Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is currently observing and studying his externship with Dr. RD Prabhu, MD (Board Certified in Critical Care,Pulmonology, Sleep Studies, and Internal Medicine). A driven leader across industries, Zeeshan is determined to make a difference and have a positive, inspiring impact on others.

In addition to consulting, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy also promotes various blood drives and 5Ks to encourage healthy lifestyles in both children and adults. Living a long and healthy life shouldn’t be considered luxury but an easily-attained goal, and Zeeshan endeavors to make this a reality for as many people as he can.

Recently, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy published his first book, The Healthy Alphabet Book, an educational children’s alphabet book that teaches the alphabet, as well as fun facts about healthy food.