriction sadly still exist and should be eradicated. In true Zeta fashion, Nu Psi Zeta Chapter can speak to standing up and leading out in the spirit of helping others. The chapter was the first Greek-lettered organization to be chartered in the City of Peekskill on March 8, 1987. Since its chartering, Nu Psi Zeta Chapter continues to blaze trails. The chapter opened the first Stork’s Nest in the State of New York to ensure that expectant mothers have access to resources to minimize risk during pregnancy, and was the first Greek-Lettered organization in Peekskill to partner with “Pride in Westchester: Adopt -A -Road” to promote protecting our environment and keeping our community litter free. In April 2015, Zeta Phi Beta once again led out in response to the unjust killing of unarmed African Americans by promoting the tenants of Get Engaged. Nu Psi Zeta coordinated a Town Hall

Omicron Epsilon Zeta (Albany, NY) The summary of activities coordinated by the Omicron Epsilon Zeta Chapter, involving the partnership between law enforcement and communities of color, follows: Just BeYOUtiful Girls’ Fashion Show - August 22, 2015 Omicron Epsilon Zeta partnered with the Albany Police Department to host a fashion show for girls at the Arbor Hill Community Center, coordinating all rehearsals and providing THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 89


participants for this event. Participants and community members were provided with backpacks and school supplies to begin the school year with a great start. Mending the Relationship between Communities of Color & Law Enforcement - January 17, 2015 Omicron Epsilon Zeta welcomed the Albany Police Department, the Albany Sheriff’s Office, and community leaders to discuss strategies to mend the relationship between communities of color and law enforcement. Panelists included: • Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin (Albany Common Council) • Lt. Michael S. Barone (Albany Police Department) • Arlene Way (Arbor Hill Development Corporation) • Tracy Mance (Albany County Sheriff’s Office) • Corey Ellis (Capital District Black Chamber of Commerce) • Roberto Peguero (Retired Law Enforcement) • Kathy Manley, Esq. (New York Civil Liberties Union) • Beverly Padgett (Albany Community Police Advisory Council) Panelists offered suggestions on various community programs that would help build a better relationship between communities of color and law enforcement. The Albany Police Department discussed the “Citizen Police Academy,” a program designed to educate members of the community about policing efforts and to help dispel any misconceptions about police officers.

Hands Up Rally - September 20, 2014, at the New York State Capitol Building Omicron Epsilon Zeta welcomed community leaders to stand united, protesting the senseless killings of people of color by law enforcement personnel. Speakers included Alice Green, Ph.D. (Center for Law and Justice); Richard Smith (Liberty Partnership Program), and Bernard H. Bryan, Esq. (Albany Chapter, NAACP). The theme of this event and all events was that the conversation surrounding justice must be ongoing and deliberate. It was clear that there is a need to move beyond discussion to action steps. Sharing concerns with political leaders and taking ownership of the concerns is also key. Community members must take responsibility for themselves as well, being involved in the community, voting, and supporting educational and other proactive initiatives as well. Members of Mu Iota Sigma, the graduate chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., conducted voter registration at the rally.


History and Current Factors that Led to and Continue to Break Down the Relationship Between Communities of Color and Law Enforcement - October 19, 2014 Omicron Epsilon Zeta welcomed community leaders to discuss the history and current factors that led to and continue to break down the relationship between communities of color and law enforcement. Panelists included: • Paul Webster (New York State United Teachers) • Kathy Manley (American Civil Liberties Union) • Marion Porterfield (Schenectady City Council) • Horace Sanders (Mt. Olivet Missionary Baptist Church) • Jacqui Williams (Filling in the Gaps in American History) Law enforcement personnel from Schenectady were invited to attend as well. Panelists offered tips on how individuals should conduct themselves should they be detained by law enforcement. Audience members offered anecdotal advice. Spiritual leaders offered various suggestions on how to maintain hope and faith in God during these specific time periods when trust in law enforcement appears to have been irretrievably broken.


Omicron Omicron Zeta (Gloucester co., NJ) Every year, Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter of Gloucester County, New Jersey is a checkpoint sponsor for the March of Dimes’ March for Babies that is held at Rowan University. To increase the spirits of the walkers the chapter’s checkpoint has a theme. Last April, the Sorors, Amicae, Archonettes, Amicettes, friends and family members decorated the checkpoint in a Sesame Street theme. Music played as the chapter greeted the walkers in costume and gave out cookies from the Cookie Monster. The chapter raised $1,226.00 for the March for Babies. The Zetas and Amicae accepted the 2015 Gloucester County March for Babies 2nd Place Adult Club Team award at the March of Dimes Award Party on June 25, 2015. Spring of 2016 the chapter was at Rowan University again to walk and cheer on the other walkers with a new theme “Healthy Babies Grow Up to be Super Heroes”




attended on the importance and benefits of having health and life insurance.

This year, Sigma Nu Zeta’s Archonettes were hard at work in the Harlem community. Our Archonettes hosted a Carnival Style Bake Sale at the Epsilon Sigma House and it was a huge success! They made funnel cakes, and other deep fried sweets, and raised over $500! The bake sale is now a staple in the area and the community is looking forward to our next bake sale. Our young ladies attended the Essence Magazine “A Celebration of Phenomenal Women: Paving the Way for Our Girls’” with Marsha Page. They also attended a performance of Don Carlo at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our Five Pearls Foundation sponsored the outing, organized by Archonette Chair, Soror Shanton Simpson.

Sigma Nu Zeta (new York, NY) Lori C. Pemberton was a founding board member of the Five Pearls Foundation and a life member of Zeta Phi Beta. Her legacy is one of commitment to service and making a positive impact on the lives of others, especially our community. We lost Soror Pemberton to breast cancer in 2005 and in her memory we hosted our first annual Lori C. Pemberton Day Health Fair in partnership with Brightside Academy. During the fair, we presented her family with a proclamation from the New York City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito declaring May 16th Lori C. Pemberton Day in New York City! We held workshops and classes in fitness, nutrition and beauty. Kid’s activities included book reading, face painting, arts and crafts and we even had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Vendors included Emblem Health, which provided information on the Affordable Care Act; the Stork’s Nest, which gave out pamphlets on prenatal care and wellness; WIC dietitians, who provided nutritional advice; and Lincoln Hospital, which provided screenings for high blood pressure. New York Life gave away free ID bracelets for children, while Primerica advised those who

Sigma Nu Zeta’s Archonettes participate in weekly community service at NY Common Pantry, except every 2nd Saturday of the month. NY Common Pantry is located in East Harlem, and works towards reducing hunger through an array of programs, which helps to establish one’s independence. This establishment distributes nutritious, fresh food throughout the community. To connect the Archonettes with Z-HOPE, the young ladies participate and fund-raise for several walks, including the Ovarian Cancer Awareness in September; Breast Cancer Awareness in October; March of Dimes March for Babies in April, and the AIDS Walk in May . Sigma Nu Zeta would like to recognize Archonette Jinasia E. Hayes, who received a plaque for Outstanding Community Service at the AIDS Walk this year. We would also like to recognize Archonette Nailah R. Wright, who received an award for raising the most funds for the March of Dimes!


Omega Mu Zeta (Middlesex co., NJ) When Omega Mu Zeta was chartered May 2012, its members never imagined just how fast it would excel in growth and accomplishments. Led by immediate Past President Jorelle GreenSmith, the Enduring Eight set out to do Next Level quality work of Zeta for the Middle and Southern Middlesex County New Jersey area. The charter members felt it was necessary to re-ignite the Zeal of inactive Sorors all while benefiting from the sisterhood of active Sorors and succeeding in the business of Zeta Phi Beta. In just the first year, the chapter quadrupled in size. To date the chapter is home to over 40 Sorors who have accomplished quite a number of goals, all while upholding the principles of Zeta. Some chapter achievements include reclamation awards on the State, Regional and National levels for 2013-2014. Other Awards of Note are second place for Social Action in 2013-2014 on the State level, first place for Reclamation and first place for Z-HOPE on a State level in April 2015. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 91


Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta charter members are: •

Chasity L. McDonald, President: Life Member

Tiffany Cox, First Vice President

Pamela Felder, Second Vice President

Sandra Rodriguez, Third Vice President

Kenya I. Pace, Recording Secretary

Nehemiah Smith, Corresponding Secretary

Stephanie Chapman, Treasurer

It is important that we also keep the Zeta Light bright while we conduct the business of Zeta and work on the National Initiatives. In less 4 short years, we are proud to say, we have adopted a school, Embraced Elder Care, Marched for Babies and Walk for Breast Cancer cures. Our Auxiliary groups, Amicae and Youth are up and running successfully. We fund-raise with our signature Tricky Tray event and annual SOLD OUT All White Scholarship Day Party. With Sisterhood and conducting Sorority business at the root of this growing chapter, Omega Mu Zeta is sure to continue to grow and uphold the initiatives of Zeta.

Tracy Durham, Financial Secretary

Karen Odom, Parliamentarian

Dawn Durant

Alisha Garner-Dickerson

Kimberly Hinnant-Logan

Iyeshia Jefferson

Shemea Marshall

Sajdah Muhammad

The current President Soror Denise Davis-Smith, states, “Our next level innovative thinking and way of conducting business is key to our success”. Soror Davis-Smith adds, “All of our member’s talented, time and commitment helped us become significant in our community quickly. We could not do so much in this short period of time without our chapter Sorors commitment. We want our chapter to continue growing and our First Vice President, Soror Linda Robinson, will continue bringing Sorors home.”

Shalonda Tanner

Kimberly Tetterton

Patricia Thomas

As we move into our fourth Sorority year, we are excited to continue Building on the Principles of Zeta while Blazing New Paths in Middle and Southern Middlesex County, NJ.


Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta (Monmouth co., NJ) On July 21, 2015, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Atlantic Region, Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Graduate Chapter was chartered. Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta is the 13th Graduate Chapter and the first four-lettered chapter in of the State of New Jersey, Monmouth County. Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta was chartered by 18 ladies respectfully known as “The Great 18.” The chartering ceremony for AAXZ took place on August 22, 2015, and was performed by National First Vice President, Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker; Atlantic Regional Director, Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.; and New Jersey State Director, Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq. Also in attendance was Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s State Director, Barbara Cousar. 92 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

On the same day as the chartering, the ladies of AAXZ immediately immersed themselves into the community and volunteered their services with the City of Neptune and partnered with the Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation in which they donated $125 for school supplies for their Annual Back to School Party. AAXZ has been actively servicing the both Monmouth and Ocean Counties in conjunction with local affiliates. AAXZ community service efforts comprised of collaborations with the League of Women Voters of New Jersey to promote Women’s Equality Day on August 27, 2015. On September 26, 2015, the chapter participated in the citysponsored Neptune Day. At the event, the chapter collected funds to support their participation for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 18, 2005, registered people to vote, made



contact with key community partners and informed the public about Zeta Phi Beta. The chapter also promotes “Zetas Get Engaged” through their social media sites and by attending community-based programs such as the NPHC Presidents Forum that was held on September 16, 2015, and the Annual Poverty Summit on October 13, 2015, in Monroe, New Jersey. The chapter has also participated in the Z-HOPE National and Regional Initiatives – AAXZ has made a monetary donation to the Women Veterans Rock and continues to receive donations for Wigs for Awareness in collaboration with the American Cancer Society collecting new wigs for patients who have hair loss due to illness and treatment. At the 56th Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference they donated 60 old cellular telephones and accessories and made a monetary donation to the Friends of Elderly Care Part 2. With over 50 years of Zeta experience combined, the chapter is confident that their work in Monmouth County will raise consciousness of people, encourage scholastic achievement, and foster unity among the communities. The chapter will strive to increase membership through founding principles of service, scholarship, sister hood and finer womanhood. Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta is ready to serve!


Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta (west Bronx, NY) In keeping with its national agenda: “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths”, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated chartered Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta at the New York State Executive Board Meeting at Hofstra University on Friday, September 25, 2015. The chartering ceremony was officiated by Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, National First Vice President, Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. Atlantic Region Director, and Shanell L. Robinson, New York State Director. The newly chartered chapter will provide trailblazing as well as Zeta’s signature community services and scholarship programs in the catchment areas of Southern Westchester and the West Bronx, in order to maximize its impact in those communities. They will seek opportunities to collaborate with other local chapters, as well as with members of the Pan-Hellenic Council, business and community groups, to fulfill the mission of the sisterhood. It has already left footprints in the Westchester community in its recent collaboration with Sister to Sister International and other women organizations in the planning and presentation of the Black Women and The GirlChild Empowerment Conference held at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY, providing volunteer services at the Westchester County Department of

Public Health and sponsored Emergency Disaster Preparedness Drill at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY, on September 30, 2015. The 21 charter members of Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta bring diverse talents and skills, and a broad knowledge base reflective of their professional careers in business, mental health, social services, education, technology, religion, finance, and multimedia, to name a few. Many also bring several years of leadership experience in Zeta on the local, State, Regional, and National levels. The charter members are: •

Ayris B. Granby, President

Denise N. Gray, First Vice President

Dr. Cheryl Burton, Second Vice President

Defny Gamboa, Secretary

Kemba High-Ellerbe, Assistant Secretary

Nkong Tankeng, Treasurer

E. Theresa Umstead, Financial Secretary

Judith Slowly, Newletter Editor

Lisa Bolling, Public Relations

Rev. Natalie R. Wimberly, Parliamentarian/Chaplain

Mary Smith

Thesa Jean-Baptiste

Sharon Chase-Eason

Monica Bertran-Bennett

Kimberly Burrell

Crystal Wright

N’kisha Elie

Tikema Milan

Desiree Campbell

Cristi Benn

Vanessa Kilpatrick

Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta chapter hosted a debut reception on Sunday, November 15, 2015, at the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club in Mamaroneck, NY.




he 70th Commemorative Eastern Regional Leadership Conference, hosted by Alpha Beta Zeta Chapter in Hampton, Virginia on March 5-8, 2015, featured a celebration of incredible service, love and support of the hundreds of thousands of women, children and men whose lives have been positively impacted by the dedication and commitment of the Sorors and Amicae of the Eastern Region. Conference attendance and participation in the many business sessions, professional workshops, high level certification trainings, inspirational social and fellowship functions; including our Professional STEM Career Summit for Undergraduates, ZetaCARES™ Caregivers’ Summit and Retreat, fully integrated Zeta and Amicae Programming, our second ZEAL Regional Youth Initiative, our special Eastern Regional History Book Unveiling and Signing with the International President Mary Breaux Wright, Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. and all Past Eastern Regional Directors and other empowering events to include our Zeta Legacy and Zeta Male Network – were just the beginning of all the Eastern Region offered. We paid tribute and homage to two outstanding African American Legacy Award Recipients, Dr. Martha Dawson and Major Wallace Arnold; and inducted five outstanding Sorors into the coveted


Eastern Region Hall of Fame - Karen Gipson, Dr. Alice Garrett, Kim Sawyer, T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. and Nancy Flanagan. Milestone Service Awards were presented to Zeta Roses, Zeta Stars, Zeta Pearls and Zeta Doves for 25, 35, 40 and 50 years of service, respectively. The Eastern Region Centennial Launch of Journey to 2020 was the first Regional 2020 Launch Party and it was a fabulous celebration featuring International President Wright, Past International President and Centennial Commission Chair Dr. Jylla Tearte, Regional Director Surgeon and all Past Eastern Regional Directors – Sorors Millie Veasey, Ellis Jones, Eloise Melvin, Marilyn Brooks, Melissa Barnes, Bettye Murchison, Tuwanna McNeely, Lynette Banks Harris - all stamping with personalized stamps and personally signing the special Centennial Passports presented by Sorors and Amicae. Eighty-six undergraduate Sorors from colleges and universities throughout the District of Columbia, North Carolina and Virginia were registered to attend the 2015 Eastern Regional Leadership Conference. Many Sorors were sponsored by their colleges/ universities. A highlight of the conference for the undergraduates was the second annual Career Summit. Following the vision of Regional Director Surgeon, the summit focused on STEM or careers based in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math.


REGIONAL SPOTLIGHTS Using a “speed dating” format, Soror Nancy Flanagan (Richmond, VA) coordinated a STEM Café for 36 undergraduate participants. America’s Navy “hooked” the undergraduates by opening the summit with a clip about Aviation and by providing information about opportunities available to women in STEM occupations. Undergraduates devised their own airplanes to test out the practicality of aviation and the simplicity of basic engineering. The Café included the following seven employer stations for the undergraduates to visit in groups: America’s Navy, AmeriCorps, Center for Sustainable Communities, Jefferson Lab, NASA’s Air and Space Museum, US Office of Personnel Management, and the VA Department of Transportation. More than 70 youth actively engaged in their very own Eastern Region Zeta Entrepreneur Academic Leadership Youth Program, designed especially for them. Under the direction of Sorors Esther Dunnegan and Alice Garrett, the Pearlettes, Amicettes and Archonettes were involved in three sessions that were conducted by Sorors from the District of Columbia, North Carolina and Virginia who are experienced in leadership, academics and entrepreneurship. Each session provided hands-on activities, small group discussions, role-plays and competitions. A highlight for our youth was a tour of Hampton University and the first African American Art Museum. This year the region’s youth program was open for oratorical and dramatic performance contests; Archonette Sheena Dean won first place in the dramatic performance competition. The conference highlight was the Z-Hope Community Service Gala where the young ladies were dressed in beautiful attire and enjoyed the evening fellowshipping with Sorors, Amicae and visitors. Precedence was set with the Eastern Region during the 20152016 fiscal year, as three new Sustaining Leadership Entities, established by Regional Director Surgeon, were unveiled. Embracing President Wright’s theme “Year of the Undergraduate,” the Eastern Regional Undergraduate Leadership Council (ULC) became one of the first new Sustaining Leadership Entities. Two representatives were selected from West Virginia and Washington, DC and four representatives from Virginia and North Carolina. The Undergraduate Regional Representative to the National Undergraduate Council, Soror Arayna Spratley, chairs the ULC. The ULC implements its objectives through communicating, collaborating and advertising via social media (GroupMe), webinars, conference calls and newsletters. The ULC will serve undergraduates of the region by enhancing communication, empowerment, and leadership development. Moreover, it promotes collaborations among undergraduates and graduates in the region.

The second Sustaining Leadership Entity launched is the Eastern Region Chapter Basilei Council. Comprised of all graduate and undergraduate Chapter Basilei in the Eastern Region, it provides valuable support for Chapter Basilei. Each month, all Eastern Region Chapter Basilei assemble via conference call to discuss various topics and receive pertinent information regarding our Sorority. Chapter Basilei and other powerful presenters are featured on each conference call and offer strategies for successful chapter leadership. Soror Chanel Alford-Campbell was appointed the first Eastern Region Chapter Basilei Council Chair and, during the Regional Conference, she assisted in presenting to each Chapter President an exclusive, custom-designed Chapter President pin. The third Sustaining Leadership Entity, Eastern Region Life Member Ambassador Program, was implemented in 2015. The Ambassador Program is a unique and innovative opportunity for strengthening the sisterhood and connectivity between our Life Member Graduate Sorors and our younger Undergraduate Sorors. This new initiative for the Eastern Region fosters greater understanding and appreciation for Sorors’ different perspectives for and about Sorority membership, community service and commitment, and the challenging demands of life in general. Ambassadors and Mentees are encouraged to contact each other at least twice monthly sharing wisdom, experiences, new ideologies and their creativity. Life Member Regional Coordinator Soror Madie Bell and her Mentee Soror Nakia Leggett of Lambda Mu Chapter at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC shared many contacts and talks and both enjoyed getting to really know each other while learning more about our sisterhood. The Eastern Region is here to play a bigger game on a bigger stage, and the 71st Eastern Regional Leadership Conference held in March 2016 truly delivered. In the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, Sorors were celebrated and honored for significant years of service they have rendered to Zeta and the Eastern Region. This year Zetas were honored in five “Years of Service Milestones” categories. Zeta Doves initiated in 1966 with 50 years of service; Zeta Pearls initiated in 1976 with 40 years of service; Zeta Stars initiated in 1986 with 30 years of service and Zeta Roses initiated




in 1991 with 25 years of service. Zeta Lights, the newest category of honorees, inducted in 2001 with 15 years of service. Five Sorors were inducted into the exclusive 2016 Eastern Region Hall of Fame. They included Marian Barnwell, Joan Bridges, Esther Dunnegan , Quanda Finch and Lynette Smith. These Sorors have exhibited the tenets of Zeta in their community, professional career and chapter service. The Eastern Region is home to numerous military bases for all five branches of our military. It wasn’t until the conference opening processional of scores of Military Sorors and Amicae, in their dress uniforms, that everyone realized the significant number of Zetas and Amicae in the Eastern Region who have served or are serving our country. Patriotism, loyalty, pride and love of country were evident as each Military Soror and Amica was recognized and presented with a special Certificate of Appreciation and a custom-designed Valiant Military Service Pin. Special presentations were made by various members of the military including Sorors La’Ketha Prioleau, Thurraya Kent and Past Regional Director Soror Millie Veasey, who was honored and praised for her service in World War II. While at the 71st Eastern Regional Leadership Conference the Blue Hat Society was launched. The Blue Hat Society is a new Eastern Region fundraising initiative to support the Zeta National Educational Foundation (Z-NEF) and other regional programs and services and is the brainchild of Regional Director Surgeon and Dr. Alice Garrett, Z-NEF Chair. During the Night of the Performing Arts, in beautiful West Virginia, Basilei from chapters throughout the Eastern Region adorned blue hats and paraded one by one

to the front of the ballroom with money orders, checks and cash, filling a beautiful blue hat held by Soror Garrett. Undergraduate chapters contributed $25 to $50, while graduate chapters contributed $100 or more. Between intervals of performing artists, individual Sorors and Life Members contributed close to $2,000. President Wright donated $1,000 in honor of her mother, Mrs. Margaret Breaux. By the end of the phenomenal fun-filled evening, the Eastern Region had raised $12,000 to donate to the Z-NEF. The region also awarded its $2,000 Esther Peyton Leadership Scholarship to Soror T’Keyah Johnson from Epsilon Tau Chapter at High Point University in High Point, NC. Sorors of the Eastern Region donated $50,000 to our National Headquarters Campaign and fully supported the Midwestern and Atlantic Regions’ Founder Arizona Stemons Celebrations. One of the first regions to answer the call of the Centennial Commission, the Eastern Region donated $10,000 to the 2020 Visionary Campaign, becoming a Diamond Level Donor and all of our states paid $1,000 each and are Crystal Level Donors.

THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Donna W. Jordan, State Director

The District of Columbia consists of two graduate and four undergraduate chapters, one Amicae Auxiliary, Youth and Zeta Male Network affiliates. This fiscal year 2015-2016, DC realized a twenty-two percent growth in membership, primarily due to more than doubling the number of Undergraduates. Additionally, Kappa Alpha Chapter was re-chartered in April 2016, making DC 100% financial and active Zeta chapters and Amicae. Collectively, DC has participated in President Wright’s signature program, Elder Care with two facilities and has adopted two schools; fully participated and supported Get Engaged, March of Dimes, Women Veterans Rock and other National Programs. In the past year, we donated $11,500 in scholarships to deserving students. DC proudly supported the Midwestern Regional Marker Project for Founder Stemons in Hannibal, Missouri, and the Atlantic Regional Founder Stemons Headstone Project in Philadelphia, PA. DC is a 2020 Visionary State currently at the Crystal Donor Level 96 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

and we are proud of the DC 2020 Visionary members; two in the Founders’ Circle and one in the Circle of Pearls. The DC State Youth Conference held in April 2016 included a STEM project and focused on Leadership Development and Cultural Awareness.



THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA LaKeisha M. Holley, State Director

The State of North Carolina is so proud to be “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths.” Over the past year, the State has continued to focus on chapter and auxiliary Management, offer training and development opportunities, engage in community and civic endeavors and expand membership. The 2015 North Carolina State Leadership Conference was hosted by Rho Zeta Zeta Chapter, Lambda Mu Chapter and Zeta Amicae of Greenville, October 2-4, 2015 at the Hilton Greenville in Greenville, NC. Attendees were excited to welcome President Wright and Regional Director Surgeon. The first State sponsored Zeta Amicae and Sponsors Empowerment Retreat was held on December 5, 2015 at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. This event offered informative workshops and forums, fellowship and networking, and goal planning and empowerment. On April 2, 2016, the campus of High Point University was filled with energy and excitement during the 2016 North Carolina Undergraduate, Youth and Advisors Retreat. Outstanding

workshops were held along with spelling bee and oratorical competitions. Also, Undergraduates and Youth were recognized for academics and service. During the year highlights of membership expansion include Zeta Phi Beta (Omega Upsilon Chapter) being the first NPHC organization chartered on the campus of Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC.

THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA Kristeena Ray, State Director


The Commonwealth of Virginia celebrates another successful year of Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths. Our Sorors and Amicae welcomed President Wright and Regional Director Surgeon to Chesapeake for our largest ever state leadership conference in November 2015. On February 3, 2016, we traveled to Richmond to Get Engaged during our 30th Annual Zeta Day at the Capitol and presented Soror Krysta Jones with the first Yvonne B. Miller Trailblazer Award. Our Virginia undergraduate Sorors continuously lead with excellence, as Rho Alpha Chapter at Hampton University celebrated its fifth consecutive year as NPHC Sorority of the Year. Rho Alpha Sorors are featured in a national Walgreen’s promotional advertisement for the Red Nose Day campaign. Members and alumnae of Nu Chapter at Virginia Union University celebrated their 90th chapter anniversary on May 1, 2016. Thank you, Commonwealth of Virginia Zeta family, for an outstanding year!

Moving mountains in West Virginia … yes. The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta raise the bar throughout the state. The Alpha Alpha Xi Zeta Chapter was chartered on Founders’ Day 2015 in Charleston, WV. Among the charter members were three new members to the organization and five reclaimed Sorors. Since this chartering, West Virginia’s capital has been painted royal blue on many occasions including the West Virginia State Leadership Conference and a Blue and White Sister-Friend Celebration. The small but mighty group of West Virginia Sorors was primed to host the 2016 Eastern Regional Leadership Conference in March. With opened arms, they welcomed to the city, International President Wright, Regional Director Surgeon, national officers, Eastern Regional officers, hundreds of Eastern Region Sorors, visiting Sorors and Amicae. West Virginia ... almost heaven! THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 97




Vera J. Palmer, and Sorors Sheryl Morton (chair), Barbara Gamble, Shamille Garris, Annie Doris Jackson, Mazie D. Lewis, Yasmin M. Moses, Esq., Catherine Smith, Portia Tomlinson, Joyce Wilson, and Tiffany Yancey. Attendees from across North Carolina and beyond shared their joy and excitement by joining Omicron Zeta Chapter members in celebrating eighty (80) years of exemplifying finer womanhood, while providing scholarships and service to the Raleigh and Wake County communities. The theme for this auspicious occasion was “Celebrating Finer Womanhood with Diamonds and Pearls.” The preeminent educator, Dr. Dudley E. Flood, Retired School Administrator and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Eta Sigma Chapter in Raleigh, served as the keynote speaker. A highlight of the program included personal video recordings, tributes, and gifts given to chapter Doves and trailblazers: Sorors Doris Alston, Janie Anderson, Susan Bridges, Esther Hayes, Peggy Kearney, Irene Miller, Amelia Osborne, Wanda Poole, Bernestine Sanders, Wave Simmons, Janice Smith, and Millie Veasey. Since its chartering on August 15, 1935, a debt of gratitude is owed to the seven Charter Members of Omicron Zeta Chapter: Ann Simpson Hawkins, Emily Mae Morgan Kelly, Mozelle Patterson Lane, Louise Latham, Evelyn Bennett Pope, Ida Evans Washington and Catherine Christmas Weatherford.


Omicron Zeta (Raleigh, NC) On Sunday, May 31, 2015, Omicron Zeta Chapter of Raleigh hosted its 68th Annual Blue Revue at The Garner Performing Arts Center in Garner, North Carolina. This year’s Blue Revue theme was “An Evening of Regal Elegance.” During the almost yearlong participation in the Blue Revue, the participants attended workshops ranging in topics from social etiquette to preparing for college. They also engaged in community service activities. At the culmination was the evening of the Blue Revue, in which the participants, dressed in their blue ball gowns were officially introduced to society and awarded scholarships to be used at their choice of college or university after they complete high school. This year, the high honor of Queen was awarded to Miss Sheena Yvonne Dean, the daughter of Carl and Gina Dean. She is in the 8th grade at the Triangle Math and Science Academy. Sheena plans to graduate high school and attend North Carolina Central University, majoring in political science and criminal justice. She then plans to attend the NCCU School of Law to become a prosecuting attorney. On Friday, September 25, 2015, at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, in Raleigh, NC, the chapter members held a rewarding and exciting semi-formal affair. The program was planned by President Dr. 98 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Alpha Phi Zeta (Richmond, VA) On August 22, 2015, Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter of Richmond, Virginia embraced Recruitment, Reclamation and Retention by hosting a “Little Black Dress Social.” This affair was strategically placed at the end of the summer’s observation period to indicate the beginning of a new Sorority year. The purpose of this social was to present a themed event that would foster our ideals while incorporating the 3 R’s of membership - Reclamation, Retention and Recruiting in an innovative, nontraditional manner. The event was held at C’est Le Vin in Richmond, VA. Social media was used to create an invitation which was mailed electronically to chapter members, unfinancial Sorors, transferring Sorors and women in the community who are interested in membership. A total of 157 “Evites” were sent, to which 50 responses were received and 42 women actually attended. This affair included a few ice breakers and door prize giveaways. A simple introduction game was played, in addition to drawings for gifts. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, food


REGIONAL SPOTLIGHTS and fellowship! A sign-in for tracking, business cards and chapter brochure was made available to all in attendance. Evaluation cards were completed and collected. Attendees were afforded an opportunity to re-unite with the Sorority through this funfilled meet and greet; embrace the ideal of sisterly love, network, embrace the energy of the chapter and to ask questions regarding membership opportunities.


children at home.

At the conclusion of the jamboree, each student was given a brand new backpack filled with school supplies all collected and donated by Beta Nu Zeta Chapter as a part of their Z-HOPE initiative, Z-Pack It Up. The chapter’s objective for the annual back to school jamboree is to get the students excited about education, while instilling confidence in themselves as thinkers and leaders. Bessemer Elementary School’s Principal Dixon says, “The jamboree has been a very meaningful and fun event for our school for the past two years. The boys and girls have an opportunity to have close interaction with successful young men and women in the community about goals and other relevant issues. Also, our parents are able to collaborate and learn information that equips them to support their student and our school in a greater way. The Bessemer community is delighted to be in partnership with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. We’re hoping that we can continue working together to make great things happen for children.”


Beta Nu Zeta (Greensboro, NC) On September 19, 2015, Beta Nu Zeta Chapter of Greensboro, NC hosted their annual back to school jamboree at their local adopted school, Bessemer Elementary. For several years, the chapter has been committed to providing the students, teachers and staff with much needed support. From volunteering classroom hours, to sponsoring teacher appreciation events and donating school supplies during open house, the chapter prides themselves on being a staple in the school and taking an active interest in the scholarship of all students. During the half-day event, chapter members, along with volunteers from the local graduate and undergraduate chapters of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated and the Fannie Lou Hammer Institute of Advocacy and Social Action presented several student workshops. The interactive, hands-on workshops focused on building leadership skills and identifying ways the students can be leaders in their schools and communities today. The workshops also provided the students with reading strategies to help them develop a life-long love of books. Additionally, students learned about the positive impact strong organizational skills can have on their school day and academic performance. Parents were also involved in a workshop that provided them with insight and resources to help their

Omicron Phi Zeta (Washington, DC) Omicron Phi Zeta Chapter hosted a premiere screening of their selfproduced documentary entitled, “Black Face in the Digital Age,” on June 30 at a metropolitan DC eatery. The documentary focused on television, social media, music and how these elements with 24/7 accessibility affect the mindset of millennials. The documentary featured an informal discussion with members of The Divine Nine, and professionals who are community activists, leaders, mentors, and friends. The “Black Face in the Digital Age” documentary discussed several issues that affect African Americans such as police brutality, celebrity, reality TV and the perceptions of tainted social media images. The screening prompted dialogue among the attendees about the misuse of African Americans images in social media, the business of exploitation, and how the misuse THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 99


REGIONAL SPOTLIGHTS can be self-inflicted. The attendees left challenged to promote, redirect, empower, and change the perceptions of the African American image in the digital age of social media.



Sigma Rho Zeta (Cary, NC)

Sigma Xi Zeta (Morrisville, NC) Since 2003, the practice of setting aside a special time to recognize elders who have been pillars of strength to their families and communities is one that Sigma Xi Zeta Chapter in Morrisville, NC makes a priority. The Circle of Elders honors and pays homage to women who have paved the way and led by example; women whose shoulders on which we stand, and whose lives serve as models for women to follow. Over the past twelve years Sigma Xi Zeta Chapter has honored more than 175 women throughout the community, state, and nation at its Annual “Circle of Elders” Finer Womanhood Program. The honorees are extraordinary women ranging in age 70 to 102, who have taken on numerous roles in the community from raising multi-generations of families, serving in their churches, volunteering in neighborhood schools, hospitals, and rest homes to becoming successful entrepreneurs. They work tirelessly, giving their time, talents, money, words of comfort and timely advice. They go about their work quietly, never looking for reward; yet, they exemplify the ideals for which we all strive - scholarship, sisterhood, service and finer womanhood. In addition to the certificate of achievement and white roses, each participant is presented an African blue and white scarf designed in Ghana with the letters COE and a special black cameo lapel pin. Families, past elders and churches anxiously await each year to join Sigma Xi Zeta Chapter in recognizing and celebrating elders in the community. 100 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Members of the Sigma Rho Zeta Chapter of Cary, NC recognized Military Appreciation Week by supporting the United Services Organization of North Carolina (USO NC) center located at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). The USO NC-RDU center provides a comfortable waiting space for traveling active duty and retired military members and their families, 24/7. The USO is a nonprofit, congressionally chartered, private organization. Its mission is to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families. Every Tuesday, the USO NC-RDU helps over 200 US Marines from Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina verify their travel documents and make connecting flights on their way to their first duty stations or initial Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training locations. In addition to providing a place for the travelers to rest for their flights, the USO NC-RDU also provides meals and snacks for them. The Sigma Rho Zeta Chapter supported USO NC-RDU providing nearly 300 pieces of fruit and other snack items to help feed the traveling military troops and their families. The Chapter has established a familiar rapport with USO NC-RDU and is has a standing invitation to walk/ride with the USO staff and other volunteers in the local annual Veterans Day Parade.


Tau Epsilon Zeta (hopes mills, NC) Tau Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Hope Mills, NC participated in the local March for Babies event held on April 11, 2015 at Methodist University in Fayetteville NC. Kudos to these women for winning the Top Non-Family Team award for raising the most money. On May 29, 2015, Tau Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Hope Mills, NC, participated in the America Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Walk



Inviting those reclaiming Sorors to participate in chapter activities, including Zumba for Babies, the Room in the Inn/Help the Homeless activity, and the Scholarship Prayer Breakfast, were great ways for reclaiming Sorors to get acclimated to Psi Mu Zeta and its members. Finally, Sorors were able to strengthen relationships with reclaiming Sorors at fun, chapter-hosted activities such as the annual Spring Women’s Event and Painting with a Twist. At the end of the reclamation season, Psi Mu Zeta Chapter had reclaimed 16 Sorors! Who would have thought this young chapter, chartered in 2010 would reach 50 chapter members, months before its fifth anniversary? Psi Mu Zeta was recognized at the North Carolina State Conference in October 2015 for the highest number of reclaimed Sorors in the state and the most chapter growth - from 31 members to 53 members, including new Sorors. In addition, Psi Mu Zeta received the First Place Z-HOPE Award and Elder Care Recognition.

at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville, NC. These community conscience women again received an award for the most money raised by an organization.


Psi Mu Zeta (CHARLOTTE, NC) When Zeta Phi Beta launched the 2015 Reclamation Campaign, the Eastern Region was on fire, and a young chapter in North Carolina had just caught fire and began to blaze a new path too! The theme was, “Membership is Forever ... So Make it Count,” and Psi Mu Zeta Chapter was determined to do that by providing inactive Sorors in the Charlotte community a welcome place to come home and make their membership in our great Sorority count.

Psi Mu Zeta Chapter has taken an active role in implementing the Zetas Have Heart initiative, and combined it with emphasis on fitness and self-care. Given the importance of these areas on our daily lives, we have focused not only on the 90-day challenge, but also on the importance of year-round healthy living. Activities that Sorors enjoyed the most are the hikes at Crowder’s Mountain, in King’s Mountain, NC. Psi Mu Zeta Sorors began hiking at Crowder’s Mountain during the beautiful North Carolina autumn. Crowder’s Mountain is located approximately 45 minutes from Charlotte. Sorors hiked the three mile Crowder’s Trail, beginning at the park Visitor’s Center, crossing over a state road, and ending at the backside of the trail. This state park features several trails of varying intensities, but Sorors travel the most commonly used backside trail to set a pace that provides adequate exercise and also give Sorors the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful vistas of the North Carolina landscape. In the spring, Sorors were able to capture beautiful pictures at the summit of the mountain, marking an awesome morning.

A strategic campaign began with public relations and social media outreach, then extending to referrals. Next, chapter members were charged by First Vice President, Soror Sophia Marshall, to connect with Sorors with whom they were familiar, but who had not been active.




he Great Lakes Region convened its 2015 regional conference in the Land of Obama also known as the Land of Lincoln. Under the leadership of the Great Lakes Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman, and host chapter Tau Psi Zeta Chapter of Alsip, IL, the 81st annual Great Lakes Regional Leadership Conference was held April 23-26, 2015 in Rosemont, IL; the most successful and historic conference in our region’s history. The region continues to blaze new paths with another record setting conference with 777 registered attendees! The region welcomed our International President Mary Breaux Wright and her husband, Sigma Brother James Wright, and a number of National elected and appointed officers. The Great Lakes Region left a lasting and impactful impression on the state of Illinois. Collectively, the region donated over $3,000 in monetary donations and over 2,000 needed items to three (3) community agencies: Featherfist, Pillars & the Vivian Carter Apartments. We awarded $5,000 in scholarships and donated $5,900 to the National Educational Foundation. During the spectacular Opening Public Program, we recognized chapter milestones and Zeta Doves. We also facilitated MIP training and the mandatory Advisors/Sponsors trainings, and we hosted our centennial launch party! Passport stampers included President Wright, Past International President Jylla Moore Tearte, Soror Frances Faithful, Regional Director Porter Norman, and Past Regional Directors Lizzie Miller, Vera Paul, Doris Stokes, Norma Dartis, Ira Ebbs, Daisy Davis and Cynthia McCoy. Past President Tearte presented (50) fifty lucky undergraduates with a complimentary stamped passport as they began their Journey to Centennial! Special thanks to all the committee volunteers and hostesses for a spectacular event. Regional Director Porter Norman announced the region would


sponsor two undergraduates to attend ZOL and the National Undergraduate Retreat in Washington, DC. Past President Tearte, through her continued generosity, sponsored two additional undergraduates to attend and one Amica to attend the National Amicae Retreat. Special thanks and appreciation to the State Directors: Connie Pugh, Dr. Susan Johnson, Keisha Smith, Tonia Jenkins, Bernadette Harrell, LaRita Smith and Milika Miller for their service to this great region. Our entire family of Zetas, Amicae and Youth affiliates made the conference a success.

Great Lakes


The state of Kentucky is known as being the Bluegrass state, but from April 14-17, 2016, the city of Louisville got to see the power of the Blue and White Family. The 82nd annual Great Lakes Regional Conference was a joint conference hosted with our Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. Regional Directors Michelle Porter Norman and Daryl Parks and planning teams worked tirelessly for nearly a year. The hard work obviously paid off because a record 1,117 Zetas, Amicae and Youth affiliates registered. The region was honored to have both President Wright and Jonathan A. Mason, Sr., International President of Phi Beta Sigma, in attendance, as well as the region’s very own past presidents Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte and Carter Womack present at the conference. It was also the first time all nine past regional directors were in attendance: Lizzie Miller, Vera Paul, Annye Roberts, Doris Stokes, Norma Dartis, Ira Ebbs, Daisy Davis, Alice Craft and Cynthia McCoy. The Sigma/Zeta Re-affirmation Ceremony was held on Saturday, April 16. Soror Frances Faithful, daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful and niece of Founder Viola Tyler Goings, and Phi Beta Sigma Brother Michael Tyler III, great grand-nephew of our beloved Founders, kicked off the ceremony. With this being the year of the Undergraduate, it was only fitting to have undergraduate members of both Zeta and Sigma portraying the founders of each organization for the ceremony. President Wright gave the oath and charge to all. Attendees were given a commemorative Sigma/ Zeta Re-affirmation pin, depicting a unique “Constitutionally Bound” infinity design. In continued support of Z-HOPE initiatives, the GLR partnered with three organizations this year. The Salvation Army Center of

Hope is an emergency shelter for Women and families; Home of the Innocents offers residential and community-based services to children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected; Elder Serve-Be Empowered offers Social Services to Seniors assisting with access to community and government resources. The GLR donated $1,230 plus 956 items to Salvation Army Center, $1,185 plus 839 items to home of the innocents and $1,190 plus 1031 items to Elder Serve. This year’s conference also had a very special guest deliver some exciting news. During the Undergraduate Brunch, Dr. Algeania Marie Warren Freeman, Zeta Soror and President of Wilberforce University, announced that President Wright would receive an honorary doctorate. President Wright expressed her surprise and gratitude for such an honor with tears and a sisterly embrace with President Freeman. Wilberforce is the oldest private AfricanAmerican university in the United States. Members were invited to witness the presentation in Wilberforce, OH on May 7, 2016 at the commencement ceremonies. Special thanks to State Directors Connie Pugh, Dr. Susan Johnson, Keisha Smith, Tonia Jenkins, Dr. Bernadette Harrell, LaRita Smith, Milika Miller, the elected and appointed officers and all the volunteers for their dedication in making this a historic and memorable conference for years to come. Bringing together over 1,700 members of the blue and white family for a weekend of business, service, fun and the region’s first Sigma/Zeta Reaffirmation Ceremony was yet another record setting conference for the history book of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority! United as a region, Great Lakes will continue to be focused on our founding principles of Service, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood. Finally we extend best wishes to President Wright as she seeks re-election to Zeta’s highest office at the 2016 Grand Boulé, with her very first endorsement coming from the Great Lakes Region. As always in Great Lakes, it is truly our pleasure to serve Zeta, for the love of Zeta. As Regional Director Porter states time and time again, “We are not the largest region, we are not the smallest region, but we are the greatest region!” THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 103



Connie V. Pugh, State Director Sorors, Zeta Amicae and Youth Affiliates gathered during the 85th Annual Bud Biliken Parade on Saturday, August 9, 2014 in Chicago. The state shared in a joint effort to provide school supplies during the First Annual Back to School – School Supply Drive. The Sorority and affiliate groups distributed school supplies to approximately 1,200 individuals. Nu Delta Chapter at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana hosted the 48th Annual Illinois State Leadership Conference in Springfield. During the leadership conference, the state awarded four $1,000 scholarships, and the state collected more than 2,000 toiletry and household items for Helia Healthcare, a senior citizen agency in Springfield. The state ended 2014 with the first Twelve Days of Service event in December. Hundreds of volunteers participated in the various events, including not but limited to hosting holiday parties at shelters; caroling with senior citizens; and distributing food and clothing to those in need. On Saturday, January 3, 2015, the State celebrated Past Illinois State Director M. Ann Prendergast’s 90th Birthday. She is the oldest living Past Illinois State Director. The sisterhood responded overwhelming to the state’s request for 90 birthday cards and well-wishes. Soror Prendergast made a donation of $2,500 in honor of the scholarship bearing her name. The Statewide Founders’ Day Program held on Saturday, January 17, 2015 was an event to remember! Nearly 200 Sorors, Zeta Amicae, Youth Affiliates members, members of Phi Beta Sigma and guests celebrated in Champaign/Urbana. The state provided over 850 toiletry items and donations totaling $190.00 to Helia Healthcare Senior Citizen agency in Champaign/Urbana. The state chartered Alpha Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter in Aurora on Thursday, April 2, 2015! Aurora is the second largest city in the state of Illinois. In 2015, Illinois was the host state for the Great Lakes Regional Leadership Conference. Shortly thereafter, Sorors within the Chicagoland area took part in lively discussions relative to the images of African-Americans in the media as part of the #Get Engaged initiative. Sorors, Zeta Amicae and Youth Affiliates took the campaign to communities across the state. In June, the state hosted the Illinois State Leadership Academy’s Summer Workshop. Attendees were encouraged to leave their suits at home and bring their workout clothing in order to participate in training and development workshops focused on the mind, body and soul.


State Director Pugh served on the planning team for the Black Women’s Agenda Conference, held on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the Carter G. Woodson Regional Library in Chicago. President Wright, all of the Regional Directors, and Sorors attended the conference sponsored by AARP. State Director Pugh secured a $7,000 grant from the BonTon Corporation for the seven Stork’s Nests in the Chicagoland area. The Nests were selected to serve as a pilot for expanding the discussion on the Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait Community Program. The excitement continued as the state convened upon Northern Illinois University, Naperville Campus in September 2015 at the 49th Annual Illinois State Leadership Conference and an Elegant Evening of Blue Centennial Kick-Off celebration. The Elegant Evening of Blue featured Centennial Chairman and Past President, Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte; Regional Director/Past Illinois State Director Porter Norman; Past Illinois State Directors M. Ann Prendergast, Carolyn E. Wilson, Marietta C.L. Bailey, Linda W. Edwards, Earnestine Jefferson Martin, Alice F. Craft, Renee S. Byrd, Barbara Banks Hayes and State Director Pugh. Wisconsin State Director, Milika Miller and Past Michigan State Director, Elner Taylor were also in attendance. Centennial Chairman Moore Tearte and Past State Director Prendergast lead the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially kick off the state’s launch and countdown to 2020. Conference highlights included the state pledging $10,000 toward the Centennial Campaign. The state also forged a partnership with Tabor Hills Retirement Community, donating over 850 toiletry items and nearly $700 to the facility. Sorors, Amicae, and Youth Affiliates participated in the second Annual Twelve Days of Service, as they delivered holiday cheer to individuals across the state. The service continued as chapters and auxiliaries created waterproof sleeping mats for the homeless via the partnership formed with Xi Mu Zeta Chapter (Markham) in the fall of 2015. The Illinois State Leadership Academy hosted the Winter Workshop Series on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at Chicago State University with nearly 300 registered attendees participating in workshops.



Dr. Susan D. Johnson, State Director On January 17, 2015 the Iota Zeta chapter of Indianapolis, IN hosted the Indiana State Organization’s Founders Day Celebration. The celebration was held at Marten House where Sorors honored the legacy of our Five Pearls and celebrated 95 years of service. Sorors from across the state attended and enjoyed a great day of fellowship, shop- ping and fun. Zeta Reflections were given by Soror Shyvon Lacy, Indiana State Representative and a call for reclamation was given by Soror Renee Morrison, Graduate Member at Large. The grand day was concluded by Indiana State Director giving a charge for preparation for Centennial. Overall, the day was one not to be forgotten. Year of the Undergraduate Recognizing that food security is a real and prevalent issue, collegiate food pantries are designed to provide supplemental food and basic necessities for students and their families who are in need. Ultimately they serve to educate, empower and raise campus awareness about issues of food scarcity.

Yoon Scholarship Award from the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs. Soror Jones became involved with hunger issues during a campus internship and hopes other collegiate chapters will become interested in starting food pantries on their campuses.

Soror Mercedes Jones of Delta Epsilon at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana truly exemplified finer womanhood in her efforts to open the Crimson Cupboard student food pantry. The food pantry opened on December 1, 2015 to all IU Bloomington students and food is dispensed according to a point system that measures family size. For her efforts, Soror Jones received a number of awards and recognitions including: NPHC Greek Woman of the Year, the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program, and the Won Joon

Zeta Day at the Indiana State House As part of the GET ENGAGED campaign, Indiana State Organization Sorors met with Senator Jean Breaux on March 28, 2016 at the Indiana State House to discuss key issues in the Indianapolis community, how to promote voter registration and mobilization, build relationships with elected officials, and encourage Sorors to pursue public office. Sorors toured the State House and took a group photo around the bust of Triumphant Soror Julia Carson, Indiana’s first African American and first woman from Indianapolis elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


Re-activated the Alpha Rho Chapter at Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights

2014 Kentucky State Association Leadership Conference introduced a record-breaking 130 registered attendees hosted by Upsilon Lambda Zeta and Omega Delta at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green! First time Zeta Youth Affiliates were in attendance. Amber Pratcher, National Director of Instructional Design, presented a Zeta Membership Database workshop and provided the first demo to Kentucky!

Delivered the first Kentucky State Association All Day Undergraduate Retreat with 45 Zetas registered and provided an undergraduate complimentary registration to the 2015 Great Lakes Region Leadership Conference.

Purchased a historical $100 marker to Honor Founder Stemons facilitated by the Midwestern Region

Kentucky was featured in the Official Re-opening of the Finer Women Don’t Haze Campaign

Keisha D. Smith, State Director Kentucky is home to the seventh National President, Fannie R. Givens; Past National Stork’s Nest Director and 14th Great Lakes Regional Director, Lizzie G. Miller, Past National Third Vice President, Centennial Commission Committee, and National Recommendations Chairperson, Keisha D. Smith; Past National Third Vice President, Zeta Organizational Leadership Committee, and Centennial Commission Committee, Anjylla Foster; National Parliamentarian, Brunhilda Williams-Curington; National Elections Chairperson, Centennial Commission Committee, and 19th Past Great Lakes Regional Director, Ira J. Ebbs; National Photographer Krystal Rice; and Past State Directors: Lizzie Miller, Margie Artis, Ira J. Ebbs, Toni Thomas, Bobbie Qualls, and Lisa Ogburn. 2014 – 2015 Accomplishments •

Chartered Alpha Alpha Mu Zeta, Kenton County and Pi Upsilon Chapter at Georgetown College, first AfricanAmerican Greek lettered Sorority



Amica Retha Beckham won Amicae of the Year, Amica Katrina Bailey won the Friend Annye P. Roberts Scholarship, and Soror Cassandra Grigsby won Amicae State Coordinator of the Year during the 2015 Great Lakes Region Leadership Conference, Rosemont, Illinois

2015 – 2016 Accomplishments •

Re-activated the final chapter, Delta Pi at Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. First time in several years that every chapter, Amicae Auxiliary, and Youth Affiliates are financially active simultaneously!

126 registered attendees at the 2015 Kentucky State Association Leadership Conference, hosted by Zeta Alpha Zeta and Pi Upsilon at Georgetown College, Georgetown

Delivered a Special Interview of Lizzie G. Miller, 14th Great Lakes Regional Director and Past Kentucky State Director with co-interviewer, Norma C. Dartis, National Historian and 18th Great Lakes Regional Director

Delivered Kentucky State Association Centennial Launch Party, Georgetown College, Georgetown

THE STATE OF MICHIGAN Tonia Jenkins, State Director

The Michigan State Organization’s 48th annual Leadership Conference was held September 25-26, 2015 in Novi, Michigan. This year’s conference, hosted by the ladies of Upsilon Psi Zeta Chapter, Oak Park, Michigan was full of fellowship, fun and education for all. Friday afternoon consisted of workshops on topics such as Code of Conduct, finer attitude and hair tips. Sorors were also invited to our “Zeta Lounge” hospitality suite for complimentary food. The evening kicked off with the official MSO Centennial launch party where Sorors were able to have their passports signed by the Regional Director Porter Norman, Michigan State Director Tonia Jenkins, Soror Frances Faithful and the host chapter. Sorors were also able to take photos at a courtesy photo booth provided by the Centennial committee. For our 2015 Z-HOPE initiative, MSO partnered with Ennis Center for Children and the Neighborhood Service Organization. Representatives were invited to our luncheon and were presented with over 1,600 items collected from our Zeta chapters and auxiliaries from across the state. In addition, we had 11 graduate chapters, one undergraduate chapter and our Youth and Amicae donate more than 65 wigs to the American Cancer Society. The undergraduate chapters of Michigan also gave book bags full of supplies to schools in Flint, Michigan. Regional Director Porter Norman presented Soror Dorothy King with her 2020 Founders’ Society pin for being a $10,000 Centennial Visionary donor! State Director Jenkins recognized and rewarded members of the MSO for their accomplishments over the past year. Soror April 106 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Host State for the 82nd Great Lakes Region Joint Leadership Conference. Host chapter: Eta Zeta, Louisville, Kentucky

Groggins of Upsilon Psi Zeta Chapter, Oak Park, MI and Soror Linda Parker Cooks of Lambda Rho Zeta Chapter, Pontiac, MI were both awarded plaques for President of the year. Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter, Saginaw, MI was named chapter of the year. For the past three years, the Michigan State Organization has held a picnic at Birch Haven in Idlewild, Michigan. More than 75 Sorors, Archonettes and Amicae were in attendance to the picnic on July 4, 2015. Together, we showed a huge Blue and White presence by marching in the city’s annual Idlewild parade along with various organizations from around the city and even members of other NPHC Sororities. This year was extra special, as we were joined by President Wright! President Wright rode in the parade in a decorated blue vehicle, that kept her well cooled while she tossed out candy and waved to the passers-by. Also riding along was one of our Zeta Doves, Soror Precious Buckner, of Flint, Michigan. On January 17, 2015 the Michigan State Organization held the annual Founders’ Day luncheon, hosted by Upsilon Theta Zeta Chapter, Redford Michigan. The event was held at St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit and was attended by a host of Sorors, youth and Amicae from across the state of Michigan, including our very own Frances Faithful and Regional Director Porter Norman. MSO at the 81st annual Great Lakes Regional Conference Members from the great state of Michigan had their presence felt at this year’s GLRC held in Rosemont, Illinois April 2015. Members of the MSO. Graduates, Undergraduates, Youth and Amicae placed in every Z-HOPE category at the 81st Annual Great Lakes Regional Conference, bringing home 19 awards. The Michigan State Organization celebrated the holidays with

Great Lakes


our first luncheon for Zetas and Amicae over 70. We played holiday games, and provided music. We also made holiday cards for seniors for our Elder Care service project. The cards were delivered to nursing homes in the Flint and Saginaw communities. All attendees received an MSO holiday ornament and sister survival holiday swag bag. On January 16, 2016, Pi Gamma Zeta Chapter hosted our annual statewide Founders’ Day Luncheon with guest speaker Dr. Algeania Freeman, President of Wilberforce University. The Michigan Zetas “Got Engaged” and took a stand with the other Divine Nine Sororities to raise money for the African American 490 Challenge between January 1 and January 31, 2016. The African American 490 Challenge is a program that was formed via the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to raise money for testing the backlog of rape kits from forgotten crimes. It was discovered that there


Dr. Bernadette Harrell, State Director The Minnesota State Organization celebrated their 10th Annual Minnesota State Leadership Conference on October 18, 2014, at the Doubletree by Hilton, St. Louis Park, Minnesota. We were happy to have with us Soror Michelle Porter Norman, Great Lakes Regional Director, Soror Patricia Jones, National Graduate Member at-Large and Soror Rosalind Lane-Ragland. Mark Dayton, Governor of Minnesota issued a Proclamation, proclaiming October 18th, 2014 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Day. A photocopy of the Proclamation was put in our conference booklet. The excitement about the proclamation continued throughout the conference. For the first time, the Minnesota State Organization held its 11th Annual Minnesota State Leadership Conference on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, and for the first time, the conference was hosted by undergraduate chapter, Kappa Pi. The state also launched its website: www. We were very happy to host Regional Director Porter Norman and our guest Soror Rozalind Lane-Ragland.

were 11,241 abandoned rape kits in a storage room at a Detroit Police Department building. The Michigan Zetas and the other sororities raised a total of $30,000 toward this initiative for all who celebrated their Founders’ Day in January.

Another first for the Minnesota State Organization was our State Undergraduate Retreat, also held at the University of Minnesota on October 2, 2015. Minnesota Undergraduate Member-At-Large, Soror Ronnisha Gates-Dukes, planned and executed an excellent retreat for our undergraduates. Later that evening, it was time to count down to Centennial with a Centennial Launch Party. On March 7, 2014, Kappa Pi undergraduate chapter, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus hosted a “Get Engaged” Black Youth Matters Summit, in collaboration with the local NAACP. The Summit was limited to 60 youth and some parents were in attendance. The Black Youth Matter Summit began with a welcome (Soror Amber Jones), followed by keynote speaker (Mica Grimm, Black Lives Matter, Minneapolis), a panel discussion with youth leaders, breakout sessions and lunch. Sessions included “Student Social Justice Training;” “Hip Hop & the Educational Curriculum;” “Unchain Us-School to Prison;” and “0 to 100 Real Quick: Using our Frustrations to Fight for Justice.” The Summit ended with a collective debriefing in the Theater Room. All agreed that they enjoyed the Summit and said that they felt safe there and accepted. A Morning of Monarch Butterflies On August 20, 2015, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Minnesota State Organization had the pleasure of visiting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Zetas were personally invited to come out for a morning of monarch butterflies. We were introduced to and spoke with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director, Dan Ashe, USFWS, Midwest Regional THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 107


Director, Tom Melius, USFWS Midwest Region- Assistant Regional Director, External Affairs-Charles Traxler. We also spoke with US Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota). Senator Klobuchar and Dr. Karen Oberhauser, University of Minnesota gave presentations on the monarch butterfly, its habitat, life cycle, migration and the milkweed plant which is food for the monarch butterfly. This

event was well attended by conservation partners. There were live exhibits of the monarch butterfly, and developing a habitat in your own yard. State Director Harrell and Soror Fannie Harrell, Chair of the Board, helped with the tagging and release of a couple of monarch butterflies. Other notable highlights around the state of Ohio this Sorority year included the following: On August 23, 2015 the ladies of Gamma Delta Zeta Chapter participated in the reopening of Cleveland’s Historic League Park, with the unveiling of Cleveland’s own Fannie M. Lewis sculpture and a ribbon cutting ceremony. Gamma Delta Zeta Chapter contributed to this event by passing out school supplies to the children.


LaRita Smith, State Director In December 2014, Ohio welcomed Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman to our state as she vigorously pursued the continued academic success of Wilberforce University students as its newest president. Faced with the daunting task of saving the school from losing its accreditation, Dr. Freeman has worked diligently to attract not only funding, but also more students to the historically black college campus. In September 2015, Dr. Freeman was officially installed as the university’s president. The arrival of Dr. Freeman was not the only Zeta news on Wilberforce’s campus this year. Gamma Epsilon was one of two reactivated chapters in the state this year. Xi Gamma of Ohio State University also returned to their campus to thunderous applause. As the Sorority is moving into the year of the undergraduate, these two chapters are poised to make notable marks on their respective campuses. Ohio also had the honor of hosting President Wright at the 57th Ohio State Leadership Conference on October 16-17, hosted by Mu Rho Zeta chapter of Akron. The Ohio conference featured a Centennial Launch party on October 16. Being that Ohio is the home of founders Viola Tyler Faithful and Myrtle Tyler Goings, Regional Director Porter Norman and Ohio State Director LaRita Smith announced that plans are underway to commemorate them in 2018 as part of the Centennial Celebration. The Centennial Launch Party event also brought together six of the seven living past and current Ohio State directors. 108 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Gamma Zeta Zeta’s “From Girls to Pearls” is a program for adolescent females of color to prepare them physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and culturally for passage from childhood to teen. In 2015, the 8th year for the program, 19 “Princesses” participated. The Princesses completed seven three-hour rites of passage courses that directly align with Youth Z-HOPE programming and encompassed the three component areas of mind, body and spirit. One special guest was State Senator Charleta Tavares, who discussed the significance of women of color in government and the importance of voting during the “Our Community Elections” course. The program finale is a formal Ball, which included a sit-down dinner and waltz with the Princesses wearing beautiful light blue gowns, tiaras and pearls, and their escorts in tuxedos. Each year, two $1,000 scholarships are given; one to a former Princess and one funded by a generous donation from the Tearte Family Foundation, Inc., supported by Past President Tearte. On March 14, 2015, the Central Ohio community gathered for Sigma Iota Zeta Chapter’s signature program, Breakfast with the Artist, held at Monaco’s Palace. Focusing on the youth of the community, the Breakfast featured Urban Strings, a Central Ohiobased community youth orchestra comprised of young, talented musicians from various public and private schools throughout the metropolitan Columbus area. Additionally, the crowd was entertained by various acts ranging from spoken word to dance to visual art. This was the 13th Annual Breakfast with the Artist celebration. The proceeds of the breakfast benefit the Bessie K. Jackson Memorial Scholarship fund. This year, Sigma Iota Zeta chapter awarded two scholarships to Central Ohio High School seniors: Claudia Owusu, who is a student from SIZ’s Adopt-ASchool partner, Mifflin High School; and Archonette Janthel Davis, who is a senior at Bishop Hartley High School. Mu Rho Zeta’s End of the Year chapter awards took place June 13, 2015, recognizing Soror Thelma Boyd for 40 years of Service to Zeta. Several other Sorors were celebrated for significant Zeta milestones, including Zeta Dove and Life Member Dr. Ellen


Goggins; Adrienne Cobb and Kateri Hargrove celebrated 25 years of membership; and Past President Michelle Embry, who celebrated 20 years of membership. Soror Caroline Jones was Names Reclaimed Soror of the Year. Sorors Barbara Brown and Cheryl Hooks were also recognized. Nu Theta Zeta Soror Shervonne Bufford teamed up with Rashida Askia, a teacher who works at a primary school in Dubai, United

Arab Emirates. Askia teaches children preschool to kindergarten age, who were in need of English, age appropriate learning books. Nu Theta Zeta donated 20 books. The children have used the books extensively to study the letters “H” and “B”. These are only a few examples of the ways Ohio Sorors have been spreading the message of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood throughout their communities.

THE STATE OF WISCONSIN Milika Miller, State Director

After an exceptional 2014 Boulé, Sorors came home ready to work. In 2014, a new tradition began in Wisconsin – it was the first year that members of Zeta Phi Beta and brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. held a joint leadership conference, an event that has continued every year. Members of the Blue and White family shared a workshop geared toward building stronger community service partnerships with each other, as well as brainstorming and planning activities for the next couple of years. One of the highlights of 2014 was hosting President Wright during the Leadership Conference weekend. Greeks from all over Wisconsin attended for a reception and to bring greetings. The weekend was capped off with President Wright joining Sorors at Greater New Birth Church for a Prematurity Awareness message to the congregation with special guest Senator Lena Taylor. Sorors hosted three prematurity awareness workshops in total. With so many new members, the State hosted a webinar for Wisconsin Sorors in 2015 to learn the ins and outs of Z-HOPE, where they could ask questions and receive help with planning their Z-HOPE activities. This effort garnered 100% of chapters participating in Z-HOPE activities and the Wisconsin Organization effectively doubling their points in 2016.

Wisconsin Sorors continue to lead in fundraising and participation activities for March for Babies and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. With that, each chapter has established a signature fundraising event. From Gospel Luncheons to Celebrating Shades of Blu, Wisconsin is finding new and creative ways to fund scholarships and Stork’s Nests. In 2016, Wisconsin organized their first ever statewide community service project, “Purses for a Purpose”. Organized by two undergraduates, purses and hygiene products were collected to be donated to the Cathedral Center, a women’s transition shelter in Milwaukee, WI. In all, over 1,800 items were collected and donated on behalf of Wisconsin Sorors.

GREAT LAKES REGION CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS Lambda Tau (depauw university, In) Within the past year, the Lambda Tau Chapter has continued to advocate change on DePauw University’s campus, as well as the community of Greencastle, Indiana. Through our principles of Scholarship, Service, Sister-hood and Finer Womanhood, we have provided resources for others in various communities in a series of events. Awareness has always been a strength for our chapter and we brought awareness by fundraising. We hosted a friendly football game, Blue Raiders, to raise money for March of Dimes, as well as hosting a bowling competition, Bowling for Babies. Each event brought attendance numbers of 50+ individuals and raised

more than $1,000 for March of Dimes. Another act of awareness was educating DePauw students on alcohol consumption. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 109


Colleges with high party scenes also have high risks of students not being aware of consumption. “One Shot, Two Shots, Three Shots” was an event to teach students how to drink responsibly. The event was interactive with several activities for students to participate in and learn. To uphold service, we hosted our annual Campus Farm event. As a chapter, we understand the need to take care of the environment by giving back to the land that provides essential resources. The Campus Farm provides locally grown food to DePauw’s campus and others throughout Putnam County. Through DePauw’s Sustainability office, we brought along volunteers to help take care of the campus garden through weeding, harvesting crops and building a new compost center. As a chapter, service does not just stop at helping cultivate the land, but it extends out to those in need. The ladies of Lambda Tau have also started a project in making meals for the local homeless shelter, Beyond Homeless. With volunteers from the campus community, we provide a space for students to cook a large home meal for the residents at Beyond Homeless. Lastly, we hosted an event with DePauw Public Safety as a part of our Get Engaged initiative to discuss relationships between DePauw’s community and Public Safety, titled “J.J.J. - Jurisdiction, Judgment, and Just(Us).” We discussed the limitations of public safety in protecting students on and off campus and exchanged stereotypes that campus police may have with students and students may have about the campus police. In the end, we came up with solutions to better implement safety for students as well build better relationships with public safety. Finally, just like our prestigious organization, our chapter has continuously been trailblazers on our campus. Within the past year, Soror Dione Gordon became the first African American Homecoming Queen at our university. At the same time, Soror Ashton Johnson became the first African American woman to win the Walker Cup, which is the most prestigious award one can win at DePauw University.


Sigma Kappa (central Michigan univ.) Sigma Kappa Chapter was chartered on the campus of Central Michigan University on March 29, 1980, by six undergraduate trail-blazing women. Continuing the tradition set before them, the lovely ladies of the Sigma Kappa Chapter continue to make an amazing impression on the campus. During the state-wide Founders’ Day celebration, Soror Kailee Lewis was awarded the Cassandra Bronson Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement. In addition, Sigma Kappa inducted six new members into the chapter, bringing the chapters’ total membership to 12. The six new members are Alexia DelosSantos, Alyx Johnson, Kimberly Johnson, Andrea Buckley, Rayonee Grant, and Rajaniece Thompson. Since joining, the newest members have hit the ground running while assuming leadership positions. 110 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Sigma Kappa Chapter holds the highest GPA in comparison to all the Divine Nine active chapters on our campus. Our members are very active throughout campus and have received several academic and social awards. The chapter as a whole participated in many activities this semester, which provided them an opportunity to win several awards. Along with Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Sigma Kappa Chapter won the overall 2015 CMU Greek Week competition as well as 1st place in the Mock Rock event. This was the first year that NPHC organizations participated in Greek Week, thanks to the leadership of NPHC President Soror Kailee Lewis. Sorors Abrielle Campbell, Kailee Lewis and Rayonee Grant attended this year’s Great Lakes Regional Conference, bringing home the “Top Michigan Undergraduate Chapter” award for March of Dimes donations. That same weekend, during the Greek Awards Banquet, Soror Kailee Lewis was awarded the “Greek of the Year” award for her amazing leadership in both Zeta and the CMU chapter of the NPHC. In addition, CMU acknowledged our very own Dr. Traci Guinn Buckley (Zeta Omega Zeta) as “Advisor of the Year.” Soror Trevariana Mason graduated from Central Michigan University in May. We congratulate Soror Mason and wish her the best as she continues her education at Michigan State University while transitioning into a graduate chapter. During the month of May, Sorors Andrea Buckley, Rayonee Grant and Jacqueline Taylor had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, along with members of our sponsoring graduate chapter, Zeta Omega Zeta. While in Costa Rica, Sorors of Sigma Kappa and Zeta Omega Zeta worked with CEA, Fundación Mujer and Cenderos to provide service through Z-HOPE projects to women and the HIV community. Sorors created kits, self-empowerment presentations, websites and other leadership/empowerment building activities while in the country. As we move forward, it is our goal is to bring about change within the MSO and the Great Lakes Region while becoming more active on all levels of Zeta. We are about the business of Zeta and know that “A good Zeta is a well-informed Zeta.”



Zeta Theta Zeta (Gary, in) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Zeta Theta Zeta Chapter recently held its Finer Womanhood Observance at the Chateau Banquet Hall in Merrillville, Indiana. The ladies were being recognized for their strong family structure and “behind the scenes” community work and church involvement.


Zeta Omega Zeta (Saginaw, mi) The Sorors of Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter have truly taken the city of Saginaw, Michigan by storm with their community service efforts. Sorors have earnestly had service on their minds and hearts as they’ve continued into this new Sorority year. Hats Off to Mom The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Eta Upsilon Omega Chapter hosted a dynamic 2015 Hats Off to Mom Scholarship Luncheon on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Not only did the program provide scholarships for deserving students in the Saginaw community, it also paid a special tribute to women in the community doing amazing things. Zeta Omega Zeta Soror and charter member, Soror Annye P. Roberts, was recognized as this year’s 2015 “Mother of the Year.” Soror Roberts was being honored for her dedicated work in the Saginaw community through her involvement at Bethel A.M.E. Church, Saginaw HealthSource, and Zeta Phi Beta among other organizations. Archonettes The blue and white youth affiliates are taking Saginaw by storm. Not only are they increasing and bringing in new members, but they are also dedicated to and completing a number of Z-HOPE

projects around the city of Saginaw. In January, the Archonettes inducted five young ladies into the club. These women hit the ground running, focusing on Z-HOPE and learning the various offices and positions within the group. Community volunteerism was also very important and led the group to participate in their first project with other area youth groups. The Archonettes served as hostesses to Saginaw Valley State University MLK Keynote Speaker Dr. Freeman Hrabowski. It has been very intentional and important to the Archonettes to make sure the community is aware of who they are and what they are about, from attending a NBA game with the state director to serving as hostesses for the Finer Womanhood Celebration with special guest Soror Jasmin Alexander. The work definitely did not stop there, as the Archonettes joined the sponsoring graduate chapter in adopting the Hoyt Nursing Home in Saginaw and visiting the residents often; welcoming guests to the Ultimate Health Fair; college visits during their Spring Break; and receiving first place in Z-HOPE awards at the 2015 Great Lakes Regional Conference. From their involvement in the Saginaw community, the girls have become more visible on their high school campuses and have since recruited an additional 12 young ladies for a total of 16 members.

Zetas Helping Other People Excel Soror Shuntai Beaugard has been a family and relationship contributor for ABC 12 WJRT since 2013. She was recently highlighted in the August 2015 issue of Ebony Magazine as a contributor on “16 Rules for Back to School.” She addressed family conflict, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, and many other mental disorders. She enjoys helping people find life balance, positive change and personal truth. Additionally, Soror Beaugard has an advice column for a Michigan Women’s Magazine “Ask Shuntai” in Women 2 Women of Michigan Magazine. Soror Beaugard recently opened her own private counseling practice, Re-Connect My Life Counseling & Consulting. She provides group and individual counseling for children, adolescents, teenagers, women and families. Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter is proud of Soror Shuntai Beaugard’s tremendous efforts in the community. We look forward to the amazing things you will continue to do within the state of Michigan.


Eta Lambda Zeta (mt. Clemens, mi) Eta Lambda Zeta Chapter in Mount Clemens, Michigan has the honored distinction of serving the Mt. Clemens and Macomb County areas, as well as being one of the only chapters in the nation to have been chartered on a military base, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, in October 1971. As Eta Lambda Zeta is reaching its 44th year, the Chapter held their October 2015 Chapter Meeting on Selfridge Air National Guard Base for the first time since the early 1980s. Past Michigan State Director and President Soror Jeffrey King and Soror Cloteal Sheppard were in attendance to celebrate the anniversary as well. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 111


Finer Womanhood: Eta Lambda Zeta is pleased to have a published author in our chapter. Soror Shermita Mitchell has published three books: “Twisted,” “The Dutiful Wife: Full Moon,” and “My Grandmother’s Daughter.” All books are available and paperback. To celebrate Soror Mitchell’s accomplishments, our chapter has created a Women in Business Committee (WIB) for which we hold events to publicize internal and external talent. Kicking off WIB, the committee successfully secured a live internet radio show interview for Soror Mitchell. Soror Mitchell successfully spoke to her gift as an author and the power of Zeta in her life. Eta Lambda Zeta has many members who have either served in the Armed Forces or are spouses and relatives of servicemen and women. The Chapter is grateful to celebrate their own Army Veteran, Soror Valencia McDaniel, as well as former and current military spouses, Sorors Y. Michelle Merriwether and Brittani Staley, on their personal dedication and support to the Armed Forces. Eta Lambda Zeta has been working diligently with Selfridge Air National Guard Base to rebuild the close relationship it once had with the base. Currently the chapter is working with the Office of Public Affairs to develop a community service event to aid military efforts and past and current servicemen and women. Sisterhood: Under the leadership of President Y. Michelle Merriwether, Eta Lambda Zeta Chapter initiated its 2014-2016 Strategic 4M Plan: MONEY, MEMBERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND MENTORSHIP. Each member of the chapter’s executive board specifically designed their efforts to ensure implementation through the works of their office. Due to such focus as a team, the chapter has gained national recognition in its recruitment efforts, increasing their membership 98.9 percent in one and a half years (2013-2015). Scholarship: Locally, the chapter has hosted many community service events with community centers such as: Oxford Square Community Center of Clinton Township and the Jermaine Jackson Community Center of Mount Clemens, educating youth, adults, and elderly about mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, as well as the importance of seeking higher education. Service events resulted in giving away scholarships to high school seniors or donating to a community cause. Service : Eta Lambda Zeta Chapter has also dedicated time and collaborated with other local chapters and faith-based organizations, and community centers in the metro Detroit area such as Zumba With The Zetas for Heart Health with Kappa Rho Zeta Chapter of Detroit and People Missionary Baptist Church; donating personal needs items to the Department of Health and Human Services monthly; and holding numerous youth and adult service events at Oxford Square and Jermaine Jackson Community Centers such as Hustle for Health, Black History and Kwanzaa Education, and Back to School events. The Chapter has also continued its efforts in supporting Zeta’s national initiatives through earning the highest Z-HOPE Award at the 2014 Boulé, and forging a partnership with LakePointe Senior Care and Rehab Center of Clinton Township in support of our elder Care initiative. 112 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016


Eta Upsilon Zeta (fort Wayne, in) Fort Wayne community remembers the 50th Commemoration of “Bloody Sunday” march across the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge (Fort Wayne, IN) on March 8, 2015. The featured speaker at the commemorative march was six-time medalist, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. The march was led by Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Rev. Bill McGill. Eta Upsilon Zeta members, Sorors Sheryl Edwards and Stephanie Woodson, participated in the march. Eta Upsilon Zeta Chapter conducted a Z-HOPE Military Initiative in conjunction with the American Legion Post 148 Veteran’s Day Scholarship Program on November 8, 2014. Members of Eta Upsilon Zeta, along with the American Legion, donated personal care items to two organizations that provide services to homeless veterans, Liberty Landing and Richard Lugar Safe Haven. Both organizations provide services to men and women. The regional director of the organizations, Ms. Lisa Christen, was pleased to receive the donations. Sorors of Eta Upsilon Zeta Chapter, Amicettes and Archonettes participated in the 18th Annual Santa on Tour & Trolley Ride in collaboration with the MLK Club. Eta Upsilon Zeta donated cookies for the event. They also helped children in workshops throughout the program. The Amicettes and Archonettes read stories to the children and helped facilitate the games during the program. The chapter held its third annual Women’s History Month Program


on March 28, 2015. The theme of the program was “Weaving the Stories of Women Lives.” The guest speaker was Bishop Crystal Bush, who is the Pastor of New Zion Tabernacle in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We honored six women in the Fort Wayne community for their outstanding contributions and achievements. We also honored our two Zeta Doves – Sorors Edna Metoyer and Mary Simpson. The program was well received by the Fort Wayne community and the chapter exceeded its expectations. Eta Upsilon Zeta Chapter also held its 41st Annual Finer Womanhood Scholarship Program on May 17, 2015, at Don Hall’s Guesthouse. The theme was “Inspired Gospel and More.” Gospel Recording Artist Niyoki was the featured guest. The chapter gave a total of $3,000 in scholarships to six high-school seniors. We also presented the 2015 Zeta of the Year Award to Soror Tawanna Scruggs-Cottrell. Eta Upsilon Zeta Chapter participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Walk on May 16, 2015. Sorors raised money for the event. Soror Stephanie Woodson received the Lester Frank Ward Award in 2015. The award was given by the Sociology Department of Indiana University – Purdue University (Fort Wayne, IN campus) for excellence in empirical work. Soror Woodson was the first recipient of the award. Soror Woodson graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University on May 13, 2015 with a master’s degree in sociological practice. Her thesis was “Successes and Struggles among African American Students on a Predominant-y White Campus: Exploring Student Persistence and Strategies for Academic Success.”


Street Elementary School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Students eagerly chose from an array of colorful and action-hero themed backpacks during the school’s Neighborhood Block Party. This collaborative effort helped equip Clarke Street School’s students with the essential tools to ensure a fresh start to the school year. Kappa Beta Zeta’s Service Chair, Soror Tamiah McCoy, was excited that KBZ and DXS joined forces to support a great cause and to support our Phi Beta Sigma Brother Daryl Burns, who is principal of Clarke Street School. Kappa Beta Zeta is no stranger to partnering with the community. The chapter donated nearly 50 hours of engaging activities to a local nursing home as part of the Elder Care Initiative. Annually, KBZ also participates in a local Angel Tree program that allows Sorors to donate Christmas presents to children whose parents are currently incarcerated. The chapter also participates in Zeta’s longest standing partnership, Stork’s Nest, sponsoring five nests. Kappa Beta Zeta’s Chapter President Raquel Wade is committed to continuing the sisterhood’s strong legacy of service by strengthening the chapter’s current relationships and developing more community partnerships.


Mu Eta Zeta (Carbondale, IL) What initially started as a Soror serving her community; turned into a statewide service initiative. Mu Eta Zeta and Mu Delta chapters were trained to crochet grocery store plastic bags into waterproof sleeping mats for the homeless on August 17, 2015 by Soror Daphne Caldwell and Soror Karen Collins of Xi Mu Zeta chapter. Members of the Zeta Amicae of Carbondale, Illinois also joined in this effort. One of the most important strategies for lifting families from homelessness is rapid re-housing or at least attempting to make them comfortable during their stay at a homeless shelter.


Kappa Beta Zeta (Milwaukee, WI)

Mu Tau Zeta (speedway, in)

Kappa Beta Zeta Chapter, home of “Effortless Sisterhood,” prides itself on its commitment to one of the Sorority’s core principles - service. In August 2015, Kappa Beta Zeta partnered with the Delta Xi Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated and organized a backpack drive. Both chapters collected and donated more than 75 backpacks full of school supplies to Clarke

Mu Tau Zeta was chartered on April 26, 1984. It is with great zeal and sisterly love that Mu Tau Zeta continues to promote the ideals of Zeta Phi Beta through cultural, educational, and civic programs in our community. The chapter participates with March of Dimes, the American Diabetes Association, Riverside Community Center, the 500 Festival, and the United Negro College Fund yearly. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 113


non-perishable food items. On that same day was the 5th Annual HBCU College Fair. This event, held at St. Peter’s A.M. E. Church, was opened to middle and high school students. Members of our chapter were actively involved in the planning of the College Fair and participated by having a table at the College Fair with information on NEF scholarships.

Scholarship: We continue our fundraising efforts in the support of the Indianapolis UNCF Gala. As a chapter we work various venues at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indianapolis Mo-tor Speedway to raise money for scholarships. Over the past 10 years, we have attended the Gala and donated approximately $15,000 - $20,000 in scholarship funds that help support students attending traditional HBCUs. Service: We serve youth and our seniors in a variety of activities. With the Villages (an organization that supports and places children in foster care), we do a variety of collection drives to obtain sorely needed items by these children. Our most recent collection was for gently used luggage and backpacks. Our seniors are our joy. We support activities at the Alpha Home (a residential environment that provides long term and continuity of health care) by joining in recreational/leisure activities such as bingo parties, and celebrating holidays and birthdays. Sisterhood: We embrace our undergraduate chapter members of Zeta Pi and Lambda Tau. We have hosted dinners with our undergraduates on their campus and attended their meetings and they have attended ours. We come together outside of our regular meeting time for lunch, shopping, manicures or just hanging out so we can get to know each other better. Finer Womanhood: At all of our community service activities, we dress the part and are recognized year after year as we participate in such activities as TourdeCure, and Race for the Cure, where we are exempt from wearing event t-shirts so that we can wear our Greek t-shirt. We put our business foot first as we represent at the Sankafa Festival, and serve as guest speakers at various events around town.


Sigma Beta Zeta (Roseville, MN) January 19, 2015 was a busy day for our chapter. In the morning, we actively participated in the 7th Annual MLK Day of Service along with other community groups. We made blankets for students at Minneapolis Community and Technical College through the MCTC Resource and Referral Center. We also donated several 114 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

On October 10, 2015, Sigma Beta Zeta Chapter participated in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. This event was held at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were 185 teams and 1,553 participants walked and raised $180,600.02.


Sigma Iota Zeta (Reynoldsburg, oh) On February 28, 2015, Sigma Iota Zeta chapter, in partnership with the African American Male Initiative of the Columbus Urban League, presented “Naturally Healthy, Naturally You,” a health and wellness symposium. During this event, Sigma Iota Zeta offered valuable information to women of color in the Central Ohio community about natural hair care. More than 50 women, along with a few men, were in attendance for the inaugural Finer Womanhood event, held at the Columbus Urban League. Workshops provided at the symposium focused on such topics as transitioning to natural hair, myth busters about natural hair, natural hair design and natural hair maintenance. Demonstrations were offered on protective styles as well as natural hair products. Representatives from Gamma Zeta Zeta Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Psi Eta Omega Chapter, and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, Delta Omicron Sigma Chapter sat on a lunch panel which focused on natural hair in the workplace. The panelists discussed their experiences in corporate America with their hair. The Divine Nine sisters rocked various natural styles such as straight hair, wash-n-go, locks and blow-


grade. On Saturday, October 3, Sigma Phi Zeta hosted a Giant Charity Yard Sale. As a result of this event, the chapter raised over $300 in sales. All proceeds will support service projects within the communities we serve. The remaining clothes and items were donated to surrounding women’s and men’s shelters and Goodwill. The business attire collected was donated to the College of Lake County’s 2016 Women Symposium, which focuses on the professional empowerment and personal growth of women.

vvvvv outs so the audience was able to grasp a diverse perspective of styling options. Every symposium attendee walked away with a bag of natural hair care products donated by more than 10 sponsors, including Curlisto, Design Essential Naturals, BoBeam, and Shea Moisture. In addition, participants could purchase natural products from the events’ vendors. The event was well received as something which was highly needed in the African American community.


Tau Xi Zeta (Chicago, IL) Tau Xi Zeta has partnered with Right at Home, a home care agency, for our elder care initiative. Each quarter, Right at Home sends the chapter 20 or more senior names and Tau Xi Zeta members send various cards, such as holiday and thinking of you cards to the agency for distribution for privacy. We provide the cards, envelopes and postage.

Sigma Phi Zeta (Waukeegan, IL) Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter held its annual Scholarship Fundraiser Prom event on Saturday, April 11, 2015, at the Holiday Day Inn Gurnee Convention Center in Gurnee, Illinois. We were able to award scholarships to five deserving students. Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter will “Adopt-A-School” and will collaborate with Shiloh Park Elementary School, located in Zion, Illinois, and Junior Achievement. We solidified the relationship by hosting a “ribbon-cutting” ceremony on October 15. We are excited about the partnership and our members will facilitate bi-weekly workshops focused on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship for students in kindergarten through 12th

Tau Xi Zeta has also adopted Heritage Woods of Chicago as a part of our elder care initiative. Each month, Tau Xi Zeta visits to provide activities for the mind, body and spirit. Ice breakers included picking a penny from a cup, with each person sharing a memory during the year that was on the coin. Activities have included memory games and discussion of current events and how it may impact them, as well as arts and crafts. While others played games with the elders, others worked in the garden per their request. We ended the 2014-2015 year with a big celebration at Heritage Woods. The theme was Las Vegas which included karaoke, board games and winning gifts/prizes for attending/participating. The chapter’s youth auxiliary donated gifts.




to stay on the right track. You can really see them glow and come to life while we assist them with creating a vision for their future through Vision Boards creation.


Psi Psi Zeta (Chicago, IL) Z-HOPE for Youth Seventy-nine percent of the 8th graders in the Chicago Public Schools, which is the third largest school district in the United States, are not grade-level proficient in reading, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Upsilon Omega Zeta (fishers, in) Upsilon Omega Zeta Chapter recognizes a need to bridge the gap on matters relevant to both metropolitan and rural residents. Upsilon Omega Zeta is housed in Fishers, Indiana, which allows for our members to reach out to many residents in various proximities. In recent years, we have focused on education, community outreach and support. These three areas are critical for the following reasons: consistent presence in our community; proper education on issues, illnesses, and politics to foster wise decision making; and community outreach (uplifting women’s mentalities). A few of the programs we have a strong presence in are Raphael Health Center, Support Our Troops, Theodora House and local schools. Knowing that every baby deserves a fighting chance, we created a chapter goal and exceeded that fundraising goal to support the March for Babies event/initiative this past year. In order to ensure our goal was met, we created competitions within the chapter as well as issued challenges to our close friends and relatives. The excitement and passion displayed leading up to the walk was simply amazing. To culminate our efforts on a beautiful spring day in the month of May made it worth every bit of effort. The information and literature we received from partnering with March of Dimes is a direct benefit to the Raphael Center, where we house our Stork’s Nest. The literature is disseminated to expectant mothers who are encourage to receive education and checkups during their pregnancy. Many mothers leave the center with more education, assistance, and joy on their journey to motherhood. Our troops keep us safe and we value their commitment to serve. In order to support our troops and their families, we hosted a Clipping Party. Our collective efforts brought over one thousand coupons that were clipped, sorted and packaged to our Military families overseas. We also worked closely with the Theodora House, which is a home for women transitioning back into society. We offer support and host events that enrich and help them build up the confidence 116 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Psi Psi Zeta Chapter decided to take action to increase the reading percentiles for students with the development and implementation of The Blue and White Family Reading is Fundamental Program. Sessions are designed and facilitated to ensure they are relevant to the target audience and have a positive, long-term educational impact. Parents are welcome to also attend with their children, thus nourishing the structure of the African American family. Healthy refreshments are also served. Our youth participants range in age from seven years old to seniors in high school. On Thursday, April 2, 2015, our chapter participated in a Z-HOPE event at the Carter G. Woodson Library, “Easter Month Story Time.” The event focused on the meaning of Easter and why it is celebrated. Total attendance was 58, of which 36 were students. An Easter Basket Give-Away was held as a way to assist those who are in lower income families. Our chapter gave a total of 33 Easter baskets. This is the second year this activity took place; last year we gave a total of 32 Easter Baskets.


Magnificent MIDWESTERN REGION The Magnificent Midwestern Region - Hannibal 1.0


he Magnificent Midwestern Region extends much gratitude to everyone for helping make the celebration of our Founder and President Emeritus Arizona Clever Stemons a huge success. Your attendance, prayers, donations and work provided in all capacities has earmarked a space in history for the many years to come. Special acknowledgments must go to our International President Mary Breaux Wright for supporting this project. It all began in 2008, as an idea of the 18th Midwestern Regional Director, Antoinette Gordon, who stated the Midwestern Region must honor our Founder who was born and raised in the Midwestern Region and the State of Missouri. In October 2013, President Wright attended the Missouri State Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. Acknowledging President Wright’s love for Zeta history, we could not allow her to leave Missouri without visiting Pike County and Hannibal, MO. President Wright, Soror Gordon, and I visited Hannibal and met with Faye Dant, the owner/operator of Jim’s Journey Museum, Hannibal’s first and only African American Museum. We also attended Willow Street Christine Church, which is on the ground of Douglass School, where Founder Stemons attended and was a teacher. In July 2014, the official Arizona Cleaver Stemons Planning Committee attended the bi-annual Douglass School Reunion, providing an opportunity for us to connect with the citizens of Hannibal. Regional Director Hughes and the Sorority was presented with a plaque in appreciation and support.

The Magnificent Midwestern Region Hannibal 2.0 On April 9, 2016, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – Midwestern Region held a City-wide ribbon cutting and park dedication in the honor

of our Founder and President Emeritus Arizona Cleaver Stemons and the school from which she graduated and later taught, Douglass School. The Midwestern Region, with the help of the sisterhood throughout the nation, not only installed a historically marker dedicated to Triumphant Founder Stemons, but installed a park



pavilion and storyboard inside the park named after our illustrious founder, Douglass School/Arizona Cleaver Park. On the chilly Saturday morning following the Regional Necrology program, the Sorors and Amicae loaded three buses for our trip to Hannibal. Every bus was special and received a commemorative lunch bag with snacks for the event. There was a bus for the graduate Zetas, a bus for the undergraduates (on which President Wright rode), and a bus full of Life Members and Amicae. The Amicae came prepared with games, homemade cookies, movies and music. Once we arrived in Hannibal, the group enjoyed lunch at the Historic Hannibal Country Club. There was a special surprise included with the lunch program for all the participants. The lunch program included a letter from Founder Stemons to President Wright when she was an Archonian (Aspirant). The Sorors, Amicae and guests were able to enjoy lunch and fellowship with each other, talking, taking pictures, and then conducting business before heading to Willow Street Christian Church for the Park dedication. Once we arrived at Willow Street Christian Church, everyone was excited to see the marker. President Wright and all the Undergraduates immediately took a picture together. The ribbon cutting and park dedication began with a presentation to all those who made the Zeta Days in Hannibal and Hannibal 2.0 possible by Soror Gordon, 18th Midwestern Regional Director and past National Trustee. The award recipients included Hannibal community members Pastor Minnie Smith, Willow Street Christian Church; Andy Dorian, Director of the 118 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department; Faye Dant, Jim’s Journey Freedom Center; Jeff LaGarce, Hannibal City Manager; Michael Gaines, Hannibal Arts Council; and Louis Riggs, J.D., Board Member - Missouri Humanities Council. The following Sorors were also recognized: Arisha Woody, Oklahoma State Director; Jeana Hines, Missouri State Director; Porsche Elkins, Helen Beteet, Bibliana Bovery, Kimberly Ward, Bethany Bledsoe, Zoe Grant, Akella Wicker, Patricia Tripp, Barbara Evans-Cunningham, Ashley Foreman, Courtney Jordan, Veronica Perkins, Kambri Fruga, J’vonnah Maryman, Jada Day, Norma Collins, Danyale Williams, Tamara Pitts, Kori Gordon, Melody Graves, Farrah Sparks, Sonja Dejesus, Gloria Magwood, Keisha Coleman-Driskell, LaTonya Hughes, Norma Dartis, Jessica Wilkins, Kathy May and Taylor Howard. In addition, to the award presentation, the Midwestern Region made a donation to the Willow Street Christian Church after-


school program as a part of the Sorority’s adopt-a-school program. After the awards presentation, there was the official ribbon cutting for the Park and Douglass School/Arizona Cleaver Stemons Park sign presentation. Sorors continued to fellowship and began to make plans to return to Hannibal to enjoy being on Zeta’s sacred ground. The Magnificent Midwestern Region will forever be known as the birthplace of Founder and President Emeritus Arizona Cleaver Stemons. “Zeta now, Zeta tomorrow, Zeta always, should be the thought on the mind of every Zeta women” Founder Arizona L. Cleaver Stemons

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA Artisha J. Woody, State Director

The women of Zeta Phi Beta and the men of Phi Beta Sigma across the state of Oklahoma convened during the Labor Day weekend for the inaugural “Blue and White Weekend” filled with fellowship and service. The two organizations held a plethora of activities over the weekend that included church attendance at the Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church in OKC; a fellowship luncheon at Aja Bleu Café, which is owned and operated by a Soror; and support of the Langston University vs. Lincoln University game and all the activities surrounding it, including the Battle of the Bands and tailgating before the game. The fellowship was great and attendees enjoyed completing several service initiatives during the weekend. Members of both groups volunteered at the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission, where they had the chance to serve dinner and visit with the residents. Our Sigma brothers also performed a step exhibition during the volunteer activity. The Zetas and Sigmas also had the chance to work at Salters Chapel A.M.E. Church in Langston, OK, cleaning and painting the area of the church that will soon be home to the newest Zeta Stork’s Nest in Logan County. The Stork’s Nest is a program designed to promote prenatal care for expecting mothers and encourage healthy behaviors through incentives and education. “This past weekend was just a true testament to the bond that both organizations have with one another and proof of our commitment to better the communities in which we live. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,

Inc. is A community-conscious, action-oriented organization and we strive to exhibit those ideals at all times.” - Artisha Woody, Oklahoma State Director “Working at the City Rescue Mission was a humbling experience. To serve others a hot meal and provide them with some positive entertainment was the best part of the weekend for me!” - Brandon Palmore, member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Delta Beta Sigma Alumni Chapter, Oklahoma City, and a recent Langston University alumnus THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 119



Xi Zeta (st. Louis, mo) Xi Zeta Chapter was chartered December 5, 1935, in beautiful Saint Louis, MO. Xi Zeta has experienced another rewarding and exciting year. Our philosophy to remain a successful chapter comes from the dedication of our members. The goal of Xi Zeta Chapter is developing community-based partnerships with organizations that share our beliefs that giving back through service can be accomplished through mind, body, and spirit. We began our Sorority year by partnering with the local American Red Cross, by hosting a community blood drive. Partnering with the local American Red Cross allowed the chapter to assist the American Red Cross with their humanitarian efforts; spreading the word of the importance of blood donations helps to save lives. We supported Military Appreciation Week in a variety of ways, including clipping manufactured food coupons to donate to the nearest commissary and donating toiletry items to the veteran’s homeless shelter. Xi Zeta members assisted the St. Louis Missouri Veterans Home by serving Thanksgiving meals to over 800 veterans and their families. What an honor to serve meals to our veterans who served our country. In 2014, Xi Zeta members were featured on major news networks, such as CNN, as well as our local news affiliates for our involvement with helping to restore peace to the community after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Members of Xi Zeta assisted with supplying nonperishable food, school resources, and materials.

Alpha Epsilon Zeta (Kansas City, KS) On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Soror Stephanie Jackson of Alpha Epsilon Zeta, Kansas City, KS was surprised on NBC’s Today Show when her husband, Bro. Melvin Jackson surprised his family when he returned from his fourth deployment. Bro. Jackson is a Major in the U.S. Army and has been deployed for a year. Soror Jackson thought her appearance on the Today Show was to discuss being a military family, but she received a pleasant surprise when she heard their wedding song, A Ribbon in the Sky, by Stevie Wonder and saw her husband walk into the studio! Bro. and Soror Jackson have been stationed in Kansas for several years and have remained active in the community and in the local chapters Alpha Epsilon Zeta and Alpha Delta Sigma. Daughter Kiera is an Archonette with Alpha Epsilon Zeta and son MJ is active in the Boy Scouts. The members of Alpha Epsilon Zeta are overjoyed of the reunion of this beautiful Blue and White family. 120 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Xi Zeta shares in the premise that Fine Art is essential in the community. The chapter hosted a welcome reception for Mr. Dion Brown, the founding executive director of the new National Blues Museum located in downtown St. Louis. The 16,000 square foot building is used to preserve the historical significance of the Blues, and celebrate the musicians who both created and advanced this form of fine art. Xi Zeta Chapter partnered with the Zeta Charitable Foundation of St. Louis and Zeta Rho Citywide Chapter in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop. This event supported the Sorority’s national Triple Negative Breast Cancer initiative and the ongoing need for new wigs. Xi Zeta asked the public to support this worthwhile cause with new wig donations, wig brushes and hand mirrors. Xi Zeta was honored with the 2015 Midwestern Region Graduate Chapter of Year Award, an exceptional recognition because of our chapter’s ability to work together and with our communities.



ince its inception in 1933, the Phenomenal Pacific Region has continued to make its mark within the organization and the communities it serves. We stretch across 7 States and 2 countries. Arizona, Asia-Pacific which includes Korea and Japan, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico and the great state of Washington. Each and every State in the Phenomenal Pacific Region has logged untold hours of service with our National Programs. Elder Care, Storks Nest, March of Dimes, Z-Hope, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Operation home front Adopt-a-School and the American Cancer Society. We have supported our Capital Campaign to get us back in Our House and our National Educational Foundation to continue the scholarship set forth by our founders. As always, when there is a challenge, the Pacific Region always steps up to the plate. We had a vision and a goal, and at Boulé 2014, the Pacific region made history with the election of two national officers, National Second Vice President Bibliana Bovery and National Treasurer Diane Fisher. The region continued to grow with the support of our regional membership model, “Make Five, Reclaim 5.” This year, the state of California welcomed two new Graduate charters, Beta Alpha Gamma Zeta of Palmdale and Beta Alpha Theta Zeta of Menifee, and the undergraduate charter of Gamma Phi at the University of California Santa Cruz, the first Undergraduate NPHC Sorority to be chartered on this campus! The region also re-activated Epsilon Sigma, California State University in San Bernardino, and Theta Iota Zeta of Pasadena in four short years before our Centennial.

We got engaged, trained and joined the Centennial journey at our Pacific Region Launch celebration. We stamped passports and enjoyed fellowship with the blue and white family.

The Pacific Region enjoyed another successful Leadership Conference June 25-27, 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Double Tree Resort and Spa. Over 200 Sorors, Amicae, Sigmas, guest, family and friends joined us in the desert for the biennial 46th conference.

We were so electrifying in “Hot Arizona” that while we were taking care of the business of Zeta, the city street blew a transformer and we lost all light in the hotel. However, we prevailed, and when President Wright got up to speak at the “Job Well Done Dinner” the lights came on! Truly a sign of the light of Zeta! THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 121



The Pacific Region has more states than any region in our sisterhood. With the pending Regional Conference in New Mexico in 2017, our Region will have hosted a regional meeting in all eight states, including Japan! In April, The Pacific Region held its Regional Executive Board Meeting in Tokyo Japan, under the leadership of Regional Director Natalie Brannon and Executive Board Chair Patricia Spencer becoming the first region to hold an International meeting in the history of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Lead by the Asian-Pacific State Director, Soror Barbara Mark, and the local Asia-Pacific chapters, Phi Eta Zeta of Tokyo, Pi Eta Zeta of Korea and one member of Omega Theta Zeta, Soror McLeish of Okinawa, Japan Sorors were treated to the warm hospitality and sisterly love of Asia. On Friday, April 22, the local chapter, Phi Eta Zeta, and the members


Areatha Scott, State Director Arizona is proud to introduce our newest auxiliary, the Zeta Amicae of Surprise, AZ. The auxiliary was chartered on June 25, 2015, at the Regional Leadership Conference. President Wright, National Director of Amicae, Soror Donnie Faye Hull, Regional Director Brannon and State Director Aretha Scott were on-hand to officiate the historical event for Arizona. As the sponsoring chapter, the ladies of Chi Alpha Zeta chapter are still celebrating the recent chartering of the Zeta Amicae of Surprise. What started as a four-year-old dream for Soror Christine Edwards, has become reality. The chartering ceremony was well attended by national, regional, state, and local officers, the Zeta Amicae of Carson and guests. 122 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

of Phi Beta Sigma of Asia Pacific entertained us with a wondrous and fun-filled reception. On Friday we had our Pacific Regional Executive Board meeting with President Wright. We were also joined by our Past International President Sheryl P. Underwood, the region’s National officers and members: National Second Vice President Bibliana Bovery and National Treasurer Diane Fisher, and State Directors Aretha Scott of Arizona, Kenya Henderson of Nevada and Barbara Ann Mack of Japan. On Saturday, April 23, State Director Mack and the Sorors of Asia-Pacific held their State meeting. Sorors took care of business and toured the city and culture of Tokyo. To close out our historical weekend, the Sorors, along with the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma, celebrated together at the Asia-Pacific Annual Blue and White Ball. It is our belief that if we charter chapters internationally we must be there to support them. One Zeta!




Barbara Ann Mack, State Director During the past two years, Asian-Pacific State has done many wonderful things within the State. With the three chapters located in Japan, Okinawa, and Korea, the work of Zeta continues to exemplify the true meaning of Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood. Currently, we have 44 Graduate members who continue to actively work in the name of Zeta. Last year, the State awarded $5,300 in scholarships, with a projected awarded amount of $5,600 for this year. At the end of the year, we host a Scholarship Luncheon, where we invite the awardees and their parents to a “sit down” dinner, showing our appreciation. To encourage students to read, we participate in “Read Across America” at local libraries, where students usually love to see members in uniform or visitors who sacrifice their time just for them. In supporting education, we solicited and donated many books to Africa and Belgium. During Military Appreciation Week, we conducted a Toiletry Drive, where we solicited members to donate their unused toiletries to provide to the USO. Also, during the appreciation month, we participated in the beautification of the local Cemetery, where the Divine 9 came together to beautify grave sites of fallen Americans. During the past two years, we’ve co-hosted the Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Run/Walk, donating over 120 bottles of water and oranges to the participants. With better health and fitness in mind, the State co-hosted Night Club Cardio with the Zetas, 10,000 Steps for Better Health, and Zumba with the Zetas. During the base’s annual Special Olympics, we participated and assisted with preparation of this event. We also assisted in providing healthy snacks to on-base members during the St.

Patrick’s Day Parade, as members walked/ ran during this event. We conducted an Obstacle Course for our youth during the Fall Festival, allowing them to use their skills in completing this course, at the same time, promoting health and fitness. During the American Cancer Society “Relay for Life,” we were able to raise over $6,275. We also donated 31 wigs to American Cancer Society through “Wigs for Awareness.” On a monthly basis, Asian-Pacific State (all three chapters) takes time out to gather food, clothing and drinks during the scheduled “Feed the Homeless” event. In bringing the Greek sisters together, we also hosted a Sisterhood Painting Social for ladies of the Divine 9. Doing so allowed for sister fellowship, allowing us to reach out to others who may be interested in Greek life or just sisterhood. In our continuous search for women of interest, we hosted a “Sisterhood: The Tie that Binds” painting social. In recognition of Women’s History Month, we celebrated women in history at the local Base Exchange, to include recognizing our very own Women Veterans ROCK. Last, but not least, Asian-Pacific State hosted their annual State Conference and the Pacific Regional Executive Board in Tokyo, Japan. This was the first time in history that the Pacific Region Executive Board held their meeting internationally, and to have it held in the “Land of the Rising Sun” was an honor.


Kenya Henderson, State Director The Nevada State Sorors of Theta Omicron Zeta, Pi Pi Zeta and Psi Theta Zeta joined with Phi Beta Sigma, Epsilon Psi Sigma on January 13, 2015, for a Joint Reaffirmation Ceremony for Founders’ Day. The Voice of the Region was given by Bro. Mark Armstrong, First Vice Western Regional Director, followed by the Sigma Nevada State Director, Bro. Adrian Hunt and Chair of the Nevada State Executive Board, Soror Kali Fox Miller. Sorors and Brothers took the oath of service and closed the ceremony with both organizations’ hymns. Nevada Sigmas and

Zetas share an unbreakable bond that can be seen through joint programming and through the bond of the Zeta Youth Affiliates and Sigma Beta Club. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 123




member of the Nursing Sorority, Chi Eta Phi Nursing Sorority, Inc. As a small chapter, we have completed various services projects throughout the island, and we will continue to blaze the paths and focus on what our founders began!


Xi Psi Zeta (Honolulu, hi) The Honolulu Zetas have been working hard and blazing new paths! Under our founding principles of scholarship, service, Finer Womanhood and sisterhood, we joined arms with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., to host a joint scholarship luncheon. Our luncheon provided six high school seniors with an accumulated total of $3,000 in scholarships. Encompassing Finer Womanhood, we developed and completed our first annual Collection of Pearlz event to kickoff Finer Womanhood Week. Five different awards were given to community members that have internalized hard work and dedication into uplifting their community, as well as embodying the art of giving back. Funds from the Collection of Pearlz event were donated to the March of Dimes. Since inception, we partnered with the Tripler Fisher House to assist with their annual Remembrance Run, Walk and Roll 8k. This event is created to raise awareness about the mission of the Tripler Fisher House here in Hawaii. The House provides comfort homes to our Military Families during a medical crisis. The event honors our Fallen Service Members by bringing back the names and faces of all Service Members who lost their lives in combat since 9/11. We continue with one of our signature programs - the Bella Project. This is a non-profit organization that collects new or gently used formal dresses, shoes and accessories. High school girls can sign up to come to the designated location to pick up a dress, one accessory, and a pair of shoes, if available. This is significant to Xi Psi Zeta because this can be the difference between a young lady being able to attend the prom or not. Most families on the island cannot afford dresses for prom, so this is our opportunity to assist local high school girls. We have partnered with this group for four years, in both February and October. Aside from doing the work of Zeta in the Aloha State, we are excited about the accomplishments of many Sorors who have been recognized for their dedication and focus in other endeavors. Soror Logan has been accepted to Medical School in Miami, Florida. Soror Jackson received the lifetime achievement volunteer service award, and past Treasurer Soror Williams, became a charter 124 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Rho Beta Zeta (Vallejo, ca) Triumphant Soror Doris Higgins went to be with the Lord on January 2, 2015, at the age of 86. The Rho Beta Zeta Chapter of Vallejo, CA would like her legacy and sacrifice to be shared with Sorors all over the world. You see, Doris was one of those people we refer to as “the first.” Soror Higgins was born in Oakland, Tennessee and in the early 1950s moved to a little town just north of San Francisco, California called Vallejo. Her parents dreamed of her becoming a doctor but Doris had other plans in mind. Instead, she became an elementary school teacher with the Vallejo Unified School District. Becoming an African-American female school teacher was not unusual for this time, but becoming a counselor at the college level was something different. After many protests and sit-ins from the African American students who wanted to see a more diverse faculty representation on the college campus, Doris became the first African American Counselor at Solano Community College in 1969. Before retiring in 1998, Doris was one of the founding members of Solano College’s Black Faculty and Staff Association. Doris and her fellow colleagues also wrote the first grant for funding the Education Opportunity Program (EOP). If you were a minority that attended Solano Community College between 1969 and 1998, you knew who Doris Higgins was because she made sure to reach out to you. Education and service was her passion. Doris was a member of Zeta Phi Beta for more than 50 years. She was also a charter member of the Rho Beta Zeta Chapter. Doris’ going home celebration was held on January 16, 2015. The first African American Mayor of the City of Vallejo presented


REGIONAL SPOTLIGHTS her family with a proclamation. It proclaimed January 16, 2015, as Doris Higgins Day to acknowledge and honor Doris for her sacrifice, passion, and dedication to see minorities in Solano County area improve their lives through education. To our knowledge Doris is “the first” and only member of Zeta Phi Beta with a day of her very own in Vallejo, California. We are sure she got a big kick out of that and is smiling down on us all right now.


Rho Lambda Zeta (sea TAC, WA) Sisterhood: Chapter members recognize that within the year, Sorors are busy with families, careers and daily commitments of life, making it difficult to fellowship and convene with one another. Rho Lambda Zeta has created an event titled “Sisterhood Swap” as a way to reconnect and bring sisters of the dove together to share stories and enjoy the presence of one another. Each Soror will bring a few gently used unwanted items to “swap” with another Soror as we laugh and connect as women. During the event, we also discuss poverty and homeless changes occurring in our city and ways to continue to give back. Leftover items from the sisterhood swap are donated to local charities, shelters and thrift stores. SCHOLARSHIP: Soror Natalie Hart earned her master’s degree in Education Policy from the University of Washington. Soror Hart is the current College and Career Counselor in the Tacoma Public School District. Alongside her dedication to education and scholastic excellence, Soror Hart enjoys traveling nationally and abroad, engaging in diverse discussion and promoting justice and equality. In 2015, Soror Brenda Suggars was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for the United States Army, and now serves in Kuwait. Soror Marissa Garrett earned her master’s degree in Marketing from City University. Currently Soror Garrett serves as a Financial Services Specialist.

Donation Award for the United Negro College Fund. The city walk and community program took place near the Seattle Center with well over 50 community organizations and 200+ participants. Upholding our four principles, chapter members are advocates for educational leadership and academic achievement. Many chapter members hold several undergraduate and professional degrees, certifications, and awards and are featured in local media for their outstanding scholastic ability. SERVICE: Every year, local Blue and White brothers and sisters participate and contribute to the efforts of community partners such as TreeHouse and the YMCA to assist youth and families in a shopping spree to experience the gift of holiday cheer and celebration. For the third consecutive year, members of Zeta Phi Beta and Phi Beta Sigma have earned first place awards from the Seattle chapter of March of Dimes for their outstanding financial donations. Sorority members are excited to continue to support the long-time established partnership with March of Dimes. They are committed to community-based projects and overall wellness for families at large. FINER WOMANHOOD: Every spring, Rho Lambda Zeta chapter hosts its annual Natural Hair Symposium. This is a communityfocused event educating men, women and children on caring for their hair and body. Inspired by current natural hair cultural movement in the black and communities of color, chapter members have consciously designed a program to uplift and encourage hair healthy living. Demographically, Seattle is a rather diverse community in the Pacific Northwest and it is important that resources are available for individuals to receive the necessary skills to care for their bodies, holistically. Private consultations by professional and award-winning stylists are available for guests along with vending opportunities to also promote individual hair care lines and products, to support and market other black-owned businesses around the greater Seattle area.

Soror Colina Santiago-Barlow recently earned her master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University, where she now resides as the Family Engagement Manager. Soror Alanah M. Dillard is currently the Second Vice President and Z-HOPE chair of the chapter. Graduating from Pacific Lutheran University with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Soror Dillard continues to be committed to youth and family development through mental health advocacy and empowerment. In 2015, Seattle Zetas earned the 2015 Highest National Pan Hellenic Council THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 125





he South Central Region has been on the move over the past two years with many activities to uplift the community and shine a great light on the sisterhood. We are enthusiastically preparing for Centennial 2020. As a Diamond Centennial Level contributor, with a $10,000 donation, the South Central Region pledges to support the Sisterhood in all endeavors. In March 2015, the 50th commemoration of Bloody Sunday and the march from Selma to Montgomery was held, and the South Central Region was there. President Wright along with South Central Regional Director Ernestine Wilson, Alabama State Director Calandra Jones-McDonald, and many Sorors across the region attended the event and played an active role in the march.

Commemoration of Bloody Sunday in Selma

Ernestine Wilson as we represented our illustrious organization.

In June 2015, our South Central Regional Leadership Conference reached record attendance. Held in Birmingham, AL, Marshals for the conference included a graduate member, an undergraduate member, an Amica, and a youth. This led to more active engagement at each level within the conference. The region also hosted a Centennial Launch Party to kick off the journey to our 2020 centennial. Sorors were ready with their passports as Zeta leaders eagerly stamped and signed. The South Central Region continued with our Centennial Celebration with an All-White Soirée’ during the Regional Conference in June 2016.

Mobile, Alabama was the site of the National Pan-Hellenic Council where Alabama State Director Calandra Jones-McDonald and several Sorors from the area played an integral part in the planning and hosting of the event. It was a pleasure to have President Wright in the South Central Region again.

Another highlight of the Regional Conference is our Undergraduate Zeta Academy. Each year over 100 undergraduates participate in this collaborative, exciting, educational, and rejuvenating Zeta professional development opportunity for our collegiate Sorors.

The state of Arkansas truly turned blue and white as Arkansas State Director Kathy R. Tatum and the South Central Region Executive Board Chair, Sylvia Lewis, assisted in the planning and welcoming of the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated for their 2015 Conclave.

The states of the South Central Region have hosted or participated in the events of many National Organizations: The Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors met in Nashville, Tennessee in December, 2014. Tennessee State Director Donna R. Williams welcomed President Wright, National Executive Board Chair Nell Ingram, and South Central Regional Director 126 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Mississippi State Director Vanessa R. Banks and the Sorors of Jackson, Mississippi area welcomed the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who spoke for Jackson State University’s graduation.

Zetas, Amicae, and Youth have been working hard in the South Central Region. To date, the Region has raised over $380,000 for the March of Dimes! We have also been actively involved with multiple Z-HOPE projects. During the regional conference, Eta Sigma Zeta of Arkansas took first place (chapter size 50+) with 12,116 Z-HOPE points. In the 26-50 chapter size, Psi Beta Zeta


of Mississippi claimed first place with 8,025 points. Kappa Tau Zeta Chapter (chapter size 5-25) also took first place with 7,505 points. Several undergraduate chapters (Lambda Beta, Gamma Eta, and Tau Pi), Amicae (Clarksdale, MS), and youth (Eta Sigma Zeta Amicettes) took first place in their respective categories. In other words, we are truly Helping Other People Excel. Also during our regional conference, we celebrated our very own Soror Denae Powell in her reign as Miss Black Mississippi. Soror Powell went on to compete in the Miss Black US Ambassador competition and placed in the top 15. Zeta is moving and shaking in the South Central Region. Five undergraduate chapters were reactivated, and our undergraduates continue to excel in scholarship and service. They took time during our regional conference to surprise President Wright with a birthday greeting. The region chartered 13 new chapters in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee and established four Amicae auxiliaries in Mississippi and Tennessee. Alabama is strengthening the unity of the chapters and plans are already being made to reactivate one undergraduate chapter and two graduate chapters, and charter two graduate chapters in the new sororal year. Our Sorors and auxiliaries are continuing to keep our communities beautiful with many adopted miles throughout the region, and we are continuing our engagement in civic activities with the Sorority’s Get Engaged initiative. In support of efforts across the nation to recognize our Founders,

the South Central Region actively participated in Zeta Day in Hannibal, Missouri with the Midwestern Region and the laying of the memorial for Founder Stemons in the Atlantic Region. Moreover, as the second largest region in Zetadom, the South Central Region is consistently building on the principles of Zeta while blazing new paths.


Calandra Jones-McDonald, State Director Bloody Sunday - March 2015, Selma, AL Members of Alabama Zeta Phi Beta were in Selma, Alabama for the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the March on Selma also known as Bloody Sunday. In attendance were President Wright as well future Zetas (our Pearlettes and Amicettes), Alabama State Director Calandra Jones-McDonald, Regional Director Wilson, and Alabama and South Central Region Board Members. ZOL 2015 As President Wright always states, “A good Zeta is a well-informed Zeta.” The state of Alabama had over 35 attendees to attend ZOL in July 2015. Wigs for Awareness - November 16, 2015 Members of Iota Eta Chapter at the University of Alabama, along with the Black Student Union and University Programs at the University of Alabama, teamed up to collect donations for the Wigs for Awareness program. The total amount raised was $461 to purchase wigs. In addition, there were 16 other wigs collected from various participants. A total of 48 wigs were shipped to the American Cancer Society.

Blue and White Day at the Alabama State Capital The State of Alabama had its first Zeta/Sigma or Blue and White Day on the Hill in March 2016. House Representatives and Sigma brothers Oliver Robinson and Roderick Scott sponsored the day. Working lunch discussions included Social Action objectives for the remainder of the year and future planning of Zeta/Sigma Day at the Capital for 2017. Sigma Alabama State Director Reggious Bell began the business of the day in the House of Representatives with the Opening Prayer. Alabama State Director Jones-McDonald led the Pledge of Allegiance. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 127



Donna R. Williams, State Director The State of Tennessee has made tremendous strides during July 2014-April 2016. We hosted successful State Leadership Conferences where we provided contributions to selected state Z-HOPE Projects, awarded scholarships and recognized members and chapters for their contributions. In 2014, St. Jude Target House received contributions totaling more than $1,100. In 2015, Hildrith’s Place, an Adult Daycare facility, received gift cards and donations totaling more than $850. Hildrith’s Place is named in memory of Amica Hildrith Gillespie. In January 2015, Tennessee hosted her first Statewide Founders’ Day Celebration to kick off our Journey to Centennial in Nashville, TN. Our very own Soror Darneta Brown, National Trustee Chair, shared with us reflections of a Finer Woman. The 2016 Statewide Founders’ Celebration was held in Chattanooga, TN, where Soror and author Candace R. Jones-Martine, shared with us her scholarly work of poems. In an effort to grow Tennessee, the state embarked on a strategic plan to “Expand Tennessee.” The Expansion Committee was chaired by Dr. Erin Lynch-Alexander. Open House events were held in the geographical areas of East (Cleveland), Middle (Cookeville) and West (Dyersburg). All three events received coverage in the local newspapers. To engage the community and let them know we were looking to make a difference by expanding in each area, we held a Day of Service to make an impact in an area where a Zeta chapter did not exist. In growing Tennessee, two undergraduate chapters, Sigma Xi and Mu Theta, were reactivated, and one graduate chapter (Beta Alpha Lambda Zeta) and two Amicae auxiliaries (Chattanooga Amicae and Clarksville Amicae) were chartered. Also, 72 percent of the chapters in Tennessee conducted membership intake during the 2015-16 Sorority year. So far, Tennessee had an overall 20 percent plus increase in membership! A major milestone is that we received 501c3 non-profit status as the Tennessee Conference of Zetas. Thanks to Sorors Mary Malone Stewart and Bonita Gillespie for leading this effort. The inaugural statewide Tennessee Zeta Day on the Hill was held March 29, 2016 in Nashville, TN. Members had a full day of discussions and meetings with their respective Legislators. The Sorors were hosted by State Representative Brenda Gilmore, who led a session on “How to Lobby Your Legislators.” Many thanks to our Tennessee Social Action Coordinator, Soror Charlise E. Clark for leading the efforts of coordinating the day. The Tennessee Zeta Family has done a tremendous job in making an impact in our communities and on college campuses and have been recognized for their efforts.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS • 100% chapter representation for second consecutive year 2014 Tennessee State Leadership Conference • 100% Amicae auxiliary representation - State Leadership Conference (four consecutive years) • 2014 Top State - Registered Fundraising Auxiliary Groups in South Central Region for the March of Dimes for the second consecutive year • Re-opened a Stork’s Nest, Alpha Eta Zeta (Memphis) • The State and chapters awarded $31,250 in scholarships during 2014 and 2015 • 42% increase in ZOL Certified members for 2015 KUDOS • Alpha Eta Zeta (Memphis) – 2015 Best Sorority for the TriState Defender’s “Best in Black” Award • Gamma Nu (Austin Peay State University) – Awarded a $7,895.00 grant for their Sister2Sister Program; received the 2016 Excellence in Innovative Programing award • Kappa Gamma – Received the Academic Excellence Award and 2014-2015 Organization of the Year at Fisk University • Mu Sigma – Received the Chapter Highest GPA Award 2014-2015 at Tennessee Tech University • Mu Zeta Zeta (Bolivar) – Received a state proclamation for Outstanding Community Service in Hardeman County, 2015 • Pi Epsilon (University of TN Knoxville) – Won the 2015 Program of the Year Award for their Culture Night Program and received the NPHC Chapter of the Year Award • Soror Georgena Porter Wilson received the Outstanding Community Service Award in Maury County from the NAACP in 2015 • Tennessee Soror Joyce Murphy awarded the 2015 South Central Region Graduate President of the Year • Tennessee Soror Stephanie Lockett-Peeler awarded the 2015 South Central Region Life Member of the Year • Mu Theta received the 2015-16 Impact Sorority of the Year award at Middle Tennessee State University

South Central




Alpha Rho Zeta (MONTGOMERY, AL) The Alpha Rho Zeta Chapter of Montgomery, AL laced up our boots and strapped on our gloves to step in the ring for the fight against breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting our 1st Annual Woman of Valor program on October 10, 2015. We salute our Women of Valor: Angela McQueen, Annie Harris, Carrie Nelson-Hale, and Shirley Nance for having a combined number of over 40 years free of breast cancer. Alpha Rho Zeta Chapter would also like to recognize our very own Women of Valor: Soror Mattie Baker and Soror Marilyn Floyd.

Alpha Eta Zeta (Memphis, TN) Members of Alpha Eta Zeta Chapter of Memphis, TN held its Annual Health Fair and School Supply Give-A-Way in conjunction with Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. During this event, all in attendance were blessed with the opportunity to learn more about services offered in the Memphis and surrounding areas as well as help save a life through blood donations with Life Blood. School supplies were given to students in preparation for the upcoming school year. Sorors, Amicae, and our youth groups worked diligently alongside the church members to make this event successful once again! On July 18, 2015, the chapter participated in the first New Horizon Community Appreciation Day along with the UT School of Dentistry, Memphis Fire and Police Dept. and other community organizations. The day provided the opportunity to receive free dental and health screenings, employment connections through the three employment agencies present along with information about our Stork’s Nest located in the apartment complex. Sorors shared information about our Stork’s Nest services and took referrals from expecting mothers. Bouncers, water slides, Hot 107.1, game trucks, BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers, snacks, and giveaways were also a part this wonderful day and made it a great success. Kudos to our very own Amica Keisha Carr, the New Horizon Apartments manager, for organizing this wonderful event!

Our Mistress of Ceremony, Soror Grace Davis, opened the program with the song, “It’s A Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace. Each survivor then shared their personal battles and victory over the disease. Motivator and Survivor Carrie Nelson-Hale introduced her organization, SISTAs CanSurvive Coalition, Inc. (SCSC), which is a non-profit grassroots coalition that provides a culturally sensitive focus to combat and cope with the disease by providing access to information regarding all aspects of breast, cervical, ovarian, and prostate cancer. With the proper education, one can detect cancer early; therefore, increasing their chances for survival. After receiving much needed and imperative information concerning this topic, Motivator and Survivor Shirley Nance energized the scene with praise and worship before explaining and demonstrating the proper way to do self-check exams. Due to our bodies being different she took the time to share several tips on how to perform them. Both Motivators expressed the importance of doing a self-check exam around the same time every month (seven days after menstruation if you get one) to ensure that you do not overlook any abnormalities. They encouraged that if one felt anything abnormal, they should go to the doctor immediately. Along with the hands on demonstrations and wonderful selfcheck tips, the guest received additional information on SHIP, a Partnership Project of SCSC and Survivors Health Initiative, which provides cancer survivors and their families with cancer control THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 129


education and support services that are designed to assist them in making informed decisions regarding lifestyle changes in nutrition, physical activity, and survivorship care.

survived by three daughters: Dr. Carolyn Goodman, a Zeta Legacy; Dr. Barbara Ann Adams, and Dr. Danette Adams. Soror Grant’s motto was, “Put Your Trust in Jesus.”

Our Archonettes and Pearlettes presented our guest speakers with tokens of appreciation. The program closed with President Darwina Johnson and Soror Grace Davis giving thanks to each participant and presenting each with a Certificate of Bravery. We ended this awesome program with a releasing of balloons in honor of those who did not survive the disease.

Alpha Sigma Zeta Salutes and Remembers Our Beloved Zeta Dove, Soror Lottie M. Palmer


Alpha Sigma Zeta (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Alpha Sigma Zeta Salutes and Remembers Our Beloved Zeta Dove, Soror Emma Slack Grant, Ph.D. Soror Grant joined Zeta Phi Beta through Epsilon Mu Zeta Chapter located in Moultrie, GA in 1956. As a graduate of Fort Valley State, she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Alabama State University in the field of education. Later, she received a Doctor of Humane Letters Degree from Daniel Payne College and Faith College. Soror Grant became a member of the Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter, Birmingham, AL, in 1970. During her tenure within the chapter, Soror Grant served as First Vice President and Chaplain. She also served on several committees such as Scholarship, Finer Womanhood, Constitution and By-laws, and Stork’s Nest. In many ways, Soror Grant was a trailblazer. As the State Director of Undergraduate Chapters in Alabama, she established and chartered undergraduate chapters Gamma Theta at the University of Alabama Birmingham and Epsilon Epsilon at Daniel Payne College. Throughout her professional career and her social, religious, civic and fraternal involvements, she earned and received numerous awards, plaques, certificates and public acclaim. Notably, Soror Grant was honored as Woman of the Year in Scouting by the Chestnut Oak Neighborhood in Georgia; and Zeta of the Year by Alpha Sigma Zeta, Epsilon Epsilon and Gamma Theta chapters. Her favorite Zeta moment was the time she received her Zeta certificate and Sorority pin. Soror Grant passed away in August 2015. She was married to the late Reverend Dr. Daniel Timothy Grant for 61 years. She is also 130 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

While a student at Alabama State University, Soror Lottie M. Palmer joined Zeta Phi Beta in April 1951. After graduating with a degree in Secondary Education/Science, she became a teacher - first in the Shelby County School System, then retiring from the Birmingham City School System. In Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter, she held several positions of leadership, including President, Finer Womanhood chairperson, Undergraduate Advisor. She also planned the “Annual June Birthday Celebration at New Pilgrim Towers” (senior citizen residence), which carried over into being a Z-HOPE Program. She attended many state meetings and national Boulés. Her favorite “Zeta moment” was attending her first Boulé, December 27-30, 1957. She said, “It was a sea of royal blue and white.” She also took great pride in having been a member for 60 + years. Our triumphant “Zeta Dove” promoted the mission of Zeta Phi Beta where ever she went. Her commitment to the Sorority extended into the community as well. Not quite ready to calm her passion for education, she brought science to life for the students of Holy Family Elementary School by creating a science camp for middle school children. She was successful in securing funding for science materials, equipment, as well as recruiting science teachers to help aid with the camp. Soror Palmer was an avid swimmer and helped to revitalize the senior exercise program at McAlpine Park Recreation Center. She personally arranged to have chairs and exercise equipment donated to the senior fitness program. She further served the community through her work with other organization, including the Birmingham Business and Professional Women, Race for the Cure, and March for Babies. Soror Palmer passed away on August 27, 2015, from cancer. She was married to Charles R. Palmer, who faithfully supported her in her efforts to make our sisterhood a great Sorority. She is also survived by one daughter, Bernadette Elizabeth Wiggins Cook. We salute our triumphant Zeta Doves, Soror Grant and Soror Palmer, on a job well done. We will miss them dearly.


South Central


Showcasing a Royal Touch of Class with members of Delta Omega Zeta and Psi Alpha Zeta Chapters, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Beta Epsilon Sigma Chapter. There were approximately 400 guests in attendance.


Zeta Upsilon Zeta (HOLLY SPRINGS, MS)

Delta Omega Zeta (HUNTSVILLE, AL) On March 22, 2015, five young ladies were inducted into the Delta Omega Zeta Chapter’s “Youth Hall of Fame.” Each inductee received a $1,000 Scholarship: Stephanie Edwards, Muntara Hill, Miya Michaels, Imani Malone and Erin Washington. A $500 Book Scholarship was awarded to Alicia Brownlow, Umeka Staten, and Mariah Washington. Delta Omega Zeta Chapter held its 2015 Blue Revue on April 11, 2015, at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama. It was the 10th Annual Hatitude Luncheon; the theme was A “Classic” Celebration of Derby Crowns -Showcasing a Touch of Class. The Blue Revue is the Chapter’s annual scholarship fundraiser activity. In 2014, support for Elder Care and children initiatives were added, consistent with Zeta Phi Beta’s national partnerships and collaborations. A portion of proceeds supported scholarships, elder care, and children initiatives. The Chapter focused on providing support to the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children. The speaker for the 2015 luncheon was Carolyn Russo, M.D., the Medical Director at the clinic. Dr. Russo focused on the mission to find cures for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases through research and treatment for children in Huntsville/Madison County and other counties in the Tennessee Valley. Huntsville Affiliate Clinic allows children and their families to remain in Huntsville for treatment, rather than going to Memphis, TN. Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children is one of seven St. Jude Affiliate Clinics. The chapter has donated a total of $2,500 from Blue Revue 2014 and 2015 to Huntsville Hospital Foundation for St. Jude. Delta Omega Zeta Chapter also chose to help educate the Huntsville-Madison County community about Alzheimer’s disease through support to the Alzheimer’s Association as one of its elder care projects. Alzheimer’s is a disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. It is not a normal part of aging. The chapter has donated a total of $2,500 from Blue Revue 2014 and 2015 to the Alzheimer’s Association. The 2015 Blue Revue program featured three scenes: Unveiling of African American Derby History, presented by the family of Mrs. Essie Ballard Sitgraves in her memory; Modeling in Derby Style, presented by males and females from the community; and

For half a century, Zeta Upsilon Zeta Chapter has been visible and serving the broader Holly Springs community. The chapter became not only the FIRST African American Sorority in Holly Springs, MS, but the FIRST African American Sorority in the northern part of Mississippi. Only two of the six charter members of Zeta Upsilon Zeta Chapter remain living, Charlotte Lawson and Lillie S. McNeal. The deceased members are Rubye S. Owens, Emma Waters, Vivian Bruce, and Frances Hathorne. The current local chapter President is Fergenia H. Hood. The fiscal year of 2015-2016 has been filled with amazing opportunities for the graduate chapter, youth auxiliaries, and undergraduate chapter to excel in the principles of Zeta. From our highway clean up, the March for Babies walk, Debutante Cotillion and annual Autism Walk, we are a chapter that stays on the move promoting community service. To commemorate our chapter’s 50th anniversary, several activities were held during the month of December 2016. The charter members were honored to show our appreciation for the paths that they have blazed.


Theta Pi Zeta (ITTA BENA, MS) Theta Pi Zeta celebrates the life of our beloved Zeta Dove, Soror Henri Etta Walker Lowe (July 14, 1925 – March 2, 2015). Many would say that if you ever had the pleasure of meeting Soror Lowe, you would certainly remember having met her. Her presence THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 131


embraced the principle of Finer Womanhood, as Soror Lowe was a lady who was the epitome of elegance and grace. Soror Lowe became a member of the Theta Chapter at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas and later transferred to the Upsilon Zeta Chapter in Marshall. After becoming a professor in the music department at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), Soror Lowe joined the Gamma Gamma Zeta Chapter in Columbus, Mississippi and later went on to become a charter member of the Theta Pi Zeta Chapter of Itta Bena, Mississippi. She has served as President for both chapters. Filled with the spirit of service and a sincere desire to serve our Sorority, Soror Lowe served on all levels. On the state level, she served as workshop presenter and speaker. On the regional level, she served as Regional Director from 1980 through 1986. During her tenure, she helped to plan and attend 24 state meetings throughout the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. She also planned and implemented 12 South Central Regional Executive Board Meetings. Soror Lowe was elected to serve as the National Second Vice President at the 1986 Boulé in Anaheim, California. During her time as National Second Vice President, Soror Lowe chaired the scholarship committee for the NEF Board of Managers. During her career, Soror Lowe’s choral expertise enabled her to tour 38 states in the United States and Mexico with choirs from Grambling State University, Wiley College, and MVSU. Under her leadership, the MVSU choir toured five countries in South America and performed in Rio de Janeiro at the National School of Music, where they received a standing ovation. While at MVSU, the choir performed Handel’s Messiah for more than 27 years and perform Brahms Requiem with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. She expressed that her choirs at MVSU were not just a singing group, they were family and artistic people developing academic skills. She taught her choir members to possess a spirit of morality while being inspired through music and making preparation for a life of service. When she was a little girl, her parents told her they would be unable to afford to continue sending her to piano lessons. Her music teacher offered to give the lessons for free under the condition that “when you get to be successful in the musical world, I want you to pass it on.” Soror Lowe passed it on to many students and although she didn’t have any biological children, she was a mother to many of her students, including four who went on to become known as her “Zeta Daughters.” Soror Lowe passed on March 25, 2015. She will truly be missed.


Nu Eta Zeta (FLORENCE, AL) Nu Eta Zeta stands ready to answer the call! Nu Eta Zeta Chapter answered the call and participated in a remarkable 2014 Military Appreciation Week. A Veterans Day Program and luncheon were 132 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

held on November 9th at New Jerusalem Church. Veterans and their families attended and listened to patriotic music, poems and words of appreciation. Certificates were given to the Veterans for their dedicated military service. Military men and women attending the event were from all branches of the service. First Class Louvina Gross, Russellville High School ROTC instructor was the speaker. Several of the Army JROTC Leadership Students participated. “Taps” was played and a Memorial Candle was lit to remember those who had sacrificed their life. A financial donation was given to the Wounded Warriors Project and Operation Home Front. The chapter welcomed Soror Regina Baiden, 2015-2016 President. She stepped into the leadership role this year in September when an administrative employment transfer relocated Soror Alaceia Barber to South Alabama. Soror Baiden graduated from the University of North Alabama earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She completed a Master’s Degree in Public Service Management at Cumberland University and is a 2017 MSSW Candidate at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. Her sister, Soror Pamela Gilbert, is one of the charter members. In January of 2015, Soror Baiden was the Founders’ Day Program speaker, and spoke about her educational journey. Her motivational message was about life, education, and overcoming struggles and how we are all charged with helping other people live up to their greatest potential. The message laced with hope, inspiration and enthusiasm encouraged youth to set goals and to accomplish those dreams that seem impossible. Two scholarships were given to assist local students of the community that the Sorority serves. There are several sets of legacies and life members in Nu Eta Zeta. Soror Alaceia Barber received an appointment to Chair the Zetas Day at the Alabama State Capital. Soror Carla Hamilton was elected to Alabama Associations’ Nominating Committee and appointed as Co-Chair to the Regions (SCR) Scholarship Committee. We have ZOL Certified members; Sorors Sheryl and Carla Hamilton. Love and Service brought us together and Love and Service will keep up moving forward. We realize the importance of being proud of each other, our contributions to the chapter and our community.

South Central


We know that a pat on the back can encourage anyone to run another lap and cross the finish line. At the Finer Womanhood Banquet we proudly received plaques for our noticeable service to the community.


Xi Sigma Zeta (FORREST CITY, AR) Soror Captoria Taylor, 100 years young! Isn’t she lovely? Don’t let the age fool you. Too blessed to be stressed, Soror Taylor, a member of Xi Sigma Zeta Chapter, Forrest City, Arkansas, dressed for the evening special event, a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 100th birthday. On Saturday, August 29, 2015, the family of Soror Taylor presented her with a royal blue and white décor evening shared with Sorors of her chapter, Phi Beta Sigma brothers, dignitaries and many friends. As the band played music, the doors swung opened, and in waltzed Soror Taylor and her walker. She acknowledged the crowd with waves as she swung her hips and the ecstatic wonderful festive occasion was on. Blue and white décor was throughout the Marianna Arkansas Civic Center. Her talented family choir rendered music and song to enjoy. Words of acclamations were expressed by the Honorable Jimmy Williams, Mayor of Marianna, Arkansas. Soror Taylor was presented with “One Day at a Time – I’m only human and I am a Zeta” and gifts from her local chapter. She was serenade with the “Sigma Sweetheart Song” delivered by the Honorable Judge Ollie Neal, of Phi Beta Sigma.

birthday of Soror Taylor for other Zetas to share in the happy moment. On Soror Taylor’s actual birthday, August 31, State Director Tatum released the blue and white email light across the land and stated, “We are excited and bubbling blue this morning to extend Happy 100th Birthday wishes to Soror Captoria Taylor. She is a member of Xi Sigma Zeta of Forrest City, Arkansas. Born August 31, 1915, she became a member of our illustrious Sorority in 1985 (Theta Gamma Zeta- West Helena, Arkansas). We are Zeta Proud of our Centennial Soror, Captoria Taylor!” Also, during September’s chapter meeting, Soror Taylor proudly displayed a special birthday card and picture from International President Mary Breaux Wright.


Rho Iota Zeta (MENDENHALL, MS) Rho Iota Zeta Chapter, Mendenhall, MS, recently hosted a Legends of Right Ceremony. The chapter and the community gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and to honor civil rights legends.

Many more acquaintances, students, friends, mayors, spoke about the dedication and long educator background in the Mississippi Delta and her beauty and the fact that she has not turned in her car keys. Yes, when asked where her driver is, she takes pride in replying, “I am the driver.” The chef’s gourmet meal was fit for this queen’s special evening. It was an unforgettable evening for all.

Program guide Soror Lillie Hardy, Diamond Life Member, said, “The program was held in commemoration of the Legend of Rights here in Simpson County.” Simpson County is a small county located in Mississippi. After a reflective prayer, local civil-rights activists were honored. Those honored posthumously were Jake Holloway, Nellie Stanfield, Vernon Langston, Johnnie Hays, Joe Paul Buckley, Shirley Rankin, Nathaniel Rubin, Ed Stanfield, R.A. Buckley, Mitchell Hays, Martin Lott, Otha Williams, Herbert Joes, Jessie Newsome, Ethel BaBa Lee, LJ McCollum and Eugene Lott. The “Living Legends” received a commemorative award. The list included many activists who still serve as integral members of the community, including Dolphus Weary, Artis Fletcher, Plex Walker, Roy Berry, Suzanne Keys, Charles Hatten, Anna Buckley, Vera Mae Perkins and Mendenhall Ministries founder, John Perkins.

But it didn’t stop there. At the Arkansas Zetas Empowerment Summit held in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, August 29, Arkansas State Director Kathy Tatum, acknowledged the 100th

Jaylon Moore performed the song “Glory” in their honor. This event, which stressed the importance of voting, is the epitome of Zeta Phi Beta’s Get Engaged and Z-HOPE. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 133



Sigma Chi Zeta (MURFREESBORO, TN) The Sigma Chi Zeta Chapter has been on the move. Since 2013, Sigma Chi Zeta in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has partnered with Belk, Inc. in its National Charity Sales. The department store teams up with local community organizations and schools by selling private event tickets. The National Charity Sale tickets cost the purchaser $5. By making the $5 donation to Zeta Phi Beta scholarship, the ticket will take $5 off the purchasers’ total. This private, ticketed event, allows community shoppers to have the opportunity in getting some of the best seasonal attire before doors open to the public. This partnership has helped the chapter in providing scholarships to graduating seniors in Rutherford County for his or her first year of school. Each year, a graduating senior has been able to have assistance in his or her book payments, rooming, or tuition.


Chi Lambda Zeta (BARTLETT, TN) After the untimely loss of Triumphant Soror Sonja Crumble, Chi Lambda Zeta Chapter in Bartlett, Tennessee decided to rename their scholarship. What was once called the Finer Womanhood Scholarship, was officially renamed the Sonja Crumble Finer Womanhood Scholarship in February 2015. Soror Crumble was a charter member of the Chi Lambda Zeta Chapter. She was as an esteemed educator for more than 20 years and was employed by the legacy Memphis City Schools district and now the unified Shelby County Schools district in Memphis, Tennessee. She worked 134 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

tirelessly and touched many lives throughout the Shelby County community through her teachings at Keystone Elementary, LaRose Elementary, Grandview Heights and Jackson Elementary. She also served as an active member and representative in many capacities for the National Education Association, Tennessee Education Association and Memphis Education Association. Student achievement and educational reform were two of her top priorities. In 2012, Soror Crumble was selected by her colleagues as the Prestige Teacher of the Year at Grandview Heights Elementary. Soror Crumble became a member of Zeta Phi Beta in spring 1989 through the Lambda Beta Chapter at Jackson State University. She later became a member of the Alpha Eta Zeta chapter in Memphis, Tennessee and served as their chapter secretary. She transferred to Chi Lambda Zeta where she served as the chapter parliamentarian and Amicae Sponsor. “Renaming of the scholarship was a recommendation given by me as the outgoing chapter president following the death of my dear friend and former colleague in the field of education,” said Soror Yalaunda Toliver-Taylor, outgoing chapter president and chapter charter member. Since May 2009, Chi Lambda Zeta has awarded this competitive scholarship to graduating seniors who reside in Shelby County, Tennessee. “We started awarding scholarships to align with our founding principle of scholarship, and we wanted to make certain we were making our mark in the Bartlett community to assist students with funding for education,” said Taylor. Chi Lambda Zeta hosts their annual scholarship fundraiser, the Finer Womanhood Scholarship Luncheon, as an effort to raise monies for their scholarship fund. The luncheon also gives inactive Zetas an opportunity to come home to Zeta and reactivate their membership during Finer Womanhood Month.


Psi Beta Zeta (SOUTHAVEN, MS) Psi Beta Zeta Chapter of Southaven, MS has had a year to remember, filled with sisterhood, service, and social action. Serving the DeSoto County, Mississippi community for the past five years, we are steadfast in our passion to positively impact the people of Southaven, MS and its surrounding area through our service and chapter signature programs.

South Central


community service and social action initiatives. At the 2015 Mississippi Youth Summit, the Pearlettes and Archonettes won the Z-HOPE award. A highlight of their club year was the first prayer breakfast the young ladies hosted to bring a spiritual uplift for our community, schools, and its people – the MLK Unity Walk 2015 Youth Auxiliary Prayer Breakfast.



On June 6, 2015, the chapter celebrated its fifth anniversary with a celebration luncheon. During this celebration, the chapter was able to present high school seniors of DeSoto County with over $3,000 in scholarship awards. This is made possible by the Annual Evening of Elegance Event, a formal affair of fun, featuring a live band and silent auction. Over the past five years, the chapter has been able to award high school seniors with over $10,000. The chapter has adopted DeSoto Central Primary (2010), Walls Elementary (2013), and Horn Lake High School (2014), as well as donated Z-Packs to the DeSoto County Schools for students in need. The chapter’s Stork’s Nest was honored with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for the chapter’s outstanding service with Stork’s Nest initiatives. The presentation was made by Regional Stork’s Nest Coordinator, Soror Callie Hirsch. We have a thriving Stork’s Nest and continue to support the March of Dimes through Prematurity Awareness Activities, informational booths at local Health Fairs, and participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies. Other service initiatives include Breast Cancer Awareness, elder care at Golden Living Retirement Center, and Adopt- A-Highway. The chapter also enjoys local activities with community organizations and the Southaven Library with their Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Celebration, and National Library Week Activities.

Psi Phi Zeta Chapter held a Sip and Chat on February 28, 2015. Chapter members shared a cup a tea, a meal, and conversation with inactive Sorority members and women interested in Zeta. Afterwards the chapter welcomed reclaimed Sorors Monica Boyd, Georgena Cookie Porter-Wilson and Ivory McDowell. The chapter members worshiped together at Greater St. John Church in observance of Finer Womanhood. Next, Psi Phi Zeta participated in the Middle Tennessee Zeta Day on The Hill, held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. The Sorority was presented with a proclamation on the chamber floor. Sorority members received information concerning the state of women, children, and education in Tennessee. Middle Tennessee Sorority members posed for a picture with Governor Bill Haslam. Lastly on April 25, 2015, Psi Phi Zeta chapter joined Comcast employees to spruce up Isaac Litton Middle School. Activities included cleaning up the courtyard, adding a deck and gazebo, reorganizing the donation room, building new shelves, building greenhouses near their community garden, reseeding the soccer field, building bookshelves for the music room, painting the art room, and putting together TCAP study packets for students.

The highlights of the year have been our Social Action initiatives. We are ecstatic to have sponsored our fifth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Walk on January 19, 2015, in collaboration with the City of Southaven, with more than 300 participants. This partnership promotes a sense of unity in efforts to make this great city even better. The walk has been supported by the mayor, mayor’s youth council, citizens and organizations of DeSoto County, Southaven Police Department, local churches, NAACP, other Zeta chapters, and other Greek-lettered organizations. We are proud to have an extraordinary youth auxiliary, which celebrated its fifth year anniversary in October 2015. Throughout the course of the year, the young ladies work tirelessly with THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 135




he 81st Southeastern Regional Leadership Conference hosted leadership training for Zeta Chapters, Zeta Amicae, Zeta Youth Auxiliaries, and the Zeta Male Network at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Conference Center in Kissimmee, Florida. Starting Thursday, November 19, 2015 through Saturday, November 21, 2015, the Southeastern Region celebrated the accomplishments of its members and community leaders in Oscar award-winning royal blue carpet island style. A regional first, the US Virgin Islands and Bahamas theme was felt throughout the three-day celebration. Through pre-conference workshops, participants received leadership training by attending interactive workshops on Elder Mistreatment and Abuse; the Military Soror; Observances, Ceremonies and Services; Risk Management; Campus Recruitment Ideas and Planning; Fraud Prevention; Moving up the Ladder in Zeta; Mini Basilei Institute; Be Finer in the Southeastern Region; Financial Fitness; and Stork’s Nest. The Opening Program began in true island style with the US Virgin Islands State Director Nichole Samuel-Miller teaching the

crowd that in the Islands, they say “good night” instead of “good evening.”The region held a special pinning ceremony for 70 Sorors to recognize their 25 years of Sorority membership. These Sorors are now known as Southeastern Region Roses. The program included the official unveiling of the one-of-a-kind Southeastern Region pendant honoring its contributions to Zeta: Birthplace of Founder Fannie Pettie Watts, Z-HOPE, Stork’s Nest, ZOL, and notable member Zora Neale Hurston. The opening program showcased the talent of Orlando’s youth, with an all-female color guard from Oak Ridge High School and a multi-talented female dance team, Fantashique. The Southeastern Region held its Annual Community Awards Banquet in Blue Carpet Academy Award style. The event recognized community members, chapters, auxiliaries, and individuals for their work in the community. Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Lloyd Crump, partner of Parks and Crump Law Firm in Tallahassee, FL was honored as the Southeastern Region’s 2015 Community Service Award recipient. Attorney Crump, the current President of the National Bar Association, earned this honor because of his role as lead attorney in successful landmark cases which have changed jurisprudence. Cases such as voter rights involving nine African-American Women in Madison, Florida; civic



justice lawsuits for the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Corey Jones to mention a few. Attorney Crump is married to Soror Genae A. Crump, Ph.D. Also recognized were our Military recipients: Military Soror of the Year, Soror (SFC) LaRita Dalton of Hinesville, Georgia, and Military Veteran of the Year, Soror (SFC Ret.) IrisEllena Calder of Atlanta, Georgia. The Banquet Program featured numerous talents of the Region performing tributes to award recipients. It was an evening to remember as attendees were consistently moved to their feet with standing ovations and applause as selections concluded. The Region inducted five Sorors into the 2015 Southeastern Region’s Hall of Fame: Sorors Cynthia O. Asia (Florida), Brenda Reynolds (Georgia), Izetta Jackson (South Carolina), Becky Butcher-Simmonds (US Virgin Islands) and Felicia Scott-Strickland, Pharm. D (Region). The Southeastern Region’s Z-HOPE Elder Care project awarded $5,856 to Courtyards of Orlando Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility to purchase equipment for their common area. South Carolina presented $3,600 from proceeds of Zeta’s license plate sales to Soror Alice J. Garrett for Zeta’s National Educational Foundation. South Carolina is one of the first states to have a license plate program that fundraises for the Z-NEF. The Region celebrated the “Year of the Undergraduate” at its Undergraduate Luncheon. The Undergraduate Council planned an awesome program. The Undergraduate Representative to the National Executive Committee, Soror Leigh-Ann Williams gave a speech geared towards inspiring Undergraduate members to take the lead; Zeta’s Founders were undergraduates after all. The luncheon ended fittingly with the Undergraduate Sorors escorting the Doves (Sorors with 50 years in Zeta) to be pinned by International President Mary Breaux Wright and 22nd International President Barbara C. Moore. The reactivation of the Southeastern Region’s Legacy Club featured 110 inductees. Membership into the club included a certificate, Southeastern Region legacy pin and accepting a pledge to encourage membership growth in Zeta Phi Beta by continuing their legacy line. The Life Members honored Pacesetters and the youngest Life Members in the Region. The Zeta Youth also treated the Life Members to a miniature pageant. The Amicae Prayer Breakfast, where Amica Martice Lyles of Georgia was crowned the 2015 Southeastern Region Zeta Amicae Queen, was just as exciting. The Amicae took center stage with prayers of thanksgiving, peace and unity, as well as prayers for Zeta and

its Auxiliaries. Attendees were inspired by the uplifting singing of the Amicae Chorus and the crowning of the Amicae Queen. The conference concluded with the Region’s official Journey to Centennial launch party, “Island Style,” with music by Bayroot Band. It was phenomenal and included the release of the new white cover Journey to Centennial Passport. Conference participants were able to receive at least 26 individual passport stamps from President Wright, Past Presidents Moore and Jylla Moore Tearte, Regional Director Barnes, Immediate Past Regional Director Felicia Scott-Strickland, all four State Directors and more. The Male Network received information from speakers on Wellness, Disability Rights, and enjoyed an afternoon of tailgating with members of Phi Beta Sigma at the Florida Football Classic. Positioned for Success: •

The “Second to None” Southeastern Region is continuing its journey of preeminent service begun by our Five Pearls in 1920. The Southeastern Region has demonstrated 100% participation in Elder Care and Adopt a School (based on chapter size) initiatives.

Sorors and Auxiliaries together, contributed more than $474,556 to Z-HOPE projects.

The Southeastern Region currently has the largest number of fully operational Stork’s Nests in Zeta, with five in the process of being developed.

The Southeastern Region donated more than 700 wigs to the American Cancer Society, with Georgia leading the way in donations.



Additionally, the region has experienced the following: •

Significant increases in graduate and undergraduate chapters between 2014 and 2015 (12 new graduate and 13 new undergraduate)

Increased Life Member upgrades by 42 Sorors

Overall New Membership increase of 32.4% between 2014 and 2015


The State of Florida, along with the Island of the Bahamas, is focused on increasing chapter participation in the Initiatives and Signature programs of the International President. In 20142015, the State saw notable improvement. Florida was also able to reclaim its membership status as the largest state in Zeta. Below are noted accomplishments in 2014-2015. •

Reclaimed status as largest state membership in Zeta

Donated $5,000 to Capital Campaign

Increased chapter participation in March for Babies and raised over $26,943.00

Reactivated three Amicae Auxiliaries, bringing total to 20 Auxiliaries

Chartered first international undergraduate chapter at College of Bahamas

Undergraduate Academy and Youth Conference had over 300 in attendance

Hosted Blue & White Reception jointly with Sigmas for NPHC National Presidents in Daytona Beach, BethuneCookman University


Largest contributor to the 2015 National Women Veterans’ ROCK Campaign

The Southeastern Region is proud to host the 2016 Grand Boulé in Orlando Florida, July 6, 2016 – July 10, 2016!

Reactivated the Storks’ Nest in Ft. Lauderdale

98% of chapters participated in three or more Z-HOPE activities

All chapters participated in an Elder Care and Adopt a School project

Collected over 250 wigs for American Cancer Society

Voted to become a Visionary State by 2020 ($10,000)

Moving forward, Florida celebrated successes, but also assessed Chapter participation and put forth a plan that was presented to all Chapter Basilei in the state to remain SECOND TO NONE. The objectives were to improve participation in the initiatives as well as sustain membership numbers, through retaining, reclaiming and recruitment. The “Year of the Undergraduate” began in the state of Florida by giving the gift of “Insurance”. Liability insurance was paid in full for every undergraduate chapter in the State of Florida and the Bahamas to ensure chapters were covered. In January for the National Executive Board meeting in Orlando, the state brought approximately 50 undergraduates by bus and by limousine for the “Refine Your Finery” Luncheon, adorned in hats and gloves, all compliments of the State of Florida.



As we prepared to host the 2016 Boulé, planning included strategies that would prepare us financially and increase the excitement to host the Regional Conference, National Executive Board and the National body for Boulé during the year. Below are a few other accomplishments during this fiscal year. •

Increased membership to maintain status as largest state, with over 1,350 members

Largest intake class at Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida (30)

Hosted the first State-wide Founders’ Day/Centennial Celebration on January 16, 2016, with over 500 in attendance

Chartered three new chapters (Clewiston, Crawfordsville and Freeport)

Reactivated the chapter at University of Tampa with five new members

Donated over $3,000 to Women Veterans ROCK Initiative

Miss Florida Memorial is Soror Yolanda Christophe

Florida chapters increased full implementation of Elder Care and Adopt-a-School by 30%

100% chapter participation in Z-HOPE activities

Three schools, named for members of Zeta, were adopted by chapters in the Miami and Pembroke Pines area.

Hosted the Grand Opening of two Stork’s Nests

Received $5,000 grant from MLK Day of Service for Adopta-School and Zeta Cares to assist and Alzheimer Center in Ft. Lauderdale

Donated approximately $800 to assist with Hurricane loss in South Carolina


Shaneesa N. Ashford, State Director Georgia continued to blaze new paths from 2014 to 2016! March for Babies Georgia chapters have raised or contributed nearly $100,000 for the March of Dimes from 2013 to date. In FY 2015, Georgia raised more than $42,000, which was a 36-percent increase over the previous year. The State was recognized as the top March of Dimes contributor during the 2015 Southeastern Regional Conference. American Cancer Society The State of Georgia is proud to be a leader in the Sorority’s Wigs for Awareness initiative. In addition to raising thousands of dollars for Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the State of Georgia has collected more than 1,100 wigs during the State’s three campaigns. Z-HOPE/Statewide Day of Service The State of Georgia has had 100-percent participation in Z-HOPE since FY 2013. To aid in this effort, the state conducts multiple

The State of Florida is excited to host the Boulé 2016 - The Zeta Way, and welcomes all members to the Sunshine State! Z-HOPE projects during the annual Statewide Leadership Retreats, Undergraduate Retreats and Leadership Conferences. Chapters around the state continue to participate in the Statewide Day of Service, held on the first Saturday in November. For the past two years, more than 70 percent of the service projects or volunteer efforts focused on Elder Care. Other projects included Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Books for Africa and health walks. Setting Our Vision on Centennial 2020 At the 2015 State Leadership Conference, Georgia voted to become a Visionary State. The State has contributed $5,000 of its $10,000 commitment, securing Silver Donor status. Undergraduates on the Move At the November 2014 Southeastern Regional Conference, the Georgia Undergraduates presented President Wright with a $1,000 check for the Capital Campaign. In August 2015, Georgia’s undergraduates obtained 100 percent Z-HOPE participation through donations to the River Towne Center, a senior care facility in Columbus, Georgia, during the 2015 State Undergraduate Retreat. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 139


Epsilon Xi Chapter( Georgia Southern University) was honored as the Undergraduate Chapter with the Highest GPA (3.56) during the 2015 Southeastern Regional Leadership Conference,. Remove the Mask, Remove the Stigma: Focus on Mental Health October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month. The chapters in Georgia educated chapter members and our communities through chapter embellishment, workshops and display tables at various events, and posts on social media. Workshops at the 2015 State Leadership Conference focused on stress management during the various stages in life and career. 2016 Joint State Leadership Conference The Phamily Reunion The 2016 State Leadership Conference marked the return of joint conferences with Phi Beta Sigma. More than 700 Zetas, Sigmas, Amicae and Sigma/Zeta Youth attended the conference in

Augusta, Georgia. The organizations held numerous joint service/ Z-HOPE projects benefiting local community organizations. President Wright and Southeastern Regional Director Barnes, as well as other national and regional officers, were on hand for the event. President Wright delivering the oath and charge during the Rededication Program. Stork’s Nest The State of Georgia has opened four new Stork’s Nests under the new guidelines. Kudos to Epsilon Zeta (Atlanta), Alpha Theta Zeta (Savannah) and Kappa Iota Zeta (East Point) chapters. New and Reactivated Charters •

Georgia is the home to the Southeastern Region’s first four letter chapter, Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta of Newnan.

Pi Nu Zeta Chapter (Milledgeville) was re-chartered at the 2014 Southeastern Region Leadership Conference.

Zeta Amicae of Covington was chartered September 2014.

The following chapters were reactivated: •

Sigma Omicron Zeta, Lawrenceville. GA

Lambda Nu, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Kappa Delta, Paine College, Augusta, GA

Special Tributes Dr. Eunice S. Thomas, 19th International President, became triumphant on August 17, 2014. Dr. Thomas served this sisterhood as International President from 1986-1992, and expanded the Sorority’s focus to AIDS awareness education, the crisis affecting African-American males and breast and colon cancer. Bettye H. Shelling, the 15th Southeastern Regional Director and fifth Georgia State Director, became triumphant on November 6, 2015. Soror Shelling also served as the Treasurer of the National Educational Foundation, and was a 36-year education in various schools throughout Georgia. Julia Dukes Driskell, the third Georgia State Director, became triumphant on May 9, 2016. Soror Driskell served as the State Director from 1974-1976 and was instrumental in the establishment of the NPHC of Albany, Georgia.


Donated $17,092 to the March of Dimes March for Babies Campaign

Chartered Tau Upsilon Chapter (University of South Carolina Beaufort at Bluffton), the first NPHC on campus

Sponsored the 8th Annual Zeta Day at the State Capitol

Donated $3,600 to the National Educational Foundation through the state license tag program.

Latorsha M. Murray, State Director 2014 - 2015 •

Instituted a bi-weekly summary newsletter to include important dates and information from all levels

Held a Basilei Leadership Training for all chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents.




2015-2016 •

Held the first annual Statewide Leadership Training for Zetas and Amicae

Began the “Every Zeta Brings a Zeta” Campaign to reward Sorors for bringing in new or reclaimed members.

South Carolina Chapters and Auxiliaries hosted its annual Founders’ Day celebration at Israel Metropolitan CME Church in Greenville, SC. Donated $2020 to the church. The state honored Soror Scarlet H. Black for instituting the statewide Founders’ Day Service 20 years ago.

Participated in the first annual Statewide Day of Service, where chapters and auxiliaries touched over 700 lives by participating in various community service activities

Instituted a Model Chapter Award to reward a chapter in each area that participates in the programs of the Sorority

A record nine Sorors attended the National Executive Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida to include one undergraduate Soror

The state more than doubled the number of New Members from 2014 - 2015 to 2015 - 2016

Soror Tamekia Daniels (Psi Alpha Chapter – South Carolina State University) graduated on May 7, 2016 with a 4.0 GPA

Soror Bridgette Spencer is a charter member of Tau Upsilon Chapter (University of South Carolina Beaufort at Bluffton). In her first year in the Sorority she has attended and completed ZOL, attended the National Executive Board Meeting and been appointed as the Southeastern Region Undergraduate Representative.

Spotlight on the Undergraduates •

Soror Taylor Anthony, Soror Brittany Johnson, Soror Bridgette Spencer and Soror Nora Williams attended ZOL


Nichole Samuel-Miller, State Director Zeta Phi Beta held an Elder Abuse workshop as part of the Sorority’s campaign to prevent senior abuse. Officials from the Office of Adult Protective Services in the Department of Human Services, gave statistics of abuse on St. Croix. A checklist of basic needs was distributed so that seniors can understand what they should receive from caregivers. American Red Cross of St. Croix started a community outreach program with hopes of decreasing the amount of casualties caused by home fires. Organizations volunteered to install or repair damaged smoke detectors in homes in the communities of Williams Delight,

Calcahoun, and Estate Grove Place. Sorors from Nu Chi Zeta and Chi Rho chapters educated house residents on the importance of monthly checks of the smoke detectors. They also helped the residents create emergency plans and identify safe meeting points in the case of an emergency. In October of each year, Nu Chi Zeta Chapter hosts a series of events to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and funding for relative organizations such as American Cancer Society and the Yvonne A. Galiber Foundation. This year, the Sorority sponsored a trophy for the Breast Cancer Awareness Classic, and hosted its fifth Annual Put Ur Feet in Pink for the Cure Fundraiser on October 24, 2015. Ricardo Richards Elementary School was officially adopted by Zeta Phi Beta on September 1, 2014. Since then, we have been participating in school activities and hosting our annual Z-Packit-Up program for the teachers. Each teacher has received a starter kit of supplies. Members of Nu Chi Zeta also participated in “Sprucing Up the School” for the 2015-2016 school year and assisted the faculty and staff in school clean up and revitalization. Zeta Phi Beta collaborated with the Lighthouse Mission of St. Croix for their annual Christmas Party. The St. Croix Zetas assisted as decorators, carolers, and food servers. Donations of personal care items were also given to the homeless population that the Lighthouse Mission serves. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 141



as health care, fitness, legal, education, investment, food banks, and tax services participated. A media blitz was steered by the Gamma Zeta publicist to newspapers, radio stations, and social media outlets; in addition, Sorors from Gamma Zeta appeared on local community affairs television and YouTube to publicize the event. Over 250 people attended the showcase and discovered community services that might be instrumental and important to their families. Activities for children were added to make the event a true family experience. Zetas and Amicae also recruited interested aspirants and reclaimed inactive Sorors at the fair. Gamma Zeta Chapter of Charleston is definitely innovative and blazing new paths for Zeta. Sunday, February 22, 2015, was the Finer Womanhood celebration. The day started with a morning worship at Joshua United Methodist Church in Moncks Corner, SC, pastored by President Mae Taylor. After services, the Zetas went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a great meal together. A good time was had by all.


Gamma Zeta (Charleston, SC) The Charleston, SC Ronald McDonald House is visited frequently by Gamma Zeta Chapter. Children who are suffering from devastating illnesses are often patients at the Medical University of South Carolina; their parents and relatives are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their children are receiving treatment. When staying at the McDonald House, these parents and relatives are treated to a nutritious breakfast prepared by Gamma Zeta Sorors. On Saturday mornings, Gamma Zeta Sorors prepare as many as 27 breakfasts for the relatives. A parent staying at the Ronald McDonald House that has a child suffering from a very rare form of cancer recently commented, “They are beautiful young women who can really cook! I haven’t had such a good tasting breakfast in quite a while.”These Zetas are filling big shoes, helping care for families in need. The chapter and its Amicae auxiliary undertook an enormous project: a non-profit organization showcase, in order to assist the Charleston and North Charleston communities in becoming aware of the services offered by non-profit organizations in the Charleston tri-state areas. All of the 30 nonprofit organizations that were invited participated in this extraordinary venture. This event was the first of its kind for the Charleston area and proved to be highly successful. Nonprofit organizations in fields such 142 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Epsilon Zeta (Atlanta, GA) Organized in 1924 on the campus of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, Epsilon Zeta Chapter was the first graduate chapter established in metro Atlanta. Soror Sadye Watson Potter became the first State Director in Georgia. In 1928, Eugenia Childs introduced the idea of Finer Womanhood Week, adopted at the national level. Their legacy continues. Since 2007, the Sadye Watson Potter Scholarship Luncheon has become a flagship initiative for raising funds to award scholarships. Doves Annell Garner, Carolyn Goodman, Louise Chambers, Averett Shannon, and Carrie Johnson have provided excellent leadership of the scholarship programs. Our Zeta Doves serve with humility as expressed in Matthew 20:27, “And whosoever will be chief among you let her be your servant.” Dove Louise Chambers served as President (1999-2003) still serves on many committees and is the chapter’s current spiritual leader. Dove Lucy Pennington assists with Z-HOPE projects such as Kids N’ Need. Sorors Shannon, Garner and Goodman have held office in various



capacities in the chapter. Epsilon Zeta Doves provide leadership in several community capacities. Soror Lola Parks’ enthusiasm is a shared sentiment “since I have been a member of Epsilon Zeta, my passion has been the Stork’s Nest,” which was created by Soror Evelyn Brown.

lobby Zeta Phi Beta to charter Beta Tau Zeta Chapter, the first graduate chapter in Miami, on February 24, 1946. Soror Thomas served as the first and 12th Chapter President, leading the chapter to become one of the largest and most prestigious graduate chapter in Zetadom.

Doves volunteer their talents in churches, charities, and institutions unrelated to Zeta: Sorors Garner, Johnson, Pennington and Shannon, along with Doves Sallie Anthony and Ernestine Glass, volunteer in their respective churches. Soror Parks’ commitment to service outshines most volunteers. She names at least ten or 11 charities and groups in which she is involved. Sorors Pennington, Parks and Johnson have been honored by Epsilon Zeta for their service to the Sorority and the Community. Our Doves are women of courage who stand by the Sorority’s ideals with pride and honor.

Throughout her career, she received numerous honors and awards. Most recently, she was recognized by Beta Tau Zeta Chapter as one of its Unsung Heroines during its 69th Finer Womanhood Community Fellowship Awards Luncheon on March 21, 2015. A dedicated Zeta, Presbyterian and community activist, who never forgot that service is Zeta’s business, Soror Thomas became triumphant on Monday, August 17th at the age of 90.



Beta Tau Zeta (Miami, fl) Soror Eugenia B. Thomas lived the Zeta oath daily. Her life lived is truly an example for others to follow. As a Dade County administrator, and later a legal secretary for Metropolitan Dade County Government office, she assisted Gwendolyn Cherry in opening the first Dade County offices of the Legal Services Department, assuming the role of Manager. She continued her service as the Director of Program Planning and Development for the Concentrated Employment Program. Later, she became the Manpower Center Administrator with the Department of Human Resources, and Manpower Placement Officer for the Department of Justice Assistance in 1981. In 1982, she was promoted to Special Project Administrator in the Department of Justice Assistance, and continued as Criminal Justice Program Director until 1986. She was a friend to human kind! In 1988 she was elected the first black president of the Florida Parent Teacher Association, serving as its Director until 2002. In 2001, the Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center in the City of Doral, was established as an honor by Miami-Dade County Public Schools for her many years of service to the children of Miami-Dade County. Let us remember her legacy and love for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. A 1944 charter member of Iota Alpha Chapter the campus of Florida Normal & Industrial College in St. Augustine, the Booker T. Washington Class of 1940 valedictorian graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1945 from Florida Normal & Industrial College (now Florida Memorial University). Her love for Zeta inspired her to

Epsilon Epsilon Zeta (Orlando, fl) Under the leadership of our current President, Sandy ChambersCollins and our past presidents, Epsilon Epsilon Zeta, the “Orlando Zetas,” have become trailblazers of several signature fundraisers, including Cocktails for a Cause, Bingo-for-Handbags, Blue Indigo and Skate for a Cause. With the support of our Sorors, fraternity brothers, our sisters and brothers in Greekdom and our community, these events have provided scholarships for new college students. As members of EEZ, we remember our oath of service, which is why we have partnered with agencies such as The BETA Center, a private non-profit organization providing services to at-risk families; the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Orlando’s oldest and largest homeless service provider; and The Hubbard House, a shelter for victims of domestic violence. We are also the chair and coordinator for the Children’s Corridor, an art and fun-filled operating tent during the Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities. Our mantra is ZETA 5! (Zeal, Excellent Execution, Task Oriented and Authentic engagement and assessment), which is significant because it is tied to our five strategic goals for the chapter. When it comes to Keeping it Finer, the Orlando Zetas never disappoint. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 143


In 2015, our newest members planned and hosted a Founders’ Day celebration like never before, utilizing The Mosley House. The Mosley House is the second oldest structure and is located in the Historic District of the Town of Eatonville, FL, the oldest black incorporated and inhabited municipality in the United States. The house, now a museum, was restored by Zeta Educational Thespian Association, Incorporated (ZETA), a 501 C 3 non-profit organization and Florida State Leadership Conference, (FSLC) Inc. with support from the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources and other community-based businesses and organizations.

of the Epsilon Iota Zeta chapter of Greenville since 1981. She is married to Mr. Albert Simpson and is the mother of five and grandmother of twelve.


We are proud of our many accomplishments and we’re even prouder to assert that we, along with our undergraduates and Seminole County sister chapter, were the host of the 2015 Southeastern Regional Conference, the premiere 2016 Statewide Founders’ Day Celebration and the 2016 Grand Boulé. We look forward to greeting and embracing our sisterhood in the sunshine state where we are Second to None.


Epsilon Iota Zeta (Greenville, SC) Soror Leola RobinsonSimpson was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives as a freshman lawmaker. She was elected to this office from the 25th District of Greenville County. She is a known leader who offers a wealth of experience and proven leadership. She has represented the 25th District on the Greenville County School Board and was a strong voice for students, teachers and schools. She founded the Center for Educational Equality (CEE), a nonprofit advocacy group that works to help parents and students and operates a Success Center West End of Greenville, SC. The Success Center sponsors programs for academic success and assistance, USA Silver Gloves Boxing for discipline and behavioral management, and an Institute and Parent Advocacy Program. Soror Robinson-Simpson is the author of Black America Series: Greenville County South Carolina, a pictorial history of African Americans in Greenville, SC from the 1770’s to the present. Royalties and proceeds from the book are donated to the CEE Success Center. During the Civil Rights early movement, Soror Robinson-Simpson was very active in the demonstrations and struggles as a teenager until the present. She has been a member


Eta Theta Zeta (Augusta, GA) Eta Theta Zeta Chapter of Augusta, GA is on the move! The chapter began the year with a two-day retreat, held at the Zeta House. Friday night was Game Night which included introductions, testimonies, and games. Saturday was a full day of workshops and discussions. Our topics included a President workshop, Zeta and Technology and Ceremonies. The chapter donated toiletries and clothing items to the Food and Clothing Bank of Gracewood United Methodist Church/ New Creation Christian Church and to T. W. Josey High School’s homeless students. We also collected and donated items to the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home in Augusta along with students from Windsor Spring Elementary School and their parents. The Sorors of the chapter have participated in the American Cancer Society’s Miracle Walk, donated wigs to breast cancer survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and taken an active role in the March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month. The chapter’s annual fundraiser, A Denim and Pearl Affair, was held April 24, 2015. Proceeds from this event were used to support our community activities. The chapter awarded book stipends to five CSRA college students and $500 to the Paine College UNCF Campaign. The chapter gave three scholarships this year: the LaVerne Dorman Holmes Scholarship, the Queenie J. Lawton Scholarship and the Eta Theta Zeta Chapter Scholarship. Mr. William Holmes, husband



of triumphant Soror Holmes, presented the chapter a check for $1,000 to be used for the LaVerne D. Holmes Scholarship. At the Founders’ Day Program in January Soror Latonia Evans was selected as Zeta of the Year. At the Georgia State Leadership Conference held at Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, the members of Eta Theta Zeta Chapter were proud to call the newest Georgia State Hall of Fame Inductee, Soror Queenie Lawton, our own. The chapter also welcomed new Sorors Ebony Jones and Lisa Sanders. Eta Theta Zeta Soror E. Virginia Johnson was recognized for Outstanding Service as a Diamond Life Member.


Kappa Iota Zeta (east point, GA) Kappa Iota Zeta Chapter of East Point, GA has members who have personally been touched by Autism and teachers who educate students with Autism on a daily basis. This, coupled with statistics surrounding Autism, led Kappa Iota Zeta to launch its own local autism awareness initiative. The was held on April 2, 2015, which was World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue. This initiative was a collaborative effort with the Sigma Zeta Foundation, Incorporated of East Point, GA. Light It Up Blue, a global autism awareness initiative started by Autism Speaks, is a day reserved for highlighting autism awareness. During this event, the Sigma Zeta Foundation’s building was illuminated with blue lights. Teachers and para-professionals of autistic students from local school districts were recognized; and a prominent keynote speaker within the autism community spoke on the challenges and importance of advocacy for individuals with autism. Furthermore, to add to the celebratory day, Georgia became the 41st state in the country to pass a reform that requires coverage for autism related medical services, better known as Ava’s Law. The chapter has established specific goals for servicing AfricanAmericans and other people with autism by facilitating community workshops; participating in autism walks; and participating in Light It Up Blue annually. The chapter has launched the first of a series of community workshops titled “What’s the Big Idea: Estate Planning for People with Autism.” The workshop was held on June 27, 2015, and featured an attorney from a local law office that focused on estate planning, fiduciary law and education law. Kappa Iota Zeta has a passion for prematurity awareness and have supported the March for Babies Walk for many years. Since 2010, Kappa Iota Zeta has raised more than $43,000 for March for Babies. The chapter has been recognized for several consecutive years with awards from the local Atlanta Chapter of the March of Dimes, as well as from Zeta Phi Beta’s national office. At the 2014 Grand Boulé in Washington, D.C., Kappa Iota Zeta received the award for Top Fundraising Chapter and Soror Lois McKellar received

recognition as the Top Individual Fundraiser. In 2015, the KIZ Walk Team, led by committee chair Soror Dana Scott, raised more than $14,000. The Atlanta Chapter of the March of Dimes honored KIZ with the Chairman’s Club Diamond Award for raising more than $10,000; first Place among Atlanta Clubs, for raising the most funds of all registered fraternities, sororities and social clubs;. One of KIZ’s greatest accomplishments was recognition as a “Top Ten” fundraising team among all the organizations participating in the walk. Kappa Iota Zeta placed eighth amongst several corporate giants such as AT&T, General Electric, and Southwest Airlines. When asked why she is so passionate about supporting March for Babies, Soror LaNise Thrasher shared, “I was born 3 months early weighing less than 2 pounds in New Haven, CT. Many doctors told my parents that I would not make it but I pulled through and I do not have any medical issues as a result. Since my dad was in the military, they took care of the medical costs associated with my birth and two-month stay afterwards, but not everyone has that option. My motivation for raising so much money is to simply help a family in need and give money towards more research. I know how hard it is for a family to deal with this so I just want to help and give them hope.” Soror Lois McKellar, a former Kappa Iota Zeta March For Babies Committee Chair and a top individual fundraiser, said, “I raise money because I know the importance of securing funds to decrease the infant mortality rate and ensure that mothers get the prenatal care that is needed. I also had a



premature nephew who is now 26 and doing well. I used this to motivate chapter members. I tried to get them to make their fundraising personal as I made mine personal through my family member.”


Mu Kappa Zeta presented the wigs at the State Leadership Training Session at Morris College in Sumter, South Carolina. The chapter was delighted to participate in this wonderful project. The chapter has constantly reached out to local community organizations and businesses to foster collaborative partnerships.


Omicron Kappa Zeta (COLLEGE PARK, GA) Annually, Omicron Kappa Zeta Chapter in College Park, GA awards deserving high school seniors with The Ola Hill Memorial Scholarship in honor of our beloved triumphant Charter Member, Soror Ola Hill. Soror Hill was a pioneer for education and held the principle of Scholarship close to her heart.

Mu Kappa Zeta (MARION/DILLON CO., SC) Mu Kappa Zeta Chapter of Marion/Dillon Counties has partnered with South Carolina author Nikki B. to donate her book “Just Like Me” to all local public, elementary and middle school libraries in Marion and Dillon Counties. The books have been autographed by the author. The book tells an inspiring, bold and brilliant depiction of a dyslexic journey through the eyes of Jason, a ten year old student/athlete. It captures the experiences, struggles and triumphs through his love of basketball as he tries to understand his “differences” throughout his journey in defeating dyslexia. Nikki B. (a native New Yorker) is a freelance writer whose passion is children’s literacy. She is an advocate and volunteer at her local resource center for dyslexia. Her book is based on experiences with her son when he was four years old and learning to read. She admits that over the years it has not been easy, but together the family worked to persevere in the face of the challenge that faced her son. Today her son is in high school doing well in school, making the honor roll and enjoying sports. Mu Kappa Zeta Chapter has worked very consistently to present programs to the surrounding communities to include educational excellence, healthcare information, elder care activities and adopt-a-school. The chapter has partnered with K-Discount Beauty Supply to donate new wigs for a state initiated Z-HOPE Project. The members met with Kay, the owner and operator, to discuss helping women who are experiencing hair loss due to illness and treatment of cancer. She was delighted to participate and be a part of the project. She offered sale price wigs for an additional fifty percent off and donated three wigs for the project. The American Cancer Society will distribute the wigs. 146 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

On June 20, 2015, Omicron Kappa Zeta held our annual Awards Reception to honor our scholarship recipients and community partners. The chapter presented scholarships to recent graduates Brianna Grimble, Elizabeth Ojo, and Kristen David. These recipients read the essays submitted as part of their applications, which, in addition to their grade point averages, community service history, and goals for the future, played a vital role in the decision to grant them this scholarship. The recipients were initially informed that they would be receiving a $500 scholarship. However, at the end of the program, we surprised each young lady with a check for $1,500! In addition to the scholarships, each received a trunk filled with supplies every freshman student needs for their first year of college. The chapter also honored Ms. Cynthia Florence, CEO of Pure Energy Fitness Studio and Dr. Dante Edwards, assistant principal of Benjamin E. Mays High School, for their continued community partnership with our chapter. Finally, we presented Soror Hill’s children, Derrick Hill, Sabrina Fuller, Latonya Kendrick, and Phyllis Hood, with a token of gratitude for their continued support of our efforts to provide scholarships in honor of their mother. Guests



enjoyed light hors d’oeuvres and entertainment provided by saxophonist Tonya Green. Each year, we strive to make this event a continued success in order to uphold the legacy of Soror Hill and showcase the outstanding future leaders within our community.


Rho Epsilon Zeta (MARIETTA, GA) October is National Depression Awareness and Education Month. State of Georgia chapters were charged by State Director Shaneesa Ashford to participate in community-service activities surrounding this topic. To answer the call, the Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter partnered with the Lee Thompson Young Foundation. Lee Thompson Young was an actor best known for his role as the title character on Disney Channel’s “The Famous Jett Jackson” and as Chris Comer in the movie “Friday Night Lights.” His last acting role was Boston police detective Barry Frost on the TNT drama “Rizzoli and Isles.” Lee committed suicide on August 19, 2013, after a battle with bipolar disease and depression. The Lee Thompson Young Foundation is a national, non-profit organization created to promote mental health literacy and dedicated to erasing the stigma associated with mental illness while advancing holistic health treatments and improving the lives of all those impacted. Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter has pledged to help the Lee Thompson Young Foundation spread the word about depression and mental illness by supporting the Foundation in whatever way we can. In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week (November 8-14), Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter purchased five tickets to the “Lee Thompson Young Foundation Night” at the Atlanta Hawks game on November 11, 2015. The tickets purchased were used to sponsor youth who otherwise would not be able to attend the game and a portion of the proceeds went to the Lee Thompson Young Foundation.

Rho Xi Zeta (KENNESAW, GA) Soror Tkeyah Anderson - Perseverance Personified Soror Tkeyah Anderson is the epitome of resilience. As an Electrical Engineer senior at Georgia Institute of Technology, Soror Anderson dealt with the death of five family members in five months, almost being homeless, and living in a house without electricity. In September 2014, Soror Anderson lost her father to cancer. Soror Anderson’s father was an employee of the US Postal Service and, because of a seizure disorder, was unable to work. As the sole source of income for the family, the rapid decline in his health and eventual death potentially meant homelessness for the family. However, Soror Anderson and her family received support from neighbors, friends, family and Sorors to help see them through this time. Soror Anderson was in the beginning of her senior year at Georgia Institute of Technology and because of her family’s financial position, her final year was in jeopardy. The community stepped in to assist a bright young woman who had always given her all to the GA Tech Community. Student organizations she had served, professors who knew she needed to stay, friends, family, and personal resources she needed were given enabling her to stay for her senior year. Soror Anderson maintained active membership, serving as the President for the NPHC chapter at Georgia Tech, keeping a good scholarly average, and a positive outlook on life during this time. When asked how she was able to keep her wits about her through this experience, Soror Anderson said, “prayer and a promise I made my dad before he died.”


In August 2015, Soror Anderson was hired as an Electrical Distribution System designer by Georgia Power and transitioned THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 147


to Rho Xi Zeta Graduate Chapter. She has the following message, “First, pray, because life can get very dark at times, but there’s always a silver lining. Second, always reach out for support and keep focused on the end goal.”


program was a Social Action Forum, led by Sheriff Eric Levett from Rockdale County. The Sheriff was asked a series of questions related to community support of law enforcement and working to resolve racial profiling. Sheriff Levett was very impressed with the chapter and its commitment to serving the community. Phi Omicron Zeta chapter was asked by the Sheriff to support community events sponsored by his Department, which may lead to an exciting new partnership for the chapter. This is also the first event in which the chapter had program participation from Sorors, Amicae and Amicettes. The program agenda covered the history of the Sorority and chapter, signature programs of the Sorority and chapter, the reading of the Amicae song by the president of the Amicae auxiliary, a tribute to our Founders and a Liturgical dance by the Amicettes and the Social Action Forum. All enjoyed a reception or heavy hors d’oeuvres. The program was a huge success and opened the door for the chapter to become even more engaged with the community it serves.

Sigma Mu Zeta (STONE MOUNTAIN, GA) The Sorors of the Sigma Mu Zeta, Stone Mountain, GA officially kicked off the 2015-2016 Sorority year by holding their annual chapter planning workshop on August 15, 2015. Soror Jocasta Frazier and Midway Baptist Church of College Park, GA, generously opened their doors and provided excellent accommodations which allowed us to meet as a group and facilitate breakout sessions for several committees. Chapter members were treated to a rare kick-off greeting that mobilized and energized the chapter to make this a stellar year of service. The chapter received a special greeting letter and an autographed picture from President Barack Obama. This special recognition outlined the importance that NPHC sororities play in our communities and highlighted the “unique legacy of our Sorority and the special role that sisters play in the life of our organization.” We have an action packed year ahead with numerous service projects, new and continued partnerships, and monthly embellishment and bonding opportunities.


Phi Omicron Zeta (COVINGTON, GA) Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter launched its “Get Engaged – Be the Change” law enforcement initiative during its Founders’ Day program celebration on January 17, 2015. The highlight of the 148 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter also hosted an Anti-Hazing Rally at Newton High School in Covington, GA on April 17, 2015. A PowerPoint presentation was presented to the 600-member senior class by Soror Dorothy Moss and Soror Conneva Hall and an anti-hazing skit was performed by the Newton High School Drama Club. Key information was shared with students about hazing and how to empower themselves when in a situation that involves hazing. In addition to the presentation and skit, the Rally included a Divine Nine Forum where Zetas, Sigmas and members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. shared information on the negative impacts of hazing. Each student that attended the Rally was also given an Anti-Hazing quiz to reinforce their learning and a pen/stylus with a “No Hazing Zone” logo imprinted in blue. Newton High School Principal John Ellenberg thanked Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter for sponsoring the Rally and shared his commitment to the school’s partnership with the chapter. The Newton Citizen newspaper covered this event.



he “Mighty” Southern Region experienced an extraordinary 2014-2016 under the leadership of the Southern Regional Director, Kay Jones Rosebure. Members were fervent about making an impact and meeting the unique needs within their communities. Chapters embraced the national programmatic thrusts with emphasis on our signature program, Elder Care. In addition to supporting programs and projects to involve our community partners, Social Action, Stork’s Nest, the military, disaster preparedness and relief, chapters awarded scholarships to deserving students. The Southern Region is proud to be the home region of our International President Mary Breaux Wright; 21st International President, Dr. Barbara West Carpenter; National Executive Board Chairman, Nell Williams Ingram, Ph.D., National Secretary Cynthia Bell and National Undergraduate Member to the Executive Committee, Leigh-Ann Williams. The Southern Region celebrated a phenomenal 2014-2015 Sorority year! With the leadership of Louisiana State Director Christine Stringer, two chapters were reactivated: Psi Epsilon Zeta (Cullen, LA) and Upsilon Iota Chapter on the campus of the University of New Orleans. On April 18, 2015, seven chapters, yielding over 100 donors (enough resources to save more than 300 lives), coordinated the first Louisiana Statewide Sigma/Zeta Blood Drive. On April 29, 2015, assisted by East Texas State Director Gwendolyn Oquendo, Upsilon Upsilon Chapter was chartered at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Charter members are Faren Cochran, Kiristian Cuellar, CaShonda Henderson, Breanna Murray and Lindsey Westmoreland. West Texas, led by State Director Rhetta Washington McCoy,

held its second West Texas Workshop, hosted by Kappa Zeta and Alpha Epsilon chapters on the campus of Texas A&M University (Commerce, TX). As a part of its Elder Care initiative, the Sorors and Amicae of West Texas have supported the Texas Adult Protective Services by donating basic-needs items to their resource rooms in different regions of the state. West Texas also hosted its first virtual Basilei Retreat in August 2015. The Southern Region served as host for the 2015 National Executive Board Meeting. More than 300 Sorors traveled from around the country to attend the board meetings, participate in the “Journey to Centennial” launch party, and enjoy time with sisters. The unveiling of the Visionaries campaign and Centennial Passports were a special treat. The Southern Region presented a $2,500 donation for Centennial in memory of Past International Presidents Lullelia Walker Harrison and Isabel Morgan Herson; in recognition of Past President International Barbara West Carpenter, and in honor of President Wright. A sea of over 700 flooded downtown’s Lafayette Street in Baton Rouge, LA June 11–13, 2015 for the 86th Anniversary Regional Leadership Conference and Youth Retreat. Mu Zeta Chapter hosted the weekend of business and fellowship. Highlights of business included bylaws updates; award presentations and THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 149


recognitions; biennial election of officers; the officer installation; and networking and sisterly acts of kindness. Kappa Zeta of Dallas, TX was recognized as the chapter swelled to a phenomenal 148 members in 2015 and is now the largest chapter in the sisterhood! They are followed by Lambda Zeta Chapter (Houston, TX) with 123 members and Mu Zeta Chapter (Baton Rouge, LA) with 106 members. Sorors and Zeta Amicae attended the ZOL conference, National Undergraduate Leadership Retreat and National Amicae Workshop in Washington, DC. The Southern Region was represented during Zeta Day in Hannibal, MO where the life and legacy of President Emeritus Founder Arizona Cleaver Stemons was honored and celebrated. A historical marker was erected in honor of our Founder during the weekend of activities. The Southern Region also supported the Arizona Cleaver Stemons Monument Project that was unveiled in Philadelphia, PA during the 56th Atlantic Region Leadership Conference in October 2015. As this is the Year of the Undergraduate, undergraduate members of the Southern Region had an opportunity to make a personal connection with Soror Frances Faithful, daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful, during the Undergraduate Leadership Retreat held at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX in February 2016. Soror Faithful lit up the room with her memorable accounts of being an undergraduate and becoming a Zeta. Phi Upsilon Chapter was chartered on October 26, 2015 on the campus of Louisiana State University-Alexandria, making Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated the first Sorority and NPHC organization to charter at LSUA. Zeta Phi Zeta Chapter of Alexandria, Louisiana is the sponsoring chapter. Charter members are Lauren Ouber (President), Nicholette Hardy, Nasha Moore, Kabrina Tyler and Aisha Martin. 150 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

Chi Upsilon Chapter was chartered on November 10, 2015 on the University of North Texas Dallas campus. Also a first, the chartering of Chi Upsilon made Zeta Phi Beta the first Greeklettered organization to charter on the campus. Charter members are Sharleen Coney, Ambrosia Jimmerson, Brittany Williams, Tanesha Douglas-Greene and Antoinette Carey Spriggs. Chi Upsilon is sponsored by Kappa Zeta.


The Southern Region held its Regional Executive Board and Zeta Amicae Workshop in June 2016. The 87th Anniversary Regional Executive Board Meeting and Youth Retreat is hosted by Eta Iota Zeta Chapter in El Paso, TX. The Zeta Amicae were excited about celebrating their 50th workshop anniversary during the Southern Region Zeta Amicae Workshop, hosted by Zeta Amicae of Opelousas, LA. Each year the Zeta Amicae award three scholarships named for the First


Southern Regional Director, Roberta Bell; Past President Harrison and Amicae Workshop initiator, Hazel Forrow Wilson. They have also donated $1,000 to the 2020 Centennial and have pledged to contribute $1,000 each year. The Southern Region welcomed home Zeta Amicae of Galveston, El Paso, Dallas and Natchitoches as each of these auxiliaries was reactivated. The Southern Region is committed to doing things the “The Zeta Way” and is looking forward to the Grand Boulé in Orlando, Florida. Salvation Army, North Texas Food Bank, Safe Kids, Hopes Door and many more. In hopes to educate and increase awareness for our communities, we also participated in Earth Day and have gone “green” in our meetings and events. For our program with March of Dimes, a stretch goal of $5,000 was set, and through all of our efforts, we are pleased to announce $14,300 and counting was raised for March of Dimes. Zeta Auxiliaries Not only have we made an impact in the neighborhood through programs and initiatives, our auxiliaries went above and beyond to inspire communities as well. Our 82nd Annual Miss Blue Review Scholarship Program allowed the girls to exhibit Zeta’s principles in their own way while raising more than $6,000 towards scholarships. These scholarships were awarded to deserving students at our first Dove Awards Ceremony. With more than 50 youth in the combined auxiliaries, they have accomplished some notable activities.

Kappa Zeta (Dallas, TX) Kappa Zeta chapter has had a phenomenal year. We kicked off the year with a chapter retreat where members were challenged by the leadership team to R.U.N. (Renewing our commitment, United as one chapter, Never tiring in our efforts). National Programs and Projects The chapter adopted the DeSoto Rehabilitation and Nursing Home facility where residents are featured monthly at a special celebration. Activities included cards, letters and other Z-HOPE activities targeted specifically for seniors. We celebrated Prematurity Awareness Sunday at Transforming Life Christian Fellowship, and accepted President Wright’s challenge to get more involved with St. Jude by participating in their first Give Thanks Walk in North Dallas. Through the our Adopt-a- School program, Project PEARL, we worked with the Charles Rice Learning Center and reading partners in order to increase reading ability for students K-12. Also, we sponsored several book and school supply drives for students. Change Agents for Dallas Communities Our chapter members are committed to being change agents for a community. This was done by logging in more than 1,920 hours of community service with groups such as Walk to Defeat ALS, the

The Pearlettes took on many projects this year, including setting a goal of $250 to raise funds for March of Dimes and collected over $1,000. The Amicettes dominated fundraising efforts by having a successful popcorn fundraiser and also helped the Precious Gem Program. The Archonettes focused on community service by logging more than 300 hours of service work throughout the year, and were featured in the Dallas news for the work with the US Marines Toys for Tots drive. Last but definitely not least, our friends of Zeta, the Amicae, reactivated this year with three enthusiastic ladies inducted into the auxiliary. These ladies have hit the ground running and we look forward to many more activities. As we prepare for the summer retreat, Sorors are set and ready to continue to R.U.N. on our journey to centennial.


Lambda Zeta (Houston, TX) On a breezy Saturday in October 2015, nearly 40 Lambda Zeta Chapter youth, advisors, and parents experienced nature at the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Center in Angleton, Texas. We had ZYA in the wild! Separated into small groups, the youth visited four sections of the refuge center: an auto tour, the entomology lab, the reptile pavilion and the falconry area. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 151


Alpha Pi Zeta (San Antonio, TX) Alpha Pi Zeta Chapter is on fire as we “Set the Stage, Get Engaged” by celebrating 76 years of service to the San Antonio community and surrounding areas. The chapter continues to grow as we increase our membership to 76, allowing us to excel in the launching and re-activation of several programs, auxiliary groups, and sponsorships. At the 2015 Southern Regional Conference, our chapter was the recipient of the President of the Year, Undergraduate Advisor of the Year, and Youth Advisor of the Year awards. These honors clearly demonstrate the dedication and steadfast commitment to excellence demonstrated by our chapter leadership. The invaluable guidance and direction provided by our leadership has allowed us to continue to blaze new paths. The visit began with a 30-minute auto tour that covered a small portion of the 45,000-acre refuge center. The girls witnessed several birds, such as black and white ibis and purple gallinules, in their natural habitat. During this tour, the youth learned that only two types of alligators - American and Chinese - exist in the world. Although the refuge center is home to thousands of American alligators, when the youth passed Gator Nest Pond none of the alligators were visible. However, at the pavilion, the youth observed an alligator supervising her hatchlings. Then, they met a herpetologist, who showed the youngsters how to pet snakes and alligators hatchlings. In the reptile area, the youth also learned which snakes are native to Texas, how to identify poisonous snakes, and how reptiles can breathe and see under water. One of the most amazing parts of the day was the entomology lab, which allowed the youth to study living organisms in pond water. Using high-powered microscopes, the youngsters viewed pond water aquatic insects, such as dragonfly eggs, shrimp, and water beetles. The girls were encouraged to draw what they explored under the microscope. When they migrated to the butterfly section, each girl was allowed to feed and hold a Monarch butterfly on the tip of her finger. While some of the youth were squeamish, and others were bold, all of them were adamant about feeding the butterflies. To their wonderment, the youth witnessed the third stage of the butterfly life cycle, when a caterpillar was forming its chrysalis. On the walking path, they discovered a preying mantis, banana spider, and dirt dobbers. The last phase of the trip exposed the youth to birds of prey, when they witnessed falconry trainers work with a hawk, a great-horned owl, a condor, a turkey vulture, and a falcon. They saw several exhibitions of the birds’ natural behavior, including an outstanding demonstration of the falcon’s speed as she soared over their heads! This U.S. Fish and Wildlife experience brought these city youth closer to nature and helped them discover the fields of entomology, herpetology and falconry.



Alpha Pi Zeta’s mission was to increase engagement and drive participation with the youth. This focus was directed towards the reactivation of the Pearlette, Amicette and Archonette youth auxiliaries; growing from 17 to 33 members in less than one year. At the 2015 Southern Region Youth Retreat, two members of our Zeta Youth Auxiliary (ZYA) Oneekah Hall and Genesis Navarro won the Oratorical and Dramatization competitions. In addition, we supported and assisted 300 students with our Adopt-A-School program. Continuing with our commitment to our youth, Alpha Pi Zeta sponsored two undergraduate chapters and played a pivotal role in chartering the Upsilon Upsilon chapter at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Alpha Pi Zeta members are making a difference by focusing on numerous community-based initiatives and providing valuable assistance to the San Antonio community. We provided over $15,000 to recipients through our Miss Blue Revue and Mable Booker Lowry Scholarship Program. Our philanthropic efforts extended beyond college scholarships and into not-for-profit organizations. We successfully raised more than $5,000 to support the March of Dimes; raised $1,000 for cancer research through Relay for Life; sponsor two Storks’ Nest; and volunteered services to the Elder Care Program at the Ella Austin Community Center. We will continue “Building on the Principles of Zeta, While Blazing New Paths.”




Shae Watson

Gamma Kappa Zeta (Texarkana, USA) Maxine Crittenden, President of Gamma Kappa Zeta Chapter in Texarkana USA, recently made history as the first African American Woman to become District Governor for District 7L of the Lion’s Club. Maxine became a member of the Evening Lions Club, which was chartered in 2009 under District Governor Bruce Davis. During this year, she plans to visit all 33 clubs in her district to spread the word about Lionism and to communicate the international president’s theme of “Dignity, Harmony and Humanity.” Maxine is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Texarkana, with a BBA in 1984 and an MBA in 1987. Dr. Lori Rochelle and Dr. Rosalyn Henry were honored this year in the Four States Living Magazine as part of the Fabulous 40 & Under. This prestigious magazine has been published for over 20 years. The Fabulous 40 & Under is published each year and it highlights young professionals that are making a difference in the four states area professionally and through community service. It is hard to believe but Epsilon Pi City Chapter in Texarkana, USA has been around for 20 years. Zeta Phi Beta, through Epsilon Pi, has the distinction of being the oldest recognized Sorority on Texas A&M University-Texarkana Campus. In celebration of Gamma Kappa Zeta’s 65 years (December 9, 1950) and Epsilon Pi’s 20year milestone (December 16, 1995), the chapters celebrated the 65/20 Anniversary. The celebration event was held on December 5, 2015. Dr. Nell Ingram, Chair of the National Executive Board, was Southern Regional Director when Epsilon Pi was chartered and was the speaker for the celebration. A day of fun for all charter members was provided by Texas A&M University-Texarkana. The celebration honored the members of Gamma Kappa Zeta that had the longest membership. The honorees were: Essie Dodd (48 years), Ann Moore (48 years), Charlean Carroll (45 years), Barbara Larry (42 years), and Annette Forte (39 years). The charter members were Josette Rice, Shae Watson, Carolyn Williams Gooden, Roselyn Simon Keeton and Patrice Byers.

A&M University – Texarkana alumna, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in General Studies in 2006. She is currently working on her Masters in Homeland Security. Professionally, Shae is the Executive Director of Northeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (NETRAC). She is one of 21 Executive Directors for the State of Texas and is responsible for aiding hospitals and EMS agencies in our nine county region in the areas of Emergency Preparedness, Trauma and Acute Care planning and activities.


Eta Iota Zeta (el paso, TX) Eta Iota Zeta’s Stork’s Nest in El Paso, TX is a partnership between the Sorority and the March of Dimes that began in the Sun City when the facility opened its doors in 2007. The facility encourages women to seek prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy to help prevent birth defects and infant mortality through education and incentives. The facility has an outstanding relationship with the local March of Dimes Program Director, Ms. Lily Oaxaca. She stated, “African-American women have higher instances of pre-term birth rates. The pre-term birth rate in El Paso is not the highest in Texas, but it ranks toward the top primarily because of the lack of prenatal education.”

In February 2016, Gamma Kappa Zeta Chapter and Beta Tau Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma held their 21st Tribute to African American Women. The event was held on the Texarkana College Campus in the Truman Arnold Great Room. The Honorees for this year’s event were Darla Moss, Chief Financial Officer for LibertyEylau School District; Asa Starling, Top Ladies of Distinction member; Novella Medlock, Director of Patient Relations at Christus St. Michael Health System; Dr. Tracy Calloway, Pediatrician; Mary Bruce, Community Volunteer; and Venture Watson, Mrs. Arkansas and Arkansas High School Coach.

The Stork’s Nest is supervised by the Chapter Second Vice President Janet Coleman and is staffed by one paid employee, Sorors and community volunteers. Eta Iota Zeta Chapter and the local March of Dimes Chapter enjoy a mutually supportive relationship to increase the program’s reach in El Paso to include the city’s local school systems and the military population on Fort Bliss. The effective use of social media, re-establishment of a chapter webpage, and print media will further advertise the facility’s services to the community.

Shae Watson was chosen as Soror of the Year by Gamma Kappa Zeta. Shae became a member on December 16, 1995, as a charter member of the undergraduate chapter Epsilon Pi. Shae has served on various committees and now serves as the Third Vice President and the Undergraduate Advisor for Epsilon Pi. Shae is a Texas

This past summer, facility instituted quarterly “Lunch and Learn” information seminars for community organizations that include major health care and social services providers. The sharing of information and aggressive outreach to foster community organization collaboration is an innovative effort to increase enrollment in the Stork’s Nest program. Regular participation in THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016 153


skills as well as socialize with each other and members of our chapter and auxiliary group, Zeta Amicae of Lancaster. Other programs have been focused on celebrating Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Veteran’s Day. Upsilon Nu Zeta Chapter maintains a strong relationship with the March of Dimes. Chapter members participated in Dallas County’s March for Babies, raising more than $1,000 for the event. The chapter also worked tirelessly to promote awareness by participating in prematurity awareness activities. Chapter members set up displays and distributed information at area Dallas churches. World Prematurity Awareness Day was observed by chapter members at their places of employment. Everyone was encouraged to wear purple and change social media statuses to messages about premature births. community health and education fairs and increased fundraising efforts have been beneficial in the Stork’s Nest goal of increased community exposure and client enrollment. The facility has a playroom stocked with toys to encourage moms to bring their children if they don’t have childcare. “Many of our clients first believe that they are alone and no one is going to help them. We want to have every mother in the El Paso area deliver a healthy baby and learn about the resources available to them,” said Jaynene Smith, Chapter President. Soror Coleman shared her expertise with other chapters in West Texas during the West Texas Area Workshop, in Commerce, TX October 2-3, 2015. She facilitated an informative presentation to inform attendees wishing to open a Stork’s Nest and present ideas for improving existing Stork’s Nest operations.


Upsilon Nu Zeta (LANCASTER, TX) Upsilon Nu Zeta Chapter is dedicated to embracing the outstanding legacy of our Five Pearls by blazing exciting paths and setting high standards of community involvement and service. Heeding the charge given by our International President Mary Breaux Wright, the chapter has established an Elder Care Partnership with Friends Place of DeSoto, Texas. Friends Place Adult Day Services provides specialized daytime care and programs for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Through bimonthly visitations, Soror to Client written correspondence and themed programs, Sorors continue to forge ahead with enhancing our Elder Care Programs. In September, our bimonthly visitation to Friends Place included a themed program centered on the State Fair of Texas. Since many clients do not have the opportunity to attend the state fair, the chapter brought the state fair to them by incorporating games, puzzles, prizes and food that one often experiences at the state fair. Clients enjoyed the opportunity to show their talents and 154 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

In an effort to maintain visibility while giving back to the community, the chapter participates in the City of Lancaster’s Back to School Bash, Fall Festival, Christmas Extravaganza and Spring Festival. At each of these events, Sorors assist children with making arts and crafts, handing out school supplies and food items, and playing carnival games. The chapter also participates in the annual Christmas Shoppe, sponsored by the Lancaster Outreach Center, which provides food, clothing and services for low income families in the Lancaster and Wilmer Hutchins areas of Dallas. Members served as personal shoppers and gift wrappers for identified families. Additionally, chapter members donated 85 toys to benefit the families participating in this program. Upsilon Nu Zeta Chapter and the Doves of Peace, Inc. of Destrehan, LA sponsored a community health fair in LaPlace, LA on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the New Wine Christian Fellowship. Health screenings and seminars were available. Upsilon Nu Zeta Chapter members are eager to complete the Sorority year with additional Z-HOPE programs and community service initiatives.



In The Spirit of

A Zeta Sweater Finds Her Way Back Home After 44 Years By Reba Freeman Alpha Psi Zeta Chapter Seven years ago, while surfing the internet on eBay, I ran across a Zeta Phi Beta sweater. I contacted the person and asked if the sweater belonged to them and if so why would they be selling it. The response I received was the sweater was found at a Goodwill store and although they were not a Zeta they liked the shield so they bought it. Immediately I knew I had to get this off eBay and returned it to its proper owner; to either the Soror or, if deceased, the chapter to keep as part of the chapter’s history. Over the next few years I attempted to contact the Delta Beta Chapter at Fort Valley State University. I even looked in my Zeta directory for the Soror’s name since it was on the inside of the sweater. However, I realized when I could not find her that perhaps it could have been her maiden name. Having no luck, I decided to pack the sweater away in a container. On April 24, 2012, while on Facebook in the Zeta group page, someone posted about Fort Valley State bringing in new members. As soon as I saw it, I responded by asking if anyone had the contact information for the chapter so that I can finally return the sweater to someone. I shared my story again and, would you know it, a Soror by the name of Sharron Glover responded and said, “Sounds like you are looking for Soror Lois McKellar.” I immediately looked her up in my Zeta directory under her married name and gave her a call. When she answered the phone I introduced myself and apologized for calling her so late in the evening. I ask her if she attended Fort Valley State and if she had a Zeta sweater that was stolen and she replied “yes, during a house burglary about 25 years ago.” I told her that I had her sweater! I went on to explain to her how I obtained it. She offered to pay to have me send it to her but I insisted on bringing it to Boulé to give to her in person. A couple days before Boulé, I sent her a message on Facebook asking for her cell number so it will be easy to keep in contact. On July 8, 2012 I finally got the opportunity to meet Soror 156 THE ARCHON MAGAZINE l SPRING/SUMMER 2016

McKellar face-to-face. We hugged and I almost cried. She told me that she and her husband were talking about the sweater and he informed her that the burglary actually took place in 1968 (five years before I was even born). She said she didn’t think she would ever see it again. Throughout the Boulé’ we continue to see one another, and on Monday I introduced her to my State Director, Soror Valerie Preston, who took pictures of us. I felt like a celebrity because so many Sorors read about the story on Facebook and all one could hear was, “that’s the eBay sweater.” It was a great feeling being able to return the sweater to its rightful owner and now not only did I gain another Soror, but as she says, “A Zeta mom” as well. I must say that I am truly glad I decided to attend the 2012 Boulé and I would like to personally thank Soror Sharron Glover for answering the call of Zeta. Soror McKellar and I plan on keeping in touch with one another.

Arizona Cleaver


New Chapter Charters FISCAL YEAR 2012-2013




Theta Upsilon



Kappa Upsilon


New Jersey

Mu Upsilon



Omega Phi Zeta



Omega Chi Zeta



Alpha Alpha Alpha Zeta



Omega Pi Zeta

Great Lakes


Eta Upsilon



Lambda Upsilon



Omega Rho Zeta



Nu Upsilon



Omega Nu Zeta

South Central


Omega Xi Zeta

South Central


Omega Sigma Zeta

South Central


Omega Tau Zeta

South Central


Iota Upsilon

South Central


Omega Psi Zeta

South Central


Omega Upsilon Zeta


Virgin Island

Omega Omicron Zeta



Zeta Upsilon



FISCAL YEAR 2013 - 2014 Chapter



Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta



Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta



Alpha Alpha Epsilon Zeta


North Carolina

Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta


Arab Emirates

Alpha Alpha Delta Zeta

Great Lakes


Alpha Alpha Iota Zeta

Great Lakes


Xi Upsilon



Omega Omega Zeta

South Central


Alpha Alpha Gamma Zeta

South Central



Alpha Alpha Zeta Zeta

South Central


Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta



Alpha Alpha Beta Zeta



FISCAL YEAR 2014 - 2015 Chapter



Omicron Upsilon



Alpha Alpha Omicron Zeta



Alpha Alpha Rho Zeta



Alpha Alpha Upsilon Zeta


New York

Alpha Alpha Xi Zeta


West Virginia

Sigma Upsilon


North Carolina

Alpha Alpha Mu Zeta

Great Lakes


Pi Upsilon

Great Lakes


Alpha Alpha Sigma Zeta

Great Lakes


Alpha Alpha Nu Zeta

South Central


Alpha Alpha Pi Zeta

South Central


Alpha Alpha Tau Zeta

South Central


Rho Upsilon



Tau Upsilon


South Carolina

Upsilon Upsilon



FISCAL YEAR 2015 - 2016 Chapter



Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta


New Jersey

Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta


New York

Beta Alpha Beta Zeta



Psi Upsilon



Beta Alpha Zeta Zeta



Alpha Alpha Phi Zeta


North Carolina

Omega Upsilon


North Carolina

Alpha Phi

Great Lakes


Beta Alpha Gamma Zeta



Beta Alpha Theta Zeta



Gamma Phi



Alpha Alpha Psi Zeta

South Central


Beta Alpha Alpha Zeta

South Central


Beta Alpha Delta Zeta

South Central


Beta Alpha Eta Zeta

South Central


Beta Alpha Kappa Zeta

South Central


Beta Alpha Lambda Zeta

South Central


Beta Phi

South Central


Beta Alpha Epsilon Zeta



Beta Alpha Iota Zeta



Beta Alpha Mu Zeta


Grand Bahamas

Beta Alpha Nu Zeta



Phi Upsilon



Chi Upsilon



Reactivated Chapters FISCAL YEAR 2012 - 2013 Chapter



Tau Omega Zeta



Eta Delta Zeta


North Carolina

Beta Epsilon

Great Lakes


Zeta Nu



Rho Pi




South Central


FISCAL YEAR 2013 - 2014 Chapter



Pi Iota


New York

Pi Kappa Zeta


North Carolina

Zeta Rho Zeta


North Carolina

Xi Lambda



Tau Omicron



Theta Theta


South Carolina

Gamma Alpha Zeta



FISCAL YEAR 2014 - 2015 Chapter



Eta Beta



Upsilon Eta Zeta



Rho Sigma Zeta



Lambda Epsilon

Great Lakes


Alpha Rho

Great Lakes


Delta Pi

Great Lakes


Xi Gamma

Great Lakes


Gamma Epsilon

Great Lakes


Theta Iota Zeta



Pi Nu Zeta



Psi Epsilon Zeta



Upsilon Iota



FISCAL YEAR 2015 - 2016 Chapter






Psi Xi



Kappa Alpha


District of Columbia

Mu Omicron


North Carolina

Psi Theta Zeta



Mu Theta

South Central



New Amicae Charters Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Psi Gamma Zeta Amicae

South Central


Kappa Tau Zeta Amicae

South Central


Sigma Omicron Zeta Amicae



Tau Omicron Zeta Amicae



Sigma Xi Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Rho Eta Zeta Amicae



Omega Mu Zeta


New Jersey

Omicron Theta Zeta Amicae



Tau Nu Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Nu Alpha Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Psi Zeta Zeta Amicae



Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Phi Omicron Zeta Amicae



Zeta Pi Zeta Amicae



Nu Kappa Zeta Amicae

South Central


Psi Omicron Zeta Amicae



Chi Alpha Zeta Amicae



Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Amicae



Kappa Upsilon Zeta Amicae


New York

Phi Rho Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Epsilon Gamma Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Rho Mu Zeta Amicae

South Central


Gamma Iota Zeta Amicae

South Central


Xi Nu Zeta Amicae



Reactivated Amicae Auxiliaries Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Eta Pi Zeta Amicae



Gamma Lambda Zeta Amicae



Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Gamma Epsilon Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Eta Beta Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Alpha Omega Zeta Amicae



Delta Pi Zeta Amicae


North Carolina

Fiscal Year 2014-2015: None Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Nu Theta Zeta Amicae

Great Lakes



Family Affair

The 2016 Grand BoulĂŠ was a family affair for President Wright. Joining her for the festivities were her husband, Phi Beta Sigma member James Wright; her son and daughter-in-law, Phi Beta Sigma member Randall and Crystal Wright, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; grandsons


Andrew John and Reid Christopher; and inlaws Dennis and Elvina Clay, a member of Zeta Phi Beta. She was also supported by nieces Gail and Shelia Garrett, both members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.


1734 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 20009


Spring/Summer 2016 Archon  

The Archon magazine is the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Spring/Summer 2016 Archon  

The Archon magazine is the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.