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On Your Mark, Get Set, Recruit!!

GROW your organization, Earn $$, and get the opportunity To win fantastic PRIZES With Zermat.

MARCH 1st – APRIL 1st

Compete for your REGION and reach SUCCESS 1. Talk to people about your SUCCESSFUL Business. 2. Identify people and/or events where you can find prospective recruits. 3. Recruit people who want additional income.


Remember Your Goal The more people You RECRUIT, the better the Chances of your REGION being The WINNER


NOW IS THE TIME to take your Position as a Successful and Great Leader! Take advantage of every tool you have such as your Zermat Catalog, Specials, Offers, Events, Workshops, and most importantly the POSITIVE ENERGY that shines through the entire Zermat Family that with a UNITED VOICE that tells the country: COME, MAKE MONEY WITH ME!

The top 10 Recruiters from each Region can also win the following Prizes ‌ 1st place

2nd place


3rd place

The idea is to help all of our Consultants increase their Sales Groups and therefore become a more productive Independent Business. We hope that the region classification generates Regional benefits, so we are starting this year with THE ZERMAT RECRUITATHON: the exclusive benefit for the Region Winner is the opportunity to be able to recruit with a special Kit only for that region during the month of April. 1st Place 1 Slow Cooker

1 Black Laptop Case 1 Suitcase 24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

4th place

1 Jewelry Box 1 Sandwich Grill 1 Personal Coffee Maker 24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

1 PopCorn Maker 1 Gold Laptop Case 1 Waffle Maker 24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

5th place

6th to 10th place STARTER KIT

Regular Price $24.90

Special Price $19.90


Regular Price $59.90 1 Coffee Cup Set 1 Thermos Set 1 Hair Dryer 24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

1 Kitchen Bowl Set 1 Chopper and Grater Set

24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

1 Prizzler Set

1 Spice Rack 24 Spring-Summer Catalogs

PARTICIPATION RULES: 1. All Independent Zermat Entrepreneurs are eligible to participate. 2. The Zermat Entrepreneur must be active and make a purchase during the month of March. 3. To participate to win prizes, you must gain a specific number of New Personal Recruitments: For the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes you must have a minimum of 6 New Recruitments, for 4th and 5th place prizes you must have a minimum of 5 New Recruitments, and for 6th-10th place prizes you must have a minimum of 3 New Recruitments. 4. The new Recruitments can register from March 1 – April 1 with either of the 2 available kits. 5. To receive prizes the New Recruitments will be reviewed to make sure they are Personal Recruits and that their invoices for their purchase of $125.00 in commissionable products is paid by April 1. 6. ALL Zermat Entrepreneurs can participate even if they only have 1 New Recruitment. The more you enter, the better opportunity your region has to WIN! 7. The WINNING region will have the opportunity to recruit with a special kit exclusive to that region for the month of April. 8. All 6 Regions will participate. 9. Prizes for recruitment winners will be delivered starting April 10, 2013. 10. If there is a tie among the winners, the total volume of purchases from the new recruitments during the contest month will be taken into account.

Recruitathon 2013  
Recruitathon 2013  

Recruitathon 2013