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CARBON Lighter & Stronger

The Zeeko Carbon foil comes in 2018 with an improved construction compared to the previous model : • The Zeeko carbon foil is made from a new HM (High Modulus) carbon with a higher modulus value which improves the stiffness and nervousness of the foil. • The adoption of a new carbon fiber allowed us to completely rethink the construction of the foil, and to reduce its weight by 25%. This results in a lighter, stronger, and more maneuverable foil due to weight gain. - An extremely high quality construction. The brand new 2016 2016 foil series are made in Europe using 100% High Modulus Carbon, shaped under high pressure in heated steel mold. - Carbon mast length 1m with an innovative profile, preventing ventilation effect at high speeds. Mast is made using UD and Bi-Axis carbon reducing torsion and flexion. - Carbon made and profiled fuselage. The fuselage is 25% more rigid thanks to its design. Also, the added flat part on the bottom of the fuselage increases by 10% the lift of the hydrofoil during the take off. This feature allows to use smaller wings and increases the maneuverability of the hydrofoil without detriment to take off speed. - 3 different front wings available. Suits all styles. We developed 3 different kinds of front wing : > Race : upwind and race competition > Freeride : Wave / Freeride / Beginners > Speed : Speed / Jumps Each wing is designed to fit the requirements of each riding style. Dihedral, profile design, thickness and center of effort are tuned to match the riding program. Only many years of knowledge and experience in terms of R&D and design can answer this. The result is unprecedented. - Adjustable yaw effect. The yaw effect can be very detrimental for a beginner, but for a wave rider, there is no fun in hydrofoil without the yaw effect decreasing the turning radius. To suit all riders, we developed vertical fins you can change to tune the yaw effect. The taller the vertical fin is, the less yaw effect you get, helping you during your first stages. To broaden your experiences, we developed several vertical fins (2 sizes), using the same distance between screws as twin tip fins? No need to cut your back wings anymore to ride in waves !


- Finishing made in the mold. Graphics and finish process are made directly in the mold (new innovative building method). This way, there is no varnish added after the molding process, the finish is unbeatable and the precision of the design is maximal.

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- Negative lift stabilizer wing. Stabilizer is a master piece in the foil design. It gives the right equilibrium to a foil. Its profile, its span, its rigidity influence directly the performance and the balance of the hydrofoil. After 24 months of R&D, we introduce a new back wing with 30% less span and with a profile allowing to keep the same balance on the hydrofoil at any speed. The foot pressure distribution is equal at varying speeds. All of our knowledge has been put in this back wing.

Where the others just start to introduce hydrofoil on the market, we offer easy to ride hydrofoils with an unsurpassed performance. It requires a lot of experience to achieve these goals. And we have it ! Ride on flying carpet ! Nicolas CAILLOU Zeeko Boss Hydrofoiler since 2008


T U T T L E B O X or P L A T E 

FOIL CASE Foil delivered with the cover

MAST 100% carbon high modulus (UD / Bi-Axis carbon) Mast length : 100 cm Thickness : 13 mm FUSELAGE The fuselage design creates an extra lift of 10% during take off. This design allows to use smaller wings for the same take off STABILIZER Negative lift stabilizer : more control at low and high speed.

3 FRONT WINGS 3 wings for 3 riding experience 1/ Speed : Span 44 cm
 2/ Freeride : Span 54 cm

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3/ Race : Span 60 cm


(Optional) Cover 2 parts : mast / fuselage & wings

VERTICAL FIN Adaptative vertical fin : > with a tall vertical fin (4 cm) the hydrofoil is very stable (less yaw effect : good for beginners ans racers) > with a small vertical fin the hydrofoil is more fun to ride (for playing in waves). Distance between screws is same as for twin tip boards. (The Carbon foil is sold with the small vertical fin).


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Mini Pocket 108x46 Extreme strapless foil board


Air Race 150x46 Performance board

Zeeko carbon foil 2017 18uk  
Zeeko carbon foil 2017 18uk