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VIP Fitness Nutrition Center

“Be Fit Be Healthy”

Designer’s noTE

Vip Fitness Nutrition Center “ Fit Kids Program”

This project book will deliver a clear understanding of the design process for the “Fit Kids Program”. It will guide the audience into knowing the brand and how it was developed. The idea of “Fit Kids” started because of the great obesity issue that is currently happening in Puerto Rico. Fit Kids is a program that will allow families to develop a healthy lifestyle by encouraging parents and children to be fit and healthy. The reason this program involves parents is because they are the main tool that can lead the child into this lifestyle.







1.0 Brand Research Brief Overview Client Project Brief Target Audience/Personas Swot Analysis

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2.0 Creative Process Moodboard Logo Development Campaign Assets

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3.0 Brand Standard Taglines Colors & Fonts Attributes Print Media Applications

4.0 Design Solution Campaign Deliverable Advertisement Conclusion References

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Brief Overview


Client Project Brief


Target Audience/Personas


Swot Analysis


Logo Development

Company's Logo Logo Concept

Fit Kids Promotion

Final Logo

The logo needed to promote happiness and freedom. Starting off with a smiley face and finishing with a happy pear with its hands in the air. The idea started to evolve when thinking about promoting fitness and nutrition together. The pear represents the nutritional aspect from the campaign while the smile and hands in the air represent happiness, excitement and physical activity. It is a a combination mark consisting of both image and text allowing the the logo to be memorable and easy to associate with the brand.


Variation in color

Black & White

Full Color

This logo is presented in two simple color variations black and white which could be used when having printing or budget restraints. This type of logo should be printed using a white background. The full color should be used in every media asset used to promote and present the campaign’s message in order to allow the audience to associate the color with the brand. The reason why only these two variations will be used is because the logo will be the face of the campaign and if working with different variations then the real colors behind the brand will not stand out as much as they should be.


Children Nutrition and Fitness


Children Nutrition and Fitness