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VIP Fitness Nutrition Center

“Be Fit Be Healthy”

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Vip Fitness Nutrition Center “ Fit Kids Program”

This project book will deliver a clear understanding of the design process for the “Fit Kids Program”. It will guide the audience into knowing the brand and how it was developed. The idea of “Fit Kids” started because of the great obesity issue that is currently happening in Puerto Rico. Fit Kids is a program that will allow families to develop a healthy lifestyle by encouraging parents and children to be fit and healthy. The reason this program involves parents is because they are the main tool that can lead the child into this lifestyle.








1.0 Brand Research Brief Overview Client Project Brief Swot Analysis

5 6 8

2.0 Creative Process Moodboard Logo Development Design Research

11 12 13

3.0 Brand Standard Logo Standards 16 Colors & Fonts 19 Taglines/ Texture & Patterns 20

4.0 Design Solution Campaign Deliverable Advertisement Conclusion References

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Brief Overview


Client Project Brief


Swot Analysis



Brief Summary

Who we are

Our Purpose


Vip Fitness Nutrition Center created a program within the company named “Fit Kids”. Fit Kids is a program where children and parents are guided into developing a healthy lifestyle. The idea of “ Fit Kids” started because of the great obesity issue that is currently happening in Puerto Rico. this program will provide parents with the necessary tools to encourage their little one into having a better nutrition and develop a habit of daily physical activities. This program will benefit families especially children by allowing them to achieve and maintain healthy weight, boost self-esteem and confidence.


Primary pRODUCTS:

Client Project Brief

Project Synopsis: Vip Fitness is a company that focuses on fitness and nutrition. It was founded by Francisco Rosa a Puerto Rican personal trainer that dedicated his services to artist from the local entertainment industry. Vip Fitness offers a small fitness program for kids, which could be improved and could offer an extensive program that would make the company the first family oriented fitness center in Puerto Rico. The focus will be reinventing the kids fit program making it more extensive and offering more options for kids and parents to enjoy the benefits of this program.

Primary pRODUCTS: Fitness Program Nutrition Program Educate on Health

Competitors: The Little Gym of Guayanabo YMCA - Seasonal Fitness Program

Unique selling proposition: Work with the health and fitness of children in a fun energetic place. Encourage self-confidence and high self-esteem to children.

Vision: To gain parent’s trust and be able to guide children into fighting obesity and other health conditions caused by the lack of good nutrition and exercise. The expected result is to have enrolled by the end of the first year at least 45-50% of the children living at least 15 mile radius from the facility.


Client Project Brief


Target Audience

• Create awareness on child’s obesity and encourage parents to take action. • Encourage parents to share a healthy lifestyle with their children. • Allow parents to be involved in a physical activity after work while still being able to spend time with their child.

Taglines: • Be Fit Be Healthy • Feel Alive • Everyone Can Make a Difference • Challenging is Fun

Parents ages 24-55 Male/Female Married/Single Household 2 or more Annual Income 10,000-unlimited Children 4-12

Image cRITERIA The message that I want to portray through visual communication is using images that present happy and energetic children enjoying physical activities and good nutrition. The majority of images will consist of parents and children because this campaign is created to benefit both.


Swot Analysis Strengths -Work with latest exercise equipment -Artist from the entertainment industry assist to the facilities -Located in one of the most prestigious areas in Puerto Rico

Weaknesses -Focuses mainly on fitness for adults -Do not have equipment for kids -Trainers are experienced only with adult training - Need to focus more on their kids program

-Reward club

-Majority of members are single or have no kids

-Affordable Membership

-Expensive rent of facility

-24/7 Hours of Operation

Opportunities -First to offer an extensive fitness program for kids. -Increase client membership -Family oriented gym -Health specialist and trainers are introduced to this new program -Reach adults who are constantly searching for the latest trends in health and fitness. -Incentive program for employees

Threats -Parents not having any interest on their kidʼs health and fitness -Unmotivated instructors because of low pay rate -Not being able to fund the needed equipment for kids -Fast Food and no fitness routine may seem an easier daily routine. -Competitors may want to implement this program at their facility. -Slow market growth 8


cREATIVE process




Logo Development


Design Research




This moodboard consists of bold colors that attract the viewer’s eye. The images used to create the concept for the logo portray an energetic and joyful attitude. The only way to attract children into a healthy and fit lifestyle is by presenting it as a fun experience. Many believe that green is only for nature or growth, but it also typifies joyfulness and friendliness (Johnson, B., 2007).

 I used elements that represented the health and care of a person’s body for this moodboard. I wanted the message to be concise and precise and this is why I leaned toward using the heartbeat wave as the main element for the logo. I wanted this moodboard to portray the heartbeat wave as a symbol of life and wellness. I decided to use a combination of neutral, warm and cool colors for the moodboard to create a balance that portrayed trust, calmness and energy (Faux Filled Dream, 2011).

This moodboard consists of nutritious eating and shows the reaction of how children should react to this eating habit.The colors I used are olive green, dark orange and a medium blueberry color. The combination of these colors symbolizes organic, freshness, knowledge and balance.


Logo Development

Company's Logo Logo Concept

Fit Kids Promotion

Final Logo

The logo needed to promote happiness and freedom. Starting off with a smiley face and finishing with a happy pear with its hands in the air. The idea started to evolve when thinking about promoting fitness and nutrition together. The pear represents the nutritional aspect from the campaign while the smile and hands in the air represent happiness, excitement and physical activity. It is a a combination mark consisting of both image and text allowing the the logo to be memorable and easy to associate with the brand. 12

Design Research

According to (Service Design Tools, 2009) “A mood board is a visual composition of pictures and materials that propose an atmosphere by giving the generic perception of it.” This product is targeted to parents and children this is why I used visual elements that included the target audience in order to allow them to visualize themselves experiencing the product. According to (The Impact Group, 2008), “Color is everywhere and conveys a message even if we don’t realize it.” The reason I chose colors such as blue, orange, mustard yellow and lime green is because warm colors represent happiness, energy, and stimulation of mental activity. The cool color such as blue gives clarity of thought and heals emotions. For this campaign I used visual elements that presented parents supporting their child to be active and fit. This helps the child feel supported and creates a positive self-esteem. For the design layout I used line quality that consists of vertical, horizontal and circular lines. By using different kinds of line quality you are able to add motion and visual interest to your design.


3.0 Brand Standards


Logo Standards









Logo Standards

Stacked Version

Enables the brand to gain instant recognition, credibility and respect.

Horizontal Version

This is the original version and should be used at all time unless space restriction applies.

When not having suďŹƒcient space to use the original versional this may be the only option.

Clear Space To allow the logo to be eďŹƒciently legible it is important to leave a clear space around it when placing it. No text or image should be placed within the area the logo is placed.



Variation in color

Black & White

Full Color

This logo is presented in two simple color variations black and white which could be used when having printing or budget restraints. This type of logo should be printed using a white background. The full color should be used in every media asset used to promote and present the campaign’s message in order to allow the audience to associate the color with the brand. The reason why only these two variations will be used is because the logo will be the face of the campaign and if working with different variations then the real colors behind the brand will not stand out as much as they should be. 17

Logo Don’ts

Avoid this logo usage to maintain the professional standard of the brand

Skew or Stretch

Rotate or Flip


RGB 236 34 39

Colors & Fonts CMYK 0 87 83 0

RGB 236 34 39

RGB 28 211 162

RGB 114 44 253

CMYK 0 87 83 0

CMYK 54 0 42 0

CMYK 66 52 0 0

RGB 38 59 231

RGB 246 146 32

RGB 178 236 93

CMYK 89 62 0 0

CMYK 0 37 85 1

CMYK 27 0 69 0


The fonts that have been chosen for this campaign provide different variations and perspective based on the

Child’s Play Brady Bunch Remastered Myriad pRO Star AvENUE Chunky Monkey

promotional product that the audience is experiencing. The fonts Child’s Play and Brady Bunch Remastered give the fun and child friendly mood to the brand and product. While the font Myriad Pro which is used to state the facts and information that will educate the audience on the campaign presents an x-height body which allows the audience to efficiently read and understand what is being presented. 19

TAGLINES Patterns & tEXTURE TAGLINES Challenging is Fun

feel alive Be Fit BE HEALTHY

Make a Difference Be Healthy

Everyone can Make a Difference The fonts used for the taglines were chosen based on the message being presented through the tagline. The first tagline offers encouragement and hope and this is why it was chosen a thin and x-height font to emphasize the length of letters f and l which in the term line quality is considered to represent a vertical structure meaning reaching beyond human reach. The other taglines present a strong mood this is why a bolder font was used.

Patterns & Textures

These two visual elements are the texture and pattern used for some media deliverables in the campaign.The first one was chosen because of its child’s friendly design. It portrays the feeling as if a child had used a chalk or market to design it.The second one is the pattern designed consisting of the colors of the campaign and has different shaped squares which is one the basic shapes that children learned. Different shapes represent different people and different personalities but at the end they all come to together to form one community. 20


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