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Director (Head of XR and Interaction), Bryden Wood

I was humbled and delighted to find out I was a finalist in the Software Engineer category of the WICE awards. Having background in both Architectural design and software engineering, I feel that diverse, multidisciplinary skills should be celebrated and I’m happy to see that our industry is starting to recognise this. I am very proud to have been nominated by Bryden Wood for this award and I think it is a recognition of what we have built together within our Creative Technologies team. I value the diversity in our group and believe that it directly contributes to our ability to push the boundaries of software and digital technology in an open, supportive and creative work environment. We all respect each other’s skills and backgrounds and are absolutely focused on working together to reach our goals.

For the past few years I have organised and participated in various public events, trying to bridge the gap between technology and the built environment industries and show how these two industries can not only co-exist but also share the knowledge and experiences with each other. I believe that winning this award will provide me a platform to be even more effective in creating this meaningful change in the industry. I intend to continue and advance both the significance of bringing technology into the AEC industry, as well as creating diverse environments that will encourage multidisciplinary teams. Preparing for the presentation day, I had the chance to look back at my work so far, see how much has been achieved and get motivated of how much more there is to do. It was also a great opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry that has done such an amazing work and celebrate the diversity together. I feel honoured to win this award and hope this will help to shape a future which will be both disruptive and diverse.



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2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

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