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We have chosen our international destination: The Caribbean Paradise! A place full of COLOR and LIFE

A wonderful full experience... ยกAn exceptional place!

What awaits us in the Caribbean?

Galveston, Texas In Galveston the possibilities for new experiences are limitless. It is only an hour away from Houston. Here you can discover historical homes from the 19th century, modern and elegant restaurants, famous shops and clubs, and endless attractions and events that you will love.

Roatan, Honduras You can discover the beautiful island of Honduras, completely Caribbean, and home to the largest coral reef in the world, without a doubt an island full of life. Among its major attractions there are: -  The Butterfly Garden. -  The Iguana Farm. -  The Carambola Gardens.


Belize can be found between Mexico and Guatemala, here you will find extreme biodiversity and lots of history, you will see lots of different ecosystems, beautiful mangroves, forests, natural reserves, and spectacular archaeological ruins. You will see with your own eyes why Belize is known as “The Jewel�.

Cozumel, Mexico You will discover a captivating paradise with beautiful beaches and incredible sunsets, you will enjoy traditional Mayan dances and incredible reefs. It is the perfect place for a great time.

But what is a Cruise Experience Like? There is an endless list of activities that you can take part in aboard the Cruise ship, you will not have time to be bored! -  You will enjoy the best live shows such as: Broadway on the Sea, spectacular ice skating, acrobats in the aquatic theater, etc. -  Dance until you drop in a variety of clubs such as: the 70’s Club, Ballroom dancing, Salsa rooms, Karaoke, and live Bands. -  Thousands of activities where you can enjoy parades, themed nights, game nights, outdoor movies, etc. -  Enjoy the best meals, with more than 15 restaurants that will be at your disposal 24 hours a day

But what is a Cruise Experience Like ? -  Don’t forget the incredible Casinos, where you can put your practice to good use. -  There are several jacuzzi and pool areas with many activities to get to know new people like you who are enjoying the pleasures of life. -  And if you want to pamper yourself on the boat you will find several spas and areas of relaxation.

All this and much more will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

You can successfully reach 100% of your goals and be a Winning Leader ! START BY IDENTIFYING YOUR LEADERSHIP LEVEL: Leadership Level

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KEEP IN MIND THESE IMPORTANT NOTES:   Sales invoiced under the Category “A” and are commissionable will count from October 1 to March 31, 2014. Always and when they are paid in full by end of contest period.   Each point equals ONE DOLLAR in personal purchases of COMMISSIONABLE PRODUCTS in category “A”.   You must remain active during the contest period and the date of the trip.   The required recruitments must be personal and be active (With their minimum purchase) during the promotional period and paid in full before the end of the contest period, March 31, 2014.   The lowest leadership level to maintain participation during the contest period is Zermat Leader.   To be a WINNER of this contest you must complete 100% of the sales and recruitment goals by March 31, 2014.   Independent Business Owners must complete the personal recruitment and personal group sales goals according to the goal table and the highest leadership level that each Consultant has obtained during the period of July, August, and September 2013.


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The trip is NOT transferable, refundable, or exchangeable. The Consultants that cannot travel due to health and/or documentation must notify of this no later than April 10, 2014 to receive the alternate prizes: Option 1: $500.00 bonus and $500.00 in products at catalog pricing. Option 2: Disney: 3 days and 2 nights for one Adult with a 3 day paid pass to all the parks. Western Regional – Disner California, Eastern Region – Disney Orlando. The prize will be for the Disney park closest to your city. Sales aids, taxes, freight, missing products, and credit notes do NOT county towards points for this contest. In the case of descending in appointment during the contest period, you must comply with the requirements for the appointment with which you started the contest, which would be the highest appointment during July, August, and September, in their entirety or you may lose the prize. If you would like to bring a guest you must complete the total of the goals necessary according to the goal table to bring a guest. Trips cannot be offered in triplicate by meeting the goals in triplicate, the maximum for this trip is one guest under the same Business Owner. In the case of winning a trip for a guest, they will be a guest of your choice, always and when they are not a higher ranking leader in your organization or a Zermat leader that is NOT in your organization. This contest is only for people 18 years or older and Independent Zermat Business Owners. If you ascend in appointment during the contest, you will keep the same goals with which you began the contest. If you are an Elite or Star during the contest, you must maintain your leadership level during the entire promotional period for the discount rules and goals established in the Klub Elite All Elites and Stars must complete 100% of the recruitment goals.

The Contest Period October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. You can reach this incredible goal!

This incredible trip includes: ⚓  Necessary ground or air transportation to where the Cruise boards. ⚓  Cost of the Cruise leaving Galveston, TX with taxes and gratuity included. ⚓  Food and activities scheduled by Zermat. All charges mentioned before, during, and after the International Trip not mentioned in the rules must be paid by the person who incurred those costs, (For Example: Tours, alcohol, taxis, additional services such as Spa, etc.) Zermat is not responsible for luggage that is lost or overweight. Phone calls and/or expenses not scheduled are not included.

Points will be published monthly no later than the 13th of every month at: Or you can consult with our Zermat Business Center Executives

As this an International Trip, please remember the following: ⚓  * United States passport (if you are a U.S. citizen). ⚓  * If you are not a U.S. citizen 9 you and/or your guests) you must bring: ⚓  * Valid Passport. ⚓  * Valid American Visa or American Resident Card.

So‌.. PUT YOUR PLAN INTO ACTION TO REACH THIS INCREDIBLE GOAL! Remeber that you can always count on your Sponsor Leader, your Regional Zermat Manager, and our Business Center to resolve any doubts. We want all of our Leaders aboard and we want to see you there with us! THE ADVENTURE BEGINS NOW!

International Gataway 2014  
International Gataway 2014