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What’s New In Google I/O 2018: See All Innovations From Google Google is always trying to surprise its users with some new innovations. This year a huge corporation has also prepared a few interesting things up its sleeves and revealed them at annual conference Google I/O. Innovations are also favorable for software development since they allow you to upgrade your existing software and make it much more attractive. But, let's not waste our time, proceed to read!

Artificial intelligence: what's new to expect Starting from smart functions, Google decided to pay more attention to artificial intelligence integration into various services. Let's check what's new in Google I/O 2018?

Gmail and Smart Compose As Googlers noted at Google I/O 2018, soon Gmail will get new Smart Compose feature soon. Integrated artificial intelligence will be able to complete all your messages automatically. Thus, all your messages can be completed for you by a system. For example, you write a message, and new

Gmail offers you a few variants of the next few sentences. AI can detect the sense of your letter to offer relevant phrases.

Smart Compose feature in Gmail

If you like one of the phrases proposed, just click it and it will be input in your message. So you can see how to use Gmail Smart Compose feature. It is going to make message writing process faster and smarter since it may even build your messaging style and make it richer. Also, Gmail got a new design according to Material Design 2.0. By the way, building a chatbot can be good way for your gain a profit. Read this guide to see how to build a chatbot.

Google Photos: instant editing, conversion to PDF, smart sharing As for Google Photos features, artificial intelligence will offer you to perform

different actions. For example, when you browse photos with you and your friends, AI-based system will offer you share these images with friends in one of the social media. AI can automatically detect persons on a photo and identify them If they are added to your friend list, the system will recognize them. Also, new Google Photos will let you tap on the image and a special bar with editing features will appear below. It can let you brighten or blur images, rotate them and so on with just one click. In addition, according to Google I/O news, users will be able to turn document photo into PDF file. It is a very handy feature when you often work with documents.

Google Assistant: 'Ok, Google' changes and Pretty Please mode Voice assistant will please its users with more natural voice, first. Google Assistant AI is already available on more than 5000 of new devices, and it supports 30 languages in 80 countries. By the way, forget about constant repeating of favorite 'Ok, Google' phrase when you want to ask Google something. You just need to say it one time when you start speaking with voice assistant. Then you can ignore it. Also, Assistant will be able to reserve a table in the restaurant per your request or send money to your friend, and it will be a real magic. Just imagine - your voice assistant can speak with anybody on the phone.

Google Assistant does everything per your request

In addition, Google Assistant will get a new user interface for iOS and Android, and it will be integrated into Google Maps as well this summer. Do you know the right way how to integrate virtual assistant to your app? Our detailed article will reveal all secrets for you. Google Assistant will get new Pretty Please mode as well. It will teach people to be more polite. The main point is that Assistant will give you positive answers only when you use polite words like 'please' and 'thank you'. This feature will be available for Google Home speakers. I am sure it is a full reply to your answer 'what's new in Google Assistant?'

Google News: Newscasts, machine learning, and fast subscriptions

And this product has also got the power of artificial intelligence. With the help of machine learning, users will be able to receive news according to their specific interests and habits. Thus, you will be able to manage all your interests more wisely.

Also, Google News will get Newscasts feature, and it will be a totally new format. For example, you are browsing a list of news, and you can see the main topic of each news without even opening it. News will show up with pictures, the main topic of the article, and photo or video. So you can see what is the news about and make your decision whether you need to read it or not.

Newscast feature in Google News

And, finally, you can subscribe to premium sources to read all top news. For example, NYK times newspaper can provide users with a premium subscription where special hot newsletter will be available. You just need to add your payment details and then subscription will be performed with one click.

Google Lens: Smart text selection and search Google Lens features was one of the most amazing services that Google introduced at the conference last year. And today it will get new updates. First, Smart text selection is an additional feature in Google Lens app that makes it possible to copy text from the real world. For example, you read a book, or you see a banner with some interesting slogan. Just point your phone on this text, and it will copy it in your phone. Is it handy? It is indeed.

Smart Selection In Google Lens service

Also, in addition to text selection, Smart text search will also a good complement. When you copy text on your phone, you can search it on the web using Google Assistant, it will simplify the search process. And, Google Lens can recognize different objects with the help of AI, so it can become a good tool for your daily usage.

What’s new in google i/o 2018 see all innovations from google  

Google I/O news every year impress us with interesting modifications in Google world, and we couldn't ignore this event as well. Google I/O...

What’s new in google i/o 2018 see all innovations from google  

Google I/O news every year impress us with interesting modifications in Google world, and we couldn't ignore this event as well. Google I/O...