Annual Report 2017-2018

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YULA Boys High School

2017-2 018 Annual Report 5778



Inspiration from the Office of

Rabbi Arye Sufrin Head of School

Rabbi Sufrin takes us on a tour of his office.

Student Painting

“This painting represents the quality of our fine arts program and the strong relationship we develop with our students. That a student took the time to create a work of art representing ahavat yisrael in such a beautiful way and gift it to YULA, is testament to the strong relationships we foster.”

Photo of Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik

“The Rov, who made his home at Yeshiva University, had an impact far wider reaching than just the YU campus. He represents the hashkafa of YULA, which is the ability to be an outstanding ben Torah and leader in the 21st century.”


YULA Hard Hat

“YULA is not merely building a building; we’re building a campus! The Campus Completion Project will give our students an opportunity to achieve excellence and religious growth, exceptional academics, STEAM, innovation and co-curriculars. It will serve as a community hub that will impact the entire Los Angeles Jewish community.”


“A gift from the faculty members celebrating my being in the role of Head of School for one year. It’s the perfect gift – it reminds me of our rebbeim and faculty who give our students the most precious gift of all – their time.”

Mission Statement

“This serves as a constant reminder of YULA’s lofty goals and why we do what we do every single day. It’s not only in my office but in every office and classroom in the school.”

Candy Bowls

“The candy bowls are refilled daily because so many students stop by for a sweet treat. But it’s about more than just candy; its about the interactions and relationships that are built when the students pop in to schmooze during the day.”

Family Photo

“My family is more than just a priority; they’re everything!”


#AccreditationPride The Western Association Of Schools And Colleges (WASC) Visiting Committee submitted its report to the WASC Accreditation Committee and we are thrilled that YULA Boys was awarded a full six-year accreditation! An exceptional accomplishment for any school and one of which we are extraordinarily proud. The Visiting Committee made specific reference to several strengths of our school:

1 2 3

A dedicated and student-centered teaching staff in both Judaic and General Studies A dedicated board of directors A dedicated and enthusiastic administrative team and support staff

4 5 6 7

A high level of parent involvement in support of the school The strong communication and interaction with the community Fostering a caring, supportive environment for learning Curriculum that is accessible to all students

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Implementation of interdisciplinary projects and school-wide programs A college preparatory program aligned with UC “a-g” requirements The use of technology throughout the school and its programs A strong sense of school spirit and pride among the students The security staff validated their love of the students and commitment to duty The vision and development of a campus that is modern, studentcentered, attractive, and meets the needs of a 21st century education An extra and co-curricular program that offers numerous opportunities for all students


The school’s dedication to the spiritual growth of all students, demonstrated by the open and non-judgmental relationships developed between rabbis and students.


The “open-door” policy of the administrative team with the students and staff

17 18 19

The involvement of community members (renowned Jewish leaders, experts in their fields, such as science, business, law, entertainment, and military personnel) Encouragement of students to take a “gap year” in Israel to further enhance the Judaic studies Students’ connection to their heritage through their involvement in Israeli studies, including military service


#TeacherPride At YULA, we have both Judaic and General Studies and there’s no compromise between the two. - Daniel Silvera ‘18

Rabbi Michael Cohen aka The Tech Rabbi

and YULA’s Director of Innovation, was a keynote speaker at the annual ISTE conference in Chicago where he spoke about educational technology in the classroom

Rabbi Shimon Abramczik, Rabbi Michael Abraham, Shawn Clary and Cody Staves attended the ISTE conference

Janice Frew from our English Department

attended the Southern California AP Institute for AP Literature and Composition.

Rav Yitzchak Etshalom, Chair of our

Bible Department and Rosh Beit Midrash at the Girls School, delivered lectures at two prestigious Tanakh conferences this summer.

Maralyn Soifer, Educational Therapist,

presented at the annual conference of the Association of Educational Therapist’s on the topic of “Executive Function, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Adolescence: The Perfect Storm.”

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff delivered the commencement address at the Touro College LA graduation

this year.


#StudentPride We are proud of our students’ accomplishments both in and out of the classroom:


students in the Masmidim Program have reviewed an incredible 15,000+ dapim of gemarah this year


Awarded Gold Medal by Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Yonah Berenson ’20 placed 3rd out of

more than 500 students from across the US in the Yeshiva University Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program. Our Model UN team placed 2nd out of 47 teams from across North America and the world.


students awarded President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence

Ilan Bocian ’19 placed 2nd in the International

Society of Human Genetics Essay Contest. A win and outstanding placement in the

CIJE West Coast Regional Contest.

Our entire student body completed Masechet Ta’anit within the 36 hours leading up to our Annual celebration of Torah.

#AthleticsPride Our athletic teams participated in tournaments building camaraderie between team members and forging new connections with high school students from across the country: Scheck Hillel Soccer Invitational, The Cooper Yeshiva High School Basketball Invitational, Yeshiva University Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament and Ezra Schwartz Memorial Baseball Tournament. Our volleyball team made the CIF-SS Playoffs for the first time in the program’s history

Moshe Fhima ’19 broke the


All League

league record for most goals in a soccer season (29)


65% of

YULA students participate on our athletic teams

#ChesedPride Giving back to the community! This is a hallmark of the YULA Family. Our students volunteer their time and energy to the following organizations among others in addition to giving back in so many other ways:

Bnei Akiva


Cedars Sinai

Friendship Circle

Chai Lifeline


Tomchei Shabbos Yachad

#EthicalPride YULA’s Ethical Leadership Seminar, or ELS has become one of those “must take” classes. Rabbi Joseph Schreiber brings fascinating speakers who share their invaluable insights from the world of law, real estate, entertainment, politics, medicine and more.

This year’s speakers included: Dr. Ernest Agatstein, Urology

Steve Heumann, Sports Agent

Dan Schnur, Politics

Eric Bauman, Head of Democratic Party of California

Mitch Julis, Finance

Ben Shapiro ’00, Politics/Talk Show Host

Rabbi Michael Cohen, Technology

Dr. Adam Mamelak, Neurosurgery

Larry Garshofsky, Finance Shacher Liran Hazan and Avihai Shorshan, Former IDF Soldiers

Fred Leeds, Real Estate Robert Millman, Attorney Dr. Larry Platt, Neonatology David Sacks, Entertainment

Behrouz Soroudi, Real Estate Steve Spira, Attorney Aric Zamel, Finance


#YeshivaPride 90%+

A record of our graduating seniors will spend a year or more continuing their formal Torah education in yeshivot in Israel. Our students have been accepted to the following programs:


Kerem B’Yavneh

Netiv Yozma

Derech Etz Chaim

Lev HaTorah

Reishit Yerushalayim


Mevaseret Tzion


Har Etzion (Gush)

Mikdash Melech

Torat Shraga

Netiv Aryeh

Nearly 50%

of the Class of 2017 who spent a year in Israel will be staying for shana bet!

#CollegePride We are proud that, yet again, 100% of our 2018 graduates were accepted to one or more colleges including among others:

Boston University

UC San Diego

University of Maryland College Park

Brandeis University

UC Santa Cruz

University of Michigan

California State Polytechnic Pomona

Chapman University

New York University

City College - City University of New York

University of Pennsylvania

California State Northridge UC Berkeley

Cornell University

University of Southern California

UC Davis

Hofstra University

Yeshiva University


Loyola Marymount University

Yeshiva University Honors

Rutgers University


#CampusCompletionPride At the end of 2016, we embarked on our ambitious and exciting Campus Completion Project. The construction area is a hub of activity and the excitement is palpable as we near completion of this incredible project.


Jerusalem Stone tiles used in construction

22 lbs

per Jerusalem Stone tiles = 14,784 pounds total


construction permits obtained from the City of Los Angeles during the project



new mezuzahs to be installed


cubic yards (114 tons) of top soil for the planters

12,178 feet of networking cable

We proudly recognized Dovid Levine ’02 at YULA’s Annual Trustees Event.


#AlumniPride YULA’s alumni continue to bring a palpable energy to YULA Nation.




alumni have children who are current YULA students


alumni attended Trustees Event recognizing Dovid Levine ’02

alumni attended class reunions this year

Jordan Lustman ’15

“YULA gave me the opportunity to be an activist with a voice and taught me how to use my voice effectively in order to be heard.”

Noah Hyman ’18

“Athletics provided me with an enjoyable outlet to relieve the stress of academic pressure. I can take the lessons of how to succeed as a team into anything I do in the future.”

J.J. Wernick ’85

“As an alumnus of YULA Boys and an admirer of the positive advances in infrastructure, leadership and staff, I wanted my sons to have the same exposure to rigorous text-based Limudei Kodesh, excellence in general studies and robust social bonds.”

alumni work at YULA


#IsraelPride Medinat Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael play a pivotal role in the YULA mission. It’s no surprise that so many of our students spend a year or more learning in Israel following their graduation. The AIPAC Policy Conference is an important component of YULA’s connection and devotion to Medinat Yisrael. We are exceptionally proud of our 18 students, representing the largest high school delegation in the country, who played an active role in this important annual event.

Aaron Reiss ’18 and Maor Sabag ’18 have announced their plans to enlist in Tzahal.


#DevelopmentPride YULA continues to raise funds from multiple sources to ensure that a high quality YULA education is available to all students no matter what their financial situations may be.

First Annual YULA Community-wide Shabbaton featured Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman , president of Yeshiva University. First Annual Chanukah Scholarship Breakfast honoring Rachael and J.J. ’85 Wernick . We were thrilled to recognize Dovid Levine ’02 and Mindy Lyons ’03 at our Annual Trustees Event. Our largest fundraiser of the year, the Trustees Event brings together our supporters for a glamorous, fun-filled evening celebrating YULA. Trustees reception with Rabbi Dr. Berman held at the home of Marnie and David Nagel kicked off our Trustees campaign.

Record amount of $1,450,000+ raised in support of YULA Scholarship Funds.

200 golfers at the annual YULA-Decron Golf Tournament, raising a record $550,000+.

From the Desk of the President Dear YULA Family, The 2017-2018 school year has been punctuated with so many reasons for us to celebrate as a community. Most impactful was the hiring of Rabbi Arye Sufrin as our Head of School who has created new buzz and enthusiasm around the school amongst our students, faculty, parents and alumni. I have not seen such great enthusiasm for any school in my entire leadership at YULA. With this enthusiasm we will be welcoming the largest incoming freshman class in our history next school year, and that was after unfortunately needing to turn down countless applications. YULA continues to be acknowledged as THE SCHOOL for the highest quality Torah education paired with an outstanding general studies education, a distinction noted by the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) committee upon granting us the highest level of accreditation this year. We saw record attendance and record setting fundraising yet again at this year’s Golf Tournament, Trustees Event, Celebration of Torah Campaign, our newly introduced Chanukah Scholarship Breakfast, as well as through our Parnes Hayom Initiative. All of these fundraising events are critical to YULA’s mission to provide an exceptional education to our students, regardless of their financial situation. I thank each of you personally for your passionate commitment to our students, especially those who participated in multiple events this year. I ask that more of you please join us in the upcoming years. Your attendance and participation makes a big difference. Without a doubt, one of our proudest achievements, after many years of planning, is that we expect to open the doors to our newly expanded campus at the beginning of the next school year. Walking the site with our construction team and showing donors the vision come to fruition has been exciting. I would like to thank our generous Capital Campaign supporters for their generosity and vision, as we approach the completion of this project, which we know will be a gamechanger for our students in enriching all of our programs. YULA is not about compromise; it is about pushing the envelope, daily. We have continually challenged ourselves – board, administration and faculty - to be the very best we can be, so that every YULA student receives an uncompromising Judaic and General studies education. We have set ambitious goals, but our mission is too important not to have lofty objectives, and our students - your children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors - are so worthy of our investment! David Nagel President & Chairman of the Board YULA Boys High School


Annual Revenue 3% 24% Tuition & Fees Fundraising Grants



Annual Expenses

14% 3% 5% 76%

Compensation & Benefits Education Expenses Technology Expenses Non Educational Expenses Student Activities

The above charts are representative of YULA’s annual budget and fall within the national standards seen by similar private schools.


All Donors The following individuals and families, grandparents, alumni, foundations, corporations and friends have supported YULA Boy’s fundraising efforts this year, which include contributions to the YULA Boys Campus Completion Project, Chanukah Scholarship Breakfast, Trustees Event, Golf Tournament, Celebration of Torah Campaign, our Parneis Hayom Initiative, program sponsorships and general donations. We extend our heartfelt thank you for including YULA in your charitable giving.

$250,000 + Robin and Meir Gelman Gitta and Jack Nagel Lee & Anne Samson Charitable Foundation Lisa and Yoni ’00 Wintner

$100,000 - $249,999 Elite Lighting - Hamid Rashidi-Joust Lauren and Mark ’81 Mintz Marnie and David Nagel (B) Sassoon Family Foundation Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger (B)

$50,000 - $99,999 Rita and Shalom Aynesazan (B) Susan and Michael Baum (B) Ilana and Ari Berenson (B) Decron Properties - David Nagel

$25,000 - $49,999 Ruth and Seth Berkowitz Do Good Feel Good Family Foundation Tabitha and Brian ’89 Dror Marlene ’88 and Mark ’87 Kahan Dalia Kahen Daniella and Dan ’99 Kahen Elham and Parviz Kahen Lili and Ben Kohanteb Elayne and Howard Levkowitz (B) Dalya and Motti Meisels Meridian Capital Group - Ralph Hertzka Cheryl and Ronald Nagel Ravco Construction - Jim Reineg Mirriam and Aaron Robin Miri and Reuben Robin Texco

$10,000 - $24,999

Arthur J Gallagher & Company Insurance Alex Glickman Lynda and Arie Buchman Burns Environmental - Ernie Gutierrez Citi Private Bank - Halé Behzadi Commercial Roof Management, Inc. Dan King Ed Grush General Contractor, Inc - Bob Grush Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP - Keith Elkins Gilat and Yossi Englanoff Nancy and Yasha Gofman Samuel Harwit Charitable Trust - Frank Lee (Trustee) Integrated Services - Kris Kristjansson Amy and Mark Kestenbaum Total Education Solutions, Inc. Tina ’85 and Michael Loboda Melody and Daniel Mahboubi Office Point Incorporated Lisa and Hugo Rose Gittel and David Rubin Seamless Flooring - Casey Kinsley Helen and Howard Szabo (B) 20-20 Foresight Executive Search - Bob Cavato

$5,000 - $9,999

A.B. Bates General Contractor, Inc. - Tony Bates ABM Building Solutions - Robert Bayer ABM Services, Inc. - Hubert Lam Advantage Fitness Products - Rob Newkirk Allbright Painting - Josh Abramson All Valley Washer Service, Inc. - Ron Feinstein American General Security Armon Investements - Mark Kestenbaum (B) Board Member

(F) Faculty & Staff Member

Shawni and Jeff Astrof Michelle Barak Anna Baum and Barry Novack California United Bank Cam Services - David Herrera Capital One Commercial Real Estate Rick Lyon Chicago Title - Frank Jansen Chava and Avi Dayan Elements Architecture - Steven Camp Esther and Walter Feinblum Shana ’91 and Donny Feldman (B) Rochelle and Gary Finder Jenny and Emil Fish The Kenneth And Elaine Leventhal Foundation Michal and David Gershov Debra and Adrian Goldstein Tracey and Joey ’86 Goldstein Gruen Associates - Larry Schlossberg Grundco - David Grund Carl Gumpert CPA HFF - Charles Halladay Haitbrink Asphalt - Dan Gelinas Har-Bro Incorporated - Jeff Koscher Chaya and Mark Horowitz Family Health and Housing Foundation, Inc - Lynda and Arie Buchman Elham and Parviz Kahen Elisa and Meir Keller KHR Associates - James Kawamura KJ Carpet Wholesale Inc. - Daniel Kim Sara and Benny Kohanteb (B) Robert Korda Miriam and Daniel Krombach Jenny Lewkowicz and Emanuel Gottlieb Rita Lewkowicz and Simon Elhiani Los Angeles Jewish Fund Aviva and Roy Mansano Sheryl Neuman and Mark Hyman (B) Mike Rovner Construction - Mike Rovner

20 Multifamily Services Group, LLC - Eric Overhage Musser: Architects, Inc. - David Musser Nanas, Stern, Biers & Neinstein - Jack Neinstein Erika and Pinchas Nissanoff Ziva and Dov Plattner Julie and Adom Ratner-Stauber Carol and Adam Reich Denise and Weston Richter RSL Construction, Inc - Russ Ornelas Joanne Sacks Rivkie and Dani ’86 Samson (B) Helen and Moshe Sassover Savills Studley - Bill Bauman Suzanne and Kevin Schlanger (B) Elizabeth and Ezequiel Serebrisky Mary and Aric Streit Betsy and Simon Timsit Total Access Elevator and Helena and Steven Usdan Walker & Dunlop - Bryan Frazier Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems Clydette Dias Wolf Rifkin Shapiro & Schulman LLP Mike Wolf Fay z”l and Irwin Weiss Wells Fargo Regional Commercial Banking - Jeff Johnson Valerie and Gary Weitzer Effie ’90 and Uri Zisblatt

$2,500 - $4,999

Yael ’92 and Craig Ackermann Alison ’98 and Evan Anziska Barak Richter and Dror - Brian Dror Alma and Zuri Barnes Bryndie and Moshe Benarroch Julia and Brad Berger Esther and Jacob Blaich Jacqueline and Robert Bocian Cabral Roofing & Waterproofing - Saul Hernandez Callidus Construction - Calvin Cheng Carrier Strategies - Edward Goggin Casta Contruction - Walter Casteneda Tiffany and Rafael Cohen Jackie and Victor Cohenca Dairy King Milk Farms Foodservice - Joey Goldstein DePasquale, Kelley & Company - James DePasquale DLA Piper - Warren Kessler Deutsche Bank - Deidre Judge Isser and Yona Elishis T&H Store Fixtures Rena ’82 and Jamie Frankel Natali and Gabriel Gabbaypour Gibson Dunn & Crutcher - Jesse Sharf

Sharon and Elie Gindi Greenspan Co. - Arnie Abramson Eve and John Halwani Helga Hanelin HD Supply Facilities Maintenance - Dawn Jones Laurie and Darrin ’86 Hirt HKA Elevator Consulting Inc. - John Reynolds Rina and Sherwin Isenberg Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro - Benjamin Reznik JSR Capital - Jona Rechnitz ’00 Sigal and Jonathan Kelly Kimball, Tirey & St. John - Deborah Biggs Lesley and Brian Kleinman (B) Aviva and Scott Krieger Keri and Frank Lee Sharon and Asher Levine Daphna ’06 and Dovid ’02 Levine Liftech Elevator Services, Inc - Dan Simon Littler Mendelson - Robert Millman Vivian and Jordan Lurie Mindy ’03 and Ben Lyons Tiki and Simcha Lyons Evvy and David Mankowitz Med-Files - Greg Karson Morgan Stanley: The Ruderman Group - David and Matt Ruderman Debra and Scott Mund Rivka and Raphael Nissel Pat’s Restaurant - Errol Fine Debi and Harry Peled PNC Bank - Mitch Davis Susan and Sam Porgess Rachel and Stephen Ross RSS Architecture, Inc - Andrew Raymundo Stacy and Jesse Sharf Shuli and Avi ’88 Steinlauf TARC Contruction Inc. - Albert Cavazos Ruth and Sol Teichman The Rainmaker Group - Tim McInerney Tower St. Johns Imaging - Sandi Dobson TRG Fire System - Reiner De Los Santos Eduard & Etka Sarlui Revocable Trust Tyler Development Corp - Ron Udall Murielle and Steve Uretsky Waterproofing Associates - Steve Nash Soshea Leibler and Jance Weberman Weinstock Manion Reisman Shore & Neumann Martin Neumann Valerie and Gary Weitzer Sasha and Michael Parker

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous ABC Refinishing 2H Construction - Ron Compton Susie and Ernie Agatstein Ariella and Yakov ’01 Agatstein Allied Universal Security Services - Raul Marroquin

AM House - Justin Brees Malka and Michael Blitz Laurie and Roy Blumenstrauch B.M. Plumbing & Construction, Inc - Sam Latman Bryan Krueger Enterprise - Bryan Krueger CA Framing CBRE - Rick Warner Cornerstone Select Builders Galit and Eyal Dahan Design and Develop - Steve Almany Yvette and Eric Edidin Elite Elevator Service Environmental Landcare Euro Design Electric First Property Realty Corp - Mike Geller Fischer, Zisblatt & Kiss - Benjamin Kiss The Weisman Family Foundation Victoria and Charles Frankel Judy Friedman and Fred Gluckman Felice Gottlieb ’00 and Shmuel Barak Mazal and Victor Hadad Cari ’82 and Jonas Hanelin Harding Larmore Kutcher & Kozal - Kevin Kozal Ann and Avi Hier Hoffmann Search LLC - Eric Hoffmann Howard Roofing Co, Inc. - Larry Malekow Institutional Property Advisors – Ron Harris Israel Discount Bank - Rafi Cohen Naomi and Jeremy ’92 Ives Nissan z”l and Pariball Kahen Lapointe Construction - Jose Enriquez Leo’s Electric & Plumbing Service - Leo Shaferman Esther and Paul Lerer Sandra ’89 and Ari Mackler McKently Malak Architects - Ken McKently Merrill Lynch - Hal Schloss Mission Landscape Architecture - Rocco Campanozzi Annie and Daniel ’02 Nagel Na’amit and Zev ’00 Nagel Nic Protection - Vahik Arzoomanian Pacific Commerical Company - Mike Hahn Careena and Drew Parker Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. - Mark Lambson PM Estrada Roofing - Porfirio Estrada RealPage, Inc. - Amanda Christensen Kenneth Reich ’85 Renovation Masterz Rosie and Mark ’86 Rosenbaum Royal Window Products - Bonnie Jankovitz Shabatian Shlemmer Algaze Associates - Nelson Algaze Tamar and Rabbi Arye Sufrin (F) Stay Green Landscape - Chris Angelo Sunrise Pools - Eduardo Rivas UBS Financial Services - Philip Danishefsky Rachael and J.J. ’85 Wernick Natalie and Chaim Williams Wolcott AI - Sandy Turkowitz Stefanie and Howard Zauderer


$500-$999 1st Service Solutions - Steve Shipp Nely and Pirooz Amona Bank of America Charitable Foundation Revital and Moshe Barazani Sara ’98 and Yoni Barz ’97 Joey Baum ’09 BC Painting & Maintenance Christine Choi Beleco Design, LLC - Christian Schnyder Rachel and Joshua Bittan Bunny Constructions - Essam Bunny Colony Northstar - Kevin Traenkle Cool Roofing

CSL Management - Craig Levine DB&R Marketing Communication, Inc. - Bruce Beck Ram Dandillaya, M.D. E Galindo Cleaning Services Shira and Rabbi Shlomo ’96 Einhorn (F) Ellner Consulting - David Ellner Fame Floor Covering - Michael Nazarian First Century Bank - Josh Platt Jaclyn and Jacob Fishbein Shari and Jeffrey Fishman Freeman Group - Rodney Freeman Benzie Friedman

Anonymous (2) Esther and David Abehsera Harry Aboodi Linda and Mark Abraham Huvi and Rabbi Shimon Abramczik (F) Isaac Adatto Carol Amsterdam Melanie and Geoffrey Anderson Julia Baum ’11 Joy and Isaac Benzaquen Peyton Berookim Michal and Jeremie Braun Karen and Meir Brunelle Erika and Avi ’07 Buchman Jenny and Moshe ’00 Buchman Cadtronics, Inc. - Bryan Montoya California Building Maintenance Tony Lanni Carl Kleinman Accountancy Corp Carl Kleinman CBRE, Anderson - Cunnigham Team Tyler Anderson Sari ’88 and Jason Ciment Neeli Gottlieb ’06 and Eric Cohn Commercial Retail Associates Douglas Cords Risa and Simcha Dauer Morris Davidson De La Torre Landscaping Dovi Plattner Insurance Services Dovi Plattner Cindy and Noam Drazin Sabine and Rabbi Pini Dunner Emerald Transcription - Tina Doherty Ruth and Sam Eshaghian Cindy ’01 and Leeran ’01 Factor Deborah ’00 and Shmuli ’00 Feinblum Debra Fields and Jonathan Silberman (F)

Esther and Yitzy Frankel (F) Adena and Jordan Frenkel David Gardner Gastrointerology Institute of Southern California - Peyton Berookim Atara and Dael ’96 Geft Liebe and Ivor Geft Charles Glick Pamela and Avi Goor Leland and Miriam Green (F) Green World Maintenance Inc. - Joe Wachtel Rivka Grossman Malkie and Mindi Wernick Yerachmiel and Naomi Kuzecki Jaclin and Aziz Haboosheh Shula and Yaacov Hadad Ashley and Allen Hay Michele and Yaron Hazani Michael Heeter (F) Malka and Rabbi Marvin Hier Kathi and Gary Hiller Dahlia ’05 and Asher Hoffman Cheryl ’84 and Albert Ibgui Rayme and Yaacov Isaacs David Kahn Batsheva and Sheldon ’85 Kasdan Molly and Aaron ’02 Katz Lisa Kirschenbaum ’84 Steven Kirschenbaum Nillie and Benjamin Kiss Esther and David Kolatch Elana Kolatch-Newman Elaine and Rabbi Baruch Kupfer Arlene and Moshe Kupietzky Chavee Lerer and Victor Mellon Bonnie Lipnik Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Brill LLP Marla and Jack Lustman

Yisca and Rabbi Michael Abraham (F) Sipporah and Rabbi Dror Baalhaness (F) Richard and Vicki Bellomo (F) Batyah and Rabbi Asher Brander Shawn Clary (F) Zachary Cohen Stephanie & Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom (F) Pam Felcher (F) Marcia and Sam Glaser (F) Joshua Golcheh ’08 Ivonne and Daniel Goldberg Deborah and Mark Goldenberg Jordana and Joshua Goodman

Chavi and Baruch Gorman (F) Lara and Hershel Goulson Naomi Gruber Carl Helfand Sharona and Ramin Khorramian Marc Kirshbaum Chana and Eli Lapidot Marcia and Richard St. Laurent (F) Gabrielle and Rabbi David Mahler Ari Majer Mike Mendelson Lena and Mehrdad Naim Jacob Rabbanian

GE Industrial and Consumer Appliances - Larry Lafata Nina and Michael Genauer Wonderful Giving Michael Goldberg Amy and Ryan Hyman (F) Kellytoy USA, Inc. Sandy and Rabbi Alan Kalinsky Gila and Yitzy ’00 Katz Stacy and Ranon Kent Tally and Michael ’01 Kleinman Law Office of Seymour Fagan Roslyn and Joel Linderman Logan Investments - Ron Sentchuk The Harris Group - Greg Harris

Judy Posner (F) Pro Floors Nancy and Michael Rabbanian R & R Electric Co. - Raul Sanchez Alissa Rimon and Kenny Bendik Damian Rodriguez (F) Miriam and Rabbi Dov Rosenbluth (F) Michael Sayegh ’85 Beth and Joel Schoen Robin and Rabbi Joseph Schreiber (F) S & G Maintenance Co - Rafael Gayle Tova and Rabbi Joshua Spodek Koren ’03 and Aaron ’02 Wizenfeld

$100 - $499 David Lyons Avrom Markovits Aviva and Harry ’85 Marshak Max Systems - Ryan London Marcie Meier Sarah and Yossi Melohn Eddie Mendelsohn Sharon ’92 and Nicholas Merkin Millennium Enterprises, LLC - Philip Manoucheri Samira and Ari Miller Dena and Mark Mizrahi Rivka and Yoni Montal Ruchama and Rabbi Elazar Muskin Nova Contractors Marion and David Ohayon Leora and Isaac Orenbuch Daphne ’86 and Jonathan Orenshein Dmitri Oussik Package Concierge - Regan Hartley Danielle and Sruli Perlman Shoshana ’03 and Jacob Polevoy Naomi and Dovi Prero Sarah and Rabbi James Proops Tammie ’85 and Josh Rapps Joyce and Stanley Raskas Nava ’03 and Amitai Raziel Kevin Riley Linda and Jeff Rohatiner Lynn and Marc Rohatiner Selena Rojhani Jason Rosales Shira and Benjamin Rosenberg Esti and Edmundo Rosenberg Rivka and Sam Ross Elimor and Rafi ’02 Ryzman Mendy Sacks ’19 Stefanie and Jeremy Sandel Nevin Sanli

Other Gifts

Michael Raviv Ruth Raviv Jessica ’ ’84 and Jeff ’84 Remer Janice and Leroy Frew (F) Jessica and Jason Rosenbaum Dalia and Matthew Ross Debra and Robin Rosser (F) Judy and David Sacks Chaya and Rony Sawdayi Hillel Schoenfeld ’10 Akiva Schreiber ’07 Jason Semeleng Fay and Neal Shapiro

Etka Sarlui Marilyn Sayegh Debbie and Eric Schames Nancy and Mark Schiff Catherine and Eric Schneider Brigitte and Jonathan Schoen Elisa ’85 and Alan Schoenfeld Simi and Lou Shapiro Inbar ’12 and Oren ’11 Shechter Mira ’07 and Joel ’07 Shuchatowitz Vera and Barry Silberberg Nomi and Daniel Silverman Dana and Joey ’00 Small D Smilow Sara and Ronald Solomon Cody Staves (F) Bracha and Eitan ’97 Tashman Dorit and Alan Teichman Susie and Fred Toczek Liz and Paul Towb Travis Junge Pool Service Sariti and Yossi Wachtel Talya ’92 and Alex Waldman Charlee Weinberg Josh Weinberg Alison and Marnin Weinreb Shelley and Steve Weinstock David and Michele Weiss Talya ’05 and Yoni Weiss Batya and Iddo Wernick Jordana Wertheimer Geri and Isaac Wiener Sarah and Nader Yashar (F) Young Israel Century City G’Mach Fund Edna and Farid Saghizadeh Zauner Manhattan - Alex Zauner Zbra Studios - Zoey Smith Roberta and Morice Zelkha

Rachel and Rabbi Sandy Shulkes (F) Linda and Richard Sieger Taaly ’87 and Adam Silberstein Philip Skaist Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn and Akiva Newborn Aaron Weiner Penina and Ely Weiss Lisa and Rabbi Dr. Zev ’01 Wiener (F) Georgianne and Jacob Yonaty Orly and Shmueli Zarur (F) Ziva and Sharon Zeharya (F) Oksana and Gregory Zlotin (F)


Campus Completion Project Gifts We are indebted to those donors who are the builders of YULA Boys High School. For many, YULA has been a top tzedakah priority and we are all beneficiaries of your vision and commitment. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing generosity and profound impact on generations of YULA students. Anonymous

Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

Marnie and David Nagel

Shawni and Jeff Astrof

Marlene ’88 and Mark ’87 Kahan

Sheryl Neuman and Mark Hyman

Rita and Shalom Aynesazan

Dalia Kahen

Erika and Pinchas Nissanoff

Michelle Barak

Daniella and Dan ’99 Kahen

Carol and Adam Reich

Alma and Zuri Barnes

Elham and Parviz Kahen

Miri and Reuben Robin

Bryndie and Moshe Benarroch

Amy and Mark Kestenbaum

Mirriam and Aaron Robin

Ilana and Ari Berenson

Trudy and Louis Kestenbaum z”l

Damian Rodriguez

Chava and Avi Dayan

Lili and Ben Kohanteb

Lisa and Hugo Rose

Decron Properties

Sarah and Benny Kohanteb

Rosie and Mark ’86 Rosenbaum

Do Good Feel Good Family Foundation

Rosina z”l and Bob Korda

Lee & Anne Samson Charitable Foundation

Judy and Ely Dromy

Elayne and Howard Levkowitz

Lee Samson and the Samson Family

Tabitha and Brian ’89 Dror

Jenny Lewkowicz and Emanuel Gottlieb

Debbie and Sunny Sassoon

Elite Lighting

Rita Lewkowicz and Simon Elhiani

Suzanne and Kevin Schlanger

Englanoff Family Foundation

Tina ’85 and Michael Loboda

Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger

Mahnaz and Asher Esagoff

Dalya and Motti Meisels

Tamar and Rabbi Arye Sufrin (F)

Rena ’82 and Jamie Frankel (F)

Lauren and Mark ’81 Mintz

Helen and Howard Szabo

Robin and Meir Gelman

Cheryl and Ronald Nagel

Valerie and Gary Weitzer

Michal and David Gershov

Gitta and Jack Nagel

Lisa and Yoni ’00 Wintner

This list represents gifts above $10,000

Endowment Gifts We are grateful to our donors who have had the vision to ensure YULA’s vibrancy well into the future through the establishment of the Sandford and Beverly Deutch Endowment Fund. We look forward to continued growth of this important fund, which will continue to have an impact on our school for generations to come. Susan and Michael Baum

Trudy and Louis Kestenbaum z”l

Judy Posner

Lynda and Arie Buchman

Lesley and Brian Kleinman

Sassoon Family Foundation

Class of 2012

Rosina z”l and Robert Korda

Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger

Tabitha and Brian ’89 Dror

Elayne and Howard Levkowitz

Stephen Sigoloff

Robin and Meir Gelman

Tina ’85 and Michael Loboda

Sam Small

Felice Gottlieb ’00 and Shmuel Barak

Cheryl and Ronnie Nagel

Kity Wallace

Ann and Avi Hier

Gitta and Jack Nagel

Fay z”l and Irwin Weiss

Marnie and David Nagel

Geri and Isaac Wiener

Amy and Mark Kestenbaum

Sheryl Neuman and Mark Hyman


#LeadershipPride Board of Directors David Nagel, President & Chairman of the Board Yakov Agatstein ’00 Shalom Aynesazan Shmuel Barak Michael Baum Ilana Berenson Donny Feldman Avi Hier Mark Hyman Brian Kleinman Benny Kohanteb Howard Levkowitz Dani Samson ’86 Suzanne Schlanger Sheri Schlesinger Howard Szabo


Parent Council

Jenny and Moshe ’00 Buchman, Co-Chairs

Marlene Kahan ’88 Elayne Levkowitz Rachael Wernick

Sheryl Neuman and Mark Hyman, Co-Chairs Rita and Shalom Aynesazan Susan and Michael Baum (Event Chairs Emeriti) Ilana and Ari Berenson Ruth and Seth Berkowitz Erika and Avi ’07 Buchman Lynda and Arie Buchman Jaclyn ’08 and Jacob ’05 Fishbein Michal and David Gershov Tracey and Joey ’86 Goldstein Rachel ’05 and Aaron Inlender

Development Committee

Molly and Rabbi Aaron ’02 Katz

Mark Hyman, Chair Samuel Barak

Elayne and Howard Levkowitz

Shmuel Barak, Chair Dani Samson ’86, Chair Shalom Aynasezan Moshe Bennaroch Eyal Dahan Sharon Gindi Mark Hyman Dina Leeds Suzanne Schlanger Joe Wachtel

Dan Shainberg ’98, President Jeremy Ives ’92, Vice President David Pourati ’01, Vice President Oren Shechter ’11 Jonathan Wizman ’14, Vice President

Barbara and Alan Gindi

Gila and Yitzy ’00 Katz

Capital Committee

YULA Boys Alumni Association (YBAA)

Sara and Benny Kohanteb Tina ’85 and Michael Loboda (Event Chairs Emeriti) Sarah and Yossi Melohn Annie and Daniel ’02 Nagel Marnie and David Nagel Shoshana ’03 and Jacob Polevoy

Class Chairs Jason Isenberg ’91 Steven Bernstein ’94 Shervin Eshaghian ’96 Yitzy Katz ’00 Lesley Portnoy ’01 David Ouaknine ’06 Jeremy Shelton ’07 Nick Sandlow ’09 Nathaniel Barzideh ’10 Josh Kohan ’13 Jojo Himmelman ’14 Donny Yellin ’15 Shayan Kohanteb ’16

Nava ’03 and Amitai Raziel Rivka and Sam Ross Gitel and David Rubin Jaclyn and Steven ’09 Rubin Elimore and Rafi ’02 Ryzman Rivkie and Dani ’86 Samson Suzanne and Kevin Schlanger

Golf Committee

Yael and Dan ’00 Shainberg

Michael Bernstein ’98, Co-Chair David Nagel, Co-Chair Rula Almquist Samuel Barak Joe Coleman Nancy Dunlap Mark Hyman Ryan Hyman Les Korman Tim Kushner Daniel Nagel ’02 Zev Nagel ’00

Lindsay ’03 and Steven Turk

Liz ’03 and Paul Towb Koren ’03 and Aaron ’02 Wizenfeld

Administration Rabbi Arye Sufrin – Head of School Rabbi Joseph Schreiber – Principal Rick St. Laurent – Principal of General Studies Rabbi Shimon Abramczik – Dean of Students

Business Office Shawn Clary, Director of Technology and Media Production

Effie ’90 and Uri Zisblatt

Yitzy Frankel, Director of Admissions and Marketing

Trustees Honorees

Chavi Gorman, Director of First Impressions

Rochel Gargir, Administrator

Dovid Levine ’02 Mindy Lyons ’03

Ryan Hyman, Director of Institutional Advancement Judy Posner, Business Manager Sarah Yashar, Administrative Coordinator Ziva Zeharya, Registrar

Yeshiva university of los Angeles Boys High School Nagel Family Campus 9760 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90035

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