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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22 hosted by SHAWN HITCHINS curatorial advisor CHRIS IRONSIDE visual art curators BILL CLARKE, CECILIA BERKOVIC, ELISE VICTORIA LOUISE WINDSOR, JOHNSON NGO tuck shop curator KEITH COLE dj REGINA THE GENTLELADY musical guest THOM ALLISON special guests BIANCA BOOM BOOM, BOYLESQUE TO, DREW DEVEAUX, ST. STELLA VIP Reception 6PM Preview + Silent Auction 7PM Live Auction 8PM Sharp! Tickets $25 | Limited VIP Tickets $100 box office:

416-975-8555 or



BUY IT NOW Are you not able to join us for ARTATTACK!? Is there one piece that you simply must have? Buddies is introducing a new idea for ARTATTACK! this year that allows you to buy select items in advance for a set price, and support Buddies at the same time. We’ve worked closely with our Curatorial Advisor, Chris Ironside, to offer a selection of works that represent the diversity of talent in this year’s auction, so no matter what your taste there is a BUY IT NOW piece that is right for you. Show your support for Buddies and make sure you don’t go home empty-handed. Any BUY IT NOW purchases that are at least 20% more than the estimated value of the work, will receive a charitable tax receipt for any amount above the estimate. To purchase in advance, go to to purchase on-line, or call our box office at 416-975-8555.

AN AUCTION IN SUPPORT OF BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE Welcome to the 2012 ARTATTACK! Visual Art Preview Catalogue. Once again, a stellar group of curators has come out in support of Buddies and assembled an amazing collection of visual art for you. Look for work by queer trailblazers, Canadian icons, and some of Toronto’s hottest up-and-coming artists. The full catalogue of items up for bids – including an exciting array of design, entertainment, and travel packages – will be released in early November. For now, have a look through this preview catalogue to find what excites and inspires you to make your bid and support Canada’s largest and longest-running queer theatre company.


CHRIS IRONSIDE Sixteen years ago this month, I first walked through the doors of Buddies In Bad Times Theatre – it was love at first sight. Two months later I moved to Toronto, spending my Friday and Saturday nights ordering vodka and gingers from Patricia and confessing on Tallulah’s dance floor. All of these years later, my love affair remains. I return time and time again to Buddies to enjoy the fantastic theatre productions and festivals, performance pieces, literary events and Pride Cabarets – all of which helped to form my earliest experiences with queer art culture in Toronto and continues to do so. For these reasons, I am excited to serve as the Curatorial Advisor for ART ATTACK! I am grateful for and indebted to the wonderful curators I have had the pleasure to work with – each of whom are shaping Toronto’s cultural landscape in exciting and diverse ways. The collection they have curated reflects that excitement and can be seen in the work of the emerging, mid-career and established artists presented here. Enjoy! Chris Ironside is a Toronto-based artist who grew up dreaming of acting on such daytime television classics as All My Children and One Life To Live, becoming a celebrity and winning an Emmy. He became an artist instead. Working in photography and drawing, Chris is interested in representations of masculine ideals and identity through performance, documentation and the staged image. Recently, his work has appeared in several publications, including a set of commissioned drawings for Headmaster Magazine and a featured article on his photographic series, Mr. Long Weekend, in Issue 114 of C Magazine. He currently teaches photography in the School of Fine Art and Music (SOFAM) at the University of Guelph.

visual art

BILL CLARKE UP AND COMERS How could I say 'no' when presented with an opportunity to support Buddies in Bad Times? When I was in my late-20s and early-30s, Buddies – the theatre (especially The Rhubarb Festival) and the dance club – was integral to my coming out and engaging with the city's queer community. Some of my most enduring friendships were established during those years. This opportunity to re-engage with an institution that meant so much to me is very welcome. There is no overriding theme that links the artists I've chosen for the auction other than they are all talented up-and-coming artists whose diverse practices are showing extraordinary promise and are being recognized by Toronto's art press, collectors, curators, and institutions. I would be happy to have any of these artists on my own walls – some of them I already do – and I hope that you, as an ARTATTACK! attendee, will feel the same way. Bill Clarke is a Toronto-based art writer, collector, volunteer, and editor. His art writing has been published frequently in ARTnews, Canadian Art, Modern Painters, Border Crossings and other magazines. As a collector, he has been invited to speak about starting an art collection on panels at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Earlier this year, Bill was included on Modern Painters magazine's annual list of the "Top 50 Most Interesting Collectors Under 50 Worldwide", and his collection was featured in an article about living with contemporary art in the September 2012 issue of Report on Business magazine. He is currently the editor of Magenta Magazine, an online visual arts journal, which is entering its fourth year of publication.

SHAUNA BORN All the Boys I’d Like to Fuck 2012 | ball point pen on paper | 8” x 8” | Edition #124 | Estimate: $450 courtesy of the artist + Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

50 attack 7 $ E RIC com/art P . NOW dtiems T I BUY diesinba bud o t o


KOTAMA BOUABANE Hedge, Orange County 2011 | c-print | 16” x 24” | Estimate: $600 courtesy of the artist + Erin Stump Projects

CHRIS CURRERI Beside Myself 2011 | c-print | 11” x 9” | Estimate: $800 courtesy of the artist + Daniel Faria Gallery

NEIL FARBER + MICHAEL DUMONTIER Typings #246 and #247 2012 | print with unique texts | 8” x 10” each | Estimate: $200 courtesy of the artists

CHRIS SHEPHERD Humberside Collegiate Classroom (Green) 2011 | c-print | 24” x 24” | edition 1 of 1 | Estimate: $1,300 courtesy of the artist + Bau-Xi Photo

visual art


I was pleased to have been asked to participate in this year's ARTATTACK!. I feel privileged to live in a city that creates and disseminates so much queer culture. Thanks to Buddies for their decades of innovative programming, the community who comes out and supports it, and especially to the artists who have generously donated their work this evening. The pieces I included are silk-screened, letterpressed, and photo-based. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Cecilia Berkovic is an artist and designer based in Toronto. She received her MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College in 2012. She sits on the advisory programming committee at Gallery TPW and is currently teaching at Ryerson's School of Image Arts.

MICHAEL COMEAU Sword of Fire 2006 | seriograph | 20” x 28” | Estimate: $300 courtesy of the artist

INSTANT COFFEE Super Bueno 2007 | letterpress poster on newsprint | 39.5” x 27.5” | Estimate: $900 courtesy of the artists + MKG 127

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Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing Graduates, 1960 Year Book 2011 | ink jet photograph | 21” x 30” | Estimate: $850 courtesy of the artist

ALLYSON MITCHELL Hung Like a Heretic (CN Tower) 2012 | digital print on polyester | 35.5” x 23.5” | Estimate: $500 courtesy of the artist + Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

WILL MUNRO General Idea Poodles 2005 | silkscreen on paper | 13” x 19” | Estimate: $400 courtesy of Paul Petro Contemporary Art + The Estate of Will Munro

visual art


This exciting collection of work is a survey of Toronto’s art community, from emerging to mid-career artists. Varying in subject matter and medium, these works are connected by minimalism, simplicity of form, and are accessible to any collector.

Elise Victoria Louise Windsor is a visual artist, and first-time curator, working and living in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from OCAD University’s BFA program, focusing in photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Layering photography with sculpture, she creates analogue-based photographic illusions addressing the phantasmagoric qualities specific to the medium of photography. Elise recently participated in an XPACE/SPARK Contemporary Art Space Residency in Syracuse, New York and The State Hermitage Museum Foundation of Canada Young Artist Program, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has been the recipient of various awards and participated in art exhibitions across Canada, the U.S. and Russia.

50 attack 7 $ E RIC com/art P . NOW dtiems T I BUY diesinba bud o to


NATHAN CYPRYS Untitled (White Balloon) 2012 | c-print | 16” x 20” | Estimate: $600 courtesy of the artist

LAURIE KANG Pink Noise / Sixty-Eight 2011 | c-print | 5” x 6” each (20” x 20” framed) | edition 1 of 3 | Estimate: $850 courtesy of the artist

ALEX KISILEVICH Hair Rainbow 2012 | digitial c-print | 20” x 20” | edition 1 of 3 | Estimate: $1,600 courtesy of the artist + Angell Gallery



Two Individuals Dancing with Four Geometric Forms (revolution) 2012 | graphite on paper | 20” x 15” | Estimate: $1,700 courtesy of the artist

JILLIAN ROSS 2_1 Cobalt Wash 2012 | acrylic on canvas | 17” x 21” | Estimate: $800 courtesy of the artist

visual art

JOHNSON NGO Rethinking the traditional forms of representation of the body, the five selected artists illustrate the body as peculiar. Shot in fictive domesticity, Lady 8 (2008) by Cumming emphasizes the emotive dimension of body language by replacing the portrait with a bouquet of pink roses. In abstract works such as Pien’s A Psychedelic Forest (2012), bodily forms are obscured by shade and colour; the figure is entangled within the entire composition. In the work of Dobkin and Team Macho, the bodies stand out from the crowd through direct contrast in colour palette. The Dullest Boy Ever by Team Macho (2010) depicts a boy who is neglected of colouring and attention from his mother due to the presence of a new sibling. While Dobkin’s Bleeding at the Ball (2011) places the viewer within this performance at the Ball, participating in this awkward social situation. Invoking an erotic uncanny, the work by Logue queers the figural in a vivid and grotesque manner. Velvet Crease (2012) is a still image from a three-channel video installation, where the artist’s genitalia is highlighted by the natural light of day. Within these works, the uncanny figures as an effect that is simultaneously alienating and intriguing.

Johnson Ngo is a Toronto-based artist-curator who examines Asian identity and Western queer culture. Ngo has performed in Canada (Rhubarb Festival, Nuit Blanche, 7a*11d) and America. Ngo received the 2011 Bernie Lightbox Billboard commission from the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He is currently the Curator-in-Residence at the Blackwood Gallery, where he continues his research in both race and gender in relation to identity politics. He is the guardian at the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG).

ROBYN CUMMING Lady 8 2008 | c-print | 20” x 24” | Estimate: $1,600 courtesy of the artist

JESS DOBKIN + HENRY CHAN Bleeding At The Ball 2011 | performance art + photography | 16” x 20” | Estimate: $400 courtesy of the artists

DEIRDRE LOGUE Velvet Crease 2012 | photograph | 24” x 13.5” | Estimate: $500 courtesy of the artist

00 -attack 9 $ t E RIC .com/ar P NOW dtiems T I a BUY diesinb bud o to


ED PIEN A Psychedelic Forest 2012 | sprayed ink on Japanese paper | 14.5” x 12” | Estimate: $500 courtesy of the artist

TEAM MACHO The Dullest Boy Ever 2010 | giclee print | 24” x 32” | Estimate: $350 courtesy of the artist



Every year, Buddies is blessed to work with a large group of artists, curators, and community supporters who come forward and contribute to our organization. With the help of our Curatorial Advisor Chris Ironside, we have assembled a collection of work from iconic, trailblazing artists who have donated their time and talents to support Buddies and the work that we do. These are some of our best friends, biggest supporters, and brightest stars. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.

DRASKO BOGDANOVIC Scopophilia 2012 | c-print | 17” x 21” | edition 2 of 4 | Estimate: $500 courtesy of the artist

DRASKO BOGDANOVIC Stairwell 2012 | c-print | 12” x 18” | Estimate: $400 courtesy of the artist

,900 t-attack 8 $ r E RIC .com/a P OW dtiems N T I a BUY diesinb bud o t o


ERTÉ Broadway’s in Fashion 1978 | embossed serigraph | 17.5” x 13.25” | Edition 290 of 300 | Estimate: $8,900 courtesy of Joseph L. Kennelly


(Gwendolyn Healey and Sean D’Andrade)

Lost in an Invisible Shield 2011 | acrylic on canvas | 20” round | Estimate: $1,200 courtesy of the artist

SARAH HUNTER I Offered You a Rose 2011 | mixed media on paper | 22” x 30” | Estimate: $750 courtesy of the artist

ASHLEE MARCUS Nina Two 2012 | textile, counted cross-stitch | 10” x 20” | Estimate: $800 courtesy of the artist

MIKEL MARTON Watercoloured Past-Lives: Faggot Prince of Dreams 2012 | digital c-print on museum print | 16” x 24” | Estimate: $700 courtesy of the artist

MAX+G.NA It’s too much machine for you 2012 | photographic print | 30” x 40” | Estimate: $1,100 courtesy of the artist

CHARLES PACHTER Night Ride 1972 | inkjet on archival matte paper | 19” x 31” | Estimate: $1,200 courtesy of the artist

ALEJANDRO SANTIAGO + NINA ARSENAULT SERVE: The Work 2012 | photographic print on archival paper | edition 1 of 4 | 24” x 36” | Estimate: $1,500 courtesy of the artists

MAURICE VELLEKOOP Tiki Wahine Lady watercolour on paper | 11” x 15” | Estimate: $1,100 courtesy of the artist


Part queer art salon and part gift shop, this is a chance for aspiring collectors to take home some amazing treasures from over 20 of Toronto’s hottest artists. The shop will be selling original sets of multiples and limited edition prints at set prices throughout the night. That means no getting outbid at the last minute – just pick out the items you want, and they will be waiting for you when you check out at the end of the evening. Each purchase will be taken home in an Official Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop Bag, featuring an original design by Logan MacDonald. The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop also welcomes Zach Pearl as your official Visual Merchandiser for the evening.

KEITH COLE “The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop” was created out of necessity. For many years I have attended charity auctions but could never fully participate in the live auction process because I could never afford the high price of the artworks. I enjoyed the spectacular bidding wars, the art on the auction block and the theatricality of it all but in the end…. my bank account won out and I went home empty handed. I also love Rock Hudson and probably always will. He was a perfect man. He was a flawed man. He is my hero. I think about Rock Hudson a lot. He was judged harshly at the end of his life. Please stop judging. Not everyone is perfect. “The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop” is an excellent place to admit to your own flaws, purchase some unique and extraordinary works that can only be found at Buddies and ARTATTACK! You will be helping a remarkable theatre company achieve more, plus you will be part of art history just like many of the works available to you this evening. I cannot thank the artists enough for their generosity, sense of humour, understanding, patience, and creativity. Every artist I approached requesting a donation to “The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop” said “YES” without judgment. Rock Hudson wasn’t perfect. Neither are we.

Keith Cole was born in a van. He has many achievements and has made many mistakes. He is the principle member of “The Department of Loyalty” which allows him to fully realize his dreamy ways of creating and making it all reach just a little bit further. He is represented by HOT SHOT TALENT MANAGEMENT and his gallery dealer is the ubiquitous Jacqueline Appleseed Bustamante at Carrie Bradshaw Contemporary Fine Arts. For further biographical information about Keith Cole, just ask around.







1: SHANNON COCHRANE + JANIS DEMKIW - Small Hat on a Hat Co. (2012, felt and craft Vaseline / Khembra Phaler at Vaseline (2004/2001, polaroids) 2 available at $25 each | 4: GU - Sasquatch/Yeti Sunbathing (2010, miniature sculptures) 2 available at $85 each | 6-8: TR available at $150, Rock Hudson Cufflinks (2012, glitter and ink) 3 available at $32 each, Hot DECOSTE - I Sold a Painting to a Friend. I am Ashamed (1997, acrylic on canvas) 1 available a graphite in paper) 3 available at $150 each





ft fascinators) 7 available at $50 each | 2-3: JOHN CAFFERY - Luis Jacob + Joel Gibb at UNTAR KRAVIS - Mona (1988, silver gelatin print) 1 available at $150 | 5: JENNIE SUDDICK RIXIE AND BEEVER (BBJ) - Pillow Talk Bed Tray (2012, bamboo tray with glitter and ink) 1 Rock Glitter Squares (2012, glitter and ink on wood) 2 available at $50 each | 9: PATRICK at $175 | 10: DEREK LIDDINGTON - Love, Love Will Tear Us Apart Again (1968-2012) (2012,







1: ANDREW ZEALLEY - School Test 23 (2008, black yinyl LP with foil stamped sleeve and Collector’s Starter Kit (2012, colour photocopy, includes a print of ‘From the Desk of Mr. Wo hand made brochures) 4 available at $40 each | 5: MICHAEL CAINES - Purgastoria (2007, coasters from ‘The Colour Bar’ (2011, set of 8 printed and letterpressed cocktail coasters) 3 t-shirt) 10 available at $25 each | 8: JULIE VOYCE - Christmas Gift (2012, photocopy on card Can’t Be Gold #2 (2012, glitter and archival glue on paper) 3 available at $75 each




liner, edition of 23) 1 available at $100 | 2-3: ALISON SNOWBALL + ALICIA NAUTA - Art orm’) 3 available at $20 each | 4: STEPH ROGERSON - In Search of Queer History (2010, , screen print on paper) 6 available at $200 each | 6: BARR GILMORE - The Elixirs of Life sets available at $10 each | 7: SANDRA RECHICO - Rock Pyle T-Shirts (2012, silk screened d, unlimited edition) 3 available at $20 each | 9: CHRIS IRONSIDE - All Things That Glitter






1: BENJAMIN EDELBERG - All That Heaven Allows #1, #2 + #3 (2012, mixed media screen print) 3 available at $200 each | 2: ANDREW HARWOOD - Maxx Attitude vs. Skinny Divine (2004, photograph) 1 available at $200 | 3: ROY MITCHELL - The Embarrassing Mayor Buttons (2012, bag of tin & enamel 1.5� buttons) 5 sets available at $20 each | 4: GARRY-LEWIS JAMES OSTERBERG - Hump (2011, photograph) 3 available at $50 each | 5: KAREN FROSTITUTION - Emergency Butt Plug Kit (2012, set of 5 perverted pastries) 3 sets available at $25 each

AUCTION ARTISTS + DONORS Alejandro Santiago + Nina Arsenault Alex Kisilevich Alison Snowball + Alicia Nauta Allyson Mitchell

Charles Pachter Chris Curreri Chris Ironside Chris Sheppard Deirdre Logue

Andrew Harwood

Derek Liddington

Andrew Zealley

Derek Liddington

Ashlee Marcus

Drasko Bogdanovic

Barr Gilmore Benjamin Edelberg

Ed Pien ErtĂŠ

AUCTION ARTISTS + DONORS G N' S Projects (Gwendolyn Healey and Sean D’Andrade)

Garry-Lewis James Osterberg Guntar Kravis Instant Coffee Jennie Suddick Jess Dobkin + Henry Chan Jillian Ross John Caffery Joseph L. Kennelly Julie Voyce

Karen Frostitution Kotama Bouabane Laurie Kang Maurice Vellekoop Michael Caines Michael Comeau Mikel Marton Nathan Cyprys Neil Farber + Michael Dumontier

Nina Levitt

Trixie & Beever (BBJ)

Patrick DeCoste

Will Munro

Robyn Cumming


Roy Mitchell Sandra Rechico Sarah Hunter Shannon Cochrane + Janis Demkiw Shauna Born

Akasha Art Projects Angell Gallery Bau-Xi Photo Daniel Faria Gallery Erin Stump Projects Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects MKG 127

Steph Rogerson

Paul Petro Conemporary Art

Team Macho

Reactor Gallery

ARTATTACK! Visual Art Preview Catalogue 2012  

Preview of the visual art colelction at ARTATTACK! 2012 - Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's signature fundraising event