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As one of the world’s largest providers of new aviation parts and services, meeting the needs of our customers and suppliers is our top priority. As a result of this focus, we have built our business on three foundational principles: 1) Invest in people We believe our people are our greatest asset. Aviall invests in world-class training programs to ensure our employees are fully equipped to meet our customers’ needs. Concurrently, Aviall is focused on attracting the most talented supply chain personnel in the aviation industry. Ultimately our people are the key to our success. 2) Leverage technology Aviall’s decision to invest in best-in-class technology solutions has added value to our customers and suppliers. Technology enables us to accurately forecast market demand for thousands of flight-critical products so we will have those products readily available to ship when our customers need them. Technology also enables us to assist our OEM partners in improving the efficiency of their production cycles. 3) Stock products close to our customers Aviall stocks parts throughout our network of 40 locations around the world. Each facility is strategically located to offer the highest level of parts availability and convenience for our customers. These principles, combined with our experience and commitment to excellence, enable us to offer innovative supply chain and logistics solutions to our customers and numerous OEM partners. Within these pages you’ll find an overview of our services and capabilities. We look forward to the opportunity to show how Aviall can benefit your business.

Ed Dolanski Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Contents The Aviall Difference


Aviall at a Glance


Global Distribution of Revenue


Aviall Locations


Aviall’s Suppliers and Product Lines


The Aviall Value Proposition


Aviall Capabilities and Services

21 22 Product Repair Services 24 Chemical Management Solutions 27 Repair Management 28 Rotables Management 29 Paint Mixing 30 Kitting 31 AOG Services 32 Firewall Forward 33

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Dallas Central Returns 34 LIFT 35 TLC: Total Landed Cost 36 SuperSeminars 37 Electronic Inventory Management 38 Aviall Connect 40 Quality Management System 41 LeanSigma 42 EDI and Web Services 44


The Aviall Difference We close every advertisement with the words, “Aviall Delivers.” As a company, we are in the business of delivering an exceptional experience every time you interact with us. Our promise: Exactly what you need. Precisely when you need it. That’s what Aviall Delivers, the right part to the right place at the right time.

In our quest to continuously improve our service, we have identified the following qualities that set us apart from our competition:

Product Availability Our goal is to have the part in stock when it’s needed. So we have more parts to choose from and more of those parts on our shelves than anyone else. We carry more than 2,000,000 parts in our system from 235 OEMs, and more than a thousand other manufacturers and stock more than $1 billion in inventory.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Quality Service Aviall has a culture of customer service that is infused in every employee. Aviall has more trained customer service experts than any of our competitors.

Strategic Locations Aviall has 40 locations strategically located all over the world. Our customer service professionals can ship from any of our locations to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Technology We understand that technology is a tool that can make life a lot easier for all of us. So we’ve invested millions of dollars in systems that help us track just how much inventory we have – real time, by location – and share that information with our customers and suppliers.

Flexible & Innovative Solutions Aviall is structured to be flexible and responsive. We continuously look for opportunities to improve the way we do things to serve our customers and suppliers more effectively.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall at a Glance: World’s largest diversified aircraft parts distributor.

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Aviall: Who We Are


unique part numbers sold annually

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customer shipments daily

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More than


part numbers listed

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More than



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More than

OEM supplier product lines

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product repair facilities

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Aviall: Who We Are

22% General and Business Aviation

Aviall at a Glance: Global Distribution of Revenue


Regional and Commercial Airlines Aviall: Who We Are


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25% Government and Military

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall Services Locations

Customer service locations International sales representatives Product repair facilities North America Locations: Anchorage Atlanta Calgary Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Denver Detroit Ft. Lauderdale Halifax Houston Kansas City Lafayette Los Angeles

Memphis Minneapolis Montreal New York Phoenix Philadelphia Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh San Jose Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg

Aviall: Who We Are


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International Locations: Amsterdam Auckland Brisbane Cairns Dubai Hong Kong Manchester Melbourne Moorabbin New Delhi Perth Shanghai Singapore Sydney

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Aviall: Who We Are

Exclusive product lines: GE • General Electric CF34-3

• Rolls-Royce plc RB211

• General Electric J85

• Rolls-Royce M250

• General Electric CF6-50, 80A

• Rolls-Royce T56

• Pratt & Whitney JT9D

• Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15 • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW901

GE Aviation

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall offers a variety of products from more than 235 OEMs.

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Aviall: Who We Are

The Aviall Value Proposition:

Customers Value Provided

Benefit to Customer

Product availability

Reduced inventory investment; reliability enables efficient repair scheduling

Local stocking

Popular products are nearby

Timely order fulfillment

Reliable service; avoid workload rescheduling

Access to market basket

One stop shopping for popular OEM brands

Large, diverse, well-trained customer service team

Easy to reach; deal with people you know and like

24/7/365 AOG services

Always available for urgent requirements both in Dallas and customer service centers worldwide

Technology investment

Easy to do business with: online, EDI, phone, fax, and in-person enabled by technology

Frequent contact by sales team

Aviall understands each customer’s needs; information tailored to each account

Aviall: Who We Are


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Suppliers Value Provided

Benefit to Supplier

Long-term forecasts and firm purchase orders at production lead time

Improved production scheduling and capacity planning based on accurate information

Electronic ordering and acknowledgements

Efficient, accurate transaction processing

Active stocking of material

High availability; reduced working capital; barrier to PMA penetration

Leading edge technology

Access to proven systems; cost avoidance

Warehouse management

Reduced warehouse costs; reliable operations

Forward stocking in numerous locations

Improved market penetration

OEM orientation

Brand building; no PMA conflict

Sales and marketing multiplier

Improved reach and communication; sales lift

Market basket leverage

Sales lift

Established customer relationships

Smooth transition; sales leverage; credit & collection; access to market intelligence

Product line management

Aviall understands your business and acts accordingly

Reverse logistics for core, warranty and return items

Cost effective and reliable service to customers

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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall Capabilities and Services:

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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall’s Online Solution:

Aviall: Who We Are


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Simpler. Faster. Intelligent Search

E-mail Notifications

Look for your part using simple search terms such as a part offers e-mail notifications at the point we

number, description, or partial description. Once you find

receive your order, once your order has shipped and when

the part you want, simply click the checkbox and hit the

your invoice has been generated. You can even store your

Add to Cart button.

e-mail address simply by clicking the check box. You’ll

Multi-Line Order

know where your order is all the way through the process.

Also called “MO”, the Multi-Line Order capability allows you

Save Shopping Carts

to copy and paste your MS Excel spreadsheet with part

If you build a Shopping Cart and plan to buy those parts

numbers and quantities right into the site. MO is fast with

again, click Save as Template. Save as many templates

accurate sorting and a clean presentation of results.

as you want. Then next time you need to place that order, simply drag and drop the template into the “drop zone” and hit the load button.

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Aviall: Who We Are

Product Repair Services:

Hose Services Locations: High Quality, Low Cost


Hoses are your plane’s veins. To ensure quality, trust Aviall for the fabrication of your

Ft. Lauderdale

standard or custom-made hose assemblies. Aviall’s vast inventory of components manufactured by Parker Stratoflex ensures our ability to produce the hoses that you need‚ when you need them and helps to keep your costs down.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Los Angeles Melbourne, Australia

Battery Repair Services Locations: Atlanta Chicago

24/7, 365 Days a Year

Dallas Ft. Lauderdale

Your aircraft battery is your electrical system’s last line of defense. Aviall’s global network of NiCad and Lead-Acid battery service centers utilize the most current technology and OEM parts to provide deep cycles‚ top charges, regular checks‚

Houston London, England

repairs and overhauls. We strive to make your battery maintenance program

Los Angeles

successful and worry free. A healthy battery...That’s what will be delivered in your

New York

Aviall box.

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Aviall: Who We Are

Product Repair Services:

Wheel & Brake Repair Services Locations: Quality, convenience, confidence


Aviall wheel and brake repair stations provide options to help you manage


your wheel and brake program. Aviall provides a pool of more than 2,000

Crown Point, IN

of the highest quality exchange brakes available. Genuine OEM parts and a full overhaul in accordance with the CMM give you confidence and reliability.


Quality is guaranteed when you send your wheel or brake cores to Aviall

Ft. Lauderdale

for service. Experienced technicians utilize cutting-edge technology, such

Los Angeles

as the Andec Wheel Tester for eddy current testing, to reduce lead times and

New York

ensure quality. Aviall: Who We Are


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Chemical Management Solutions Aviall’s Chemical Management Solutions can help your company find the aviation products and supplies that have a minimal impact on our environment and offer solutions that help you protect the health and safety of your co-workers. Aviall offers a number of services that will save you time and money by increasing efficiency, reducing paperwork, lowering costs and minimizing your chemical waste streams.

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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall’s Repair Management Services are custom tailored to meet your exacting standards.

Repair Management Aviall continues to extend its reach and reputation for supply chain management, logistics, inventory, and aftermarket parts and repair. A growing number of customers rely on Aviall for repair management of customer-owned property and rotable pool administration. Aviall is your single point of contact for OEM quality repair on airframe components, avionics, engines and accessories, ground support equipment and tooling. When you choose Aviall, you benefit from access to the expertise, data and product knowledge of our supplier network of 500 MRO providers, and you associate with a brand with a global reputation for excellence. We are committed to providing solutions to fully support your aircraft. Trusting Aviall with the repair of your components associates you with the substantial brand reputation of Aviall, part of The Boeing Company. Aviall has repair capabilities for multiple aircraft types, tooling, ground support equipment, and engine platforms. Aviall currently supports both commercial and military programs worldwide. Upon request, we offer a Boeing 8130-3 overtag on Boeing platforms.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall’s Rotables Group provides quality units from factory authorized repair stations at competitive prices.

Rotables Management Aviall provides support for a wide range of rotable components

• Customer property (CP) • Exchange program ƒƒ Alternators

ƒƒ Engine mounts

ƒƒ Pitot-static tubes

ƒƒ Angle of attack sensors

ƒƒ Engines

ƒƒ Pneumostats

ƒƒ Batteries

ƒƒ Exciters

ƒƒ Power supplies

ƒƒ Blower assemblies

ƒƒ Flap actuators

ƒƒ Prop governors

ƒƒ Blower motors

ƒƒ Flow control valves

ƒƒ Propeller pumps

ƒƒ Brakes

ƒƒ Fuel controls

ƒƒ Stall-warning computers

ƒƒ Compressor cases

ƒƒ Fuel nozzles

ƒƒ Starter generators

ƒƒ Control valves

ƒƒ Fuel pumps

ƒƒ Tach generators

ƒƒ Converters

ƒƒ Gear box assemblies

ƒƒ Total temp sensors

ƒƒ Deice timers

ƒƒ Heated structures

ƒƒ Transmitters

ƒƒ Ejector valves

ƒƒ Ice detectors

ƒƒ Turbochargers

ƒƒ Electric motors

ƒƒ Indicators

ƒƒ Windows

ƒƒ ELTs

ƒƒ LG actuators

ƒƒ Engine harnesses

ƒƒ Linear actuators

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall’s paint mixing stations provide custom color mixing and color matching.

Paint Mixing Aviall is a full service distributor of Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Products and related painting supplies. We have color mixing capabilities currently in two locations and plan to expand as needed. We can custom match colors‚ ship in a timely fashion and have technical support available with our trained staff in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale. You can order products at any of our locations or place your orders online. We can mix pints, quarts and gallons, and whether you’re touching up your own aircraft or you’re an OEM or refinish facility, we can help you with product selection and delivery to meet your requirements. Aviall is committed to making paint and paint-related supply purchasing easy for you as an individual or company.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall’s custom kitting services increase the efficiency of ordering parts.

Kitting Aviall’s Kit Shop in Dallas is available to handle many of your kitting needs. Whether you’re a supplier or customer, we specialize in building many different kinds of kits‚ including hardware-for-overhaul kits‚ filter kits and flight training material kits for many of the flight training schools across the United States. Aviall’s Kit Shop database now holds more than 500 different kit numbers for a large variety of customers. We custom-build kits to meet your needs. You tell us which parts you want to include in your kit and what you want to name it. We will assign your kit a unique part number‚ and from that point forward you will no longer need to deal with the individual part numbers that make up the kit. Existing kits are normally built within 24 to 48 hours.

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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall offers 24/7/365 AOG service.

AOG Services More than 100 hard ground AOGs are resolved every month. We understand that there’s a real sense of urgency when it comes to aircraft repairs. It can lead to a tense scenario—especially if a plane is grounded until parts can be replaced. That’s why Aviall offers 24/7/365 AOG service. With our global presence and counter-to-counter delivery, we get our customers the parts they need to get the plane back in the air—fast. No wonder corporate operators, repair stations, flight schools and more than 350 airlines around the world depend on Aviall.

Need AOG help? Just call 1-800-AVIALL-1

Aviall’s Firewall Forward Program saves fleet operators time and money!

Firewall Forward Aviall’s Firewall Forward program is designed to save customers time and money on factory engines and engine accessories, while providing the same outstanding service you’ve come to expect from Aviall.

Benefits: Exchange engines! No down times with scheduled orders. Lycoming and TCM factory-new, factory-rebuilt and factory-overhauled engines at marketcompetitive pricing. All required product improvements will be incorporated at no additional charge (No upgrade charge to upgrade to wide deck configuration from narrow deck. Ex: Roller Tappets). No pre-paid core charge. Lycoming Unlimited hour warranty (2 year power section - 2 year cylinders). Lycoming’s “no chargeback” policy on core returns. Lycoming bucks rebate for each Lycoming engine purchase.

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Aviall: Who We Are

Dallas Central Returns Goal: Industry-leading Customer Returns Services Aviall is dedicated to making returns processing as painless as possible for our customers. You’ll find that we will process your return fast and accurately. Provide same day receipt and initial processing Implement proactive management of returns Improve OEM efficiency • Consistent documentation • Minimize shipping and handling through certified onsite disposal • Implement onsite warranty adjudication where possible • Track and report warranty activity • Simplify process where possible Use virtual processing to reduce CSC workload

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall’s Lift program consistently saves helicopter operators and maintenance providers time, resources, warehouse space and money.

LIFT Aviall’s LIFT program offers a variety of services tailor-made for each helicopter operator. All services are designed to add value and reduce costs for customers. The benefits include access to more than 235 product lines, local stocking of high-demand parts, inventory management, electronic ordering via the website or EDI (electronic data interface), and the support of local Aviall sales personnel. The LIFT program was created exclusively to serve the helicopter market. Aviall recently expanded its general helicopter inventory to support the program. In addition, Aviall offers exchange programs for Rolls-Royce Model 250 engine parts and starter generators, as well as Lord Corporation’s isolator exchange program for the Bell 206 and 407 applications. Aviall’s exchange program is designed to improve reliability and performance while lowering operating costs for customers.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

The Total Landed Cost Program decreases the long term costs of products by eliminating redundant processes and inventory.

TLC: Total Landed Cost Reduced Costs, Reduced Time, Controlled Pricing, Guaranteed Service Level, Decreased On-Hand Inventory Airlines benefit from Aviall’s increased availability of parts – more than 2,000,000 items. And Aviall is constantly expanding it’s procurement capabilities by focusing on strengthening our relationships with the OEMs airlines use the most.

You get more value when Aviall works for you. No other parts distributor has more customer service representatives in the field than Aviall. Do you have a fleet of airplanes so you can serve customers at multiple locations? Our “fleet” of experts are deployed the same way – they are close to you.

Our representatives are specially trained to solve problems and save you money. You can lower the cost of operating your parts department with Aviall’s TLC program. Because Aviall offers more than 2,000,000 parts, you can deal with fewer parts sources. That means processing fewer orders, fewer invoices and fewer payments. That lowers the cost of ordering and paying for parts. Aviall’s advanced technologies make ordering faster and easier, so procurement costs can be dramatically lowered. Aviall: Who We Are


Page 36

Serving the General and Business Aviation markets with our Parts & Maintenance Seminars for more than 30 years! We’re committed to you.

SuperSeminars There has never been an easier way to keep up to date! Aviall SuperSeminars are one-day, or two-day, maintenance training seminars offering a tradeshow, networking opportunities, meals and more! The SuperSeminars address the training needs of mechanics, IAs, DOMs, buyers and other decision makers from various types of organizations, both large and small, within the General Aviation and Business Aviation markets. Aviall calls on many of the 235 manufacturers it represents to offer this training on a variety of products. Aviall SuperSeminars promise to give you the tools you need to stay at the top of your game.

Approved per F.A.R. Section 65.93 (a) (4) as an Inspection Authorization Renewal Course The latest information on products and services offered by Aviall and its suppliers Parts and maintenance seminars presented by the world’s leading aviation suppliers Piston and turbine engine maintenance workshops Market specific training programs to serve our customers Tradeshow featuring exhibits from many leading aviation manufacturers and suppliers Networking opportunity to exchange ideas with people in all phases of aviation Key manufacturers available to answer questions * Check for more information about Aviall’s SuperSeminars Page 37


Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall Inventory Management

Electronic Inventory Aviall’s eStock program gives you the ability to electronically manage and replenish your inventory, using one of three levels that allow you to customize the program with the flexibility you want. As an added value, My eStock allows you the ability to monitor other products not procured through Aviall and is maintained on our secure system. You can monitor your minimum and maximum stock levels through and generate reports showing inventory that needs replenishment. Automatic recording of consumable items Full traceability, shelf life and MSDS documentation Customized setup for each customer Link to customer systems via My eStock Multiple stocking locations supported Improved service level and product availability Supports Aviall suppliers’ products Special hazmat reporting available

Management Level 1 Level 1 is appropriate to any size operation and features on-line shopping at with free shipping on orders over $200.

Level 2 Your desired minimum and maximum levels of inventory at specific locations are established. You scan the inventory you have on hand, and those levels are transmitted to When inventory falls below your designated minimum, a replenishment order is automatically shipped to that location. Pricing can be predetermined, with Aviall passing available volume discounts to you.

Level 3 With all the advanced features of Level 2, Level 3 is a fully integrated system using peer-to-peer computer technology for exchange of inventory levels and transactions. Aside from the initial setup, no data input is required of the user.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

AviallConnect helps our suppliers be more efficient with a powerful platform for online collaboration with Aviall.

Web-based transactions for suppliers AviallConnect changes the communication landscape, reducing the need for traditional methods of communication – fax, phone and email. AviallConnect speeds up each step in the ordering, acknowledging and invoicing processes and helps our suppliers ensure their products are in our warehouses and available to our customers more quickly and efficiently. Eliminates inefficiencies and errors associated with traditional methods of communication Enables Aviall and suppliers to integrate quickly, easily and accurately via a secure website Rich two-way collaboration enables management of: • Purchase orders • Ship notices • Electronic invoices Increases overall efficiency Decreases order cycle times Provides scalability to an organization enabling future growth Aviall: Who We Are


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Quality Management System Aviall’s senior management embraces the quality management principles on which the quality management system standards are based. This ensures that Aviall delivers unsurpassed quality in every step of the business process.

Aviall’s quality system is certified to:

AS9100 Quality Management Systems: Aviation, Space & Defense AS9120 QMS Requirements - AS&D Distributors

ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems - Requirements Aviall: Who We Are


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FAA AC 00-56A Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program Page 41


Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall LeanSigma is the internal business resource for continuous improvement. Through employee engagement, LeanSigma helps move the culture to one of lean and efficient thinking and enables data based decision-making. The result is added value for our customers, lower operating costs and increased profits, thereby positioning Aviall for exponential, scalable growth. This dynamic program helps the company meet its goals by providing tools, training and a common language around problem solving that enables and empowers employees to be innovative.

Principles of Aviall LeanSigma: Maximize value for Aviall’s customers Grow scalably through a culture of discipline and our entrepreneurial spirit Execute flawlessly through process excellence Involve, empower and engage our employees Always strive to be #1

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall’s recent investment in new technologies makes it easier than ever to order the aircraft parts you need. Now you can electronically order using Web Services, or EDI.

EDI and Web Services Aviall understands that technology can make life a lot easier for all of us. So we’ve invested heavily in systems that help us track just how much inventory we have – real time‚ by location – and share that information with you. Our goal is for our sophisticated systems to be transparent. We want our systems to simply enable us to satisfy all of your requirements each time. We also use our technology to closely monitor how effective we are in meeting your requirements and to serve you at a high level. Aviall has one of the premier eBusiness Exchange Groups in the industry, managing more than 800 various electronic trading partners. These EDI messages generally come through a third party value added network (VAN) but can also be set up to directly interface into Aviall’s world class data center in Dallas, Texas. Aviall’s EDI group primarily interacts with customers electronically using SPEC2000, ANSI X12 or mutually agreed upon customer file formats. Web services allows our computer system to communicate directly with a trading partner’s computer in real time. For example, a customer builds a web service to have visibility into Aviall’s system to see their Aviall price and availability. The information is displayed or presented to the customer in their system as if a part of their screen or process. Many of today’s latest system designs take into account web services and are designed to “extend” beyond their system. Aviall has even used web services internally between applications due to convenience, flexibility and speed of deployment.

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Aviall: Aviall: Who Who We We Are Are


Page Page 46 X

Aviall: Who We Are


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Aviall: Who We Are

Contact Info

North America Sales and AOG: 1-800-AVIALL-1 International Sales: +1-972-586-1985

North American Customer Service Centers LOCATION







4451 Aircraft Dr., Suite C, Anchorage, AK 99502-0906

Jeff Greenwood




574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349-8604

Gale McCoy




Bay 106, 5421-11 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6M4, Canada

Eric Richard




3950 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174-3446

Lynda Harmison




4228 Airport Rd, Ste. B, Cincinnati, OH 45226-1646

Harold Miller




P.O. Box 619048, 2750 Regent Blvd., Dallas, TX 75261-9048

Tim Tellin




7285 S Revere Parkway, Suite 703 Centennial, CO 80112-3947

Eric Banks

Ft. Lauderdale



3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-2587

Yara Gonsalves




588 Barnes Rd., Suite 103, Enfield, Nova Scotia B2T 1K3, Canada

Lucie Desforges




8887 W Monroe, Houston, TX 77061-5207

Brenda McClain

Kansas City



1312 Adams Street, Kansas City, KS 66103-1321

Patricia Stevens




101 Rolls Royce Dr., Broussard, LA 70518-4352

Marc David

Los Angeles



8045 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406-1259

Donna Dingman




5851 Advantage Cove, Memphis, TN 38141-8212

Doug Currie




2995 Lone Oak Circle, Suite 5, Eagan, MN 55121-1431

Duane Larsen




907 Du CurĂŠ-Boivin Blvd., BoisBriand, QC, J7G 2S8, Canada

Lucie Desforges

New England* 843-706-3527 843-706-3529 New York



2 Cranberry Rd., Parsippany, NJ 07054-1053

Gina Gorbach




2260 Cabot Blvd. W, Suite 2, Langhorne, PA 19047-1883

Lee Burns




2340 West Broadway Road, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85202

Tim Town




1518 Parkway View Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1407

Jay Harris




5600 N Williams Lake, Waterford, MI 48329-3283

Rachel Winstrand




16343 NE Cameron Blvd., Portland, OR 97230-5030

Ranae Morrison




951 Aviation Parkway, Suite 100, Morrisville, NC 27560-6635

Donald Parker

San Jose



1538 Montague Expressway, San Jose, CA 95131-1408

Eric Ruel




1840 Alstep Drive, Unit 5, Mississauga, Ontario, L5S 1W1, Canada

Beth Galloway




#1-13511 Crestwood Place, Richmond, BC V6V 2E9, Canada

Dave Rendle




9-2073 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R2R 0J1, Canada

Chris Smokal

* Sales Support

Aviall: Who We Are


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International Customer Service Centers LOCATION TELEPHONE FAX CONTACT ASIA Beijing 86-10-6410-6086 86-10-6410-6091 Yun Shan Dubai 971-4-2998980 971-4-2998985 Mohammed Refai Roshidi Hong Kong 852-2318-0233 852-2331-9222 Tony Wong India 91-120-4738000 91-120-4284860 Anil Raina Japan 81-45-226-0236 81-45-226-0237 Toshi Yakashiro Singapore 65-6542-5420 65-6542-8222 Mohd. Kamar Shanghai 86-21-6391 0618 86-216391 0987 Cecilia Tseng


Room 1205, Beijing Silver Tower, No. 2, Dong San Huan Bei Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China 100027 Dubai Airport Freezone Authority, Unit F-09, P.O. Box 293879, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 604 New Bright Building,11 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong Boeing International Corp India Pvt. Ltd, SDF J-5, First Floor, Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ), Noida - 201305 (U.P), India 29F The Landmark Tower Yokohama, 2-1-1, Minatomirai 2-Chome, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama,Kanagawa 220-8129, Japan 2 Loyang Lane #05-02, Singapore 508913 Rm.2202. Shanghai Times Square Office, No.92 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND Auckland 64-9-275-0571 Brisbane 61-7-3277-8322 Cairns 61-7-4032-4299 Melbourne 61-3-9339-3000 Moorabbin 61-3-9580-7644 Perth 61-8-9332-7855 Sydney 61-2-9791-0511

64-9-275-6569 61-7-3274-1170 61-7-4032-4677 61-3-9338-9773 61-3-9580-6267 61-8-9332-8858 61-2-9791-0102

Steve Windleburn Bob Armstrong Paul Bradtberg Gary Dawson Tim Evans Stephen Bennett Glenn Trewin

Unit 2, 17 Airpark Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland 1701, New Zealand Hangar 5, Qantas Avenue, Archerfield Airport, Archerfield, Queensland 4108, Australia 11/450 Sheridan St., Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia 20-22 Lindaway Place, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043, Australia Building 115, Northern Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, Moorabbin, Victoria 3194 11 Eagle Drive, 126, Jandakot Airport, Jandakot, Western Australia 6164 453 Airport Ave, Bankstown Airport, Bankstown, NSW 2200 Australia

EUROPE/AFRICA Amsterdam 31-252-245-919 France 33-3 22 31 03 27 Israel 972-4-629-4447 Italy 39-06-808-3079 Manchester 44 161 428 9070 Scandinavia 46-431-456570 South Africa 27-83-3090-706 Spain 34-91-664-0637

31-252-245-970 33-3 22 31 00 16 972-4-629-1741 39-06-807-8354 44 161 428 9073 46-431-456572 31-252-245-970 34-91-617-3560

Marc Drent Catherine Testart Haggai Mazursky Joe Piorico Tim White Christian Brandi Tony Moss Jose Benayas

Drachmeweg 18, 2153 PA, The Netherlands Sales Support Only Sales Support Only Sales Support Only Aviall UK Inc., Orion Business Park, Bird Hall Lane, Cheadle, Stockport, SK3 0WF, United Kingdom Sales Support Only Sales Support Only Sales Support Only

LATIN AMERICA/CARIBBEAN Ft. Lauderdale 954-625-3940


Yara Gonsalves

3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Value-Added Services BATTERY SERVICES AIRPORT TELEPHONE ADDRESS Atlanta ATL 770-473-1343 574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349 Chicago DPA 630-232-5035 3950 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174 Dallas DFW 800-776-1112 P.O.Box 619048, 2755 Regent Blvd., Dallas,TX 75261-9048 972-586-1850 Ft. Lauderdale FLL 954-625-3914 3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 140, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Houston HOU 713-948-1771 8887 W Monroe, Houston, TX 77061 Los Angeles VNY 818-787-3983 8045 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406 New York MMU 973-257-8705 #2 Cranberry Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054 London, England 44-1753-689090 Unit 10, Polygon Bus. Centre, Blackthorn Rd, Colnbrook Slough, Berkshire, UK SL3 0QT HOSE SHOPS Dallas Denver Ft. Lauderdale Los Angeles Melbourne, Australia


800-945-0686 303-460-7708 954-625-3915 818-997-5061 61-3-9338-1155

WHEEL & BRAKE SERVICES Atlanta ATL 770-473-1343 Chicago DPA 630-232-5030 Crown Point GYY 219-661-2235 800-242-7478 Dallas DFW 972-586-1370 Ft. Lauderdale FLL 954-625-3910 Los Angeles VNY 818-781-7163 New York MMU 973-257-9240

P.O.Box 619048, 2755 Regent Blvd., Dallas,TX 75261-9048 7285 S Revere Pkwy, Suite 703, Centennial,CO 80112-3947 3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 140, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 8045 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406 8-10 Halsey Road, Airport West, Victoria, Australia 3042

MANAGER George D’Aurio Jeff Wyns Paul Geddes


John Proctor David Burch Jay Sumner John Vogt Dick Cossar

RD44488M RD46488M RD42488M RD4D488M UKQY678J

Don Taylor Cody Johnson William Hinson Mark Van Rensselaer Kerry Barclay

574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349 3950 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174 Sisu Services, 674 N Madison Street, Crown Point, IN 46307

George D’Aurio Mike Kiefer Troy Shinkle

LV52029N LV5R029N LQ5R024N

P.O.Box 619048, 2755 Regent Blvd., Dallas,TX 75261-9048 3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 140, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 8045 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406 #2 Cranberry Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054

David Burch Doug Dalton Victor Sotelo Joe Serrano





PAINT MIXING Atlanta Ft. Lauderdale


770-210-2792 954-625-3930

574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349 3200 W Prospect Road, Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Michael Freeman Michael Freeman



574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349

Larry Heiman





574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349

P.O.Box 619048, 2750 Regent Blvd, Dallas, TX 75261-9048

Chris Terrell

Joey Norris

LV52029N LV52029N

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Aviall Storybook  

Aviall has an immense story to tell - and we tell a lot of it in their new "Who We Are" brochure. The booklet covers everything from servi...

Aviall Storybook  

Aviall has an immense story to tell - and we tell a lot of it in their new "Who We Are" brochure. The booklet covers everything from servi...

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