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Goddess Magazine May 2010

Blessings Sisters in Goddess! Touring the East Coast The wet spring of 2010 roared into May, coast to coast tulips were blooming, and Hyacinths, and wildflowers. I admire the pastel colors of lavender and pinks of the wild radish, a bushy stunning weed. Just before the great outdoors is souring up with ripe and dangerous weeds like foxtails. The grass is shiny. East and west coasts looked like green emeralds. Flight on Jet Blue was disappointing, they don’t transfer your luggage to other airlines, and we didn’t make our connecting flight to Albany. But the Goddess already gifted us with a dear friend K.C. whom we called on the cell and she came to pick us up. It worked out much better this way. We slept in her mother’s big walnut wood bed, with fresh linens. Bobbie and I had finally arrived. First stop was Woodstock. Oh how I still resonate to this place, in my heart I am still a music possessed hippy girl. I waved to that young woman who attended that first festival in Woodstock in 1969. When we passed the green pastures I said to her, “Thanks for experiencing that weekend for me. A historical time. Proud to have been part of it.” We are so many people as we grow older. It blows my mind how many different lives I had. There never was a real Woodstock ever again. You cannot do it with pills, speed and booze. It worked very well with grass, acid, mushrooms, wine and juices … and Sara Lee cakes. Drugs matter.

Introduced my new concept to the east coast, that of the Tarot Socials. It’s a way to gather, share and witness each other’s lives while learning divination. I have never seen a quicker way to pull together a diverse group of women and make them into close friends over a weekend. The readings were closely followed and learned. I loved the way the women confessed to parts of their feelings they didn’t even know they had. But the spirits who help us communicate pulled their cards and we were surprised how often we hide the essential feelings even from ourselves. There were tears and “Aha” moments. We asked no questions this time, the spirits were kind and wise. We asked only to be seen and advised of what we needed to know. Each time I do these events I realize that I too learn from each reading, as a teacher I am still growing. Susan Weed made the most delicious meals for us, picked wild, wild things for our salads. We doused it with magical potions of burdock vinegars, tamari sauce or several other homemade vinegars. Our bodies thanked us for the green cuisine.

There was a white goose, Trumpet, a rescue, and a red Cardinal in the tree. There were goats, young, old and pregnant ones. There was the delicious goat cheese, and the thick goat yogurt that I ate for breakfast. The frogs were quietly singing, and the sky was cloudy. None of the star studded Milky Way showing night sky I remembered. But there was silence at night like I never have in Oakland, and there was darkness. Oakland is never quite dark at night. I loved being on Susun’s farm. Driving in our rented car, which we nicknamed little “Yam,” guided by our new advisor Magellan (GPS), we started to visit the Suffragists homes. The women who walked before us, who helped us to get such rights as keeping our own earnings, inheriting property, keeping our children after divorce and lead us to search for a higher god; somebody who doesn’t hate women. But above all, they all worked for the vote. They thought once we have the vote we will use it to create a Woman-friendly country, peace on earth. But women are not and never have been a homogonous group, caste. We only hold together when our very butt is on the line, as in abortion rights, which by the way back then was still not illegal.

Z Budapest singing a prayer outside the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home in Seneca Falls, NY Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s house was just a fraction of what she used to live in. I could not imagine her raising seven children in that small space. Nor could I imagine the woman actually moving about there, since she was a big woman. I was told the rest of her home was demolished. We were much luckier with Susan B. Anthony’s home. Her home was still intact; renovations didn’t demolish parts of her house. It was whole and strong, just like the woman. I felt drawn to her bedroom upstairs, because this is where she actually died. I felt something up there. I held her bed frame and started calling her in; calling her, blessing her and thanking her for all the good she has done. I also started telling her about the victory meeting with Mrs. Catt on stage celebrating the vote, and Alice Paul in the back of the room already drafting the ERA. Mrs. Catt never liked Alice, but on this occasion she gave her public recognition. I was telling Susan B. all about it … and then suddenly, I started crying.

Z Budapest sits in Susan B. Anthony’s actual chair and sings a prayer to the great lady in Rochester, NY. A wave of emotion took me into a happy crying fit. I felt embraced, like I went home to mama. At the same time, Bobbie smelled a strong perfume of floral white roses. It came and it went. We were transfixed by the meeting of the grateful hearts. Next to her bed stood her own black frock in a glass case. Susan was a tall woman. We saw her own combs, typewriter and brushes. The Lady was still home. When we discussed our experience with the Director of the Susan B. House, she said Susan was famous for her scent and that she wore a heavy perfume of white roses. Susan B. Anthony is still amongst us as she promised. This is really my best story on the ethereal plane. Amongst all those suffragists, many of them psychics themselves like Victoria Woodhull, Ernestine Rose who sold incense and oils for a living, it was this Quaker woman who loved us more than the afterlife.

When one time she was cornered by a New York reporter and posed the question of “Susan B. Anthony, what do you think of the afterlife?” She answered as a spontaneous utterance, “When I die, I shall go neither to heaven nor to hell, but stay right here and finish the Women's Revolution.” This is why we dedicated to her our feminist coven, and now I can say for certain Auntie Susan kept her word. A special “thank you” to all the kind women who housed us along the way and made the journey possible. I have a lot more to share about the Blue Stockings Tour in future editions of Goddess Magazine. Blessed be,

Z Budapest

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The Journey of Wilma Mankiller Memorial by Diane Horton with video by Aphrodisiastes She was born November 18, 1945. She came into this world a Scorpio and endured the particular burdens of being ruled by Pluto, but was transitioned into the next life in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on April 6, 2010 as the new zodiacal year began, losing her battle with aggressive pancreatic cancer. Wilma Mankiller was the first recorded female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. There were probably other female chiefs of the Cherokee, but because of the lack of written records, we do not know of them. The Cherokee were historically a matrilineal tribe and a matriarchal society. Her surname, “Mankiller”, was a Cherokee military title (‘Asaya-dihi’) for the person in charge of protecting the village. The Cherokee Nation is currently the second largest tribal nation in the US with a population of over 140,000 registered, an annual budget of over 75 million dollars, and more than 1200 employees spread over a 7000 square mile area. As Chief of this nation, she was equal in responsibility to any CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Wilma’s journey began as 6th child of 11, daughter of Charley Mankiller and Clara Irene Sitton (of DutchIrish heritage). Wilma’s Great-Grandfather was one of the 16,000 Cherokees, Choctaws, Chicasaws, Creeks, slaves and those of other tribes who were forced to move from their homes in the areas of the southeast in the 1830’s under the orders of President Andrew Jackson to the plains territory that would

become the state of Oklahoma. Although Charley Mankiller had government allotted lands near Rocky Mountain, Oklahoma, there was another government removal of Indians early in Wilma’s life which moved the family to San Francisco, California. She later said that she felt she had traveled her own “Cherokee Trail of Tears” as she was uprooted from her home and placed arbitrarily in a completely different location. She cried for many days. She was mocked in school for her last name, though later lived up to it’s promise. Despite adversity, Wilma managed to graduate from high school, attend Skyline College, then later, San Francisco State University. At 17, she married Hector Olaya diBardi, an Ecuadorian student. They moved to Oakland and had two daughters, Gina and Felicia. Wilma became very involved in San Francisco’s Indian Center and in the late 60’s became an activist. She participated in the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island which drew attention to the plight and conditions of the American Indian. She felt she had found her life purpose. Her new role in life became a wedge between her and her husband Hector which resulted in divorce. She took her daughters and moved back to the family lands in Oklahoma in hopes of helping and serving her Cherokee people. She became a community activist. Her mission as she became a tribal leader was to bring self-sufficiency to her people. And she was successful. Back in the capitol of the Cherokee Nation, she met her second husband, Charley Soap, a Cherokee, and

their marriage was to last the rest of her life. She ran in tribal elections in 1975 as Deputy Tribal Chief and was elected. In 1985 when the Principal Chief stepped down, she was by Cherokee law, then Chief. In the tribal election of 1987, she was elected Chief outright and served for the next 10 years. She had to endure much opposition to her first election as Deputy Tribal Chief, bravely bearing vandalism to her property and death threats by those opposed to having a female leader. But after her 1987 Tribal election victory, it was clear that all opposition had faded. At her funeral, Principal Chief Chad Smith said, “Wilma proved humility is strength. She rose above smallness and elevated those around her.�

Personally, she faced many challenges. While she was the Deputy Tribal Chief, she had enrolled at the University of Arkansas to pursue a higher degree. One day as she drove home from classes, she had a head-on collision with another car, ironically, driven by her best friend. Her friend was killed and Mankiller was left in critical condition. She almost lost her right leg and faced 17 subsequent operations due to the accident. This was the beginning of her second destiny, commencing with the divorcing of her first husband and the moving back to her Tribal home. In recuperation from this accident, Wilma found she had a deep spiritual awakening. Only a year later, she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a chronic muscle disease affecting voluntary muscles. As she realized over and over again how precious and fragile life is, she was spurred into action for her Cherokee people. She began the Bell project in which members of the community revitalized the whole community themselves. She actualized her mission of bringing self-sufficiency to the people. Subsequently, Wilma discovered she had the same life-threatening kidney disease her father suffered and died of, and had to have not only an operation, but then a kidney transplant, provided by her

brother Donald. It was in her convalescence from this transplant surgery that she decided to again run for Tribal Chief. It was if her personally most difficult challenges gave her the energy to move forward for her people. Wilma Mankiller was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame in New York City in 1994 and given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton. Along the way she became dearest friends with prominent leader of the Women’s Movement, Gloria Steinem, who was with her when she died. Wilma wrote 2 books, Mankiller: A Chief and Her People, and Every Day is a Good Day, a memoir. She was a lecturer and a leader of women, as well as a teacher. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She held honorary doctorates from Yale, Dartmouth and Smith. The Cherokee Chief Judge Henry said of her at her memorial service that she embodied the qualities of the “ghi-gau” (ghee-gah-oo), “Beloved Woman” (or Warrior Woman). Historically, Beloved Woman had a voice-vote in the General Council. She was the leader of the Women’s Council. She had the duty of peace-negotiator and ambassador, as well as the right to spare the life of a prisoner already condemned to death. Wilma Pearl Mankiller’s memorial service was on the Cherokee Nation Cultural Grounds at the capitol of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlquah, Oklahoma. There were over 1500 attendees. Wilma Mankiller was cremated and her ashes scattered over the waters of the tribal land belonging to the Mankiller family. Pagan groups in 23 countries burned fires for three days after her death to light her way on her journey to the next life.

She was famously quoted: “Every day is a good day.” “I’ve run into more discrimination as a woman than as an Indian.” “Prior to my election, young Cherokee girls would never have thought they might grow up and become Chief.” “One of the things my parents taught me, and I’ll always be grateful for the gift, is to not ever let anybody else define me.” “The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.” Blessed Be Wilma Mankiller! She did more in her 64 years than most of us dream of doing. May she rest and regenerate in the arms of Goddess as she so richly deserves. And may we follow her example to rise above smallness and elevate those around us.

On Creating a Dianic Circle Part One: The East: Beginnings I was taught, and deeply believe, that to bring something successfully into Manifestation, the first step is to dream, to think, to work with the realm of Air, the realm of Wind, the empire of the East. New beginnings. New thoughts. New thresholds. I have also experienced that a willingness to start slowly is essential, even if it feels restraining and difficult, and especially if there is a desire to rush ahead and move forward quickly without this visioning step. It is most important to create a foundation with intention and conscious, directed action. When we begin things with grounded intention, they are built to last. Actualizing a healthy, long-living circle is like running a marathon—it should not be a quick sprint, burning out like a meteor after several short months. Prepare with a sacred bath or shower. Wake the Ancient Woman inside by creating a beautiful altar of whites and yellows, and lighting candles of these colors. Smudge and ready yourself with sage, sweetgrass or cedar. Burn incense of lavender, lemon verbena and/or mint, herbs sacred to the East. Find things from nature for your altar that represent that which you seek. Excite the Creatrix within your Soul. Sit quietly, alone with yourself. Breathe slowly and deeply in and out, connecting—body and Soul—with the element of Air. Cast your sacred circle, and ask Diana, the Matron Goddess of our Tradition, to come to you and guide you. Ask for the presence of your Ancestors; ask the Ancestors of the land on which you will hold your rituals to guard and attend. Let go of your ego and listen to Goddess and to the Ancestors. Let the Visions flow freely; do not judge. Allow fresh Air to enter your mind. Surrender to this element, whether it comes forth as a gentle breeze or a gale force, for these are the Winds of Change. Do this for at least three full cycles of our Mother the Moon. Be patient. Be steadfast. Focus. Visualize. Why do you wish to begin a Women’s Spirituality Circle? What need does it fill within you? Be certain that your desire to start a circle is not about your own ego or self-esteem, and that is not for fame, fortune, or to have control or power over others. If it is any of these things, you are not ready.

Begin to write everything down, aware that your vision will shift and change over its life cycle. A written record allows you to go back and realize why you have made your choices, and gives better opportunity to learn. From time to time, examine your learnings. Why have a lesson presented to you more than once when once will suffice? You can never keep too detailed a record of your own process of learning and growing, and it will serve you well as you continue spiraling to the next levels within yourself. Create or buy a special journal just for this sacred journey. Record your dreams and the answers to all of these questions, and any other questions that your heart poses to you. Journal all of your thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. What does the circle look like? How does it feel on the energetic realm? Get as specific as possible. How often do you meet? What are the qualifications for membership? What amount do you charge as an exchange for your work, your time, your energy? How much will your circle tithe to your Elders? What is the group’s name?

What do you want for your Dianic Circle? It is a gathering of women, of course. But what else is it? Do you wish to create a Study Circle, coming together for the Wheel of the Year to study Z’s books Grandmother of Time or Grandmother Moon? Are you an experienced ritual Priestess, or one just beginning? Are you called to tend a community, offering ritual for women on the New, Full or Dark Moons; on the High Holydays? Do you have these skills now, or do you need to apprentice yourself to learn in the flesh in this lifetime? Are you wishing to share responsibility, or are you truly ready and able to hold center on your own? What does the leadership structure look like? Where is the accountability? Leading a circle is very different than tending to your own spirituality at your own altar, where every woman Priestess to herself. Taking responsibility for a ritual community is an endeavor you should only take on if your Soul tells you that you are ready. Do not fool yourself in this. Be blunt and be honest, even if the answers pain you. Every day, greet the morning and the dawn with joy. The study of the East begins with the dawn, and the breath. Breathe in the morning with intention and openness; see what messages are there for you. Pull Tarot cards, consult oracles. Make a “treasure map” with images and words cut from magazines that represent your dreams. Create a special altar where you pray and meditate on your circle. Write affirmations concerning your dreams for the circle and place them on this altar. Speak daily with Diana, asking for Her wisdom to fill your mind and body. As you prepare for each day, speak the words: “Goddess, please protect me in my magick, and in my life, guide my thoughts and deeds, and help me to live according to your generous wisdom*.” Make a pledge to yourself to be always open to what She wants you to see. It is essential to trust the information that comes in your dreams, for dreams live in the realm of Air. Before sleeping each night, ask to remember those Dreams that will rightly guide you in this quest. Ask questions, and expect answers, even if they are not easily understood upon waking. Your subconscious,

the Priestess Who Lives Within, may be able to interpret them for you. She will learn and know, even if your conscious mind is not aware of it! Be always ready and willing to question yourself, your Soul. Have you intentionally made space in your world for this new life? Have you been honest with yourself about your other responsibilities: family, friends, work, play? Are you open to, ready and wanting new relationships? Do you genuinely have the time and energies to nurture the culture that you are midwifing? For over time, each circle organically develops its own culture, tradition and protocol. Once you know, and are certain—with the guidance of Goddess and the Ancestors—that you are ready, it is time to begin preparing yourself for the birth of your Circle. Prepare yourself as a woman anticipating birth during her pregnancy. The birth of your circle is as monumental as the birth of a child, and just as consequential. Wait, plan and open yourself to go with the flow during the pangs of labor, birth and growth. * From de Grandis, Francesca. Goddess Initiation: A Practical Celtic Program for Soul-Healing, Self-Fulfillment & Wild Wisdom. HarperCollins, San Francisco, 2001.

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Sisterhood of the Moon ~ Women’s Spirituality Coven in the Z Budapest Dianic Tradition Events in the Sisterhood of the Moon are for women-born-women only. Located in Hayward, CA. You must contact Jesamyn Angelica for more information. Many of the members of this group are also members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1. Facebook.page.

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Cosmic Ordering Made Easy By Michele Knight As an astrologer and a psychic I have been Cosmic Ordering since I was a child and it really is very simple to learn, the only reason why you will fail is if you don’t believe you can Cosmic Order, believe me anyone can and you certainly can. The first time I can remember undertaking Cosmic ordering was when I was a child and I made a wish for new ‘Chopper’ Bike and it was at a time when it was very unlikely that I would get such a gift, but I did and since then I have been cosmically ordering throughout my life. Cosmic Ordering is not new it’s been around since history began, some might call it prayer, some magic and some affirmations. Some call it wishes and it was as child that I wished upon a dandelion head that I got by prized ‘Chopper’ Bicycle However we are now at a period of history where we can see beyond our self imposed boundaries and create a direction that is right for us and unlimited opportunities. At one time I wanted a Shetland Pony and did not have an excuse to really take on another animal as I already looked after some rescue animals but I wished for one, effectively a cosmic order and the next day I went into the local Post office and the postmistress said ‘You don’t know anyone that would like a Shetland Pony’ and hay presto I had Pumpkin presented to me. Not long after that I really wanted a Jack Russell dog and I actually wanted one by the name of Ruby, my partner said ‘no way’ after all we already had enough animals. I happened to walking in a pet shop and there on the notice board was ‘Jack Russell Named Ruby for loving home’!! In both these cases the owners have passed the animals on at no charge as for various reasons they could not look after them. Cosmic Orders are positive thoughts and statements sent out to the universe. To do cosmic ordering , you need to eliminate the negativity around you. It’s important to use the most positive terms possible, This pattern effectively changes the way your mind works and draws in the right energy. The first step in learning to cosmic ordering is to reprogramme the attitude you have to yourself, you have to believe that you deserve a better life, Start by going to a mirror and repeating to yourself how you deserve a better life how much you love yourself, only the positive’s no negatives. A good way to start is to write down ten key points in your life and then work on the ones that you believe that you can change. Start small and work on things that you really need to come in that would make a difference.

You will have heard of the law of attraction, like attracts like, if you would like someone in your life that shares your passion for art then go to art gallery exhibitions and openings rather than the nightclubs, put yourself in the situation of where your ideal date would take you and feed your mind with those experiences and this help ring in the right type of person to your life. It’s important that you get rid of old traits, if you want a lover that wines and dines you in the best restaurants then when you are buy yourself don’t go for the cheapest burger join but instead treat yourself to the meal you would like even if you have to take it home to cook, imagine what it will be like for you in a few months time when you have that lover preparing that meal for you. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, see the positiveness in others, not the negative. Order with the joy and expectation of a child and once it’s gone let it go and relax and don’t worry about it just as when you order a book or DVD from the internet you forget about it as you know it will turn up, A cosmic wish is just the same it’s an order that will turn up sooner than later, and the more confident that you will get the better you will get at ordering the right things into your life. It does not matter how or why Cosmic Ordering works, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. Cosmic Ordering Made Easy DVD by Michele Knight.

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Sacred Goddess Sisterhood Each of our stories as women who have come to embrace the Goddess are varied and interesting. Certainly interesting to each other, as our spirits long to resonate with another who has had a similar journey. Mine began while I was still a member of the Episcopal Church and a Christian. But relative to many, it was not that long ago, just 12 years. Some women have been knowing and worshiping the Goddess for more than 30 years, some have only just come to the reawakening and remembering recently. Some of us call ourselves witches, some priestesses, or both. Some do not identify with either of those words and simply say they have immersed themselves in the Divine Feminine, or that they worship the Goddess. Some will say they are pagan or Wiccan or Dianic Wiccan. Whatever we call ourselves, or do not call ourselves, we are all Sisters in Goddess, those who worship the Great Mother. And though our numbers are growing, seemingly almost daily, we are still in a minority. We need those who are articulate to voice our views and we need wise teachers who can share practices, philosophy and knowledge with those who are eager for such spiritual food. One of the great things about this Goddess Path is that, although there is much written and oral knowledge to be had for those who seek it, the deepest part of this path is experiential. Personal experience with Goddess, deep within ourselves, and having our eyes opened to Her all around us all the time, seeing and feeling Her magic in our lives, knowing Her love and nurturance in our hearts. We have no dogma, no set of rules or commandments, no rigid ideology. We have our own hearts to guide us into all acts of love and pleasure, compassion, humility and reverence which are Her rituals. When we express strength, hold our power and honor life, as well as giggle and laugh, those are Her rituals, too. There are the Women’s Blood Mysteries, which set women apart from men who worship the Goddess, but that should serve to unite women in a strong eternal bond, not alienate men. There is no place for hierarchy. We are all women equal to each other as daughters of the Goddess. We cannot, we must not, allow the patriarchal mindset to contaminate Feminine Spirituality. No hierarchy, no duality, no controlling others. If we want to see a world in which the Divine Feminine is prominent, the world that many of us believe is coming, we need to take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror of our Sisters’ eyes and all of us individually commit ourselves to Unity, Sisterhood and Unconditional Love. That does not mean we will never disagree, and sometimes disagree vehemently, but it does mean we do not allow those disagreements to fracture us as a body of women or to damage or destroy our Sisterhood.

There are many teachers who have their own followings of students, their own coursework, their own publications and newsletters, their own festivals they work all year to organize and make manifest. This is a good thing! Especially with the national economy the way it is now many, many women cannot afford to travel very far from their homes, so the fact that there are festivals in diverse parts of the country is no doubt just as the Goddess desires. Those who know of Her and hear Her call are greatly benefited by all of these in mind, heart and spirit. We all need each other. We who can spread this information far and wide need to do so, not just think of and promote the one group or project we are involved in ourselves individually. This is the BIG PICTURE. This is how the movement moves forward. This is how the Goddess gathers Her women. Unification of purpose. Standing together. Supporting each other in concrete ways. We are Women of Goddess. Her spirit is our spirit. She strengthens us because we have Her strength. She is all-inclusive. She encompasses all things and all beings. She has called us back to Her in this time of reawakening of the Divine Feminine. She is Grandmother Spider who has sung us into being and woven us all together with Her golden web. We all need to be of the mind to support each other’s endeavors, as all is for the Gathering of the Goddess. We need to disengage our egos and keep forefront in our minds She Who Called us. We all serve Her. As She repeated to me in a dream I had of two groups of women who rejected and held hostile feelings toward each other, “Concentrate on Me! You are all My Daughters and I love you! Concentrate on Me!” I think She was giving me a message to deliver to all Her women, all who are Sisters. Let those who have the ears to hear, hear it. It is our challenge, our task She is giving us, and we can do it. Although the conditioning of the patriarchal society in which we live has tried to destroy it, women are hard-wired to work in relationship to each other. Let that natural, innate attribute She gave us come through to Honor our Great Mother. Now is the time to concentrate on the Goddess and have solidarity between all Sisters as the great wave of the Divine Feminine is washing over all the world.

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Vicki Scotti, LuAnn Morris, and Amy Otero are

Hecate’s Wheel an acoustic folk trio. Their music is inspired by, and dedicated to the Goddess in all her guises. They sing an eclectic variety of cover songs and original music.

Hecate’s Wheel has been playing and singing

together for several years and their voices have found a natural harmonious blend. We VERY much enjoyed their Beltaine concert!

Blue Stocking Tour Revisited Z and I traveled the Blue Stocking Trail to the homes of three of our country’s most famous Suffragists who lived in upstate New York. We first visited the home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, for whom we all owe a huge debt for the powerful speech writing she did to help women get the vote. But as spiritual women we are also indebted to her for the creation of the Women’s Bible.

We arrived on a very cold, wet, windy day just in time to catch the last tour of this great lady’s home. Or rather, what’s left of her home. The house was much large than this at one time. It had to be since she had seven children and Elizabeth was no little woman herself. The Cady Stanton house overlooks the

river and the town of Seneca Falls. It must have been a peaceful place to live, but alas we did not find the lady herself home.

In the town of Seneca Falls is the women’s historical museum Visitor’s Center. In future editions of Goddess Magazine I will share the photos I took there. But here you see Z wearing her new Women’s Rights National Historical Park cap standing in front of Harriet Tubman’s statue. We’ll visit the Tubman Home on our next visit to this area. The weather was a little too nasty for a couple of California gals. We’re not used to wet snows and cold winds, so we didn’t explore too much of Seneca Falls. But there are all sorts of herstorical landmarks there and we vowed to visit them next time we go through the area. Our next destination was Rochester, New York, home to Susan B. Anthony. We had spent the night in Rochester and the first thing on our morning itinerary was to visit Ms. Susan B. Anthony bright and early … after finding coffee of course. Rochester is a lot like Oakland, California, where we live. There was lots of diversity going on there and we enjoyed the flavor of the area.

Here we posed for a photo together in front of the Susan B. Anthony House. When you arrive, it’s the house to the right of the Susan B. Home that you go into first. It houses the museum and the gift shop. Both are excellent! To go into the Susan B. House you pay a small fee for a tour. Since we were so early, our tour ended up being a private tour for two. Our docent, Alice, was in for the tour of her life. Alice was lovely, and as we stepped into the Susan B. Home, Alice brought the whole experience to life explaining each room to us. She also fielded a good number of questions from a very talkative Z, and I wanted to know what was behind every door. Alice politely explained that no photography is allowed inside the house. I slipped the camera back into my pocket. As we walked through the parlor and living room Alice had us open up to the presence of Fredrick Douglas and Susan B. engaged in discussions of the day. It wasn’t hard to do. The house had such a real life to it, unlike the Elizabeth Cady Stanton house the day before.

We stood in the dining room and Alice explained how Amelia Bloomer had introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Alice felt that Bloomer was an unsung hero of the Suffragist Movement. Then we climbed the stairs to the second floor, and on the way I educated Alice about who Z is and why this tour was so special to us. Alice really embraced Z and the two engaged in some very interesting conversations. You felt a little like what it must have been like when these like-minded foremothers first meet. The first room at the top of the stairs was Susan B. Anthony’s private office. A nice sunny room that would have worked well as an office space even by today’s standards. Alice explained that because Susan B. was such a prolific writer, she soon outgrew her office and added an entire third floor to her home as a result. We stood in Susan B’s mother’s bedroom in the front of the house, then on to her sister’s bedroom in the center of the house. Through which Susan B. had to travel to get to her own room, but first we passed an indoor bathroom that rivaled our own 100 year old bathroom. Susan B. had all the luxuries of a more modern life, except she had to take cold baths. We shuddered at the thought. Finally, Alice led us into Susan B. Anthony’s bedroom. The most intimate space in the house. We knew there was something different about this room. Alice gestured to the bed and told us it was Susan B’s actual bed, and it was in that bed that she had passed away. Beside the bed stood a glass case which held the actual black gown Susan B. wore. We were in awe of her size. She was not a small woman at all, and would have commanded attention with her height. Beside that stood the chest of drawers and mirror, complete with hand brushes … all of which had belonged to Susan B. Indeed, it was as if we had found the Holy Grail within this room. Z reached out a hand and laid it upon the bed frame’s footboard. She started talking to Susan B. as if the great lady was sitting there with us. Z told her all about how women got the vote, and did she know it. About how Mrs. Catt who normally didn’t like Alice Paul too much, paid her mention in her speech that day the vote was won … and how Alice Paul sat in the back of the room and drafted the ERA right there on the spot. How the ERA still hadn’t passed, and how badly we still needed Susan B’s help. And as Z was talking to Susan B., all of a sudden without cause she burst into tears and sobbed. Alice on the other side of me began to tear up too. And then it happened. A strong scent of a heavy floral perfume filled the air where none had been there before, and as quickly as it came … it left. I didn’t say a word to either of the women, but I was sure that Susan B. had graced us with her spirit. I decided to wait until the tour was over before saying anything, but I knew why both women were crying. Pure joy. Pure love. We gathered ourselves and climbed the final set of stairs to the third floor. It was much darker up there than the rest of the house. A real work space and they had photos of Susan B. and her interns working there. I could imagine them in that space.

Alice let Z sit down in one of the chairs there because Z was getting a little tired. I begged to take a couple of photos, and after all that we’d experienced together on that tour I think Alice felt she wanted it documented too. That’s an actual sign besides Z!

Then Alice gifted Z with a great honor, and allowed Z to sit in the actual chair that Susan B. sat in up in that third floor office. This is Z in the chair. Z said she could actually feel the imprints of Susan B’s butt cheeks! In this photo I captured the moment as Z went into an altered state and sang a huge blessing on Susan B. and upon this house, and upon all the good women who walked the talk alongside Susan B. It was very moving, and I didn’t record it because some things are meant only for spirit. We blessed this house and this great woman, made our way back to the first floor and thanked our docent Alice. Alice and Z hugged lovingly. They had shared something really special together there. Once outside, I shared with Z about the smell of the floral perfume and explained that it had come at the exact same time she’d burst into tears. We’d been invited to sit down with the Director of the Susan B. Anthony House, Deborah Hughes. While chatting with her, Z asked her if Susan B. wore a perfume. To which Deborah eagerly answered, “Oh yes! She wore a heavy White Rose perfume and her family reported that everything was so deeply imbibed with it, that they had a hard time getting it out of Susan B’s clothing and belongings after her death.” So, we had come to visit Susan B. Anthony and indeed the lady was home to embrace us.

We are now documented as having had a visitation with her while at the house. And the Director seemed appreciative of our encounter with Susan B. Anthony. I know I’ll never forget it! Deborah Hughes has invited Z back to Rochester to speak at the Susan B. Anthony House the next time Z comes to New York, which will probably be in a couple of years. All of the women there were very receptive to the both of us, and especially to Z for what she’s done for the Women’s Spirituality Movement. We will be going back, and we will visit Susan B. again when we do. Truly, visiting the Susan B. Anthony house was the pentacle of our Blue Stockings Tour. Next, we were on to the Matilda Joslyn Gage House in Syracuse, New York, where Z was scheduled to speak later that evening. This statue of Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglas is just up the street from her house. It helps you envision the two of them sitting in Susan’s parlor in deep discussion of the day.

In Syracuse, we stayed at the home of Sally Roesch Wagner, Ph.D. Besides being one of the kindest women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, she is also the foremost scholar on the life of Matilda Joslyn Gage. It is thanks to Sally’s passion for Gage that she managed to purchase the Gage Home, create a Foundation for it and raise the necessary funds to restore the home. Sally edited the most popular version of Gage’s Women, Church and State. In She Who Hold’s the Sky, Sally writes of Gage … One of the most radical, far-sighted and articulate early feminists, Matilda Joslyn Gage was deliberately written out of history by an increasingly conservative suffrage movement. Equal in importance to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she is all but unknown today. We promised Sally that Goddess Magazine would

help to promote the herstory of Matilda Joslyn Gage, and we’ve invited both Sally Roesch Wagner and Deborah Hughes to write articles for Goddess Magazine as often as they like. As Dianic Feminists, its import we remember these great women upon whose shoulders we stand.

Z and Sally had met long ago when Z hired Sally to come do her performance of Matilda Joslyn Gage for one of Z’s women’s rituals. These two women have deep respect for each other, and it was amazing and educational to be present when they engaged together. In the photo above, Sally is showing Z where she plans to build a three story Feminist Archive/Library in the future on a piece of property across from the Gage House. As Sally described her vision and plans, Z was moved and turned to Sally and said, “If you build it, I will come.” Sally stopped talking mid-sentence. She looked at Z speechless for a moment, then asking, “Did you just say …?” I think her eyes teared up a little. Z finished her sentence. “If you build this for Feminists, I will bring the archive of my body of work to be housed here for permanent display.” And so it happened as I took this photo above that Z Budapest and Sally Roesch Wagner made a pact.

Across the street, the Gage Home was far from finished with regards to its renovation. It was supposed to be that Z was going to speak inside the house as part of a renovation celebration and launching of the Spirituality section of the house, but the contractors were far from done. Thus, Z’s Feminist Speech was moved to the church across the street. We did get to go inside the Gage House and I did take photos to document the renovation work, but next time we return to Syracuse Z will be speaking in the house itself. Walking through the home with Sally and having her describe the vision of what’s to be there, I can tell you it is very exciting! On the left is a photo of Z giving her Gage House Feminist Speech. Z gave a fairly mild speech by our standards, but it was radical for the women of this conservative community of Fayetteville. The women from Syracuse were more in tune with Z’s messages of social reform and change.

After the speech was over, Z circled all the women and had them pass a kiss around. For many of these women, this was their first time doing anything like this and it expanded their minds. Z taught them to hum together and hold space together as women. She gave them just the smallest taste of Women’s Mysteries, and I think for most it tasted pretty good. Z has been invited back to speak again in the future. They even requested a Tarot Social. How cool is that?!! After the speech, Sally drove us out to the graveyard and under a moonlit cold night’s sky we stood at Gage’s grave. Z sang her a blessing song and thanked Gage for the groundwork she laid for us Dianics to follow. Of all the Suffragists, we are most closely aligned with the philosophies of Matilda Joslyn Gage. And while the lady was not home when we came to visit, she is most well remembered.

This photo is the site of the future Feminist Archives building. If you’d like to get involved with the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, please visit their website MatildaJoslynGage.org and tell them Z Budapest sent you. Our Blue Stocking Tour was a great success. We had a blast! We met amazing and wonderful women at every turn. We thank each and every one of you who embraced us and made our stay pleasurable. Your kindness and support made this tour possible. Now we’re wondering where and when the next tour is?!

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Savoring the Sweetness of the Season What if I told you that you could eat tarts for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well you can! Tarts are one of the amazingly simple and versatile foods you may ever come across. According to foodtimeline.org, the Oxford Dictionary made reference to tarts in the 1300’s and were in recipe books from the same time period. Clark of Lewis and Clark made a reference to tarts in his expedition notes dated August 24, 1804 “The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition 3” – stating how wonderful they were.

Tarts began as a savory dish in the 14th century, but by the 16th century they had turned into a sweet delicacy. Historically fruit tarts have been a food of nobility due to the cost of fruit and how expensive it was to import. Today, however, most fruits are fairly inexpensive and are available at most stores making it very affordable to create these wonderful treats. With a small investment in tart pans (or muffin/mini muffin pans, you can create these wonderful creations yourself. There are many different kinds of tarts, from Quiches’ (Egg based tarts) to meat, vegetable and fruit tarts. Explore the many options available to you by using the fruit and produce from the land around you and what is in season right now. These are perfect for a coven gathering or family Sabbat Celebration. Please see my video on Youtube that shows you a very simple way to make Quick Fruit Tarts for your upcoming Sabbat celebrations. Quick Fruit Tarts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQzG_OGgauE Sweet and Savory Sabbat Blessings, Flora.

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