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1 Construction of Advanced activity Hub 3 Parking lot removal & Demolishion of a house 1 STREET TYPE STREET TYPE STREET TYPE STREET TYPE 2 3 4 Creation of Rain Garden & Street activity Hubs 2 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020 Landscape Architecture PORTFOLIO STREET TYPE 1 STREET TYPE 2 STREET TYPE 3 STREET TYPE 4 Bench Delivery Hub Working Pod Two Working Pods with middle court Meditation Spot Two Benches Benches with BBQ Bench with food truck
Landscape Architecture Portfolio

About me


Work 1. Rhythm of a street / Nov 2020 Elwood, VIC, Australia

Work 2. Ecological Bike Trail / Nov 2018 Dights Fall, Abbotsford, VIC, Australia

Work 3. University Landscape 3.0 / Aug 2019 Concrete Lawn, Parkville, VIC, Australia

How I can contribute

3 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
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About me

4 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
I love nature from my childhood. I have dedicated myself into landscape architecture for more than 10 years.

Yusuke Nakashima


A highly motivated with 10 years experience of studying in landscape architecture. Wide-range expertise in landscape architecture, for Landscape History and Theory, Botany, Sustainability, Ecology, Scenery, Techniques of Japanese Gardens, Urban Planning, and Community designing.


February. 2018 -Dec. 2020

Master of Landscape Architecture

School of Design, University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia

Major areas of study: Landscape Architecture

April. 2015 - Mar. 2017

Master of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Major areas of study: Urban Planning and LandscapeArchitecture

Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2015

Bachelor of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Major areas of study: Ecology and Landscape Architecture

Software Skills

Word, Excell, Power Point, Adobe Creative Suite. Rhinoceros, Vector Works, Sketch Up, Auto Cad, Arc GIS. Also, I have skills of Hand Drawing, Physical Model making and Photography.

Working Experience

Apr. 2017 - Nov. 2017

S2 Design and Planning, Japan, Tokyo


- Researched and proposed plans for 25th anniversary book of the office

- Designed cover pages into the anniversary book

- Laid out text and photos into the anniversary book

Mar. 2017 - Sep. 2017

LOSFEE, Japan, Tokyo

Landscape Architect

- Researched and proposed several plans for a bench installed at a greening fair

- Made an actual bench and installed it at the greening fair

Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2017


Assistant Landscape Architect

- Researched and created documents for several landscape projects

- Made hand and digital drawings for the landscape projects

- Made landscape models for the landscape projects

Feb. 2020 - Mar. 2020

SMEC, Melbourne, Australia

Landscape Architect Intern

- Researched potential development area

- Proposed potential use of the land from the perspective of urban planning and landscape architecture

Nov. 2020 - Aug. 2021

Acer Landscapes, Melbourne, Australia

Landscape Architect

- Made concepts for residential garden

- Visualize the concepts with plans, sections, and 3D models and images.

- Constructed private gardens specialised in Japanese style.

Oct. 2021 - Present

Mettler Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin, Germany

Landscape Architect

- Proposed landscape plans for competitions.

- Created construction drawings for landscape projects.

5 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020


I was born in Japan and I moved to Australia, when I was one years old. I lived in Sydney for 6 years and enjoyed beach, mountain, and city. When I moved back to Japan in the agae of six, I felt something wrong with Nagoya city. Urban area of Nagoya is highly developled and quite dense. I coudln't find nature inside the city. Also, the suburb area was developed as agricultural fields. Dirty water from the agricultural fields and houses flowed through agricultural water channels, and I only found few animal there. I strongly questioned the un-sustainable development and sptial design in Japan in that time, and it pushed me to study ecology and urban planning at the university of Tokyo. In the bachelor and master course at the university of Tokyo, I did study research sustainability, study of scenery, ecology and urban planning, however there were no subject or studio to learn spatial design. Thus I moved to Melbourne to study master of landscape architecture for three years. Through the course, I kept challenged to justify the unsustainable development and harmonize urban and nature with spatial design solution.

Sydney, Australia, 1991-1997 Enjoyed the beauty of nature Nagoya, Japan, 1997-2011 Questioned the environmental development in Japan Tokyo, Japan, 2011-2017 Studied ecology and urban planning to solve environmental problems Tokyo, Japan, 2011-2017 Studied landscape architecture to learn the way to create spaces to solve environmental problems


I make works which has strong logic and deep cultural thinking. I love to work by using my hands.

7 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

Work1. Rhythm of a street

Nov 2020

Elwood, VIC, Australia

Parklet development strategy

Thesis project at Univerisy of Melbourne

8 Landscape
Architecture Portfolio
9 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020


ASSINGMENT of this studio

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle dramatically. This stuido explored how Melbourne can adapt the changes caused by Covid-19 and proposed spatial solution from the perspective of landscape architecture.

CONCEPT of this project

I focused on tele-working, which started to be common because of Covid-19 and will be a permanent movement. Although tele-working brings benefits, it also causes social isolation and decrese our productibity, because spatial and chronical separation of working and relaxing become ambiguous. The main concept of this project is "Using residential street and old houses as neighbour's common working space to separate the working and relaxing spaces."

DETAIL of this design

I selected Elwood as my proposal site, a suburb where has the higest ratio of people who live alone in VIC. In general, those people tend to meet a lot of problems with teleworks. I designed working hub with other activity spaces at parking spaces in the street, and an advanced facility at vacant lot in the block. Poles that will provide the

10 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
Using residential street and vacant land as neighbour's common working space to separate the working and relaxing spaces.
11 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020 Problems and causes of teleworking Key Concept Too many attractions Merger of space for working and relaxing Loss of Time restrictoin Loss of Pre-performance Routines Three vital friends in your neighbor 10 mins walk in green environment to change your mood from relaxing mod to working mode WALKING = RITUAL to make opportunities to talk with neighbors CREATION OF COMMUNALSPACE Mess of Work / life balance Trouble sleeping 13% Up More Trouble Sleeping lack of communication Risk of Death 39% Up sitting too long Problem on CONCENTRATION to seperate working and relaxing time in your life and to focus on working from home EXTRACT WORKING SPACE
12 Landscape Architecture Portfolio Construction of Advanced activity Hub 3 Parking lot removal & Demolishion of a house 1 STREET TYPE STREET TYPE 3 4 Creation of Rain Garden & Street activity Hubs 2


30% of private cars will be replaced to shared cars by 2030, thus we will see less cars on street. The city goverment of Portphillip will do investigation of the use of the parking lots and demolish some that is under-use. Also, the city government will purchase a land that is under-used to redevelop public building and open space.

City government will create raing garnden and on top of the garden they will install a meshed deck and basic street activity equipment, such as bench, BBQ equipment, exercise furniture and working space. Those equipement are basically free, however, Some furniture will be installed by private sectors. For example, Delivery company will pay the land use fee to the government and install drone delivery collecion hub. To use these funiture, residents need to pay service fee.

The city government will construct the advaced activity hub at the site where old residential building has been demolished. The advaced hub will provide more professional service such as unlimited high-speed wifi, discussion room, locker room, with small fee.


13 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020






14 Landscape Architecture Portfolio





15 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
Bench Delivery Hub Working Pod
Meditation Spot
Two Working Pods with middle court Two Benches Benches with BBQ Bench with food truck
16 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
17 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020









18 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
19 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

Work2. Ecological Bike Trail

Nov 2018

Abbotsford, VIC, Australia

Ecological lighting design

Studoi project at Univerisy of Melbourne

20 Landscape
Architecture Portfolio
Industrial Buildin g Trai n Legends Freewa y Tram Bicycle Trail Commercial Building Residential Building N 1:15,000


ASSINGMENT of this studio

Yarra river is one of the most important element for Melbourne in terms of aboriginal history and biodiversity. The studio challenged to explore design that harmonize the culture and ecosystem there.

CONCEPT of this project

Yarra bike trail connects CBD area and main suburbs of Melbourne, has been well-used for commuting, and it is well-used for commuting. However, there is no light, and it is quite dangerous to pass in the night time. Thus, I proposed lighting design to prevent accidents, explore nights in nature, encourage the cultural experience, and save nocturnal ecosystem.

DETAIL of this design

I selected the type and location of lights and the shape of shelter carefully, by conducting physycal and digital light tests. Also, I proposed to install "smart lighting system ". The light will be turned on only where a passenger passes, thus it will be more clear where people are passing and prevent the accidents. Also, it will use the vibration save the electricity cost and keep healthy environment for nocturnal animals.

22 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
Lighting design to prevent accidents, explore nights in nature, encourage cultural experience, and save nocturnal ecosystem.

Lighting exposure area testing

Smart lighting system

23 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

Meaning of Light's

24 Landscape Architecture Portfolio Stepping Stone for Observatory Shelter
lots for Bicycle Bench Acacia pycnantha Acacia pycnantha Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Colour Representing Representing 1:1000 Lighting Plan of Resting Place N Lowlight Area View of Dights Fall Highlight Area Highlight and Lowlight Area Diagram

Spot Lighting on Water Mill

Spot Lighting

Detail Design Area (Resting Place)


New Vegetation

Spot Lighting on Rock

Underground EmbeddedLinear Lighting

Resting Place

Colour Representing Nature

Representing Modern Time

1:1500 Lighting Plan

25 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
26 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
Steps of Blue Stone Lighting under Steps Lighting inside shelter Overhead Lighting Lighting under bench Shelter Bike Parking Place Bench Step to prevent light exposure
27 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
Front view of Shelter Left view of Shelter Back view of Shelter The best shape of shelter to prevent the leak of light
28 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
29 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

Work3. University Landscape 3.0

Aug 2020

Parkvile, VIC, Australia

University Campus Design Studio project at Univerisy of Melbourne

30 Landscape Architecture
31 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020


ASSINGMENT of this studio

Concrete lawn in university of Melbourne's Parkvile campus, used to be an pond that aboriginal people use for fishing and gathering. The studio challenged to create a new desgin of university's campus with the consideration of history, culture and sustainablity.

CONCEPT of this project

Although, online education become more common, it is difficult to discover new things that you don’t know, and have a deep discussion with others in the Internet. I proposed research and exhibition booth at Concrete lawn to enhance serendipity and deep human relationship with the consideration of prevention of infection and sustainablity.

DETAIL of this design

The future university landscape will have more space to express student's idea and enclosed area to enhance serendipity and deep human relationship. I proposed a large exhibition corridor that will support idea exchanging. Also, Study area, library which includes group work studio room, will encourage deep conversation.

Those, exhibition corridor and facilities are seperated by restorated ponds, vegetation and topography, and they allow only small group of people to gather. Thus, it will prevent the infection and encourage deep communication inside the group.

32 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
Although online learning become more common due to Covid-19, serendipity and deep conversation in actual space cannot be replaced.







Meeting Point + Close Relationships


Close Relationships


Diversity + Shallow Relationships + Anonimity


Diversity + Shallow Relationships + Anonimity on the Internet


Serendipity + Close Relationships

33 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
34 Landscape Architecture Portfolio 0 5 10 25 50m Exhibition Booth Area Library and Meditation Room A' A C' C B' B Biofiltration Pond Kids Playground and Ornament Pond Study Area Outdoor Lab with Solar Panels Cinema Screen & Stage Temporary Cafe and Restaurant Tent Temprary Event Zone Lunch and Study Area Sitting Area Livestream Studio

① Study Building

② Library Building

③ Bridge

④ Biofilteration Pond

⑤ Outdoor Lecture Space

⑥ Cloth Box Exhibition Space

⑦ Small Box Exhibition Space

⑧ Exhibition Corridor

⑨ Exhibition Board Space

⑩ Exhibition Frame Space

⑪ Bluestone Pavement

⑫ Deck Pavement

⑬ Lawn Area

35 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020 ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ⑪ ⑫ ⑬
0 5 10 15 30m

Contribution to Sustainability

Safe and Close Social Relationship

Vegetation and ponds divide the space into small parcels and the large number of parcels naturally divide people into small groups. It will prevent the spread of infectious disease and allow people to express their knowledge to others and have close social relationships. The strong social relationships grow there will help the community in the next future disaster or, to move for larger environmental problem.

Save 17.25 million Litter Water annually

Wetland and Ponds (approximately 175m2) has biofiltration function. They will clean the stormwater which is currently storaged in MSD building and the cleaned water can be used for the irrigation system inside the concrete lawn and also provide cleanwater to downstream for healthy ecosystem. . The stormwater biofiltration system will save 17.25 million Litter tap water annually which was used for irrigation. Also the creation of wetlands contribute to the restoration of the ecosystem that existed before 1900.

Generate 45kWh per day

The energy-generation pavement, energygeneration exercise bike and solar panels will generate 50 kWh in a day. LED lighting consumed 5kWh per day. LED lighting reduces 85% electricity cosumption when we compare with normal lighting system. Thus, concrete lawn can generate 45kWh per day which is might be enough energy for one university building to be lighten up whole day.

36 Landscape Architecture Portfolio 0 5 10 25 50m Temporary Cafe, Restaurant Temporary Event Space Lunch Space, Relax Space
Section AA' Section BB' Section
Stormwater Storage Tank (750m Ecology Class (30~40ppl) Radio Booth(3ppl) Exhibition Space (3~10ppl) Library(5~10ppl) Laboratory(3~8ppl) Study Area(1~5ppl) Outdoor Stage(5~30ppl) Drainage Water Playground (10~30ppl) Lunch Space (1~5ppl) Stormwater Storage Tank Cleanedwater Storage Tank (250m ) (750m Bouverie Creek Creek Rain Garden Drainage Water Playground with Service Water Ornamental Pond with Recycled Water Footsteps Electricity Generation Solar Panels Exercise Bike Electric Generator LED lighting
37 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
Cinema Screen & Stage Pathway Screen and Stage Exhibition Booth Livestream Studio Exhibition Booth Cleaned Water Storage Tank Cleaned Water Storage Tank Stormwater Storage Tank Outdoor Ecology Class Biofiltering Pond Meditation Area in Library Lunch and Relax Space Kids Playground B' C'
38 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
39 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
40 Landscape Architecture Portfolio
41 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020 Exhibition Furnitures Small Box Exhibition Space Exhibition Board Space Exhibition Corridor Space Exhibition Frame Space Box Exhibition Space Steel Mesh Bench

How I can contribute

I can design from large to small scale with deep consideration of logic and aesthetics. I love to communicate with others and work together.

42 Landscape Architecture Portfolio


I have studeied ecology, urban planning, and landscape architecture. The wide range of knowledge support me to make an porposal from large scale to small scale. I love to learn the context of the site, and propose an big image, but also care about the detail of the design, because God is in the details.

43 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

students and practioners from all over e world.

I organize online group and talk sessions for landscape

sustainable developments with international students.

I have organized MUN conferences to discuss

students from unimelb, Universität Stuttgart and ITB.

LAGS, Online, 2020-2021


incuding city council, architect, and developer.

Model United Nations, Japan, 2011-2016


I visit Indonesia, and made a design proposal with

Traveling Studio, Indonesia, 2019


I have worked practioners with wide range of fileds,

Collaborative studio, Japan, 2016



I love to work with others, especially people who have different background from me. They always show me a new horizon, I not only welcome their knowledge but also share my ideas to them.

In one studio, I worked with architects, urban planners, engineers, and city council. We shared our perspectivs first, then discuss how we can combine the thoughts into one concept. Finally, we succeed to propose a city redevelopment plan with an big concept and detailed design.

Also, I joined an international studio in Indonesia. I work with students from University of Melbourne, Universität Stuttgart, and Institut Teknologi Bandung. We did proposal for slum area (Kampung) in Bandung city. The lifestyle, culture, religion there were totally different from the one I had experienced, and I visit the Kampung many times and talked to the residents, ate the same food, and joined the religious events to understand their life. It was a difficult challenge, however I enjoyed the unique experience, I proposed an fire resilience town strategy with an small

scale design. I used local material and furniture inside my design, and it was highly evaluated.

Also, I pride myself as a supportive leader. I have organize and facilitate several Model United Nations conferences to discuss sustainable development with international students. I made a clear point at issue and goal of the discussion. I facilitate the discussion in the conference and we successfuly made an political proposal for sustainable development.

Also, I am organizing an online group for Japanese landscape architecture students and practioners from 2020, to support people who are interested in landscape architecture. Currently, over 250 people including people who are in U.S., U.K., Australia, South Africa, and other countries, joined the group.

We share information about how to study landscape architecture, the campus life in foreign universities, and discuss landscape theory. As an organizer, I always set the topic of discussion clear and keep the group inclusive.

45 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020

Urban Research Arc GIS Rhinoceros Grasshopper Hand drawing


I always explore new design tools. I have an experience of research based on ecological phychology theory, map analysis and inteviews in my study in Japan. I have studied Arc GIS, Rhinoceros and grasshopper, hand drawing, digital drawing with using Adobe Suite, and model making. I pride myself as a fast learner and I'm always keen to learn new technology.

I especially love to make physical models and mock ups. I have an expeience to make an bench and install in the period of greening fair in Hachioji city in Japan.

46 Landscape Architecture Portfolio

Digital drawing Model making Mock up Auto CAD

47 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020 drawing

48 Landscape Architecture Portfolio DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF CULTURE

I always challenge to understand the history, culture, and context behind the spcae and how people use the space. I published my first photo essay at Kindle to express my understanding about life and space of Tokyo.

Also, during my master course in Melbourne, I challenge to understand Australian culture and plants. I made bonsai of Australian native plants to

49 Yusuke Nakashima 2017-2020
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