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With 7 years of experience in hydrofoil design, ZEEKO’s R & D offices are proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the foils ‘Alloy Series’: The foil dedicated to Windsurf. After months of R & D with our team, we are pleased to reveal the ‘Alloy series’ version of foils dedicated to windsurfing. FEATURES - Aluminum mast and fuselage - Exceptional finish - Profiles and hydrodynamics studied in a digital wind tunnel - Quick fixing plate fo the board, Tuttle or Deep Tuttle - Reinforced board connection - Wide range of wings and vertical fins and different lengths of mast (optional) covering all types of practice PERFORMANCE: The ZEEKO ALLOY windfoil is a very easy and powerful foil. It has a very high stability and allows to progress serenely while having a very good potential of speed (up to 28knots). ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / Ideal for beginners

Yaw effect

Here are the advantages of using an aluminum hydrofoil rather than a carbon one in order to learn how to master the foil: - The length of the mast is variable (70cm or 90cm). You can learn with a 70cm long mast (ideal for the first trials) and progress with a 90cm long mast (ideal for freeride and performance). The balance will be easier to find than with a 1m long mast. - The yaw effect is locked: you get more control (to illustrate the yaw effect, look at the foil of the top and imagine that the rear wing(stabilizer) goes from right to left with fixed point the front wing). - Speed is ​​ more easily controlled. - The price, among the lowest in the market without losing in quality, is a decisive argument for novices.

ZEEKO ALLOY SERIES: A super strong hydrofoil Mast, plate and fuselage All our Alloy series foils are made of a specific aluminum alloy (different from the 6061 alloys of most foils on the market), this alloy makes it possible to increase the stiffness of foils but also to offer unmatched corrosion resistance . Moreover, most foils of the market are only anodized, our foils are anodized AND painted with a paint increasing the glide and therefore the performance of the foil. Fuselage, mast and plate made of a specific alloy anodized and painted

Front and rear wings The profiles of the front and rear wings have been studied and developed for maximum comfort and stability. The wings are made of fiberglass for unprecedented rigidity and unparalleled profile precision. The flat front wing XLW (910cm²) allows a early take off and a maximum speed very comfortable (up to 25knots) The front wing RACE (530cm²) has a anhedral shape for better control of the yaw at high speed. Vertical fin

This fin is interchangeable (standard size: 4.0cm), it offers great stability especially in the yaw axis (ideal for beginners). It can be switched by a higher one (8.0cm) to further reOn the top of the pic the XLW wing, on the bottom duce the yaw or a smaller one (2.5cm) for those looking for maximum maneuverability. the RACE wing The vertical fin is placed underneath to protect the foil when it touches the seabed. SALT WATER & ALLOY

4.0cm vertical fin

The aluminum parts are anodized and painted (exclusive to ZEEKO), offering a double protection. The aluminum used is the most resistant to salt water. The hydrofoil is supplied with T-Gel cream. The T-Gel stops the galvanic corrosion between the stainless steel screws (A4 grade) and the aluminum components and avoids oxidation. It is recommended to use T-Gel for the screws (provided at the time of purchase). All screws are already treated with Tef-Gel when you purchase the hydrofoil.

Quick fixing plate

Quick fixing plate of Tuttle/Deep Tuttle board connexion

The plate of the hydrofoil has been designed for maximum stiffness and durability. Most boards used for windfoiling are not reinforced enough around the tuttle box, and the connection between the board and the hydrofoil must be as rigid as possible. Indeed if the connection between the foil and the board is not rigid enough then the foil is hardly controllable. After months of R & D, we did not validate a simple Tuttle connection (or even Deep Tuttle). We switched for a plate connection that can be combined with a Tuttle case. Therefore no need to reinforce your boards. The stress on the Tuttle box are reduced by 70%. This results in better strength and better foil control. With the plate screwed on 2 US rails under a board, 4 screws are sufficient to connect the foil and it is possible to modify its position under the board (moving forward the foil by 5cm in the light wind for example reduce the speed of the take off). No need to completely unscrew the 4 fixing screws. It is enough to loosen by 1/4 of turn the screws, and the foil is disassembled (no need to turn over the board to unscrew the tuttle box screws). The plate is compatible with all boards of the market with 2 US boxes, usable dimensions: 165X90mm With the tuttle connexion mode (Deep Tuttle compatible), the plate is compatible with all boards of the market with a Tuttle box or Deep Tuttle (position relative to the straps to check). The connection is made by the two screws as a regular fin. Hydrodynamical fuselage and High Performance Mast The fuselage is designed to reduce the hydrodynamic drag. Its length of 77cm allows a very easy control of the hydrofoil and a very good maneuverability. The position of the mat was studied for maximum control especially at high speed. After monthes of tests, it appears the location of the mast on the fuselage and under the board are fundamental. We spent 6 months defining the best angle of the mast and its position for the best performance/easyness ratio. The profile of the mast and its section have been developed for maximum stiffness in torsion and flexion. The mat is stiffer than many carbon masts. This results in unusual foil control.

Standard equipment and options available A full range of ailerons available as an option In 2017, you can use your foil Alloy Series with the XLW front wing. You will also be able to equip the hydrofoil with an optional Race wing allowing you to realize your best runs. All our compatible fins are made of fiberglass and not carbon to avoid problems of electrolysis between the two materials.

R&D team: Pierre Bracar (Sun7), Benjamin AugĂŠ (pro rider), Nicolas Caillou (ZEEKO Boss)

Quick board/plate connexion. Connexion by 2 US rails, Tuttle box or Deep tuttle box). Plate anodized and painted

French R&D

Made in EU Mast with an optimized profile. Lenght: 70cm or 90cm

Super stable back wing profile

XLW or Race (option) front wing

4.0cm vertical fin (2.5cm in option)

hydrodynamical alloy fuselage, anodized and painted


SUN7 for ZEEKO 215CM X 78CM 120 LITERS


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