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When is it YOUR TURN? Festival or not. What we take from each other and what we keep. Some women say I have no money to treat myself and my soul for an uplifting spiritual experience. True. There is tighter money now. But you woke up this morning, and you are well and you have something to eat, you have roof over your head and have something to wear. You are successful. Somebody tells you they need your resources. You think to yourself, he needs me. He needs my money. He comes first. I have something; I’ll support him because I love him or because he is my husband, or son. Your daughter needs you too, and you give to her as well. And all these resources you have given away so generously without thinking will never come back to you. When is it your turn? You are not too young anymore. You are mature. Your needs are mature. When is it your turn? Who feeds your hunger? Do you support them? Do you give back to yourself at all? Yet you are lonely and exhausted. You work so hard, and you give it all away. You are a good person. Is that really enough?

At the end what we take with us is experiences, the memories of the divine. Do you have enough? Did the Great Spirit fill up your hunger? Did you smell the redwoods? Did you hear the ocean? Did you just love yourself? If you died tomorrow, are you a rich soul on your journey? Or just a suffering deprived worker, who was never number one? Was your life a donation? Does this feel good enough to you? You have been given away everything keeping nothing, not even a biannual women’s gathering is not possible for you while you are alive? I say stop! Your life is NOT a donation. You deserve to have a weekend every two years when you are a Holy Woman, not somebody who is a resource for everybody else. We have kept our path strong. WE endure poverty gladly, because our soul is promoting the future. Join us. Take your life seriously! Take your spiritual needs seriously! Get yourself registered now. Ride your own passion. WE only live once. Gather the pleasure of your company. Share your joy with sisters. Look deep into the mirror of womanhood. We have 200 beds to offer. One of those is yours. Blessed be,

Z Budapest

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So Much Goddess Inspired Goodness! We’re building again! And I’d like to share with what’s new and exciting, plus updates on the Goddess Festival. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! First of all, I thought it was crucial to the Women’s spirituality Movement that we leap forward into the current technologies being used today. It’s not just about computers any more. Now there’s a whole mobile community of sisters with cell phones, iPads, iTouchs and mini-laptops! New website for Mobile and Computer Users Well, we hear you sisters and we’ve begun to answer the call. Check out our new portal website! www.GoddessLive.com … We’ve pulled all our information and articles into one location for you and it doesn’t matter if you’re a computer user or a mobile user because we’ve programmed the site to be able to switch back and forth. Try it! Click here to see it as a website or click here to see it in for mobile users. Plus, we’ve created a sub-domain mobi.goddesslive.com that’s specifically designed to help mobile users stay in the know about all that’s going on within our Goddess community. It’s all linked in together, so take your time and sift through the links. Our goal is to bring you a portal site that all sister can access from any device, plus make it vagina friendly … we’ll be working on that second part a bit more. And iPhone users, we’ve put a 2D-barcode containing the address of our GoddessLive.com mobile site up, so if your mobile has a barcode reader, simply snap this bar code with the camera and launch the site. How cool is that?! Goddess Magazine Radio Show We are currently scheduling a bunch of new shows. With the Goddess Festival sneaking up on us, we thought it would be wonderful to have as many of the presenters and musicians do Goddess Magazine Radio Shows with us so you can have an opportunity to get to know a bit about them beforehand. We were just on the verge of recording these shows when my hard drive decided to die. So, sorry for the delay, but sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. I’m back up and running again, and so now we’re rescheduling.

Look for announcements of the new Goddess Magazine Radio Shows on our Facebook fan page. Are you a member of the Goddess Magazine Radio Show Fan page? For that matter, are you a member of the Goddess Festival fan page? And, now you can listen to Goddess Magazine Radio Shows on iTunes! So, open you iTunes and subscribe to our podcasted show. It’s free!

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Clicking the logo takes you to GoddessLive.com website The search uses Google’s search technology, but is branded with Goddess Live. Direct links to Goddess Live, Z Budapest and the Dianic University are always a click away. Your Facebook account is a click away. You can easily Twitter Z, me and few other Susan B. Anthony sisters. Plus, rollover our Twitter images and you can see our last 5 Tweets! Z Tarot is a direct link to getting a tarot reading with Z Budapest. Email Notifier allows you to set-up your email accounts into the toolbar so you can access your emails easily from there. I love this feature! RSS Reader allows you to access all our blogs and if you scroll over the blog’s title, it will show the most recent posts. No more having to remember to go check every blog, you can do it all for your toolbar! There’s a Message Ticker that allows Z to communicate with you directly in sound bites. This way you’ll always know what news is most important. Plus, we can actually send an occasional Text Alert to your desktop when it’s something really important or time sensitive. We won’t do this often though.

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We also added a Radio feature and you have to click the itty-bitty down arrow inside the box just to the right of the “No st…” words to get the dropdown menu of a bunch of great Goddess podcast radio shows, including Goddess Magazine Radio Show. There’s a tool for making short itty-bitty URL links. There’s a tool for translating to English when you visit other Goddess websites around the world.

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Goddess Festival Updates Wowzers! The Goddess Festival is just around the corner! I’ve been working like a mad woman to get all the necessary information announced to the world … and there’s still more coming! But here’s what you should know…. Visit the Goddess Festival website often because I am adding new material and information on an almost daily basis, plus updating the status of things! What’s new … We have filled all the Vendor and Tarot Reader positions. We still have one opening for a Massage Bodyworker. Apply quickly! Buying your airfare and wanting to ride the bus from San Francisco Airport to the Goddess Festival? You need to be at Terminal 1 before 1pm. The bus departs for the Festival at 1pm. Return flights should be 6pm or later. The bus departs the camp at 2pm, arrives at SFO 3:30-4, allow 2 hours for security and the check-in process. More specific details will be available after you register. Get your bus ride ticket here! It's only $20 for a round trip ticket! Plus a $5 handling fee. 18 seats available! Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 Info - Join the Susan B. Anthony coven #1 before the Goddess Festival and be a part of the bi-annual group photo! You can apply for membership here! What's included in my fee?

Absolutely everything! Three huge meals every day plus snacks, and the food is awesomely good! If you're a vegetarian, no problem we've got you covered. You have access to drinks all day and we encourage you to drink lots of water as the weather tends to be warm in September. Your fee also includes your lodging in our all women's shared cabins, and you have your own bed. We don't assign cabins, they are first come gets first choice ... so, arrive on time. We have plenty of restroom facilities and hot water showers for you as well, complete with mirrors for looking your most Goddess self. All rituals and workshops are included as well as all musical performances. And this year we will have the facilities big blue swimming pool open for a few hours a day as well. This pool is heated by the California sun, so it's great for afternoon dips to cool off and refresh yourself. Bring a swim suit! The only additional charge will be for women who need transportation to the Festival from the San Francisco Airport. What to bring with you?           

Bring a pillow, sheets and blanket. Bring clothes to dress in layers as this can be hot in the day and cool at night. Bring your ritual clothing! Bring sensible comfortable shoes!!! Bring a swim suit and towel. Bring a hairdryer and your own soaps. You're welcomed to bring your own instruments. Bring cash for Goddess wares & music. Bring pen & paper if you want to keep notes. Bring flowers if you can. Mostly bring a big smile & a desire for fun!

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Goddess Festival 2010 Why aren’t you more active in the Dianic Tradition? We have a lot of women who read this Goddess Magazine every month, and it would awesome to have more of you join in with us at the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1. A membership into the world’s most famous all-women’s coven makes for a nice gift to yourself. Give it some thought and then, come join us. GoddessMagazine.net

This Festival, we asked Sharon McCarthy to come and be our Official Goddess Festival Photographer because her photos from years past reflect her true devotion and love for the Goddess in every woman. This year there will be an official CD of the images of the Goddess Festival. Minus nude shots, we’ve asked Sharon to compile a huge volume of photos of everyone who attends the 2010 Goddess Festival. This means you can relax and enjoy the Festival knowing there will be photos of you and your Sisters in Goddess for your scrapbook! After the Goddess Festival the CDs will sell for $49.99 as a fundraiser for the Women’s Spirituality Forum, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to preorder yours at the discounted price of $35.99! You need not have attended to order one of these photo CDs. Preorder your Goddess Festival Photos CD today at the discounted price of $35.99!

The Dianic University Online is adding new classes! If you're not studying with us, you should be. Make yourself a FREE account at the Dianic University if you haven't already done so ... do it now! Now's the time to come study with Z and her dedicated group of teachers!

On Creating a Dianic Circle Part Two: Firing Things Up! So you’ve spent the past couple of months meditating on beginning your circle and you are confident of your plan by now: the date of your first ritual, how often you meet, where you meet, the purpose of the circle (study, ritual or both), how the leadership structure works, the name of the circle, how you will handle money, et cetera. You have contemplated your own particular skills, and feel that you have the experience and dedication necessary to lead; you’ve also explored and detailed the needs that this circle meets for you personally. You’ve journaled your hopes and fears and dreams. You’ve called on the Goddess and your Ancestors for guidance. You’ve created your Treasure Map and altar, and have been working daily with affirmations. You’ve lit your incense, prayed, and dreamed. You’ve intentionally made space and time in your world for this new life that you are willing to birth, and you are testing this out. You are actively preparing for the actualization of your Dianic Circle. Let’s light things up! Call upon the purifying element of Fire and the direction of South. Your passion, excitement, and initiative are all necessary now. It’s time to take some risks, to get assertive, and to move out of the realm of Air and into the realm of Fire, the sphere of getting things done, of listening to your instincts while trusting in the guidance of your enthusiasm and desires. Fire is here to act as a catalyst as you move toward realizing your dreams—this is the Divine Spark that is willing and prepared to spread to everyone around you. Release this Spark and let it be free! Revel in this glow of creation by setting up an altar with cloths of red and orange, and light candles of these same colors. Place upon it images that call forth the spirit of Fire within you: maybe a small cauldron, incense thurible, candles, or a cinnamon wand, and representations of snakes, salamanders, dragons and/or the Phoenix. Burn incense of frankincense, cinnamon and/or juniper. Let’s get moving! Encourage that fiery energy to flow up through your body. Take a swift walk, calling upon the Goddess and the Ancestors, and come back to your altar to dance in the energies. Engage in kundalini breathwork, such as the Breath of Fire*. Be daring, feel that Fire inside of your body, your heart, and your soul. Let that lava flow! Visualize this Fire within, develop a deep relationship with it,

and make a commitment to tending it. Dress in fiery colors to remind that Ancient Woman Within of the pledge you have made to embark on this journey. It’s finally time to take the next step in manifesting your circle: reaching out to those women, known and unknown, who are ready, willing, and wanting to go on this journey with you. While in ritual space, write a letter of intent in your journal and use this as a jumping off point to create an email or letter to send out, with love, to the world. Let your enthusiasm and joy come through; fire up excitement for your circle! Send this invitation to join with you in the name of Goddess to all of the women you know, even if they are not Pagan. You will be surprised and blessed by the support offered to you by others. Address this email to all of the Witchy Women you know, even if you think they live too far away to attend your circle. Email the big Pagan lists. Post to your Facebook page; start a Facebook “fan” page for the circle. Start a blog for the circle. Create a flyer to post to bulletin boards in local Pagan, herb, and natural food stores. Dream big and spread the word! You never know which spark will catch. Word of mouth travels like wildfire! It’s getting hot in here!!! Now is not the time to be subtle—call upon your courage. You truly want this…let the Goddess know! Practice affirmations of confidence for yourself in front of the mirror and at your altar. Create an affirmation for the circle as well; for example: “I am birthing a Dianic Circle on March 29, 2010!” Do candle magick. What images represent your desires and dreams for yourself and the circle? Find pictures in magazines or print them from the computer, then glue them onto a red or orange glass novena candle with a clear adhesive (such as Modge Podge or another gel media). Write the name of the circle on the candle. Add glitter! Let your creativity flow. Anoint it with cinnamon and/or ginger essential oils to pump up the energy. Burn this sacred candle every day for seven days as the Moon waxes. Ask the Fire to build your confidence and your ability to lead. Raise up the energy!!! Fire both creates and destroys, so as the Moon wanes, write down your fears and burn them outside in a cauldron, campfire or bonfire, or inside in your fireplace or woodstove, purifying yourself of these fears. Smudge yourself with sage. Burn your candle as the Moon waxes again, release your fears and those things holding you back as She wanes. Work with your affirmations every day as part of your personal spiritual practice. Call on Fire as a protector for your work and your circle. Fire helps to energize and activate all of those qualities needed to birth something new: purification, courage, creativity, passion, confidence, transformation, and determination. Look for every opportunity to add its spark and spice to your dream. Like lava flowing down the volcano towards the ocean, you are removing all obstacles in your path. Hold to your vision, be steadfast, and tend the Sacred Flame within your Soul. Your Dianic Circle is being born! * Check out: http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/pranayam.html

Upcoming: Part Three: The West: Emotions Sisterhood of the Moon ~ Women’s Spirituality Coven in the Z Budapest Dianic Tradition Events in the Sisterhood of the Moon are for women-born-women only. Located in Hayward, CA. You must contact Jesamyn Angelica for more information. Many of the members of this group are also members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1. Facebook.page.


Goddess Festival Presenters & Performers Click on their photo to go to the Goddess Festival website to learn more about them.

Vicki Scotti, LuAnn Morris, and Amy Otero. Hecate’s Wheel is an acoustic folk trio. Their music is inspired by, and dedicated to the Goddess in all her guises and aspects.

Founder and Director of the Goddess Temple of Orange County ‌ ... the only temple of its kind in the world!

Combines Mozart-inspired chord progressions and bratty Brit-rock hooks into a musical succotash she likes to call classipop, the eccentric yet loveable redhead hopes to breathe new life into the calcified world of "radio-friendly" contemporary music through her memorable melodies and solid songwriting.

Having decided that Northern California was my true native land, I continued on to graduate school at the University of California in Berkeley, where I got a Master's degree in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on the Middle Ages, and picked up a teaching credential. In my last semester there I got the bright idea of throwing a tournament in my backyard, an idea which unexpectedly took root and turned into the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Percussionist, Instructor, Lead Facilitator, Ritualist, Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed is a world-class percussionist, cultural ambassador, spiritual activist, empowerment facilitator

The founding High Priestess of the Wildflower Tradition and the Amazon Priestess Tribe, ordained in the Dianic Tradition by Z Budapest, Rabbit serves the Divine as an Oracle, Ritualist, and Herbalist.

Anique Radiant Heart is lighting up the Goddess Festival for us with her jazz blends of Goddess inspired music and songs all the way from Australia.

For me, African dance is the perfect blend of dance, athletics, singing and a whole lot of fun and spirit. She leads dance and performs at health expos, parties and special events. She is the master instructor of her Rhythm Workout Instructor Training Program and co-producer of the Goddess Crafts Faire.

We called it simply "Dianic Witchcraft" … The Importance of cultivating Womyn’s Mysteries within the patriarchal cultures of the 21st Century.A discussion and presentation on the roots of the Dianic Tradition by two women who really know what they’re talking about!

She is a recognized authority on the Queen of Sheba and is the creator of the Queen of Sheba Wisdom Oracle. As an actress, Miri has toured nationally with her one woman show “Grandmothers of the Universe. Miri has kindly consented to be the main stage's Goddess of Ceremonies this year. We are thrilled!!!

Karen brings a wealth of good Goddessness to the Goddess Festival with her new workshop on Goddess Wealth that will change your life and help you to understand your own powers with regards to financial wealth and your own powers of fulfillment.

The Creation of the Documentary Trilogy, Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change (and Beyond) by Roberta Cantow, Filmmaker

For several years into the making of Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change, I insisted that my subject was contemporary women’s embrace of the notion of ‘blood mysteries’. I was interested in the forms this subject was taking within women’s circles and gatherings and considered it to be an observable, compelling and curious phenomenon. I was fascinated with the integration of ritual to bring forth an intention; witnessing women supporting women in such endeavors; women “reclaiming their bodies” and their monthly cycles, all for the sake of framing them more positively. For me, this was the “stuff” of anthropology…made all the more interesting by the overlap I observed of work being done in the expressive arts/therapy movement to help clients connect with their ‘soul imagery’. I believed that I was simply bringing this phenomenon and these trends to the attention of a general audience. I had not bargained for the resistance and even dismissal that would arise among some in my “general audience” category over the depictions of the women in the film: their ideas and their rituals, their various celebrations of the female form, the unabashed visual references to blood, the discussion of the sacred, the Feminine. Before beginning this process, I was not fully familiar with the notion of the Feminine (the Sacred Feminine) and felt a little uncomfortable when such language was used. What did it reference? Was what it referenced even something actual, tangible…real? Did it not, on the contrary, simply refer to some kind of wish or longing for things to be other than what they are? I had felt a similar self-distancing when I heard the words, “the patriarchy” used to refer to the current ills of our society/culture. The big bad wolf of patriarchy had doomed us to a structure that no longer served our needs. In those days, I found myself thinking, “Gosh, that happened a long time ago. Isn’t it time to get over it?” One of my earliest fundraising proposal descriptions noted, “The women in this trilogy reframe the cyclical bleeding of women as inextricably bound to the life-affirming and transforming potential of the creative life force that resides within us.” I don’t know if that is what I believed at the time, but I was trying to come up with something that sounded really good and would be appealing. All of my proposals for funding were actually rejected. In one case, the feedback was that I was “too inside” my material. This struck me as odd since I was

anything but actually inside the material or that way of thinking. I was a NYC transplant to California, did not know myself to be a part of any pagan community, and all I wanted to do was to make another film. I joined a journal writing group in the early 90’s. It was there that I was introduced to the idea of "the blood mysteries”…a notion I found utterly intriguing...something exclusively about women...harkening back to an ancient past...and reviving women's long lost status as “the bringers of life.” How could I be too inside my material when I hardly knew anything about it and the mission of completing this film was actually a journey to my own understanding of its subject? Some of the questions that guided me as I worked on collecting material, doing interviews, and editing were: o

How can we be encouraged to examine the dichotomies embedded in our culture that is able to revere blood as the fare of war and entertainment while the private, quiet bleeding of a woman’s fertility cycle remains shrouded in secrecy and shame?


How can we empower young girls to have healthy and life-long positive attitudes about themselves as they enter young womanhood? In what ways have self-esteem issues for women and girls been linked to attitudes about the very signature of blood that makes us different?


What are the issues that need to be urgently addressed in an age when, increasingly, pharmaceuticals are being designed to suppress young women’s monthly bleeding so that it occurs only 4 times a year, and most recently, with new drugs, only once in two years?


In what ways can our imaginations, art and ritual, the very imagery of our souls, serve and empower us as women in marking the milestone events and crossing the thresholds of our lives in order to become more visible and more vocal leaders and healers of our world?

I had a sense that the possibilities for interesting imagery were endless and that the idea of creating a film that would restore a place of honor to women was likewise, enticing. Thus, my primary desire was to create a film consisting of woman-centered imagery. A secondary goal was to integrate bold and poetic imagery with this particular story of women. So began the path that led to the film, Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change, (completed 2008), a project that was 13 years in the making! It took a long while before I realized that I was making a trilogy and a lot more time to figure out what each of the three parts should consist of; where the material belonged. I experienced the agony of feeling trapped inside this puzzle for years. All the while, I felt that I was presenting a landscape of a phenomenon that exists in our culture; that I was taking it out of the shadows and into the light and giving it the honor of a voice that needed to be heard. I was determined to complete it. Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change mixes conventional documentary elements with approaches that are offbeat, poetic and abstract. The film opens with a studied combination of images of blood, merging those associated with war and violence with the blood imagery that women are familiar with, including symbolic references, and images from fairy tales. As the progression of these images intermingle with spoken text, their meanings shift. Staged, swirling, dancelike sequences of women in red dresses and capes, and others of women wearing exclusively red as they address the camera, present a tongue-in cheek nod to the film’s subject matter, while more expansive and haunting “composited” images evoke the very mystery of the cosmos and of life itself.

The film moves in and out of these approaches to provide standard documentary content as well: professional and non professional artists who present and discuss their art work; examples of actual events and celebration rituals (Blessing Way, Mikvah, Croning); commentary featuring those working with the issues: Lara Owen, author of Her Blood is Gold; Judith Larkin Reno, psychologist and mystic; Judith Greer Essex, Director of Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego, Sydney Salt, author of Voices in the Dreamtime and others. Women of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities are represented visually and in on-camera interviews. By combining visuals and approaches in sometimes startling, unusual and unexpected ways, I wanted the work to create new associations, and challenge how we think about the issues and the context. It is now two years since the completion of the trilogy and I am still continuing to grow, learn and be educated by my own creation. There has been something haunting about this process, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I like to think that this work has practical applications and is also open to metaphorical interpretations. I like to think that its poetic approach provides the antithesis of “didactic”, leaving room for viewers to enter into a deeper space of feeling and connecting. For those for whom the emphasis on the “blood mysteries” is a bit much, it does not need to be taken literally. Blood does represent the river of life and it is, after all, the blood that flows through our veins that signifies that we are alive. The trilogy as a whole suggests that our ability to bring forth change requires a shift in consciousness and the possibility of a paradigm shift. This idea is exemplified with the final images of women in red, spinning like whirling dervishes, appearing and dissolving as the camera swirls through panning shots of nature and of trees. What I have come to understand as the maker of the film is the extent to which the very idea of a paradigm shift can be threatening and quickly rejected, even by those who claim to be invested in bringing forth change. As a result, I understand better and more deeply than before, that, for those for whom there is no understanding of the tension between masculine and feminine on either a philosophical or energetic level, it would be difficult to perceive how deeply one might be immersed in the masculine, patriarchal structures and the judgments, dismissal, competition, and status seeking that accompany them. In that sense, my own journey has been toward an awareness of the implications of taking a stance against patriarchal structures and embracing an understanding of The Feminine. Although non-affiliated women and some in educational spheres have found it “interesting” and “remarkable”, responses that reflect a certain distancing from the material, it is the Goddess Community that has embraced this work most wholeheartedly. Visit www.originaldigital.net/bmd for more information about Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change and to view a sample clip.

Food Magic is a woman honoring series of social cooking projects which can be done by women and men alike, but harkens back to a time when women came together socially to prepare meals and enjoy a spiritual connection to the divine while creating nourishment and healing concoctions. Since this is woman honoring, we focus on the divine Goddess as existed in Matriarchal times as influencing the magical intent behind what we cook and why. It's the creation and enjoyment of food with a higher purpose! Food Magic is also a coming together of the magical properties of all the ingredients with the herbal healing properties, and a blessing for each recipe from Z Budapest. We make all the recipes from scratch and the ingredients are from scratch as well. For example, if a recipe calls for ketchup, we will be making that from scratch instead of just buying a bottle of ketchup. We do this because we want you to know exactly what's in your food and how it affects you magically and healthfully. Plus, when women come together to make all their own all natural food, it is life-affirming. Culturally we women need time to nurture ourselves and each other ... and what better way to share that experience than through Food Magic! Food Magic and Natural Herbal Healing just go together and we think you'll have A LOT OF FUN and GOOD TIMES together with our creative and easy to do group projects. Learn more‌. We’re offering a Goddess Festival special pre-sale of Food Magic Kit One with a beautiful embroidered Apron for $49.99 plus shipping/handling (Normally $59.99 ) from July 1- Sept 12. Get yours now!

The Moirae Beneath the Tree of Life there is a cave formed by its roots. Nearby is the enchanted fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom. The Fates live here. They are the forces of Nature and it is they who enforce natural law. They are Clothos (the Spinner), Lachesis (the Measurer) and Atropos (She Who Cannot Be Turned). They are the Moirae. These Sisters make Order out of Chaos and ensure that Destiny is carried out, measured one life at a time. They sing all life into being. It is said that Clothos sings of the things that were, Lachesis sings of the things that are and Atropos sings of the things that are to be. This reflects a varied and universal ancient belief that words do not merely describe reality, they actually are building clay to construct reality for each person. That which we speak out loud calls a certain reality into being. And singing is the most exalted form of speech. The Moirae are older than all the gods and even the gods must obey them. They are from of old, from long before patriarchy took over culture. In the oldest accounts they were birthed parthenogenically by the Goddess Ananke (Necessity). The Moirae spin for each person at their birth their own share of good and evil, joy and sorrow, irony and justice. With equanimity, they punish the transgressions of both humans and gods. It is possible that the three Sisters started out in prehistory as birthing Goddesses. In their stories, they appear at the cradle of each infant on the 7th day after birth and bestow that child’s unique gifts in a ritual at the home’s hearth. That is also when the child’s name was given by the family. Gypsies still say “Three Ladies in White” stand at the cradle of every child. And Walt Disney caused the three benevolent, grandmotherly fairies, Flora, Fauna and Meriweather to appear at the cradle of Aurora and bestow the infant princess gifts in his animated film, “The Sleeping Beauty”. The number 7 was their sacred number. They are said to have invented 7 letters of the Greek alphabet, other stories say they invented the entire system of written language. The Fates are in the stories of many cultures. The Greeks knew them as the Moirae, the Romans as the Parcae. The Russians knew them as Rodjenice, the Germanic peoples as The Norns. Urdh, Verdandi and Skuld were their names for many Slavic peoples. For different Slavic peoples they were also the Narucnici (Baltic) and the Sudice (Polish). There is evidence that the Fates were rooted in the ancient Indo-European cultures and the milennia-old worship of Kali Ma. No matter in what language one speaks of them, they are the most powerful of the powerful. They create a life, decide how long that life will be, what that life’s destiny will be, and finally end that life.

In the home of The Fates under the Tree of Life, are the records of all that happens, has happened, and will happen written on tablets of brass and iron, indestructible by any power, natural or supernatural. The archives of The Fates are eternal. These Sisters were described frequently as unfeeling, cold and detached. They were depicted in art, poetry and literature variously as: crones with ashen skin, beautiful women with white skin clothed in white, the triple goddess images of maiden, mother and crone, and three tall spectacularly gorgeous amorphorous maidens whom, if actually seen with human eyes would be so terrible that the person would die just at the sight of them. Even though they had the reputation of being detached and unfeeling, Greek brides made devotions to them, offering gifts of a lock of their hair and dainty food so that their marriages would be happy and their husbands treat them well. Women, in particular, swore by them, causing the Moirae to be referred to as “The Oathkeepers”. Slavic parents left them offerings of bread, salt, cheese and candles to bless their newborn children with a kind and prosperous destiny. The priestesses and priests of The Fates were always Oracles and Soothsayers. At Delphi, only Clothos and Atropos were worshiped. The colors associated with each Fate are: Clothos (Urdh) Black, Lachesis (Verdandi) Red, and Atropos (Skuld) White. The Slavic names in parentheses are from the words, “being itself”. For Anglo-Saxons, a person’s “wyrd” was their Fate. Hence, in the countries of the Anglo-Saxon tribes, they were called The Wyrd Sisters. Also the “weird” were those who could tell the future psychics and soothsayers, those who were the priestesses and priests of the Fates. I sit outdoors at dusk this night between the half moon and the evening star. I think of all the ancient names for these: Artemis, Diana, Ahahita, Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Venus. Surely the numinous fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom is near. Making their magical nightly appearance are the fireflies, now that Midsummer is here. They whisper to me that Summer is in her fullness. She is hugely pregnant with the harvest in advent. The graying clouds, still tinged with the rosey hues of the setting sun, frame the incredibly bright evening star, even as the fireflies swoop and loop gracefully through the twilight. A flicker up here - down over there - a sweep of phosphorescence. Candles glow and dance in the summer breeze. The birds have already done their part singing down the summer sun and now they don’t quite know what to do with themselves before it is truly night and they go home to their roosts and nests for sleep. I am approaching the end of my second destiny which is marked by my second Saturn return, the planet Saturn returning for the second time to the place it was in my astrological chart when I was born. Saturn is the teacher, the task master and the bringer of momentous change. I know that the changes in my life are inevitable, in the process of now happening, and I welcome them. I might as well. The Second Sister is passing me off to the Third. I pray the Goddesses of Fate and Destiny will be kind to me. I look forward with bright anticipation to my third destiny. I know from experience that it will contain both joy and sorrow. I will make a ritual at my birthday and offer rich red apples, bread and salt to the Fates, the Wyrd Sisters, the most ancient of Goddesses, those who came before, and have power over all gods and humans. The belief in the powers and role of the Fates in our lives seem to stand in direct opposition to the New Age and Buddhist beliefs that only our thoughts and words create the reality around us. The age-old knowledge that these Goddesses hold our destinies and our lives in their hands as they spin and measure, and finally cut, is part of the tapestry of all cultures in the European, Germanic, Slavic,

Scandinavian, Indo-European and Mediterranean cultures. It is woven into our DNA. Like so many other realities and beliefs we meet and absorb on the Goddess Path, this is a situation of both/and, not either/or. Our thoughts and words do indeed create reality, within the greater frame of destiny and fate. There are things that happen in our lives that are without our ability to change them or prevent them. But how we adapt, process and learn from them, how we react and deal with them is completely our choice and our creation. The Moirae, the Grey Sisters, the Three Ladies Dressed In White are our Mothers, our Sisters, sometimes seem to be our enemies, but we need to name them our friends by realizing that they are but the framework circumstances of our lives in which we can either co-create or let it all wash over us. Therein lies the wisdom: knowing what we can control and what we cannot. May the Fates be kind to us all. The belief in the powers and role of the Fates in our lives seem to stand in direct opposition to the New Age and Buddhist beliefs that only our thoughts and words create the reality around us. The age-old knowledge that these Goddesses hold our destinies and our lives in their hands as they spin and measure, and finally cut, is part of the tapestry of all cultures in the European, Germanic, Slavic, Scandinavian, Indo-European and Mediterranean cultures. It is woven into our DNA. Like so many other realities and beliefs we meet and absorb on the Goddess Path, this is a situation of both/and, not either/or. Our thoughts and words do indeed create reality, within the greater frame of destiny and fate. There are things that happen in our lives that are without our ability to change them or prevent them. But how we adapt, process and learn from them, how we react and deal with them is completely our choice and our creation. The Moirae, the Grey Sisters, the Three Ladies Dressed In White are our Mothers, our Sisters, sometimes seem to be our enemies, but we need to name them our friends by realizing that they are but the circumstances of our lives which we can either co-create or let wash over us. Therein lies the wisdom: knowing what we can control and what we cannot. May the Fates be kind to us all.

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Litha’s Embrace by artist Rosmarinus Urania (WyrdMagick.com)

Celebrating You! Celebrating the Change of the Season This is a video about Celebrating the You that You are now...because of all of our past experiences, we are who we are..Embrace that YOU and Dance to the Music that is You!!!!! Woot woot!!! Yay! Have some freakin’ FUN!!! Let’s dance!

As we approach the Summer Solstice we notice the land is heavy with fruits, vegetables, flowers and fun! Lovers are everywhere and babies too. Every year, every moment, every being goes through cycles of metamorphosis. This is the time of year where the change is everywhere; we can’t forget to celebrate the change that is happening. Change in the Earth, change in our lives and also change within ourselves. Change happens so fluidly in nature; a lull of the spring breeze, and lapping of a wave, and fierce wild fire, a slow stifling drought, gentle rain and lazy afternoons for a caterpillar on a bed of leaves carefully creating a cocoon. The caterpillar instinctively knows what to do….eat, grow, create a cocoon, relax and enjoy some quite time, then emerge anew as a spectacular Butterfly. Are you allowing change to happen in your life? Are you feeling the pull of something more? There is joy bubbling up inside you…are you holding back? Why? Be free and allow yourself to experience the joy and exhilaration of metamorphosis and Celebrate with your entire being! The Summer Solstice is a time to really let your inner Goddess come out and celebrate “Out Loud” for all creatures to see! Really look inside and plan a Sabbat celebration that will celebrate all the changes you have experienced during the past year, month, week and even day. Celebrating small and large victories, changes, triumphs and passions! If someone has passed away, celebrate in the Spirit of them and remember their essence when they were with us in this realm. Celebrate in the Joy of Life and Living! Feel the Goddess come alive within every cell in your body and Dance Dance Dance!!! Make Maraca’s, plan a party, dance sky clad around the bon fire! Yay!!! Celebrate all the changes you have gone through and all the changes yet to come. Celebrate where you are now in your life and embrace all you have with the Full Joy of the Goddess!!! For a video that accompanies this article, please visit my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bam12p038s

Celebration Blessings to you all!

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It’s ALL in the Attitude! What’s in an attitude? You constantly can hear mothers telling their children to “change their attitudes”. People comment on another person’s sour behavior by saying that they “have an attitude” or “an attitude problem”. You also may hear, “Have an attitude of gratitude”. Why all the focus on attitudes? Do they really make such a difference in a person’s life? I woke up one morning with this phrase running through my head. I quickly grabbed the notebook on my nightstand for things such as this. Here is what was given to me: “By changing your attitude, you can change your beliefs. By changing your beliefs, you can change your life. By changing your life, you can inspire others to change. By inspiring others to change, you can change the world!” I sat and thought about this for some time and broke it down in my head: By changing your attitude, you start to pull in a better frame of mind. You start to energetically “pull” better situations, people, etc. into your life. What this does is allow your mind to focus on opportunities you may have missed with a different attitude. The more that you do this, your beliefs will start to change. You will see that your attitude attracts different opportunities, a different mindset and feelings. Your beliefs will start to change because of this practice. The more you change certain beliefs that may not serve you; your life starts to shift dramatically in a way that you may not have seen before. People around you will start to take notice that something about you is different. You may start to respond in a different manner than what you normally would have. A person may even come up to you and ask you about this difference. What an opportunity to share! Inspiration comes from within but also from our environment. We never really know the effect that we have on a person. People are inspired everyday by co-workers, friends, family, authors from books and even perfect strangers! Individuals make changes all the time by the inspiration they see around them. When someone is inspired, the more likely that person is to make the changes that will inspire others. This is when a “ripple” effect starts to occur!

The world is changed when more and more people are awakened!! Let me give you an example of this. When I first read Z. Budapest’s The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, I was awakened in such a way that I have never been awakened before! Even though I am a strong female role model for my children, there were still some patriarchal views that definitely needed addressing in my home! Because of Z’s book, I was inspired in a different way. I was inspired to make changes that I wouldn’t have even thought of before. My attitude about certain things started to change. When this happened, I noticed that my beliefs about my role as a woman started to change as well. My life changed for the better! I saw that when I talked to friends, family and even my children, they were inspired by the changes I had made. One of the changes I made was in teaching my daughters to be proud of their womanhood. My 13 year old recently started her blood cycle. Instead of quietly showing her how to take care of herself as if it were something to feel dirty or even shameful about; we celebrated this sacred event in honoring her and her divine feminine power! My daughters and I celebrated with a ceremony where we held hands in a circle while singing, “The Goddess is in you, may you be blessed!”. Afterwards, I gave her a red coral ring to wear to remind her of her connection to Goddess and the power to create life that she holds within her. I know that this precious memory will forever stay with my daughters as it will with me. I see my daughters and son becoming more and more liberated from society’s ideals. Although there is room for more to shift and heal with all our wounds from patriarchy, we are on a beautiful journey!! So much happened, from reading one powerful book! Would I say that I have an attitude? YES!! I have an attitude of empowering women all over the world. What’s YOUR attitude?

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Michele’s Guide to Chakras By Michele Knight

The Chakras are energy wheels, which spin and vibrate in different areas of our body. When these wheels are tuned and clear we are energized and in harmony. Often these energy centers become blocked or stuck leaving a feeling of being out of sorts or disempowered. I am ultimately going to have a random chakra generator, which will offer advice on which of your chakras needs attention. However just to start here is a short master class on Chakras.

Crown Chakra Your connection to the higher realms, your higher self, connection to angels and beings of light. The crown chakra is essential for your well-being. It can be likened to a giant umbilical cord coming through the top of your head and attaching to God, spirit, whatever your symbol. The crown chakra feeds us the love and protection of the universe. The crown gives us a connection to the whole. If the crown is not functioning well, it can lead to a sense of isolation or abandonment. You may feel unaware of your life path or reason for being here. Knowing and understanding flow through this centre. Your life force, your spirit force. Meditation and contemplation benefit the crown chakra and connect you to source. The people we perceive to be bad or evil or have generally cut off from the crown chakra, living in ego, being disconnected from this chakra can make you unaware of cause and effect and lose your humanity. Sitting in silence in the wilds of nature you can tangibly feel your connection to the whole. You are the mountains, tree and brooks, you are divine! Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do I trust the universe my higher power? How can I open my connection to the whole? What colour is my crown chakra? What are my spiritual beliefs? What does my higher power feel and look like?

Affirmation ‘ I am connected to the divine, I am the divine, my life is giving me exactly what I need ‘. Colour – white (all colours) violet.

Crystals – clear quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli. Third Eye The sixth Chakra is located in the centre of your forehead and is the gateway to your intuition and clairvoyance. This chakra is also home to your subconscious and the core of your dreaming. If you close your eyes and visualize, the images seem to manifest from this place. This intense mysterious chakra reveals the hidden in you and perceives the hidden in others. This is the chakra that unravels the mysteries of life – the wise woman within sees from here. If you run your finger gently over your forehead you will actually feel an indentation and sensitive spot where your third eye centre is. As we approach these powerful times of awakening our intuition appears to be unfolding and opening up to us, evolving very quickly to the next way of being. This chakra is crucial to work with at this time but make sure you are firmly grounded! If this chakra is blocked or not working correctly you may experience problems with your eyes, migraines, or issues of trust with people. Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3.

How open is my third eye? Do I trust my intuition? What hidden things can I see right now?

Affirmation ‘ I am an all seeing wise (wo)man, my depth and wisdom are honoured by those around me ‘. Colour – Indigo Crystals - Amethyst to open and explore, Fluorite for deep expansion (be careful with this stone as it is very powerful and can induce premonitions!), Rose Quartz to soothe, Lapis Lazuli to nourish. Throat Chakra The fifth chakra is located at the throat and is the centre of truth and self expression. If this chakra is open, you walk your talk and you are your truth. Many people have a blocked throat chakra and fear the consequences of speaking their truth, saying exactly how they feel, expressing vulnerability or strength.

This is a place of communication and when released will lead you to be able to flow and fully be yourself. Communicating of course involves listening and interacting with others, but also within that remaining true to yourself. Remarkable things can happen when you come from your truth. If this chakra is blocked it can lead to neck and throat problems, thyroid problems also sore throat or the common cold. Throat problems can also mean blocked tears as these problems go hand in hand.

Sounds and chanting are excellent ways to clear the throat chakra and are also equivalent to meditation. Chanting is potent magic ( if you are a Buddhist for example you are more than familiar with the power of chanting). The healing power of the voice has been known and honoured in many ancient societies. Contemporary society encourages us to hide and repress our emotions, particularly grief and rage. Releasing and expressing your emotions can lead to instant transformation but is done ideally when you are standing in your power an your other chakras are balanced. Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

How open or closed is my throat chakra? Do I speak my truth? If not, why not? What is my worst fear about speaking my truth? What would I say right now if I was speaking my truth? Do I communicate to those close to me? Do I speak the truth to myself? When did this chakra become blocked? Am I ready to embrace my truth?

Affirmation ‘ I speak my truth and the universe listens. I am my truth!’ Colour – Blue Crystals – Blue lace agate to stimulate and balance, Sodalite to ground and balance. Heart Chakra The home of unconditional love and your connection to the whole. You empathy for other people and your ability to love yourself and others. Here is where all truth lays, the knowledge of your past and future lives, and an abundance of love. The love available in the heart chakra is our very essence – the essential us. Learning to live with an open and flowing heart chakra allows you to feel safe at peace, to feel loved by the universe. What you feel and give out from here will be rewarded tenfold. Don’t confuse this with addictive or co-dependent love. Universal love is the pure layer of gold within your centre, waiting to be mined by you! The heart chakra can be accessed very easily, you just have to want to surrender to the love. The heart chakra links you to an ocean of universal, divine love, always there for you, to replenish yourself and others. The heart is a meeting place of the upper and lower chakras. It brings all the energies together uniting our earthly nature with out higher self. Loving without letting the ego interfere, uniting with the whole and recognizing our connection to everything. The heart is a gateway to the soul and to spirit. Unlimited magic abounds inside your heart centre. An out of balance heart chakra can lead to a sense of isolation or depression, asthma, heart disease or high or low blood pressure.

Colour – Pink or green Crystals – rose quartz to open up or heal, green Adventurine for balancing. Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What does love mean to me? Have I ever experienced universal love? If so, what inspired it? How much do I love myself? How have I loved and been loved? How open is my heart? What kind of loving do I need in my life right now?

Affirmation ‘I am a vessel of unconditional love and showered with love every moment’. Solar Plexus The third Chakra is situated beneath the heart and above the belly. The solar plexus is our connection to our sense of self and personal power, the ego if you like. It is also the place where many people feel fear and the very fear of being ourselves. Our zest for life as well as our vitality originate from this chakra. It is like an electricity generator. Our ego can find a comfortable place to live here and so it is essential to keep this chakra clear and balanced so that megalomania doesn’t set it! On the other side of the coin, when this chakra is too closed down lethargy and despondence or depression can set in (diabetes is said to be a physical manifestation of a dodgy solar plexus). The solar plexus should be a place of sun and fire. Visualize the sun shining in your power source and glow with the warmth or your unique vital spark. The key to keeping this centre in balance is being comfortable and happy in your own power, not being fearful of being powerful as well as not feeding yourself on power for powers sake. It is a delicate balance that will bring you the great reward of feeling vital, energized and confident about who you are in the world. Question to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

What is my personal power? Am I comfortable with my power? Am I in my power? How open in my solar plexus? Do I have buried fear and if so am I ready to let it go? How is my vitality at the moment? What am I holding in my solar plexus?

Affirmation ‘ I am a vital, powerful being, glowing with confidence.’ Colour – Yellow Crystals - Citrine to energize and balance, tigers eye to activate and stimulate. The Sacral Chakra The second chakra can be found around the womb/stomach area and related to sexuality and creativity. Here lies your power and your passion, your gut feelings about who you are and the ability to desire. I often visualize a Goddess within living in this chakra as sensuality and abundance flow through here. This chakra is particularly relevant to women as it represents the seat of our power and our womanhood. Desire and emotions stem from this powerful place, as well as creative thought. You give birth not only to life here but to ideas and inspiration. To keep this chakra flowing it is essential to reclaim your sexuality for yourself, your sexual vibration is about you not about another. It is based on your own vibration, not what is dictated by society or a lover. This is your power source. We can repress our sexuality or place bundles of guilt in this sacred place. Knowing you are a sexual being and diving into this energy space is your divine right. Let the sacral chakra speak to you and you will open up a wealth of deep wisdom and self acceptance. Intuitive and git feelings can manifest here – knowing what’s right or wrong for you. Tuning into this chakra is like meeting a wise and guiding force that will often have the answers. Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Am I in touch with my sexuality? Am I comfortable being a sexual being? How open is this chakra? What do I want to create in my life right now? What does my Goddess/God within look like? How can I express my sexual and creative energy more?

Affirmation My sexuality and creativity is abundant and balanced. I am surrounded by all the loving sexual energy I desire. Colour – Orange

Crystals – Carnelian for energizing agate for balancing, rose quartz for calming as well as Chrysicolla or Amaozonite which are good for all sorts of gynecological problems and grounding your feminine power. The Root Chakra The first Chakra is located beneath the coccyx and around the genital area. This Chakra is our initial survival energy- the primordial fight or flight mechanism that is preoccupied with the basic needs such as food, water, and security and not getting eaten or killed. This Chakra firmly roots us in the physical worked and if functioning correctly will allow you to feel grounded and safe, believing the earth can fulfill all your basic needs. In Prehistoric times and the dawning of civilization this energy was essential for survival. Life was far more dangerous and traumatic, if you were starving you couldn’t nip down the local chip shop or grab a quick Sushi from Waggamama. Hunting and gathering fruits in the wild was your sole means of existence and this was a hairy business as you were a lovely snack from some larger beasts. In contemporary society we need this energy to keep us connected to the earth and to kick in if we are ever in trouble or danger. The root chakra can be out of balance for many reasons for instance if you did not feel safe in childhood, if you were ever abused or had a negative sexual experience. The root chakra can get blocked if you suffered extreme poverty or violence or had a fright such as a car accident. Symptoms of an out of balance root chakra include: Panic attacks, lack of sexual boundaries, sciatica, a feeling of not belonging, compulsive behaviour, addictions, weight problems, aggressiveness and constipation. The root chakra is your foundation in and life and when this energy is clear we have the basis to achieve anything we desire because our roots are strong! A lot of people on a spiritual path want to open up their upper Chakras and turn themselves into space cadets¬ True spirituality flows through the root up to the grown again forming an eternal circle connecting to the earth and the higher spheres.

Questions to ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do I feel safe in the world? Am I grounded? What primal feelings have I experienced? Am I comfortable with raw energy? What does my warrior self look like?

Affirmation ‘I am completely safe in the world and loved by the Universe. My roots are strong.’ The colour of the root chakra is vivid blood red. When healing and tuning the root chakra this is the colour to visualize. Crystals – Garnet to energise – Agate to stabilize – Smoky quartz or snowflake obsidian to ground.


Tryst – Handfasting Commitment Ceremonies Z is back sisters! And she’s available to officiate your Trysting wedding ceremonies again! The most popular pagan Goddess wedding ceremony was created by Z Budapest in The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries where Z coined the term Tryst Ritual as an expressly feminine marriage ceremony and rite of passage that can be used for heterosexual couples as well as same sex couples. Z Budapest has been conducting Pagan marriage rituals for over 40 years as a celebrated High Priestess within the Dianic Tradition, which she founded. Z is available to officiate your handfasting ceremony as well. Whether it's a civil union or a licensed marriage certificate, Z is able to offer you her services as clergy. She has legal standings through the Women's Spirituality Forum, an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit in the state of California; making your clergy fees tax deductible. You can learn more about Z’s Trysting Ritual and schedule your wedding ceremony with her in 2010!

Vicki Scotti, LuAnn Morris, and Amy Otero are

Hecate’s Wheel an acoustic folk trio. Their music is inspired by, and dedicated to the Goddess in all her guises. They sing an eclectic variety of cover songs and original music.

Hecate’s Wheel has been playing and singing together for several years and their voices have found a natural harmonious blend. We VERY much enjoyed their Beltaine concert!

UPCOMING DIANIC EVENTS Pagan Examiner – Read the articles written by Bobbie and myself. Z’s Calendar of Events – Want to know where I am appearing? Goddess Festival 2010 – You think the last was good? Goddess is Alive! Tarot Social - A joyful coming-together of the Women’s Tarot community ... a Revival of the 70’s TRAVELING MAGIC SHOW by a FOREMOTHER of GODDESS SPIRITUALITY, The QUEEN of TAROT READINGS, and the woman responsible for LEGALIZING TAROT in California … Z Budapest.

Z Budapest is conducting a Tarot Social at Carson City, NV in a lovely private home on July 10th. For more information and registration go to TarotSocial.com.

The Dianic University for Women in Goddess Study the Dianic Tradition with Z Budapest, the woman who rebirthed it into modern culture. Classes at the Dianic University are designed for women only. Sisterhood of the Moon ~ Women’s Spirituality Coven in the Z Budapest Dianic Tradition Events in the Sisterhood of the Moon are for women-born-women only. Located in Hayward, CA. You must contact Jesamyn Angelica for more information. Many of the members of this group are also members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1. Facebook.page.

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CREDITS Goddess magazine layout and editing by Bobbie Grennier Photography by Sharon McCarthy, Bobbie Grennier Photoshop art by Bobbie Grennier Articles by the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One and contributors as noted Foremother of the Women’s Spirituality Movement … Zsuzsanna Budapest Goddess magazine information page – donations, ads and contribution information can be found here. Thank you sisters who have donated $1 a month to help support our Goddess efforts! You can sponsor Goddess magazine too! Click here to help….

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