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Kyle Easter(‘18) and Emily Bartlett (‘18) By: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

Homecoming Basketball Game A Night to Remember for Lincoln By: Miguel Zarco, Reporter & Web Team


he night was filled with cheer and support from the Zoo, Lincoln’s fan cheering section, as Lincoln faced off against Bear River once more for the Basketball Homecoming game. “We got the [win] but [most] importantly the zoo spirit was just outstanding...just another win in the books for the team ,” Varsity Boys Basketball player Chris Rodriguez, Grade 12, inspiringly said as the boys pulled through once more to take the dub. Lincoln fought their hardest and gave it their all, which paved the way to their success against Bear River with a score of 67-44. The boys were moving quickly and strategically just like a team ought to move, but they couldn’t have done it without Coach Ash, Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach and Social Science teacher at Lincoln High School, by their side giving them the coaching and moves they needed to make in order to score. Nevertheless, the boys gave it their all out on that court, and the energy was just incredible, “it was just a great feeling to be on the court with my teammates and I couldn’t ask for a better night than that,” said Rodriguez. With the Homecoming game in the books, the basketball season is almost over. These boys have made Lincoln proud to be the Fighting Zebras. Continued on pg.6

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Tree Vandalism Tree on Campus Cut Down By: Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor


incoln High School was vandalized on December 3, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. by a person whose intentions were malicious as they destroyed a newly planted tree on campus. While this person has not been turned in or identified, the hunt goes on in the background. Security cameras have been seen all around campus and while many people believed them to be “for show”, this recent event has shown that they are in fact in use and being surveilled. Dr. Jay Berns, Principal of LHS, has spoken out and said “We have always had security cameras on the LHS campus. On an annual basis we update our cameras and we try to add new cameras in areas of need.”

Basketball Game against Bear River Photos taken by Lindsey Ridgway (‘19)

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Adult Transition Program

Meet Mr.Caruncho Caruncho was 27 years old when he changed the course of his life. “I left everyone behind.”

“ The objective is to learn more independent living skills, learn how to and maintain a job, as well as some functional academic skills.’”

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Greeting cards created by students

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Drama One-Acts

Spring play and Lincoln Drama wins big awards at Lenaea Festival.

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Love Advice

“Nothing But Blue”

Since it’s the season of love with Valentine’s Day coming up, love advice seemed to be in order. With a poll on social media, the top questions emerged... By: Ziggy, The Zebra

What’s the difference between “hey” and “heyy?” -Austin Ratliff Well, it kind of depends on the person. Some people may say “heyy” because they’re bored and want to spice up the conversation a little letting you know that they’re in a happy mood. It could also mean they’re low-key flirting but don’t want to be too forward about it. Enough to drop a hint that they’re interested but not enough to come on too strong. LHS Sophomore, Sara Martinez, explains, “‘Hey’ is normal with your friend and ‘heyy’ is like I’m interested in talking.”

Student Author on Campus By: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

“If you don’t take risks in life to pursue love, is life worth living?”- Anonymous

That’s actually a really good question, I think that taking risks for love is important for a multitude of reasons, such as gaining the other person’s trust, proving you’re really into the relationship and care about them, making an effort to make them happy, etc. It’s also important to not depend on them for your happiness because if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you have to be able to keep going and get through the heart break. Keep in mind that if one relationship doesn’t work out, you’re one step closer to finding the person you could marry. Always remember that whether a relationship is good or bad, you can always take something positive out of the experience whether it be knowing what signs to be aware of in the future to prevent negative situations or take note of positive things you did such as collaboration and compromise that made a previous relationship work. Either way, there are a million reasons to keep living if love doesn’t work out, such as graduating high school, going to college/military/successful career, traveling the world, having a family, etc. I think focusing on the positives in life play an important role in happiness. Maybe along the way, you’ll bump into the love of your life. At this age, I don’t think love should be a priority especially considering we’ll graduate soon and the immediate future after high school might conflict with the relationship. I’d say it’s definitely possible to fall in love at this age but I don’t think people should make it a priority and go out looking for love, at least not right now. “Why are people not open about what they feel? Like when you like someone and it seems like

they feel the way, why aren’t people open about it with each other?”- Anonymous I think that’s a really relevant question that most people ask themselves quite a bit. I mean, it does really depend on the relationship between the two of you and whether it’s affected by an outside force. This can include religion, family, and friendships. However, I feel that the main reason people neglect to be open with their feelings toward the person they’re directed toward is because of the fear of being rejected. Sometimes the consequences of being rejected are worse than the award of discovering they feel the same. I’ve definitely been in that stressful situation of going back and forth of deciding if the risk is worth it. I think patience is key if you’re stuck in that situation. Be honest and open about how you feel, but present it in a way that won’t freak them out. WPUSD Counselor, Chris Mireles, says, “If you’re going to be in a relationship, be honest and loyal. Honesty is key to intimacy. Actions speak louder than words” Also, know that you shouldn’t take it personally if it goes south because every person will handle the situation differently. Unfortunately, some people will react negatively without thinking and be completely inconsiderate. However, others may know exactly how to handle it to where the friendship is preserved and no one’s feelings are hurt. You’ll never know until you try. Good luck!

Photos of Blankenship’s Book “Nothing But Blue” taken by Lindsey Ridgway

Ideal Dates

First Crushes

Lincoln High Dream Dates

Crushing...But Don’t Crush My Feelings By: Michaela McCauley, Reporter

First crushes aren’t something a bunch of people look back and remember fondly. A ton of us are quite embarrassed by the stories of what we did, or how we acted in our younger years when liking someone. At Lincoln High School some students were willing to share theses embarrassing moments. LHS Junior Jorge Diaz seemed to remember the facial features of his first crush saying she “had beautiful eyes.” Using adjectives to describe her, he stated, “she had a nice laugh and smile, also pretty.” Lastly he said, “if still see her today I won’t like her but I still talk to her sometimes”. Another junior willing to reminisce was Isaiah Davis, who remembered, “she was highly attractive, always smelled nice and had a sense of humor”. He also told us “we keep in touch but not in that way, just as friends”

Moving on to sophomores who opened up to Zebra tales, Lance Lobao gave three adjectives to describe his crush, he said “she was short, cute and smart”. Alana Kovach said her crush was “tall, very outgoing, and into sports” She isn’t currently crushing either. Some seniors also shared their first crush memories, like Evelyn Lopez, whose first crush happens to be her boyfriend right now. She gave adjectives describing him as “very sweet, handsome, and funny”. Along with Drew Mosta who said “my first crush, I liked her because she looked like Snow White but things changed and she didn’t look as much like Snow White as I thought”. If he still kept in touch he said “I’d probably would not like her anymore”. The first crushes of some LHS students weren’t as embarrassing

Mackenzie Blankenship, LHS Junior, added a new title to her name this past summer; author. Blankenship published her first book titled “Nothing but Blue”, available on amazon, comprised solely of poems on July 7, 2017. “Nothing but Blue” started in the summer of Blankenship’s sophomore year but was kept private in case she didn’t follow through. Freshman year, Blankenship gave herself a goal to publish a book at least in her lifetime, she said, “It felt so unreal at the beginning. I’ve always been a very big advocate on chasing your dreams and never ever settling for less than you know you are worth.” “Nothing But Blue” is an expression of feelings felt by Blankenship when she was writing that left her usually happy personality feeling very “blue.” When asked why she chose poems over short stories or another genre, Blankenship said, “Poetry to me is very simple but has so much meaning wrapped into it that it causes one to ponder on the words much more.” Blankenship said that being a self-published author is easily her biggest accomplishment and wants anyone that is considering writing their own book to just be patient because if you’re not, you will give up way too easily.

By: Haylei Grand, Reporter but it was very weird for them to open up. So if you are currently crushing tell them maybe things will work in your favor. Be adventurous and don’t miss out on opportunities! Things change constantly and over time you may like things you found yourself not liking a couple years ago. As time goes on your preferences change with certain things such as food, clothing choice, who you like, what you listen to, how you live life. When dating, you should ask yourself “Can I see this going somewhere” because if the answer is no then you’re not in the right place. College is where you can meet someone, but let that happen naturally.

Most people on Valentine’s Day spend time with their significant other. There are many places where couples can go and have dates. Even though there aren’t many places in Lincoln to go, there are places in Rocklin and Roseville which isn’t that far. Talking with Lincoln High School’s senior Eloina Castillo about what her and her significant other does on Valentine’s Day, she said “we are having an at home movie night”. That is a perfect example how you could save money. Just cook up some popcorn, get a couple of nice warm blankets, cuddle and watch a movie! Every year Debbie Tofft, Lincoln High School’s photography and journal-

ism teacher, goes to dinner with her husband, Matt Tofft, Lincoln High School’s video production teacher. Tofft said “This year we’re going out the day before Valentine’s Day because reservations were difficult to get on the actual day.” If you’re looking to have some laughs and hang out with friends because you don’t have a significant other, Top Golf is a place to go. From 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM is $25, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM is $35, and 5:00 PM - 1 AM is $45. The address is 1700 Freedom Way, Roseville CA 95678. Not everyone needs to have a significant other to hang out with on Valentine’s Day, friends are always a great option!


How to Tell If Someone Likes You

ENTERTAINMENT Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Feel Free to Test Them Out on Your Crush! By: Haylei Grand, Reporter

The Secret to Knowing Whether They Like You Too By: Shelby Mutert, Reporter

One thing everyone can agree on is the hardship it is trying to figure out whether or not your crush likes you back, but lucky for you, we have some tips. One of the easiest ways to tell if a guy likes you is body language such as eye contact, leaning towards you while carrying a conversation or constant small touches. Another big sign is visible showing off, such as stretching or doing certain physical actions when they know you are watching. Some verbal signs would be things such as asking questions, sometimes a little nervous stuttering and being interested in what you are talking about. According to Jessica Maslin, LHS senior, “You can tell a guy likes you if they are always trying to look good for you, such as touching their hair or dressing up.” Now for those out there wondering whether or not a certain girl likes them back, some obvious signs are laughing at your jokes, engaging in conversations, blushing constantly and taking interest in what you’re interested in. Another way of telling if a girl likes you, pointed out by LHS Senior Darius Sage, “If they are a little touchy with you and are constantly around you, but honestly, girls are very hard to read.” The bottom line is if you feel a certain person likes you, along with them showing all the clear signs, then chances are they do. Maybe take a chance and try asking them out first! Try something along the lines of “would you want to go see a movie sometime?” or maybe go grab a coffee together, both of these are small, light and fun first date ideas. Even though finding out whether or not someone likes you is daunting, it really shouldn’t be. There are always Original Artwork Of Cheese Heart Drawn By Joerell Fullmore, other fish in the sea and even if your crush doesn’t have the same feelSports Editor ings, there’s always another one so don’t let one failure keep you down.

With Valentine’s Day and Homecoming coming up, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the “don’ts” when it comes to expressing your affection. Here are some cheesy pickup lines used recently by teens in our area. “Are the cops around cause I’m trying to steal your heart” LHS Senior, Justin Ray “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple” LHS Senior “Are you tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day” LHS Computer Science & Tech Essentials Teacher, Chris Bombard “On a scale from 9-10 you’d be the 9 and I’d be the one you need” LHS Senior, Osmar Hernandez “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together” Whitney High School Junior, Adrian Stafford “Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off” LHS Senior, Oscar Vides “Are you WiFi because I’m feeling a connection” Chico High Junior, Taylor Culp “I think you’re lacking some vitamin me” LHS Sophomore, Tara Pomerantz “If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber” Nevada Union Senior, Kaitlin Trace

Original Artwork of Heart Drawn By Haley Hall, Reporter and Web Team

“Are you a fart because you blew me away” Whitney High Senior, Adam Magnesi

Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day and Why?

“Do you have a license for those guns” Chico High Junior, Nina Pennisi

All Photos Below Taken By Haley Hall, Reporter and Web Team

“Yes, it’s celebrating love and everyone should love each other no matter what, but it’s hard because the world is chaotic. Sometimes love isn’t found but everyone needs to love each other despite different opinions.”

“No, it’s not the biggest holiday, but I do celebrate the day after because everything is half off. It’ great!” “No, because it’s not lame but it feels like an obligation. I mean I’ll hang out with friends and go out, though.”

Photo of Millie Hinson, Junior

“Yes, because it’s showing how much you care about your friends even if it’s in a materialistic way by giving them chocolates, teddy bears, etc.”

Photo of Chloe Sheufelt, Junior

Photo of Bethany Nguyen, Freshman

“No. I’d rather spend it with my eternal companion because it will be more special than just a high school sweet heart”

Photo of Sierra Selter, Senior

“Yes, because it celebrates two people and what they’ve been through. It’s a special day for both of you.” “Yes, because it’s the day of love and doesn’t everybody deserve love?”

Photo of Joey Park, Senior

Photo of Truman Casady, Junior

Photo of Aliah Diaz, Sophomore



All in the Timing First student directed play


Promotional Poster provided by Mr. Florence

Seniors Last Sememster Ending Another Chapter of Our Lives By: Joelle McIntosh, Reporter The second semester of senior year is the beginning of the end. Athletes are signing contracts with their scouted schools, students are desperately trying to get their standardized test scores up, teams are heading into semifinals and teachers are cracking down. Everyone knows that the final countdown has begun and a new chapter of our lives is coming to a quick start. School becomes stressful and a lot of students begin to slack off and lose focus as senior year goes on. This is a condition called, Senioritis. It will hit you. As Sebastian Littlefield, LHS Senior, said, “Absolutely I’ve been experiencing senioritis for three years now.” Making it through senior year you start to realize a lot, it’s really a time to cherish all the little things and never take for granted the moments you have left with all of the people you’ve grown up with. LHS Senior, Brooke Brasher said, “Going through this last semester is both exciting and sad because I’ll miss everyone but exciting because we’re all starting new chapters of our lives.” Looking back at these four years that have seemed to go by so quickly, some have advice to give the incoming freshman. Danny Ayala, LHS Senior, said, “Don’t procrastinate on your work, always give your best effort and get involved with the school.” Feeling conflicted is normal. As the time gets closer and it starts to feel more and more bittersweet preparing to say goodbye to the life

By Nicole Buss, Editor ll In the Timing” is a collection of six one-acts that make up Lincoln High School’s upcoming spring play. The one-acts include interesting plots like monkeys figuring out Shakespeare’s Hamlet, what is it like to desperately want to get every move right on a first meeting with a possible mate, and more. A one-act that stands out from the rest is “Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread” which shows what is like inside the mind of someone having a mental breakdown. The one-act starts calm with a young man going to a buy a loaf of bread at the store. While trying to buy the loaf, he makes eye contact with a woman who he used to be in love with in an unhealthy, toxic way. His mind becomes absolutely traumatized and the one-act shows what is happening internally which includes frantic music and an insane style of dance, yet no singing. It is nothing like any of the other one-acts in the play. ZebraTales got to talk to student directors, Madison Welburn and Rebecca Mickel, about how they got the creative drive to take on such a bold one-act. The energy of excitement and passion is buzzing around Welburn and Mickel as they do the final choreography for their chaotic masterpiece while talking to ZebraTales about their piece. Mickel describes the one-act as “a play version of abstract art, it makes no sense unless you’re wanting it to make sense.” This comment makes Welburn laugh as she agrees. “On the surface, it seems very insignificant and silly but if you actually look into it, it has a much a deeper meaning” says Welburn. There is also a quiet softness of tired energy as we talk about all the work behind the scenes. The two directors explain that it really is a challenge. They explain to ZebraTales that the choreography and the focus is the hardest part of the whole process. Every character does different styles of you’ve known for the last four years, all while being excited to start the next chapter of your life, just know you’re not alone! At this point in the school year, fast approaching graduation is starting to hit a lot of students.The closer it gets, reality is starting to hit, Brasher stated, “Yes, it has hit me that graduation is coming so soon in an exciting way.” Everyone is starting to get anxious thinking about walking across that stage ending their high school career to move on to bigger and better things. The feeling of excitement is overjoying all while having that nauseous feeling in your stomach thinking about saying goodbye to all of your peers. In these last few months everyone has together, remember to be involved, enjoy the time that is left with friends, and go to as many school events as possible. Put in that extra work and make these last few months the best you’ve ever had. Here’s to the future!

Photos of the Senior Class provided by Hannah Forrey (‘18)

dance: ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. Mickel feels that the different genres fit the play perfectly. Welburn tells us that she wanted it to be “cohesive and also to have the ballet be so different from the other three”. Welburn also said that it is “hard to make it all work together and have the dance tell the story because the words don’t really give you much, so you really need the movements to tell the story”. Welburn and Mickel also tell us that their play is slowly driving them mad. They enjoy working on it but sometimes it can be a little much. “Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread” is almost impossible to take on its face value since it is so unique and wacky. The directors bring their actors a jar of chocolate chips every day to keep themselves from feeling mentally exhausted from focusing too hard on it. Welburn explains that the “play is very strange and entering the world where this play takes place can take a lot out of you, so having a small little jar of chocolate chips for when anyone is feeling insane, they can take the jar and eat the chocolate chips and always feel better”. They even have a sanity level on the side of the jar. It starts as “we’re doing good to a sad face to ‘oh dear’ to LOAF OF BREAD to ‘more chocolate’!”. It definitely keeps the cast in the right mindset to prepare for the performance of the play. The first ever student directed play is going to be quite an experience to see! See “All in the Timing” directed by Drama 3 students and Henry Florence on March 9, 10, 16, and 17 at 7pm and March 10 and 17 at 2pm in the LHS Theater. This just in! LHS Drama wins big at Lenaea Festival! Denae Tyler – Bronze (Vocal Performance) Audrey Carlson – Bronze (Student Director) Truman Rogers – Outstanding Actor (One Act Play) LHS Drama – Silver (One Act Play)

Notecards for Sale Adult Education Program at LHS

By: Reyna Lemus, Reporter & Shyla Ferrari, Asst. Editor There’s a program at Lincoln High School called the Adult Transition Program for students who earned a certificate of completion at the end of their four years of high school. According to the program’s instructor, Allison Kappmeyer-Sofia, the objective is to “learn more independent living skills, learn how to get and maintain a job, as well as some functional academic skills.” The students are offered this program until they reach the age of 22. One of the activities the group is doing is to create, market and sell greeting cards. The idea behind this effort was to help the students in everyday life situations to expand their experiences and raise funds for the program. The types of cards they create and sell vary from birthday cards, thank you cards, blank cards, anniversary cards, “thinking of you” cards and congratulation cards. All of these cards are handmade by these talented students. The group also creates personalized cards but allow extra time for completion. The price is 10 cards for $5.00. Kappmeyer-Sofia added, “We are hoping to

PHOTOS Below From Left: Adult Ed Students Jefferson Callahan, Ricky Cazares & Logan Lucas, Photo of Notecards courtesy Allison Kappmeyer-Sofia, Adult Ed Teacher

continue to provide various holiday cards as well. Students are also hoping to get into the community for volunteer opportunities to build their resume and their skills.” A student in the program, Jefferson Ricky, said, “we get to hangout with our friends and our old friends from before” and “we go on outings like the movies or the mall and get there on the public bus.” Kappmeyer-Sofia said, “Students also go to Sierra College twice a week and community-based instruction once a week. At Sierra College the students pick a class of their interest and get to meet with peers from around the county.” Another student named Logan, said, “We like to watch CNN to learn about things that happening around the planet and we do work here like our white binders and cook stuff.” The program is funded by the district as it is federal law to provide services for students with special needs until they are the age of 22. If you are interested in supporting this program by purchasing some note cards, please email the instructor at: akappmeyer-sofia@wpusd.k12. or call the school at 916-6456360.

FILM REVIEWS Promotional Poster

By: Jules Felt, Reporter


Pitch Perfect 3 2.5/5 Stars

itch Perfect 3 continues the story of the Barden Bellas acapella group as they have graduated college and moved on to the “real world”. After they meet up again they decide to perform in a world tour to different army bases. With a chance to open for DJ Khaled on the line, they face many challenges. The plot of the movie lacks originality as it is mainly the same as the other two movies in the series which already follow the underdog succeeds plot line. There were also many stories in the movie that weren’t needed once you watch the ending. The characters mostly stayed the same over the course of the series with a few added here and there. Once again Anna Kendrick playing Beca and Rebel Wilson playing Fat Amy carried the movie with their humor and acting. The other actors included in the Barden Bellas seemed to be there just for the fact that they needed them in the movie. The two main plot points surrounded Beca and Fat Amy so the others weren’t very prevalent in the movie as a whole. However, the singing in the movie didn’t disappoint. Like the other two movies, the singing and performing aspect was on point for all of the actors. They included many songs old and new into the soundtrack and made it exciting to listen to. All in all, it was a good movie to end the Pitch Perfect franchise however it had many flaws. If you want a funny movie with some pretty great music,then I would suggest it, but if you want to see a movie with a good plot and characters, Pitch Perfect 3 isn’t the movie for you.

Black Panther


By: Nicole Buss, Reporter


umanji: Welcome to the Jungle came out recently and was a great hit in the box office. This is the sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams movie about a board game that causes major problems in a small town. Jumanji 2, starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black revolves around four teenagers that get sucked into a video game and become the avatars that they chose. In the game they have to “Save Jumanji and call out its name” while facing challenges and trying not to lose their lives. The students get detention and end up choosing the character that is very unlike their “normal” personality With actors like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who also starred together in the comedy Central Intelligence, and Jack Black from Nacho Libre, the humor was definitely not lacking in Jumanji. There are jokes all over in the movie and at the perfect time. The directors made sure that the movie wasn’t too serious at any time. One of the funniest things about the movie is the aspect of Jack Black playing a very stereotypical teenage girl. The plot was well thought out with all of the characters having their own special skills very unlike the ones they have in their real lives. It was also quite different from the first Jumanji movie which was very exciting. Using the modern version of it being a videogame instead of it being with the same board game, added an interesting new storyline. A lot of the major plot points were unexpected which made it interesting to continue watching because you didn’t know what was going to come next. All in all Jumanji 2 was an amazing sequel to the well known Robin Williams movie. I would suggest for everyone to see this movie. It is a good movie for all ages to see and will keep you laughing for hours.

Jumanji 4/5 Stars

By: Jules Felt, Reporter

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster


adybird, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, is a heart-warming, coming of age story about the highs and lows that is the quick pace stage of growing up from a young child to a young adult and the relationships that come with it. With the movie being located in Sacramento, this movie is relatable in the most vulnerable and amiable kind of way. “I wanna go where culture is like New York or at least Connecticut, or New Hampshire where writers live in the woods”, says senior Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, played by Saoirse Ronan, in a heated argument over college decisions with her mother, who is played by Laurie Metcalf. Christine, or “Lady Bird” as she likes to be called, is a student who goes to a private Catholic high school in the suburbs of Sacramento in 2002. “Lady Bird” herself is the perfect representative to show how it feels to be a teen growing up in Northern California. She is a bit of a nonconformist who goes through financial struggles and relationship struggles while just striving to get out of Sacramento which hits close to home. Most days, Sacramento feels like the most boring place to grow up in. The movie starts with a blank screen with a quote by Joan Didion that says “it kills me when people talk about California hedonism. Anybody who talks about California hedonism has never spent a Christmas in Sacramento” which is the most relatable quote on the planet when you grow up in Northern California. Lady Bird’s passion in regards to Sacramento easily touches the hearts of every youth who has grown up near the capitol of California. Ronan, who has been nominated for multiple awards for her role in Lady Bird, plays teenage angst in a way that is quite perfect. She does the a great job of creating a character that is quite the outcast yet secretly thriving to fit in. She also portrays an interesting dosage of angst with her character’s mother. Metcalf and Ronan exhibit the most realistic mother-daughter dynamic since the Gilmore Girls. They go from one moment loving on each other to the next one screaming at each other. Metcalf portrays the overworked, stressed mother role in a way that is almost charming. You feel for her and you just want to hug her. Other honorable actor mentions are Beanie Feldstein and Timothee Chalamet. Feldstein plays the sweet best friend who is truly comfortable with being herself. Chalamet plays an overdramatic boy in a band. Both are stars on the rise who have bright futures. Lady Bird, which was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and recently won two Golden Globes, is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It simply hits too close to home. I have seen it twice and would see it again if the opportunity comes up.

Ladybird 5/5 Stars

Promotional Poster

By: Joerell Fulmore, Sports Editor


alling into the category of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018, Black Panther doesn’t cease to amaze viewers by the trailers and previews preparing them for the release of the film on February 16 of this year. Black Panther is only one of the small pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that ushers in the big upcoming film on May 4, 2018, Avengers: Infinity War. Following Prince T’Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman), after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” T’Challa returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced, African nation of “Wakanda” to go and take his place as King. However, when an old enemy of his reappears on the radar, T'Challa's courage as King, and as Black Panther, is tested when he is brought into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Going back to the conflict and set of “Captain America: Civil War”, T’Challa (the main protagonist), also known as Black Panther, appeared on the film searching for revenge against Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) a loyal friend of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) known as Captain America who became “The Winter Soldier” for taking the life of T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka. Black Panther also tells us about the importance of being Guardian of Wakanda. His panther powers were granted to him by the use of a magical and mysterious plant known as the “heart-shaped herb” which grants him superhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and agility, as well as resistance to magic. Black Panther brings both excitement and curiosity to the big screen, following the storyline of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Go see Chadwick Boseman as “Black Panther” on February 16 at your nearest theater.

HOME COMI NG Basketball Game Basketball Action Shots taken by: Lindsey Ridgway (‘19)

From Left to Right: #3 Jacob Lemus (‘19), #42 Grady Manley (‘20), #23 Nick Pereira (‘18), #20 Connor Manley (‘18)

From Left to Right: #42 Grady Manley (‘20), #20 Connor Manley (‘18), #3 Jacob Lemus (‘19)

#10 Angelo Nicandro

Continued from page 1

From Left to Right: #33 Jacob Avila (‘20), #2 Preston Summerhays (‘18), #42 Grady Manley (‘20)

From Left to Right: #42 Grady Manley (‘20), # Jacob Avila (‘20), #3 Jacob Jemus (‘19), # Christopher Rodriguez (‘18), # Riley Morebeck (‘19)

From Left to Right: #33 Jacob Avila (‘20), #42 Grady Manley (‘20), #2 Preston Summerhays (‘18)

The night was one to remember for two special seniors. During halftime of the Homecoming game, Emily Bartlett, Grade 12, and Kyle Easter, Grade 12, were crowned as king and queen of Basketball Homecoming 2018 by none other than LHS Almuni’s Kailyn Redding and Skylar Williams, Class of ‘17. The crowd was cheering during this special moment as the king and queen were announced and bestowed upon them, the crown. It was a well deserved win for both royalty and the boys basketball team.

H o m e c o m i n g “A d ve n t u re A w a i t s ”


Homecoming Dance The Homecoming Adventure Awaits By: Hannah Forrey, Editor-In-Chief

Freshman Princess Skyler Raper and Prince, Deondrey Campbell Taken by: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

Junior Princess Bekah Wickham and Prince Brysen Manzano Taken by: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

Sophomore Princess, Tuesday Epperson and Prince, Austin Landry Taken by: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

Senior Queen, Emily Bartlett and King, Kyle Easter Taken by: Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor

On February 10, Lincoln High held the last Homecoming of the year; Adventure Awaits, a travel themed Homecoming. LHS Senior, Madeline Merrill, who arranges the dance, predicted that it would be, “one of our best themes yet” and that “it will go over well!”, and she was right! The dance was complete with travel decor and greeted the students with a parked car outside full of luggage! Not only was the decor top notch for the last Homecoming of the year, but the music and energy was also great. Students seemed to be having a good time, and the Leadership Class did a wonderful job. Homecoming Queen, Senior, Emily Bartlett, claimed the dance, “was fun and that it was one of the greatest experiences of her high school years”, and I’m sure other students that attended would agree. The dance was a hit, and we can’t wait til’ the Sadies dance in March! Senior Court Attendees from left to right; Nicole Buss with escort Eddie Polkenhorn, McKenzie Deschamps with escort Trevor Rodriguez, Colton Fraga with escort Brianna Hill, Michael Bagget with escort Cecilya Durazo Photos taken by Lindsey Ridgway, Photo Editor


Joseph Thompson Grade: 9

Age: 14 Nickname: “Joe” Best Feature: “Eyes” Ideal Girl: “Very down to earth, kind, respectful, and intellectual” Ideal Date: “Waking up really early, going to breakfast then driving to a beach house while listening to my date and I’s favorite playlist. After the sunset we drive back to the mountains and look up to a clear sky full of stars. ” 3 Words to Describe You: “Funny, Kind, and Smart” What is your baggage?: “I’m Insane” Who do you want to be your Valentine? “It is a surprise “

Austin Landry

Grade: 10 Age: 16 Nickname: “Dirty laundry” Best Feature: “Personality” Ideal Girl: “Mackie Overbay” Ideal Date: “Ask Mackie Overbay ;)“ 3 Words to Describe You: “Funny, Outgoing, and Wise” What is your baggage?: “Mitch” W h o do you want to be your valentine? “Mackie Overbay”

Deven Coffer

Grade: 11 Age: 17 Nickname: “D Coff” Best Feature: “Hair” Ideal Girl: “Someone fun who likes to get out of their comfort zone” Ideal Date: “Lunch“ Long-term Goal: “To be Famous” 3 Words to Describe You: “Down for anything” What is your baggage?: “I’m too funny” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “None that come to mind” Who do you want to be your valentine? “Definitely some hot babe that my mom approves of”


All Photos taken by Lindsey Rigway, Photo-Editor

Kacie De La Rosa


Grade: 9 Age: 14 Nickname: “Kac” Best Feature: “Eyes” Ideal Guy: “Dreamy” Ideal Date: “May 6th, not too hot not too cold” 3 Words to Describe You: “Funny, Short, and Witty” What is your baggage?: “Pettiness” Who do you want be your Valentine? “Buy me dinner first then we’ll talk”

Sydney Overbay

Grade: 10 Age: 15 Nickname: “Syd” Best Feature: “Eyes” Ideal Guy: “Breathing” Ideal Date: “San Fransisco” 3 Words to Describe You: “Ready to date” What is your baggage?: “Mackie Overbay” Who do you want to be yo u r valentine? “Zac Efron”

Mackenzie Blankenship

Grade: 11 Age: 16 Nickname: “Kenz” Best Feature: “Skin” Ideal Guy: “Good music taste, dresses not basic (no althetic clothes), and has actually deep thoughts. ” Ideal Date: “Anything with pasta and good music I’m content with” Long-term Goal: “to be a psychologist or nutritionist” 3 Words to Describe You: “Outgoing, Independent, Hardworking” What is your baggage?: “I over think a lot” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “ Probably not” Who do you want to be your valentine? “Shane from Bane’s World”



Tree Vandalism

Continued from page 1...

A modern school with a revamped security system has been abused for the last time. By: Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

These security cameras picked up the vandal’s activity in the quad. Berns said, “The tree was cut in half.” This leads our staff to believe that “these kids definitely came with a plan, they had a sawzall, it wasn’t a hand saw but it was a battery operated saw,” said Mike Maul, Assistant Principal, “they did the whole thing in about four to five minutes.” It is sad to think that someone was okay with cutting down a tree that was brand new to the campus. If you have any information

about this incident, please call 1-800-78-CRIME or 1-800-7827463. It is guaranteed that you will remain completely anonymous.

Photo taken by: Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

DIY Valentines Day Gifts A special gift doesn’t have to break the bank By: Joelle McIntosh, Reporter

February 14th is known as the day of romance, called Valentine’s Day. This time of year people are out buying chocolates, flowers and other costly gifts for friends and significant others. There’s no need to break the bank when you can make your own personal, creative gifts at home! DIY gifts are a cute and inexpensive way to make a gift for someone special. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to give it a try, do it yourself (DIY) gifts are easy to make. Not sure what to make? Here are a few ideas: Jar of Kisses, 52 things I love about you, “Open When” letters, customized coffee mugs, and photo collages. To make the “Jar of hearts” gift all you need is: One Mason jar, elmer’s glue, one cut out paper heart (that will fit on the face of the mason jar), glitter and Hershey Kisses. Step One: Glue the cut out heart on mason jar (wait to dry), Step Two: Spread glue all over the jar, just not the heart, Step Three: Sprinkle glitter all over jar so that it is covered (wait to dry), Step Four: Fill jar with Hershey Kisses, Step Five: Write on the cut out heart “Kisses for when I’m not there.” All Done! “52 things I love about you,” is a cute gift to make for a significant other. You will need: A deck of cards, a hole puncher, blank white paper, loose leaf rings, scissors and glue (modge podge). Step One: Hole punch two holes in each card on the side. Step Two: Cut out 52 little pieces of white paper (small enough to fit on the card) and write something you love about who ever you're writing about on each paper. Step Three: Use the side opposite of where the numbers are to glue on your little sayings, once you have done this make a cute cover that says “52

things I love about you” for the cover and one for the back that says “Love Always, (your name)”. Step Four: Put the deck of cards on the rings and you’re all set! “Open When” cards are fun to make for a loved one or a friend. What you will need: Envelopes, any type of paper and pens or markers. Each letter will be written about something different, (example: open when “you miss me”, open when “it’s your birthday”, open when “ you need motivation”, open when “we’ve had an argument”. ) Those are only some examples, there are many things to write about! Step One: write “open when” on all the envelopes in the top right corner with three dots after, then put whatever you decide to write about on the base of the envelope and decorate it! Step Two: Write the letters and put each one in the correct envelope and seal it! That’s it. Those are a few examples, but there are many more DIY ideas on youtube, pinterest, or Google it! No need to spend all your money when you can make cute DIY gifts that sometimes are more heartfelt and cherished than their expensive counterparts. Goodluck!

Photo provided by Joelle McIntosh

Sadie Hawkins Girls Ask the Guys

By: Juliana Lopez, Reporter

Last year Lincoln High School had their first Sadie Hawkins dance. The Sadie Hawkins dance tradition originated in the early 1900’s because of Al Capp, an American cartoonist, who made a comic strip of the dance. The dance later became a real-life tradition. Traditionally, girls ask the guys to the Sadie Hawkins dance. In the Spring, Lincoln High students have the chance to make posters with cheesy quotes and ask a guy to the dance. This year the dance will take place on Friday, March 2. The theme is still being determined but will be revealed soon. Last year, attendance was mediocre. There could have possibly been a much larger crowd if students were informed with more anticipation so they could gather the courage to ask their crush, significant other, or friend. “Last year no one knew about it really and they threw it together like the last week of May,” said

Madi Nelson, a Junior. This year, more whispers about the dance have been heard well before the dance is actually held. Hunter Atchley, a Junior, took another point of view on why not many students decided to go to the dance. “... guys most likely won’t go unless they’re asked,” said Atchley. The Sadie’s dance, unlike homecoming, is a bit more awkward to attend if you do not have a date. The only question that is left to answer is whether or not girls put more effort into asking guys to the dance? Nelson gave her opinion and said, “Yes because I guess they don’t usually and when they do, some take more time and effort.” From the guys’ perspective, Atchley said, “no because a girl will ask a guy if they’re dating or really like him so he would say yes to anything.” Hailey Graber, a Junior, said “No, but we are more thoughtful.” There are mixed feelings on who puts better puns on posters, but in the end, everyone has fun at the dances.

Artwork done by Shyla Ferrari

Isaiah Show New Year, New Show

By: Juliana Lopez, Reporter

Isaiah Laspina, a Junior at Lincoln to the show. “Isaiah is so energetic and High School, started coaching basketpositive with his infectious smile that ball side-by-side with Robert Ash, the he generates positive energy around varsity basketball coach, his freshman him and forces others to smile and feel year. “Basketball is a really good sport good,” Jocoy said, “I am sure his guests and I like to play it,” said Laspina. Zebra love to come on his show. Isaiah has a basketball fans have been able to witgreat attitude and loves his team and ness Laspina’s coaching skills during the loves bragging about how great they games for three years now. With his new are. He likes everyone… so he is a pershow, Laspina is able to spread his love fect host for a talk show.” of basketball with a larger audience. Laspina is excited to create more On January 21, The Isaiah Show interesting content and share is passion debuted on 65 Sports. The website, 65 for basketball. Sports, covers sports played in Placer Find the Isaiah Show on County by high school students and other athletes. “I wanted to interview my teammates,” said Laspina. Laspina’s reason to start the show was to interact with the players. The show consists of the Junior coach talking to players on how the season is going. He also gives tips to the guys on how the next game can be better. Laspina enjoys hosting the show so much that he has plans to take part in a sports show in the future. He hopes to appear on T.V. in the future and continue sharing his passion watching, coaching, and playing basketball. Clelia Jocoy, Education Specialist and teacher at Lincoln High School, explained how the show will benefit Laspina. “The show is benefiting Isaiah by building his confidence, empowering him to try new things, and making him feel a part of something bigger than himself,” said Jacoy. Laspina’s personality also adds a special touch Photo of Isaiah Laspina taken by Juliana Lopez, Reporter


Trap Team

By: Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

Photo of 2015 Shooting Team Provided by Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

The Lincoln High School Trap Team has officially begun and is getting ready to beat our competitors. Since the season has commenced, our athletes have been conditioning since January 1, and many of them were even a part of our Sporting Clays Team in the fall. The sport isn’t widely known about, so when asking Joerell Fullmore, LHS Junior, if he would ever have thought about joining, he said “Sure, I would have liked to try something out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I like to do sports, and being able to try something new sounds like a good time.” This team works just as hard as other athletic teams and it really shows. A milestone in trap is when you shoot 25 clay pigeons consecutively in one round. After a few years, our very own Cierra Lee, LHS Senior, hit her first 25, making her mark on the team on January 22.

Boys and Girls Soccer By: Ariana Ruiz-Gonzalez, Reporter Winter sports are one of the most highly anticipated sports offered at Lincoln High, but one sport that everyone loves is soccer. The boys Junior Varsity is going into play on February 12 against Bear River and February 14 against Center with the current overall record of 2-8-2 as of publication. Gabriel Chavez (‘21) is on the JV boys team and says, “I think our season is going really good and I’m most proud of my whole team. I didn’t think tryouts were that hard and I was confident that I would make the team.” The boys Varsity team is also going into play Bear River on February 12 and February 14 against Center, with the current overall record of 14-0-3 as of publication. Fernando Zepeda (‘20) is on the Varsity boys soccer team, and declares, “I think our season is going way better than expected and the thing and I’m most proud of is staying undefeated. My favorite part of being on the team is just the experience of playing with your friends.” The girls’ Junior Varsity team has a current overall record of 7-2 as of publication but is going into play on February 14 against Center. Skylar Raper (‘21) is on the JV girls soccer team, and says “I’m most proud of the fact that we put 5 goals against Placer. My favorite part about being on the team is meeting all the girls, a lot of them I wouldn’t normally talk to and now I get the chance to.” The girls Varsity team is going into play on February 12 against Bear River and on February 14 against Center but at the time of publication, they had an overall record of 10-6. Kylie Martinez (‘18) is on the Varsity girls soccer team and says, “I think we have improved so much, technically and mentally since the season started and definitely have created a really good bond

Zebras Sign With Colleges

Congratulations to Haylei Grand (right), Kylie Martinez (below), and Reese Zinzun (bottom right) on signing their Letters of Intent to play sports at the college level!

amongst each other. I am most proud of how much we have grown as a team. Our biggest competition is definitely Center. My favorite part of being on the team is having a close bond with all the girls.” Overall, you can tell by their records and the way players adore their teams that each team’s season has gone very well. Soccer is a very common and loved sport at Lincoln High School.

Photo of Boys Soccer Handshake Taken by Juliana Lopez, Reporter

Photo of 2015 Shooting Team Provided by Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

Working hard is the only way to move up in this sport of accuracy, persistence, and patience. Many start off with no talent and no motivation but continue and pick up on what “good” shots are and try to mimic them. As the season progresses, the team starts to become more of a family. Everyone cheers you on, makes you feel welcome, and even helps you see that your “bad score” wasn’t as bad as you think. Karyn Fiorica, Special Education Instructional Aide, and trap mother, knows all too well how much of a family the team has become. Fiorica wanted to put her son, Dylan Fiorica, LHS Junior, in a

sport that wouldn’t be pressuring him to be the best. Fiorica said that he decided to try trap after a friend of his “suggested it.” When Dylan started, he struggled to get good shooting scores, but did not give up and eventually hit his perfect 25.” says Karyn Fiorca. Trap is one of the only sports teams where you can easily maintain your grades. Dylan had managed a steady 4.0 throughout the season. While Trap is a sport of patience, many students have taken a liking to it over traditional sports.

Above Photo of 2015 Shooting Team Provided by Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

Above Photo of Boys Soccer Game Huddle Taken by Juliana Lopez, Reporter

The Chilling Race for a Gold Medal The Winter Olympics

Photo of Girls Soccer Game Taken by Juliana Lopez, Reporter

By: Joerell Fullmore, Sports Editor The 2018 Winter Olympics will commence Senior, Aydon Torgersen says that the Winter on the 9th of February this year sporting 15 Olympics has inspired him to join the sport different events with over 60 countries from of track and field once again. “People being all over the world competing until the 25th passionate about sports enough to strive of February. and do their best, influences me to do the The 2018 Winter Olympics has brought same.” said Torgersen. Snowboarding is one great attention to athletes all over with many of Torgersen’s favorite sporting events in the thoughts on what team will win this OlymWinter Olympics. “Not only are you competpiad. From bobsleighing to snowboarding, ing in a very difficult and strenuous sport, the Winter Olympics brings excitement to it’s harder because it is very weather condithe crowd as they prepare themselves for the tioned depending on what you do” Torgersen big event that many have trained their entire also said. lives for. Intrigued viewers watch as they Another LHS Junior student athlete, Destishare the experience and watch their fellow ny Everett says “Although I’m more interested sports teams and competitors battle it out in in the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olymtheir best sport. pics is also inspiring of how amazing it is to The Winter Olympics as well as the sumsee what those athletes can do. I think that mer Olympics has inspired many students watching them on how they perform is very at Lincoln High School to work hard and motivational and it shows how important it continue to put in work in is to have a good work ethic.” Everett their respective sports. also says “I can relate to them LHS Sophomore and because I know how difficult Track and Field Athit is to stay with something lete, Benny Matecny that it tough and to keep says “Watching the persevering and enduring athletes in Bobwith something so challengsledding working ing. Despite the pain and hard inspires me discomfort, it makes me want to do better and to train harder like them and do more.” Matecny be the best that I can be.” also said he “loves” Go watch the 2018 Winter the Olympics in Olympics this season and be general. inspired! LHS Original Artwork of 2018 Winter Olympic Symbol Drawn by Joerell Fullmore

LHS LIFE The Escape from Cuba


A Feature on LHS Teacher Carlos Caruncho By:Braeden Doria, Reporter

You might think LHS Spanish teacher Carlos Caruncho is just your normal everyday Spanish teacher but he actually has a pretty interesting backstory and here are a few things he stated about his life before becoming an LHS teacher. Caruncho was born and raised in Communist Cuba and at the age of 27 he was working on a project. “The Russians were there and I asked if I could go with them to help with Chernobyl and they said that’s okay so I started getting a VISA to get out of the country and it took me like 4 months to get a VISA.” When the time finally arrived for Caruncho to leave Cuba, he said, “They stamped my passport but said you have a problem, you need a transit VISA to go through Canada. That was 4:20 p.m. and the embassy closed at 5 p.m. and it was on the other side of Havana. I had to run, jump into a taxi, pay the taxi driver three times the fare, and he got me on time to the embassy.” It was a whirlwind exit but everything finally worked out. Caruncho was 27 years old when he changed the course of his life. “I left everyone behind...I got my VISA and that evening I left for Russia.” On the way to Russia, the plane stopped briefly in Canada. When he got off the plane in Canada, Caruncho checked in with a policeman at the airport and told them he wanted to defect. He stayed in Canada, New Foundland, for 10 months. “I applied for political asylum but they didn’t give it to me. So I decided to cross the border illegally into the U.S.”. He walked with a friend through a train tunnel to illegally enter the U.S. and then traveled by bus to Georgia to meet up with a cousin who helped him with housing and finding a job.

While in Tarara (Chernobyl program in Havana) working as an interpreter for the Cuban-Russian Government and before leaving the country Photo provided by: Carlos Caruncho

He applied for refugee status in the U.S. and then got a work permit. Ten years later he got his green card and another five years later he got his citizenship. “I came to CA to visit a friend...I saw my present wife for the first time and fell in love with her so I moved to CA and I’ve lived here now for almost 26 years.” It’s hard to believe that one of the LHS teachers has led such an amazing life. Caruncho’s story is one that you expect to see on the nightly news, not hear in Spanish Class from a teacher.. “I’m very happy to be here, that’s all.” said Caruncho.

Science Expo MARCH 8

“We should have close to 70 projects!”

Night Expo For family and Friends! Adults $3 Students $2

Including: AP Physics Bio Engineering Pathway AG FFA Computer Science

MARCH 9 3rd Grade Event!

Quote Provided By Marilou Edwards, Science Teacher

9am - 2pm

Logo of 2018 Science Expo provided by Marilou Edwards, Science Teacher

Robin Hood: Men With Humor A Review of Robin Hood: Men in Tights By: Shyla Ferrari, Assistant Editor

In 1993, Mel Brooks brought “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, an original take on a classic tale of taking from the higher classes in order to help the lower classes, to life on the big screen. While the main focus of this movie isn’t about taxes, it is about trying to take down the horrible King to help out everyone who lives within his borders. In this story, Robin of Loxley (Cary Elwes) has finished fighting along King Richard (Patrick Stewart) in The Crusades and decides to return home after a run-in with a dungeon master. On Robin’s way home, he meets many new friends, including Ahchoo (Dave Chappelle), his trusty blind servant, Blinkin (Mark Blankfield), Little John (Eric Allan Kramer), and Will Scarlet (Matthew Porretta). These heros set out on a path to try and humiliate King John (Richard Lewis) and The Sheriff of Rottingham (Roger Rees) while simultaneously trying to win the heart of Maid Marian (Amy Yasbeck). I will first start with the acting in this film. The characters were funny and believable, while keeping with a humorous approach to a real life scenario. While some moments seem unbelievable, or lazy, it really adds to the overall feel of the film and I believe that these moments made the movie. Cary Elwes did a fantastic job as Robin of Loxley, just like he had made the character come to life in the film “The Princess Bride” when he portrayed the loveable Westley. He took this role by storm with subtle facial expres sions that really accentuated the realism for his role while also pinning his humorous demeanor in the spotlight. Another fantastic actor who stole the show was Blinkin,

the faithful blind servant of Robin. Mark Blankfield took his role seriously and performed well as a blind man. Blinkin was given dark, round glasses, adding to the effect of his blind character, but in some shots, you would think he really couldn’t see out of them. His body language was received very well as a blind man and even a clumsy fool at times, this simple acting strategy really helped Mark bring Blinkin to life. The cinematography, the art or science of motion picture making, was well done for its time. The CGI scene wasn’t easy or very popular in 1993, meaning this movie mainly showcases live action stunts and well placed props, but there are some CGI generated moments. The actual filming, however, was perfectly framed in certain areas. It made me laugh when some scenes were deliberately making fun of other famous places. This reminded me of “Deadpool” in many ways. To me it felt very realistic to see a lot of the places in this older English setting, but there were some parts that stuck out like a sore thumb. These areas, however, were meant to be that way, as they were coincided by silly or funny music. Speaking of the music, it was spot on for the theme of the film. It opens with a funny mashup of 90’s Hip Hop and Classical ballet, which set the films comedy well on its way. All of the other songs featured in the film all had a comedic and modern twist to them. While some songs were heartfelt, the comedy came from the visuals that went alongside the fun music. Many times throughout the film, you are given raunchy and

Photo of Robin Hood: Men in Tights Promotional Poster Picture by 20th Century Fox

elusive imagery, but as it has been rated PG-13, I can’t be too picky. Overall, the movie was comedy genius for those of us who enjoy satirical and strange humor, and I would recommend this to all of you who wants to enjoy a very silly, and very strange movie.

Skills USA Lincoln Students Move on to State Competition in SoCal By: Staff Writer, Reporter

Congratulations to Lincoln High students who participated in the Skills USA Regional Competition February 3, 2018. Region 4 is quite broad and serves Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Lassen, Tehama, Plumas, Glenn, Butte, Sierra, Yuba, Colusa, Sutter, Nevada, Placer, Yolo, Sacramento, El Dorado and Amador counties. Zebras captured three of the top four spots in photography. Yumi Tan placed second, Taylor Stokes placed third and Lindsey Ridgway placed fourth, all moving on to state. Taylor Stokes competed in state last year and placed fourth in the state. Lindsey Ridgway said, “I’m excited but also nervous because it’s a lot more competition and I’m held to a higher standard now.” A team from LHS placed third in Digital Cinema securing a trip to state as well. Molly McGwire and Morgan Cline competed as a team and produced a short film to present to the judging panel. Also moving on to state are two teams from Engineering in the competition for Automated Manufacturing Technology These students include Makala Maydwell, Miguel Ceja, Payton Coelho, Kevin Torres, Kai Christen and Logan Bitter and Herman Kaloty.

Summer Jobs


Lincoln Teen Gives Back to Community


him in more ways than one, and he felt as though it was his turn to give back.

Work Hard, Play Hard By: Hannah Forrey, Editor-In-Chief

“Please help us build a playground for the children in Lincoln, CA”, is fellow Lincoln teen, Jimmy Thompson’s call for help from his community. Thompson has begun to form a fundraiser ( to help aid his old school, Lincoln Christian Academy, in getting a playground, due to it’s moving to a bigger location. This move left the preschool and kindergarten with no playground and Thompson has taken the matter into his own hands because even though this doesn’t affect him directly, he still feels affected due to his closeness with the school. The academy had a huge impact on Thompson’s life, including his family life. Lacking in number of family members, Thompson gained relations with the school, by not only making friends with his peers but also the staff. In addition to this, when his grandmother had passed away, his teacher, Mrs.Hingle helped him through it by just being there for him. This school helped

Although Thompson has since left Lincoln Christian Academy, the values and relationships he gained will stay with him forever. In addition to his own ties with the school, Thompson’s little brother, Joey Thompson, still attends this playground-less school, thus giving Thompson another reason to aid in the building of a playground. Thompson realized he wanted to help his school,“I recalled when I was a kid that was the one thing that I loved about being at school recess - chasing my friends and getting out of the classroom into the fresh air and running up and down the bars and flying over the slides. Physical activity was just as important as academics in a child’s world as well as it’s long term effects on health into adulthood.” So far, Thompson has raised $10,000 out of his $30,000 goal. Thompson stated that “we are hoping a few of the businesses or leaders in the community would hear about the children’s need for a playground and would have the heart to lend us a helping hand with the installation costs as well as the remaining cost ($20,000) to purchase the playground structures on our wish list”. If you would like to help this fundraiser, please donate to or contact Thompson

Photo taken by teacher, Debbie Tofft

Good Employment Oppurtunities

By: Jules felt, Reporter It is just a few months away from summer break and that means struggling to find a summer job. There are many places in and around Lincoln that are hiring high school students for the summer. There are many fast food restaurants hiring in the area such as Carl’s Jr, Jamba Juice, Chick-fil-a, and In-N-Out burger. Another idea is being a barista at Starbucks. The nice thing about that is if you’re planning on going to college they will help you pay for some of your tuition but you have to be 18. Also in Lincoln, the new Sprouts farmers market and Ulta will be opening. They are going to be located where the old TJ Maxx was and where Filco furniture store was. To work at Sprouts for any job you do have to be 18 and be graduated from high school. Both stores are opening very soon so you have to apply ASAP. Visit their websites for more information. If you don’t mind leaving Lincoln there are even more jobs. If you don’t mind the summer heat one job would be working as a lifeguard. There are places like Sunsplash and even McBean pool that hire teens as lifeguards. Also there are multiple job openings at Quick Quack car wash in Roseville. After you get your job, remember that you do have to apply for a work permit. Mrs. Charlene Emerson said, “the only requirement is a 2.0 GPA… and a job.” Students must have a work permit from the school to have a job if under 18. However if you don’t keep up your 2.0 GPA or fail to meet the school attendance policy of no more than 5 unexcused periods or tardies per semester your permit will be revoked. If you get a job over the summer the school office is open one week after school gets out. After that time you will need to get a permit from the district office To get more information on a work permit see Mrs. Charlene Emerson in the office.

Photos provided by: Jimmy Thompson

Valentines Day Poll By: Ariana Ruiz-Gonzales, Reporter Continued from Page 1 It’s becoming harder and harder to know what significant others would like as a Valentine’s day gift. We recently went on a search to solve this age-old dilemma; Chocolates or Flowers?

Rylee Hofer, LHS Junior: “Flowers are more sentimental but... I’d rather eat the chocolate, so chocolate.”

Mrs. Berg, Math Teacher: “Not chocolate because I don’t like chocolate, I guess flowers or an actual living plant that doesn’t die in a couple days would be ideal, or a card with a nice message.” Nina Holm, LHS Junior: “I would rather have flowers because they last longer and they’re more sentimental.” Photos taken by Ariana Ruiz-Gonzales, reporter

Donna Tofft: “I’d rather have chocolates so I can eat them.”


Chris Rodriguez

Grade: 12 Age: 18 Nickname: “Cool Chris, Tyson, AlphaWolf, Superhero996, Dominique, Tyler” Best Feature: “Eyes” Ideal Girl: “Not too tall, prefer blue or hazel or brown eyes, blonde or brunette, outgoing, fun to be around, and charming.” Ideal Date: “Dinner, then glow-in-the-dark miniature golf and afterwards ice-cream.” Long-term Goal: “To do everything on my bucket list” 3 Words to Describe You: “Funny, sweet, charismatic” What is your baggage?: “Trust Issues” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “No”

Reese Zinzun

Grade: 12 Age: 17 Nickname: “Reeseypoo, Reese’s Pieces” Best Feature: “Smile” Ideal Guy: “Archie Andrews” Ideal Date: “Concert” Long-term Goal: “Be rich and famous” 3 Words to Describe You: “Funny, hilarious, athletic” What is your baggage?: “I always have soccer practice, lol” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “no sorry :/”

Photos taken by: Lindsey Ridgway, ZebraTales Photo Editor

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Zebratales February 2018 issue  

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