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Wednesday, February 2, 2010




Only 26 days until the contest dateline for

Your Multilevel Business: One-on-One The one-on-one strategy (1 on 1) is a very effective way to recruit and definitively offers a more personal approach as it provides a friendly window to briefly present the Zermat Business Model to your prospect, allowing the opportunity to discuss questions to easily achieve the goal of recruiting a New Zermat Consultant.

Frase de Quote of la thesemana Week

“El desafío Only 27 more del days liderazgo untilesthesercontest algo más period quefor el promedio.” Euforia 2011 ends!



Follow this tips to ensure success with your one-on-one: 1. Make sure your meeting is short. 30-45 minutes is more than enough to present your plan. 2. Don’t spend a lot of money on the meeting. Getting together for some coffee is perfect. 3. Be clear and concise. Explain clearly how the Business Model works. 4. Do not overwhelm them with information. Make your proposal simple and concise. Avoid unnecessary details, long testimonials, or past stories and focus on what is important. 5. Respect your prospect. Whether they are a friend, a work colleague, or a casual contact, be respectful of them and their business or profession. If they feel you are being respectful and not pushy, then they will be more open to hear what you have to say.

business is to keep it simple and not to mislead people. If you show them how easy it is, then they will see that “They can do it too!” Replicate, that is the secret!



Zermat Fit

Respect your Body Love your Body Love yourself! Your body is your home, and it goes wherever you go: We encourage you to TAKE CARE OF IT the best way you can.


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news We invite you to learn more about the destination for our next convention,

don’t miss out!

El Yunque ( El Yunque Rainforest )

El Yunque Rainforest is a natural reserve located in the Northeastern part of the island of Puerto Rico. Its humidity and diverse flora and fauna exemplify the rainforest. It is one of the most visited attractions in Puerto Rico, featuring an excellent trail system for visitors to be able to enjoy its scenery, still preserving its environment. A place ideal for sports, hiking and refreshing on its rivers and fresh water streams.

”La Coca”

“El Baño Grande” ,

The main waterfall of the Yunque: it is the first point of interest visitors find when entering the park.

one of the few man-made constructions in the Yunque

We invite you to see this and other unforgettable attractions at




Our Favorite Fragrance of the Month E! by Edgardo´s exciting aroma: It’s the perfect essence of the season.

An irresistible fragrance with great personality: Sparkling citrus top notes of BERGAMOT, MANDARIN and GREEN TONE at the heart, with captivating chords of LAVENDER, GERANIUM, and GINGER, and seductive bottom notes of SANDALWOOD, VETIVER, and PATCHOULI.

Special Consultant Price


Code: PF102



The time of love and romance has arrived... Live Valentines with Zermat. Remember there are only 26 days left to qualify as participant of this spectacular convention anual

Experience this incredible and unforgettable experience with Zermat!

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Thank you!

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