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Wednesday, May 25, 2011




COME, MAKE MONEY with Most people in the U.S. sacrifice family time for a stable job positions that offer better salaries, prestige and financial security. The standard job is history! If you want to achieve real financial security, you must begin by starting your own business with Zermat. When starting your own business, it is important to consider the opportunity mass consumption products and beauty & health lines of products offer. It is critical to recognize the solid positioning of the Zermat brand, a name of recognition in the marketplace that better supports your sales efforts and allows you to easily promote your independent business. The outstanding benefits of our innovative Business Plan make your job much easier. Zermat offers financial stability due to the excellent Compensation Plan that allows you to earn for your team’s sales, providing and incomparable opportunity and a reliable source of income for your and your family’s future.

Real financial stability and job security are only achieved when becoming your own boss‌ and Zermat offers this opportunity! Come and make money with us. Share the news and invite others to be part of the Zermat Success!

Quote of the Week

A Leader is capable of making a vision become reality.

You are the BEST at Welcoming!

And to keep up the excellent job you are doing, we bring a new tool that will make your efforts in inviting others to join your business even more successful.

Purchase our new

“Come, Let’s make Money” flyer Your best way to make that first move friendly, in approaching prospects, is to communicate every great advantage Zermat has to offer.

Bilingual flyer including information on: • Business Plan • Products • Tools • Communication • Services Available • Benefits • Your contact information spot

Price per Unit

3 piece packets

$ Code 00528

Code P03528



Only 2 days left for our SUMMER BLAST OFFERS!


Pick your preferred

Zermat Fragrance Collection EDT for Him % discount and obtain on a matching EDP For Her.


Special Consultant Price

$8.40ea Important: Valid from May 24-27, 2011. Subject to stock availability during the time of promotion. Back orders, returns or exchanges not allowed. Purchase applies towards points to qualify for travel and incentive prizes. The 40% discount on a Zermat Fragrance Collection EDP for Her is only applicable when purchasing a ZFC EDT for Him. Both fragrances must belong to the same ZFC family.

Senzuel Code 110525 Vivaze Code 110526 Distinzion Code 110527 Zentimento Code 110528



Zermat Fit

Receive this practical Zermat Fit Sports Water Bottle and Pedometer Kit.

Reveal a perfectly

healthy body

with Zermat fit

Go for a 30-minute walk every day and keep track of your exercise routine with your NEW PEDOMETER. You will be surprised of the amazing results! Begin your new Zermat Fit routine TODAY and remember: Drink plain water during the day, at least 3 Lt. (102 fl.oz) per day.

Zermat Fit is an excellent supplement, 100% Natural easy to consume with excellent benefits for your body.

For more information visit



Walking is healthy

Zermat Fit

30 daily minutes can prevent serious hearth conditions. Here are the main benefits of walking: • Less headaches, back pain and muscle spasms • Less anxiety, tension or mood swings • Improves depression • Prevents insomnia • Reduces emotional fatigue • Lowers high blood pressure • Eliminates boredom

Take advantage of walking and Zermat Fit: Purchase your Zermat Fit System and obtain a free pedometer, to make your walks productive and fun!

For more information visit



BULLS: A great Spanish Tradition. But, What is a Bullfight?

To explain what a bullfight is, is an arduous task as it presents a corseted spectacle very different from any other and as every art, it is always different. However, we can consider it a repetitive ritual, but always fun. The commonly named “Fiesta Brava” is a festivity, usually featuring three “matadors” or bullfighters dealing with six bulls, two per bullfighter. The bullfighters perform their task in order of seniority. Therefore, the first matador deals with the first bull, the second with the second bull and so forth. The start of the race opens with the little walk, a kind of parade before the public attending the show. Two alguacilillos open this courtship, and cross the plaza is the presidency, which is in charge of opening the “door of the bullpen (where bulls are kept). Behind the gates are the three fighters, followed by the crew members, which includes three flaggers and two picks. Appearing at the end of the procession come the porters and mules to drag the bull out of the field once he dies. When the key has been delivered and the procession has retired, the bullpen door opens. The bull goes on the square, and thus begins the fight. The bullfighter keeps communication with his crew at all times while he struggles with the animal, trying to subdue him. An exciting yet impressive event to all attendees!

This is an exhilarating experience you can live…only in Spain! Follow the path to thrilling times at our International Getaway 2011.

The run for our 2011 International Getaway Spain has begun:All your purchases and recruitment beginning March 1, 2011 count for your participation. Follow the path to Spain!



NEW Products

Let Body Evolution do the 24-hour job ... And look great this Summer! Advanced technology for the perfect figure


Innovative formula enriched with the latest active ingredients Bodyfith and Unislym, which sculpt your body with a formula that offers Anti-Flabbiness, Ultra Firming, and Skin Restructuring benefits.

High-performance Body Reduction Night Treatment

Special Consultant Price


with the latest technology formula (PHYTOSONIC™) actively reduces and sculpts your body while you sleep. Helps reduce your size and noticeably reduces the appearance of cellulitis. It significantly reduces the accumulation of fat in specific areas mainly the buttocks, thighs, and abdominal area. It’s the perfect complement to the ULTRA HDB (sculpting body cream) day.



Producto Favorito




MAY 16th- 28th MAYO 16- 28

Invokes and provokes INVOCA Y PROVOCA





Invoca y provoca este mes de las madres con la

sofisticacion de Malicia!

MALICIA SET Code - Código PF1052 Malicia EDP 3.38 oz. Regular Price/ Precio Normal $64.50 Eau de Parfum Malicia 100 ml. CONSULTANT PRICE Precio Asesora Malicia Moisturized and Scented Body Cream 5 oz. Crema Perfumada y Humectante para Cuerpo Malicia 150 g. $ .50


TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Valid with your $100.00 purchase or more at Consultant’s price. Total does not include non-saleable, taxes or shipping charges. 2. PRODUCTO FAVORITO purchase applies towards special contests and events. Commission valid offer. 3. No exchanges or returns will be accepted.

NOTA IMPORTANTE 1. Estos Productos estarán disponibles por $100.00 ó más de Compras (P.A) y no incluyen Ayudas de Ventas, Impuestos, ni costos de envío. 2. La compra del Paquete PRODUCTO FAVORITO, SÍ es comisionable, SÍ cuenta para concursos y eventos. 3. No se aceptan cambios ni devoluciones.

Exclusive promotion for Independent Beauty Consultants. Oferta exclusiva para Asesores de Belleza independiente Zermat. Maximum of 3 sets per Consultant. Podrás adquirir máximo 3 sets. *Just for you leader, if you have submitted during the last month two or more new recruitments with orders, you are eligible for two or more sets of these 3 following promos (the number of sets will depend on total of new recruitments with orders submitted). At Zermat, we value your leadership! * Para ti Líder sí el mes pasado has ingresado con pedido Dos o más Nuevos Reclutamientos, puedes adquirir dos o más Sets de estas 3 promociones (el número de sets dependerán de tu Número de Nuevos Reclutamientos con Pedido). Un beneficio a tí por tu ardua labor de Reclutamiento.




Your hard work is acknowledged with wonderful prizes you must win:

Por esto tú mereces ganarte todos estos fabulosos regalos y sentirte satisfecho de tu exitosa labor.

Level/NivelCheck 1

Level/Nivel 3 Level/Nivel 2 on the rules at, to obtain these wonderful gifts!

Enjoy your exercise routines by TAKING YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC WHEREVER YOU GO with this awesome MP3 Player

with Pedometer and Video

Has tus rutinas de ejercicio más entretenidas llevando tu música favorita contigo


Benefit from nutritive fruits and vegetables and MAINTAIN


HABITS with this practical Big Boss Blender + 6 Piece Meal on The Go

Aliméntate bien y aprovecha los beneficios de las frutas y verduras con éste práctico SET DE 6 ENVASES PLÁSTICOS Y LICUADORA

A GREAT TOOL AT HOME OR OFFICE in this functional HP®

Wireless All-in-One Printer: print, copy, scan or fax. Cuatro funciones que te ayudarán en tu casa u oficina con está increíble IMPRESORA HEWLETT PACKARD ® 4 en 1: Imprime, copia, escanea o envía faxes.

print, copy, scan & fax

16 pc SET/ Set de 16 piezas

It is yours... For your puchase of Es tuyo por la compra de Precio Asesor(a).


A fantastic gift you can enjoy... For your ADDITIONAL purchase of por tu compra adicional de


SALES- BASED PROMOTION RULES: 1. For your Personal Purchase of $500.00 at Consultant Price, you obtain a MP3 PLAYER based on commissionable products purchase cumulative during May 2011. 2. For your additional Personal Purchase of $250.00 you obtain a BIG BOSS BLENDER + 6 PIECE MEAL ON THE GO Set ($750.00 Accumulated Personal Purchase). 3. For your additional Personal Purchase of $250.00 you obtain a HP® Wireless All-in-One Printer ($1,000.00 Accumulated Personal Purchase).


(Accumulated Personal Purchase) (Compra Personal acumulada)

With your ADDITIONAL purchase of $1,000.00 por tu compra adicional de (Accumulated Personal Purchase)


(Compra Personal acumulada)

BASES DE LA PROMOCIÓN POR VENTAS: 1. Por la Compra de $500.00 Precio Asesor(a), se hace acreedor a un REPRODUCTOR DE MP3. Acumulable durante el mes de mayo de 2011. El monto es correspondiente a Producto Comisionable. 2. Por $250.00 adicionales de Compra Personal, se hace accreedor a un SET DE 6 ENVASES PLÁSTICOS Y LICUADORA ( Compra Personal Acumulada de $750.00) 3. Por $250.00 adicionales de Compra Personal, se hace accreedor a una IMPRESORA HEWLETT PACKARD ® 4 en 1 (Compra Personal Acumulada de $1,000.00)



We would like to inform you that in observance of the

Memorial Day Holiday

Our Houston Corporate office, Zermat Business Center and our Zermat Distribution Centers will be closed Monday, May 30, 2011. Hope you celebrate and honor this historic holiday!



Be ready to watch every THURSDAY

IN ACTION An exciting and informative TV segment where you will learn everything about our outstanding products. Watch us at Houston Te Ve every Thursday at 10:30 pm Channel 61 or Channel 3 for Cable

This Show will be transmitted only at Houston,TX




LET´S MAKE MONEY! • Begin today with Zermat and win with no limit! • We offer all the programs and tools you need to make money while you sleep. • You can establish your own business and bring in new people to join you, increasing your revenue. • As a business owner, you have control of your time and destiny. THIS IS AN INCOMPARABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AND AN IMMEDIATE SOURCE OF INCOME! And our Zermat team is ready to help and welcome you, offering the best and most personalized service possible, with the friendliest and most accurate attention, striving to support your efforts in making more money and growing through the exciting journey to your Zermat Success!

For more information about promotions, contest rules, and Zermat benefits, visit


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Conoce todas las promociones y articulos interesantes que Zermat tiene para ti.

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