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We’re creating something new The most sought-after office space in the greater Helsinki area

Office premises for the future of your company Smart premises that respond to the needs of your business and personnel increase productivity and occupational well-being in your company; they are a success factor and contributor to your company image, affecting the future of the company in an essential way. New methods of working, development of technology and rapidly changing trends put companies in an ever tighter competitive situation that requires, among other things, new solutions in the working environment. Therefore, solutions for office premises also involve a change in operations, making work more efficient and often building a new kind of company culture. Skanska is a strong partner for you in this versatile process; utilize our international expertise in office premises and experience to benefit your company and personnel.

Skanska will provide you with the latest research information and tools for designing the premises for your company. Skanska carried out a Leesman Index survey in its own office in the spring of 2016. Skanska’s customers have made use of the construction time in an exemplary fashion to complete the change process in their operations. You’ll receive useful information and tips on how to utilize the move into new premises to develop your organization and create a new working culture. Skanska helps you discover new opportunities in your organization and offers insight into the successful concepts of other companies.

Aviabulevardi I & II

Lintulahti Corner

On the Ring Rail Line, beside the airport

In a creative district, Sörnäinen

Skanska is building new opportunities together with you. Skanska’s facility team supports your company’s business in office design. We assess your company’s business and special needs and help you find more competitive ability, the right location and an optimal working environment for your personnel. Together, we will study the success factors of your company, which location and what kind of work spaces are needed, which investments are worth making, and which spaces should be shared with others. What kind of work will actually take place in the office and what are the premises most needed for? What kind of role does remote work have in your company and how will work change in the future? Skanska will offer you strong, experience-based viewpoints to these questions, new tools and customer references that you can utilize in the planning of your company operations.

Contact us, we’re just a phone call away. Eero Ojala

Michael Ekström

tel. +358 40 560 1243

tel. +358 40 680 4500


Manskun rasti


On the western Helsinki metro line

In the junction of Mannerheimintie and Hakamäentie

Downtown Helsinki, in Hietalahti

Aviabulevardi II Expert location. Aviapolis in Vantaa has rapidly become one of the most desirable office areas. It’s no wonder; the modern and elegant Aviabulevardi office buildings offer companies excellent opportunities for success in the immediate vicinity of an international airport, on the Ring Rail Line, and the main routes of the greater Helsinki area. A second Premium-level office building, Aviabulevardi II, will be constructed beside the successful Aviabulevardi I. Unique environment for growth and internationalization The Aviapolis area is rapidly developing into a center of services, living and working, attracting dynamic companies which are pioneers in their fields. A journey of just a few minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the numerous hotels located in the vicinity offer opportunities for international networking. The Ring Rail Line takes you straight to Aviabulevardi’s modern multi-space offices unhindered by traffic jams. Up to 600 buses and trains arrive in the area each day. Drivers are also offered plenty of parking space and excellent connections along main routes to the entire greater Helsinki area and

Contact Michael: +358 40 680 4500,

elsewhere in the country. A lively and vibrant environment adds to the comfort of the area where, in addition to offices, apartments, and a diverse range of services will be located.

Aviabulevardi II is now taking reservations – eco-efficient and flexible office space on your company’s terms The new, LEED environmental certification-compliant office building, Aviabule­ vardi II, offers open and bright office space, which can be tailored according to your company’s needs. The six-story building takes the different needs of companies into account in its unique flexibility; the

premises can be modified into different-sized multi-space environments as customers’ spatial needs change. Spaces of different sizes are available from 150 m2, and stylish showroom spaces are found on the ground level. Thanks to modern building technology, the indoor conditions in Aviabulevardi II are always ideal, and the energy efficiency of the premises is top level. Excellent indoor air quality, a large amount of natural light, and acoustics that support working reduce sick leaves and increase comfort. Aviabulevardi II is designed on people’s terms to support modern working and your company’s competitive ability.

Openness and being within easy reach are essential for Solteq. Solteq Oyj has now centralized its greater Helsinki area operations in Aviabulevardi. The company offers solutions for multi-channel commerce control and digital sales and marketing. ”A new, flexible multi-space office enables a new way of working and improves both spatial and operational efficiency,” CEO Repe Harmanen says. ”The location, in a hub of road, rail, and air traffic, is an absolute benefit for us in terms of both our nationwide and international operations.”

”A modern multi-space office improves the flow of information and increases openness,” says Solteq’s HR Director Mari Kuha. ”When designing the premises, we emphasized a meeting place-type of thinking. There’s a lot of open space, and workstations aren’t named. Remote work has significantly increased and there are a lot of customer visits and business trips, so workstations have been reserved in the open space for only half of the total number of personnel. These premises also connect our entire personnel in a new way; here, our employees coming from other areas can find a natural place for themselves and feel welcome. Interaction increases, and the company culture intensifies. Openness, comfort, and work ergonomics have received only positive feedback from our personnel.”

”Office premises have a great effect on a company’s brand image. I believe that our new premises also make it easier to recruit new employees,” Mari Kuha says.

Aviabulevardi II, Vantaa Complies with the LEED environmental certification

In the immediate vicinity of a Ring Rail Line station

Diverse meeting and office services

7,400 m2 of modern, flexible office space

Plenty of parking space

Full hotel services right next door

Less than half an hour to downtown Helsinki by train

Just a few minutes from the airport

Completion time early 2018

Aviabulevardi I is ready for moving in Aviabulevardi I fulfills expectations on high-quality facilities and excellent service. The building, full of light, is impressive and modern while being comfortable and inviting. Companies that have settled in the building utilize Aviabulevardi I’s possibilities as multi-space offices in a unique and smart way. With the help of new spatial solutions, it is possible to take into use new, even more efficient operating methods, increase personnel’s influence and improve work motivation. Aviabulevardi I is a genuine forerunner in office premises for internationalization- and growth-oriented companies. The trust in the future and opportunities for success was tangible in the opening ceremony. The opening of Aviabulevardi I was celebrated in an exciting atmosphere in April 2016.

Services cover everything from social receptions to remote meetings, from access control to meeting services and recycling.

Aviabulevardi is no bland office building; it offers companies versatile and flexible space to work and develop.

Aviabulevardi looks confidently to the future. It has space and opportunities for networking and interaction.

Trimico chose functional premises for creative IT work. Trimico Oy, which offers software services for transport and mobile work management, reduced its floor area while increasing efficiency and functionality. ”Our new premises in the Aviabulevardi I office building enable the flexible creation of project-specific teams and their operation in the same space,” says CEO Jarmo Laitinen. This improves the flow of information, which is essential in IT work, and thus also the efficiency and productivity of the work.” The personnel’s wishes were taken into account in the design of the premises. In Trimico, representatives of each team or personnel group were involved in the preparation of the new office space project. ”For software designers, who do creative work, the salary isn’t the only or even the most important motivation, but in addition interesting work, a good and inspiring working community and working environment affect the choice of job,” says Jarmo Laitinen.

Lintulahti Corner Full-service office premises near the heart of the city. Nautical and urban Sörnäistenranta has rapidly become one of the most desirable office areas. Skanska is constructing a full-service office building called Lintulahti Corner on the last available lot in this ready-built urban environment. Space can now be reserved in the newest office building in this sought-after area! Modern space with a sea view The eight-floor office building provides approximately 11,500 m2 of adaptable office space in a highly visible site in a traditional environment.

An inspiring environment and fast connections A busy urban setting, proximity to the sea, the diverse nature of the area, and services create an inspiring and comfortable work environment. The rapidly developing Kalasatama business and residential area further increases the appeal of the Sörnäinen district.

Lintulahti Corner is just a few minutes away from the city center and the main roads. Tram and bus stops are right around the corner, and it takes less than ten minutes to walk to the metro. Drivers have direct access to the Itäväylä and Lahdentie highways and from there to the Ring Roads. Lintulahti Corner is a carefree and safe choice for your company. You can select the appropriate services for your company and concentrate on your core business.

Contact Michael: +358 40 680 4500,

Lintulahti Corner, Kaikukatu 6, Helsinki Complies with the LEED environmental certification

The building has its own lunch restaurant

A seaside location

Close proximity to public transport stops

Approximately 130 parking places

Construction will begin in a customer-oriented manner

Numerous cafés, shops, and lunch restaurants located nearby

Located on a main route

Manskun Rasti Manskun Rasti will reach its full size when the next two office buildings are added to the city silhouette: Talisman and Lilly. All four of the Manskun Rasti buildings will meet the requirements of the LEED environmental certification. You’re already there at Manskun Rasti Located at the corner of Hakamäentie and Mannerheimintie, Manskun Rasti comprises four modern office buildings. Skanska’s Finnish headquarters is located in the first building. The corner building Neptun was completed next on the site’s prime location. The construction of the third and fourth buildings, Talisman and Lilly, is planned to begin during 2016. The entire Manskun Rasti is scheduled to be complete in 2018.

Visible and functional A top location on the city’s main route, uncompromising construction quality, and energy-efficient modern facilities make Manskun Rasti offices some of the most sought-after workspaces in the city. The premises are constructed to be adaptable and equipped with modern technology to support working. The energy efficiency and indoor air of the buildings will be top quality. Manskun Rasti offers comfortable and visible premises with good services.

Contact Eero: +358 40 560 1243,

Manskun Rasti, Mannerheimintie 115–117, Helsinki Complies with the LEED environmental certification Awards:

Worksite of the Year 2011 Information Modeling Site of the Year 2011 International Information Modeling Site of the Year 2011

More than 500 parking places under the buildings

12 km to the airport

Charging points for electric cars

More than 1,000 daily bus departures

5.7 km downtown by bicycle

Good employee and catering restaurants

5 minutes to Pasila Station 15 minutes to downtown by tram

Construction will begin in a customer-oriented manner

Niittymaa Move your headquarters to an innovation environment. A growing number of successful companies have already moved closer to the Länsiväylä motorway. Leading companies in many industries are located in Keilaniemi, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä, and the attraction of the area will only increase with the completion of the western Helsinki metro line, Länsimetro. A new, innovative and eco-efficient office facility comprising about 19,000 m2 and housing up to 1,000 jobs is being built just 300 meters from the future metro station.

can benefit from the networking opportunities of a rapidly growing innovation environment and out­ standing connections to the entire greater Helsinki area.

A site for a growth company and a place for the headquarters

Contact us soon and get premises designed for your company

Niittymaa is seamlessly linked to the Otaniemi campus and Keilaniemi’s business innovation environment, which is the largest high-technology cluster in the Nordic countries. The area offers a unique combination of education, research, and business. This is a place where your company

Two office buildings are planned for the site, with the possibility of building a connection between them. A parking hall for more than 500 cars will also be built. The designs can be tailored to the needs of your company, so contact us soon.

Ask for more information about the opportunities that Niittymaa can offer! Contact Eero: +358 40 560 1243,

Niittymaa, Espoo Complies with the LEED environmental certification

Diverse meeting and office services

300 m to the Niittykumpu metro station Fast metro and road network connections to the greater Helsinki area

More than 500 indoor parking places Close to the services of Tapiola and Matinkylä shopping centers

Construction will begin in a customer-oriented manner

Telakkaranta Office premises in the city’s new living room. The historical Telakkaranta dock district in Hietalahti is being reinvented and will become part of the city center. It will be home to a busy meeting place for city residents that combines culture, housing, work, and leisure time. A new work culture Telakkaranta’s inspiring architecture, the sea, and the pulse of the city provide the ideal setting for a new work culture. The new peakedroof, brick buildings blend in naturally with the old dock buildings and Punavuori. The beach-front boulevard with its cafÊs, restaurants, and guest marinas is pulsing with life around the clock.

Modern office facilities surrounded by city services An active city milieu and ready-built infrastructure offer all the necessary services and fast public transport connections. Among other things

Hietalahti Market Hall and the shops, restaurants and businesses of Bulevardi and Punavuori are located nearby. The new office buildings blend in with the traditional environment, while simultaneously offering modern premises, light, space, and very environmentally efficient facilities for companies. Quality office space in a valuable location is being built according to the LEED environmental certification. The starting point is meeting the requirements for a modern work environment: adaptability, flexibility, and innovative solutions that support expert work.

Ask for more information about the opportunities that Telakkaranta can offer! Contact Eero: +358 40 560 1243,

Telakkaranta, Helsinki Complies with the LEED environmental certification

Close proximity to public transport stops

Hietalahti Market Hall and diverse services located nearby

On the shore of Hietalahti Bay

Construction will begin in a customer-oriented manner

Contact: Eero Ojala +358 40 560 1243 Michael Ekström +358 40 680 4500

The most sought-after business facilities in the greater Helsinki area are located along the metro and Ring Rail Line. Ring Rail Line Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Aviabulevardi Ring R oad III


v äyl ä

n Hämeenl i n

us Tu


g Rin

d III Roa

lä väy an

Ring Road I

dI g Roa Rin

äylä env L a hd

Manskun Rasti Hakamäentie


Lintulahti Corner Telakkaranta

Metro Ring Rail Line

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