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Research&Analytic innovation

Research&Analytic innovation


Research&Analytic innovation

Successful marketing begins with

effective research.


Research&Analytic innovation

Today’s Consumer: Connected, Collaborative and in Control


Research&Analytic innovation

Easiest way to ask.

Fastest way to know.


Research&Analytic innovation

Internet & cellular based research They’re interacting with one another in so many novel ways.

How will you interact with them?


Research&Analytic innovation

How do you know which ideas truly have commercial potential? How do you determine how much potential they have? How do you know what your target customers think? And how do you get the data you need to make decisions—quickly and without breaking the budget?

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Research&Analytic innovation

The rules of the game are changing. Facing real challenges like elusive consumers and fast-moving markets, combined with the pressure to do more, faster, and with a higher degree of accuracy leads us to a new tool:

Mobile research.

Research&Analytic innovation

lets you understand what your actual shoppers, event attendees, and more are thinking right at the point of experience: o As they consider your product. o As they experience your sponsored event o As they go through the out-of-box process with your new product. o While they are watching your advertising.

lets you get and view feedback from your actual customers or attendees (not just research panelists) about their experiences in real-time and without the delays or intrusions of traditional methods.

Research&Analytic innovation

Small in stature, big in importance. Understanding Kids and Teens: Don’t let their diminutive statures fool you— there’s nothing small about the younger generation as a market segment.

For the first time in Israel allows access to thoughts of tweens (6-13). An innovative online Tweens panel offers a new way to better understand this important segment. 9

Research&Analytic innovation

Children are comfortable with the online environment; the current kid generation is the first one to grow up with this medium. Conducting research online is visual and engaging, with no interviewer bias. The Internet allows for interacting with the child in his or her natural environment—the home.

can also be used to explore what moms and dads are talking about to help build relevant kid-driven—and parent-acceptable—ideas. 10

Research&Analytic innovation

Learn Continuously—And Learn More You get a broader, deeper understanding of what a “good” result is, drawn from the continuum of your research activities. And your projects become a source of hard data that provides meaningful, strategic guidance about service.

Use ongoing event driven customer feedback to improve customer experience and service management.


Research&Analytic innovation

How can I extract more value from my research? By combining qualitative and quantitative online research methods and expertise, we help you understand the market landscape and find the white space opportunities for success.



Research&Analytic innovation

Zeta Tools is a provider of on-demand market research, giving companies and individuals the ability to understand their target customers through innovative approaches based on advanced technology and research expertise. Zeta Tools provides organizations with unique access to their target markets—to uncover unmet needs, reduce time to market for new products, and capture more market share.

Our differentiated approaches combine technology expertise with research and analytic innovation.


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Research&Analytic innovation

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Successful marketing begins with effective research.