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Discover what it means to be part of‌

Becoming an Elite Executive means you have reached a very important leadership level with Zermat!

Enjoy Public

Recognitions for your Success:

• Your picture will be posted on the

“ Zermat Wall of Success” • We will publish your in Zermat News.

Success Story

• You will have access to exclusive Business meetings. • Other Luxurious Incentives.

By maintaining your Elite Executive status for 6 consecutive months you will be an AUTOMATIC WINNER of … •International Trips. •EUFORIA National Conventions.

Goals for

Conventions and International Trips Look Below to see the privileges being an Elite Executive can bring: If you maintain your Elite Executive Level for:

Percentage of Goals needed to meet Rules will be:

6 Months as an Elite

ยกYou Win!

5 Months as an Elite


4 Months as an Elite


3 Months as an Elite


2 Months as an Elite


1 Months as an Elite


Enjoy VIP TREATMENT at all National and Iternational Trips

Become and Elite Executive and win‌ Participation in exclusive

Klub ELITE gatherings every 4 months. If you maintain your Elite Executive title in the four months previous to the next meeting.

Discover the fabulous financial Benefit

being an ELITE

EXECUTIVE will bring you ‌..

Just for reaching this

prestigious Level!




Get a fantasticBonus as an Elite Executive Elite Executive Will not close during grace period.


Direct Active Zermat Business Owner


Work Material

Required Under Plan

Required Under Plan



$12,600 or more




1st Place Nationally


Additional $200.00


2nd Place Nationally







3rd Place Nationally

All ELITE Executives will compete monthly for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and will position themselves for greater productivity after the personal group purchases reach $12,600.00. Productivity = Direct group and unqualified indirect group.

But if you want To grow even more‌

The STAR DIRECTOR and DIRECTOR EXCELLENCE Levels are waiting for you whit even more financial rewards!

Special Bonus for reaching these Leadership Levels

Star Director Should no close during grace period

Director of Excellence Should no close during grace period

Active Direct Zermat Business Owners 20

Active Direct Zermat Business Owners 20

Bonus $1,300.00 or Car

Bonus $1,500.00 or Car

Now is the time to enjoy the car of your dreams, a luxurious Mercedes Benz u or

other similar car according to agreement.

• An exclusive gala dinner with the Elites from your personal group with transportation and lodging paid for at event location.

• Entry into all Euforia Conventions as long as you keep your leadership level a minimum of 4 months. • Entry into all International Trips as long as you keep your leadership level a minimum of 4 months.

You EARN much more with Zermat! Change your life and the lives of those around you!

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