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2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan

From the Board of Directors On behalf of the volunteer board and staff of the Yukon Learn Society, I am pleased to present our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Committed to enhancing adult literacy in the Yukon, our plan represents our path forward over the next three years. I would also like to acknowledge the strategic input provided by our learner members, which we carefully considered during our strategic planning sessions. As with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in recent years, our ability to provide the programs, supports and connection to our valued members continues to evolve during a period of rapid technological and social change, including adaptation to the impacts of a global pandemic. For example, many will have noticed that we have transitioned to a hybrid approach to delivering free, high-quality literacy and essential skills programming to adult Yukoners, balancing in-person classes and labs with online learning opportunities. With the generous support of Yukon Government and the tireless commitment of our dedicated staff, we continue to make a difference in the lives of Yukoners. And, as this plan demonstrates, we continue to listen and explore new and innovative ways to support the lifelong learning efforts of adult Yukoners, particularly those with literacy challenges. This plan is centred around the following key strategic outcomes: 

Adults with literacy or other essential challenges acquire the skills they need to thrive in today’s world and achieve their full potential. Yukoners understand the importance and relevance of literacy and life-long learning to a productive, engaged and inclusive life, and a strong and vibrant community. Adult learners have consistent access to literacy and essential skills programming and supports, regardless of where they live. Yukon Learn’s programs and services reflect best practices, innovative approaches and new technologies.

"Adult learners are people you see every day. They are part of our community and in some way need assistance in improving their literacy skills. At the Yukon Learn Society, we are here to help Yukoners increase their literacy skills around the Skills for Success: reading, writing, digital, numeracy, collaboration, adaptability, communication, , problem solving, and creativity and innovation." Julie Anne Ames, Executive Director

We look forward to a bright and inclusive future and invite you to help us make a difference in changing the lives of Yukoners, one word at a time. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Thank you, Shäw nἱthän, Mähsi’cho,

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About Yukon Learn Our




A Yukon where every adult with literacy challenges is inspired and empowered to continue their journey of lifelong learning and achieve their learning goals and aspirations.

Our mission is to help adult Yukoners address their literacy challenges and gain the essential skills they need by: 



providing culturally relevant, innovative and best practice learning options that can be tailored to each individual’s unique needs and learning styles; partnering with organizations, communities and employers to increase awareness and access to needed literacy supports; and conducting community research and building partnerships to better understand and support the needs of adult learners.

We believe: 

that basic literacy in all forms strengthens the social, economic and political fabric of our northern communities; that a welcoming, encouraging, compassionate and safe learning environment can empower people to reach their full potential; in providing individualized learning approaches that build on each individual’s unique strengths and learning style; in collaborating with partners to collectively work in the best interests of those who need help in addressing their literacy challenges; in recognizing, supporting and celebrating the hard work and commitment of our staff and volunteer tutors; and in exploring new and innovative approaches and perspectives to ensure that our programs and supports reflect both northern realities and best practices.

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Supporting Lifelong Adult Learning WHAT THIS PRIORITY IS ABOUT Providing free access to guided lifelong learning opportunities is our primary focus. We recognize that everyone has unique needs and learning styles, and we continue to seek ways to better personalize and tailor learning experiences and materials to these needs, particularly in ways that reflect the diverse cultural values and perspectives of the communities we serve.


We also seek to leverage new technologies and approaches that are more adaptable to member lifestyles and availability, and to provide opportunities to more consistently practice new skills outside of the classroom or tutor-learner relationship. 

"Yukon Learn offers a very valuable service, especially for us 'oldies' in dealing with all this new technology. Very much appreciated!" A member

2022-2025 STRATEGIES A1.

Conduct research and work with partners to better understand the need for adult literacy supports in reading, writing and math in the Yukon, and work to identify a process to support Yukoners seeking a high school diploma equivalency.


Continue to develop and refine program delivery options such as the creation of a virtual literacy hub to support e-learning, online tutoring and access to e-learning resources.


Continue to develop ways to address financial and other barriers that low-income learners may experience when learning or practicing literacy skills.


Engage with Yukon First Nations, First Nation NGOs and the Yukon First Nation Education Directorate to learn ways to integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods within our learning processes, programs and materials.


Conduct a program review to assess the degree to which our programs, processes and approaches are innovative, incorporate best practices, and address the barriers and challenges adult learners typically face.

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Adults with literacy or other essential skills challenges acquire the skills they need to thrive in today’s world and achieve their full potential. Adults without a high school diploma can access the assistance they need to achieve a diploma equivalency. Adult learners have effective and consistent access to the literacy and essential skills programming and supports they need, regardless of where they live in the Yukon. Our programs and services reflect best practices, innovative approaches and new technologies.

Community Outreach and Partnerships WHAT THIS PRIORITY IS ABOUT It is critical that we continue to advocate the benefits of literacy in all its forms to a productive and inclusive life and encourage and empower people to continue their journey towards lifelong learning. We believe in encouraging greater participation in adult learning opportunities and working collaboratively with others towards a common goal of ‘normalizing’ literacy. Through partnerships we can better promote and improve awareness and access to programs and services across the Yukon, find ways to reduce overlap and duplication, and collectively make better use of available resources. In addition to our annual literacy fundraisers, such as the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament for Literacy, we will continue to explore opportunities to celebrate, champion and raise awareness of the importance of lifelong adult learning, and address literacy challenges.


2022-2025 STRATEGIES B1.

Continue to raise awareness of literacy and lifelong learning by developing and implementing a promotional campaign that explores: greater outreach to employers about how Yukon Learn can facilitate access to essential skills training; and b. ways to enhance marketing and promotion of the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament for Literacy.



Undertake 3-4 community visits annually to conduct outreach with local organizations (including Yukon University satellite offices) and identify ways to better help those who reside in communities outside of Whitehorse to address their literacy challenges.


Cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations with related organizations in order to eliminate program overlap and duplication (thereby increasing efficiencies) making better use of limited resources, and providing a clearer ‘road map’ on how to access literacy supports.

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Yukoners understand the importance and relevance of literacy and lifelong learning to a productive, engaged and inclusive life, and a strong and vibrant community. Yukoners support literacy and essential skills learning to achieve a more productive society. Strong, effective, and client-focused partnerships and collaborations. Yukon communities are assisted in developing the capacity and resources they need to support the literacy and lifelong learning needs of their residents.

Organizational Effectiveness WHAT THIS PRIORITY IS ABOUT We recognize that achieving our vision is dependent on how well-positioned we are internally to make a difference. This means increasing the availability of well-trained volunteer tutors and instructors to meet a growing demand for programming, ensuring that our board and staff have the tools, training and supports they need, and that we have the financial resources, capacity, technology and infrastructure to effectively operate. This pillar also explores how we can more consistently collect and use data and qualitative information to better understand the nature, scope, incidence and impact of literacy challenges in the Yukon, and demonstrate the impact of Yukon Learn’s efforts to promote adult literacy and lifelong learning.

2022-2025 STRATEGIES C1.

Develop and implement a staff and volunteer recruitment and retention strategy to ensure we have sufficient capacity to deliver our programs and services, and to ensure that the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers are acknowledged in meaningful ways.


Conduct an evaluation of Yukon Learn to identify trends in the causes, incidence, and persistence of adult literacy challenges. This would help us to better understand the degree to which our programs and supports are meeting the needs of adult learners and our funders, and demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of our programs, services and supports.


Develop and implement a tutor support program to ensure that our volunteers have the training and other supports they need.


Develop and implement a board and staff succession plan to facilitate organizational continuity.


Develop a fundraising, sponsorship, grant and planned giving strategy to strengthen Yukon Learn's financial capacity so that we can continue to innovate and provide best-practice programs and supports.


Review and update organizational bylaws and board, staff and operational policies and procedures.

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